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It was only supposed to be a quick walk...

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Hermione Granger, being in her first year at Hogwarts, would often find herself out on walks across the grounds alone. There was so much beauty and fresh air, something she wasn't that used to. She would usually walk across the borders of the grounds, making note of any magical flowers or insects she'd come across. As she stopped at a bunch of floating daisies, she felt a slight tingle on her upper right thigh. She pat at the spot on her robes and noticed something fly out from underneath them. Concerned, she began to head back to the main castle. She knew some insect bites could turn ugly, but she didn't want to go to the Hospital wing. Hagrid's hut was closer, and she couldn't pass up the opportunity to visit the half-giant. Hagrid let her in of course and made tea as Hermione explained what happened. She raised her robes shyly to show him, but she knew without taking clothes off he'd not be able to see.

“I can't really get a proper lookin' with all yer little clothes on I'm afraid!” Hagrid encouraged, not believing he had the guts to be trying to get her to undress. From the moment she stepped in, he wanted her. “An' it could be serious, so we best get a proper look eh!” He encouraged again, trying to sound as helpful and innocent as possible. Hermione ideally not strip down so much, especially in the presence of an adult male. Somehow Hagrids voice had quite the influence and after a moment she nodded without a word and began to pull up her robes to untuck her shirt and remove her dress. Hagrid held her for balance as she did this, feeling his blood rush at touching her, and finally she stood holding her robes off, her legs bare apart from her white underwear. Hagrid looked and licked his lips, feeling his dick grow. “Those as well...” he said gently, looking at her in the eyes now. Her cheeks was red and she whispered a no, trying to hide her legs. “Eh, don't be silly. It's alright, it's only me. Look, I'll take mine off too!” He said with a burst, growing eager now. Without a word he stood and removed his trunks so he remained only in some old black boxer shorts.

Encouraged more, Hermione knew it was for the best. She slowly and shyly lowered her underwear, trying to hide as much of herself as possible, but Hagrid kept getting glances as his eyes would not move from that view. She then went to lower her grey socks. “You can keep yer little socks on...” He said lightly, loving how slutty she looked with just long school girl socks on. Hagrid couldn't quite see her vagina, but guess by how smooth her thighs were that she was completely hairless everywhere except her head. Hermione took a few steps back and Hagrid examined her, her legs thighs and pussy on show to him. He knew he'd be in a lot of trouble, but he also knew many of the male professors entertained young girls in their privacy. Dumbledore had shared many a story of groups of girls requesting he take their virginities, and of course he never said no, even to the boys. It was also no secret amongst the staff how McGonagall would hand pick girls to be her sex slaves. Somehow none of the students knew, as those that were chosen were sworn to secrecy.

At this point, Hagrids erection was very visible as his boxers could barely contain the giant thing. He tried to push it down with his hand but it remained, and Hermione stepped back a little, her legs opening and Hagrid could just see the perfectly smooth skin of her untouched labia. “Well. Aren't you pretty?” Hagrid asked with a smile as Hermione shyly tucked her robes into the back of her legs so she could keep them on show. After all, her upper thigh is where she thinks she was bitten. She felt a slight discomfort at how vulnerable she was, but she knew she was safe with Hagrid. He gestured to her and she moved closer, now standing in front of him with her right leg pressed out so he could inspect it. Hagrids rough hands found her leg and he pulled it gently towards him, his fingers melting in her silky pure skin, his cock sky rocketing and Hermione could look nowhere else. As he looked over the leg trying to find any signs of a bite, he noticed she was gazing at his growing cock, and it twitched. “Eh, sorry about tha'!” he said gruffly, trying to hide it but it was no use. Hermione let out a little giggle and it just drove him crazy, he was so turned on by her. He stood up and pulled his boxers down, letting his huge cock pop out.

“Yer driving me cock mad, Hermione! Look how fuckin' big it is!” Hagrid grumbled with joy and excitement, his massive penis fully erect in front of the young girl. He held his cock in one hand at the bottom, like he was holding a sword. It pulsated in his hand and he could feel his massive balls vibrating. “Hagrid!” Hermione shouted, the shock overwhelming. She couldn't believe she could see Hagrid's penis, and that he so proudly displayed it in front of her. “It's like a tree trunk!” She said with shock, not sure if this was actually happening. It was so sudden. Hagrid grinned and gave himself a little jerk, her compliment clearly encouraging him and turning him on. “It's a massive rod of meat!” Was Hermione's next compliment, and they both laughed. Hagrid's laugh turned into a grunt as he began jerking himself with one hand.

“What's that you're doing with it?” Hermione asked shyly, watching his hand travel up and down. “Wankin' meself off! Seeing yer little body has made me go crazy! I ain't seen a kid as young as you in the nude in a long time!” He told her, his eyes looking her up and down as somehow his cock got harder. It was such a thrill for him, to be able to expose his cock to her and also for her to be seeing him wanking. Every time he remembered her age, he shoved the thoughts to the back of his mind and jerked faster. “Oh, that's right. Wanking! I overhead that word from the boys...” Hermione's mind drifted out loud. She could then not help but imagine Harry and Ron doing what Hagrid was doing, only their dicks would be tiny. “Don't take yer little eyes off me cock, Hermione! It's turning me on a treat!” Hagrid moaned in delight, adding a second hand to his cock with a deep growl. Hermione blushed at Hagrid's words. It seemed the more they went on, the less they cared about how wrong it was. Hermione was far too underaged but they were both aroused.

“Would you like me to take off the rest of my robes?” Hermione asked, her face red and hair wild, feet shuffling on the floor awkwardly. “Bloody 'ell, would ya?” Hagrid asked not believing his luck. “If I remember correctly, this should help men when they wank.” Hermione felt proud for knowing more about it than a girl her age should do. With a shuffle, she pulled her robes off in one motion, leaving her in just a thin white bra and her grey socks. “Fuck!” Was Hagrids response, never having seen such an underage girl acting so horny. Hermione was so slim, fat in all the right places, and her chest was to die for. Her bra gave her boobs some extra padding, and her cleavage was perfect and smooth. They weren't big boobs at all, but Hagrid loved them none the less. “Wanna have a go at wanking it, sweetheart?” the older man asked with hope as he sat back down on his chair, his cock almost level with his face. “I suppose it couldn't hurt...” was Hermione's unsure response, her her hands travelled towards it and eventually found it. It felt thick and warm and she loved it immediately.

Hagrid now had four hands on his cock, his own giant ones and her tiny soft little ones. They both jerked the cock without rhythm, Hagrid howling and whining like an animal. He was getting a handjob from an underage girl and all it was doing was making him hornier and hornier. He wanted this to last forever. “That feels fuckin' good that does, that!” Hagrid moaned with a smile, his hands now on the back of his head as Hermione took full control. She couldn't even wrap her hand around the whole girth, she just squeezed and tugged and wanked. “Pump me, Hermione, go fast!” He asked with excitement, and howled loudly as Hermione sped up, her face full of concentration as she did whatever she was told. “You ever seen one before?” He asked with pleasure in his voice, looking down at the cute little girl. “Only my dads, a few times. Certainly not as big as this!” She said with delight, breathing heavily now as this cock was far too big for her hands. Her boobs jiggled in her bra. “Keep pumping you little cutie!” He encouraged, wishing he could pull her onto him and sink all his many inches into her tiny pussy.

“Have a little play with me balls, too! It's been ages since me cock or balls have been touched!” Hagrid told her, strain in his voice as his cock melted in Hermione's hands. Keeping one jerking, she moved another hand down to his balls and began to press into the sack, totally curious as to how they felt. She fondled the large sack, putting pressure on each ball. Hagrid seemed to like it when she did this, so she gave them a little thump and made Hagrid jump. “Be rough with 'em if you want!” Hagrid gave permission, and Hermione pressed down on his balls hard with a giggle. Hagrid let out a deep groan and Hermione sped up her wanking hand. He didn't have long left until he was going to be cumming. Hermione was rough with his balls some more, thumbing and squeezing and crushing, then put both hands back on his cock and jerked it to oblivion. “Yer gonna make me fuckin' cream you little cutie!” Hagrid let out a warning as he took control of his cock. “Turn around, I'm gonna cream on yer little arse!” He grunted, feeling his balls tighten.

Hermione smiled and turned around, giving the older man a full view of her little bum. No one other than her parents had ever seen it before. Her cheeks were tight but there was enough fat there to make them jiggle, and it drove Hagrid nuts. “Bend over!” He order again as he aimed his giant cock at her two perfect cheeks and wanked the top of his cock, grunting and moaning and swearing as he began to cum on the underage girl. “I'm fuckin' cumming! I'm fuckin' cumming! It feels so fuckin' goooood!” Hagrid whined and howled as his giant cock began to spurt huge hot ropes of pure white cum all over Hermione's waiting arse and back. She turned her head to one side to see what was coming out of his dick. It looked like snow to her but it felt much hotter, and it seemed to sink into her skin instantly. Most of it dripped down between her cheeks and ran across her arsehole. “Still cumming, spread yer cheeks for me!” He made one last request and as Hermione opened her cheeks, he shot two last big loads of cum onto her tiny sealed arsehole. His cock twitched for moments after his orgasm cooled down. Hagrid could barely move, it was the strongest orgasm he had ever had, and it was certainly the most he had ever cummed.

“You covered me in all the goo!” Hermione commented as she raised herself, feeling the cum between her cute bum cheeks. Her face was red still, and Hagrid was almost passed out. “That were bloody brilliant...” he trailed, exhausted after his wank. His giant rod of a cock was softening slowly, but it was still at least 12 inches. “It's all sticky.” Hermione said, reaching between her legs to feel Hagrid's cum. “There's some towels over there to clan yerself up...” Each word was a struggle for Hagrid who was completely satisfied for the first time in a long time. He couldn't believe he got to spray his dirty cum all over Hermione's underage bum. Hermione cleaned herself up as Hagrid began to snore, and after placing a kiss on his cheek she left to go back to Gryffindor tower. She hoped they wouldn't get in any trouble.