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Still So Far Out of Reach

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Still So Far Out of Reach

Disclaimer: I don't own any part of Criminal Minds or any of the characters that are mentioned on the show. The show belongs to CBS.


Jennifer Jareau glanced at the clock on the wall of the Behavior Analysis Unit. The time still seemed to be stuck on 5:30. Why did it have to be that way? The day felt like it was dragging on and the blonde agent was really irritated because of how hot it was in the BAU. The air conditioner was broken and all of the agents were really feeling the effects of the heat wave that had been dragging on for nearly days.

JJ felt her presence before she even saw her. She somehow always knew when she was near. It was just a feeling within her. Her blue eyes slowly rested on the slim figure of her boss, who was standing a couple of feet away from her desk. The woman's name was Emily Prentiss. Emily was strong in her character and her very presence often made JJ squirm.

Emily was dressed in a black suit jacket with matching black pants. Her black boots were high heeled and she wore her dark hair in a slicked back ponytail. As usual, she was looking attractive. Her pale skin topped off the look and her deep scarlet lipstick was visible on her lips. She eyed JJ with dark brown eyes and long black lashes.

"JJ" Emily spoke strictly with a dark deep voice that made JJ fidget. "How much more work do you have until you are done for the night?"

JJ sighed warily. "Not much. I just have about three more files and then I will be done for the night".

Emily eyed her stack of files. "Why don't you do these then as well?" She shoved another stack of files onto the blonde agents stack. "Reid was out today and didn't get a chance to finish these and since you both are in the same division and you don't have many more to do, you can probably do these too".

JJ raised her eyebrows at the somewhat harsh demeanor of the brunette. She was having a fight among herself, debating whether or not she should talk back to her boss and raise her own opinions about how unfairly she was being treated. She was always the one with the extra workload, the agent who was forced to stay late on nights where she really wanted to just relax and go home, like the rest of her teammates. Of course, she wasn't about to address these issues to Emily at the moment. That would ruin her chances of ever getting what she truly wanted and what JJ truly wanted was Emily.

The female agent had been struggling with feelings for her dark haired supervisor. She had always wanted something more with Emily, but it had always seemed that a friendship was too much to ask for in their relationship. JJ wasn't sure if Emily even liked her as anything more than just a subordinate. She had never even hinted at a friendship between them. Emily had a knack for being too bossy, but despite her somewhat aggressive attitude towards her subordinates, JJ knew that deep down inside, Emily was really a good person who just took pride in her job and all that came with it.


The blonde shook free from her thoughts and locked eyes with the ivory skinned brunette.

"I'm sorry, Prentiss, what were you saying?" JJ asked with a streak of embarrassment in her voice.

Emily sighed. "JJ, you look popped, I feel popped, why don't we just turn in for the night?"

JJ's heart thundered in excitement. Was Emily actually being understanding and nice for a change?

"You're right" JJ answered. "I am incredibly tired and all I am thinking about is going home and plopping on the couch and turning on the TV".

Both agents were silent for a moment until Emily broke the silence and asked JJ a question that made her heart thump louder than a parade drum in the middle of NYC.

"JJ, would you like to grab a cup of coffee at the cafe across the street before we depart for the night?"

JJ nodded. "I would like that Prentiss". She smiled when she saw the joyful look on Emily's face.

"Please, call me Emily" she murmured, brushing a strand of dark hair behind her ear.


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