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Perfect Chipmunkising in Audacity

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How to use Audacity to Chipmunkise Songs Perfectly.

Step 1: Open Audacity and load the mp3 you want to Chipmunkise into it, then open a new empty track.

Step 2: Copy isolated instrumental portions and paste them into the empty track one at a time, making sure they're joined up, then copy that and use it as an example of what the program should strip from the track.

Step 3: Listen to your new acapella track, copying to strip further if necessary, then copy the whole thing.

Step 4: Go back to your original track, then use the vocal version to strip the vocals.

Step 5: Open a new track and paste the vocal track into it, then use pitch change on it to bring it up an entire key (from D to D, for example).

Step 6: Now just merge the two tracks and prepare to wow the world from your YouTube channel.

Note: Steps 1 through 4 make the best karaoke tracks, incidentally.