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One Pack

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“This doesn’t seem like it was a good idea, in turning back now though.” 

Suga murmured to his alpha as they all stood waiting at the station.

His mind thrummed with well over a dozen opinions, none of them very positive due to the harsh weather of winter. It was pouring down chilly rain in the dim hours of morning as they stood huddled together. Suga was currently pressed in between Daichi to his left, Kuroo at his back, Kenma to the other side, and Hinata leaning back against him, almost ready to fall asleep. It was disorienting at first, but over the past few months since they’d last added members he’d gotten used to it.

Being in a pack had it’s ups and downs, especially in a newly formed one. They’d been formed for just under two years now, and that was still basically a pup compared to packs that had been around for hundreds of years.

Ups were how he was always surrounded by trustworthy friends, and even when he was alone their scents, all of them shadowing his mate Daichi’s smell, warded off anyone with unkind intentions. However, downs were more common up until this point. It looks like that wasn’t going to be changing.

One of these downs was happening right now, they’d been forced to give up their old pack house due to growing to large, and running out of room. They had only had the former Karasuno team to bargain with in the beginning. Things had been simple then, with just the small group. He and Daichi had proposed the idea of forming a pack when financial struggles fresh out of college threatened to make it impossible for them to get a new apartment when they desperately needed the move. When they turned to their friends for some advice, it turned out many were in similar situations. Kageyama and Hinata had the orange haired omegas college loans hanging over his head since his single mother couldn’t afford enough to fully pay out his tuition. Asahi and Nishinoya were having a hard time, not to mention Ennoshita and Tanaka, who were also fighting off debts. Kiyoko and Yachi were pretty well off, but with all of their friends having such a hard time keeping their heads above water, not to mention Yachi’s anxiety making it hard for Kiyoko to leave her alone for very long, it was a no brainer. 

That was why, back then, they formed their pack out of just these mentioned above. A month later, Yamaguchi and Tsukishima had shown up on their doorstep, having heard of the formation via Hinata. The two independent alphas were roommates, but even with their earnings combined they were barely staying afloat. 

Welcomed with open arms into the house for the night, they wound up staying for their lifetimes, and joining as well.

It was easier once they were a pack. Kiyoko could work without worry, knowing at least one person she trusted was home at the Pack House at any hour of day to take care of her omegian mate. As it turned out, there were assisting services in place for student loans on pack mates, which helped many of them dig their ways out of their holes.

The modest two story house they’d rented was more then enough for them, with Yamaguchi and Tsukishima sharing a room. They ate dinner at three different tables pushed together in the dining room. Who cared if Asahi's head occasionally hit the light fixture, or if Daichi, at the head of the table, had his back pushed up to the wall due to lack of space? Who cared they were tangling feet under the tables that were far to small, knocking elbows and bumping shoulders.? No one could complain.

Twelve of them, the original dream team, together, safe, and happy. Except this time it wasn’t about volleyball.

Even though they set up a net in the backyard and played on Saturday afternoons when everyone was together. Tsukishima still pissed off Kageyama by calling him the king. Yamaguchi’s serve still made everyone want to maim him. Nishinoya’s rolling thunder was still in full force, and Asahi still managed to peg Hinata in the face. Daichi still received will all the vigor of being in the prelim finals, and Suga still pulled off a ridiculous sync attack. Yachi still ran to get water bottles for everyone, and Kiyoko managed to knock a water bottle over with her serve, which caused Noya and Tanaka to worship her even more.

For six months, this life had been perfect enough. Sure, financially they weren’t perfect, but things weren’t as bad as before. There were no debts threatening to eject them from their home, and everyone was fairly good with their money, saving enough to each give a personal contribution to the rent of the house. They had enough to feed every mouth, and no one was ever cold (except that one time during their first winter together when the furnace gave out for a few days, and everyone sat on a pile of bedding in the living room in a giant cuddle pile for warmth) so things were fine. 

Suga sighed, watching his breath form a cloud in front of his face as he wrapped his old blue scarf tighter around his neck.

Well...things were pretty great...and I was honestly thinking we could stay right in that spot for years altogether...I certainly wouldn’t have minded...until...


Eight months ago.


“Shimizu-san, you’re amazing!” Tanaka practically cried as he devoured more of the she-alphas cooking.

Kiyoko giggled at the way him and Nishinoya were tucking into the food.

“Thank you, I’m happy everyone likes it.”

“Yeah, this is spectacular, Kiyoko!” Suga had to agree as he took another bite of steaming rice from his plate.

“You too, Hitoka.” Hinata commented offhandedly.

The blonde squeaked from where she sat at her mates side.

“O-Oh...thank you.” She managed.

“Not to mention Chikara!” Tanaka pointed out with a smile in his mates direction.

The black haired omega rolled his eyes. “Sure, whatever you say.” 

Kageyama gave a strange nod type thing to show he approved of the food as he continued eating, and chatter reigned, banter flying back and forth over the table. 

Hinata jumped when his phone buzzed in his pocket.

Normally, he wouldn’t answer it while at the table, but when he saw who was calling him, he had too.

Excusing himself, he moved towards the window near the kitchen and flicked open the phone.


“Shouyou!” The breathless voice gasped into the speaker.

“Kenma, what’s wrong? You never call, you always text!”

Hinata could hear from the clatter on the other end of the line that Kenma was running.

“Me and Kuroo were waiting at the train station to go to Tokyo to try and get some sort of work there, but there’s this rogue pack prowling around, and they could tell we were independent omegas. Now they’re chasing us, they won’t stop, and no ones around to help.”

Thunder boomed in the sky overhead and Hinata heard Kenma hiss at the sound. 

Meaning they were listening to the same clap.

Hinata squawked in panic. “Where are you?”

“We’re near that place you and me met last for lunch once. I don’t remember the name, but we’re a few streets down from there...Kuroo’s with me but none of these houses are answering their doors! There’s no where to hide either!”

Hinata gasped. “That’s not far from our pack house! Hold on, there’s a shop near us with a really big sign that has a rose on it, do you see that?”

By now the rest of his pack mates were on their feet, having listened in to the conversation.

Kenma frantic breathing rattled through the speaker as he looked around.

“I can see it! Through the houses, in between, we’re on the street one away from the front of it!”

Hinata nodded. “We’ll go outside, try and come toward that shop!” 

“O-Ok! Please hurry, they’re getting closer and Kuroo tripped earlier, so his arm is bleeding pretty badly...I’m really scared, Shouyou.”

Hinata replied hurriedly. “Come towards the store! We’ll meet you there! I’ll bring Kageyama!”

He shut the phone and jammed it in his pocket.

“Kenma and Kuroo are being chased by a rogue pack, he said he’s one street down from the flower shop!”

“Well what are we waiting for?” Kageyama shot to grab his shoes, Hinata behind him.

Daichi was the ultimate verdict for just about everything they did, so when he ran to jam his shoes on, everyone else followed.

They poured out the door and onto their front yard.

Everyone was soaked in a matter of moments.

Squinting through the downpour, the group ran towards the shop.

Once they arrived in the parking lot, under the large rose sign, Nishinoya looked back and forth, putting up a forearm to shield his eyes from the harsh wind plucking at his white tee shirt.

“I can’t see anything! It’s pouring sheets!” He reported, his usually spiky hair flattened by the rain.

“Hinata, did you ask what they were wearing?” Sugawara turned to ask.

The orange haired boy shook his head. “It’s Kenma and Kuroo! So I’d guess something red, literally everything they own is either black or red!”

Tsukishima wiped his glasses on the edge of his shirt and gazed through the maze of buildings. The flower shop was out front to the neighborhood their pack house was in, with more establishments to the other side. 

“Tsukki!” Yamaguchi pointed towards the back of the shop.

Sure enough, pounding footsteps could barely be heard over the thunderclap. Lightning lit the sky and Hinata saw the one who’d called him for help earlier.

“Kenma!” He shouted, his throat straining at the volume. 

“Kuroo-san!” Yamaguchi shouted against the driving rain.






Everyone lent their voices, shouting loud as possible.

Daichi led the way around the shop and the next thing Hinata knew he was being plowed into by his bottle blonde friend.

“Kenma! You’re ok!” Hinata locked his arms around his fellow omegas waist. 

“Are you alright, Kozume-san?” Yamaguchi asked worriedly.

Panicked golden eyes darted from face to face. 

“They caught Kuroo.” He whispered.

Tsukishima took off, Nishinoya, Daichi, and Tanaka on his heels. 

“Yuu!” Asahi groaned before racing after his own mate, the rest of the alphas following in quick succession. 

Nishinoya was one feisty omega who could take a hit, but he didn’t want him getting into a fight.

“Let go of me, you son of a bitch!” 

When they got farther down the street, they saw a group of five bulky alphas surrounding Tetsurou, who had just apparently kicked himself free of their grasp.

“What sort of biological experiment made you? You ain’t omega!”

Kuroo backed away from them, grasping at his arm, which sure enough was badly scraped, the skin ripped open and blood dripping down towards his hand. 

“Then why are you chasing me, asshole? If I’m such a freak, leave me alone!” 

That didn’t seem to be high on any of their agendas, seeing as one of them, who was tall as and bulkier then Kuroo was made a move towards him.

Well, lucky for Tsukishima, he’d gained a few inches since high school, not to mention he’d been taller then Kuroo in the first place.

He stepped in between Tetsurou and the offender and shoved the man away.
“Back off!” The glasses donning younger barked.

Kuroo’s eyes widened. “Tsukki!” 

The blonde’s honey gold eyes glared down the group as his other pack mates started running up.

“Noya, please take Kuroo-san back to the others.” Kiyoko whispered.

“Right! Come on, rooster head!” The former libero took ahold of Kuroo’s non injured arm and pulled.

“I am not leaving you guys to deal with my mess.” The older replied, pulling his arm free.

Tsukishima leveled his eyes at the slate gray of the cat like mans and spoke.

“You’re no help here, so get out of the way. All you’re doing here is provoking them. Go back with Noya-san, now.

A throb hit the older, still very omega, heart and he nodded jerkily, subconsciously dropping his gaze down.

“Dammit...f-fine.” He stuttered before Nishinoya dragged him off.

“Kuroo!” Kenma latched onto his best friends arm the second they came into sight.

Ennoshita looked up at the dreadful storm and pointed towards their street.

“Let’s go home, it’s seven versus, as Kenma said, five. We’re no safer out here alone. They’ll come straight back home.” 

Kuroo looked out to where they’d left the confrontation and his lips twisted into a scowl.

“I can’t believe we’re just going to let them fight for us when we aren’t even one of them. I can’t stand it.” 

Kenma fixed him with his golden stare as they followed the others.

“You’re hurt, and you can’t fight off five alphas by yourself. I’d be no help. That’s just how it works when you’re independent, but down to your DNA you’re built to depend on others.”

They made it back to the house and soon enough Hinata returned with all the towels in their possession.

Suga guided Kuroo to the bathroom on the second floor.

“Sit on the toilet lid.” The silver haired man ordered. 

Kuroo obliged. 

“So, what were you two doing, taking the night train to Tokyo? Don’t you know how dangerous it gets both there and here once the sun goes down? Rogue packs come out of the woodwork all the time.”

Kuroo shrugged. “Cheapest tickets.” 

Suga sighed as he patted antiseptic on the black haired mans badly scraped forearm. Tetsurou hissed as the chemical burned, cleaning away the gravel and dirt that had been lodged when he’d fallen.

“Have you two been running alone like this since college?” Suga asked.

Kuroo nodded. “Yeah. I never got any courtship offers in high school or college. Kenma always stuck close to me, and anyone from far away would assume I was an alpha or beta. Not to mention that Kitten isn’t exactly social. No one wants us so we stuck together. Still do.” 

Koushi rolled his eyes as he stood, opening the medicine cabinet above the toilet and pulling out a roll of bandages. 

He squatted down again and wrapped up Kuroo’s arm.

“Be careful, don’t move it around a ton.” He warned, even as a sickening red started to stain the worst bleeding area of the injury.

Kuroo feinted his usual nonchalant snark.

“I’ve been hit with worse.”
“Sure you have.” Suga replied with a shake of his head.

When the front door opened and closed downstairs, he gave a cry and ran out.

Kuroo tenderly poked at the bandages, making sure they were secure before he stood and walked to the edge of the stairs. He watched through the banister as Suga planted a kiss on Daichi’s forehead.

“You beat them up?” As if he had to ask.

The stocky man shrugged. “They were asking for it.”

Hinata was worriedly, and for once gently, examining Kageyama’s bloody knuckles, while Yachi was stroking the purpling bruise Kiyoko was nursing to her cheek.

“It was nothing, really, Hitoka. Just a little clip. I took him down for it, I promise.” She whispered.

“Tsukki! Your glasses!” 

Kuroo felt his blood run cold.

“I’m fine, as if you can talk with your nose bleeding. Where is Kuroo-san?”

Suga pointed up to the ceiling and Tsukishima nodded in understanding.

“Tsukki, you have a black eye, be careful!” Yamaguchi clucked as the blonde moved into the living room, dropping his mangled frames to the ground.

Ennoshita bent and picked them up.

“How are you going to be able to see?” He demanded.

“I can always wear my old sports pair until I get new ones. No big deal. Besides, I’m nearsighted, so I can see things close to me no problem.” 

Tsukishima answered calmly. 

Suga looked around at their returned alphas.

“Nothing broken? Nothing torn?” 

All shakes of heads, and quiet ‘no’s. 

“Anything bleeding?” 

Tanaka put his hand up, “My nose is going, but I just need some tissues.”
“Here, here, I got them!” His mate was at his side immediately, offering forward a box of tissues. He turned to give Yamaguchi a few as well.

“Kozume-san, are you ok?” 

Yamaguchi had made his way into the living room once he plugged up his nose, where the bottle blonde had collapsed into the armchair.

“I think so...thank you. You didn’t have to help us.” He murmured.

Yamaguchi smiled. “You’re our friends! Of course we helped!” 

Suga then saw Tetsurou standing at the top of the stairs and beckoned him down.

Kuroo swore he imagined the slight softening of a certain blondes eyes when he made an appearance.

Kuroo settled onto the couch near Kenma, who instantly looked to his arm.

“I’ll be fine, Kitten.” Tetsurou promised.

The rest of the pack that had teamed up to rescue him entered, some dropped to sit on the carpet while others piled onto the remaining couch and armchair.

“So...” Kiyoko began as she rung out her silky black hair with a towel.

“...what do you two intend to do?” 

Kenma looked down guiltily and Kuroo took to speaking for the two of them as he usually did.

“We don’t want to be a burden. You guys saved us, and...thank you. I don’t know what those guys might have done. One night here and we’re gone tomorrow morning.” 

Daichi raised an eyebrow. “I’m afraid I can’t allow that.”
Kuroo waited for someone else to speak up, but no one did. 

He’s top dog, then.

The omega made a mental note of this.

Without so much as a bat of an eyelash, the taller man stood.

“We’ll find somewhere to stay then. Thank you again for...” 

Daichi stood as well and gave him a playful smirk.

“I meant I was thinking you two should stay for good.”

Kenma’s golden eyes widened and Hinata pounced on him, squeezing in next to him in the armchair.

“Yeah! You can join our pack, Kenma! It would be safer for you guys! We’ve got one more room to spare!” 

Suga tapped his chin with his finger. “We do, actually. We’ve been using it as a storage room, but I’m sure we can fit that stuff in the basement.” 

Tsukishima, who was leaning on the back of the couch, snickered.

“Unless you guys want to go back out into the thunderstorm, that is. We can always just run the vacuum to scare you felines off if needed.”
“Nice, Tsukki!” Yamaguchi chimed in with good humor.

Kuroo glanced back at him, then down to Kenma, and easily read those slitted eyes gazing up to him.

I’d like this.

Kuroo then put his palms up in an uncaring gesture.

“If you insist. Though we’re both broke, so...”

“The cafe I work at is looking for help.” Hinata said, putting his hand up.

“So is the florist, that’s where I work!” Hitoka chirped.

Kuroo sat back against the couch again. 

“I call the cafe, I’m pretty sure I’d scare away anyone at the florist.”

Yamaguchi frowned. “Don’t get down on yourself that easily.”
Kuroo scoffed. “Then go ahead and tell me it isn’t true.”

Kuroo and Kenma joined the pack that night. The next day they found themselves filled with a dizzying array of opinions and feelings bursting through their heads.

Though, of course, that was just how packs functioned.


Present day.


Suga looked around at their pack now, eight months later.

They’d moved pack houses shortly after Yaku and Lev had joined, the two of them having heard of the pack and come to join.

After welcoming them, they’d grown once more with the additions of Hanamaki and Mattsukawa from Seijoh. Oikawa and Iwaizumi were right behind them. A few months passed in the new house, not far from their old one, with the halls constantly filled with the Seijoh meme team singing disney songs, Oikawa screaming at them, and Iwaizumi helping absolutely anywhere he could. 

Sugawara himself didn’t mind the growth. Even when two couples from Shiratorizawa, Ushiwaka with Tendou, and Semi shortly thereafter with Shirabu, joined, it wasn’t annoying. 

In fact, the ash blonde mused, he doubted that anyone thought it was annoying. The pack had been formed so that people could join when they needed a family thEY didn’t have. Support they couldn’t find. Even a hand when they were in their worst places. 

Semi and Shirabu had been the last to join, and now their group was waiting, bags in hand, for the early morning train into the city.

They’d moved up north further as a general decision. Everyone had thought it would be for the best. The ones among them with career diploma’s, such as Yaku with his architectural design, Lev in graphic design, Suga in medicine, Daichi in physical therapy, along with many of the others who’d finished college, could get higher paying jobs. 

As they were waiting, Kuroo was on the phone with Bokuto, as it appeared from how often he used the word ‘bro’ in conversation.

After a while, he pressed the speaker to his chest and looked to Daichi.

“Bo wanted to know if he and Akkashi could meet us in the city in a day or two. They want to...y’know, join up.” He waved a hand at the head alpha.

Daichi smiled thinly. “More the merrier, but doesn’t Akkashi have an actual career job as a nurse in Tokyo?”

Kuroo frowned. “Bokuto told me they had a massive budget cut. Akkashi was let go of, along with dozens of other nurses they decided they didn’t need. Bo gave up his college coaching to move up here so Akkashi might be able to get another nursing job in the city hospital.”
Daichi was the type to be strict but warm. There was a reason all the first years in high school had called him ‘Dad-chi’ after all. 

“Sure. We’ve turned that around before. Tell him he and Akkashi are welcome.”

Kuroo gave a barely there sigh of relief before putting the phone back to her ear.
“Hey, bro. Sawamura said it was fine. He said you guys are welcome. I will. Ok. See you soon, bro. Bye.”

Kuroo hung up his phone and tucked it into his pocket before speaking again.

“Sawamura. He wanted to me to tell you he’s really grateful, but he understand if you don’t have the room. You’re free to change your mind.”
Daichi crossed his arms. “Appreciated, but I won’t be. We formed this pack because most of us were out of work and down on luck. That’s how we’ll be now as well.”

The train finally arrived and they all boarded.

They’d placed their furniture, and any big belongings, in moving to be stored in the city until they got a new pack house.

Suga scrolled through his phone as the group started nodding off one by one.

“Looks like this one might be nice.” He murmured.

Yaku, seated next to him, leaned over to see what he was talking about.

“Wow, that price isn’t bad, and if it’s interior entrance that would be good, with a lobby and doorman and such, it’s safer. It’s negotiable as well. How many rooms?” The shorter omega questioned.

Suga scrolled down a bit further.

“Fourteen, full size.” 

Yaku whistled. “Definitely not bad. It’s a level in a complex as well, right?”

Suga hummed to affirm.

“What level?”

Suga scanned the screen.

“Looks like six, nine, and eleven are available.” 

Yaku nodded. “It’s a steal. Hopefully we can snag it. Daichi might even be able to talk down the price if he can stop being so nice.” 

Suga smiled to hide his worry.

After all, if they didn’t get this, they weren’t sure where they were staying that night.

“Here’s hoping.”