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Kelena one shots

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Based off of another kelena fanfic I read, can't remember which one! AUish because Katherine never died or became human.

No ones pov

"Wait a second, what?" Katherine asked staring aimlessly at Bonnie and Jeremy. "Look Katherine, you know you're the last person we'd ever turn to unless we were totally desperate." Jermey said and Katherine groaned. "I get that part, it's the other part I don't understand." Katherine said and Bonnie took a deep breath.

"Elena's under a sleeping spell cause of Kai and the only thing that can wake her up is true loves kiss." Bonnie mumbled, "And that concerns me at all how?" Katherine asked tilting her head and giving the raven haired witch a sarcastic smile. "Why don't you just get Damon or Stefan to do it? I mean isn't one of them bound to be her true love?" Katherine asked again.

"That's the thing Katherine, Stefan and Damon have already tried, it didn't work." Jermey said and Katherine laughed loudly. "Priceless!" She said as she threw her head back laughing. Bonnie and Jermey exchanged a look of annoyance.

"God I haven't laughed like that in awhile!" Katherine said and Bonnie sighed, "So will you do it?" Bonnie asked and Katherine stared at her. "Do what?" Katherine asked and Bonnie sighed in frustration. "Will you kiss Elena to wake her up?!" Bonnie practically yelled.

"Calm down bon-bon. Sure I'll do it, but it won't work. I'm far from little miss perfects true love." Katherine said bluntly, "And she's far from mine." Katherine added.

"Well if she wakes up it means she's your one true love and your hers, so." Bonnie said and Katherine shrugged. "Not worried. Like I said, it won't work." Katherine said and Bonnie only nodded. "Well let's go then." Jermey said and Katherine gave them a look. "Wait we're doing this now?!" She asked and they both gave her a "duh" look.

"No, we're gonna wait till Christmas." Bonnie said sarcastically and Katherine rolled her eyes, "Okay let's get this over with." She said unenthusiastically as they all walked out of Katherine's apartment to Bonnie's car.

Katherine didn't really understand why out of all people they came to her, but she didn't question it. Out off all the centuries Katherine has lived on this earth she learned not to question many things. "Plus how hard can it be? I mean it's not like she's gonna wake up or anything." Katherine thought on their way there.

Bonnie found it extremely weird that Katherine was quiet the whole ride to the cemetery. Usually the brunette had some snarky or sarcastic comments to say, but nothing left her mouth. Bonnie didn't know why she wanted Katherine to do this, maybe she bacame do desperate to get her best friend back that she's doing absolutely anything to get her back.

Jermey was just flat out confused as to why the hell bonnie chose Katherine out of all people.

As the arrived to the cemetery Bonnie and Jermey led the way and Katherine followed close behind. As they walked into a darkish tomb Katherine wondered if this had all just been a trap. But she soon saw Caroline, Damon, Stefan, and Alaric standing there. Tyler then made his appearance known by standing next to Caroline.

"Katherine? That was your amazing idea? Katherine?" Damon asked angrily and Bonnie sighed in frustration. "She's the first one that popped into my mind!" Bonnie argued with the raven haired vampire and he only grumbled something in response.

"Hey, its worth a shot. I mean what can we lose?" Caroline asked, "Blondies right. Ya' need me to wake up sleeping beauty." Katherine teased and nobody laughed. Instead they only shot daggers at her with their eyes. "Jeez tough crowd." She mumbled.

"Where is she anyway?" Katherine asked and Bonnie then led her to the coffin Elena was in, with the group not far behind. "A coffin really? You guys are awful friends." Katherine mumbled and they all glared at her.

"What? If my friend was under a deep sleep I would've at least kept her in bed or something. Jeez." Katherine said defensively as Tyler groaned. "Can we just get the hell on with it?!" He asked and everyone nodded in agreement.

"Alright, alright, calm down." Katherine said and she smiled sarcastically at how Tyler stopped talking. "Good doggie- or used to be doggie." Katherine said laughing at her own joke. But everyone only gave her a mean look in return and she sighed.

"Alright fine, I'll get on with it." She said in defeat. Bonnie opened Elena's coffin and Katherine looked down at the sleeping girl. She looked so peaceful. "Hmm she looks really pretty when she's not blabbering." Katherine thought to herself. Staring at Elena almost made her smile- almost.

She then took a shaky breath- being a lot more nervous then she had realized, as she grabbed Elena's face and kissed her passionately. As she pulled away Elena didn't wake up.

"Told you guys it wouldn't-" Katherine started to speak but was cut off by Elena sitting up. "W-What happened?" Elena asked in sleepy voice and Katherine's heart stopped. Everyone stared in shock, "How did you guys wake me up?!" Elena asked excitedly as she stood up.

Caroline was about to tell her but Katherine spoke first. "Damon kissed you and you woke up. True loves kiss or some bullshit." Katherine lied and everyone exchanged looks of uncertainty and Elena only smiled.

"I knew you would find a way!" She said happily as she hopped up and jumped into Damon's arms. As Elena hugged all her friends Katherine decided now was the best time for her to leave. As she walked out of the cemetery someone grabbed her by her wrist. She turned around to see Stefan.

"Let go of me Stefan." She hissed pulling her wrist away from Stefan's grasp. "Why the hell did you tell Elena it was Damon who woke her up?" Stefan asked and Katherine rolled her eyes. "Because I felt like it okay." Katherine said defensively and Stefan stared at her. "What? Are you afraid that you might actually love Elena? Oh wait, I guess that kiss already proves that you do." Stefan said sarcastically and Katherine shot him a look that could kill.

"I'm done talking to you." Katherine said and Stefan sighed. "No you're not-" Stefan started to say but was cut off by Katherine speeding away.

(Three days later)

"It's so great to have food again!" Elena said happily as she ate pizza next to Damon. "It's so great to be here with the love of my life." Elena added lovingly and Damon only sat there staring at the fire place with a glass of whiskey in his hand.

Elena furrowed her eyebrows. "Damon what's wrong?" Elena asked growing concerned. When Damon didn't answer Elena stood up. "Damon." She said again and Damon finally looked at her. "Do you love Katherine?" He asked bitterly and she gave him a look of confusion.

"K-Katherine what the hell?" She asked, "Why the hell would you even ask that?" She asked again and Damon only stared at her.

After awhile she realized he wasn't gonna answer. "Damon, why the hell would you ask me if I love Katherine?" She asked again in a stern voice. He didn't answer and Elena began to become frustrated. "Damon!" She practically yelled as he stood up and threw his glass that he was drinking across the room, startling Elena.

"Because she kissed you!" He yelled and she stood there confused. "W-What?" She stuttered out. "Her kiss was the one that woke you up, not mine." He said in a bitter tone and Elena only stood there.

"B-But K-Katherine said it was y-your kiss." Elena said quietly, "Yeah Katherine says a lot of things." Damon said bitterly. Elena stood there for awhile more, not being able to meet Damon's gaze, "I-I think I better go." Elena stated softly. Damon said nothing as Elena walked upstairs and packed a bag.

She walked back downstairs to see Damon was gone and she walked out the front door and got into her car, driving to the college campus that her best friends were at. She walked to the dorm and knocked on the door, she was soon greeted by a smiling Caroline.

As soon as Caroline saw the expression on her best friends face her smile fell. "What's wrong?" Caroline asked as she let Elena in. "Hey Elena!" Bonnie said cheerfully but her smile fell too when she noticed Elena had looked like she had just witnessed a puppy getting run over.

"Elena what's the matter?" Caroline asked once more, "K-Katherine." Elena stuttered out and the pieces soon fell into place for the two other girls.

(Meanwhile at Katherine's apartment)

Katherine was sitting on her couch drinking wine on her own. She had been thinking about the whole "Elena" thing for the past three days. She had only left her apartment to get blood bags from the hospital.

That's when realization hit her, "Holy shit I think I'm in love with Elena fucking Gilbert." Katherine said to herself as she sat on her couch dumbfounded.

(Four weeks later)

Katherine was sitting at home watching "The Gilmore girls" when she sighed. "This is an awful fucking show." Katherine mumbled but still continued watching. Suddenly there was a knock on her door causing her to furrow her eyebrows in confusion.

Katherine stood up hesitantly, then there was another knock. "I'm coming jeez!" Katherine yelled out to whoever was at the door as she walked over and opened it. She was soon face to face with Elena.

"E-Elena." Katherine stuttered out. "Stuttering? You're losing your touch Katherine." Elena said and Katherine rolled her eyes. "What do you want Elena?" Katherine asked trying to sound rude, but instead she kind of just sounded defeated.

"To be let in would be nice." Elena said and Katherine nodded as she moved aside so the younger girl could walk in. "So how's the human life treating you?" Katherine asked as Elena sat down on her couch.

"Sucks." Elena said, "Isn't what I thought it'd be." She added and Katherine nodded as she turned off the tv and sat down next Elena.

"So what are you doing here?" Katherine asked carefully, "I've been thinking about you this past couple of weeks- I can't seem to get you out of my head." Elena admitted and Katherine only stared at her in confusion.

"Damon told me that it was you who kissed me." Elena added and Katherine looked down. "That idiot. He wasn't supposed to." She hissed out and Elena then grabbed Katherine's hand as the older girl tensed up. "I'm glad he did." Elena said softly and Katherine only stared at her.

"You're crazy if you think anything good will ever come out of this." Katherine said motioning between her and Elena. "Maybe. But I've done a lot crazier." Elena said, "And I'm done living in fear of the outcome." She added and Katherine only gave her a confused look.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Katherine asked. "It means, fuck it." Elena whispered as she grabbed Katherine's face and smashed their lips together. Katherine was shocked at first by she soon closed her eyes and kissed back. Elena tasted like cherry lipgloss and a cupcake.

Katherine only knew one thing in this moment, she didn't want to stop kissing Elena Gilbert.