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New Sensations

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Alright, Xandra, what today… I think to myself, pacing around my new house on Ula’Ula, not far from the league. It's good for me to not have to travel too far between my home and where I face challenges (most of the time we know when a challenger is on their way, anyway, so I can safely assume when I do and do not have to be in the champion’s ring). It's also kind of nice being this close to Po Town.

Now, I know that any sane Alolan is probably thinking; Po Town? Why would it be nice to be anywhere near that place? Well, since Team Skull sort of disbanded, Guzma, Plumeria, and whatever grunts are still living there are really fixing the place up. I've been helping out, too; it's sort of a long story that I'll get to but we’ve all been very close since the whole Aether Foundation incident. It honestly started when Lillie and I went through the Ultra Wormhole. Guzma, Lillie and I had a pretty nice conversation as we went to find Lusamine. He made a remark about our intelligence to start off (“Y’all are stupid!”) but eventually we got him to calm down. We told him to wait with Nebby and he and I could talk about it over a drink (“Yeah, I was feelin’ some tapu cocoa anyway. This place gives me the chills.”) while Lillie and Lusamine sorted their own issues out.

Later on, after the wormhole incident, Guzma and I found our way back to the Melemele PMC nearest my mom’s house and got some tapu cocoa for our conversation.

“So now what? With Lusamine proving herself crazy, what are you going to do?” I asked, taking a sip of the rich drink.

Guzma sighed, sitting in his chair like he was forcing himself to be cool and nonchalant- one arm over the back of the chair, his legs outstretched and crossed, the other hand fiddling with the mug of cocoa in front of him. “I dunno. We stole and sold Pokémon to her to put in her conservation room. Whoever takes her place, and knowin’ her it'll be Lillie or Gladion, they won't be havin’ it. I'm out of a job.”

I nodded. “What's going to happen to Team Skull?”

His posture changed- he grabbed the mug with both hands and slouched over it, worse than usual. He took his asymmetrical sunglasses off and put them on the table. His eye circles seemed darker than usual, his eye makeup noticeably smudged now. “I… I think we need to disband. My boys, though, they don't got nowhere else to go. I dunno what to do. They’ll all be crushed if I tell ‘em.”

I paused over my drink. “Maybe you don't have to disband,” I said. He looked up at me, slightly confused. “Change it, don't get rid of it. You have a lot of dedicated folks willing to do a lot for you.”

“And what do you suggest we do?” he asked.

I shrugged. “Whatever you want to. Rebuild Po Town and do something with it. You have a great space.”

He nodded. “Maybe.” He was clearly thinking about some things already.

Rotom buzzed at me. I checked it- Kukui wanted to talk to me about the league. “Guzma, I'm sorry, I gotta go. Listen, you talk to your guys and see what they want to do, see if you can come to a general consensus. We’ll keep in touch, okay?” I said, quickly stopping by the center desk to heal my Pokémon before heading out to Tapu Village.

Now, I'm not going to lie to you. Throughout my bizarre anti-wormhole adventure, I disliked what Guzma was doing. But on the exact opposite side of things, I did not dislike him . He knew it, too; I was quick to get mouthy and flirty simultaneously while dealing with him and his grunts throughout those few days. He was dorky deep down, I knew that-- I once got him going about his golisopod and bug types in general. He knew quite a lot. I was pretty certain he liked me back, as he’d get just as mouthy back to me. It was always sort of a fight for intellectual dominance; one he couldn't stand losing, and a victory I didn't mind handing over. I always managed, no matter how close it ended up being, to beat him in pokemon battles. He didn’t like it, of course, but he put up with it more and more the more we spoke to each other during and after battles. I would usually turn down some of the prize money but take some to keep with the custom, which I think he appreciated; knowing now how much he and Plums do to take care of their members, I know it can’t be that cheap.

Shortly after the conversation I outlined above, I became the first champion of Alola. This gave me a ton of pull suddenly; I was above the Captains, the Kahunas, everyone. I had highly capable trainers coming to challenge me every so often now. And, not to mention, a few days later I helped the international police capture all the Ultra  Beasts that had been trapped on this side of the Ultra Wormhole. I have a lot of legendary-level pokemon on my team now, and it’s, quite frankly, amazing. Of course I chose a fair team for challenges against my championship; my Incineroar, Tucannon, Hariyama, Gumshoos, Magnezone, and Alakazam. Otherwise I switched it up a lot, particularly between Necrozma, Null, and Zygarde. I always had Incineroar with me, though. He’s been with me since I started my trials.

After all the UB stuff was taken care of and I didn’t have much to do, I decided to visit Po Town to check on Guzma and his progress on decision making. Making decisions that ultimately impact the lives of a bunch of kids with nowhere else to turn surely wasn’t an easy thing to do. Upon arrival and entering the walls, however, it was apparent that some kind of decision had already been made. It was, of course, raining, but there were members outside working nonetheless; the barriers had been taken down, that one random car that was in the middle of everything was gone, and the facade of the mansion looked like it was undergoing some construction. The people outside were working on scrubbing the graffiti off of everything and seemed to be making significant progress.

A young man towards the front of the path noticed me ogling at everything. “Hey! Xandra!”

My attention snapped to him. I smiled. “Hey, this place looks good!”

“Hell yeah it does, we’ve been workin’ our asses off! But that’s beside the point, Boss wants to see ya! Said to point ya towards the house if we saw ya,” he said.

“I was here to see him anyway! Thanks for the heads up though!” I responded.

“No problem! And, uh… Hey, thanks. Dunno about some other guys, but stealin’ pokemon was gettin’ stale for me anyway,” he said.

I nodded. “You’re more than welcome. Glad to see you all doing something constructive for once.”

He nodded again, then went back to work. I walked towards the house, stepping in to find a pretty clean house with a handful more guys doing the same thing as outside. I walked upstairs to his room without needing to go out onto the roof for once. I knocked on the door and opened it slowly to see Guzma and his golisopod working on moving furniture around to a bit more organized of an orientation. It might even be called a bedroom for once- whatever risers were under his “throne” were gone, that chair was pushed back into the corner by the nightstand, the bed wasn’t at an awkward angle, and his bookshelf was emptied of bottles and being pushed back against the wall next to the bed.

“Guzma, this place is looking great already and it’s been two days since we talked!” I said, excited as to what this might hold.

He turned around, grinning, then crossed his arms, proud. “Yup! We’re gonna put Po Town back on the map! I talked to my guys and they wanna just rebuild, open some retail, reopen the PMC, ‘n’ make this place nice again. Talked to Nanu yesterday, he said he’d put a good word in and said if we turned this place around we could talk about turnin’ the house into a battle mansion or even… well, even a trial!”

“A trial?” I asked.

“Yep! Said he and Hala talked recently, might wanna make me a captain. Bug type captain Guzma, what the fuck, right?” he said, turning back around and helping golisopod push the bookshelf back the last few inches. “Honestly not too sure if that’s what I want though. I like the battle mansion idea a lot more honestly.”

“Why’s that?” I asked. “Not judging, being a captain can be a lot of hard work, just curious.”

“Well…” he started, looking at me. “Well, we’ve been close for a while. I trust ya with this.” He walked over and sat on the edge of the bed. I sat beside him. “My dad… well, he was a son of a bitch to say the least. He was never quite happy enough with what I did and sometimes he got… physical about it. At some point I resolved that everything I did from then on out was going to be in spite of him--hence Team Skull. Thing is, he wanted me to be a captain.”

“I see.” I paused for a moment, looking at him. I placed a hand on his back. “You okay?”

He nodded, smiling weakly. “I’ve never really talked about that with no one before. I’m good. Feels good to get that off my chest.”

I nodded. “I’ll support your choice no matter what.”

“Thanks, Xandra. Despite everythin’, ya mean a lot to me. To all of us,” he said, looking back at me.

I think it was in that moment all of the tension between us, be that romantic, sexual, or otherwise, became a bit too much and it snapped. Before I could process what was happening, his lips were on mine and I was kissing back. A voice in the back of my head was telling me this was a weird time to be doing this, after he unloaded quite a heavy bit of information. But honestly, if this was how we felt about each other, then I’m sure it was all going to work out fine.

Suddenly he broke the kiss. He looked at me, kinda blankly. “Was that… okay, or…?” he stumbled.

I grinned, pulling him in for another one. This one kind of got heated-- his tongue ring clicked against my teeth, and before long his 6’3” frame was completely eclipsing my 5’3” one on the bed, his mouth working its way down to my neck, trying to find my sweet spot. I sighed a bit as he got close.

“You sure about this?” I asked.

He paused. I paused. We both slowly turned to look at golisopod, who was just standing there. We both erupted into laughter and he sat up, calling the giant pokemon back into its ball. He then got up and made sure the door was locked.

“Yes, I’m sure about this. I dunno if I’ve ever been more sure of anythin’ in my life,” he said, grinning his cocky grin. He took of his sweatshirt and shoes, kicking them aside before returning back on top of me in bed and going back to kissing my neck, nibbling ever so often.

“You know… I’ve had quite the crush on you for a long time now,” I said, my hands going up to run through his incredibly soft hair.

He found the sensitive spot on my neck, causing me to sigh a bit- he then promptly bit down, not that hard, but hard enough to elicit a squeak. “And water is wet, Xan.” He came up to eye level and kissed me again. “So have I.”

I grinned into our kiss, then tugged at his tanktop, trying to get it off of him. He took it off, then tugged my shirt off of me in return. We both worked at our own bottoms, then off came my bra and panties. We were panting through our intermittent kisses already. He leaned back to take off his boxers, but paused, just looking at me. It gave me a pretty good view of him: he was lean, not necessarily muscular but not in a bad way. The baggy clothes he always wore were an attempt to make up for a lack of bulk. He had facial piercings I was aware of, two on his left eyebrow, gauged ears, his tongue as I mentioned earlier, and a septum, but it wasn’t until just now I realized he had nipple piercings. This wasn’t necessarily a surprise to me, and it certainly didn’t look bad. As for me, I was pretty average, with a slightly chubby build and C cup breasts. I didn’t have any body modification like he did, though I very much appreciated the aesthetic and may one day get something done for fun. Regardless, though, at this point we were just staring at each other.

“You’re beautiful, Xandra.”

I smiled, blushing slightly. “You’re not too bad yourself.”

He smiled back, no longer bothering with his boxers. He leaned back down, kissing across my collarbone, palming one breast and nibbling and sucking on the nipple of the other one, causing me to hum. I knew where this was going, and it did surprise me a little; Guzma seemed like a “me first” kinda guy. Guess that changes when you like someone a whole lot. He switched breasts, giving equal attention to the other nipple, then kissed down my navel and stopped right on top of my bundle of nerve endings that I suddenly noticed was aching for attention. He wasted no time getting to work. He licked around my clit, his tongue ring adding to the sensation, then switched to sucking. This pattern already had me making a good handful of noises, and when he slipped a finger in and almost instantly found my sweet spot, I got much louder. He would hum occasionally against me, too, which didn’t much help in the noise factor. I had my fingers in his hair rather tightly, which seemed to spur him on more than anything else. His free hand eventually went down to freeing his erection from his boxers.

He came up to face level and he pressed his forehead to mine as his tip pressed against my opening. I reached down to help guide him in at a pace I was comfortable with when I noticed he had more piercings in a bit more of a secret location- he had four frenum piercings that, again, added to the sensation, this time for both of us. We started there, though, in some sort of missionary. I was quite enjoying it, taking it slow and enjoying the ribbed sort of feeling of the barbell studs rubbing against some sensitive spots, but eventually he decided I wasn’t getting enough, so he went back on his haunches, placing one leg up as close to over his shoulder as we could get, splaying the other one out, then using a thumb to massage my bud,  picked up his pace of thrusting.

It was an amazing sensation, being this close to him, being this intimate with him, and him somehow knowing exactly what I wanted to make this a pretty damn memorable first time between the two of us. This position was letting him hit new sweet spots, causing me to get louder and grip at the sheets beneath me wildly, unsure what to do with my hands. It wasn’t long before I was teetering on the edge.

“G… Guzma, I’m gonna…” I panted between moans.

“Cum for me, Xandra,” he said, somewhat commandingly, between grunts of his own.

For some reason, the way he said that did me in. “Guzma!” I cried out, my hips bucking, my walls squeezing wildly around his cock, causing him in turn to orgasm. I was too clouded with that post orgasmic glow to care about the sticky white dribbling mostly onto the sheets beneath me and some onto my legs. We both rode it out for a little while, then collapsed into a pile of gratification. After catching his breath, he reached into a drawer of the nightstand nearest the bed and produced a box of tissues- not exactly perfect for cleanup, but better than nothing. We cleaned up as best we could then went on to cuddling up facing each other on the bed.

“That was… Amazing,” I said, sure that wasn’t a strong enough adjective.

“Hell yeah it was,” he said. “We should do that again sometime.”

I giggled a little. “Yeah, definitely.”

Eventually all of that leads to where I started this thing. Pacing around my new house, wondering what I was going to be doing with myself today. Probably visit Guzma, would you believe that.