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Hope in the World of the walking dead

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Andrew sat with Steve who looked over the golden realm of Asgard and said, “It’s gone huh?”

“Yeah,” Andrew said softly, “It is, at least civilization is, humanity? I’m not sure.”

Steve looked at Andrew and said, “You survived.”

“I survived,” Andrew said, “Because I hid after I left my old group.”

As they sat there Frigga watched the two men and she saw Loki, who sighed and she said, “Loki, I want you to make sure that you do your best to help them.”

Loki frowned and said, “I am not sure about the chances of this fool’s errand but I will do it for you mother.”

Frigga smiled and said, “Loki, I believe in your father’s plan, I think it will work.”

“Andrew is damaged,” Loki said, “He survived by hiding.”

“And that is understandable,” Frigga said, “This is a nightmare.”

Loki sighed and said, “So what is father’s thoughts on this virus?”

Frigga frowned and said, “Well it’s nothing good and we aren’t even sure it is a virus, Asgardian medicine has the cure but we know so little about it.”

Meanwhile Andrew soothed Steve as the other man’s eyes were wet with tears, at least Steve had calmed down from when he woke up he had hurt Andrew.

Odin had given Andrew a present a sword of fire to use against the walking dead and Steve was admiring the sword when Thor flew down and said, “Andrew, it is time.”

Steve froze, they had known they were to go back to see if Earth could be saved and he wondered, could it be safe?

Heimdall watched as the team of four men walked towards him and said, “Captain Rogers? Are you truly possessed of the steel you may need to survive down there?”

Steve nodded and said, “Andrew told me what it was like when I finally started to listen.”


Heimdall nodded and said, “You need only call and I shall help you. Be well Steve Rogers.”

Thor grabbed Andrew and yelled, “To Midgard!!” and they reappeared in a forested area near Atlanta.

Andrew said, “Umm, one of the watcher council’s bases was here.”

They nodded, Steve shivered as they walked through the deserted forest, he had fought for this? To hear stories of horror and terror?

Steve and Thor walked near Andrew as both men were protective of their weakest member, Andrew may have his fire sword but they believed correctly that he’d hesitate against human foes.

As they walked Steve saw a sign that said, Sanctuary in Terminus. Steve smiled and said, “Food, help and maybe people.”

Andrew frowned and said, “Not sure about people, Steve.”

Steve smiled and said, “You have to trust people sometimes.”

“Or,” Loki said, “You could trust and end up in the stew pot,” Loki sighed and said, “We should set up for the night because I doubt very much that we’ll find anything tonight.”

Thor nodded and said, “Loki, set up the wards, we shall sleep soon.”

As Loki prepared some wards he also turned them invisible and intangible and nodded, that should keep any of those creatures and humans away.

Andrew prepared some stew and they sat by the fire, Loki sighed and said, “Humankind? This is an insult Andrew.”

“I know,” Steve said, “I can’t believe we fell this far so fast.”

“Umm, I think the good people who honestly wanted to help died early on,” Andrew said, “We lost more than a few good people in the first month: Dawn, Robin and Vi, they were all my friends.”

Steve sighed and stroked Andrew’s arm and said, “I know how it is, I lost my best friend Bucky but I’m glad he didn’t survive to see this.”

Andrew nodded and said, “Steve, I’m sorry we woke you up for this.”

Steve frowned and said, “I wanted to hate you Andrew but I’m glad we can help people.”

Thor nodded and said, “We shall, I promise Andrew.”

Loki frowned and said, “We might have to cut our losses and run brother, they might not want us to help.”

Suddenly a snapping branch caught their attention and Andrew saw a group of people walk towards them.

Loki hushed them and said, “Brother, we must be careful, my spells hide us from their senses but they can still smell and I am not quite sure about the sound yet.”

The group sniffed the air and Steve nearly broke down crying as they looked so hardened, there were children and a pregnant woman with the group.

They were sniffing the air, they smelled the stew Andrew had just made and Andrew gasped, he knew one of them and whispered, “Thor, that guy with the one eye? He’s my friend Xander, I think, not sure though.”

Thor looked at a man with longish hair and one eye, a very hard look to that one eye, Andrew looked at Thor and shook his head and said, “Can’t trust them now.”

As they paced through the area still smelling the air Andrew hid his face from Xander, almost sure the man could see him.

Xander walked with the others and Andrew nearly broke down crying as he heard one of them saying, “I wonder where that smell is coming from? I could totally kill someone for that food.”

Thor frowned and he held up Mjolnir to the sky, the sky darkened considerably and the group hurried away.

Steve touched Andrew’s shoulder and said, “Why didn’t you call out to him?”

“I was threatened,” Andrew said, “I was told to leave by some girls who told me to go because I wouldn’t contribute to the group, they said it came from the three main Scoobies and if I didn’t leave they’d order me killed, honestly we weren’t really close to each other so I left.”

“Why didn’t you talk to them?” Thor asked, “They were your friends.”

“More like assoicates,” Andrew said, “Not friends, I don’t know.”

Loki frowned and said, “I saw a few girls with them.”

Andrew nodded and Steve said, “Contribute? How wouldn’t you have contributed to the group?”

“Steve,” Thor said, “Andrew told me that he prefers the company of men to that of women, they may have meant it that way.”

“That’s no reason to kick him out of the group Thor,” Steve said, “What were you doing for the group?”

“I was scavenging,” Andrew said, “Good at it too, plus I cooked for them as well.”

Steve smiled and said, “You’re a damn fine cook Andrew.”

Andrew smiled and said, “Thanks.”

Loki frowned and said, “The one eyed one is still looking at our general direction but he is joining the others. Were you and him close?”

Andrew looked towards where Xander was and said, “Until the end he was always telling me to stop crying but every day it seemed to be so much worse, if I hadn’t been with them I’d have killed myself.”

“Why didn’t you kill yourself after you left the group,” Thor asked, “If you were so despondent?”

“I don’t know, something called me to the desert. I felt safer alone,” Andrew said, “And I’ll probably always will.”

Steve stroked Andrew’s arm and said, “You’re not alone now.”

Loki nodded and said, “We’re alone again Andrew but I have an idea of where we can go.”

Andrew cocked his head and said, “Where?”

“I saw a prison near the forest,” Loki said, “We could take it for ourselves and use it as a base to look for survivors, good survivors.”

Steve nodded and said, “They would have problems getting into it, plus god knows what else is out there.”

Thor nodded and said, “Tomorrow then, let us rest.”

As Andrew went to sleep Steve pulled Andrew into his arms and said, “He was wandering for two months?”

“Perhaps more,” Thor said softly, “I don’t know, we were only together for a few days but he’s lost more than he’s told us, I know he was under the influence of the First Evil to kill his best friend.”

Andrew shuffled in his sleep and Steve said, “Yeah, he’s forthright about that.”

“And,” Thor said, “He saw the worst of humanity on his two months, doing things that, even at his worse, he may have never considered.”

Loki frowned and said, “He told me during his period of recovery that a young boy of maybe fifteen being forced to his knees and him being raped by the men of the group, the boy’s screams were awful apparently.”

Steve nodded and said, “You can sleep tonight, thanks to the serum I don’t need much.”

As Steve sat by the dying fire he looked at the stars and sighed as he stroked Andrew’s hair and frowned, he would start by getting Andrew to trust other people again.

The next day Andrew woke up being carried by someone and he nearly panicked until he saw Thor’s face.

“We had to move,” Thor said, “A herd of the creatures were coming.”

Andrew nodded and said, “Umm, can I be let down?”

“No,” Thor said, “There is our fortress.”

Andrew saw the prison and said, “Ours?”

“No one lives there,” Thor said, “But I could be wrong.”

Andrew got down and Thor smiled and said, “There we go, our base of operations but first allow me to clear out the filth.”


In another part of the forest Xander looked at the squirrel kebab he was eating when the whole sky opened up; clouds raced angrily and he could smell the electricity in the air, the smell of ozone and peals of thunder shook the ground and skies.

They looked over where the dark clouds were gathered and saw bolts of lightning strike the area in near constant strikes.

Suddenly the skies cleared, blue sky shone through and the sun was bright and cheerful.

Rick said, “Fucking hell, what was that!!?”

Hershel frowned and said, “I’ve not seen many downpours like that, not even cloudbursts are that violent and nary a drop of rain.”

“Everyone alright?” Rick called, “Xander, you guys alright?”

“Yeah,” Xander said, “Just really shook up, that was a hell of a storm.”

As they walked away from the prison and towards another area Xander frowned a bit, he felt like he missed something.


Meanwhile Andrew was sitting outside with Loki who was digging into the soil and planted the seeds.

Andrew heard shouts of laughter and joy and he sighed, “Great.”

Loki smiled and said, “Andrew please help me, I am planting the Fare of Asgard: grapes, apples and other fruit trees.”

“Soon they will bloom,” Loki said with a smile, “Now let us get see what my brother and Steve are up to, perhaps they wiped out the rest of the creatures.”

As they walked towards the prison Steve and Thor walked out with very shaken looking prisoners and Steve smiled and said, “Hey Andrew, come over and meet our new fellows.”

The group looked at Andrew and a black guy said, “Umm, I’m Andrew too.”

Thor held his hammer right to the other Andrew’s face and said, “You are Drew now.”

“Right, I am Drew now,” the man said nervously, “Ummm, so is he your bitch? He looks pretty enough to be one.

Steve looked confused for a minute and Loki said, “Captain, I believe they mean to say that we are forcing Andrew to sexually please us for safety.”

Both Thor and Steve looked disgusted that was replaced by a look of rage and Thor whispered hotly as the sky rumbled, “Speak of him with respect for he is my friend.”

They nodded as one and Steve said, “So you may continue to live here as long as you follow our rules.”

One of the men said, “Sir, one of you created a tornado and turned them creatures into paste so I’m gonna be your man.”

Steve nodded and two of the prisoners, the Black Andrew and another man, both said, “Fuck you, we’re leaving.”

Thor nodded and he suddenly struck them with lightning which caused Andrew to scream out in shock and terror.

Thor said, “I teleported them away Andrew, worry not, they still live.”

Loki nodded and said, “Your names?”

One of the prisoners nodded and said, “I’m Axel, that’s Oscar and this is Big Tiny.”

Andrew nodded and said, “Hi there.”

They nodded and Oscar smirked and said, “Umm, so what are your rules?”

Steve nodded and simply explained the rules, they agreed and Steve said, “Good, we’ll prepare for the night.”