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Crashing Into You(r DMs)

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Following You


parkjiiiiimin_is_the_man liked your photo. 13s
parkjiiiiimin_is_the_man commented: also arent u in class 12s
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Taehyung slightly scoffed as he saw Jimin's comments. He quickly tapped on the quick selfie he took during class (yeah the professor noticed, big deal really). It was one of his trademark blurry selfies which Jimin was probably salty over since he could never get it right. Psht.

He went to his feed then, scrolling past dank memes and celebritiy photos, letting out the occasional laugh here and there. The girl seated beside him shot him daggers, but he shrugged it off. A lot of people took Kim Taehyung for a lazy student, well... they weren't wrong, but they weren't completely right either.

He'd learnt the whole textbook a month before classes started, and had everything imprinted at the back of his head. He just preferred looking like he didn't know shit and then come up like 3rd or 5th in class just to see the shocked expressions on his classmates face. Unless it was something like Math... If it was Math, no amount of beforehand work could help Taehyung out.

He couldn't recall the number of times he sat down, hands clutching his brown locks as sweat rolls down his temples dramatically as he wheezes just looking at the questions on the test.

Oh well...

Taehyung stops then, seeing a screenshot of an article from a fansite of drumroll please the ever so famous, Jeon Jungkook. He read the caption frist,

Jeon Jungkook Not an Idol Anymore???!!!

Taehyung's eyes positively bulge at that, and in a frenzied rush, he opens up his internet browser and types in the exact same title. He finds the article in no time and begins reading.

K-Idol Jeon Jungkook, having broken up with his girlfriend Lee Yeun Seul, will be on a 'hiatus' for one year. The two have been dating for 3 months. The breakup was caused by what Yeun Seul says, “We're too busy with schedules, there's just no time,”. The breakup was confirmed by Bighit Entertainment as well. Dispatch did an interview on the breakup and here's what he has to say:
“I'm going back to school and taking a break from performing. My manager thought it'd be a good idea after the breakup.”.
It is quite a shock to many of his fans, but they also understand as he has just finished promotions for his new song ' Begin '. Here are what some netizens have to say:

Jeonkookie: I'm pretty sure the relationship was fake, anyways but still, hwaiting Jungkook!!
xoxo__: so sad :(( i shipped them!
4ish_4: ughhh, can you be anymore serious? Away for one whole year? What's the point of stanning
prnceshazz: i hope kookie recovers well from the breakup!! will support no matter what!!!
click to see more comments

Letting out a disgruntled sigh, Taehyung shuts his phone. God, Koreaboo was such a dick sometimes... giving titles like that. It was just his luck that Taehyung was one of those people that more often than not, fell for clickbaits. That peaked Taehyung's interest though, Jeon Jungkook had finally broken up with his girlfriend, which means he was single.

Taehyung had stanned Jungkook since last year, when he made his debut, and he's gonna proudly say he has a fan account (cough, @kookiesarms) on twitter. He had almost a thousand followers on that blog (and yes, Jimin still judges him for it because “Really Tae? His arms? It could've been something better, like his ass probably”).

But despite all that, Taehyung's gonna be honest, no one really knew which school Jungkook went to (he was still really young and has achieved more than Taehyung ever will probably) so the chances that Jungkook would possibly end up in his school was a 50 50.

Especially since Taehyung's school was an art school. Unlike other normal schools, the art ones were your high school, as well as college. Taehyung was currently majoring in Theatre, despite having the initial dream of being a neurosurgeon. And Jungkook obviously went to an art school, majoring in Dance, Taehyung knew that much.

So, of course, Taehyung has to snap a quick selca and send it to Jungkook. Just sliding through your DM no biggie. He was sure many fans did this anyways, so he wouldn't be a first.

Send Message.

New message.
To: search


To: Jjungkook_official

Taehyung swiftly presses the camera button and in a flash, takes the selca.


Heard the news! Will support you through it lolol

No, Taehyung's not expecting any kind of answer honestly. He just did it for laughs, abit of fun, but then it happens. No, Jeon Jungkook didn't actually respond, but then the eye emoji appears at the bottom of his text which basically means oh my fucking shit JEON FUCKING JUNGKOOK SAW MY MESSAGE.

Taehyung lets out a high pitched shrill, tossing his phone onto the table and wringing his fingers. Total fanboy material right there. And then he's getting looks from everyone in the class and his professor is saying,

“For God's sake Taehyung, I've been giving you chances because you do well in this class but really you've crossed the line. I'd like to ask you to leave now,”

And Taehyung's legs follow, auto – pilot as he walks out of the classroom. He doesn't really feel much shame or anything because he could only think of one thing. I can fucking cross it off my bucket list, Jeon Jungkook has seen me bless the lords. But needless to say, Taehyung's excitement is short-lived when the next 30 minutes go by and he doesn't get a reply.




“Oh my god, calm your needy ass Taehyung,” Jimin groans when Taehyung flings himself onto former, wailing and groaning incoherent words. He'd heard of what happened from Taehyung an hour ago on Whatsapp, and sure, most of the texts were filled with typos and alot of keyboard mashing but that didn't stop Taehyung from rambling for god knows how long.

“I can't believe you're this hyped,” Jimin grumbles as he pushes Taehyung off.

“Excuse you, Park Jimin, but just imagine the same thing happen with your fave, Min Yoongi,” Taehyung clicks his tongue when Jimin's eyes glaze over and he a goofy smile starts to creep up his lips, “Ahhh...”.

“But Yoongi's just a schoolmate, he's no big idol. I have like 60% more chance of getting with Yoongi than you do with Jungkook,”.

He continues, “And besides, I've talked to Yoongi,”.

Taehyung doesn't reply, and merely rolls his eyes at the silver/gray haired boy. They walk over to the cafeteria, joining up with Hoseok, who was in Jimin's dance class. Apparently, linking arms with Hoseok, was a black haired wearing a scowl as he stares at the three younger.

“Oh my fuck,” Jimin yelps before he can control himself, tripping over Taehyung's shoe, for fuck's sake.

“Real smooth,” Taehyung snickers and pulls Jimin up clumsily. He watches as the gray haired fixes his eyes on the black haired, Min Yoongi. “Yah,” Jimin instantly says, “Hoseok hyung, what is this?”. He tries his best to frown at Hoseok, who was waggling his eyebrows at the flustered boy.

“I just thought I'd bring Yoongi hyung along. He is creating the music piece for our next dance performance, so I thought I'd introduce you to him, Jimin,” Hoseok grins, and Taehyung almost laughs when he sees Jimin falter, not able to scold the bright, ever so cheerful Jung Hoseok.

“You guys pick a table, I'll go get food with Hoseok,” Yoongi mumbles, narrowing his eyes at Jimin before walking off. “Sorry, he's just... kinda shy,” Hoseok sighs, “It's gonna be alot harder to play wingman for you, Jiminnie – ah,”.

Jimin's about to retort when Hoseok trails after Yoongi, and the younger turns to his best friend, arms folded. “If I mess up, you mess up with me, right?” He asks Taehyung, perfect with clasped hands, pleading eyes and a pout that Taehyung can't say no to.

“Fine,” Taehyung laughs a little, “You fall, I fall right?”.

Jimin makes a sort of mocking noise in his throat at the cheesy line, but smiles anyways before pivoting to get a table before the whole cafeteria was taken up.

Once they got their seats, Taehyung whips out his handphone. He looks through Instagram quickly – much to his disappointment that Jungkook didn't reply, but hey, it's not like he was hoping either. “So... what're you gonna do?” Jimin asks tentatively.

Taehyung faces him, eyes wide at the sudden question. “I don't know, send him more selfies until he says something?” They both laugh, “And then probably get blocked, but I always have backup accounts,”.

“Oh my god,” Jimin shook his head disapprovingly, “So respectful,”.

“I know,” And with that, Taehyung quickly snaps another photo before sending it.




Jungkook doesn't know if he should be angry. He stares at the photos for longer than he should've, and it makes him fidget. He was annoyed at first, thinking it was just another fan looking for attention and then suddenly oh shit, this guy is cute.

And the worst part is, he's stupidly funny too. Jungkook never replies, but he always gets selcas followed by supportive captions or stupidly, stupid but nonetheless funny puns or jokes. He even does pick – up lines, some that actually make Jungkook take a second look.

This Kim Taehyung guy had been going on for quite some time now. It was the third day, and Jungkook had seen all his messages but never replied. It was simple as to why.

He's a fan, he'll tell himself before quickly going to his home screen. He has to resist the urge to text back, but nothing was stopping him from checking out cute guy's Instagram. He's not attractive, definitely not... I'm just... curious Jungkook reassures himself as he taps on the guy's username.

Something like a strangled noise gets caught at the back of Jungkook's throat when oh, he's not on private.



k.taehyungie gahhh, finals are coming up, off to the library then keke > <

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kim.mingyu yah, study with me, i'm bored
parkjiiiiimin_is_the_man haha... studying
taemeeen_ good luck lol
k.taehyungie i am @parkjiiiiimin_is_the_man u ass

Jungkook finds his lips tugged up in a small smile at the comments. He wonders who these other people were...

Unwillingly, - yeah sure -, Jungkook scrolls down further. He discovers, of course, Taehyung's 'blurry' selfies. He scoffs, he'd seen alot of attractive people in the industry, but there was something about Taehyung that pulled Jungkook towards him. Maybe it was his creativity, or aura, all shown in just a photo and a few messages.



k.taehyungie picking @parkjiiiiimin_is_the_man from the airport
parkjiiiiimin_is_the_man ure late and u still had time for this zz
choi.sungah tae oppa!! ><

Jungkook spots one in particular, with the guy beside Taehyung tagged as the one appearing in almost all of the comments section. Park Jiiiiimin apparently.



k.taehyungie night ;)

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WOD_hobi yall 0 irl but b looking 100 in pics smhhh

Jungkook puts down his phone immediately. This was enough. He didn't want to start having an ... eyecandy ... of some high schooler he didn't even know. Something tugs at his brain however, and he instinctively opens up his DM. He finds the picture of Taehyung in class, and peers at the uniform closely.

It was abit too close up to see clearly, but it looked so familiar that his stomach made an uneasy flop. I don't want to make any assumptions Jungkook thinks, before going to his fan's Instagram once again. Just to check, if there was any photo of him in his uniform.


Whatever Jungkook snaps It's probably not.

He had assumed this Taehyung guy was in his school, the one he was about to go back to. But even if he was, so what? Jungkook knew he had millions of fans from all over... it wouldn't make a difference... right?

He refreshes his home feed and at once a new picture just uploaded from – speak of the devil – Kim Taehyung.




k.taehyungie throwback lolol

And the picture makes Jungkook do a double take, unvoluntarily makes his heart skip a beat and his fingers act on their own accord. Before Jungkook can think clearly, he's double fucking tapped on the photo with a dumb smile on his lips. He watches, not really registering his actions as the heart pops out on the picture before disappearing.

It's not until two minutes later that Jungkook realizes the gravity of the situation. In that two minutes, he instantly sees k.taehyungie's IG completely flooded with people who had been stalking Jungkook's likes. Almost dropping the phone, Jungkook quickly unlikes the photo. But the damage has been done.

He curses Taehyung for not having his account on private and watches helplessly as he gains more likes than ever before, and words – both friendly and unfriendly, fill the comments section. Not only Taehyung, but Jungkook gets it too. His Instagram starts to lag with the amount of comments and DM s he gets and he decides it's best to shut his phone off.

Groaning, Jungkook flings his phone across him onto the bed. You done fucked up, Jeon Jungkook.


Taehyung screams.

It'd been three days and Taehyung has still not given up on sending Jungkook multiple things. They were back here again in the cafeteria with Yoongi, just like three days ago, except everything was different.

He screams and sends little bean Jimin almost toppling over in his chair, and also caused Hoseok to start screaming too. Yoongi drops his noodles and everyone in the cafeteria turns to look.

“I'VE BEEN FUCKING BLESSED BY JESUS, GUYS,” Taehyung hollers as he holds up his phone, hands shaking so much that the three around him couldn't make out what was on the screen. Most people turned back to their foods. With Taehyung's charisma and outgoing personality, he was quite well – known in the school, and everyone knew he was loud, and pretty weird in one of the best ways too.

So, Taehyung having a mental breakdown in the cafeteria while shattering glass windows with his surprising falsetto? That's normal.

Jimin sends him a dirty glare and yanks the phone out off his trembling fingers. He sets it in the middle of the table, giving all four of them the chance to see it clearly. Right there, at Taehyung's notifications was:


Following You


jungkooook commented: oh my god what the fuck did jungkook like your picture
kookskey started following you.
Jungkookieofficial_ commented: how do uk jeon jungkook what the fuck
jungkook_forever liked your photo.
tiffany_ commented: kya, you're cute, maybe thats y kookie liked your photo??
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Seungcheol.choi commented: jungkooks scored himself a hot dude
Jjungkook_official liked your photo.

It was trouble finding Jungkook's notification with all his fans flooding in, but they managed to. Taehyung watches in glee as Jimin's and Hoseok's jaw slacken tremendously as they stare at the screen, unblinking.

Jimin's the first to act, clicking on the picture and going to likes. Taehyung had only posted it 5 minutes ago, and yet he had received over 100 likes. The gray haired boy was patient though, as he scrolled through the numerous, increasing likes before finally reaching the end.

“His like isn't there though,” Jimin hums.

“Obviously,” Yoongi speaks up, and all three turn their attention to the eldest. Taehyung pouts slightly, “What's that supposed to mean?”.

“You don't know Jeon Jungkook as a friend or anything, right?” Yoongi confirms.

Taehyung nods.

“Simple. He probably liked your photo without thinking, and then realising what he'd done, probably unliked it as fast as he could,”.

The three let out a chorus of “Ooooh”s at that, and Taehyung picks up his phone. “Tons of people have already seen it though,” He murmurs as he continuously refreshes his Instagram. “How the fuck did you get Jeon Jungkook to like your photo?” Hoseok asks, and Taehyung can sense the awe in his voice.

“I...” Taehyung starts off sheepishly, stealing a glance at Jimin, “Sent him multiple selcas and bad pickup lines,”.

Hoseok stares at him in disbelief and slight admiration, “Jesus, Tae, you're unbelievable,”.

Taehyung shrugs, not really sure if it was a compliment or not. He can feel his heart pounding fast against his chest as he stares at his phone screen. In a few minutes, their table is crowded with people asking Taehyung so many questions, so fast and demanding that Taehyung can hardly keep up.

He's giddy himself at the situation. Yeah sure, it was just a like, but still...

The bell rings, and he nicely tucks his phone into his jeans pocket. “Give them time,” Jimin whispers as they manage to squeeze out of the crowd that had circled them, “Their excitement will wear off eventually,”.

“Mhm,” Taehyung agrees absent mindedly. You know when you get like a cut or something? And you don't instantly feel the pain from the shock? Exactly. Taehyung could hardly feel the excitement bubbling in his heart as he could hardly grasp ahold of the situation.

Something in his gut tells him this won't be his last interaction with Jeon Jungkook.

Or maybe it was just his delusional fanboy self. Either ways, he really doesn't know.


To: Jjungkook_official



not what i expected but thx for liking my photo lololol


“Who's Kim Taehyung?”

Jungkook groans at the name, feeling his neck warm as he buries his face in his hands. Have mercy, Seokjin hyung. He looks up at his manager, with an exaggerated grimace. “Please spare me,” Jungkook sighs, before putting his head down again.

“Jungkook,” Seokjin says sternly, “As your manager I really need to know-”

“Please be my friend in this situation,” Jungkook says, only to get a sassy tilt of the head from Seokjin. None of them say anything. It was only Seokjin staring hardly at Jungkook until he finally let out a bitter laugh while lifting his head to meet the elder's gaze.

“Kim Taehyung,” Jungkook says and the name feels almost foreign on his tongue, “Was a fan who sent me selcas of him through direct message. He – he – uh ...”

Jungkook tries not to notice the way Seokjin's hardened stern expression softens into one more of teasing and fond. “I'm guessing you found him cute,” Jin chuckles, sitting down beside Jungkook on a separate chair. He laughs even more when Jungkook turns a weird shade of red and shakes his head a little too vigorously.

“He had bad jokes and bad pickuplines, nothing attractive at all,” Jungkook forces himself to bite out. He averts his gaze, not wanting to see Seokjin's all-knowing expression. “And I guess his support was decent,” Jungkook coughs out when Seokjin still remains silent.

“You're usually so careful,” Jin eyes him carefully, “And yet this guy made you slip up,”.

Jungkook just about wants to dig his own grave. He barely even knew this guy and yet it was blowing up everywhere. “People found out before I could unlike the photo. He got like 200 likes in the next 6 minutes,” Jungkook scrunched up his nose.

“Did you talk to him before?”.

“I – I didn't know if I was allowed to, so, no,” Jungkook confesses.

Smiling a little, Seokjin places a comforting pat on Jungkook's back. “You're allowed to if you want, especially since you're going back to school, you never know who could be in your school. Just remember the company rules: no dating, no anything more than friends, avoid being too close to fans, you get that right?”

Something in Jungkook's heart sinks as he nods, “Y – yeah... right,”.

“It's up to you if you want to talk to him,” Seokjin tells him, “But just remember, if you want to get close, you have to know how to protect him. Your fans can get kind of...” He looks at Jungkook a little sympathetically, “Out of hand, you could say,”.

Jungkook's jaw tightened. “Right,”.

“Anything more and the other managers might sever every connection you have with him, okay?” Seokjin said in a soft tone. It was what Jungkook had to do, what he signed up for, so he doesn't blame Seokjin. It was the best for him anyways... Giving Seokjin a grateful smile, Jungkook finds himself pressing on the Instagram app once again.

There's another new DM, from of course, Kim Taehyung. Jungkook didn't have many friends, or close friends, so if someone were to message him a DM, it'd of course be Taehyung.


Heard you're starting school again tmr! Hwaiting!!

Jungkook hears his manager's words ring through his head. And as he gazes at his screen, he thinks fuck it. So he opens up the camera, takes a quick selca before replying.

To: k.taehyungie




You're really persistent, aren't you? ((itd be nice if you kept this to yourself))

And all the way across town, Taehyung just about knocks down a glass mug which shatters into pieces, hits his side on the corner of the table and almost deafens Jimin with his nonstop screaming.



Jungkook's awake before his alarm can even go off. He's used to waking up early, due to his packed schedules, and school's not much difference. In fact, this was probably the most sleep he's gotten since he debuted.

He looks in the mirror for about the fourth time... No, not because he was a narcissistic freak, but he was nervous. Yeah, big idol Jeon Jungkook nervous for school, it was true. He stepped out of his room, trying to ignore the pace at which his heart was quickening. “Jungkook – ah!”

The voice itself sends a wave of relief down his spine, and he can't help but smile. “Jin hyung,” He calls back, and Seokjin emerges with a plate filled with scrambled eggs and bacon. “It's your first day at school so I thought I'd make breakfast,” Seokjin says, motherly (hah) look complete with a floral patterened apron.

Jungkook scrunches his nose, “You make it sound like I'm a kid,”.

“tsk,” Seokjin sends him a playful glare, “Ungrateful,”.

Jungkook only laughs, taking the plate from Seokjin with a small 'thank you' before going over to the dining table. “So,” Seokjin begins, taking the seat across from him, “Anything new with Kim Taehyung?”.

The name hits Jungkook like a truck, and his nicely chewed up bacon falls right out of his mouth as he starts coughing. “Ugh,” Jungkook sniffles, “Why bring him up?”

“You don't like fans photos, Jungkook,” Seokjin says matter – of – factly, “You're not the type. Especially knowing that the guy's not on private. You rarely act so impulsively,”.

Jungkook feels his eye twitch in irritation. He hated slipping up, even if it was accidental. But Jungkook was known for being a perfectionist anyways. “I know, hyung, don't rub it in,” And Jin chuckles as Jungkook sulks.

“I sent him a message,” Jungkook finally relents when Seokjin doesn't stop giving him the Lenny face for fuck's sake.

Seokjin's face contorts into surprise, then softens into something more gentle. “I trust you know what you're doing right?”.

“It's just a text. I'm not planning on making friends or accidentally leaking some classified information or anything, jesus,” Jungkook sighs. They both remain silent after that, knowing fully well that it was most likely that nothing bad would come out of this.

Jungkook finishes his meal quickly, and heads off to school.





“Is that who I think it is?”

“Woah ~ He's good looking,”

“His smile is even cuter in real life, oh god,”

“You think we could get a picture?”

“He's so tall, Jesus,”

Taehyung couldn't really be bothered with the gossip in school. It wasn't usually important, and was always full of bullshit. Naturally, he thinks this was the same. But he could sense something different in the usual gossip.

This time, more people were talking, everyone seemed fidgety and even the teachers were looking cautiously at the school gate. He wonders why. He guesses he'll probably find out from Jimin, so doesn't really care and heads off doing the usual each morning.

That is, getting his chocolate milk to wake him up (it never works, it but he does it anyways). And things are as normal as it can get, except of course until he bumps into a guy and everyone around him gasps in sync as they both fall onto the ground, chocolate milk slipping out of Taehyung's hands as this happens.

He falls face down, on the guy whos face he couldn't quite catch before The Great Fall. Taehyung internally curses the guy because What the fuck his chest is hard as shit and pulls away, eyes shut as he rubs at his forehead.

Everything was silent. A little too silent. Like everyone in the hallway was watching and waiting... but why? And Taehyung's eyes flutter open once the pain has subsided. He's painfully aware he's still sprawled onto the other guy, sprawled on his lap, a little too close that he could smell his most probably lemon scented shampoo.

Taehyung blinks his eyes open and when he looks up, there's a pair of brown orbs staring right back, half in shock and half in amusement.

“Oh. My. Fuck.” Taehyung splutters, not even thinking of filtering his words. He can't move, he can't even fucking breathe.

Oh my god, Taehyung thinks as he continues to stare at the other, unblinking, This is how I die. Die of lack of oxygen because why the fuck aren't my lungs functioning – shit he's hotter in real life and oh my god he's smirking IS HE SMIRKING WHY IS HE DOING THAT this is not good for my health i should get up like . Now .

Because the face he's staring right up into is no other than Jeon fucking Jungkook.

“Taehyung?” The name falls from Jungkook's lips easily as he tilts his head cutely. It's only then that Taehyung realizes what happened and pushes himself off Jungkook, mouth wide open in shock. “Oh fuck,” Taehyung blabbers.

“Not what you expected, huh?” Jungkook talks casually, picking himself off the ground and smiling at Taehyung like as if they weren't just a huge mess of tangled limbs on the floor earlier.

“Not at all,” Taehyung rambles. He's awfully aware that his face is probably Fifty Shades of Red and that Jungkook could notice how nervous he was by the way he smiled or smirked. Ugh. “You know, I always imagined it'd be in alot more sophisticated way but I guess that's just the luck I'm blessed with, huh?”

“Oh my god,” Taehyung coughs, “I'm rambling, right? Yeah it happens, I probably won't stop until -”

And then Jungkook places both his hands on Taehyung's shoulders, and Taehyung goes tight – lipped. He knows that everyone in the hallway has stopped to watch because it's first of all, Jeon Jungkook, second of all, it's Jeon fucking Jungkook and third of all, What The Hell.

He lets go when Taehyung falls silent and as his hands leave Taehyung, Taehyung lets out a small whimper which was of course, audible and now he seriously contemplates throwing himself out off the nearest window.

Then Jungkook leans in and Taehyung's mind races. This is not how I wanted to meet Jeon Jungkook. If anything, Taehyung knows he's made an absolute embarassment of himself – nothing new – and he has to Go. Like Now.

Because knowing himself, he'd probably say some random bullshit he'd end up regretting later. Taehyung can feel Jungkok's lips brushing his ear and the first thought was Do I punch him or myself.

“You're alot more confident in your texts, aren't you, Kim Taehyung?”

And then he walks off, like nothing happened, leaving Taehyung frozen to his spot. Punch him He thinks absentmindedly Next time just punch and run.

He doesn't realize Jungkook chuckling and the bell ringing as everyone starts to move to their classes. Well, not until Jimin whacks him over the head with his 1000kg backpack, screaming at him to, “MOVE YOUR ASS, TAEHYUNG,” does he get to his class, just on time.


Jungkook's not sure how to feel. First... Kim Taehyung was definitely cuter in real life. Second of all, that was unexpected. He didn't even think that Taehyung would be in the school he was going to and of course, he never even expected to meet said person.

Third, he wasn't as confident as he probably acted earlier. Jungkook could put up a front, that was easy, but inside he was screaming, just a huge chaos going on inside his mind despite his cool act. He texts Seokjin after the incident, most of it just consisting of keyboard mashing. Still, he couldn't dwell on it for too long and eventually made his way to the principal's office to get his class schedule and everything.

The minute he stepped into class, everyone fell silent. The papers slipped out off the teacher's fingers and she apologised, having to pick it up multiple times after that. He wonders why the teachers were so flustered honestly, but he guesses his presence could make quite a reputation for the school.

It was an Arts school, and so his lesson for today was Dance. The dance studio was huge, but almost filled. He quickly introduced himself politely before the dreaded question came, “Okay everyone,” The teachers, Mrs Eun Ah said, “Who'd like to be Jungkook's buddy for the day?”.

Nobody raised their hands. It's not that they didn't like him, they were just scared. It was as if Jungkook was singled out just because he was an idol. Jungkook wonders why sometimes.

Even those that weren't a fan wouldn't raise their hands. It was as if becoming a famous idol stripped Jungkook of his privilige of being a normal human being, which he actually was, just like everyone else.

No one dared to accept the task. It was only until one hand shot up did everyone else start to raise their hands too.

Mrs Eun Ah instantly picked the person who had their hands raised first.

“Park Jimin, are you willing to help Jungkook?”.

The guy, Park Jimin, nodded with a bright smile and Jungkook returned a lopsided one. He went to stand next to Jimin, a gray – haired boy who was rather short compared to Jungkook, with a cheerful grin. “Nice to meet you, the name's Jimin,” Jimin held out his hand which Jungkook took gingerly.

“Jungkook,” He replied.

Jimin grins, “I knew that,”

“And I wish you didn't,” Jungkook sighs.

He watches as Jimin laughs at his remark, “You're funny, Jungkook,”.

Jungkook raises his eyebrows, dismissing it and turning his attention to the teacher who was telling them to warm up.



“So, made any friends yet?” Jimin asks the moment their class ended. The both had free periods now (they had weirdly similar schedules, probably due to their art forms – dance and vocals). “A few,” Jungkook says. Jimin talked alot, which was good because Jungkook wasn't exactly the most sociable.

“Must be hard fitting in, huh?” Jimin asks and Jungkook shrugs. “The celebrity effect will wear off in a few weeks,” Jungkook mutters, “Honestly,”.

“I could introduce you to my best friend,” Jimin says brightly, “Hoseok. He's in Dance too, but not our class. And Taehyungie, he's -”

At the mention of Taehyung, Jungkook stumbles, almost falling for the second time that day before catching himself. He lets out a small groan, before running his fingers through his hair. “Did you say Taehyung?” Jungkook asks, just to be sure.

Jimin's eyes are glinting with an emotion Jungkook can't quite place as the older nods at him. “He's a big fan. Wanna see his fan account?”.

Jungkook almost chokes on his saliva and a small part of him wonders how he's going to get through the rest of the day. “Do I have a choice?” Jungkook mumbles as Jimin whips out his phone, already pressing the Twitter app to show Jungkook.

“@kookiesarms ?” Jungkook splutters, “Really?”

Jimin laughs along with the dark – haired. “Mhm,” He nods, “Fans are kinda crazy but I guess you knew that. I'm not exactly a big fan but you make good songs,”. Jungkook thanks Jimin quickly and concludes why Jimin was so casual around Jungkook instead of treating him like he worshipped every tile stepped on by him.

“So, you were saying that you're his best friend?” Jungkook asks, looking straight at Jimin.

The older lets out a hum of agreement before his eyes suddenly light up, “Hey, here he comes,”.

And when Jungkook looks forward, he spots a ruffled, dark blonde haired boy running up to them with rounded spectacles perched on his nose as he tried to zip his bag. He comes to a halt in front of them, eyes flickering from Jimin to Jungkook for what seems like ages before Jungkook breaks the tension.

“So,” Jungkook clears his throat, willing himself to look into Taehyung's eyes. The latter stares right back, a shade of pink dusting his cheeks. “Kookiesarms, huh?”.

And Jungkook can't help but burst out in laughter as Taehyung turns to Jimin with a death glare before proceeding to tackle the smaller boy to the ground. His laughter eventually dies down as he hears Jimin's pleas, “Yah, yah! I'm sorry, Taetae! Don't kill me, oh mygod. Fuck, I love you don't kill me please,”

The both were laughing, not really minding the strange looks they were getting from other students, like they were stuck in their own world. Something like jealously pangs at Jungkook's heart and he brushes it off. Kim Taehyung was just a stranger, nothing else.

But still, he can't help but wonder the relationship between those two as he watches them roll around on the floor much like overexcited puppies as they jab each other in the sides. Without much thought, Jungkook says rather loudly, “We should get going,”.

The both stop right then, getting off of each other but still snickering. Taehyung turns to him, pointing a finger, “Since when did it become we?”

“Since now,” Jungkook retaliates, smiling, and he sees the corner of Taehyung's lips tug up into a smile. Pride bursts in Jungkook's chest strangely, knowing that he caused Kim Taehyung to smile. “Are you okay with him around, Taehyungie?” Jimin asks, sending Jungkook an apologetic look at the question.

Taehyung pretends to pout, rolling his eyes, “He's whatever,”.

He knows Taehyung was joking, but Jungkook's competitive, and fire burns in his eyes, determined. “Yeah he's fine,” Jimin snorts, “He thinks he's tsun. He's really not,”. Jungkook forces a smile, eyes still fixed on Taehyung, who gives him a cheeky grin. Boy were they hitting it off.

Still, Jungkook didn't like Taehyung's little statement. He stepped forward, running fingers from Taehyung's shoulder all the way down to his fingertips as he leans down until his lips brushed the shell of Taehyung's ear. Jungkook can hear Jimin shuffle his feet nervously behind them, but he ignores it. Instead, he says, loud enough for the both of them to hear, “I'm 'whatever', huh, Taehyung?”.

He feels Taehyung tense under his touch, can hear his stuttered breathing and smiles, satisfied. Then, he pulls back to examine his doing. Taehyung's face was flushed red, and his mouth hung wide open, making him look a little like a fish. Whipping around to look at Jimin, Jungkook grinned. “I guess you're pretty whatever to Taehyung, huh?” Jimin says, laughing as he sees his best friend starts to flail and fluster.

However, Jungkook knew Taehyung was trying his best to treat him normally, and he was appreciative of that. But getting Taehyung riled up that way, gave Jungkook an odd feeling of amusement and satisfaction. Maybe he just liked knowing he had that effect on Taehyung. As to why, he wasn't sure.

Soon, the three of them set for the cafeteria, and soon enough, they find the rest of their – cough, Jimin and Taehyung's – friends.

“Holy crap, he's real,” Was the first thing he got from Hoseok, and unlike everyone else, Yoongi only nodded to acknowledge Jungkook's existence without saying even a greeting. He was taken aback of course, but expected that there was of course people such as Yoongi around. He tried not to let it go to his head whenever someone recognized him.

The moment they started walking once again, Jungkook grabbed Taehyung, pulling him back away from the group. None of them noticed, to which Jungkook sighed in relief. “Yah,” Taehyung yelps. Now that it was 1 on 1, Jungkook realizes how Taehyung couldn't look him in the eyes.

“What?” Taehyung asks, wrenching his wrists away from Jungkook's grasp. Jungkook tries not to look too offended by the action.

“Are you okay with me here?” Jungkook asks gingerly, trying to catch Taehyung's eyes.

There's a brief pause as Taehyung's gaze flickers upwards to meet Jungkook's. Jungkook's breathing almost halts for a moment as he sees dark brown orbs pierce into his. He breaks out into a small smile, “If you touch me any longer, I might just combust. You have that effect on people, y'know?”. And without second thought, tugs himself away from the younger and continues walking.



“I can't believe you're making him hang out with us,” Taehyung groans as he flops down onto his bed that was right across Jimin's.

“What's wrong with you? I thought you liked his ass,” Jimin snorts as he continues jabbing at his phone screen.

“Yeah, but that doesn't mean I wanna be hanging around that ass. It's too glorious to be around us, obviously,”.

“Gross,” Jimin scrunches up his face although he knows clearly that Taehyung was exaggerating.

“Did you not hear about The fall this morning?” Taehyung sniffles, “He probably thinks I'm an idiot now. There goes my plans for looking all suave and cool,”.

Jimin lets out a laugh and Taehyung sends him a glare. “I'm sorry to break it to your poor, fragile, little heart Taetae, but I don't think you'd ever manage to look cool or suave,”.

“Still!” Taehyung exclaims, not continuing his sentence as he realizes he had nothing left to say.

He looks up at the ceiling, tossing an arm over his forehead. “He grabbed me by the wrist today, I thought I'd die or something. Guess my acting skills paid off, huh? I didn't like puke or anything,” Taehyung chuckles.

“He's nice too,” Taehyung sighs when Jimin doesn't respond.

“He's a pretty cool guy beneath all that 'Idol' front,” Jimin hums, “I thought he'd be stuck up or something.”.

The words ring in Taehyung's mind. He'd never thought of it that way...



“And you'll have to get it done by the next year, I'm sure that's enought time,” Seokjin finished, giving the documents a final tap before turning to the exit. Jungkook sighed the minute the door slammed shut behind Seokjin, and eyed the documents with a look of distaste.

It wasn't that Jungkook didn't like to write his own lyrics and compose the song (which his comapny made him do all by himself) but he preferred when he was given the free will to write what he wanted to. Instead, the company gave him a certain topic and he had to stick to it, no matter what.

It was usually about love, since those songs were always the biggest hits. Jungkook once made a song dissing society and got so much trash for it that they had to cut off his promotions for the song.

He stuffs it into his bag, not caring at all as it folds halfway through in. He had lots of time to do it, so he decided to leave it for later. Whipping out his cellphone, Jungkook checked his Instagram. He'd gotten one new DM. From Taehyung. Again.

The speed at which he opens it up is 11/10 embarassing and he has to chide himself internally for awhile before responding. This time there wasn't even a picture.

Wooow Jeon Jungkook, big coincidence huh?

Jungkook finds himself smiling, and quickly types back.

Pretty much... No picture today?

He's surprised when he gets an immediate reply.

I don't think you'll be needing one >< it seems like we'll be seeing each other quite alot from now on.

Don't get your hopes up Taehyung.




Jimin knocked his knee against Jungkook's under the table as they waited for the rest of their friends to come. Jungkook looks up, still chewing on his fish burger as he does so. “You really like teasing Taehyung, huh?” Jimin asks, and Jungkook scoffs. He takes another bite, taking his time to answer. “It's funny the way he reacts, don't you think?” Jungkook replies. Jimin's smile is genuine as he says, “Yeah, it's cute,”.

Cute, was probably an understatement. Heck, Jungkook would never admit it but it was adorable. “You won't hurt him, right?” Jimin asks suddenly. Arching an eyebrow, Jungkook sets his burger down. “What's that supposed to mean?”. The silver – haired shrugs, but meets the younger's eyes evenly. “Well, just -” Jimin took in a deep breath, “Taehyung looks up to you, alot. And well, if you hurt him in any way I'm sorry to say but I think you'd have to meet rightie over here,” Jimin held up his right fist, blinking innocently at Jungkook.

(Jungkook was pretty sure he lost 5 years of his life from that)

Jungkook's stomach flopped violently. He knew Jimin was a nice friend, too nice to hurt anyone, but he had a feeling that if someone really did hurt Taehyung, Jimin wouldn't hesitate to shove his fist so far up the person's ass they'd fly off the face of Earth. It piqued Jungkook's curiosity, as to why Jimin was so protective, but it also made Jungkook scared shitless. But then again, how could Jungkook, of all people, hurt Taehyung?

He nodded, a little speechless. Then Jimin breaks out into a heart – warming grin, “But you're a decent guy. I trust you.”. Jungkook regains a little of his composure before speaking. “Just saying, but why would I hurt Taehyung?”.

“If you get close to him or whatever, as a friend,” Jimin waves his hand in the air.

Jungkook nods despite not quite getting the other's words. He doesn't say anymore though, as Hoseok and Taehyung crash the table soon after, followed by a certain black – haired that left Jimin blushing in his seat.

“Jungkook!” Hoseok exclaims, ruffling the younger's hair. To Jungkook, Hoseok was a ball of energy. A ball of never ending energy. “Nice to see you! How's school?”

“As nice as school can get, I guess,” Jungkook snorts, earning a few laughs from the people around him. The lot of them chattered for a while before Taehyung stood up in his seat, declaring, “Well, I'm hungry. I'll go get food, anyone want to come with?”. For a split second, Jungkook felt Taehyung steal a brief glance at him, but then it vanished quickly. Jimin was about to pipe up when Jungkook pushed his chair back.

“Sure,” He said smoothly, watching as Taehyung's ears tinged pink.

“Alright, Mr Celebrity. I get that one measley burger isn't enough to fill your needs,”.

Jungkook followed Taehyung until the rest were out of earshot, before playfully saying, “Maybe I need you to fulfill my needs,”.

He catches the elder in time, who had tripped over his own toes, spluttering on his own spit at Jungkook's words. “God, Jungkook,” Taehyung coughs miserably as he clings onto Jungkook's forearm, “Can you get through a day without embarassing me?”. Number one thing Jungkook realized about Taehyung was that he was extremely straightforward, but in a nice way. Jungkook just chuckles, not really answering the other as he leads them both to the store.

Taehyung does most of the talking while they're queuing, talking about himself and then his friends, giving Jungkook all sorts of information about them. Jungkook doesn't mind not having to speak. He'd rather not. He can't really think of anything interesting about himself, and truth be told, he didn't have many friends. He didn't have time for friends with the kind of job he had. Sometimes he regretted going as a solo artist but then realized he should be grateful he still wasn't a trainee.

Once they grab their foods, Taehyung turns to him, eyes sparkling bright. “Hey Jungkook,” Taehyung grins, “You should talk about yourself too y'know. I wanna know what Jeon Jungkook is like under all this Mr. Celebrity,”. Taehyung doesn't seem to think his words make much impact, but it does, because Jungkook's left frozen at his spot, staring at Taehyung's back as his mind registers the words.

It was the first time since what felt like forever that people wanted to know Jungkook or be friends with him because he was him and not because he was some big celebrity...

Genuineness, Jungkook realizes, is the second thing he found out about Taehyung. Genuineness, something that he didn't come across often in the industry he worked in. Genuineness, something he valued and cherished... something that Kim Taehyung had.




It was the weekend, afternoon, and Jungkook was still in bed. He was not planning on doing his homework whatsoever. Currently, he had 2 assignments ; choreograph a short dance performance with his chosen song: Crazy In Love by Beyonce with his partner, Hoseok.

Another one was English literature, and he sucked at that. He was already bad enough at it in Korean. The celebrity effect had worn off for some of the older students and most of the teachers so he was quite enjoying school without having to worry of other people whispering about him everywhere he went.

By now, Kim Taehyung was pegged by his friends as 'a classmate' which was why he liked his photo the other time.

Jungkook didn't bother to correct them or provide further information on the issue, and merely let them believe so. It was easier now anyways. He could like Taehyung's photos whenever.



k.taehyungie guess who dyed their hair!

Jungkook almost falls off the bed seeing Taehyung with bright pink hair just casually winking for a picture. Ok fine, Jungkook grumbles, maybe it was just casual winking but that was So Not Allowed when it made Jungkook's heart just about jump out from his chest.

It's annoying how good – looking Taehyung was. Jungkook worked in an industry filled with attractive people but then there was Taehyung who just seemed different in a good way.

It didn't help that he had a bubbly, cheerful personality that would grow on anyone after some time. Not that it grew on Jungkook. Definitely Not. He thinks.

He's still not sure why he reacts the way he does everytime he's around Taehyung, and he thinks it's better than to think of it.

He quickly opens up his DM's, before sending Taehyung a quick text. It'd been a whole week since Jungkook started school and he'd gotten quite close to Taehyung and the rest. Though he'd really rather not admit it.

To be honest, he doesn't really know if he's fit to call them friends. More like 'temporary fixes'. He'd have to leave them one day anyways. Even if he didn't want to.

You dyed your hair?

The response he gets is almost instantaeneous.

Yeah, like it?

It's okay...

oh my god jeon jungkook you just never fail to hurt my feelings


huh, cocky...
wanna come over




Jungkook had been over to Jimin and Taehyung's shared apartment (the both of them were from Busan and Daegu before transferring to Seoul without their families and had to live on their own) a few times before. He had to admit, it was rather small compared to the one he owned, and not as luxurious but he tried not to mind so much.



“Oh my god,” Taehyung breathes as Jungkooks steps into the house, and Jungkook merely rolls his eyes in turn. “Jeon Jungkook is doing homework with me, jesus christ, that's like... totally a dream came true”.

Jungkook sends him a death glare in which Taehyung sticks his tongue out at. Taehyung started treating Jungkook less and less like a celebrity the more they hung out, and he thinks it's because maybe Jungkook was acting more of a person these days.

He didn't flaunt his talents or awards unless he needed to. Or sometimes he did it out of being an asshole, but he tries not to, so he guesses most people have even forgotten he's a celebrity.

Or maybe it's just because when you start hanging out with a celebrity, they become less an object of admiration and rather more of a friend.

“You know,” Taehyung begins as Jungkook settles down beside him, “It would be alot more fun if they made us do literature, but like with anime instead.”

“How does that even work?” Jungkook scrunches up his nose, before holding up his hands in surrender when Taehyung pouts, “I don't object to it though,”.

“C'mon,” Taehyung spreads his arms out, “We could analyse animes like Tokyo Ghoul and decipher the meanings behind it right? It's pretty deep if you look beneath the lines. It has great characterization too! Have you seen Kaneki?”

Taehyung trails off sheepishly, “I – I'm rambling, aren't I?”

Jungkook tilts his head at Taehyung, muffling a chuckle. “Sorry,” Taehyung sighs, “I do that alot when I'm nervous,”

He takes the seat beside Taehyung, and is painfully aware of how close their knees are to touching. “And why would Kim Taehyung be nervous right now?” He cracks a smirk in the elder's direction, who blushes furiously before slamming his textbook down onto the table.

“Nothing related to you!”

“I never said it was, Taehyung,” Jungkook laughs, and the pink – haired huffs loudly. “Unless... that really is why?” He smirks in Taehyung's direction, and the bright haired scuffles back, trying to put more distance between the two.

“It's just-” Taehyung runs his slender fingers through his hair exasperatedly, “It's kinda weird having you around without Jimin here,”.

“Taehyung,” Jungkook mumbles suddenly, and Taehyung jerks his head upwards to the former's direction. His eyes are wide, and unblinking and Jungkook almost feels bad for what he's about to do next. He leans in closer and this time, Taehyung doesn't move back, until he can feel Taehyung's breath against his lips.

So close, but not close enough.

“Do I make you nervous?” He whispers, and relishes in amusement as Taehyung yelps, pulling away at the speed of light before slamming his knee against the top of the table and promptly toppling over his chair.

Jungkook has to hand it to himself. He's good at putting up a front. His smile is cool as he helps Taehyung back up – he refuses his hand but whatever – despite the fact that he can feel his heart pounding in his chest and all the blood has rushed to his face from the previous proximity.

His gaze is still sharp and even however, and he internally prides himself on that.

“No,” Taehyung chokes out as he flips open his textbook. He doesn't say more than that, only keeping his head down as he jotted down notes in scrawly, chicken – scratch handwriting.

They work quietly for maximum 5 mintues before Taehyung's earlier embarassment has washed off and his mouth is running once again, like as if it's forever on a treadmill at full speed.

“You know, one day, when Jimin and I graduate, we're gonna go to the same college and buy a new apartment . We'll have a dog... I've always wanted a dog, like... a golden retriever? I don't know, but hopefully we won't be too busy and not be able to take care of the dog. Dogs are kinda like humans you know? They need tender, loving, care and bask in praises or compliments for others,”

He's planning on spending the rest of his years living with Jimin Jungkook notes, glancing briefly to Taehyung. Jimin had said Taehyung was his 'best friend' the last time, but he wonders if there was something more between the two.

“Are...” Jungkook begins, tentatively, “you and Jimin dating or something?”

Taehyung's eyes snap to him, and Jungkook doesn't make eye contact. He can feel the gaze though, the weight of it...

“Wow,” Taehyung laughs, “I wish,”

It irks Jungkook the way Taehyung says it. He can't seem to comprehend what he means, and jealousy stabs at his chest for a fleeting second. Then it's gone when Jungkook reminds himself that Taehyung was nothing to him. Should be nothing to him.

Christ, he thinks, three and a half months in and i'm already starting to lose it.

Sometimes Jungkook had to remind himself that people like Jimin and Taehyung were just people that helped him gain money each time they clicked on his youtube video, voted for him on shows or buy his album. Nothing more.

He forgets that sometimes, and he wishes he didn't.

“Anyways,” Taehyung speaks up, poking Jungkook in his forearm with a pen. “Are you going to Baekhyun's party next week?”.

Jungkook blinked once. Then twice, before recalling the message he had gotten from Baekhyun. He hadn't replied, and wasn't planning to until the day before the party. “I don't think so,” Jungkook shrugs, “I'm not one for parties,”. Taehyung's eyebrows shoot up at that. “Really? It'll be fun though,”.

“It'll be fun with or without me,”.

“It'd be alot funner if you came,” Taehyung grins, and Jungkook ducks his head, hiding the pink that crept up his cheeks at that.

“It'll be the same. Trust me.”




“You game, right?” Taehyung had asked Jungkook that day during lunch, to which the latter had answered 'yes'. And in short, that is how Jungkook ended up in their skype group chat, consisting of Jimin, Mingyu, Baekhyun, Hoseok and of course, Taehyung. Jungkook found that he was enjoying himself way more than he should've as he laughed, smiled and cursed along with the members of the group.

They played Dota for 2 hours straight before switching to League. Jungkook beat all of them in League, causing them to quickly change the game when they whined saying it was 'no fun'. So then they started with Team Fortress 2, only to end up with CSGO. By then, it was past 3am and Baekhyun, Mingyu and Hoseok had clocked out, leaving only Taehyung, Jimin and Jungkook.

It was 3:30 when all had stopped playing, merely talking about mindless things and making bad jokes. Jungkook had learnt quite alot about the two from just skyping with them. Jimin and Taehyung had been together since they were kids, and Jungkook thinks that that's a heck of a long time that they were together. It was amazing their friendship didn't fall apart at some point. Sometimes he wondered if they were ever more than just... friends, but Jimin talked about it like it was a whole a brother from another mother thing. Taehyung on the other hand, was very affectionate to Jimin, so as to what to think, Jungkook didn't know. He also learnt more about Taehyung, his family, his friends and everything else. He learnt a lot less about Jimin, but enough either ways.

They talked alot more, until the topics became a little ridiculous. But it didn't stop them.

“If there was a zombie apocalypse, I'd use guns,” Jimin points out, “Why risk your lives from being close to them?”

“I'd prefer something like swords,” Jungkook retorts, “Or like using my bare hands. That'd be hella,”.

“I'd save the food,” Taehyung chuckles, “Y'all can do the fighting, I'll drive the car and run through shopping mall glass doors and windows.”

“You'd die before you even accomplished that, Taehyung,” Jungkook clicks his tongue.

“Let a man dream, Kookie,” Jungkook felt his heart skip a beat at the nickname, and swallows nervously.

“Ha. ha.”.

“Well,” Jungkook hears Jimin yawn, “I'm gonna go off guys. I gotta wake up early for class tomorrow, don't sleep too late!”

There's a beeping sound as Jimin goes off and it's left with just the two. “So...” Jungkook hums, “You gonna sleep yet?”. He hears a laugh, then a “Noooo” from Taehyung. There's a moments silence before the elder speaks up. “So how d'you feel? Finally fitting in?”. Jungkook's heavy – lidded eyes widen a little at the question. He can't seem to understand why, but it always felt easy to talk to Taehyung, and he enjoyed talking to him too. And now, with him barely awake, it was even easier to spill out things he wouldn't normally say.

“I don't know,” Jungkook replies, words a little slurred, “It feels like I haven't had a proper friend in ages. It feels... nice. But weird,”.

“It's alot nicer talking to you when you aren't tossing me teasing remarks 24/7 by the way,” Taehyung jokes.

Jungkook lets out an offended noise, “You're just easy to tease, it's hard not to. Besides, don't keep thinking this will last. I have to go away after a year, you know that, right?”.

“We could keep in touch,”.

“That's not how it works, Tae,”.

Silence. “I don't know how it works when it comes to you. I don't know if you've realized but I've really grown to enjoy the real you. I can see it slipping through the cracks of the mask you wear everyday, you know?”.

Jungkook feels a sudden irritation at that. It frustrated him to know that he was slipping up at something, or someone could see through him. “Well, knock it off. It's not going to last, Taehyung,”.

“I know,” The tone is bitter, a little sad, and Jungkook's heart squeezes painfully. “I just sometimes wish it would...”.

They don't talk for a few minutes after, but when they do, the topic is forgotten, almost like it never happened, and Jungkook accompanies Taehyung all the way until 5 am. It's only then that he hears a slight snore on the other end where Taehyung had fallen asleep without ending the call did Jungkook decide he should get some eyerest before going for his classes.

He didn't know why he'd bothered to accompany Taehyung. He could've left when he felt sleepy hours ago, but he stayed because Taehyung asked him to. Jungkook didn't know why he enjoyed the other's presence so much, why he craved it... No doubt he was confused... there were so many things he'd experienced ever since Taehyung fell head first into his DM s and one of them he was afraid to accept... afraid to even think about. That maybe... just maybe... he'd fallen for Taehyung.

The grinning, cheerful, attractive guy who got Jungkook out of his comfort zone, shared his interests and all in all, balanced him out well. Jungkook always kept up a front in front of Taehyung, pretending to be cool and making all sorts of remarks when inside he was just as whipped whenever Taehyung sent him a smile or touched his hand.

But Jungkook had to leave all this behind... he knew. Which was why he was scared of it. He'd rather pretend his feelings were never there than to have to bear the pain of acknowledging it when he left.

It was like he was drowning because of Taehyung... but at the same time, he was loving every second of it.




“Fuck,” Jungkook cursed as he ran into the school building, shoelaces untied and his hair unkempt. He'd woke up 3 hours late for class and was just in time for Dance. He knew he shouldn't have slept so late, but then again, he couldn't really stop himself. The hallways were bare, and his footsteps echoed loudly throughout the narrow space. He turned multiple corners, all while trying to tell himself in his mind that everything would be ok. Despite being a celebrity, Jungkook still had your everyday anxieties. He was used to people watching him, but only in a positive light. This time, they'd all know he was late, and it'd turn straight from positive to negative.

He knocked on the doors of the dance studio before pushing it open. Just as he set foot inside the class, all 24 heads turned to look at him. Jungkook fought down the embarassment, steadied his knees and walked over to the teacher. He tried not to meet anyone's eyes as he passed, and instead settled on glaring at the space in front of him. He apologized quickly to the teacher, who gave him a kind smile and allowed him to pass.

Jungkook wished everything went a – okay from there, but it didn't. He hadn't gotten enough sleep, and the lag and tiredness settled beneath his bones, weighing him down, and it showed in his dance moves. They were sloppy, stiff, and people noticed. And they pointed it out. Because it was Jeon Jungkook getting his moves wrong, and Jeon Jungkook getting his positions wrong and overall just Jeon Jungkook not performing perfect.

Jungkook wanted to say he didn't care what others thought, wanted to say that he knew he could do better but he couldn't. It wasn't a surprise to anyone who knew Jungkook well that he was a perfectionist. He got itchy at knowing he himself wasn't performing well, and when the students pointed it out, it made him burn with the feeling of failure.

One thing Jungkook hated about being an idol was that people expected so much from you. If they were good at dancing, they'd expect Jungkook to be 10 times better and Jungkook felt like he couldn't let them down. Yet, here he was, doing exactly what his brain had always screamed at him not to.

The class finished after a tantalizing 3 hours but Jungkook wasn't done. He watched everyone file out, checked his timetable before deciding it was safe to use his free period practising. Jimin had stayed back for awhile, encouraging Jungkook but on sensing the growing dark clouds that seemed permernantly fixed above Jungkook's head, he quickly left, thinking that Jungkook needed 'alone time'.

Another two hours passed of unsatisfactory dancing and Jungkook's legs finally gave way. With his back pressed against the wall, he slid down, clutching at the bridge of his nose. Shit, shit, shit, was all he could think as he felt the prickle at the back of his eyes. Jungkook rarely cried, he didn't like crying if he were to be honest. But for some reason, he couldn't stop the tears from springing into his eyes. He thinks maybe it was from the suppressed feelings he had been holding back ever since his debut, and then now, feelings about having to leave this. School... or more specifically, his friends, who had surprisingly brought light into his very dull life. All that added to his sense of lacking today...

Still, Jungkook tried not to cry. But even then, he couldn't help it. The tears streaked down his cheeks as his shoulders shook slightly. His sobs were muffled as he pressed his lips together in a straight line, still trying, despite knowing there wasn't any point in doing so. Jungkook shut his eyes tight, trying to get back some sort of semblance. He jolts suddenly when a calming voice pierces through the air.

“You've really got alot of things held inside, don't you?”. The voice is quiet, gentle, soothing, and unmistakably, Taehyung's.

Jungkook mutters out profanities, wiping his eyes on his shirt sleeve as he does so. He didn't even hear the damn door open, damn it. And of all people, why Taehyung?

The dark – haried was about to grab his bag and storm out of there when he felt fingers wrap around his wrist, pulling him down. “Hey, hey,” Taehyung murmurs, “It's fine, y'know?”. Jungkook couldn't do anything except lean back down, eyes still trained on the polished floor. “What're you doing here?” His voice is curt, snappy, and he flinches at the sound of his own voice. “I heard from Jimin.” Is all Taehyung had to say to show he understood. And it was all it took to make Jungkook want to flee from the very spot. Because no one, except perhaps Seokjin and Jungkook's friends in the past who were now just passing strangers, could read Jungkook this well.

Could get him to talk on hours on end, could get him to laugh and smile so easy, could get him to feel safe... and comfortable... and right. Could get him to show his vulnerable side... and here was Taehyung, being able to do exactly all that despite them only having known each other for less than a month.

Three and a half months sure did feel like a long time, though.

“I – I'm fine,” Jungkook lies through gritted teeth.

He feels Taehyung turn his face towards him, gentle fingers running along his jaw and tilting his chin up until his gaze met Taehyung's. “No you're not,” Taehyung says as their eyes lock, and Jungkook almost jerks away. Because Taehyung looks so fucking beautiful and honestly Jungkook doesn't have time for more emotions right now...

But then Taehyung threads careful hands through the younger's hair before pulling him in into a hug. Their limbs are tangled messily together in the position that they are in, but neither seem to care about that right now.

Jungkook can't do anything but melt in the elder's arms, hears nothing except Taehyung's voice and his heart pounding in his ears. He leans into Taehyung's touches, unknowingly, and rests his head on the other's shoulder. He knows his tears are soaking Taehyung's shirt, so he chews down hard on his bottom lip to try and stop the crying.

“It's fine,” Taehyung mumbles, “Just let it all out... You're not fine and that's okay. That's okay because you're not superman or batman or spiderman or anything-” The blonde lets out a slight laugh that wavered, “You're Jeon Jungkook and you're human and we're all allowed to feel that we're not fine. You're not fine, and that's okay...”.

Jungkook feels Taehyung wrap his arms around his waist and Jungkook would've pulled away from the intimacy, but now, he can't really seem to move.

The words swim in Jungkook's mind, something he'd never thought about before. Scratch that, something he had thought about but refused to believe. But in Taehyung's arms, Jungkook starts to believe that maybe... just maybe Taehyung was right.



Taehyung groaned loudly, pulling at his newly dyed locks – bright pink this time – as he glares at the ceiling. He can hear the soft pitter patter of water droplets hitting the floor as Jimin showered, and that's the only thing grounding him from tearing his mattress into bits and pieces.

He shoves his face into his pillow, wailing and letting out strangled noises. Why him? Of all people, why Taehyung? He hears the soft 'click' of the bathroom door opening, and peers up slightly. Jimin has a towel wrapped around his waist, hair dripping wet as he stares at Taehyung with his eyebrows knitted. “Did you finally go all Godzilla? Because it surely sounded like that while I was peacefully showering,”. Taehyung sits back up, clutching his bolster to his chest before letting out a long whine, “Jimmmmmmin,”.

The silver – haired rolls his eyes but the smile on his face tells Taehyung that he isn't annoyed. “What's wrong with you?” Jimin snorts, “It's been a while since I've seen you so distraught. It usually only happens during finals,”. Jimin takes a long look at Taehyung, thinks about the things that has been happening to Taehyung over the past few weeks and pieces two and two together instantly. Taehyung was his best friend, and also an open book.

“Is it Jungkook?” Jimin asks, trying not to sound too interested as he slips on an oversized shirt. The pink – haired stares up at the ceiling, allowing Jimin to toss away his towel and grab a pair of boxers. At the sound of the name Jungkook, Jimin hears a pillow being thrown before Taehyung starts groaning.

“It doesn't help that he's like 10 times hotter in real life and all but shit he just has to have a nice personality,”.

“Not the nicest,” Jimin points out.

“I know, I know,” Taehyung sighs, “But... I – I really like him. And I know I can't because he's Jeon Jungkook.”.

Jimin's back stiffens at the words. “Woah, you really what – now?” He splutters, hands clumsily pulling up a pair of black jeans that fitted snugly. “I – I don't know,” Taehyung sniffles, “I don't know how it started but maybe I guess I shouldn't have spent so much time with him,”. Jimin almost laughs. “You two skype almost every night, and you see each other in school. I'm surprised you're not sick of him,”.

“That's the problem!” The bright – haired snaps his fingers, “I shouldn't have, but I did and that's a big mistake.”.

“If you like him, then why don't you go for it?”.

Taehyung doesn't say anything for a moment, merely watching as Jimin settles down beside him, crossing his legs with a knowing smile on his lips. “Because he's Jeon Jungkook.” Was the lame answer Taehyung spat out but it was reason enough. Idols lived a different life, and even though Jungkook was on hiatus right now, it didn't mean he was any less of an idol. Taehyung was like the sun, and Jungkook, the moon, and those two things were just never around at the same time. Those two just couldn't be around together, in short.

Jimin shrugs, “That shouldn't stop you,” Then takes a long look at his best friend, “I guess,”.

He bends, reaching under the bed, digging around until he feels rough material brush his soft skin. He drags the unopened bag of Cheetos out, ripping it open in one swift motion before offering it to Taehyung. “Hungry?”. Taehyung reaches inside, coming out with a fistful of orange Cheetos. “Starving.”



Needless to say, Jungkook does go to the party.

It's mostly because of Jimin, who had dragged his ass there after forcing him to wear skin – tight black jeans with a collared shirt that was purposely ruffled with it's sleeves folded up until it reached his elbows. According to Jimin, and to which Jungkook will quote, “you're not really living in college until you've been handed a red solo cup,” unquote. Jungkook highly disagrees, but the silver – haired, who had surprising strength despite his small size, grabbed him by his bicep and pulled him along until he yanked himself away (Jimin's grip was a fucking death grip, and Jungkook was sure there would be red marks if he checked) and agreed.

Baekhyun's house was huge. He didn't have to live in a dorm like most students since he could afford his own house, and it was a big one too. It was a no wonder that most parties were held there. Jungkook could hear the music before he even set foot in the house, and he could already feel himself getting hit by a migrane. In all honesty, Jungkook didn't like parties, or clubs, or crowded places... he'd rather sit at home watching anime or playing video games. He didn't mind the music, but he could hear people cheering and talking and ugh...

Jungkook shuddered, earning himself a puzzled look from Jimin, who brushed it off shortly after. They didn't bother to knock, and the door was unlocked anyways. When they managed to squeeze through a crowd of people, they were met with the host himself, who was already half – drunk as he staggered his way over to both Jimin and Jungkook. “Heeeey,” Baekhyun threw an arm over Jungkook's shoulder, “You two are late,”.

“Fashionably late,” Jimin chuckles, and Baekhyun gives him an eyesmile. Jungkook has half a mind to shove the guy off him, especially when he reeks of smoke and alcohol, but he restrains, merely biting down hard on his bottom lip and keeping his eyes trained on the ground. That's when a sudden thought hit him. Taehyung. Taehyung said he was coming, so... where was he?

Jungkook's eyes snapped up. He was hardly even listening to the conversation held between Baekhyun and Jimin, and merely focused on trying to find the pink – haired. His eyes scanned the place, but of course, couldn't find the other in the sea of people. The conversation was abruptly stopped when a tall guy came forward, eyes focused on Baekhyun. He said barely audible 'hi's to both Jimin and Jungkook before pulling Baekhyun away.

“That's Chanyeol,” Jimin says, “They've been dating for like... 2 years now. He seems stoned,”.

Jungkook nods, not really caring. “Where's Taehyung?” He asks, instead, not quite noticing the curious glint in Jimin's eyes. “I dunno,” Jimin says truthfully, “Why do you care?”. The taller whipped around, still trying to find Taehyung. “I don't know... he just said he would come, so I expected to see him,”.

“You'll see him.” Jimin reassures, “He never misses a party,”. Jungkook doesn't know when Jimin had gotten the drinks but next thing he knew, the older had shoved a plastic cup in his hands, half filled with alcohol. The raven – haired wrinkled his nose distastefully, “I rarely drink,”.

“Well, down it for tonight, will ya?”.

Jungkook gives Jimin a look, before doing exactly what he asked. He made a face as the bitter liquid spread across his tongue, but swallowed anyways. The two of them walked around for awhile, saying hi to familiar faces and making friends with new ones. It's only after Jungkook has said 'bye' to a guy named Sehun does he spot Taehyung. Except, not in a way he thought he would see him.

Jaw slowly slackening, Jungkook gripped the cup so tight that it bent in his hands. Taehyung was pressed against the wall, eyes lidded as a brown - haired trailed kisses down his neck. The brown - haired had his arms wrapped around Taehyung's waist as he pressed his body flush against the other. Jungkook felt his eye twitch, his hands turning into fists as his nails dig painfully into his skin. He doesn't know why he feels so... angry. But it just didn't seem right to him, seeing Taehyung with someone else like that.

“What's wrong?” Jimin taps him on the shoulder, and Jungkook unintentionally swats him away, something like a growl slipping past his lips. Jungkook doesn't notice Jimin's shit eating grin as he says, “You know, Taehyung's allowed to have sex with anyone he wants right?”.

Jungkook whips to face the elder. “I know,” He grits out, “It's just – It doesn't seem right,”. Jimin's waggles his eyebrows, and Jungkook pretends not to notice. “Oh?” The silver – haired teased, “How so?”.

Before Jungkook can respond, Jimin holds a hand in the air before yelling, “Hey Taehyung!”.

Both Taehyung and the brown - haired on top of him turn to face the both of them. The brown – haired glowers at Jimin, but then Taehyung pulls him down, whispering something into his ear that the both of them couldn't quite catch. The guy let go of Taehyung slowly, nodding at his words. Taehyung's grinning lazily as the guy pries his hands off of him, before turning and walking in the opposite direction of Jimin.

Seeing Taehyung, Jungkook feels suddenly out of breath. His eyes ran over Taehyung shamelessly as he took him in. The former had his hair ruffled, messy but it suited him so well. The buttons on his shirt had come undone and his lips were swollen red. Jungkook always knew Taehyung was attractive but seeing him... like this was a whole new experience. He hears Jimin let out a whistle next to him, and when Taehyung chuckles, Jungkook feels like he just got hit in the gut.

Taehyung's voice was low, rough, cut at the edges and Jungkook wonders what it would sound like moaning his name.

No, he chided himself as Taehyung made his way over, Stop that.

“Looks like someone's busy already, huh?”

“Yeah,” Taehyung laughs, deep and resounding and Jungkook almost falls over his own two feet, “You ruined it though, c'mon man, what's up with that?”

Jimin shrugs, “Wanted to say hello,”.

Jimin's gaze flickers over to Jungkook, and he nudges him. “Hey, what's wrong, Kook? Cat got your tongue?”.

“Oh?” Taehyung looks Jungkook up and down, and Jungkook feels his body flush hot, “No teasing comments today, Kookie?”.

Snarling, Jungkok pushes Jimin away, blatantly ignoring Taehyung's earlier question. He can hear the blood rushing in his ears, and his heart accelerating in his chest, and all of it is making it harder for him to speak. Taehyung's gaze never leaves the younger. He was unlike his usual self due to the alcohol buzzing beneath his skin, with his eyes half – lidded and a small smile on his lips. “What's up, Jungkook? I thought you said you weren't gonna come,”.

It takes a moment for Jungkook to compose himself, but when he does, he stuffs his hands in his pockets. “Jimin dragged me here. Obviously.”

“Woah, don't take it to heart. It's for your own good,” Jimin holds his hands up in mock surrender. Then just as quickly puts his hands down, “I'll go and get drinks. The two of you can...” He looks at them both back and forth before grinning broadly, “Do whatever,”.

He disappears into the crowd, leaving Jungkook gaping and very much betrayed. He's about to curse Jimin and Jimin's entire existence when he feels a soft tug on his shirt sleeve. “You here to stand all day or what?” Taehyung slurs, and it's only then Jungkook realizes he was drunk. Well not that drunk, but enough alcohol to make him woozy on his feet. Jungkook scoffs at that, and Taehyung lets out a small laugh.

“You gonna keep me company now that you and Jimin ruined mine earlier?”

At the (implied) mention of the guy earlier, Jungkook's eyes flashed suddenly. “Who was he?”.

“Dunno. Said his name was Kibun.” Taehyung notices Jungkook's apparent frown, and jabs him lightly in the shoulder. “What? My sexual frustrations aren't gonna be satisfied with just my right hand, y'know?” He jokes.

“Well it's better than being fucked by some stranger at a party,” Jungkook spits (not literally). He feels the anger bubbling beneath him, and this time, Jungkook wasn't afraid to accept it... he's jealous. Because no, Taehyung shouldn't be melting in the arms of some guy he didn't even know.

“Maybe for you,” Taehyung scrunches up his face at him, “If you don't want anything else, I think I'd rather get go-”

Before Taehyung can finish his sentence, Jungkook grabs his wrist. He doesn't know where he's getting the sudden braveness, but all he knows is that he wasn't about to let Taehyung run off. At least... not this time. He pulls the elder towards him, until their foreheads touched slightly. The pink haired let out a soft yelp, eyes widening just a fraction as they gazed right into Jungkook's. Then he relaxes in Jungkook's touch, cat – like smile making it's way onto his lips.

He tilts his head in question, and Jungkook knows exactly what he's asking.

“I'm not letting you go this time,”.

Jungkook feels Taehyung slowly work his wrists out of the raven – haired grasps, before flinging them around his neck. He falls forward, pressed up against him and Jungkook catches him by his hips. Their lips are brushing now, and if Jungkook just -

“I've been waiting for you to say that,” Taehyung mumbles. He moves, pressing a soft kiss onto Jungkook's cheek before pulling away, eyes now unreadable... blocked. It makes Jungkook's heart squeeze painfully in his chest.

Taehyung pries Jungkook's hands away from his hips, smiling a bitterly as he does so. “Sorry, Kookie,” He watches as Jungkook's hands go limp at his sides, “But maybe another time,”. And before Jungkook can stop him, or do anything else, Taehyung pivots on his heel, working his way to the kitchen and out the back door.

Shit. Is all Jungkook can think as he sees Taehyung walk away from him because,

shit shit shit. i like Kim Taehyung... and i've only realized it now.




It was finally a Friday, a day Seokjin finally got to spend some time with Jungkook since he wasn't busy at school or doing projects. Seokjin settles next to Jungkook on the couch, a bowl of popcorn in hand. He extends his hands to Jungkook, offering the younger some popcorn. The raven – haired took a few, eyes on the television but glazed over, not really focusing on whatever was being played.

Of course, Seokjin notices. He waits for a moment, chewing slowly on the sweet treat in his mouth before swallowing and deciding to bug Jungkook about it. “What's up with you, Kook?” Seokjin uses the nickname fondly. He watches as Jungkook's eyes come into focus and he snaps his head to look at his hyung. “Uh – what?” He stutters, seemingly lost in his own apartment, “Sorry I – I was thinking about something,”.

“Well, what's got you so deep in thought?” Seokjin enquires, cocking his head to get a better look at the other's face.

The younger says nothing for a long while, only fiddling with his butter stained fingers. “You can talk to me. You know that, right?” Seokjin prods, using his knuckles to gently poke Jungkook on his forearm.

Jungkook stays tight – lipped for a few minutes, before giving in, not able to hold everything in anymore. “It's...” He took in a shaky breath, “About Taehyung,”.

“Hmm?” The younger can hear the interest piqued in the other's voice, “That kid?”


“So, what about him?” Seokjin asks, setting the popcorn aside as he takes a napkin from off the table. He gently wipes his fingers on it, looking down at his hands as he knew well that Jungkook would get uncomfortable if all he stared. “He's just been... I've – Well, I don't know, I've been thinking about him... alot,” Jungkook sighs, dropping his head into his hands. Seokjin freezes, blinking rapidly at thin air. He's always wanted Jungkook to be happy, but he knew, and Jungkook knew that this would come out with no happy ending.

If his fans knew he was dating someone who wasn't an idol, and was also a dude... let's just say things wouldn't end well. It tore Seokjin apart suddenly, having to talk about this to Jungkook. He knew the younger rarely had romantic feelings for someone, and now that he did... well, it must be something.

And now it was Seokjin's job to break it to him that no, he can't get too close to Taehyung. Because that would affect his career, and Taehyung's life as well. Fans could be vicious, he knew that, and they'd stop at nothing if they were jealous of Taehyung. They could try to keep it a secret, but Seokjin knew very well how every secret gradually comes to light, and usually, the longer you hide it, the worst the consequences.

Although, if Jungkook really did get together with Taehyung, Seokjin would try his best to support it. But the best option right now... was not the latter.

“Jungkook – ah,” Seokjin tries to sound as sympathetic as possible, “You do know...”

Jungkook lets out a groan, messing his hair up as he does so. “I know! I know!” He bites out, “God, that's why I'm talking to you, right?! I just – I don't know what the hell I'm supposed to do. It's just – I like him so much... it hurts.”.

Trying to take the rational side, Seokjin said, “Jungkook, you've only known him for a few months now... surely, it's just infatuation. You'll get over it,”. Seokjin's heart almost breaks looking at the pain that crosses Jungkook's face. “It's – yeah, you're right. What was I thinking? I always knew they were temporary, right?”. The words are shaky tumbling out from Jungkook's mouth, and he sounded like he needed reassurance to know what he was saying was true.

“They shouldn't have to be,” Seokjin smiles kindly, “But this is your life, Jungkook. I'm sorry...”.

“It's fine,” The raven – haired coughs out, “I – I knew that.”.

Jungkook's shoulders are slumped in defeat, and he trudges away from his hyung, making his way to his bedroom before slamming the door shut. The older hears a loud 'thump' coming from inside the room and sighs, running fingers through his hair as he stares at the shut door.

Jungkook's rarely had anyone he was close to, so far it was only Seokjin and Namjoon (his music producer) and now that he found more...

Flopping back down on the sofa, Seokjin whips out his cell.

User: hey, u free 2nite?

joonie: yeah, why?

User: ok. i think jungkook needs you. give him a call.

joonie: will do. night babe <3

With a small smile, Seokjin switches off his phone and places it on the table beside him.




“Yeah, bro?”

“You were so close with getting laid with Jeon Jungkook,”

“Except I didn't, bro,”

“Why not bro? I saw everything. Why'd you push him away?”

Taehyung looks up from playing Love Live! School Idol Festival on his phone to look at Jimin. He shrugs, before looking back down.

“I didn't want him to do anything before he could accept anything,”.

“You like him right? And he clearly likes you too? What's the problem?”

Scrunching his nose, Taehyung shook his head. “Not sure if he likes me, but even if he does, I doubt he himself knows it,”.

“So... what, you're only gonna start making out with him once he admits his feelings?”

Taehyung laughs, kicking Jimin in the shin. “Nobody's making out with anybody, Jimin. But to answer your question, maybe,”.

“That totally contradicted yourself. And besides, you're not scared of the whole 'It's Jeon Jungkook and I can't date Jeon Jungkook' thing anymore?”.

At that, Taehyung slowly leans back, until he feels the back of his head touch the wall. He can feel Jimin's gaze on him, focused, sharp and intent.

“I figured... I like him. Like really, really really” - A blush creeps up Taehyung's neck, and he has to bite down a smile - “And I want him, too. Like really. And I – I can't give him up. At least, not without trying...” He says slowly, almost hesitantly.

Jimin stares at him for a long while, before clicking his tongue.

“Okay man, I respect that,”.

“I'm glad you do,” Taehyung grins cheekily at the other, “Now you gotta work on how you can get laid with Yoongi,”.

A pillow in the face is the only response Taehyung gets back.



Jungkook's early today. He has his feet up on the table – very respectful – with his earphones plugged in as he waits for the rest of the students to stream in. It's still a little dark outside, since it was in the wee hours of the morning.

The few students that were in the classroom had their heads buried in their arms as they tried to get some sleep before morning assembly. Jungkook laid back, shutting his eyes and letting the cool breeze caress his skin.

He had gotten a scolding from one of his older managers – not Seokjin – for not having completed his 3 hour vocal lesson. 3 hours wasn't a long time. Any idol or singer in training, whether it was a trainee or not, knew that. Jungkook didn't like getting scoldings, or getting told what to do by others. But he still complied. It didn't mean it made him any less foul, however.

He had also gotten phone calls from Namjoon last night... 5 to be exact. All ignored. He felt guilty, but not guilty enough to make him call back. He also got a text from Seokjin, reminding him about the songs he had to write, and he almost threw his phone down in frustration.

Stupid love songs, Jungkook growled, They don't even make any fucking sense.

To sum up his past weekend, it was terrible, and Jungkook was miserable.

“Yo!” Jungkook feels the his earphones get tugged out from his ears with a rough pull and he internally groans. He was not up for anything today. “Yah! Jeon Jungkook!”.

Jungkook contemplates punching the person, who's voice he recognizes as Jimin's. Instead, he opens his eyes lazily, sending a glare at the silver – haired.

“Fuck off,” He drawls.

Jungkook wasn't going to deny that he could be a total asshole at times. Especially when he was mad. Him becoming an idol and being superior to many others only increased his asshole – ness over time, but he always tried to make sure it didn't go off the charts.

Tried, being the keyword.

“Woah,” Jimin clicks his tongue at the raven – haired, “Got off of the wrong side of the bed today, didn't you?”

Jimin pats Jungkook on the shoulder, and he feels his eye twitch in irritation. Harshly, he shoves Jimin away, eyes flashing. “I said fuck off,”.

He watches as Jimin stumbles back, just a few feet before regaining his composure, trying not to care when hurt crosses the older's face. “Could've said it alot nicer,” Jimin grumbles. His eyes no longer held the friendly light to them, but instead were cold. “Dick,”. And he walks off, bag slung over his shoulder to find others.

Jungkook watches the latter walk away with a scowl on his handsome features. He liked Jimin, as a friend, and he wasn't going to lie that Jimin was a great friend. What's the point of friends, a part of him thinks, when you'll have to leave them, anyways.

The bell rings, and Jungkook tucks away his phone. The whole class was already buzzing with chatter, and he rubbed at his head wishing he was home instead. He'd rather be working on that stupid song. At the back of his mind, he wonders why he even agreed to going to school.

He watches as students group together, talking and laughing and so god damned free. He watches as Jimin jumps onto Hoseok's back, earning even a smile on the usually grumpy black – haired's face. He watches as they look around, clearly trying to find Taehyung.


Jungkook shakes his head, ridding his mind of the elder. He watches... as they give him a brief glance, before snapping their eyes away and continuing their search for the pink – haired.

What was Jungkook even thinking?

He'd never belong anywhere.



Blasting the music on the speakers, Jungkook relished in his solitude. All his classes were over and he had booked the dance studio for himself. He wasn't about to go to the cafeteria, where he could bump into people. Right now, he just wasn't up for socializing. He was sure Jimin had told the rest about their tiff this morning, most likely warning them about Jungkook's bad mood. He had noticed Hoseok trying to approach him many times today, but when Jungkook didn't even acknowledge his presence, Hoseok gave up.

Yoongi, on the other hand, was quite the contrary. He glared coldly at Jungkook with whatever chance he got, and Jungkook stared just as piercingly back. He was convinced that Yoongi wasn't happy he had fought with Jimin. He'd never say it to anyone, but he knew Yoongi probably held very reserved, hidden feelings for the silver – haired. Jungkook could see it clear in the black – haired eyes everytime he talked to Jimin.

Taehyung... well, Jungkook pretended not to notice Taehyung at all today. True, Taehyung hadn't tried to approach him, but Jungkook caught his gaze more than once today. His eyes were... thoughtful, and a little confused, and everytime their eyes met, Taehyung would look away quick. If anything, it only made Jungkook more sour.

Tapping his feet to the beat, Jungkook picked up his phone. It was filled with notifications of missed calls from Namjoon, Seokjin... and fuck, Taehyung. He even got messages from Jimin.

Jiminnie : idk whats up with u today man, but sorry i called u a dick

Jiminnie : we've all got our bad days im sorry for going off on u

Jiminnie : btw, join us for lunch if youd like. we're not boycotting u or anyth

Jiminnie : tho i think ure avoiding us

Jiminnie : dude im fucking sorry ok but u were a jerk too

Jiminnie : ok im not helping, but just saying for the last time, im sorry

Jungkook threw his phone down beside him. Like hell he would've joined them for lunch... he'd just ruin everyone's day with his salty ass. He felt a little bad with Jimin apologizing and everything, since he was the one being the douchebag and should be apologizing instead. But no, apologizing would mean he wanted to patch things up, and the closer Jungkook got to the harder it would be to leave them. Reluctantly, he typed in a response.
User: seriously, fuck off.

He waits one... two... three minutes and his phone rings with a response.

Jiminnie: wow what the fuck, ok.

It'd been half a year since Jungkook knew them, and honestly, he blamed himself for getting so attached. For letting them get used to him. A part of him told him to fuck it and that this was the rare chance he got actual friends and proper feelings and he should seize all of it, but the bigger part of him kept reminding him of reality. That he can't just yolo this shit. As much as he wanted to.

Maybe if they were in the same industry as him, then maybe things would be so much easier.

Maybe Jungkook thinks I should just start finding friends in my own gods forsaken industry. Except he won't. Because alot of them were filled with bullshit and were fake, probably only befriending for the benefits that came with being friends. Like more publicity, more fans, bla bla... Jungkook couldn't stand seeing their plastic smiles. Besides, even if they were friends, chances are, they'd rarely even get to meet. Considering their schedules and everything, it just wasn't realistic. Okay, maybe even if they were in my industry, it wouldn't be so easy.

He tries to imagine what it'd be like without Hoseok's sunshine presence, without Jimin's comforting actions, without Yoongi's sarcastic remarks he loved hearing and remembering everyday, and without... Taehyung. His smile, his laugh, his stupid jokes and his personality... and fuck, this is not helping Jungkook with his mood at all.

He's about to stand up and dance off some of his thoughts when the doors burst open. Jungkook doesn't even glance at it as he grumbles, “I booked it for today. It's off limits,”.

“Even to me?”.

Something like a chill runs up Jungkook's spine. Think of the devil. He drags a hand over his sweaty forehead, taking in a deep breath before letting out a shaky exhale.

“Maybe...” He turns around, “Why're you here, Taehyung?”.

“I wish I knew what was going through your head,” The bright – haired mumbles, and Jungkook lets out a weak laugh.

“That's what everyone says,”.

“Why won't you let me know then?” Taehyung folds his arms, striding over towards Jungkook as he speaks.

“Because,” Jungkook replies, trying not to fluster at the speed at which Taehyung was coming towards him, “My mind's a dark place Taehyung,” He says it like a joke, but they both know it's the truth. Taehyung's gaze drops to the floor, and so does his hands. “Then let me lighten it up...”.

He's standing right in front of Jungkook, vulnerable and looking at him still makes Jungkook's heart skip a beat. He's right here and Jungkook just wants to step in, close the gap between them and press his lips against the other's. Wants to let Taehyung in, wants Taehyung to pick up every broken piece and put him back together.

Because he trusts Taehyung. That much. And knowing he can't do that... a familiar heat itches behind Jungkook's eyes.

“Look,” Taehyung sighs, chewing on his bottom lip, “I don't care what this thing between us, which of fucking course I'm lying because I do. But you're just being so hard right now! Damn I just -” Taehyung's voice was rising slowly, and Jungkook was almost taken aback at how he had quickly gone from calm to desperate. “When the fuck did things get so... rough? It used to be fine,”.

Jungkook doesn't answer, only staring, a little shell – shocked at Taehyung. He's being hard? Jesus fuck then what is Taehyung being? He was the one throwing Jungkook into the pits of turmoil anyways.

“And when the fuck did you start becoming such an asshole? What was with the thing with Jimin? I thought maybe you were having some problems so I didn't go all ape on you for doing that to Jimin but that text message, I -”

“Jesus Christ, Taehyung!” Jungkook interuppts, chest rising up and down heavily as he raises his voice, “Get off my back will you!? I'm trying so fucking hard here and who're you to speak? You're the one giving me all my fucking problems!”.

“Me? The fuck did I do?” Taehyung was practically yelling right now, and Jungkook was physically pained from this argument. The last person he wanted to fight with was Taehyung and yet...

“You!” Jungkook feel something in him snaps, and he goes off, pulling at his dark locks, “You just came hurling yourself into my life -”

“You accepted me in it!” Taehyung retorted.

“I didn't want to at first! Then you came at me with your boxy grin and your piercing brown eyes and fuck, just how do I say no?!”.

Jungkook knew he probably should've thought more of what he was going to say before spitting out words but fuck it, it was too late. Might as well continue now that he had gone off.

“I fucking fell for you okay!? I like you. Your lame puns and your brightness that lit up my dark hell hole and just – how am I supposed to say that I'm not supposed to like you? That I'm gonna have to leave you so now I'm just gonna act like an asshole to you and everyone else so it'll hurt less like a bitch when I have to leave?”.

Jungkook was gasping for breath now, and his fists were clenched so tightly that his veins showed, running along his hand and up his arms. Sweat was trickling down his temple and all he could do was look at Taehyung, who was blinking and gawking at him in disbelief.

“See?” Jungkook snapped, “This is exactly why I don't go around telling my feelings or problems or whatever because I go around spilling out everything and -”

Jungkook doesn't even realize it when Taehyung moves swiftly forward, cupping Jungkook's face in both his hands before leaning in to kiss him. Jungkook can barely even move for a solid second, but once he does, he finds himself wrapping sturdy arms around the other's waist, pushing back. Because the feel of Taehyung's lips against him makes him forget everything. All he knows is that Taehyung feels perfect against him and he just wants more... drinking in every taste and sound from the elder.

Taehyung's the first to pull back, breathing heavily as he pants for air. His lips are tinged red, and there's a violent shade of pink dusting his cheeks. Jungkook doesn't let go however, only tightening his grip on Taehyung, like as if if he let go, Taehyung might just turn and run, and he'd lose this forever.

“Woah,” Jungkook blubbers, then shuts his mouth, embarassed.

“Yeah woah,” Taehyung snickers.

Unexpectedly, the bright haired rests leans forward into Jungkook, resting his forehead against his. “Okay, Godzilla, you done talking yet or can I do my share?” Taehyung breathes, the corners of his lips tugged up in a smile. Jungkook can only grin back, earlier worries and insecurities washed off just like that (its then he realizes just how fucking whipped he is for taehyung oh god). “Yeah,” He hums, “I'm listening,”.

“Because I like you too, you dumb idiot,” Taehyung laughs, and Jungkook's never felt happier being called a 'dumb idiot'.

“But you know -”

“And I know, maybe it won't be so easy, especially when you have to leave, but we'll work this out, yeah? And I don't get why you're making such a fuss. You're an idol, but that doesn't mean we're forced apart, right? Well maybe a little, but we'll figure this out, together. Stop trying to take things all on your own.

Unless you hurt Jimin again, then I might just leave you,” Taehyung laughs.

If anything, it only makes Jungkook's eyes harden with determination, and he closes the gap, nibbling at Taehyung's bottom lip. “Like hell I'd let you leave me,” Jungkook whispers.

“Then show me... show me how much you want me,”.

This time, Jungkook kisses Taehyung first. He cards fingers through Taehyung's hair, pulling at it just before he reaches his nape. His heart flutters in his chest as Taehyung whines into the kiss and he pushes Taehyung back, until the elder's back hit the wall.

Maybe things hadn't gotten easier, but they had definitely gotten better. And Jungkook has Taehyung now... and that's all the reassurance he needs to know that he could make it through this. That they could make it through this.



They agreed to keep their relationship a secret until Jungkook finds a good time to tell Seokjin, but only Seokjin. The only other people who knew, were of course, Jimin and the others. It's a little embarassing now that Jimin calls Taehyung's kiss 'the cure to all of Jungkook's problems'. It wasn't a cure, but it definitely did help him forget about them. Neither of them know how things will turn out when Jungkook has to leave but for now... they're stalling it.

Jungkook's song writing goes smoothly after that too. Taehyung helps him with some of the lyrics, and sings some of the parts too. If there's one thing Jungkook loves about being with Taehyung, is that he learns new things about the other everyday. He knew Taehyung liked to sing, but he never knew he could sing. Although Taehyung's voice was octaves lower than Jungkook's, Jungkook loved it. Taehyung's voice was smooth, rich and Jungkook loved every bit of it.

His songs this time, according to Seokjin, were “holy fucking shit, they're good. what got into you man? you always hated writing love songs,”. Jungkook hadn't told Seokjin about it, nor had he told the other managers. He wasn't planning to... at least not yet.

Jungkook was over at Taehyung's apartment today. Jimin had left earlier (Jungkook had apologized and they were cool) saying that he couldn't stand the mushiness in the room and went out for a movie with Hoseok and Yoongi. They were watching Keeping up with the Kardashians (dont ask) on television as Taehyung snuggled himself into Jungkook's side.

Another new thing Jungkook learnt, was that Taehyung was a big cuddler. He'd take any chance he got to make himself comfortable either on Jungkook's lap or his side, and Jungkook wasn't complaining. It's not like he didn't enjoy it. He had a hand under the hem of Taehyung's shirt, rubbing comforting circles on the side of the other's abdomen as Taehyung rested his head on Jungkook's shoulder.

“Mmm,” Taehyung hummed contentedly, and Jungkook looked over at him, heart still stuttering. Sometimes he wondered how he got so lucky, how someone like him managed to capture the heart of someone as great as Taehyung. In all honesty, Jungkook was still in a bit of disbelief that Taehyung was his now. He lifted his hand from Taehyung's stomach over to the purplish marks on Taehyung's neck, fresh from last night. He rubbed over them soothingly, something a little like pride blooming in his chest because those marks washed away his doubt. Because those marks clearly stated Taehyung was his.

And he was Taehyung's.

“You know where I wanna go?” Taehyung speaks suddenly, and Jungkook shifts his hand down once again to wrap it around Taehyung's waist.

“The zoo? To meet your fellow relatives?” Jungkook snorted. If last time he made teasing remarks, now, he made sarcastic ones. They were always joking and playful though, and Taehyung knew that. In fact, Taehyung quite enjoyed Jungkook's occasional sassy remarks, laughing at them or giving him a cute pout in response. Throwing his head back, Taehyung lets out a chortle. “Very funny, you big meanie,” Taehyung tsked at Jungkook, poking him in the ribs. “I want to go ice skating,”.

“Ice skating?” Jungkook arched an eyebrow, “Why?”.

“It sounds like fun,” Taehyung grins, “And besides, I've been watching too much Yuri!!! On Ice,”.

“Oh god, is it because of that Viktor guy?”

“No!” Taehyung shakes his head, “The show is cute. Besides, if I had to watch an anime for the guy, it'd be Attack On Titan. Levi is hella hot, I'd make him my boyfriend if I could,”.

Jungkook recoils from his boyfriend, eyebrows furrowed and seemingly offended. “What?” Taehyung blinked up 'innocently' at Jungkook. “You've already got me,”.

Lifting a finger up to Jungkook's chin, Taehyung pulls the other closer. “Yes,” Taehyung agrees, “But Levi has an awesome undercut,”.

“What? Do I gotta get an undercut now?” Jungkook snickered.

“Nah,” Taehyung played with the hair at Jungkook's nape, “Don't do that. I love your hair the way it is,”.

“You love me,” Jungkook points out.

The other beamed, “That too,” And pulls Jungkook in to press their lips together for a short kiss.

When they pull away, Jungkook was about to haul Taehyung on his lap when a sudden thought struck him. He'd completely forgotten about it but now that he remembered, he guesses it was now or never. Jungkook knew Taehyung liked jewellery, and when he was out this morning, spotted something he thought Taehyung might like.

It was a ring. Something he thought might be a little weird to give, but managed not to chicken out and buy it anyways. He had gotten a customized one... two to be exact. One with Jungkook's initials and one with Taehyung's. It was extremely cheesy and sappy but Jungkook guesses that that was just the kind of effect Taehyung had on him ; turn him into a complete cheesy mess.

“Hey Tae,” He reaches into his pockets, where he knew he had it tucked in, “I have something for you,”.

“Oh?” The other perks up excitedly, “Is it food?”.

Jungkook rolls his eyes playfully, “No, though I can say it's better.”. Sticking his tongue out at Jungkook, Taehyung scoffed, “Liar, what could be better than food?”. Carefully, Jungkook takes the two rings out, placing them on his palm. He tries not to smile as he notices Taehyung's eyes go round, and instead picks out the one with his initials on it. “You see... I just thought you might like them. I had it made this morning,” Jungkook explained, holding it out to Taehyung. He was unsure of Taehyung's reaction, whether he would like it or not, when the elder picked it out of his hands and slipped it on. When Jungkook looked up to meet the other's face properly, he saw that Taehyung was grinning from ear to ear.

His heart flipped at the sight, and his shoulders relaxed, knowing that Taehyung was okay with the gift. “J. J. huh?” Taehyung said, looking down at the ring on his finger, “I'm guessing that's Jeon Jungkook,”.

Jungkook laughed, “What else?”. He feels Taehyung ram into him, flinging his arms around Jungkook's neck and toppling the both of them back onto the couch. “Yah!” Jungkook caught him by the waist, “Taehyung, what're you -”

“Thank you,” The elder interuppts him, “Thank you so much, Jungkook... I – I really like it.”.

At the words, Jungkook smiles, nuzzling his face into the top of Taehyung's head. “Glad you do,”.

“It's – why did you suddenly make them though?” Taehyung questions, curious.

“Well, it's something for you to remember me by when I have to leave. And well, you always said you liked stuff like these, so I thought... well yeah,”.

“Does the other ring have my initials on it?”.


“You know, for someone who looks so serious and intimidating, you're a huge dork,” Taehyung giggles.

“What's that supposed to mean?” Jungkook shoots, unsure of whether it was a compliment or not.

“It means you're my favouritest dork in the world,”.

“That makes no sense,”.

“I know,”.

“Besides, I'm your only dork, dork,” And Jungkook pulls the both of them up into sitting position, just to be able to attack Taehyung with a round of tickles.



“Wow, okay,” Taehyung was outright doubling over with laughter as he clutched at his stomach, “I didn't know you couldn't ice skate,”.

If it was anyone else but Taehyung, Jungkook could very well gurantee that he'd throw them the finger. Instead, he glares daggers at Taehyung, trying to push himself up only to slip again on the ice. “Help me up, you asshole,” Jungkook grumbles, and Taehyung only laughs harder, slapping his knees at the same time.

“Taehyung, I'm serious, I can't get up,” Jungkook complains. He was going to freeze his balls and his ass off if Taehyung didn't help him any sooner.

“Okay, okay, geez,” Taehyung extended a hand, eyes sparkling with amusement as he grabs Jungkook's hand. Jungkook looks around him after managing to shakily stand up. People had came to ask for photographs and autographs earlier on their way here, and now, he was scared that people on the rink would notice him falling like a sack of potatoes and take a video or something. Though he highly doubted they would recognized him as Taehyung had wrapped his face up in a scarf, leaving only his eyes and the tip of his nose visible.

“I thought this would be alot easier,” Jungkook sniffs as Taehyung does graceful twirls around him, just to add to the salt. He grabbed onto the railing for support, already feeling his knees buckle and threaten to give way. “Do you need one of the animal shaped holders?” Taehyung teased, “Which one should I get? The penguin?”.

“No,” Jungkook says instantly, and is glad for the scarf covering his face, because if not, the embarassed blush on his cheeks would be far too obvious.

“Ok Captain,” Taehyung was grinning, he was always grinning and it made Jungkook grin too. “Take my hands,”. The orange – haired (he dyed his hair once again) held out both his hands as he came to a stop in front of Jungkook. The raven – haired eyed him suspiciously, although loosened his grip on the railing. “Are you gonna drop me the minute I let go of the railing?” Jungkook asked, despite knowing Taehyung wouldn't. On second thoughts, maybe he would. But the look on Taehyung's face right now told him he wouldn't.

“Maybe,” Taehyung jokes.

Jungkook grips onto his hands anyway, holding so tight that Taehyung had to intertwine their fingers to lessen the discomfort. “Just try your best to keep balanced, ok?” Taehyung says softly, “I'll lead you,”.

“Easier said than do – HEY!” Jungkook hollered as Taehyung started skating backwards, pulling Jungkook along with him. “Quiet now,” Taehyung says, “I think your fans could recognize you from the shape of your eyes,”. Jungkook almost lets go to kick Taehyung in the ribs, but restrains. “This is dangerous,” He hisses, “How are you skating backwards?”.

“Because I, Jungkook, have skills in ice skating,”.

“Thanks for that, Mr Obvious,”.

Taehyung laughs, eyes crinkling in the corners fondly as he gazes at Jungkook.

Then suddenly, Jungkook feels his leg twist the wrong way, and with a yelp, he falls. His weight was enough to bring Taehyung falling down ontop of him. He catches the elder by the shoulders, eyes piercing into Taehyung's. “Hey,” He exhales, “You okay?”.

“Okay,” Taehyung doesn't seem at all phased, only picking himself off of Jungkook before helping him up, “Well I guess holding hands isn't gonna cut it, huh?”.

Jungkook shrugs, “Guess not,”. Reaching for his hands, Taehyung wrapped them around his waist, before setting both his hands on Jungkook's shoulders. The proximity they were in in public sends Jungkook spluttering. “T – Taehyung?” He stammers, and chides himself internally for stammering.

“You get a better grip and balance this way,” Taehyung explains simply. They rotate in slow circles in that position, with Jungkook surprisingly not falling. “You okay?”.

“Yeah... fine,” Jungkook's face feels hot now, as he notices people start to look at them. It was embarassing but strangely... nice. It lasts only for a solid 5 minutes before Jungkook slips once again, and they both call it a day, deciding to go back and rest.

Taehyung messages Jungkook the minute he reaches back, telling him that he got back safely which manages to cast a smile on the raven – haired's face.

Jungkook's muscles are still sore from all the falling down, and he's sprawled out on the couch with a silly smile on his face when Seokjin comes up to him. “Yeah hyung?” Jungkook murmurs, kind of out of it by now. Seokjin tugs at Jungkook's collar, and the younger snaps out of his daze. “Hey,” He adjusts his collar, “What was that for?”. He looks up at Seokjin's face, and immediately shrinked in his spot. Seokjin's eyes were narrowed, and his eyebrows were so harshly knitted together. His eyes burned with disappointment, and Jungkook finds himself scared.

“H – hyung?”.

“That was for lying,” Seokjin says sharply, and Jungkook winces. “How could you not tell me you were going out with Taehyung?!”.

Uh oh.

“I -” Jungkook's eyes darted all over the place, “I was going to, I swear. I just – I didn't know when,”.

Seokjin threw his hands up in the air, and Jungkook flinched. He hardly saw his hyung get so panicked and frustrated, but when he did... it wasn't a pretty sight. “Well you should've told me earlier, you know?” Seokjin sighs. He sits next to Jungkook, index fingers rubbing at his temples, “I mean – you know I advised you not to but if that's what you want to do then fine. I respect that, I woudn't have forced the both of you to break up,”.

“Then why are you so...” Jungkook trailed off.

Looking at him with a torn look in his eyes, Seokjin swallowed nervously. “Because that's me. Do you know how furious your other two managers are now that we've all found out? One of them just so happened to be at the skating rink today, and there was no way he couldn't recognize you. Said you were being touchy feely with that guy in public too,”.

Hearing it being said like that, Jungkook's cheeks burned. “Look, this is exactly why I didn't -”

“I thought you trusted me, Jungkook,” Seokjin sighs, sounding so broken that Jungkook felt like he just got punched in the gut. “I would've helped you, warned you places to go and not to go and try to keep in under wraps from the other managers for as long as I could,”.


“H – hyung, I'm... sorry,” Jungkook said gingerly, not wanting to further upset the other.

“I'm sorry for you, Jungkook,” Seokjin shook his head, defeated. “There was nothing I could do. It was two against one. And the company CEO was up for their idea too,”. Fear stabs Jungkook hard in the chest, and suddenly, he feels like he can't breathe. “Wha – what'dyou mean?” Judging from the look on his hyung's face, Jungkook didn't want to know.

“You have to go,”.




They get Jungkook out of the school, get him a new phone number (because to them, the moment he left, they were afraid his number would be spread by his 'friends' to the whole school) and get him into a car to go back to his dorm at the company faster than he can say “motherfucker.”.

He couldn't even afford to tell Taehyung and the rest he was leaving. The only thing he could do was follow orders, curse himself and get tossed back into his crammed room. If Jungkook had to choose his biggest regret... it'd be not being able to tell Taehyung goodbye.

He's never gonna be able to stop thinking about Taehyung... or forget him.



Taehyung wouldn't speak about it.

He didn't even complain or wail or whine or anything. He just went about everyday pretending nothing happened. He went about doing the same things, but now, with the light in his eyes broken, a dimmer attitude and with less smiles. And yes, his friend's hearts were fucking breaking watching Taehyung fall apart like this. Jimin wanted to hunt Jungkook down, wanted to be angry, but they all knew Jungkook wouldn't just leave like that.

He loved Taehyung. All of them knew it, all of them could see it. Jimin could safely say he'd never leave Taehyung just like that. At least, not without a good reason. Except, none of them knew the reason. It was tearing Taehyung apart, and although the boy tried to act like everything was okay, Jimin saw through it. He saw the confusion, the anger and the pain hidden underneath the not – as – bright smile of Taehyung's.

He wanted to help, or to talk about it so that Taehyung could get it off his chest. But Taehyung was having none of it. Saying that, “there's nothing to talk about!” and if Jimin tried to insist, Taehyung would start getting a little hostile, but Jimin could see the glisten in his eyes.
Taehyung had to admit, he was breaking. Torn apart. Because when Jungkook left, a part of Taehyung left with him. And now, Taehyung felt hollow... empty... incomplete. Why would Jungkook do that? Even if he had to leave, he would've told Taehyung. Taehyung tried calling the other, but was only greeted with 'this number is no longer available' and it only made Taehyung toss his phone in frustration.

He hadn't cried, yet. Almost like he couldn't. Like he was so caught up and overwhelmed that the tears couldn't even fall. There were still photos of him and Jungkook he kept in his phone, but he never deleted them. He should talk about it to Jimin, he knew. Or at least get over it. Yet, Taehyung couldn't.

Couldn't talk about it, but also couldn't do squat about it.

He thought they had things figured out. That they would still keep in touch even after Jungkook left and would meet up after Taehyung graduated. But right now, the plan was dust in front of Taehyung's eyes and he wondered what all of it was for.

No, he didn't hate Jungkook.

He could never hate him.

It's just...

Taehyung loved him so much, that it hurt.