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The Case of MJN Air; Zakatala

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The kettle boiled and John poured the water over the teabags waiting in the mugs while he listened to Sherlock reluctantly talk on the phone. 

"Fine... Yes, I can do that... Yes, I mean we can do that... Yes... Of course... Yes, I heard the name... Okay, I don't know why you think I won't remember that... Yes... Okay... I'll get back to you." Sherlock rolled his eyes at John as he put on a strenous facade of politeness to whoever was on the other end of the phone. "Yes... Yes... Yes, of course... Yes... Okay... I told you, I'll get back to you." Sherlock flopped down into his chair as he hung up and sighed heavily. 

“Who was that?” John handed Sherlock one of the cup of tea.

“My dearest big brother. He thinks that he might have a case for us.” Sherlock accepted the mug and opened the laptop simultaneously, not looking at John while he spoke.

“Okay. I notice it’s a case for us to solve but once it’s solved it’s you who needs a new one.” Both men continued the conversation in the same manner, neither looking at the other; instead focusing on their respective tasks, Sherlock on the laptop and John on the medical journal he’d picked up from the coffee table.

“Well John, I was under the impression that as much as you enjoy the cases you don’t have the same need or desire for them as I do. So your observation is indeed correct. Well done.” Sherlock's voice resolnated deeply over the clicking of computer keys and in seconds he was peering at the screen in front of him; a frown appearing on his pale forehead.

“Right, whatever Sherlock. No need to be patronising. What’s this case then?” John sippd his tea, leaning forwards with interest. 

Sherlock spun the computer on his lap to reveal a website for a charter airline which was seemingly designed by a child, or that’s what both Sherlock and John both deducted from the line of dancing aeroplanes.

"So Mum, what are we taking to Zakatala? Is it going to be another cat? If it's a cat I'll make sure Skip remembers to make sure the cargo hold is heated this time. 

"Arthur? Are you talking about that time you flew that oil exec's belongings to Abu Dhabi?"


"What do you mean Martin will have to make sure the cargo hold heat is on? It was on last time wasn't it?" Carolyn met her son's eyes with eyebrows raised, waiting for the inevitable yet still nonsensical lie he as about to produce.

"Nothing, I mean, yes of course it was on. It would have been silly if it wasn't. Skip definitely didn't have forget to switch it on. And Douglas definitely didn't have to save the cat by pretending to smell smoke which he definitely didn't do but if he had it would have been brilliant but he didn't because the cat wasn't going to die because that would only have happened if Skip had turned off the cardo hold heating which he definitely didn't and it was a complete coincidence that Douglas and Martin smelt smoke in the flight deck on that trip." Arthur breathed in heavily at the end of his speech, crossing his fingers behind his back and waiting nervously for the repsonse from his mother.

"Okay Arthur, I believe you." Carolyn had decided at some point during Arthur's drivel too let it go. After all, it was years ago and she couldn't well punish Martin for something that had happened years ago. Could she?

"Really?" Arthur's astonishment showed, his eyes were wide and his voice questioning.

"Yes Arthur, really."

"So what are we taking then Mum?"

"We're taking Mr Woodham's belongings from Coventry to Zakatala."

"Shall I go and help load the plane?"

"Arthur two things; firstly, we have to collect the belonging's first, I'm hoping Martin will let us use Icarus and secondly Arthur, we're somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. If you can load the plant despite these two minor problems then I'd love to see it."

"Oh right." Arthur chuckled to himself. "Should I make teas and coffees then Mum?"

"I do think it would be a trifle easier Arthur. I really do."