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022 - Stake? Medium or Rare?

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Author's notes: Authors Note: This is episode 22 in the Sam, Dean and Theo stories, if you are new to this a little background info is in order. Basically Theo was an Angel on parole and his parole officers were Sam and Dean, they were also his penance. If you’re curious now about how this came about go back and read “Tremors” that way you can at least get some background story information on Theo. If the archives no longer have this story and you’re interested please email me and I’ll send a copy. By the way for those who haven’t read my earlier work, I do have God himself popping in from time to time, the near apocalypse basically warned him that he’d been a bit focused in other direction than in keeping an eye on the worlds smaller frame of people. And to get a mental image of God, I usually describe him a nattily dressed, mussed haired young man, someone who would fit in a crowd; actually he would stand out because I picture him as the Doctor in Dr. Who with David Tennant as the Doctor. ;^) Hope you enjoy.

Story: Springtime was upon the earth in many areas, the sun was reaching out with her tendrils of warmth and spreading life upon the earth in many areas. One such area was a small neighborhood in the middle of Southwest Idaho. There five individuals have been placed facing a daunting task, they are to be one of several groups of individuals who alike will have to consider just how entrenched they are to their personal hunts and the great hunt. The huntmaster’s horn sounds for all of these groups and soon they will have to declare their place.


One such group was two biological and a third angelic brothers. Dean, Sam and Theo Winchester were recovered from their various debilities of the past year. Dean and Sam had finally exerted and maintained control over their personal psychological problems while Theo worked with their angelic neighbors, Bill and Charlie to hone and try himself to better himself as an angel of the Lord Most High.


In the process of that betterment Theo found himself enduring many trials which to Dean and Sam seemed barbaric in nature but were in fact, wholly directed towards testing his abilities as an angel, more so Bill and Charlie were to have a visitation and soon.


In the Winchester household, Dean and Theo were in the garage busily working of trying to restore the crumpled mess of what used to be Theo’s Ford Shelby GT. What used to be a gleaming black and chrome vehicle which Theo had proudly restored now was a stripped down piece of metal being severely worked on for restoration. Theo was glowing with happiness now that the frame was declared sound and that their next project would be to insure that the engine had not suffered any major problems from the accident in which a tractor-trailer rig had broadsided the little vehicle. They checked to insure that the fuel lines were intact and that the block was reseated and bolted in securely, that the mountings were solid. Theo sat in the skeletal vehicles driver’s seat and tentatively inserted the key into the ignition.


“I know this is a selfish prayer Lord, but please endure it from this poor servant and let this vehicle be restored from the hellish assault.” Theo prayed quietly before turning the key.


There was the sound of a starter engaging and turning the cam, and after a couple of seconds the process of starting a combustion engine was successful as it turned over, belching clouds of smoke from the exhaust, clouds of white smoke, Dean was proud to see. At least there was not an internal problem with a leak in the walls of the block permitting oil to become mixed with fuel. And better yet after a few minutes of running the smoke ceased and no further emissions of such were to take place.


Dean drew his hand across his throat in a cutting gesture and Theo killed the engine, the engine died proper, no dieseling or worse backfiring. So they determined that at in that they were ok. Then they turned their attention to the transmission which was sitting on a support rack. They had spent days going over it with a fine tooth comb, adjust a band here, replacing one there, until at last they were satisfied and with some little work they installed the transmission that afternoon. It was heading into evening when they finally halted, rather they were called to stop by Sam.


Leaning out the back door Sam called, “You’ve been at that since breakfast, so come on in and take a break.” With that Dean smiled and nodded to Theo and they got up from the respective places, greasy, dirty and sweaty and walked into the house. “Shower for two right this way.” Sam said motioning them to the back of the house.


“My are we just so prissy.” Dean chortled.


“Prissy hell, you stink. Hit the showers and then come on back in here I’m just finishing up some steaks.”


“For steak me shower good.” Dean said laughing. Theo cast a wanting eye towards the stove.


“Un-uh, shower first beef after.” Sam said firmly.


Theo gave him a faux pout and started to follow Dean when Sam cleared his throat, they both stopped. “Strip here, that way I can go ahead and throw your duds in the washer.”


“Why bother? We’re just going to mess them up tomorrow?” Dean said stripping out of pants and shirt tossing them in a pile then reaching down he pulled off his sneakers and stripped off socks and then his boxers. Sam picked up his and Theo’s clothes and walked into the laundry room with them.


“You really want to wear your sweat an extra day, come on, I thought you were prissier than that.” Sam said with a laugh.


“Well a little bit. Okay I get your point, you’re going to wash or bust, so get on with it while me and Theo get a shower.” Dean said.


“What he said.” Theo mocked with a grin as he followed Dean back to the bedroom.


In a few moments Sam heard the shower turn on and was satisfied that for his part they would at least come to the table clean. He wasn’t overly fastidious, but he’d grown accustomed to not smelling his own stale sweat and he liked the fact that clean smelled better.


About 20 minutes passed and he finally heard the shower cut off, so looking in the stove, the steaks still in prime condition he started to set the table for supper. He reflected that it was nice to have a table now to set and food to cook that was more than Ramen noodles or worse. He set up the places with three bottles of beer, a cold salad with their choice of dressings, and fresh rolls.


Dean and Theo came into the kitchen wrapped in terry cloth robes, looking and smelling a helluva lot better than they had.


“Well, pull up to the table. Food’s not going to keep.” Sam said the only thing missing was the apron to make him up as the maid.


He went ahead and sat down and started in on his salad as Dean and Theo grinning did the same.


“I heard the engine start, so I take it that’s a promising sign?” Sam said looking towards the back door.


“Oh yeah, at least the block didn’t suffer from the crash, the trannies in better shape now and we got it bolted in this afternoon. All we gotta do now is scout some of the junkyards for body parts for the passenger side. The driver’s side was pretty much ok except for a few dings that we can knock out.” Theo said with a grin.


Sam nodded, “Good glad to see it’s coming along as well as it is.”


They were soon finished with the Salad, then he brought out the steaks, thick cuts of buffalo that were lightly blackened and prepared, they would do any restaurant proud Sam was thinking. In moments he was basking in their praise as they cut into the steaks with gusto.


Dean gave his approval vociferously, “Damn boy but you can cook, we oughta come off the road and open a diner.”


“Oh hell no.” Sam said firmly, “I don’t mind cooking fancy now and then for us, but I don’t want to do it every day for groups of people. Besides I like spoiling us this way now and then.”


“Any luck on the stakes?” Dean asked meaning the angel killers.


Sam shook his head, nothing on the radar or any of the hunter’s sites. Not so much as a hint.”


Dean screwed up his face, “Something’s screwy, I mean, there should be something on the peg by now, it’s been over three months since Castiel took care of those bullets for us.”


“I know, I know, and I have to agree that there is something screwy going on, problem is, I don’t know what exactly, though I got some suspicions.”


“Think Crowley’s involved.” Dean asked.


“Like the Pope’s Catholic. Yeah he’s involved in this.”


“Now that he knows we’re on the trail he’s going to be extra cautious. Which is going to make our job just a touch dicey.” Dean commented.


Theo looked thoughtful for a long moment, “Bill, Charlie and I have done some scoping out trying to get a signal on these stakes, we think we have a signal pinpointed in North Dakota.”


“Then we got out to South Dakota check in at the realtor that’s got our old house listed and let you do a scrying from there.” Sam offered.


“That’d work.” Theo agreed reluctantly. “I just want to be careful to avoid alerting Crowley.”


“You know it may come down to a faceoff with Crowley.” Dean said around a mouthful of steak.


They all cringed inwardly with that thought. They’d been close twice once when Sam threatened him with exorcism and once when Theo was going to smite him, both times he got out of that situation, but for some reason they all had a fatalistic feeling if they tried a third time.


There came a tap at the door and Sam got up to answer it. He wasn’t really that surprised to find said demon standing on the back deck looking at him benignly.


“Yes.” Sam said levelly.


“Look mate, we’ve had a major run-in and I’m actually sorry for that, it would seem that we need each other a while longer.” Crowley said his face betraying nothing.


Sam shook his head, “We don’t need anything from each other, you made that quite plain, and you’ve assaulted us several times in the past year. It’s a little hard to bury all that animosity and become cheery joy with you right now.”


Dean and Theo were at Sam’s back now starring daggers at the demon.


“I see, well, I happen to know the location of these missing stakes of yours, well, the stakes of the angels. The fact is we can’t touch them. Any demon it would seem in close contact with one of the stakes for an extended period can be…well destroyed. It’s just too great a risk for my people. And I’m not inclined to trust some our human supporters with this information because they’ve been moderating on their loyalty. They can’t make up their bloody minds.”


“How can we trust you? You’ve pretty well worn out the welcome wagon with us especially with that assault on our dream world not long ago.” Sam said.


“Okay this is how it is, we can’t use the stakes and we can’t keep them, they’re poison to us. We know where they are, who has them, and why, I can put you on them.”


“I heard a ‘but’ hanging in the air.” Dean said entering the conversation.


“The only but laddie is that you get rid of these things, they’re death to angels and demons it would seem. We have a rogue follower out there making bullets out of these damned things and the fucker could use them on us as easily as he could angels. Am I getting through to you now?” Crowley said his patience wearing thin.


“So you need our help…” Theo said expansively.


“Bright boy.” Crowley said unimpressed. “Actually yes, there are not many hunters I’d trust with this information, but well, even if checkered, we do have a history.”


“What do you think you could do to make us or have us take you at your word?” Dean asked incredulously.


“Just this, check out Whitfield County in Georgia, that is as close as we can safely get. We’re keeping an eye on his movements but he seems to be settled for the time being.” Crowley responded.


“Theo?” Sam asked. Suddenly with a nod the angel vanished and was gone about a minute before returning looking flustered.


“It would appear that Crowley may be onto something here. There’s a power signature coming from that area that is ominous in its strength.” Theo elaborated.


“IF and it’s a major ‘if’, we do this for you what do we get in return aside from possession of the stakes?” Dean asked.


“I’ll back off; I keep my fingers out of your business so long as they do not touch anything directly connected to me. Fair enough.” Crowley offered.


Dean stepped forward then and bent down at face level to the demon. “Want to seal the deal? We get the stakes, you back off. You betray us and we loose the equivalent of hellhounds on you. Fair?”


Crowley actually had the good grace to flush and he extended his hand. “This is a deal I can seal with a handshake; our kisses are reserved for sealing demonic deals.”


Dean took his hand and clasped it firmly. “Just so you know, we aren’t playing, you fucked with my mind pretty bad not long ago with making me relive the memories of hell. I’m still having nightmares about that, albeit drug controlled, but they are still there and on the edge of consciousness.”


“I know, I acted rashly then and loosed something that had more power of control than I had the right to use. I nearly paid the price for getting Nox to intervene and cause those problems, so I’m well educated. You’ll get a square deal from me on this I promise.”


“We’ll get our game plan together and make preparations for this trip today. We will contact you when the stakes are in our possession.” Dean offered. Crowley nodded and then vanished.


Dean turned to Theo and Sam. “Gentlemen we have a hunt. And the game is prime.”

“Dean that signature I was picking up was pretty intense, I don’t know if I can get that close to it.” Theo admitted.


“You can’t.” Castiel confirmed appearing at his elbow. “The power from one of those stakes is enough to cause us to feel uncomfortable; a dozen of them would be like being in the room with a basket of snakes, that’s why they are kept in a lockup that only the Archangels are permitted to enter.”


“Which means either it was an archangel who stole the goods to start with or an angel who is now dead from exposure.” Sam commented. Castiel nodded solemnly.


Silently they returned to the table, offered something for Castiel who took a glass of wine and finished their meal in relative peace. It was after that, the war planning started to break out.


“Question Castiel, had Gabriel been revived?” Dean asked.


Castiel thought long on that, “Not that I have heard of. Why do you ask?”


Dean sat back in the living room now contemplating, “because he would have the most to gain from the theft.”


“Would you care to explain that a bit further?” Castiel asked casually.


“Simple, Gabriel has no love lost for Lucifer, though at the same time, he seemed to admire the angel that was in Lucifer.”


“Yes go on.” Castiel said.

“Well, he’s also had a few run-ins with us mortal type folk, and especially with us as a trickster. Oh yeah I trust Gabriel as far as I could pitch the bastard.”


Castiel shook his head slowly, “Gabriel had some good points around his puckish nature.”


“More like fuckish.” Dean pointed out to Castiel. Dean groaned and stretched then sat forward. “May as well go and pack a duffle, looks like we’re going on a treasure hunt.”


Castiel looked at them carefully. “You are hunting some that is invaluable, take great care with these weapons once you have them in your possession.”


“You seem to think that we aren’t being played with on this.” Sam commented.


Theo shook his head solemn as an old preacher, “Not this time Sam, I can go with you for a while then I’ll have to back out. Even after you’ve retrieved the stakes and got rid of them I’ll have to avoid you directly for a short time.”


“What are you on about?” Dean asked.


“Those stakes radiate and their resonance can be carried on the bearer, you’ll not notice anything, but for at least the first week after you get back you’ll be poison for me to be around.” Theo said sadly.


Dean and Sam looked at each other then at Castiel, “Are there any precautions we can take handling these bits of shit.” Dean asked plainly.


“Seal them in a chest of wood, oak would be best, handle the actual stakes as little as possible. I will do what I can when you return to clean you.”


With that Castiel was gone, Theo was sitting by, and the mood in the room was somber. Dean looked around a moment and then to Theo, “Are you certain about the effects these stakes will have, I mean I’ve held one and they don’t seem anything special.”


Theo shook his head puzzled for a moment, “That’s just it Dean, we, Castiel and I are going on information we have had passed down to us. Hell it may be no more than a silver spike, but if there’s a chance we could be right about these, well I’d just as soon know ahead of time.”


Theo looked out the picture window a moment longer then said to no one in particular.


“Well this means I can get some more work done on the Shelby.”


Sam who was sitting on the couch with him reached over and ruffled his hair. “Hey don’t be too down, we’ll get these bastards and get them back here as soon as possible, or at least get them safely disposed of.”


Theo nodded then leaned into Sam, not saying anything but in a bit of a funk because of these limitations. Finally they’d waited long enough; the stakes would find themselves so it was up to them. Wearily Sam and Dean got to their feet and went to load up their respective duffels. They packed light for a change and then tossed their respective duffel bags into the living room next to the door. They looked at Theo and then at the door.


“We’ll be careful. Hell you can go with us most of the way so why not pack a kit bag?” Sam offered.


“It’ll just make parting that much harder.”


“Theo it’s not like we’re going to die.” Dean said quietly.


Theo looked at him sadly. “I know, you don’t intend on it, but after 30 years, I’ve learned not to trust in quirks of nature. I realize that each time we go out could very well be our last time together. I just look on the bright side of the situation and try not to focus too heavy on the negative aspects.”


Dean bent into towards him and kissed him soundly, with deep assurance and with longing as well. He pulled off and Sam took his turn and after a moment they parted.


Then Dean looked at Theo. “Get your kit bag together you’re going with us whether you want to or not.”


“Dean!” Theo started.


“Nothing doing, get your damned kit bag, I want to put some miles on tonight. And I sure as hell can’t do that sitting here pining. Now go on, pack up.”


Laughing Theo gave in and walked to the back of the house and packed up a small kit bag. Then just as he was getting ready to walk back up to the found his path blocked by Michael.


“You’ll need something little brother. At least something that will protect you.” Without asking and without waiting, Michael placed both hands on Theo’s head, the young angel rose up on tip toes as the current cycled through his body and out his toes.


“That won’t give you the protection I enjoy, but it’ll go a long way in seeing that you can get within hailing distance of these objects.” Michael acknowledged.


“Michael, has Gabriel returned?” Theo asked now curious.


“Let us hope not.” Michael said quietly and vanished.


Theo walked back into the living room. He told Dean and Sam what he was told. They quietly got in the Impala and left the neighborhood. Sam catnapped while Dean drove until finally Dean had reached his limits and he poked Sam, they switched out and this time Theo took a brief nap only to be signaled by Sam, so once again they switched out. By dawn the following day they were well into Colorado and on their way south towards the peach state of Georgia. Dean was into the second shift of driving when he finally broke down and pulled off the interstate and got them a room at a Days Inn.


“Got to give my baby a break.” He said lovingly caressing the car’s hood.


In the room they stripped down piling their clothing up into a small mound then all three took turns in the showers getting two days of road sweat washed away. When they came out it was still early afternoon and they weren’t really tired enough to sleep, but they did luxuriate in an embrace before they decided to dress to grab a bite of lunch. The hotel had a small restaurant and they availed themselves on it and ate well, then returning to the room, Dean grabbed up the arm load of dirty clothes and headed towards the hotel laundry facilities. He was joined by Sam and Theo and they talked shop while one of them always kept an eye on the area to make sure they weren’t interrupted. After the clothes dried they went back to their rooms and repacked their bags with the clean laundry.


Finally Theo could stand it no longer. “I’m going to check out the situation a bit closer now.”


“Discretion.” Dean warned.


Theo nodded impatiently and vanished. He was gone a bit longer than the last time and when he finally returned he had a perplexed look on his face.


“At least I have a city, Rocky Face, between Dalton and Fort Oglethorpe.”


“You don’t like it?” Dean asked.


“I was able to get nearly a pin point location this time, there’s nothing being done with them. They ‘re just sitting there.” Theo said sitting back on the bed.


“That’s weird, you would think that someone would have a major crucible going right now melting them bad boys down into bullets.” Sam noted.


“May be they’re taking some time off from work right now. Lag time while possibly waiting on someone.” Dean said uncomfortably.


“I don’t know.” Theo looked at them nervous. “Guys just being that close gave me a case of the shakes.”


“Are you sure you can make it all the way in with us?” Sam asked.

“Yeah, they’re just an anathema to me in quantity. Why they were created I’ll never be able to figure out.”


Dean got up from the easy chair he was sitting in and sat down on the bed next to Theo with Sam on the other side. “I know what I’ll never be able to figure out.”


“What’s that?” Theo asked.


“Why you so damned ticklish.” He said suiting actions to words and soon had the young angel in near tears from laughter.


“Sorry guys but we’ve been taking ourselves way too seriously lately. It was more than high time that we kicked back and relaxed.” He pulled Theo to him in a tight hug, with Sam snuggling up from behind.


They meshed like this enjoying each other’s company for the time being, no thought given to sexual play yet. They started unbuttoning shirts and pulling them off carefully, then did the same with their trousers. They lay back on the bed, watching the evening sun glow on the distant horizon as it was close on towards setting for the evening.


Sam started the trails of kissed down the nape of Theo’s neck, across his shoulders and down his back. Theo bowed with the attention, and then Dean started slowing doing the same thing to his face and hands, his neck and shoulders, down his chest until they were each at his waist. They kissed and nibbled now, enjoying him like a fine banquet but never quite giving over themselves to succumb to all the treats of the feast. They each worked down a leg until they reached his feet where they worked that area thoroughly, kissing, massaging, and loving each inch that they could get to.


Sam got back up to Theo’s rear end with Dean at the front end and they started working on the erogenous targets there, starting with balls and ass until they gave in and while Sam was thoroughly rimming Theo out Dean started to suck greedily on his prick. Theo gasped now as if his moans and groans earlier were not an indication of how well they were working him over this only magnified the sensations as he was plundered and loved. Finally Sam broke contact and grabbed a tube of lube from his bag and started to work on loosening up Theo’s anal connection. He’d got up to three fingers in with Theo groaning in ecstasy and then he replaced his fingers with his dick, taking Theo in a spooning position, but with a twist. Through some deft maneuvering they got Theo’s leg lifted in the air and Sam’s dick was joined by Dean’s and together they fucked the angel gently at first then with increasing vigor. Theo was moaning more lustily now, groaning with each new addition to his bodies trigger points.


Usually they fucked, with vigor, with great vigor mostly, but in times of high tension and stress they were more apt to go for straight up vanilla sex, with all the trimmings, but sans the leather, the whips, etc. And to tell the truth, Theo didn’t mind it, neither did Sam or Dean, it just gave them a pleasant diversion on their path. Dean groaned loudly now as the extra stimulation of Sam’s dick rubbing against his in such an enclosed area was too much stimulation and before he knew what was happened he was bucking and shooting his come up against Sam’s prick was twitching already but feeling the spasm and swelling of his brothers dick against his set him off as well they pumped together until they were well and truly milked out.


Their dicks started deflating slightly when Theo tightened down his anal ring as he started coming. They were a mess, a lovely mess but a mess all the same. And they loved it. They lay in their mass of arms and legs cuddling, kissing, suckling, and enjoying every nuance and every feeling that was there for them.


“I am thoroughly fucked over.” Sam said laughing.


“Oh I’m right there with you bro.” Dean replied laughing as well, Theo just lay there quietly embracing the love and not wanting to let go of the feeling.


“Earth of Theo, are you there?”


“Shut up, I’m enjoying this too much.” He said with a light laugh.


“I think we all are.” Dean commented.


They got up and cleaned up then came back into the room sprawling on whatever surface they could manage for the moment. There was no hurry, no rush, nothing to cause them to run about, just a quiet, easygoing melancholy that bound them all. Sam was the first to look out the window and saw behind the curtains that it was quite dark outside. He checked his watch and noted that it was only shortly after 8pm. So he shook Dean’s foot, which seemed to be the closest part of his brothers body and then grabbed Theo’s arm.


“Food, I crave sustenance.” He mentioned.


“Now that you mention it that does sound good.” Dean noted.


“You two go on, I’m fine.” Theo said basking.


“Oh you’re not getting off that easily.” Dean spouted.


“I never get off easy, but I do get off in style.” Theo said with a silly grin.


“You know what I mean, get your butt up; we can at least sit together even if one of us is not hungry.”


So an hour later found them dressed and sitting in a booth at a local diner waiting with Sam and Dean waiting for the respective meals while Theo was happy sipping at a cola. He finally consented to a salad but that was all he wanted.


“Rabbit food.” Dean said disdainfully.


“Don’t knock rabbits, they have their uses too.” Theo laughed.


Their meals arrived and they sank heartily into their respective plates, Dean’s plate slightly modified from what he usually ate, he opted for a chopped steak with home fries and a Coke, while Sam had the same only with a salad in place of the fries. They ate in companionable silence for a while then Theo broke the mood.


“We need to get an early start.” He mentioned.


“What about 7 or so?” Dean returned.


“I was thinking more along the lines of 5.”


“Five! And why would we need to leave at 5 of the a.m.?” Dean asked.


“I just get the feeling we really need to get there soon.”


Dean sat back and growled a little bit until Theo punched him in the ribs. “Quit your growling, you had fun a little while ago, we’ll be relaxed still by the time we get back to the room and we can catch some shut-eye. We’ll be up early and out of here and soon enough in Georgia.”


“Soon is a good thing.” Sam agreed.


“Soon is a very good thing.” Theo acknowledged. “In this case the sooner the better, we need to get those stakes before they call attention to themselves.”


“Okay Sherlock, you lost me again.” Dean said grimacing.


“They’ll be noticed by someone, someone with greed in their heart.” Theo said almost disjointedly.