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Pint-Sized Prompt Challenge - December 2016

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Warnings: Slight Tony/Gibbs

Fandom: NCIS

Disclaimer: I do not own NCIS. 


Winter Wonderland

Tony wasn't looking forward to their crime scene. Washington D.C. was covered in frozen white crap and he would be the one out in it. He always hated snow.

"Damn." He was contemplating not gassing the truck and staying the fuck inside, with access to hot cocoa and heaters, when Gibbs arrived.

"It's beautiful, isn't it? The first snowfall." Gibbs's eyes rested on the frost.

And damn if Gibbs didn't give him that slight smile, melting his insides.

"'s nice." Tony watched more come down, turning the Navy Yard into a winter wonderland.

Well, Tony always did love the snow.