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Diagnosis Sane

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Diagnosis: Sane

Word count: 666



Louis was sitting on his couch, staring at the untouched beer on the coffee table in front of him. It was getting warm, he either needed to drink it or put it back in the fridge. When Sammo picked it up and carried it back into the kitchen he smiled. Guess he wasn't going to drink it tonight after all.

Sammo returned with a sandwich, a pain pill and a glass of water. “You need to eat and take your medicine. I promised Dr. Travis that I would look after you.”

“Put it on the table Sammo, I'll get to it, I promise.” Sammo did and started to walk away. Louis leaned forward and gently grasped his arm. “Sit with me a while Sammo.”

“There are dishes in your sink. I am here to help you so you won't pull your stitches.”

Louis tugged him a bit closer. “They can wait Sammo.”

Sammo still looked a little unsure, but let Louis pull him a bit closer, eventually sitting down beside him. “What is it?”

“I just wanted to talk is all.”

“About what?”

“Those kids for a let me get this straight. It wasn't the pain killers, I didn't imagine that happening? Those kids really disappeared in a flash of light.”

“It was a portal Louis.”

“Uh-uh. You ever see one of those before Sammo?”

“No, that was the first time I have ever seen them.”

Louis, who had released his arm, rubbed his face, in a tired gesture. His injured arm was in a sling to restrict its movement and hopefully keep him from pulling any stitches. “But you've seen that kind of thing before.”


“Why didn't you say anything about it?”

“It never came up, and you never asked.”

“Does everyone in China know?”

“Not everyone, but many do.”

“Is it something I should worry about? The demons, vampires, and whatever?”

“No. Many demons live their lives like we do. They go to work, raise their families, and pay taxes.”

“And the ones that don't?”

“You are strong. A normal vampire would run away if it saw you fight.”

“A normal one huh?”

“Yes. The older vampires do not mingle much with humans; you will probably never see one.”

“And the other demons?”

“It is rare for them to attack humans. The place where Xander and his friends live is an exception. There are many demons there; it is a place where they are drawn. But even there many just live their lives.”


Sammo smiled. “Was there anything else?”

Louis nodded and reached for Sammo's hand again with his own. “There's a lot Sammo...I don't know how things are in China...but this kind of thing isn't always accepted here. We'd have to be especially careful around other cops.”

“What sort of thing?”

Louis smiled and brought Sammo's hand up to his lips and placed a kiss on the knuckles. “This sort of thing.”

“You have dated many women.”

“And I've been dumped by many women.”

Sammo gripped his hand a bit tighter. “I was married once, many years ago, I cared for her greatly.”

“I've loved women too Sammo.”

“Louis, this sort of thing is even less accepted in isn't illegal now, the law was changed only last year.”

“So you don't want to give it a shot?”

Sammo pulled him closer, careful of his injury, and placed a kiss on Louis' lips. “I want to give it a shot. But you will have to be patient.”

“I'll do my best Sammo, but you should know, I can be impatient sometimes.”

“That is fine, but right now you need to eat your food and take your medicine.”

Louis grinned. “Yes dear...I was hoping you'd forget.”

“No, now eat.”