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I wasn’t sure how it had come to this. I vaguely remembered a cheek kiss, but here we were. Those were definitely my hands on Dr. Park’s sides. The view of his fairly toned frame burning itself into my memory. As were the expressions flitting across his face while he filled the room with pants from my thumb brushing across his abs. They were smooth and heated beneath my touch.

“Dr. Han..” His eyes were wide, bloodshot, and hungry. Hands behind his back tied together with a stethoscope. Something I must have done. His tan legs were spread wide on top of my thighs, his hard cock mere inches from my own.

“ me Jin.” I corrected him leaning forward capturing already swollen lips. Even though I couldn’t remember what had led us here I wasn’t about to deny my own semi hard cock that was pulsing against his thick tan thigh. It took most of my control not to thrust into it as I let my hands roam his naked stomach. In the back of my mind it registered I was still wearing my lab coat and we were in a house I didn’t recognize.

“J-Jin..” The way he said my name had my cock twitching. His soft lips were poised an inch from mine, brown eyes drilling into my soul as he repeated it. “Jin,” Broad shoulders tight with the tension of leaning forward with his hands tied. The anticipation was sending a shiver down my spine. “To-Touch me.” The squirming of his body was oddly mesmerizing as he shifted back again, chest out, wide shoulders a stark relief to his small pert nipples. His legs still spead giving me the perfect view.

Who was I to reject him. Pulling a hand away from his chest an idea struck me as I dug through my pockets. It was Shi-On’s stethoscope around his wrists, pulling out mine I didn’t bother to warm it before pressing it right below his heart beat. I wasn’t sure if it was my own heart pounding in my ears, fast and erratic, or his. The mewl that followed my action shot straight down tightening a coil in my stomach. “Everything sounds good.” I told him looking up into his hungry eyes, I had to swallow as I continued. I drug the cold metal to the other side, free hand caressing the firm muscles of his back. It was becoming harder to breath with the way he was squirming, his thigh rubbing on my cock, and the mewls of pleasure at the coolness of the metal on his skin. It was even harder to resist discovering just how firm and ready his ass was, but I continued my downward trek ignoring the fact the pieces weren’t even in my ears anymore. “Still sounds good…” I paused lowering my stethoscope to his abs, my eyes still glued on his face where there was now an array of facial contortions taking place. I knew he was enjoying this while his principles fought against it.

“Doc…” I stared at my hand and the scope mere inches from his twitching member, my finger brushing the tip just slightly. My lips dangerously close to his neck, I wasn’t prepared when he shifted capturing them and me off guard. Any questions I might have ignored about his consent went out the window. His readjustment had our cocks bumping together, the sensation was enough to have me seeing stars.

“Just Shi-On.” He whispered almost like he had been put off but he was wearing the smuggest expression I’d ever seen on him. Lips plump with abuse, eyes glazed with desire, he leaned just enough forward to land on my shoulder teeth sinking in as he began sucking on the flesh there.

My moans were louder than his as they filled the room. It took more control than I thought myself capable of to toss aside the stethoscope, back onto the bed and safety, and pull him closer slowly. Teasing the friction between us even though it was making it harder and harder to breathe. When the gap closed and my hips couldn’t hold still anymore I was little more than a breathless mass. Our panting breaths were mingling on my chest.

“Ji-n…Mo-more…” He was barely articulate as he demanded against my neck, shoulders filled with tension as he tried to stay steady while working his body in waves against mine. Sending tingling pleasure down my spine at the contact.

The room was filled with quick pants as I worked myself back into order, slowing the frantic thrusting, and pulling the lubricant from my pocket. It was a generic gel we used around the hospital that I always kept on hand, it would do. “Relax…” I knew saying it wouldn’t help but I did it anyway soothing a hand along his back. Our eyes met in understanding as his head lay against my chest, relaxing his muscles as best he could. I could see his hands clasped together behind his back, knuckles white.

“Shi-On…” I looked into his eyes before pulling him into a heated kiss as I began spreading his cheeks, fingers delving in with a doctor’s precision. I knew it hurt anyway so to ease the pain I took his shrinking cock into my hand pumping it in time with my probing.

Time seemed to slow down in this moment, the same way it had when I came to my senses. Everything narrowed down to the sensation of a board chest pressed into mine, soft lips swollen and moving against mine while our tongues danced skillfully. The feel of hot precum slicked flesh in my hand, throbbing with every stroke. While impossibly tight muscles slowly relaxed around my fingers, I could feel the tension easing off of him as I found the right spot. One that I knew was making him see stars as he leaned against me for support unable to do more than pant, mouth open eyes closed in pleasure.

“Jin” The solidity of his voice threw me off as it bounced through the room chasing away the echo of our moans, the hollow sound of my pants in the background. Following his voice he pulled away and I felt the loss even as he thrust back into my fingers. It gave me the perfect view of his raging hard on in my hand, crown leaking over my fingers the shaft barely covered by my palm. It had me licking my lips, mouth suddenly dry for reasons I couldn’t explain. He wiggled his hips just a little, his face contorting in a silent moment of pure sensation as he continued, voice more solid than mine would be I was sure. “Take me.”

He didn’t have to ask me twice. Pulling away I re-positioned myself and him so that his long legs were on either side of my waist. “Slowly..” I cautioned helping him lower his body, his hands still behind his back. “Slo…” I couldn’t finish that thought. The first inch was always intense but this was something else. Watching the look of pain and pleasure flit across that handsome face was breath taking. Something inside me wanted to see it more often. It was only as I was completely inside him that I remembered how to breathe. My hands though had been working with a mind of their own, wandering over the canvas they were offered. Painting landscapes with their caresses of lean pecs, pert nipples, softly formed abs, and the long plain of exposed stomach. The way his shoulders squared and the curve of his neck thrown back was all I could see. Senses narrowed down to just this for the briefest of moments.

Once he was settled the reality of the awkward position came to me, with me practically sitting against the headboard and him with his hands still tied behind him. I was surprised by how easily he took advantage though, strong thighs holding himself up as he looked down at me. It took me a second to understand before I had my hands slowly following the path of his sides to his hips. I relished in the small shivers and tremors of his body reacting to mine. The sensitivity heightened as he struggled to stay upright. It was extremely tempting to give in and roll us over to pound into the heat that was engulfing me. Instead I steadied him unable to take my eyes off the sight offered as he began to move. At first rocking his hips with a look of bliss, that only intensified as I rubbed my thumbs along the V of his hips. Taking things slowly.

I hadn’t been ready when suddenly he lifted himself halfway only to slam back down. My groan sounded foreign in my own ears. He smirked repeating his action with another smug look before losing himself to the feeling with only small whimpers. My hands, his only support as he found a pace that left both of us on the edge.

“Shi-On…god…” It was starting to feel like a mantra as he bobbed up and down. His own lips were closed tightly. I couldn’t take his teasing anymore and thrust up into him in time with the slow pace he had set for us. The moans he could no longer keep in joined my mantra of his name. His head thrown back, chest pushed out in effort, putting it on perfect display. I thrust harder and he began calling my name over and over. The feeling of being inside him as he exclaimed my name was more than I could handle. Picking up the pace I pulled his hips down harder to meet me. Eyes glued to his body. I wanted to mark that tan perfection with the red of my lips. I wanted to leave traces of myself as bright marks while tasting the sweat rolling down perfectly shaped muscles.

I could tell to him it was unexpected when I took back control, but I couldn’t take it anymore. Having been teetering on the edge of sanity too long, the sensations so close to overflowing only for him to hold them at bay with a subtle movement. When his back hit the bed I paused long enough to get my lips on his neck before thrusting back into him hard, my groan right under his ear. The wiggling beneath me was ignored as I lost myself, thrusting with abandon for few seconds enjoying the feeling of being engulfed by delicious heat.

“Jin” His voice was the loudest it had been so far and brought me to halt even in my pleasure induced madness. “Please…” His voice was pleading as was the wiggle of his body beneath mine. I could feel every inch of where we touched as if it were on fire. And I felt guilty looking down into his pleading eyes, his shoulders wriggling as his hands fought their constraint for the first time.

“It’s okay.” I assured him with an apologetic smile, my hands leaving their new found haven known as Shi-On’s thick thighs. Tossing this stethoscope somewhere along with the other I stared down at his deep brown eyes. Taken out of the moment as he pulled his arms up, memorizing the graceful way he rolled his wrists with his eyes on my chest, avoiding mine. He held himself up by his elbows watching me for a second as it felt like time froze again. Maybe this was the end, I really hoped not and my cock pulsed painfully at the thought. Instead of pushing me away though long tan arms pulled me forward into a searing kiss before his finally freed hands began an urgent but unsure exploration.

I hadn’t thought I could get more turned on than I already was without exploding. I’d been wrong. Feeling his uncertain calloused hands moving slowly across my shoulders only to drift down my chest and back had me slowing down again. The sensations were overwhelming but just as I was about to lose it he would do something that pulled me back. Like the quick impress of nails just below my nipple before he drug his blunt nails down my chest drawing quickened pants from my lips. I found myself captive of those touches as he stared in fascination at my face. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from his face as I slowly pounded into him. My heart was fluttering in an all too entirely familiar way when our lips met again in a languid kiss, bodies coming together in rhythm. somehow I found this more maddening than the fast pace of before.

I lost it as our tongues swirled together, his hand tangled in my hair pulling me closer as his other hand rested on my back. Thighs tightening their hold of my hips as I pushed in harder, deeper the connection between us so hot I thought maybe I was melting. With a final thrust I pulled back enough to look into his eyes, foreheads pressed together as I trailed a hand over his stomach heading downward. Loosely I began pumping him in time with the thrusts, understanding crossing his face as I did so. I had never heard my name moaned so fervently as I angled myself hitting the spot that made him moan loudest. I felt the coil in my stomach tighten in response. “Shi-On…” I couldn’t help moaning against his lips before I captured them, my hips losing what was left of my control finally bringing us over the edge we had been skating.

Completion hit me like a truck and I crumpled against him stated. I could still hear our names chasing each other around his flat. It was at this point I hoped his neighbors hadn’t heard. I smiled at him as he lay underneath me panting, our bodies still pressed together. His eyes were already starting to droop and my own were feeling heavy.

“Jin…” His eyes met mine but any words he might have said died on his lips when I kissed them softly. He closed them slowly and allowed me to adjust us. He was already half asleep by the time I had my arms around him. I cleaned up some of our mess with the tissues that were beside the bed, for what I was sure were morning sneezes as it was that time year already. I found myself drifting off as well so I settled back into the bed to figure the rest out later when I would have had some sleep.

When I woke up Shi-On was curled into my side the blankets I had made sure to cover us with now only covering our lower halves. I blinked down at him sleeping peacefully and did my best to recall the events of the night that had led up to this with a little more clarity than the heat of the moment had offered.

We had gone drinking after a long shift, having not even bothered to take off our lab coats as we had expected to be called back. It had been something of a hectic day. Somehow we had lucked out with having the night off as Dr. Cha was working the next shift and found someone else to cover it for him and me. It was a lot less luck and more avoidance on her part and the hospital taking the safe route. Ever since their relationship had ended in a very public ranting session outside of the hospital in their off hours, Dr. Cha had been avoiding working together. The hospital in it’s wisdom also started staggering their shifts to avoid another confrontation.

It had been one of the many topics we discussed in depth at the bar. Both of our abrupt and disastrous ends to our previous relationships had been a consistent topic of the night. After that the details grew a little fuzzy as the drinks started coming in. We had left there to buy a bottle to share, there was a vague recollection of a cheek kiss on the way to his house where we had planned to sleep it off.

I wasn’t sure how this order of events had led to mind blowing sex, but they had. And now I was left to deal with the consequences.

Looking down at the sleep tussled hair on my shoulder and the handsome face of my coworker I sighed internally. What was I going to do now? There were only a few options. I could leave right now, walk away and forget. I could do the adult thing and wake him up to talk about it. Or I could to the adult thing later and run away now. I thought about it a moment before glancing around for the time. I saw 2:00am flashing in bright red from the oven in the kitchen across the little island. If I got up now I’d have four hours until I needed to report in again at the hospital. I thought about it a moment longer.

Shi-On was warm against my side, his breathing even, and my arm trapped beneath him. It took me all of two minutes to steel my courage to move him while praying he didn’t wake. We were expected at the same time. Finding my clothes in the dark had been easier than expected but my stethoscope remained elusive. It didn’t matter that much I told myself heading to the door.

It was with a backwards glance I slipped quietly from Dr. Park’s accommodations towards my own. The image of Park Shi-On’s naked body draped by the comforter he refused to leave on burned into my mind. I had to wonder what he would think when he woke up. I knew he wasn’t as promiscuous as other young men. He had gotten better, much better than when he had started. He wasn’t cured but Dr.Cha had helped him grow enough to sustain a relationship for a year with her. Yet things had blown up when she had done something or taken something in the most childish way possible. I had never understood how their relationship had balanced so well with her temper and her childish nature.

Pushing those thoughts away I settled down for what I knew would be a fitful two hours of sleep. All I could think about while drifting off was the perfectly delectable curve of Shi-On’s hips.