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More than a Chemical Attraction

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Keith tries to curb his excitement, to calm the flip down, but fails.

He knows he should be going much, much slower.  That because Lance agreed to be their boyfriend (and wow how he wants to stamp ‘property of Keith and Shiro’ all over that tan skin so everyone can fuck off) doesn’t mean Lance might want to jump into sex.

But Keith can’t help himself. He touches every piece of Lance that he can reach.  At his face, his shoulders, skimming his hands down Lance’s back to take and squeeze that ass he’s dreamed about for months.

It’s a good butt.  Best butt.  Keith loves this butt.

It fits perfectly in his hands, and Keith kisses Lance, adoring the mewls that escape from him while keeping the Blue Paladin pressed up against him two with handfuls.  Lance’s lips are swollen and Keith has just gotten started.  He pulls Lance’s thighs wider, making sure to grind them together so Lance can feel how affected he is through their clothing.

“You know, Shiro’s the mean one right?” He gives Lance’s mouth a break to suck the collarbones peeking out of his shirt. “I bet he did the exact opposite of what you begged for when he took you.  You screamed faster, and he went slower. Harder, but he fucked you soft.  Didn’t he?  Tell me.”

“Yeah.  He did that.  All of that.” Lance admits breathlessly.  Lance can barely keep his head above water.  Keith’s overwhelming him fast.  

“Shiro is such a bastard like that.  He gets this idea to make the pleasure last, and doesn’t let anything or anyone change it.  Sure it feels good, but most of the time if he’d just give you a chance to focus, you’d punch him.”

Lance laughs a bit at that.  “Yeah, that sounds about right.”    The sound becomes strangled when Keith finally runs his hands under Lance’s shirt.

“You guys are awful.” Shiro murmurs from the wall.  His pupils are big and he’s starting to pant from staying in parade rest. “And Keith is the bossy one.  You better watch out, Lance…”

Keith tugs Lance’s shirt off and eyes the flesh before him greedily, lets his fingers thumb those abs and sharp hipbones.

“Liar, liar, I should set your pants on fire.  Don’t listen to him Lance, I have no idea what he’s talking about. I just make suggestions.”

Shiro eyebrows hit his hairline, “Oh really, so making me stand and watch is just a suggestion?”

“Yeah, if you want me to stop being bitter about you fucking Lance first.” Keith retorts.

The reality of the situation crashes over Lance, clearing his head for a bit.  It’s like the rush of jumping into a pool. 

Keith mouths one of the nipples in front of him and Lance moans higher.  “What, wait.  Wait.  How is really this gonna play out?”

Keith pauses his assault and kisses a trail up Lance’s neck.  “It’ll play out anyway you want, baby.  Unlike Shiro—“ He gives Shiro an ugly glower.  “—I’ll do anything you want me to, especially tonight.  Top, bottom I don’t care.  You wanna fuck me? Great, let me get ready.  You want me to ream you? Gosh, I can’t wait to break you in half.  Just tell me what you want, tell me what you need.”

Annnnd Lance is back to square one, absolutely lost in the arousal that rips through his body violently.  He bits his lip hard at all the possibilities.  “Anything?”

“Anything, and if you don’t want to do anything that’s cool too.” He grabs Lance’s hand intertwines their fingers.  Wetly kisses the back of it, nipping the veins and repeats, “Anything, please Lance…please.”

The hips that move under his give Lance an idea.  He presses their chests together, shivering at how Keith’s clothes feel on his sensitive skin.  He wants them off.  No matter how interesting the way the metal buttons and zippers that catch on his body.  He leans close to whisper what he wants into Keith’s ear. Shiro strains but fails to catch the words.

Keith’s mouth goes slack with lust and when he catches Shiro’s eye…he smirks.  “I will never call you stupid again.” 

“I don’t what to hear that from you Mullet-brain.” He yanks at Keith’s ridiculous jacket. “Off, now.”

Keith complies.  Pulling his jacket and shirt off to toss them on the floor. “Okay, let’s do this.”   He falls backwards taking Lance with him.  The two bounce on the bed a little, Lance resting on his chest while Keith’s legs hang towards the floor. They’re angled so Shiro can have the best view.

And can’t do anything about it.

Keith pushes Lance’s pants and boxers over his hips and works with Lance to kick them off.  Shiro gasps and the desperate sound helps Lance fight the insecurity that threatens to bury him.

Keith grips Lance’s cheeks, spreads him wide, and throws a smirk over one shoulder at Shiro’s flushed face.  “See something you like, Shiro?”

“I’ll get you for this.” Shiro growls darkly because Lance looks so damn pretty stretched open like that.

Keith, being the brat that he is, snickers and lets go.  “Hey, don’t blame me.  Lance is the mastermind here.  Said that you wouldn’t let him even ride you.  What a fucking shame.”

“Because he hurt himself!” Shiro roars. 

Lance buries his face into Keith’s neck at the sound and how was he supposed to know that it would have hurt so bad?  It’s not like people were lining up for him, and not for lack of trying.  Then again, it’s nice that even with, you know, his life in danger, Shiro cared enough about him and—oh

Oh! The realization zings him right in the side of the head like one of Pidge’s gadgets“Lance…want…want you. That hadn’t been the toxin talking… actually, none of it had been the toxin talking from what medical tests said.

“Then you should’ve prepared him better, jerk.”  He gestures to the Paladin in question, “Also, you’re scaring him.  Knock it off.”

“Sorry.” Shiro grumbles.  “I would let you ride me, Lance, I promise.”

“Well, you’re now gonna have to wait in line.” And Keith’s paws underneath Shiro’s pillow for a moment.  Where is it? Awesome, it’s still there from two nights ago.  He pulls the bottle of lubricant and slicks his fingers nice and wet.

“Hey, baby, could you move up for me?  Just a little so I can bite those cute nipples of yours?”

“And you say talk too much.”  Lance mutters, embarrassed, still amazed at how they could want him as much as he wanted them. But Keith wouldn’t lie. He didn’t give enough of a fuck to tell anything but the truth, and Shiro… well, Shiro might feel bad at what they did still? And yet, here he is, moving so Keith gets exactly what he wants.  Keith coos at the discovery of how far Lance’s blush can go, and devotes his time making his red more apparent on Lance’s flesh.

“Maybe, but you make the best noises.” And Lance keens sharply when Keith adds his fingers into the mix.  Scissoring two of them in him, and when Keith accidently scrapes his prostate, the Blue Paladin screams.

“There you are.”  He teases the spot mercilessly, making sure to always leave a finger to dig and play.  “Isn’t he pretty, Shiro? Just like I told you.”

“Beautiful.” Shiro whispers, leaning on the wall behind him.  His legs are starting to shake with the need to move.  This is the worst punishment ever.  To watch Lance squirm and cry only feet away from him.

Lance’s hips jerk, the tension in his abdomen winds tighter at the deep bass Shiro’s voice toned down to, at the stark want in it. He moans a little just looking over at Shiro’s desperate expression, maybe able to believe.

Keith hums and sucks another mark for his claim.  “Say that again, he likes it.”

“Beautiful.  Gorgeous. You open up so nicely.  You’re being so good for Keith.” Shiro rumbles with satisfaction at the way Lance whines in response.

Of course Lance would be weak to praise, he always looks for people’s reactions whenever he does something right.  Well, Shiro forms a battle plan to reward him more often, anything motivate Lance to make that noise over and over.  One of these times it would be so nice to see if they can make Lance come from just talk alone.

Oh, they have so many plans.  Shiro can’t wait to play out Keith’s fantasies in alphabetical order and then revisit their favorites.  Or pry Lance open to make him spill his.

“He is, he is so perfect for us.” Lance sucks in a breath, chest stuttering, and he looks at Keith’s expression, enrapt, at his fingers teasing the inside of Lance’s body, like he literally can’t get enough.

Keith inserts a third digit, a fourth while Lance babbles a combination of their names. “Scoot up more for me baby? Yeah, just like that.  Hold the bedframe.”

The position almost puts Lance sitting on Keith’s face.  His body hunches over as his fists clench tight on any handhold he can find.  Head down and panting, he stares at Keith lost, so lost in the feeling, the pleasure. 

Keith’s eyes flicker up, a smile, a real one, and the Red Paladin guides his new boyfriend into the next step.   Guiding Lance’s cock to his mouth, he swallows the thing whole and curls his fingers at the same time.  

Lance throws his head back and shrieks as he comes for the first time that night.

Keith lets Lance’s cock pop from his mouth, licks the inside of his cheeks and lips.  Not a single drop is wasted.  Pulls out his fingers, Lance wails at the loss, to stroke trembling thighs to soothe the aftershocks.  

You taste amazing.  Next time I wanna string you out for an hour.  Just let you beg and squirm on my tongue.  Maybe let Shiro eat you out from the back.  Trapping you between our mouths with nowhere to go, would you like that?” Keith moans punch-drunk.

 “Mercy.  Please, Keith. Please.” Lance sobs sliding down the bedframe boneless. But Keith has no mercy to give.  Lance just lets Keith manhandle him again over his lap, sitting them upright facing Shiro this time.   

Who’s a wreck.  “I hate you.”   The phrase is slurred and unfocused.  Sweat beads and runs down Shiro’s face as his eyes dart from place to place on Lance’s limp body.

From the red and purple marks (not his) to Lance’s shaking legs stretched wide on Keith’s knees, to the head Keith tucks in the nook of his neck, to the lazy action of Keith tugging lightly on Lance’s pretty, pretty cock, getting him ready for the next event.  Overall, the two make a shunning picture.

Shiro wants to kill them both.  With sex.  Wants the wring them both out relentlessly and show them what happens when you push the Black Paladin too far.

“Your gloves.” Lance grips Keith wrist tightly, unable to decide if that means he wants Keith to stop.  The leather moves unbearably across the tip and Lance shudders when a nail presses into the slit slightly.   “You didn’t take them off?”

Keith laughs rich and dark, “You just noticed?  You seemed like you love them, don’t you?”

“I l-love them.” Lance repeats dazed.  Keith kisses Lance’s jaw at the submissive response.

“I’ll keep them on then. You ready to ride me, baby?”  Because Keith is dying.  Happy to ignore his problem for a while to take Lance apart, but he’s about to burst.  And to not do it when he’s deep in Lance?  Unforgivable.  Oh, and in front of a completely suffering Shiro? Wait. That gives him an idea.

“Hey, Shiro.”  Shiro’s head snaps at his name and the way Keith crooks his finger. “Come here. Lance is tired and needs help with his hips.”

Shiro gets what he implies immediately.  He thunders towards them with purpose and drops to his knees in front of the pair. With a solid, bruising hand on each hip, he lifts and holds Lance up.  Unbalanced Lance lets his arms fall across Shiro’s back and shoulders.  Keith hurriedly unbuckles himself to free his cock, moves to position it right where Keith and Lance so desperately need. 

They both groan at the support when Shiro pushes Lance down an inch, finally, finally.

But, Shiro stops.

“Shiro, you fucking bastard!” Keith screeched, his fingers ripping at Shiro’s, but the man doesn’t budge.  Fine, he’ll do it himself.  He thrusts his upward only to have Shiro, that fucker, move with him, keeping the distance the exact same.   

“What? I’m helping.” Shiro taunts, and lets Lance sink a bit more.  Sucks and laps at Lance’s abs that jump with the way he thrashes.

Lance pleads, begs brokenly, “Shiro, please!  Please.”   Grasping the fabric of Shiro’s shirt as he prays for relief.

“Well you did ask so nicely…” Shiro hums like he’s thinking about it.  Keith wants to stab him so bad, where’s his knife? “Alright, but don’t come yet, Lance.”

And he shoves Lance all the way down to the hilt.  The two sing so sweetly for Shiro, and he loves it, could listen to that song for days.  But maybe another time.  He sets an unforgiving pace, fucking Lance on Keith’s cock hard and fast.  After all they made him wait far too long.  And Keith needs a reminder of what Shiro’s like when he’s been teased insane.  

The Red Paladin loses strength and falls to his elbows, just reduced to watching Shiro move Lance up and down. The man is crying loudly as Shiro worships his chest with teeth and tongue.  Just watching them, finally getting what they’ve wanted for so long means Keith’s not going to last. The situation is completely out of his control and it sucks. He paws at Shiro’s sides pathetically, as he rushes over that edge.

Keith comes on a single breathless scream and Shiro grabs Lance’s cock so he can’t follow him in that high.   

So Lance wails and fresh tears well up, even as Shiro pull him off Keith gently to rest him over his lap on the floor. Shushes that open mouth as he pulls his own cock out for Lance rock on to.

“I told you I’d let you ride me, didn’t I?”  He explains, licking Lance’s wet face.

Instead of thrusting, he grinds Lance in a tight circle, keeping the paladin nice and full.  The motion is maddening, bringing the two close to that edge without giving them release.  Shiro pauses, kisses Lance’s mouth deeply, teasing his nipples and dick as he shifts every once in a while.

Each action brings Lance higher and higher until he helplessly hiccups, “Shiro, are you ever going to let me come?”

Shiro smiles a little sadistically, “Maybe.” 

He looks over to Keith, collapsed and wheezing as he follows them with half-lidded eyes.  He looks put away and wet, and it’s about time he did the same to Lance.  Shiro lets the tip of one finger push alongside his cock appreciating the stretch. Then he loosely wraps his other hand around Lance’s dick.

“Come for me now, Lance.” He orders, sucking a mouthful of skin and bites hard.

Giving in to the demand, the unyielding command, Lance does.

He can’t help it.  He obeys, his moan cracking as he loses the last of his voice.  The arch his back makes is almost painful as pleasure racks his body, Shiro rocking into him stretching out the pleasure further and further.

As he buries himself deep, Shiro pulls Lance against his chest, talks into the shell of his ear while he moves, “We need you, Lance. We need you to be with us. We need to make you happy. Can—can you give us that chance?” But Shiro punctuates the question with a final, hard thrust, burying himself as deep as he can and comes.

The last hit to his spot makes Lance orgasm a second time, overriding his senses. He blacks out.  One thought left in his head.  Are they always going to fuck him unconscious?

Over the next couple weeks as the two corner Lance over and over he gets his answer.

Yes, they are. 

But, all those instances have the best things in common: Shiro and Keith take their time convincing him he’s now part of the relationship—an equal to them rather than an addition or a spice to the bedroom. During training they’re just as hard on him as normal, only Keith pauses to show him more counters, more moves, things to think about. When they sit to watch old movies from Earth, they include him in the choices. When they argue, both appeal to him to solve it. During meals they often put him (or Keith, when the zombie needs more loving) in the middle handing him food, while casually touching his leg under the table.

And Lance gets his breakfast.  The one where Shiro and Keith announce Lance’s new status so nonchalantly. Shiro had one arm draped over his waist, while Keith hogged his hand.  How the stars in their eyes shine for him too.  And they never looked away from his face.  Not once.

“You were right Lance.”

Lance gasps dramatically putting a hand to his chest, “What? Me, moi I was right?  I didn’t catch that. Say it again.”

Keith rolls his eyes, but pushes closer.  "You were right, the best men ARE taken or handicapped.“

Lance feels his face explode, because that was his line once upon a time.  He turns away, tries to hide but Keith won’t let him.  Follows his twists and turns to pepper kisses on Lance’s cheeks, nose and chin.

"And you.” kiss. “are” kiss. “Both.”

Lance glowers, the expression not sticking at all as he finally lets a kiss land properly.

“I guess it takes one to know one, Keith.”

And maybe, just maybe Lance is starting to believe it’s all real, and if he’s absurdly glad for missions with sex pollen, well, no one has to know.