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The greatest prophecy

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Josuke opened the circular metal door of cabin number nine, praying his father and all the Olympians that it wouldn’t make noise. Smoke rose from the damn gadget, that dissolved  into the air of that night – or better saying early morning, after all it was past midnight – of August. The 18th of August, exactly. The eighth anniversary of the defeat of the Titan’s army. This meant two things for Josuke: a collaboration beetween Hephaestus’ and Hermes’ cabins for the fireworks and… well, the party. Party that would’ve been at the beach, party that he had to attend with somebody. Somebody that was over Josuke’s mind for a lot of time but whom he didn’t ask anything yet, damn.

Already a lot of days passed since Okuyasu recieved a sign from his godly parent, Nemesis. He didn’t really understand his half-siblings yet – “Man, those guys are crazy! I just can’t!” – but Josuke knew that he was finally happy after knowing his mother’s identity. Okay, well, there was still the fact of the prophecy and that Artemis’ bow and arrows were stolen, but it could’ve have waited. For Josuke everything could’ve have waited, really, when Okuyasu was simply by his side.

Josuke realized it many weeks ago. Everytime he decided – and Okuyasu followed him too – to not play a round of Capture the Flag when Hephaestus’ cabin was against Nemesis’, but to quickly jump in when they knew they were allies. Everytime they exchanged glances from the table of their respective godly parent while they were having lunches and dinners like to say “hey, we could talk later”. Everytime they were paired during training and beated everyone because of how well they balanced eachother. Everytime they walked on the seaside and Okuyasu pushed Josuke into the water and then followed him too to just have fun. Everytime when, in the heat of learning some new trick, their hands brushed together to pick up the same sword the glanced over. Everytime they sat on the Half-Blood Hill, near the Joestar’s pine tree with their friends, but always looked at eachother instead of the sky.

Everytime, every moment, Josuke felt more in love with Okuyasu. And he was never this happy until the realization hit him.

Josuke knew he wasn’t like the other children of Hephaestus. Many of them were better with machines than with people, unlike him. His father blessed him with the power of repearing every object he touched, and that was enough for him to feel good around his half-siblings. Of course, he liked to work at the forge and to adjust broken swords and spears just with a touch of his fingers, but for how many times he joked with his brothers and sisters during those activities he also liked to buzz around other demigods. He got many friends during those summer days at Camp Half-Blood. But it was different with Okuyasu. He was his best friend, yes, he never hid anything from him… except that he was madly over heels for him. He never felt more scared to say something. What if he said no? What if their friendship would’ve just broke after this? And then, what the hell could Oku see in him?

…Well, his hair were pretty cool and brought many people his feet, but Oku had standards, for the Olympus! What did he had to say?

So he asked help to Yukako and Koichi, that were in a relationship for over a month. Josuke was glad to have them as friends, mostly because Yukako was daughter of the goddess of love herself, while Koichi was the satyr that had the task to get the the Nijimura brothers to the Camp. The son of Hephaestus presented himself in front of cabin number ten, knocking on the door with a “Yukako, please, it’s an emercengy!” and she was so kind to let him in and explain his problem. He ignored the fact that Koichi was there too and he invited him to join the discussion.

The daughter of Aphrodite listened with her hands in her lap, urging Josuke to speak again everytime he got silent and at the end of it all she and Koichi looked at eachother like the answer was obvious. It was the satyr that spoke, though. “Uhm… There’s always the anniversary for the Battle of Manhattan, Josuke. You could invite him to dance or see the fireworks on the beach”. Yukako nodded with energy, answering with a “My Koichi is right as always! I think it’s the most obvious choice.”

Josuke shaked his head. “And what if he says no? I gotta know whats he’s gonna say!”

Koichi looked at the ground, shrugging like to protect himself from an eventual fit of anger. “Well, we all know that if there is somebody that can give predictions about the future at the Camp is… You know who…”

Josuke gave a thin look at him, to then realize who he was talking about.

“Oh hell no!” almost shouted the son of Hephaestus. “No! Not him! I would prefer to be eaten by the Minotaur! May Zeus strike me with a lightning bolt, everyone but not him!”

Josuke would have said more and more things about him, but he stopped the moment he noticed that Yukako was giving him a killer look. The famous shout-at-my-boyfriend-again-and-I’ll-break-your-head one.

And so Josuke got away from Aphrodite’s cabin and returned in the Hephaestus’ one, thinking all night if it was really worth it to go to that prick and ask him something so important. Especially if there was his love life in the middle.

But he had to do it. For Okuyasu.

So he woke up, dressed quickly trying not to bother his brothers’ sleep, and he got out of cabin number nine without making anyone suspicious. It wasn’t cold, after all camp director Kujo could decide the climate in the Camp thanks to the magic barrier that surraunded it and protected it from monsters. That’s why Josuke decided to wear only a pair of short jeans and the Camp Half-Blood orange shirt.

The cave – or the Oracle’s Cave, as he wanted it to be called – was placed at the border beetween the gods’ cabins and the forest where the demigods played Capture The Flag. It was in front of the river that always splitted the two teams everytime a match was played, and it was pretty easy to get to by walking. In five minutes Josuke found himself in front of what at first glance could’ve seemed just a giant rock, if not for the purple colored curtains decorated with a string of golden lyres that covered the entrance. The cave shined of a strange moonlight color, that gave everything a mystical touch, with the fragrance of hyacinth that came from the inside, and the same flower decorated the space surraunding the cave. He knew that place well, the design was handled by the children of Athena and the pratical work by the children of Hephaestus with the help of some demigods of Demeter’s cabin. It would have been more suggestive if it wasn’t for a higly out of tone voice that sang from inside the cave and a bright light that shined from the back of the curtains.

Josuke walked slowly towards the entrance, sighing. Did he really had to? …Yes, he had. Damn it.

He prayed Apollo that his chosen didn’t pass out or start to ramble new prophecies and Josuke called the Oracle.

- …Rohan?

- Give me the thing that I love! Put your hands up make ‘em touch! She’s such a genious!

Josuke refrained from entering and drag the other out, limiting himself to just slam his foot of the ground. He asked himself again why the Oracle’s spirit chose someone as Rohan Kishibe as their host. Couldn’t they just opt for somebody a little less full of themself?

- Rohan, I hate to say this but… Listen, just get out! – said Josuke loudly.

- For the Olympians! – the Oracle groaned. The son of Hepahestus heard some footsteps from the other side of the curtains and, when they opened with a violent movement, he found himself face to face with a Rohan with uncombed hair and pajamas consisting of black shorts and the Camp Half-Blood’s orange shirt – that he loudly admitted to hate because it couldn’t match with anything -, a drawing sketchbook under his arm and a pencil stuck in the back of his hear. He had an IPod in his hand – knowing that technologic devices were higly prohibited at Camp because they could attract monsters – and just an earbud on. Apparently he was listening Applause by Lady Gaga.

- Who dares to interrupt the mighty Oracle in his hour of rest? – asked Rohan with solemn voice, trying to get his best tired face on.

Then he opened his eyes to face a quite bored Josuke Higashikata.

They looked up and down at eachother.

- Oh, it’s you – was everything Rohan said before closing the curtains and trying to get back to do… whatever he was doing.

- Rohan, get back here, I have to ask you… Uh… A very important prophecy.

Rohan reopened the curtains just a little to stick out his head.

- Listen Higashikata, I have no time for this. Get back tomorrow, the Muses decided to bless me by removing the artist block I had for weeks.

- But you can go on…

- Sh, sh, shhhhh! – the Oracle shut him down. – You hear this? It’s the sound of me that continuing what I was doing.

- No, now you listen to me – Josuke interruped him. How could he explain the whole thing? He would have never admitted to need somebody like him for help, he could have swore it on the Styx.

Rohan turned his nose up, then he sighed.

- So? C’mon, I’m all ears. Do you maybe need…

- Don’t say that…

- …My help?

Josuke rolled his eyes, shifting Rohan away form the entrance and getting inside the cave. In the middle a golden brazier that warmed the cave was placed on the ground and projected shadows on the walls. There was a white desk that looked a lot like those in the Athena’s cabin on the right, and behind the brazier an ‘L’ shaped bed was placed, the one that a person could find a psychologist’s office, only purple and and decorated by perfectly embroidered pillows. On the top of the bed, a lot of black and white or colored sketches that showed some moments of the Camp Half-Blood’s routine were hanged up: a sunset on the sea, kids singing in the amphitheater, a victory scene form a Capture the Flag match and more.

- Hey, this is private property! – Rohan complained, following Josuke. – What do you want?

Josuke just sat in front of the brazier, his shoulders facing Rohan.

- A prophecy. Do you really think I searched you just because I wanted to?

The Oracle seemed to think about it just a split second. – No, not at all.

Rohan placed the scketchbook and the pencil on the desk, whistling another song and taking off his remaining earbud, meanwhile Josuke just looked around. Of course he was so pretencious to have such a place where he could live all for himself. Even though, in his defense, it was Apollo that suggested it. And so the cave was decorated with symbols of the god of prophecy himself, such as the swan feather and the hyacinth that Rohan had now in his hands.

He sat in front of Josuke, on the other side of the brazier, and he puffed on both the feather and the flower, to then recite some ancient greek rhymes.

- You said you didn’t like Camp Half-Blood – interrupted Josuke.

- …What? – said Rohan looking up to him.

Josuke sligthly smiled. – I mean, look at how many sketches you did! – and he pointed at the drawings on the wall.

Rohan blinked for two seconds, confused, to then shake his head. – Those are nothing! Just stuff I wanted to try out drawing, some trainings!

- “Hi, my name is Rohan Kishibe and I’m the Oracle!” – started Josuke, squeaking a little. – “I say that I hate Camp Half-Blood but I secretly draw it every day!”

- Do you want this prophecy or not? – Rohan cut him, squeezing the two objects in his right hand.

Josuke laughed a little. – Yeah, yeah, ok!

- Finally.

Rohan started to hum again in ancient greek, throwing the swan feather in the brazier, that immediately disintegrated in front of Josuke’s eyes, a whirl of golden sparks that rose up to the ceiling of the cave. Same thing happened to the hyacinth.

- Uh, does Apollo know you’re burning his dead lover’s ashes? – the son of Hephaestus asked. – I mean, I would be kinda offended.

Rohan, simply, ignored him. He placed a hand on his heart, to then close his eyes. Josuke felt strangely uneasy for a moment, like it wasn’t just them in the cave anymore.

- I am the spirit of Delphi, speaker of the prophecies of Phoebus Apollo, slayer of the mighty Python – announced Rohan, pronouncing every word like he was reciting a funeral. – Approach seeker, and ask.

- Well …

Josuke didn’t really know what to say. He had the chance, for once, to ask everything he could. Counting also who was in front of him right now and what he was going to ask the words just stopped in his troath. He felt a heat rising to his cheeks. He hoped it was just the fire.

- So, how to say this… - The son of Hephaestus swallowed his saliva. – Tomorrow, I mean today, I mean… You know, right? There will be the party, and everyone will dance and stay together and… I wanted to invite Okuyasu to see the fireworks because I realized some things. What will he say? Yes or no? I know it’s stupid to come here just to ask this, but I have to know.

Here, he said it. Josuke lowered his head, clenching his fists. That was really the thing that he wanted to know most in the world, right now.

For some seconds there were no sounds if not the crackle of the fire of the crickets outside, and some monster’s grunt. Then Rohan inhaled deeply, biting his lip. Josuke lifted and eyebrow, a hopeful expression in his eyes.

- So?

Too bad that all the possible answers from the Oracle of Delphi that Josuke tought about were immediately deleted from his mind when Rohan’s laughter resounded everywhere in the cave and surroundings.

The son of Hephaestus never understood why some children of Athena and Ares’ cabins always bought a knife or sword around with them. Now he knew why. Oh, how much he would’ve liked to make Rohan a human colander.

- What’s so funny about this? – asked Josuke, his arms crossed.

Rohan catched a deep breath for a bunch of seconds, waving a hand at the level of his face to make some hair. – It’s just that… I can’t believe this…! I mean, I tought you came here to ask something about the disappearance of Artemis’ bow and…! Ahahaha!

- We’re talking about a serious thing here! It’s about my feelings!

Rohan crossed his hands and placed them on his stomach, still catching some air. He had teary eyes and was still laughing a bit. – Josuke, I’m the Oracle, not a matchmaker!

- But you saw something, did you? – the son of Hephaestus insisted.

- Difficult to say – admitted the Oracle, while rubbing his right eye. If it was for sleepyness or to dry his tears, Josuke didn’t know. – The Spirit of Delphi shows me what is more important for those who ask, but it isn’t giving me signs. Even though maybe…

Josuke leaned forward. – Maybe…?

- You know what did the sybils, Apollo’s maidens? – asked Rohan.

The demigod still remembered something that Joseph said to him when he was younger, but just some glimpses.

- More or less – he admitted. – They wrote the answers on leafes, did they?

- Exactly – said Rohan, standing up with little effort. He got again to the desk, taking the pencil and a pair of maple tree leafes that he stacked in a pile with care. He probably kept them for similiar “emergencies”. He sat down back in his place with calm.

- Yeah, they did, like you said. They wrote the answers here and then waited for the wind and the nature to do it’s job. I think it’s the best way to see how this… prophecy of yours it’s gonna end.

Josuke really wanted to believe the other would’ve helped him without asking anything in exchange, but he was Rohan Kishibe, after all.

- Ok, so, what do you want me to do to pay you? – asked the demigod, curving his back. – Like, I gotta repair you something?

Rohan just shrugged. – Nothing.

Well, now the matter was going places. Very strange places.

- Nothing – reapeated Josuke, like to taste that word in that specific situation. – You want nothing from me.

- Well, yes – admitted Rohan. – You and Okuyasu saved me from that manticore at Broadway, and if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here. This is the least I can do.

- Uhm… Okay then… - said Josuke while scratching the back of his head. – Sounds really fake, but okay.

Rohan took the pencil and wrote something on the leafes, to then show them to Josuke. – On one I wrote ‘yes’, on the other ‘no’. I will place them at the entrance of the cave and tomorrow the one that will get closer to my bed will be the right answer.

Josuke widened his eyes. – Tomorrow? You’re kidding me! I gotta know now!

- The party will start at dinner hour. I will search for you just before that to give you the results. Wait for me at the beach, okay?

- But…

- No ‘but’s! – the Oracle cut him. – You can’t hurry on these things, Higashikata.

Josuke puffed loudly, looking furtively at Rohan . No, he wasn’t right, absolutely not, but the concept had sense. He really had to wait until tomorrow. He felt his stomach suddendly empty, like there was a hole in it.

- I guess – whined the demigod. He got up and walked to the cave’s entrance, Rohan watching him.

- ‘Night, anyway – said the son of Hephaestus, trying to look only slightly tired.

The Oracle didn’t answer, and Josuke could’ve dared to see him genuinely smile before turning around and get to cabin number nine.




The next day the Camp Half-Blood’s routine didn’t really change, apart for a few things.

Josuke woke up with tiredness in his bones and the threat of falling on the ground at every step he took. He stayed up all night watching the ceiling from his steel bunk, hands behind his head. He still didn’t know what to say or what to do, and it was strange even for him, he usually thought of everything he could do in every situation, even at the moment. He would’ve had to improvise once again. And the fact that all of this was because of his best friend made him pity himself even more. “Keep yourself together, Josuke!” was the only thing that his brain screamed at him for all the morning. Even after he got up and went to the bathroom immediately – closing himself in it for twenty minutes, luckily his siblings were used to it – to comb his hair in the usual pompadour, he stared at himself in the mirror for a good chunk of time. – May Aphrodite help me – he whispered to himself before deciding to finally exit the bathroom and give the others some space.

At breakfast camp director Kujo and the other three Heroes of Manhattan – so the five that saved the Olympus from Dio were called, even though Joseph Joestar, Kujo’s grandfather and Josuke adoptive father, wasn’t present – gave a goodmorning speech where they thanked the demigods for their presence and their support, announcing as always that the Camp’s activities would have been sligthly changed to give the kids more liberty. In a few words, Capture the Flag until lunch and then hard partying until the morning after.

Josuke took a sip of fruit juice from his silver cup at cabin number nine’s table, in the dining pavillion, surraunded by his brothers and sisters. At table number ten, Yukako quietly ate her cereals keeping distance from the other kids of her cabin, Koichi by her side, the tiny goat horns that peered out of his hair and the satyr hooves that couldn’t even reach the floor. Rohan was busy eating a mouthful of pancake by keeping the fork his left hand and drawing with his right on his scketchbook, while some children of cabin number seven, Apollo’s, tried to look at what he was drawing by leaning in once or twice, but he looked at them with a bad eye averytime they tried.

Only Okuyasu was nowhere to be seen.

Josuke turned his head to watch table number sixteen, the one of Nemesis’ cabin. A dozen of guys and girls were talking with eachother and with some satyrs too, but the other wasn’t there. The demigod hoped that nothing bad happened to his friend that night.

Then he saw somebody running towards the pavillion screaming a very loud “I’m coming!” and the son of Hephaestus immediately felt his heart less heavy.

Okuyasu arrived at his brothers’ table with the orange shirt a little bit dirty and the jeans kept low, wild hair and too many dark circles under his eyes. He tucked in beetween two demigods and started taking some waffles from a plate in the middle, apologizing to everyone for being late.

- Hey, Oku! – screamed Josuke from afar, waving his hands.

Okuyasu looked up from his plate, a piece of dessert still in his mouth. For a moment the son of Nemesis seemed to think a bit at where to look at, at his food or his friend, but then decided to opt for the last. – J-JoJo! – he said with his mouth full, tripping over his own words for a moment. Was he blushing?

But, for the Olympians, he was really cute with some wild locks of hair that fell on his forehead, Josuke thought. Too cute.

When breakfast was over, the trainers said to everyone that whoever wanted to play a match in the forest should have followed them after taking the equipment in the armory. Josuke and Okuyasu met on the way.

- So, you slept well? – asked the son of Hephaestus, while waiting in the queue.

- Nah – Okuyasu admitted. – not much. Too much noise in the forest.

Josuke felt his back freezing. – Oh, right. So I’m not the only one who heard it, uh?

- Man, it seemed more the sound of a dying cat than anything! Or some monster, I dunno.

Josuke smiled. – Or maybe it was Rohan singing.

Okuyasu laughed, patting his friend’s back. – Could be!

- Can you move? – said a boy from Hermes’ cabin behind them. – You’re next for the weapons and stuff.

Okuyasu and Josuke looked at him first, to then glance at eachother.

- The celestial bronze spear is…

- …Mine, bro!

The ran in the armory next to eachother, while the demigods behind them looked one another.

It would have been a nice morning, prophecy or not.




They didn’t win at Capture the Flag, but it didn’t really matter to Josuke.

After the matches and some other activities, near dinner hour, he looked for Rohan around the Camp to know the leafes’ results, but he didn’t find him. Even Okuyasu seemed to be gone again, and this time he didn’t come back late at the dining pavillion. He asked about the two to everyone: from Tonio Trussardi, the head conselour of Demeter’s cabin, to that quirky undetermined kid, Mikitaka Hazekura.

So he went to the beach, while the sun already started to go down, coloring the sea with purples and the sky with pink shades. Rohan told him the night before that he would have found him there. Josuke let himself fall on the sand. Behind him, at the pavillion, everything already started: the Camp’s demigods and creatures talked with eachother while the satyrs shared the food, and together they danced around the fire where the offerings for Hestia, the goddess of hearth, were burned. Far away, at the amphitheater, his brothers chilren of Hephaestus and the demigods of Hermes’ cabin were settling down the last things for the fireworks. Surraunded by many kids, new and old to know what they would have told them this time, the Heroes were narrating of the quest to Mount Othrys and of the Battle of Manhattan, changing like every year some of the episodes to have some fun.

Josuke’s stomach grumbled a little, distracting him. He would have liked so much to eat something, but he had to stay there and wait.

He heard some footsteps behind him, ligthly muffled by the sand. He turned around to see Okuyasu facing him.

Josuke stared at him, trying more or less to appear relaxed. It wasn’t really the same thing for his friend. Okuyasu seemed too much nervous.

But then the realization suddendly hit the son of Hephaestus: he had to do everything without the prophecy. He didn’t have anymore time.

- Oh, hi! – Josuke greeted him, getting up.

Okuyasu blinked two times, still seeming confused. – What… are you doing here?

Josuke scuffed his shoe on the sand. – Ehm, I was waiting someone.

- Me too – said Okuyasu. He seemed… strange. In everything. His face was too clean and the hair too well brushed to be, well, to be the Okuyasu that Josuke liked so much. He put a hand trough his hair, and Josuke swore he saw them restyling all alone, almost as if they were alive.

The son of Nemesis looked at the ground, slightly biting his lip. Josuke understood very little of why he was acting like this. Did something happen?

- See, JoJo, I wanted to ask you…



- If we wanted to go see the fireworks together?

The answer left Josuke’s mouth as fast as it could. The demigod felt light as the air. He smiled without noticing. Even Okuyasu did the same, his eyes glistening.

- Y-yes! – he bumbled.

- Man, it’s like we have synchronized minds! – commented Josuke.

- Yeah, so cool!

He didn’t need any stupid prophecy, and he was sure of that.

Josuke took Okuyasu’s right hand in his, grasping it and starting to run on the seashore. He knew exactly where he had to go.

- You’re pulling me! Stay calm!

- You wish!

They ran on the beach for a few minutes, distancing themself from the whole mess, while in the already dark sky some lonely star started to spark.

They arrived at the stretch of beach near the forest, just them, nobody else there to bother them. Their hands were still tangled together.

The sat on the shore, the party’s noise still reaching them.

- Sorry if I wasn’t around, – said Okuyasu at some point – but… Uhm… I had stuff to do, yup.

- Don’t worry – said Josuke. – The one that should apologize is me. You really don’t know how much I hid this from you. I mean, the fact that I wanted to see the fireworks with you.

Okuyasu stared at him with his mouth slightly open. – Really? Me too. Why though?

Josuke turned around to meet his eyes, feeling a bit embarassed.

- I was afraid you would have said no.

The son of Nemesis tried not to laugh. – Bro, same! I think you would have just ignored me!

- Oku, I’m your best friend! – said the son of Hepahestus. – I would have said yes, like, a thousand times!

- But you still didn’t ask…

- Right.

They chatted about this and that for a good chunk of time while they waited the fireworks to start. Oku’s brothers apparently increased a lot in his cabin in the last month. From ten to sixteen. He told him about how they welcomed them and Josuke listened to him all along. It was always nice to hear his voice.

The sky, finally, started being lit up with colors and cracklings as soon as the moon appeared, mirrored on the sea. Josuke pointed at the fireworks, and Okuyasu followed with his eyes the show above their heads. Some were simple, others replicated battle scenes and myths.

Josuke remained amazed by them. He didn’t really suggested many designs for them this year, and didn’t even totally helped his sibling making them. He would have complimented them after all of this, he was sure about that.

- They’re beautiful – whispered Okuyasu.

- Yeah – said Josuke, squeezing the other’s hand. – The fireworks.

Okuyasu turned his eyes to see his friend.

But Josuke wasn’t talking about the fireworks. And he knew the other understood that as soon as their eyes met.

- Oh, stop it! – said Okuyasu, pushing a bit the other on his shoulder with his free hand.

Josuke catched it, pulling their faces closer.

- What? It’s the truth!

- You are talking like a goddamn romantic after saying that you were afraid to bring me out to a date, you goof!

Josuke laughed, noticing that on the free hand of the other demigod something was written on the skin with a black marker.

- Uh? – he said, trying to read them. All of them were almost gone.

Okuyasu freezed, yanking his hand away and bringing it to his chest. – T-this is nothing!

- You… wrote things on your hand?

The son of Nemesis sighed.

- Yeah. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to invite you too, but I was afraid. So I went to the others, asked some stuff, and…

Josuke lifted and eyebrow, and then he understood.

- Let me guess, you asked Rohan a prophecy.

Oku nodded. – Uh, yep.

- Me too.

There were merely two second of silence in wich they stared at eachother. Then slowly both their lips curled into a smile.

- I can’t believe this! – Okuyasu laughed.

- And what should I say? They planned everything! – said Josuke, joining the other’s laugh. – And then…

- Yukako helped me with her cool daughter of Aphrodite powers – admitted Okuyasu. – Ya know, the blessing and all that.

The son of Hepahestus nodded. – That’s great. I should have asked too.

- You don’t need it.

Josuke stopped laughing, because, damn it, he told him a compliment. Okuyasu said he was good looking. It was too much for him, he felt his heart almost explode after all those discoveries.

- And what is written on your hand? – asked Josuke, voice low. Their faces were still close.

Okuyasu tried to remember, to then look again at his hand. – Here is ‘keep him’, but I guess it’s…

- Kiss him?

Okuyasu lowered his hand, his cheeks a bright red. Josuke smiled sweetly in his direction.

- Yeah, kiss him.

Josuke was the first to get close. The sea breeze of that night made both their skin cold, bu when he placed his lips on Okuyasu’s ones he didn’t care anymore. The other demigod kissed him back immediately, falling with his back on the sand and still keeping the son of Hephaestus close to him.

They stayed there, on the ground, hugging eachother, the fireworks that still went on above them in the sky, knowing that they finally they had all the answers to the questions they needed. Any monster could’ve simply walked in and they just wouldn’t have cared.

And for a moment no other prophecy existed anymore, if not the fact that they knew that they would have been this close forever.




-  I did my part, so…

Koichi sighed. – Alright.

The satyr handed the metal box full of colored markers to Rohan, that grabbed it immediately like it was the best thing he ever saw.

- Finally! The most expensive markers in America are here, in my hands! – exclamed the Oracle, clutching the prize to his chest. – Ah, yes. Now I’m happy.

Sitting at one of the pavillion’s table, Koichi, Rohan and Yukako observed Josuke and Okuyasu laid on the sand while admiring the fireworks. The plan went on perfectly.

- Don’t lose them, I did everything I could to find them – said Koichi.

- I could never lose them! – answered Rohan, a satisfied smiles gracing his lips.

- Yes, or you would have saw that – said Yukako, enjoying the fireworks. – But in the end I think I would be a better Oracle than you.

Rohan lifted an eyebrow, unimpressed. – And why is that?

The daughter of Aphrodite smiled ligthly. – You said they would have still remained friends, and now…

Rohan rolled his eyes, and Koichi laughed softly.

In the end all three of them were happy with the results. They loved their friends and seeing them like this did nothing but good. At least for Yukako and Koichi. Rohan had only his eyes on the prize, for the moment. But maybe – just maybe – he was happy too.

- Go on, I’m listening – said Rohan.

- Mother keeps telling me this all the time – Yukako admitted. – Love always wins.