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longing: a yearning desire

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Jungkook watched his closest hyung, Yoongi, in awe as he laughed at something Hoseok hyung said. His hyung’s eyes were shining, his rare gummy smile making an appearance.


It was so weird. So unlike his hyung who has always held a stern expression, his eyebrows permanently set in a scowl. His persona intimidating anyone who didn't know him well.


The Yoongi in front of him was a rare Yoongi. A Yoongi that only appeared when he was piss drunk or behind closed doors in familiar company. But his hyung was not drunk as the moment and neither was he in private. No, the Yoongi in front of him was in the presence of Jung Hoseok.


When Yoongi had turned 18 the first words Jung Hoseok would say to him had appeared on his wrist. It didn't come as a surprise since everyone woke up with their soulmate’s first words to them on their wrist the day they turned 18. Of course a person had no idea who their soulmate was until they spoke these words to them and the writing on their wrist turned from a soft gray into a bold black.


Yoongi had brushed it aside, he insisted that it was ridiculous for some “magical force of nature” to decide who he’d spend the rest of his life with. He scoffed when Jungkook, a hopeless romantic, told him the wonders of finding that one person in the universe who was made just for you. (“It’s a capitalist scam Jungkook.” “Hyung that makes zero sense.”)


Needless to say Yoongi never looked forward to meeting his soulmate, he made no attempt to look for him either.


But Yoongi did meet his soulmate. A few weeks ago his hyung has come home from the club well past midnight. He had barged into Jungkook's room rambling incoherently about the club’s DJ who mixed the sickest beats and had the cutest dimples.


Jungkook had initially thought his hyung was drunk but he didn't smell of alcohol and his words weren't slurred.


Jungkook had asked him who he was talking about and his hyung just threw himself on Jungkook's bed bringing his arm up above him to gaze at his wrist.


That's when Jungkook knew his hyung had found his other half. His soulmate.


Yoongi and Hoseok had remained inseparable since then, falling together with such ease despite being complete opposites.


While Yoongi was guarded and cold, Hoseok was inviting and bright.


While Hoseok was reckless and impulsive, Yoongi was attentive and responsible.


Yoongi helped ground Hoseok. Hoseok kept Yoongi from falling too into himself.


They truly were made for each other.


Jungkook was incredibly happy for his hyung.


He wanted to be nothing but happy. The problem was Jungkook longed for what Yoongi had and he knew he would never have it.


On his 18th birthday Jungkook had woken up with a blank wrist.


He laid in bed shocked, closed his eyes and opened them again. Maybe, he thought, it was just a bad dream. Maybe he would wake up and the writing would be there. It was all too real though. His mom came into his room wishing him happy birthday and asked to see his wrist. He wordlessly showed her his wrist. It was still blank.


She had gasped quietly, in shock. She brought her hands up to cover her mouth, tears welled up in her eyes. They both knew what this meant.


The first words a person’s soulmate will say to them appears on their left wrist on the day of their 18th birthday. Unless, of course, their soulmate has passed away.  


His soulmate was dead.


Jungkook had cried for hours. Mourning a person he had never met. He felt and certain emptiness in his heart that was so unbelievably painful.


Since it was his birthday his friends and family all wanted to celebrate and wish him well. Jungkook just wanted to grieve in peace. So he suffered quietly, wondering how and when his soulmate had died. What his soulmate had been like.


It was strange, feeling so much pain for someone he never knew and would never know. The day passed with only his mom coming to check on him every few hours. It was around nightfall when Yoongi hyung had quietly knocked on his door. He went in without waiting for a response. He didn’t say anything but Jungkook was sure his mother had told him what had happened.


His hyung had helped him get through that night.


Since then Yoongi had continued to insisted that Jungkook didn’t need a soulmate, but seeing Yoongi interact with Hoseok, Jungkook knew that his hyung was wrong.


He felt pity from his hyung that wasn’t there before. He hated it. Everyone always felt bad for him when they realized his fate. For this reason, he had taken to wearing a watch around his right wrist. He didn’t need those looks of pity and especially not from his hyung.  


So yes, Jungkook was happy for Yoongi hyung but it seemed like everyone in his life had been paired off. He couldn’t scroll through his feed on social media without seeing pictures of wrist’s marked with terrible one liners followed with a sappy comment like ‘I found her’ or ‘My other half.’


Yoongi had been the last person in his life that had not found his soulmate yet.


It had been three years since he found out his soulmate was dead. He had come to terms with that. It still hurt though. It hurt a great deal. There were nights when he’d wake up in cold sweat, reaching out for someone that wasn’t there.


On nights like these he would search for articles online, looking for an explanation or a solution. The articles claimed that it was biological, a person’s longing for their soulmate intensified when they passed away. Every cell in a person’s body aching for their touch, their warmth, their comfort.


Jungkook would never have that.


He had tried dating before. Those relationships lasted only weeks. People were always searching for their soulmates, settling for casual hook ups until they found them.


Jungkook was not one for one night stands or quick encounters in run down bathroom bars. He craved for something only a lover could offer.


He smiled and told everyone he was fine and he was; to an extent. He had just started his senior year of college, his grades were good, he had plenty of friends, his career prospects were good.


He was happy but that underlying feeling of loneliness was a constant.


He just had to learn how to live with it.


“Hey Jungkook! Do you want to go?” Yoongi hyung’s brash voice startled him.


“Go where hyung?”


“Ah! You weren’t paying any attention were you?” he chastised. “Hoseok has a dance recital later today and he invited us.”


Jungkook wasn’t really in the mood to go anywhere but home. It was one of those days when the pain was just a little too much. Hoseok was bouncing in his seat with enthusiasm, an eager smile on face. This was important to him, and Hoseok was important to his hyung so he had to go.


“Of course, I finally get to see you dance Hobi hyung.”


Hoseok jumped out of his seat in joy. “Yay, we should go soon, I have to get ready and all that.”


They threw away their empty cups as they made their way out of the coffee shop.  


“You’ll enjoy it Jungkook, maybe I can even convince you to dance with us some time?” Hoseok questioned, looking sideways at Jungkook.


There it was. Yoongi hyung had told Hoseok that Jungkook used to dance. His hyung has been trying to get him back into it for the past couple years but Jungkook felt no inspiration anymore. He used to love dancing, in high school but had lost all motivation when he started college.


He did miss it but whenever he stepped into a practice room something felt off. So he had stopped dancing all together.


It had nothing to to with the loss of his soulmate, or at least that’s what he told his hyung.


“Thanks for the offer Hoseok hyung, but I don’t dance anymore.”


Hoseok threw his arm around Jungkook’s shoulder as he led them to the parking lot. “The instructors are very nice Kookie, even if you suck.”


“Hey! I don’t suck,” he pouted, knowing it was his hyung’s weakness.


“Ahh you’re so cute but please think about it will you?” Hoseok pleaded, pinching his cheek.


Jungkook conceded, “I’ll think about it.”


In just a few weeks Hoseok had become Yoongi 2.0 in babying Jungkook.




When they arrived at the venue Jungkook was surprised to see how big and fancy it was. Apparently Hoseok wasn’t kidding when he said it was kind of a big deal. Hoseok got them really good seats before running off to get ready back stage. It was still a bit early so the theater wasn’t completely full. People were trickling in slowly.


“So, Jungkook.”


Jungkook groaned knowing what was coming. “I’m fine hyung.”


His hyung gave him The Look. “Sure you are. You didn’t say a single word on the car ride here.”


“I’m tired.”


“If you didn’t want to come you should have just said so. Hoseok would have understood.”


“I’m fine,” he said a little too loud causing people to turn to look at him. He bowed slightly in apology and they tuned back to their own conversations appeased.  


His hyung didn’t say anything for a while and Jungkook stared straight ahead at the staff hurrying to prepare the stage for the event.


He missed that. The rush before a show. The sense of urgency everyone felt as they tried to make everything perfect.


“Is this about Hoseok?” Yoongi finally asked.


“Of course not.”


“I haven’t had a chance to really talk to you about it, things have been pretty hectic since I met him.”


“It’s cool.” Jungkook knew he was being difficult but his hyung was right.


Yoongi sighed in defeat, “I’ve always said all these bad stuff about the soulmate thing. I was wrong. Hoseok means so much to me and although it’s only been a few weeks I couldn’t imagine living without him. So I’m sorry Jungkook. I’m sorry for your loss and for dismissing your feelings for this long. You have every right to grieve, your sadness is valid but you’re strong Jungkook, and you’ll be okay.”


“Thank you hyung, those were some really warm-hearted words, I didn’t know you had it in you,” Jungkook joked, trying to hide how much those words effected him.


Yoongi let out a startled laugh, “I’m serious you brat.”


His hyung was always taking care of him. He always knew exactly what to say to make him feel better. “I’ll be okay.”


Before his hyung could reply the lights dimmed, signaling the start of the show.

They both tuned towards the stage, saved from having to spew more emotional baggage in public.





The first act was a fast pace electronic piece. The dancers moved in quick synchronized movements. It was really beautiful.


The following performances varied from traditional to modern to something in between.


Jungkook felt lighter after his short talk with Yoongi hyung and was actually enjoying the show.


When Hoseok finally went on stage he was joined by his dance crew.


Yoongi smacked his arm in excitement. “There he is,” he whispered as if Jungkook could miss him.


The performance was amazing. The loud hip-hop beat resounded throughout the theater. Hoseok was truly stunning. He was sharp and precise with his movements, his limbs moving as if he were boneless.


“That’s my Noodle Boy.” Jungkook heard his hyung whisper in awe.


When the performance was over, his team received a standing ovation.


His hyung cheered Hoseok’s name loudly making said boy cover his face in embarrassment. He was smiling though, no doubt enjoying the attention.


The crowd settled as Hoseok’s crew finished bowing and the curtain fell.


Jungkook looked at the program they were handed earlier. There was one performance left. It was a solo by Park Jimin.


Park Jimin. It was such a common name but something about it made Jungkook’s body thrum in anticipation.   


The lights went off leaving only the exit lights lit. The crowd immediately went silent as the curtain rose again. Park Jimin was kneeling at the center of the stage, a giant spotlight focused on him. His head was bowed, dark hair covering his eyes. He was completely motionless other than his soft breathing.


The music started suddenly startling Jungkook out of his concentration. It was a soft instrumental piece, the gentle melodies echoed though the theater.


Park Jimin stood gracefully, following the music fluidly, his lithe frame carrying him across the stage. As the song progressed his presence grew, it was captivating.


He spun and jumped, his lose white dress shirt spiraling around him, the ribbons on his sleeves flowing through the air. His fitted black pants clung to his thighs, showcasing the strong muscle underneath them.


The music picked up speed, and so did his movements, they became almost desperate, vulnerable.


Everything melted away, his worries and the pain, until all Jungkook could focus on was the dancer in front of him.   


The music ends too soon and Park Jimin falls back into a similar position than when he started except his head was thrown back, his breathing labored.


The audience stood in applause, some people called out the dancer’s name, probably his friends and family.


Jungkook remained frozen in his seat as he stared at the boy in front of him. He was breathtakingly gorgeous.   


He was bowing now and waving shyly at his friends in the crowd. His eyes disappearing with his smile making Jungkook’s heart stutter.


Park Jimin’s eyes swept across the audience and Jungkook’s breath hitched as those warm eyes met his. What was only a couple seconds felt like minutes.


The curtain fell and Jungkook blinked as the sharp lights of the theater turned back on. People began buzzing around him, as they made their way towards the exit but Jungkook stayed rooted in his seat.


What was that.


“Hey kid, Hoseok asked us to go find him backstage, he wants you to meet the crew.”


“Uh, sure,” Jungkook would have protested but he was still in a daze. He wordlessly followed his hyung as he led them through some doors and corridors.


When they found Hoseok the man threw himself in Yoongi’s arms. Yoongi gushed about how well he did and Hoseok laughed, thrilled.   


They were lost in their own world.


Jungkook took that opportunity to excuse himself needing a moment to himself. He asked Hoseok where he could find the bathroom and the boy pointed down the hall without breaking aye contact with Yoongi.


Jungkook made his way down the unfamiliar hall. He stopped suddenly when he caught sight of a familiar face coming out of a room in front of him. It was Park Jimin.


He looked even more striking up close. His cheeks were a rosy pink probably from rush of the performance earlier. His eyes were a deep inviting brown. His lips were plush and full, Jungkook wondered if they were as soft as they looked. He also appeared shorter than he did on stage, but that was probably attributed to his baggy choice in clothing. He had changed into a pair of sweats and an oversized hoodie. His tips of his fingers poking out of his sleeves.


Jungkook’s heart tightened in his chest as the dancer looked up at him.


He blinked at Jungkook in surprise.


“Holy shit, you’re beautiful.”


The boy gasped eyes going wide.


Jungkook realized he had said those words out loud, “Oh my God! I’m sorry that was inappropriate.”


Park Jimin did not reply as he continued to stare up at him in shock.


“Okay, uh, I’m going to go now, sorry again!” Jungkook stammered as he turned to make his escape, stumbling slightly. His face burned in embarrassment; his usual cool and smooth character evaporated around cute boys.


Jungkook was stopped by a soft hand wrapping around his wrist. He looked at Park Jimin in confusion. The boy’s eyes had gone red and he looked like he was about to cry.


Jungkook was incredibly puzzled but he also wanted so badly comfort the other boy.  


Everything was so confusing and Park Jimin still had his wrist in a vice grip.


Slowly the boy let go of Jungkook, extending his left arm, palm up. He pulled his sleeve exposing his wrist.


Holy shit, you’re beautiful.


Those were the words written across Jimin’s small wrist.


Oh. Oh.


Park Jimin thought he was his soulmate. That wasn’t possible though, it must be a coincidence.  


Jungkook brought up his blank wrist for Jimin to see, “You must have the wrong person,” his voice cracked, “I don’t have a soulmate.” The words felt false.


Jimin didn’t spare his wrist a glance. His wide eyes remained locked on Jungkook’s face.


Although Jungkook wanted to run and hide in shame, he couldn’t make himself turn away.


Just then a guy, around their age popped his head out of the room Jimin had exited from. “Jimine, is everything okay? Weren’t you going to the bathroom?”


Jimin turned to look at him making some gestures with his hands. They boy gasped and looked at Jungkook before making some gestures back.


Oh, sign language. They were speaking in sign language.


It hit him suddenly that Jimin hadn’t spoken a single word to him throughout their entire interaction.


The other boy had retreated back into the room and Jimin has staring at him again. The look in his eyes said ‘Do you get it now.’


Jungkook came to a few sudden revelations.


His soulmate wasn’t dead. His wrist was blank because his soulmate doesn’t speak. Park Jimin was his soulmate.


This beautiful boy in front of him was his soulmate.


They reached out for each other at the same time.


Jungkook brought the smaller boy into his chest and held on tight. It all felt surreal but it was in fact real, this was really happening.


Jimin tucked his head under his chin, his soft breath was warm against Jungkook’s neck. It felt like home.


“I thought you were dead,” he chocked out in disbelief. “I was so stupid, I never thought--”


Jimin looked back up at him and brought his small hand to wipe at the tears Jungkook hadn’t realized were falling from his eyes. Jimin’s presence was more reassuring than any words anybody had ever said to him.


Jimin rubbed soothing circles on Jungkook’s back as he cried. They stood like that for a few minutes, Jungkook’s quiet sobs echoing through the empty hall.


Jungkook was too overwhelmed with emotion to feel embarrassed about his blotchy face or puffy eyes.


Jimin pulled himself out of Jungkook’s hold after a while to reach for the phone in his pocket. He typed for a few seconds before handing it over to Jungkook.


What’s your name? It read.


“Jeon Jungkook,” he said before handing Jimin back his phone so he could reply.


I’m Park Jimin.


“I knew that already.” He said as he wiped his tear streaked face.


Stalker!!! Did you come look for me backstage?


“Your name was on the program and my hyung invited me back here!” Jungkook defended himself, face flushing red. Why did he keep embarrassing himself in front of his soulmate?


Jimin laughed and damn if that wasn’t the most beautiful sound he’s ever heard.


I know. I’m just kidding, I noticed you out there in the crowd today. Before the curtain fell, I saw you but I could also sort of sense you in the audience as I performed. I mean I didn’t know it was you but… I don’t know!!! I guess it was the soulmate thing huh? You just stood out.


“Or maybe I’m just that hot,” Jungkook joked wanting to hear Jimin’s laugh again.


Jimin giggled shyly, which was even cuter.


You are pretty hot, soulmate. I can’t believe you’re mine.


Jimin looked up at him suggestively and Jungkook spluttered, his temporary confidence gone.


I’m just kidding you look 13.


Jungkook gasped, “I’m 21!”


But you’ve got a baby face.


Jungkook read Jimin’s response as the smaller boy reached up to poke one of his cheeks.


“Says the boy that has to stand on his tippy-toes to reach my face,” Jungkook shot back.


Jimin smacked his arm.


Low blow.


“Not as low as you.”


They both burst out laughing.


Jungkook was surprised at how easy they fell into friendly banter with each other. They had just met but it felt as if he’d know Jimin his entire life.


Jimin reached out for his phone and typed something really quick.


I’m your hyung by the way.


This wasn’t surprising. Jimin didn’t really look much older than him but he had a certain maturity about him that gave it away.


“Jimin hyung,” he tested out the words.


So you thought I was dead?


Jungkook winced, realizing his soulmate was alive after all these years was elating but also jarring. He could hardly believe it.  


Jimin started typing something out in his phone again. He lasted longer this time and Jungkook waited patiently, admiring Jimin’s cute look of concentration.  


Jimin handed his phone over after a few minutes.


Everyday I woke up I hoped I’d meet you. Even on my toughest days when I thought everything was hopeless I was able to smile because I knew that one day I would see your face. I’ve seen people around me find their soulmates and fall in love. It’s such a lovely thing and I was comforted by the fact that I would have that one day. I’m sorry you though I was dead Jungkook. I can’t even imagine what that was like. I’m not going to apologize for being mute because I’ve done that for a majority of my life and I’m not sorry anymore. I am sorry though, for all the pain you’ve been though for the past three years. I’ll take care of you from now on, if you’ll let me.


Jungkook read Jimin’s message once and then twice. Tears threatened to spill from his eyes again but he blinked them back.


“You really don’t have to apologize for anything Jimin hyung. I shouldn’t have assumed you were dead because of my blank wrist. Also, the answer is yes, I’ll let you take care of me if you’ll let me do the same for you.”


Jimin nodded, tears of happiness finally falling down his round cheeks.  


Jimin reached for his hands to intertwined their fingers. He leaned into his chest and looked up at him expectedly.


“What?” Jungkook asked, blinking at him in confusion.


Jimin looked like he was about to reach for his phone but thought better of it. He simply met Jungkook’s gaze before flickering his eyes down to look at his lips and then back to his eyes, as if to say ‘Aren’t you going to kiss me dumbass?’




Jungkook slowly closed the short distance between them. Jimin’s lips were soft and warm and the kiss was slow and sweet.


Jungkook grabbed Jimin’s waist pressing the smaller boy against him. Jimin gasped, lips parting allowing Jungkook to deepen the kiss. He brought his hand to the back of Jungkook’s neck pulling him down a little more to accommodate for their height difference.


They finally parted after what felt like hours of kissing, both slightly breathless.


“Would a 13-year-old kiss like that?” Jungkook whispered into Jimin’s ear.


Jimin laughed, pressing his forehead against Jungkook’s.


At that moment Jungkook felt so much love for the boy in his arms. He wanted to learn everything about Park Jimin. He wanted to spend a lifetime hearing him laugh, and watching him dance, and seeing him smile.


He wanted to spend his life with Jimin.


Seeing the look of adoration in Jimin’s eyes, he didn’t need words to know that Jimin felt the same way.  

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Jungkook stared down at his cereal as his hyung glared at him from his spot next to the coffee machine.


Their apartment was silent except for the soft hum of the fridge.


“Morning, Yoongi hyung!” he tried.


Yoongi leaned black against the counter crossing his arms, “Where’d you go yesterday.”


“Home?” Jungkook played dumb.


Yoongi looked unamused, “You said you were going to the bathroom but then disappeared.”


“I texted you!”


“You texted me an hour later with some bullshit excuse and then you didn’t come home.”


“I did come home though.”

Yoongi groaned, frustrated.


In his defense though, he had come home. It was just past midnight and his hyung was fast asleep.


Jungkook felt bad for ditching his hyungs at the dance recital the day before but meeting his soulmate had thrown him through a loop.


After meeting Jimin, they had driven to some small coffee shop at the edge of town and talked for hours. They talked about everything, school, work, life, their hopes and dreams. It was so easy to open up to him, to tell him his worries without fear of being judged.


Jimin had told him about how he wanted to be a professional dancer but didn’t know if he was good enough.


Jungkook had told him about how lost he’s felt sometimes, scared of the future.


They both reassured each other, insisting that the other would be fine.


With Jimin at his side, he believed it a little more.


Jungkook hadn’t realized how much time had passed until the old lady behind the counter was shooing them out because it was past closing time.


Neither of them had wanted to go home yet so they had walked to the river bank, hands clasped together. It was Jimin who had reached for his hand and Jungkook nearly pulled back on instinct. 

Having a same sex soulmate wasn’t unheard of but it was rare and was often looked down upon, especially by older people. Jimin didn’t seem to care that about the looks some people were shooting them so he tried to ignore it too. It didn’t matter what those people thought, he’d be damned if they stopped his from showing his soulmate affection in public. 


They had sat on the grassy field by the river. Jimin was tired of typing so Jungkook had talked and Jimin listen quietly, head resting on Jungkook’s shoulder.  


Jimin had looked ethereal under the soft glow the city lights reflecting off the river. Jungkook tried his best not to stare at him the entire time. Unsurprisingly, he failed.


It was late in the night when Jungkook suggested they head home. The hash mid December air had grown colder as the sun set. Jungkook had given Jimin his jacket but his his soulmate was still shivering against him.


It was really hard to part ways with Jimin. Jungkook had an unreasonable fear that he’d wake up in the morning and find that everything was a dream.


Jimin had reassured him, promising that they would see each other the next day. So after making plans to meet in the morning Jimin had dropped a quick kiss on his cheek before leaving Jungkook at his apartment and driving off.


That’s when Jungkook had finally understood what people meant when they talked about butterflies in their stomachs. Except it felt more like birds than butterflies and it wasn’t just in his stomach. His whole body was thrumming with excitement and pleasure.  


That night Jungkook slept comfortably. The longing he’s felt for his soulmate over the years was still there but it was different now. It was reassuring, warm, safe.


The day before had been the best in his life but now his hyung was upset with him for ditching him and Hoseok at the dance recital.


“Hyung I’m serious I did come home. I went into your room to let you know but you were sleeping.”


Yoongi frowned, “I told you not to come into my room without knocking.”


“Don’t worry, I didn’t see anything. Just you and Hoseok hyung cuddling,” Jungkook teased, trying to divert his hyung’s attention.  


“Shut up! We weren’t cuddling, just sleeping.” Yoongi denied. “Hoseok is just really clingy in his sleep.”


“Sure hyung, is that why you’re the big spoon?”


Yoongi threw a hand towel off the counter at Jungkook’s face in retaliation, “Don’t dodge the question. Where did you go yesterday?”


Jungkook sighed, his hyung wasn’t going to let it go. He hadn’t told Yoongi about Jimin yet. He hadn’t told anyone actually, not even his parents. It wasn’t that he was keeping it a secret, he just wasn’t ready.


He was still coming to terms with it himself. It wasn’t just the shock of finding out his soulmate was alive; it was also a bit surprising that he was in fact a ‘he.’


Jungkook rarely gave his sexuality much thought. He had dated a couple girls before, briefly. It was nice but he’d never been in an actual committed relationship.


He never denied his attraction for men but also never really lingered on it. It wasn’t something Jungkook had given much thought to.


As much as he wanted to be in a relationship, he had never found the right person. Until now of course.  


He wasn’t exactly scared to come out to Yoongi because he knew he wouldn’t judge him. He was just a little nervous.


His parents might not be as accepting as Yoongi at first but they would have to accept it eventually. Jungkook hoped that they will even be happy for him.


Jungkook didn’t mention any of this to Jimin the day before but he figured it was something they would need to talk about. Jimin was two years older and was really attractive, he’d probably had plenty of experience. He wondered if Jimin expected them to have sex tonight. He had invited him to his apartment and they hadn’t made any plans to go out.


The thought of having sex with Jimin was thrilling but also nerve wracking. He was very inexperienced, especially with men. He didn’t want to disappoint his soulmate or make it awkward. 


Jungkook realized Yoongi was still glaring at him, waiting for an answer. His face burned in shame for thinking about such things in front of his hyung.


“Uh… I remembered I had a project due for one of my classes so I went to go work on it,” Jungkook cringed at his horrible excuse.  


“You’re lying,” Yoongi said, seeing right through him. “Look, if you didn’t want to talk to Hoseok’s friends about the dance thing then you just had to tell me. We talked about this yesterday Jungkook. What happened?”


Jungkook felt a wave of guilt wash through him for making his hyung worry. “Nothing happened,” Jungkook lied, “Can we talk about this later, I have to go somewhere.”


Jungkook stood from the table dropping his half empty bowl in the sink before rushing to find his wallet and keys.


He could feel Yoongi staring at him from the kitchen. He loved his hyung but sometimes he was too overbearing. Since Jungkook was far from Busan and his parents, Yoongi acted like a second parent sometimes.  He understood why his hyung was worried though, and he wanted to tell him about Jimin but he wasn’t ready.


Jungkook put on his jacket and was about to walk out the door but he stopped to look at his hyung who was now washing Jungkook’s cereal bowl.


“Hey hyung,” he called.


Yoongi only grunted in response.  


“Love you,” Jungkook said.


Yoongi turned to him in confusion “Ahh! What’s gotten into you.”


Jungkook just shrugged and smiled at him.


“Get out of here, go do what you have to do,” he said waving him off.




The drive to Jimin’s apartment was short, he didn’t live very far and the streets were empty because it was early in the morning.


Jungkook felt giddy the entire way there. It had only been a few hours but he missed Jimin already.


He pulled up in front of the address Jimin had give him. It was an apartment complex near his college campus.


He locked his car and made his way up the stairs to the apartment number Jimin had given him.


Jungkook’s heart began to race as he stopped in front of Jimin’s apartment door.


He took a moment to calm his nerves before knocking on the door. Despite being incredibly comfortable with Jimin the night before, he felt like his heart was going to leap out of his chest at the moment.


Jungkook was about to knock again after a few moments when the door suddenly opened.


Jimin stood at the doorway. He was dressed in a pair of sweats and a tank. He looked breathless and sweaty, like he’d just ran a mile. Jungkook was surprised at how defined Jimin’s arms looked, considering how small he looked.  


Jimin mentioned for Jungkook to come in before picking up his phone off of the coffee table to type something.


You're early! I was working out.


Jungkook looked at the time and sure enough he was nearly half an hour earlier than what they'd agreed on.


“Oh sorry! I was trying to avoid a lecture from my hyung this morning. I didn't even realize I left so early,” Jungkook stuttered out.


Jimin smiled shyly at him.


It's okay Jungkook, let me take a shower though. I look gross.


Okay…” Jungkook replied, distracted by the bead of sweat rolling down Jimin’s neck and onto the area of chest exposed by his low cut tank. He had to fight back the urge to tell Jimin how wrong he was.


Jimin hurried off take a shower and Jungkook sat down on the couch.


He pulled out his phone and looked for a game to distract him from his nerves. After a few minutes the front door suddenly swung open.


“Uh, hey?” he said uncertainty as the man walking in haphazardly threw his shoes off by the door.


The man startled and looked at Jungkook in confusion.


The guy, who looked about Jimin’s age, had tan skin, large eyes and soft brown hair. He was really handsome. 


Jimin had said he lived alone so it couldn’t be a roommate but it must be a close friend if he had keys to the apartment.


They guy just stared at Jungkook so he tried again, “Are you Jimin’s friend?”


The man scoffed, “I’m his boyfriend.”




Jimin didn’t have a boyfriend. At least he hadn’t mentioned having one. Wasn’t he Jimin’s boyfriend, they were soulmates after all. Jungkook realized that they hadn’t talked about their relationship status the day before. Jungkook had just assumed they were together though.  


He began to panic, what if Jimin did have a boyfriend. The man in front of him was tall and attractive, how could he compete with that. If Jimin was in a relationship Jungkook couldn’t ruin it for him.


Jungkook looked around for his keys and wallet, he needed to get out of there.


The man suddenly spoke again as Jungkook tried to walk past him towards the door, “Whoa! Where are you going?”


Jungkook didn’t say anything as he tried to push past the arm the guy had thrown out in front of him.


“Hey! I was just kidding, I’m just Jimin’s friend. Well actually not just friend, he’s my best friend forever but yeah.” They guy had dropped the cold and tough attitude he had a second ago. “You must be Jungkook.”


“You know me?” Jungkook asked, confused.  


“Of course, Jimin had me up all night gushing about you. You’re his soulmate.”


Jungkook glared at him incredulous but a little relieved, “Why did you say you’re his boyfriend?”


The guy looked sheepish as he rubbed the back of his neck, “Sorry, I was practicing my acting. I have the role of an avenging farmer in my school’s play. I don’t think I’m ready yet but Jimin says I’m good so I must be.”


Jungkook started at the guy in confusion.


“I didn’t except for you to try to run out the door though.”


“I wasn’t running, you just caught me by surprise.”


“Sure, just so you know if you’re going to be with Jimin you’ll need to hold your ground. He gets hit on a lot.”


Jungkook frowned at that thought, “What your name.”




Oh. Jimin had told him a lot about Taehyung. Apparently they became friends in primary school when Jimin beat up a kid that was teasing Taehyung over his big ears. Looking at him know, it seemed like he had grown into them but Jungkook decided to be petty anyways, “You’re the friend with the big ears.”


Taehyung gasped covering his ears, “My ears are normal sized! Did Jimin tell you that?”


“No, you just have elephant ears.”


Taehyung look insulted for half a second before cheering up. “Speaking of elephants look I have one!” he said as he started stripping off his sweater.


Jungkook panicked, “Please keep your clothes on, I don’t want to see your elephant.”


Taehyung laughed as he threw his sweater on the floor and brought a hand up to squish his forearm, “You see, its an elephant.”


Jungkook tried not to laugh as he saw that the two moles on the man’s arm looked like eyes and the skin he was pinching between his fingers looked like a trunk.


Jungkook felt the tension in his body relax, this guy was weird but also somewhat endearing. He could see how he was Jimin’s best friend.


“Anyways,” the guy said falling on the couch and motioning for Jungkook to sit next to him, “You’re Jimin’s soulmate so I have to give you The Talk.”


“The Talk?” Jungkook repeated as he sat on the opposite side on the couch.


“Yes,” Taehyung nodded, suddenly serious, “There are rules and regulations that you need to abide by.”


“Okay...” Jungkook said reluctantly.


“Rule number one: don’t hurt Jimin. If you hurt Jimin I hurt you, got it?”


Jungkook agreed, he wouldn’t ever dream of hurting his soulmate and if he did he would gladly submit to Taehyung’s wrath. The guy didn’t look very muscular, or threatening but he was sure he’d kick his ass for hurting Jimin.


“Rule number two: you can’t have him Thursday nights, that’s when we go on our traditional boba dates.” Taehyung said with a dead serious expression.


Jungkook laughed, this guy was seriously something.


“Hey, this is no laughing matter,” Taehyung whined.


“I’m sorry!” Jungkook tried to stifle his laughter.  


Taehyung glared at him until he agreed, “Okay fine, I won’t get in between you and your bubble tea dates with Jimin, as long as those dates are completely bro dates. I mean one-hundred percent platonic.”


“You mean I can’t kiss Jimin anymore?”


Jungkook shook his head, not knowing if Taehyung was serious, “No kisses, he’s my soulmate.”


“Are cheek kisses fine?”








Just then Jimin came out of the bathroom dressed in an oversized shirt and lose pants. His hair was a mess, probably from running a towel over it. He looked perfect and Jungkook wanted to kiss him so bad.


Jimin look surprised at the sight of Taehyung before signing something at him.


“I do have class but I wanted to stop by and meet your boyfriend,” Taehyung replied aloud, probably for Jungkook’s benefit.


Jimin signed something in return and Taehyung laughed before signing something back.


Jungkook stood quietly by the couch while they had a short conversation. He really needed to learn sign language, maybe Taehyung would help him.


After a minute Taehyung spoke out loud, “Well I gotta get to class, bye Jimine!” he said as he ran up to Jimin and landed a kiss on his forehead.


“Hey!” Jungkook complained halfheartedly, “I said no kisses.”


“You didn’t rule out forehead kisses,” Taehyung shot back as we waved at him before walking out the door.


Once he was gone Jungkook turned to look at Jimin who was already typing something on his phone.


Sorry I didn’t know he was coming by. I hope he didn’t say anything weird. Actually, never mind, knowing Taehyung he probably did.


“No, he’s cool, I like him.”


Okay good, you need to love my best friend for this to work. So what did you want to do today? Just hang out here?


Jungkook nodded, “Uh, that sounds good.” He stood awkwardly, at a distance from Jimin.  


He wanted to kiss Jimin and hold him but wasn’t sure if that was okay. He cursed himself for being so clueless. He wished he had some relationship experience. Unlike Jimin, he’s never been in a relationship and had no idea how this was supposed to go. He had no idea what he was doing.


He wondered if Yoongi had been the same with Hoseok.


Jimin nudged his shoulder breaking him out of that train of thought. Jimin met his eyes, looking concerned. 


Are you okay?


“I’m fine.”


Jungkookie, please tell me what’s wrong.


Jungkook hesitated before asking, “Hyung, we’re in a relationship right? You’re my boyfriend?” 


Jimin frowned while quickly typing a response.


Of course. I mean, you want us to be right?


Jimin looked a bit panicked and Jungkook quickly reassured him.


Then why do you ask?


“I don’t know,” Jungkook replied, “I’ve never done this before, I was just making sure I guess.”


You’ve never done what?


“Been in a serious relationship,” Jungkook stared at the floor, embarrassed. Jimin probably thought that was really lame.


Jimin grabbed his chin and lifted it, forcing Jungkook to meet his eyes. His look was intense and Jungkook knew he was trying to communicate something with his eyes. But it was too much and Jungkook broke eye contact.


Jimin began typing and Jungkook tried to calm his beating heart as he waited.


Jimin held one of his hands as he placed the phone in his other.  


His touch felt comforting.  


That’s okay we’ll take things slow. We can figure this out together. I want to spend my life with you Jeon Jungkook.


Jungkook knew Jimin’s words were sincere.


“Me too,” Jungkook confessed.


Jimin squeezed his hand in response.


“Also you should probably know that I’ve never done it before,” Jungkook regretted the words as they came out of his mouth.


Done what?


“Sex,” Jungkook hid his face in his hands. “I mean, I’ve done things with girls before but never actual sex, especially not with a guy. It’s not that I couldn’t,” Jungkook defended himself, “I just never wanted to.” Jungkook’s face was burning in embarrassment.


Jimin gently pulled Jungkook’s hands from his face.


That’s okay too Jungkook. I promise. Like I said we’ll take things slow. Also with those looks I don’t doubt you could’ve had any man or woman you wanted. We also don’t have to have sex if you don’t want too.


“But I want to,” Jungkook blurted out a little too eagerly. His filter was non existent around Jimin.


When Jimin didn’t respond after a few moments Jungkook finally looked up at him.


Jimin was blushing a nice rosy color, his mouth parted slightly and Jungkook wondered if it would be appropriate to kiss him right then and there.


Jungkook gathered his courage, “Jimin hyung, is that… Is that something you want too?”


Jimin nodded shyly at him.


When we’re both ready.  




Slowly, Jungkook leaned in and pressed his lips against Jimin’s soft lips.


Jimin threw his is arms around Jungkook’s neck, tilting his head to allow him better access.


Jungkook wrapped his arms around Jimin’s waist, marveling at how small he felt next to him.


They were pressed up against each other impossibly close. This kiss was more heated than their first one.


Jimin began to trail kisses down his jaw until he reached his neck. He sucked on the base of his neck and Jungkook gasped at the feeling. It felt soft and ticklish, Jimin’s breath was warm against his skin. He squirmed under Jimin’s touch and his soulmate pulled back slightly.


Jungkook tried to slow his breathing but he was sure Jimin could feel his heartbeat through his chest.


Jimin pulled away and picked up his phone where it had fallen on the carpeted floor. He was flushed and his lips where swollen and Jungkook felt a certain type of satisfaction knowing it was him that caused that.


Didn’t we just agree on taking it slow???


Jungkook laughed, “Sorry, you just looked really kissable. Also,” Jungkook added, “you kissed back.”


It’s not my fault you look so hot.


“I don’t.”


Oh my God, Jungkook. You’re literally boyfriend goals. Cute and hot at the same time.


Jungkook smiled, embarrassed, he wasn’t used to receiving compliments.




After another inevitable make out session Jimin suggested they make pancakes for breakfast. Jungkook who hadn’t finished his cereal that morning quickly agreed.


Jungkook mixed the batter while Jimin made some questionable protein drink.

“Hyung what’s that?” Jungkook asked as Jimin dropped some strange ingredient into the blender. 


Chia seeds.


“It looks like dirt.”


Jimin glared at him, which he assumed was supposed to be intimidating, but Jungkook found incredibly adorable. 


It’s good for you.


They sat down at Jimin’s coffee table to eat when the pancakes were done. Jimin had only wanted one, because apparently dancers had to stay in shape, but Jungkook had dropped one more on his plate.


In return Jimin made him try his protein drink. It was gross but Jimin was looking at his with those wide eager eyes so Jungkook pretended that he liked it. That had earned him an entire glass full for himself but he hadn’t complained.


He was so weak for Jimin.


After their bellies were full they settled themselves on the couch together. Neither of them had anything to do that day. Jungkook didn’t have classes on Fridays and it was Jimin’s day off work.


Jimin turned on the TV and flipped through some channels before settling on some documentary about marine life.


Jungkook wasn’t paying attention though. He really couldn’t.


He had sat at the edge of the couch expecting Jimin to sit right next to him but instead, his soulmate had stretched himself across the couch with his head pillowed on Jungkook’s lap.


He was tense at first and if Jimin noticed, he hadn’t said anything.


Nearly and hour into the documentary Jimin had fallen asleep and had rolled over, his back to the television.


Jungkook ran his hands through his sleeping soulmate’s hair. Jimin looked so peaceful, his cheek pressed up against Jungkook’s lap, his eyes had turned into little crescents. 


Jungkook wondered if it was too early to say he was in love.


Jimin was so sweet and caring, his smile lighting up something in Jungkook that he didn’t know was dark. His laughter was loud but light, it made everything else dim in comparison. He wondered if Jimin’s voice resembled his laugh.


A small selfish part of Jungkook regretted that he wouldn’t be able to hear Jimin speak. He was sure Jimin’s voice was beautiful but Jungkook tried to quell those thoughts. His soulmate was perfect the way he was and Jungkook couldn’t ask for anything more.


He did wonder though, why Jimin didn’t or couldn’t speak. It was something he has thought about since he heard Jimin laugh for the first time. He hadn’t brought up the topic and neither did he plan on it. Jimin would tell him when he was ready. Just like Jungkook would come out to his family and friends when he was ready.


Like Jimin had said, they would figure everything out together.


Jungkook brushed Jimin’s hair from where it had fallen in his eyes and placed a gentle kiss on his temple.


Even if it was too early to say he was in love, he didn’t feel any doubts about his feelings for Jimin.


Jungkook was a little nervous but he couldn’t wait to introduce Jimin to Yoongi, Hoseok and his parents.

Chapter Text

“I’m going home,” Jungkook announced getting up from Jimin’s couch after nearly 6 hours of binge watching Netflix.


Jimin pouted at him. Noooo you’re my favorite pillow don’t go. It’s not even late.  


“You’re coming with me.”


Jimin stared up at him for a second, mouth turning up into a coy smile. Take me on a date first ;)


“Not like that,” he spluttered. “Plus, I’ve taken you on a date.”


Jimin gave him a look. Last night’s midnight excursion in search of cheap ramen wasn’t a date.


“Okay but how about when we went to the park on Sunday?” Jungkook shot back, crossing his arms.


You attempted to bench press me on an actual park bench and nearly dropped me.


“You’re heavier than you look.”


It’s all muscle.


“No, you’re soft and squishy!” Jungkook teased, bending down to squish his soulmates cheek.


Jimin rolled his eyes as he grabbed the hand Jungkook was using to assault his cheek and slipped in under his shirt.


Jungkook gasped as he felt the hard muscle against his palm, “What the heck Jimin!? Abs?”


Do you want to see?


“No!” Jungkook denied. He knew Jimin worked out every morning and was a dancer but he didn’t expect him to have abs.


You say that but you’re still feeling me up.  


Jungkook’s face went red as he quickly pulled out this hand from under Jimin’s shirt.


Jimin fell forward laughing, bumping his head on Jungkook’s shoulder. You’re so cute and innocent Jungkook. I offer to strip for you and you reject me.


Jungkook covered his face in mortification, “I’m not rejecting you! I just… I think I’d die if you stripped right now. I need to mentally prepare myself.”


It had been exactly one week since he met Jimin and the older boy still managed to reduce him to a shy, blabbering mess. Jimin was naturally flirty and smooth but also simultaneously bashful and dorky. Jungkook didn’t stand a chance.  


Taehyung had teased him the day before, telling him that he had actual hearts in his eyes around Jimin. He couldn’t help it though.


Jimin pressed his phone into Jungkook’s chest until he took it.


You know I’m just kidding right. We’ll take everything at your pace.


Jungkook nodded, “You’re so cruel hyung, so tempting. Here I am trying to be respectful, I haven’t even taken you on a proper date.”


So you admit it!


“I admit it,” as much as he loved cuddling with Jimin on the coach, he really did need to take him out.


“Anyways,” he said trying to change the topic, “Yoongi hyung is going to be home tonight and I want you to met him.”


Jimin’s eyes widened. Really? I thought you needed time.


Jungkook had explained to Jimin that he wasn’t ready to tell his friends and family but he didn’t want to keep it a secret. He didn’t want Jimin to think he was some secret Jungkook needed to keep. His soulmate had become the most important person in his life and he wanted others in his life to know about him.


He especially wanted to tell Yoongi. Lying to him about his whereabouts had become increasingly difficult. Yoongi eyed him with suspicion when he’d come back past midnight all week, claiming to have been doing school work at the library.


“I know but I really want you to meet Yoongi hyung.”


Okay, if that’s what you want. Are we going right now?


Jungkook nodded.


Okay let me go get a sweater.


Jimin ran off to his room returning a minute later wearing a hoody he had stolen from Jungkook. It was way too big on him, the tips of his fingers poking out from the sleeves.


What? Should I wear something nicer? I don’t want to make a bad first impression. Jimin asked when he noticed Jungkook staring at him.


“No you look fine.” Jungkook said, looking away. “Let’s go, I’ll drive.”





Despite his earlier confidence, Jungkook was suddenly nervous standing in front of his apartment door.


Jimin, who had noticed his hesitation, looked at him in concern. Jungkookie? It’s okay if you’re not ready. I know how hard coming out is. If you want, you can tell your hyung I’m just a friend for now. I promise I won’t mind.


Jimin was looking up at him with those wide honest eyes and his resolved hardened. He needed the two most important people in his life to meet. “No hyung, I’m ready.”


Jungkook unlocked the door and stepped aside allowing Jimin to walk in first.


The first thing he noticed as he walked in was the bright orange tracksuits Yoongi and Hoseok were wearing. They were facing the television in the living room, their backs to him and Jimin.

His hyungs were intently following some workout routine that was playing on the TV.


“Hyung,” he laughed, “What are you doing.”


Yoongi didn’t turn around, focusing on doing squats, “Hey kid, I didn’t know you still lived here.”


That was fair, he had spent the past week at Jimin place. “Hyung, seriously! What the heck are you doing.”


“It’s called working out,” Yoongi replied, breathing labored.  


“I know but, you never work out,” Yoongi hardily ever left his desk.


“I asked him to work out with me,” Hoseok explained, as if it was that easy. Apparently only Hoseok could get Yoongi off his ass.


Jungkook looked sideways at Jimin, embarrassed for his hyungs.


Jimin just smiled at him giving his shoulder a reassuring squeeze.


He could do this, “Hey, Yoongi hyung,” he called out.


“What?” he called back, as he finished his set of squats.


“I brought someone.”


His hyung whipped around so fast he nearly tripped over a dumbbell on the floor. Yoongi glared at him for not warning him beforehand.


Hoseok also turned around to look at them, clearly not as embarrassed as Yoongi, as he kept bouncing in place.  


Yoongi tore his glare away from Jungkook to look at Jimin. “Who are you?” he asked dryly.


Jimin walked up to Yoongi to shake his hand.


Yoongi narrowed his eyes at Jimin before taking his hand reluctantly.   


Jungkook knew that this was his cue to introduce Jimin but the words had gotten caught in his throat. “Yoongi hyung, this is my friend Jimin hyung, uh, he doesn’t talk so…”


That’s not what he had wanted to say. That’s not what he had wanted to say


Yoongi was looking at him in confusion, probably because of his odd behavior.


Hoseok was staring between them, clueless.


And Jimin had turned to look back at him, shooting him that beautiful smile. It was meant to be reassuring but Jungkook felt guilty.


Jungkook’s face was burning in shame. Jimin didn’t deserve this.


Yoongi walked around Jimin, towards Jungkook. He grabbed his wrist and pulled him towards the door. “Let’s talk outside, yeah?”


Jungkook nodded dumbly, as Yoongi pulled him along. He turned to look at Jimin over his shoulder, his soulmate looked concerned but not thankfully, not upset.


Once Yoongi had pulled him outside and shut the door behind them, he let go of Jungkook. He leaned against the railing by the stairs, crossing his arms. “Okay, talk. What’s up with you?”


Jungkook fidgeted with his jacket, avoiding eye contact with Yoongi, “Why did you bring me out here.”


“Cuz’ I know you get nervous in groups. Now tell me what you need to tell me.”


“How do you know I need to tell you something.”


Yoongi groaned, “Jungkook stop being difficult for once, I know you. It has something to do with that guy right?”


“Jimin, is my boyfriend.”


Yoongi was silent for a second and Jungkook finally looked up at him. “Okay,” he said slowly, “I can’t say I’m surprised, you—”


“I mean he’s my soulmate,” Jungkook corrected.


Yoongi blinked at him, incredulous, “Isn’t it a bit too early to be making these statements?”


“No, hyung, I mean he’s my actual soulmate.”


Jungkook could see the exact moment his hyung figured it out.


“Jungkook… You…” Yoongi stuttered.


Jungkook couldn’t remember the last time his hyung had been rendered speechless.


“Jungkook,” he repeated, “You’re telling the truth,” it wasn’t a question. He knew Jungkook wouldn’t lie about this.


Yoongi wrapped his arms around Jungkook and held him tightly. “Oh, my God kid. He’s not dead.”  


Jungkook laughed, elated, “He’s very much alive, hyung. He’s so lovely too, and amazing. He makes me so happy.”


“I bet,” Yoongi said, pulling away from Jungkook. “You met him at Hoseok’s recital didn’t you?”


Jungkook, nodded. “He was actually one of the performers.”


Yoongi punched his shoulder, “You brat! Why did you wait an entire week to tell me?”


Jungkook shrugged, “I was just was a little nervous I guess. I’ve never even told you I’m into guys.”


“Did you really think I would care?”


Jungkook felt dumb, “No, I just needed time. It was really sudden--”


Yoongi patted his head, “I know, it’s okay. I’m really happy for you. You deserve this.”


“Are you crying, hyung?”


 “I don’t cry,” Yoongi denied, wiping his eyes.


Jungkook felt so much happier and lighter now that Yoongi knew. “He really is great hyung, he’s so cute and he makes the best pancakes and--”


“How about I actually meet him” Yoongi interrupted, “and decide for myself if he deserves you?”


If anything, if was him that didn’t deserve Jimin but Jungkook didn’t voice his thoughts because he knew Yoongi would object.


Jungkook led them back inside the apartment where Hoseok was apparently helping Jimin execute some intricate yoga pose. Hoseok’s hand was resting on the small of Jimin’s back, “Hand’s off my boyfriend, Hoseok hyung!”  


Hoseok laughed, “You mean your soulmate?”


“You told him?” Jungkook asked, walking up to Jimin.  


Sorry. He kind of figured it out. I know Hoseok hyung from dance practice and I’ve kind of been bragging about you all week to everyone. Is that okay?


Jungkook nodded, pecking Jimin on the lips. “I already told Yoongi hyung.”


Jimin glanced over Jungkook’s shoulder at Yoongi, smiling wide. Good.


“Yoongi hyung, this is my soulmate,” he said gesturing towards Jimin. Those words felt so right to say.


“Nice you meet you Jimin, welcome to the family.”


Jimin wrote something in his phone and showed it to Yoongi.


Yoongi looked startled at whatever Jimin told him, but nodded anyways.


Jimin enveloped Yoongi in a hug. His hyung awkwardly brought his hands to pat his back.


A huge smile spread across Jungkook’s face at the sight.


“We both have tiny boyfriends now,” Hoseok muttered, next to him.


They both laughed.




The four of them spent the evening talking and watching fake reality TV shows. Jungkook and Hoseok mocking the actors while Yoongi and Jimin communicated quietly amongst themselves.

Jungkook was glad they were getting to know each other. He was surprised at how quickly his hyung had warmed up to Jimin. Apparently nobody was immune to Jimin’s charms.




It was late when Yoongi and Hoseok announced that they were headed to bed.


Hoseok wrapped his arms around both him and Jimin, squishing their cheeks together. “Congratulations again!!! I’m so happy for you two,” Hoseok turned to look at Jungkook, “Are you aware that Jimin skipped two whole practices after meeting you? He never skips, that’s love Jungkookie.”    


Jimin whined in protest, smacking Hoseok’s arm.


Jungkook turned to Jimin is surprise, “Really?”


Jimin shrugged.


“Come on Hoseok, stop embarrassing the kid, I’m sleepy,” Yoongi piped up, extending his hand out for Hoseok to take.


Hoseok laughed, “Goodnight,” he called back as Yoongi dragged them to his room.


Jungkook waved at them as they disappeared behind Yoongi’s door. He turned to Jimin whose head was leaning against the couch, covering a yawn with his sleeve. Jungkook glanced at the time on his phone, it was really late.


“You tired, Jimin hyung?” he asked, raising a hand to cradle his face.


Jimin hummed in response, closing his eyes.  


Jungkook knew he should probably offer Jimin a ride home but despite spending the entire day with the other boy, he didn’t want it to end.


“Hey, Jimin hyung.”


Jimin blinked up at him sleepily.  


“It’s getting kind of late…”


Oh yeah, I should probably be heading home huh?


Maybe he was just imagining it but it looked like Jimin didn’t want to go either.  


“Well yeah, but maybe you can stay the night and I can drive you home in the morning?” Jungkook paused, wondering if he was being too forward. “I mean, if you want to.”


A sly look spread across Jimin’s face, one that he had grown very familiar with. What happened to taking me out on the date first?


Jungkook blushed at what Jimin was implying, “I can sleep on the couch, you can have my bed.”


Jimin laughed lightly into Jungkook’s shoulder. No silly, I’m not going to kick you out of your bed. Let’s sleep together.


Jungkook wordlessly agreed, not trusting his voice. He stood up from the couch, leading a delighted Jimin to his room.


“So this is my room,” he gestured awkwardly once they had both stepped in. Thankfully he had just recently cleaned. Apart from a few articles of clothing on the floor, his room was spotless.


Jimin was staring at giant poster he had of G-Dragon on his wall. He probably should have taken that down years ago.


“I like Bigbang,” he explained.


Looks like GD is your favorite though.


“He has nice vocals.”


And want to suck his dick.




Too bad you’re taken now.


Jungkook smiled at that. He still wasn’t used to that idea, being taken. Belonging to Jimin. “Yeah, too bad.”


Jimin’s expression turned serious for a second as he typed something out. I’m proud of you, Jungkook. I’m happy you introduced me to your hyung too, he’s really cool.


Jungkook ducked his head, smiling shyly, “Thanks, hyung.”


Jimin slapped his chest playfully. Can I shower before going to sleep?


“Yeah, let me get you a change of clothes first,” Jimin would probably come out in a towel if he didn’t give him clothes. Not that he didn’t want to see his soulmate half naked, but he was afraid he’d give in at the sight. Jungkook said he’d take Jimin on a date first, and he was a man of his word.  


Jungkook dug through his drawers for something that wouldn’t be too big on Jimin. He settled on a pair of sweats and a t-shirt but hesitated at the underwear, wondering if that was weird, “Hyung, do you want a pair of my boxers?”


Jimin just nodded so he pulled out a pair of relatively new boxers.


He handed Jimin the clothes, “The bathroom is out in the hall to you right.”


Jimin kissed his jaw in thanks, before walking out of his room.


Jungkook changed clothes before throwing himself on his bed. It had been a really long day and he was a little tired but a warm pleasant feeling had settled in his chest.


For the past few years it had just been him and Yoongi in Seoul, most of their childhood friends still back home. The introduction of Hoseok and Jimin into their lives was sudden but welcome. It was something both of them needed.


They felt like a family. Jungkook smiled into his pillow, giddy with happiness





Jungkook hadn’t noticed he’d began to doze off until he felt his bed dip as Jimin snuggled under the covers facing him. His wet hair soaking his pillow but he couldn’t bring himself to care, not when Jimin was doing that eye smile thing.


Jimin left a safe distance between them and Jungkook knew he was doing it for his sake so he brought an arm around Jimin’s waist to pull him up against his chest.


Jimin let out a little huff peering up at Jungkook, presumably surprised by his bold move.


Jungkook simply smiled at him, “Sleep well, hyung.”


Jimin tucked his head under his chin and kissed his collarbone in response.


It felt so right.




Chapter Text

Where are we going?


“I told you, it’s a surprise.”


I hate surprises.


“You love surprises.”


No I don’t. Jimin pouted, crossing his arms.


Jungkook laughed, wrapping his arm around Jimin’s waist, pulling him closer against his side. They decided on taking the train that day so they could talk on the way to their destination. Jimin had no idea where they were going because Jungkook enjoyed watching Jimin whine way too much.   


For the past week Jungkook had been stressing over where to take Jimin on their first date. His first thought was to take him out to eat somewhere nice but Taehyung had shot that idea down. (“My best friend isn’t some basic bitch, you gotta be more creative than that.”)


Taehyung was right, Jungkook wasn’t just trying to impress Jimin, he wasn’t just some date he was trying to woo. He wanted them to have a memorable first date.


Jungkook wouldn’t admit it to anyone, but he had actually looked up ‘best places to go on a first date’ online. The articles he clicked through weren’t very helpful though. Coffee dates, dinner dates, picnics, they were all great ideas but not what Jungkook was looking for.


He asked Yoongi for advice but he told him he was overthinking it, some help he was.


He was on the verge of throwing in the towel and settling on a dinner date when Hoseok suggested he just take Jimin somewhere he enjoyed himself. (“Honestly, Jungkook, he’ll be happy if you’re happy.”)


Jungkook loved amusement parks but he recalled Jimin telling him that roller-coasters were a one way trip to hell.


He also ruled out skydiving from the list because he figured Jimin wouldn’t appreciate that.


Jungkook finally settled on where to go after hours of brainstorming.


The train slowed to a stop and Jungkook brought up the map on his phone.


“I think this is it,” he announced, standing up and pulling Jimin along behind him. They followed the crowd up the stairs and out of the train station.


Jungkook slow down, my legs aren’t as long as yours.


“Oh, sorry, hyung,” Jungkook replied sheepishly, slowing down. “I’m just excited, we’re almost there, it’s just a block down the station.”


Jimin looked around at the buildings surrounding them curiously. Are we going to a museum?




The park?


“No and stop typing, you’re going to trip.”


I know you’d catch me.


“I’d let you fall on your ass, maybe that way you’d learn your lesson,” Jungkook said, but kept a firm hold on Jimin’s hand as he typed a response.  


Wow, what a gentleman.


As they walked down the busy city street some people sent them looks but Jungkook paid them no mind, he didn’t care. Jimin was very public with his affection and Jungkook refused to shy away, even if he was a tiny bit embarrassed.


“We’re here,” Jungkook announced, coming to a stop in front of a small building.


Jimin examined the building Jungkook was pointing at. An arcade?


“No,” Jungkook replied, leading them through the entrance, “There’s a bowling alley on the second floor.”






“Do you want to go first?” Jungkook asked as Jimin stood in front of corner lane they had picked out.


Jimin glanced wearily at the pins. Okay but I don’t think I’ll do well.


“You’ll do fine, it’s easy.” Jungkook sat back on a bench and watched as his boyfriend picked out a ball.


He looked good today. He looked good everyday but he looked especially good today. Jungkook had told him to dress casually and Jimin had picked out a pair of faded light blue jeans and a red plaid long sleeve. His hair was pushed back into a plain black cap and even the ugly bowling shoes they had been given didn't ruin his outfit.


Jungkook watched in amusement as Jimin tried to get a good grip on the ball. Jimin glanced back at him and Jungkook motioned for him to throw the ball.   


Jimin turned back to look at the pins at the end of the lane and Jungkook could picture the look of concentration on his face. Jimin took a few steps before unceremoniously throwing the ball, it plopped awkwardly on the floor, rolling a few feet before falling into the gutter.


Jungkook stared at the ball as it rolled away for a second before letting out a choked laugh.


Jimin turned to glare at him but Jungkook doubled over in laughter. He’d never seen anyone mess up that bad.


Stop laughing, that was embarrassing :(


“I’m sorry, hyung” Jungkook apologized, trying to stifle his laughter “but what the hell was that?”


I told you, I don’t know how to play.


“Okay but nobody sucks that bad.”


Jimin frowned at him, all sulky and very cute. He turned his back to Jungkook and reached for another ball.


Jungkook watched attentively as Jimin did a few stretches and Jungkook couldn’t help but notice how flexible he was and how good those jeans hugged his ass. Jungkook felt guilty for staring but then he remembered that Jimin has his boyfriend. He was allowed to stare.


Jimin threw the ball and to his credit, it made it halfway down the ally before falling into the gutter.


Jungkook tried to hold back another round of laughter.


Jimin walked back to him, picking his phone up from the bench. Why don't you go then, if you're such an expert?


Jungkook bounced onto his feet, walking confidently to pick up a ball, “I’ll show you how it’s done.”


He took a few steps away from the ally to gain momentum before facing the pins. He took a step forward letting the ball go with a swing of his arm. The ball hit the ground with a sharp bang before speeding down the lane.


The ball curved slightly before hitting the pins dead center.


Jungkook turned back to Jimin, smug, as the pins clatter behind him.


Show off.


“Come on, I’ll teach you how to play,” Jungkook said, pulling Jimin from the bench.


I’m not good at sports, Jungkook.


“You’re good at dancing,” Jungkook points out.


Dancing doesn’t involve a 20-pound ball of marble.


“It’s not marble and it’s not that heavy,” Jungkook examined the balls before picking out the best one for Jimin.  


“Here try this one,” he said, handing him the ball. “You have to make sure your fingers fit in the holes.”


Jimin shot him one of his famous suggestive looks and Jungkook tried his best to ignore it.


Jimin stuck his fingers in the holes but held the ball wrong.


“Here I’ll help you,” he said, taking the ball from Jimin and reaching for his hand. “So you hold it like this.” Jungkook couldn’t help but marvel at the small size of Jimin’s fingers as he helped him grip the ball. His hand looked tiny next to Jungkook’s larger hands.


“You got it?”


Jimin nodded, closing the short distance between them to drop a kiss on Jungkook’s lips.


Jimin pulled away, smiling. So do I just throw it?


“No, you have to turn your body like this,” he said, demonstrating the correct stance.


Show me. Jimin smiled at him with mirth, and Jungkook felt like he was being teased but bowling was a serious matter and Jimin had to learn.


“Okay, so you take a few steps before throwing the ball,” Jungkook came behind Jimin, placing one hand on his hip.


 “Pivot this leg to the side, before you throw it,” he said, patting Jimin’s thigh.


Jimin leaned back flush against Jungkook’s chest as he demonstrated how to properly swing the ball.


“You extend your arm out before bringing it back in and swinging,” Jungkook paused, “Jimin, are you even paying attention?”


Jimin hummed in repose as he turned his head slightly to press his lips to the corner of Jungkook’s jaw.


Jungkook’s cheeks flushed as Jimin leaned back a bit more to trail kisses down his jaw and onto his neck. Jungkook gripped Jimin’s waist, bowling temporarily forgotten. He tilted his head slightly to allow Jimin better access to his neck.  


Jimin suddenly licked at the sensitive skin of his neck and, Jungkook yelped quietly. He stumbled back a few steps, putting some distance between them as he remembered where they were.


“Hyung,” he whined, voice strained. His eyes swept around the bowling alley but lucky nobody was paying them attention.


Sorry, Sorry, I’ll control myself.


“You’re not getting any more kisses until you get a strike,” Jungkook said plopping himself back on the bench.


Jimin tilted his head in confusion and Jungkook explained, “A strike in bowling is when you knock down all the pins in one try.”


Jimin nodded, his shoulders squared in determination as he turned to pick up another ball.





The rest of their night consisted of shameless flirting and gutter balls, on behalf of Jimin.  


Jungkook stopped trying to teach Jimin how to bowl, it was hopeless anyways.


After a while, they settled down on the bench to eat the cheap, bowling alley pizza.


Jungkook rambled on mindlessly and Jimin listened quietly, occasionally picking toppings off his pizza and dropping them on Jungkook’s slice. Jimin didn’t like pepperoni but that was okay because Jungkook loved it.


It was late when the finally headed back to Jungkook’s place. Jimin managed to fall asleep on Jungkook’s shoulder on the short train ride back. He snickered as he took a few pictures of Jimin sleeping face.  


Once they reached Jungkook’s house, he gave Jimin a ride back to his place.


Jungkook even walked him to his door like true gentleman, before making out with him against his apartment door.


Jungkook smirked as he left Jimin breathless, flushed and no doubt a little turned on, at his doorstep.


That’s revenge for being a tease, Park Jimin.





[11:09 pm] So how was the date? Jimin won't tell me where you went

[11:10 pm] It was a strip club wasn't it????

[11:10 pm] Did my boy finally get in your pants

[11:15 pm] Jungkook!!!!! I need to know



[11:16 pm] No we didn't do anything like that



[11:16 pm] Liar



[11:16 pm] We didn't!! We just went bowling  



[11:17 pm] Oh, Jimin is really good at bowling



[11:17 pm] Sure he is lol



[11:17 pm] What's with the sarcasm? did he beat you that bad?

[11:18 pm] Back in high school we used to go bowling every weekend



[11:18 pm] No? lol Jimin couldn't tell golf from bowling



[11:18 pm] Oh, I see



[11:19 pm] See what?



[11:19 pm] My boy is sly



Taehyung didn’t offer any further explanation so Jungkook texted Jimin.  



[11:20 pm] Jimin



[11:20 pm] You literally just dropped me off, miss me already?


Jungkook ignored Jimin’s question, not wanting to admit that he always missed him when they weren’t together.



[11:20 pm] Taehyung just told me you’re really good at bowling



[11:21 pm] I am


Jungkook stared at his phone in disbelief.



[11:21 pm] You tricked me!!!



[11:21 pm] You, fell for the oldest trick in the dating book



[11:22 pm] I can’t believe the betrayal



[11:22 pm] Stop acting like you didn’t appreciate the opportunity to grope me


Jungkook threw his phone across his bed, turning to burry his face into his pillow. His face was burning and his cheeks were staining from the wide smile that had been plastered on his face throughout the entire conversation.


Jungkook felt a familiar warm buzzing in his chest that he had come to associate with his bond to Jimin. It was hard to describe to someone that had not yet met their soulmate.


Before he met Jimin, he felt a cold, distinctive emptiness. Most people felt it to some extent but it was harder on him because he thought his soulmate had passed. He never felt comforted by the bond before because he never reached out to it.


Now that Jimin was in his life, he could feel the vivid connection, like a gentle thrum.


Jungkook reached for his phone where it had fallen off his bed and onto a pile of laundry.



[11:24 pm] I hate you



[11:24 pm] No you don’t



[11:24 pm] No I don’t



[11:25 pm] I had a really good time today Jungkook



[11:25 pm] Does this mean there will be a second date



[11:25 pm] Shut up, you’re stuck with me for life



Jungkook smiled into his hand, that didn’t sound bad at all.



Chapter Text

Jimin woke up disoriented and panicked. His sheets were damp in cold sweat. His heart was hammering violently in his chest making his breathing come out in quick shallow puffs.


He laid on his back eyes screwed shut trying to calm his racing heart. Deep breaths, he reminded himself.


Deep breaths.


In and out, just like he'd learned.


He laid in bed for a few excruciating minutes trying to ground himself. His hands started to ache from clutching onto his bed sheets too tightly. He loosened his grip on the sheets slowly as he calmed.


This wasn't new to him. The feeling that had settled in his chest was one that he was all too familiar with. It made him sick. It made him weak. Jimin hated it.


After a few more minutes his heart slowed to a normal pace. Jimin blinked opened his eyes as he sat up. Although he had calmed down, that anxious, foreboding feeling had coiled in his chest.


It was times like these that Jimin called Taehyung. He knew his best friend would be there in a heartbeat but at that moment it wasn't Taehyung he needed.


Jimin didn’t need to turn his head to know Jungkook wasn’t lying in bed next to him. He could feel his absence, somehow, he felt distant through the bond too.


Jimin brought his legs up to his chest, curling in on himself.


Jungkook was in his bed when he went to sleep at night but he was gone now. His side of the bed was cold like he had left hours ago but it was still early in the morning.


Jimin picked up his phone from the bedside table. 8:03 am, it read. There was no text from Jungkook explaining where'd he'd gone.


Usually Jimin would think nothing of it. Jungkook was busy with school. He was graduating this semester after all. He probably had some project to work on.


But that nasty feeling that had rooted itself his gut was making him question what he had been certain of. He was suddenly suspicious of Jungkook.


Jungkook wasn't there but Jimin needed him. Where was he? It was Sunday, he had nowhere to be.


Jimin knew he shouldn’t trust those irrational thoughts but the anxiety was clouding his mind.


Jimin laid back down, trying to fall back to sleep. Maybe it would pass. Maybe he just needed some rest.  


He shut his eyes willing himself to relax but he couldn't.


He caved after a few restless minutes. He sent Jungkook a text, asking him where he’d gone. He didn't have to wait long for his phone to buzz with an answer.



[8:19 am] at my apartment, I’m helping Yoongi with something

[8:19 am] sorry I didn't wake you but you haven't been getting enough sleep lately


Jungkook was right, he hadn't been sleeping well. Jimin had a big showcase in a few weeks that he had been tirelessly practicing for. There were going to be very important people at the showcase that Jimin needed to impress. Unfortunately, he was still lacking which was why he had been spending long hours at the studio.


If he had any chance of making a career out of dancing, he needed to perform like a professional. But as hard as he tried, he couldn't execute the moves like he needed to. Jimin knew he was a good dancer but he had to be better that good.


Jimin wanted to ask Jungkook to come back to his apartment. He didn't want to be alone right now but he also didn't want Jungkook to worry.  He didn’t want Jungkook to know something was wrong with him.


In the two months that they had been together Jimin never once told Jungkook about his mental health condition.


Truthfully he didn't think it was necessary because it had been a while since it had affected him like this. It was probably just the stress, Jimin tried to reassure himself. His mental health had been good. He'd been doing so good recently. This was just because of the stress. After the showcase he'd be able to relax for a few weeks.


But Jimin knew all well that it wasn't that easy.


He’d been living with it since he was very young. He knew it didn’t just go away.


He had been better though. Ever since he had moved to Seoul; away from everything. Away from his past, away from his parents, away from him.


Jimin didn’t miss Busan, it was full of bad memories. The day he decided he needed to leave he had just experienced a particularly bad episode. He had packed a small bag of belongings and what little money he owned with plans of heading to Seoul by himself. There was no exact reason why he wanted to go to Seoul but he’d heard good things about the capital. He heard that people were more open minded there. He wanted to lose himself in a city where nobody knew him.  


Taehyung tried to stop him, telling Jimin that he could move in with his family instead but Jimin didn’t want to be a bother. He wanted to be strong and independent. Above all he wanted to put everything behind him.


In the end Taehyung had tagged along with him to Seoul. Jimin was opposed to it at first. Taehyung had a family that loved him in Busan. He had many friends at school that would miss him. But his best friend was adamant. If Jimin needed to leave, they would leave together.


They were barely eighteen at the time and the only reason they survived in Seoul was because Taehyung’s parents supported them financially until they were able to fend for themselves.


Jimin owed both Taehyung and his parents so much. Even though they weren’t his parents they had cared more for him than his actual parents ever had. For this reason, Jimin wanted to become successful, to pay them back for all they had done for him, but also to prove to his own parents, and the people that had hurt him that he wasn’t weak or broken.


But at the moment, Jimin was feeling both those things. Weak and broken.


He picked up his phone where it had fallen out of his hands and sent Jungkook a reply.



[8:24] okay then


Jimin almost hoped that Jungkook realized something was wrong with just those words.



[8:24] try to get some more sleep


Jimin didn't reply, he dropped his phone back on the counter before climbing out of bed.


He shuddered as the icy air hit him. It was cold and stormy, the harsh wind blowing violently outside.


He made his way to the kitchen, not bothering to put on warmer clothes. He set some water to boil for tea.


He sat in almost complete silence at his table waiting for the water to boil.


Jimin felt restless. The walls of his small apartment were suffocating. It was dark and dreary.


Negative thoughts continued to swirl in his head. The doubt especially making him question everything he knew.


The doubt.


He hated it the most.


Jimin remembered being very young, sitting in a couch that was way too big for him. The therapist explaining paranoia not his parents. He remembered the look of disgust and disapproval on their faces.


Jimin stood up abruptly, the sound of his chair scraping against the floor was jarring in the silence.


He turned off the stove before the water even began boiling. He needed to get out. He went to his bedroom to change into his workout clothes. Dancing always helped him clear his mind. It was supposed to be his rest day but he couldn't be home alone. He needed the practice anyways.




The rain began falling as Jimin arrived at his dance studio. He stared as droplets falling on his windshield, belatedly realizing he hadn’t brought an umbrella. He hurriedly walked across the parking lot before the rain started to come down harder.


As Jimin walked into the studio he waved at the receptionist before swiping his membership card and heading to his usual practice room. It was likely that it was empty, given that it was Sunday.   


Jimin walked down the hall but stopped when he heard a familiar voice.


He walked a back a few steps to peer into one of the practice rooms through the glass door. He immediately recognized Hoseok. He was facing Jimin but was too focused on monitoring his moves in the mirror to notice him.  


Jimin was about to push the door open when he noticed another figure to the left of Hoseok. He was turned away from Jimin but he recognized the colored hair that stood out from under his beanie.


Min Yoongi.


Jimin backed away from the door before they could notice him.


The lull of calm that he had been trying to keep hold of, shattered.


The hurried back down the hall he came from, ignoring the receptionist’s confused expression as he nearly ran out of the studio.


The rain was coming down hard and by the time he reached his car across the parking lot, his clothes were soaked through with cold rain.


He wanted to be in the safety of his home but he knew that he was in no condition to be driving. He sat in his car shivering, his heart beating wildly in his chest.


Jungkook had lied. He said he was spending the morning with Yoongi, but Yoongi was with Hoseok.


So where was he?


The doubt, unease and paranoia ushered negative thoughts into his mind.


What if Jungkook was cheating on him? Why else would he lie about where he was? Now that he thought about it, he realized that Jungkook had been disappearing a lot over the past couple weeks.


Where did he go?


The seed of doubt had been planted his mind, sprouted, providing evidence of Jungkook's infidelity.


Why hadn't his soulmate bothered to learn sign language yet? They've been together for over two months and he only knew a few words and phrases.


Maybe he wasn't committed like Jimin was. Maybe he didn't care about their relationship like Jimin did. Maybe he didn't love Jimin like he loved him.


What if he had realized Jimin wasn’t good enough for him and had found someone else?


Jimin felt everything fade to blur around him, his mind racing with these thoughts.




Maybe Jungkook really didn't want him. Who would?


Not even his parents wanted him.


It was no surprise that the first person he loved had been disloyal. Jimin just couldn't make them stay.


It was years ago but the words he had told him the day Jimin found out about his infidelity replayed clearly in his mind.  


You're broken Jimin. You can't even speak. You're a coward. Did you really think I wanted you? You're just whore.


Rationally, Jimin knew Jungkook was different. Jungkook was sweet, caring, loving. Jungkook treated him well. Jungkook made him happy. Jungkook wouldn't hurt him. Jungkook wasn’t him.


But in his state of cold panic, there was no room for rationality.


The panic that had been building up in his chest since he woke, had finally caught up to him.


His breathing strained, and Jimin felt like he was choking. Tears poured from his eyes freely now.


His quiet sobs were drowned out by the loud rain as it fell hard on his car.





Jimin sat in his car crying for what must have been only a few minutes but it felt like hours.


His heart slowed to its normal pace after a while and Jimin became aware of his surroundings again.


A panic attack. He'd had a panic attack.


The first thing Jimin noticed when he calmed down how cold he was. His clothes were not only wet, they were freezing.


His fingers were painfully cold.


Jimin felt exhausted and numb. The panic attack had taken everything out of him.  


He knew he had to get home and into dry clothes soon. He tried to turn on the car but his hands shook as he tried to get the keys into the ignition. He gave up and dropped his keys back in his bag. He probably shouldn’t be driving anyway.


He thought about going back to the studio and asking Hoseok and Yoongi for help but he didn't want them to see him in him like this.


He pulled his phone out of his bag before pulling up Taehyung’s contact. He typed in a text message but deleted it instead of pressing send.  


Jimin always hated being dependent of other people but recently he had learned that it was okay to look for support and right now he knew who he needed.


He needed to see his soulmate’s beautiful smiling face. He needed to feel his calming presence through the bond. He needed Jungkook.


The doubt still lingered, but he was able to think more clearly now. Jimin knew in his heart that Jungkook was one of the few people that he could trust. He had come into his life and made it brighter. The day they met was one of the best days of his life.


They day of the showcase he had seen him after his performance. He was just another person in the audience but Jimin only saw him.


The curtain fell but Jimin had stood there for a few seconds, wanting to know more about him.


And then he saw him backstage. He was even more breathtaking up close, with those wide, innocent, brown eyes, and his ridiculous bowl cut. And then he uttered those words that had been printed on his wrist since he was eighteen.


Holy shit, you’re beautiful.


Jimin hated those words when they first appeared on his wrist. He thought his soulmate must be a liar, some random guy trying to pick him up for the night.


Jimin learned to believe those words though, they even became a source of comfort for him. He wanted to believe that somewhere out there, there was a person for him.


Jungkook was precious, a complete dork. He was so gentle, treating him with so much care, as if he knew it was what he needed.


Jimin knew Jungkook had his own worries, so eager to please, and so scared to disappoint. Sometimes Jungkook held on to him so tight, like he thought Jimin would disappear. Jimin figured it was due to the fact that Jungkook had spent years thinking he has passed away. Jimin did his best to quell those worries.


He was two years younger than Jimin, and it showed sometimes, in his cluelessness on relationships for example. Jimin found that one particularly charming. He probably enjoyed teasing him too much.


Jimin looked at his reflection in his rearview mirror. His face was blotchy and his eyes were puffy, he wiped at the tears on his face and took a deep breath. He was cold and exhausted but he was going to be okay. He had to be.


Jimin found Jungkook's contact and pressed call without giving it a second thought.



Chapter Text

Jungkook was piling grocery bags into the trunk of his car when his phone rang. He shoved the last bag into the trunk before closing it and hurrying inside his car to avoid the falling rain.


Once he was safe inside he dug through his jacket where his phone was buzzing loudly.


Jimin’s contact picture lit up the screen. It was a picture Jungkook had taken when he’d just woken Jimin from a nap. His face was puffy; his hair was a mess but there was still a sweet smile of his face that usually brought a wide grin of his own face. But at the moment Jungkook was staring at the screen in worried confusion.


Why was Jimin calling him?


He answered the call at the fourth ring, “Hello?”


He didn't expect a response but the near silence at the other end was still disconcerting. It occurred to him that Jimin might have just accidently dialed him but somehow he knew that wasn't the case.


For the past couple hours, he had felt a sight strain coming from Jimin’s side of the bond. Jungkook didn't know what to make of it, since he was still learning how decipher the emotions that pulsed through their bond. But Jungkook knew something was wrong, which was why he was headed back to Jimin’s place (with groceries because Jimin’s fridge had been empty recently.)


“Jimin hyung,” he asked, voice tense, “can you text me, to let me know you’re okay?”


His phone buzzed a few long seconds later.



[10:17am] i’m okay, just wanted to hear your voice


Jungkook let out a shaky breath of relief, at least Jimin wasn't in any type of immediate danger. Something was wrong though, he could feel it.


Jungkook heard the harsh sound of rain falling from the other side, he assumed Jimin wasn't at home. “Where are you, hyung?”



[10:18] parking lot of my dance studio


Jimin’s studio wasn’t far from where he was, just a ten-minute drive without traffic. Jungkook wondered why Jimin was there in the first place, he never practiced on Sundays. He pushed those thoughts away, his only concern was getting to Jimin.


Jungkook started up his car, “I'm going to come to you, okay?


Jungkook barely heard Jimin's hum of agreement before the call ended abruptly. 


The drive to Jimin's studio was short but Jungkook still cursed at every red light.


Panic started to bubble in his chest, the worry making him queasy.


It wasn't hard to find Jimin’s car once he arrived at the studio, the parking lot was empty save for a few cars.


He parked next to Jimin’s car and pulled out his umbrella before heading to the driver’s side. He couldn't see clearly inside the car because of the condensation but he could make out Jimin’s figure behind the wheel.


He pulled the door open with his free hand, “Jimin—” he began, but stopped when he saw Jimin. He was sitting stiffly in his seat, shivering violently. His arms were wrapped around himself, pale fingers digging into his sides. He was wearing a flimsy long sleeve and a pair of light gray sweats, both items of clothing were soaked through with rain.


“Jimin! What the hell? You’re going to catch a cold.”


Jimin didn’t reply, didn’t move.


Jungkook moved closer, bending under the hood of the car “Did your car break down? What happened?”


Jimin finally turned to him and Jungkook noticed the streaks of tears lining his cheeks. His eyes were bloodshot and his face was blotchy, as if he’d been crying for a while. But what worried Jungkook the most, was the look on Jimin’s face. His expression was blank, lifeless almost. His eyes were glossy and he looked at Jungkook like he wasn’t really seeing him.


“Hyung?” Jungkook asked, voice wavering. “Are you… Are you okay?”


Jimin just curled back in on himself, staring at his lap. His teeth were clattering loudly and Jungkook didn’t know what was going on but he did know that he needed to get Jimin home and into dry clothes.


Jungkook reached for Jimin but the other boy flinched slightly and Jungkook drew his hand back. “Jimin hyung, we need to get you home,” he said, softly.


Jimin didn’t respond so he turned back to his own car, opening the passenger door, “Please, hyung.”


Jimin turned to look at him and stood up slowly.


Jungkook held the umbrella over Jimin as he climbed out of his car and into Jungkook’s. Jungkook reached into Jimin’s car for his phone and keys before locking up the car. They would have to come back for it later. He walked around his car and into the driver’s side.


Jimin was silent and unmoving next to him but he had at least buckled up.


He pulled out of the parking lot and drove towards Jimin’s apartment.


There were a lot of things he wanted to ask Jimin but he figured he wouldn’t get a response. Jungkook felt a wave of overwhelming guilt pass through him. He knew something was wrong with Jimin. He could feel it more clearly now than he had all morning. It was probably due to the proximity. Jungkook didn’t know how to describe the unsettling tight feeling in his chest but he knew it was only a fraction of what Jimin was feeling. His grip on the steering wheel tightened, he had promised to take care of Jimin but he had failed. He should have gone home the second he felt something was off but had ignored his soulmate intuition.


Jungkook took a moment to study Jimin when they stopped at an intersection. He looked so small and vulnerable. There were dark rings under his eyes, that he hadn’t noticed before. He looked so exhausted, like he hadn’t slept in days. Jimin was staring ahead at the road, unblinking.


A car honked behind him and Jungkook realized the light had turned green.





When they reached Jimin’s place, he helped Jimin out of the car and held this hand as they walked up the steps to his apartment. His hand felt icy cold in Jungkook’s grasp.


As soon as they walked in Jungkook hurried to the thermostat to turn on the heating before walking back to Jimin and leading him to his room.


He dug through Jimin’s drawers looking for comfortable clothes he could change into. Once he found suitable clothes, he walked back to Jimin who had stayed motionless where he left him by the door.


“Hyung? We have to get you out of these clothes okay?” he asked gently, scared to startle him.


Jimin just nodded.


Jungkook reached slowly for the hem of Jimin’s damp shirt and pulled it over his head when the other boy didn’t protest. He dropped the shirt on the floor and it landed with a soft plop on the hardwood floor.


He pulled the hoodie he had found over Jimin’s head and the other boy helped him get his hands into the sleeves. Jungkook’s hands brushed against Jimin’s exposed skin. He was so cold.


He then handed Jimin the pants he had picked out, “Do you need help changing into these?”


Jimin shook his head tersely.




Jimin took a step back and pulled off his pants and boxers, before putting on the dry pair of sweats.


Jungkook kept his eyes locked on Jimin’s stoic face.


Once Jimin was done changing Jungkook moved to grab his hand again, pulling him close. After a few tense seconds Jimin sagged against his chest.


Jungkook warped one arm around Jimin’s waist, holding him upright. He brought his other hand to the back of Jimin’s neck pushing the smaller boy’s face into his neck. Jungkook flinched as his cold nose made contact with his his neck but he held him in place. He rubbed one hand along Jimin’s back, helping him warm up.


After a few minutes he heard Jimin’s quiet sniffles as he cried into his neck.


Jungkook’s heart tightened in pain. It hurt seeing Jimin suffering. It hurt so damn much.


Jimin trembled in his arms and Jungkook tightened his hold on his soulmate, pressing his lips to the top of Jimin’s head.


“It’s okay hyung, everything is going to be okay,” he whispered, both for himself and Jimin.


Jimin became pliant and silent in his arms after a few minutes.


“Hyung?” he asked, nudging Jimin.


Jimin’s head lolled on his shoulder and Jungkook realized he had fallen asleep. He must have been exhausted.


 Jungkook bent slightly and hooked his arm under Jimin knees, lifting him up. He walked across the room and gently placed Jimin on his bed. 


He pulled the covers from under Jimin and draped them over his body. Jimin clearly needed some rest. He kneeled down at the foot of the bed, bringing a hand up to brush the hair from Jimin’s forehead. He dropped a kiss on his cold forehead before standing up and leaving the room.


While Jimin slept Jungkook retrieved the groceries he had left in his car and unloaded them in Jimin’s kitchen. He kept himself busy by cleaning around the apartment. He even did the laundry, Jimin would probably give him shit for that one later.


Soon there was nothing left for him to do than to wait for Jimin to wake up. He tried to distract himself by scrolling through social media on his phone but eventually his thoughts caught up with him.


He didn’t know what to make of Jimin’s behavior. Jimin was always cheerful and vibrant. He was always there to support and take care of others. Jungkook realized that Jimin hardly spoke of his own troubles, instead, encouraging Jungkook to open up about his. Jimin was strong and courageous but Jungkook should have realized that Jimin had his own struggles too. Everyone did.


Of course, he had noticed that lately Jimin hadn’t been eating of resting well but Jungkook figured it was due to the pressure from his upcoming performance. But it had to be something more, Jimin had looked so empty… His eyes were devoid of their usual shine.


Jungkook thought back to the day he met Jimin and how they said they would take care of each other. Up until this point, it was Jimin that had been looking out for Jungkook, always the dutiful hyung.


Jungkook swore to himself that he would be a better soulmate.




The sun was beginning to set when he realized Jimin probably hadn’t had anything to eat all day. Jungkook wasn’t the best cook but he prepared something simple.


Once he finished cooking, he walked back to Jimin’s room and placed the plates of food on the nightstand before climbing up on the bed to sit next to him.


Jimin was lying on his side, cheek pressed up against the pillow. The color had returned to his face, his cheeks were a nice rosy color. He pressed his palm to Jimin’s forehead to check for a fever but he was only slightly warm under his touch.


He ran his hands through his hair until it roused him from his sleep.


Jimin blinked up at Jungkook for a few calm seconds before lurching upright, nearly head-butting Jungkook. He patted around his bed, looking for something.


“Here,” Jungkook said, pulling Jimin’s phone out of his hoodie.


Jimin visibly relaxed once he saw his phone screen.


“What is it?”


I thought it was morning. I can’t be late for practice.


Jungkook looked up from the phone screen to study Jimin for a moment. He’d known since he met Jimin, that older boy was hard working. Sometimes he would pick Jimin up from practice only to find that he was the last one in the studio, refusing to leave until he felt satisfied with himself. It wasn’t until now that he realized he was hard working to a fault.


“How are you feeling, hyung?”


Jimin looked embarrassed at the question, he shrugged his shoulders. I’m okay.


“Do you want to tell me what happened?”


Not really.


Jungkook didn’t want to pressure Jimin to talk about something he wasn't comfortable with he also needed to know what was going on to help him. “Will you, though, please?”


Jimin sighed, lying back down on the bed.


I don’t know where to start.


“It’s okay, just write.”


I was having a bad day but not like those bad days people usually have, mine are really bad, Jungkook. It’s hard to explain to someone that isn’t familiar with it. I just feel anxious sometimes and it all builds up until I can’t handle it anymore. It’s like I’m drowning, trying desperately to stay afloat but I always sink.


Jungkook read over the text a few times, slowly coming to a realization. “So you had a panic attack?” Jungkook asked uncertainly.


Jimin nodded.


“What caused it?”


Nothing really caused it, that’s not how it works. But I’ve been under a lot of pressure recently so that probably didn’t help much.


“So it helps if you take good care of yourself?” Jungkook noted.


Yeah, it helps a bit. I used to take pills.


“You don’t anymore?


No it makes me feel groggy and tired. It makes it hard to perform.


Jungkook nodded, trying to make sense of what Jimin was telling him.


Can I ask you something?


“Of course, hyung.”


Jimin took his phone back but didn’t write anything for a few seconds. His fingers hovered over the screen, as if he was uncertain about asking his question.


Where were you today? Please don’t tell me you were with your hyung because I saw him with Hoseok at the studio.


Jungkook stared at the message, not expecting that question. His face burned at having been caught lying. He rushed to defend himself, “Sorry! I just wanted to surprise you. I joined a KSL club a few weeks ago. I mean I’ve been taking sign language classes online but Taehyung said I would learn faster if I practiced with others so I looked for a club on campus. I’ve really enjoyed it, I met some really nice—” Jungkook stopped talking when Jimin’s eyes became glossy with ushered tears. “Hey! What’s wrong?”


Jimin covered his face with his arms but Jungkook could see the tears begin rolling down the sides of his face.


Jungkook panicked, pulled at Jimin’s arms, trying to meet his eyes, “Hyung, why are you crying?”


I thought you were cheating.


Jungkook reeled back, stunned. “What?”


Jimin reached out for him but Jungkook pulled back. His mind was whirling. How could Jimin think he would cheat on him? He did lie about where he was going but that didn’t warrant that kind of suspicion. It hurt that Jimin didn’t trust him. Especially when he trusted Jimin wholeheartedly.


“How could you think that?” Jungkook asked, voice cracking. He uncrossed his legs, standing up from the bed, but Jimin shot up, catching the edge of his sleeve.


He met Jimin’s panicked tear brimmed eyes and as he pulled at his sleeve.


Please don’t leave.


Jungkook gave in, sitting at the edge of the bed, a few feet from Jimin. Jungkook wanted to close the distance between them and pull Jimin into his arms but he forced himself to stay put.


“Explain, Jimin.”


Jimin quickly typed out a message and turned the screen for him to see.


I trust you.


“It shows,” Jungkook shot back and Jimin flinched at his harsh words. He immediately regretted them.


“I’m sorry,” he sighed, “go ahead.” He motioned for Jimin to continue typing.


Since I was very young I’ve had problems... Like mental health issues. It makes me weird, Jungkook. It makes me think all these things that I know aren’t true. It made me doubt you, and I’m sorry. I know they type of person you are. I know you wouldn’t hurt me.


Jungkook read through Jimin’s message, feeling guilty again. He kept messing up. He moved closer to his soulmate, until their knees were touching.


Jimin took his phone back, but his fingers hovered over the screen. Jungkook squeezed his shoulder in comfort until Jimin began typing.


I can’t blame it entirely on my mental health issues, though. I have trouble trusting people because too many people have hurt me.


Jungkook tensed, suddenly angry “Who? Who’s hurt you?”


I was in a relationship a few years back and it didn’t end well.


“What happened?” Jungkook asked, uneasily.


He cheated on me.


Jungkook was fuming now, hands turned to firsts at his sides. The thought of someone cheating on Jimin made him furious. Jimin was kind a sweet, he didn’t deserve that. “Who was he? Have I met him? Where can I find him?”


This was years ago, Jungkook.


“Doesn’t mean I’m going to let him get away with it.”


He lives in Busan.


Jungkook frowned, Jimin hadn’t been in Busan since he was in high school. “How old were you?”


Fifteen. He was a senior, and had a college boyfriend the entire time we were together. I was just the stupid freshman he used.


Fifteen. Jimin was only fifteen. This only fueled Jungkook’s anger. He’d seen pictures of Jimin at that age. He’d looked so small and sweet with his fat cheeks and wide innocent eyes. Fuck.


“What do you mean by used?”


For sex.


Jungkook exhaled, shutting his eyes, “I want to kill this asshole, hyung.”


Jimin laughed lightly. It’s okay Jungkook, I’ve grown up, I’m stronger now. I can’t say I’m completely over it because it’s hard to forget something like this but I can confidently say I’m over him. I wasn’t in the right headspace earlier and it was bringing back all these old wounds but I’m better now. The sleep helped a lot.


Jungkook forced himself to relax, for Jimin’s sake. He let out a shaky breath, “I’m glad you’re feeling better, hyung. I’m still angry though, that guy didn’t deserve you. He didn’t deserve to have you like that.”


He never really had me, though. I’ve never given myself over to anyone completely. Not the way I would give myself to you. I trust you.


Instead of shying away like he usually would, Jungkook met Jimin’s gaze before closing the distance between them and kissing Jimin, slow a sweet. He cupped Jimin’s face, brushing at the drying tears on his cheeks with his thumbs.


He pulled away slowly and Jimin’s eyes fluttered open. “You’re beautiful,” Jimin’s cheeks warmed under his palms in response.


“You said others hurt you, who were they?”


Jimin looked uncomfortable suddenly. Can we talk about that another time? I think I’ve had enough today.


“Okay, hyung,” as much as he wanted to know, he didn’t want to push Jimin.


The sat in silence for a few seconds until Jungkook spoke again, “So, how often does this happen?”


The panic attacks? The last one was months before I met you.


“Why didn’t you tell me about it?”


I’ve been doing really well. I didn’t want you to find out about it if I could help it.


“Jimin hyung,” Jungkook replied, exasperated, “You don’t have to hide these things from me. I’m not going to judge you, if that’s what you’re worried about. I just want to understand so I can help you in the future.”


Jimin was fidgeting with his hands in his lap and Jungkook lifted his chin with his finger, forcing Jimin to meet his eyes. “Promise you’ll call me if this happens again. I don’t care what I’m doing, I’ll drop everything and come to you.”


Jimin worried his lip, looking pensive. It’s not pretty though. When it happens I’m a mess. Even worse than what you saw earlier. It’s not something that just goes away easily. Sometimes, it comes and goes but other times I get in these nasty moods that last days. It all builds up until it’s too much. Like what happened earlier.


Jungkook frowned, “Stop trying to scare me away. I’m not claiming to know anything about this because I don’t but I want to understand. I want to help you but I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what wrong.”


I don’t want you to think differently of me, though. I don’t want you to think I’m broken.


“You're the strongest person I’ve ever met, I would never think you're broken,” Jungkook promised. “You said you feel like you're sinking but I just want to try my hardest to keep you afloat, okay?”


A small smile slowly appeared on Jimin’s face, finally agreeing. Okay.


Jungkook couldn’t help but smile back at Jimin’s disarming smile. The tension in the room evaporated. The bond between them settled and although there was still a slight strain coming from Jimin’s side, it felt significantly lighter. It was comforting and warm and he hoped Jimin felt it too.


 “Oh! I cooked you something,” Jungkook remembered, reaching over Jimin to pick up the plate on the nightstand. It had probably gone cold.


Jimin stared at the plate of food, incredulously. With what food?


“I went grocery shopping for you earlier.”


A wide smile spread across Jimin’s face, his eyes turning into those beautiful crescents. Jungkook didn’t know how it was possible to love a smile so much.


 I can’t believe you’re perfect.


“I’m not.”


You are too me.


“You’re just saying that because I’m feeding you.”


You got me there.


“Hyung! You’re supposed to deny it and tell me I’m the best boyfriend,” Jungkook complained, mock offended.


I’d tell you that if you didn’t put these ugly things on my plate. Jimin held up a piece bell pepper with his chopsticks.


“You’re the one always insisting vegetables are god’s gift.”


Not these though.


Despite his distaste of bell peppers, Jimin started shoveling the food into his mouth.


Jungkook laughed, “You were hungry.”


Jimin just nodded, cheeks full.


You said you’ve been learning sign language?


“Oh yeah, I’ve been taking classes since right after I met you but I started going to that KSL club recently.”


How much have you learned?


“I can’t really sign much yet but I could probably understand short phrases if you don’t sign too fast.” Jungkook was actually proud of the progress he’d made in just a couple months. He always caught on to things fairly quickly.


So if I signed something right now, you’d understand.


“Maybe, test me.”


Jimin pursed his lips, thinking for a second before setting aside his plate and phone.


I love you.


Jungkook’s heart lurched in his chest. They hadn't told each other those words yet. “I love you too, Jimin,” he replied without hesitation.


Jimin’s eyes widened, giggling in delight, before throwing himself into Jungkook’s arms.



Chapter Text

“Oh, and he’s got the cutest dimples I swear. They’re holes in the dirt.”


Jimin laughed, involuntarily flinging his body across the couch. We really need to work on your metaphors, Taehyung.


Taehyung ignored him, going on about the cute, new barista at his usual coffee place. Jimin just smiled at him, Taehyung developed a new crush every other week. His best friend was full of love to give, finding beauty in everyone.


“… and he’s also kind of a klutz, he broke a display stand the first time I saw him. He’s really smart though! I heard him mention to someone that he’s a med student. I hope he doesn’t plan on being a surgeon or anything like that though. He really is a danger to anything around him. You should have seen that poor display case, bagels all over the floor.”


He sounds great, Tae but when are you going to talk to him?


Taehyung groaned, covering his face, “Never, I’m not going back to that coffee shop.”


What? Why?


“I said a dumb thing last time I saw him.”


You always say dumb things, what’s the big deal?


Taehyung buried his face in a throw pillow, “I’m embarrassed!”


Jimin studied his best friend, Taehyung wasn’t the type of person to shy away from anyone. He was outgoing and had little shame. When he had feelings for someone, he made it painfully obvious. This was new.


You really like this guy, don’t you?


“Yes, which is why I can never see him again.”




Taehyung hadn’t found his soulmate yet, he liked to pretend that it didn’t bother him but Jimin knew better. Although he was no stranger to relationships, they never lasted very long because his best friend was scared of getting too attached to someone that wouldn’t stick around.


“It’s okay, Jimin.” Taehyung was shifting uncomfortably on the cushions.


Jimin knew it wasn’t though. I think you should give it a chance.


Taehyung shook his head, furiously, “I really like him, though and I haven’t even had a proper conversation with him. What if by some miraculous reason he decides to date me only for his soulmate come and sweep him off his feet?”


Jimin scowled at Taehyung, this was ridiculous. Okay first of all, stop selling yourself short, it’s unlike you. Anyone would be lucky to date you, and you know it.


Taehyung beamed, his boxy smile stretching across his face. “Stop!” he said, shoving at Jimin.


Jimin smiled, shoving Taehyung back. Life is too short for us to linger on the what if’s Taetae.


“So you find your soulmate and all of the sudden you’re some wise old man.”


One of us has to be.


“So how are things with that soulmate of yours, anyways?”


Jimin reluctantly allowed Taehyung to change the subject, he wasn’t dropping the case though. Taehyung seemed to really like this barista, he’d be damned if he didn’t even befriend the guy.


Me and Jungkook are good. I actually wanted to tell you something. 


Taehyung must have picked up something in his demeanor because he was suddenly serious. He nodded for Jimin to continue, always paying close attention to what he had to say.


So… I had a bad day last week.


“What?” Taehyung asked sitting upright from his spot on the couch, “When?”




Taehyung stared at Jimin, face set in concern, “But, you didn’t call me?”


Jimin avoided Taehyung’s eyes. I called Jungkook.


Taehyung was silent for a few moments, understanding the weight of his decision. Taehyung knew how bad his bad days were like, he’d sat through Jimin’s panic attack’s through the years. He knew how vulnerable and desperate Jimin became under the weight of his own crippling anxiety. But he also knew what to say and do to get Jimin through these days. He knew how to hold Jimin to keep him grounded and how to wrap his arms around him like a shield.


Jimin had never trusted anyone else like he trusted Taehyung, he never let anyone else see him at his weakest but him. Despite this, he had still called Jungkook.


Although Jungkook hadn’t understood at first what was happening, he had been so incredibly understanding. He held him tightly as Jimin cried into his neck. Jimin had felt safe, in a way that he had never felt before. Jungkook’s arms had been firm around him, his scent was calming. Even his presence in the bond had somehow intensified, radiating warmth throughout his body.


Jimin never opened up to people about his mental issues because they treated him differently once he did. As if he was vulnerable or weak. Jungkook had been different, he hadn’t judged or pitied him. He had been gentle but didn’t treat him as if he’d shatter if held too tightly.


“Did he… how did it go?” Taehyung, asked wearily. 


He took really good care of me, Taehyung.


“Good,” Taehyung settled back on the couch, tension easing only slightly. “How bad was it this time?”


I accused him of cheating.


Taehyung winced, “That bad, huh?”


He nodded dropping his head on Taehyung’s shoulder.


“I know you weren’t thinking straight at the time but you know that boy loves you right? I never thought there was someone out there good enough for you but Jungkook comes really close. If he stopped being a brat for two seconds, he’d be perfect.”


Jimin laughed, jabbing his best friend’s side. He’s not a brat, you need to stop bickering with him every chance you get.


“He starts it!”


Well maybe you shouldn’t have messed with him that first day you met.


Taehyung gasped, bringing his hand to his chest in mock offence, “I can’t believe you’re taking his side, what happened to bros before hoes?


This bro is in love.


“Gross!” Taehyung tried shoving Jimin off him but Jimin clung to him, giggling into his shoulder.


He told me he loved me.


“You know it’s true, right?” Taehyung questioned, gently. 


Jimin nodded against Taehyung’s arm. He’d heard enough empty ‘I love you’s’ in his life to know that Jungkook’s had been sincere.


They turned their attention back to the anime Taehyung insisted they needed to watch. It wasn’t particularly interesting but Jimin tried to focus on the plot.


They were a few episodes in when Taehyung spoke again, “Hey, Jimin?”


Jimin looked up from where he had settled his head on Taehyung’s lap. 


“Have you told him anything…”


Taehyung didn’t have to elaborate for Jimin to understand what he was referring to.


I only told him about Woojin.


Jimin felt Taehyung tense at the mention of his ex’s name. What happened with Woojin was not something they often spoke about. It brought back many memories of his life in Busan that he’d rather not relive. He also knew Taehyung still felt guilt for not intervening in their relationship. It wasn’t his fault though, Jimin used to be the type to suffer in silence. Only allowing the tears to fall behind closed doors.


Taehyung wouldn’t have been able to see what was going on even if he was looking for it.


Woojin had said all the right things to claw his way into Jimin’s heart. He gave him the attention and ‘love’ that he never received at home. He made Jimin think he needed him to live but he wasn’t living while he was with him. He was like a snake, coiling around Jimin until he couldn’t breathe. He knew about his weakness’ and insecurities and he took advantage of them. That wasn’t love.


Jimin would never let anyone hurt him like that again.


They were quiet for a few minutes both lost in thought when Taehyung pushed Jimin off his lap, bouncing to his feet, “I have a great idea.”


Jimin just glared at him, rubbing at his head where it had hit the control.


“We should go clubbing!”


No. That was a horrible idea.


“Jimin,” he whined, “It’s just what we need.”




“But we haven’t gone clubbing in forever.”


There’s a reason for that.


After a few minutes of Taehyung’s whining and begging Jimin finally gave in, pushing himself of the couch to dig through Taehyung’s closet, looking for something other than baggy pants. Taehyung bounced excitedly around to him, looking for an outfit of his own.


Jimin knew this was a bad idea but he didn’t care at the moment. Taehyung was right, they needed to have a good time.



Jungkook dropped his head against the textbook splayed out on the table, groaning into the worn pages full of numbers and equations. He had spent the entire day studying for his exams and his head was pulsing with a headache. His only consolation was that in a few months he’d graduate and be done with school once and for all.


The soft clink of something being placed on the table startled Jungkook.


“You okay, kid?” Yoongi asked, pushing aside some of his books to make room for the dinner he and Hoseok had cooked.


“I’m fine, hyung, just tired,” he replied, rubbing at his eyes.


Hoseok brought the last plates to the table. “I think you’ve studied enough,” Hoseok chimed in, sitting next to Yoongi. “You just need rest, now.”


Yoongi grunted in agreement, not waiting a second, before shoving a large piece of meat into his mouth.


“I need to get good grades this semester, though. My GPA is in shambles.”


“No it’s not, you’ll be fine,” Yoongi, said through a mouthful of food. “Hoseok’s right, you need to rest, studying is no good if you pass out in the middle of the exam.”


Jungkook finally conceded, putting away his books before sitting back down to eat with his hyungs. Although he wasn’t the best at school, he’d studied enough to feel confident about his midterms.


Jungkook dug into his meal, realizing he hadn’t had much to eat all day. He cringed when Hoseok and Yoongi started feeding each other and being nauseatingly cute. “I’m trying to eat.”


Yoongi scoffed, “Please, like you and Jimin aren’t the grossest couple I know.”


“Are not!” Jungkook protested, “Right, Hobi hyung?”


Hoseok just shrugged, “I mean, you bought him flowers the other day…”


Jungkook’s face flushed red, it wasn’t like he’d randomly gone out and bought a bouquet roses. He’d bought Jimin a potted flower plant to replace the wilting plant Jimin had forgotten to water. “Wait, who told you that?”


“Taehyung,” he replied, holding out a piece of meat for Yoongi.


“Taehyung?” he repeated, incredulously, “Since when do you talk to Taehyung?”


“We’re close friends,” Hoseok answered and Yoongi nodded in agreement.


Since when?”


“He came over last week while you were in class, he’s a nice kid.”


“Oh,” was all Jungkook said. It was weird how a few months ago it was just him and Yoongi in a big city. Jungkook wasn’t the best at making new friends and Yoongi was always busy with work, his only friends were his coworkers. But now they had Hoseok, Jimin and even Taehyung. The fact that he and Taehyung bullied each other endlessly was beside the point. Although he wouldn’t admit it aloud, he had come to care for him too.



Jungkook was was rinsing off their dinner plates after they finished their meal, when his phone went off.


“Jungkookie, your phone!” Hoseok called at him from the living room.


“Who is it?” he shouted back.


“I don’t know, there’s no caller ID.”


Jungkook dried his hands on a hand towel as he walked to the living room. Hoseok tossed him his phone and Jungkook glanced at the unrecognizable number before answering.




“Hi!” an unfamiliar voice replied. Jungkook could hear the faint thrum of music from the other side.


“Who’s this?”


“Seokjin,” the guy on the other line replied distractedly, he could overhear him saying something to someone else but he couldn’t make out what.


Jungkook frowned, “I think you have the wrong number.”


“Uh, wait, it’s too loud here.” he heard the other guy shuffling around and Jungkook was about to hang up when the other guy spoke again. “Okay, sorry, is this Jungkook.”


“Yeah,” Jungkook replied, wearily. “Who is this?” he asked again.




“I know, you told me that.”


“Wow, that brat really didn’t tell you about me.”






“You know Jimin?”


“Yeah, I’m his hyung.”


Jungkook frowned, trying to remember if Jimin had mentioned him before, “Oh, wait! Jin?”


“Hey! I’m like five years older than you! Hyung is fine,” the other guy huffed.


Both Taehyung and Jimin had mentioned having a hyung that had taken care of them when they first arrived in Seoul but Jungkook hadn’t met him yet. He worked as a bartender, which would explain the club music in the background.


“I'm sorry, Seokjin hyung.”


“Ah! It's fine.”


Jungkook smiled, Seokjin reminded him of Yoongi, “Seokjin hyung, can I ask why you’re calling?”


“Oh, right! I need you to collect Taehyung and Jimin.”


“What? Where are they? Are they okay? What happened?” the rising alarm in his voice made Yoongi and Hoseok to turn to him in worry.


“They’re fine,” Seokjin reassured him quickly, “I just think it’s time for them to go home.”


Jungkook waved off, his hyungs letting them know everything was okay, before heeding to his room to pick up a coat. He thought Jimin was at Taehyung’s but he knew it wasn’t in Taehyung’s nature to stay home all day. “Can you text me the address, I’m going right now.”


“I knew you’d come quick, Jimin tells me a lot about you.”


Jungkook didn’t know what to say to that so he just thanked Seokjin for looking after his hyungs before hanging up.


He pulled on his boots by the door, letting his hyungs he’d be back soon.


“Is everything okay?” Hoseok asked from the couch.


Jungkook huffed, “Yeah I’m just going to pick up by boyfriend and his troublemaker friend.”




Jungkook didn’t have to look far for his hyungs once he arrived at the club.


“Jungkookie!” he he heard Taehyung shriek over the music halfway across the club.


Jungkook pushed his way through the crowd to where Taehyung was waving at him from one of the bar stools.


“Hi, Jungkookie!” Taehyung greeted, once he was in front of him.


“Hey, Taehyung.”


“You’re Jungkook?”


Jungkook turned to look at the guy behind the bar, he was very handsome and tall, just how Jimin had described him. “Hello, Seokjin hyung, nice to meet you.”


“Wow!” Taehyung whined, “You call him, hyung, but you disrespect me!”


His words were slurred, he’d obviously been drinking.


Jungkook glanced around the club looking for his soulmate, “So where is Jimin?” He would be freaking out if it wasn’t for the pleasant hum coming from the bond.


“Over there,” Seokjin, said.


Jungkook looked to where he was pointing and spotted Jimin by the edge of the dance floor. He was dancing without a care in the world and Jungkook admired him for a few moments. He wasn’t dancing as gracefully as he usually did, probably because he’d been drinking but he still looked as breathtaking as ever.


Jungkook thought back to the first time he had seen Jimin dance, he was just a stranger then. He had stood on that stage and captivated the attention of the audience. Jungkook was just another person in that audience, back then, watching the story Jimin told with every deliberate movement of his body. Seeing Jimin dance now, was different. Jungkook was part of that story.


Even as Jimin danced along to the blaring trashy remix of some pop song, he looked incredible.   


He walked towards Jimin, shooting a dirty look at guy that was standing a little too close for his liking. The guy scrambled off, much to Jungkook’s pleasure.


He came to stand behind Jimin, who still hadn’t noticed him. He placed a hand on Jimin’s swaying hip and the smaller boy tensed, whipping around quickly, a fiery look in his eye.


Jungkook took a step back, scared that he’d throw a punch but Jimin immediately recognized him, a smile spread across his face as he threw himself into Jungkook’s chest.


“Hey, hyung,” he laughed, stumbling as he caught Jimin. 


Jimin pulled back to sign at Jungkook but Jungkook had trouble following Jimin’s drunk ramblings.


Jimin pouted in frustration when he realized Jungkook hadn’t understood. He repeated himself, slower and shorter, this time. Dance with me.


“I don’t dance, plus it’s late, we should probably get you and Taehyung home.”


Jimin frowned at him. I’m not leaving until you dance with me. He crossed his arms meeting Jungkook’s eyes in defiance.


“Jimin…” he began.


One song? Please?


Jungkook gave in, he couldn’t really deny Jimin of anything, especially when he was looking at him with those wide eyes and pouty mouth.


Jimin grinned in triumph moving to hook his arms around Jungkook’s neck. He closed his eyes, moving to the music pulsating throughout the club.


Jungkook rested his hands on Jimin’s waist and allowed himself to move to the beat of the music. Jungkook felt himself relax against Jimin, forgetting about school, his exams, his impending graduation.


Jimin’s eyes suddenly flew open glancing at him mischievously before twisting around in his hold and backing up against Jungkook until his ass was pressed against his crotch.


Jungkook let out a sound that sounded embarrassingly like a squeak. Jungkook’s grip tightened on Jimin’s hips, halfheartedly trying to stop him from grinding against him. “Hyung,” he let out a quiet whine.


Every roll of Jimin’s hips drove Jungkook insane, his heart beating wildly in his chest, he was sure Jimin could feel it against his back.


Jimin leaned back even closer, tilting his head to rest it on Jungkook’s shoulder. His eyes were closed, the neon lights of the club shining on his, sweaty neck. Jungkook’s eyes trailed down the line of chest exposed by his low cut shirt.


Jungkook felt himself get lost in the beat of the music. His fingers digging into Jimin’s hips hard enough that it would leave faint bruises on his skin. He roughly twisted Jimin around, crushing their mouths together. Jungkook worked one hand into Jimin’s hair as he hooked an arm around his waist, pulling him until their chests were flush against each other. He felt Jimin clutching desperately at the fabric of his shirt.


Jungkook wanted so much to give in to the haze of the lust, Jimin felt to soft and warm in his arms and he tasted so good against his mouth.


Jimin swiped his tongue along Jungkook’s bottom lip and he groaned low in his throat.  


Jimin pulled back looking wrecked. His lips were swollen and wet, his hair was a mess and his cheeks were rosy.


Jungkook didn’t know how much time had gone by but it was well past the one song he had promised Jimin. His face burned, remembering that they were public but the club was crowded and nobody seemed to be paying them much attention.


We should probably go. Jimin collected himself as he turned towards where Taehyung was sitting at the bar.


Jungkook adjusted himself in his pants, before following. Jimin was out kill him.


Taehyung wagged his eyebrows as they approached but Jungkook ignored him, hoping that he and Seokjin hadn’t seen much. 


“I’m going to take them home now,” he said to Seokjin, avoiding his eyes. He probably hadn’t made a good first impression.


“Okay, Jungkook, make sure they get home safe,” Seokjin replied, evidently amused.


“Of course,” he replied glancing at his hyungs who were giggling hysterically at something Taehyung had signed. “It was nice meeting you Seokjin hyung.”


“You too Jungkook, I need to get back to work but maybe we could hang out together in the future, those idiots seem to really like you.”


Jungkook agreed as Seokjin waved at them before heading off to attend to a patron.


Maneuvering a drunk Jimin and Taehyung out of the bustling club has harder than he thought it would be. Neither of them wanted to leave but it was late and Jungkook needed to get some sleep before his exams. It wasn’t a surprise that both of them got clingier when drunk.


“I want a piggyback ride!” Taehyung whined as they walked across the parking lot.


“You’re too heavy.”


Taehyung scoffed, “That’s a lie. Mr. Muscles.”


Jungkook groaned, “Please stop calling me that.”


Jimin pulled at his sleeve to get his attention.




Jungkook stopped walking and bent over slightly so Jimin could hop on his back. Taehyung grumbled next to him and Jungkook smiled in amusement. Jimin’s thighs were thick around his waist and Jungkook gripped at them, marveling at how firm they felt in his hands. Jimin nuzzled his face in his neck, sighing contently.


He managed to get both Jimin and Taehyung buckled into the backseat of his car. Jimin fell asleep, immediately, slumping against Taehyung.


“Hey, Jungkook?” Taehyung asked.


“I’m not going to stop for ice cream, Taehyung, stop asking.”


“No it's not that,” Taehyung said, sounding somber and significantly more sober than he had at the club.


Jungkook glanced at him through the rearview mirror, “What is it?”


Taehyung was quiet for a few seconds staring out the window before meeting his eyes in the mirror, “I don’t want to go home.”


Jungkook frowned, he had no intention of leaving Taehyung alone at his apartment. “I’m taking both of you to my place.”


Taehyung looked surprised, “Oh.”


The car was silent for a few tense seconds, “Taehyung?”




“Jimin told me some stuff last week.”


“Yeah, I know.”


“I just,” Jungkook hesitated, “I just wanted to say thank you for staying by Jimin all these years and that I think you’re a really good friend.”


“Aww, Jungkookie,” Taehyung cooed, mood shifting, “I didn’t know you could be this sweet to anyone besides Jimin.”


“Shut up, hyung,” Jungkook blushed.


Taehyung leaned forward to rest his chin on Jungkook’s seat, “You know, I was just telling Jimin today that I think you’re good for him.”


“Yeah?” Jungkook asked, hopefully.




Jungkook smiled dumbly to himself during the rest of the drive home. Having the approval of Jimin’s best friend made him feel like was being a good soulmate after all. He glanced at Jimin in the rearview mirror, he was sleeping soundly, his newly dyed hair falling into his eyes. He loved him so much.


Jungkook had to practically drag a sleepy Jimin up his stairs when they got to his place. Both Jimin and Taehyung were at least sober at this point so he didn’t have to worry about one of them stumbling down the stairs.


Taehyung face planted on the cushions of the couch as soon as they arrived at the apartment.


Jimin headed straight for the shower, forgetting to take a change of clothes with him.


Jungkook dug through his closet for extra blankets for Taehyung and unceremoniously dropped them on him. He was about to turn off the lights to head to his room but he noticed the awkward position Taehyung’s head was resting against the armrest. The idiot would probably have a sore neck in the morning. Jungkook picked up a pillow resting by Taehyung’s legs and shoved it under his head. The other boy didn’t even shift in his sleep; out cold.


Jungkook switched off the living room lights, maneuvering through the dark to his room. He changed into his sleeping clothes before looking for clothes for Jimin. Most of Jungkook’s clothes were shoved into his drawers or haphazardly thrown into his closet to the point that he didn’t really know what was clean and what was laundry. The only articles of clothing that were carefully folded or hung in the closet were Jimin’s clothes.


Everyday Jungkook noticed more of Jimin’s clothing hung in his closet and he knew that the clothes currently laying all over Jimin’s bedroom floor were his own. His boyfriend often nagged about it but Jungkook just shoved them under his bed to avoid the lectures. Jimin hated this the most.


Jimin had joked that it was as if they both had two homes. Jungkook felt that Jimin was his home.


Jungkook reached for one of Jimin’s sweats hung in the closet but instead picked up a clean pair of his own from the pile on the floor. Jimin liked wearing his clothes and Jungkook liked seeing him in them. Win, win.


“Jimin?” he knocked on the door of the bathroom, quietly, mindful of his sleeping hyungs.


He pushed open the door slowly, obviously not expecting a response. The bathroom was foggy with the steam of the hot water and smelled of the vanilla, Victoria’s Secret shower gel Jungkook had bought a while back. Everyone made fun of him for it but used it anyways.


Jimin poked his head out from behind the shower curtain in question.


“I brought you clothes,” Jungkook set the folded pile of clothes on sink next to the shower.


Jimin gave him a look and nodded, disappearing behind the shower curtain again.


Jungkook forced himself to stay and brush his teeth, despite the nervous fluttering of his heart. He could make out the blurred outline of Jimin’s body through the shower curtain. He knew Jimin didn't care but he averted his eyes anyways as he brushed his teeth.


Jungkook tried to push back thoughts of Jimin at the club. How his body had molded into Jungkook’s. How the swell of his ass had brushed against his hardening cock. How warm and firm he had felt against his chest.


Jimin turned off the shower and Jungkook tensed as he pulled back the curtain. He kept his eyes fixed on the sink in front of him. This was okay, this is normal, he reminded himself. Jimin didn’t care and he shouldn’t either. They were in a relationship; couples did this sort of thing. They’ve talked about this. These thoughts didn’t stop Jungkook from jumping out of his skin when Jimin nudged his shoulder. His eyes jumped straight to Jimin’s face.


“What?”  he asked, forcefully nonchalant.


Jimin eyed him, mouth curling up at the corners, he saw right through him.


Can you pass me the towel?


Jungkook nodded bending over to pull out towel from the cabinet under the sink.


Jimin was shameless not bothering to cover himself at all. Jungkook could see Jimin’s thick thighs through the corners of him eyes. If he shifted his glance further up… Nope! He stood abruptly, nearly bumping his head against the edge of the sink. 


He held out the towel to Jimin who took it wordlessly. His eyes were shining with mirth but Jungkook could also pick up on the faint tint of pink in his cheeks.


Jungkook wondered if Jimin would keep his cool if he stripped and hopped into the shower with him. He toyed with the idea for a few seconds but Jimin stepped out of the shower, towel wrapped around his waist.


Do you usually brush your teeth for this long? Jimin teased, pointing at the toothbrush that was hanging from Jungkook’s mouth. 


Jungkook flushed, bending over the sink to spit of the toothpaste. “You’re mean.”


You’re the one that came in here. Jimin pointed out, picking up his clothes from the sink.


Jungkook shamelessly stared at Jimin’s abs as he pulled the t-shirt over his head.  “I was just being a respectful boyfriend bringing you clothes so you wouldn’t have to walk naked through the living room. Wouldn’t want to traumatize Taehyung.”


Jimin scoffed at the blatant lie. As if Taehyung’s never seen me naked.


“Please don’t make me jealous of Taehyung.”


He pushed past Jimin and out of the bathroom before the other finished getting dressed. There was only so much he could handle in one day.


Jungkook slipped under the covers of his bed and Jimin walked in a couple minutes later, climbing onto the bed with him.


“Did you have fun today?”


A little too much fun.


“Good,” Jungkook replied, stifling a yawn.


You tired? I just realized we interrupted your studying, I’m sorry.


“It’s okay, I was done anyways, I’m just sleepy now.”


You should sleep then. Jimin reached over him to switch off the light on his bedside lamp.  He settled next to him in bed running his hands through his hair until Jungkook felt himself drifting off in his soulmate’s arms.




Jungkook woke up to the sound of arguing, he groaned rolling over trying to block out the sound with his pillow.


He rolled out of bed a few seconds later when the arguing continued. He rubbed at his eyes, pressing at his phone for the time. It was barely seven in the morning, way too early to be up. His first exam wasn’t until noon. Jimin wasn’t in bed with him, but he usually woke before him. He pulled on a pair of pants before leaving his room to see what was going on.


The sight that greeted him in the kitchen wasn’t exactly what he expected. Jimin was sitting at the kitchen table, head cradled in his hands, he was probably hangover.


Taehyung, Hoseok and Yoongi were gathered around what looked like shattered glass.


“You broke my coffee maker!” Yoongi growled at Taehyung.


Oh. That wasn’t good. Yoongi was usually grumpy in the mornings, Yoongi without his coffee was a completely different story.


“He was the one that dropped it though,” Taehyung defended, pointing at Hoseok.


“That’s because you scared me!” Hoseok shot back, turning to Yoongi, hands up in defense, “He came out of nowhere!”


Yoongi turned his glare back to Taehyung.


“Not on purpose! It’s not my fault you scare easy.”


Jungkook groaned, it was definitely way too early for this. He moved to stand by Jimin and kissing the top of his head. “Morning, hyung, you good.”


Just a headache. That isn’t helping. He motioned to the scene in the kitchen.


Yoongi looked like he was about ready to throttle someone, probably Taehyung.


Jimin cleared his throat so the others would turn to look at him. How about we go out for coffee. I know just the place.



The five of them walked to a small coffee shop just a few blocks down. Well four of them walked, Jimin was practically dragging Taehyung along.


“Jimin! I told you I can’t go back there.”


Jimin had explained Taehyung’s unfortunate encounter with the barista he was infatuated with and the others were teasing him mercilessly.


“I just don’t get what you said that was too embarrassing even for you?” Yoongi, laughed, having calmed down at the promise of coffee.


“I don’t want to talk about it.”


“You broke my coffee maker, you owe me.”


Taehyung gave in, explaining what happened to Hoseok and Yoongi.


Jungkook hung back a few steps to walk with Jimin, he interlocked their fingers, as they walked in comfortable silence. It was cold out but the sun was peaking out from the horizon, not a cloud in sight.



Once they arrived at the coffee shop, they paid for their coffee before crowding around a small table, waiting for their drinks to be ready. Taehyung relaxed once he realized his crush wasn’t anywhere in sight. The shop was mostly empty since most people were just picking up their coffee before heading to work.


They talked amongst each other while they waited for their drinks. Taehyung and Jungkook laughed as they taught Hoseok sign language.


“This means, ‘how are you,’” Taehyung demonstrated.


Hoseok’s brows furrowed in concentration as he studied the movements.


“Hey, Jimin!” Hoseok called as Jimin walked back to the table after picking up his coffee. He repeated the hand movements Taehyung had showed him.


Both Jungkook and Taehyung burst out laughing at the face Jimin made.


“What?” Hoseok asked, confused. 


Yoongi wrapped a hand around Hoseok’s shoulders. “I’m pretty sure you just cursed him out.”


Jimin nodded, smacking Jungkook and Taehyung. I swear you too are equally as immature.


“And you just called them immature,” Yoongi added, proudly.


They all stared at him in surprise. Jungkook knew Yoongi had been learning sign language too but apparently he’d been studying harder than he thought.


Wow, hyung. I didn’t know you’d gotten this good. That means a lot to me. Most people don’t even bother.


Yoongi froze for a second, brows furrowing. “Yeah, I didn’t get what you just said.”


Their loud laughter rang out through the empty shop and Jungkook worried the owner would kick them out for being disruptive.


Jimin settled back next to him, resting his head on his shoulder.


“How’s the headache?”


Mostly gone, I--


Taehyung suddenly gasped, ducking behind Hoseok. “He’s here!” he hissed.


“Your crush?”


Taehyung nodded, pointing behind the counter.


They all turned to see who he was referring to. A barista had just come out of the backroom and was pulling on an apron. He was tall, broad, tanned and had a friendly face. Jungkook could see why Taehyung was crushing on him.


Wow Taetae, you’re right, he’s cute.


“Told you!” Taehyung whispered harshly, poking out behind Hoseok so peak at him.


“I know him,” Yoongi stated.




“Yeah, we had a few classes together in college. Hey Namjoon!” he called, waving at the barista.


Taehyung squeaked, “Don’t call him!”


Taehyung looked like he was about to take off but Jimin held onto him from across the table. There really was no use trying to escape his grip.


The barista, Namjoon, walked over to them. “Hey! Yoongi hyung, haven’t seen you in a while!”


The friendly smile on Namjoon’s face froze as soon as he saw Taehyung. His expression morphed into something like shock.


Jungkook turned to Taehyung who was staring at Namjoon in awe and almost admiration? Jungkook suddenly felt protective of Taehyung, scared this guy would say something to hurt his feelings. Jimin tensed next to him too, probably worried about the same thing.


Jungkook could feel the tension in the air when suddenly Namjoon seemed to snap out of whatever revive he was in. He opened his mouth as if to say something but shut it again.


“Namjoon, what’s going on?” Yoongi asked for all of them.


Namjoon ignored him, not taking his eyes off Taehyung as he rolled up the sleeve of shirt, turning his arm for them to see the writing on his wrist. 


If you were a vegetable you'd be a cutecumber.


Taehyung gasped and Jungkook finally caught on.


“It’s you,” Namjoon said, breathlessly.


Jungkook recognized those words as the ones printed across Taehyung’s wrist.


“You took off so fast the other day…” Namjoon trailed off, unblinking eyes fixed on Taehyung.


Everyone at the table froze in shock. Jungkook’s mind was reeling. Was this actually happening? Jimin was clutching at his arm, mouth open in disbelief. Jungkook could feel the swirl of his emotions through the bond.


Taehyung let out a little choked sound as he scrambled out of his seat, his chair screeched loudly against the hardwood floor. He launched himself against Namjoon’s, wrapping his arms around the man’s shoulders. 


Namjoon looked like he was in a daze, slowly curling his arms around Taehyung.


Jungkook knew what he was feeling. Shock, disbelief, joy.


The four of them watched in awe as Namjoon and Taehyung clung to each other.


Jungkook only turned away when he heard quiet sniffling coming from Jimin.  


You okay? Jungkook signed, not wanting to interrupt the new couple.


I’m really happy. I’m so happy Jungkook.


Jungkook held Jimin’s face in his hands, wiping at Jimin’s tear stained face with his thumbs.  


He glanced from Yoongi and Hoseok, to Taehyung and his soulmate and then back to Jimin.


Me too.

Chapter Text

Dance with me.


“I told you, I don’t dance”


Yoongi hyung said you used to dance.


“Well, Yoongi hyung is a liar.”


He sent me a video though. Jimin signed, waving his phone at Jungkook.


“What?” Jungkook shot up from where he was lying on an exercise mat. “Let me see it,” he demanded as he stalked over to Jimin.


Nope. Jimin giggled as Jungkook tired to take the phone from his hands.


Jimin held the phone over his head and Jungkook easily reached Jimin’s wrist pulling his arm down but Jimin kept a firm grasp of the phone.


“I just want to see,” he, lied.


Jimin just looked down pointedly at where Jungkook was gripping at his wrists and Jungkook released him so he could reply but the other boy took off the second he let go.


“Hyung!” he complained as Jimin ran across the practice room to sit against a wall on a mat.


I’m going to send this to everyone we know.


“You wouldn’t.”


Jimin looked up at him as if to say, ‘you know I would.’  


Jungkook sighed, walking back where Jimin was sitting, “Jiminie,” he said, voice low and threatening.


Jimin looked up from his phone wearily as he approached, Jimin attempted to take off again but Jungkook made a grab for his ankle, making him flop back onto the padded mat.


Jimin tried to kick his leg free but Jungkook just dragged him along the mat, swinging a leg over his waist, straddled him and effectively pinning him to the floor. He smiled in triumph as Jimin wiggled under him in a futile attempt to escape.


“Give me the phone.”


Jimin just shook his head in defiance, keeping the phone clutched to his chest


Jungkook smiled mischievously as he brought his hands to Jimin’s sides and tickled him.


Jimin let out a peal of desperate laughter, trying to topple him but Jungkook kept him firmly in place with his thighs.


“Give me the phone and I’ll stop,” he negotiated.


Jimin shook his head, tears gathered on the corners of his eyes from laughing too hard.


Jungkook stopped when he realized Jimin wasn’t budging. Clearly, he needed to rethink his strategy, prying the phone from Jimin’s tight grip was impossible. He slid off Jimin and the other boy scooted back to sit against the wall, eyeing him suspiciously.


Before Jungkook could do anything, Jimin pulled at the waistband of his pants and dropped his phone inside.


Jungkook gaped at where the phone had disappeared, “Did you seriously just… stick the phone in your underwear?” he asked in disbelief.  


Jimin just shrugged nonchalantly. Desperate times.


“Oh, my God. You’re horrible.”


Jimin smiled smugly in victory.


Jimin probably expected him to back off after that but Jeon Jungkook never lost. He didn’t even care much about the video anymore but he needed to get that phone, his reputation was on the line.


He knew Jimin’s weakness: him.


Jungkook kneeled on the floor next to Jimin resting a hand on his knee. “Will you give it to me?” he asked, voice suddenly low and commanding.  


Jimin narrowed his eyes at Jungkook’s tone and shook his head.


Jungkook’s hand trailed higher up Jimin’s leg, until his hand was splayed along Jimin’s muscular thigh.


He and Jimin had agreed on going slow, just because they were soulmates didn’t mean they had to rush anything. Jimin had joked that if it was up to him they would have fucked the day they met but Jungkook was a romantic at heart. The term ‘make love’ popped into his head, Jimin deserved to be taken care of, the sex should be slow and sweet.


He had explained this to Yoongi and Hoseok after they asked if he’d ‘banged’ Jimin yet. Needless to say, they had teased him endlessly for days.


But, recently, Jungkook had been getting bolder with Jimin, his touches more deliberate. He’d become more comfortable with him. Something had shifted between them that day Jimin opened up to him. Neither of them were scared to be vulnerable around each other, trusting the other person wholeheartedly.


Jungkook felt that he was ready to experience new things with his boyfriend but as flirty and shameless as Jimin was, he usually pulled away first. Jungkook knew Jimin did it for his sake but it was starting to drive him insane. The tension between them was palpable but he figured ‘hey, hyung I’m ready for sex’ probably wasn’t the best approach. 


Nonetheless, it was hard to keep his hands off Jimin, especially when the other boy wore those ridiculously tight dancing pants, like the ones he had chosen to wear that day. The taunt muscles of his thighs bulged through the thin material as Jungkook trailed his hand along them.


Jimin gulped audibly as Jungkook spread Jimin’s legs, slightly, so he could kneel between them.


He edged his hand up higher and Jimin gasped when his hand pressed into his inner thigh, tips of his fingers nearly brushing against his cock.


Jimin’s lips parted as his breathing picked up and Jungkook leaned in to kiss him. Easily slipping his tongue in, brushing it against Jimin’s. He kissed him breathless, pinning him up against the wall with his free hand.


Jimin had completely melted against his touch when Jungkook trailed his and down his chest, stopping at the hem of his underwear.


Jimin met his eyes in challenge, as if daring Jungkook to do it.


Jungkook didn’t back down, he dipped his hand into Jimin’s underwear, pulling out the phone, but not before deliberately brushing his pinky against Jimin’s cock.


Jimin breath hitched, jumping at the feathery, light touch.


He pulled away from Jimin, trying to slow his racing heart. Jimin looked startled and dazed, his chest rising and falling rapidly. He was pressed against the wall, legs spread, face flushed.


Jungkook put some distance between them trying to stem the turmoil going on inside his chest. He pressed at Jimin’s phone, pulling up his text conversation with Yoongi but the last texts were just pictures his hyung had sent of his new puppy. “Where is the video?” He asked, scrolling through older texts but found nothing. He looked up at Jimin who had appeared to have collected himself but Jungkook didn’t miss the way he adjusted himself in his pants.


There is no video.


“Are you serious?” asked dumbfounded.


Jimin just smiled innocently at him, standing from the mat and walking up to him.


“You tricked me!”


Yup. Jimin plucked his phone from Jungkook’s hands as he walked across the room to connect it to the stereo.


Jungkook watched him, a smile playing on his lips.


I need to practice now, you’re distracting. Do your homework.  


And just like that Jimin dismissed the situation, as he usually did but the tension in the room didn’t ease as it usually did. Jungkook pulled out his textbooks to study for is upcoming exams. Since both he and Jimin had been busy, they had taken to hanging out while they both worked.


Jungkook absentmindedly flipped through his book, not retaining any information. He had unsuccessfully read through a full three pages of his assigned reading when an unfamiliar track started playing on the speakers.


After weeks of sitting in on Jimin’s practices he’d memorized his playlist but he’d never heard that song. It was an American hip-hop/R&B song with a slow and sensual melody. Jimin had his back to him, eyes closed as he danced the routine.


Jungkook was always in awe of Jimin’s dancing, his moves were smooth and flawless. No matter how many hours he spent watching him dance he was always mesmerized.


This choreography was different than anything he’s seen Jimin do before. It was slow and sensual, borderline sexual. Jungkook was so mesmerized by Jimin’s movements that he hadn’t realized he’d opened his eyes, meeting his through the mirror, gaze focused and intense.


Jungkook felt his throat dry up as Jimin watched him.


Jimin turned to face him as the song ended. The room suddenly became quiet except for Jimin’s heavy breathing.


Jungkook could feel the tension in the air, Jimin didn’t break eye contact, trying to communicate something with his expression. Jimin beckoned for him to stand and Jungkook did, walking towards him slowly. He took Jimin’s hand, interlocking their fingers. Jungkook knew what he wanted, and he knew Jimin wanted it too. “Let’s go home, hyung.”



Jungkook wasn’t exactly sure how they had made it to Jimin’s place but he pushed Jimin up against his door as soon as it closed behind them. Their lips met roughly, nothing like any kiss they’ve ever shared.


At that moment all he knew and felt was Jimin, his taste, his warmth, his smell, everything.


Jungkook pulled away to press his lips just right under Jimin’s earlobe. He kissed his way down his neck before latching his mouth against the sensitive area where his neck curved into his shoulder. Jungkook sucked and nipped little bruises into his skin, marveling at the little breathy sounds Jimin was making.    


Suddenly it was too much, Jungkook could feel the pressure of his cock against his jeans and Jimin’s hardness pressed against his thigh. “Jimin,” he breathed, against his neck, “Can we….?”  Jungkook reluctantly pulled back to catch Jimin’s response.


Yes, please. Fuck me Jungkook.


Jimin’s gaze was hooded and intense and Jungkook’s face burned at Jimin’s blunt words.


Jungkook wasn’t sure what was going through his head but he couldn’t exactly think straight with Jimin looking at him like that. Jungkook bent over and easily threw him over his shoulder and Jimin squeaked in surprise. He cackled in victory as he walked him to his room before gently laying him down on the bed.  


Jimin stared up at him where he was sprawled on top of the white sheets. Way to ruin the moment, asshole. 


Jungkook smirked, crawling onto the bed until his face was hovering just a few inches above Jimin’s. “Don’t lie, you love being manhandled,” he shot back, voice just above a whisper.


He was close enough to hear Jimin gulp and see the bob of his Adam’s apple.


“You like it don’t you, hyung, when I touch you like that?” he asked, trailing a hand down Jimin’s solid chest.


Jungkook always imagined that he’d be a nervous wreck his first time. Jimin has had various partners before while Jungkook was almost completely, inexperienced. He’d worried that he wouldn’t be good enough for his soulmate. But Jimin was splayed out under him looking absolutely breathtaking and needy and Jungkook felt confident at the sight. This was Jimin, his soulmate, who he trusted and loved with all his heart. He was more excited than nervous.


Are you just going to stare at me or…?


Jungkook dipped down to plant a soft kiss on Jimin’s lips. “I plan to do a lot more than that, hyung.”


Oh, yeah?


Jungkook pulled back to straddle Jimin’s thighs, “Yeah,” he said, voice low and deep, grinding his clothed cock against Jimin’s.


Jungkook closed his eyes, head thrown back in pleasure as he rolled his hips experimentally against Jimin’s warmth.


Jimin desperately grabbed at his hips stilling his movements. Please, Jungkook.


“Okay,” he breathed, knowing what Jimin was asking for. He took hold of the material of Jimin’s shirt, pulling it over his head. He ran his palms along the hard muscle of Jimin’s abs. watching as he shivered under him, nipples hardening at the touch.


His hand lingered on the hem of Jimin’s pants, fingers dipping just under the material. He glanced up at Jimin in question, “Is this okay?”


Fuck, Jungkook, yes. Of course. Hurry.


Jimin’s hand movements were so erratic and desperate, Jungkook almost missed what he was saying.


He shimmied Jimin out both his underpants and briefs at once, throwing both articles of clothing on the ground.


Finally, finally, he was met with the sight of a completely naked Jimin. His eyes trailed up the expanse of his body, from the strong muscle of his legs, to his cock that laid hard and red against his abs, pre-come leaking onto his abs. From his hardened nipples, to his prominent collarbones. His eyes settled on Jimin’s face, studying his features. From his large, brown eyes, to the soft curve of his small nose. Every dip and curve of his body was a masterpiece He was propped up on his elbows, cheeks tinged a beautiful pink.






Take of your clothes. I want to see you.  


“Oh, right…” Jungkook tore his eyes away from Jimin to climb off the bed. He pulled his shirt over his head, suddenly grateful for all the hours he spent at the gym. He dropped the shirt on the floor, almost expecting Jungkook to nag at him about it.


Jimin just watched him and Jungkook wondered what it was he saw in him.


 He hesitated at the buttons of his jeans, glancing back at Jimin.


It’s okay, Jungkook.


Jungkook nodded, taking a deep breath to steel himself, not breaking eye contact with Jimin as he, stripped until he was standing completely naked in front of his soulmate.


Jimin shamelessly raked his eyes over his body and Jungkook burned under his gaze.


Jimin crawled off the bed, walking towards him, bringing a hand to cup at the nape of his neck, pulling him down for a slow and comforting kiss.


You good?


“Yes,” Jungkook breathed, feeling Jimin’s warm body pressed against his. 


Good. Jimin dropped to his knees, wrapping one hand around Jungkook’s cock, giving Jungkook whiplash.




Jimin smirked up at him, sticking his tongue out to lick at the head of his cock. He tongued at his slit, torturing Jungkook with soft kitten licks.   


“Jimin,” he groaned, tangling his hands in Jimin’s hair.


Jimin took him with practiced ease until Jungkook’s cock was bumping against the back of his throat, laving his tongue against the vain on the underside of his cock. Jimin was merciless, not holding back for a second as he bobbed his head on his cock. His hands were splayed across Jungkook’s thighs, fingernails digging into his skin. He looked gorgeous, full lips pulled around Jungkook’s thick cock, eyes closed, focused on pleasuring him.


Jungkook held still, careful not to accidentally buck into Jimin’s mouth.


A few embarrassingly short minutes later, he felt himself reaching the edge, he tugged lightly at Jimin’s hair pulling him off his cock with a lewd pop.  


Jimin glared up at him, mouth forming in a pout, which was cute despite the fact that his lips were wet with his own saliva and Jungkook’s pre-come.


“Hyung, I don’t know how much longer I’ll last if you keep doing that,” he admitted, embarrassed.


Jimin’s mouth formed into a cocky smirk, trailing his tongue along his top lip. He released his hold of Jungkook’s cock, standing up to kiss him.


Jungkook tasted himself on Jimin’s mouth which would be nasty if it wasn’t a complete turn on.


Jimin backed out of him hold, letting himself fall back onto the bed, legs spread wide open. There is lube in that drawer over there.


Jungkook hurried to where Jimin was pointing, digging through the drawer until he found the bottle.


He moved to stand at the foot of the bed, glancing down at Jimin. He looked beautiful, hair pushed back, a layer of sweat lining his body. Jungkook couldn’t believe that he was this lucky, that his soulmate was the most gorgeous man in the world.


He crawled onto the bed, kneeling between Jimin’s legs, “Hyung, I’ve never done this.”


Jimin grabbed his hand pulling him down for a gentle kiss. I know, It’s okay,


“Are you, tight? I mean—” Jungkook stuttered, face burning. “I mean; you haven’t done this since before you met me… So it’s been a while?”


Jimin smiled at him, looking amused.  I have toys, Jungkook.


“Oh, right, of course,” Jungkook tried not to let himself dwell on the image of Jimin riding a dildo.


What? You don’t?


Jungkook shook his head, face warming under Jimin’s scrutiny.


Oh, my God, you’re so cute.   


“Well, I see why you’d need toys, I doubt your tiny fingers can reach very far,” he lifted Jimin’s hand in emphasis.  


Jimin burst out in surprised laughter, pulling his hand away to cover his face. I hate you.


“I love you.”


You’re such a sap. Jimin flipped onto his stomach, burying his face in the covers, giving Jungkook a nice view of his round ass.  


Jungkook trailed his hand down his body, watching goosebumps rise at his touch. He bent over to plant kisses along the small of his back, groping one of Jimin’s firm asscheeks.


Jimin giggled and Jungkook frowned, smacking his ass, lightly. “Hyung, this isn’t supposed to be funny,” he whined.


Jimin turned slightly to reply, a smile playing on his face. I’m sorry, but this is your fault, who cracks jokes during sex. He flopped back onto his stomach, burying his face in his pillow.


Jungkook’s focused back on the task at hand as he coated his fingers with lube. Despite his inexperience (and apparently being unfortunately funny in bed) he was committed on taking care of Jimin better than anyone ever had. He felt a certain thrill run through him at the thought or marking up Jimin, and calming him as his.


Jimin gasped as Jungkook suddenly pressed his index finger to Jimin’s puckered hole, rubbing lube along the rim. He played along his entrance for a few seconds, applying pressure, but not pushing in.   


Jimin let out a little whine of impatience into his pillow, and Jungkook smirked.


He finally pressed the tip of his finger inside Jimin’s entrance, he watched as it was slowly, being enveloped in Jimin’s tight warmth.


Jimin let out a little moan, fingers gripping onto the sheets as Jungkook pushed his finger in past his knuckle. “Good?” he asked, not wanting to hurt Jimin.


Jimin just canted his hips in response, forcing Jungkook’s finger in deeper. He began pumping his finger slowly, but increased his pace, at Jimin’s muffled moans. Jungkook easily added a second finger with Jimin’s encouragement, hooking them slightly until Jimin was withering beneath him.


Jungkook felt his neglected cock, pulse at the sight. Jimin looked so good, with his back arched, and his hole clutching impossibly tight around his fingers. His muscles were wound tight in tension; from his arms to his thighs. He looked gorgeous, Jungkook wanted to see his face.  


He removed his fingers from inside Jimin, watching as his hole closed around air, “Jimin, can you turn around for me?”


Jimin wordlessly flipped onto his back, eyes blown wide, panting lightly. He definitely wasn’t laughing anymore.


Jungkook stood up and before Jimin could complain, he dropped to his knees at the foot of the bed. He pulled at Jimin’s thighs until his legs were dangling off the bed, ass on display.


Jimin tried to push himself up, probably to say something but Jungkook, placed a hand on his abdomen, pushing him back down. He definitely wouldn’t be able to do this with Jimin’s eyes on him.


With renewed confidence, Jungkook brought his face to Jimin’s hole, tongue darting out to lick at his entrance.


Jimin made a loud choked sound when he realized what Jungkook was doing.


Jungkook threw Jimin’s legs over his shoulders, pressing in closer, dragging his tongue along the sweet expanse of Jimin’s hole and up to his ball sack. He fisted Jimin’s flushed cock, as he trailed his tongue back down to Jimin’s hole, licking along the rim experimentally before pushing in as deep as he could go. He ran his free hand along Jimin’s trembling thighs.


Jimin’s thighs hooked around him, heels digging into Jungkook’s back. His soft whines became desperate moans as Jungkook pressed in a finger along with his tongue, spreading Jimin open for his cock.


He was pumping a third finger inside Jimin when he felt him tense. He immediately released Jimin’s cock not wanting him to come just yet.


Jimin groaned in frustration, sitting up as Jungkook pulled away.


I’m ready. Hurry, Jungkook.


His hands moved so erratically around the words that Jungkook had a hard time following.


He reached for Jimin’s hands, threading their fingers together, as he leaned in to press a wet kiss to Jimin’s lips.  


“Okay,” he breathed, “Do we need a condom?”


No. No, we’re both clean. I want to feel you. I want you to come inside me, Jungkook.


“Fuck. Okay,” he climbed onto the bed over him but Jimin pushed at his shoulder.


Lie on your back.


“What?” Jungkook asked dumbly, unable to form a coherent thought.


I want to ride you.


“Fuck,” Jungkook didn’t argue, falling onto his back as Jimin moved to straddle him. Jungkook watched him in awe, Jimin looked angelic, hair pushed back, full lips parted as he breathed hard. He watched him as he reached under himself to position Jungkook’s cock to his entrance.  


He shut his eyes tightly, as Jimin slowly lowered himself, relishing the feel of his cock being enveloped by Jimin’s tight hole. He let out an embarrassing whine once Jimin bottomed out, Jungkook’s cock buried to the hilt inside him.


Jungkook took a deep breath to calm himself, blinking his eyes open. Jimin was bent forward, head bowed and his hands splayed out on Jungkook’s stomach.


“You good?” he asked, extending a hand to tilt Jimin’s face up to look at him.  


Yeah, you’re pretty big, Jungkook.


“Sorry,” he said, sheepishly.


No, I like it. Jimin rolled his hips in emphasis, smirking at Jungkook’s small whine. He lifted his hips, pulling almost all the way off before slamming back down. Jimin started riding Jungkook’s cock in earnest, powerful thighs not faltering for a second.


Jungkook lost all sense of coherency after that, overwhelmed by the intense pleasure. He breathed out Jimin’s name, chanting it like a prayer. He clutched at his sides with bruising fingertips, “…Jimin, fuck.” The room was silent except for their moans and the obscene slap of skin on skin. He kept his eyes open, mesmerized by how graceful Jimin looked, even during sex. “You’re so beautiful,” he gasped out, “So good.”


Jimin preened at the praise, doubling his efforts, his hard cock slapping against Jungkook’s abs.


Jungkook didn’t know anymore what sensations were his and which were Jimin’s. It didn’t matter because at that moment he felt as if they were two parts of a whole. Their bond was swirling and meshing together, much like their bodies.


He pulled Jimin down against his chest, easily rolling them over, careful not to dislodge his cock. Jungkook didn’t waste a second, thrusting into him once Jimin was on his back. Jimin didn’t complain, hooking his arms around Jungkook to bring him down for a messy kiss.


Jimin spread his legs wider, allowing Jungkook to thrust into him at a better angle.


Harder. I can take it.


Jungkook obliged, picking up speed, angling his cock in a way that ponded against Jimin’s prostate.


Jimin fell apart, body quivering under him, his sweet moans ringing throughout the room.


Jungkook wrapped a hand around Jimin’s cock, fisting him roughly. “Come for me, Jimin.”


He snapped his hips against Jimin’s, hitting his prostate hard, forcing him to tumble over the edge.


Jimin cried out, his body shuddering as he spilled in Jungkook’s hand.


Jimin tightened impossibly hard around his cock and Jungkook pumped his hips desperately, all rhythm lost to the ecstasy. He groaned loudly as he came, spilling his load deep inside Jimin.   


Jungkook collapsed on Jimin’s chest, breathing hard as the waves of his climax raked through his body.


They both lied there for a few minutes catching their breaths as they came down from their orgasms.


Jimin was the first to move, nudging at Jungkook’s shoulder.


Jungkook propped himself on his elbows, taking the weight of his body off Jimin. “Hmm?”


Jimin glanced down pointedly to where Jungkook was still buried inside him.


“Oh,” he pulled out carefully as Jimin hissed through his teeth at the overstimulation. His cock slipped out and he watched in awe as his come trickled out of Jimin’s puffy hole.


Jimin closed his legs, blushing bright red. Don’t stare at me like that.


Jungkook laughed lightly, as he picked up a discarded shirt off the floor to clean the come off his hand. “I had my tongue inside you just few minutes ago but now you’re embarrassed?”


That was during sex though. I still can’t believe you did that. What happened to my blushing virgin?


Jungkook pushed at Jimin’s knee, “Spread them.” Jimin complied, hesitantly, parting his legs for Jungkook to wipe him. “I’m not a virgin anymore.”


Clearly. That’s enough, cuddle me.


Jungkook threw the shirt aside, pulling the bed sheet from under Jimin to drape it over him. “Wait, I need to put on some underwear.” He walked across the room to pull out a pair of clean underpants from Jimin’s drawer. He glanced back at Jimin who was staring at him, eyes shining. “What?”.


You have a cute butt.


“Hyung!” he whined, hurriedly pulling on the underwear.


There’s my blushing virgin. Now come cuddle with me. Jimin stuck his arms out, making grabby hands at Jungkook.


He found himself questioning for the millionth time how a grown man could be so cute.


Jungkook slipped into the bed and Jimin didn’t hesitate to pull him in close, warping his limbs tightly around him. Jimin buried his face into his neck and Jungkook cradled the back of his head, pressing a kiss into his hair.


Jungkook ran his hands though Jimin’s hair for a few minutes, lost in thought. “Was I good, hyung?” he asked, softly.


Jimin pulled back, sleepily. Of course you were, dummy.




Best sex I’ve ever had.


“It was the best sex I’ve ever had too.”


It’s the only sex you’ve ever had and no that girl you fondled at that one party freshman year didn’t count.


Jungkook gasped, “I told you that in good faith, don’t use it against me.”


Jungkook, you left that poor girl hanging.


Jungkook groaned in embarrassment, remembering the ordeal. “I got nervous.”


Jimin laughed, kissing his cheek. I know, baby. You weren’t nervous with me, were you?  


“Only a little bit, at first.”


Jimin nodded. Yeah, that’s normal. You were good, though. Fucked me really good.


Jungkook tried not to show how flustered Jimin’s blunt words made him but he failed. Hiding emotions and feelings from each other had grown impossibly hard. All soulmates had a bond but not all bonds were the same. Jungkook knew people that felt close to nothing from their bond.


Jungkook felt everything. He knew when Jimin was happy or excited, he felt it. He also knew when Jimin was sad, it was only a muted version of his pain, but it hurt just as much.


Jimin hadn’t had any panic attacks since that rainy day a few weeks back but Jungkook couldn’t help but freak out every time Jimin felt off through the bond. He had read that it was normal to feel overprotective of Jimin, especially while the bond was still forming. Everything was so raw and unfiltered. He supposed after a while they’d be able to control what passed though the bond, build walls, so to speak. Jungkook didn’t particularly want that though. He enjoyed his connection with his soulmate.


Jimin brought him out of his thoughts, tapping a finger against his forehead.


You’re thinking really hard. Want to tell me what’s going on up there.


“Just thinking about how much I love you.”


God, you’re too much.


“But you love me.”


I love you.   


Chapter Text

“So, Taehyung says you’re a dancer?”


Jimin just nodded, narrowing his eyes at Namjoon.


Jimin had just sent Taehyung off to order more food even though he wasn’t really hungry anymore. He just wanted to have a moment alone with Namjoon. It had been impossible since the two had been attached at the hip since they met.


Jimin had heard only good things about Namjoon from Taehyung. He volunteered at dog shelters, he read to orphans on the weekends. The man even knew sign language from the summer he spent volunteering at a school for deaf and hard of hearing kids.


Namjoon seemed like a really nice guy but Jimin had to be absolutely sure he deserved his precious friend. Just like Taehyung had given Jungkook the third degree when he met him, Jimin planned to do the same with Namjoon.


Namjoon shifted uncomfortably under Jimin’s stare, “Uh, did I do something wrong?”


No. I just have a few questions for you.


“Oh, okay. Shoot,”


What are your intentions with my son?


Namjoon, laughed, startled.


Jimin crossed his arms in an attempt to look threatening.


“I’m sorry!” Namjoon said through his laughter, “Stop looking at me like that.”


Like what?


“Like a disappointed puppy.” 


Jimin frowned but Namjoon nearly cooed at him.


Looks like I have to tell Taehyung to drop you. Jimin made a move to stand but Namjoon grabbed his wrist pulling him back down.


“Sorry! I’ll be serious.”


Jimin leaned back in his seat, motioning for Namjoon to speak.


“Well, as for my intentions with Taehyung, obviously he’s it for me. If he’ll let me, I want to spend the rest of my life with him.”


That was very straightforward and Namjoon seemed sincere but Jimin couldn’t be sure. Taehyung is really special; I need to know you’ll be good to him.


Namjoon nodded, suddenly very serious, “I get it. I know he’s special. I’ve known that since before I knew he was my soulmate. The first time I saw him he looked like a model straight off the runway. I noticed him the second he stepped through the doors of the coffee shop…”


Jimin watched as Namjoon described Taehyung, chin resting in his hand, eyes shining.


“… but then I heard him talking to my coworker at the register, something about saving the bees and I realized he was a total softie. He came in a few times after that but I was too nervous to talk to him and he didn’t even know I existed because I’m not allowed to work the register--”


You’re wrong.




He did notice you. He had the biggest crush on you actually.


A wide smile spread across Namjoon’s face, “Taehyung hasn’t told me that.”  


Jimin smiled, usually Taehyung was open and painfully honest but it seemed that he really was a tad bit reserved around Namjoon. He figured it wouldn’t take long for his best friend to grow comfortable with his soulmate.


I’m not surprised, you make him unusually bashful.


Namjoon beamed proudly, eyes forming into little crescents and Jimin found himself thinking again that Taehyung had really scored.


“Anyways,” Namjoon went on, “after a few weeks of sneaking glances at him, he approached me, while I was wiping a table.”


Jimin giggled. That’s when he told you that stupid pick up line.


Namjoon smiled, running a finger over the words on his wrist. “Yeah. He took off right after. I would have chased him but I was frozen in shock for seconds. He didn’t come back the next day or the day after and I thought I’d never see him again. I thought I had just let my soulmate slip through my fingers. I waited so long for him.” Namjoon paused, eyes far away, “But anyways, you just recently met Jungkook, didn’t you?”


It’s been about half a year.


“So you know how it feels. Waiting.”




Jimin had spent twenty-three years of his life without Jungkook and it became hard especially over the past few years. He often saw his friends and others around him pairing up while he remained without his soulmate. It must have been just as hard for Namjoon given that he was older than Jimin. 


“It was painful. Especially after seeing him and knowing who he was. I needed to see him again. I felt…”




“Yes. Longing. Even though I didn’t really know him.”


But your soul knew him. Jimin almost cringed at how cheesy that sounded but it was the truth.


Namjoon nodded, “It's amazing when I think about it. Out of the billions of people in the world, one of them was made just just for me. When I look at him, nothing else matters, you know? He’s my universe and I know it sounds insane because I just met him but it’s the truth.”


Jimin nodded, thinking of his own soulmate. Jungkook was all those things Namjoon explained.


Jungkook was his universe, the stars the moon, the intergalactic dust. Everything. His cute crinkly smile made Jimin feel warm in a way he’d never felt before. His energetic laugh and ridiculous antics made Jimin fall for him everyday.


From the little mole under his lip to his strong thick thighs; he was perfect.


His hugs were the sweetest. Sometimes Jungkook hugged him from behind, wrapping his arms securely around him. Those were his favorite; he felt safe and warm in Jungkook’s strong arms. Sometimes Jungkook hugged him in a way that Jimin could bury his face perfectly in the crook of his neck, breathing in this familiar scent.


He loved how Jungkook couldn’t seem to keep his hands off him, always resting a hand on his waist or shoulder. It didn’t seem to matter to him anymore if there were people around to see them. 


“You’re thinking about him, huh? Jungkook.”


Jimin’s face warmed. Am I that obvious?


“I could see the hearts in you eyes.”


Before Jimin could reply Taehyung returned, sliding into the seat next to Namjoon.


“Hey, babe,” Namjoon said, pressing a kiss to Taehyung’s temple.


Taehyung eye’s shimmered under his attention as he melted in Namjoon’s arms. Although they were the same height, somehow Taehyung looked so small, resting his head on Namjoon’s shoulder.  


Jimin had to admit that it was the cutest thing he’d ever seen.


Where is my food?


Taehyung scoffed. “You just sent me off to interrogate my soulmate,” he accused.


Jimin didn't even try to deny it, Taehyung always saw right through him.


“So did he pass?” Taehyung asked as he stole a fry off of Namjoon’s plate.


Jimin hummed, glancing at Namjoon who hadn’t taken his eyes off Taehyung since he returned. He did.


“Wait, really?” Taehyung asked incredulous, nearly choking on his food.  


“Hey!” Namjoon complained, pulling away to glare at Taehyung, “Why do you sound so surprised.”


Taehyung wrapped an arm around Namjoon pulling his in for a soft kiss. “You’re perfect,” he assured him, “Jimin is just overprotective and I didn’t think it’d be that easy.”


He’s a good one, Taehyung. Jimin replied simply. It wasn't hard to tell Namjoon was gone for Taehyung and had been even before he knew they were soulmates.


“I know,” Taehyung turned to smile brightly at Namjoon, who in turn smiled back at him until they were beaming at each other like a pair of lovestruck teenagers.


Jimin fake gagged but they fell into comfortable chatter after that. Jimin mostly listened as Taehyung and Namjoon talked, joining in every once in awhile. He wasn’t really in the greatest mood; he had actually almost canceled his plans with the new couple but he knew it was rare for the three of them to be free at the same time.


He smiled and joked along with them but he felt he’d felt on edge all day, anxiety settling in his chest.


So you like children? Jimin asked, trying to stay attentive of the conversation.


“Yeah, I wouldn’t have chosen to be a pediatrician if I didn’t.


Taehyung likes children. Jimin pointed out.


“Oh, that’s nice,” Namjoon replied, confused.


Taehyung shot Jimin a look but Jimin ignored him. So how many children do you intend on raising with Taehyung. He wants five.


Namjoon nearly dropped the cup in his hand, sputtering out a reply, “Ah, I- I’m not sure. I mean if he wants five then maybe we can make it happen. Adopting five children, in a gay household I’m not sure how that—”


“Hey, it’s okay, we’ll talk about it later.” Taehyung soothed. He turned to glare at Jimin, “I thought you were done interrogating him.”


Jimin smiled innocently at him, he could never be too sure. Might as well cover all the bases now.


“Hey, wait! What’s that?” Taehyung asked, pointing to Jimin’s neck, probably in an attempt to change the topic of conversation.


Jimin looked down and noticed the hickey peaking out from under his collar. It’s nothing.


Taehyung reached across the table, pulling down his collar, revealing the line of faded bruises Jungkook had left on is chest a few nights ago. “Oh my God.”


Taehyung. Jimin warned.


“Oh my God! Jimin did you finally get laid?” Taehyung exclaimed a little too loud.


This was exactly why he hadn’t told Taehyung yet. His best friend had been a little too concerned with his sex life, or lack of. 


“Jungkook finally came through!” he nearly shouted excitedly.


Jimin’s face burned. Can we not have this conversation in public.


“So was he good? Did he have a big dick? Taehyung asked, ignoring him.


Jimin was sure his cheeks had gone red. I’m not answering that.


“He did didn’t he.” A suggestive smile spread across his face, eyes squinting comically.


Jimin shoved his shoulder, turning to Namjoon for help. He’s your soulmate, please stop him.


Namjoon laughed, leaning back in his chair, “In the short time I’ve known Taehyung I’ve learned that there is no stopping him.”


Jimin dropped his head on the table, groaning as Taehyung interrogated him about his sex life.


In all honestly, sex with Jungkook had been incredible. Although it was obvious that he was inexperienced, it was by far the most pleasurable sex he'd ever had. How someone could be so tender and sweet while fucking the hell out of him, was beyond him. It wasn't that he'd had horrible sex partners in the past, although he'd had some bad experiences, Jungkook had made him feel loved and appreciated. Jimin had wanted nothing more than to make him feel the same.


Jimin’s cheeks warmed just thinking about the soft words of praise Jungkook had whispered in his ear as he reached his climax.


“Okay, gross,” Taehyung said, when Jimin shared this. “I suddenly don't want to know anymore.”




It was late when they left the restaurant and Jimin asked Taehyung to drop him off at Jungkook’s place.


Namjoon pulled up outside Jungkook’s place and Jimin climbed out the car, carrying a bag of take out, he’d bought for Jungkook.


“Jimin, wait,” Taehyung said, getting out the car. “Give me a second,” he told Namjoon, closing the door behind him.


Jimin waited already knowing what was coming. He really couldn’t hide things from his best friend.


Taehyung stood in front of him, resting a hand on Jimin’s shoulder, “You okay? I didn’t want to say anything in front of Namjoon but you were kind off all day.”


I’m okay, Taetae. Jimin smiled, trying not to worry him.


Taehyung narrowed his eyes at him, searching his face, “Okay,” he said, pulling him in for a tight hug, “I mean I know you’re lying but I trust Jungkook will take care of you.”


Jimin nodded, patting Taehyung’s back, letting his chin rest on his shoulder for just a second.


“I’ll stop by your place tomorrow,” Taehyung, promised, pulling away. “Call me if you need me though, I'll come get you,” he said sternly as he climbing back inside the car.


Okay, try not to worry too much.


Namjoon waved at him before pulling away from the curve and driving away.


Jimin stood at the curb for a few seconds,  collecting himself before turning toward Jungkook’s apartment. The anxiety he'd had all day became more prominent once he was left alone.



Jimin let himself into the apartment with the spare key Jungkook had given him.


Yoongi was sitting on the couch with a sleeping Hoseok in his lap.


“Jimin,” Yoongi greeted quietly, careful not to wake his soulmate.


Hey, hyung. Jimin waved at him as we walked past him to Jungkook’s room.


“Jimin, wait, come sit for a second.” Yoongi instructed, voice stern.


Jimin warily plopped down on on the floor next to the coffee table as Yoongi put aside his laptop. What is it, hyung?


“Have you talked to Jungkook since yesterday?”


Jimin shook his head, eyes fixed on the hardwood floor.


“Why not?”


Although Yoongi was soft at heart, Jimin couldn’t help but flinch under his stern, disappointed tone.


Yoongi sighed, voice softening, “Jimin, I’m not scolding you. It’s just that, Jungkook hasn’t left his room once all day. He’s clearly upset, he wouldn’t even tell me what happened. Where have you been?” Yoongi asked, voice laced with worry. “You could pick up on his distress through the bond, couldn’t you?”


Jimin nodded, shame pooling in his gut.


“Then why are you only coming now?”


Jimin pulled out his phone to reply because Yoongi hadn’t yet mastered sign language.


I should have been sooner. I’m sorry, hyung. Can I talk to you about it later though? I really need to see Jungkook.


Yoongi gave him a look, and Jimin tried not to wither under it.


“Okay, Jimin.” Yoongi reached out to rest a hand on his shoulder, “I trust you with him.”


Jimin nodded, touched by Yoongi’s words. He bid him goodnight before hurrying to Jungkook’s room.


He pushed open his door, not bothering with knocking first. Jungkook was sitting on his bed, watching something on his laptop.


Jimin closed the door behind him, putting his bag of take-out on his desk. Jungkook didn’t look up from his laptop, not acknowledging Jimin him at all.


Jimin sighed climbing onto the bed, sitting right across from Jungkook. He nudged at his leg but Jungkook continued to stare resolutely at his laptop screen, brows drawn together. 


Jimin became annoyed and tugged at Jungkook’s earphones pulling them out of his ears.


“Hey!” Jungkook complained, shrugging him off when Jimin tried to stop him from shoving the earphones back in his ears.


Jimin felt his anger from the night before, resurface. He pulled at Jungkook’s laptop, tossing it aside on the bed.


Jungkook pushed past him reaching out for his laptop but Jimin grabbed his shoulder, forcibly turning Jungkook to look at him so he could sign.


“Jimin, leave me alone,” he snapped, words harsh and loud.


Jimin reeled back, blinking at him in hurt confusion. Jungkook had never talked to him in that tone, it felt foreign coming from him but all too familiar. Jimin was raised to the sound of cold and empty yells. He remembered the dull walls of his childhood home echoing with those roars of disappointment and biting remarks. Jimin, go away. You’re completely useless. You’re a disappointment to this family.


To Jimin’s horror, the familiar sense of panic that had been brewing all day began to take over. It settled cold, heavy and ominous. Reality started to blur around him, his pulse pounding in his head. Jimin knew what was coming, he waited for the dark to take him, for his mind to be overcome by the overwhelming wave of fear and anxiety. He waited for sudden plummet, like falling off a high cliff into icy water.


Jimin didn't know how long he kept his eyes screwed shut, dreading the unforgiving rush of the fall.


But the drop never came.


Jimin opened his eyes slowly to find that he was being cradled in Jungkook’s arms, face buried in his chest. He brought his shaky hands to clutch at the material of Jungkook’s shirt. Warmth flooded into his chest and spread throughout his body. Like the sun peaking out though harsh gray clouds and lighting everything under it.


Jimin basked in his soulmate’s warmth, marveling at how the panic had almost evaporated completely.


This was the power of their bond.


His peace was interrupted by the sound of Jungkook’s muffled cries, and hitched breathing. Jimin pulled back to look at his tear stained face and pained expression. He brought up a hand to cradle Jungkook’s wet cheek.


Jimin noticed the emotions Jungkook was hiding just below the surface of their bond.  


Guilt. Regret. Pain. Fear.


He tilted Jungkook’s head down to plant a kiss on his forehead. It’s okay, Jungkook.


Jungkook whimpered, “No it’s not. I hurt you.”


Hey, I’m okay. Really. It wasn’t your fault. This happens Jungkook, I told you.


“But I caused it.” 


Jimin hated how his voice cracked at that last syllable.


No you didn’t. Nothing causes this, baby. It anything, you helped me. You stopped it from happening.


Jimin wiped Jungkook’s face with his sleeve and cradled his face until the tears stopped coming and Jungkook’s breathing slowed.


Jungkook reached for Jimin’s hands, holding them between his own. “I’m sorry.”


Don’t be.


“But I am. I shouldn’t have yelled at you like that.”


You were justifiably angry at me and I was pushing it.


Jungkook sighed in frustration, “I shouldn’t have talked to you like that, even if I was angry.”


Jimin frowned, he knew he gave Jungkook plenty of reasons to worry but he didn’t want him treating him like a fragile piece of glass that would shatter easily.


I’m strong, Jungkook. I don’t want you to treat me differently because of this. I’ve gotten through it before, I can do it again.


“I know. Trust me I know. You’re so strong. I just…” Jungkook trailed off, eyes fixed on Jimin’s, “you don’t deserve this. You’re gentle and kind. You don’t deserve what you’ve been put through.”




“Too many people have hurt you, I don’t want to be another one,” Jungkook confessed, red, puffy eyes fixed on his.


Jimin sighed, dropping his head on Jungkook's chest. His heart had slowed to a normal pace and he was in awe at how easily the fear and anxiety had evaporated. He felt lighter too, not drained liked he should have been. It was unbelievable and so simple.


I should be the one apologizing. Jimin looked up at Jungkook, brushing his messy hair out of his eyes.


“No, hyung.”


I said some things that weren’t okay yesterday. I was frustrated with myself and I took it out on you.


Jungkook lowered his eyes, playing with the material of Jimin’s sweater, “It’s okay hyung. I was pushing you.”


And that’s okay, sometimes you should push me. I’m stubborn.


Jungkook’s eyes flickered to his, “So you’ve thought about what I’ve told you.”


Jimin nodded. I’ve considered it.


Jungkook exhaled, “Okay, that’s all I ask. You’re really okay?”


I am. Are you?


“Yeah,” Jungkook leaned down to kiss him and Jimin melted into him, it had only been a day but he’d missed this so much.


He knew they still had a lot to discuss, their fight the day before hadn't been pretty and the blame laid on both of them but he’d had enough for one day.


Jimin suddenly pulled away, climbing off the bed to retrieve the food he’d bought for Jungkook.


“Food!” Jungkook held out his hands excitedly, apparently also choosing to leave the conversation for later.


Jimin climbed back on the bed handing him the bag.


It's getting cold so you'd better eat it fast. You probably haven’t had anything all day, idiot.


Jungkook smiled sheepishly as he pulled out the containers. “This is my favorite,” he said, looking down at the food.


I know.



Chapter Text

Jungkook rested his head against the train’s window as they approached Busan. It was still very early; the sun was resting low at the horizon. He and Jimin had boarded a train for Busan just after dawn. Both of them had to be back in Seoul the following day so they had decided to leave early enough to spend the entire day in Busan.


Jungkook had spoken to his mother over the phone a few days ago and she had insisted that it was time for her to meet his soulmate. He felt bad that they hadn’t met sooner, but he knew Jimin wasn’t too excited in returning to Busan. So Jungkook hadn’t insisted or pressed Jimin about it, but when Jungkook had mentioned his phone call with his mother to him it was actually Jimin who suggested they should visit.


Jungkook was excited but also nervous for Jimin to meet his parents. He knew they must have mixed feelings about his sexuality and, although they had apparently warmed up to the idea, their initial reaction hadn’t been pleasant.



Jungkook was sitting at the kitchen table of his empty apartment, twirling his phone in his hands. He had been putting off calling his mother since he’d met Jimin a few weeks ago, but he knew it was better for her to hear it from him than someone else. Despite being cities apart, he had no doubt the news of him finding a soulmate would reach her eventually.


He took a calming breath before swiping at his screen with sweaty hands; he pressed call before he could change his mind.


His mother didn’t answer immediately and Jungkook almost ended the call, but then her familiar voice rang out from the other side, “Jungkook?”


“Hi, mom,” he said, voice tight.


“What’s wrong?” she asked in concern, immediately picking up on something in his tone. “Are you okay?”


“Yes, I’m fine,” he reassured her, trying to keep his voice light. He took a deep breath, “I just want to tell you something.”


“Are you sick? Were you in an accident?” his mother shot out, panic in her tone.


“No, mom. I promise I’m okay. I--”


“Are you failing a class?” she asked, mood shifting. “I told you, we can’t afford to have you in school another year.”


Jungkook laughed, “No, my grades are good.”


His mother relaxed after that, “Why do you enjoy worrying me,” she sighed, “such a difficult child.”


“Sorry, I love you.”


“I love you, too. What did you want to tell me?”


Jungkook put the phone on speaker and laid his head on the table. He had relaxed slightly but the tightness in his throat had not eased. “So you know how we thought my soulmate was dead,” he said, deciding to be blunt.


His mother was silent on the other line for a few tense seconds before replying, “Yes?”


“Well,” Jungkook, began, “It turns out my soulmate was just mute.”


His mother went completely silent on the other line and Jungkook had to check to make sure the call hadn’t dropped. “Mom?”


“Jungkook!” his mother voice blasted through the speakers, “You found her?”


Jungkook flinched at the female pronoun, “Yes, but, mom--”


He heard clattering on the other line and then heard his mother’s muffled voice calling out for her husband.


Jungkook sat tense, staring at the phone on the table as he listed to the commotion of the other side. His father’s voice came through the speakers as his mother explained animatedly to him what he’d told her.


Jungkook had hoped his father wasn’t home yet, but he figured it was better to tell them both at once.


“Jungkook,” his father’s deep voice spoke over his mother’s excited rambling, “You finally found her?




He heard his mother let out an excited cry as his father laughed, “We’re so happy for you, son.”


His mom started crying soon after, and he could tell his father was getting emotional too, “We’ve been so worried about you, Jungkook,” his mother cried, “You must have been lonely in that big city.”


His parents began pressing him for information about Jimin, and Jungkook felt overwhelmed.


“What’s her name?”


“Park Jimin.”


“Oh, that’s a good name,” his mother commented.


His parent’s happiness was contagious and Jungkook finally felt himself relaxing as they talked about Jimin and how he’d met him. Jungkook stuck to the truth for the most part but kept out the information about Jimin’s gender.


Jungkook had lost track of time as he talked to his parents and was startled when he heard the front door unlocking.


He was surprised to see Jimin’s head poke out from behind the door. He suddenly remembered he had given Jimin a spare key to his apartment.


Jimin smiled at him, a wide toothy grin as he pulled off his shoes at the entrance.


Jungkook smiled back, heart lurching in his chest.


“Jungkook,” his mother’s voice came through the phone’s speaker, “You still there?”


“Yes, I’m still here,” he said, not taking his eyes off Jimin as he approached him. He placed his bag on the table before leaning down to plant a quick kiss on Jungkook’s cheek. “Uh, Jimin just got here.”


“Oh,” his mother exclaimed, “Tell her we say hello!”


Jungkook shut his eyes tight in shame, he should have told his parents Jimin wasn’t a girl from the very start. “You’re on speaker,” he said, opening his eyes slowly to look at Jimin.


“Hello, Jimin!” his mother greeted.


Jimin had moved to sit across from him, he reached out to hold Jungkook’s clammy hands. ‘It’s okay,’ he mouthed at him, eyes honest and encouraging.


But it wasn’t okay and Jungkook knew it. This wasn’t something he should be keeping from his parents, they didn’t deserve it and neither did Jimin.


Jungkook took a deep breath, gathering his courage.“He says, hello.”


His parents went quiet on the other side and Jimin’s hold on his hands tightened as they waited for a response.







His mother had ended the phone call soon after; his father had been clearly upset and she had been confused. Thankfully they hadn’t said anything hurtful in front of Jimin. His mother had sent him a text message later that day telling him that they had been taken aback but that they still loved him.


Over the months they had grown more accustomed to the idea of Jungkook being bisexual and having a male soulmate, but his dad still seemed hesitant about it. Jungkook knew they must still have some reservations, but he hoped everything would go well.


The train slowed as they arrived at Busan Station and Jimin jostled awake, lifting his head from where is was rested on Jungkook’s shoulder.


“We’re here, hyung.”


Jimin groaned rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. Home sweet home.


Jimin had made it clear the day before that he had no intention of visiting his parents, but he did seem pretty excited about meeting up with his little brother that he hadn’t seen since he left Busan. They had stayed in contact throughout the years but Jimin’s parents had prohibited Jihyun from meeting with Jimin. Jungkook thought Jihyun should have made an effort to meet up with Jimin sooner but Jimin defended him, explained that if his parents found out they might retaliate by cutting their support in helping Jihyun with tuition.


He still didn’t buy it. Jungkook loved his own brother, who was serving in the military, and if he was in Jihyun’s position he would do anything to see him again. He didn’t voice these particular thoughts to Jimin because despite his reservations about Jihyun, he hoped for the best.


Jungkook gathered their things before dragging a sleepy Jimin out of the train. The station was full of people bustling around trying get to their jobs on time. They boarded their next train heading towards Jungkook’s home. It was a short ride but Jimin fell back to sleep. He looked exhausted, dark rings lining his eyes. His dance showcase was in a few weeks, and he practically lived in the studio these days. It probably didn’t help that they’d woken up so early.


The train didn’t drop them very far from Jungkook’s home so they decided to walk there instead of calling for a ride. It felt a bit strange, walking through the familiar streets of his neighborhood holding Jimin but he didn’t really care if anyone saw them.


My face is puffy isn’t it? Your parents will think I eat too much.


Jungkook turned to glance at Jimin’s face. It was, slightly, swollen, his eyes and cheeks especially. “Nope.”


You liar.


“Okay you’re a little bit puffy, but I love your chubby face,” Jungkook, jabbed a finger at one of Jimin’s cheeks. “I love your chubby everything.”


You love my chubby dick?


Jungkook gasped, placing a hand on his chest, “We’re in a family neighborhood! Think of the children.”


Jimin giggled. Admit you love my fat cock.


Jungkook’s face heated, “No.”


Jimin peered up at him. Really? You’re actually blushing? You’re too easy. We’ve been together for half a year.


Jungkook bumped his hip against Jimin’s, “Shut up. You better not pull this with my parents around.”


They don’t know sign language do they? Jimin bumped him back with force and Jungkook stumbled.


“Jimin,” he groaned.


I’m just kidding. I’ll be on my best behavior, I promise. I actually really want your parents to like me.


“Don’t worry, they will.”


Jimin didn’t seem to sure and Jungkook didn’t know how anyone could dislike his soulmate. He was sweet, caring and charming and he was sure his parents would fall for him, as easily as he had.




“So this is it,” Jungkook said, motioning to his home right above his parent’s small market once they arrived. “It’s not much.”


No it looks nice and cozy; nothing like my childhood home.


Jungkook pulled out his keys, and didn’t allow himself to linger on how long it had been since he had last used this particular key. He led Jimin though the side entrance up a narrow flight up stairs to his home. “Mom, dad!” he called pushing open the front door.


He and Jimin slipped off their shoes as they heard the quiet footfalls of Jungkook’s mother coming down the hall.


“Jungkook!” she greeted once she was in sight, rushing over to welcome them. She threw her arms around him holding him tight and Jungkook realized just how much he’d missed her. He returned the tight embrace. She felt so small in his arms and he wondered if he had grown since the last time he’d seen her.


“Hi, mom,” he murmured against the top of her head.


She pulled away but kept his hands on his shoulders. “Look at you,” she said, studying him, “you’ve bulked up. Still on the skinny side though, I hope you’re eating well.”


“Of course,” he laughed.


“Good,” she said, finally turning to look at Jimin. She didn’t say anything and Jungkook was almost scared at what she would say.


Jungkook turned to look at Jimin, who was staring back at his mom and reached for his clammy hand. Both Jimin’s and his mother’s eyes flicker to their newly intertwined fingers but she didn’t say anything.


“Mom, this is Park Jimin, my soulmate.”


Jimin bowed, pulling out and unlocking his phone before handing it over to his mother.


Jungkook figured he probably had a message pre-written for her.


His mother wordlessly took the phone, taking a few moments to read what was on the screen.


It was silent for a few tense moments but then the corners of his mother’s mouth began to turn upward, the lines in her forehead eased and Jungkook knew Jimin had charmed her. She was beaming by the time she finished the message and to Jungkook’s surprise, she pulled Jimin into a hug as well.


It was strange, seeing the two most important people in his life together but it made his heart warm. Something equally as warm poured through the bond. The tension Jimin had been feeling seemed to ease, putting Jungkook as ease too.


Jimin seemed startled and didn’t return the hug but his mother pulled away soon after. She began chatting animatedly, asking Jimin questions about his life, career goals, his relationship with Jungkook.


Jimin looked a little overwhelmed but the smile that had grown on his face as he typed out responses for Jungkook’s mom was genuine.


“Mom,” Jungkook cut in, when she started asking Jimin about grandchildren. “Why don’t we sit down at the table and talk over tea? We’re both pretty tired.”


“Good idea! I was just boiling some water.” She excused herself as she hurried off to the kitchen.


Jungkook led Jimin to the coffee table in the living room. “You doing okay?” he asked, pulling Jimin to sit next to him, on a cushion on the floor.


I am. She’s really nice.


Jungkook turned to look at Jimin, who had clasped his hands in his lap, smiling softly at the ground. “She really likes you,” he said, pulling him close to press a kiss to the top of his head.


Jimin opened his mouth to reply but hesitated for a few moments. I guess everyone falls for my eye smile.


Jungkook’s mother returned before he could tell Jimin that it wasn’t just his smile that made people fall for him.


She poured tea in their cups before settling down across from them. Jungkook didn’t miss how her eyes lingered on his close proximity to Jimin but she didn’t say anything, smiling instead.


They talked for hours. About school and work and their life goals. It felt nice, being back home with Jimin at his side. He felt loved and happy. His mom surprised them with some phrases she had learned in sign language and Jungkook could tell Jimin appreciated it.


Jungkook was happy and he could tell Jimin was too, he felt nothing but joy coming from him.


“Jimin, did you know our Jungkook used to dance?”


Jungkook groaned, “Mom, don’t.”


Jimin handed her his phone after he typed a response and Jungkook watched as she read it over. “Oh, yes,” she replied, “he used to be really good. I actually have some old tapes if you want to see them.”


Jimin nodded enthusiastically but before his mother could get up they heard the sound of someone walking up the noisy stairs to the apartment.


“Oh, it’s your father,” she said, standing up to greet him once he came in.


Jimin tensed at his side, turning to Jungkook, a weary look in his eyes. Jungkook tried to comfort him but Jimin could probably pick up on his own nerves. “It’s, okay,” he murmured, kissing the top of Jimin’s head before his father walked in.


He stood up, pulling Jimin to his feet just at his father pushed open the front door.


Jungkook almost expected his father to look startled at the sight of him and Jimin but he remembered that he had been expecting them. His mother greeted him, wrapping an arm around him in a quick hug.


“Hello, dad,” he greeted, heart beating loudly in his chest.


His father stood at the door, blank expression on his face. He was wearing his dress clothes from work, looking as intimidating as Jungkook remembered him. Jimin was tense where he was standing off to his side at a respectable distance from him.


“Uh, this is Jimin, my soulmate,” Jungkook stuttered out, motioning to Jimin.


His father’s eyes settled on Jimin, assessing him.


He hurried to bow, pulling out his phone to greet him. Jimin, who was usually carried himself with confidence and certainty, looked apprehensive and uneasy. Jungkook could see his fingers falter over the keyboard as he typed out a short greeting. He stepped forward with uncertainty, handing the phone over to the older man.


His father took the phone, not breaking eye contact with Jimin.


Despite his nervous Jimin met his father’s eye’s and something must have passed between them because his father nodded in acknowledgment, glancing down to read the message on the phone. He read over it quickly before handing the phone back to Jimin.


“It’s nice to meet you, Jimin,” he finally said, deep voice resonating throughout the quiet room.


Jungkook released the breath he didn’t know he was holding, fighting the urge to reach out and pull Jimin to is side.


“Jimin, honey,” Jungkook’s mom said, high voice startling Jungkook, “why don’t you come help me heat up the food for lunch.”


Jungkook didn’t miss the look she shot her husband dad before she turned to walk towards the kitchen, no doubt hoping Jungkook would mend things with his father in private.


Jimin rested a comforting hand on Jungkook’s back for a second before hurrying off behind Jungkook’s mother.


“Jungkook,” his dad said, once Jimin and his mom were out of earshot, “how have you been. How is school?” he asked, shrugging off his jacket


“I’m graduating soon,” he replied, tense.


His father smiled, walking to sit at the table, motioning for Jungkook to join him.


“I know, your mother told me. We’re proud of you.” He patted his back in congratulations. After a few silent moments he asked, “So that was your soulmate?”


Jungkook smiled, despite himself. “Yes,” he stated, proudly.


“You know,” he began, “when I first heard about your soulmate being a man I was upset. I kept thinking, ‘what will the neighbors or our family think about this?’”


Jungkook stayed silent, unsure of what to say. His mother had said his father had grown accustomed to the idea of him and Jimin but he didn’t know to what extent his father had come to accept it.


“But I can’t say I care anymore.”


Jungkook’s head shot up to look at his father, a smile forming on his face. “Really?”


His father nodded, staring off where their soulmates were bustling around in the kitchen preparing lunch and Jungkook followed his sight. His mother was leaning against the counter pointing up at something in a high up in a cabinet she wanted Jimin to bring down.


Jungkook watched as Jimin struggled to reach before bashfully pulling a stool to stand on instead.


They laughed, the sound mingling together as it carried through their small home.


“I just want you to be happy,” he continued, “and I know what a hopeless romantic you are.” He chuckled, placing a hand on Jungkook’s shoulder. “Is he everything you imagined him to be.”


“He is everything and more,” he replied without hesitation, face burning at the admission.


“Then I’m happy for you, kid,” he said, tousling Jungkook’s hair.


Jungkook didn’t know exactly how he thought everything would play out but this wasn’t it. He should have had more faith in his parents.


His mother returned after a few minutes, balancing a few plates of rice in her hands. Jimin was trailing right behind her, carrying a few plates himself.


Jimin met his eyes, a question on his face and Jungkook returned the look, not needing words to communicate to him that all was well.


Jimin smiled, plopping down at his side once he’d set up the plates. He seemed more at ease than before, shooting a warm smile at Jungkook’s father.


They ate comfortably, as his parents inquired about Jimi; Jungkook’s father seemed genuinely interested in getting to know him. He asked about his education, career goals and his upcoming showcase. “Not many are brave enough to pursue the arts,” he said after Jimin explained that his parents always thought he should have done something productive with his life. “I think it’s admirable.”


Jimin beamed under the praise, hiding the bashful smile on his face with a bow.


“He’s really good, dad. He’s going to make it pro one day,” Jungkook boasted, watching as Jimin’s face flushed under the attention and despite his protests, Jungkook knew he loved it.


“Jungkook, stop, you’re embarrassing the poor boy,” his mother cut in, laughing at Jimin’s reddening face.


They all laughed and Jungkook felt completely at ease surrounded by the people who loved him.



It was well past noon by the time by the time Jimin and Jungkook decided it was time for them to get going. They helped his mom clean up around the kitchen before preparing to head out.


“Jungkook promise you’ll come visit more often,” his mother demanded, as he and Jimin were slipping on their shoes by the door.


“I promise,” and Jungkook meant it. He’d missed his parents and his home town.


“Good,” she said pulling him into tight hug before turning towards Jimin. “It was really good meeting you Jimin,” she pulled him into a hug too; and this time Jimin returned it. “I’m really happy Jungkook has you, now. I knew I couldn’t rely on Yoongi to look after him forever.”


“I don’t need a babysitter,” Jungkook mumbled in protest as Jimin typed a response for his mom.


His mother laughed when she read his response, “Oh, I know all too well.”


Jungkook’s father joined his wife at the door as he bid them goodbye, “Jungkook we’ll be stopping by for your graduation”


“You’re coming?” Jungkook asked, incredulous, his parents never left the city because of their jobs. “Will the store be okay?”


“Of course, don’t worry about that. We wouldn’t miss your graduation,”


Jungkook felt warm and happy as they left, walking down the familiar noisy stairs of his parent’s home and he knew Jimin felt the same.



Nearly an hour later they found themselves in a family owned bubble tea shop in Jimin’s childhood neighborhood. It was cozy and the owners had recognized Jimin.


I used to come here after school all the time, he explained as they sat down with their drinks, waiting for Jihyun. This was the cool hangout where all the students came.


Jungkook looked around at the shop, it was nearly empty, except for an old couple sitting at the patio outside.


It looks like things have changed. Jimin sipped his drink, glancing around the store. The drinks are still good though.


“Uh huh,” Jungkook said, distracted by the way Jimin’s plush lips wrapped around the straw. He was suddenly reminded of how Jimin’s lips looked wrapped around other things…


Pervert. Jimin signed, fixing him with a look.


“I didn’t even say anything!” Jungkook grumbled, face heating.


Don’t pop a boner in my home town. Rumors spread fast around here you know.


Jungkook crumbled up the wrapper his straw came in, tossing it at Jimin’s head. “You’re the one being gross.”


Jimin smiled, a genuine smile, the one where his cheeks bunched up and his eyes disappeared.


Jungkook couldn’t help but return the smile, just as wide. “So when did you say Jihyun was coming?” he asked, stealing a sip from Jimin’s drink.


He said he’d be here at five.


Jungkook checked the time on his phone; 5:27pm, it read. He glanced up at Jimin, brows furrowing.


He must be running late, he explained. Traffic gets really bad around this time.


“Yeah,” Jungkook agreed, handing the drink back to Jimin.


But nearly half an hour later Jihyun still hadn’t arrived and Jungkook knew he wouldn’t be showing up.


Jimin had grown quiet, playing with the boba in his nearly empty cup.


“Hyung, I don’t think he’s coming,” he said, breaking the silence.


Jimin pressed at his phone, checking for any notifications, knowing full well they wouldn’t have missed if the phone vibrated.


You’re right. He offered him a weak smile. Something probably came up.


Jungkook opened his mouth to reply but then he heard the chime of the door open behind him.


Jimin’s head shot up, looking behind him hopefully but his face immediately broke out into something akin to terror.


Jungkook shifted in his seat to look towards the direction Jimin was staring.


He saw a scrawny man walking into the café, the door falling shut behind him. He looked like he was in his mid twenties, messy facial hair lining his sunken cheeks. He walked with an aura of arrogant cockiness, Jungkook didn’t like him already.


His eyes roamed the café for a few seconds before settling in their direction. No, Jungkook thought, he was definitely looking right at Jimin. He turned back to Jimin as the man began to approach them. “Who is that?” he asked searching Jimin’s eyes as panic flooded their bond.




Jungkook wracked his head, trying to remember where he’d heard that name.


My ex. Jimin offered, just as the man reached them.


Jimin’s ex. The guy that had hurt him in high school. The guy who had tricked and manipulated a young and impressionable Jimin in the cruelest possible way. The guy that had slept with Jimin even despite their age difference.


Woojin. Jungkook felt sick at the name. He didn’t want this man anywhere near Jimin.


“Hello, Jimin,” came his nasally voice, addressing only him, “I heard you were here.”


Woojin stood just at the edge of their table and Jungkook felt an overwhelming need to protect Jimin; to get him far away from his sick reminder of his past. He stood up from his seat, metal chair dragging noisily across the tile floor. He reached out for Jimin’s limp arm, pulling him to his feet too.


Jimin trailed behind him without protest, as Jungkook pulled him through the café and out the door.


“Hey,” he heard Woojin call out behind him. Jungkook hoped he wouldn’t follow, but he heard the café door open and close behind them as Jungkook led them down the street. “Hey, wait,” he called again, “I just want to talk.”


Jungkook ignored him, heart racing in his chest. Panic spiked in the bond and he didn’t know if it was his or Jimin’s. Just then Jungkook jolted to a stop when Jimin stopped behind him. He turned to Jimin in question only to see that Woojin had caught him by the wrist.


Jungkook felt a rush of fury course through him at the sight of the the disgusting man grabbing his soulmate. He rushed forward wrapping his own hand around Woojin’s wrist and before he could pull away, Jungkook twisted his arm, forcing him to release Jimin.


“Ah, what the fuck!” Woojin yelped and Jungkook was sure we could have dislocated the man’s arm if he added more pressure. He released him, finding pleasure at the grunts of pain he made as his arm twisted back into place. “What, the fuck is wrong with you,” he cried, cradling his arm, noticing Jungkook for the first time.


“Stay the hell away from my soulmate,” Jungkook spat, stepping in front of Jimin protectively.


“So that’s who you are,” the man let out a mocking laugh, looking over Jungkook’s shoulder at Jimin, “this guy’s your soulmate?”


Jungkook felt Jimin silently clutching onto the material of his shirt sleeve.


“Oh! You still don’t talk?” the man laughed again. It made Jungkook’s skin crawl. “What a joke, you’re still on that bullshit? I know you can talk Jimin.”


Jimin tensed behind him, digging his fingers into Jungkook’s arm.


“Does this soulmate of yours know how weak and pathetic you are?” he turned back towards Jungkook, an ugly sneer on his face. “Has he told you how easily he opened his legs for me? Little whore can’t even—”


“Shut up! Don’t talk about him like that,” Jungkook shouted, vision flashing red. A few people passing by had stopped walking, staring at the commotion.


“It’s the truth,” the man chuckled, wincing slightly when he jostled his arm. “The whore is more trouble than he’s worth.”


He clenched his fits, ready to pummel the coward but as he made a move forwards Jimin grasped of his arm, holding him back. Jungkook turned to him, eyes meeting Jimin’s blazing ones.


Jimin wordlessly stepped in front of him, shrugging Jungkook off when he tried to stop him.


Before Jungkook could register what was happening, Jimin lunged forward, landing a solid hit against Woojin’s face. The crack of fist meeting face, resonated, making the crowd around them grow.


The other man looked equally as shocked, as Jungkook felt. He brought his uninjured hand to his face, cradling his reddening cheek, mouth agape.


Jimin whirled back around facing Jungkook, he took his hand and ran, leaving the scene behind.


They probably looked crazy running through the streets and cutting through alleys but Jungkook didn’t complain. He kept a firm grasp of Jimin’s hand as he maneuvered them through the bustling crowd of the city.


Jimin finally came to a stop after a few blocks and sudden twists and turns. Jungkook almost crashed into his back.


His soulmate rested his hands on his knees, bending over as he caught his breath.


“Jimin,” he asked, panting, “What was that?”


Jimin didn’t answer and Jungkook placed a hand on Jimin’s back, noticing he was shaking he dropped to his knees, peering up at Jimin, “Hey,” he asked warily, moving his hand on his thigh. “Are you okay?”


When Jimin lifted his head to look at him, Jungkook was met with a blinding toothy grin, just inches from his face. Jimin’s laughter reached him then, bright and infectious.


Jungkook realized that there was no distress of panic coming from the bond, only exhilaration and joy. 


Jimin crouched on the floor next to him, dropping his head onto Jungkook’s chest as he laughed. Jungkook steadied himself, as Jimin laughed uncontrollably against him. Jungkook couldn’t help but join him and soon they were both laughing, clutching onto each other as their eyes watered.


After they’d both calmed down, their eyes met, and Jungkook was floored at how beautiful Jimin looked, the shining, warm rays of the setting sun peaking out behind him.


Jungkook’s closed his eyes as Jimin brought his lips to his.


Jimin's lips were soft and gentle against his. It was just a simple press of lips against lips but it made Jungkook's heart soar in his chest. “Jimin,” he breathed against his mouth. “Are you okay, baby?”


Jimin pulled away to respond and Jungkook ached for his touch. I am.


Jungkook reached for Jimin's bruising hand, cradling it tenderly as he inspected his red knuckles. He let out a whistle, “You really did a number on him, huh,”


It felt good.


“I bet. You should have let me do it though,” he said, bringing Jimin’s fist up to kiss each individual knuckle.


Jimin blushed at his ministrations, turning away from him, trying to hide the pleased smile on his face.


Their bond radiated with warmth and Jimin seemed at ease but Jungkook still had to ask, “Jimin, baby, are you okay?” He reluctantly released Jimin’s hand so he could reply.


Jimin didn’t answer at first, looking into Jungkook’s eyes as if he was trying to make up his mind about something. Let’s go sit somewhere, okay?


Jungkook nodded and Jimin took hold of his hand, pulling him along behind him.


Jungkook realized then, that they were in a spacious park nestled in the center of the city. There were a few overpasses crossing above them but Jimin led them through a paved pathway through the blossoming trees until they reached a small clearing that was relatively quiet. The park was beginning to clear out as the sun disappeared at the horizon.


Jimin sat down at a bench, crossing his legs and Jungkook joined him, facing his boyfriend.


He watched Jimin, expectedly, waiting for him to tell him something.


It was nice meeting your family today. He finally signed, looking down at his lap. They were really nice and welcoming.


Jungkook felt as if there was something he was missing. “Did you not expect them to be?”


Jimin fidgeted, not looking up from his lap. Not really. I don’t exactly have the best track record with parents, Jungkook.


Jungkook brought a comforting hand to Jimin’s knee, rubbing his thumb over the black material of his slacks. He knew Jimin hated talking about his parents. “Your parents, didn’t deserve you and their behavior towards you was not your fault.”


Jimin sighed, I know but it wasn’t just them. Parents of past boyfriends have never reacted well to me.


Jungkook had to stifle the sudden spike of anger that coursed through him. He didn’t understand how anyone could miss how beautiful Jimin was inside and out.


I knew that you said your parents had grown into the idea of you being bisexual, Jimin continued, but I was still scared about how’d they’d react when they actually met me.


“Hyung--,” Jungkook started, but Jimin cut him off.


Just let me explain okay?


Jungkook sighed, shifting on the bench into a more comfortable position. “Fine.”


I know I’m not the type of boyfriend people want their children to bring home.


Jungkook wanted interrupt but Jimin shot him a look so he kept his mouth shut.


I’m mute, making it hard for me to communicate with people that don’t know sign language; which is nearly the entire population. I don’t have a stable career; only big and wishful dreams of going professional. I’m riddled with mental health issues, and I’ve have all this baggage to go along with it. I’ve also slept around, never lasting long in a serious relationship. I—


Jungkook reached for Jimin’s hands, trapping them between his own so Jimin couldn’t say anything else. Jimin frowned, trying to free his hands but Jungkook only tightened his hold. “That’s a whole lot of bullshit and you know it.”


Jimin puffed up his cheeks, looking mildly offended.


“First off, anyone that doesn’t like you because you’re mute is an ignorant asshole and their opinion doesn’t matter. Second, your dreams aren’t wishful thinking, you’re an incredible dancer and you’ll catch a break one day, I know it.” Jungkook released Jimin’s hands, holding up three fingers in front of his face, “Third, your mental health does not define you and it’s not baggage. Fourth,” Jungkook said, taking a breath, “It doesn’t matter that you’ve slept around. I don’t care how easily you’ve “opened your legs” as your ex put it. Anyone who judges you because of it is backwards and stuck in the 18th century.”


Jungkook finished, starring expectedly at Jimin, who was blinking at him, small smile playing on his face.


I love you, was all he said. And I’ll never sleep around again.


“I love you too,” he replied without missing a beat. “And, I better hope not. Only I’m allowed to touch your ass now.”


Jimin giggled. My ass is yours.


“Good. Don’t say these bad things about yourself, again, okay hyung?” Jungkook murmured, voice gentle, “you know they aren’t true right?”


Jimin sighed, bringing his legs up to tuck against his chest. I do know and I didn’t mean it. I guess seeing Woojin again brought back a lot of of these old memories.


Jungkook tensed at the mention of Jimin’s ex, “I hate him. You should have let me punch him.”


Jimin laughed, lightly, It’s okay, I actually realized a few things today. Those words he told me are nothing new. I’ve heard it before, from him and other people but hearing him say it in front of you felt wrong. I know you don’t see me like he does. I know that when you look at me, you don’t see some broken, pathetic man. I think that’s how I gathered the courage to punch him. I knew his words were wrong and I didn’t want to be disrespected, especially not in front of you. I’m strong, I know that now, but I’m stronger with you at my side. Jimin leaned forward, pressing a kiss on Jungkook’s cheek. So thank you.


Jungkook didn’t know what to say, he was left speechless by Jimin’s admission but he was happy Jimin wasn’t holding back anymore. He was also frustrated and angry at the world and at what Jimin had been put through but Jimin was right. His soulmate was strong and proud and Jungkook would be by his side until they were old and wrinkly. Together they would face whatever life had in store for them.


He knew they would have their ups and down, all couples did. Their fight the week before was proof of that.


The day they had argued, Jimin’s anxiety had been at the point where he couldn’t leave the house for practice and Jungkook had suggested Jimin needed to see a therapist. It had been something he’d been thinking about for a while and he’d asked Taehyung about it because Jimin had brushed off any talk about it in the past.


Taehyung was unsurprisingly tight lipped about it, offering a simple “Jimin hates therapists, you should ask him about it.”


So Jungkook had confronted him about it and as he had suspected Jimin shot down the idea, saying that he could deal with it on his own.


Jungkook had gotten frustrated and pushed Jimin a little too hard and Jimin had pushed back in response, telling Jungkook to stay out of his business. Tensions were high at the time and things had escalated fast. Jimin had said things Jungkook knew he hadn’t meant but it had still hurt.


They had finally talked about it, just a couple days ago. They knew they couldn’t visit home with something like that hanging between them. They had sat down and talked about it and Jimin admitted that he’d had horrible experiences with incompetent therapists his parents had hired when he was a child. Jimin didn’t make any promises but he said he’d look into possible therapists.


As if Jimin knew exactly what he was thinking about (he probably did) he signed, I made an appointment with a therapist.


“Oh?” Jungkook said, encouraging Jimin to continue.


You were right, I do need professional help I can’t rely solely on our bond. It’s selfish.


“It’s not selfish,” Jungkook protested. He wanted Jimin to get help because he knew he couldn’t always be there when he had a panic attack not because it was a hindrance to himself.


Jimin shook his head. Our bond goes both ways Jungkook, the good and the bad. We both feel it.


Jungkook couldn’t deny that, but he didn’t care. He’d take Jimin’s pain from him if he could.


Anyways, Jimin signed after Jungkook didn’t reply, Hoseok hyung recommended the therapist. He said he was able to help him in the past so I’m going to give it a try.


Jungkook smiled, tapping a finger under Jimin’s chin, to tilt his head up. “Good, I’m proud of you,” he said, pressing a kiss to the corner of Jimin’s mouth.


Jimin tilted his face to land the kiss on his lips instead but Jungkook pulled away, holding Jimin’s chin.


Jimin pouted, bottom lip jutting out, brows drawing together.


Jungkook smiled, rubbing his thumb over Jimin’s lips.


Give me kisses.


Jungkook watched as his soulmates warm, brown eyes fluttered shut as he dropped a quick kiss on mouth.


You’re frustrating me.


“Sorry, hyung, we should be heading back to the station, it’s getting late.”


Jimin frowned but complied, swinging a leg over the bench to climb off. He began walking in the direction they came from and Jungkook hurried to catch up to him, throwing an arm around his shoulders.


They walked in comfortable silence through the park and down the street to the nearest station.


I really enjoyed today, Jimin signed after a few minutes of silence. I mean besides Jihyun standing me up and Woojin showing up.


“Jimin, about your brother--”


I don’t really want to talk about that right now, Jimin interrupted him. I’ve had enough for today.


Jungkook nodded, he was disappointed in Jimin’s brother. It seemed that Jimin’s family only lived to hurt and disappoint him, but Jimin didn’t want to talk about it so he let it go for now.


Your mom is nothing like mine.


Jungkook felt his heart tighten in pain for Jimin. He loved his mom and couldn’t imagine growing up without her love and guidance. He wished more than anything that Jimin had loving parents like he did. His soulmate deserved all the love in the world but his parents had hurt him and still continue too even though Jimin wouldn’t admit it. “I’m sorry Jimin.”


Jimin just shrugged, dropping his head on Jungkook shoulder as they walked. It’s okay I had Taehyung’s parents.


“I’m thankful for that.”


Jimin stared straight ahead, a small smile on his face. Maybe when Taehyung takes Namjoon to Daegu to meet them we can tag along. They’d like you.


“That would be nice,” Jungkook said, pulling Jimin closer to his side. He felt lighter than he had in weeks, all tension in their bond had eased, leaving behind a comfortable warm buzz.



Chapter Text

“Jeon Jungkook.”


Jungkook walked across the stage when the announcer called his name, collecting his diploma before glancing out towards the crowd to where his family and friends were seated. They were all clapping and cheering for him but among all the familiar faces, it was Jimin who stood out.


While everyone cheered around him, his soulmate was completely silent; a proud, soft smile adorning his face.


Their bond pulsed with unfiltered emotions because neither of them bothered with walls anymore; there was nothing to hide. Their joy was shared as well as their pain and, yes, sometimes it was hard. Sometimes Jungkook would wake in cold sweat, incomprehensible panic flooding his system. Nights like those were when he’d find Jimin curled up on the couch, quiet sobs barely audible in the dark room.


Some thought it was torture for soulmates to share pain; a biological fluke or some type of divine punishment. Others thought it was beautiful; a twisted Romeo and Juliet complex. The closer you got to your soulmate, the more pain you shared.  


To Jungkook, it didn’t matter as long as he could ease Jimin’s pain, if only a little. Sometimes it worked and other times he would just hold him through it. He’d carry his soulmate back to bed with him, hoping that he’d be better in the morning.


It was hard on him and even harder at Jimin but despite it all Jimin was his sunshine and no ray of light was too hot. 


Jungkook smiled back at Jimin and nearly tripped while walking down the stairs of the stage. He steadied himself on the railing, glancing back at Jimin who was covering his mouth, laughing at him. Jungkook blushed, walking back to his seat.


Once he was seated he peeked back at Jimin, knowing his soulmate’s eyes were on him. 


I love you, he signed, turning his body so that Jimin could see his hand movements.


Celebratory sex tonight? Jimin signed back making Jungkook flush in embarrassment. So much for being romantic.


The ceremony continued as the last department collected their degrees but Jungkook wasn’t paying attention anymore. He and Jimin continued to exchange silent words and significant looks. He was suddenly very grateful his parents didn’t know sign language because they had definitely noticed their exchange. Jungkook looked away sheepishly when he saw his mom raise an eyebrow at him.


He turned back to the stage trying to focus on the ceremony but he just couldn’t; too giddy with excitement. He was finally done with college; all those sleepless nights and 12 page papers produced on coffee and will alone had finally paid off and Jungkook was happy. The thought of graduation seemed dull the semester prior; he knew he would eventually find a decent job and that he would make a decent living but it was all so terribly bleak. But his world had become so vibrant and it wasn’t just because of Jimin, although he definitely played a part.  


It was his family, friends and boyfriend that made him so happy. They made Jungkook want to be a better person.


He had even picked up a few new hobbies. Over the past few weeks he had taken to joining Jimin at his dance practices. The first few times he just did it because Jimin had told him he needed a dance partner to practice a few moves with but Jungkook found that he enjoyed it. Although it had been a while since he had danced but it wasn’t hard to fall back into it.


The last name was called and the schools president gave a short speech before declaring them all graduates. His classmates cheered around him and like everyone else, Jungkook was uncertain about the future and what was to come but he felt at ease knowing Jimin would be by his side.  


Everyone began to disperse soon after, eager to finally leave the university behind. Jungkook bid farewell to a few of his classmates before following the crowd out the exit.


Once he was outside their auditorium he glanced around, searching for family and friends. He didn’t have to look very far because a few minutes later, he had his small bundle of a soulmate in his arms. Jungkook had barely managed not to stumble when Jimin launched himself into his chest. 


“Hey, hyung,” he laughed, wrapping his arms around him.


I’m so proud of you, baby, you worked so hard.


Jungkook preened under the praise, hugging him tight against his chest, pressing kisses to the top of his head. He breathed in the familiar scent of Jimin’s fruity conditioner as his soulmate nuzzled against his neck.


“This is both cute and gross at the same time,” a voice said, reminding Jungkook that they were in public. He glanced over Jimin’s shoulder to see Taehyung, holding up his phone taking pictures of them. Namjoon was at his side, arm slung around his shoulders. They looked like a couple straight out of a magazine.


Yoongi was by their side, large camera in one hand and Hoseok’s hand in the other. Jungkook didn’t miss the silver bands wrapped around both their fingers; he’d have to ask them about it later.


Seokjin was there too and although Jungkook had invited the older man he was not expecting him to actually show up. He hadn’t known him for very long but he was already becoming an important person in his life. Seokjin was there with his lovely wife, Hyeri, who Jungkook had learned, was not his soulmate. His soulmate had passed away years ago but he’d still found love.


Like you guys are any better, Jimin signed, turning back to their friends.


“That looked like a scene straight out of a drama,” Yoongi joked.


“Weren’t you and Hoseok reenacting The Notebook the other day?” Jungkook shot back.


“What? Really?” Namjoon laughed, turning to look at Yoongi and Hoseok.


“Don’t even start, hyung,” Yoongi grumbled, “like we didn’t all see your faithful encounter with Taehyung that day.”


“Ah, yes,” Namjoon sighed, “the day I met the love of my life.” He pressed a wet kiss to Taehyung’s temple.


“Young, love,” Jungkook heard Seokjin whisper to his wife.


“Jungkook!” his mother's voice came, she was hurrying towards them, husband in tow, carrying a few balloons that Jungkook assumed she had just bought.


He and Jimin managed to separate themselves from each other for a few minutes as Jungkook greeted and took pictures with everyone.


His parents congratulated him, telling him how they’ve been boasting to all their friends about their successful son. His hyungs showered him with love and support. 


Jungkook felt warm. 


His parents left soon after, hoping to avoid the traffic on the commute back to Busan; he and Jimin promised to visit soon.


They rest of them headed to his and Yoongi’s apartment because Yoongi had organized a party to celebrate Jungkook’s graduation; if buying packs of beers and hard liquor constituted as party planning.




It didn’t take long for his and Yoongi’s apartment to turn into a makeshift club for the night. Yoongi brought out his speakers and everyone got their hands on a drink. The apartment walls rattled with the hard bass of the music and Jungkook was thankful it was a Friday night in a college neighborhood. Nobody would complain about the noise.


Jungkook was mixing a few drinks how Yoongi taught him when Seokjin and Hyeri approached him. “Hyung, noona,” he greeted, offering them both a drink.


Seokjin shook his head, “I’m driving.”


Hyeri took the drink, instead, throwing it back in one gulp. “I’ll take his too,” she said, putting down the glass and taking the other one from Jungkook’s hand.


Seokjin’s eyes twinkled as he watched her down the drink.


Jungkook could tell they were in love despite not being soulmates. He figured Yoongi was right all along; whether or not a couple were soulmates, if the person was right for you, love would find a way. 


“So, Jungkook,” Seokjin said, tearing his eyes away from his wife. Do you have any career plans now that you’ve graduated?”


Jungkook shrugged, “I have a few but I’m not sure yet. Why?”


“I don’t know if Jimin had told you but my father is the chairman of a fairly successful company so if you’re looking for a job I can set up an interview.”   


Jungkook gaped at him, “But… You work at a bar!” He immediately regretted the words as they came out of his mouth. “Sorry, that was rude. I’d really appreciate if you’d get me an interview.”


Both Seokjin and Hyeri laughed, “Don’t worry about it Jungkook,” she said. “This dummy prefers pouring drinks and flirting with the patrons over sitting in an office doing paperwork.”


“Hey,” he protested, “I get good tips.”


“That’s because you’re pretty,” she shot back. “You scam people out of their money with that face.”


“You fell for it too, though,” he defended.


“I think it was you who fell for my looks,” she smirked, wrapping her arms around Seokjin’s waist.


Jungkook made his escape when the married couple began to get too handsy.


He walked back to the living room, a few drinks in hand. Jimin was dancing with Hoseok and Taehyung.


Jungkook watched him for a few moments, eyes landing on where his shirt was hiking up when he threw his hands up. Jimin looked up at that moment, catching him checking him out, he raised his eyebrows at him before turning back around. Jungkook’s face burned but then he remembered that Jimin was his boyfriend and he was allowed to shamelessly stare. He’d never get used to that.


He sat on the couch with Namjoon and Yoongi, passing them the drinks.


“And Seokjin?” Yoongi asked, pouring a shot of vodka into his drink.


“Making out with Heyin in the kitchen.”


“You’re going to need to wipe down your counters tomorrow,” Namjoon joked.


“Hyung!” Jungkook spluttered, “Gross.”


“Don’t act innocent,” Yoongi slurred, already drunk, “Should I tell Namjoon about the laundry room thing?”


Jungkook groaned, covering his face, “Please don’t.”


Yoongi ignored him, turning to Namjoon, “Okay, so I had a date the next date so I needed to clean my favorite pair of jeans right? So I there I was, carrying my basket of clothes to the laundry room. But then I saw the door closed and the light on. I thought that was pretty weird because it was 2 am.”


“Stop!” Jungkook yelled, reaching over Namjoon in an attempt to cover Yoongi’s mouth.


Yoongi pushed him off, careful not to spill his drink, “So I hear noises.”


Namjoon was laughing and helping push Jungkook off Yoongi, eager to hear the rest of the story.


“And I was thinking ‘wow Jungkook is doing chores for once’ but no!” Yoongi giggled, covering his gummy smile. “That’s when I hear Jimin!”


“Oh my, god.”


Jungkook settled back on the couch, resigned. He sipped on his drink as Yoongi retold the embarrassing story. That was the last time he’d do laundry with Jimin.


Jimin plopped down on his lap a few minutes later, after Namjoon and Yoongi had begun crying of laughter.


Hey, beautiful. Jimin signed, straddling Jungkook on the couch.


“Laundry room Part 2!” Namjoon shouted, making Yoongi crack up again.


Jungkook’s face burned, “Let's get out of here?” he asked Jimin.


Jimin laughed. Why do you sound like you’re trying to pick me up at a club?


Jungkook grabbed Jimin’s thighs, lifting them both off the couch. “Maybe that’s what I’m trying to do.”


Jimin wrapped his arms around his neck, holding on tight as if Jungkook would drop him.


Jungkook ignored the perverted cheers from his drunk friends as he placed Jimin back on the floor. He led him out the apartment and up the stairs that led to the roof.


And here I was thinking you were going to take me to your bedroom.


“We can’t do that with all our friends here.”


So we’re fucking on the roof instead. I like it. He walked to the railings, lining the roof, turning to look at the sunset, arms resting on the rusty metal.


Jungkook joined him. “I rather not put on a show for all our neighbors,” he said, motioning to the high rise apartments surrounding them.


It was warm out, the early summer breeze felt nice against his skin. Jungkook thought about how had met Jimin in the winter and much like the weather, his heart had become warmer with every passing day.


So beautiful. Jimin commented, watching the sun disappear behind the towering buildings, painting the sky a warm orange.


“Yeah, you are.” Jungkook agreed, watching as the warm light gleamed against his face.


Jimin groaned, shoving his shoulder. Why are you such a sap, he complained but Jungkook didn’t miss the crimson on his cheeks.  


“You love it,” Jungkook teased, turning Jimin around until he had him pressed against the railing, bodies flush together.


Jimin’s eyes twinkled, mischievously, plush lips turning up into a cocky smile. Tell me more.


“You shine brighter than all the stars in the sky.”


Jimin looked up at the sky, head tilted back. You can’t even see the stars in the city, he pouted, I must be pretty dull then.


Jungkook tried again, “You shine brighter than all these building lights.”


Jimin laughed, a carefree sound that rippled around them in the darkening sky.


“What’s so funny? I was trying to be romantic,” Jungkook complained as Jimin laughed into his shoulder.


Jimin finally pulled away, his smile was blinding and Jungkook could compare Jimin’s crescent eyes to the pale moon above them but he bit his tongue.


His soulmate reached for his hand, turning it over to run a thumb over his blank wrist. They stood in silence for a few minutes until Jimin let go, a soft sigh leaving his lips. Jungkook could sense just a sliver of regret and frustration through the bond.  


“Jimin, what’s wrong?” he asked, cupping his downcast face.


Nothing, it’s just… He took a deep breath, before looking up to meet his eyes. Sometimes I wish, there were words on your wrist too.


Jungkook frowned, “What? Why does that matter?”


I doesn’t but all couples have each other's first words on their wrist but yours is empty. People who see your blank wrist might think that you’re single. He looked away, brows drawn together. This is why people are always flirting with you, even when I’m there.


Jungkook frowned, Jimin wasn’t usually the jealous type. “Hyung, anyone that sees us together know we belong with each other. Plus, people always flirt with you too even though you have those ridiculous words on your wrist.”


Jimin glanced at his wrist.


Holy shit, you’re beautiful.


Jungkook had come to love those words, although they were embarrassing, it was a nice reminder of the day his life had changed for the better. 


People don’t flirt with me, Jimin denied; a blatant lie.


Jungkook laughed, “Are you serious? How about that one guy from your dance practice?”




“Don’t act like you don’t know; the one with the pretty face.”




Jungkook crossed his arms, “You would think of him when I said pretty face.”


You’re the one that said he has a pretty face!


“Well that was a test and you failed.” Jungkook liked Taemin, he was a nice guy but the other day when he swung by to pick up Jimin from practice, he overheard Taemin making a few remarks about how bendy and flexible Jimin was. It didn’t help that the older man was incredibly attractive and and amazing dancer.


Jimin smiled, dropping a kiss on Jungkook’s cheek. You know I belong to you.


“And you know you have my heart,” Jungkook replied. “So, tell me, what’s actually bothering you.”


Jimin looked away. It’s nothing.


“The bond says otherwise.”


Jimin sighed, giving in. It’s just that sometimes I wish I could speak; that I could tell you how much you mean to me with my own voice. I wish I could put the words ‘I love you’ across your wrist. But I can’t and trust me, Jungkook, I’ve tried. Every time I open my mouth an attempt to say something the words get stuck in my throat and I panic remembering all those times my parents used to hurt me when I spoke out of turn.


Jungkook’s heart clenched, mouth falling open. Jimin never spoke of his past.


They would hit me Jungkook, they would get so angry at me. I was always a nuisance to them. They never wanted me; I always knew that. They would say I ruined their lives. My mother was young when she had me and my grandparents disowned her and my father had to drop out of school to provide for us. He hated her because of that and my mother hated me as a result.


Jungkook wanted to wrap his arms around his soulmate but he knew Jimin needed to get everything out so Jungkook clenched his fists, and paid attention to what Jimin had to say.


They liked to pretend I didn’t exist. They were the happiest when I kept quiet and out of sight. They hated me, Jungkook. They never cared about me. They never came to my dance recitals, they never showed up for parent-teacher conferences. They never took me to the park or amusement parks like the other kid’s parents.


When I started having… problems, the teachers at school would try to reach out to them and I knew they hated that. They took me to therapy to try and fix me but I hated it so much. I told you about my experience with the therapist.


Jungkook nodded. Tears burring his vision.


When Woojin came into my life I thought things were beginning to look up. He was really sweet at first, taking advantage of my vulnerability for his own gain. I thought he loved me but you know how that went too.


Jungkook found a bit of comfort in the memory of Jimin punching his disgusting ex although he wished he could have thrown a punch too.


I stopped talking entirely after that. It was better that way. My parents always treated my little brother better. He was their second chance I guess. They wanted him to hate me as much as they did.


“Jimin,” Jungkook cried, “I’m so sorry. You didn’t deserve any of that.” Jimin had been to excited to see his little brother when they were in Busan but Jihyun has stood him up.


I wanted him to love me and maybe he does but not enough to disobey my parents.


“You deserved a better family.”


Jimin smiled softly, patting Jungkook’s cheeks dry. I’m not crying anymore so you shouldn’t either. I’ll just make my own family.


Jungkook thought of the implications of his words; Jimin wanted to make a family with him. He imagined raising children with him. “You’d be an amazing dad.”


I’ll be the father that mine never was.


Jungkook had no doubt about that. Jimin was such a sweet caring person, full of love and affection. Their future children would be happy to call him their dad. Although it wasn’t going to happen anytime soon Jungkook was excited about it.


Jimin smiled, dropping a kiss on his wet cheek.


Jungkook took his hands, bringing them between his own. “You know, you’re perfect the way you are right? Even if my wrist stays blank, there is nothing to fix.”


I know but if I never speak a word again I don’t want it to be my choice, not because I can’t. Do you understand? I want my mental health to improve before anything else. I want to get better for me.


Jungkook could only imagine the extent of the struggle and pain Jimin had endured throughout the years.


I made an appointment with the therapist Hoseok hyung recommended.


“Hyung, that’s great!”


He nodded, eyes shining, proudly. I’d like you to come with me?


“To your sessions?”


He nodded. I don’t want to do it alone.


Jungkook finally pulled Jimin into his chest, hugging him tight. “You don’t have to.”


The sky had gone dark and by the time they pulled apart; their bond was buzzing peacefully.


Let’s move in together, Jimin suggested, casually, as if we were asking Jungkook what kind of topping he wanted on his pizza.


“Move in together,” Jungkook repeated, “like as in you and me living together? Under the same roof? What about my apartment with Yoongi?”


I already talked to Hoseok hyung and Yoongi hyung about it. They want to move in together so you don’t have to worry about leaving Yoongi alone. 


“But your apartment is tiny!” Jungkook protested weakly.


Jimin looked a bit dejected. I’ve been looking for apartments… I think we’ll be able to afford it; my career is taking off and you’ve graduated. 


Jungkook had no doubt Jimin would make a successful career out of his dancing. His soulmate was incredibly talented and skilled. Jungkook on the other hand had just graduated.


If you don’t want to that fine. I understand.


Jungkook shook his head and thought about it. Technically he and Jimin had only known each other for half a year but they were soulmates and had been connected their whole lives. Being soulmates didn’t guarantee a long life relationship; Jungkook knew that. People always warned about falling too quickly into your soulmates life. Despite being fated to be together, no future was clear; circumstance and chance played a role in people’s futures.


Jungkook was scared that he’d mess it all up. Scared that one day Jimin would look at him devoid of any love or affection. But everyone had similar fears; he was sure Jimin had them too. Moving in together would be a huge step in their relationship and although the thought made Jungkook nervous, he didn’t think they were moving too fast.


He imagined waking up next to Jimin every morning, his koala of a boyfriend clinging to him in his sleep. He imagined Jimin’s sleep tousled hair, rosy cheeks and gravely morning voice. He would prepare coffee for Jimin while the older boy dragged himself out of the bed and into the shower. Jimin would come out of the shower, a towel slung low around his waist, droplets of water trailing down his toned chest. And maybe he would tease Jungkook a bit, making him flustered. Or maybe Jimin would pull him back to their newly furnished bedroom and they’d make love, soft and slow, morning light peeking in through the curtains.


What are you smiling about, weirdo? Jimin signed, pulling Jungkook out of his daydreams.


Jungkook’s grin spread wider, across his face. “Life with you.”


So is that a yes?   


“Jimin, I could spend lifetimes with you and--” his soulmate cut him off with a kiss but both of them were smiling too wide to kiss properly. 


God, you’re so cheesy. Jimin, giggled, resting his forehead against his.


“You love me.”


So much.