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Cherry and Atticus's Adventures of Yu-Gi-Oh

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When we last left Cherry, Atticus, Mo, and Patch, Atticus had just come back from an adventure from a different Hercules than the one he once knew which the adventure gave him his god-like strength. No, on this one, he was given the power of immortality and was given a spell from Princess Celestia for him to solve or else the results could be disastrous. And where he was just about to write down the next word only for Drell to inform him that he had found a way to the Yu-Gi-Oh world. And now to our story...

"I found a way to the Yu-Gi-Oh world," Drell told the others urgently. "You must meet a boy named Yugi who will be given a puzzle from his grandfather."

"But Drell Atticus needs to finish an incomplete spell!" Patch told him.

"He can do it after the adventure." Drell said.

"No, he can't!" Cherry panicked. "If Atticus doesn't finish this spell, it could be the end of the world!"

"Cherry, calm down..." Drell sighed to her.

"Human sacrifice, Equestria losing its balance in its world, planets turned into plants, gravity turned into gravy, dogs and cats living together mass hysteria!" Cherry continued.

Drell soon slapped Cherry in the face to calm her down.

"Ow..." Cherry groaned.

"Can I please go on?" Drell replied.

"Go ahead, Drell, what do we need to do?" Mo nodded.

"Well, it's about Anubis, the Egyptian Lord of the Dead." Drell said.

"Anubis!" Cherry stood up again as she looked all knowing.

"Cherry's a nut when it comes to Egyptian history." Atticus said to Mo and Patch.

"He usually helps with mummification and the afterlife," Cherry informed. "He was once known as the golden jackal due to his canine instincts and depictions."

"Well, he's going to get his revenge on the pharaoh who has forgotten his own name." Drell said.

"Is it Rumpelstiltskin?" Mo joked.

"No..." Drell glared slightly. "Now are you going to take this seriously or not?"

"Yes, sir." Mo replied respectively then.

"You know it." Patch said.

"Good, now Atticus, you will need these." Drell said as he brought out a deck of cards and a machine.

"Cool, a deck of duel Yu-Gi-Oh cards and a duel disk." Atticus smiled.

"Hey, how come he gets the cards?" Cherry pouted.

"Would you like to duel again Sombra as he tries to bring Anubis into the Yu-Gi-Oh world?" Drell asked.

"On second thought, Atticus can hold onto them," Cherry replied nervously. "He's more trustworthy."

"I thought so," Drell smirked. "Besides, the cards are some of the people or animals you've all met and the spell trap and magic cards are ones that you would find in any deck and some are new ones."

"Thanks, Drell, I'll take good care of them." Atticus replied as he took a hold of the Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

Drell soon put the duel disk on Atticus's left arm. Atticus smiled as he felt set.

"So, shall we go then?" Drell asked.

"Wait! Atticus and Patch just got back home." Cherry replied.

"All four of you are going." Drell said.

"But-" Cherry started.

"I HAVE SPOKEN!" Drell snapped, then smiled. "Now, let's get you guys ready then."

"Um, okay?" Patch said, confused.

Drell smiled to them and then walked off for a moment. "Be right back."

"We'll wait." Mo said.

Drell nodded and went off for a brief moment.

"He'll be back in a minute or two." Patch said.

Cherry looked bored already.

Drell came into the Netherworld only to find Penelope having an unsupervised party while Skippy was tied up in a corner. "Ahem!" he then glared.

A record needle then scratched.

"Oh... Hi, Dad..." Penelope smiled nervously.

"What is going on here?" Drell demanded.

"Aw, Uncle Skippy said it would be okay." Penelope replied.

Skippy soon shook his head no violently.

"Uh-huh..." Drell didn't believe his daughter, then looked to the guests sharply.

"Party over!" a vampire boy said.

The guests then quickly left the room to avoid punishment from the most powerful man in the universe. Skippy soon tried to get free so he could explain. Drell snapped his fingers and let Skippy speak.

"Thank you," Skippy breathed in relief. "I tried to warn her that you wouldn't approve of this while you would be in Ancient Greece with Atticus, but you know, no one listens to me anymore."

"That's because you don't speak unless someone uses magic to give you your voice back." Drell said.

"You get the idea..." Skippy rolled his eyes.

Drell then untied Skippy. "We are going to have a very serious talk about this, young lady," he then sharply scolded Penelope. "How am I gonna send everyone to the Yu-Gi-Oh world if you make a mess in the Supernatural Realm in my absence?"

"You could always let Patrick watch over her." Skippy suggested.

Penelope soon gulped as she had known that Patrick was as strong as Atticus.

"That might have to do," Drell replied. "Do you wanna go to Manhattan, Skippy?"

"Oh, if you don't mind..." Skippy smiled bashfully and shuffled his foot, becoming as nervous as a school boy.

"Alright, I'll go and see if Patrick can watch over Penelope." Drell said.

"Did I hear my name mentioned?" Patrick smirked as he appeared behind Drell.

"Ah, hey, Patty Cakes," Drell replied. "I have a very important assignment for your son, but Penelope is REALLY getting out of hand."

"So, let me guess, you need me to watch over her, right?" Patrick asked.

"Yes, please, I'll owe you one in exchange for looking after Atticus on this adventure." Drell replied.

"Okay." Patrick said.

"And you can even use my weight room." Drell added.

"Gee, thanks!" Patrick smiled.

Drell then handed him his Nether credit card. "Just be sure to use this card to get in and out."

"You got it." Patrick said.

"All right, I guess I'm ready to go with them then." Drell replied.

"Yep and Skippy, you can go and be with Angela." Patrick said.

Skippy beamed and zipped off to a portal to Manhattan. Drell and Patrick shook hands and Drell then grabbed an ancient book and went to get back to the others. And where the others were waiting for him.

Drell then appeared. "Sorry that took so long, but I had to take care of a little pest control," he then said. "So, shall we go to the Yu-Gi-Oh world?"

"Yes." Atticus nodded.

"All right, come this way." Drell told them as he opened up a book which opened a portal to suck all of them in through the book of Yu-Gi-Oh.

"Whooooaaaaah!" the others called out as they were sucked in instantly and Drell then joined them as he closed the book and used his magic to bring it with him so they would have a way out. And where they would have a history lesson on what happened on the night the boy named Yugi was able to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

"Before we begin, you all must be educated," Drell told them. "It all began 5,000 years ago, even before I was born."

"Alright then." Patch said.

"Older than you?" Cherry asked in surprise. "Whoa..."

"Yes, I know, I look amazing for my 600's," Drell replied. "Now, anyway, thousands of years ago, people were very bored, because card games hadn't been invented yet," he then informed them all. "So in order to pass the time, they started killing each other with magical powers. Then, one day, a nameless Egyptian pharaoh with ridiculous hair decided to lock the magic away, so that its evil could never fall into the wrong hands. And so, the people of Egypt were forced to spend their time building pyramids, which, ironically, was just as tedious as playing card games."

"Okay, just fast forward to the time to this Yugi." Patch said.

Drell bore a deadpan look. "Kids these days..." he mumbled before going on to the part about the one known as Yugi. "You will meet Yugi Moto, he is fifteen-years-old and he still hasn't gone through puberty, so he's always getting picked on at school, and girls refuse to go out with him. He also believes once he completes the Millennium Puzzle, he'll use the dark powers to get his revenge."

"Any questions so far?" Drell asked.

"Yes, can you rewind and tell the real story?" Atticus asked.

"All right, all right, I guess I'm still used to the abridged tale," Drell replied. "If it'll make you all happy, I'll take you to see Yugi right now, he should be in his room by now."

They were all soon brought to a home of a boy with wild blonde hair with hints of a purple tint as he appeared to be working on something behind his desk which was either homework or that puzzle.

"For this moment, you'll be seen by him, but when some shadow creatures vanish and bright light comes from the puzzle; we will vanish and reappear in the entrance of Domino City, well, half of us will anyway, while the other half will be with Seto Kaiba." Drell said.

"So, why is he doing this puzzle?" Patch asked.

Drell soon cleared his voice as he was going to act like the narrator for a little while.

"This is going to be cheesy, isn't it?" Cherry asked.

"DO YOU WANNA KNOW OR NOT?!" Drell shook her violently, then tried to stay calm to avoid punishment from Atticus. "Erm... I mean... Patience, my dear..."

"He's right, we should be patient." Atticus said.

Drell then cleared his throat. "Ahem! Anyway, as I was trying to say... Heed my words here, children, because not even eternity lasts forever."

"Ooh." Patch smiled.

"It was never to happen, and for 5,000 years, it never did," Drell ominously narrated. "The secrets of the Millennium Puzzle remained safely beyond reach, within the imponderable conundrum of its intricate design. For a boy named Yugi, the mystery of the Millennium Puzzle remains just that; the solution, if one exists, eludes him, as it did those that came before."

"I like this narration." Cherry smirked.

Drell glanced at her before rolling his eyes. The boy Yugi was struggling with his puzzle, he was determined to get it finished and never quit while he was ahead.

"Wow, that must be one hard puzzle." Mo said.

"You have no idea." Drell replied.

"Is it too hard even for you?" Cherry teased.

"Yes." Drell said.

Cherry laughed.

"Would you like to try?" Drell asked with a creepy grin on his face.

"I think he's already on it." Mo said as she saw two of the pieces fitting.

Drell took a look with them to see if Yugi was finally able to solve the puzzle at last.

"Awesome, I did it!" Yugi cheered to himself as his puzzle now glowed in his victory. "The Millennium Puzzle's complete!"

"Congrats." Atticus smiled.

"Huh?" Yugi turned around. "Is someone there?" He soon turned around to see Atticus, Mo, Cherry, Patch, and Drell.

"Surprise..." Drell called weakly.

"Who are all of you?" Yugi asked.

"I'll handle the introduction, Little Miss Smarty Pants," Drell glared to Cherry before smiling maturely. "I am Drell, this is Atticus Fudo, Cherry Butler, Patch Pongo, and Mo Brown. They are my students and we are on a trip."

"It's nice to meet you all, my name is Yugi Moto." Yugi said.

"Uh, something is going on with your, uh, puzzle." Mo said once she noticed something was going on with the Millennium Puzzle.

"Huh?" Yugi asked as he took another look at his puzzle.

"This could look bad for Egypt." Drell whispered to the others.

"What's happening?" Yugi asked as he noticed something was going on with the puzzle as well.

There were then dark shadows coming out from the puzzle after the glowing and the room was then suddenly darkened and they were surrounded by the darkness. And where different shadow creatures appeared. Yugi felt the most spooked of all of them.

"Oh, I hope this isn't Dr. Faciler again." Atticus begged since they were surrounded by shadows.

"No, it isn't." Drell said.

"Aw! Look at that one." Mo smiled down at a shadow creature that looked like a cute and innocent furball like creature.

"Aww~..." Cherry cooed.

The creature looked up at them and roared before jumping up.

"Not cute anymore!" Cherry and Mo gasped.

They all soon noticed Yugi's Millennium Puzzle starting to glow.

"Drell, what's happening?!" Cherry panicked.

"You are about to meet the pharaoh." Drell said.

"The Pharaoh..." the others whispered to themselves in intense anticipation.

The creatures morphed out of their shadows to become rather horrifying and beastly characteristics that could only exist in mythology. And where Yugi then changed size and his voice started to sound different.

"And now he has the mark." Drell told the others once he saw the mark on Yugi's forehead.

"The mark?" Patch asked.

"Yes, it's the Golden Eye." Drell nodded.

"Ohh, yeah, I see it." Patch then noted.

"I thought dogs were color blind?" Cherry muttered.

"I might be color blind, but I can see the eye on his forehead." Patch said.

"Well, yeah, but..." Cherry stammered, then groaned. "Ah, forget it."

"Shadow Creatures, begone!" Yugi called in a deep voice as he glared to the creatures. "I command you!"

"Can he do that?" Mo asked Drell.

"Yep." Drell nodded.

"Return to the Dark Realm from once you came!" Yugi glared at the beasts.

"And when these things vanish, we do too." Drell whispered.

The others seemed nervous about that, but they listened to Drell since he was in charge of them. In another golden glow, Yugi made everything disappear. And where Yugi was soon changed back to his normal height and his voice was back to the way it was.

"It was never to happen," Drell narrated as the room was normal again. "But after 5,000 years, it did. And with it, the Shadow Games began again."

"Ooh." The others smiled.