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Signs of Love

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   The sound of glass shattering on the floor made Yuuri’s stomach drop, and his heart skip a beat.

He turned, clutching his jacket to his chest as he watched little white pills roll across the floor.

The locker room went silent. Eyes going to the floor. Yuuri looks to his bag, he was an idiot for forgetting to close it completely before yanking it up.

He dropped to the floor, face red as he grabs at the pills. He feels glass digging into his hand but he doesn’t care. The pain doesn’t bother him, his heart is beating too fast.

“Yuuri?” his roommate Phichit dropped down beside him. “Be careful or you’re gonna cut yourself.” He went to pick up the pills but Yuuri smacked his hand away suddenly.

“Don’t look!” he looked at Phichit with worried eyes. The rest of the room was staring intently now.

Yuuri’s eyes go even wider when he sees a young blonde skater lean over and pick up one of the pills.

“Don’t touch those!” Yuuri screams.

“Yuuri…” Phichit furrowed his brows, “What’s wro-“

“He’s an omega!” the blonde shouted dropping the pill to the floor. “Yuuri’s a fucking omega.”

Yuuri’s hands stilled and he began to shake.   

This couldn’t be happening, not here, not now. He had done so well at hiding it, suppressing it. He had never slipped up, never made anyone suspicious, till now.  

The locker room echoed with a mixture of laughter and disgust.

No, no, no, no, no. This couldn’t be happening.

He stared at the ground, tears swelling in his eyes.

“Can’t believe this asshole has been lying to us.”

“He told me he was a beta, what the hell. I bet het he’s been here searching for an alpha the entire time.”

“What a fucking joke.”

Yuuri wanted to disappear, not just die, but actually vanish. He clutched the gathered pills squeezing them tightly in his hand. Blood dripped from his fingers but that was the least of his problems.

“Yuuri…” Phichit grabbed his arm and pulled him up from the floor. “Don’t listen to them.” He glared at the other. “You’re all betas, who the hell do you think you are to judge him. You’re supposed to be his friend.” He glared, eyes becoming wild.

Yuuri looked to his friend, Phichit was a beta, like the others, but he had alpha blood in him.

“You assholes need to back off.” He pulled Yuuri from the locker room and down the hallway into the lobby of the rink. “Don’t you dare listen to them!”

Yuuri held back his tears. He couldn’t be here anymore, needed to go home, he couldn’t compete like this. He would only make a fool of himself.

He looked to his friend. He had lied to him about being a beta. But how could he just come out and admit to being an omega. It was like putting a target on yourself. Half the world treated omegas like some kind of delicacy, perfect to take as breeders. Disgusting. The other half treated them like dirt, no better than trash.

Yuuri held back the rant he wanted to go on, held back the fear and disgust he felt knowing that everyone in that locker room knew what he was now. “I’m sorry…” was all he could manage to spit out. He backed away from his friend. “I’m withdrawing, I can’t do this.” His heart was pounding in his chest and he found it hard to breath.

“But Yuuri, you can’t! You-“

“No!” he shouted, bringing his hands to his ears. “I don’t want to hear anymore.”

Phichit stared at him, eyes wide with worry.

“I need to go.” He couldn’t say anything more and turned, fleeing from the building. He didn’t care where he went but it couldn’t be here.


Three months had passed since Yuuri had stopped skating. He couldn’t do it anymore, though he did try. After the incident in the locker room, he had returned in order to try and explain himself to the others, to make them understand. Instead he returned to find his locker stuffed with condoms and pregnancy tests. It was embarrassing and immature, though what could he expect when the majority of the skaters were in their teens. He tried to ignore it, they were kids after all.

But the torment got worse.

At one point his suppressants, which he was supposed to take each day, had been stolen. Being so expensive, he was made to go an entire week without them.  He tried to blend end, but his body betrayed him. His presence had the alphas on edge. An alpha on edge was dangerous, Yuuri learned all too well. In the end the coaches had kicked him out, prevented him from coming anymore.

He had quit after that, there was no longer a point. They had stolen the joy he felt when skating.

Yuuri sat on the almost empty train flipping through his phone messages. He was still in contact with Phichit, thankfully the incident hadn’t taken that from him. He went to his messages, checking the one he had received in the middle of the night.

From Phichit:
Yuuri please come watch me skate tomorrow! The competition is gonna be tough, I could use the support!

Yuuri bit his bottom lip. He was nervous. He hadn’t been in a rink for a long time. He had actively avoided anything that had to do with skating.

But Phichit was a good friend, his best friend, and since they lived so far apart this would probably be his last chance to see him for a while.

Yuuri clicked off his messages and switched to his camera flipping it so he could see himself. He adjusted his glasses with his free hands and fixed his bangs.  Sometimes he worried about his appearance, whether he looked like an omega. He was constantly fearful of people figuring it out.

He closed the camera and shoved his phone into his coat pocket. He would be there soon. He let out a heavy sigh. Today would be difficult.


 The rink was packed, more so than Yuuri could ever remember. He had been in line to get in for almost 15 minutes now. It was cold and there were too many people close by, not to mention the scents of alphas.

Yuuri lowered his gaze, shoving his hands in his pockets. Though statistically there were more betas than alphas or omegas, Yuuri always found himself in situations where alphas gathered. He tried to shrink into the crowd, not stand out, though that was pretty easy to do anyway. He didn’t want to attract attention to himself. After all, he was only a few days away from his heat. He wasn’t sure how potent the suppressants would be.


He looked around the person in front of him to see Phichit running at him, arms wide.

“Phichit!” Yuuri smiled, opening his arms to embrace the shorter man.

“I’m so happy you came, I’ve been looking all over for you!”

“There’s a huge crowd here today so it’s taking a while.”

“Ah, that’s because Viktor is supposed to be here.”

Yuuri’s heart fluttered. “Viktor!” his eyes lit up.

His idol was going to be here. Viktor Nikiforov, skating legend was going to be here. He was going to be in the same room as him.

He had to mentally hold himself back from jumping with joy.

“He was your favorite, right Yuuri?”

“Y-yeah, I had posters of him all over my room and everything.”

“I remembered you telling me that! Rumor has it, he’s looking to start coaching.” Phichit whispers to him.

“Really! Then you could-“

“Not interested!” Phichit says immediately. “First off, everyone would most definitely hate me. Second, I just want to take a picture of him and put it on my blog” he smiles. “Speaking of which, take a picture with me Yuuri.” Phichit pulls out his phone, turns on the camera, and throws his arm around Yuuri. “Say cheese.”

Yuuri smiles, leaning into his friend as the picture is taken.

“You look so cute Yuuri!”

“No way, you look much better than me, I’m horrible in pictures.” He laughs for the first time in a while and Phichit beams.

The sudden uproar of the crowd has both Yuuri and Phichit turning their heads. There, walking past the line like a celebrity on the red carpet, was Viktor Nikiforov. He’s dressed in an all-black suit, surrounded by paparazzi as he waves and winks to fans.

Yuuri is stunned. His idol, for the first time, he could see him in the flesh. Well, off the ice at least. Not that he talked or approached him when they were in competitions together. In fact, he fairly certain Viktor had no idea who he was.

“He looks way too cool.” Phichit comments, snapping pictures on his phone.

Yuuri can only stare when he passes, and for a moment, Viktor’s gaze meets his. It’s only a moment but something sparks, Yuuri can feel it.

Viktor halts suddenly, startling the people surrounding him.

“Ehh, what happened?” Phichit whispers to him.

“I don’t know.” Yuuri’s eyes are at the ground now.

“Maybe he saw a cute girl in the crowd.” Phichit ponders while looking around.

He dared a glance up only to meet the same stare again.

Yuuri’s chest tightened and he clenched his hand to his chest.

“Hey, is he looking over here.” Phichit looked to Yuuri, who was visibly shaking. “Yuuri, you okay?”

He wasn’t, his body was on fire. He could smell it, the scent of an alpha radiating from Viktor. It was so strong. He hadn’t even felt it before but now, now it was crushing. He couldn’t break eye contact anymore, only stare back.

The aroma was intoxicating. It enveloped him tightly, he could barely breathe. He had never smelled or felt anything like this. It was so strong, so inviting. It was like Viktor was beside him, holding him in his arms. He could feel breath on the back of his neck, hands roaming his body fondling him.

The feeling was intense and unreal, terrifying and wonderful, amazing and just, it was everything. He felt Viktor, all of him.

Phichit looked from Yuuri to Viktor, then back to Yuuri. “Damn alpha.” He mutters, wrapping an arm around Yuuri. “Hey, listen to my voice okay, I’m gonna take you inside, away from him. You are going to be okay. Try to close your eyes, I’ll lead you.”

“I can’t-“ he really couldn’t. It was like Viktor had control of his body. He had never reacted to an alpha’s presence like this.

He’s cut off by Phichit stepping in front of him, blocking him from Viktor’s gaze. “Let’s go before people start asking question.”

Yuuri nods, allowing Phichit to lead him away from the crowd.

Yuuri breathes a sigh of relief once inside. “Thank you Phichit.”

“No problem Yuuri, his alpha scent was way too strong today”

“Is it always?”

“Nope, I heard he’s really good at suppressing it or controlling it rather. Maybe he picked up on your scent Yuuri.”

“No way, I’ve been taking my suppressants and even using that masking soap, I should be fine.” But with his heat…maybe that wasn’t enough.

“Well, then maybe he just thinks you’re cute.” He winked.

“That’s even more impossible.” He rolled his eyes. “And why are you still here anyway you got me inside now you need to go prepare. I’ll be in the stands.”


“No buts, I’ll stay far away from Viktor so don’t worry about me.” He smiled.

Phichit sighed, “Fine, but don’t think I won’t hop off the ice if he tries anything sneaky okay. I saw that look he gave you. Make sure he knows date first.”

Yuuri gave him a playful shove. “Will you please go?”

Phichit gives him one last hug before running off.

Yuuri heads to the stands and finds a good spot to sit, he chooses an end seat, he’d rather not feel closed in at the present moment. He watches the skaters on the ice warming up, elegant, beautiful, just how he remembers. His wants so badly to love being back, but he doesn’t. It’s actually uncomfortable, though the sound of skates on the ice is always calming no matter what.

He decides he will leave after he sees Phichit skate, and then they can hang out when he is finished for the day.

He’s about to take out his phone when a body sits down next to him. “Hope you don’t mind.” The voice says.

“It’s fi-“ Yuuri freezes. Viktor is shedding his coat and folding it over his lap.

“This is a great spot.” Viktor smiles. “You can see the expressions of the skaters even from here.”

His alpha scent was gone, no, it was there but less potent.

“May I ask your name?” he looks down at Yuuri with a gaze that could only be labeled as seductive.

Yuuri swallows, he doesn’t want to answer, but he feels like he has to. “Yuuri Katsuki.”

“You’re Japanese?”


“Are you here to cheer someone on? Is it the boy that was with you earlier?”

Yuuri nods, silently. Viktor was so close, too close.

“You must be a skater yourself huh?”

Yuuri looked up at him beneath his frames. “Y-yeah.”

“I can tell by your body.” Viktor smiles before poking at Yuuri’s thigh. “You have great legs I can tell.”

Yuuri moves his leg away from the touch, leaning as far away from Viktor as he could. “Why are you sitting up here? I’m sure there is a, um, special seat for someone like you.”

“Someone like me?” he questions with a knowing smile that draws Yuuri’s eyes. He never thought he would ever see it up close in person.

“You’re a celebrity…you can afford the best seats I’m sure…”

“That’s true.” he crosses his legs. “Though I think I enjoy the view from here far better.” His eyes met Yuuri’s with the same seductive look from earlier.

Did Viktor know he was an omega? It was far too common for Alphas to seek out omegas just for the sake of it. These alphas would use their status to take advantage of the omegas, forcing them into sex and even to have their children. It was for this reason Yuuri was so adamant about hiding his omega status. Was Viktor one of these guys? There was never much about Viktor’s personal life in the news. Yuuri only had his own perception and the media to go on.

It made him nervous.



“What kind of soap do you use, it smells nice?”

Yuuri froze.

He did know.

This was too much.

Yuuri stands without saying a word, and moves to the next isle. 

Viktor is stunned, his smile fading into a sad frown. “Have I said something to offend you?” he calls to him.

Yuuri seats himself further away as a response. God, in the past he would kill to be able to sit next to Viktor and talk to him, but with how things were now, how Viktor was looking at him, he couldn’t. He cursed his body. Sure he had always wanted Viktor’s attention, he idolized the man, he was basically in love with him growing up, but this was not what he wanted. He didn’t want Viktor’s attention for such a shallow reason as just being an omega.

It hurt.

Viktor watches him, but doesn’t move from his seat, and Yuuri is thankful for that.

For the entirety of the performances he felt Viktor’s eyes on him. Yuuri bit his cheek hard enough to taste blood. Maybe the pain would distract from the gaze.

When it was finally Phichit’s turn to skate, Yuuri smiled. He loved watching his friend skate. On the ice, Phichit looked absolutely regal. Like a prince! Which was what he basically was to Yuuri. He was always there for him, always. Saving him from his doubts and anxiety whenever he could.

The crowd was going insane for Phichit. He was landing all of his quads and his combination spin was flawless. His whole program was beautiful.

By the time it finished everyone was on their feet, including Yuuri who clapped and cheered eagerly. He waved to his friend, even though he was sure he wouldn’t see him. Pulling out his phone he wrote a congratulatory message and let him know that they could meet up later since he didn’t want to stay for the whole thing.

He put his phone away before making his way through the crowd to the lobby.

“Yuuri!” Viktor called to him, but Yuuri continued walking without turning back. “Wait, Yuuri!”

Viktor jogged in front of his path, and Yuuri cast his eyes somewhere other than the man’s face. “I’m kind of busy at the moment.”

“You’re leaving? There are more skaters you should watch, you were a skater to right?”

“I told you I was. But I’m not feeling well at the moment so it’s best I leave. Why are you so curious?” he knew the answer, but he wanted to hear it from Viktor’s mouth. That he was an omega and was interested only in his body.

Viktor looks confused for a moment but then smiles. “I wanted to know more about you. I was hoping we could talk some.”

“Why?” Yuuri furrows his brows. Then Viktor puts a hand on his shoulder and his heart rate began increasing, and his began body heating up. This wasn’t good, he needed to be away from him.

“Well, I saw you outside and I thought you were cute, so uh, I guess you can say I was trying to flirt with you.”

“Is there a reason you need to release your pheromones like that to flirt?” Yuuri glared behind his glasses. “It’s insulting.” He pushed Viktor’s hand away, his hand burning at the touch.

Was his heat coming so soon?

Sure, sometimes it would be irregular but this was coming on suddenly, with no warning signs.

“Oh, uh, sorry about that.” He was blushing. “I-I was curious about-“

“What?” Yuuri snapped, beads of sweat forming on his brow. “You wanted to know how easy it’d be to sleep with me? Wanted to gage if I was an omega or not?” he didn’t care how true or false the words were, he needed to get Viktor away from him or-

His stomach clenched and he could feel a steady arousal building. He clenched his teeth.

Damn, this wasn’t supposed to be happening, it really did feel like his heat was starting, but that was impossible. 

“N-no that’s-“

“I don’t know how you picked up on my scent but…just because you’re Viktor doesn’t mean I’m going to just let you f- ahh.” He dropped to his knees, he couldn’t take it anymore, couldn’t suppress his body. He could feel his erection pressing against his jeans, leaking. It was so hot, he couldn’t think, couldn’t talk, and couldn’t breathe. The heat had a hold of him.

Viktor dropped down beside him. “Are you okay? Yuuri.” He put a hand on his shoulder and Yuuri had fight against every instinct that told him to embrace the man to give himself up to the alpha in front of him. His body was trembling with excitement and desire, begging for an Alpha’s touch.

“Help me…” Yuuri cried, squeezing his eyes shut. The pain, the desire, it was too much. He needed to be home. He had heat specific pills at home that helped with symptoms.  “Please, I need to get home, please. I don’t want to feel like this.” He practically collapsed, but Viktor cradled him. Hs eyes going wide at the sudden scent Yuuri was giving off.

When Yuuri saw the look Viktor gave him, he wanted to die. His body wanted Viktor so badly, wanted Viktor to fill him up, to breed. Yuuri moaned and brought a shaky hand to Viktor’s chest. He was trying so hard to resist it. “Please…”

Viktor looked around, the area was basically empty other than a few workers who hadn’t noticed them yet. Still, He needed to get him out of here. If there were any other Alphas near, the smell would attract them. “Where are your suppressants?”

“Home…the ones I need….are home…help. It hurts.” Yuuri cringed as his body shivered, his blush deepening as he felt his slick trickling down his legs.

Viktor blushed. The smell was intoxicatingly sweet.

“I’m sorry.” Yuuri breathed. “I can’t help it.” Tears fell from his eyes.

Viktor pulled out his phone, calling a taxi, before picking Yuuri up in his arms.

“I’m going to take you out back and wait for the car, away from people okay Yuuri. I’ll get you home.”

“My ID…in my pocket…my address.”

 Viktor nodded as he carried him quickly to a back exit. The last thing he needed was for paparazzi to take advantage of this situation. He couldn’t imagine the embarrassment Yuuri was feeling right now, for his own body to act against him.

“Don’t worry, you’re going to be okay.” He could feel the warmth radiating from Yuuri’s body.

It didn’t take long for the cab to pull around and for Viktor to give the driver the address after slipping into the seat beside Yuuri.

The driver let out a small laugh. “Found yourself an omega huh? He’s a cute looking thing.” Viktor could see the man smiling in the rearview mirror. He was a young guy, maybe 30, with shaggy brown hair and a scent that reeked of cigarettes and beer.

Viktor glared, though the man was focusing on the road and couldn’t see it.

“You better wrap your cock up tight though, they get pregnant so easy. I had one with me the other day, she was a real piece of work.”

Viktor ignored him, pulling a handkerchief from his coat pocket and dabbing at Yuuri’s forehead. The boy was drenched.

The driver let out a nasty cough. Definitely a smoker. “Nothing feels better though, when they get all soft and wet. I ain’t never been with a male omega but I bet they’re the same huh. ”

“I wouldn’t know.” Viktor growled.

 “I can smell the slick on that one to. Smells sweet and flowery, must be a virgin huh. You’re a lucky guy. He looks like a screamer to, maybe when you’re done with him I could have a turn.” He let out another laugh.

Yuuri whimpered, closing his eyes tightly and covering his ears. He didn’t want to hear it, didn’t want to be here.

He was scared.  

“Just drive.” Viktor ordered, “We don’t need your conversation.”

“Sure thing mr.”he grunted.

The driver said nothing the rest of the trip but every now and then both Viktor and Yuuri could smell the man’s arousal.

Once again, Yuuri wanted to disappear. He tried and imagine today had all been a dream, as if he was still in bed. Before he knew it, he had drifted off to sleep in Viktor’s arms.


He awoke in his room alone, jolting up in surprise. His heart was beating normally, and he no longer felt the heat in him. He looked down, his clothes had been changed and he had been wiped clean.

He searched for his glasses, finding them on the dresser beside his bed and put them on.

How long had he been sleep?

The door to his room opened and his mother came in with a tray. “You’re awake Yuuri, good. I have water for you, and some food.”

“Mom, how did I-“

“That beautiful Russian man you love, the one on all your posters, he brought you here. He said you collapsed suddenly and then passed out in the cab on the way here.” She sat the tray down on his dresser then sat on the bed beside him. “We are very lucky Yuuri. If you had collapsed on the street or, anywhere else you could have…” she trailed. Yuuri could tell she was holding back tears. He embraced her tightly.

“Mom…I’m okay…I was scared though, my heat is-“

“We called the doctor. He took your vitals and everything. He’ll get back to us as soon as he can.”

“How long have I been asleep?”

“Five or so hours.”

“No way! He grabbed his phone and saw all the missed calls from Phichit.

“If you’re worried about your cute friend from Thailand, he’s in the kitchen. He came by here when he couldn’t get a hold of you. He’s a good friend.”

“I can’t believe my heat came so early. Though…I feel fine now. Not like I’m at an interval but like it’s gone.”

“Maybe it was a false alarm. Maybe Viktor triggered something, he’s got a very powerful Alpha gene.”

Yuuri’s face went red. “This is so embarrassing.” He sighed.

His mom smiles before handing him a drink. “You need to drink lots of water okay, you need to rehydrate before you move from this bed.”

He grabs the glass, thanking her before gulping it down.  His mother stands and heads to walk out, stopping at the door. “Yuuri…please don’t blame yourself…and never ever be ashamed of the wonderful person you are.”

Yuuri faked a smile and nodded before she left the room.

He wanted to toss the glass to a wall but opted for setting it down gently. He couldn’t believe what all had just occurred in a short amount of time.

“I can’t believe this!” he practically yelled, scratching at his head. “What the hell am I gonna do, how can I ever face Viktor again? Why the hell did I have to react like that? I’m such a –“

“Yuuri!” Viktor opened the door. “Your mom asked me to-“

“What are you doing here?” Yuuri gasped.

“Oh, well, thought I’d stay to make sure everything was okay. You were in a very bad state Yuuri. Your body felt like it was on fire”

“I know that more than anybody! But you don’t have to stay here.” He had dreamed of Viktor being in his room before, but this was not the situation he had imagined.

“Nonsense! I’m taking responsibility since it’s my fault after all. It must have been you reacting to my scent”

“Don’t you have somewhere to be? You’re Viktor after all, I’m sure you have important things you should be tending to.”

Viktor smiled, setting the water down and practically jumping on Yuuri’s bed. “Don’t worry about that!” he smiled. “Are you hot, should I open a window? Or maybe you’re cold, should I get under the blankets with-“

Yuuri pushed him of the bed. Actually pushed him off the bed and onto the floor. “What do you think you’re doing?” he flailed, jumping up from the bed

“Taking care of you!” he stood himself up.

“I don’t need you to take care of me, in fact you’re the reason I’m like this!” he spat.

“I’m sorry Yuuri. I’m suppressing my scent as much as I can.”

“Do you have to suppress it here?”

“Where else am I supposed to go?”

“Home!” he doesn’t want to sound harsh but he does.

Viktor only smiles.” This is my home for a while. I traveled here from Russia to follow the competition. Your mother, she told me I could stay here if I –“

“What!” Yuuri yelled. “Y-you can’t do that!” he was red. “I’ll literally die! I’ll be in heat in a few days and you think I can let an alpha stay here.”

“I told you I can take care of you!”

Yuuri glared. Why was it always like this? Even with his idol.

 He was…disappointed.

“Y-you think I’m gonna let you touch me.”

“What? No, that’s not what I meant, I mean, unless you want me to touch you Yuuri.”

Yuuri felt the familiar wave of pleasure course through his body.

Not this again.

“Yuuri I don’t want to take advantage of you or anything. I honestly just want to get to know you, but… But If you don’t really want me here, I can-“

“That’s not it.” Yuuri exclaimed. “You don’t understand how it feels to have someone you’ve always admired suddenly show up at our house. I’m beyond happy in that aspect but…The way I am, I’m an omega, I can’t be around you.”

Viktor stepped toward him, grasping Yuuri’s hands in his own. “Yuuri, I won’t hurt you, and I won’t judge you.”

He flushes, his hands burning in Viktor’s.

Viktor notices, and releases his hold. “S-sorry, I didn’t mean to it’s just…you’re…”

Yuuri looks up at him, confused.

“You’re just really beautiful.”

Yuuri’s blush deepens but before he can retort, his mother comes back in. “Ah, sorry for disturbing you two. Yuuri can I talk to you for a moment?”

Viktor smiles softly. “I’ll head back to my room then.” He waves to Yuuri before turning on his heels and leaving.

“Yuuri, we know you must be against it, but, while you’ve been out, we have been talking a lot with Viktor.”

“He already told me you’re letting him stay here. How could you make that decision without me? Is business that bad here? Is the hot spring not doing well?”

“That’s not it Yuuri…”

“I know you mean well but..” he clenches his teeth to hold back tears. “You don’t understand how living with him is going to affect me.”

“We talked to your doctor Yuuri, just a few moments ago.”

Yuuri froze, this could not be good.

“What did he say?”

“He said you’re body had a miscommunication with an Alpha, sent you into a sort of false heat.

 “Yeah, because Viktor, I know that, so why are you letting him stay here mom?” he didn’t understand.

“Because that early heat you had was your body’s intention to mate and breed”

Yuuri looked at her with wide eyes, a chill going down his spine. Viktor scent from earlier had been misinterpreted by his body as scenting a mate. Viktor had never touched him and he had still managed to scent him.

Yuuri felt embarrassed. Was his body so desperate that it just couldn’t function right? What was wrong with him?

“The doctor said that…your body is…” she paused to collect herself. “Your body is going to start preparing itself to have children.”

Yuuri felt a wave of fear wash over him. “But he didn’t even scent or mark me. Why is body not working mom? What’s wrong with me?”

“The doctor said he would be happy to come back tomorrow and talk you through everything.”

“What do you mean everything?”

“Yuuri, your body is going to change. You’ll gain weight, and you’ll experience short constant heats frequently till we get you new medication or you….”she pauses again thinking about her word choice. “or until you get pregnant.”

“How can you say that so easily to me?” He knew that the heat of an omega was the body preparing for potential mating every other month. But Yuuri’s body now thought he had a mate, and that meant his body was going to go into more heats to help him conceive with his mate.


His body thought Viktor was trying to mate with him and so his parents had-

He felt so cheated.

Yuuri clenched his teeth and tried not to glare. “You’re letting him live here because you want me to mate with him?”

“Yuuri no! That’s not it. Yes, he can help you through your heat but that’s not the only reason. Yuuri you loved this man, idolized him. He’s a skater, your idol, we thought he could-“

“You thought having him here could suddenly cure me of all my doubts and apprehensions. And when you caught his alpha scent you thought it’d be a great idea to give me to him.” okay, he was clearly upset. He was more than upset. His parents had what? Promised him to Viktor? “How could you do that to me?” deep down he knew that wasn’t his parents intention but…he couldn’t make these feelings of doubt go away.

“Yuuri, we just want what’s best for you. We want you to be happy and safe, not locked up in this house! I can’t bear to see you suffer any more like this, constantly torturing yourself because you don’t think you deserve happiness as an omega. Yuuri it doesn’t matter if you’re an omega, you can’t help your biology. Your body is nothing to be ashamed of. Viktor knows this to. We talked to him and he seems to share those same beliefs. He doesn’t think you’re-“

“He could be lying!”

“I don’t think he is Yuuri.”

“What, you want me to have children with him? Did you decide already he’s the perfect husband for me? You really think I’m just gonna sleep with him mom?”

“No, Yuuri. Please, I know you’re overwhelmed with all this but we don’t-“

“I can’t do this right now, please leave.” He went to his bed, sitting on the edge and holding his head in his hands.

“Okay, Yuuri…get some rest.” She left shutting the door slowly.

He would have to apologize to Phichit, he didn’t feel like hanging out at all anymore.


The next day, Yuuri had avoided everybody in the house. Well he tried to. He ran into his sister in the kitchen just as she was finishing up her lunch.  She had tried to talk to him but he coldly ignored her.

Later he had gone for a walk and ran into his ballet teacher Minako. She too was an Alpha.

“Yuuri!” she wrapped an arm around him. “Did you hear? Phichit totally moped the floor with-“ she paused leaning closer to him and sniffing. “Hey, you smell different.”

He blushed and gently pushed her away. “I don’t really wanna talk about it okay. It’s embarrassing and depressing.”

“Don’t want to talk about it? Not even over a bowl of Katsudan?” she smirks. “My treat.”

Over the next two hours the two eat as Yuuri shares what had happened over the past 24 hours.

“Are you okay?”

“No way am I okay. It’s like all of nature is against me. Like my body hates me.”

“So what are you gonna do?”

“What do you mean? Of course I’m going to talk to the doctor and get the medication.”

“What if it’s too expensive? What if it takes a while to get made? I mean, it sounds like they have to cater it to your specific body.”

“I don’t care.” He sighs. “It’s not like I’m gonna let him get me p-pregnant.” He whispers.

“You could always just have sex.”

Yuuri practically jumps out of his chair. “I can’t do something like that with Viktor.”

“But Yuuri, you’re gonna be in pain and discomfort.”

“I’m not having sex with him just because my body wants to.” He fiddles with the hem of his shirt. “I’m still… inexperienced, and I want my first time to be less about biology and more about feeling and emotions.”

“You’re such a good kid Yuuri.” She laughs. She’s not mocking him, and he knows that.

“I’m not even a kid.”

“Maybe that Viktor guy likes you already. I mean, he is living at your house now wanting to take care of you, and we already know you’ve had a crush on him since forever.”

“He’s only at my house because my parents think he can help me…or mate with me. Besides, I don’t know if it’s love I feel for Viktor. He’s always been a dream for me, out of reach y‘know.”

She takes another bite of her food. “Maybe you should give him a chance. Listen to what he has to say. Just cuz he’s an alpha doesn’t mean his intentions are bad. I mean, look at me.” She smiles.

She had a point. When he first met Minako, she immediately identified him as an omega. Yet she never treated him differently than the other student. They had actually become good friends.

He smiled at her. “You’re right. I was just so overwhelmed yesterday…”

“And that’s understandable Yuuri. Just give him a chance, promise. Let him show you who he really is.”


After lunch, Yuuri returned to his home to meet with his doctor, an older man with short black hair and dark eyes. He was smart, and kind. A beta with an omega wife who made all his patients gift baskets for Christmas. They were good people.

“Yuuri, I’ve looked over everything and it looks like there is a drug that should slowly but surely knock your body back into the correct heat cycle. It’s a newer thing so it’s a bit pricey.”

“How pricey.”

“Well, you’re going to have to take it for at least two months along with your normal medication. You can get 12 pills for about 3 times the regular payment.”

“For just 12?” he frowned, his mood dropping.

“We will also have to schedule tests, since we have to cater it to your body. It’ll take about 3 weeks at least to develop.”

“No way…”

“Yuuri, I’m gonna have to be honest. This is a rare thing. It’s gonna take time to safely get you back on schedule. We’re talking 3 weeks to make the medication and then 8 more weeks for it to take full effect. And even then it’s not 100 percent. We may have to try different formulas.”

“What am I going to be doing during this time?”

“If your body is reacting the same as a mated omega trying to breed then you’re looking at going into heat every other week. Generally a heat lasts 4 or 5 days so-“

“How is this happening?” he cried out.

“Yuuri it’s rare but not impossible, even nature makes mistakes.” He gives him a worried look. “I’m not saying you should have sex Yuuri, but this heat is going to be very difficult without an alpha to relieve you. If you want, I can provide you with condoms and schedule an appointment for birth control.”

Yuuri shook his head. “I don’t want to do that.”

The doctor stared at him, hands folded across his lap. “Okay. But Yuuri, it’s better to be safe okay. You may not want to but your body may act on its own. If it gets too much you should have a back-up plan. Please talk to the alpha.”

Yuuri nodded. He had to talk to Viktor, he couldn’t keep skirting such an important issue. Like Minako said, he should give Viktor a chance to explain his side.

“My mom mentioned changes to my body…”

“You’ll put on a few pounds, especially around your hips and waist. You’ll feel cramping, hot flashes, and headaches sometimes. In some cases male omegas do get sensitive breast, some even lactate.”

Yuuri covered his mouth with his hand. This was terrifying.

“I know you don’t want to hear any of this but I do need to tell you everything. I’m a phone call away Yuuri. If you have questions or concerns please let me know. If you want, you can talk to my wife as well. Do you have any questions now?”

Yuuri silently shook his head.

How was he going to get through this?


The rest of the day he had spent calming his nerves. He read, bathed in the hot spring, and watched skating videos for the first time in weeks.  He was wrapped in his blanket looking at his laptop when a knock sounded.

“Yuuri, may I come in?” Viktor asked.

“Y-yeah.” Yuuri closed his laptop, shoving it under his bed, before wrapping himself up tighter in the blanket.

Viktor came in slowly, closing the door behind him. “I think we should talk Yuuri…”

“Me to…”

Viktor leaned against the door, not wanting to get closer to Yuuri without his permission. He knew the boy was still uncomfortable with him around.

They sat in silence for a few moments. Yuuri staring at the floor and Viktor staring at Yuuri, waiting…

“Why are you here?” Yuuri asked upfront.

“Because I like you.”

Yuuri furrows his brows.” You can’t, you don’t know anything about me really.”

Viktor thought for a moment. ”That’s true…” he trails. “Maybe it’s because I love your skating.”

Yuuri’s eyes finally rose to meet Viktor’s.

“I always have…loved your skating that is. We were in many competitions together, though we never officially met.”

“But at the rink-“

“I pretended like I didn’t know who you were, I’m sorry. I was just nervous.”


“Well, you know how you mentioned I wouldn’t know what it would feel like to run into someone you admire. Well, it’s a feeling like that. I admire your skating, love it. I was…heartbroken when I saw you weren’t competing this year.” Viktor smiles. “Then I saw you in line and I couldn’t believe it. I even got so excited I lost control a bit.”

“A bit! That wasn’t a bit!”

Viktor clasped his hands together. “I’m sorry! The last thing I wanted to do was scare you or hurt you or anything. I really did want to get to know you. I just…didn’t know how to approach you without scaring you off. Though it seems like I failed in that.”

Yuuri let the blanket fall from his shoulders. He allowed himself to relax, just a bit.

“I don’t know if you’re telling the truth or not, but I really do want to believe you.”

“I’m glad then, that mean you want to like me to right?” he laughs.

Yuuri blushes. “No, it’s just like you said. I also love your skating. I have since I was little!”

“I know.” He beamed. “Your mom showed me your posters, though I’m sad they’re not up anymore.”

Yuuri jumped from his bed, well, he fell off his bed. So hard in fact that Viktor ran over to him to see if he was okay.

Yuuri’s face was red. “I can’t believe her.”

“I was quite happy to hear you were a fan.”

Yuuri wasn’t sure if he should feel more angry or embarrassed.

“Don’t worry Yuuri, I can’t judge, I used to watch your skating videos online all the time.” Viktor patted his head. “There there Yuuri.” He pauses when he feels a familiar warmth on his fingertips. He pulls away quickly. “S-sorry. I don’t mean to, I’m just a uh, touchy person.” He smiles nervously.

Yuuri looks up at him from his spot on the floor, a serious look on his face. “Did you… hear about what’s going on?”

Viktor shook his head. “I told your mother I would rather you tell me since it concerns you.”

“My body…it made a mistake.” He brought his knees up to his chest. “It thinks we’re trying to…mate.”

Viktor listens in silence.

“It thinks we’re…that we’re trying to umm,” god this was embarrassing to say out loud. “That we’re trying to conceive a child. So it’s making me go into heat every other week.”

“Do they have medication to fix it?”

“Maybe…it’s going to take a while to take effect. A few months actually.”

Viktor frowns. “Won’t that be painful?”

“Y-yeah. But it’s not like I have any other option than to go through with it.” He blushes.

“How did this happen I wonder.” Viktor looks at him curiously. “We’ve never-“

“At the rink, my body got confused with your scent you were letting off. Now that I think about it…It did feel strange.”

“Strange.” Viktor sat on the floor beside him, leaning against the bed.

“Yeah. I’ve been around alphas before but this was such a strange feeling. Like you were touching me, even though you weren’t.”

When Viktor didn’t react Yuuri looked at him. He was frowning now, brows furrowed. He looked overwhelmingly worried.”


“Sorry…I’ve caused so much trouble for you. Because of me you have to go through something horrible. You’re suffering because I couldn’t control myself at that time.” He looks at Yuuri with a soft expression. “This isn’t what I wanted at all.”

“It’s not your fault!” Yuuri said. “You said it wasn’t on purpose right. It was an accident.”

“Even if you say that…”

“What’s done is done…I’ll just…have to get through this one way or another.”

“You have good friends and a family that will help you.” He smiles. “And if I can, I’ll help you to.”

Yuuri swallows. He isn’t completely sure how to feel yet, but he does know this: he wants so badly to believe Viktor. To trust him.