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"No. No way."

Robbie Rotten, the laziest person in LazyTown, absolutely despised going to the grocery store. He wasn't going to back down from a pixie and an elf. He wasn't going to go, and that was final.

"Please," Stephanie said, flashing those puppy dog eyes of hers, "it'll be fun."

"Come on, Robbie. We can get you cake." Robbie saw how much effort it took Sportacus to say that on top of not cringing out of distaste.

He sighed, that type of sigh that meant you give up. "Fine, I'll go. But you better not make me do anything other than walking."

They both nodded, with those stupid smiles of theirs. Robbie knew there was no backing out now.


One thing he hated about the store was how absolutely noisy it was. Another thing were the cashiers. It's not his fault that they were incompetent. Call him grouchy or whatever, but he absolutely hated those looks of stupidity. Oh, it seemed like someone was pulling at his clothing. Really, he could understand why Stephanie wanted him to go to the store. He knew he needed fresh air, he was just too tired to move.

"Come on, Robbie. Sportacus is ready to check out," the pixie said, a little smile on her face.

He looked down at the items in his hand. A bag of apples was in it, and looking as that smile grew into a smirk, he stammered. "I-it's not what it looks like! I-i was just holding these for Sportaflop."

"Right." Her face was just bursting with joy at the sight of Robbie with apples, and sass.

He put a hand on her shoulder, leaning down to whisper in her ear. "Do not tell Sportacus about this."

She nodded, making it look like she was zipping up her lips. He had a toothy smile on his face. Standing up, he walked to the check-out area, going into the aisle next to Sportacus.


A little while later, Robbie came out of his secret lair, having gone to it to "check up on things". But he had actually made sugar apples. Not for Sportacus, no no. It was for Robbie himself, the handsome devil. He brought himself out of his musings, walking to the biggest house in LazyTown by far. It was a miracle back then to him that Stephanie and company decided to actually build a house for him. Now, it seemed like it was destined to happen. He stepped through the front door, breathing in the scent of the house. Mmm, minty!

"Hi, Robbie!" Sportacus exclaimed, doing sit ups on the floor, stopping while up. "Why do you have apples, Robbie? Have you decided to turn over a new leaf?"

The mentioned man shook his head. "They're not apples. They're sugar apples! You know, the ones I tricked you with?"

Sportacus grinned in remembrance, nodding slowly. "Even though I had sugar meltdowns, I was having a great time!"

...Aaaand there goes that stupid grin again. "You...-you were?"

"Yes! Everyone else was, too. And I'm sure you were having fun as well, Robbie."

Fun? Him? He scoffed in disbelief. "Me? Having fun? Ha! That's rich," he said, "I would never have fun!"

Sportacus just simply gave a short laugh.

Wanting to change the subject, Robbie asked, "Where's the little pixie?"

"Oh! She's outside playing," the elf said, giving a smile.

He hummed in acknowledgement. In the past, he would've put on a disguise in an attempt to stop those br- kids. Now, he encouraged the pixie to go outside and play, much like Sportaflop.

"Now, if you don't mind, Robbie, I'm going to continue exercising."

This brought him out of his reverie, watching as the man turned onto his stomach, doing some push-ups. Robbie grumbled, turning the other way and into their shared room. Granted, they each had their own bed, but most of the time, Robbie's bed wasn't used. His insomnia prevented him from going to sleep, but when he did go to sleep, he often had nightmares. Due to this, he usually crawled into Sporty's bed. He set the sugar apples down on his unused bed, the gears in his brain working. He was thinking about how often he went into Sportacus' bed. Too often. This made his scowl turn into a groan of frustration as he knelt down and gripped his hair.


Sportacus laughed as he caught an apple in mid-air. His crystal interrupted his snack, making him drop it.

"Someone's in trouble," he exclaimed, confused. This was the first time his crystal beeped in a long time. Why now? He started going to his and Robbie's shared room, having a hunch. His hunch was confirmed when he saw Robbie kneeling and gripping his hair.



The elf's soothing voice broke through his self-hate, all thoughts except one leaving. Why is he here? 

"Why are you here?" he asked, venom dripping in his voice. He was his old self again, hating everyone and himself.

"I just came to see what's wrong," the sporty elf explained, walking over to Robbie and putting a hand on his shoulder. "Is everything alright?"

"Yes, everything's alright!" He snapped at Sportaflop, his tone pissed. He brushed the offending hand off his shoulder.


Sportacus flinched back. This wasn't the Robbie he knew now. It seemed like he was going back into his old self again. Trying again to comfort the poor man, he knelt down, hugging him. He felt the other tense up, a broken wail coming from Robbie.

"Shh...shh, it's alright. I'm here. Sportacus is here." He whispered that he's here in Robbie's ear repeatedly. After a while, he felt the other relax, his shoulders going down. Rough snores emitted from Robbie, so he picked him up bridal-style, setting him down carefully on his bed. He crawled into it, moving to spoon Robbie. The warmness of him and generally calm feelings all around made him fall asleep.