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Yoyo and Rhyth - Partners in Crime

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Oh boy. Ok. Fuck, pull it together. You're finally here and you're shaking like a crack addict. They won't let you in if you're a wuss. These guys are tough.

These are the thoughts that ran through his mind as he sat with his face resting on his arm on the closed motorway running between Benten and Shibuya. He had come from Benten and it had taken him a while to get here from his previous camp. The reason he had made the journey was to seek out a gang. He heard about the new gang, the GGs, on the radio and wanted to join their ranks. Why, he wasn't sure.

Maybe he was scared. The streets were tough and a homeless 15 year old rudie without a friend in the whole world was perhaps the most vulnerable out of anyone. Maybe he was lonely. He couldn't remember the last time he had a positive interaction with another human. Or maybe he was cold and tired and hungry. Maybe all of them.

In any case, joining up with the GGs seemed to be his best option. But then it hit him. Was he cut out for gang life? The reason he wanted to join was that he was weak and vulnerable. Entering the violent, dangerous territorial scrap for Tokyo seemed stupid. But another night on his own, cowering from the Immortals, seemed like it would be enough to kill him anyway.

That thought alone filled him with confidence and courage. He would show those mouldy old tumours. He would join the GGs and take over their territory, then personally shove all four of them off the TokyoSat tower. He sat up and lifted his head and noticed two wet patches on his hoodie. He hadn't even realised he had been crying. He expected that his eyes were red and puffy. That was a sign of weakness that he couldn't afford to show when he was making a first impression.

He picked up the rectangular glasses from the tarmac and slid them onto his face. One lense was blue and one red. They looked like old fashioned 3D glasses but they were actually real glasses which helped (or rather, allowed) him to see. He lost them once and spent two hours feeling around for them and a further one and a half crying, and although the glasses turned out to be in his pocket, he realised how well and truly fucked he would be without them.

With his glasses on his face and his blue hood down, displaying his long lime green hair, he picked himself up and made his way round the corner. This is it, he thought to himself, the moment it all changes. The GG Garage was a large area. It appeared to be what used to be a scrapyard, but done up to an extent to be a nice place to live. It had a few platforms and bridges here or there, and the perimeter was a grind loop. There was also a few large speakers, easily twice as tall as himself, though he was quite short.

He skated over to a structure in the middle and climbed the stairs to the top level. He was greeted by the sight of a young man in a tall hat and a leather jacket, and a woman with spiky blonde hair sticking out of a motorcycle helmet. They didn't notice him until he spoke.

"Uhh... Hey."
The young man in the hat looked at him and stood up. "You must be the pizza guy. What took you? Here's your thirty dollars. Keep the change." He held out two bank notes, a ten and a twenty. "No, sorry. I'm not the pizza guy." the green haired boy responded. The other lowered the money. "I thought you were dressed a little strange for a pizza guy. Damn, it's going to be cold by the time it gets here." He paused, then his face shifted to a suspicious expression. "If you're not the pizza guy, then what are you doing here?"
The green haired boy took a deep breath. There was no going back now.
"I want to join your ga- gang." He winced when his voice broke.

The young man's face changed again. At first he had looked annoyed, then intimidating. But now he looked friendly. "Oh! Well you should have said so. Pleased to have you! My name's Corn, and I guess I'm in charge of this little party. That," he pointed to the woman in the helmet, "is Gum."
"Hey." The woman said with a wave of her hand. She didn't look up from her book though. Nineteen Eighty-Four, the green haired boy noted. Corn went back into his introduction. "Sorry if she comes off rude or mean. She's just annoyed. At what, I couldn't tell you."
"At everything, Corn! Haven't you been listening to JSR? Rokkaku bought off the police and the amount of patrols have doubled. And now they're bringing in the fucking Golden Rhi-"
"Gum. Stop. You're going to scare away our new recruit."
"Right. Sorry." Still, she looked at her book.
"See what I mean? Anyway, that ugly bastard over there's Roboy. He's a work in progress."
"I can hear you." Came a synthetic voice, startling the new recruit.
"Heh heh heh. He's a pain, but he's not so bad. Oh, and that mutt over there is Pots. He was in this scrapyard before any of us. Ain't he cute?"
"I guess. I'm more of a cat person myself. But yeah, I guess he is." Replied the green haired boy.
"Well, he's the friendliest little guy in the world."

Then, Corn's face twisted up. "Oh, crap. I knew I was forgetting something. So sorry. What's your name?"
"Is that your birth name? Listen, I'll give you some advice. Ash Greenhair is somewhere in a Rokkaku database. If that's what people on the street are calling you, Goji himself knows exactly who you are. I'll do you a favour and never tell anyone, but you need to think of something. And take your time. It'll stick."

"I hadn't thought about that." He paused for a couple minutes. "Ok. I think I've got it. How about... Yoyo?"
"Yoyo... Yoyo. Yoyo! Fits you perfectly. So let me be the first to say: welcome aboard, Yoyo!"

Yoyo grinned. He hated his smile, but now he couldn't help it. He had gotten all worked up for nothing. Here he was, smiling like an idiot, but he didn't care. Now he had a gang. A friend, a robot and a dog. And Gum too, but he was sure with time she would fit into the first one.
Now he had a gang. Now he was safe.
Suck it, Immortals.


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