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Thrawn X Sabine Fanfic: Aliit Vucon'ocir

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Thrawn hurries to his quarters before the new ship embarks into the Chimaera. His concerns dwell on the last report from the Emperor’s office announcing the Death Star’s destruction by Rebel forces, all on the battlestation were dead, Tarkin, Yularen and numerous other colleagues. His fleet was stationed out in the edges of space and remains intact. Then Darth Vader activates the secret beacon Thrawn gave to him, and he requires Thrawn’s assistance. Sure, it was fine any other time, but this time – the new  Countess of Mandalore, Sabine Wren, is in his direct custody, and she is not his prisoner. She is his lover – which different for him. He has undertaken a responsibility for a human due to profound loneliness. He mind mulls over his concern for Sabine. “She agreed we would separate after the Hapan incident. But she is here now in my quarters.” If his sweat drips from his brow, the sight is unapparent.  

“Made it.” He enters his quarters furiously searching for her from partition to partition. “Sab’ika? You must go to–-” He stops in his tracks to see her stare at the holograms of her art from Lothal.

“How long have you had these holograms, Loras’ika?” Her transliteral name for “Raw” from Mitth’raw’nuruodo.  

“Since the ball. C’mon, we’ve got to go, Countess.” He reaches for her hand and holds her as he yanks her out of quarters. “This is my mistake. I should have never permitted you aboard my ship. I should have told you to meet me planetside. But I doubt you would have come.”

Sabine says nothing and runs with him in her formal royal attire. She had no time to change into her armor when Grand Admiral Thrawn arrested her for Rebel criminal acts on Krownest. Her family, the Dowager Countess Ursa Wren her mother, and Aldrich Wren her father, with the Lady Bo-Katan Kryze’s forces made vows to recover her from the Empire. The Mandalorians said they would report the Imperial kidnapping of royalty within the hour. 

But that is not why Thrawn took her. He took Sabine to place her under Imperial law. That way, their son would be under Imperial law, and have legal rights to Thrawn’s Imperial property. Sabine quietly agreed to marry Thrawn, in secret, for citizenship. The problem is they could not refrain from the passionate sex. It sates their desire for each other. But, right now, the desire is to hustle Sabine off the Chimaera.

“Kicking me out so quickly, Loras’ika?” She snort laughs. “How do you expect me to free myself from this without contacting the Rebels?” 

Thrawn turns to her with a glare. “If they are planetside, they will be dealt with, severely as you will be.”

Sabine wrangles her hand from his grip and stops running. “You would kill me after all we have been through? After all the fucking we have done?”

Thrawn separates a distance from the hangar bay. “No! You know how I feel about you. Don’t you know how important you are to me and our son, Sab’ika?” His voice breaks. “If you go planetside, I will be down as soon as I can after I deal with this new situation. We will find someone to help us. I promise. Please trust me.”

She stands angrily while she hears his plea.

Then she feels a strong dark presence rise behind her baring down her neck. She sees Thrawn’s face go from an impassioned plea to one of utter horror as the respirator exchanges air. She turns to see a huge monstrous black figure barrel down over her and immediately recognizes the beast as Darth Vader.

“How do you need help, Grand Admiral Thrawn?” The mechanized voice reverberates in silence between them.

Thrawn’s face goes from horror to straighten uniform and a stone face. He voice and mannerisms are calm and indicate of his cruel Imperial officer coolness though his heart breaks for Sabine. A long moment passes between all three people present in the hangar. Then Thrawn speaks. “Lord Vader, the Countess Sabine Wren and I want to be married, but no one will solemnize the marriage for us. It is because I am an alien and there are anti-miscegenation planetary laws. We need to marry–or rather I need to marry her under Imperial law for our son, and the other baby on the way. Sir, my Lord.”

Sabine says nothing. She cannot believe that Thrawn would mention their son, and possibly another child to Darth Vader who would soon as kill them both with his laser eyes where they stand. But, how would Darth Vader know about her? She eeks out her comment.  “He would know, the Empire does not allow contraception.” She stares into the eye lens of Darth Vader to see if he could see her. She felt naked before him although she wore heavy formal attire as the new Countess of Mandalore. If Darth Vader kills her she surmises, the whole of Mandalore and other Mandalorians will rally behind the Rebel cause. She closes her eyes and barely opens them when he speaks.

Darth Vader senses Thrawn has told him the truth. The young woman, Sabine Wren, the new Countess of Mandalore is pregnant. Her mannerisms were very much like the old Duchess of Mandalore Satine Kryze. Darth Vader knows he cannot stop them from breeding. He also owes Thrawn his life. The least he could do is to give both of them some minor satisfaction in their lives. “I know of a place. Set your coordinates to Naboo.” 

Darth Vader leaves them as he senses a hug between them and enters a private area to contact the Emperor. The Emperor appears in hologram.  “The Marquis and Marchioness have commenced and they take their positions in the Empire, my Master.” 

"Good. You have done well, Lord Vader." The Emperor hisses.