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Thrawn X Sabine Fanfic: Aliit Vucon'ocir

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The two brothers were inseparable as they ran through a dark cave into the next alcove and through to another cave to get to their "ecometrics" class. They were ~2 years old, but looked 4 and 6 years old for human standards. The age for primary school for Chiss younglings. Raw who acts like the oldest, races through the caves faster than his brother, Ras, who catches up once he learns where Raw is going. By Raw's estimation, they had one more hard lava tube to cross before getting to the gold sand, and purple-green grassy knoll, with deep-purple-salty ocean waves on their homeworld, Csilla.

The two boys run up and down the purple grassy knoll hills until their sonic pitches sear in their ears. They stare at each other and nod to return to the caves and find their parents conversing with a large tripartite insect in regal attire. Raw races to hug the thoracic tail of the insect, a member of the Killik species, who swings playfully around Raw as he squeals and holds on for dear life. He squeaks about. “Come brother, ride it, too! She can hold us both.”

Ras shakes his head as he embraces his mother, a beautiful Cerulean skinned woman with a short blue-black hair with small braided purple silk sections on the sides, and a head band that pulls the strays back. Raw’s and Ras’s father, a strong dark Cerulean skinned male with a strong jaw lifts Raw off the tail as his red-in-red eyes glisten to coddle Raw. “Now, Raw, you know better. Amt is only here to harvest the purple pollen for her hive, and then she will leave with her people. She can’t play with you all day.”

A hologram appears from a planetwide transmission from the huge grid-locked underground metropolis, Capsla.


“The Ascendancy has interpreted the threat to come from the Killik hive that threatens our species. The Killiks have shifted the position of our sun away from Csilla. There will be further expansion methane sheet ice into an ice-age climate, including the equatorial regions. We give all Decadent Chiss, twenty-four hours to evacuate before we will start our Operation Anti-Chiss Genocide. Any Chiss who harbors an Anti-Chiss, or appears to be a Joiner, will be quarantined and under Chiss biological protocols.”


Raw’s and Ras’s parents glare that the transmission, and stare at one another in fear, and then show concern to Amt, the Killik, a part of the royal family. They cannot lose her. But Amt, blocks them and removes a proboscis and injects thousands of years of strategic and tactical knowledge that her pheromones contain into Raw’s upper back. She rises on her hind legs and flies out of the cave system and to her "ship" to leave Csilla before the harvest.

Raw absorbs the highly active neurologically mutating pheromones as his body bucks from the flow of information and increased strategic and tactical knowledge. His eye lids flutter as he is propelled into an indescribable dimension of thousands of planets and stars. He knows them. He speaks in tongues gibberish as he quotes these data of each of the universe that the Killik gave to him. Then he speaks his home tongue of mathematical equations and engineering tactical plans that a two year old Chiss would never know. Suddenly, he stops as his eyes go white and he collapses in his father’s arms, unconscious. His mother picks up Ras who cries unable to understand what happened to his brother, Raw. They cover Raw’s injections site with the lotion from the Killiks that consists of purple pollen algae and herbs, and quickly wrap Raw's back to minimize the swelling from his bug bite. They must hide it from the Ascendancy, who would kill him if they knew of the bite. His family immediately races to the transport canoe that contain their survival supplies to go to another location on the planet.

Raw still unconscious as his father carefully explains to Ras what he must say. “Ras, you are the oldest, and you have to help your brother. You must never tell Ascendancy what happened here. What Amt did to Raw. Promise me you will never say anything.”

Suddenly, rocks explode with flying debris everywhere and falling into the underground rapids waterway. Two hovercraft sized remote large war droids called, Kinetic Armed Laser Interrupter droids or KALI droids. They skim the water racing to townspeople to disintegrate them to ash. The father’s eyes widen then narrow evenly as they race to the canoe with survival supplies. More KALI droids appear and disintegrate people. The loudspeaker of the Chiss Ascendancy has deemed them as hostile terrorists.

“Daddy?” Ras whimpers. “I don’t want to leave Mommy and you.” His hand releases his mother’s as a KALI droid whizzes up to her, scans her and disintegrates her. Ras wails as he sees the ash fall and stares at the light plasma fill in the barrel of the gun. The father races to pick up a wailing Ras and throws him into the canoe rapidly as the hears the KALI droid search for them. His father stutters in fear and pushes the children into the cave river rapids.

At that moment, Raw jolts awake to watch the light of disintegration turn his mother into ash. He sees his father push them away, as the light disintegrates his father’s body as the ash blows downstream. No time to mourn, as a tactical thought enters in his mind. Raw hears Ras wail. He closes his eyes and envisions an attack plan. He reaches for the rocket launcher, arms it and fires at the stalagmites in the cave. The rock falls on the KALI droid toppling it but does not stop the chase. He raises the launcher to his tiny shoulder and looks up at the oncoming chasing KALI droid that chases, Raw fires into the stalagmite with extreme precision. It falls on the KALI droid before particles of disintegration plasma fire. Then Raw launches a small missile into an vacant area that causes a huge electromagnetic pulse to shut down all the KALI droids in a 200 meter radius as he and his brother ride in the canoe.

The rapids flow faster as a small eddy falls the canoe into a large river, down an embankment, then over a waterfall, to a pool of cold water near by another village, similar, but different from theirs. Chiss Soldiers of House Nuruodo gawk at the child soldiers as Decadent Chiss illegally used child soldiers.

A young officer, Captain Ar’alani steps forward, and examines the boys. She sees the rocket launcher on Raw’s shoulder, and glances at the whimpering Ras. The boys are thinner than normal, but seem healthy.

A Chiss Soldier reports. "Two stalagmites fell on the KALI droids that caused an EMP, Ma'am."

Captain Ar'lani mouth drops by Raw's tactical efficiency at such a young age and glares sternly at him and his rocket launcher. “I wonder who could have done that?”

“Ma’am, these anti-Chiss Joiners must be euthanized, immediately.” Announces a Chiss Soldier.

“Kill them? No, they are orphans, now. They can’t be held responsible for their parent’s terrorist acts or their parent’s choice to cavort with Killiks.” She looks at their gaunt malnourished bodies caused by an anti-Chiss lifestyle decided by the parents. All they have lived is a life against order. A life against progress. A life against the true "Founding Families" who discovered and tamed the planet, Csilla to make it the homeworld of the Chiss.

Captain Ar'alani believes that the Decadent Chiss and their desire for anarchy would kill the Chiss Ascendancy. Their radical ideas were strange to her. Their acts an admixture of several different animals: lions, goats, dogs, and hydra serpents. Like one bodied animal, but different distinct parts. Like a chimaera. The equatorial Decadent Chiss had a life that disrupts the cohesiveness of the Chiss Ascendancy. Their life brought chaos to the tranquil, clean ordered environment of the Ascendancy and in Captain Ar’alani's thoughts, were if she could reclaim the Decadent's children and possibly re-educate the official Chiss Ascendancy way, then Decadent Chiss could return to society as civilized for the greater good. All her calculations were exact within certainty. “Send the younglings to be tested for placement with the Houses after a health screening and vaccinations, since their parents refused to give them any and they do not have any, as of yet.”

She gets into her floating car with her entourage as two KALI droids follow to continue to the next Decadent Chiss village.

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