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BatJokes Advent Calendar 2016

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Watching Bruce pop a chocolate kiss into his mouth was already torture enough. Unfortunately, the billionaire liked to suck on it, loudly, while leaving it half out of his mouth, as if practically daring Joker to do something about it. The clown in question squirmed in his seat, feeling a part of him die slowly as he watched Bruce eat the candy. What was probably the worst part was that the billionaire was doing it all subconsciously, and Joker could feel himself melting in front of that sexy cuteness.


After Bruce finished the chocolate kiss (which took an agonizingly long time), Joker scooted closer, practically pressing the billionaire into the corner of the couch. Bruce looked down at the clown curiously. The billionaire held up a wrapped Hershey’s Kiss. “Want some?”


Joker was about to say yes when Bruce popped the candy into his mouth, chuckling as he let the candy hang halfway out once more. The clown pouted, his eyes narrowing in frustration. “Where’s the Christmas spirit, Brucie? What about my chocolate?”


Bruce held up a bag full of the little candies, his eyes sparkling with amusement. Fuck that. Joker shoved the bag out of his face as he lunged forward, trying to nab that small bit of chocolate before it disappeared down into Bruce’s throat. Bruce, however, sucked the chocolate in at the last second, and all of Joker’s momentum caused the clown to crash his lips against the other man. Joker could feel the billionaire laugh into the impromptu kiss, and the clown growled as he pulled backwards, taking the bag of chocolates with him. “Fine, Brucie, be that way,” Joker snarled as he grabbed a handful of kisses from the bag. “But that’s the last Hershey’s Kiss you’re gonna get.” The clown began tearing open the chocolate kisses, shoving them into his mouth like a petulant child.


Bruce grinned at the clown, leaning in and giving him a quick peck. “Fine by me, Joker. I’d much rather get a kiss from you anyway.”


That definitely made Joker shut up.