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Deep Blue Song

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Garion sighed and leaned against the short stubby wall that kept their sleeping party out of view of the roads.  The moss and lichen growths prickled his back through the thin travel tunic he was wearing and he closed his eyes for a short moment.  They flew open again however, when he heard the gravel crunching in front of him.  His hand automatically went up to grip the hilt of Riva’s massive sword and then stopped when he saw the one who was making the noise.

Zakath, Emperor of Boundless Mallorea, had changed in the few weeks they’d been on the road to Kell together and Garion found he quite liked it.  The man was quick and amusing, and he smiled more than anyone he had seen.  A slow grin crept its way across his lips, “Couldn’t sleep?”

“Yes.  There seems to be something haunting my dreams again.”  Zakath came to stand beside him, also leaning against the wall.

“Cyradis’ face?”

“No,” Zakath rubbed one cheek absently.  “It is much different this time.  It is nothing more than a featureless blue plain and a ringing song seems to fill it up.”

Garion frowned.  He touched the orb with one hand and Zakath with the other.  “Does it sound something like this?”  he asked, and cajoled the orb into song.

Zakath’s eyes slid shut and his body went taut.  “That’s... exactly it,”  the older man ground his teeth together and let out a groan.  “Can you turn it off, my friend?  It is... very distracting.”

“You heard him,” Garion said to the orb, which flared in response and Garion found himself standing in that plain with Zakath beside him.  Garion sent a disapproving thought at the orb that the stone gleefully ignored.

“Well, then,” Zakath mused, “I wonder what it wants.”

“Its playing games,” Garion said sharply.  “Stop that.”  he said irritably.

The orb ignored him.

“What do you want?”  A few images flickered through Garion’s mind and the Rivan blushed.  “Not going to happen.” he told the eager sounding orb, “That’s obscene.”

Zakath grinned at him.  “What did it want?”  Then he gasped as, presumably, the orb showed him those images.  “Oh.  I see.”  There was a flush creeping up his neck and he coughed embarrassedly.  “There are less... pleasant ways to pass the time.”  He said in a calm and steady voice.


“Garion, my friend.  Your Orb there is quite willing to hold us until we do something.  Why not give it what it wants?”  Zakath shrugged and bent to remove his boots.

“Because,” Garion spluttered helplessly, “I’m married!  To a woman!  I wouldn’t... I don’t...”

Just do what it wants, Garion.  He’s right, you know.  The orb won’t let you out until you do what it wants and you have a schedule to keep.

Garion’s face went scarlet and when Zakath gave him a questioning look he shook his head and took a few moments to compose himself.  “I have just had a clarification,” he tapped his forehead, “that we need to do what the orb wants us to do.  We have an appointment in Kell that we can’t be late for.”

Zakath grinned wickedly, “Why don’t you just sit and relax, Garion.  I know what I’m doing.  My education in the subject of sex was quite... cosmopolitan.”

Garion was sure he was blushing right down to his toes now, “You can’t mean-”

“Oh yes.  I have.” The smile on Zakath’s face turned predatory as he stalked towards Garion.  “I can not tell you how many times I have had to take a little... personal time while gathering firewood after being in your presence.”

Garion let out a sound that was most definitely not an unmanly squeak.  “Zakath, this is improper.  I-” he was cut off by a pair of lips on his.  Garion wrapped his arms around the shorter man to keep his balance, surprised by the gentleness of the kiss.  Zakath’s beard was not as rough as he’d imagined (not that he’d ever imagined!) and the older man’s lips were chapped.  Garion gave a mental sigh and surrendered himself to the orb and to Zakath.  He angled his head a little downwards and tentatively began returning the kiss.  

After a few moments Zakath felt the tentative touch of Garion’s tongue on his lips and he parted them, allowing his young friend to take the lead.  The younger man’s touches were hesitant at first and then grew bolder.  Zakath reached his hands up and settled them on Garion’s waist.

Garion did not know what he was doing, but it was setting fire to his blood all the same.  When Zakath pulled their hips together he moaned into the kiss delighted and surprised by the friction he found there.  He pulled back from the kiss and watched Zakath’s eyes nervously.  “What... do we do now?”  He asked.

“You’re going to want to sit,” Zakath laughed, “I’m going to do something for you, that I highly doubt anyone has done before.”

Garion settled nervously to the floor as the dark haired man stretched out on his belly and propped himself on Garion’s thighs.  He arched upwards when Zakaths hands rested on his hard, aching length and hissed when his hose were drawn down over his hips.  Zakath quirked a grin at him before he suddenly took Garion into his mouth.

Garion stifled the groaning noise welling up inside of him.  The other man was right.  No one had ever done this before and he wondered why he’d never thought of it.  He watched the shock of dark hair bob up and down in his lap and felt himself slowly coming undone.

Zakath pulled himself off of Garion with some reluctance. "Let yourself go, Garion. I want to hear you groan for me."

The young King 's mind whirled and he found himself nodding and then Zakath descended on him again.

Hours later it seemed and they slumped against each other, exhausted.  The air around them simmered and Garion felt a sense of vertigo as he found himself dressed and leaning against that moss covered wall again.

"That was exciting." Zakath murmured.

"You could say that again," Garion laughed.

"Will we do this again?"

Garion frowned, troubled.  "I don't know, Zakath. I enjoyed myself and the guilt will probably hit me tomorrow. Ce'nedra..."

"Your wife can't give you everything you need," Zakath said intensely.

Garion swallowed. "We'll talk more about this later. I need more time to think about it. It is, after all, a lot to take in."

Zakath pulled him into a rough embrace and left a lingering kiss on his lips. "Then next time,"he pulled back, "I will want an answer from you." Then the Angarak turned around went back to his tent on noiseless feet.