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Good Boy

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Tony came to a stop in the doorway to the bedroom, so suddenly that Steve almost ran into him. “Steve, why is there a dog in our bedroom?” he asked.

Steve pressed himself against Tony’s back, sliding on arm around his waist to hold him close. “That’s Sampson,” he explained, introducing the German shepherd who was sitting up looking at them, tail wagging slightly.

“Yeah, see, I didn’t ask his name, I asked what he was doing here. Steve, why is there a dog in our bedroom?”

Taking a deep breath, Steve said quietly, “Because that’s where I keep all the things I fuck you with.”

In his arms, Tony went very, very still, and all Steve could do was wait. Tony might have handed himself to Steve on a silver platter, but he wasn’t shy about drawing lines about what they did. Butt plugs, orgasm denial, spanking got an enthusiastic yes. Watersports, breathplay, being used as a footstool all got an emphatic no.

“You want me to fuck a dog?” Tony asked quietly.

“No,” Steve said, shaking his head, “I want the dog to fuck you.”

Tony didn’t say anything, but the shudder that ran through him was unmistakable. “That’s sick, you know that, Steve?”

Steve made a thoughtful sound and ran his hands down to Tony’s crotch, feeling the erection that tented his pants. Part of him knew that it was more than a little weird, but Tony would never let him do something he didn’t want. “Maybe,” he replied and squeezed Tony’s cock gently. “But look at you. You’re hard at just the idea of getting fucked by a dog, at the thought of being put on your knees and fucked like a bitch. Who’s sicker, Tony?”

Tony whined and pressed back again Steve. “You’ll stay with me, right?”

“Of course!” Steve hugged him tightly. “I’ll be with you the whole time.”

Tony shuddered again, letting out a long breath. “Okay, let’s give this a shot, then.”

They didn’t do anything that night. Steve wanted Tony and Sampson to get used to each other first. There was a lot of play time, both of the regular kind as Sampson settled in, and the sexual kind as Steve showed Tony how to arouse Sampson and they went over the different mechanics of how it would work. Eventually, after about three weeks, Steve decided that they’d waited long enough. He hadn’t let Tony come since he’d gotten the dog, and Tony was more than a little desperate by now.

Steve led Tony into the bedroom and called for Sampson to follow. “Strip,” he ordered Tony, and went into the bathroom for some towels while Tony peeled his clothes off. Steve laid a large bath towel down on the ground and then folded another up for Tony to kneel on. Then he grabbed some lube and sat down on the edge of the bed, patting his lap. Tony laid across Steve’s lap, spreading his legs so that Steve could begin stretching him.

“Excited?” Steve asked, coating his fingers with lube and slipping two fingers into Tony’s hole. Tony nodded, face hidden against the sheets. “You’re going to be so good for me and Sampson, aren’t you? You’re going to be nice and still so he doesn’t hurt you, right?” Tony nodded again, trembling slightly. “And then, when Sampson’s mounted you and tied you together, you’re going to jerk yourself off. You’re going to come with a dog’s knot in your ass.”

Tony groaned. “Fuck, Steve,” he muttered. “How do you do this to me?”

Steve just smiled and continued to work on opening Tony up. He took his time, ignoring the press of Tony’s erection against his thigh and the way his hips jerked. Finally, when Steve was slipping four fingers in and out of Tony with little resistance, Steve urged Tony off of his lap and down onto the towel. He spent a few minutes arranging Tony until he was satisfied that everything was right, and then he called Sampson over.

Sampson had been trained for this and they’d practiced this part. Steve let Tony tease the dog a bit, coaxing his penis from its sheath, working Sampson to the state where he wanted to mount Tony. When Sampson was excited enough, Steve guided him toward Tony’s ass. The dog sniffed a bit, licked at Tony’s hole a couple of times, and then lifted himself onto Tony’s back. Steve helped guide Sampson in, not wanting the penile bone to tear Tony, but as soon as Sampson had his target, he started thrusting, hard and fast.

Tony gasped, but otherwise didn’t move, holding himself so, so still so that Sampson didn’t hurt him. The thrusting only lasted a couple of minutes before Sampson stilled, holding himself in place, and when Tony gasped again and then moaned, Steve knew the knot was forming.

It shouldn’t have been hot. It really shouldn’t have been, but Steve was hard within his jeans. The sight of his lover, on his knees with his ass up in the air, mounted by a dog, was too much. He thumbed the button open and slid the zipper down, freeing his cock. He stroked himself slowly. “Tell me how it feels.”

“Oh, god,” Tony moaned. “I can feel it, Steve. I could feel his knot forming and then pushing deeper into me and now it’s just sitting there, stretching me, filling me up.”

“It feels good?”

“So good,” Tony groaned.

Behind him, Sampson whined and Steve pressed down on Tony’s shoulders. “Don’t move. I’m going to help Sampson turn.” He did as he’d been instructed, getting Sampson’s foreleg over Tony’s back without scratching him, letting the dog turn around so that he could defend his bitch from any threat.

Ton was trembling when Steve knelt in front of his head again. Steve petted him, telling him what a good boy he was, how proud he was of Tony. “Are you hard?” he asked.

Yes,” Tony whined. “So hard it hurts. I wanna come. Please, Steve, can I come?”

Steve smiled down at Tony’s dark head. Tony was so good for him, always so eager to please and do what he was told.

“Tell me how much of a slut you are for this and I’ll let you.”

Tony whimpered for a moment before turning his head up to look at Steve, eyes big and blown. “I’m the biggest slut for this,” he panted. “I want to be fucked by Sampson. I want him to mount me like his bitch. I want his knot it my ass. I’d do anything for his knot, Steve. Please, Steve, please.”

“Okay,” Steve agreed, loving the way Tony was so open like this, pride and cockiness washed away by sheer animal need. “Jerk yourself off.”

Bracing his weight on one arm, Tony’s other arm shot underneath him, furiously working at his cock until he came with a low groan, spilling onto the towel. Steve gave him a few minutes to pull himself together and then nudged Tony’s face back up. He looked peaceful, blissed out and uncaring. Steve smiled and stroked a tear track that ran down Tony’s cheek. His orgasm must have hit him hard.

“Did you like that, Tony?”

“Yes,” Tony murmured happily.

“Then be a good boy and suck me off.” Steve shuffled forward a bit so that Tony wouldn’t have to move and buried both of his hands in Tony’s hair, gripping tightly as Tony slid his mouth over Steve’s cock. He let Tony set most of the pace, only exerting his control on a little, mostly by holding Tony down for several seconds every few thrusts. When he felt himself getting close, he kept Tony’s face pressed close. Taking the hint, Tony swallowed a few times, the extra motion triggering Steve’s orgasm. Tony obediently swallowed all of Steve’s come down, licking his lips when Steve finally let him pull off.

“Good boy,” Steve murmured, stroking Tony’s head and shoulders. He checked on Sampson. “A little while longer and then Sampson’s knot should start to go do. Don’t move when that happens. Let him pull away when he’s ready.”

Tony nodded tiredly. “‘Kay.”

While they waited, Steve kept praising him quietly, touching and holding him as Tony settled. After a while, Sampson shifted and after a few tugs, popped free. Tony yelped when he did, but quickly smiled at Steve. “I’m fine. Just surprised me.”

“All right. Stay there and let me check you.”

Steve inspected Tony’s hole carefully, noting how the copious thin semen poured from it. It was a little red and swollen, but there were no tears or bleeding. “Okay, Tony, you’re fine. Go get cleaned up. And take the towel with you so you don’t make a mess.”

Flushing slightly, Tony did as he was told, tucking the towel he was kneeling on between his legs so he didn’t drip all over the floor. The shower ran for a few minutes as Tony cleaned himself up, and while he was doing that, Steve fed Sampson some treats and praised him as well. By the time Tony came out of the bathroom, Sampson was curled up on his bed in the corner and Steve was beneath the sheets. Steve opened his arms and Tony crawled into them, settling against his chest.

“So how was it? Do you want to do it again?”

“Yeah. I didn’t...I didn’t think I was going to like it that much, honestly. But it felt really good.”

“I’m glad.” Steve nuzzled against the top of his head. “We’ll have to make sure Sampson gets some more playtime in, huh?”

“Yeah,” Tony agreed sleepily. “I’d like that. Jarvis, lights.”

The lights dimmed until the room was dark. Steve felt Tony go lax as he drifted off and smiled into the darkness.


Things between Tony and Sampson continued to go well. Tony’s initial fascination and enjoyment hadn’t waned and it went from him agreeing every time Steve suggested letting Sampson mount him, to Tony asking for it, going down on his knees and presenting without needing to be told. Steve felt something in his gut clench every time he saw Tony like that, every time he moaned, impaled on Sampson’s cock and held in place by his knot.

He thought long and hard about what he was going to do next, but by the time he went to order what he wanted, he knew it was the right move. It arrived a few days later and he grinned upon seeing it. Tucking it inside a decorative box, he brought it out to Tony and dropped it in his lap as he sat down next to him, pulling Tony over so that he was half sitting in his lap.

Tony looked at him curiously, but opened the box and pulled out the collar from inside. It was thick, heavy and black. A small silver bone-shaped tag dangled off the front and Tony turned it so that he could read the inscription. Sampson’s Bitch the tag read in precise lettering and he shuddered. “Fuck,” he whispered.

Steve nipped at the side of his neck. “You’re his bitch from now on,” he said. “The only thing that’s going to fuck you is my dog’s cock. The only time you get to come is with his cock in your ass.”

Tony moaned and held the collar out to him. “Put it on? Please?”

Taking the collar, Steve wrapped it around Tony’s neck and buckled it on tightly. Tony shuddered under his hands and whined, just like Sampson did when he wanted his belly scratched. Steve could see the bulge in Tony’s jeans and he stroked it. When Tony pressed into the contact, Steve pulled his hand back, clicking this tongue. “What did I just say about when you get to come?”

“Please?” Tony asked, looking at Sampson.

“Nope, he’s gotta go for his walk. Maybe if you’re behaving like the good little bitch I know you are when I get back, I’ll let him mount you.”

Tony whined again, but Steve ignored him, gathering up Sampson’s leash and calling the dog. He took Sampson on an extra long walk, just to make sure Tony was good and wound up, and when they got back home, he found Tony naked, on all fours on a towel, ass in the air and head down. His hole was already slick with lube and Steve grinned, pleased. He unclipped Sampson’s leash and said, “Go mount your bitch, boy.”

Tony’s happy little noise was almost indistinguishable from Sampson’s.


“So I was thinking,” Steve began one night when they were on the couch. Steve was reclining, watching TV, with Tony sprawled out across the cushions, his head on Steve’s lap, tapping away on a tablet.

“Oh?” Tony replied absently.

“You’re a good boy, Tony. Always so good for me. You know that, right?”

Tony paused, lowered the tablet and tipping his head back to look at Steve. “Why do I have a feeling there’s a ‘but’ coming?”

“But...I want to start bringing Clint over.”

Immediately, Tony went completely still, his face blank. He lowered the tablet to his stomach. “You leaving me, Steve?” he asked quietly.

“No!” Steve bent over, stroking Tony’s cheek and dropping a light kiss over his lips. “No, never. Clint’s a friend. This would just be fucking.” His hand drifted down to tug on the tag of Tony’s collar. “Unless you want me to take this off. I still want what we have, and we’re going to keep playing, but you have someone to fuck you and I have no one to fuck.”

Tony frowned and Steve tugged on the tag again. “I told Clint about what a good dog I have at home and he said he wants to see.”

Silently, Tony turned over onto his side, burying his face in Steve’s hip. Steve stroked his hair and waited. After a minute, Tony finally spoke. “He doesn’t think I’m disgusting?” he mumbled into Steve’s jeans.

“No.” Steve let his fingernails scratch against Tony’s scalp, and smiled at the resulting shudder. “He said he never had a dog growing up and he’d like to spend some time with mine. I told him you could be such a good dog for him.”

Again, Tony didn’t immediately respond. Steve could practically feel the gears turning in his mind. Finally, he turned back over, peering up at Steve with one eye. “It’s just fucking?”

“Just fucking.”

Tony nodded. “Okay. We can try it.”

Steve didn’t even try to hide his delight. “I was hoping you’d say yes. In fact, I might have gotten you a little something in anticipation. There’s a black case on the floor of my closet, go get it.”

Rolling off the couch and onto his feet, Tony practically scampered into their bedroom. Steve’s closet was usually off limits; it was where Steve kept all the toys he used with Tony. Tony came back within seconds, carrying the bag easily. It wasn’t heavy, but all of the items were important for this. Steve nodded for Tony to put the case on the couch next to him. “Open it up and look.”

The zipper rasped open and Tony reached in and began pulling the items out. Steve watched him carefully, noting his reactions as Tony laid everything out. He swallowed heavily and looked at Steve with wide eyes. “You want me to wear this?”

Steve nodded. “I do. Do you want to?” Slowly, Tony nodded. “Okay, then, take off your clothes. Let’s get you used to this before Clint starts coming over.”

Tony shucked his clothes and stood in front of Steve while Steve sorted through the items. First, he slid the kneepads onto Tony’s legs. “Down, boy,” he teased and Tony grinned as he dropped to his knees. “Hands,” Steve said and Tony held them out while Steve grabbed the mitts. He worked them onto Tony’s hands and buckled them snugly around his wrists. “Too tight?”

“No,” Tony answered, flexing his hands in the mitts. Steve could already see that not having the use of his hands was going to drive Tony nuts. Next came the ring gag. It was very important that Tony stay in character, and removing his ability to talk would go a long way. He held it up.

“Do you trust me or do you need a safe signal since you won’t be able to talk?”

“I trust you,” Tony replied immediately.

Good boy,” Steve approved warmly and buckled the gag around Tony’s head. It kept his mouth open, but not so wide that it would be uncomfortable for long stretches of time. His tongue fluttered inside the wet cavern of his mouth and Steve had to look away. The ring wasn’t big enough for him to fuck Tony’s mouth through. Maybe another day, if Tony continued to be a good boy.

The next piece was the one that really set the tone. It was a hood, made of black molded rubber and shaped like a dog’s head. Even though the muzzle was was hollow, there was still a good weight to it. Steve thought it would help keep Tony’s head in the right space, literally. He unbuckled Tony’s collar and slipped the hood over his head, zipping it shut before replacing the collar. There were holes for the eyes and Tony’s wide, brown orbs stared back at him. “Still good?” Steve asked. Tony nodded, rubber ears flopping with the movement. “Good, then down on all fours.”

Tony dropped down and Steve attached cuffs to his ankles and the tops of his thighs, then clipped the two together, forcing Tony to stay on his hands and knees. Tony whined, the sound muffled by the hood, and Steve stroked a hand down his spine. Then he picked up the last two objects: a curved rubber tail plug and a bottle of lube. He lubed up the plug and Tony’s hole and then slipped the plug inside, making sure it was seated firmly. Then Steve sat back and looked over his pup.

Tony looked a lot like the pictures Steve had looked at, but knowing that it was Tony in the get up, Tony under the mask, Tony who let Steve do all these things to him cemented it as a kink for Steve. He wanted this and couldn’t believe he was lucky enough to have it.

“Good boy,” he said, one hand resting on Tony’s head and trying to put as much love and affection and approval into his voice as he could.

Tony whined and pushed into his hand. Steve stroked his back several more times and then patted his ass. “Go walk around for a bit,” he told Tony. “Get used to it.”

Steve sat back and watched as Tony crawled around. He struggled a little bit, trying to get used to the restrictions, shaking his head and pawing at things as he explored. The tail was fascinating to watch; it almost seemed to wag, moving back and forth with each shift of Tony’s ass. By the time Tony made it back to the couch and Steve patted on the cushion for him to climb up, both of their cocks were rock hard. Steve ignored his own--he could always take care of it later--and did nothing about Tony’s. Tony was the one who got dogs off, not Steve.

He kept Tony as a pup for about two hours and then removed all the gear. Tony worked his jaw and immediately went for a glass of water, drinking it down with his sweaty hair stuck to his head. Steve wiped down the pieces and put them back in the case, then tucked the case under the coffee table. Then he opened his arms and Tony crawled onto his lap, head tucked into his neck.

“Are we doing this, Tony?” Steve asked seriously, because he had to know if this was really going to work.

“Yes,” Tony said. “We are.”


They repeated the sessions several times, Steve praising and rewarding Tony for staying in the scene for longer and longer periods, until he finally felt he was ready to introduce Clint into the mix. He was more than a little eager to get back to have regular sex, but he wasn’t going to jeopardize Tony’s well being for a few hours of fun. And he coached Clint. Honest curiosity was fine; mocking or humiliating Tony for it were not.

They were on the couch, Tony in his gear and curled up next to Steve, with a show Steve wasn’t really watching playing in the background when there was a knock on the door. Both Tony and Sampson perked up their heads at the sound. “Come in,” Steve called, knowing it was Clint because Jarvis has been instructed to warn them is anyone else approached.

The door swung open, and Sampson darted over to Clint to receive pets. Clint lavished attention on the dog while Steve got to his feet, tugging Tony down off the couch. “No dogs on the furniture while company’s over,” he murmured.

Tony kept his head pressed against Steve’s leg as Steve walked over to greet Clint, hanging back and uncharacteristically shy. Steve didn’t blame him. This was new to both of them and he was in the vulnerable position.

“Hey, Steve,” Clint greeted him, still down on one knee and rubbing Sampson’s belly. He looked at Tony. “Is this your new puppy?”

“Yes, this is Tony.” Steve hooked a finger through the back of Tony’s collar and urged him forward. “Say hello to Clint, Tony.”

Tony looked at Clint cautiously and Clint extended a hand for Tony to sniff like he would do with any new dog. Slowly, Tony crawled forward and Clint rubbed his ears. “Who’s a good boy?” Clint murmured, scratching the base of the spine near Tony’s tail and then rubbing his belly when Tony finally rolled over and presented. “Yes, you’re a good boy, aren’t you, Tony?”

Tony looked at Clint adoringly and whined, causing Steve to chuckle. “He certainly is. And he plays so well with Sampson. Would you like to see?”

Clint looked up, heat smoldering in his eyes. “I’d love to.”

“Tony, Sampson, bedroom,” Steve ordered, and both rolled to their feet. Naturally, Sampson made it there first while Tony followed, slower on his ungainly puppy paws. Tony crawled over onto his towel, folding his arms and laying his head on them, ass up in the air and wiggling slightly. Clint laughed gently. “He’s so eager for it, huh?”

“He really is. He loves playing with Sampson and Sampson always makes his bitch feel so good when he mounts him, doesn’t he, Tony?” Tony whined, nodding his head.

Steve nodded toward the bed. He and Clint had already discussed what they were going to do. “Why don’t you get comfortable while I help get Tony ready for Sampson?”


Clint started stripping while Steve went over to his dogs. He removed the plug from Tony’s ass, set it aside and made sure there was plenty of lube. Since Tony couldn’t use his hands like this, Steve had taken over getting Sampson ready to mount, and within a couple of minutes he was nudging at Tony’s ass. Steve made sure he was in position and then stepped back and let Sampson start fucking Tony.

As the dog pounded away, Steve shed his own clothes and watched Clint’s reaction. Clint was kneeling up on the bed, watching the scene with wide eyes, fingers playing with his own ass. He made a little noise when Sampson went still and Tony started keening as Sampson’s knot formed. Steve helped Sampson turn around and then went back to the bed, kneeling behind Clint.

Clint looked at him. “I didn’t think I would find that as hot as it is.”

“I know. It surprised me, too.” He urged Clint down on his hands and knees to he could pull their hips flush. “But look at how well Tony takes it.”

“I know,” Clint murmured and pressed back against Steve’s erection. It was enough of a hint that Steve didn’t waste any more time with words. He swiped his fingers through Clint’s cheeks to pick up some lube, spread it on his cock, and then slid inside with very little fanfare. Clint groaned and rocked against him.

Steve didn’t think about much else for a little while, too lost in the tight, wet heat of Clint’s ass. God, he’d missed this. Clint was having a good time, too, if his muttered, “Jesus, Rogers, your dick is huge,” was any indication. He concentrated on thrusting in and out, wrapping an arm around so that he could fist Clint’s cock at the same time.

When he looked over, he could see that Tony was watching them. His eyes were huge and dark within the mask, his body twitching, his flushed, red cock bobbing against his belly. Steve turned Clint’s head so that he could see as well. “See how much he wants it? And Tony’s such an obedient dog. He’s only allowed to come when Sampson’s knotted him. Do you know he can come just from having Sampson’s cock inside him?”

“Really?” Clint gasped. “I’d like to see.”

“You will,” Steve promised. “But he’s just a dog. He can wait until we’re done.”

Steve went back to fucking Clint hard and fast, listening to both he and Tony panting harshly. When Clint groaned and came, come spurting over Steve’s fist, Steve spend up his pace, driving harder until he was coming in Clint’s ass. He managed to hold himself up over Clint’s back without collapsing on him, but he was a little shaky from the force of his orgasm. It had been a long time since he’d done this.

Carefully, he turned them over onto their sides, propped up on one elbow behind Clint. “Watch,” he said. “Tony,” he called, Tony’s head immediately coming up a little. “Come, Tony. Come on Sampson’s knot.”

Tony came immediately with a high-pitched cry, cock twitching and spurting, making a mess of his own belly and the towel beneath him. He slumped a little as he finished, but made sure to keep his ass high so that he didn’t jar Sampson.

“Good boy,” Steve grinned.

“Jesus Christ,” Clint breathed. “You lucky bastard, Steve. Where do I get a dog like that?”

“Tony’s one of a kind,” Steve chuckled. “But you’re welcome to come over anytime you want. I think Tony would love to have another person to play with.”

“Sure. I’ll give you a call before I come over, though. Wouldn’t want Tony to be too tuckered out to play.”

“Sure.” Steve noted the way Sampson was starting to get a little restless and pulled away from Clint. “Be right back. Gotta take care of my boys.”

He was waiting with Tony’s tail when Sampson pulled away, and he quickly slipped it into Tony’s hole, keeping Sampson’s semen trapped. “Maybe if we do this enough, he’ll breed some puppies into you, hmm?”

Tony wiggled his ass tiredly. Steve grabbed a wet wipe and cleaned Tony’s belly. Then he gave them each their treats--biscuits for Sampson and pets for Tony--and then sent them to curl up on their side by side beds. He gave Sampson one last ear rub and Tony a kiss on his muzzle and then climbed into bed with Clint. Whether or not Clint intended to spend the night, Steve was planning on fucking him a few more times.

“Good night, boys,” he called, and smiled when he got little answering grunts from both his dogs.