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I want your attention, give it to me

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”You should stop being so damn obvious...”

Jungkook was sitting on a couch in their dorm and looked to the other side of the room where two of his hyungs were sitting the farthest they could from each other. This was getting ridiculous, for real. They should just get over it, Jungkook thought.

”I don't know what you're talking about, Jungkook.” Jimin's voice had a sharp edge to it that was so unusual it made everyone that heard it worry.

”Yeah, I don't know what you're talking about, either.” This time Taehyung said. Jungkook just rolled his eyes at his hyungs, they could be so stupid sometimes (meaning they were stupid all the time). He decided that he couldn't do anything to make the situation better, only worsen it.

After all, their Yoongi hyung wouldn't make a choice between them no matter how much the two fought for his attention and tried to make him do so.

Jungkook was, once again, in the sidelines when Taehyung tried to make an attempt.

”Hyung!” His voice was loud and Jungkook could see that ther hyung wasn't in a good mood that day just by the way his shoulders were so tense and he looked withdrawn. But following his normal behaviour, Taehyung didn't back off from the challenge. If anything, it made him more determined to make the grumpy hyung laugh, or at least smile a little.

”What.” Yoongi's voice sounded tired and came out in almost a growl. Jungkook only watched as Taehyung came to Yoongi and more or less made him carry his weight, he hang off of him like a koala.

It only lasted for a second before he had been picked and dropped on the floor.

Taehyung let out a pained whine and rubbed his injured behind while looking up at the hyung that was being mean to him. A pout came to his lips and Jungkook could have cooed but Yoongi just stared at him before scrunching his nose in distaste and left the room leaving Jungkook with the still pouting Taehyung and Jimin that had managed to stay out of the whole scene.

When Jungkook turned to look at the other hyung, he was wearing an expression that was very close to being arrogant. Again, Jungkook could only roll his eyes and hope that they would stop so he didn't have to worry about his eyes dropping from all the rolling.

It was Jimin's turn to try and get their favourite hyung's attention.

To Jungkook's amazement he had managed quite well considering the way Taehyung had failed multiple times now. Maybe it was because of the the way his eyes turned into crescents every time he smiled the smallest bits that made Yoongi's heart melt.

Whatever the reason, it was still happening, at that exact moment.

Yoongi was sitting on the couch in the waiting room while the others were getting ready for their show and as soon as Jimin had been deemed ready he had went straight to Yoongi and flopped to the couch so his head could lay in Yoongi's lap.

Jungkook had thought that the elder would have pushed him away like he did to most but no.

Jimin was still situated in his place and even more surprising was that soon enough Yoongi's fingers started to run carefully through his hair in soothingly slow moves. Jungkook watched as Jimin's eyes slid shut, but not before sending Taehyung a smug smile. He was sure he had won.

If only they had known...

”Hyung! We demand you answers!” Both Jimin and Taehyung stood in the middle of the living room. It seemed it had become a normal place to have any serious matters discussed in it. Though in Jungkook's opinion, this wasn't serious at all. Only ridiculous.

”What is it now that you want anwers from me for?” At the same time the 95 liners turned to each other and nodded, then turned back. Apparently hey had come to a decision when Jimin opened his mouth.

”Which one of us is your favourite dongsaeng?”

Jimin had said it with such a serious face that Jungkook had to hold his giggles in. When Taehyung sported a replica of the look, Jungkook couldn't hold it too well in, not anymore.

Yoongi's expression was one of confusion.

He couldn't understand why they would want to know something like that. They should already now the answer. Or maybe they hadn't been paying enough attention to him and missed it.

”Don't you already know the answer to that question?” They both shook their head and Yoongi let out a sigh.

”You gyus know that I love you both, I love every member of this group. But there is always a favourite, no matter how much you try to keep it equal. So...” His gaze found Jungkook's and his lips revealed his gums when he smiled.

”I'm sorry guys... You should already know that neither of you is my favourite. It's always been Jungkook.” Then he made his way to sit next to Jungkook and rested his head against his shoulder. A contended sigh left him as he relaxed.

Jungkook had been paying so much attention to his favourite hyung that he only lifted his head to look at the others when he heard a thump.

The two had sat themselves on the other sofa while looking like a kicked puppy.

”Sorry guys, I tried to tell you that all the fighting was unnecessary. No hard feelings?” Jungkook used his best innocent smiles that always made everyone melt, no matter what the situation was.

It also happened this time and soon he felt them both press a gentle kiss on his cheeks.

”Yeah, Jungkook-ah. We care about you too much for holding grudges.” Then Taehyung leaned in closer so only Jungkook could hear him. ”You better sleep with one eye open...”

Then they left the room and Jungkook could finally breathe freely.

It was so worth the punishment he would receive in the future. All of it, with his hyung next to him.

He soon fell asleep. He was so comfortable.