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My True Love Gave to Me...

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It started on a Monday.

The first of December.

A medium sized, rectangular box, wrapped in bright crimson paper and tied with a silky black ribbon was dropped on the table in front of her, causing Ruby to jolt as it landed atop the pages of her open Grimmology book.

"Gah!" She jumped, eyeing the box before looking up at Yang, standing next to her. "We agreed no presents until Christmas eve, Yang." Ruby scolded the older girl even as she picked up the package.

"It's not from me. It was sitting outside the door." Yang nodded to the present.

'RUBY' was written in big blocky lettering on the corner, but nothing else. She turned it up and over, looking for anything else but it was blank.

Ruby gave it a slight jiggle, something shuffled around inside.

"Well? Open it." Yang nudged her, curiosity shining in lilac eyes.

No need for further prompting Ruby pulled off the bow and ripped away the paper before letting out a squeal of delight.

A box of double chocolate chip cookies from her favorite bakery in Vale.

"Cookies!" Ruby barely stopped herself from ripping the clear plastic lid off at the sight of the small white paper taped to the lid.

In the same blocky writing as before was a single line of text.

'Sweets, for the sweetest person I know.'

Again, there was no name or indicator of whom they were from.

Here cheeks warmed slightly but grew hotter at the chuckling over her shoulder.

"Oh ho ho!" Yang grinned down at her. "Someone has a secret admirer!"

"Who has a secret admirer?" Blake asked as she and Weiss walked in through the dorms open door.

"Ruby!" Yang crowed over Ruby's stuttering of "No one!"

Blake glanced at the box, looking over the card.

"I suppose it was bound to happen eventually." She said simply, a smile playing on her lips as she went to her bed, books tucked under her arm. "She's hardly a fifteen year old girl anymore, someone was bound to notice."

"I know," Yang sniffed, wiping at non existent tears. "My baby sister is growing up."

"I'm eighteen," Ruby grumbled, despite the glow on her cheeks.

"You'll always be my baby sister, though." Yang reminded with a wide smile.

Weiss wandered over to look at the gift. As Ruby opened the lid and plucked a single cookie from one of the four rows.

"Well, at the very least there familiar with your incorrigible sweet tooth," She commented, a smile tugging at her lips as their leader took a bite and moaned in a way no one should when eating cookies. Yang snorted.

"Cause that was a national secret." She laughed as she reached down to grab a cookie, only for Ruby to turn out of reach with a growl.

"I think you'd be more worried, Yang." Blake hummed as she flipped open one of her books.

The blonde looked up from trying to wrestle a single treat from their growling leader.

"Worried?" She parroted.

"Yes, that someone may just be trying to get into Ruby's... skirt, as it were." She couldn't help but smirk behind the cover of her book at the horror that filled Yang's face and the choking Ruby next to her. Weiss patted her back, helping dislodge the cookie in her throat.

"Blake, your right! I need to find out this admirer's intentions for my precious baby sister!"

"You have to find out who it is first,Yang." Blake reminded. "That's the 'secret' part."

"Oh, I'll find out. Someone, somewhere, knows something and I'm gonna figure it out." She declared before strutting purposefully out the door.

"Any ideas on who it is, Ruby?" The faunus asked, mildly interested in her leader's situation.

Cloaked shoulders shrugged.

"Nope. I just hope Yang doesn't figure it out. I'd like to let him down gently cause... you know..." She mumbled around another cookie, glancing back at the door, in case her sister came back.

Blake and Weiss shared a glance. Ruby had confided her interest in the fairer sex to them but hadn't yet plucked up the courage to tell her sister, despite multiple assurances from her friends.

"If it's not a guy?" Blake questioned casually, flipping a page.

Ruby nibbled silently on her treat. The monochrome duo of the team waited patiently for their leader to speak.

"I... guess it would depend…" Was all she finally said before turning back to her homework, cookies sitting open on the desk beside her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The school week passed, slowly for the youngest member of team RWBY.

There had been no other mysterious notes or gifts but it had been stuck in her mind since Monday. She twirled her pencil between her fingers, an impatient habit.

"Are you paying attention?" Weiss poked her leader in the side.

"What?" She blinked, turning to her partner.

Blue eyes narrowed in annoyance at the obvious answer to her question.

"You haven't taken a single note all day, what's wrong?" She asked quietly as Professor Peach continued her lecture.

"Nothing, I'm just... thinking." She mumbled, continuing to spin the pencil.

"Anything I can help with?" Weiss questioned, glancing at the dangerously twirling pencil. Ruby had let her semblance get away from her before and sent things flying. A week worth of detention had been the result when she'd impaled professor Goodwitch's blackboard with a ballpoint pen.

"No... I'm just thinking about those cookies..." She admitted.

"When are you not?" The heiress questioned, lips twitching upwards. Ruby rolled her eyes but grinned.

"No, not like that. I mean, I wonder who they came from." She clarified. The pencil twirled even faster. Quick as lightning Weiss reached out and grabbed her hand, halting the potential projectile and gently pressed it back down to the desk.

Ruby smiled apologetically, letting go of the pencil and drawing her hand back into her lap.

"I mean... why me?" She sighed. A white brow quirked up at the question.

"Just an educated guess, but I'd say because they like you?"

"Yeah, ok, I get that. I mean, why me? There's nothing special about me, I'm just me." She huffed, dropping her chin in her palm.

"Don't be ridiculous." Weiss sniffed. "You're selling yourself short and you know it."

"I guess." The young leader acquiesced.

"Never thought of yourself as being in a relationship?" Weiss asked curiously.

"It's just... I dunno... I've seen Yang be in quite a few relationships over the years, so it's not like I've never thought about it, though it has taught me what not to do." She whispered the last part, conscious of the blonde sitting behind them.

Weiss snorted and her hands flew up to cover her mouth.

Ruby grinned toothily. It had taken nearly 3 years to get the heiress to open up to her and now she took full advantage of it at every opportunity, that cute little snort was like the prize for a good joke.

"I heard that!" Yang growled lowly, causing them to break into giggles. Professor Peach glanced their way and they quickly quieted until her attention went elsewhere.

"No one's ever been interested so I wasn't really worried about it." She shrugged, grabbing her pencil and jotting down the notes on the board.

"You've never been interested in anyone before?" Weiss asked.

The pencil stilled.

"Well, sure... but it's... it was just... ya know, a crush." She shrugged before going back to the notes on the board just as the bell rang.

"Freedom!" Yang cheered, her chair skittering across the floor as she jumped up. Professor Peach did not look as amused as Yang.

"Hey, Ruby."

She looked up at Rust Grand, One of her classmates from her leadership class.

"Hey, Rust." She smiled.

"Here's your notes back, thanks for letting me use 'em to study." He handed over a white binder.

"No problem" She accepted the binder from him.

"Hey Grand!"

He and Ruby both looked back at Yang, leaning over her desk above them.

"I'm watching you." She glared, pointing at her own eyes before pointing back to Rust.

"W-what?" He stuttered, backing away from the glaring blonde brawler.

Blake sighed heavily and Ruby grimaced, cheeks turning the same color as her cloak.

"Ignore her." Weiss supplied, picking up her books.

"Uh, sure." He mumbled before hurrying away.

"Ugh, Yang!" Ruby groaned, dragging a hand down her face as she walked down the steps, the rest of the team following.

"Dad's not here, it falls to me to protect you from the boys, Rubes." She wrapped an arm around around her sister's shoulders. Behind them Weiss and Blake shared a knowing and amused look.

"Me and my high caliber sniper scythe can protect ourselves." She grumbled as the blonde squeezed her.

She only escaped when they made it back to their dorm.

"It's Friday, you guys want to go into town and have pizza for dinner?"

"Can't, I told you I promised Blake we'd work on that project for Goodwitch tonight." She grumbled, dropping her bag on her bed.

"Aw. Weiss?" She looked at her partner, silver eyes wide and pleading.

Blue eyes stared back, unflinching before she sighed and Ruby fought to keep the smile off her face, knowing she'd won.

"Let me change."

Ruby pumped her fist when the heiress's back was turned.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ruby shoved her hands deeper into the pockets of her hoodie as the cold air buffeted against them.

"It's always kind of strange to see you in pants." Weiss admitted as they walked down the bustling streets of Vale.

Ruby glanced down at her blue jean clad legs, her customary black and red boots peeking out from beneath the cuffs.

"You don't like my pants?" She asked, looking up.

"That's not what I said." She corrected, adjusting the white silk scarf wrapped around her neck as the wind pulled at it.

"They're nice. It's just... odd."

"Well, they don't make leggings thick enough for a Vale winter and as much as I love my skirts, it's too cold. Aren't you cold?" She asked, glancing over at her partner's long bare legs, perhaps a little longer than appropriate.

"No, this is nothing compared to the winter's in Atlas." She assured.

"So, a skirt but also a coat?" Ruby asked with a smirk, eyeing the white and blue duffle coat.

"I like this coat." She huffed, adjusting the collar.

"Cute," She mumbled. "I mean it." She quickly added when the heiress glanced over at her. "It's cute." She trailed off, looking back to the pavement in front of them.

"Hmm, thank you."

The pizzeria was moderately busy for a Friday night but they managed to squeeze into a booth in the front by the shop's front glass.

Ruby eyed the menu as Weiss pulled off her coat.

"Do you think I could do the triple challenge?" Ruby asked, staring up at the menu over the counter.

"The what?" Weiss blinked.

"The triple challenge." She pointed toward the menu.

In large red letters that Weiss guessed was supposed to look scary was "The Vale Triple Challenge!"

"An extra large pizza with double your choice of three toppings, finish in forty-five minutes and be placed on the wall of fame." Weiss read aloud.

"I can do it." Ruby grinned.

"Ruby, no." Weiss warned.

"Ruby, yes." She insisted.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Weiss watched in mild disgust and astonishment as Ruby finished the last bite of the twenty inch pepperoni, pineapple and ham pizza and with fifteen minutes to spare.

"Where did it all go?" She mumbled to herself as the diners cheered for her celebrating partner.

The manager handed over a shirt with 'I Beat the Vale Triple Challenge!' on it and took the grinning leaders picture and stuck it on the 'Wall of fame'. Hers was the only one.

She plopped back into the booth across from Weiss with a grin.

"How could you eat all that and still be able to move?" She asked in wonder.

"My semblance makes my metabolism fast too. I've always eaten a lot." She shrugged.

Now that she said it Weiss had noticed Ruby often went back for seconds at meals, but had never thought anything of it, though she'd never seen her eat so much all at once so fast.

"Sorry it took so long, watching me eat a giant pizza probably wasn't any fun." She smiled apologetically across the table.

"Well, I could have been studying, but there are worse ways to spend a half hour than watching you devour a pizza big enough for five people." She smirked at her partner, resting her shin in her palm.

Ruby glanced out the window to the street.

"Hey, there playing that new Spruce Willis movie across the street, you want to go see it?" She was practically pressing her face against the glass.

"We have an essay due Monday for Professor Goodwitch, Ruby." Weiss reminded.

"Aw, come on, Weiss. It's Friday, we'll work on it Saturday, I promise." She wheedled, turning her wide steel colored eyes to Weiss who already knew she would give in.

"Alright, let's go." She slid out of the booth and started for the door, Ruby followed with a grin.

After a short wait in line Weiss was buying their tickets despite Ruby's protests.

"Our pizza was free since you ate that monstrosity, just let me buy the tickets." Weiss waved her away as she pulled out her wallet.

"You know, at this rate, Yang's going to be interrogating you next." She joked, taking her ticket. "I'm going to get popcorn, you want some?"

Weiss stared at her with wide eyes.


"How could you possibly eat again?" The heiress exclaimed.

"Metabolism." Was the simple response.

"I'm going to find our seats." Weiss sighed, rolling her eyes.

Ruby tapped her foot impatiently as she waited in line, once she had the bucket in hand she hurried into the theater. Even in the dim theatre she could see Weiss's telltale white locks, a beacon against the dark interior of the theatre.

"Excuse me. Oops. Sorry." She whispered to the people she tripped on as she scooted down the row before plopping down next to her partner, who despite trying to look stern, couldn't hide her amusement from her partner of three years.

"Here." She held the bucket out in Weiss's direction.

"We don't all have a special semblance driven metabolism." She nudged the bucket away.

Again Ruby shook the popcorn bucket at Weiss whose lips kept twitching upwards the more she jiggled the bucket at her.

"Will you stop it?" She finally turned toward her, smiling despite herself..

"Eeeeat some." Ruby hissed with a grin.

"If I eat some will you stop being a dolt?" Weiss questioned.

"Yes." Ruby promised.

Without a word Weiss took a handful out of the bucket before turning back to the screen as the previews started, intent on ignoring the bright smile plastered on Ruby's face.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Hey, you guys were gone a while." Yang greeted them from her bed when they walked in the door.

"We saw that new Spruce Willis movie after dinner, it was great." Ruby told her sister as she pulled off her hoodie and grabbed her pajamas before disappearing into the bathroom.

"Have fun, Weiss?" Blake asked, glancing up over the top of her book. Blue eyes caught gold for a brief moment before hanging up her coat.

"Before or after the horror of watching Ruby devour a giant pizza to win a challenge?" She asked.

"The Vale Triple Challenge?" Yang asked, leaning over the side of her head to look down at Weiss.

"Yes…" She barely got out the answer before Yang was leaping off her bed and running over to rip open the bathroom door.

"You beat the Triple challenge?!"

"YANG, I'M CHANGING!" They heard their leader scream before Yang disappeared inside the bathroom, door shutting behind her, the loud sounds of the sisters scuffling was muffled by the door.

"Ugh." Weiss sighed, fingers pressing to her temples.

"So, you two had a good time then?" Blake asked, though it sounded more like a statement.

"After my horror at the amount she eats subsided, yes." She nodded, pulling her nightgown out from behind her pillow.

Blake just smirked in reply.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ruby lay stretched out on her bed, staring up at the ceiling, a small smile on her face.

So maybe Weiss wouldn't have called their night out a date.

But that didn't mean Ruby couldn't think about how if it had been a date, that was how she would have wanted it to be.