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Caged Animal

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It was hard to breath, the tape covering your mouth made sure of that. The fact that you had been crying, it didn't help either. You prided yourself on being tough, but given the circumstances, you wouldn't beat yourself up over your moment of emotional insecurity.

"Desperate times," you thought. At least your sense of humor remained intact.

You squirmed frantically trying to loosen the tape around your hands and feet, with no success.

The mere luck that you were still alive, surprised you. From the rumors and stories you'd heard about this gang, they were ruthless and cruel.

"Why did you have to take this job?" You scorned yourself.

You couldn't see much of anything but you could hear voices. The echoing effect across the building made it so you couldn't make out what they were saying; it was only mumbling to your ears. Although you couldn't be sure, you were confident enough that they were far enough away from you to allow to try and elude your predicament.

You continued to look around for a way out. The moon was full and shining through the broken windows of the abandoned warehouse.

"Of course. Surely, there would be glass somewhere on the floor in this crap hole."

You inched your body across the floor to the closest window, hoping to find a shard of glass. The dark only made the task more onerous.  You managed to push yourself up, so you were sitting up, resting on your butt. Having your hand tied behind you meant you blindly felt the floor, hoping to come across some of the glass or at least something sharp. Your heart skipped a beat when you felt something slide under your fingertips. Each finger struggled to get the flat piece of glass off the floor and into your hand. Once you did, you quickly started to rub it against the tape, using as a makeshift knife.

You stopped suddenly, warm liquid filled your hand before you felt the stinking. The glass had sliced open  your finger. Paying it no attention, you pressed forward, continuing to cut and rip at the tape. The blood caused the piece of glass to slip out of your hand and fall to the ground.

"SHIT!" You screamed it in your head. You panicked only for a moment and hastily started feeling around for the glass.

You couldn't help but smile as your fingers found it. Picking the piece of glass up turned out to be harder this time, repeatedly dropping it as your fingertips feebly attempted to get a proper grip on the tiny piece of hope.

Suddenly, you could hear voices very clearly; they seemed to appear out of nowhere. You froze. You could see, that who ever they were, they had flashlights.

"Quickly, you're running out of time."

You didn't care if you got cut again;  you forced your fingers under the piece of glass and curled them tightly. There was a slight string but it was back in your hand. You wasted no time and commenced trying to finish the job of freeing yourself.

"What the hell!" One of the men said excitedly.

"She was over here, I know it."

They rapidly shined the flashlights around, when one of them landed on you. Your eyes dilated. Right at that moment you felt the tape around your wrist break free. You kept still, not moving a muscle. Maybe, just maybe they would leave, thinking you were still securely restrained.

They walked up to you.

"Come on girlie. The boss wants to see you." He went to reach for you.

It was now or never. You waited for him to get close enough and took a swing at him. You hit him hard. He stumbled back and you went for your feet. Trying to rip the tape off. Other other man laughed as he walked up and hit you across the head. You went out like a light.

You were restrained, once again, when you came to. Your head hurt. You squinted as you opened your eyes,  no longer in the dark, you a hard time focusing. As they fully opened, you realized that your head was covered with a thin bag, breathable cloth that allowed you to partially see through. You could easily make out outlines of the things and people moving in the room.

You laid there, keeping very still. Wide-eyed and fearful of what was to come.

Still, as frightened as you were, you scanned the room. Hoping for a way out.

Then you heard it. A laugh.

A laugh so infamous that it made you jump.

You knew that laugh, everyone in Gotham knew it.  The news reported on the Clown Prince of Crime often, everytime him and The Batman got into a rumble. He was as famous as any hero or movie star or politician who'd made their mark on the world in the last 50 years.

"But he's never been connected to this gang. Was this really The Joker?"

As a small time, petty criminal yourself, someone like The Joker was a legend. He was someone to be respected and feared. Suddenly, you realized what this meant. You had tried to steal from The Joker. You were as good as dead.  

You laid there and waited your fate. It surprised you at the mere quickness that you'd come to terms with your soon to be doom. The facts were simple. No one survived The Joker. You could only hope for a swift painless death.

Listening, you could hear the two men and The Joker in the next room. His sharp but charming voice snapped and barked orders at them.

One of the goons finally walked over to you and shoved you. He was rough with you.

You moaned, "I'm awake, I'm awake."

He pulled you up, so you were sitting. You could see the outline of him through the bag. He was a big guy, rather tall and wide.

Then he walked in. Your attention was immediately drawn to him. As soon as you saw his outline you knew it was The Joker. He was tall and slender. His posture was a dead give away. Your breathing became heavy with fear.

Your hair fell into your face as the big guy pulled the bag off your head. You looked around trying to see what was going on but couldn't see enough. You moved your head, slinging your hair out of your line of sight. You cringed. The movement caused your head to throbbed. You still felt the effects from being hit and your equilibrium was off.

"Feeling dizzy, are we?" The Joker said; his voice was chilling and charming.

The two goons were standing in the back of the room now. But The Joker, he was right in your face.  A pale white face with a toothy grin, beaming right at you. His bright green eyes met with yours. He held the connection, as if he was examining your soul. You couldn't look away.

It wasn't until he finally shifted his own eyes downward that you regained your wits. Leaving your eyes wide and fearful; making you appearon the outside as terrified as you actually were kn the inside.

His hair, acid green that nearly matching his eyes, was a lush mane of curls piled on top of his head.  His lips were dark red, overly dramatic and outlined with lipstick. And the prestige purple suit he wore, appeared as if  he was poured into it. It fit him well. It all, fit him well. He was just as breathtaking as everyone claimed; something more or less, like a walking dream or nightmare, depending on one's own preference.

One of the his henchmen brought in a chair and sat in front of you. You watched his elegant movement as he sat down, crossed his legs and grinned at you.

"That dazed looked in your eye and ringing in your ears would be from the nasty little head wound my men gave you earlier. They're all bronze and no brains, I'm afraid." He spoke with elegance and intelligence.

"Cut her free." He ordered his men.

They did so quickly. You rubbed your wrist from the soreness of being tied up so tight. Your hands were covered in dry blood from being cut earlier. The Joker snarled at the sight of them and pulled out his handkerchief. He offered it to you, you hesitated.

"Oh, take it my dear." He waved it at you. "It's not poison."

You cautiously took it.

"Or is it?" He laughed maniacally.

You looked at him not knowing how to react. You had heard those stories too. The ones about the chemicals he used to make his victims resemble his pale complexion and red lips. You looked down at the handkerchief, only fumbling with it.

"So. Tell me a tale. Who wants my crates and why?" He was now very serious.

You shrugged.

"Whoever wanted them kept their name out of it. The exchange was to be done at a drop off." You lied and gave them fake information.

You tried to keep your wits about you. If you got out of this alive, you didn't want to deal with being a snitch too.

"No one wanted the job." You spoke up.

"I'm pretty sure I know why, now." You looked right at The Joker as you said it.

He laughed loudly. Then stopped abruptly.

"If you give me a name, I'll let you die painlessly." He eyeballed you up and down.

"I don't have one to give." You were scared.

"Of course, dying is always the easy bit. It's the getting there part..." He uncrossed his legs and leaned in toward you.

"Well, my dear, that's the fun part." He grinned.

He sat back.  He appeared to be thinking.

"Grab her." He snapped his fingers.

The two men were on top of you before you could even realize what was happening. They each had you by one arm. You couldn't have done anything, even if you had tried.

"Take our new pet to her cage." He laughed like a crazy man.

It was literally a cage, in another part of the warehouse you assumed.There was enough room to stand and laid down.

You couldn't see any of your surroundings, it was too dark. You stayed awake well into the day, hoping to find some answers about your location. There were two other cages near you, both empty. You could see an old fair ride of some sort. There were mirrors around the room, tables with knives, hammers, clubs, anything really that could be used for torture. A makeshift stage seemed to be at the center of this whole madhouse. The place was, by far, the creepiest thing you had ever laid eyes on.

You must have screamed for hours, hoping someone would hear you. At some point you broke down and started crying. The realization of your fate was becoming clear. The day finally turned back to night. You fell asleep out of exhaustion.

His voice woke you up.

"Rise and shine, little bird." It was sharp and chilling.

You scrambled to your feet and looked around fanatically. You didn't see him.

"Over here." There was laughter in his voice.

Your head turned quickly toward his voice. You still couldn't see him but you kept your eyes focus on the spot.

"I've got a surprise for you." His laugh echoed throughout the place.

You heard the loud click and suddenly, lights. You looked up.  To your amazement strings of lights were hanging all over the place. Some all white and some multicoloured. It was like Christmas and a fair exploded. The tinkling lights reflected in your eyes as you  stared up at them. They were beautiful, at least for a split second or two.

You jumped when you heard him, realizing he was right beside the cage now.

"Welcome to my playroom." His hands were behind his back.

He still wore a purple suit but you could see it was slightly different from the night before. His green vest matched his bright green hair. Circling the cage, he made no sound. Keeping his green eyes connected with yours, you followed him with your eyes, turning your head when he would circle behind so the eye contact could be maintained.

Finally, he came to a stop and looked you over with a lifted brow. There was something unsettling about the way he allowed his eyes to move over your body. It made warning lights going off in your head. He was a predator and you the prey.

"Falcone. The job came down from Falcone." You spoke softly.

His ear to ear grin became a frown.

"I must say, I'm extremely disappointed. I was hoping on getting to know you better before having to kill you. But seeing that you just gave me what I wanted..." He pulled out his gun.

"No. Please wait. You don't have to do that." You pleaded with him.

"Yes, I know I don't...but, you see, I want to." He stepped right up to the bars.

You stepped up to him, "I can work for you. Anything. I'm a good thief."

"Apparently not." The look on his face was smug.

You grabbed the bars and pressed your face to them.

"Please! Don't, just don't kill me." You stopped and desperately tried calming yourself down.

The Joker stood there enjoying your grovelling.

You regained part of your composure. You gave him a smile and leaned your head against one of the bars.

"Go on then." You were trying to be brave.

The Joker continued to stare at you while his thoughts danced around his head. He started to tap the bar with his gun. Taunting you with it, he placed the barrel right beside your head.

You didn't do anything. You held your composure.

Finally, he leaned in close enough to the cage to be face to face with you. You couldn't help but notice that he smelled good.

"Alright. You want to live, then live." The look on his face was intimidating.

"You'll just have to do it in there." He smirked then laughed.

"Deal." You were being brave. The honest truth was you wanted to scream, pull on the bars, demand he release you or else.

He raised one eyebrow at your answer.

He said nothing else, only leaving.

For the next few days you saw no one. Your thirst was unbearable, your hungrier too far gone to be of concern. The actual idea of 'this is how you're going to die' soon started to fill your ever thought.

As if someone had been listening to your prayers and pleads, that night the two men that worked for the clown showed up. You were so weak, physically and mentally; the fact that they were there was simply wasted on you. The best you could muster was hope; hope that they would leave you alone, go away, allow you to die in peace.

"A gift from the boss." One of them said as he tossed a bag into the cage with you.

You opened it to find water and food. You were thankful, immediately finding yourself tearing into your goodies like an wild animal. Wasting no time to down the food and drink the water, making yourself sick for the rapid speed at which you consumed everything. You had been foolish and stupid about stuffing too much in too quick.

The next night you had yet another visitor. You knew who it was before seeing him. You were accustomed a scent, his scent. He wore something that you couldn't put your finger on. The way it mixed with his natural chemistry made for a pleasing scent that you quickly came to recognize when he showed up, gracing you with his presence.

He said nothing to you, only walking around the cage with his hands folded behind his back. Everytime the two of you would eyeballed the other, having a silent staring war. Perhaps, he was waiting for your breaking point. No words were every exchanged. Once he'd had his feel, he would leave.

This became the routine.

One of his goons would bring a little food and water every few days.

The Joker would show up, always at night and never say anything to you. He'd only watch you. This went on for a month or so.

Finally, one night he spoke.

"You stink." He said in a somber tone.

You felt yourself blush from embarrassment.

"What do you expect?" You answered back hatefully.

"I'm being kept like an animal." You sat there with your head down, knees pulled up to your chest.

He snarled and snapped his fingers, making his goons appear.

They opened the cage, you made no effort to move. Letting them easily tied your hands behind your back. Pulling you to your feet, you maintain your eye contact with Joker. Narrowing your eyes at him as they ready the bag and covered your head.

After a car ride, in the trunk, you were pulled out and lead into a building. The bag over your head was removed and you found yourself standing in a bathroom.

"Boss says to get cleaned up." One of the men ordered.

You hesitantly got undress, on the account that they made you keep the door open to the restroom. Once in the shower you actually relaxed. The hot water felt like a luxury, one that you would never take for granted again. You washed and scrubbed til the hot water actually ran out. Peeking out you reached for a towel and wrapped it tightly around your body.

Your clothes were gone. There was a purple bathrobe hanging by the mirror. The sight of it made you roll your eyes. You couldn't help but think to yourself, if he thinks for one second that I'm going to..., You made yourself stop. You couldn't even think about it. You looked out into the bedroom. The goons were still the only ones there. It was obvious  you were in a hotel room. They immediately got up when they saw you.

"I need clothes." You demand.

They ignored you.

Perhaps it was the shower, perhaps the hamburger they fed you, perhaps it was being so close to possible freedom, whatever it was you found a little fight hiding in your soul. After a healthy struggle, the two men had you tied back up. Your sudden lack of compliance gave them cause to be rough with you; manhandling you and roughly shoving you back into the trunk.

Another ride.

Your heart sank when they removed the bag again and you saw that you had arrived back at the warehouse. Instead of the cage, you found yourself being tied to a chair. All of your questions and pleads were dismissed with silence. Fighting with everything you had made no difference against the two large men. Your resistance was simply met with a hard slap across your face; making you docile.

Once you were secured, they left. You sat there, hair still wet, your robe had been slightly pulled open in the struggle. You could taste blood from your busted lip. You pulled at the leather straps that held your hands and feet in place. Fighting for freedom from them started to feel pointless.

After a while you tilted your head back. Those fucking lights. The lights hanging from the ceiling were no longer dazzling. You hated them.

You let out a loud scream out of frustration.

"Well done. Well done." You turned your head to the sound of The Joker's voice.

There he was, in the shadows. Relaxing in a chair, watching you. The look you gave him was of utter repugnance.

"I must say, I was rooting for you to get loose." He laughed.

His presence was looming even from the back of the room. He frightened you. He clearly understood that there were worse things than death. You were living proof of that.

He grabbed his wooden chair and purposefully started to drag it on two legs, making a loud cringing noise. He placed it right in front of you. Like always he wore his signature purple and green. His hair was brushed back, slicked back more than normal, but still, his curls were fighting to get free; springing slightly upwards. He would have easily passed for a gangster from the golden years. The posse and style his possessed was attractive, there was no denying that.

You watched as he took his suit jacket off, moving with grace. He neatly laid it over the back of the chair. He started to pace around you, in a circle, like he always did. As he did this he started rolling up the sleeves of his dark orange shirt that was donned with a green vest over it. It fit well, tailored to his slender figure.

He finally sat down in front of you and finished rolling up the last little bit of his sleeve. His forearms were muscular and toned. His skin was pale enough that you almost couldn't tell where his skin ended and white gloves began. He always wore them. You assumed they were just another prop, keeping his true identity hidden.

Yours eyes moved up from his arms to his face. He wasn't smiling. Instead he looked calm and content.

He casually crossed his legs;  then did the same with his arms, letting them drape over his lap.

"Now, I've been racking my brain with ideas on how to put you to good use." He grinned without laughing.

He moved in toward you.

Taking his handkerchief, he dabbed it to his tongue, making the corner of it moist before reaching toward your face. You turned your head away but not far enough to keep him from wiping the blood from your lip.

Your face wrinkled with a repulsive cringe.

"Tsk, tsk. My boys..." He dabbed the handkerchief again on his tongue. "...are determined to bash that pretty little face of yours all to pieces."

He pitched your cleaned lip before he sat back, crossing his legs again.

He studied you for a while. His dangling foot was nearly touching one of your legs. With a slight adjustment he was closed enough to rub the outside of your leg with his shoe.

You jerked your leg away, unwelcoming of any contact.

The robe you wore was long enough that it covered part of your knee. Lifting his foot, he pushed the robe off your knee exposing more of your leg and thigh. You gasped slightly feeling the cool air touch your bare thigh. There was an involuntary struggle to pulled your legs together as much as the restrains would allowed.

Even th×en your legs were still apart.

He chuckled softly.

"Oh please. We haven't even gotten to the fun part yet. You may want to save all the modesty for then, my dear." In a flash he uncrossed his legs and scooted to the edge of his seat.

He tickled your enter thigh, starting at your knee, he moved his way up slowly. Carefully watching your reaction with a smile on his face. You began to struggle as his hand moved closer and closer, nearing your sex. Putting your head down, you closed your eyes tightly and you waited for the worst.

He stopped just short of the prize.

Grabbing your chin instead, he lifted your face. You kept your eyes tightly shut as he tilted your head one way than the other.

"Open those big y/c peepers up." He ordered.

You didn't. You couldn't. You only swallowed hard out of fear.

He gave your chin a disappointed shove downward and moved his hand down to the edge of the half opened robe. You felt his fingers hook under the hem of it causing you to cringe.Then as the back of his glove touched your skin you let out the slightly whimper of fear.

He laughed and continue to slid his hand down your body, pass your collarbone, over the curve of your breast, making sure to allow his knuckle to caress over your nipple, before stopping just above your navel.

Then with a single tug at the robe, it falls open.

You were still cringing under his touch, nearly shivered at the cool air touching your exposed skin. His hands moved to your neck. He ran them under the collar of the robe as he groped your shoulders. With a push it was off your shoulders causing it to drape down over your arms. You tried jerking your upper body away as a defensive reaction.

He immediately grabbed your head with both of his hands and roughly slammed it against the back of the chair. His sudden violent outburst caught you off guard, making you softly whimper.

"Now, now there's no need for that." He started to pull his gloves off, finger by finger as he spoke.

"It won't be all that bad. I promise." He laughed and removed his other glove.

You felt the warm touch of his hand cup your breast. His thumb brushed over your nipple. Your body responded to his touch as if you had no control over it. Your already hard nippled perked up even more as he rolled it between his thumb and index finger.

Regardless of your mind being disgusted by his touch, you moaned, somewhere between pleasure and pain as he pitched harder. This made him giggle.

You felt dirty at the fact that there was more pleasure than pain.

Placing his hands on either side of your rib cage, resting his thumbs under your breast he started moving them down to your waist pawing and squeezing at you. As if he was sizing you for his next move. Finally, resting them on your hips, he pulled your body toward him.

This caused your hips to slide forward slightly and your legs to spread just a little. It was clear, that if he plan on continuing with this venture, he'd have to remove you from the restraints binding you to the chair.

The thought crossed your mind, "maybe I could get free and run."

You were gripping the arms of the chair tightly, making your knuckles white. His hands were still around your waist line, kneading and pawing at your skin. When you felt one of his hands move, you braced for the wrose.

He only playfully pinched your navel, causing you to suck your gut in as an attempt to get away from his touch.  In return, he placed his hand flat against your belly and pressed.

He wanted you to know there was no escaping his touch, "You're going to realize soon enough that your body isn't yours anymore." There was a low chuckle behind the words.

He left it there for a moment, feeling your body move. Enjoying the way your abdominal muscle tried to desperately pull away from his touch. He pushed harder against your gut, digging his nails in.

Slowly he began to slip his hand down dragging his nails against your skin, hard enough that bright red marks appeared instantly. Suddenly, you realized he was going right for your delicate mound. He made a "Oh" with his mouth right as he cupped it just to taunt you.

You let out a whimper and immediately tried to pull your hips away from his exploring fingers.

He teasingly wiggled his fingers, rubbing you.

You gasped with surprise as he slipped a single finger between your folds letting it rest on your clit.

He grinned watching your expression, barely moving his finger in a small circular motion.

Your body tensed and your involuntary reaction was to push into his touch. As quick as you did so, you then pulled away; completely mortified. You tried to close your legs as much as you possible, wanting to deny his access.

He let out a laugh as held up his hand. Rubbing his slick fingers together, covered in your juices he lifted his eyebrow smuggly.

You were embarrassed and ashamed.

You could feel his eyes on you and his smile beaming at you, even though your head was down and your eyes were closed.

"It's funny how our bodies betray us. We act like we want one thing..." He cupped your mound again, going right for your clit again.

"...while the evidence speaks to the contrary."

He push two fingers into your warm welcoming body.

"Oh my..." He watched as he slowly pulled them completely out.

"That's lovely." He buried them right back into your body.

"Quite nice, indeed. Wouldn't you say so, little bird?" He watched his fingers move in and out, biting his lip.

Continuing his invasion of your body, he reached up with his free hand and lifted your chin. Tilting your head up so he could see your face, he grabbed your jawline, cupping your chin from underneath. He forced a few of his fingertips into your mouth.

Joker's speed became faster and he forced his fingers deeper, while maintaining a gentle enough touch.

"Ah! Bravo. There you go, dear."

You had rolled your hips, again involuntarily.

"Yes, I think I will indulge. Normally, I'd wait, you see..." He finally removed his fingers, wiping them on his pants leg and spoke calmly, as if he was in the middle of explaining is how to make a sandwich.

"Until you were more willing." He adjusted his erection, as it pushed against his pants.

"But there'll be plenty of time for you to beg me for it later." He unbuttoned his pants a pushed the zipper aside.

"I mean, rape is such a nasty business and doesn't display the type of couth I pride myself on being." He began unhooking your leg restraints with no rush.

He ran his hands up your thighs, around your waist and pulled your hips to the edge of the chair.

"But I then again, when have I ever really cared about that, hahaha."

He was between your legs immediately. Adjusting himself, so he could get the leverage and the access he needed.

You reject what was happening, trying to wiggle free, not that it matters.

One thrust and his erection buried into your body, causing you to moan.

"Exquisite." He grinned.

He moved leisurely, not saying anything for sometime.

The Joker maintain a strong grip around your waist as he pumped in and out of you. He pulled your lower half closer toward him. The angle was rubbish for the both  of you. You had no choice but to put your weight on your elbows in order to keep the leather straps from digging painfully into your arms. You started struggling due to your discomfort, pulling your hips away from him.

The Joker grabbed you by the throat. He bared his teeth and squeezed but your snuggling continued.

Then he let go.

"And just when I thought you were starting to enjoy yourself. Ha ha ha." His laugh was incredibly darker.

He was no longer inside you and you took advantage. You scooted all the way back into the chair. With your legs free you tried to kick him off of you. He laughed at your failed attempt. Once he'd had enough, he used his legs to hold your knees together and his hands to hold your legs down. The grip he had on your thighs was so hard, it would be leaving bruises; leaving fingerprints on your legs.

You finally stopped your thrashing and became still.

"There, there." He lifted one hand and brushed the hair out of your face. "There's no need to throw such a temper tantrum. It won't make a difference."

Your reaction was to spit in his face.

He closed his eyes suddenly and slowly sit back into his chair.

Wiping the spit off his face, "Well, that's not very lady like. Perhaps a lesson in manners is necessary."

The Joker suddenly drew his arm back and knocked you out with a fist to the face.

You came to after a few minutes. You immediately tasted blood in your mouth. Blood was flowing out of your nose, down your throat and down the front of your face. You were pretty sure he had broken your nose, but it didn't hurt like you assumed it would. You only felt pressure when you tried to breathe through it.

"What a shame. Look at the mess you made me make."

You heard him speak but was still in a daze, not fully comprehending.

Your arms were no longer restrained but you were unaware. You could barely hold your head up, trying to focus on what was happening. You felt yourself being pulled to your feet, by your arms. As you got to your feet you stumbled but didn't fall. Instead you felt The Joker reach under your arms and hug you around your chest. He dragged you a few feet and slung you on top of a table.

You laid there, starting to get a hold on reality again.

You were looking up at those god awful lights again.

He moved pass you and your eyes followed. Then he came back to the edge of the table, taking your legs and pulling you to him.

The movement made you head throb but you lifted it anyway to see what was occurring. You were suddenly very aware of everything at once; aware of how naked you were; aware that he was laughing; aware that he waswputting on a condom, meaning he wasn't done.
You shook your head no; what felt like a vicious display of disapproval was no more than a slow virtually non-existent nod.

Your movement was still docile from being punched.

"No. Stop." You tried to demand but in reality, you barely could be heard; a mere mumble.

You slapped at him as he mounted you;  mere swats.

You tried with all your might to push him off, pushing with your hands against his chest; mere love taps.

He laughed, easily finding his way onto the table.

You grasped a handful of his shirt and held on tight as his dick slammed into your core.

You cringed even though it didn't hurt.

Your body tensed as he pushed against your core as deep as he could.

Then suddenly you felt yourself relax at the feeling of him pulling out of you;  he was adjusting his position.

You took advantage trying to wiggle free. Struggling to get out from under him.

It didn't deturde him in anyway. He forcefully reentered your body, grunting from pleasure. His stroke was forceful but not quick. He rolled his hips slowly against you, pushing deep with every thrust; enjoying himself.

He held your arms down, even though at this point you'd stop trying to push him off. Grinning in your face, you could feel his breath. You turned your head so you didn't have to looked at him; pretend it wasn't happening.

His breathing turned to small groans and grunts that seemed to be right in your ear. Each sound correlating with the movement of his body as he moved on top you.

Instinctively your body anticipated the in and out of his dick.

The respond of your body was enough to embarrass you.

"This feels so good."

With every thrust, the pleasure building in your core was beginning to make you crave the act at hand.


Even then , the pleasurable sensation didn't subsided.

The better it all felt the more you wanted to end.

You found yourself biting your lip hard, trying to not show any signs of enjoyment and actually trying to harm yourself, make yourself feel pain.

Suddenly, he released your arms.  Instinctively, almost out of pure principal,  you tried to push him off again.

He grabbed your throat with both of his hands, managing to push himself up on his knees; all the while keeping his dick buried, fucking you. His fingers tighten around your throat, cueing him to fuck you with greater enthusiasm. The hard he squeezed, the more you struggled, the more he liked it. Literally fueling him.

He was thrusting hard enough that your body was bouncing with each stroke, and choking you hard enough now, that you grabbed his hands trying to pull them from around your throat. This continued for what seemed ages. Endless. 

Suddenly, his grip around your throat loosened.

You continued to tug at his hands. Pleading with your eyes, you looked at him, tears already staining your cheeks.

With a small smile turning into a toothy grin he suddenly was adjusting your legs. Pushing them further apart as he looked down. His stroke suddenly changed. He slowed down, almost coming to a stop. He chewed his lip watching his pale erection move effortlessly back and forth into your body. A gasp escaped your lips and your body arched when you felt his thumb roll over your clit.

His giggles filled your ears.

And he continued to stimulate your clit, watching and laughing at your body's reaction. The way your hips and thighs moved with him. The way your mind fought against your body's response of his touch made for a entertaining sight.

Mortified by your body's natural response to something that felt good. You turned your head out of shame.

His small curious smile turned into grin and he leaned in close to you, whispering your ear.

"Move your hips." He was being cruel.

You shook your head no and didn't move. He bucked his hips, breaking his slow rhythm,  thrusting into your core hard leaving his dick buried.

"You're going fuck me."

The Joker hands immediately found there way back  around your throat but this time he violently restricted your air.

"Move." He commanded.

You couldn't breathe.

You struggled for a moment, squirming and desperately trying to gasp for air until you had no choice. You rolled your hip against him once.

"Again." He sounded pleased.

You continued to gasp for air that wasn't there.

Giving in, you rolled your hips against him, moving on his throbbing erection. Again you moved your body and then again and then again...again...

Air rushed into your lungs as he relaxed his grip. You gasped and coughed, trying to take in all the air your body required. He allowed you a few moments to catch your breath before he cleared his throat and thrusted his hips against your hips begging. The Joker was reminding you of why you could now breath and what you had to do in order to continue to breath.

You shook your head, no. He devilishly lifted an eyebrow and playfully squeezed your throat. A threat.

You closed your eyes and started to roll your hips in a seductive rhythm.

He moaned with pleasure, "Good girl."

He remained motionless for a while, enjoying himself. It was hard to tell whether it was your embarrassment and distress fueling most of his pleasure or the fact that what you were doing actually felt nice.

Perhaps it was both.

Soon he started to match your speed, moving with you for few minutes. His pleasure building quickly, he clearly was enjoying it enough now, that he hasn't notice that you had stopped moving.

Most of his weight rested against you. He pawed at you, exploring your body the way any lover would do. Lowering his head to you, you could feel his hot breath on you. His teeth grazed your neck.

Your skin crawled and you felt sick to your tummy as you realized how the physical act of what he was doing felt good.  You kept your eyes tightly closed trying not to think about any of it. You were not going to let yourself enjoy it, your mind battled against your body.

The Joker buried his face into the curve of your neck and shoulder as he suddenly began vicious fucking you;  burying his dick as deep as physically possible each time. He was building toward his climax.

As his body tensed, you could feel his release. The pumping of his cock as he milked every drop with a few extra strokes.

You felt him pull out of you, letting out a sigh of relief.

It was over. You laid there very still and frightened. He was still on top of you, panting. His hair was scattered across your face as he continued to keep this head buried in your neck. Frozen in fear and horror of what might come next, you remained perfectly still.

Suddenly as if your mind looked for a distraction, you noticed his scent. It was all over you, he was all over you. You told yourself the smell of him should disgust you, turn your stomach, make your blood boil but the truth was it didn't. His scent enticed you. You found yourself in complete horror as you realized you were actually nudging your face into his hair.

A giggle started to reverberate in his body. Then it slowly turned into a full laugh.

He pushed himself up and then climbed off if you. You couldn't look at him. You rolled to your side and curled up into a ball.

"Oh my. I've been a selfish lover." He laughed loudly.

You looked over to him, scared he was going to touch you again. He was tucking his shirt into his pants, a few feet away from you. When he was done he started to walk over to the chair where his jacket and gloves were.

Suddenly your fight or flight kicked in. Your moment had presented itself. You scrambled to your knees,  frantically looked around, thinking that maybe you could run. You went for it. You had no idea how far you got before you felt him grab hold of your arm. He pulled you to him and then slammed you down on the floor. His hand tangled in your hair. You started to scream and kicked, your fight was back. He seem to ignore it, dragging you across the floor as he whistled a tune.

You heard the cage door open and started pleading with him.

"No. Not in there. No!" You grabbed at his pants leg.

"Please. Please. Anywhere but in there."

He looked at you and squatted down. He lifted one finger and moved it back and forth.

"Unh-un-uh. That wasn't our deal. Now was it, little bird?" He stared at you.

Moving your hair out of your face, "My, my. I did do a number your that pretty little nose of yours."

He quickly reached for your nose. With a fast jerk and pull he reset your broken nose. You screamed in pain.

He stared at you for a moment as if he was waiting for something.

"We really are going to have to work on those manners of yours. A thank you would have been appropriate." He snarled.

He then stood and lifted you enough by your arms to sling you into the cage. You were naked, black and blue, hurting, bleeding and scared. No matter, as you heard the door locking, you stumbled to your feet and tried one more time.

"Please." You reached out and grabbed his sleeve.

He stopped and looked down at your hand that was balling up the fabric of his shirt. He looked appalled. He slowly turned his eyes to you. You let go immediately. He was so menacing. Once you let go he smiled again. You cowarded back into the middle of the cage.

Chapter Text

You didn't remember falling asleep when you woke up at an unknown hour, the next day. You uncurled from the ball you were in, your muscles so sore that as you started to move, you loudly cringed and moaned. It took everything you had to pull yourself up and lean against the side of the cage. Your nose was swollen and your face was crusted up with dry blood. You winced from feeling of it.

You slowly stretched your legs out straight, trying reduce the soreness of your muscles. His fingerprints were bruised into the skin, on your thighs, arms and neck. You shook the memory of him touching you and being on top of you out of your mind. Move on. It hurt to swallow. Whether it was from the lack of water or that you had been strangled, was anybody's guess. The Joker had truly left his mark on you, literally from top to bottom.

You looked around, seeing the world through these bars was going to drive you insane, you feared. You felt a breaking point starting to grow inside you. Telling yourself let it out, don't let it build until it's uncontrollable. Scream, cry, yell if you needed. Just never let him see it. There would be only one why out of this and what scared you was that you had no idea what it was yet. The only thing that was clear to you was that no matter what you'd never give in: The Joker wouldn't win.

As the days turned into weeks, the only visitor was Rocko. He was the taller of the two men whom worked for The Joker. He would bring enough water and food to last a few days. He had also started to bring you a bucket of water every other week and allow you to clean yourself up. Rocko never spoke to you, he would always divert his eyes from your naked body too. There was kindness somewhere in him. You were sure of it.You felt that he may be your key to escaping. For the first time, you tried speaking to him. He never answered or acknowledged any thing you ever said. After trying to befriend him over the next month you got discouraged. You went back to keeping to yourself when he showed up, only ever saying thank you to him. You figured it couldn't help.

By your count it had been nearly three months and the infamous Joker hadn't showed back up after that night. Or if he had he didn't make his presence known. This puzzled you. Why keep you here if not to mess with your mind or abuse you. The possibilities of what he was planning drove you sick with worry.

Over time you started to notice a change in the weather. The nights were becoming unbearably cold. You had to start sleeping in the warmest place of the day and keep yourself up and moving at night. You knew this was only mid autumn and with it being this cold, you'd never survive the winter being naked in an unheated building as drafty as this one. You watched and waited for two days, after coming to this revelation, knowing Rocko was due any day now. The moment you heard him you jumped to your feet.

"I need clothes. Warm clothes. Or a blanket. Something." You demanded.

He ignored you.

"Did you hear me?" You spoke louder and with more force. "I'm going to freeze without something."

He barely gave you a glance.

"You tell him..." You grabbed and squeezed the bars out of anger.

"You tell him that I want to see him. I demand it!" Rocko never spoke. He only left food and water, then went about his normal business.

Another visit came and went. The Joker never showed up nor did Rocko bring any type of clothing. You yelled and cuss; demanded to speak to him as Rocko did his job of being caretaker. Suddenly, it dawned on you, perhaps you needed to be more clever about things. Another three weeks went by and Rocko came, then he went like clockwork. You made no effort of any kind to get up, move, talk, demand, yell, scream or fight when he was around. You laid there staring at those goddamn lights and acting like all your hope was finally gone. You even made a point to eat and drink as little as possible. Leaving 2/3 of it untouched. Trying to make your fake depression seem real.

You waited. You waited another week. It was an extra chilly night and you were up walking in small circles to stay warm. You had the habit of singing to yourself to pass the time and keep your sanity. You'd always stop right away if you heard someone. But this time you didn't hear him. He was quite and lite on his feet. You went silent as soon as he spoke.

"I prefer something a little more upbeat, if I do say so myself." His voice was just as intimidating as ever.

A smile crossed your face. He had taken the bait. Of course he would. You knew that if he really thought, for one second, that you had actually given up...that you were ready to stop fighting, stop surviving, he'd come a running. He'd want to be there to see his victory as you broke.

You continued to walk in circles as he came closer.

"I must say, you look sound of mind, for someone who's given up. Spry even. Clever, clever girl." The look on his face was blank. He immediately knew he'd been played for a fool. And a fool he was not.

You stopped and looked at him. You had a smirked across your face.

"I win this round, I suppose." You stepped up to the bars and took hold all them.

"I mean, this is all just a game. A game to break me physically and mentally." You stared him down fiercely.

"Go on." He was intrigued.

"Well, the way I see it. This game isn't on fair footing if I'm to be left here, in the middle of winter, to freeze to death. You strike me as a man who wins by chicanery, not down right cheating. You're a fair player and to win that way would be anything but admissible."

"Yes, yes. Oh, all right." He sounded annoyed. "You make a sound point."

He smirked. By now the two of you were face to face, literally. You stared up at him through the bars determined not to look away. He stared right back. He knew the game you were playing at. He'd allow it. Give you your win. Without warning he lunged at the bars. Reaching through them, he grabbed your wrists.

"Boo." He laughed maniacally.

You jumped and tried pulling your hands free. You were brave but not that brave. He still scared you. He pulled your arms through until your body was pressing against the bars. Your face was painfully poking out from in-between two bars. He grinned.

"Seeing that we're keeping score now, that's another point for me. Winner, winner chicken dinner." He lowered and lifted his brow rapidly in the 'are you impressed' kind of way.

Then laughed in a ridiculous manner. He let go and you crowded back away from him. He started walking away but stopped.

"Oh, seeing that you're a music lover and all. I have an other gift for you. Bells and whistles. He-he for my little jailbird." He laughed hysterically and disappeared in the shallows.

After few minutes cheesy circus music started blaring throughout the warehouse. Then his voice came over the music.


The next day as you tried to ignore the music that was play in over and over and over and OVER, you laid there on the floor. You had actually managed to fall asleep a few times, only to wake right back up. Rocko arrived with a gift. It was a box with a huge purple bow wrapped around it. And a tag that read:

Loser's choice!
Mr. J

You couldn't help but laugh to yourself at his sense of humor. A sense of humor that was fully revealed as you opened the box. Inside was an old cartoony black and white striped prison uniform. On the front pocket and back Jailbird had been painted in purple paint. After pulling out everything, you got to the bottom of the box where there was another note.

Hat is required or else...

You looked through everything and sure enough the outfit came complete with a matching hat. What. The. Hell. You had to give it to him. You got dressed. The little bit of difference it made wearing clothes was welcomed. Regardless of looking like a fool, you felt like a human. Jokes on you, you thought. Rocko collected the box. Making sure that nothing was left behind. Before leaving he also gave you a candy bar. It was unexpected and very welcomed. You gave him a smile and said thank you.

"It's from the boss." It was the first thing he had said to you in months.

You didn't answer back. You were immediately suspicious. So suspicious that you didn't eat it. You left it untouched, on the floor, outside of the cage.

Two days passed. Two days of the same crappie circus music playing nonstop. Two days of staring at a candy bar, a candy bar that you hadn't decided whether or not you could commit to not eating yet. That night The Joker show up to harass and antagonize. He was impressed with his choice of outfit. Laughing maniacally for a good five minutes when he saw you. When he finally had enough, he noticed the candy bar.

"Beggars CAN be choosers, apparently." He looked offended. "You sure you don't want it?"

He stuck it through the bars and offered it to you.

"This was your reward. For being, you know, so clever. A prize, from me to you." He sounded putout but he was only faking it.

"Take it." He viciously snapped.

You listened and reached for the piece of candy. He waited for your hand to wrap around it before grabbing your arm. Pulling you close, he jammed a needle into your arm and quickly injected you with something. He let you go immediately, laughing.

"What was that?" You panicked and grabbed at your arm where he had injected you at. "Tell me! What was it?"

You paced the cage in a frenzy.

"HA Ha-HA! You'll find out soon enough. You should start to feel the effects soon." He laughed.

Sure enough, you started sweating and the more you moved, the dizzier you felt.

"That warm tingle you feel, coursing it's way through your veins, is going to make you...let's say, compliant." He spoke calmly.

You braced yourself against the bars.

"You may want to sit down before you..." You hit the floor loudly as he spoke.

He grinned and finished his sentence. "...fall on your face."

He laughed, amused at himself.

"Get her boys." He order his men and continuing to laugh maniacally.

You were out, unresponsive from what The Joker had injected you with and remained that way. They loaded you up into a van and moved you across town. It was the old, rundown, rotting part of the city. Bad things happened all the time in this part of Gotham and no one was none the wiser. The criminals, hookers and druggies ran this part of town. Block after block the buildings were old, abandoned and condemned. The van stopped in an alley behind an condemned apartment building. Your lifeless body was carried all the up to the top floor and left.

Hours later you came to, noticing that for the first time, in a long time, that you weren't cold. You didn't feel cold hard concrete floor under your body either. Instead, it was soft. The sudden realization of this made you jump up. As you got up you there was something awkward and heavy on your leg. As your eyes made their made their way down, you saw a chain. Your eyes followed the chain, across the floor and to a wall. The chain was secured to the wall. Your eyes immediately when back to your leg, where you had already started pulling at the cuff locked to your ankle.

You tried to get it off. It was obviously not going to be that easy. Finally you looked around to survey your new surrounds. You remembered being injected with something and knew that you had been moved. Where to? You had no idea. All you knew was what you saw. It was a dirty, decrepit room. It looked like an abandoned, one room apartment. You could see a small kitchen with all the appliances removed. Only a cabinet or two remained. On the other side a toilet and bathtub stood. A sink was also present. Looking around, a mattress laid on the floor with a pillow and a blanket. Then you saw the door.

You stood up and quickly ran toward it. The chain ended a few feet from the door. You tried stretching your body, there was no way you were going to reach it. Turning around, your eyes focused on a window. Again, the chain ended just short of it. Making it so you couldn't reach it. You screamed for help. After a while it was apparent no one was coming to your aid.  You moved on. You continued to search the room for something, anything. Nothing was there. Everything that could be used for a weapon was gone. Or maybe not. You stared at the mirror over the sink.

You balled your hand into your sleeve and hit the mirror. Cracks danced across it. You carefully pulled out the tiniest piece of mirror shard that would suffice for a weapon.  You were filled with anxiety and dropped the mirror piece into the sink. As you fished it out, you stopped. I wonder? You turned one of the knobs to the sink. Water flowed out. You immediately cupped your hands together and collected some. It smelled and appeared clean. You drank it. Then you drank another hand full. For a few minutes you were beside yourself at the fact that you had access to water.

After drinking your fill of water you got back to the business at hand. You cut a small opening in the mattress and hid the thin mirror shard in the bed. Studying the mirror you decided that, if anyone glanced at it, they'd never know the tiny little piece was missing. All you would need was a few moments of them not noticing. You felt confident about the plan. Until someone showed up, you would try other means of escape.

After an hour of failed attempts, you gave up on pulling the chain out of the wall or removing it from your ankle. You were tried and just plan used up. The bed looked divine but you debated whether using it would somehow put you at a disadvantage. You didn't want to get too comfortable in your situation. After many pros and cons you figured one night wouldn't hurt while you continued to think about it. The moment your knees crawled on the mattress it was amazing. You buried yourself face down, arms and leg spread eagle. You lifted your head and reached for the pillow. You hugged it tight as you rolled to your side and curled up. Your eyes had only been shut for a moment when you heard the door being opened from the other side. You got up quickly and scrambled to get the mirror shard out of the mattress. You filled with adrenaline. You hadn't counted on getting this chance so soon.

The door swung open. The Joker was standing there on the other side. There was a long dramatic pause between the opening of the door and him entering the room. He floated in, hands behind his back, his jacket off. He looked roughed up, like he'd been hard at work. It was the first time you'd ever seen him without a tie on. His black shirt was unbuttoned at the top and the sleeves were rolled up. His hair was tousled about. There was blood splatter on his green vest and purple pants.

He said nothing only grinned.  Using his foot he closed the door behind him. You could see his forearms and hands were also covered in blood. You stood there speechless and wide eyed. Your hand tightly gripping the shard hidden up your sleeve and behind your back. You watched as The Joker walked over to the sink and turned on the water. Are. You. Kidding. Me. You waited and watched as he washed the blood off his hands and forearms. You could see his reflection through the broken mirror, his eyes were on you. Watching you like a hawk. You heard the water cut off. He turned around. He crossed his arms and leaned against the sink.

"I must say, it's a bold plan. Not very well executed though. Did you even consider the seven years bad luck you'd get?" His laugh was sinister.

"Oh my. Poor dear." He frowned eccentrically. "From the look on your face, you didnt. My guess is that you've either hidden it somewhere. To use it against one of my men or..."

He  dramatically put his hand to his chest and gave a look of  innocence, "...on me. All through, I couldn't imagine why." He laughed cheerfully.

His laugh stopped abruptly.

"Or. It's in your hand." He bared his teeth and looked angry.

He walked toward you and held out his hand.

"Give it to me, right now." He held out his hand and smirked smugly.

You shifted your eyes trying to decide what to do. You took a deep breath.

"You're going to have to take it from me." You were being bold.

"Careful." His voice was short and hatful. "You're not going to like it, if I do."

The cringing frown on his face remained as he took a few steps away from you. At first, you didn't realize what he was doing and by the time you did, it was to late. He was by the wall, holding the chain that was around your ankle. With a hard tug he yanked the chain, causing your leg to fly out from under you. You went down hard. He started pulling the chain again and again. You were being dragged toward him. You flipped over to your hands and knees. Your leg was being stretched out as he pulled you and you tried pulling back. Trying to stop yourself from being dragged and keeping the shard in your hand was nearly impossible. It slipped out of your hand.

With a pull here and tug there, you couldn't stop yourself from getting closer and closer to him. Finally flipping back over to your butt you grabbed the chain. You pulled at it, like a tug-of-war match, yanking him forward a little. He lifted an eyebrow and continued to pull. You reached back for the mirror shard, it was out of your arm's length. The Joker laughed.

"Looks like the bad lucks' already started." He continued to laugh.

Once you were close enough, he tightly grasped your ankle. You kicked and bucked like a wild horse trying to fight him. You felt your foot connect with his groin. He immediately bent over and froze up. Scrambling to your hands and knees you quickly crawled to shard. The moment you got your hand around it, he grabbed the back of your head, taking a handful of your hair. You felt yourself lift off the floor as he jerked you up onto your knees. You grabbed at his hand that was pulling your hair. And with your other hand, you stabbed his inner thigh.

"God damnit!" He yelled and jerked your head back even more.

You held on tight and pulled the shard out. Glancing up for a better aim, you suddenly felt pressure on your back. You were face down on the floor. He had kicked you to the floor and then kneeled down on top of your back. You struggled as he used one of his knees to pin your arm down, taking the shard out of your hand. He broke it into tiny little pieces on the floor with his fist. Rendering it useless. Letting go of your arm, he continued pinning you down with his knee on your back. It was hard to breathe with most of his weight on your lungs. Your head was turned to the side gasping for air. You tried pushing yourself up, against his weight. Of course it didn't work.

"Oh yes, fight. Fight!" He taunted you.

You felt his weight shift as he moved his knee from your back and straddled your body. Still struggling, he was forced to sit on your butt to keep you pinned down. He leaned over and held your arms down to the floor.

He was near your face, "I just love a good fight."

His tone was sinister but he was clearly amused.

"Lucky you." You said as you thrusted your head back as hard as you could.  Essentially backwards head butting The Joker. Pop. He made a sound somewhere between a moan and squeal. His hands immediately grabbed his face. Wasting no time, you took advantage of your freed arms. Pushing against the floor with all your strength and rolling your body at the same time, you flipped him off your back enough to crawl out from under his weight.  

You heard his body hit the floor as you crawled to your faux freedom. He was cursing under his breath. You looked backed to see him scrambling to get a hold of your foot. You reared back and kicked his face. He yelled out of anger and pain. He immediately spit blood to the side.

The door busted open, "Boss!"

"Get out! Everything is under control!" He barked at his goons.

Grabbing the chain again he started to pull you back to him. The goons closed the door.

"No. No. No, no, no." Rolled out as you struggled trying to keep him from getting his hands on you again.

He had your legs. You hit and slapped at him  frantically. He quickly wrapped your legs together with the chain. It hurt and broke your skin through your pants. You couldn't move them as individual legs anymore but you thrashed them around almost like a mermaid tail. You managed to get a hand full of his hair and pull. He was so full of rage that he didn't seem to feel anything anymore. Once he was back on top, straddling you he laughed, letting you hit at him. One, well placed, backhanded slap across your face stunned you. Your arms fell to the floor, landed above your head. He had almost knocked you out.

He spit blood once more and felt of his nose.

"Geez. You pack quite a wallop, little bird." He grinned.

"Maybe those wings need clipping." He laughed, always amused it himself.

You flinched as he leaned over and held your arms in place over your head. His placed his cheek on your cheek so he could whisper into your ear. You were still dazed enough that you hadn't started to struggle to get out from under him yet. You could feel him breathing as his chest pressed against your body. It was a heavy, excited rhythm.

"I'm going to tell you a little secret, my dear." His whisper tickled your ear, he was so close.

"Your persistent belligerence has made me somewhat attached." He squeezed your arms.

"If not for your resistance, you would have been toss out with the garbage months ago. You were dispensable the second I'd finish having my way with you. He. He. He. He." His fake laugh was slow and sinister.

"Oh, yes. You remember that night, don't you." He nuzzled his cheek against yours out of meanness. You cringed and closed your eyes.

"You're not the first, my dear. And you won't be the last. I've broken others, made them into my puppets. Willing to do anything..."

Your laugh made him stop. He lifted his head enough to look at your face. Your eyes were open now.

"What've you got to laugh about?" He asked in a mocking tone.

You shook your head 'no' and half heartedly laughed.

"But you haven't broke me. And you've done a pretty rank job of it so far." You smirked.

He snarled at you.

"What do you thinks going to happen. That one day you'll just waltz in here and I'll throw myself at your feet."

"Oh Mr. J! Let's go rob banks and kill the bat." You mocked a sexy, overly feminine voice.

"I'll just do anything you want." You said it as provocative as you could.

You lifted your head and got as close as you could to his face. "Anything."

For a split second his mouth dropped open. He looked enthralled.

You blew a kiss and dropped your head back to the floor busting out laughing, "Pathetic!"

He groaned out of anger and grabbed your throat. You still had a slight smirk on your face. He squeezed hander making you stop. Your face went back to being angry. He let go of your throat and grabbed your head with both of his hands.

"You'll never leave this room." He was oddly calm as he said it.

He slammed the back your head against the floor just for good measure. You cringed. He started to laugh. Suddenly, he was off of you. Pushing yourself up, you felt of the back of your head. Then you freed your legs from the chain, he had wrapped around them. You glanced around to locate him. He wasn't far, only a few steps away. There was blood dripped down his leg and into the floor. You smirked when you saw it. You hoped that maybe you had gotten his femoral or popliteal vein but it had been too long for that. It was no more than just a superficial wound.

He was adjusting his clothes. You remained on the floor, staring off, not looking at him. The two of you acted as if the other didn't exist. He started whistling as he headed for the door. Your gut knotted when he stopped and turned back around.

"I almost forgotten why I dropped by in the first place. I have another gift for you." He smiled like he was actually happy.


The door opened and the goons brought in some boxes. They started unpacking tech gear and hooked it all up on the same side of the room as the door, the side you couldn't reach. The Joker giggled.

You watched.

"I can see you're wondering why this. I must confess. This is really more of a gift to myself, than it is you." He grinned. "Oh, the fun it'll be."

Joker left, leaving his goons to finish the job.You watched as they installed a few cameras.  They moved and pointed everything so the cameras could pick up every inch of the room. They made should the angles were to the bosses liking. He's going to watch me, watch everything. It was unsettling, creepy, not to mention kind of pervy. They left not saying anything.

You sat there legs crossed, staring at the cameras. Once some time past, you tried to recompose yourself. At least you had come out on the other side of that romp without bleeding. A very rare occurrence. The Joker on the under hand would would not be so coy about making you pay for getting the better of him.

Chapter Text







His arm was tucked under your head. He cradled you gently as the two of you laid face to face. His fingers grazed your temple before dancing through your hair, only stopping once he had a hand full of it. He didn't pull or push, he simply allowed his hand to rest against your head. You snuggled your face into the curve between his neck and shoulder, allowing your lips to brush against his pale skin. His smell intoxicated you. You needed him, wrapping your arm around his neck you coached him into rolling on top of you. Your body longed for his touch. You advocated any reason that allowed it. His weight on top of you was a drug. Nevermind what came after the anticipation, this was your high. He nuzzled his face against your cheek. You turned wanting to find his lips but he wouldn't comply, poignantly lifting his head just enough to keep you deprived. You longed to embrace him in the one way he never allowed: a kiss. The tip of his nose tickled across your face, over your cheek, down your jawline. He nudged your head urging you to till it back, exposing your throat. His lips were warm and soft as he meticulously kissed your neck. Lingering with each one. You moaned passionately. You could feel his smile against your skin.




The Joker sat back in his chair and watched the screen. His elbows perched on the armrest and his fingers pressed together while he studied you. He watch as you gently floundered in your sleep.

He had been at this for nearly 8 months. As far as you aware, the cameras had only been on you for 4 weeks now. The truth was, he had been watching you from the beginning. Of course, he had done the same to others; you weren't the first and probably wouldn't be the last. There had been nothing special about you, until... Breaking you had turned out to be harder and enjoyable for him than expected. The whole thing had started to become an obsession. Finding someone who could see through the games he played, withstand the abuse and not lose their mind was a rare unearthing and he intend on keeping his new playmate around as long as needed. And if you could be broke, well the possibilities were endless, he thought.

His attention peeked. You were awake now, sitting up in the bed. The Joker watched. You pulled at the collar of your shirt before placing your hand against your throat. You rubbed your throat slightly and closed your eyes.

"And what's got you so riled up?" He mumbled under his breath.

Lowing his brow, he zoomed in with the camera. Your hair was unruly and damp with sweat. He could see your chest moving up and down as a result of your heavy breathing. It appeared you had had a nightmare.

Of course, he still had a few tricks up his sleeve but he needed you vulnerable in order for them to make the biggest impact. He needed your psyche to be on the edge. Physical abuse didn't seem to bother you. He had seen first hand that your were a fighter and pain didn't seem to make or break you. In fact, after all this time, when the opportunity presented itself you would still try and fight for your freedom. He smiled as he through about the fight you still had in you.

"Commendable, little bird." He said to himself still watching the screen.

He continued to think to himself: She's clever too. Playing games with Rocko and the other goons to manipulate them into feeling sorry for her, hoping to gain the upper hand.  She's patient too, waiting for the right moment.

He looked at the open folder on his desk. Page after page of information on you could be seen. They had been looked through so many times that the edges were starting to wrinkle and curl.

He mumbled to himself as he went through them again. "Born in Gotham. No known family. Mother and father dead. No insufficient other. College drop out. Bank account: 34.65 bucks."

He cringed. "Geez, no wonder she became a thief."

He tossed them cross his desk. "Unless, all of it. There's nothing here to use."

He slammed his hands down on the desk.

"There gotta be something. Anything." He snarled to himself as he got up.

He started pacing back and forth.

"I could let her escape. Let her embrace her freedom. She gets comfy. Nice and cozy. Safe at home. And went she least expects it." He grabbed the air in front of him, mimicking a snatch.

He smiled then stopped and bared his teeth. "The little pigeon."

"No, no. It's just too risky. Can't have her actually getting away." Concern and worry showed on his face as he talked to himself.

"I've tried confinement, solidation, observation, abuse mental, physical and sexual..." His voice dropped off.

He sat back down at his desk. You were laying back down, as he checked the screen. His fingers, one by one, lifted then fell back to the desk as he pondered. He'd find a way to break you.

You laid there staring at the ceiling, with your hand still touching your neck. The dream lingered. It felt so real. You could still feel his lips against your neck. How could I dream such things about a person...a person so vile? You tried to tell yourself it was your mind harmlessly making stuff up. Naturally, The Joker would be on your mind, you were caught up in a battle with him for your life. That's all it was. That's. All. It. Was.

A few days later...

The water wasn't hot but it was warm enough. You soaked in the old, stained up cast iron tub. Stretched out. Your feet casually tossed over the edge, allowing the chain to hang down the side of the tub. Your  pants were tangled in the chain. The only way to get them off was to slip them though the chain and let them hang there. Your head was rested up against the side, with the water level just under your chin. For once you were actually relaxed with your throughs far, far away. At least for a while. When you heard the door being opened, you crouched yourself into the tub.

You pulled all your limbs up close to you, cringing as the chain clanted again the iron tub as some of it fell into the water with you. You stretched your neck over the edge of the tub, peeking, only seeing so far. Your eyes caught a glance of purple and you immediately tucked your head back into the tub like a turtle. The sound of the door slamming shut made you cringingly close your eyes. You were "hiding". Knowing good and well you couldn't. However, at that moment, it made you feel better. You listened. You waited. You didn't hear anything. Opening your eyes, there he was. Standing over the tub. He was peering down at you.

You felt sleezy the second your saw him. Suddenly, the dream, no, the nightmare from a few nights ago popped into your mind. You quickly sat up in the tub, pulling your knees up to your chest. It was like all of your modesty had returned that very second. With one arm wrapped around the top of your knees, the other fidgeted with the chain under the water. Your eyes bounced to him then around the room in a nervous fashion.

Your discomfort stroked his ego. He grinned then spun around and used the edge of the tub as stool. One of his jacket tails landed on top of the water. Floating near you knee. You watched it. Allowing it to pacify your mind from having to actually thinking about the situation momentarily. His body was barely hunched over. His hands on either side of him, holding on to the edge. His fingers curled towards the inside of the tub. He stared ahead.

"I have a surprise for you, Pigeon." It rolled out cheerful. You cringed at hearing 'pigeon'. Somehow your pet name had gone from 'jail bird' to 'little bird' to 'pigeon'.

"Want to see?" He paused, waiting for you to actually answer. He had recently started forcing you to participate in actually conversation.

You moved your eyes from the slowly sinking coat tail, to him. His eyes still ahead of him.

Slightly cocking his head, "Speak." He half heartedly gestured with his hand toward you.

You wanted to scream but knew better. You didn't feel like being slapped or violently dragged from the tub today.

You hesitated, "W-what's is it?"

He didn't respond right away. It was eerily quiet. Allowing your tiniest movements in the water to be heard.

"Just imagine my disappointment...finding out allllll about your life and who you really are. " He sounded somber as he called out your full name.

"No family left to kill...or kidnap. A real disappointment."

You remained quiet, staring down at the water.

"Then I thought." He snapped his fingers once.

"Pigeons' a looker. I bet she's beating the boys off with a stick." He turned his head enough to shift his eye toward you. He was looking to see if your expression changed. "Imagine my surprise when I couldn't even find a romeo. Not the dating type, I suppose."

You kept your eye lowered and did nothing.

"Until." He reached into the enter pocket of his jacket.

"One of my boys, Rocko, I believe...brought me this wonderful little treasure, from a store window." Unfolding a piece of paper.

He casually tossed it onto top of the water to float. "It appears, someone does care."

You picked the paper up quickly. There was a photo of you with missing wrote under it. There was a phone number. You knew the number. Your eyes widen. Your hands started to tremble a little. The Joker shifted his body to look at you and rested his bent knee on the edge of the tub. He was grinning as he watched you read.

"At first, of course, I assumed it was Falcone. Angry at the possibility that you made have skipped town with his...No, wait, my goodies. You know, the ones he wanted you to steal for him." He was still grinning smugly.

"But, to my surprise, the young fellow who answered the phone wasn't connected to Falcone."

He started to pull at his glove, finger by finger he removed it.

"And do you know who it was, Pigeon?" His bare fingers were dipped into your bathwater. He was moving his hand around slowly, the way one would do to check the temperature.

"Oh, I know you do." He lightly splashed some water at you. You kept a straight face.

"He was more than helpful." He grinned. "Told me everything. Who he was. Where you were the last time anyone saw you." His movements stop.

You were still holding the paper but no longer looking at it. Your eyes were focused on The Joker. Rage was starting to fill you. Suddenly, he grabbed your chin with his wet hand and pulled your face up. He stared at you for a moment before smiling.

"You're going to really enjoy this..." He let your chin go.

He laughed maniacally.

"Oh boys, bring in our guest of honor." He ordered.

The door swung open. A young man was kicked through the door, landing on his hands and knees. He was badly beaten.

Your gasp was somewhere between compassion and terror. You froze.

"Please. I don't know what I've done." The young man lifted his head to looked around.

The Joker laughed loudly, causing the man to look over in his direction.

The man's eyes looked pass The Joker. Your eye's met his. Water splashed out into the floor. The sound of it hitting the tub walls forcefully was drowned out by you yelling 'no'. The Joker stopped you from jumping out of the tub by grabbing the hair on the top of your head and holding you down. Your eyes teared up as you looked back at the young man who was now looking at you. He blinked like he didn't believe what he was seeing.

"W-what's happening?" He said in a shaky voice. He slowly pushed himself up to two feet. The Joker's goon were standing on top of him.

You held on to The Joker's hand trying to reduce the pain of his hand tangling and pulling at your hair. He was still sitting casually on the edge of the tub, almost like nothing was happening. You through fast.

"W-who is that?" You turned your head, as much as you could, toward The Joker to address him.

He laughed, "Oh, that old trick won't work. Don't play daft."

"Or if you prefer, Pigeon. I'll narrate the ending." The Joker laughed again.

"Y/n, you're alive. I looked everywhere." The young man said, trying to explain.

The Joker snarled, "Obviously not everywhere." He howled with laughter.

"I-I d-don't understand." The man said.

"No." The Joker was being snooty. "No, you wouldn't...would you?"

He then turned and smiled at you. He let go of your hair but kept his hand rested on your head. A threat.

"What's the meaning of..." Rocko gagged the young man and hit him. You grabbed the side of the tub wanting to help him.

"He's not completely on board yet." The Joker patted your head, "but you are, aren't you, Pigeon?"

Tears were still filling your eyes. You tried with all your might not to show any feelings. It was the only thing that might spare his life. You knew Cal Kelley. He was the closest thing to family you had, even when you had actually family. The only person who had been a constant in your life for the past 15 years. Cal was the bastard son of your father's best friend. When his own family shunned him, your mother had taken pity on him. A relationship between you two had continued long after he left the haven of your mother's home. In fact, he had been the one to give you the tip about the robbery job. The very job that had gotten you in this mess.

"Cal. I'm sorry." You mouthed the words to him. He looked at you. He didn't completely understand. The Joker was still laughing.

Without warning, a gun shot rang out. Cal fell back.  You grabbed at the bottom of The Joker's jacket as a reflex reaction from what was happening.  A controlled gasped escaped from your lips. Your eyes were on Cal laying in the floor. He struggled for air, blood spewing from his mouth as he gasped. Another gunshots rang out. Everything seemed to be in slow motion. The shot surprised you, causing you to jump. You let go of the jacket and pushed yourself up on the edge of the tub. You stood there dripping wet. The Joker remained seated.

"Oh, he did have brains after all. Ha!" Punchline delivered, he laughed hysterically.

For a second you didn't do anything. Your eyes drifted slowly from the bloody mess, that was Cal's injured abdominal area, to the laughing man beside you. All that rage and anger that was there bubbled over. You threw yourself against him, pushing him off the edge of the tub. You felt The Joker's weight shift, as gravity took over, dragging him to the floor. His butt hit the floor, no different if he had slipped off the tub's edge himself. His laughter hadn't even been interrupted. Your hands tightened around the collar of his jacket but he was ready for you. Lifting one arm up to push you away, his laughter lessened.

You grabbed his sleeved and shook his arm, as he pushed you back. He allowed you to do so, the whole act was pathetic and pointless to him, it caused another wave of laughter to erupt from him. However, it only took a matter of seconds for him to quickly become annoyed. In a flash, he was turned around, on his knees and manhandling you. He wrapped an arm around your upper legs and forcefully lifted and pulled you out of the tub.  One of your shin bones smacked loudly against the tub as he used his whole body to toss you onto the floor next to Cal's dead body. Your weight landed on your hip as you hit the floor. You were no more than a pile of wet, emotional heap. He waited to see what your next move was going to be. To his surprise, you remained where you were.

Your eyes traveled to pool of blood that was forming around Cal's body. You followed the outline of it until you saw his hand. Lifeless. Naturally, your eyes traveled up his arm, pass his shoulder, to his face. You closed your eyes. You found yourself thinking that this was the easy way out for Cal, his fate could have been much worse, knowing The Joker. You would mourn but never so The Joker would have satisfaction from it. Never. The few tears that had swelled in your eyes had already rolled now your cheeks. There would be no more.

There was a disappointing sigh that came from The Joker.

"My jacket." It rolled out of his mouth as if it was the only thing of importance.

"You got water all over it." He pouted. He peeled out of it. Rocko took the jacket from him.

You cut your eyes but kept your head down. He was standing over you. Studying. Critiquing.  He quietly gestured to him men to leave.

"Boss, you want that we should clean this mess up?" Rocko asked.

"Yes, yes. But later." He again waved them out the room.

The Joker's shoes clicked on the wooden floor as he walked around the body.  After making a full circle he stopped next to you. You stared at his white spats and black wingtips, watching as the puddle of Cal's blood reached them. He took a step back, causing you to realize how close to the puddle of blood you were too. You pushed yourself back in a bit of a panic. Your body was still hunched over and your head down. You couldn't bring yourself to look at Cal again. As much as you wanted to hide your sadness, you were having a hard time.

"My, my." The Joker's voice broke the deafening silence.

He was kneeled down beside you, but you were unaware of it until he spoke.

"I dare say, has Pigeon's wings finally been clipped?" There was a slight frown on his face. He paused for a moment.

You felt his fingers in your hair, then he tucked some of it behind your ear. He followed your jawline with his finger down to your chin and pulled your face toward him. Your eyes remained turned away, staring at anything but him. He could feel your jaw muscles tense up. A smile slowly appeared across his face.

"No." He let go of you. "I don't think they have. There's still fight left in the ole girl."

It was then that something dawned on you, he wanted the fight. A challenge. A quest. And you had been giving it to him, the whole time. I don't...I don't have to give him what he craves. So there you were, on the floor, naked, still dripping wet from the bath, beside the dead body of Cal. You pushed yourself up onto your hands and knees. You started laughing softly.

"Do tell." The Joker snapped.

You continued to laugh as you stood yourself up. Still squatted, he looked up at you. The laughing turned to just a smirk as you stared down at him. You studied the look on his face. He was confused and trying to figure out your intentions. You moved. Walking past him, he grabbed the chain. You stopped and looked down at him. Everything in you wanted to gouge his eyes out, but you did nothing. You stood there. He was expecting you to, at least, put up a small fight. When you didn't he tried to instigate a reaction out of you by moving his hand from the chain to your leg. He slid his fingers up pass your calf, pass your knee and stopped around your mid thigh. His touch gave you goosebumps. However, you only stood there staring ahead. Finally, he let go of your leg. As soon as he did, you continued to walk away from him. He turned and watched. You picked up your shirt, turned your back to him and slipped it on. When your head popped out, you turned your head just enough to see where and what he was doing. Still standing there, he was watching you with his brow lowered. He was quick to catch on.

You left your head turned so you could see what he was doing.

"A new game, Pigeon?" He walked toward you.

"Let's see just how long you can suppress that temper of yours." He whispered it into your ear.

You quickly turned your head forward and tightly closed your eyes, preparing yourself for whatever he was planning. His body was almost completely pressed against your back. You could hear him breathing in your ear. You thought, what's the worst he could do? There's nothing left. Still, you let out a sigh of relief when you felt him move and heard him walking away for you. It made you nervous at the same time. He was a dangerous man and he was up to something. The loud bang on the door caused you to jump.

Rocko busted in. "Boss. The cops! Someone must have report the gun shots."

"Goddamnit." The Joker didn't seem fearful just really, really annoyed.

Your eyes widen. You couldn't stop yourself.

"HELP! Help. HEEELLP!" You ran as close to the open door as the chain would allow. "Help me! HELP!"

"Rocko, shut her up." He ordered it calmly.

"Help please! Heell-" You went down grabbing your stomach.

Rocko punched you hard; harder than you would have ever betted on. Your breath was gone. You immediately felt nauseated. While you regained your composter, the two goons shut the door. The Joker walked over to Cal's dead body and tore a piece of cloth from his sleeve. He came up behind you and gagged you with it. You struggled very little. Only reaching back to grab at his hands as he tied a knot. By now distance voices could barely be heard yelling stuff like 'hello' and 'police'.

"Don't be foolish." He whispered to you as he tightened the gag.

Rocko and the other guy stood on either side of the door, guns out and ready. The Joker was behind you with a gun. The cops got closer and closer. They were only calling out and looking for anyone in distress. They were clueless about how close they were to the notorious Clown Prince of Crime. You were waiting for them to get as close as possible. It was like, he knew what you were thinking. The Joker quietly wrapped his arm around your chest and put the gun to your head.

He whispered, "shhhh."

"Anybody hurt? Police!" You heard it loud and clear.

You tried to moan loudly and stomped your foot. The Joker immediately lifted you off the floor. The two of you struggled as you tried to make as much noise as possible. The gun was no threat to you. You were almost certain he wasn't going to kill his favorite pet. You kicked your legs around causing the chain to bang around on the floor. He was now having to use both arms to hold on to you.

"Boss." One of they guys whispered, "shut'er up. They're gonna hear us."

"Hey! Someone there?" The cops were almost in front of the door.

"You heard that, right?" One cop asked the other.

"It's an abandoned building, it could be anything." The other one responded.

The goons prepared for the cops, aiming their guns at the door.

The Joker wrestled you down to the floor, as quietly as he could. Using his body weight and strength to keep you from kicking your legs around. He had one of your arms pinned down to your chest and was fighting to get a hold of the other one. You continued to make sounds causing him to fully cover your mouth with his hand. You suddenly stopped all movement. The sound of the cops banging on the door caused to to freeze. The grin on The Joker's face turned sinister. He stared at you. The cops continued to knock. The goons waited for a que from the boss.

The Joker lifted his hand from your gagged mouth. You were smiling, what little you could. He lifted himself off of you. He cocked his gun.

"Well, Pigeon, you just killed them." He grinned.

"Hey, in here!" He yelled, baiting the cops.

As they came through the door, they met with gun fire. They stood no chance. Once it was over the Joker gave the immediate orders to clear the room. Your hands were tied behind your back. Your feet were also tied together. Leaving the gag on, he covered your head with a bag.  You sat there. You could hear them walking around the room. A hand grabbed your ankle and you heard a click. Chain was off. It felt so good that you smiled about it. You wiggled your ankle, what little you could.

After a few moments someone hoisted you over their shoulder and started carrying you. You knew exactly who it was. You knew his smell. You knew it from the tiny little sound he made when he lifted you. You knew it from the feel of his touch, the way his hands felt when they wrapped around parts of your body. You could tell by the way he moved and walked, it was The Joker carrying you.

Unlike months ago when he wouldn't have dare done any of the grunt work like carrying you somewhere, this was different. It was like he wanted to make sure his pet was safe and sound. He trusted no one else with the job. You found yourself being put in the back of a van instead of a truck of a car. You could hear the sound of the van door sliding open, then closed. You curled your legs up close to you after being put down. Afterall, all you  had on a oversized shirt barely long enough to cover all your important bits. The van started moving.

"Boss, where we going with her?" Rocko asked...

Chapter Text

You braced yourself for a hard landing on the floor, instead you landed on a bed, facedown. Your body bounced slightly from the recoil. You laid there listening for any clues about what was happening. There were no foot steps to indicate that The Joker had walked away. Then you heard them. He took a few steps, then you felt the bed shift. Immediately, you felt his weight on you. He was stretched out across the bed, using your hip as a pillow. He relaxed with his hands tucked under his head. He wacked you with an elbow for good fun. Then snickered about it. You did nothing.

"Oh, where are my manners?" Joker said pulling the bag off your head.

With your head turned to the side, you took a deep breath of fresh air. You buried your face into the bed for moment. It smells like him. Is this where he sleeps? You quickly turned your head to the side to look around. Nothing but the headboard of the bed, so you turned the other direction. Looking around you could see a studio-apartment style room. It was a little dumpy. Walls needed painting, the furniture appeared to be outdated, emtpy food containers and bottles decorated the place. However, his clothes were very neatly hanging on a clothes rack near a large, floor length mirror. He was vain, it actually made sense.  

"Pigeon?" His voice sounded 'innocence'.

Joker waited for you to answer. When you didn't you felt his head turn to look at you. Then his weight shift.

He tugged at your gag, slipping his fingers between it and your cheek. With a yank, he pulled it out of your mouth.

"There." He immediately reassumed his relaxed pose, using you as a pillow. He nudged you, "Where were we?"

You hesitated before answering, "W-what?"

"Did you enjoy getting those cops killed?" He chuckled. "Oh, I bet you did. I just regret not getting to spend more time with, what's his name? Oh yes, Mr. Kelley." He continued to chuckle under his breath.

"Where are we?" You figured you had nothing to lose by asking.

He completely ignored you and continued talking.

"Thinking back on it, I'd wish I'd use my knife. Guns are so impersonal. Time affective, yes. But I like the feeling of knowing rreeaall afford was put into ending someone's life." He was chatting away happily without a care in the world.

"It makes me all cozy inside when your hand meets the flesh at the end of a blade." He stretched out his arm and rested it on your back. 

"I'll use a knife to kill you, Pigeon...Slow and savory or maybe, rushed and painless. Depends on my mood." He was now barely moving his finger tips, scratching your back as if you were an animal that needed petting.

You listened, completely unfazed. The first time he had talked to you like this left you in complete horror. You were dull to it now, this was normal conversation. Joker, on the other hand, was starry-eyed from the conversation.

"Piiigeoon?" He used the same 'innocence' tone. 

"Yes." You knew the consequence of not answering to be steep.

He quickly rolled his body so he was resting his elbow on your back and propping his head up on his hand. He stopped 'petting' your back and moved to fidgeting with your hair. You couldn't help it, you wiggled your arms trying to make the soreness from being tied, a little less. You froze when he wrapped his hand around one of your wrist. He chuckled.

“How would you kill me, Pigeon?” He paused, waiting to see to you were going to say anything. You made an "Aha" sound but didn't say anything. He grinned. And shifted his body so he was once again on his back using you as a pillow.

“Brutal and messy, I suppose. No style, either. But the rage! Oh, the rage and animosity of the whole thing…” Joker chuckled softly and did a fake shiver.

“Now that would be a real show stopper... I can see it now. You unforeseeably getting the better of me, a well placed hit. Purely out of luck, of course, causing me to get knocked out. Or maybe you get your hands on a gun or knife, a head shot or a blade threw the heart.”

He shifted again, quickly adjusting his whole body so he was straddling your hips.

“You’d, no doubt, want to make sure I’m dead. Repeatedly stabbing me...” His hand roughly grabbed your sides.

"Over..." He tighten his grip.

"and over..." His grip tighten more.

"and...Over..." You wiggled and protested. He chuckled.

“You’d thrust in and pull out the knife, rapidly at first.” He started to mimic a stabbing motion against your back. Doing it a few times then stopping.

“Adrenaline pumping through your body, fueling your anger.” His hand went from the mimiced 'holding a knife' fist to flat, palm down against your back.

“At some point your arm would tire. The stabbing would slow.” He grabbed your upper arm with one hand. While his other hand went for your the nap of your neck, viciously squeezing it. You let out a cringe. You were scared.

“By then the knife...your hand...all covered... in my blood.” He was close, almost completely laying on you.

“Splattered everywhere, no doubt. Oh, Pigeon, it’d be a delightful mess” He was excitedly whispering to you.

You felt The Joker grind against your body. He moved his hand from the back of your neck to the front of it, holding your throat.

“This only happens, remember...if for some reason, I haven’t been able to fight back.” He squeezed hard around your throat, causing you to buck your head upward. He let out a laugh.

“And Mr. J always fight back, baby!” He suddenly adjusted your thighs where he wanted them and reached down to undo his own pants. You struggled, wiggling your body like a worm.

Somehow, you managed to turn to your body  under him. He laughed and manhandled you back over to your belly. The handcuffs, holding your arms behind your back, were cutting into your wrist as you twisted and thrusted about. The cuffs on your ankles allowed you to move your legs, with a little bit more freedom. You could kick them apart few inches. Allowing you to use them to try and scoot yourself up, anything to delay what was about to happen. He hadn’t touch you, like this, since the first time he violated you. You had actually started to think he wasn’t ‘this’ kind of bad guy. The fact that there was NOTHING he wouldn't do, in order to create chaos and mayhem, hadn't fully been comprehended by you...yet.

He grabbed the curve of your waist, roughly squeezing and pinching your skin as he slid his hands up the side of your body, pushing your shirt up. He stopped when he got to your tied arms and started moving back down your body.

The lower he got you pleaded “no, no, no.”

It wasn’t until you gave your finally physical attempt to "fight" him off that you realized something. You went for it. Jerking, twisting, flopping with everything you had. Joker laughed, sitting up on his knees to let you play out your performance. When he'd had enough he laid down on you and forcefully held you as still as he could. This only gave you more cause. Between your oscillating and his tugging and pushing, you were on your back. Face to face. You couldn't help but feel how aroused he was, there was no hiding it. You had already made the connection between him craving and needing physical conflict. Of course, he'd be aroused by it too. You immediately stopped all movement. At first, it appeared you had tired, leaving it so he could easily continue to torment you. Which he did, by touching you slowly and inappropriately. You closed your eyes and took it. Never once cringing or disputing his touch. It quickly became apparent he no longer was enjoying himself and tried to get an reaction out of you:

The pressure on your throat hurt. Your face turned red. You needed air but fought against the urge to gasp for it. His green eyes narrowed as he stared at you. You made no attempts to pull away from him, cry or plead. He bared his teeth, getting anger. You were dizzy now. A final squeeze and he let go of your throat. Air rushed into your lungs making you cough. He grabbed your jaw roughly and turned your head to the side.

"Clever." He snarled into your ear. "But careful... you don't really want to test me, do you?"

Out of nowhere, he pulled a straight razor and opened it so you could see. You closed your eyes at the touch of the cold metal laying flat against your face.

"What wouldn't you miss?" He rubbed the blade down the profile of your nose then your lips.

You were keeping yourself composed. Joker sat  back up, on his knees and continued to slide the razor down your body. You felt the warmth of your blood before you felt the sting of the cut. To the side of your navel, he had made a long cut. You looked down to see how bad it was, still without giving him the reaction he craved and needed.

He called your buff. A huge devilishly grin crossed his face and he quickly made two more cuts. This time, they were a lot deeper and way more painful. Your eyes widened with pain, from what he'd done. Blood quickly flowed over your skin, rolled down your side and soaked into the bed. You struggled to look down but he fought against you, pushing you down-flat on the bed.

He waved his finger in a back and forth motion, getting on to you.

"Party pooper. The funs just starting!"  He laughed loudly. "There's still four more letters to go." 

You immediately started struggling again. You couldn't let this happen without protest.

"Oh, stop. You're going to botch the whole thing. I'd hate to slip. Heehee." He pressed the blade down on your skin.

You jerked causing a unintentional cut.

"See." He looked at you with a 'i told you so look'.

He laughed and examined your bleeding belly. He wiped the blood away with his hand, soaking his glove. He admired his work. Tears filled your eyes and started slowly running down your face. Your crying was very low and soft. You no longer had control of yourself. He snarled at you, tears were a sign of weakness and he despised them. Suddenly, he leaned over and grabbed your face. Covering your mouth and nose with his hand in an effort to stop your sniveling. He wanted screams not crying.

He stared you in the face, lowering his brow. His hand pressed hard against your month. You jerked your face in order to get away from him. A bloodly hand print was smeared across your face from his blood soaked glove. This amused him greatly, making him grin smugly. Almost as if it was a reflex, you popped him in the jaw with your forehead. Your head fell back on the bed in pain. Not a good idea, you'd hurt yourself more than you'd hurt him. He only grinned. Answering your attempt to hurt him, he backhanded you, hard. He was immediately all over you. Readjusting his position, he found his way between your thighs. You moved your head back and forth in protest. You mumbled something. It only caused him to laugh hysterically.

"It's far too late for any of that now." He gave you a wide grin as he entered you and started thrusting...

A gasp exited your lips and you looked away. You focused on the sound of the bed squeaking under the weight of the two of you. There was a steady rhythm to the noise. It wasn't until you heard the squeaking stop that you snapped back into the situation. He was readjusting you for his own benefit. He looked down and forcefully made you look at him. He taunted you with that smile at first. Whatever the expression on your face, it made him frown. Obviously, it wasn't genuine. He was mocking you. He could only hold the frown for so long before he started hysterically laughing, prompting him to start fucking you again.

This time you were unable to omit what was happening, Joker made sure of it. He was in your ear, verbalizing his pleasures.

"You won't survive me, Pigeon. Try as you might." His voice was cheerful and breathy while he thrusted into you over and over.

"All the more reason to enjoy life and all its tiny pleasures." His cheerful voice turned sinister, "While you still can."

Then his laugher exploded again.

"Afterall, I've been told I'm a hell of a good lay." He chuckled deeply.

It was over quickly. You were thankful for that. He crawled off of you and the bed. Immediately, you rolled to your side and pulled your legs up to your body. Like a rollie pollie looking for safety. As you rolled up you cringed. The cuts on your stomach were already sore and throbbing. Not to mention, still weeping blood. Your arms were half asleep from being behind your back and having the weight of yourself and him moving on top of them.

Through your tears you could see the burry outline of The Joker as he peeled out of his blood stained jacket and shirt. He tossed both pieces of clothing on the bed, landing near you.

"Rocko!" He yelled at the top of his voice as his slipped on a clean shirt.

Rocko ran in through one of the doors you hadn't really noticed.

"Yeah, boss?" The goon's eyes drifted toward the mess, that was you.

"Is everything ready? I've got a very important date with Batsy tonight." Joker pampered himself in the mirror. Adjusting his suit, brushing his hair, checking his teeth for food, making a few faces into the mirror...

When he was done, he eccentricitly turned around, "How do I look?" Arms opened as if he was greeting an audience.

"G-great boss." Rocko didn't sound impressed.

The Joker's face turned sour. He wanted a bigger reaction.

"Yes, well, nevermind..." He rolled his eyes.

"While I'm out..." He gestured toward you. "Clean this mess up and watch my pet." 

"Yeah, sure boss. Whatever you say, boss." Rocko answered.

Joker headed to the door, stopping to grab a hat. He flipped it on with style and laughed. He went into the same room that Rocko had come from. You could hear Joker 

There was a uneasy feeling in your head. "Clean" didn't mean kill, did it? You were pulled to your feet and shoved toward the bathroom. Once in there, your feet were uncuffed and you were made to go into the shower stall. Thank goodness. Rocko left you there, shirt and all, standing under the running water only long enough for the blood to be washed away. You stood there, soaking wet. Rocko uncuffed your hands and warned you "no funny business."

A ball of clothing, picked up off the floor, was tossed at you. As you untangled the ball, you realized it was simply some shirts wadded-up and nothing more.

"Really?" You questioned Rocko.

He shrugged, "Ain't got nothing else. It's that or whatcha got on."

He went to snatch the clothes away but you pulled them to you as a way of saying 'ill keep them'. You had a choice of an orange dress shirt, a white, stretched out undershirt with a unknown stain - gross, or an overwashed gray pullover with 0801 across the back and pocket. You peeled out of your wet shirt and hung it over the shower curtain rod. You couldn't help but notice Rocko doing a double take as soon as he saw your belly. You knew it was bad and hadn't brought yourself to look at it again. 

"You're bleeding. Stay put." Rocko ordered as he dug around, looking for something.

Glancing down you saw blood weeping out of the J that had been carved to the right of your navel. You quickly looked away. Out of sight, out of mind. Unsurprisingly, you were given a roll of duct tape. Studying your options you took the under shirt and tore it in half, folded it over and started to tape it to your belly. You managed to cover everything sufficiently. Once you finished buttoning up the orange shirt, Rocko immediately cuffed you again, with the added benefit of having your hands in front of you. Your cuffed ankles caused you to take tiny steps as you followed him out of the bathroom. 

"Sit." He pointed you to a chair he had placed in the middle of the room.

"Stay. Don't make me shoot you." He flashed his gun.

You quietly sit.

To your surprise, Rocko started putting trash into a trashbag. He cleared the room of the empty bottles and food containers, items that could be easily be used as a weapon and actually weapons. He placed them simply on the table. You half watched him and half looked around the room. Regardless of the fragile state you were in, your eyes bounced to from door to door. There were 3, not including the one to the bathroom. You didn't know what was on the other side of any of them. The best option you had was the door Rocko entered in and Joker left through. It wasn't the actually exit, you could tell it lead to another room but you knrw could get to it an exit that way. You made a mental note.


You turned your head to see Rocko flipping over the mattress. It was his way of cleaning the blood, your blood, from the mattress. You blinked slowly as you watched. No matter how hard you tried, you couldn't shake the dazed-over filter that was casted by your mood of defeat. All though not broken, you were certainly in the lowest place you had even been. Those dirty little thoughts like "you're going to die here" were creeping into your head and not wanting to leave.  You felt a tear hit your arm. You quickly wiped away the tears in your eyes. It took everything you had but you kept anymore from forming, at least until you knew you where alone.

When everything was done, you found yourself back on the bed, cuffed to the headbroad. Once Rocko was certain you were secure, he left the room. Making sure to check on you on a regular basis. Where ever you were being held at, now, the goons liked to stay in the other room, keeping their distance from The Joker's 'personal quarters'.

You were exhausted. You turned to your side, used one of your arms as a pillow, with the other one laying over your face.  Immediately, your emotions took over. Hopelessness was an bottomless hole and you had finally jumped into it. You cried as quietly as you could. Angry tears, sad tears, fearful tears, regretful tears, mournful fears, even thankful tears, due to the fact, that you hadn't yet been killed. It was an emotional breakdown.

You didn't remember falling asleep as your eyes shot open. You could feel the whole atmosphere of the room change and he wasn't even in the room yet. Just him being close was enough to heighten your senses and make the air fill with, what seemed to be, an electric spark. You listened intently for confirmation. It came in the form of his laugh from the other room. You listened and waited.

Apparently, exhausted was an understatement. You quickly fell back to sleep. Your eyes shot open again. When the Joker busted threw the door, he ignored you. Only banging around and moving stuff as he looked for something. Once he had found whatever he had been looking for, he left the room, leaving the door open. He yelled insults to his goons and complained about 'the bat'. Once he calmed down, you could still hear his voice but couldn't make out what he was actually saying. You found yourself tearing up again. So you focused your thoughts else where. You found the tone of his voice pacifying your mind, seeing you effortlessly back to sleep.

Chapter Text

35 months from now

You stared at the woman's lips as she talked. The shade of red she was wearing was so simular in color, you couldn't help but picture his smile. You closed your eyes and exhaled slowly, trying to calm your nerves.

"We're ready."

You didn't hear them. You continued to exhale, telling yourself you could do this. Unaware, you rubbed the scars, around your wrist, made by the handcuffes you wore so long. The rubbing had become a nervous habit.

This time it was louder, "We're ready."

You felt a touch on your shoulder. Your eyes popped opened.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm a little nevous." You explain.

"You'll do fine. Just focus on answering the questions. Keep your eyes on me. Remember, its not live TV, so we can take a break whenever you need it." The woman with the red lipstick smiled at you.

You smiled back. You glanced over her shoulder, checking to see if the cops were still there. 


"Hello, Gotham. I'm Summer Gleeson." She gave the camera a welcoming smile.

"Tonight we talk with Y/N. The DA's star wittness in, what some are calling, the trial of the century: The People vs. The Joker." Summer turned to you. "Welcome."

"Thank you." You sounded shy.

"And, thank you for being here, y/n. Firstly, the facts. A little over three years with The Joker?" Summer looked at you.

"Yes." You nodded your head 'yes' also.

"You, the captive. He, the captor."

"That's right." You answered fast.

"Now, I understand there are some things you are not allowed to discuss for legal purposes. The DA was very clear about that. But, the talk of the town right now is: why is a star witness, in such a critical case, is being paraded around in the spot light. Why not maintain a low-key profile?" Summer continued with no time for an answer.

"The DA has made a point of getting your name and face out into the public. Why?"

"Well. As you know, this isn't the the first time the DA has had a witness, who they felt could help turn the tide against Mista..." Hesitation could be heard in your voice, "...The Joker for good."

Summer nodded in agreement but lifted an eyebrow.

"All of t-them. All of them, up to now, have been killed." You added.

"So, why not make sure you are safe and sound, tucked away, hidden from the public eye?" Summer asked.

"That hasn't work thus far. I'm told the idea is safety in numbers. The more people who know who I am. The safer I will be. At least, that's the plan, this time." You chewed at your bottom lip.

"So basically, the DA is betting on keeping you alive by having the whole city help watch and protect you? It's harder to kill someone if every eye is on them."

"Exactly, Summer." You nodded.

Summer flipped through her notes. "The insanity pled. This seems to be the 'get out of jail free' card for The Joker. Rumor is your testimony will forfeit that option for him. Painting him a very sane, very intelligent, very manipulative man, who is very aware of the extent of all of his crimes. Yes?"

You glanced toward one of the cops, who was shanking his head 'no'.

"I'm afraid that's just something I can't comment on. At least, not until after the trial." You kept a straight face.

Summer looked up from her notes, "Very well. Let's go in a different direction. Some of your critics say you, yourself, are a criminal. A criminal with a record, who should also be serving time."

"It's true. Petty thief, breaking and entering, criminal mischief, home invasion, failure to appear, probation violation...I have a record. But a record that, prior to these events, I had already done time for." You were defensive but polite.

"But at the time of your rescue...escape.Let's stop there real fast. There's conflicting reports about how the cops got involved. One has you walking into a downtown precinct, another one is a..."

"That's something that's off limits until after the trial. I'm getting a no from the cop." You gestured toward the cop shanking his head 'no'.

"Oh, alright. To continue. You did have a warrant out for your arrest, correct?" Summer shot back.

"Yes but..." You were interupted.

"A warrant for armed robbery, correct?"

"Yes." You snapped.

"So, it is safe to say that you're not the most credible witness the DA could ask for?" Summer smirked.

"Now hold on. Yes, I have a criminal past with robbery. That, however, doesn't have anything to do with the fact that I was taken against my will and held captive by a man who abused me, over and over and over again, for nothing more than his amusement." It rolled out gracefully.

Summer looked unfazed.

"There have also been reports, that when you were found, you were in good health. Other than a few bumps and bruises, you seemed in order. Your mental health check up, however, showed mild psychosis. In fact, some suggest that you were living with The Joker and not actually being held captive, at that point."

Your head was down and you were shanking it 'no'. You closed your eyes and exhaled slowly. You were silent for a moment before lifting your head and speaking.

"Anyone who believes that, is foolish." You calmly replied. 

Summer studied you. "Alright. Anything else to add? I see you have scars around your wrist. Care to comment?"

You rubbed them. "There from restraines."

It was silent from a while.

Summer crossed her legs. "The Joker has been in Arkham and will remain there til the trial. We have records of you visiting him there. Why did you visit him?"

You looked like a deer in headlights for a moment, "W-well."

"You went on two separate occasions. Both against the DA's advice. Against everyones advice actually. Why?" Summer's eyes narrowed.

"To face him. I had to show him I wasn't afraid." You looked down as you said it.

"So..." Summer started to talk.

You interupted, "I think, I-I needed to see him."

"Needed to see him?" Summer question your meaning.

"Everything was happening so fast around me... I started not wanting to help the cops... I was ready to hide. I'd forgotten what I was doing was a good thing for Gotham."

Summer looked at you for a second or so. 

"After being tossed back into real life, it became overwhelming until...Until I was face to face with him again and was reminded what evil was...It helped me regain my path." You tried explaining a little more clearly.

Before Summer could speak you quickly got up and ignored everyone. You went straight to the restroom and locked the door. You rested you back against the door, while you composed yourself. Once you'd calmed down, you touched the scar next to your navel.

You mumbled to yourself, "You did good." 




 One day after the interview


"Saw your hunny on TV last night." The young guard taunted. 

"I see why you picked that one." He wolf-whistled.

The Joker lifted one of his eyebrows, "Charming." He snarled.

The doctor was due to arrived, any second, to start a session. The two guards were done securing The Joker to his chair.  The older of the two, went back to his post beside the door. While the younger guard sat down in the doctor's chair, facing The Joker. Having the Joker's feet chained and a straight jacket on him gave the guard a false sense of security.

"Hey Sam, be careful." The older guard warned. "If Cash sees you, he'll having your..."

"You worry to much, old man." Sam shrugged off his warning.

"Hey, tell me something." The guard laughed and leaned in toward the Joker, "How was she? Did she put up a fight?"

The Joker looked mildly amused for a second.

He started whispering low enough so only Sam could hear him, "First, tell me something. How did my little Pigeon do? Was she a dismal sight...winning the hearts of Gotham? Playing the impeccable victim?" He grinned.

The look on Sam's face was confusion. "Uh. She seemed nevous, I guess. That reporter grilled her pretty good about the nature of the relationship between t-the t-two of you."

The Joker laughed, it was clear that Sam wasn't the brightest bulb in the pack and hadn't caught on that the Joker was, perhaps, confessing to a collaboration with you. So, he continued to toil with the guard.

Joker gave a big beautiful grin, "If you've heard this story before, don't stop me, because I'd like to hear it again. A clown kidnaps a thief..."

"Hey. I told you, not so close. You can't trust him. What's he telling you?" The older guard interrupted.

The Joker smiled as he looked to the older guard, "I'm not as bad as they say... I'm a lot worse."

His laugher started soft and turned into a maniac hysterical crackling.

"Oh, lighten up guys. I'm only foolin'ya." He gave a warm smile to Sam.

The Joker nodded for Sam to come closer, "You wanted to know how she was?"

Sam smirked.

The Joker started speaking low, causing Sam to lean in, even closer. "She's to die for, Sam."

Sam didn't make a nosie. He couldn't. Joker had gotten him to lean in close enough to bite a huge chunk out of his throat. Before Sam could grab his own throat, his shirt was soaked in blood. Joker causally sat back, watching Sam struggle. He spit the chunk of Sam's neck out, toward the other guard. He grinned. His teeth were bloodly and his mouth was smeared with the Sam's blood. It dripped down his neck and soaked into the collar of his shirt. Sam was on the floor now, the puddle of blood he laid in, grew fast. The Joker splashed his feet around in the blood, laughing cheerfully. The other guard, who had already called for backup, was pulling Sam's body to a safe distance away from the Joker. He held pressure on Sam's neck but it was too late. 

"You monster." The older guard mumbled under his breath.

Emergency guards and medical personnel filled the room. Immediately, taking Sam's body out of the room. After double checking the Joker's restraines, the guards gave Dr. Arkham the okay to enter the room. He carefully studied the Joker, and looked at the blood on the flood. The Joker was still laughing. 

"Get that up." The doctor ordered, seeing the piece of throat on the floor.

This caused the Joker to laugh even harder.

"Leave the jacket on and put him in one of the P. S. Room." Dr. Arkham ordered.




Batcave shortly after The Joker attack


The Joker's laugh echoed throughout the batcave. Batman was watching the video of the Joker attacking Sam, the Arkham Asylum guard. Once it had played through, Batman replayed it over few times before pulling up another video. It was also a surveillance video from Arkham, 3 months prior... 

The angle of the video showed a hallway, where you can be seen standing in front of The Joker's cell. There's no sound. But the two of you appear to argue before a guard intervenes and escorts you away. 

Batman zooms in, trying to read the lips of the Joker. Your back is turned to the camera the whole time. 

"Computer, locate surveillance video from Joker's cell from same encounter." Batman orders. 

As the video plays...

The Joker is seen laying down. His attention is drawn to the hallway. He grins before jumping up and walking to the front of the cell. He holds what appears to be a short conversation with you, the angle still doesn't allow you to be seen on camera. The conversation last only thirty seconds before, what appears to be, yelling starts. Once done, he lays back down and looks right at the camera, smiling.

Batman freezes the video on the Joker.

"What are you up to? You knew I'd be watching this at some point. Didn't you?" Batman mumbled to himself.

Staring at the Joker for a little while longer, he pulls up a clip of your interview with Summer Gleeson. It's the part where you are asked about visiting the Joker. Batman watched your response closely. When it's over he pulls up another video. It's the second visit between the Joker and you, which occurred three weeks prior...


The video plays with sound...

The Joker's hands were cuffed together and also cuffed to the steel table in the middle of the room. He's in Arkham's normal uniform, his number 0801 is on the shirt. He looked well rested, well fed and clean. The guard in the visitation room is the same guard in the other video, the one who allowed you speak to the Joker while he was in his cell. The guard goes out and comes back in with you following him. You're wide eyed. You walk into the room; it's obvious you are nervous.

"You've got fifteen minutes." The guard says to the Joker.

The guard looks at you, "I'm right outside. Yell, if you need me."

You didn't acknowledge or response to him, your eyes were on the Joker. You clumsily sat down across the table from him as you continued to stared at him. Nothing was said at first.

"Get on with it then." His voice broke the silence with a chill.

The video goes blank. The guard unplugged the camera allowing privacy. Batman is unable to see what happens next...

You immediately start to speak, "It's just like you said. Everything. The cops are playing out their role, just as you predicted."

He smiled.

You were leaning forward against the table with your arms stretched out. Your hands nearly touching his.

"I've done everything like you wanted. It's all ready." You smiled with pride.

"We'll see." His brow was lowered. "I've got someone coming to pay you a visit. They think it's a real hit job. Keeping you from turning stoolie. It adds credibility and whatknot. You can bet, the bat is already stiffing around."


"You know I'll make you proud, Mister J." You reached your index finger out and barely touch his hand.

He allowed it before grabbing your fingers and squeezing them slightly. He lifted one eye brow and slowly smirked.

"Come'ere." He ordered.

Immediately, you were up and around the table. Leaning in toward him, so he could whisper into your ear. You smiled as you listened, then happily obeyed.

Ducking under his arm, you popped up between his stretched out, cuffed down arms. You sat down on the edge of the table and straddled him as he stood up and leaned forward. You let one of your arms wrap around his neck, pulling his head to you. Then wasted no time as you started whispering violent little pleasures to him, making him close his eyes. Your fingers were already slipping between his flat abdominal muscles and the elastic waist of his pants, finding their way down to his firm erection.  Stroking him slowly, you dug your nails into his neck, making him moan. You knew exactly what he craved. Roughly grabbing his green hair and pulling his head back. Biting his exposed throat, you started to stroke his dick with more vigor. 

Moaning deeply, he pulled at the cuffs wanting the use of his hands. He wanted more. A quick nod from Mister J was all you needed. He didn't have to speak. You knew what he wanted, you complied willingly. Your skirt went up and his pants down, just enough to accommodate for the situation. You smirked, knowing you hadn't wore underwear, hoping your visit might take this turn. Your elbows rested on his shoulders and your hands grabbed his hair as you braced for his mount. A loud gasp of pleasure escaped your lips as he entered into you with a thrust of his hips. Your bottom lip trembled with excitement. This was one of the many things you had come to missed over the past few months.  Your excitement caused you to continued teasing him with tales of violent delights. As they rolled off your tongue and into his ear, his breathing became heavy and brisk. Your hips pumped back and forth, meeting his stroke midway.

Feeling him pushing against you, you laid back on the table pulling him on top of you. Your hair came into contact with his cuffed hands, he tangled his fingers into your hair and pulled your head back. His teeth and tongue glided against your neck. Rough enough that it made you cringe and moan, with a mix of pleasure and pain. His cuffs had just enough slack to allow one hand around your neck. As he gripped your throat, it was an incredible turn on for the two you.  You arched your back, allowing yourself to get caught up in the moment.   His steady rhythm became incredibly vigorous. He maintained his brusque stroke for a few more minutes before burying his head and climaxing hard. He exhaled loudly and you felt his body relax on top of you. He didn't immediately lift away, instead he rested his head on your chest and starting to talk. 

"I know the bat well enough to know...The old bat boy will be dropping in on you. He'll naturally assume something isn't right, that it's not all what it seems. And once he starts piecing things together he'll try to persuade you he can help."

"The bat'll want to save you from the sinister fate, he just knows awaits." You and the Joker both laugh.

He pushes himself up and looks at you.

"You send him to me, understand." You could feel him cradle your head in his hands. "You worry with the cops and I'll deal the bat. He's not going to spoil our fun."

He leaned in closer, "Keep playing the poor melancholy victim until it's time. The plan will still be executed as discussed."

*Bang bang* The guard hit the door giving the warning that time was almost up.

You quickly grabbed his head, your hands on either side of his face. You force a passionate kiss on him. He didn't return the kiss, only giving you a spiteful look. You slipped out from under him and quickly  made sure nothing was out of sorts. 

The video starts again. Batman can see what is happening...

You are seen standing and the Joker is seated. You immediately leave. And just like before, the Joker looks right into the camera and grins.

Batman pauses the video. 

"Sir, I hate to state the obvious but he's up to something. And the guard responsible for pulling the plug on the video should be dismissed. Appalling." Alfred stood holding a serving tray.

"The young guard the Joker killed last night...He was that guard's replacement. The corrupt guard has disappeared, since his departure from Arkham." Batman's face was somber.

"Rotten luck." Alfred answered.

Batman started playing the video from the attack, again. He tried to inhance the sound. Still unable to hear what the Joker said to the young guard before killing him. 

"The guard's answer would suggest he asked about the interview with Miss y/n. But I know the Joker and he's always got something else up his sleeve. Always." Batman thought out loud.

"But what? And her? I can't put my finger on it. Is she a friend or foe?" Batman studied the paused video.

"Perhaps, sir. It's time she answers a few questions." Alfred suggested.

"Perhaps, so."

Chapter Text

Present day...

You were still cuffed to the bed. It had been...well, the truth was, at this point you could no longer differentiate time. Most "days" you slept. Most "nights" you slept. And even then, you were always fatigued. The body starts to suffer and shutdown after being forced to stay in the same position, day in and day out. Twice a "day", if you were lucky, someone would get you up. You'd get to take eleven steps to the bathroom. Four to the toilet. Three to the sink. And maybe a shower but only on rare occasions, depending on who was playing babysitter. Then it was right back to the bed. Your back ached. Your hips ached. Your shoulders ached. Your arms ached. And your wrist...Your wrist were the worst, by far. They were raw and starting to become infected from being cuffed .

Your body was changing, becoming unhealthy. You had lost a lot of weight. Your diet now consisted of left over junk food that Rocko and anyone else didn't eat. Your body was so malnutrition and in need of protein, that you had stop having your period. When it first stopped, you feared the absolute worse. You didn't think the math added up, but you had considered ways of terminating "it", if it had came to that. But after a while, it became apparent that it was only a side effect of how unhealthy you'd become and not a pregnancy. Having your body not functioning properly had never been such a well welcome relief.

Besides the Joker's goons doing the little bit, that needed to be done, to maintain life in you; no one bothered you. The Joker came and went, mostly only showering or watching TV. He'd watch the news for an hour, then go. He never, so much as, looked at you after that first day. You told yourself you were crazy for doing it but sometimes after seeing him you'd wondered, what did I do? What does it mean? Maybe something had truly started to break in you, that the company of a deranged but brilliant madman, who did nothing but harm you, was missed.

You would have days where you fantasized about escaping. Other days you'd think about eating your favorite food. Sometimes even dreaming about doing 'normal' everyday things was a fantasy worth escaping to. You'd woken up crying, one time, after having a dream about simply washing clothes at home. You knew, if something didn't change, you were going to die or lose your mind. Depending on what came first, both were in close runnings.

Being no cause for trouble, you were becoming invisible. Your existence was becoming nothing. Until a moment came, out of some unknown place, deep in your soul. You literally couldn't take it anymore. Maybe it was just your last little bit of life coming to the surface, like the throes before death. Whatever it was, it would be the catalyst to change everything.

You laid there like normal, rotting away. Suddenly, you lifted your head and dragged yourself up. You wrapped your hands around the bars and shook the headbroad of the bed as hard as you could.

"HEEEEY! HHHHEEEYYY! Hey! Hey! HEYYY, someone!" You screamed and shook the headbroad. "HHEEY, ASSHOLES!"

"Someone fucking answer me!" You continued to make noise. "HHEEY! HEEY!"

You pulled yourself up to your knees and then flipped around so your feet and legs were pushing against the headboard. Your wrist were bleeding and throbbing but you didn't care. You used your feet and kicked the headboard against the wall as hard as you could, over and over.

"HEY! FUCK you guys! Heeey!" You heard an inaudible yell come from somewhere. It only made you scream louder and longer.

When one of them came through the door, you couldn't help but smile. You felt success.

"What the hell ya goin' on about?" It was Rocko.

"Rocko! Rocko, you have to--" You took a deep breath. You had over asserting yourself.

He turned to leave.

"WAIT! NO! Please don't. You have to..." You quickly glanced at the cuffs and shook them while speaking.

"...let me get up. Cuff me anywhere, anywhere but here." You pleaded.

As he started to leave again, you began to scream and show your ass again.

He quickly walked over to you, "You gotta shut up. Mister J, he'll kill you. He's been on the warpath."

"No. You. Have. Move me!" Again you shook the headbroad. "You have too! Let me walk around for just five minutes. Please. Please, please-please-please."

"Look, calm down." Rocko was now pleading with you. He clearly didn't want to have to deal with the boss.

"I'll hush. Just get me OUT. OF. THIS. FUCKING. BED!" You kicked against the bed with each word you screamed.

"Let her up." His voice made both of you turned and look towards the doorway. "If she wants to play, then let her play, Rocko, my boy."

The Joker was standing there in purple pants, black shirt, green vest, white string tie and a purple hat. You couldn't see his eyes, due the shadow the hat cast, but you could see his grin.

"Yes'sir." Rocko replied.

"And Rocko..." His grin was gone.

Rocko's voice trembled, "Y-yes-s?"

"...Assertions about who I may or may not kill... Aren't yours to make." The threat was very clear, at to you. Rocko, not so much.

He turned around and left from view.

Rocko looked defeated as he unlocked one of your cuffs and removed it from around one of the bars on the headboard. You cringed and moaned as he cuffed it back onto you.

"I need to use the restroom." You demanded.

Rocko said nothing, only showing you toward it with his hand.

"No." He stopped you from closing the door.

"Leave it open." He ordered.

You made a point to stare him down as you used the toilet. It was your way of protesting. It was uncomfortable for the both of you, but you were feeling pretty frisky, having won a small battle. You washed your wrist as good as you could, the water burned them. You splashed water on your face and drank some from your cupped hands. Rocko must have taken pity on you. As you walked back to the door he stood blocking it.

"Hands." He ordered.

You held them out and he uncuffed them.

"Make it quick." He said pointing to the shower.

A smile crossed your face and you immediately began to undress, peeling out of the orange button down shirt. You turned the water on, letting it dance between your fingers as you waited for the temperature to warm up. You were so excited that once you felt the cold start to vanish, you climbed on in. For a moment, you allowed the water to just roll down over your face and tickle your body. Your arms wrapped around your trunk, giving yourself a hug, as you leaned against the shower wall. It was hard not to be overwhelmed by this small pleasure. Once you'd had your moment, you began to wash quickly, fearful of being forced out before you could finish. You took extra care as you washed your wrist. After finishing up washing everything thoroughly, you turned to let the water roll over your shoulders and down your back. You wanted to make sure to get every bit of enjoyment out of this that you could. Your hand brushed against the J carved into your belly. It was healed and scared over. You had made a point to ignore it as much as you could. Tracing it with your finger, you looked down at. Then quickly placed your hand over it, putting it out of your mind.

You wiped the fog off the mirror. Staring back at you was someone different. You didn't quite look like yourself anymore. There was no longer any sparkle in your eyes , they looked tried and dark circles in cased them. Your face was thinner. Your lips had lost most of their healthy color. You tried running your fingers through your hair. Tiny little dreads were starting to form as a result of not being maintained. You noticed, that, overtime, you had lost all your earrings but one. Looking at its tiny reflection in the mirror, you shook your head and then took it out. A small white gold stud, in the shape of a little bird, rest between your finger and thumb. You couldn't help but laugh, foreshadowing gone unnoticed. You started to drop it down the drain but stopped. Holding it up and twisting it, you whispered to it, "you might just be my good luck." You put it back into your ear.

There was the orange shirt you had been living in, you tossed it aside. It could have easily been labeled toxic waste at this point. You glanced at the door. Rocko was near the door but looking at the TV. So instead of inquiring about clothes, you looked around. Your eyes landed on the gray pull over shirt. It was still on the towel rack, where you had hung it after having been given it in a ball of dirty clothes. You examined it. Besides the 0801 across the back and on the pocket, inside the collar was an iron-on tag: Arkham Asylum-Patient 0801-"unknown". You knew his history when it came to Arkham, everyone in Gotham did. You put your arms through the sleeves, as you pulled it over your head, your eyes closed from delight. Somehow, the shirt still smelled like him. There was something about his scent that appealed to you on a primal level. You couldn't help it. 'Woe is me, escape my fate' you thought, as you finished slipping the shirt on.

Walking out of the door, Rocko immediately looked up. He cuffed your hands back together, using care. You watched him as he made sure to leave a little more room between your wrist and the cuffs then before.

"You have a kind heart." You spoke quietly. "Tha--"

He interrupted, "No but I got a few sisters. Hush."

You smirked. He did have kindness somewhere in there. Once done, he started leading you in the direction of the other door. Then he continued to lead you out into a small dark hallway. At one end, you could see an exit sign above a door. So close, you thought, as you stared at it.

"Don't think about it. Ya gotten it easy, kid. Don't go making' things hard for yaself." He warned.

As he led you away from the exit, you passed two restrooms, a ladies and a gentlemans. Then the hallway made a 90° turn to the left, it opened up into a huge room. Immediately, you could tell it was a old abandoned strip club. The small apartment must have been rented out to make extra money or a place for the girls shuddered to think. Looking around, the place had been transformed. Joker faces' were painted on old pictures of girls, that hung on the walls. There was different circus-like and fair-like stuff decorating the place. The Joker must have found the stuff humours. In the middle of the room, there were multiple tables, covered with tons of different kinds of equipment. Your eyes could see everything ranging from computers to weapons to rubber chickens. You were kind of impressed by what you saw, anyone would be. It looked like the Joker was preparing for one hell of a fight.

In the far corner, you recognize Rocko's brother and one other guy playing cards. From there, you scanned the room looking for him. He was far across the room, sitting down at a table, surrounded by more of the same. He appeared to be writing. He had taken his hat off and his green hair simmered when his head moved just right in the light. You were shoved in his direction. You looked at Rocko and he nodded toward the Joker.

"Go. The boss wants to talk." He nodded toward him again.

You looked to the Joker, then back to Rocko, hesitating to take a step. He shoved you once more, harder this time.

"OK-OK. I'm going!" You snapped hatefully at him.

It was loud enough that it made the Joker glance up at you. He watched you for a moment, then went right back to work.

You slowly walked, dreading each step the closer you got to him. Once you were half-way across the room you looked back to see Rocko, who was already back at the table with the other guys, getting ready to play a hand of cards. You stopped a few feet away from the Joker. You knew, he knew, you were there. So after waiting a minute or so you went around to the other side of the table, in order to look right at him. Finally he looked up at you, he started to look back down when his eyes landed on the shirt you wore. He stared at the 0801 on the pocket. You looked down at the number then back up at him. His lips were pressed together. He looked agitated by the sight of it.  Lifting his eyebrow, he went back to writing out, what looked like to you, chemical formulas.

You said nothing, standing almost like you were at attention, as you watched him concentrate on his work. He kept his brow lowered as he scribbled across the paper, sometimes even squinting. Anytime he would squint, he'd also stick the very tip of his tongue out and rub his bottom lip with it. An explosion of laugher, from across the room, caused you to jump and caused the Joker to slam his pencil down loudly on the table. He cleared his throat then baring his teeth he slowly spun around in his chair. The goons instantly went silent and stood up. Joker sat there and scoured at them. Suddenly standing, he pulled a gun and began randomly shooting in their direction.

"Christ, boss." One of them yelled out, as they all ducked and ran for cover.

He stopped but only after he'd unloaded the whole clip. Lucky for them, he'd aimed poorly on proposed. He had gotten his point across.

"We didn't mean nothin' boss."

"For the love of everything funny! I get stuck with the biggest buffoons in Gotham!" He threw the empty gun at the men. It hit the table causing the poker chips to go flying.

"GET OUT!" His voice echoed.

"Sorry boss." Rocko looked like a bullied little kid on the playground as he and the others hurried out.

You were ducked behind the table that the Joker had been sitting at, peeking over the top of it, your fingertips holding onto the edge. You remained there as the Joker return to his chair in a huff. It was silent enough, so that when you moved, the chain between your cuffs jingling could be heard. The sound caused him to turned his head just slightly. He slowly spun around in his chair and smirked when he saw you. He leaned on the table with his elbows and crossed his fingers together, giving you a charismatic smile. You continued to watched him from over the top of the table. He motioned for you to stand up with one finger. You did so.

"Crouching behind a table...That's not the little bird that was chirping so loudy just an hour ago." He relaxed back into the chair, keeping his elbows on the table.

"In fact, I'd just about given up on you. Allowing yourself to waste away in there." He grinned. "But, now."

You stood staring at him. What could you say? There was nothing to say. He stared back at you for a long time.

"You wanted..." He got up and started to walk around the table, "...something."

Once beside you, he half-way stood and half-way sat on the table, making him almost eye level with you.

"...Yyeeesss?" He took your chin into his hand as he cooed out the word 'yes' in a charming manner.

He gently moved your chin back and forth a few times as he gazed at you.

"Hhmmmmm?" He wanted an answer.

"I-I..." He let your chin go as you started to talk. "...needed to stretch."

He rested his elbow on his leg and leaned on it as he listened.

You nervously bounced your eyes around, looking at him and then quickly down at the floor and then back up to him.

"And have you, stretched enough?" He sounded so kind.

You hesitantly shook your head 'yes'.

"Well then!" He jumped up suddenly and full of energy, "That is just wonderful, isn't it?"

He spun around beside you and put his arm around your shoulders, pulling you in tightly against him.

Pulling you along with him as he started to walk.

"Let me show you around our trou à merde, then." He cheerfully announced, raising his other arm as if he was presenting the place to you.

His hand casually dangled over your shoulder as he walked you across the large room. He stopped at one of the tables. There was a collection of miscellaneous cell phones, tablets, wallets, jewelry and weapons. Once he'd picked up one of the guns from the table, he guided you over to another table. This table had an array of bottles containing green liquid. There were a ton of spray cans also. Everything was labeled with "HA HA!" and smiley faces with Xs for eyes.

He used the gun to point as he spoke, "The infamous Joker Venom. All, of course, ranging from lethal to...very lethal." He laughed.

There were also a few flowers on the table. The same ones he wore on his lapel. The idea that you had rolled around on the floor before, fighting with this man, with something so deadly, so close, kind of made you feel sick to your stomach. You studied the items on the table. He grinned proudly. Then you felt a sting.

"What was that?" Panic was in your voice as your hand covered spot on your neck where the stinging sensation came from.

You had been stuck with a needle. You stepped back away from him as you held your neck. He tossed the syringe onto the table, giving you a smug smile as he crossed his arms behind his back.

"Can't have you running around here, unvaccinated. That would make me an irresponsible pet owner." He laughed. "There's a good girl."

You looked completely perplexed and it caused him to fake a frown.

"Oh, cheer up!" He threw his arms up.

"It's only anti-venom." He went to wrap his arm around you again but you pulled away.

He curled his lip and roughly grabbed your arm, pulling you to him. He then suddenly smiled again and put his arm around you, like he wanted.

"Would a thank you kill ya..." He mumbled.

He yanked you along. For some reason it made you feel bad. But you didn't have the courage to actually say 'thank you'. Then you silently screamed at yourself, are you crazy?

He still had the gun in one hand, waving it around as he continued to talked. You eyeballed it, from time to time, as he walked you around his lair.

"Eww, no touching." He pointed and made a face as the two of you walked by an old striper pole.

"You'd probably get a STD..."

Then he used a disappointing voice to add to the joke, "...and not the fun kind."

You couldn't help but snicker, which amused him.

He laughed and squeeze your shoulder. After a few more steps the two of you were at the beginning of the small hallway. He stopped.

"We have a dilemma, you and I, Pigeon." He looked down at you, while keeping his arm around you.

"You don't want to be chained up and I, believe it or not, can understand that. You want the wind in your hair, breeze on your face. But you have to understand my position too. If you decide to relinquish your post as my pet and tried to run off......Well, you see the problem." He grinned the whole time as he spoke.

"So, how's about we make a deal?" You stared ahead as he talked.

He then dangled the gun, by it's trigger guard, in front of you. You looked at it then you looked up at him.

"Take it. Let's see how much fight you've got left...And if it's enough..." He offered the gun, "I'll let you go."

He grinned, "Deal?"

You didn't hesitate. You grabbed the gun and elbowed him in the side. He laughed and let you get a few step away from him. You pointed the gun at him. The thought that it wasn't loaded crossed your mind but only after the fact. It was too late. You'd already jump feet first into shit creek.

"Just let me go." You glanced toward to exit at the end of the hallway.

You were slowly backing up toward it. And he was slowly following you. He didn't seem worried at all and that worried you. You quickly glanced toward the exit and back to him. Can I make it? Is it even open? You quickly decided that you may have better luck running the other way and finding the front door. The guys left that way earlier. After a quick debate inside your head, you put the gun down, holding in front of you.

"I can't win this game. Not this time." You looked at him.

He stood there, very relaxed.

"I don't know but I'm pretty sure that door..." You glanced back quickly to the one behind you. "...There's no way it's unlocked. And even if I did make it pass you, I have no clue where the front door is."

You stepped toward him.

You slightly lifted the gun, "does it even have bullets?"

"Find out." His grin was evil as he said it.

You thought about it and that's exactly what he wanted. He wanted you distracted for a split second. Grabbing the chain between your cuffs and jerking it with extreme force, he had you. It happened so fast that you didn't stand a chance. The only thing you felt was intense pain from your both of your wrist before nothing. You were out. You had been slung around by the handcuffs and slammed violently into the wall. Your whole body being sent flying through the air and coming to an abrupt stop, knocked the air out of you and caused you to blackout. You were a heap of dead weight on the floor.

He had used so much force, that the drywall cracked when you made contact with the wall. He laughed as he looked down at you. Then he kneeled down over you and continuing to studied you.

"Pigeon, Pigeon, Pigeon." He shook his head as he looked at your unconscious body.

"I win." He whispered and started laughing.

He looked around and reached for the gun, picking it off the floor. He held it up and pulled the trigger. A 'bang' flag came rolling out of the end of it. He laughed.

"Well...It would have been funny." He mumbled and shrugged, then he tossed the gun back down.

He looked at you again, moving the hair out of your face. His eyes moved from your face, down toward your shirt. Reaching down, he pitched the pocket of it. He ran his thumb over the 0801 and curled up his nose up. Letting go of the shirt, he rubbed his fingers together like he was dusting off something gross. He leaned over you and grabbed your arms. Lifting you enough, he slipped one arm under your back. Then he slipped the other arm under your knees. From a squatting position, he lifted you to his chest as he stood up. Your feet dangled, your arms and hands rested in you lap. Your head fell back, allowing your hair to sway freely in the air. He carried you down the hall and back to your prison.

He headed toward the bed but stopped at hearing someone said 'Batman' on the TV. He turned toward the small TV and watched for a moment. It was another report on whether or not Batman helps or hurts the city. Apparently the bat was responsible for making some "arrest" last night.

The Joker squinted at the TV, "hem."

He was most unimpressed; whether it was the reporting or Batman or both, who knew.

Giving your body a small toss-like action, he bettered his grip on you while he continued to watch. Once the news story was over, he walked over to the bed and causally tossed your body down without care. Turning on a small lamp he looked at you. He attention immediately went to your wrists. Your skin was so red and inflamed. They were weeping a blood and what appeared to be pus, caused by an infection. He hooked his finger around the chain between the cuffs and lifted your hands, causing your arms to stretch out. After getting a closer look, he let go, letting arms fall.

He crossed his arms, tucking his head down with his chin resting on his fist, while he studied you. He appeared to be debating, shaking his head 'yes'. After a moment, he exhaled deeply, put his arms down and got to work.

Chapter Text

Moving your head, your hand automatically shot up and rubbed the side of it. Your fingertips gently massaged a huge knot near the top, left side of your head. You squint your eyes shut, wincing out of pain. Moving your arm down, you felt some soreness in your left shoulder too. You gather your thoughts, the last thing you remembered was the Joker walking you around. You forced your eyes open. The dim darkness of the room was welcomed. As you laid on your side, you realized you were back in the bed. Your heart sank. You shifted your body over onto your back. You immediately felt a very familiar sensation and weight around your ankle.

You quickly sat up.

"Not again" was the only thing that crossed your mind.

"No-no-no-no-no..." They shot out of your mouth like rapid fire, while your hands quickly followed your leg all the way down to your ankle.

You felt the cuff securely around your ankle, then your hands started to pull the chain. It gathering up into a small pile, until it was pulled touted. You then quickly got up and followed the chain to its origin. It was locked around the radiator. You fell to your knees and started feeling of the chain and lock, looking for a weak spot, somewhere. You sat on the floor, your knees up and your arms resting over them. You were surprising composed. The initial disappointment and panic you felt was gone. You've been here before, you told yourself. It could be worse. If anything, you had more freedom than you did a few hours ago.

Once your head was cleared, you held both of your hands up. It had just dawned on you that they were no longer cuffed together. You looked at them, like you needed to confirm that the cuffs, that you had become so accustomed to, were actually gone. Bandages were wrapped around both of your wrists. You rubbed each wrist feeling of the bandages, cringing as you did it. Even covered and cared for, they were tender and hurt.

Your attention was suddenly drawn elsewhere, you heard whistling. You stood up and walked toward the tune, knowing immediately that it was the Joker whistling. He was in the bathroom, door shut and shower running. After listening and deciding he was going to be in there for a while, you walked to the closest side table and opened the small drawer on the table. The plan was to use this "alone" time to find something, anything, that could be of use to you.

The drawer appeared empty. You ran your hand all the way to the back of it, making sure it was empty. Your hand found a piece a paper. Pulling it out, you unfolded it and immediately balled it up and threw it, as hard as you could, cross the room. You quickly moved to the next drawer and forcefully yanked it open. It was empty, with only a folded piece of paper in it. You slowly reach for it then unfolded it. It read the same as the other note: HA! HA! HA! Love J

You dropped it and moved on to the next drawer. You opened it and found only a note. After opening them all,  every single one of them was the same. He had went through and cleaned the whole place out, leaving his little "love" notes in every drawer. You exhaled deeply, out of defeat, as you stood there. You looked toward the bathroom door, the whistling had stopped but he was still showering. So you looked around the room again. You smirked and walked over to the TV.  A huge grin crossed your face as you changed the channels rapidly. Once you'd gotten that out of your system, your eyes landed on the small refrigerator sitting on the kitchen cabinet. You headed towards it. Ever step you took, you expected to feel the chain tighten and not give you anymore distance, but it didn't. You could reach just about everything in the room. Your hand wrapped around the handle of the small frig but suddenly you heard the shower cut off.

It made you panic. You quickly walked back to the bed, where he had left you, and sat down. Not knowing what to do, you crossed your legs and acted like you were watching tv. You rested your elbow on your knee and cradled your chin in your hand. An infomercial for A.C.E. Chemical Household Cleaning Supplies was playing on the TV.

"It must be the middle of the night for an infomercial to be on", you thought.

Your attention, however, wasn't really on the infomercial. You listened carefully to what was happening in the bathroom, hearing him moving around. The Joker started whistling again, then the door opened. You straighten your body but remained crossed legged, as you stared at the doorway. The smell of soap and steam hit you nose. He abruptly stopped whistling as soon as he saw you sitting on the bed. He took a step out of the doorway, wearing only a towel around his waist. He looked over the room and grinned. He saw the notes thrown around the room and some of the drawers were left halfway open. His grin turned to laughter as he looked back at you.

You were still eyeballing him. He lifted both eyebrows, rapidly moving them up and down in a very comedic 'got ya' fashion. You kept a watch on him as he groomed. He went back into the bathroom. Many times prior to now, he had showered with you right there on the bed, but you had never watched his routine this closely before. You could see the mirror and sink from your spot. The Joker's back was partially turned to you, he gazed into the mirror as he combed his hair. He was whistling again, only stopping long enough to give himself a smile in mirror, then he'd start whistling again. Even under the circumstances, there was something humorous about it. Even if you didn't laugh.

Your eyes moved down from his hair, pass the nape of his neck, then to his back. You could see scars. Some small, most of them large, all stood out against his pale skin. You assumed they were from his battles with the bat. He was lean and toned. By all standards, a good looking man. Regardless of everything; The Joker was attractive. Suddenly, you felt yourself blushing. Turning your head away, you tightly closed your eyes. You must have hit your head pretty hard, you thought. You kept them closed until hearing him come out of the bathroom. They shot open quickly and you looked at him. He paused to give you a suspicious look before continuing to walk over to where he kept his clothes. You tried to maintain the guise that your were watching the TV, but your eyes were on him. He turned his head and glanced at you, your eyes quickly shot back toward the TV.

"Unbelievable! Appalling! Caught in the act...No peeking at the goods, kid." He was teasing you in a very charming tone.

You, of course, ignored him. But you could see, out of the corner of your eye, that he was grinning as he looked over his shoulder. Finally, he got on with it, putting on a pair of colorful boxers and a white undershirt. Once he was half dressed, he turned his undivided attention to you, walking over to the bed.

Once at the bed, he spun around and flamboyantly threw himself down on the empty side. His tall body elegantly stretched out. He crossed his feet and rested one arm under his head. The other arm relaxed across his belly. You tried to scrambled off the bed, wanting to put as much distance between him and yourself as possible. Your reaction only fed his ego and made him laugh.

"Still not ready to play house with old Uncle Joker?" He grinned devilish.

You were facing away from him but turned toward him, after hearing his comment. You had a horrible look of repulsiveness on your face.

He frowned, "What?...Was it something I said. Hee-hee."

You snarled your face at him.

"Well, aren't you just a meanie." He stuck his tongue out, like a kid taunting another one. It was clear he was in an absolutely wonderful mood.

"And after everything I've done for you toooo." Using his imitation sad voice.

You unintentionally rubbed one of the bandages around your wrist. He grinned seeing you do it. You noticed that he was casually wiggling his foot in rhythm to a commercial jingle that was on the TV. You glanced at his foot, then moved your eyes back to his face. He grinned when your eyes met his. Taking his hand, he patted the empty side of the bed. It was more of an invitation, instead of a command. He wanted you to come and sit down. You continued to stand there. He shrugged and place his hand back across his belly.

You were so specious of him and with good reason. If you had learned anything, it was this simple. The Joker's moods came and went, as fast as the wind. They were unpredictable. He could be malicious and murderous. He could be bewitching and bubbly. Between shooting at Rocko and the guys, and the assumed beat-down he'd given you earlier, he was left in a pleasant, chipper mood. The problem, the thing that made him so dangerous, was how his moods changed so abruptly, it was impossible not to get caught in the roller coaster's path on its way down.

"Bring me the remote...Pleeeaassssee." He delivered a cheesy grin.

It was a poor deploy, done intentionally. You exhaled deeply, you knew he was baiting you. But what choice did you really have? The other option would eventually end up with you getting hurt. You walked over to the TV, grabbed the remote and slowly made your way to him. Once you'd gotten close enough, he lifted his hand from his abdomen and stretched it out. As soon as you went to placed it in his hand, his other arm flew out from under his head, grabbing the bottom hem of your shirt. Because you had been anticipating that he was going to do something, you didn't react. You only stood there, staring at him.

He slowly twisted some of the shirt around his fingers and smiled. He continued to twist it, causing the shirt to tighten around your hips. He gave the shirt a playful pull, causing your body to sway. You looked ahead, unamused. He tugged it again. Hard enough this time, that you had to take a step to brace yourself. You still had the remote, he never actually took it. With attitude, you dropped it on him. That was the catalyst.

He quickly slung his leg down, over the edge of the bed, as he sat up. His arm went behind you and hooked around your legs, pulling you down into the bed. You barely resisted, letting him manhandle you to the middle of the bed. Ending up on your side, you tucked your arms against your chest, bending your elbows. He wasn't being overly violent, just forceful and demanding. When he finally stopped wiggling and squirming, he was nestled up against your body. His left arm was under you and wrapped up over your chest and arms. His right arm was free to do whatever he pleased, while his leg was bent and hooked over the top of both your legs. He had you in a full body bear hug.

You could feel every tiny movement that came from him. Unsure of what to expect, you were ready for the worse but hoped for the best. He started to brush your hair out of your face. You pushed your face toward the head of the bed, trying to pull away from the touch of his hand. But moving your head, caused your chin to lift and exposed your neck. He went right for it, putting his hand around your throat. His breathing was heavy and you could hear him make tiny little moans of approval, as he held your throat. When he finally moved his hand, he rested it on the peak of your hip. You felt his hand touch your bare skin. You realized your shirt, that normally fell mid thigh, had gotten pushed up too far for your comfort. Immediately, you untucked your arm and tried pulling the shirt down. He stopped you, grabbing your hand and roughly slinging it away. You repeated the action, causing him to, again, grab your hand and sling it away. You suddenly felt his head nuzzle against your own as he placed his mouth near your ear.

"Here, let me." He ordered.

He was already pushing your shirt up higher, when his hand slipped underneath it. A gasp left your lips. His hand traveled up and brushed your navel, then his fingers traced the scar on your belly. As his finger tips glided over the J, he snickered into your ear. Once he was done taunting, he pulled your shirt down so it was fully covering you, and gave the side of your rump a pat.

He let out a slow giggle that grew into a full laugh.

Then he started to speak.

"You know, physical contact..." Using his whole body, he cuddled you to emphasize the words.

"...Is a necessity for humans. But depending on how it's bestowed, it can be responsible for so many responses..." He chuckled in a deep voice that tickled your ear, causing you to flinch.

"It can calm or create, anxiety." He caressed the back of his fingers along the curve of your face and down your neck, making your body tense up. "See."

"Touch is also necessary for bonding and intimacy." He gave you another full body cuddle.

"They say, the more two people touch, the easier intimacy becomes..." His voice sadden, "But you don't seem to like me very much..." He snickered darkly.

Then his voice went cheerful. "But what kind of touch and what kind intimacy? There are just so many types..."

He bent his knee and wiggled his bare foot between your lower legs.

He went back to using his charming voice. "For some it's a kiss or hug."  You felt his toes curl as he said 'hug'. "All that superficial fluff that's easily fake. Like now, Pigeon. Anyone can counterfeit that kind of affection."

"For others, well...For others, like us...our bond is love of chaos. Savagery lurks in you... bubbling to the surface just long enough for, those who recognize it, to see a glimpse." His voice was seductive. "And it lurks in you. Oh, you know I'm right."

"I'm nothing like you." You whispered it in the calmest manner.

He grinned and continued talking.

"Oh, Pigeon...It can be our little secret." He started whispering, "I won't tell...if you don't."

"It's only fair, I suppose...I've told you my secrets and you..." He chuckled softly.

His tone became threatening, "...Well, you keep them. Don't you?"

"I mean," He suddenly became cheerful while he taunted you. "It's not like you're going to tell anyone...Are you, Pigeon? Hmmm...I mean, where are you going to go? Who are you going to tell? HAha-haha." He laughed loudly.

You kept still, breathing calmly. Your body was relaxed and for lack of a better description, you were comfortable. You knew exactly what he was going on about. He had shared detailed information with you before about crimes he'd committed in the past, details of certain killings that stood out in his mind, war stories of him and Batman, and ideas about what he had in store for Gotham and the bat. It was the kind of stuff that you would "take to your grave", as he put it.

"But you know...besides the few sneaky little endeavors I dug up on you...most, of which, were unoriginal...certainly not the stuff of legend." He laughed.

He lifted his head from its resting spot where it was nestled against yours and looked down at you. He gave you a nudge to get you to open your eyes. You immediately turned your head to look at him, he waited for your eyes to meet his.

Then he addressed you, "It was most disappointing. I really must say. I expected more obscene activities from such a distinguished thief and criminal..."

He frown. "But noo..."

Putting his head back down, he adjusted his whole body. Rolling over, so he was laying on his back. His right arm went under his head. He kept his other arm under you, only unwrapping it from around you and stretching it out. His legs stretching out straight too. You stayed put, remaining on your side.

Once settled, he started to laugh slowly.

"But that doesn't mean..." He suddenly curled up his arm that was still under you, so he had you in a playful headlock, giving you a noogie. " don't have any rreeaall secrets, does it kid?"  

You cringed as the bump on your head got rubbed.

"HA ha ha Ha-HA." He let out a full-fledge "Joker" laugh.

He stopped suddenly, going back to his prior relaxed position, leaving his arm around your head. His hand rested palm down on your forehead.

"And one day...ooh yes, one day, you'll tell me all those dark and dirty deeds..." You could hear the enthusiasm and lust in his voice.

"...the ones you keep all stowed and stashed away in there." He started stroking your head with his fingers; starting at your forehead and moving back through your hair.

He continued to talk and make small threats. He also continued to stroke your hair. You laid there listening, making comments here and there. When he was in an excellent mood these conversations would go on and on. His voice got lower and softer as he went on. After a while his voice turned into a soothing rhythm of sound to you. Unaware, you shifted your body to accommodate your comfort the sleeper you got. Your eyes got heavy and heavier with every slow stroke he made over your head.

Chapter Text


You smiled, seeing him. He reached for you, spinning you around and pulling to close. As your back softly may contact against him, he locked his long arms around you body in an embrace. You turned your head and rubbed your cheek on the fabric of his shirt. Your hands reached up and gently squeezed his forearm as a sign of affection. You felt him give the top of your head a kiss, as he gave you tight squeeze before releasing you from the hug. He moved his hands down your sides before grabbing your hips and pulling you to him. He towered over you, even as he slumped down, nipping and caressing your neck with a fierce passion. His lips tickled your skin, causing your body to long for him. You quickly turned around to face him. Looking up at him, he placed his finger under your chin. He smirked at you, knowing you were putty in his hands. You were mesmerize, as always, by his gaze. Those green emeril eyes, that pierced straight through you, could have you purring at him with one glance..


You woke up calmly. You laid there, breathing heavy and staring into the semi-darkness. There was a slight smile on your face. Your heart felt like it was going to jump out of your chest. You didn't seem to care that it involved him. The emotional rush from the dream left you with a longing, in a daze of lust. It felt so real, to be so far from reality. You causally rolled over.

Immediately, you sat up and scrambled back til you felt the edge of the bed. You heard him grunt and adjust his position, from having you roll into him. You were suddenly fearful, having been shocked back into reality. You stared down at him, waiting to see if whether or not you had woken a sleeping dragon. You squinted, trying to focus through the dark. You could see the pale outline of his arms tucked under head.

You gasped when you heard him.

"Boo." He said it softly.

As soon as he smiled, you could see his bright white grin in the dark. Your reflex was to flee, but before you could his hand was tightly around your forearm.

"What? Leaving so soon? Cheap whores get more respect." He laughed slowly and deeply.

He gave your arm a squeeze then let go of it. You didn't move. You felt embarrassed. You didn't know what to do. You just wanted to leave.

"I-l'm, I'm just going to the restroom." You waited for him to say or do something.

He didn't. He only shifted and tucked his arm back under his head.

You quickly got up and went into the bathroom. The door only closed so far, the chain required that a small crack remain. You stood there on the other side of the door, scolding yourself. You turned on the water and washed your face. You were wasting time, having not really needed the 'use' the bathroom. You felt the knot on your head. You still couldn't really remember. You pulled up your sleeve to look at your shoulder, it had bursied and was a deep shade of purple now. You looked at yourself in the mirror, and though...he did this to you. He's done it all to you. Don't forget.

You opened the door quietly. The light from the bathroom hit the bottom half of the bed. You could see he was still where you had left him. He was very still, eyes closed, one arm behind his head, the other rested on top of his chest. You watched his chest move up and down very slowly. He appeared to have fallen back asleep. You turned the light out and quickly walked out.  

You slowly tip toed across the room. You didn't want to get back into the bed. You looked toward the TV, it was still on but had been muted. You made your way to it and sat down on your knees, in front of it. You looked for the remote and remembered that it was on the bed. You felt around until you found the channel button and started flipping through them. Stopping when something caught your eye. It was a local early morning news show and right there across the screen was the date. It had been just over year. You stared at the date until it went off and they started scrolling other information. Suddenly, everything started running through your head. A year of your life, gone. You tried to recall why, having listened to the Joker watch news so many time before, you hadn't realized it had been a year. You had no answer. The longer you sat there, the angrier you got. Your head turned toward the bed and scowled at that green haired monster. You calmly got up, quietly walk over the side of the bed and glared down at him. 

Your eyes moved down the entire length of his body and back up again until they were once more studying his face. Resentment and bitterness stirred. But so did admiration and regard. However, your anger over shadowed everything, at that moment. Suddenly, everything became a possible weapon. The lamp, too flimsy and not heavy enough. Side table, no. Your hands, maybe. Your eyes widen. You quietly went into the bathroom and stared, the back of the toilet. Perfect. You carefully removed it, cringing in silence when it would make the slightest noise. You took it in your hands. It was heavy enough. You moved to the doorway and looked at him. He still seemed to be a sleep, making small noises as he slept.

You retook your position at the edge of the bed. You weighted all options to yourself. You'll get one good hit. And if it doesn't knock him out or kill him, it's at least going hurt like hell. Hurt enough to make him really pissed. Can you handle him? You stared at him. His hair was messy and his face was peacful. Everything you actually liked about him crossed your mind. You forced yourself to think about all the troubling and harmful acts he'd committed against you, against Cal, against all the untold others. Your hands gripped the heavy tank lid and you started to lift it.

You could feel your arms trembling, your breathing alone should have woken him. You were panting loudly, excitement and turmoil was churning. The hesitation you felt was normal, you told yourself. You aimed, but didn't swing. Loathing and fear started building but not toward him. You feared something else. You quickly put your arms down and held the lid in one hand, beside your leg. Tears were forming, so you clenched your eyes tightly closed. When you finally opened them back up, they met his glaze.

He slowly formed a smile. Fearing that you had just been caught, you released the tank lid from your hand. The sound of it hitting the floor caused him to flinch just a little. His movement trigged your defense mechanism. Your body mounted him and your hands went for his throat. You put all of your weight onto your arm, leaning into his throat. You felt him swallow against your hands. He didn't struggle. Grabbing hold of your forearms, he started laughing. You didn't have the strength needed. He simply pulled your arms out from under you, removing them from his neck.  

"And just when I was beginning to think we had bonded..." He laughed loudly.

"...but if it's a fight you're lookin' for." He painfully tightened his grip around your forearms, digging his nails into your skin.

Tring to pull your arms away only causd him to hurt you more. You couldn't help but glance down beside the bed at the only weapon you had. He followed your eyes, turning his head and shoulders just enough to see over the edge of the bed.

He smirked smugly, "That would've left one hella wallop, commendable. See, Pigeon...You are just like me."

Being on your knees, straddling him, you leaned back enough to get to your feet. Standing up gave you more leverage to try and get away. It worked, you managed to free one of your arms from his grip, causing him to go for your leg. There was a small scuffle and you ended up hitting the floor hard enough that it knocked the air out of your lungs. By now, the Joker was laughing maniacally from the enjoyment of a good fight.

He was already sitting on the edge of the bed watching you. Stretching out his arm, he took a hold of the top of of head, tangling your hair in his hand and pulling. He jerked you up to your knees and drug you toward him. The sensation of your hair almost being ripped out, made you follow his lead. Your hand shot up and grabbed his, it was a reflex to try and lessen the pain of him pulling your hair. You braced yourself, first on the floor, then on his knee. Making sure you were right in front of him, he let go of your hair with a forcful shove. It caused you to brace yourself against his legs, as you stopping yourself from falling over. He immediately slipped both of his hands around your throat, barely applying any pressure. Instead, he pulled you up toward him, making you stretch your body. He continued to pulled you closer, making  your body wedged in between his legs.Your hands were holding on to his thighs, while your fingernails unintentional dug into them.

"I could snap it, you know. Just oonnne little twist and you'd be lifeless." You could feel his hands and fingers make tiny squeezing movements, like he was itching to just do it.

He was smirking out of pure bliss. Suddenly, you felt brave. You could have killed him, after all.

"I had it lifted over you." Your eyes shot back and forth as you stared at him nervously. "Maybe I am just like you. Maybe you should fear me."

His smirk went straight and he snarled at you.

"One swing and I could have--" You struggled to finish.

His grip tightened around your throat. You couldn't help but smile. It was a rare occasion that he was bothered by something you said. As he squeezed, he pulled you toward his face. You had to find your way to your feet in order to follow his grip. He stopped once you were eye level with him, reducing the pressure around your neck only slightly.

"And" His face was so close to yours that you could feel the words as he spoke them.

"Here we are." You quickly whispered, repeating what he had said.

The Joker turned your head slightly to talk into your ear, "How would you have done it? What was your plan?"

His hands were rubbing your throat now, rather than squeezing it, feeling your muscles and tendons as they moved. You didn't answer. You didn't know exactly what to say. He gave you hard jerk around your neck, gesturing for you to speak.

"I-I was just..." He continued to feel your neck, he was forcful and demanding, making you reach up and grab his arms. "...Just going to hit you."

"Yes, yes. And?" He was excited.

"I-I dont..." You nervously swallowed hard and licked your lips.

Before you could finish, he pushed your head away from him just enough so he could look at you better. His hands moved up, from your neck, to just barely cupping the sides your jawline and cheeks. He was incredibly rough and vicious with his movement, as he rubbed one of his thumbs over your bottom lip.

"I want to hear every little detail you imagined..." He left his thumb pressed on your lip, as he tighten his grip on your face and neck.

" that pretty little head of yours." He then continued to rub and roughly knead your lip.

"Maybe you--*argh*" A gasp of pain slowly escaped his lips, causing him to smile and close his eyes out of pleasure.

Your teeth were clamped down hard on his thumb. He didn't pull away. Instead, once you'd stop bitting, he pressed his thumb back down on the edge of your teeth. It was no secret that he enjoyed pain. His reaction was, some how, completely expected. You found yourself bitting his thumb again and watching to see if he liked it. As he felt it again, his smile enlarged and he opened his eyes to look at you. You were somewhere between intrigued and aroused, as you found yourself crawling onto his lap. You straddled him without thinking twice about it.

His hands quickly moved from your face to your thighs, almost like he was confirming that you had actually crawled into his lap. Your hands immediately went for his hair. Resting your elbows on his shoulders, your hands disappeared into his lush green mane. There was no question, whether or not he was aroused. He was. You felt his hands move up your thighs, slipping under your shirt, as he felt his way up your body. You forced his head back and stared at him for a moment. The look on each of your faces was bewilderment but that didn't stop you from pressing your lips to his. You tried to push your tongue between his lips but he quickly jerked his head away. Feeling his hands tighten around your waist, he lifted you off his lap and tossed you onto the bed, beside him.

The Joker immediately got and left the room, slamming the door behind him. You stared at the door after he left, waiting to see if, maybe, he was coming back. You were left lusting after something you didn't know existed 5 minutes earlier. Your breathing was rushed and you could still tasting him on your lips. As you reflected on what just happened, the bitter sting of rejection made you feel embarrassed. Regardless, you still knew everything was about to start changing. 

Chapter Text


The sound of the door slamming echoed. Joker folded his arms behind his back as he marched toward his stockpile of "toys" in the other room. His clenched teeth and curled lip trembled as he put more thought into what, he deemed, was just a preposterous outcome. Stopping only once, rethinking his choice of leaving so abruptly.

"Unexpected, yes. Undesirable, not necessarily. No, no. Come on Joker, ole boy. Never on their terms, never." He went back and forth arguing to himself.

He plopped down in the chair and slouched low behind his work table. His eyes cut over toward opening of the hallway, invoking another dirty look. Then he looked down and noticing he was still in his underwear, his annoyed look turned loathsome. He promptly stood up and marched himself right back into the room.

"I will not be having this!" He thought.

Entering into the room, it was like he hit a brick wall, stopping briefly when he saw you standing there. You appeared to have just gotten up from the bed, where he had tossed you aside just five minutes earlier. The look on your face was surprise but happy, you smiled at him for a split second before immediately trying to ignore him. You looked away. As soon as he realized that he'd stopped to stare at you, he snarled and walked toward his dressing area.

Picking out a pair of purple pin stripe pants, he non-chalantly put his foot into a leg, then the other foot and pulled them up.  He started buttoning them and began watching you using the mirror's reflection. As he watched, it became very apparent that you couldn't stop yourself from glancing over your shoulder at him every few seconds. Even having him "catch" you didn't seem to dampen your curiosity. He stood there for a moment staring at your reflection before turning his head toward you, stretching his arm out and motioning for you to 'come here' with one finger.

For you, tension instantly filled the room. Regardless, you found yourself en route to him, only a few steps away. After a few more, you were standing there, right beside him, looking into the the mirror at him. You were a tiny thing compaired to him, the top of your head was barely even with his shoulder line. And that was only if you stood up completely straight, stretching every inch of your body upward. Once beside him, you looked away, bouncing your eyes from here to there. Your behavior became skittish, as you became very aware of how embarrassed of your little "outbust" you were.

He squinted almost with a grimace as he watched your hesitant movements. The normal ego boost he would have gotten, from having someone be so timid of him, was lost on the fact that he was vexed by why you were acting like this.

"My fierce little fighter, actting like silly school girl." He through, "I'm not done toiling with you."

 His scowl slowly turned into a beautiful smile. He'd just decided that he would use your confused emotional state against you, just another way of messing you your head.

Between your consent back and forth eye movement, you froze, when you saw the scowl on his face had suddenly became a mischievous smirk with an raised eyebrow. You felt that thick, hard to breath kind of dread that was caused by recognizing that look...his look. The same look a predator gives their prey, as they're playing with them, right before the kill. 

"Belt." He ordered.

You glanced up at him and then let your eyes scan over all his clothes. You were pretty sure what he meant but not sure as to why. You hesated before doing anything.

"Well!" He snapped so loudly that it made you jump.

Then he immediately turn on the charm, speaking in a pleasant tone. "It's not going to sprout legs and walk itself over here."

You gave him a quick look and reached for the belt. You held it out for him to take.

"Don't miss any loops." He was watching your reaction.

Your heart rate instantly doubled as he finished the sentence.  You tried to keep your composure. As you started to put the belt in the first loop, your hands were trembling slightly. You hurried and got the belt through. Starting on the second loop, you were still just as nervous. Touching him...touching his waist line made the butterflies in your belly, not dance, but claw to get out. You actually felt nauseated as you moved on to the third loop. At this point you had to make a crucial decision, walk behind or wrap your arms around him in order to reach the back pant loops. For the first time, after having started, you glanced up at his face, he wasn't even watching you. He was looking in the mirror, picking at his teeth. It was like a weight lifted and you became less apprehensive, and instead envious, of his attention.

Without hesitation you hugged his waist and continued looping the belt around his back, making sure to lean into his body as close as you could. The side of your face was flat against his chest. You could feel the warmth of his body on skin. "Hmm, his smell" you thought. Suddenly your eyes widen, you could hear the sound of his heart beating. Everything slowed down. Your eyes closed and your breathing matched the steady rhythm of his heart.

"He's only human," you thought. "He's no different than any other person on earth. No different than me."

 You slowly lifted your head and looked up at him. By now he was looking down, somewhat opposed of you having hugged him. Some how your hands had continued to loop his belt, while your mind was on the edge of the universe, looking down into a whirlpool, of epic proportions. You had only just dipped your toes in and the Joker was the current, about to pull you under.

You quickly finished the belt, leaving it unbuckled per instructions. You were sorta in a dazed of disbelief as he continued to order you around. 

He pointed toward a green shirt. You reached for it while he spoke, "That's my last clean shirt, isn't it? Hmm, I've been putting off finding a new dry cleaners...After I had to kill the last one for using too much starch."

In a a kneejerk reaction your head spun around toward him, showing how unfavorable his statement was with your expression.

He frowned mocking you spitefully, "You disagree with my methods." He couldn't stop the frown from slowly turning into a smirk.

"I suspect you still believe you're superior when it comes to the moral fiber of life and all that trivial tenet." He lifted an eyebrow as through you would agree.

"Ha! None of it matters..." He exploded cheerfully. "That's the beauty of life...It's all inconsequential, irrelevant. One big laugh riot." He laughed loudly.

You looked at him, almost sorrowful, remembering how detached he truly was.

"But that's the joke. We won't have to answer for any of it. Ha-HA. It's all one big joke and so many miss the punchline. And that's..." He laughed devilishly.

"...Well, that's why I'm here. To remind this city, the world, the bat..." He snarked as he said 'the bat'.

"That it's all a big pointless rat race." His grin was self satisfying.

"You really believe that? None of it matters, the good or the bad. We won't answer for any of it?" You were honest with your question. The look on your face was almost like that of a child, hearing a fairy tale for the first time.

"My dear..." He reached down and gently touched your chin with his knuckle and thumb, giving it a small squeeze.

"I don't believe it...I know it." His smile was intoxicating, he almost could make you believe what he was saying.

You were still holding his shirt. Snapping out of the spell he had put you in, you looked down at the shirt and remembered what you were doing. Adjusting it so he could slip his arm into one of the sleeves, you walked behind him. He watched your reflection as you looked back at him using the mirror. You gestured with a nod for him to  go on and put his arm into the sleeve. He eyeballed you like a hawk. His arm slid elegantly into the sleeve, then the other arm went in. Once the shirt was on you reached up and made sure the yoke was comfortable sitting on his shoulders, sliding your hands over it. He showed no negative reaction to your touch. So without hesitation, you moved back in front of him and began to button the shirt slowly. You half expected to be slapped but he allowed it.

You didn't look up at him until you were three or so buttons from the top. He was still glaring at you with suspicion. You gave him a wide-eyed look of innocence as you finished the last button. Reaching up, you put your hands on his collar to flip it. He grabbed your hands and jerk them away. You continued to stare at him without changing your expression. You calmly pulled your hand free of his grip and went back to folding his collar upward. He allowed it this time. You couldn't help but smirk.

"What's got you smiling?" He snapped hatefully.

"You." You turned and went for a bright blue string tie.

"No. The black one." He barked at you.

You moved your hand over the brightly colored collection of ties til your hand was over a black tie. You glanced at him through the mirror. He nodded once to the right. You moved your hand over a black and white poka doted tie, he nodded yes. You quickly pulled the string tie off the rack and turned back to him.

"If none of it matters? Then why do any of it?" You asked, wanting to understand.

You had the tie in both hands, ready to wrap it around his neck. He stood up straight, making you stand on your tippy toes in order to put the tie over his head. You carefully made sure it was laying flat around his collar before tying it into a big bow. He smugly stretched his neck out as you flipped his collar back down over the tie. He slightly curled his lip as you ran your thumb between the shirt collar and the skin of his neck, making sure everything was in order.

He boorishly slapped your hands away and started adjusting it himself, while answering you, "Oh, I'm afraid my intentions have no justification."

He stopped fidgeting with the tie and looked down at you.

He grinned, "Besides, haven't you heard? I've got bats in the belfry, squirrels in the attic... I'm as looney as a jaybird." He winked at you and laughed, causing you to blush a little.

He gestured toward one of his vest, an basic four button vest, deep orange in colour.  He started tucking his shirt into his pants, while you reached for the vest. You watched and wait letting him finish. Walking behind him, you did the vest just like you'd done the shirt. Allowing him to slip his arms through, as you held it up for him. Once it was on, he began buttoning up the vest himself. He started to step away.

"Wait." You took a step or two to keep up with him.

You tighten the vest belt in the back. Once you'd tighten it, you ran your hands around his sides, making sure the vest was fixing snuggly around him. This caused him to lifted his arms up slightly and turn around, ready to slap you. You couldn't help but flinch, as you quickly pulled your arms away from him. It surprised you when he didn't hit you. He grinned at your reaction. The anticipation of being hit was good enough for him. He chuckled as he walked over to a chair and sat down.

You brought him his shoes, then you went back for his spats. You had never seen anyone actually wear them, at least not now days, but him. Of course, he was one of a kind. Once he was done putting on his shoes, he crossed his leg and wiggled his foot for you to put his spat on. You fumbled for a second, figuring out exactly how to put it on over his shoe. Once you'd worked out the mechanics, the whole thing was simple. You slipped it on and buttoned it up over his shoe. Looking up at him when you'd finished with the first spat, he was putting on his gloves. You watched as he gracefully slid his long slender fingers into the purple leather glove. Then balling his hand into a fist a few times, molding the glove fit perfectly around his hand. As he started putting on the second glove, you couldn't help but think about the few times he'd taken them off so he could touch you with his bare hands.

"You loath him, find him repulsive, right? Of course you do. He's done horrible things, he'll do even worse things in the future," you told yourself.

But the reality of it was completely opposite. Your mind quickly spun right off track, letting your eyes and mind venture to places they ought not go. "His masculinity, his style, his mannerisms, the way he commands the attention...Oh dear god."  Your enter dialogue was quickly betraying you.

"A a-a-aahhem." He was staring at you with a lowered brow.

"Christ," you thought, as you realized you were still on the floor, holding his other spat, literally glazing at him. You quickly put the spat on his other shoe, stood up and back away.

"Get my long tail." He watched you carefully as you took it off the coat hook and carried it over to him.

He ignored you and got up. You watched and waited for the Joker to finish combing his hair and primping in the mirror. For some unknown reason you squeezed his jacket as you held it. Your eyes widen. You felt something small and flat in the enter pocket of his jacket. You discreetly got your hands on it, keeping an close eye on him. He finally noticed you staring at him. He couldn't help but grin. It prompted him to turn around. He was fully dressed and actually looked amazing. You gave him a small nod of approval and then held up his coat for him. He turned around and put one arm in, then the other. With a slight jerk of his arms the coat went on with no effort. You stepped back, putting your hands behind your back with, what turned out to be, a key safety tucked in your fist. You couldn't believe it. The hope that it might unlock your chain was ceaseless.

"You maybe good for something...beside killing, after all, Pigeon." He was still adjusting his coat.

You felt like he knew as soon as he looked at you. "He knows, wait no he couldn't, not yet. Calm down," you told yourself. He walked toward you a few steps, causing you to back up from him. He stopped. You couldn't hide your sudden apprehensiveness of him. This made him grin.

"Oh, come come my still don't trust me yet?" You could see the trickery in his eyes and grin. He was being captivating, trying to get you to let your guard down.

He curled his finger up, then pointed down in front of him. He was ordering you to come stand in front of him. You hesated at first, then did what he wanted.

"Even after everything..." His head motioned towards the bed.

"You'll still scare to death of me. Heehee. As you should be." He grinned shamelessly.

He bent over to look you in the face, "I'll tell you a secret, that I suppose, you haven't figured out yet."

He lifted one eyebrow, "Killing you would be the easy way out. And you, dear, you're not getting the easy way out."

You looked at him, staring into his green eyes. Your hand squeezing the key tightly. You didn't know what to do. "Leave, please leave," you thought. Almost on que, he stood up, putting his arms behind his back and then turned to leave. It was like you could breath again. You watched as he moved toward the door, opened it, exited and then pulled it shut.

You waited for a few seconds before pulling your hands from behind your back. You opened your fist and there in the palm, was the key. You held it up between your two fingers.

Your mind raced, "Do I wait for the right time? There won't be a right time, ever. Go, now. He's not expecting something like, you getting a key. Now. Go."

You still hesitated. Maybe somewhere inside you were scared you'd succeed. Regardless, you squatted down and tried the key. Your heart stank immediately. It wouldn't open. Then suddenly to looked at the radiator. You ran over to try the lock on the other end of the chain. As soon as you slipped the key into the lock, the door flew open violently. You didn't have to turn and look, to know what was happening.

He was furious. His teeth showing from the snarl on his face. His eyes landed on you and you turned the key. There was no wondeful popping nosie of a lock opening. Nothing happened. You turned it again in a panic. Still nothing. The reality of the situation hit you. You had taken a key. A key that wouldn't open the locks on your chain and now he knew that you had taken it, with the intent of escaping. As soon as all this crossed your mind, it was too late. He was almost on top of you. You scrambled to your feet and quickly started running from him. You had no where to go but the other side of the room. He stopped and watched you as you put some distance between you and him.

He looked toward the lock, you had left the key in it. He laughed as he walked over and took the key. He made sure you could see him putting it back into his jacket.

"Nice try, I suppose." He was still angry but laughing.

He started to walk toward you again. You backed up as far as you could, hitting the edge of the counter. As he moved closer you started you crouch down. You pulled your legs up to your chest and put your head down, feeling him as he got closer and closer. You braced for the worse. But it didn't come, he squatted down in front of you.

Peeking up at him, he started to speak, "I'm inclined to give you an old fashion whoopin'."

"Oh, Pigeon." He patted the side of your face gently. "You're going to really wish you hadn't done that...touch something that belongs to me...Such a no-no."

He suddenly grabbed both of your upper arms and stood, pulling you up into a standing position. Once on your feet, you tried pull free from his grip. It was no use. He slammed your whole body against the counter then keeping the same grip on you, slung you around. He forcfully pushed you backwards, making you stumble and fall into one of the smaller side tables. The table, a lamp, and you went crashing down to the floor. Immediately, he had a hold of you again, he was jerking to up into your feet using the back of your shirt. He had a huge hand full of it, slinging you around like a ragdoll.

"You don't touch my stuff. Understand?" He stopped jerking you about and held you up close to him.

He let go of the back of your shirt and roughly wrapped an arm around your body.

He gave you a hard jerk, "Do you understand?"

"Y-yes-s." You mumbled.

His other hand grabbed your throat and pushed the back of your head against his chest, "Yes, what?"

"Y-yes..." You hesated, "Yes, sir."

He laughed, "Let's try again, shall we."

When you didn't say anything right away, he tightened his grip, just barely on the verge of strangling you.

You were teary eyed, "I-I don't know what you want me t-to say."

He lifted you off the ground and started carrying you as he spoke playfully, "Harlequin of Hate, Jester of Genocide and my personal favorite the Clown Prince of Crime...Oh, but for you, my dear."

He stopped walking for second and pulled you even closer so he could whisper into your ear, "You're going call me the very thing you swore you never call me, all those months ago.You remember, yes? Well, today's the day, Pigeon!"

He suddenly let you go and spun you around so you were facing him. You stood there like a child being scoured. Your arms hanging down at your sides, your fingers pitching and twisting the bottom edge of your shirt. Your head was down, waiting for the next slap, punch, push or pull from him. He reached down and tilted your face upward so he could see you.

He cooed charmingly at you, "Now say it: Yes sir, Mr.J."

He grinned smugly and crossed his arms waiting to hear you repeat the words. You closed your eyes and repeated them.

"Yes sir, Mr. J." You said it without emotion.

He uncrossed one of his arms and motioned with his hand as he spoke, "And...I'll never touch anything that belongs to you again."

"I'll never touch anything that belongs to you again." You almost rolled your eyes.

He became enthusiastic, "Well done! Wellll...doonne."

"Oh and Pigeon." He quickly became arrogant, pointing at you. "In case you didn't realize, you me now."

He grabbed the back of your neck with one hand and bent down. He held your head as he placed his cheek against yours and whispered into your ear. "But we both know, that deep down that's what you want. Isn't it?"

You quickly jerked away from him. He allowed you to do so, only laughing. You wiped the tears from your face. You were angry and bitter because he was right. Even as you stood there, having been tossed around by him you still wanted his approval and attention.

He crossed his arms behind his back, "Cheer up. Now that we've established proof of ownership, I'm going start taking better care of my things."

He started grinning, "Starting with you." He began to move his arms and hands around as he talked.

"It's not fair to expect you to be so compliant, day after day, when I haven't given you the means to thrive." He was becoming more and more cunning with his tone.

The more he spoke the more you could tell, by his mannerisms, that he was up to something. 

"You have needs and wants. You've made that clear." He lifted an eyebrow, "Oh, yes. You've made that very clear by that little outbrust."

He laughed slowly.

You had no warning, he grabbed you again and manhandled you to the bed. Just like before, he managed to wrap himself around you, while you laid on your side. He pulled you in as close as phyiscally possible.

His arms wrapped around you, "You'll never be any use to me if we can't put an end to this tug of war of emotion you have. One minute your the feisty little fighter that would greatly benefit me...the next you're a stupid girl with a crush. Unable to function."

He unwrapped his arm and move his hand to your neck. But it wasn't to threaten or hurt you, he gently slipped his gloved hand over your neck and brushed your hair out of the way. Once he'd done that, he started stroking your neck with the back of his fingers. You instantly felt chills pulse through your body, making you shiver.

"Hmm hm-hm-hehe." He was almost giggling.

"Relax. Enjoy." His words made you close your eyes and tense up. "I'm going help you get over this little road block, hm-hm-hehe. My gift to you."



Using his teeth, he bit down on the finger tip of his purple glove, holding it so he could pull his hand out. He tossed the glove aside. Your eyes widen as you felt his bare hand on your thigh. Your heart started racing, and your body immediately responded to his touch. He slowly felt his way up your body, letting just his fingers glide against your skin, moving over your hip, under your shirt and pass your waist. He flatten his hand out against your belly, applying pressure as he handled your body. Your breathing was becoming heavy as you quickly started letting yourself enjoy what was happening. That was the twisted allure you had for him. You were under no misconception about how diabolical, illogical and egoistical he was; you hadn't suddenly forgotten any of this. You just no longer cared. Seeing him for what he was, you'd also seen his charm, intelligent, and humanity.

He let his hand linger on your abdomen, rubbing over your scar. As his thumb traced the J, he pushed his hips into you, obviously enjoying having you "branded". He made small grunting sound as you returned his push with a roll of your hips into him. A loud gasp of pleasure escaped from your parted lips, Joker's hand had promptly moved upward, firmly clasping your breast. He squeezed your breast firmly, making your moan as he brushed your nipple.

His touch felt so good.Your hands looked for something to hold on to. One hand grabbed a handful of his pant's leg, while the other balled up some of the bed sheet. Your body was aching with lust, your back arched and your head tilted back, exposing your neck. You felt him move, he lifted his head. Then you felt his arm, under you, wiggle it's way upward toward your throat. The sensation of his grip around your throat was titillating. You could feel him squeezing your neck just enough to fed his need for control and violence.

"So venerable, hmm-hm-hm-hehe." There was a suggestive intone in his cheerful voice. "I could strangle the life out of you...Right now and you'd let me. You'd die happy, yes? Hee-he."

There was something incredibly intoxicating having him restrain himself enough to make sure you were enjoying yourself. You let out another moan if enjoyment, he quickly slid his hand up just enough to get his finger into your month. You knew what to do. He smiled as you bit his finger but his still had a glove on this hand. So just like he had done earlier, you held on to the tip, while he removed his hand from the glove.

Once his hand was freed from the glove, he quickly plucked the glove from your mouth and grasped your throat again. You were completely aroused, yearning for whatever he had in store for you. Your body moving against him, you could feel that he was not fully aroused. You through quickly, grabbing hold of his hand, coaxing him to apply more pressure against your throat. He was incredibly provoked by your gesture, grinding his hips against you roughly. He instantly slipped his other hand between your thighs. Your body tensed up and you gasped loudly from the surprise and stimulating pleasure, of what he had just done. You were almost panting as he let his fingers tease you.

He watched your expression with a smirk on his face, "There, there...How's that, my dear? Enjoyable, no? He-he."

You squeezed his hand again as a way of agreeing. He knew exactly what to touch and how to touch it, driving you to the edge quickly. He was completely over whelming you with pleasure, you couldn't think. He watched, enjoying the control he had over you. He slowed down the movement of his fingers just to watched your hips adjust to the new rhythm and pace he set. Then, speeding his fingers up again, he'd grin watching your body's reaction, your back arched and lips parted as your breathing continued to get faster.

He stopped for a moment, taking your leg and lifting it over his thighs and hips. You moved it only slightly for comfort, causing him to forcefully grab hold of leg and place it back where he wanted it. He held your leg in place for a few seconds before he slowly started sliding his hand up your enter thigh. You pushed your hips toward his hand begging for more. He responded by stopping his hand midway up your thigh and squeezing your neck.

He whispered, while at the same time tapped his finger against your thigh in rhythm to his words, "Tisk, tisk, tisk." He grinned.

You bit your bottom lip out of lust.

"Bite your lip again." He snapped quickly.

You smiled for him and then did as he told you, biting your lip with extra force. He snickered deeply. He released your neck and moved his hand to your jawline, placing his thumb on your lip. Your teeth clamped down on his thumb hard, making him grind his hips against you and squeeze your enter thigh. As soon as you stopped bitting his finger, you felt his body relax from the lack of stimulation. You knew exactly what he wanted, and needed, to enjoy sex. You no longer suspected, but knew that he had a touch of sadomasochistic tendencies. "He...Mr. J needs it just rough enough, pain invoking", you thought. Some playfully, brute force. You were completely willing to cater.

You suddenly started pulling away from him, knowing he would start manhandling you in order to make you complaint. With a little extra wiggling and force you managed to break free from his hold. Before you could even turn your body over, he was grabbing hold of your arm. With him gasping your arm, you quickly got off the bed. As he started to crawl off the bed, you slapped him across his face and then immediately crawled into his lap. His eyes widened and his grin went straight but he wasn't displeased. He wasn't completely prepared for what you did next.

You grabbed his face, forcfully turning his head to the side and whispered to him, "I won't break."

For a moment you didn't know what he was going to do, but he lowered his brow and a smile crossed his face. He wasted no time, his arms wrapped under your thighs as he got up from the bed. Lifting you up, he slammed you into the wall, nearing the bed. His weight pressing hard against you, pinning you between him and the wall. Your arms went over his shoulders and around his neck, as you grabbed his hair, pulling it incredibly hard. He grinned. His hands slid under your butt to support you, as your legs hooked around his waist. You suddenly slapped him again, playfully but hard. The look on his face was amazement. As he looked at you, you nodded just once. You suddenly felt his grip on you tighten, he pulled your body away from the wall just enough to slam you back into it, with greater force, causing you to cringe just a little. You immediately felt how turned on it made him, to see your discomfort. You tighten your grip around his neck with one arm, before taking your other hand and grabbing his lower jaw. You stared at him.

You dragged your thumb over his lip, "There's a price kiss." You said it very stern and half expecting to be punished for even asking it. He wasn't a kisser when it came to fulfilling his sexual pleasure.

Joker looked at you, lips slightly parted with a puzzling frown. His eyebrows lifted, he was thinking, debating. It felt like time was standing still until he moved. He wrapped one hand around your waist and squeezed tightly, keeping you from slipping. He stepped back from the wall, carrying you with him. He didn't take you back to the bed, instead he carried you across the room and sat you down on the table.

You braced yourself on the the edge of the table, as you unwrapped your legs from around him. He immediately crowded in on top of you. Taking your head and tilling it up, so he was face to face with you. You stared into his bright green eyes. His hands slid down from your face and held your neck. He was demanding and forcefully, almost vicious. You kept your head tilted toward his face but closed your eyes. You could feel him so close, leaning over. You whined softly as he teased you by brushing his lips against yours. Then it happened. He pressed his lips to yours. For a few seconds, he maintained a gentle kiss, only allowing his tongue to touch the edge of your parted lips. Then he lifted his head. "That's it", you thought with disappointment.

You started to opened your eyes but he aggressively pulled your head, making you stretch your body, to meet his lips. This time, this kiss was completely different. From the moment his lips connected with yours, he showed dominance and desire. His tongue forcibly entered your parted lips and coached your tongue were he wanted it. You surrendered to it. The Joker's kiss was powerful and made you feel like he couldn't get enough of you. His manipulation of you made you crumble, holding your head in place as he leaned his head from one side, then to the other, maintaining the kiss. Your breath was gone but you didn't care. You felt him start to pull away. You cupped your hands around his neck trying to keep him from pulling away. Breaking the kiss, he sucked your bottom lip before biting it, making your lip qrived with his depparture.

Your eyes opened quickly as you felt his body pull away from you. At first, you feared he was leaving, seduced and then abandon. But instead he stood there, in front of you, pulling off his jacket and loosening his tie, then he was right back on top of you. Pulling your shirt over your head, he tossed it aside, exposing your body. He grabbed your waist and dug his finger nails into your skin. It hurt but you didn't care. You went to slip your arm around his neck but he immediately stopped you, shoving you down flat against the table. You moaned from being slammed down. He grinned as he stretched his arm out and took hold of your throat. Using both hands, you gripped his wrist and playfully tring to push his hand away. Joker indulged your attempt to give him a little confrontation. He jerked you back up and pulled you in close. Burying his head, you felt a bite your neck, the fire of everything made you melt.

There was a sudden outbrust of playful, but aggressive slapping, pulling, bitting, pushing, pitching, sucking, groping, scratching, grinding, choking, foreplay. You were so lost in the intimacy of everything, you didn't realized that Mr. J had unbuckled his belt and pants. You gasped loudly as he entered you with a deep thrust. At once, you were moving your hips in rhythm with him. He held you tightly by the nape of your neck, controling you, as he rolled his hips back and forth. It felt so good, all you could do was groan and grunt between your breath. 

You tried to kiss him again, he turned his head away so you couldn't. You used more force and tried to kiss him again. He backed handed you, hard, right cross the month. Reminding you that the price had been one kiss and that he had given you two. You immediately leaned back and grabbed your mouth. Under your hand a small smile started to form, as you stared at him. His snarl quickly turned into a charming smirk, as he grabbed your hand and removed it from your mouth. His other hand wrapped around your waist, pulling your lower body back into his hips. Instantly, he was back inside of you, making you gasp. He pitched your cheeks with one hand, mushing your mouth up, and tapped his finger against your lips. He grinned, shook his head 'no' and aggressively continued thrusting in and out of you. You closed your eyes, it felt so good.

Your hands reached up. Your fingers tangled in his soft green hair, holding on to it for leverage, as you rolled your hips against him. His hand slid down from your mouth, and held on to you neck. With every stroke, he squeezed your throat, causing your pleasure to grow. It surprised you how quickly you found yourself craving his hostile touch, along with his sensual touch. You pushed your butt and hips closer to the edge of the table, wanting more.

He suddenly manhandled you off the table, carrying you back toward the bed. The two of you remained connected as one. Arms and legs wrapped around one another as he crawled into the bed with you. He was soon leaning over on top of you, taking your arms and laying them above your head and holding them there in place. He was face to face with you, grinning. Using his head, he nudged your chin up so he could bite your neck. Your body arched under him, craving more of his touch. He bite one side of your neck, then the other side and started moving down. Your arms tensed up, he wrapped his mouth around one of your nipples, sucking incredibly hard. The pain turned to pleasure. You bucked your hips, begging for him. He promptly obliged, moving his hips right where he wanted them, he reached down with one hand and guided himself back into you. The pleasure was immediate. His grunting was very soft and controlled as he buried his head back into your neck. He lifted his head slightly and started talking.

"Convince me you're worth keeping alive after I've had my way." His thrusting immediately became less elegant and more boisterous at just a suggestion of aggression. You bucked your chest against him and tried to lift your your arms, causing him to use strength to hold you in place.

You tilted your head back and moaned, "Maybe I'm not." Your voice was breathy.

He threw his head back, "Hmm hm-hm-hehe-he-hahaha-ha-Ha Ahhh-Haaa-ha-ha-HA-HA..." His laugh built from a soft giggle until it was a full on cackle.

Shifting his weight, he used his arm to support himself beside your head. He reached down and scooped his arm under your bent knee, pulling your leg up higher, to better accommodate his need for rougher and deeper penetration. It caused you to gasp and moan from the pleasurable discomfort. Your reaction only fueled him. He tangled his hand in your hair and pull your head back, exposing throat. He immediately buried his face into your neck again, bitting and nibbling his way to your breast from time to time. Pulling his soft green hair, clutching his head close to you with one hand, you grabbed the sheet with the other one. You were pass the point of thinking, your body so close to climaxing it was in auto mode. Suddenly, you became more demanding, moving and meeting his with the same vigour. Your hand released the sheet and moved to pleasure yourself, while he continued to mount you hard. You could feel the tingling build of a nearing climax. The closer to the edge you got, the more assertive you became.

Your nails dug into the back of Joker's neck as you moaned, "don't stop."

He immediately producted a smug look and grinned. He continued to maintain his speed until he felt your muscles tense. Your thighs clinched against him, toes curl, your breathing stop, as your orgasm reached its pinnacle. Once over, your body relaxed. You laid there, carefree under the Joker. There was something immediately thrilling about knowing what just happened, was because of him. He was no longer moving, stopping once he knew you'd reach a climax. You finally opened your eyes, finding him staring down at you. A small smile formed across your face.

He covered your smile with his hand, you playful snapped at his hand with your teeth, causing him to curl his lip out of amusement. He grabbed your throat, hard, applying as much pressure as he could without actually strangling you. Your discomfort was what he wanted. He began thrusting quickly, it only took a minute or so and he was climaxing. He kept his hand wrapped around your throat, while he hunched over, his head hanging down, his hair tickling your face. Once he'd finished, he lifted his head and looked at you.

You felt him pet your throat with his thumb as he studied your face and body. He was eyeballing every inch of you. You hadn't realized it yet, but you were bursied and beaten from head to toe. The extreme roughness that had just occurred, even through welcomed and wanted, still violated you. Your lip was split and slightly swollen. Bright red bite marks covered your neck, shoulders and chest, some of them, already turning purple and black. The Joker's finger marks decorated your body like cheetah spots. As twisted as it was, you would wear them like a badge of honor over the next few days; proof of your intimacy. Joker was not without his own, you had managed to give him fresh claw marks on his neck from your nails. Along with a bruise or two, here and there, unseen of course, because he still had most of his clothes on.

Once he was done admiring his work, he released your throat and rolled off of you. He laid there beside you, pulling his pants up. Once he'd finished, he continued to laid there, saying nothing. You remanded stilled, even after all that, you still knew better than to cross any lines...

Chapter Text

5 months after C9 and C10...

Night of Dec. 28th/29th...


A pile of bloodly clothes were tossed carelessly on the floor beside the tub. The sound of the drain bubbling was drowned out by your humming, as you got out of the bath. 

'Remember when you kissed me by the sea,
You were saying all the things that I'd like to believe...'

You stepped out, letting the water drip freely as you walked across the heated stone floor. You didn't bother reaching for a towel.

'That you could give me all your love,
You could give me just enough...
And we could live in paradise...
And never have to leave'

Instead, you grabbed one of the fluffy cashmere bathrobes that were hanging in the bathroom. It felt so good as you wrapped it around your naked body, you closed your eyes with enjoyment and continued with your humming:

'But is it true? Whenever I look around, I can always find you.  On my side, In the morning and night... You're my can-candy all the time'

You cheerfully bounced out of the bathroom, making your way into a huge bedroom. The fireplace was roaring and crackling, casting a mixture of shadow and light, that danced across the room. A huge four post bed sat right in the middle of the room, you tossed yourself on top of a mountain of pillows, causing them to go flighting. You smiled as your humming  became singing:

'My heart's on fire. You light me up, and I can't cool down...Your love is wild...You're dangerous...Dangerous...'

You stopped and snuggled yourself into the pillows and then flipped over. You looked around, suddenly the walkin closet caught your eye. You immediately jumped up and hurried in. Turning on the light, your eyes lit up at the sheer number of clothes. You slowly walked around dragging your fingers against the different luxury fabrics and started softly singing to yourself again:

'I like your style, I like your smile, Everything about you..
When you are on top, I let you take me for a ride, We can go anywhere you want to...'

You stopped in front of a huge floor length mirror. Your eyes traveled up the sides of the mirror, stopping on what looked like pearls set in gold, decorating the frame of the mirror, you snarled your nose up at them.

"Must be nice." You said under your breath. 

You looked at yourself in the mirror. Your face was full of color, you no longer looked tried and sick. In fact, you had gained, a much needed, healthy ten pounds. 

Thelast five months had been a rollercoaster, there had been no detected pattern in the way Mr. J treated you. In fact, he had been extremely kind to you for a few days after "the night" of mutual sex. Then he turned exceedingly hostile toward you. His behavior became knavish, full of pettiness and over the top harshness that was, even for him, scary. You wore the scars to prove it; having become an outlet for his peculiar play habits.

It took a few weeks but once it was out of his system and had passed his tests, things became different. His fondness became complicated. He started using you as an extra set of hands to work on his gadgets and bombs, allowing you come out of the crappy apartment room and work on stuff in the main room. However, even then, you couldn't escape from being chained up.

Your meals had improved. Causing your health to start improving. Your mood and mind seemed to improved from getting the necessary exercise of being active day after day. To his surprise, you'd turned into a diligent little helper. You knew your place and tried to please him. The dynamic between the two of you flowed well, as long as you over looked the occasional smack or shove. 

He'd grab you by the neck or pin you down against from time to time; some small violent act, meant to harm. But  for a moment, just a spilt second, his touch would relax. The mood would shift due to the to physical closeness and it was clear that the sexual spark was still there between the two of you but for whatever reason, neither of you had the courage to act on it. 

You continued to look in the mirror, your hand caressed over a fresh bruise, you smiled thinking about how you'd gotten; how so much had changed over the past months. 

"Pigeon." Mr. J's voice echoed cheerfully into your ears.

You quickly turned and hurried to the closet door. Popping your head out of the doorway. The truth was, you loved the sound of his call. It was literally music to your ears. 

He tossed his wide brim purple hat onto the bed, looking at you as you emerged from the walk-in-closet. It delighted you to see him smile when he saw you and you had to admit, the way he wore that loved it.

"Honey, I'm home." He said in a sarcastic tone as he started to pull off his purple jacket.

You walked toward him and took his jacket from him. He watched you with a slight snarl on his face not completely trusting. 

You folded and tossed the jacket on a chair.  

He looked you over, "You made yourself right at home?"

You walked up to him, took his hand and started tugging at him arm to follow you. He went with caution as you walked out of the room.

"I've got a surprise." You glanced over your shoulder, still holding his hand.

He allowed you to lead him out of the bedroom, down a hall and toward a set of double doors. You let his hand go and turned around to look at him before opening the doors. You grinned and pushed the doors open. Behind you were two tied up people, a man and a women. They were gagged with their hands and feet tied, laying on the floor. Mr. J's eyes lit up as he saw them and a grin danced across his face.

"My, my, my." He cupped your chin and gave it a sweet little wiggle of approval. 

"I made a mess. I hit him a little too hard." You gestured to the man who clearly had a head injury and was still bleeding some. You leaned against the door frame as he walked in and kneeled down over the couple.

"Unlucky indeed, my friends." He grinned at them. Their eyes were wide and fearful having recognized the Joker.

"I'm afraid...I have some truly terrible news. Your...Oh wait..." He made a puzzled face before reaching into the man's back pocket. Taking out his wallet and opening it, he pulled out each item. Tossing each one separately onto the floor until he came to the man's driver's license.  

"Judging from your age and name...aah, Mr. Pollew...Not to mention the ungodly resemblance. I'm going to take a guess and say your father. Hee-he-he-haha." He tossed the wallet at the man's face.

"I'm informing you of the untimly death of your father..." His cheerful voice turned dark.

"And mother." He faked a frown. "Unfortunately while my charming colleague was restraining the two of you. Uncle Joker had a visit with the folks. And the cause of death...Dreadful, gruesome, just deplorable." He started laughing.

Before turning his attention back to the young couple, he turned and glanced at you. Your face was blank, showing no emotion. Your hands were folded in front of you. You didn't care one way or the other what he'd do to them or what he had done to the other couple downstairs, who had been unfortunate enough to answer the door at this wee hour.

Apon opening the door, they both had been sprayed in the face with Joker Venom. While Mr. J started dragging the bodies off into another room, he'd ordered you to go search the rest of the house. That's when you came across these two sleeping soundly, completely unaware of what horrors that were occurring downstairs.

You hit the young man in the head, hard enough to knock him out, unfortunately it had been hard enough that he started bleeding right away too. After rendering the man useless, you focused on the young women. She remained asleep until feeling you covered her mouth with your hand. You'd warned her with a finger over your mouth, to be quite but she immediately freaked out, causing you to gag and restrain her right away. Regardless, of the pleading and tears, she never once fought or tried to help herself. You found it quite pathetic.

While you waited for Mr. J to finish up, you had decided to clean up...

So, how did you end up here? How did you go from being chained up to companion? This shift of gravity...had only occurred four days ago.




Christmas Eve Night...


"Get up. Shit went bad. Real bad." Rocko was shaking you awake.

"What?" You sat up, very startled, still half asleep.

"Shit went sideways the bat got'im...or he's dead." He spoke so fast that you couldn't keep up with him.

Then Rocko popped open the lock on your chain and quickly pulled it from around your ankle.

"Wait. What?" You were trying to get him to slow down.

"Go." Rocko was breathing heavy and excited. "Go. You gotta go, now."

"Wait. What's going on? What do you mean the bat got him. What does that mean?" You were excited now too.

"Look! You ain't listening to me. You have to go. Now. The orders were to kill you if something ever happened to him. You gotta go." Rocko pleaded with you.

You were confused, shocked with terrible news, that you didn't understand, and half-dressed as Rocko literally dragged you out of bed, down the hallway, out of the building and into the cold winter's air.

"Go and don't come back. You're free." He said leaving you right there in the alley way. You stood there bare feet, no pants, no jacket, with no clue.

Your first reaction was to go back in but the door was locked and no one responded to the banging on the door. For a few moments you stood there like a fool. You had just been given your freedom and you didn't know what to do with it. So, you started walking, kind of in a daze. After a block it became apparent that you were in downtown Gotham, the crappy part. It was Christmas time, you hadn't realized it being locked up. You could see Christmas lights and decorations everywhere you looked. There were tears rolling down your face, you didnt know what to do. You debated going to the police but the very next thought was: you'd have to explain too much to them. And you didn't want to get the Joker in trouble. Which then made you tell yourself that you were crazy but the fact remained, you wouldn't go to the cops. 

 "Miss, miss? Are you OK?" Someones voice broke your train of thought. 

You looked up and a young man was standing there with some friends, they all looked very concerned.

"Hey did you get caught the cross fire tonight?" One of them said.

"Yeah, A lot of people died. They've got rescue station setup if in need one." 

You knew you looked like an hot mess.

"What happened....what time is it?" You asked as you shivered.

One of the young men gave you his coat, while the other one answered, "It's 1230, ma'am. It's Christmas."

"You look hurt. We can call the cops or someone to come get you?" 

"No!" You snapped. "I'm sorry." You immediately felt bad.

"Look, let us help you." One of the guys took out his cell phone and started to make a call.

You quickly grabbed the phone, "Just..." You stopped and then handed the phone back to the guy. "Sorry. Look, can you please just tell me what's going on? What happened tonight?"

"Batman took on the Joker." One of them answered. "They went at it for a couple of hours. You didn't hear the explosion?"

Another one interrupted, "That clown tried to blow up 12 buildings, for the 12 days of Christmas. Some kind of sick joke doing it on Christmas Eve, I guess." 

You snickered to yourself, you got the joke. You knew exactly why it was funny...Why he would find it hysterical.

"All those poor people at home with their families." They all looked sadden by the events.

You felt bad for a second before your thoughts immediately went to Mr. J. Suddenly everything Rocko was quickly blurting out, as he literally tossed you out to your freedom, started to make sense. You felt a pain in the pit of your stomach.

"How could he not say anything to me," you thought. "He just left, to go die..."

You were shanking your head no, "Is he dead?"

"No, Batman stopped all but one of the bombs from going off. He's fine." The young man said.

"No!" You snapped. "The Joker, what happened to him?"

"The Joker? Who cares what happened to that crazy clown." He laughed.

"Batman got him." One of them proudly announced.

"No, no the last I heard they couldn't locate his body." One of them interupted excitedly.

You involuntarily grabbed your stomach, feeling the pain grow. One of the young men went to help you.

"Don't touch me." You started to walk off. 

"Hey! Wait!" They were worried.

"She's a loon." One of them added. "Let her go."

"Wait, my jacket." The young man yelled. You continue to walk away.

"Let her have it, dude." The other one said. He moved his finger in a small circular motion beside his head, "crazy."

They all laughed.

You completely ignored them. Your head and heart was racing. You hurried down the street. The streets were almost deserted. You could see smoke belowing up from buildings in the distance. The fight that had occurred between the bat and your Joker must have been major skirmish. The more you thought about what Rocko had said "He's dead" the sicker with worry you felt. Regardless of everything you'd been through. Regardless of everything he put you through, it made you confused that you felt so sadden at the possibility that he might be dead.

Your initial reaction was to turn around and go back, right there. Wait to see if he would show up but you veto that idea. Telling yourself you were foolish to go back. Suddenly, you realized how cold you were, your bare feet and legs were frozen, you had to do something. Wrapping the jacket, the young man had given you, tighter around your body you felt a wallet in the enter pocket. You smiled, reached in and opened it, finding cash. For once, fate was on your side. You made your mind up and went to the nearest motel. The entire way there you had to keep convincing yourself that this was the right choice. You needed to thinking about everything, give yourself some distance before doing something that you might regret forever.

 It took an act of god convincing the front desk manager that you were, in fact, alright and not in need of medical assistance. Even after finally getting her to believe you, she still brought you a few toiletries and some clothes to your room, after you had gotten settled in. You thanked her and wished her a Merry Christmas. It felt rude but you rushed her out and immediately turned on the TV to find out any details about the fate of your Joker.

You stayed in the hotel room for two days, only leaving once to go get a few more toiletries that you required. While you were out you stole some clothes that fit you properly. Apart from cleaning yourself up, you did nothing but watch the news.

The showdown between Batman and The Joker had left an unknown number of people dead and injuried. The Joker was only able to blow up one building before the bat stopped him. Two other buildings had burnt down due to the explosing of the first.

"Eyewitnesses reported seeing the Joker fall from the roof of one of the burning buildings. Batman pursued him but was unsuccessful at apprehending the notorious criminal."

Hearing the news reporter say those words made your guts twist. You continued watching as they showed bits and pieces of the fight. Some of the footage had been captured by the news channel's helicopter, while other footage was shot on people's cell phones. Your eyes widen and sparkled as you watched. Seeing Mr. J standing his ground against the Bat of Gotham, made you smile. He was fearless. His suit and hair whipping in the wind as he stood on the ledge of a building confronting the bat, right before blowing up a nearby building. The bat flinched but not your Joker, he laughed and reviled in the destruction. The clip ended and the news report started speaking again.

"Police and rescue workers have still been unable to locate a body of the infamous criminal."

You muted the TV. Instantly feeling nauseated. They had been searching for two days and still hadn't found the Joker's body. There had been incidents in the past where the Joker was thought dead, but turned out to be alive and well. You continued to reminding yourself of that. You had allowed your heart and head to battle it out, coming to the conclusion that you had to know if he was alive or not. The not knowing was killing you. It was eating you up...

So an hour later, there you stood, in front of the old abandoned stripe club that you called home for so many months. Your hands were shanking as you entered the building. You slowly entered, thinking to yourself, "If he's not here, he could still be alive."

 There was no sign of life in the main room,  so naturally, you slowly walked toward the back of the club. As you quitely made your way to the start of the small hallway, you shined the flashlight around. You slowly turned the corner of the hall, passed the two bathrooms and then stopping in front of the apartment door. You turned the door knob and opened the door with a push. Waiting before actually stepping foot into the room, you shinned the light into the dark. It appeared empty. You were too nervous, maybe even scared to go in.

"How could you be coming back to this place, what the fuck is wrong with you?" Then you'd quickly tell yourself to "shut up!"

You took one step inside of the room and turned around abruptly. You heard someone behind you and quickly went on the defense. With a push and then a small scuffle, you stumbled back as you caught your balance. It was immediate that you knew, it was him. There was suddenly pure happiness coursing through your veins. Then you realized that he had actually fallen down from the run in. You scrambled for the flashlight you'd drop and quickly put the beam of light on him. You gasped under your breath. He was beating and broken. In all the time you'd been with him, he'd never looked like this. You could see he was in discomfort, holding his shoulder.

"Well, get on with it." His voice broke the silence.

You stood there thinking. Inside your head raged a battle of epic proportions. You wanted to rush to him, to help him. While, at the same time, you knew you should want to hate him. Almost like an out of body experience, you could see and hear yourself acting in a manner that you couldn't stop and didn't really want to.

"You're hurt." Your voice softly replied.

At first he did nothing. The look on his face couldn't be read. He only looked up, trying to see pass the light in his eyes.

"Move that blasted light." He ordered hatefully, snarling at you.

You did so immediately.

He struggled to get up. Offering him a hand, he slapped it away. Once on his feet he towered over you, even slumped over. He made no effort to harm you, he only looked you over and pushed you out of the way. You hit the door frame and watched as he went into the crappy apartment. You continued to stand against the door frame in a dazed state of confusion about being so happy to see him. It then dawned on you that he had left the door wide open, that he hadn't tried killing you or told you to scram. This made you smile.

At first, you only went into the room a few steps. You watched as he slowly sat down. You took a few more steps toward him. You were so nervous, you jumped when the TV came on. He immediately started flipping through the new stations, randomly picking one. You scanned over the room, using your flashlight. It was apparent that he'd come back not to long after the fight between him and the bat. It looked like a bomb had went off. He had taken out his anger around the place, breaking furniture and making a mess.  Without warning, he threw the remote at the TV, hitting it hard and causing you to jump again.

"Batman!" His anger quickly went to defeat. "Bat-man. Bat. Man." 

You quitely watched him. He rested his bent elbow on the arm of the chair and then rested his head against his hand.  Suddenly, he lifted his head up and relaxed his arms over the chair rest, while the sound of your name left his lips.

"Pigeon." The innocent tone he used when calling you, caused your heart to flutter and a shiver to go up your spine.

"I suppose you're here to kill me." You could tell he was grinning by the way his voice sounded.

"I-i." You stuttered.

"Well, speak up, my dear. You're not the shy type." He barked.

"I don't know why I'm here." You cringed after saying it. You knew damn well why you were there. 

"Who let you go? Rocko?" He snarled. "I suppose I have to kill him now."

"I came back to see if you were alive or not." You blurred out.

He listened, raising one eyebrow and slightly turning his head. You started taking slow steps toward him as you spoke.

"I guess I needed to know if one day you'd show up." You half-way lied about your true intentions of wanting to know. You continued moving toward him.

His tone was somber, "And now you know. Mister J's alive and kickin'." 

He turned back and stared ahead, not bother by your presence, "So what's your move? What's the strategy? Offensive. Defensive."

You were standing beside him now, but still keeping your distance. You could see him wincing, from time to time, as he moved the wrong way, making his body hurt.

"I know you've thought about this moment." He turned and looked at you again.

"I certainly have." He grinned. "But, of course, you know that."

"Come, come. Out of the shadows with you." He gestured for you to come closer, "If you were going to try and kill me, Pigeon. You would have already done it. Besides, we both know why you really came back." He started to laugh but cringed with pain, which made him laugh again.

He was right. There was no changing it. You were never going to really run from him, he had made sure of that. He had broken you, whether you knew it or not. You felt everything for him: hate, fear, respect, admiration, lust, but in the end, you dreaded it just might be love.

You cautiously approached him, still keeping enough distance between you and him, that you felt you could run, if needed. He didn't make any sudden movements, only tapping his fingers on the arm of the chair as his eyes followed you. You watched him for a while. He cringed as he adjusted himself in the chair. You could see from the dim light casted by the TV that he was sporting a black eye, scrapes and cuts decorated his face and neck. His nose had a huge open gash across the bridge, it was red and festered, and in need of stitches. His clothes had been changed but you could see bloodly spots where he'd bleed through. For the first time every, you felt sorry for this man. Deep down you knew it was a fictitious, he was no more in need of being felt sorry for than a dismembered rattlesnake head, still deadly and full of venom. 

"The bat did this." You didn't ask, you stated the obvious. "I watched it on the news."

He grinned and laughed with his whole body. Then immediately cringed, grabbing his left shoulder.

"It was all in good, clean fun." He smirked then grinned. "Batsy loves it when I titillate him with a rousing challenge."

He laughed loudy then cringed, then laughed, "Ooo, oo-hee" Then moaned, grabbing his shoulder again.

He chuckled, "He's such a tease with his little love taps."

"Is it broke? Here, let me see." You stepped right up to him, not hesitating. 

He glared at you, lips curled.

"It's. Fine." He snapped and then scoured at you.

Then the look suddenly melted off his face, as he looked up toward you. He could see you were genuine; you wanted to make his pain go away. His eyes studed your face before moving down your body and back up to your face and hair. You were in actually clothes: jeans, leather jacket, tall boots. Your hair had been forced into submission. Did he see the same girl he'd locked up over a year ago? Did he see someone who wanted to help him? Or did just see his pet, doing as trained?

He made a pouty face as he answered. "It's only dislocated. It'll be fine."

He turned his head back to the muted TV, diverting his attention elsewhere.

"You're going to have to hold your arm out and bend your elbow at a 90 degree angle." You went to reach for his arm but stopped as he lowered his brow, giving you another dirty look. Suddenly, you returned his dirty look with one of your own.

"Do it." You mimiced the making a muscle position with your own arm. "Like this."

"Yes, yes. And lift it over your head. I've already tried it, a numbers of times." He snapped.

"Then stick it out, like this." You stretched your arm out straight.

 "I can pull and push it back into its correct position. It'll hurt like hell for a second but once it's back in place, the pain will almost immediately be eliminated." You were close enough to him now, that your leg brushed against him.

He glared up at you from his hunched over position in the chair. Then he gave you a nod, letting you know you could do whatever needed to be done. You nervously reached out and lifted his arm to the position it needed to be in and told him to turn sligthly sideways in the chair. He moaned a little as he turned, while you held his arm out straight. Your hands were slightly trembling. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath to calm yourself. Placing your hand on his shoulder, you used your thumb to feel for the lowest tip of his shoulder blade.

You warned, "I'm going to apply--"

He interupted you, "Oh, get on with it." He snapped hatefully.

You shifted your eyes toward him and gave him a blank look.

"Fine, be that way" you thought.

You zealously pulled and roughly lifted, at the same time, until you heard the pop of his shoulder going into its socket. You stopped and held his arm for a moment, waiting for his reaction. He quickly moved his arm, testing it out. A grin slowly creeped across his face.

"Use it like normal but be mindful of it." You watched as he moved it around.

He seemed pretty impressed and pleased by the outcome.

He became charming, "Bravo. Braav-ooo, Pigeon."

You started to back away from him. Joker grabbed your wrist and jerked you toward him a little, keeping you from stepping away from him.

"Nuh-uh. First, tell me why shouldn't I kill you now?" He relaxed back into the chair, keeping his grip on you.

He slightly rubbed his fingers against your wrist. You didn't pull away, instead you leaned down closer to him.

"Death would be a welcome friend, at this point, now wouldn't it?" You took your other hand and used it to pry his hand from around your wrist.

You shoved his hand away. "Besides, at this point, you would have killed me already...if that's what you really wanted to do," you lifted your eyebrow smugly. You were mocking him.

His eyes followed your face as you stood up straight. He wasn't amused at the bumptious comment you had decided to taunt him with. He glared up at you spitefully. You ignored his dirty looks and smirked.

You started to reached up to touch him, "Your nose is going to rot off, if you don't--." 

He stopped you by grabbing your hand again, "I've had worse."

He didn't let your hand go again this time either. Instead he squeezed it, as you slowly pull it back toward yourself. Your eyes bounced between his face and his hand. You gently twisted your hand, while he gripped it, so your palm met his. He quickly jerked his hand away as you started to push your fingers between his and gestured for you to move back. You pulled your hand back, crossing your arms as you stepped back.

The sound of the back door being kicked in was loud. Your eyes widen and you immediately looked at the Joker. He wasn't fazed by it at the slightest. He made no movement at all, only casually maintaining his seat. You could hear the low tone of men's voices in the hallway. They suddenly kicked in one of storage closet doors on the other side, right across the hall.

"No, no. It's that one." A voice rang out.

The sound of the apartment door being kicked in caused you to hide. The Joker only sat there. You watched as the door was completely kicked in and three guys poured into the room. Followed by one more, who you and Mr. J, both recognized. It was Rocko's brother and as of that moment, former goon of The Joker's, Francis. Apparently, his loyalty went to the highest bidder.

"Look at this, he's not even gonna put up a fight." One of the men said.

"You watch him. He dangerous." Francis warned.

"Hands up!" Francis ordered, "slowly."

Joker threw his hands up with a twist. He was very flamboyant about it. It was pure flattery, he was simply toiling with these boys.

"Gentlemen." His voice was smooth, fearless.

You could hear the change in his voice. He was all business. This was going to end badly...for them. You saw his eyes shift to where you were hiding, then he shifted his gaze to beside you. Your eyes moved to where he'd looked. There beside you, laid a gun. You didn't move, instead you remained still, waiting and watching.

"The whole city is looking for you, clown. And here you are." Francis sounded smug. "There's a nice, fat price on your head to get proof that you're actually dead this time."

"And who's paying premium for the goods?" Joker smiled.

"Ha. What does it matter to you?" Francis chuckled.

"Well, after I've killed all of you..." Joker was still being cheerful. "I'm going to need to know who to pay a visit to. Gotta collect my prize money." 

"I-I say w-we kill him now. No-o risk." One of the guys was already very spooked.

"Barlowe will--" The other goon started to speak but was interupted.

"Barlowe!" Joker viciously barked out, "Oohh, that deplorable piece of dirt--"

"Shut up, you!" The same guy yelled for him to hush. "He'll pay more if the clown is alive. And just our luck, he is." 

"Get up." Francis poked Joker in the back of the shoulder.

Joker slowly started to get up, "Say, Francis. Rocko's not with you, he is? I've got a bone to pick with him." He grinned.

He was standing now, keeping his hands up. He slowly turned around as ordered. Francis nodded for the guys to get him. Two of them complied, while the other one kept close to the door.

"Check if for any and everything. Leave nothing on him." Francis warned.

Joker grinned at one of the guys as he moved closer to pat him down. The other guy grabbed one of his hands and went for the other one with the intention to cuff him. Then it happened. With a head butt and a hard kick the first guy went down. The second guy somehow ended up in a head lock, struggling for air. It all happened so fast, they didn't know it was too late for them.

"Let him go!" Francis warned, pointing the gun at the Joker.

He smiled, "No." Then planted a knife right into the man's chest, stabbing his heart.

Joker was already laughing by the time the man hit the floor.

Then a gun shot rang out.

Francis stood their for a few seconds before falling to his knees. The Joker walked behind him, slit his throat and kicked him over onto floor, face first. The last guy had already dropped his gun. He was terrified. The Joker stood there with his head back, reveling in the joy of a kill. He slowly put head down, fixing his eyes on you. The sight of you standing there, holding the gun that he had pointed out to you, made him grin. You waved the gun once toward the guy near the door. He still hadn't ran. He had completely shut down.

He trembled as the Joker approached him.

"Where will I find Mr. Barlowe?" Joker put his arm around his shoulder and wiped the knife blade clean on the young man's coat.

The poor boy could hardly speak a clear word, "h-h-e-e s-sup-po-pose t-to..." He stopped and swallowed hard.

"Yes. That's it. He's suppose to what?" The Joker was patiently coaxing it out of him.

"T-te-xt wi-t-th a lo-o-ca-tion." He could barely keep his whole arm from shaking as he pointed to the Francis's dead body. "H-he's g-go-t th-the ph-phon-ne."

"Good man." The Joker patted the young man on his back before stinking the knife right into the side of his throat.

You watched, almost mesmerised. You had seen violence from the Joker, first hand but never anything like this. It was almost beautiful the way he moved. He was elegant. He kneeled down and dug the phone out of Francis's coat. He opened it, and looked at it for a moment then closed it and put it in his pocket.

The one guy who had been knocked out started coming around. You could hear him moan. The Joker glanced at him then to you. He nodded at the guy while he stared at you, waiting to see what you'd do. You knew exactly what he wanted from you. You felt your heart skip a beat as you took a step toward the man. Another step closer and your heart raced faster, another one and then another one. You were breathing rapidly as you stood over him and pulled the trigger. The sound of the shot made you jump. The Joker proudly grinned at you, admiring the monster he had created.

"The effort was well worth the wait," he thought.

He walked around the room, gathering a few things and putting them into his pockets. He slipped on a long purple trenchcoat and threw on a wide brimed hat that matched the coat. Then he walked up to you. He reached out his hand and you immediately placed the gun into it. He grinned, took it in his hand and semi-pointed it at you as he talked.

"My, my." He stood close and looked down into your face.

You were still breathing heavy.

"I'd congratulate you." He took the gun and used the barrel to move the hair out of your face. "But we both know this isn't your first kill...Not really. You've got blood on your hands, little Pigeon." He let out a laugh.

You were unaware that you had started moving backwards, out of a pure reflex, until you bumped into the wall, you had cornered yourself. He remained right on top of you, grinning. Your hands flat palmed the wall and your finger tips were pressed so firmly against it that they were turning white. You turned your head out of nervousness. What he would do next was anybody's guess. You felt his hand wrap around you upper arm and he started to pull you along with him as he left. His stride was a lot longer than yours and with every three or fours steps he'd have to tug at you to keep up. Finally you jerked, pulling your arm free from his grip.

He looked offended as he turned to face you.

"You don't have to drag me, I'll follow." You pleded.

His pressed his lips together and lowered his brow, "keep up." He ordered, as he walked out into the street.

You did. He never once turned to see if you had actually followed him. At least not that you saw. When he finally came to a stop, the two of you had gone in and out of alley ways and ended up across from a parking garage.

He didn't look at you, instead he looked down the street one way and then the other way as he spoke, "Go 'theif' us a ride." He laughed to himself after the terrible play on words.

Once he'd finish laughing he paused and turned to look at you with a curled lip.

"You're still here." He lifted his eyebrow. "Move!" He snapped hatefully.

You quickly did as he wanted, walking past a few cars until you came across an older model. It was the only way to be sure it wouldn't have an alarm and even then it wasn't a 100% failproof. You needed to make this fast. You looked around and spotted a fire extinguisher. You grabbed it, held your breath for luck and busted the window. No alarm. You quickly pushed the broken glass aside and hoped in. Laying down in the seat, you started pulling the panel under the steering wheel off so you could reach the wires needed to hotwire it the car. It took less than five minutes to start the car. You hadn't stolen a car in years but you still had it.

Creeping out of the car garage you flashed the headlights once. Then pulled out and stopped in the alley way where you had left him at. You didn't see him.

"Move over." You jumped.

He was standing on the driver's side, looking into the window and it surprised you. You scooted over into the passenger seat, while he got into the driver's seat. You sat still, looking out the window. Hearing him cringe, you glanced over at him. He hid his discomfort well but he was still sore from the beating the bat had given him and the small scuffle with Francis hadn't helped. He took off his hat and tossed it between the two of you. Then he rested the gun into the hat. He didn't seem to fear the idea of you getting ahold of it and using it on him. It was like he knew something you didn't.

You watched as he relaxed in the car seat, throwing his arm over the wheel and driving with his wrist drapped over it, barely using his hand. You could see about an inch or so of his pale skin between his sleeve and glove. Your eyes discreetly moved up his arm and to his neck. It was toned. For some reason it made you wonder how old he was. It was hard to put a cap on it. His pale, milky skin hid any signs of aging quite well. You started to think back, trying to remember the age you were when you had first heard about The Joker.

You quickly got side tracked as you continued to study him. His poor nose had been through hell, having been busted open even more from the headbutt he'd given the guy early. It was swollen and had given him two black eyes instead of one. He glanced over at you and then quickly looked back at the road.

"What?" He coldly asked.

"Your poor little nose and eyes." You cut your eyes back over towards him as you answered. "You've now got two black eyes, instead of the one."

"I didn't know I had the first one." He said it with a straight face.

You couldn't help but smile and tilted your head toward him, "You need ice or all of this..."

You gestured toward your own noses and eyes, "...will be so stollen you won't be able to open your eyes in a few hours."

He lowered his brow at you and brushed your comment off with a shrug of his shoulders.

"Suit yourself then." You looked out the window of the car. 

You watched as the city passed by. After a few minutes you started recognizing the area he was driving the two of you towards. 

"We're going to the warehouse, aren't we?" You asked timidly.

He didn't speak, instead he only nodded his head 'yes' once. 

It made you nervous and fidgety, knowing where you were headed. Afterall, you didn't have the best memories of the warehouse. He smirked, noticing how bothered you were. In fact, you were so beside yourself, you didn't notice when he stretched his arm out toward you, resting it across the back of the car seat. You shifted in your seat and hit his hand, making you jump.

"Geez." He lifted one side of his lip and an eyebrow at you.

"You're wound up like a spring." He threw his voice to sound like a 30s gangster, "See here, ya makin' me nervous, kid, myeah."

You couldn't help but smile, defusing some of the apprehension you felt. He playfully wiggled his fingers, letting the back of them tap against your shoulder. The two of you relaxed the rest of the way. The short trip across town was over before it even started. 

You didn't follow him, instead you watched as he disappeared into the warehouse, while you sat in the car. This is where it all started, you had very mixed feeling about his place. You finally got up the courage and walked inside. It was a large place and you didn't quite know exactly which way to go, so you began to explore your once prison. It was dark, dank and cold, the sound of your foot steps echoed through out the huge storage space. The further from the docking door you walked the creepier it got, the emptiness didn't help. Then in a blink of an eye, all the empty space disappeared.

Crates, boxes, storage containers and miscellaneous materials filled the place, stacked high. You continued to walk pass crate after crate, passing walkways made from leaving space between the boxes and stuff. It all looked the same until the sudden brightness of multicolour lights, coming on, caught your eye. You froze for a second. Toward your left about 100 or so feet away, you could see the twinkling of those..."goddamn lights", you thought. They made you shutter yet you had no choice, it was a matter of prevailing pride, you started walking toward them. Weaving in and out of the crates and boxes until finally the space opened up again .Your eyes immediately landed on the cage you had been forced to live in. You felt nothing seeing it. You were good at putting stuff behind you, rationalizing what matter and what didn't. Never letting your past haunt your future.

It all looked the same, you walked up to the cage and put your hands on the bar. You closed your eyes to reflect. Suddenly, you smiled. Turning your head as you heard him walking up behind you.

Leaving your hands holding the bars, you spoke, "You were always able to sneak up on me."

You watched, over your shoulder, as he moved closer to you, until he was finally right behind you. He reached his arms out, keeping you between them and placed his hands on top of yours, as he also took hold of the bars.

He tickled your ear with his voice, "I know."

You tensed up alittle as he pushed closer into you, "Seeing this. Being here. Does it make you hate me more?"

He wasn't whispering but his voice was somber, doting even. 

You tilted your head up to look at him, "No."

He continued to look forward, not acknowledging you, "No pinned up rage, an unstoppable longing to do me in, hang me up by my toes, skin me alive, bash my head while I sleep?" That's when he glanced down at you with a lowered brow.

You turned your head back to stare into the cage. He slightly tightened his grip around your hands and the bars, "How do I trust you?"

"Trust." You paused for moment, "Trust isn't what you want." 

"Loyalty." You spoke slowly, "Complete allegiance. Unwavering obedience."

You felt him press his whole body against you, "Go on." There was a hint of excitement in his voice.

"You want blind faith. Someone who will admire and relish your every action, devote themselves to your success and satisfaction." You suddenly gasped as he rolled his hips against you.

You pushed back against him, "Someone who'll...submit."

He immediately grabbed your arms and forcefully turned you around so you were facing him. His hands wrapped around your throat and up over your jawline, tilting your head up. You stared at him, his two black eyes and busted nose...It made you want him more.

Your breathing was heavy as you continued, "Someone who'll pamper and indulge you... Fullfil any desire that belongs to you."

His red lips slowly formed a beautiful grin as he listened to your confession of devotion. He rubbed the tip of his nose against your face making you crave him.You grabbed his open jacket and pulled his body to yours.

He lowered his head, keeping your face cupped in his hands and whispered into your ear, "And I suppose you're the one who can fill my needs?"

You slowly nodded 'yes'. 

"We'll see, my dear." He cooed into your ear before abruptly slammed your head back against the bars, causing you to wince.

You tighten the grip you had on his jacket, balling it up in your fist. He smiled and snickered. Suddenly, his tongue plunged into your mouth causing yours to dance with his. You hands grabbed his forearms, squeezing them. He was harsh and unrefined about the kiss. Demanding and vicious as he pushed your body against the bars, you loved every second of it. You licked your bottom lip when it was over and smirked.

He maintain his grip on your face and stared you in the eye, "If you fail me, I'll killl you. You're no longer my locked up little pet... The training is over and if the show animal can't perform it's tricks...Hee-he-he-haa-haha" His laughing became sinister.

He let go your your face and gripped his hands on top of your shoulders.

"You shoot it and move on to the next." His words were so appalling but his smile, so handsome. 

"But you're not going to let me down. I have faith...In you, Pigeon." He leaned down and kissed your forehead.

He grinned and walked away, gesturing for you to follow . You happily pursued him, closely trailing him as he made his way back through the maze of boxes and crates. Once out of the storage area, he headed into the small office area. He stopped at the door and allowed you to go in first. There were a few guns and what looked like explosives, out on a table. Staying close behind you, he guided you over to the table where he looked over your shoulder and then rested his chin on it. He pointed to one of the explosives and waited for you to hand it to him. He reached around from behind you, keeping his chin positioned on your shoulder,  as he took the explosive out of your hand.

His arms hugged you as he held the bomb out in front of you and explained, "It's very simple. The white wire connects to the black one, you press here and boom." He grinned as the word boom rolled off his tongue.

He sat it back down on the table, lifted his chin off your shoulder and standing up straight behind you. He playfully spun you around so you were facing him, causing you to softly snicker. You were pinned between him and the table as you listened to him divulge the plan he had.

"You're going bring me to Barlowe and collect the money." He was cheerfully smiling.

As he explained, he started to remove your jacket.

"He'll assume you got lucky some how..." Tossing your jacket onto the floor, he started unbuttoning your shirt. You had no refusals.

"Stumbled apon me or something." He stopped unbuttoning your shirt for a second and gestured with his hand as he said 'or something'.

"I'll think of a convincing tale." He continued undressing you.

"You'll drop a name or two. Some local criminals he's sure to know...." Your shirt was open now, so he spun you back around to face the table. With your back against him, he wrapped his arms around you and started groping your body, making you moan with delight. 

"...making him think you heard about the price on my head through the grapevine." He gently kneeled one of your breast, while he reached up and grabbed your neck. 

 He tilted your head to the side, "And...Voila."

He immediately leaned down and bit your neck, making you melt. He nipped and nibbled at your neck, while he let his hand explore its way down your body, until finding its way to your belt buckle. 

"Wait. If it were me, I'd still be suspicious." You spoke up, having a question. Afterall you could enjoy yourself and listen at the same time.

"And regardless..." You continued but Mr. J didn't stop unbuckling your belt and pants, he only slow down, giving you time to express your concerns.

"...what's to keep him from just killing us both, right there? He gets you and doesn't have to part ways with any cash." Your concerns were ligetme and that made him grin.

You gasped loudly as his hand slipped into your underwear, firmly cupping his hand between your thighs. He held you, not moving his hand more than only little, teasing you. 

"You'll have these on your person." He nodded to the explosives on the table. "They won't harm a hair on your beautiful little head, if it means they die." He chuckled softly.

You pushed your hips against him, surprisingly he was very aroused, no violence needed.

"Alright." Your voice was very airy and lustful, "So I get the money, *moan* then what?" 

"Then you leave." He pulled his hand out of your pants and pushed you face down onto the table. Immediately, he unfasten his belt and pants, then slipped your pants down enough to allow him to enter you. The both of you moaned with pleasure as he mounted  you from behind.

He continued to talk as he rolled his hips, thrusting in and out of you, "Give me five minutes with Barlowe and then...I want you to start blowing up stuff, my dear. I'll make my way out and off we'll go." You felt him mimiced walking with his fingers up your back until he got to your hair and took a handful of it.

You laid there, enjoying every second of him having his way with you. It only lasted a few minutes, until it was over. Joker hadn't wasted anytime getting to his climax. Once he was done, he stepped away from you. You didn't mind being neglected of your needs, you were happy to have pleased him. You went to the restroom and cleaned up quickly. By the time you reemerged, he was done tucking his shirt and adjusting his clothes. It was as if nothing had ever happened. 

You returned back to the table, where he was standing. Immediately, he turned to you and handed you a pistol. He placed it in your hand, keeping his hand on top of it.

"Of course, you'll have to kill a few of them...If things get out of hand." He reached up, gently pinched your chin and gave you a charming gaze, "That won't be a problem, will it?"

"No, not at all, Mr. J." You really meant it too, as you smiled at him. 

He let go of your chin and lifted one eyebrow. He studied you for a moment before grinning...


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Mr. J was standing up as straight as an arrow, every inch of his 6'5 frame towered over you. He was biting his bottom lip with a snarl and his eyes narrowed with contempt as he watched you fidget with the bomb vest.

You could instantly tell by his posture that you were being an incredible annoyance to him, "Look, I'm sorry but it just does want to stay put. It's too big for me."

His eyes narrowed even more, right before he grabbed your arm and jerked it down, away from the vest.

"It'll be fine. If you LEAVE IT ALONE!" His sudden loudness caused you cringe for a moment.

His arms went straight down to his sides and his hands balled up into fist, as he tried to contain his anger. Then suddenly, he smiled, "Pigeon. Dear. If you touch it again I will blow you away with the vest."

You stared at him, standing perfectly still as the vest slowly slipped off your shoulder and went crooked. The Joker's sour expression fated to defeat; his mouth went pouty and his head hung. The weight of the explosives and the fact that the vest really was to large, caused it to go wonkie and hang off of you.

"Look here, I can just tape everything to me. Around my trunk. It will be fine." You tried your best to smooth over the situation.

He immediately shot you an incredibly nasty look, which was hard to take serious with the humorous undertone about the vest. You and he had been working on and off for last day, since arriving at the warehouse. Everything was in order except the vest. He'd actually taken off his own vest and used it, which was probably why he was so put-out that it wasn't quite working out as hoped. He'd wasted a perfectly good and stylish piece of clothing for nothing. You said nothing more, only letting your eyes followed him, not knowing where you remained on his tolerance level, for the moment. 

"Arms up." He ordered with a small gesture of his hand.

You stretched your arms above your head and he carefully removed the vest, pulling it over your head. He sat down and started defusing it.

Once that was done, he slid it toward you, "Remove everything and be careful."

You did as he asked of you, handing each explosive over to him as you detached them. He started making more of the smaller bombs that were going to be used by you in order to create a distraction, giving Mr. J time to escape Barlowe and his men.

"We'll scrape the vest and for now go ahead and use the smaller bombs." He perked up,  "Now, if he doesn't buy our bluff, you cannot hesitate before using one of these lovely little firecrackers."

He concentrated on the explosives, looking down and licking his bottom lip as he worked. 

You watched him intently. Your eyes carefully took in everything about him, his little movements and small quirks. You always noticed something new, that  would make your heart melt. His hands moved with grace and speed as he worked even with something so deathly, he was incredible proficient.

As always, once you started to gaze at him you got lost. His black eyes hadn't, to your surprise, swollen up but his nose still sported the wide open gash. You'd tried your best to get him to let you do something about his nose but he refused, saying it would only help authenticate the story you two were about to fed Barlowe. In the end, your repeated attempts to doctor him had only resulted in him roughing you up, so you capped the subject. However, you saw him later washing it, giving you a small sense of victory.

 "Gggrrrrrrr-rrraaa" Your stomach spoke loud and clear.

You grabbed it out of surprise and smiled at Mr. J. He was looking up from the bomb with one eyebrow lifted, there was a smirk on his face but it wasn't out of amusement. You couldn't actually remember the last time you ate, it had been at least a day. He looked back down and started to work again right as your empty stomach made another demand for food.

"Sorry, sorry." You quickly apologized. "I don't suppose there's anything around--"

You immediately stopped. The look on his face told you everything you needed to know. Suddenly, his annoyed look faded.

"You know what, my dear...We could use a few things." He smiled, then casually started listing things.

"Firstly, handcuffs. A couple burner phones, I've seemed to have misplaced..." He patted his shirt pocket. "...the one I had over the course of these last few days."

He paused to think and scan the room.

"Bullets, knives...naturally" He chuckled, "He-oh, can't ever have to many of those around."

You waited for a moment, making sure he was done. 

"Alright. Would you--" You stopped.

Before you could even start he'd dismissed you with a lazy wave of his hand, actually telling you, "Shoo, shoo."

Never once looking up at you. You left with your feelings, like his nose, bruised and battered.


You made two stops. The first stop was at a, surprisingly open, military surplus store. With it being the day after Christmas, you had planned on breaking in and robbing the place. At least, now, half of the hard work was done. You tried to causally go unnoticed as you explored the shoppe, even nabbing a camo baseball cap to wear around, in case of cameras. The older man, who ran the store, was quick to respond to your needs. At first, you felt bad, knowing you were about to rob this guy but he turned out to be unpleasant and quiet vulgar. You tried ignoring his comments until you noticed a case of brass knuckles, you couldn't resist.

"Sir, do you mind?" Pointing to the case.

"Sure thing, hot stuff, anything for a looker like you. Let me just unlock it for you." He went behind the counter, took out his keys, unlocked the case and you made sure to watch which pocket he returned the set of keys to.

"Lets see your hand, sugar. See what size you can handle." He reached for your hand, rubbed it and placed a set on your fingers.

You closed your fist, "Too big. Let me try the smaller set." You pointed to a smaller duster set, more like a tekko.

"Too big? Ah, naw sugar, most of you girlie like them big I thought. " He was trying to flirt in the worst way.

You cringed slightly at his comment and took the smaller duster from him.Trying it on, it fix nicely, you smiled.

"It looks good on you...kinda like I would." He grinned and winked at you.

Without a warning, you hit the guy cross the jaw as you wore the knuckles. He grabbed his face and bented over in pain.

"You broke my tooth, bitch." He mumbled threw the blood coming out of his mouth.

He didn't noticed that you had walked behind the counter until you were right in front of him. He stood up, holding his mouth. It was obvious he was going for a gun he had hidden behind the counter.

"No. I don't think so." You threw back and hit him again: right across the face, causing him to go down.

He caught himself on the countertop before gently letting himself fall to his knees. You opened your hand and looked at the set of knuckles on your hand.

"If it takes more than two hits to knock a man out, then the knuckles are crap." You took them off and tossed them on the floor.

You quickly tried on a different pair and planted another punch across his face. He went out like a light.

"I'll take'em." You smiled and immediately started collecting whatever you wanted from the store.

You helped yourself to a couple of shotguns, a few handguns, enough bullets that you filled two duffle bags full of them. You tossed a bunch of different knives into a different bag. It took three trips to the car to load up everything. Before leaving you picked out a few goodies for yourself, a back holster just like you'd used before getting mixed up with Mr. J.  

Finishing up, you checked on the guy. There was something, but not guilt, setting in from what you'd done. Sure, you'd done your fair share of bad things to people but you were never a cold blooded killer. You looked down at him laying face down on the floor, his face was already bright red and swollen. The thought of Joker being proud about what you'd done crossed your mind or would he be disappointed with the fact that you hadn't killed the man. 

"You did good." Thinking to yourself as you turned and started to leave.

However, there was still a lingering feeling that you hadn't done what needed doing. As your hand gripped the door handle of the store, you pulled it back shut, locked it and looked back toward the counter where the store owner laid. Was this feeling, this yearning you felt coming from a need to please Mr. J or was it the darkness that he had recognize in you from the beginning, boiling up to the surface? You didn't let yourself think to long on it, grabbing a gun and loading it with bullets, you pointed and pulled. Leaving the man dead.

You made your last stop at a convenience store, it had phones and food. Needless, to say it was a lot busier than the last place. So, instead of making a scene, you simply paid for everything with the cash that you had stolen from the surplus store.



You dropped the first of two duffle bags down onto the floor. You smiled at Mr. J and went back for the rest of the stuff. After you unloaded everything from the second trip, you went back a third time to get the last duffle bag and the phones and food. When you returned he was kicked back with his feet on the table and hands rested behind his head, watching as you brought in your spoils.

"Busy little bird." He slowly smiled.

"Well..." He moved one arm and gestured with his hand, " me, whatcha get?"

You unzipped each duffle bag, putting each one open enough so he could see the goodies that laid hidden just inside. Making yourself comfortable, you sat down on the floor by the bags, legs crossed indian style. You tossed a plastic bag with the phones in it, to Mr. J, who at once started to activate them. As he was doing this, you raided the food bag. It was only junk food but it would do.

"Anything from Barlowe? Any text yet?" You questioned him as you opened a nosey package.

He never looked up to address you, being focused on setting up the phone but he did speak.

"No, no. Not yet." His tone was aimless, like when he rambled. "I like to imagine Ole Barlowe is stuffing his face right now, thinking he's finally gotten the better of ole Joker..."


He paused for a second. You loudly bit a piece of dill pickle, the kind that comes in its own little bag, and chewed it slowly. You eyeballed Mr. J while he continued to talk in his wayward tone, fully immersed in what he had to say. That tone had preoccupied many, many nights for you. The nights when he'd visit you, while you were still chained and alone. He'd talk for hours on end about everything. Back then you had failed to realize how much you had grown to treasure his company. But now, now you knew the true depths of your fondness for this man.

"...No idea that his men are dead, rotting away. Hee-he. Poor Ole Bar..." He laughed, "He and I are old pals, you see, Pigeon. He can't stand me...and I...well, I outshine him in every way imaginable."

He lifted his brow, "Boy! Is he going to be in for a surprise when he sees that am still around."


He flinched slight at the sound but continued.

"Im starting to wonder though..." He began to wiggle his foot as it rested on the table, "If we're not going to have scrap the plan...and sniff out Bar-bo all own our little lonesome."


He flinched again and froze. For only a moment, before beginning to wiggle his foot again, he carried on, right where he'd left off. You chewed and listen with intensity.

"That young lad's anecdote about a location being texted seems to have been rubbish." He frown slightly then lifted his brow again, "I suspect Francis may have had the mind to double cross his help...keeping Barlowe's money for himself."

He laughed, "It's exactly the kind of thing I'd do..."


He quickly shifted only his eyes toward you, looking at you finally. Giving you a look that you immediately recognized as a warning. 

"Sorry." You almost didn't chew the bite of pickle in your mouth.

His eyes bounced from your face to the pickle in your hand. He studied it for a moment before fully lifting his head up and allowing a huge grin to fill his face. Your eyes shot back and forth between him and your hand until you realized what he was looking at. It wasn't the pickle but the blood on your knuckles that had dried. Suddenly, you realized that you had completely forgotten about killing a man only a hour ago.

Your face was filled with complexity while you allowed that to stink in.

"You. Forgot." You said slowly in your mind.

Then catching the gaze of Mr. J, as he grinned proudly at you, not even knowing why the blood was there, instantly snapped you out of it. You grinned and tilted your hand so you could look at the blood before looking back to him.

"That." You said through your smile, "That was rude man's way of apologizing."

Mr. J sat up with vigor, putting his feet down flat to the floor and leaning forward with his elbows on his knees. 

"Now, that iiissss interesting." He emphasized his words in the most fetching way.

Leaning toward you, while giving you a handsome smile, "Do Tell..." Coaxing you to tell him everything.



You woke up the next day on, what you had decided, was the hardest little sofa in the world. It was the very same one you'd been on when you saw and spoke with Mr. J for the very first time. The two of you had spent the last 48 hours in the warehouse waiting to hear from Barlowe with a text for a meeting place that never came.

You laid there awake for a while just thinking. It should have been the 28th of December, by your count. You sat up, stretched your arms then your legs. A long yawn followed and immediately your belly growled humourous. 

Everything was left like you'd remembered it, before going to sleep. The two of you had spend nearly three hours more talking before you started displacing all the signs of sleepiness. Mr. J had insisted that you get some rest. 

Walking around, you didn't see or hear any sign if Mr. J. None of the guns or bombs were missing, all of the knives and bullets were still in the duffle bags. On the table, however was one of the phones, face down. You moved towards the table, the closer you got, you could see that he had decided that decorating it was a good idea. A smile creeped across your face as you picked it up and ran your fingers over crudely scratched pigeon drawing on the back if the phone. Turning the phone over, you saw that, in fact, at was 11:16 am on Dec. 28th. The wallpaper on the phone was a joker card, that unmistakably Mr. J had taken the time to save. This made another smile cross your face. Next, you opened the contacts, just one name was on the list: MJ. You smiled yet again. 

You wasted no time going to the restroom and then grabbing a bag of chips before walking out into the main part of the warehouse. You looked to see if the car was still there, it was. There was one more place he could be in the warehouse, making your way through the crates and boxes you arrived back to the opening where the your cage was. You didn't see any sign of Mr. J and the idea of actually calling him seemed odd and foreign to you just yet. 

You carefully explored, taking great care not to touch or mess with anything. There was way more commodities  about the place than you remembered from your time of imprisonment. Whether it had been there all along or not, was anyone's guess.  It reflected the Joker in everyway, old magic tricks like sword boxes and knife throwing broads, old fair games and anything with a clown, joker and card theme was crammed in and littering the place. Tables loaded down with much of the same kind of items that had been kept at the other hideout were found throughout; including a ton of his Joker Venom. There were books on every kind of subject imaginable, from chemistry to comedy, including anything any one would or could consider a "classic". 

You couldn't help yourself, as soon as you laid eyes on it, a copy of The Divine Comedy, you picked it up and thought "of course he has this." You turned to the title page of Dante's Inferno and ran your hand across the paper, then closed it shut. Then you spotted something else, your eyes were drawn to the old piano immediately. Abandoning the book on top of the piano, you flipped open the fall broad and hit middle C. The note rang out crystal clear, surprising you that it was in tune. Without any hesitation you took a seat on the bench and your fingers delicately connected with the keys. You closed your eyes and for a moment, rubbed your finger tips back and forth on the smooth surface of the ivory. Suddenly, the silence broke with the lush sound of Chopin's Nocturne 20 as it flowed from the piano. Your eyes remained closed while your hands and fingers followed the muscle memory from years gone by.

He didn't speak until you ended the opus. And even then, he only clapped charmingly for a short while. You knew he'd been there for at least half of the song, he hasn't stunk up on you. In fact, he'd walked up and leaned against the piano as you played, closing his eyes throughout most of the piece. Slightly swaying his head with the tempo, keeping a peaceful blank face though most of it, except for a few parts that seemed to invoke a smile from him.

As he finished his round of applause, he spiritedly ordered, "Play a little something with some holiday cheer."

You paused for just a second while your brain shuffled through the music you knew by heart. Mr. J looked on with a grin, he was anticipating whatever you were about to perform.

Your fingers hit the keys *C B-C A * C B-C A* C B-C A*

A simple and slow start for three measures then Carol of the Bells, in all its glory, came brimming out of the piano. A squeal of delight came from Joker as he immediately started to waltz around, loudly singing the tune of the song as you played. It wasn't long before he was pulling you up from the bench, demanding you partner with him and dance.

He continued to energetically hum the tune, "La dada dum, La dada dum..."

You tried to refrain from his invitation. There was no use,  you found yourself being dragged around regardless. Your feet's lack of dancing know-how couldn't be hidden but it didn't seem to detour him in the least bit. He supported most of your weight with his arm, that was tightly around your waist, allowing him to move fluidly around with you. After a while you gave in, letting yourself giggle and your body move freely with his lead. 

He came to the end of the song and immediately went into humming The Christmas Waltz, slowing down his peppy movement to match the more romantic tempo of the song. You instantly felt yourself tighten your own grip around him, sliding your arm almost completely around his neck and laying your head on his chest, right under his head. He rested his chin on the top of your head as he continued to hum and dance. Your senses dazzled from the feel of his touch and the sound of his humming. A deep inhale, done on purpose, made his scent feel your nose and spark your lust for him. Your fingers squeezed his shirt collar before you allowed them to find their way into the edge of his hairline. He didn't seem to mind, maintaining his embrace of you while he finished the song. He gracefully stopped moving as the end of the song approached, as he did you cuddled your head against him. You felt his body tense up.

"Enough." His tone was emotionless as he pulled away, not even looking at you. 

He folded his arms behind his back and began to walk off, whistling a cheerful tune. You stood there with your arms timidly folded, watching him as he left. Somehow, you had expected more, while at the same time expecting less. That was the way he played the game. You were fully aware of how sly and deceitful he could be with his manipulation. A smirk crossed your face, you slightly shook your head and you followed.

 The rest of the day he kept to himself, he slept for the first time in three days, that you'd seen. It was only four hours of sleep but when he awoke, he was like a different person. He was in the mood for violence. 

It was simple to tell because you immediately became his outlet. A shove here, a slap there, he would rave and yell about the smallest annoyances. He sat, manically writing and doodling for a few hours, also looking up information on the internet before announcing that it was time to go. And just like that, you were no longer an outlet for his belligerence but now his ally. He was extremely excited about what he'd decide to do about Barlowe, telling you to hurry as you gather up the few items he demanded and prepared to leave......

There was nothing random about the house he'd picked, later that night. The older couple he'd killed with the Joker Venom, apon first arriving; the man Mr. Pollew turned out to be Barlowe's accountant. While brainstorming, Mr. J had decided it would be extremely more instrumental in "getting back at Ole Bar-bo", as he put it, to kill off the people around him who helped make and keep, his money safe. Mr. Pollew and his wife were just the start of many necessary victims, in order for his punchline to work. However, Pollew Jr. and his wife, the extra house guests that you'd come across while checking the upstairs of the house, they would just become victims of circumstance...

So there you stood, watching while Mr. J roughed the young couple up, taunting them. As uncomfortable as one would assume it would be to watch, it wasn't. At least, at first it wasn't. It was like watching a television show, however the surrealism wouldn't last long.

He was enjoying causing the young man anguish as he toiled with his wife, her crying and whimpering made the man struggle to help her. Joker straddled the young women, choking her with one hand and threading her with a knife with the other. With a small cut here and a quick nick there, Mr. J laughed while the woman sobbed. It wasn't until the husband started to wiggle and thrust about on the floor beside them, that he became completely engrossed with the situation.

The petty torment turned dark as he used the knife to trace the outline of the woman's lip in a sensual manner. You immediately became uncomfortable. It wasn't until he started to cut the buttons off her nightgown, one by one, exposing her chest, that it became intolerable for you. You were tore between disgust and lust. As appalled as you shouldn't been, you couldn't help that your jealousy peeked tremendous, causing you to turned and leave.

You hastily made your way back down the hall, when you heard the loud violent sound of blunt jabbing mixed with moans and crying. Freezing for a moment, you listened as the sound repeated itself over and over. The sound of the young man's tearful sobs could be heard. All you could do was presumed that Mr. J had started stabbing the women. And in fact, that's exactly what he'd done. For some reason, he had been distracted enough to look up from his recreation, just in time to see the look on your face as you turned and left. This caused him to do something very uncharacteristic and speed up the whole process of enjoying a kill.

As you stood there listening, the same violent stabbing sound could be heard as he killed the young man, this time it didn't take nearly as long for him to finish.  You mustard your courage and began to move back down thr hall but before you could take your next step, you could hear Mr. J briskly coming up behind you. You braced yourself for whatever was about to unfold. A gasp escaped your lips as he roughly wrapped his arms around your body. His gloves were dipping in blood as they soiled the white bathrobe you wore. He immediately buried his head into the curve of your neck and shoulder, viciously nuzzling you forcefully. His breathing was fast and heavy. His violent outburst had been an extreme turn on, there was no hiding it. 

He let out a low lustful growl as he stood there groping your body, treating you like property. He was savage enough about it, that you were filled with desire along with apprehension. Suddenly he had you, picking you up and carrying you back into the bedroom.

Your reaction was to struggle enough, until he put you down. Turning around to face him, he immediately grabbed you again, forcefully taking your jowl and chin into his hand, he squeezed. He used his grip to pull you to him. You were partly frightened and unsure of what was happening. Then, almost as if he could see how unsure you were, he nudged his face against yours in a charming manner. Gently caressing his cheek and nose against your face. Immediately, sparking that deep, unexplainable attraction you had for him, making you cast any fears aside.

Your arms encircled his neck as you pulled him to you. With a lift and shove, he had you on the bed, aggressively kissing and biting at your neck.The blood on his gloves was smeared cross the bottom of your face and down your neck. The white bathrobe, you had on, was pushed aside and his touch smeared the blood down your body. He rushed adjusting your legs opens, being extremely domineering as he immediately started to unbuckling his pants.

You took the liberty of grabbing his hands, forcing them away.

"Let me." You demanded, as you finished unbuttoning his pants, only slower.

He lowered his head to your neck, causing his green hair to tickle your face. As he bit your neck hard, your cringed turned to a soft moan of pleasure. His breathing became rapid as you reached into his underwear and slowly started to stroke his full erection. You couldn't help but smile as he moaned softly.

He braced himself on his knees, while leaning over you, putting his weight on his arms. His head was still down, snuggled into your neck as he tilted his head up, just enough, to whisper into your ear.

"Harder..." His voice was needy, "Do it harder..."

Taking your free hand you ran your fingers through his hair, grabbing a handful of it and pulling it incredibly hard to incite him. While at the same time, you made sure to assert more aggression with your strokes, rough like he craved. That was all it took, he grabbed your throat, squeezing. You responded by tilting your head up, your back arched, your body pushed against him, begging for him to enter you. He responded,  squeezing your throat harder and chuckled deeply. Removing your hand from his pants, you quickly pushed them down over his hips, releasing his erection. You rolled your hips against him as an invitation.

Using his grip on your throat, he turned your head to the side and whispered, "Ask me, for it." 

There was a split second when you smirked before you snapped back, "Never."

That was all it took to instigated a playfully fight between the two of you. He roughly held you down, watching you struggle to get a hand free, once you did, it met his face with a slap. He grinned, enjoying every moment of it.

He allowed you to escape from under him. He sat up and watched as you approached him, he was curious to see what you were going to do. You crawled into his lap and straddled him, keeping your knees on the bed. Your hands forcefully grabbed his jacket collar,  his gaze locked with yours, his bright green eyes out shined the fading bruises and cuts on his face. At that moment, all you could see was the brilliant man behind all the brutality and destructiveness.

Grabbing hold of his dress jacket you pulled it halfway off, as he finished removing it himself. His string tie was nearly untied, you pulled it off and tossed it around your own neck, saving it for furture fun. With a swift yank, every button on his shirt popped. Causing his dress shirt to fall open, exposing his pale toned physique. He grabbed the nape of your neck hard and held you in place as he slammed his lips against yours. Viciously plunging his tongue into your mouth, you kissed him back with the same rough manipulation. 

As he pulled away you bit his lip, drawing blood. Dragging his tongue immediately over the blood and pulling it back into his mouth, his grin beamed. He shifted his weight and turned, keeping you in his lap. He was now sitting on the edge of the bed with feet on the floor. You didn't wait or ask, before you guided yourself down onto his erection. Immediately, your eyes slammed shut, you gasped for air, your fingernails dug into his skin, all from the overwhelming pleasure of having him inside you finally. You were almost instantly on the edge of bliss, moving as one with Mr. J.

His hands went up your back and yanked hair, making you tilted your head back. His ego being fed while watching you enjoy yourself as you moved up and down on his pale erection. Letting go of your hair, he grabbed the sides of your head and forced another viciously violent kiss on you, that you gladly accepted.

The sound of the doorbell suddenly echoed through the house.  The two of you froze mid-kiss. With your lips still locked, with your bodies still locked, the two of you looked at each other before breaking the kiss. He snarled while making a loud annoyed sigh as the bell rang again. You were lifted and tossed to the side, suddenly disgaurded as he got up and buttoned his pants.

"Stay put." He ordered. 


After a few minutes you heard a commotion and regardless of what he'd said, you got up, tied up the bathrobe and walked out to the balcony over looking the foyer of the home. Mr. J was on top of a man with his hand firmly around his throat. The man was literally fighting for his life, as it was being strangled out of him. You watched as he held the grip until the man was gone, holding it longer than necessary. Finally, he looked up, almost like he could sense you.

 "I told you to stay put." He shot you a dirty look then lifted one brow at you playfully and released the man's throat, "You get to deal with the next one, kid."

In the same breath he gesture with his hand and said, "Get down here."

You cheerfully walked down the stairs, not the least bit shocked by what you'd just wittness. Riding the high of your flirtous encounter with the man you adored, nothing could trouble you. By the time you got to the bottom, Mr. J was already grabbing hold of the guy's arms.

"Be a dear and grab his legs...he's a portly fellow." He snarled playfully as he said it. 

It was a struggle moving the heavy-set man. The two of you moved as quickly as you could, tossing him into the carport with the other two dead bodies. You looked down at the other two, who had been dosed with Joker Venom. You had heard about the effects of it on the news but had never actually seen it first hand. It was creepy and terrifying to say the least. They're skin had turned to a shinny white colour, probably from lack blood flow. The grin on they're faces looked forced and painful. Just looking at it made you touch your own frowning face as you scowled out of repulse. You couldn't help but think about the shot Mr. J had given you months earlier, prompting you to look over to him. He was already going back through the door, so you followed.

 He paused for a brief moment, letting you catch up to him. Once beside him, he draped his arm around your neck and the two of you walked back toward the stairs.

"Yooou knnoow, Pigeon..." His tone was mischievous.

"My dear..." He tugged you closer. "Fours days ago, when you came wondering back..." He ominously chuckled.

"I'd have easily wagered that by now..." He gave you a calculating look.

"I would've already..." He made a finger gun with his other hand and shot it at you before tilting his head back to laugh.

You smiled nervously.

Arriving near the top of the stairs, he skipped ahead, over the last step, leaving you behind. Turning slightly, he offered you his hand in a very dashing manner. He continued to talk as you took hold of his hand, not caring that his glove was still covered in blood.

"Of course, that's before you proved..." He jerked you toward him as you reached the top step.

"To be so provisional..." He seductively wrapped his arm around your waist, holding you tight.

You felt yourself blush at his attempt to compliment you.

"So pragmatic..." He lifted you, just enough so your toes were just barely dragged the floor as he started to walk backwards with you.

You smirked as he gave you a charming grin.

"Are you complimenting me, sir?" You asked in a teasing tone.

Suddenly his disposition changed. He shrugged very nonchalantly as he loosen his grip, allowing you to stand on your own. He ignored your question and stared ahead.

"You're practical...for the moment." His charming smile was now a scowl.

You immediately knew that you'd crossed a line with your comment and tried to coax him back into his pleasant mood. Gently grabbing his open shirt, you tenderly tugged him toward you. His brow slowly lowered before he looked down at you. You beamed up at him with a kind smile and loving eyes, hoping to persuade him. He looked right through you with apathetic and before you could do anything, he'd backhanded so hard that you immediately stumbled back before falling down, narrowly missing the stairs.

You waited for the pain but instead a ball of rage formed in your chest. You quickly found yourself on your feet, watching him walked away from you. With no hesitation, you were immediately launched yourself onto his back. While managing to wrap one of your legs around his upper thigh, your hands reached around, grabbing his face. Joker bucked his head back, causing your hands to slip down to his neck. Trying to hang on and trying to pull yourself up, at the same time, you grabbed his shoulders for leverage. Reaching around he grabbed a hand full of your bathrobe, it wasn't a good enough grip to pull you off. As he tried to get his hand around any part of your leg, you got your other leg around the other side of his thighs.

Your hands were now repeatedly slapping and scratching his neck and face until he grabbed one of them. Pulling it, he caused you to get a better grip around his whole body, it now looked liked he was giving you a piggy back ride. With your better position, you tighten arm completely around his neck, in an unaffected chokehold. He was laughing manicly.

He realized with you on his back that he actually had a better grip on you than you had on him. Reaching around, he may sure that you stayed put as he turned his back toward the walk and slammed you into it. It hurt, but you held your grip and in return started to slap, claw and bite at his head, face and neck. Wham. The second slam caused the grip you had to loosen and knocked the air completely out of you.

You scrambled trying to get a better hold before he could, wham. You hit the floor after hitting the wall, he was immediately on top of you, laughing. Dragging you by one ankle for a short distance, he then released your leg. Followed by grabbing a handful of your hair, right on top of your head, he finished dragging you into the bedroom. You were fumming from having him get the better if you and hostile about him laughing. You had no choice but to follow wherever he lead, unless you wanted to literally have your hair ripped out.

Finally he let go, giving to a shove toward the middle of room. You caught yourself before tripping over your own feet and stood there. The glare you gave him was returned with his fake, mocking frown before he grinned. The both of you were painting heavily as he walked up to you. You stood your ground, looking up at him even as he menacingly crowded in on top of you. His grin and eyes seem to think that you were going to, at some point, flinch away but you didn't. Even when he grabbed your upper arms and pushed you into another wall, pinning you there between it and him.

He tried to charmingly pinch your chin but you jerked your head away, maintaining your hatful glare.

He chuckled, "Oh, come now my dear. My sweet little pumpkin...My tasty little cupcake... Don't be angry with daddy." He was intentionally trying too hard.

Once it was clear that you were not taking the bait his smile turned from charming, to a more genuine grin. He braced himself against the wall, with his arm resting above your head so he was leaning in to you.

"You know what?...You're learning, my dear." His grinned turned smug, like he'd proven some kind of point. "Trying so hard not to relinquish yourself to me..."

 You hand balled into a fist as it hung down at your side. He made a noticeable point to slowly move his eyes down your face, neck, chest, then using his free hand, he pulled the knot out bathrobe's tie belt.

He pushed it open, "Are you sure...that you can keep your resolve? Hmmmmm..."

He started to trace the J on your belly, all the while maintaining his smug grin. 

You spoke in a low tone, "Stop it."

You didn't want him to touch you with a gentle hand, you knew that it would only lead to your surrender. He knew exactly what he was doing, grabbing both sides of your waist, he picked you up. Without fail, your arms and legs went around him. He chuckled as he took you to bed, having his way with you... multiple times that night.

Chapter Text

The moment you woke up, you could smell his scent and feel the warmth radiating from his body. There was a surge of joy that started in your chest and burst outward when you realized that he was still in the bed. You positioned your head closer to the green haired man next to you; snuggling your face into his back, between his shoulder blades. You made sure not to wake him, trying to relish every second of simply getting to lie peacefully next to him.

You continued to lay there with your cheek and the side of your nose pressed against him. Feeling him breath, your body inadvertently matched his rhythm. The urge to wrap your arm around him and tightly pull him close, was becoming harder to fight. You meticulously, inch by inch, moved your body till you were complete snuggled up against the entire length of his body. Your toes just barely touching his ankles; your arms pulled up together, tucked safety between him and your body. Suddenly, you froze as he shifted in his sleep, pushing his body against yours. Instinctively, you moved your arm to allow room and placed it around him.

Your face cringed as you felt him grab it. With a gentle tug he pulled it in around him and tucked it under his own arm. The apprehension you felt melted away, you immediately wasted no time tighten your hug around him and wiggled your body upward so your face was even with the back of his neck. You affectional nudge your face against his neck and rested your head against him. He returned the gesture with a small squeeze of your arm, letting you know he was ok with what you were doing.

Your toes curled as you tangled your legs with his. He playfully pushed his body against you; you returned the flirty gesture with a small push of your own hips. A soft quick chuckle came from this madman who you, well, who you loved. A smile crossed your face as you swiftly stole a kiss from the back of his neck. Then with a sudden wave of laugher and a flash of movement he rolled over to face you; pulling the covers up and over the both of yours head, like a child frighten of the dark.

He pulled you close, grinning the whole time. He wrapped his arms and legs around you, completely imprisoning you with his body. He rested his head on your pillow; snuggling his face right up next to yours. You tenderly kissed his bummed up nose; it was no longer swollen but the nasty cut across the bridge was still red and bothered.

"Good morning." You said it softer than a whisper.

Still smiling he returned it with a soft, "Morning my inamorata."

You felt his arms relax around you and you could feel his eyes as he peered at you. Suddenly, it dawned on you that the moment was too normal. It made you feel strange, surreal. You tried your best to play it off, giving him a glance and a smirk.

" know what tomorrow is, Pigeon?" He sounded excited and snuggled his body against you like a wave.

Your eyes closed as you felt him press against you. For a moment you couldn't think, your mind could only focus on what you felt being so close to your prince.

You felt him nudge the side of your head and coo into your ear, "Hmmm?"

His voice made you remember what he'd ask and you quickly thought for a few moments. What could tomorrow be that held any kind of sediments for someone like the Joker. Beside it being Dec. 31st, New Year's Eve you didn't know what tomorrow was.

"New Year's Eve?" You could feel him nodding yes against your head before you finished saying it.

"And do you know what that means, toots?" He was grinning.

"I'm afraid I don't-" You were interrupted by Joker making explosion sounds with his mouth.


Every time he made a noise he grabbed your sides, tickling you. Curling your body in protest, you slammed your arms down over your ribs to hide them from his exploring hands. This didn't stop him; he only continued by finding other parts of your body to tickle.

"Bwoosh." He grabbed your knee.

Laugher escaped from you like music; something the Joker enjoyed considerably. You pulled away, grabbing at his hand.

"Shhhblamm." He forced his hand under your arm, tickling at your ribs.

Your body uncurled and you arched your back. He took advantage of this, leaning into your body. He went for your neck, playfully giving you a bite.

"Ouchee-he-he." It came out with a giggle. He'd bitten you hard enough to make you jump; without hesitation he kissed the spot that he'd bitten.

Between each kiss he spoke, "The fireworks..."

He kissed your neck just a little higher this time, "Will be..."

He gave you another kiss, "Phenomenal."

He playful bit at your earlobe, "That's the one thing this ghastly, bat ridden city gets right."

He lifted your chin slightly, pulling your face so your lips were level to his, "And you and I, Pigeon...we're not missing it for the world."

Your smile was cut short by him kissing you with surprisingly gentleness. Your heart skipped a beat; it did every time he kissed you. He nudged his nose against your face once he was done with the kiss. Your eyes closed as his soft hair tickled your face; his hair smelled like, well blood. The mixture of shampoo and blood wasn't necessary a bad smell, you'd become accustom to the smell of blood. The metallic, earthly smell of it reminded you of him; how could you not grow to love it?

As you allowed yourself to relax in his arms; almost going limp. His hand reached up and brushed some of your hair out of your face. He lightly caressed his fingers down the side of your cheek, traced your jawline for a moment, moving under your chin and then down your throat. You felt his long, elegant fingers wrap around your throat. He used his grip and manipulated your head to the side, watching the muscles and tendons move under the skin of your neck. His thumb ran over the dip in your lower neck, tracing a circle around it before it found its way back up, dragging over your skin. He continued over your chin and to your bottom lip; where you couldn't help but part of lips with a moan. Pushing your lip out of the way he ran his finger along the edge of your teeth, bearing down slightly.

Your lustful sigh caused him to chuckle deeply.

"It's remarkable how feeble and fragile the body is." The sound of his voice made you open your eyes and look at him. His tone had changed from excited to one of yearning.

He was focused on your lips and throat; watching as his hands move over them and the reaction it warranted from you.

"Hmm-heeheeehee-hehe," He's giggle was sensual. "Just look at your throat for delicate."

He watched as his hand drifted back down and wrapped around your throat again.

"Do you know how easily I could..." He applied pressure. Enough to make you slightly gasp.

He leaned into your ear, letting his lips brush your lobe, "...crush your out your larynx...or...just pleasure you?"

You unintentionally licked your lips; he had twisted your sense of reality enough so that this was simply foreplay and your body responded as such. A grin crossed his face at your reaction, he pressed harder against your throat; causing your breathing to be reduced. A small moan came from your lips and you rolled your body against his.

His breathing was heavy in your ear and you could hear him groan under his breath as you pushed your body into him. He continued to hold the pressure on your throat; applying more and more, slowly. Under normal circumstances this act would be promptly followed by his sexual advances. It wasn't until the effects of your air way being suppressed for longer than what constituted foreplay caused you to become uneasy. A gasp for air was met with almost nothing at all. A flash of angst over took you as you realized he seemed intent on strangling you.

"Joo-keerr." You forced it out; your vocal cores struggled to work under the pressure he applied.

There was a tone of stress and fear in the way you said it, that he could hear.

"Shh, shh. Trust me." He grinned while maintaining the pressure on your throat.

He nudged his face against yours; a show of tenderness to comfort you.

Before whispering into your ear, "I want you to trust me, Pigeon. Will you do that for me?"

Your eyes found his and the two of you connected as you nodded 'yes'.

His grip tighten as soon as you nodded yes. A gasp for air was met with nothing but constriction; you didn't panic. You calmly lay there letting your Joker, your lover, strangle you as proof of your devotion to him. His grin grew larger the longer you allowed yourself to lay there in acquiesce. Regardless, you fought against your body's reaction to struggle and tense up. It was becoming almost impossible to repress the urge to convulse in a fight for freedom. Your eyes batted as you started to feel light headed.

"There, there. Let it wash over you, my sweets." He continued to whisper into your ear. "Relax, it won't take long."

Your body continued to gasp for air that wasn't there; it was a response that you couldn't stop. It was no different than the involuntary reflex of your hand as it reached up and took ahold of the hand tightly choking you. You tugged at it once before stopping yourself. Instead, you slowly slip your hand down and affectionately took hole of his wrist. Joker smirked and lowered his brow in an approving way. Just before you couldn't stand another moment he relaxed his grip, allowing air to rush into your lungs. Your lips trembled as your lungs filled. Your hands still holding on to his wrist and forearms, relaxed their grip.

He smiled and let out a low devilish giggle as he nudged his face against you cheek again.

You remained calm; laying there as you gathered your thoughts, reflecting on what just happened. You wanted to show this madman just how much you trusted him. His bright green eyes lit up as you slipped your hand and cupped it over his own hand and coaxed him to start tightening it again. Neither he, nor his hand posed any threat to you, in your mind, even as he obliged your gesture and started to squeeze your throat again.

You whispered, "I trust you."

His look of excitement turned into a grin then into a crazed laugh, tossing his head back.

Abruptly his laughing stopped and he shifted his body completely on top of you. Your body naturally moved with his, accommodating him happily. He rested his weight on top of you. His lower body cuddled between your thighs as you hugged his waist with your legs. His belly pressed against your belly as he kept the distance between the two of you incredibly close. As twisted and perverse as it seemed, for the Joker, this was vastly more intimate than sex could ever be.

Never once did he loosen his grip on your throat. He continued to cut your air off as he watched you gasp for air, letting him do it. Again, you assumed he would wait till you were at your breaking point before stopping but he didn't. This time he pushed you far pass the edge of where you could feel the lack of oxygen. Not only could you feel your head spinning with dizziness, your gasp for air had become violent with your body trying to cough and redness started to build in your face. He could feel your heartrate double from the pulse in your neck.

Excitement started to build in the Joker; he was on the edge of a feeling he knew all too well. A rush that only came when he killed someone; it was euphoria unlike anything. He was also becoming sexually aroused from the delight of doing something so violent. He was at an impasse; a decision had to be made. The urge to slaughter battled against the urge to fornicate.

He tighten his grip even more. He could feel you trying to swallow against his hand. His grin was now a look of wonderment. Watching as he pushed you far pass your ability to control your body's fight reflex. Your body began to panic, no longer able to keep calm. The control you were trying to display was replaced with fear. Both hands started to pull at his hands; trying to pry them from your throat. His skin went under your nails as you tried with all your strength to free yourself from his grip. The tears in your eyes that had slowly formed, were now streaming down your cheeks. Your body wiggling under him caused him to let out manic laugh.

You were so close to blacking out that your struggling abruptly ended; leaving you nearly lifeless under him. He relaxed his hand from around your throat and watched as he allowed life to come back into your body. You coughed as the air entered your lungs but remained lifeless under him. Your head was spinning from the lack of oxygen and your throat hurt with every breath you took.

He finally moved his hand from your throat; you paid no attention instead focusing on you own senses that were slowly starting to come back. It wasn't until you felt him shifting his body and manhandling your hips that you focused on what he was actually doing. He was pushing his rock hard erection into your core before you could even protest. Your eyes slammed shut. There was a slight discomfort for a moment; the soreness from the night before however quickly fated. You tried to fight off the pleasure. There was a sense of apprehension, on your part, after what had just occurred. He went to far and actually tried to kill you . And now he was to now have his way with you. There was a moment of confusion for you.

"He did just try to kill you, right? Maybe not..." You didn't know how to react as you thought to yourself.

"Fuck. That feels good." Your own thoughts were interrupted by your own betrayal.

It didn't help that he was being uncharacteristically gentle with his thrust; tender almost, even after everything that just happened. He should be coarse with you right now, boorish and crass; thrusting into you with aggression and force. Instead, he leaned in closer to you, grabbing you face in his hands as he rolled his hips back and forth incredibly slow.

He acted as if he had done nothing to make you not want this; it never once crossed his mind that even after all that, that you wouldn't want him to have you like this. Somehow, he was right but you hadn't allowed yourself to admit it yet. Moving his hand to the back of your head and tangling his fingers into your hair, he pulled your head back slightly. He tried to kiss your lips but you turned your head to the side; you were still debating whether or not to enjoy yourself.

Thinking nothing of your refusal to kiss him; instead, he rested his forehead on the side of your head and nibbling at your earlobe.

"Unbelievable. Stop...I...hhh...umm" You mind was still trying to convince your body that you didn't want this.

He kissed your earlobe again and continued to kiss his way down your neck. You found yourself freely tilting your head back, giving him access. You couldn't resist or at least your body couldn't. You lifted your hips and tilted them slightly; bettering the angle in which he was entering you from. He grabbed one of your legs and helped with the adjustment. You surrender to him, yet again.

"I'm doomed." You thought before letting yourself go.

You tightly wrapped your ankles and feet around his legs; keeping your legs open.

A low giggle came from him as you finally showed your approval of what he was doing. You moaned as he began to roll his hips with more speed, yet keeping the same tenderness. Suddenly, he stopped, pulling out of you. He smirked, gave you a quick peck on the lips and started to move downward. He bit and nibbled at your body as he moved down. You watched as he explored your body; noticing that the bruises and blood from the night before decorating your body. He didn't seem to mind; allowing his tongue to brush over anything that was in his way of touching your skin. Suddenly, your head went back and your eyes slammed closed as his tongue met with your clit. You exhale deeply out of pleasure. You would have had never, in a million years, figured him to be so giving.

You back arched and you grabbed anything you could get your hands on as he drove right in. Whatever he was doing with his tongue, he was doing it right. The circular motion in which he moved his tongue was breathtaking. He'd stop from time to time and blow on your clit before picking up right where he left off. The moment you bucked your hips toward him the faster he moved his tongue. He could easily read your mannerisms; knowing your where close. He never stopped till he felt your thighs tighten against his head and your body tense. You climax washed over you like warm water, leaving you breathless.

You laid there, eyes closed, heart beating fast and your chest rapidly moving up and down with a madman between your legs. You looked down with lidded eyes to see a grin looking up at you; this had to be heaven.

For a few minutes the two of you laid there, nothing being said or done. You felt him move and finally opened your eyes to watch him. The bed dipped and popped back up as he got off it. He disappeared into the bathroom; not long after water could be heard running. Soon after, Joker reappeared in the bathroom's door way; he was looking at you.

Pushing yourself up onto your elbows, "What are you up to?"

He only grinned and walked over to the bed. He reached out and grabbing hold of your ankle dragged you to the edge where he picked you up. One arm under your knees and the other around your back; you wrapped one arm around his neck as his carried you into the bathroom. Without warning you found yourself being playfully tossed into the tub.

There was a moment of chaos as you tried to stop yourself from going in. But there was no stopping it, you splashed into the water causing it to make a wave. The only sound besides the water was Joker laughing. You wiped the water from you face and pushed your wet hair back over the top of your head. Instead of protesting you simply relaxed, leaning back and resting your head on the edge of the tub while you watched him get into the tub with you...

Ten minutes later you were still relaxed in the tub, watching Joker watch you; he was waiting for you answer his question. He grinned at you. If not for his bright green eyes and hair, he would have blended in completely to the sea of white foamy bubbles floating on top of the water. He had literally squeezed out the whole bottle of bubbles into the tub as the water finished filling up the tub. It was just something else you had fallen for, his child-like carefreeness.

"You're wrong," Your voice sounded breathy and horsed as you finally answered him. "I already know my end."

His colorless lips, free from lipstick, formed a grin. "Go on then. Do tell."

You felt his toes curl up against your thigh, tickling you, urging you on.

"You." You said while still keeping eye contact with him. "You're my poison. No matter how deathly, I still crave the taste and gladly drink it down."

There was a look of pride on his face.

"You've done it ole boy." He told himself. "This one's intelligence, useful and quite the looker, too. And you've mange to make her completely insatiable for you."

The water sloshed around the tub, even on the floor as he moved from one side of the tub to the other; finding himself right in front of you. He quickly moved his hands, grabbing some bubbles and fashioning you hat out of them. Next he dotted your nose with a handful of the bubble then blew them off, laughing like a child. You joined in, taken back by his good mood and splashed some of the water at him.

You were assaulted by fingers; he dug them into you ribs making you frail about, splashing even more water onto the floor. Once the tickling came to a natural end you found yourself face to face with him. Making eye contact with him could still be so intense for you and sometimes making you blush. He had a way about him of never losing his ability to leave you feeling intimidated, astonished and enthralled all at one time. His magnetism over you was undeniable.

The moment passed as he sat up in the middle of the tub. It was like something had just dawned on him. He immediately got out of the tub and started to dry off.

"What it is?" You asked.

He waved you off in a 'not now, don't bother me' kind of way. So you sat there in the tub and watched as he hurried out the bathroom with a towel around him. Then he rushed back in with the towel removed from his waist and on top of his head; he was towel drying his hair. As he finished he tossed the towel to the floor.

You asked again, only louder this time. "Mr. J! What's going on?"

He stopped and turned to you; his brow lower. He was ready to chew you a new one but he stopped and allowed a grin to cross his face.

"Listen, cupcake. Daddy's just remembered something of the utter most crucial importance..." He batted his eyes at you. "Something that's time sensitive and needs attending to right way."

"Oh." You said with a disappoint look on your face.

The Joker wasted no time as he started to rush around again. You extracted the plug out of the bathtub and got out. Making sure to keep out of the way, you walked into the bedroom to give him space.

Once he was done in the bathroom Joker found his way to the closet. You could hear him moan and fuss about the lack of choices for a suitable wardrobe.

"What kind of man doesn't keep a purple suit on hand?" His ramblings echoed out of the closet.

"Pigeon!" He yelled your name.

Standing at the closet door you watched him as he tossed suits, dress shirts, ties and anything else he deemed unworthy to adorn his body onto the floor.

"Pigeon, PIGE-" He stopped as he turned to see you at the door.

"It's all tasteless..." He threw a white shirt onto the floor.

"Tacky..." Another white shirt followed.

"Gaudy..." And other white shirt hit the floor.

"Rubbish!" He turned around with a stressful curl across his forehead.

You bit your bottom lip to keep from laughing. The very idea that he would call a plain white dress shirt gaudy was adorable. You walked up to him, reached up and cupped his cheek, giving him a smile. Then you moved to the clothes and started looking through them. With your help the two of you pieced together a suit that would make do for the time being.

You stared at him; he was almost unrecognizable without his trade mark purple suit. He was just as handsome as he could be in the light gray pinstripe suit and pink shirt.

He combed his hair, painted his red lips on using his favorite lipstick and finished grooming. Once he was done he started to tug and pull at the suit in the mirror; clearly uncomfortable in it. Curling up his nose as he checked himself out, he made sure to cover each and every angle.

"It truly is horrid, isn't it?" He turned around with his arms out.

Your face winkled with disagreement, "Oh, no. It really does look striking on you MJ."

He lifted one eye brow high, "MJ? What's this, my dear?"

"M. J. You know Mister J." You couldn't tell how he was going to feel about you having taking the liberty to make up a pet name for him.

He took a few slow steps toward you, making you fear the worst. Then he started grinning and reached up, giving your cheek a playfully pinch; you felt relief wash over you.

"It's not the most impressive name I've been called...Ho-ho, and it certainly it's the most odious either." He turned back around and tugged at his suit for a little while longer. Then he stopped and looked over his shoulder at you, "But...for you, my dear...I'll allow it."

A smirk crossed you face. It was always the little things that seem to mean the most. A kind gesture or loving look was worth a thousand nights of sex with him...

"Well maybe not a thousand nights..." You giggled to yourself.

"Look dearest; I'll be back and until then..." He approached you again, "...if anyone shows up..."

He grinned, "...Just do what I'd do and kill them." He let out a deep laugh.



18 hours later...

Joker watched in the rearview mirror as the garage door finished closing. You were already leaning down and peeking into the rolled down car window, grinning. There had been a moment, about half way through MJ being gone that you started to panic. You'd allowed your thoughts to get the better of you as you came up hypotheticals about him not coming back; or what if the cops found him; or even worst, Batman. All that was washed away the moment he called you to let you know he was going to need a few things ready when he got back to the make shift "hideout".

"Be a dear and get the trunk." He ordered with a charming tone.

You leaned in though the car window, "yes, sir." Then you gave him a quick kiss on his cheek that he allowed but not without a lowered brow and a slight curl of the nose.

Walking around to the back of the vehicle, you opened the back door and lifted it opened. Immediately, the two men in the back started to wiggle and moaning through their gags. They struggled, pulling at the restrains around their tied hands and feet.

"Hush it, you two. Mumbling is rude." Joker said as he rounded the back of the vehicle giving the men a huge grin.

"Or else." He made a finger gun and shot it one of the men and then laughed loudly.

You joined in with his laughing. He threw his arm over your shoulder as the two of you stood there looking down at the restrained men. Joker had managed to kidnap two of Barlowe's men and find a suit all within a few hours. The two of you made quiet the pair; Him in his newly "brought" purple pin stripe suit and you standing there in a form fitting, high waisted pencil skirt with a slightly oversized men's shirt tucked into it and buttoned up only half way, showing off a purple bra, on purpose. A picture perfect couple, at least your mind.

"Now, now, if you two handsome young gentlemen are well behaved, I just might let this pretty little lady have a go at you." He lifted his eye brows and motioned to you with his head.

You beamed, smiling like crazy. "You'd let me to do the honors?" You smiled at the men and taunted them by making your own finger gun and shooting it at them.

"That's right cupcake." He looked down at you, "And these strapping young gentlemen are yours to" He poked the end of your nose with his finger, ""

The two men continued to struggle. The lack of respect for life was very alarming, making the men realize there was not going to be away out of this. They knew who the Joker was, everyone did but the men didn't know why they were being held by him; at least not yet. As the Joker carried each man into the house he sat them now in a chair; where you then used belts to restrain them to the chairs. Once each man was property secure, Joker got busy with the work at hand.

He pulled a chair up and took a seat in front of the men.

"Now gentleman, I don't expect you to know the exactly reason you're here but... you're not daft either, right? You do at least have an idea as to why you're here..." He gestured for you to take one of the men's gags off.

"Mr. Joker, sir." The man said causing Joker to laugh.

Joker sat back, crossed his legs, folded him arms as he talked, "This should be good. Go on then..."

He gestured with his hand, "...let's hear whatever little plea or deal you've came up with to get yourself out of this little predicament."

The man's eyes were fearful as he glanced at you. He looked toward the other man who was tied to chair beside him and then back to the Joker.

"We-we work for Barlowe, right. So I'm figuring that it's him you want to get to." He man started.

Joker gave him a look like he was impressed and nodded his head for him to go on.

"We-e can walk you right in to where Barlowe is staying for the holidays." He glanced over the other man who was nodding in agreement.

The Joker grinned and looked at you, "Well, Pigeon, my dear. What do you think?"

You were still standing behind the two men and walked around them to stand beside the Joker, "I think that they're rats."

The look on the man's face turned to pure fear.

"If Barlowe could hear them..." You sat your hand on Mr. J's shoulder, "I suppose we're actually doing him a favor by getting rid of these disloyal losers."

"You know dear, I think you're right." He laughed and threw his voice, "Off with their heads!"

"Wait-wait-wait." The man started pleading. "Look, name your price. Anything."

"Anything, says you?" The Joker leaned toward the man with a shark like grin on his face.

Then he looked up at you, "Anything, says him."

He turned back to the man, "Anything's a big word for a detestable, vile, rat such as yourself. What could you possibly do..." Joker placed his hand on his chest in a grandiose manner, "...for moi?"

"You name it, man." He man tried to smile.

Suddenly, you slapped the man as hard as you could across the face, "That's Mr. Joker or Mr. J to you, filth."

The look on Joker face was egoistical. He grinned, ear to ear, as he grabbed your hand and pulled you down into his lap, leaning you back as if he was dipping you in the middle of a dance. He pulled you back up and spun you around so you were still in his lap but facing the two men also. His arm wrapped around your waist, claiming you for his own in front of this men. The two tied men looked puzzled as they watch the madman woo his vixen. Your arm almost naturally fell into place around Mr. J's neck, draping around it.

"Well, gentlemen. I believe we're done here. The truth is you can't offer me anything I don't have or don't already know." Joker laughed pulled you closer as he addressed the two men, "You two are just going to be part of a bigger joke when I'm done. A sorrowful, dismal punchline, that's going to entertainingly droll!"

He laughed loudly, "I can't began to imagine the look on that old fat face of Barlowe's...Hahahaha-heee-hoo-ho...It's be priceless. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA."

The Joker had to actually wipe the tears out of his eyes, he was laughing so hard. Once he'd settle down some, he patted you off his lap and stood. He cupped your jawline and pulled your face up to his, making you stand on your tippy toes; he still had to hunch over slightly to see you face to face.

"Now, Pigeon...I'll be right back. Go on and get started. And, my dear, have fun with it." He smirked at you, "Make daddy proud."

He patted your cheek and kissed your forehead.

Maybe it was a test but he left you alone with the men. To say that you were nervous would have been an understatement. He'd told you when he called to gather up anything in the house that could be used to make an entertaining weapon with; you had them all laid out on the table. However, the idea of you being the one using them had never actually crossed your mind. You glanced at the stuff and looked at the two men; both who were trying desperately to wiggle free from the tape around there bodies. You gave them a look of disbelief and sat down in the same chair Joker had used. You sat back, folded your arms and studied them. And of course, it started.

"Hey you don't have to do this. Just because he says so. You could let us go." The one without his gaged started trying to reason with you.

You rolled your eyes at him and let him continue.

"We'd take you with us. He's holding you here, right? Making you his little slave or something, right?" The poor guy sound desperate. "We can help you."

A laugh escaped your mouth.

"Does it really look like I'm here against my will?" You stopped.

"From the look of those bruises and that hand print around your throat. Yeah, sugar, he's in control." The man laughed, "You look like a disposable slut to me."

His statement made you angry. The cheerful, giddy mood that seemed to follow you around when the Joker was around, completely faded away. Your eyes narrowed; you sat up with assertiveness, uncrossing your arms and tilting your head slightly. There was a mean streak in you, the one that the Joker had seen without even a double take, and this man with his smug comment about the dynamic of the relationship between the Joker and you had awoken it.

It was clear that he had stuck a cord, and he felt brave.

"Go on and do as he says." He taunted, thinking perhaps he'd get somewhere, seeing that begging and barraging had done anything for them.

"Be a good lil bitch."

You continued to maintain the same look not giving him any type of reaction just yet; allowing him to run him mouth. Finally, you peeled your eyes off the man and looked at the gagged man. He seemed to recognize the darkness in your eyes and it created a look of worrisome on his face. This made you crack a little smile. The first man was still too arrogant to notice that it hadn't been him to cause the smile.

Suddenly, you stood and tilted your head again.

"Come on hunny bunny and just untie us." He still attempted to coax you.

Still not speaking, you walked over to the table. You ignored all of it, picking up the brass knuckles you'd used to beat the lewd store owner just a few days earlier. Slipping them on, you walked back over to the two men.

"Oh sugar, I don't think you're going to be able to do much damage with those." He smirked.

You gave him a sweet smile and walked right up to him; leaning over and placing your hands on the man's knees. You were eye level with him.

"Your lips have flapped nonstop. So here's your chance to say your last words, as they say, best make them good. It's going to your gravestone."

"Sugar, if you think I'm uuugggrrrffff" You pushed him and the chair backwards, hard enough that his head hit the floor with a loud thud. The air was knocked out of his lung as he hit the floor.

He cringed. Finally, it was silent in the room; free from his talking. The sound of your heels echoed on the floor as they walked around the overturned chair and stood over him. You watched the comprehend form on the man's face that you were extremely more dangerous then he wanted to believe. A smirk crossed your face and you walked over to the other man. From behind him you draped your arms around his neck and leaned into his ear.

You talked low enough so the other man couldn't hear, "Because your friend couldn't keep his mouth shut and pretend to be a get to die first. I guess you can call it your lucky day."

The gagged man struggled, trying to talk, so you oblige him and pulled down his gag.

"I don't know what your boss wants with us but..." He stopped.

You were moving in front of him with your finger over your lips, "shh, sh-sh-sh."

There was a thrill of having him listen out of fear. It caused you to smile.

"You've done so good this far. Don't screw it up now."

"Tell that bitch to shut up." The other man spoke again.

You hung your head down and shook it slightly, "you again."

"Some men don't learn..." You started to walk back over to him.

"Refuse to learn..." You kicked him in the mouth, causing him to immediately spit blood

"Why is that?" You asked in a sarcastic, almost funny way.

"Fucking slut." He glared at you.

"Geez. See that's what I'm talking about." You planted another kick right to the same place.

"What is it about men like you..." You straddled his body, placing your knees on his restrained arms.

He gave you a bloody smile, "Charming me the same way you did the clown."

You hit him with the brass knuckles. It felt good. You hit him again and again.

You paused, panting heavy.

"I wouldn't dream of charming you, ever." You hit him again and again; breaking his nose in the process.

The man was no longer trying to talk; he was in pain. You hit him again, as hard as you could. The blood on your hand was a mixture between the both of yours. The knuckles had broken your skin from the force you hit him with; you didn't care and felt no pain from the rush. After a few more hits, using both hands the man was unconscious and in a pool of his own blood.

You paused and tilted your head back, taking deep breaths. The rush you felt was like a high.

"This is why he does it," you thought and a huge smile formed on your face.

The other man caught your eye; he wasn't looking at you. Instead, his head was hung down and he appeared to be crying. You watched him for a while before he realized you were staring at him. He glanced at you with fear in his eyes and started to shake his head 'no'.

"Pl-please, don't kill me that way." He was in tears and trembling.

"I don't think he's dead yet. " You couldn't help but let out a giggle.

"Yo-you're just as crazy as him." As soon as he said it he tried to take it back, "I- I didn't mean crazy. Sorry."

His dread suddenly double, "I meant nothing. Please."

You smirked and continued to pant a little, still being out of breath.

"You've just unintentionally complimented the lady, I believe." The sound of his dashing voice made you grin as you continued to look at the other man.

"My, my, my, my...just look at the delectable mess you've made." There was cheerfulness in his voice.

You looked up from where you were still straddling the half dead man and smiled at your purple cladded beau. He looked down at you with a gleam in his eye. Pulling out a gun, he shot the second man; never once taking his eyes off you.

He fake frowned, "Oopsie."

Followed by a manic laughed. He reached down and offered you his gloved hand. You slowly slipped your hand into his and he helped you up off the nearly expired man. The shape of your hand caught Joker's eye. Your knuckles and hand were pretty torn up from the beating you had bestowed on the guy.

"Tisk, Tisk." Joker gave you a look of concern and kissed you hand.

Then he grinned, wrapping his arm around you.

"You keep surprising me, you little minx." He sweetly cooed at you.

Under the blood splatter on your face you blushed.

"Let's get you cleaned up. We've got date with gunpowder and the cold crisp night air."

"The fireworks." You said as you remembered what he'd said about them the day before.

"Um-hmm." He smiled.

The unconscious man started to stir. With you in one hand and his gun in the other he looked down at the man. He laughed loudly before pulling the trigger, killing him. Once he was done you didn't hesitate to reached up and cup his jawline. He nuzzled his face into your hands; one still sporting the brass knuckles. The pair of you made a perfect picture of homicidal infatuation.

Chapter Text

New Year's Eve Night...

"Ah, crap." Tripping, you grabbed the fire escape's rusted railing in order to brace yourself.

Joker snarled out of aggravation, turning around.

"Watch your step!" He hatefully warned while jerking the bag you were holding away from you, making you stumbled again. He minded you no attention, only making sure the bag and its contents were safe in his care.

Following behind him, you carefully climbed up the last flight of steps, coming to the tip top of the rusty fire escape. Joker disappeared over the ledge, bag in hand. You began your on excursion up and over the same ladder. Suddenly, he reappeared with an out stretched hand, helping to pull you over the hazardous edge and onto the abandon building's roof.

Once you were over, voices could be heard. A small group of guys were already congregated on the roof. Joker didn't seemed terribly concerned; in fact, he didn't seem to pay them any attention until one of them yelled out.

"Spot's taken, Piss off!" All the guys laughed at the remark.

Joker kept a calm collect as he stepped out into the moonlight, "Gentlemen, gentle-men. I suggest we come to some sort of agreement."

You could hear one of men, under his breath exclaim, "It's The Joker!"

Joker's cheerful disposition immediately became threatening, "Like, you bozos scram..."

Then he instantly turned back into a gentleman, "...and leave me and the lady alone to conduct our business in peace."

He stood grinning at the men, who in return began apologizing, "W-we didn't realize it was you. Sure, no problem. It's all yours Mr. Joker, sir."

They quickly disappeared and it was as if no one had been there to begin with.

The air was brisk and fresh this high up. The wind blew in gust, whipping the leftover piles of snow from the day before into the air; periodically giving the illusion of it snowing. Your eyes followed Joker as he walked over to, what appeared to be, a sky light sticking out of the roof; he safely placed the bag, he'd been so watchful of, beside it. Then he moved toward the edge of the build; you walked over to join him.

Looking down, you rubbed your palm, "I must have cut my hand on that rusty hand rail."

Your hands were cold and you hadn't felt the sting of the cut.

"Let me see." Joker reached out and took your hand.

In a gentlemanly fashion, he examined you hand; first the top, then the palm, where the cut was. "There, there, my sweets."

"A kiss..." He sweetly kissed the cut, " soothe the pain."

He grinned down at you and batted his eyes in the most charming manner. Cupping both of his hands around your hand, he rubbed your frozen fingers and palm. A few moments passed before he was putting the back of your hand against his cheek to test the temperature of your skin. His attempt had been a kind gesture but pointless.

"I was going to wait until the perfect occasion but, at last it seems...there's no time like the present, my dear." He reached into the inside pocket of his purple leather trench coat.

Taking your hand he slipped a leather glove onto it. Using his fingers his pushed the glove's fourchettes flushed against the skin between each of your fingers.Your eyes bounced between his smile and hands. Moving so elegantly, he took the time to ensure the glove's fit was adequate. Once he was satisfied he moved on to your other hand, gloving it in the same manner as he'd done with the other.

"Yes, those shall suffice." He spoke cheerfully as he finished.

He forced your hand into a loose fist, "Yes, very nice."

There was a snicker in his voice, "Now you can get your hands dirty, without getting your hands dirty, per se." He winked, "And then there's the added benefit of warmth, also important."

You could feel yourself blush as he cooed at you. For a short time he peered down at you, studying you; feeling intimidated you diverted your face away in order to break eye contact. Sensing your discomfort he reached out and lifted your face toward him with a single finger. Forcing you to reestablish eye contact with him was he just another little way of making sure he had complete dominance over you.

The look in his eye became devious.

He knew, or at least he was nearly certain, he knew, how you felt about him. Your fondness for him was impossible to hide at times. After all, he'd painfully calculated and contrived as many intimate moment as he could tolerate to make you completely fall for him. Not that he hadn't enjoyed it. To be perfectly frank, some of the more physical actives, his eyes narrowed as a particularly enjoyable activity flashed his mind, were turning out to be very satisfying to say the least. Regardless of the unsuspected and agreeable ramifications of having you around, his biggest delight was reeling you in and then snubbing you.

He took a step toward you, closing the small gap of space between the two of you. Cupping you jaw, he met you face gently, teasing you with an Eskimo kiss. He could feel your whole body leaning into him, wanting more; he fought back his grin. Instead, keeping his lips lingering close enough for a kiss but not offering. Then it happened the moment he was waiting for; you tried to  instigate a kiss yourself, prompting him to pull away on purpose.

The moment he turned away from you, he grinned with cunning delight. And then, in typical Joker fashion, it was all about him again.

He spoke cheerfully with his back still turned on you, "You know, Pigeon. I've got bigger plans in the works. This business at getting back at Barlowe is merely for giggles."

You stood there regaining your composer; he'd literally made you go weak in the knees.

"What I'm working on next, heehee-hehe." He paused, sneakily snicking.

"Let's just say... this caper, as eminent and clever as it will be, will finally make it so, I..." He placed his hand on his chest, "The Clown Prince of Crime will be able to bring down The Batman once and for all."

He was getting excited, "Every detail will have to be executed with the uttermost care. Followed without question."

Joker spun around on his heels to look at you. The grin on his face was smug, "Of course, my dear! Your help will be required. Crucial, even."

You knew he was being manipulative; he'd accomplish whatever plans he had, with or without you. However, he was asking you to help him and you could feel your heart thumping inside your chest. You wanted to help him; you would help him, no matter the cost, no matter how corrupt and vile of a thing he asked. You were in this for the long haul now; no turning back.

He turned and slightly lifted his elbow out, offering it to you, "Come, dear. It's nearly time!"

You quickly snaked your arm around his, resting your head on his shoulder. He led the way over to the sky light, where the two of you took a seat. The temperature was already starting to drop, making it uncomfortable cold. Your body's effort to fight against the cold, left you in a shriving mess. Almost on que, Joker put his arm around your shoulders and coaxed you into scooting in as close as possible to him as you could. Once tucked under his arm you immediately snuggled your face against him.

"Mmm-uhh-hehehehee-hehehe." Joker chuckled low and deep. You could feel it reverberating in his chest as you continued to cuddle against this madman.

"He's just a man who needs love," you thought for a split second before rethinking it. "He's a cruel and dangerous man who needs love."

A flash of all the foul things you'd done, in just a matter of a few days, for him crossed your mind; it came with a feeling of regret.

You tilted your head slightly upward to gaze at Joker. Feeling your movement he glanced down at you; giving you a charming smirk before looking back out over the city. You lifted your head and looked also. The view was truly spectacular from here; just like he'd said it would be. Gotham's lights danced in the darkness. As you took it all in you continued to deliberate with yourself.

The regret you felt wasn't for the crimes of the past but for the crimes of the future; the ones you knew he'd ask and demand of you. With each exploit and every whim that belong to him, you knew without question that you would gladly do what he asked; no matter the chaos, destruction or hurt it might cause someone else.

You looked at him again, your heart filled with love, nay, this was something increasingly more dangerous than love; this was an obsession. An addiction fueled by this madman's magnetic charm, unparalleled genus, excessive confidence, dangerous lifestyle, mischievous impulses, and eccentric needs.

"Yooou knnooow, Pigeon." It rolled off his tongue, "It would've been at least five years now..." He paused just for a second, while he thought back.

"That is, if my memory serves me correctly..." He used a teasing tone, implying a comical fact that he could be getting older and forgetful.

"...that I nearly put everyone in Gotham out of their pathetically miserable lives. You see, I'd gotten my hands on a sonic soundwave bomb. The very one..."

He eccentrically held up one finger.

"Mind you, that the government was going on and on about being unprotected in the hands of Gotham University."

He lifted his brow, "Ha, boy were they right. It was easy, too; only had to do in one guy to get to my hands on it."

He sounded like he was still surprised it had been so easy to get.

"I remember that." You looked at him.

"You do?" Joker's voice slight pitched higher as his toothy grin enlarged.

You nodded back at him, "Yeah, it was at the Gotham New Year's Eve Bell Drop."

"Yes, yes. That's right my dear." He nodded in agreement.

You inadvertently rested your head back on his shoulder and snuggled closer to your madman while you listened.

"I came so close too! But... as usually..." He frowned, "Batman showed up and completely ruined all of my fun. I spent the rest of that winter in Arkham."

"That was..." His tone went mischievous, "...until I broke out that spring, hahahaha. There was no way I was staying locked up in that nut house on April Fool's Day, no-siree-bob."

He looked down at you to see how you were responding to his story. You were visibly cold, prompting him to get up suddenly. Standing in front of you he grabbed both sides of your arms and started rubbing his hand back and forth, repeatedly and aggressively, like he could physical create heat for you.

"You gotta move, toots, get the blood flowing!" He smiled with that charming toothy grin of his.

"Burrrrr," You shook your body playfully, "When's the show starting anyway?"

Joker glance up toward the night sky, then gave you a teasing but condescending look, "Why, my dear, at midnight of course!"

He moved in closer, wedging himself between your legs while unbuttoning his coat.

"Here. In you go." He slightly held open either side of his coat, allowing you to slip your arms inside his coat and around his body.

You were tucked in; arms completely around him, your body and face firmly pressed against his body. Next, his arms found their way around you, giving you a bear hug.

For a few moments neither one of you said a word.

Finally, you broke the silence, "I was there that the bell drop. Half the crowd was so drunk, I don't think they realized anything was wrong until the next day when it was on the TV."

"Hmm-hee-heeheeeheehe." Joker chuckled. "And what about you? Did you get see any of the action first hand?"

"The Action? You mean Batman kicking your butt?" It came out with a laugh.

"Ge'ez, just kick a man while he's down, why don't you." He was being playfully sarcastic.

You gave him a squeeze before loosen your hug. 

Looking him in the face, you gave him a slight scowl, "You could have killed me."

"Saaaay, you know. You're absolutely right. Aaah-HAHAHA-hahaha." His laugh went manic, "I guess the joke would've been on me then. Hahahaha. And you! Oh-oh HAhahaahaaahaaha."

You watched as the laugher flowed out of him like a song. You waited till it softened before tighten your arms back around him.

Then you mumbled, not knowing if it would be loud enough for him to hear it, "I'm glad The Bat stopped you from killing anybody that night, so I could be here with you now."

His laugher stopped abruptly. With his brow raised, he gawked down at you with a little bit of surprise. For a split second, only a split second, he reciprocated your sentiment and he didn't like it; not one bit. The puzzled expression on his face started to form into an angry cringe, baring his teeth. He could feel the rage building inside of him. Then it happened.

The whistling sound of fireworks flew through the air. There was just a moment's pause right before:


Joker immediately looked straight up into the sky; the colors of the fireworks reflecting in his eyes. You looked up too, keeping your arms warmly tucked around him; unaware of how close you'd just come to  facing a most violent show of consequence for simply making Joker feel something.

The two of you watched the fireworks in silence; except for the periodical giggling that would erupted from him. Nearly fifteen minutes went by before Joker suddenly pulled away from you, so excited about something that he was nearly doing a jig.

"It's almost time for the big finale!" He grinned ear to ear with delight, then immediatly he grabbed up the bag he'd brought.

You had no idea what was in it; ordering you not to look in it before leaving the house. The only hint he would share with you was "it's going to a real gasser of a surprise."

Wide-eyed you watched as he unrolled the top of the bag. Before reaching in, he lifted his brows up and down a few times out of excitement, adding to the air of anticipation. Then he reached in.

"Ta-da!" He relieved what appeared to be a slightly oversized flare gun.

He held the bag out toward you, gesturing for you to come over and take it; you did so. It still had weight to it; inside you saw five large canisters. All of which, had been decorated with smiley faces and little HA-HA-HAs.

"Be a dear and hand me one." Joker said, grinning.

You did as he asked. Handing him one of the canisters, you inquired as to what it was, "What is it?"

He explained, loading the first canister into the gun, "Just a little concoction I'm thinking about calling..."

He paused for dramatic effect, "Joker Fear! Hahahahaha. It's a fun mixture of my Joker Venom and crow boy's Fear Toxin."

He patted the side of the gun with care, "These little babies are really going start the new year off right for a few of our festive-frolicking friends, celebrating the night down there, HAAAAHAHA-Ha-ha-ha-HAHA-hahahaha."

Joker took a deep breath and continued howling with laugher at the top of his lungs, "HAHAAHAHAHAHAAAHAAAHAHA!"

And with that he fired the gun, pointing it up and out over the city, sending the first canister disappearing a few blocks over; far below onto the street.

"HAHAHAHA." His laugher filling the air.

He franticly held out his hand demanding another canister, "Hurry. Hurry!" He barked, "Before the fireworks end!"

You quickly obeyed, handing him another one and immediately getting another one ready for him. In a blink of an eye, he'd loaded the gun again and fired. Only this time in a slightly different direction.

"What are the holidays for, if not for spreading joy around?" He laughed at his one-liner.

Twice more, he loaded and shot; laughing manically the whole time. The fifth and final canister was locked and loaded into the gun as the fireworks came to an end. Suddenly, the distance screams of people being affect by Joker's mix of could be heard. Joker froze with a goofy grin on his face and tilted his ear out toward the sound of mayhem.

You were already nearing the edge of the build to see if the chaos could be witnessed yet. Police sirens could already be heard in the distance. Full of excitement, you turned back toward Joker, who was walking to the edge to join you.

"Here, my dear." He tossed the loaded gun at you.

You scrambled to catch it, nearly dropping in.

"Careful!" Joker snapped then starting laughing, "Haha, I'm not sure if you'd be immune to that particular enticing blend."

Putting one foot of the edge of the building, he rested his elbow on his bent knee as he down and over the city block.

"Well, my dear. Fire away." He was beaming like a child.

He critiqued, as he watched you plan your shot; scanning your surrounds you noticed a fairly large number of party goers just across the neighboring roof tops. You pointed, aimed and fired to his giggling approval. There was a build of anticipation, from the both of you, as the canister seemed to move through the air in slow motion. As it hit its mark, Joker spun around on his heels with pure delight.

"Come here." He was ready grabbing you to give you a twirl.

"HahaHAHA. Right on the mark!" He abruptly stopped, keeping his arm draped around your waist, "Now, let's watch."

His eyes were wide and his grin was enormous. The police sirens being closer than ever now, didn't seem to faze him; he needed to see his handed work first hand before fleeing. The yellowish-green gas got to work incredible fast. Madness broke out amongst the party goers with some attacking each other, while other balled up into crying heaps on the roof. Other ran and flailed about; then it happen, a person flung themselves right off the roof.

Your gasp of surprise was immediately followed by Joker's roaring laughter. A mixture of screaming and laughing could be heard as the people ran in terror of some unseen nightmare. Soon another and then another followed suit; right off the roof. They were falling like flies. Joker was beside himself with pride; the anticipated effects of the gas he'd created had been underestimated and he was thrilled. Two more party goers went over; only this time, they stopped mid-air causing a giddy gasp to come from Joker.

"It's The Bat!" Joker feverishly announced. "Oh but now's not the time to tango with the Bat. Come, my dear!" He tore off toward the roof access door, literally dragging you along by one arm as he fled across the roof. He kicked the door in and quickly entered into the build. 

Theabandon build was complete pitch black; you tighten your grip on Joker's hand, fearing that if he let go of it, you'd be lost for sure. After running down a few more flight of steps in the stair well, he exited through a door with you and entered into a long hallway. Your eyes were adjusting to the dark and you could see the faintest outline of his pale face. He was smirking yet clearly on guard, expecting the Bat to be round the next turn at any moment.

Panting, he stopped finally, taking a break from the running by leaning against a wall. He shook off your death grip, freeing his hand from yours.

"I don't think Bat boy saw us, but you can never be too careful when it comes to that one." He began to walk.

You followed immediately behind him. He came to another abrupt stop causing you to run smack into his back.

"Get off me!" He snapped, shoved you off using his elbow.

For a moment he listened, making sure his path was Bat free. Uncertain and not feeling up to a trip to Arkham, he had an idea.

"Pigeon. You go this way. Find your way down and then go get the car." As he gave you instructions he pulled out a gun that he'd been keeping hidden on his person.

"What about you?" You asked.

"Oh, don't worry about me." You could see his grin through the darkness now, "I won't be too far behind, my dear."

"Alright." You nodded and started to head in the direction Joker had ordered you to go.

"Oh, and Pigeon." He cooed at you.

You stopped and turned.

"Don't leave without me or else." He barked hatefully.

You made you way down and out of the build, uneventfully too. It was madness on the streets. The gas was gone but the side effects had people laughing, crying and screaming. The few cops that passed you on the street paid you no mind; you were no one of importance to them plus, they had bigger problems. The car was right were you and Joker had left it. You climbed in, fished the keys out of your coat pocket and started the car. You looked around in a panic, hoping to spot Joker but no luck.

You thought to yourself, "What if he doesn't show up. What do I do?"

Telling yourself to calm and just relax, you turned on the car's heater. As the warmth filled the car, you started to relax and actually laughed yourself about the craziness of the night. You kept your eyes peeled for Mister J and then saw him. You couldn't actually see his face, but it was him; you could tell by his posture and stride. You watched carful in the rear view mirror as the figure you had pegged to be Joker causally walked up the sidewalk. As soon as he got close enough, you unlocked the car doors and waited.

The backdoor open and slammed closed quickly.

"Go." Joker's voice was short and snappy.

He kept a low profile in the back seat until he felt enough distance had been put between him and The Bat. Popping his head over the front seat and stretching out his body, he reached for the radio. As soon as it came on, he flipped through finding a news broadcast covering the chaotic events taking place in Gotham. The city was being turned topsy-turvy. Relaxing back into the backseat, he listened with a smile on his face.

"Ahh, what a night-what a night." He sounded content. "Takes us home Pigeon dear, Daddy's wore out. Completely out of gas, if you will, Hahahaha."

You giggled at the way Joker laughed at his own joke. Using the rearview, you periodically watched him as you drove back to the Pollew Mansion. You knew his mind was wondering; between almost having a run-in with The Bat, how well his new Joker Fear had worked and on top of all the other plans he was constantly contriving inside that brilliant mind of his. It was no wonder everyone thought him crazy; it wasn't his fault that he was ahead of the curve and everyone else in Gotham, nay, the world couldn't keep up.





A mere 3 weeks later...

"Douse the walls with gasoline. Fa la la la la, la la la la." Joker loudly bellowed out the tune as he leaped feet first onto the bed.

He inverted the gas can he held, letting its contents pour out. He continued to whistle the holiday tune while he worked; making short of the work by sloshing as much gasoline around the room with a twirl.

"Hahaha-haha." Joker was enjoying himself.

You stood far enough back as to not get splashed with the gasoline that was being carelessly dispersed. Holding your own gas can, you left Joker in the bedroom to go soil other parts of the mansion with gas.

The scent of death nearly took your breath as you pushed open the door to one of the another bedrooms; the bodies of Mr. Pollew's son and daughter-in-law still remained where you had tied them up. Splashing some gas onto them as you started to back out of the room. A gasoline trail followed behind you as you moved down the hallway, slowly making your way to the main staircase, leading down.

Nearly three weeks of hard work, littering the house with Barlowe's subordinates would go up in flames. The decision to burn the house, came as a safety pre-caution. Truth be told, Joker had been carless; his identity was, well, it was a lost cause but yours wasn't. With the slightest half-smug finger print or tiniest piece of DNA evidence the cops, or even worst The Bat, would pursue you relentlessly knowing you were associated to The Joker.

The madman had made it very clear that he didn't actually care what happened to you, per se. Yet, he pointed out having The Bat hot on your heels would ultimately throw a wrench into his plans. With that fact firmly established, more than once too; you still couldn't help but feel essential to his needs and plans. After all, he was going to an awful lot of trouble to keep you by his side for the moment. So, instead of leaving his delightful mess in all it's glory behind for all to find, he would bite the bullet, so to speak; making it as hard as he could for them to find any evidence linking you to the house.

"Fa. La-la la. Laa. La. La. La Laaaaaaaaa." He tossed the can across the room and jumped from the bed.

"Come. Come." He beckoned for you to follow as he left the bed room, passing you in the hallway.

You followed behind, gas can in hand. Once at the staircase, you placed your half empty can at the top and gave it gentle kick; sending it rolling and tumbling down steps.

"HaHAhahaha." Joker's laugher echoed as he helped the can down with an extra kick just for the fun of it.

The fumes were quickly becoming overwhelming for you, causing you to cough. Joker, on the hand, didn't seem to care; he reveled in the moment.

Taking a deep breath, "Tis the sweet smell of mayhem and gasoline in the air, Haha-hee. It really does feel my heart with gusto, kid!"

At the bottom of the stairs, the pair of you stood. He twirled around once, admiring his handy work one last time. The place was covered from head to toe with his calling card. Joker Cards covered everything: The floors, the walls, the furniture; he even managed to get some on the celling.

"It's really time to blow this joint, toots." He held out his hand, "Haha."

You immediately placed a box of matched into his purple gloved hand.

"Much obliged, my dear." You could hear how giddy he was, there was no hiding it.

He fumbled quickly with the box, pulling out a single match. His grin was larger than normal as he beginning to sing again.

"Strike a match," He quickly lit the match against the side of the box.

His grin grew with the flame, "And watch it gleam."

With a thump, he sent the match flying from his fingertips, "Fa la la la la, la la laaaha-ha-HaHaHAHAHAHAHAHA."

As the match hit, the gas flumes ignited; a trail of fire rushed up the stairs following the path of gasoline threw the house.

He continued to sing his rendition of Deck the Halls, "Watch the bodies, burn to ashes. Fa la la la la, la la la la."

He casually strolled out of the burning house, stopping to grab his large purple brimmed hat as he passed it on the coat rack. Making quick work of it, you tossed two big bags over your shoulders that you'd placed by the door earlier and followed after the madman...






Joker hadn't looked up from the newspaper he was reading to even notice that you were no longer in the restroom but instead standing right in the room with him, "Pigeon!"

You cleared your throat politely causing him to look up with a lifted eyebrow, "Oh."

"At you service, sir." You playfully saluted him.

"Turn down that blasted volume, that reporter's voice has assaulted my eardrums long enough." He barked hatefully.

"Talking about this." He let his voice trail off, "Talking about that. Talk-talk-talk, with not one. Single. Significance. Piece of actually news."

His aggravation started to build, "No breaking news. No news flash. No exposé. What's taking them so long?" He slammed his fist down on the table; his impatience showed in his voice, on his face and with his actions.

"I have no doubt that Commissioner Gordon and his band of merry dimwits have seen our little contribution to their job security and are crawling all over it! I can feeeeell it! I have an inclination for these things, as you well know." His voice pitched higher as he complemented himself.

You sat by the crappy, black and white, hotel television and started flipping through channels trying to find any news reports about the fire that you and he had started only a short time ago. Your eyes scanned over the dumpy, cheap, rundown hotel room that you would have to call home for the next few days while Mister J decided on his next move.

Finally, your eyes found the clock, "We've only been here an hour. I don't-"

Joker hatefully interrupted you, "I know how long it's been."

"I don't need you to tell me." He growled through his teeth.

"Ge'ez. Sorry." You snapped back.

"You know, remind me again. Why is it that I keep you around? What's keeping me from breaking that pretty little neck of yours? " His brow lowered as he glared at you.

Your nose winkled out of angry. Joker watched with a grin, almost hoping you'd do or say something. Then taking a deep breath, you merely let it go. His fickle mood swings came, just as fast as they went. It was part of what made him who he was; something you dealt with in your day to day life with the Joker. Besides, you were quickly learning how to navigate and manipulate your way around him. Two could play this game.

"Well, I'm waiting?" He taunted you, trying to coax an answer out of you.

You knew exactly what to say but the moment you began to speak, he quickly interrupted you. On purpose no doubt.

"If it's merely for telling me the time, manning the television and folding my socks...Well...ho-ho-haha." He shook his head disapprovingly, "I suggest you try harder, toots."

You ignored him and stood up, staying silent. A smirk crossed his face and he immediately acted as if he wasn't paying you ant mind. He returned to reading the newspaper just like before. Regardless of his faux dismissal of you, you knew very well that he was attentively listening to your every move. So it came as no surprise to him when you walked up right behind him. He slowly lifted his head, folded the newspaper shut, sat it down on the table and waited for you to make a move.

You reached around and playfully covered his eyes with your hands, "You need something to distract you, take your mind off of things for a little while; something to cheer you up. You're stressed, Mister J and that's just unhealthy."

You felt his cheeks lift as he grinned.

However, he tried to sound unimpressed and unamused, "And I suppose you think you're the one to do it."

"Yep. Three guesses." You leaned your head down and rested your chin on the top of his head, "Three guesses at what I've got in my pocket, here."

Joker's grin grew larger and then he immediately started to ramble without even having the think about an answer, "Oh, It's a baby Taipan! You do so know how much I want one."

Suddenly, he straightened his posture, causing you to lift your chin off of his head but keeping your fingers covering his eyes. He was being charming by catering to your game and maybe even enjoying himself just a little.

"The venom alone...Ooooohh." He shrived. "The things I could do and the people I could kill. Oh, please-please-please, pleeaasse tell me it's a Taipan!"

You couldn't help but laugh. He knew you didn't have a baby snake in your pocket but the excitement he put into his performance was adorable.

You snickered out, "Nope, sorry. That's one guess down and two more to go."

He folded his arms like a small child pouting, "This isn't as fun as I'd hope, toots."

You gently wiggled your fingers over his eyes, urging him on, "Guess again."

"Alright. This time I'm going in a completely different direction. Lemon ganache." He sounded confident in his guess.

"Now, where in the world would I have gotten a piece of lemon-" You were interrupted.

"Don't you utter another word." He was bantering with charm, "Dare. I. Say. There's nothing you could possible have that I want... seeing that it's neither a Taipan nor Ganache. Heeheehee. One would think you didn't know me at all." His chuckle was low as he playfully taunted you.

Reaching up to remove your hands, you playfully shooed his hands away and recovered his eyes. His slender fingers gently wrapped around your wrists without pulling your hands away this time. Instead he just held on to you, letting his thumb tenderly caress the little bit of skin peeking out from between your glove and shirt sleeve.

You wiggled your fingers, urging him to continue, "One more guess."

He sighed, "Now for my third and final guess..."

He paused for an unnaturally long amount of time, cuddling the back of his head against you.

"Guess." You didn't really care if he guessed or not.

"Now, now." He seductively teased, still nestling his head into you, "These things can't be rushed, my dear."

You suddenly removed your hands from his eyes and then pulled your wrists free from his surprisingly benevolent grip. The tips of your fingers tickled and teased his neck as you traced the edge of his collar. You started gently, using caution, as you massage his neck.

Joker let out a soft "mmhmmm."

Appling more pressure, you began kneading with your thumbs. With another low grunt he rolled his head forward, allowing you access to the back of his neck and shoulders. You could feel him starting to physically relax his body as you leisurely continued massaging away at his muscles. With each knead and stroke, he began to involuntarily let out the softest little whimpers and moans as he allowed himself to calm down; even trusting you enough to close his eyes.

Continuing to rub his neck, you lowered you head to his ear and seductively spoke, "You know, there are other ways to relax."

His eyes shot opened immediately and curiously lifted one of his eyebrows, "Other ways, says you? Hmm-hehehe-he."

You took the back of his chair and gave it quick pull, making it so he was no longer facing the tabling. With his lap accessible, you stood in front of him. One by one, you slowly removed the gloves you were wearing; playfully tossing each one at him. Joker watched you with inquisitive eyes, slightly biting his bottom lip as he grinned. There was something childlike about the expression on his face and it made you smirk. Maybe he, in some way, needed this more than you realized. The two of you hadn't participated in any kind of sexual contact since that strange morning when he nearly strangled you to death a month ago.

As you dropped to your knees in front of him, his eyes followed. Placing your hands on either knee you pushed them apart just a little, giving you a little room between his legs to work. As you moved closer, sliddling your hands up his thighs, toward his groin and then toward his belt. You hooked your fingers around his belt and tugged at it; coaxing him to scoot his butt toward the edge of the chair. This gave you easier access, which you put to good use. 

Your hand trembled as you began to unbuckled his belt, followed by unhooking his purple pinstripe trousers. Once you were to the point of pulling his zipper down, you actually found yourself feeling giddy. He'd never allowed you do something like his before; sex, yes but never fellatio. This was something that required him trusting you in an entirely different way than he had before.

His erection pushed against his underwear, begging to be touch. You happily obliged; palming it through the cloth of his boxers. Joker let out a low gratifying groan, something between a moan and laugh. Needing more fiction; he inadvertently pushed his hips toward you, demand more. Smirking up at him you saw he wasn't watching your movement. Instead, his head was tilted back and his eyes were closed; completely relaxed and anticipating the favor he was about to receive.

So, you got to work; pulling his cock out of his batman boxers, which you found adorable. You took a moment to admire it. It was anything but modest, being slightly larger than your average, everyday, run-of-the-mill penis. It was just as pale as the rest of him, obviously; only due to the rush of blood, from being so excited, seemed to leave it blushed in color. The very sparse public hair, which remained on his body, was also green; no different than the rest of his hair.

You rubbed your hand over his navel and down to his pelvis, before griping around the base of his cock. The contact was met with another pleasurable moan from him. One slow stroke of your hand, made him immediately adjust his positioning again, pushing his hips and crotch outward even more; begging for more. Exerting more effort, you began to jerk him off slowly.

It only took a few more strokes and you couldn't fight the urge any longer. He loudly exhaled a moan of relief as you finally swallowed his cock. You made sure to let your tongue dance around it as you pushed your mouth down, meeting your hand. Keeping rhythm, you moved you hand and mouth along his erection a few times before you relinquished the use of you hand. Using only your mouth, you forced yourself you take all of him; each time making sure your lips kissed the hilt of his cock, over and over again. 

You felt his hand on your head, pushing your hair aside and holding it out of his path of vision. Joker watched as his cock disappeared and reappeared, in and out of your mouth, expressing his approval with a low and deep chuckle, "hmm-hehehe-he-he."

Trading off, you went back to using your hand with your mouth; keeping a moderate pace as you sucked his dick. There was no objection from your madman, who at this point had his head titled back again as he enjoyed the build toward his impending climax.

Suddenly, the ambient noise of the television turned into the familiar tune of the Gotham's Breaking News Intro; followed by an announcer saying "The Joker Strikes Again!" Immediately, the both of you averted your eyes towards the TV set. Joker completely turned his head, eyeballing the television; while you, with his cock half-way in your mouth, briefly paused long enough to quickly shift your eyes in order to see the television out of the corner of them.

You instantly knew that Joker's attention had been diverted from you, his focus no longer on his dick. You acted quick, trying to maintain the moment that had been interrupted. You went down on his, still very hard, erection; the movement of your mouth on his dick, made him acknowledge you at once.

His hand viciously grabbed a handful of your hair, pulling you off his dick and shoving you away from him.

"Get off me!" He barked with extreme detest.

"Really?" You asked slightly bewildered about the whole thing. "You don't want-"

Before you could even finish, he was standing, buttoning his pants.

"SHHHHH! Shut up!" He ordered you, while studying the television.

" A gruesome scene, in the upscale neighborhood of Brentwood, was uncovered by the GCFD earlier this evening. After Gotham Fire Fighters responded to the 911 call of a concerned neighbor about the house fire; GCFD routinely entered the home in search of any casualties. And what they discovered inside was more then merely brunt furniture. Multiple dead bodies. The body count right now is nearing a dozen with no end insight yet."

"AAAHH-HAHA-hahaha." Joker laughed as he watched.

You remained where he'd left you, on the floor, knees under you. The look of disappointment was still on your face. His reaction hadn't been that unpredictable, it was still unbelievable for you.

"Ooh, my-my-my-my." He squealed out in delight.

" The GCPD immediately took over and upon entering the home immediately declared it a multiple homicide crime scene. The home belonged to The Pollews. Mr. Pollew, a well-known accountant who's worked in the Gotham area for over 15 years, had been not been named as one of the victims as of right now. In fact, the number of casualties is uncertain at this time. However, one thing is for certain, this appears to be the work The Joker."

Then the news flash was over.

"That's it?" Joker asked rhetorically.

He kicked over the TV, "All that work and for what? A lousy 60 seconds!" Then he threw a chair.

"I'm sure they'll do a bigger story on it as soon as they know more." It seemed like the logical respond to you.

Joker froze with a ghastly snarl on his face and slowly turned to you. You were already on your feet and backing away from him, knowing that you had just screwed up.

"Know this! The next time I want your opinion, I'll ask for it. Until then..." He had you backed up against a wall. "Keep your mouth shut!"

You were ready for it went he swung, back handing you across the face. You kept your composure, not even letting yourself reach up to soothe your aching jaw.

Joker lowered his brow and squinted at you. As much as he hated to admit it, he was mildly amused by your show of strength and just how stupid it was. He grinned smugly then grabbed the top of your head; using your hair, he drug you across the room. Protesting the whole way, you fought hard but he had the upper hand. With a sudden kick of a door, he manhandled you threw it and shoved you into the bathroom of the hotel room. Before you could get to your feet, he had the door slammed shut and locked.

"Haha-haha-ha." He laughed manically at your attempt to beat on the door.

"Joker! Mister J! Please-please-please don't do this. Let me out." You pleaded.

"I will, don't you worry, little bird." He taunted. "HAha."

You started to protest but stopped; calming yourself down. You tried apologizing.

"Mister J." You spoke in a kind voice, "I'm sorry. I was...I was very out of line."

"Hush!" He snapped.

You stood quietly at the door, listening.

"Now, listen and listen well." Joker was right on the other side, speaking in a normal tone of voice, "You come out when I say you come out, understand?"

You didn't answer; instead you leaned against the door and slid down until you were resting on your butt. He knocked playfully on the door, using the rhythm of 'shave and-a hair-cut', taunting you for your answer.

You found back the tears in order to answer, "I understand." It came out soft and complaint.

"Gooo-OOdd." His cheerful voice cracked. "There's a good little bird." He walked away from the door laughing. 

You could hear the sound of the bed squeak as he laid down on it. Shortly after, he turned up the volume on the television after finding a late night comedy show. From time to time, he would erupt in laugher. With nothing more to do, you lay down on the grumpy floor and curled up on your side. Regardless of everything, in the end, you slowly fell asleep; finding comfort in listening to Joker's giggles.


Chapter Text


The dense smoke hanging in the air could have easily been mistaken for fog rolling off the bay.  Except for the fact that it left a suffocating thickness in the lungs and a sting in the eye.

Gordon's nose curled slightly. 

The smell of the smoldering wood was no match for the stench of death that lingered in the night's air. The heat from the fire only seem to intensify the rotting bodies putrid scent. 

He lit a cigarette, leaving it between his lips to help mask the scent.

The fire department was still in the process of making sure the forensic team could safely enter the house to start collecting evidence and identifying bodies. 

Detective Bullock was talking with the young fire fighter who had had the misfortune of being the first to enter the home. Believing it to be a simple house fire, the shock of finding a burning house full of multiple dead bodies had the lad on edge.

Gordon was still staring at the house. Upon first arriving, he was part of the team that did the initial walk through of the house to ensure no one was left alive in the home. His time in Gotham had given way to him seeing some pretty gruesome crimes. And this, this was going to be right up there with some of the worse.

"A rookie ought not have to start his career off seeing something like that." Bullock casually commented as he walked up.

"No one should have to see something like that." Gordon replied sternly, not taking his eyes off the house.

Bullock nodded, agreeing with Gordon before adding, "Christ sake, it looks like he was living in the house as he collected the bodies. Just when you thought...I mean, how can someone stand to live around all that death?" 

"To someone like the Joker, it's no different than collecting rocks. Just another day. Just another sick joke." Batman's voice rang out of the darkness.

Both cops looked around, trying to locate which direction the sound of his voice came from.

Stepping out of the house , "Gordon. Bullock." Batman acknowledge both men.

"So you've already seen it, then?" Gordon asked.


"And?" Gordon asked.

"I don't have any answers yet, Jim." 

This was a rare occurrence for The Bat.

"I have something." Gordon continued, "The Pollews lived here. Recognize the name? Pollew senior has ties to the Crime Boss Edward Barlowe."

Batman knew the name. He also knew that Barlowe and The Joker had maintained a rivalry over the years.

"We can't say for certain but looks like Pollew and his wife are among the dead." Bullock tried to be helpful.

"They are. I'm certain of it." Batman sounded confident.

"After the Christmas fiasco, I thought for sure he'd go into hiding, take a break, so to speak." Gordon sounded defeated. 

There was silence for a moment.

"Joker's got something up his sleeve, Jim." Batman narrowed his eyes,and "This started out as a message to Barlowe, I'm sure of it and then turned into something...else. Why go to the trouble of collecting all those bodies and then burn the house?"

"Fire's a good way to cover your tracks. Only the whole house didn't go up into flames." Bullock chuckled, "Too bad for him."

"Knowing Joker the way I do, this was exactly what he wanted. He burned just enough of the house. The part he didn't want us to see, leaving the rest untouched and on display." The Bat turned and looked out over the burnt house, "Something nasty is brewing, that's for sure."

Then suddenly he was gone. 

Bullock and Gordon looked at each other, both men were  unsettled by the Bats comment.




Meanwhile...back in the hotel room...



You dosed off for maybe an hour, certainly no longer. Your eyes shot open with all the fury, all the rage, all the disappointment completely vanquished.Maybe your body and mind needed the recharge of a good nap because as you stood there, on the other side of  the locked bathroom door, you saw things clearly.

"It's curious what one chooses to simply over look when they want to."


You shuffled to your feet.

A quick peep into the mirror revealed that you'd sustained nothing more than a mild busted lip, this time. You couldn't help but snicker to yourself as the notion occurred to you: you'd been victim of a perpetual busted lip since falling into the hands of your "enduring clown."

"Enduring Clown

"Oh well, could be worse." 

As soon as the thought formed, you scolded yourself.

"Jesus, do you hear yourself?"

"Yeah. But as least nothing else is hurt. No cuts. No broken ribs. No visible bruises.  Which means he held back. He didn't want to actually hurt me."

"You are fucking losing it. Certifiably going batshit."

"Blame it on love."

"Blame it on shit for brains. And that homicidal maniac in the next room."

"Oh hush it. He's not that bad, you just don't know him the way I do."

"No. You don't know him the way I do. You see things obscure when it comes to him."

"I said hush!"

"Fine. I'm sick of having this same same discussion about the clown over and over."

You gave your reflection a lifted brow, "So Miss Shit For Brains, just how do you plan on getting us out of here?"

"Let me think."

It was quiet for a moment. 

"Wait? Had you actually been talking to yourself?"

"Well? Are you still think about a way out?"

"I said let ME THINK!"

The back and forth going on in your head was becoming more and more frequent; It was as if your last little bit of healthy, reasonable subconscious was trying to pull you out the quicksand you were stuck in. But instead of being still and listening to reason you were wiggling and trying to dig yourself deeper. As obvious as it was, that this man was detrimental, not only for you but anyone he came into contact with, you chose to over look it.

Finally, it really was quiet in your head now. You could think. Your brain was firing on all pistons, unclouded by the intoxicating presents of your Joker and the emotional fogginess you seem to always find yourself in around him. Yes, you had simply just been to frantic and distracted to see it earlier; your way out. 

The door hinges. This would be a piece of cake with the right tool of course. You tugged on the door handle just one more time, you had to check. Maybe Joker had unlocked it as a cruel joke but no. It was still locked and pulling on it with all your weight didn't magically force it open. So you scanned the small bathroom for something useful. You made do with the towel rod; ripping it from the wall and began using it to force the pins right out of the hinges' knuckles. 

You heard the tv go mute. A smile crossed yourself knowing you'd gotten his attention. And truly, in the end that's what you craved: just his attention.

 The first pin hit the floor and you immediately started to evict the second pin out of it's snug hole until...there you stood; ten minutes later.  The door was barely hanging on by the it's last remaining hinge. With a vicious kick, you finished the job, breaking the last hinge. You manhandled the door from it's frame and out of your way. 

Stepping out to a smugly grinning Clown was your reward. There he was, stretched out comfortably on the bed; arms behind his head, elbows bent, legs crossed with one foot resting on top of the other.

"And what took you so long?" Joker taunted as he stretched his long lanky body, curling his toes at the same time.

His complacent expression turned into a huge grin. Those brightly painted red lips pulled taut over two rows of pearly white teeth as his eyes scanned over the, now useless, bathroom door. Proud of himself for forcing you just one more step closer to your nature violent state.

You gave him a look of mild annoyance as he gloated. Which in return only made the gloating worse.

The bottle of liquor resting on the bedside table causally caught your eye. In all your time with him, you'd never known Joker to drink. The instant dread of him possibly being even more unpredictable than normal hit you like a ton of bricks. Proceeding forward with caution would be prudent.

You quickly returned your attention back to him. He saw the apperhetion on your face. And whether or not he cared was a question you didn't have to ask. 

He lifted his head up; smashing his chin into his collarbone, creating the tiniest little double chin while retaining his smug grin. "Whatcha been doing in there for sooo long? Girlie stuff?" 

"You can be a real jerk sometimes, you know that?" You snapped back, almost cringing as you heard yourself blurt it out.

Joker raised his brows, wrinkled his chin and bottom lip as if to insinuate he was mildly impressed. "Touchè." 

He topped it off with a charming wink. After all this time his winks could still make you blush.

His mood seemed rather stable; perhaps the alcohol wouldn't influence him negatively. However, you reminded yourself again that caution would need to be enforced.

He looked ridiculous; ridiculously enticing. Only Joker could be so fetching while relaxing in those silly  Batman boxers; so sexy still wearing his black dress shirt, unbuttoned exposing the white cotton singlet under it, along with a pair of brightly striped socks and of course, donning his purple gloves. 

"Goddamn, he's so adorable" crossed your mind.

"Move." He lifted his leg and wiggled his foot at you, gesturing for you to scoot out of the way, "I'm watching the film." 

You immediately took a step to the side, giving him an unobstructed view of the television. 

As his attention focused on the old black and white film, unmuting the sound. You simply stood there. Truth be told, you were not aware of the face you were making and you didn't notice him looking back at you until you heard his voice.

His eyes narrowed, studying you momentarily. 

Then he smiled, "Oh, sugar-dumpling. Why the long face, you're still not angry with me." 

You were anything but upset still.

He slowly lifted one of those green, unruly eyebrows playfully and motioned with a nod, "Come're."

He lowered an arm from behind his head and patted the spot beside him on the bed, "Come snuggle in...Right here, Cupcake...heh-heh-he...Right beside Daddy."

He shifted, scooting himself further up onto the pillows, making himself a little comfortable while keeping his arm stretched out for you to take your place beside him, he smiled.

You absolutely wanted to but for some reason, found yourself hesitating. 

With his infamous 'you're starting to piss me off' voice, he spoke. "Now listen Pet, don't make me ask twice." 

Immediatly, he turned his snarl into a charming grinned.

He's voice turned cheerful, "You might not like how I do it."

A nervous smirk filled your face, you were already moving toward the side of the bed he was offering to you.

Sitting down, the bed squeaked and a long airy *phhhhhhrt* echoed in the room.

Laughter erupted from the madman, causing him to kick his legs up as he began to roll, back and forth, from side to side. 

"Aha-ha-ha-hahaha." You could feel the bed oscillating from his whole-body laughter.

You sat on the edge of the bed, head hung down in a comically defeated fashion. You were laughing but slightly vexed. Getting up, you tossed the covers back and picked up the whoopee cushion that Joker has so precisely planted.

You blew it back up and threw the thing at at him.

Immediatly, his hands clapped together expelling the air out of the toy causing his laughter to erupted yet again. 

"Ooooh Pigeon, tis nothing quite like the shear delight of a prank..." He rolled the 'R' off his tongue.

"...playing out so flawlessly." He was like a giddy child as he rolled to his side, bracing his head with his elbow on the bed and beamed up at you.

You bounced back down on bed, still chuckling and started to kick off your shoes. Suddenly, you felt him snake his arm around your waist, giving you a hug. 

"I love that you can take a joke." He swiftly mumbled out between his laughing, giving you an extra squeeze before ending the hug and rolling back over.

You felt your heart swelled.

Your shoe hit the floor, followed by the other one. His laughter was winding down, simply chuckles and small giggles. Suddenly, his hand brushed down the middle your back; following your spine down all the way down until it was rested on the bed. 

He hooked his fingers over the waistline of your pants and tugged, "You could get completely comfortable if you'd like. And by completely comfortable, I mean you could take off more than just your shoes."

He gave you a charming but goofy smirk as you eyeballed him from over your shoulder.

Snickering, "Are you trying to get into my pants?"

He tugged them again, only harder, "My dear, tis true. I am trying to persuade you out of them. Heh."

He was being flirtatious and very good-natured about it.

 You swung yourself around, throwing your legs onto the bed while remaining upright; not offering to indulge his advancements.

"I see how it is..." He was being coy, "...just simply refuse a gentleman's polite offer and break a Clown's heart..."

He frowned, " the process." 

The faux frown was enduring when he did it. There was always that gleam of a grin lingering in his eye when he did it, making it less convincing and simply suspicious. You couldn't help but give him a big full grin. Something you didn't do a lot, not anymore and  were unaware of yourself.

"There she is..." Joker cooed, "My pigeon." He reached up and pitched your cheek. 

Joker suddenly moved and placed his head in your lap. His cheeks where slightly blushed from the alcohol and everytime he grinned at you,  he looked goofier than the last time. You'd never quite seen him like this  before.

"I think you're drunk." You teased.

"Meeee?" He purposely put a long drawl on the word.

"Nay, I merely feel tipsy. Hmm-hee-hee-hee-haha." He snuggled his head against your leg, turning to watch to tv.

"I needed to unwind..." His voice trailed off.

Glancing toward the bottle and gauging how much he'd actually how to drink, you thought "he is certainly feeling it."

You looked him over, stretched out across the bed on his back, feet hanging off the side, his arms relaxed at his sides with his hands folded and rested across his abs.

His hair all tousled about, covering your thigh. Your hand almost immediately disappeared into his lush green mane. Your finger tips gently rubbing against his scalp.  It produced a moan from him as he closed his eyes out of enjoyment. You slowly ran your finger through his hair until they we're completely free, then drove right back in, repeating the same action over and over. 

These times were rare and few between.

When Joker allowed you to be the one to show actually affection towards him. Whenever there was any thing remotely mistakable for tenderness it was almost, always controlled by him and always seemed to swiftly lead to some kind of twisted manipulation on his part. 

Regardless, none of that concerned you. You were starry-eyed and giddy, consumed with the moment. Gazing at this cruel yet charming man you watched him giggling at the old black and white film on the television. 

You suddenly found yourself cupping his cheek with one hand while you continued to fondle his hair with the other. Cradling his head, you brushed his cheek with your fingers, getting his attention. Joker lift his brow at you in the most innnocence manner, almost as if he was surprised by your lavish affection.

 Without any warning, he scrambled up to his knees, cupped your face and coaxed you down onto your back; pinning you down.

Tugging at either side of his open dress shirt, you pulled him closer and closer. He allowed himself to follow, until he was completely laying on top of you. Your body tingled with excitement,  feeling his weight on top of you.

There was no pausing to think it through. It happen naturally with both of you utterly giving into it; never once holding back.

A kiss. A tender yet needy kiss. A long consuming kiss, where each you exchanged control. A soft back and forth, that would have fooled anyone who looked on into believing their was something there...between the two of you.

His kisses we're never given freely. He withheld them at all cost, having only every kissed you handful of times, you remembered each one. Your mind flashed back to the way it made you feel the first time he'd given you a proper kiss. The one you asked for as your payment, before willingly giving yourself to him. That was the same night you and he had consensual sex for the first time.

  Sex with him always full of viciousness but passionate; perhaps passion disguised as violent? His tendencies to go overboard with his roughness was a constant. Not that it mattered, you loved every second of it. It was simply part of the cost of having him, your Joker.

Never once had sex ever been anything but mere pleasure for him. He only had sex when he wanted, never considering your feeling about the matter. Not that it would have mattered, you willingly would do anything, anywhere, anyway, and anytime for him. And he knew this, using it to his advantage; just another way to control and manipulate you. 

But this, right now, this was alarmingly different. You could feel how different it was by the way he moved, the way he smiled, the way he touched, the way he laughed, the way he kissed...

His kiss was passionate but kind. Not vicious.  You could taste the sweetness of the liquor on his lips. And remembered...Was this him or the drink? Maybe both? A reflection of his kinder side? Couldn't be? You were stunned and more than willing to see it through.

Your hands slipped around the back of his neck and into his hair as he lowered his lips to your neck. Kiss by kiss he traveled downward until reaching the top button on your shirt. He bit at it playfully before looking up at you with a mischievous smirk. Using his thumb and finger, he slowly pushed the button free.

Button by button he moved down your body until finally he pushed open your shirt exposing your bra and bare skin. His hands kneaded the side of your abdominal region, pawing gently at your sides. You savored his every touch, noticing that his gloves had been removed.

Tenderly he kissed the J that scarred your belly before started his way back up, teasing your body with his lips.

Your moans and sighs suddenly turned into a gasp. 

He bit at your nipple through your bra then quickly pushed the bra cup aside, wrapping his mouth around your exposed nipple. Joker sucked with a viciousness that you hadn't been prepared for but enjoyed; the mixture of pain and pleasure caused you to moan his name. 

"Joker." It was a needy moan.

Hearing his name made him chuckle with your nipple still in his mouth, "Hmm-heh-heh." 

It tickled as he did it.

Quickly, he released  your nipple, and all at once he was pushing your open shirt off your shoulders. You finished the rest by arching your back and wiggling out of it. In an urgent tandem with you, while you finished the removal of your shirt, he began unbuckling your belt and pants. 

Once done he popped up to his knees, hooked the waistline of your pants with his long elegant fingers, he began to tug them off. You automatically lifted your hips just enough to allow him easy access while slipping them off and tossing them causally over his head with no care.

Remaining perched on his knees, he took you in. 

You laid  before him; his property.

Your body decorated in old bruises, small cuts, scars. Each mark, his doing. He grinned as his eyes moved up and then back down your body.The lingering trace of his lip stick left a trail, mapping out his advances on your body. Joker felt his dick twitch at the sight of you covered in his shade of red. It never failed to excite, seeing his mark of ownership decorating his things.  

"Wait here!" He announced with excitement as an idea took him.

Quickly off the bed, into his purple long tail and back onto the bed; he hurried with his lip stick tube in hand. 

You pushed yourself up, using your elbows to brace your body. Crawling on top of you and straddling your legs, he uncapped the lip stick and twisted the base of the tube. 

"Like this." He slightly puckered up his lips, wanting you to mimic him.

Holding your jawline he colored your lips red, accentuating your natural smile by extending the curve of the lipstick far pass your actually lips. Your eyes were closed as he worked. 

Having him use his own war paint on you was damn near euphoric causing you to pant.

Joker froze as he studied his work. He had given you your own Joker grin. And. It. Was. Glorious. It was like looking into a mirror, making both, his ego and dick stand at full statute. 

Before you could open your eyes, Joker had you pinned down against the bed. With your face cupped tightly in his hands, he connected with you lips with pure urgency. For a moment, you through you were going to pass out from oxygen deficiency, quickly gasping for a breath before he could plant another long consuming lip lock on you. As it natural ended he lingered for a moment, staring down proudly at his work, giving you a doting Eskimo kiss before ending it with quick peck on your cheek. 

Reaching his hands up and tangling his fingers into your hair, he tilted your head toward the side and whispered into your ear.

"I know I have your unwavering obedience, completely loyalty...but I'm afraid something's missing. Hmm-heh-heh." He was clearly teasing you while also feeding his ego, very much enjoying himself.

"I need to hear certain things, you know. Tell me you adore me." Joker continued to canoodle you with nudges and giggles.

You were quick to answer, "You know I do."

"Yes." He sighed. "I know. I know." He almost sounded dismissive.

"I suppose what I truly need is to not only hear it, but I need to experience it..." For the first time you felt him grind his swelling erection against you.

"HEH-heh. You know, calm a skeptical..." He gave your earlobe a tender bite. "....body and disprove a suspicious mind... hmm-hm-heh...if you will." 

You hooked one leg around the back of his lower thigh. Gladly, urging him on with your body rutting against him.

"So...go on, tell me..." He paused bitting your earlobe again, "Tell me, you desire me." 

His hand tightening more and more in your hair as you whispered, "I desire you, Joker." 

The use of his name instantly made his touch becoming more demanding. Moving one of his hands from your hair to your throat, keeping your head tilted as he prompted you.

He was panting slightly, "Tell me..." 

He dragged his teeth over his bottom lip, "Tell me, I'm essential to your happiness." 

He quickly continued before you could cater to his request, "Tell me, that you...worship me."

His erection was remarkable large at this point,  as he rutted against your body trying to find friction.

Cupping your chin with his one hand, he feverishly kissed you before demanded, "Say it..." 

You whispered it, almost moaning it, "I" Your body tighten around him, emphasizing 'you'. 

"Your talent." You seductively cooed to him "Your genius, your unmatched parallel..."

He grinned,  nodding in agreement with you.

Your hands were urgently slipping down his body, trying to worm their way into his boxers.  His erection was pushing against your body, begging to be touched...worshipped even.

Your attempt to touch his dick prompted him to grab your arms. With a grin he push them above your head, pinning them down against a pillow. 

"Tsk, tsk... nothing for you in there, my dear." He teased, "heh-hehe, Not yet." 

Your snicker was muted as he lavished another kiss onto you. Lifting your head, you pushed into the kiss. Wanting more. Joker teasingly pulling away from you, making you chase after his lips before he finally passionately kissed you again. 

Playing by his rules, this time you pulled away; letting your head fall back into the pillow. With a smirk he followed after your lips. This playful give and take game went on, always ending in wild, passionate kissing. 

Enough was enough. You needed him. 

"Take me." You begged. 

"Always make'em beg." He through smuggly.

He slowly moved a hand down your body, while leaving the other one where it was, holding your arms.

 With one fluent motion his hand was pushing your underwear aside. The friction of his fingers sliding over your clit caused your hips to involuntary push toward his fingers. He slowly alternated from circling your clit to rubbing back and forth. Teasing you with the promise of more, he allowed his finger tips to dip down, barely penetrating you. Denying you of what you wanted as soon as he felt your hips buck toward them,  always returning his focus back to your clit.

You were a mess; Mentally, you were a ball of lust, secretly confessing in your mind how much love you felt. Physically, he had you dipping wet, ready to welcome any part of his body he wanted to fuck you with.

He'd teased you long enough.

"Hmmm-hm-heehehe." He giggled into your ear as his fingers slowly entered you.

A sigh of relief mixed with a moan of pleasure  accompanied the roll of your hips as you moved against his fingers. 

"Heh-he." He kept his hand still, letting you do the work.

Bitting your bottom lip and rolling your hips you fucked yourself on his fingers. The nibbling and sucking on your earlobe added to your delight, making you move faster.

He whispered urging you on, "That's it, my pet."

"Now. Daddy wants you to move...slower." He cooed. 

You immediately obeyed..

He was enjoying this immensely; literally deriving just as much pleasure from it as you were, "Excellent."

He rewarded your obedience with the friction of his thumb circling your clit while you continue to move on his fingers, exactly as he commanded. He adjusted his position just enough to watch you use his  fingers, chewing on his smirking lip the whole while. 

You wanted more, needed more. You craved him. 

Giggling you suddenly shooed his hand away and got up onto your knees.

"And just what are you up to?" He lifted his brow out of curiosity, pushing himself up and sitting on his butt.

You wasted no time.

Joker grinned, welcoming you as you straddled his lap and started removing his already opened dress shirt. Next it was his under shirt. Tugging it over his head, and freeing his arms, he immediately reached for you. 

You raised up on your knees, making yourself the taller one for once.  Tilting his head back as you ran your fingers threw his hair, he gazed at you with excitement before aa viciousl passionate kissed exploded between the two of you once more.

 His hands caressed down your back, unhooking your bra, slipping it off with ease.  Immediatly,  his hands continued over the curves of your body before coming to a rest in the dip where your hip and pelvis meet.  He kneaded at your skin, as if he just needed to make sure you were real. It sent a thrill through you. 

Suddenly, you felt cold steal brush against your skin. Before you could look down, a quick flick of his wrist and Joker had sliced your underwear completely off. With a laugh he stretched his long arm out and planted the knife, blade first into the bedside table. 

The look on your face said, where the hell did that come from.

The grin on his face said, I'll never tell.

Giving you the ole brow wiggle, he playfully slung what was left of your undies around finger for a moment before chunking them aside.

You cupped his face as he  continued to smile at you, giving your butt a good squeeze. With a few quick adjustments, you found yourself being guided down, by Joker, onto his throbbing erection. Widening your thighs a little more, you mounted him, taking him hilt deep into your warm welcoming body. 

Joker announced abruptly, "Holy Christ!" 

As his trembling hands squeezed your ass cheeks again, coaxing you to move up and then down.

"That's the best...damn..." He voice trailed off as he buried his face in the curve of your neck.

Tiny moans and groans, gasps and whimpers we're pouring out of him like music, making everything seem like a daydream.

You slowly rolled your hips, grinding on his cock. His teeth bit down on your collar bone, using it as an outlet for the  pleasure he was experiencing. Of course, this encouraged you, causing you to add more speed and aggression to your rhythm. 

Suddenly he mumbled, "Pull my hair, rough me up, doll."

Your fingers immediatly tangled in the back of his hair, giving it a good vicious pull. Enough that he tilted his head back as he moaned. 

This was becoming the sex you were accustomed to. You knew what he was craving, the line of pain and pleasure was intertwined for him. Your hands slipped down his neck, dragging your nails down incredibly hard. Mixing the two was a necessity that you knew all too well. Something you yourself had started to unwisely enjoy also.

You braced your elbows on his shoulders for more leverage, pulling his hair harder in the process as you rode him harder. His hand grasped your waist,  helping your body lift up and down on his erection with more aggression.

"Hmmmm, Pigeon." He buried his face on your shoulder as the moment started to reach it's peek, "This why you're my favorite." 

Your emotions were running high. 

And it slipped out, "I" 

Abruptly, Joker jerked his head upright.

His eyes widened and his mouth gaped open. It appeared to be out of shock. It was as if all pleasure  and air had been sucked right out of the room. You  froze for a moment knowing you had screwed up. 

Trying to salvage the situation you slowly rolled your hips once, then twice, tighten your grip on his hair.

But it was too late, you could see the change in his face as his opened mouth slowly started to snarl; bareing his teeth and lowing his brow out of angry.

He growled loudly, "Why you-You-YOU stupid girl."

Somewhere between you trying to scrambling off of him and him shoving you, tears were already forming. 

Before you could get away from him, he was roughly manhandling over and down onto the bed.  Your struggling to break free didn't seem to faze him. He merely held you down, pinning you against the mattress and a pile of pillows at the head of the bed. 

Laying his body on top of your, he was pawing at your head;  trying to calm you down.

"Stop. Stop. Shhh, there-there." You couldn't help but get a good whiff of the alcohol on his breath. 

"See," he grinned innocently. "I'm not angry, not anymore." 

He started literally petting your head and hair, "Heh-he-haha, see, all better."

He brushed his cheek against your own cheek, while adjusting his position on top of you; rutting his way between your thighs. He was still excited, rock hard but didn't try to penetrate you. 

"There, comfy now? Yes?" He nuzzled his face into the your hair and snuggled your whole body.

It caught you off guard, you were sure by his outburst that this was about to go terribly awry. But something else entirely was occurring. He was being affectionate, in his own way of course. 

"I must admit."

He snuggled his head and body against you the whole time he spoke into your ear, "There for a second or two my initial reaction was going to be...well, let's just say not good. Heh."

You were starting to relax. Letting yourself calm down and again started to enjoy the canoodling he was trying to instigate. He clearly wasn't himself right not or maybe he was. The truth was you'd never actually know if this was him or the alcohol or a little bit of both. 

"But then in the mist of seeing red, an realization instantaneously occurred to me..." He nuzzled against your neck again and this time you nuzzled back. 

A smirk crossed his face as he lifted his head.

"I said to myself, Joker..." He kissed you. This time a little longer, a little more involved. 

"This stupid, darling girl." He began to adjust his position again while mildly groping your body.

"After all the atrocious, deprived..." You gasped pleasurably, feeling him slowly push his erection into your body. 

He continued right on.

"... things you've done to her over the pass year.  Heh-he." He continued to snuggle you while slowly fucking you, grinding into you with tenderness. "Some, of which, were truly horrendous and repulsive. She still dared to love you, YOU of all people."

Grabbing you under your chin, he made sure you were looking right at him as he gave an extra deep thrust with his hips. He wanted to see you reaction, see the pleasure on your face. Your whole body rolled against him in return, making him grin.

"So, you do. Don't you? Love me?" He asked with anticipation.

"I do, you know I do. Joker." 

"Most curious." He adjusted your leg, shifting his body as he tucked one of his arms completely underneath you.

"Why someone as insufferable as me, though?" He gazed at you with wide eyes, like he really wanted to know.

You cupped his face in your hands, "Because I see pass it all." Pulling his lips to yours, "Because... I get to experience the moments like this." 

He gave you a passionate, almost vicious kiss; his hands moved over your thighs, gripping and kneading your legs as he continued his almost romantic endeavor of making "love" to you.

"But you know exactly what I am..." He spoke inbetween short kisses, "A monster..."


"A monster who's going to kill you the second you're no longer convenient."

"It's worth it." You quickly replied.

Joker snickered and then kissed you yet again.  Everytime the two of you kissed, the sex became more and more involved. The two of you in perfect rhythm.

"And, of course, you have to know that i'll never actually love you in return."

"It doesn't matter." Again you replied quickly.

"Oh, really." He lifted an eyebrow. His hand suddenly found your hand and he threaded his fingers together with yours, squeezing hard.

"Well, in that case, I'll definitely hurt you, over and over." He kissed you aggressively, fucking harder.

"Beat you. Call you names, belittle you..."  He hooked his arm under your knee and lifted it higher, "Degrade, humiliate, diminish you..." 

He kissed you again before finsihing, "...every chance I get."

You answered very arrogantly, "I can handle it." 

"Heh-hee-hahaha." Joker was amused, loving every second of this twisted, odd, romantic, connection happening.

"And you know, I'll never put you first.  Or buy you nice things. It's always going to be about little ol' moi."

"And so it will be." You answered with a snicker.

Joke sighed very theatrical, then grinned. Every attempt to discourage you, had fail. Not that he actually wanted to see any of it work. So he went a slightly different route.

"Will nothing persuade you I'm not worth it?" He smuggly grinned, knowing the answer.

He rested his forehead against yours, "In case you didn't realize...But I'm a white skinned, green haired freak."

"You're gorgeous to me." Your words were breathy, you were panting heavily from the building pleasure between your legs.

Almost whispering, as if he had a secret to keep, "I'm old enough to be your father." 

"I prefer older men." You cooed right back at him with a giggle.

"Why you..." He growled playfully and that was it.

He held your chin in one hand,  as he pitched your cheeks together causing your lips to pucker up he kissed you in the most demanding way. He stayed right on top of you but used his knees to get more leverage to make longer, more involved strokes in and out of you. The extra friction felt amazing, causing the two of you to focus momentarily on nothing but the sex. 

Everything was done out of instinct, the groping, the rutting, the kneading, the kissing, the biting, the felt a familiar building and didn't fight. 

Suddenly, warmth explosed and pleasure rippled through  your body. Toes curled, hands gripped hair as your orgasm washed over you like a wave, making your whole body tense up for a brief moment. 

A devilish smirk crossed Joker's face with the lift of his brow, "did you fair."

Then he pounced, using everything he had to chase his on pleasure; desperately seeking it until you could feel his cock pump and twitch inside you as he climaxed hard. His eyes closed tightly and his bottom lip clasped between his teeth. He was panting loudly by the time he was done.

Finally, he gave an exhausted sigh and collapsed on top of you with a giggle. He let his weight pin you for a moment before he shift slightly to the side, pulling out of you and letting the bed support most of his weight. 

"Well." He cheerfully chirped. 

"That was...something." He snickered. 

"Hmm-heh-heh-hahaha." He lifted his head to glance at you with a cheesy grin before snuggling against you.





"Pull yourself together, old boy. How did you permit this to happen? Mixing work with pleasure, pleasure with work. You know the drill. Never mix the two...under any matter the circumstances. Tsk, tsk, tsk...that's just simple work place 101."

Joker remained completely still; nothing but the faint sound of cartoons playing in the background.

He'd pulled a chair up to the foot of the bed, where he sat, watching you sleep. In one hand, he held a knife; In the other, the nearly finished bottle of liquor. For two hours he hadn't moved more than an arm muscle, periodically lifting the bottle to his mouth.

"True, true. I must admit she's become a distraction. I mean, holy Christ, man! Just look at her. Have you ever seen anything Just think of all the delightfully diverting deeds you could persuade her into performing. She'd do anything with a smile on her face. She worships the ground you kill on. Heh."

Joker's brow slightly arched from the idea. Then his tongue scratched the corner of his mouth before he took a sip of booze; never once taken his focus off of your sleeping person.

"Hypothetically speaking, what if one did derive pleasure from having a companion, which you don't. One might want to keep that said companion around, which you don't. It wouldn't be unheard of... It is  conceivable, after all, that you might actually want to keep the little pigeon around. I mean look at yourself. She is the reason you're sitting in the dark, half naked, liquored up, holding a knife meant to be hilt deep in her gut by now, debating with yourself. But hey, who's judging. Haha."

Joker's top lip twitched then he quietly snarled.

"No-no-no-no. I digress!"

"Just because she's been one of the smarter pets, certainly the most tolerable one, you've had the opportunity of creating...doesn't mean you couldn't  make 50 more just like her."

"She's all ready getting in the way.  That business today with burning the house to cover her trail. That wasn't the plan. Plus, she's quickly going do the rabbit hole. Ha, she's looney as you, old bird. Don't pretend you didn't heard ever bit of that conversation she had with herself earlier this evening..."

"And yet you didn't hesitate, not for a moment, to go right to bed with her. Curious, isn't it? The crazy ones do make the better lovers, don't they?"

A spiteful look crossed his face causing his nose to wrinkle and his brow to lower.

"You know the precise steps needed in order to render a solution. So, just do it."

His eyes shifted off of you, to the knife, then back to you.

"One quick cut across the jugular and it'll all be over, problem soved. It would be painless, she at least deserves that. Quick. You did tell her you'd kill her one day. Hahehehhhh-hmmmeeeeh."

His arm slowly raised the the bottle to his lips and he chugged what  remained of the whiskey.

"Or really don't want it to be over."

"She is put her to use...make her prove her worth..."

With a deep breath and a long sigh, he wiped off the beads of sweat forming on his forehead.   He immediately stood, suddenly knowing exactly what had to be done. 






Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.












Right now, there was angry. 

They said, there are five stages to grief. The first being denial.

Well, your denial only lasted as long as it took you to wake up, look around, panic, and read the note he'd left for you.



Pigeon Dearest.

My dumpling.

My pumpkin-pie.

Today, I'm afraid that our paths must part. Fret not! For we shall meet again, my cupcake.

Daddy's simply got work to do. The  time has come that certain implements are needed in order to continue my future plans. 

Safe keep & well stay! Or is it the other way around? Ha Ha.

After all, I will be ensuring you with certain responsibilities. Until then, ta-ta.





A lousy note, a broken bathroom door, bed sheets covered in lipstick, including yourself and cartoons playing on the TV was the only evidence that he'd ever been there. You were fuming, irate, confused and most importantly, heartbroken. However, you were pretty sure that the tears rolling down your face was your body's effort to expel some of your anger. 

Suddenly, you darted cross the room. Fumbling around in the pile of your clothes, you quickly pulled out your cell phone and called him.

As your thumb pressed his name, the only name in your contact list, there was a wave of anxiety that made you nauseated. The through crossed your mind that he's exactly the kind of person who would have changed his number already.

"Please ring. Please ring. Please. Please." You chanted as you put the phone to your ear.


Relief washed over you for a brief moment until you started, "Please pick up. Please pick up. Pick up. Please. Please."

It rang ten times before his voicemail took your call. 

You almost hung up, but you wanted to here his voice. You waited to hear that silly opening line, "Boy did you get a wrong number." 

But, instead you heard...

"Hello my pet, I see you got the note. Goodie, goodie gun-drops!" 

His voice was charming and cheerful.

"You see, I was thinking and said to myself: Self, when Pigeon realizes that you've picked up and vacated, she's going to call and when she calls, wouldn't it be lovely for her to hear your plans right out of the horse's to speak. Heh-he-haha! So dear, here's the rub. I need you to dust off the ole thieving know how and rob a bank for me. But which bank, you ask? Any bank, I don't care. Money is money, after all. So you do that and Daddy will welcome you home with open arms. Home being the place where you keep your goodies ." 

Immediatly, you knew he was talking about the warehouse.

Then his voice went dark and threatening, "But hear me and hear me well, my sweets...Step one foot near the hideout without having completed the task at hand and you'll be sorry. Capiche?!"

Then he went right back to cooing at you, "K? Yes?Good, Delightful then! Oh and, Pigeon...last night was *mawh* (it sounded like he'd kiss the end of fingers expressing just how excellent it had been). Haheh. Now, do hurry back. Heeeheheh-heh-heh-AAH-hzzHahahahaha!"


You called the number right back, to back, to back. Each time the number was 'no longer in service'. How does he do it, you wonder as the angry started building again.

"Fucking clown!" Tossing the phone as hard as you could against the wall. It felt satisfying to see it break.

 Finally, you collapse. Throwing yourself down onto the bed. There was so much turmoil brewing in your mind. With only one thing being certain: you missed him already. And the next time you saw that damn clown, you'd beat the ever-loving-shit out of him...after giving him a, maybe a kiss...

Chapter Text


A Little over Two Months Later...


You glanced down. “71 days, 18 hours, 41 minutes and 33 seconds.”

With a push, Teddy rolled the last remaining dead body off the dock; it hit the water with a  splash and started to sink immediately. If you'd learned anything from your time with The Joker it was: leave no witnesses. That is, unless you wanted your tale to be told. As always, when it came to The Joker, there were always exceptions to the rules; Something you discovered the hard way. Call it your learning curve, being unceremoniously abandoned by him (or so you though but you'll get back to that) and given instructions to single handedly fund his next endeavor.

Everything seem to be coming to a very productive end; better than you could have imagined it would have ended nearly two months ago. You should have been happy...delighted...giddy…

But that wasn't the case.

You glance down. “ 71 days, 18 hours, 46 minutes and 15 seconds.”

“Now that that's done. What's next boss?” Teddy’s voice snapped you out if your thoughts.

“Nothing. We're done here.”

But before Teddy could turn, you were reaching to the small of your back; effortlessly you removed your gun from its holster. With a quick pop to the head, Teddy felt over the dock, joining the other four members of your team; another lesson learned from Mister J: Always be the last man standing.

Teddy had been a pleasure to work with, honestly.  One of the only remaining contacts from your former life as a thief, he came to your aid; quickly and efficiently helping you put together a team. Your need to move this plan forward as fast as possible gave away to a half thought and poorly planned heist that hadn't taken place in Gotham. No, Gotham was too risky with the Bat lurking around every corner and Blüdhaven was now patrolled by the Bat’s ex-boy wonder. So, the next best thing was Steel City, a rundown city south of Blüdhaven.

Twenty-four hours ago you, Teddy and the other four people, none of which you had bother to really learn their names, were discussing the finally walk through of the robbery.  Twelve hours ago, everyone was setting up for their own part of the heist. Four hours ago, the plan was put into action. Three hours ago, you and the crew were rolling out of Steel City, money in hand and leaving behind a wake of dead bodies that would have made even Joker proud. Forty-five minutes ago, you and Teddy arrived in Blüdhaven.  Somewhere along the way, between the two cities, you’d made quick work of killing all the extra baggage. And now, here you were.

You looked down at the phone you gripped tightly in your hand. Call it a merry mishap, happy accident, or bad timing, that the “vault guy” phone's happened to ring as he was bleeding out in the back of the van. In a moment of kindness you permitted him the chance to speak to one last person. Granted with your approval, of course.

You still couldn't begin to imagine the shock, the excitement, the anger on your face when you immediately recognized the number calling; a pay phone.  With cell phones so readily available, a burner phone within a moment's reach; why someone would want to use a pay phone...well, most people wouldn't. However Joker wasn't most people. In Gotham, a few blocks from the local dirt bag watering hole in Old Town, tucked away from prying eyes, was a set of pay phones that had manage to survive the on slaughter of the  technological age. Joker adored them and used them offen.

Without hesitation, you answered the phone; a carefully placed ear confirmed your suspicion.

You said nothing. He said nothing. At first you didn't know, unsure if it was actually him. Then he let out a soft giggle.

Try as you might, you couldn't stop from gasping emotional.

“I’d know that gasp anywhere. Pigeon. Cupcake. Is that you? No-wait. Don't say anything, you'll ruin the mood. Just list--”

You hung up, nearly trembling from hearing his voice for the first time in months. Immediately, you wished you'd said something; the recanted the thought.

The call log showed that for the past seven weeks, your “vault guy” as you called him, had been in contact with Joker. No doubt snitching, reporting back, helping that manipulative Clown keep tabs on you; taking his calls on a weekly basis.

You felt too many emotions to put a label on how you felt.

Whether or not Joker thought you incapable or  adept. Whether or not he'd done it to ease his own personal attachment or distrust. Whether he'd done it for pure amusement, bitterness, spitefulness, curiosity was all beside the point; at least now it was. It no longer mattered. The job, the task, the mission Joker had manipulated you into doing was complete.  You had his money, safe and sound; snuggly tucked into bags, ready to offered up as a token of love to the same man who encaged you; repeatedly abused you; broke you; indoctrinated you into his chaos; then waited til the moment he knew you'd fallen, to abandoned you; but done of that

You re-holstered your gun, tucking it firmly into its place against the small of your back. You threw the phone as hard as you could; it met a watery grave, along with it's it's owner. For a few moments longer, watched and waited till Teddy's body, not weighted down like the others, floated far enough from shore that it wouldn't be discovered right away. Then you headed back toward the van.

Another quick glance at your watch, “71 days, 18 hours, 47 minutes and 35 seconds. Well. Ready to stop it? No. You're almost done crawling and scratching to get back to him. I should be happy. I hope you're not expecting a grand welcoming. I'm not. Just. What? Nothing. Nevermind. How many people did you kill back there? Five. Only five.”

“More. Many more. I shouldn't be sorry. You know he'll give me that look, the one where he barely lifts his brows and smirks out of the corner of his mouth because he's trying to hide just how pleased he is with me. That's fucking absurd. He might kill you. Are you ok with that?  I know exactly what he is. Impossible.”

For the moment, you went silent; you didn't even realize you were talking aloud half the time anymore. What sounded like sane conversation in your head, tended to be spoken rants.

“Gotham. 174 miles.” You read the sign aloud as you drove past it.

“Metropolis is closer. Factual, yes it is. But I'm going back to Gotham. He's in Gotham. No more discussion about it. Fine. You won't hear another word out of me. Good.”

With a cheerful turn of the knob you were listening to the radio. Blüdhaven in your taillights; Gotham in your headlights; and visions Clowns in your eyes.


Two Hours Prior


“Just list--en.” Joker froze for a moment before glancing down at the phone receiver with a curled nose before placing it back to his ear, “Well. Little Bird, do hurry home.” He spitefully said into the phone receiver knowing you had already hung up.

A wave of angry washed over him but as fast as it came, it spontaneously disappeared.

Least ye forget my dear. And Joker never forgets. He-heh-heh-he, but first...” Joker said aloud to himself, snickering under his breath, quickly adding, “There's always business to conduct and mischief to create.”

He picked up the receiver of the old pay phone once again. His gloved fingers bounced around the keypad dialing another familiar number.

He waited, almost giddy, as the phone rang…

“Gotham Police Department.” The voice on the other announced...

Joker was already grinning, twice as big now, by the time he hung the phone receiver back into its cradle for the second time.  The deed was done. The start of his “greatest joke ever” was set into motion; all his scheming and all his planning for the past few months would finally start to take shape. With a few more months of making strategic moves, nudging and greasing the right parts, poking the right nerves and keeping on top of it as it imploded, would offer up something Gotham and The Bat would never see coming.

Joker could barely contain his glee. He turned on his heels with enthusiasm. Stepping off the curb, Joker softshoed his way across the street, cheerful at the mere fact that his stratagem was on course...sort of…he found his mind wandering back to you.

With you having answered phone, instead of the little weasel that the phone actually belonged to,  could be interpreted in all sorts of ways; ways he would worry about later. If the louse had been mindless enough to let you find out that he'd been forced by Joker into being his snitch, well... that was his problem. The thought of how livid it would make you to know that he'd been so conveniently keeping an open eye in your direction made him snicker.

Joker continued on, subtly down the street, making his way back to the warehouse.

Yet, he couldn't shake the curiosity of wanting to know whether or not you had been successful in your endeavor. He'd have to check the news, making a mental note to do so. The last time he'd spoken to his little mole about your activity, everything was coming together nicely. Perhaps it was a matter of pride for him, seeing you spread your wings and doing his bidding so efficiently. He'd taught you well; unleashing your inner demons, so to speak.

He grinned smugly thinking about you and all the things he'd put you through in order to mold and form you into the efficient little devotee. Ah yes, it made him smile; the way he'd been able to fashion you into such the perfect, compliant, amenable miscreant with just enough moxie to keep him interested. He’d have to find a special way to thank you, he thought. Then immediately scolded himself for even remotely allowing himself to entertainer the mild eagerness of having you return.

And just like that, as fickle as the clown was he was on the next topic of discussion in his own mind.

The Bat!

Suddenly, he held on to his hat and gave an impressive heel-click as he hurried across another street on his way back to the warehouse, that was now within range of sight.

By the time Joker made it there, his brain had come up and discarded a dozen different ideas of how to celebrate tonight. Granted it was premature on his part, but as long as the police did their part and passed on his little hotline tip to Batsy...all would be swell. The Falcone Family, The Bertinelli Mob, The Maroni Family and a number of smaller crime families were having their yearly meet tonight; a semi-friendly event where each family would try to use negotiation instead of bullets to remedy some of their issues.

Having Batman show up was the easiest and most entertaining way to remind some of the more single-minded “citizens” around Gotham that Batman was still a threat. With alliances and certain guises in place, Joker would convince enough of Gotham's underbelly that in order to finally get the Bat inline, they would have to simply be willing to indulge some his more eccentric activities over the next few months. Something most necessary if he was going to be able to pull off his plan.

Of course, he would need to convince the other Rouges like Scarecrow and Ivy of the same thing.

“A clown's work is never done,” Joker thought.

Fianlly once inside the warehouse, he found his newly acquired goons.

“Boys! Sam, Lou and whatever your name is.” Joker gestured toward his henchmen waving a tiny piece of paper at them, “Daddy’s got a little job for you.”

“Giovanni, boss. The name's Giovanni.”

Joker made a curious face, raising both of his eyebrows, “Really. Your name is...Giovanni?”

Joker sounded dumbfounded, “How on earth did I forget that….” His voice trailed off.

“Anyway. Here.” He offered Lou the paper, sticking out between his long slender fingers, “I need you boys to go pick a toy. It's most delicate, so mind the brute tactics.”

Lou took the paper and glanced down at the address written on the paper, “Yeah, Boss. Your, uh…”

Joker's lips curled into the most devilish smirk, “My Toy.”

“Yeah...your uh... toy seems to be located in a heavily residential neighborhood. What exactly are we picking up?”

Joker’s toothy grin widen, “well…”

He lifted his hand about shoulder level, “It's about ye tall. Gorgeous smile. Scar under the left eye. You'll know it when you see it.”

Lou glanced over to Sam, then back to Joker. “Alright. You're the boss, Boss.”

“Too right you are!” Joker casual turned giving them a dismissive wave.


“Oh and boys…” Joker abruptly turned back on his heels to face them.

He was overly charmling. “It goes without saying, no touching Daddy’s toy.”

“Whatever you say, boss.” Sam nodded.

“It's awful tempting, sometimes, I know. To let the preverbal finger slip in, just for quick little taste, hmm? Isn't that right Boys?” Joker’s cooed at them.

The boys looked dumber than they were; they knew Joker was baiting them. Regardless, they'd never in a million years cross the Boss.

“Honest. No one’s going to touch anything.”

Joker suddenly lifted he eyebrow in a subspect manager. He eyeballed them, as if he didn't believe them. The tension grew.

“Oh, alright boys! I believe you.” Joker cheerfully broke the tension. “Pray listen, when you have it, bring it back here and that little space in the very back...” Joker smirked and lifted an eyebrow in a mischievous manner.

“We know the one boss.” Sam smirked out.

“Yes, good-good. Then you boys leave my toy nice and neatly wrapped in my playroom.” He grinned.

Indeed they did know the exact space Joker was referring too. It looked like a deranged mixture between a toy story and sex shop. They had often joked about the kinds of things the boss must be planning on doing to Batman in there.

“Now don't mess this up, I'm putting my trust in you boys. Daddy feels like celebrating; scratching a playful itch, so to speak.” Joker grinned most devilishly. “After all, once my little Batboy shows up tonight and does my dirty work for me...sends the faux underbelly of Gotham surring, there won't be any time for celebrating.”

“Haha!” Joker slapped Sam and Lou on the back, “Heed my advice, best get it outta of your system tonight boys.”


A few hours later…


“Thinks he can stand me up. Me!?!” Joker mumbled aloud to himself; the coherence of his ramblings faded in and out making them impossible to understand. “Figuratively speaking, of course, but that's besides the point. That self righteous, cape wearing nincompoop! Ignoring a hotline tip like that. And he calls himself a vigilante. Well, if you want a job done right...”

Joker went quiet for a long time.

He sat there, legs crossed, slightly slouching in an oversized chair, that easily could be called a throne, perched at the edge of his playroom. One hand inadvertently petting the brightly colored velvet arm of the chair; while the other hand leisurely remained in his lap, holding a small remote control. His foot slowly bounced as he idly watched the show unfolding in front of him.

There in front of him a naked victim, a semi-willing victim, a playmate, a Toy* ; bent over a sawhorse; legs cuffed to a fully extended spreader bar; hands cuffed by leather, each restrained to a leg of a sawhorse. It should have been beautiful sight, really. But something wasn't right; his mind was still on the Bat and the disappointing outcome of him being a no-show.

Joker yawned just before pressing the button his plum color, glovered finger had been lingering over.

Immediately, his Toy’s wiggling and oscillating increased, causing his rouge lips to curl upward into a smirk.  His head tilted as he watched his Toy desperately rut against the sawhorse, trying to find any kind of extra friction to help push them over the edge.

The pleasure slowly building from the vibrator was nearly peeking and Joker knew it. With a lifted brow, he suddenly pointed the remote and clicked off; abruptly ending any chance of satisfaction for Toy.

Hearing their muted sighs of disappointment, Joker sprang up and moved toward Toy.

He moved in, right up behind them, pushing the weight of his hips against their buttocks.

“You know, It’s a shame, really, that I'm not inclined to really…” Joker groped Toy’s thighs “ you a good time, Pet.”

“You're simply going to have to do better, yes?” He nudged his hips inquisitively against them, “Try harder to lighten my mood, hmmm-hm-hm.”

A muted sound escaped his Toy.

“That's what I like to hear!” He slapped their rump half-heartedly, lacking his normal enthusiasm..

He knew it. Toy knew it; which terrified the poor soul. They knew one of the worse positions to be in was on the receiving end of a bored madman.

Suddenly, he rested his body over Toy’s back, letting the sawhorse support the weight of them both. Nudging his cheek against their back, just between their shoulder blades, he sighed heavily.

Joker wormed his arm down between their two bodies, over Toy's cheeks and griped the end of the vibrator buried into their body and slowly started to slide it out of them. Stopping half way, he teased; pushing it back into them with reason. His wrist did most the work, as he slowly fucked his toy with the silver vibator. He remained relaxed as he did this, resting his body on top of them. Even moving his hips with the motion of his hand, mimicking the movement he would use if he'd been actually fucking his Toy .

For a few moments, he maintain this sort of mildly amusing charade before abruptly stopping. Leaving the vibrator, firmly in place for later activities.

He picked his head up and rested his chin against their back, “How disappointing. “ He produced a fauxed frown. “I'm afraid you're simply not doing the trick.”

Toy could feel that Joker, even though he was mildly excited, his erection remained anything but full salute.

“You're supposed to cheer me up, put a skip into my step, put a smile on my face…”

He reached up and buried both hands into Toy’s hair, “It's not yoooou...It's me. Heh-hee-hee.”

“Isn’t that what you suppose to say in situations like this? Haha-heh.” He pulled Toy's hair harder.

“But let's face isn't you or me. It's that caped crusader; I've got bats on the brain. And you know me, pet, I'm not the type of man who throws around underserved blame. Hehe-heh-heh.” He chuckled for a moment, “So, the question remains.”

In a flash he was up and reaching his hands into his pockets, “What are you going to do to remedy this?”

Joker began pacing around his Toy; racking his brain for an idea that really spoke to him. Something to really give his mind a vacation from the disenchanted void the Bat had caused.

With a quick flick of his finger, he used the remote to turn the vibrator back on; making Toy's body tensed with a sudden gasp.

He laughed at Toy's reaction.

He then clicked it off, “To be honest, which is something I firmly believe will get you into all kinds of unnecessary, amusing! But unnecessary difficulty…” His voice trailed off.

“Anyway!” His trained through bounced back to the subject at hand.

“Daddy's just…” Joker teased, by switching the vibrator back on as he continued to walk slow circles around Toy.

“...well, Daddy's been working so hard lately…” He clicked it off, “And i'm worried that my genius is being wasted on certain efforts.”

“Sure, I'm a formidable man. I strike fear into the  hearts of the masses.” Joker suddenly kneeled down to look Toy in the eye.

Giving his signature grin, “Yes?”

Toy nodded yes. Joker pointed the remote and clicked the vibrator back on, making Toy curl their nose and slam their eyes shut tightly.

“Heh. Enjoyable, yes?” Joker chuckled while patting their cheek, “Good.”

He stood up.

“But your looks and reputation only get you so far in this town, only so far with The Bat.” He began to pace once again as he rambled. Gesturing in the air as he if he was talking to a room full of people.

Toy was trying to maintain focus on what Joker was saying and trying to ignore the sporadic but enjoyable pulsation happening between their thighs.

“And I've tried so diligently to show him a better way. My way.” Joker clicked it off again.

“But he...just... WON'T...GET...IT.” He was getting worked up, speaking faster. “The persistence I've shown him, the rigorous planning, the strenuous detailing, the grueling hours...” Joker clicked it back on, pressing the button viciously as if some of his aggravation would somehow transfer over.

“But does he seem to care? No.” Joker sighed and clicked off, “The Bat’s constitution simply won't allow him to do what he needs to do in the end.”

Immediately switching it back on, “I know-I know!” There was suddenly a little more excitement in his voice, “It's not like me to even care, to sulk over…”

Back off again, “...anything. Since when have I, The Joker, been the type not to regroup, revise, reappraise, modify a situation and make it work?”

Suddenly, he was feeling more gusto, more verve; tossing back his head he filled the room with his iconic laughter.

His laughter tried to just a giggle and he hopped a few steps, stopping right in front of Toy again. Kneeling down he effortless unhooked one of the leather cuffs; setting it free from the leg of the sawhorse, then the other, freeing both of Toy's hands.

“I have an idea.” He taunted.

Bouncing back up to his feet he sofeshoed over to a rack adorned with cuffs, collars and connectors; again his fingers danced over his choices before quickly slipping an extra connector from the rack.

He began to whistle, an upbeat tune of the children's play song “playmate” as he worked.

Making quick work of re-connecting Toy's still cuffed wrists behind their back, Joker made sure they were tight.

Then moving directly behind Toy, he giggled. “Oops. Almost forgot,” as he slowly and teasingly removed the vibrator and pocketed it.

Wiggling his arm under, he gripped Toy’s waist and lifted them off the sawhorse. He sort of carried and sort of dragged them to an open spot in the room.

“Knees.” He ordered, lowering Toy down to the floor.

Toy immediately obeyed, bending their knees.

Kneeling with the spreader bar, still fully extended, put Toy in yet just another vulnerable position. Their big round eyes gazed up at him with a mixture of curiosity and fear. Eager to please, while terrified that this time might be the moment that Joker’s always promised; their death. Was he bored enough that murder would be his only form of entertainment this time?

Joker sudden reached around their head with both hands, undoing the leather strap holding their gag firmly in place. Removing it, he winked before casually strutting across the room where he hung the gag on a rack along other various forms of different gags, yokes and muzzles.

His fingers brushed over each one, leaving them swinging.

“What do you think I should use, pet?” He ask, flamboyantly turning on his heels to see his toy.

“What's your pain or pleasure this lovely evening?” He opened his arms as to display all the choices.

“It's whatever you wish it to be, Mister J.” Toy knew the routine.

“Oh come-come now, all these choices, all these gadgets and gizmos, each one capable of giving you thrills and chills, heh-heh….”

“And you want me to choose.” His voice oozed sarcasm, “oooOHh.” His voice pitched higher.

He approached his toy from the back, dragging a metal folding chair loudy across the floor.

He unfolded the chair, placing it right in front of Toy, who watched as Joker, good at creating tension, slowly and quietly peeled out of his plum, pinstripe long-tailed dress coat. Neatly draping it over the back of the chair, he moved on; rolling up the sleeves of his black dress shirt, trimmed with a goldenrod waistcoat.

Toy remained kneeling, panting heavily from anticipation.

With a tug, he straighten his waistcoat, making sure the vest looked it best. Next, he deliberate wasted more time, plucking each slender finger out of his plum colored gloves, perfectly matched to coordinate with his suit.  Toy eyeballed his pale, elegant hands as they neatly laid the gloves over his jacket on the back of the metal folding chair. The fact that Joker had removed his gloves ment he was going touch and explore; poke and claw away at their body. The thought made Toy’s senses tingle.

Once he was done, he slowly walked around Toy. Arms crossed, studying his prey. Suddenly, he roughly grabbed the back of their head by their hair, tugging hard, exposing their throat to him.

“So! Are you sure you still want me to pick? Hmm? Brave…” He groped their throat tightly, squeezing and kneading their flesh.  “...and sooo foolish.”

His hand wandered up their neck, under their chin until he had two fingers in there mouth slowly sliding them in and out. He forced them as far as he could, causing Toy to gag. The jerking and twitching of their tongue as they tried to shallow and accommodate his fingers made him laugh. A third finger slipped in, joining it's counter parts pushing inward as deep as he could force them. Rubbing the back of his Toy’s tongue to trigger their gag reflex again, to his delight.

Pulling his fingers out, he wiped the spit off his hand against Toy's own face. Protesting the act, his plaything jerked away in protest. Roughly, Joker grabbed chin and wiped his hand clear across the entirety of their face. With a shove he released their face, getting a hateful smirk out of Toy.

Joker laughed and playfully slapped their slightly smirking face, “Someone’s feeling feisty. Looking for a catalyst, are we?”  

Still behind them, he grabbed their shoulders, kneading their skin as he moved down their restrained arms, grabbing the leather cuffs, pulling down and tethering them to the spreader bar.

His plaything was fully shackle, useless besides being the recipient of whatever indulgences entered into his brilliantly twisted mind.

Toy’s chest moved up and down with rapid breaths, as Joker began to rub and grope his way down their body.

“Perhaps, someone's looking forward to certain pleasurable punishments... perhaps someone actually missed having these little play dates of ours? Perhaps, no matter how hard you tell yourself you don't, you enjoy all the indecent…”

As he spoke he continued to move his hands lower, taking time to tease the more sensitive areas of Toy's body by roughly clawing and pitching their skin between his fingers. Finally he squatted down behind Toy, resting his chin on Toy's shoulder.

“...vugular things I seem to coerce you into doing...heh-hee.”

He continued to explore downward; using both hands to reach around and cup Toy's upper thighs. Toy involuntary pushed into his touch. Arching their back, forcing their hips and thigh outward to allow Joker better access.

His hands toiled close enough, that with each grope and knead he brushed against Toy’s sex. Nearly offering the pleasure of having actually fiction, allowing his fingers to barely tease with no intention of giving any sort of real satisfaction.

As his hands seductively worked, his lips moved. Whispering threats of pleasure and promises of pain into his Toy’s ear.

“ desperately try to gasp for air…hmmmm, oh pet, clawing and fighting for life…”  Joker was excited and kneading their skin harder.

“I’d never allow you the benefit of dying the first time, or second time, my lovely…” His nails dug into the tender skin of their groin, making them moan out loudly.

“No-no. Everytime, bring you back from the edge, keeping you alive to do it over and over again.” Joker bit down hard on the side of Toy’s neck, while suddenly allowing his fingers to finally slip inside them.

A sigh of relief escaped Toy's throat, and immediately their hips started to roll back and forth trying to fuck themselves on Joker's fingers.

“Hmm-hmm-heh-hee-he. Say thank you.” He bantered.

“Thank you, Mister J.”

His lips tickled Toy's ear as he whispered, “You're welcome, pet.”

His other hand, reaching back around into the pocket of his waistcoat, pulled out a straight razor. With a flip of the wrist, he slung open the purple handled blade.

“Not a sound. Or else.” Joker ran the blade gently over Toy's skin.

Circling their nipple before moving upward, reaching the collarbone he applied pressure to the blade, while also applying pressure to the fingers moving slowly in and out of Toy.

The blade broke the skin, warm blood flowed slowly down the curves of Toy's body. But their focus wasn't on the stinging wound but instead, on Joker's fingers moving with posie.

“Mmm-unnn.” It wasn't a painful moan

Joker quickly jerked both, his hands away from his toy’s body. He sighed with disappointment as he stood.

Walking around to face them, “I told you, not a single sound. You're never going to get a reward if you can't keep from moaning and whimpering like that.” Joker grinned down at the face gazing up at him.

He elegantly took a seat in the folding chair right in front of Toy, “Now, Pet, let's try this again, shall we? Shhh...not a peep.”

Joker again teased his Toy with the straight razor, until he found the perfect spot tucked away on the inside of their thigh. He applied pressure, causing a stream of crimson red blood to weep out and run down the inner thigh until it pooled onto the floor. Joker waited for a sound, pushing the blade deeper, trying to force the slightest moan, gasp or squeak from his plaything.

Watching as his toy chew their bottom lip with there eyes squinted shut, desperately trying to hold in their discomfort, he promptly eased the pressure of the blade; giving false hope.  Immediately, he began to slice again. Another cut along side the last one; twice as long, twice as deep.

A sharp gasp of pain escaped Toy.

“Shh-shh. Take it.” There was lust in Joker's voice, “That's it, make the pain turn to pleasure.”

He was right. Panting heavily, enduring the mild pain was easy for Toy. It was fighting the concupiscence building that remained the real struggle.

Again, he quickly chose another spot, right above the naval. He wasted no time dragging the blade, making a vertical gash that rivaled the others; going almost too deep.

“Fuck.” Toy moaned painfully. “Careful.”

Almost instantaneously the back of Joker's hand connected with Toy's mouth and lower jaw. The unexpected pop, left Toy momentarily stunned.

The self satisfying grin across Joker face was growing; along with his erection.  

Already on the edge of the chair, leaning in as close as he could, he bolted out of it; resting on his knees, viciously grabbing Toy by the throat, digging fingernails into flesh.

There was fear in the way Toy gasped. The predatory lust in Joker was suddenly terrifying, the way it seemed to erupt. He tighten his hand, enough to limit Toy's air supply.

Joker watched, his bright green eyes lit up with zest watching Toy slowly begin to crave more air. He squeezed harder, causing the panicked look in Toy's eyes to increase. They tried to struggle, wiggle away; fearing what was coming need.

“Haha-haha-heh.” He crowded Toy, panting with excitement as he loosened his grip, allowing air to flow into their lungs.

Toy coughed and gasped, trying to catch a breath. Joker was still huddled against Toy, clutching their throat, savoring the body's reaction of nearly being strangled to death. The struggle of a victim, the movement; it was a drug, his aphrodisiac, witnessing someone being that close to the edge. He palmed his own erection through it's cloth prison, adjusting it slightly for comfort.  

He craved more brutality, slowly tighten his grip around Toy's throat again. Strangulating was personal. It could last for hours, and with proper control didn't have to result death. And Joker had all the time in the world.

A frantic nod of ‘no’ fueled Joker, pushing his swollen member against his toy, he wanted his toy to know the effect their suffering had on him. His fingers squeezed with a pulsating rhythm, tightening and loosening simply to tease, to taunt, to mock, to induce fear of the unknown. His tongue suddenly licked Toy's face, collected the tears rolling down their cheek.  

A sudden commotion in the distance erupted.

Joker's attention was suddenly drawn away from the activity at hand. He froze; hand still throttling Toy's throat, as he tilted his head and listened for a moment. 

Suddenly, another loud crashing noise echoed.

He snarled.

“Those dimwitted fools.”  He said, releasing Toy's throat with a disappointing sigh. “What on Earth, are they trying to tear the whole place down?”

He stood up quickly and listen again.

“And now, it's too quiet.”

Looking down at Toy he grinned, putting his finger over his lips, “Shhh, not a word. Daddy’ll be right back.”

He pocketed the blade and started to head off.

Pausing momentarily Joker snapped his fingers as he remembered; he spun around on his heels, “almost forgot.”

He picked up his gloves and began to slip them on as he disappeared.




Tossing your head back, you smiled. Blood splatter unknowingly decorated your face. All of your senses were alert, becoming hyperactive; you finally knew exactly what Joker must feel everytime he killed. That thrill that kept him  consumed; how the whole world couldn't crave this euphoric high was beyond you.

You panted heavily, looking down at the crowbar still buried in the lifeless mess that use to be be the face of one of Joker's henchmen.

“Not very astute or nimble .”

Your heart was racing, not only, from the exhilaration but also from the extra exertion it took to bring down such a big guy. The best you could fathom, Joker had employed new lackies after the two of you parted ways. Never having met these men, they certainly didn't leave a lasting first impression.

“My dearest Madman, you should've hired better.” You said aloud.

“Agreed.” You also answered yourself.

“So foolish.” You addressed the dead body, giving it a slight shove with your foot, “I warned you.”

And you had. After simply asking him to take you to The Joker, things escalated quickly. When he refused, you warned him. When he tried to put his hands on you, well…

You shoved the body again with your foot.

Granted, he didn't know who you were, but still, how dare this brute act as if you were out of sorts.You, of all people, had every right to be there. You’d paid your dues, not only survived this place but surviving your clown, your madman, your Joker.

Using your foot to anchor the body, you wiggled the crowbar back and forth to loosen it from the man's shull.  One last heave and it sprain free. Covered in blood and pieces of gray matter, you wiped it clean and swung it over your shoulder as you moved on.

Turning around slowly, you kept your eyes and ears open for any signs of life.

You heard nothing.

This wasn't your first time inside Joker's warehouse and you knew exactly where to look. Sneaking your way through the maze of boxes you continued to keep your eyes peeled. From the look of things Joker had been a busy little bee, collecting more unmarked boxes of goodies. Shocking up and preparing for his next skirmish with The Bat. The very one that he had, so unchivalrous, order you to collect money for.

As you pushed forward, you eventually arrived to very familiar and dear part of the warehouse; you and this place had history, special history. The cage where you'd spent a short period of your life surveying, still stood in the same spot. You harbored no ill will.

It was neither diabolical nor divine, neither fate not chance; instead, and you'd put a lot of thought into this over the last two months, coming to the conclusion that it had simply been your poor choices that seemed to forge your course to The Joker. And once the two of your’s path cross, everything else had simply been a manipulation, a scheme constructed by Joker to get exactly what he wanted out you. Only one thing, well...maybe two, happened that he hadn't planned for; one, you became completely consumed with him; willing to go further than most to please, accommodate and indulge the madman. And two, the conditions had simply been right to fuel the madness.

But now with the added knowledge of knowing your Madman had “cared” enough to keep tabs on you this whole time. Well, that had changed your initial conclusion. Not about how or why you were in this twist relationship and yes, as unhealthy as it was, it was a relationship.

That made you smile. Most people's relationship with Joker consisted of the merely knowing who he was and hoping never to cross paths with him. But you were more than happy to pay the price of violence and abuse to know the Joker the way you did. And that was the beginning of the end for you.

“My god. Already side tracked and you haven't even seen him yet. I know. But I am not hiding the fact that my mind has changed. It wasn't you he was curious about. It wasn't totally you he was curious about, there's a difference. If you say so. And I do. The money. Yes. I know. He does enjoy me.  He enjoys your gullibility.”

You paused for moment before continuing your rambling.

“No, I understand how he works. I know his manipulations, I see them. I know, I swore. Yes, I swore that I wouldn't perpetrate this insanity any longer. Give him the money so he will be more inclined to let you disappear…”

“Hey. Hey!” Another one of Joker's henchmen appeared, but you didn't hear them while you rambled to yourself.

“But I feel different know. And honestly, if I'd really wanted to break free, wouldn't I have ran the moment I had the chance. In fact, need I remind you, I've had quite a few of those changes. Don't kid yourself. You got it bad, crazy bad. Heh.”

“HEY LADY!” Finally, he was loud enough to snap you out of your dazed state of mind.

You calmly stood there, tightening your grip on the crowbar still casually resting over your shoulder.

“Hey you with the bossman? One his toys?” The man asked.

Shifting your eyes, your head followed, toward the sound of the man's voice.

“Who the hell ya talking to anyway?” He scanned the room looking for any more intruders.

You finally turned your whole body to address him,“Shouldn't it concern you that I'm a complete stranger standing in the middle, of what we both know, is only just one of The Joker's hideouts.”

The look on the man's face suggested he was becoming alarmed as he approached you, “How’d ya...what's your business here? Does--”

You interrupted. “I'm going assume that you haven't found the body of your fellow dimwit, the red headed one. I left him near the dock doors. Head bashed in. It really is quite a mess.”

“What? Who are ya? Ya ain't suppose to be in here.” He was approaching faster and drawing his gun.

“Not entirely true. Your boss...technical my boss too, is expecting me..probably just not tonight. And you know Joker's rules about gunfire.” You pointed to the gun he held drawn on you. “No drawing unnecessary attention... unless it is, of course, absolutely necessary.”

The hentchmen snarled, “That’s horseshit. Ya don't work for Joker.”

He went to grab your arm. It didn't take much to avoid his attempt. Before he knew what happened, you had also made your move. Swinging the crowbar, low. Hitting him directly in the knee and then immediately in the hand, causing him to drop the gun.

“Fuck.” He moaned out, stumbling a little.

“Where is he?” You asked calmly.

“Ha, you're gonna really wish you hadn't wandered into here. When I get my hands on you.”

You crowbarred him in the shoulder and then immediately in the face sending his teeth flying across the floor.

Underestimating was always the problem with the big “tough guy” types. They never allotted for the fact that crazy can and does out trump strength. And you had plenty of crazy to go around.

Another firmly place hit across the face and he went back, tumbling against one of the smaller tables. Causing the table and all of its content to tumble loudly to the floor. With a feeble attempt to get back up he put his weight on the tipped over table.

With one more swing against the back of his head, the goon hit a nearby pile of boxes, followed rapidly by the floor; where he stayed.

To your surprise, sticks of dynamite rolled everywhere. Pouring out of the boxes covering the floor.

“OooO, busy bee indeed, Mister J.” You said, kicking a few of the sticks about.

You stepped quickly and softly over the dynamite covering the floor, listening for any signs of life. It was very possible that these were the only two henchman Joker had wondering about. But more importantly, where was Joker?

Using caution you pushed forward, ultimately headed toward the small office spaces that we're on the very back side of the warehouse. You hurried. Quickly realizing that this place was bigger than it looked. There were  hidden nooks and crannies, all around this place, that you'd never seen.

“M-Mister J?” A voice called out as you slowly approached one of these areas; a voice that you didn't recognize.

You perked up, ready to attack.

You stood at the edge of a small space, a haven made purely for Joker’s recess time. A venue that resembled a twisted playroom, designed for torture and pleasure; filled with both, children and adult toys alike. Everything from action figures to music boxes, whips to leather cuffs. As unsettling as it was, nothing about this man surprised you; giving his taste for violence and certain things , it made sense he would indulge in this behavior.

Your eyes traveled around the room, coming to a halt.

On their knees, back towards you, wearing nothing, a person. A spreader bar was locked in place between their ankles with they're arms behind their back and cuffed to the bar. Their vulnerability, along with everything else they possessed, on display for the world to see.

“M-mister J? Is that you?” They cautiously called out.

“No.” You whispered softly, unable to express your growing umbrage.

Desperately trying to see who was behind them, the bound person turned as far as their restraints would allow.

“Wait-wait. I'm not with him.” The toy swallowed hard, their throat hurting, “I’m afraid he's going to kill me. Help.”

You found yourself smirking at their attempt to discourage you from doing anything rash.

Finally, you casually revealed yourself, stepping out from behind them; allowing yourself into their line of sight. Their eyes dilated with hope. You were their opportunity to elude the situation; a way to escape had presented itself.

“You should leave before he gets back.” Toy spoke, whispering with urgency. “Get help if you can. There's no time to waste.”

Placing a index finger against your lips you produced a soft “shh” as you scrutinize the circumstances at play…

All the telltale signs that Joker had been playing were blaring obvious.

You found yourself eyeballing a rather attractive specimen, a nasty scar rested under their eye and much like your body, other scars decorated their skin. Fresh bruises and bitemarks were randomly intermingled among the fresh blood still weeping from the recently acquired cuts scattered over their body. Whatever had been taking place just a few moments ago had to have been interrupted by the commotion and ruckus you made on your way in.

“Did you hear me!?” There was panic in their voice. “He'll kill us both. He's a monster.”

“Yes. Yes, he is…” You placed a hand over your heart,  “But he's my monster.” There was something terrifying about your calmness.

Toy swallowed hard, saying nothing. Quickly glancing at the crowbar you held, then to the blood that was splattered across you face and embellished your clothing. You could see it on their face, the moment it register with Toy that you were not the savior they'd hope for.

With a glance toward the direction that Joker had ventured off in, Toy called out, “Mister J!”

The way it called out to your madman; they were frightened of you and seemed confident that he would be their salvation. Hearing it sent a wave of rage rushing through you; what ensued was merely instinct.

My monster!” You growled giving a swift push kick that viciously sent Toy tumbling over hard.

With their hands bound behind them, nothing stopped their face from meeting with the floor at maximum velocity. For a moment Toy struggled for a breath, after literally having the air knocked out of their lungs. The blood pouring out of their, now, busted nose only made it worse.

You promptly slung the crowbar off your shoulder, letting it dangle at your side.

My madman!” You growled as your foot connected with Toy's ribs.

Keeping your eyes focused on your prey, you lifted the crowbar up and over your head.

You whispered, “He’s. My . Joker.”

“MISTER J!” Toy screamed at the top of their lungs, hoping the madman would appear; they wiggled about on their belly trying to buy time.

You hesitated long enough to taunt, “Wanna know a secret? The first blow aways stings, just a little am told.”

It happened quickly, you didn't realize what was  occurring until it was too late; you'd been too focused on your prey.

Joker had simply walked up behind you and grabbed you by the hair, and quickly manhandled the crowbar from your clutch; tossing it aside. As his hand tangled in your hair, he jerked your head back with enough force to make you lose your footing.

As you stumbled backwards, he begin dragging you violently away from the poor soul on the floor.

Instinctively, you began fighting back, grabbing at his wrists and forearms. Viciously he slung you, sending you tumbling a few feet ahead of him.

“Oh Pigeon-Pigeon-Pigeon.” Joker’s voice had a musical ring to it.

A smile instantly filled your face as soon as you heard his smooth voice. You scrambled to your feet, running your fingers through your hair trying to tame the mess that was just made out of it. Straightening the black high-waisted, pin-up pencil skirt you wore and readjusting your white, blood splattered dress shirt; you were finally about to face him for the first time in months.

A quick glance down and you stopped the timer on your watch, “ 71 days, 23 hours, 52 minutes and 04 seconds.”

You took a deep breath and turned to face your madman.

The instant your eyes connected with those brilliant, toxic green eyes of his, you immediately fought back a smile. Effectively maintaining your equanimity, wanting desperately to hide your elation.

Instantly you noticed, his hair was nearly an inch longer than the last you saw him; parted to the side and curled up high; it always did have a way of defining gravity.

There was a faint tension between you and him; an air of uncertainty.

His eyes narrowed with suspicion, almost comical as he studied you. The way you stood and held yourself was different; the overwhelming dependency you had for him had been replaced with something...something that he couldn't quite put his finger on.

You watched as his eyes examine you; surveying his property from head to toe. Although he'd never admit, he's not totally displeased to see you. And again, he'd never admit it but he loved that you dressed just as fashionable as him; sporting looks from a classier time. Seeing the blood spots that decorating your skin and clothes made his smug smile turn into a toothy grin. If you didn't know any better, you'd swear he was thrilled to see you looking so well.

“Mister J.” His toy called out in desperation; still face down, bleeding on the floor.

“Hush! Not another word out of you.” Joker snapped then pointed his purple gloved finger toward his toy .

The three of you: Joker, Toy and you, remain silent.

Directing his arm toward you, he gestured with the curling of his finger for you to come to him. As you approached he left his hand outstretched, you paused right in front of him causing him to motion you to finish moving forward. Making a gentle connection with his hand; you rested your chin in it.

Toy eyeballed the interaction between you and Joker from their place on the floor.

He rubbed his thumb just under your bottom lip, “You always return to me, don't you?”

He pulled his outstretched arm back, leading you by your chin to him. Until finally you were face to face with your Joker once again. Suddenly, he grabbed you, cupping your upper jawline and burying his gloved fingertips just into your hairline.

He crowded you, invading your personal space with his body and breath, as he whispered, “Welcome. Back. Little. Bird.”

You whimpered from the sheer fervor he caused you; the vehemence you felt for this man had been vastly underestimated by your own head and heart. Your hands gripped his forearms tightly, almost as a way to anchor yourself. The literally weakness you felt suddenly was overwhelming.

Joker could see it; he could see exactly how vehement you were. Your dependency was obsession now; something even more dangerous and powerful. You were virtually trembling; your hands practically pawing at his wrist, feeling his hands hold your face; as if you had to confirm it was real; that this was happening; that he was actually there. He slowly leaned down, rubbing his nose against yours, giving you an Kunik ("Eskimo Kiss"); letting his face linger against yours but not offering anything more. His familiar scent filled your nosiles making you close your eyes, savering this moment.

“Did you miss me?” Joker cooed at you. “Hmm? Did my absence drive you mad, dumpling?”

You nodded yes. It was all you could muster.

“Am I to assume that bloody little mess out in my warehouse is your doing? How ever did you managed to sneak pass my traps and alarms, all without being seen…” He grinned.

“And killing one of my boys too.” His voice pitched high as he grinned, almost giggling.

“Two.” You whispered. “I killed two of your men.”

“Oh-ohoh-heh-hee-heh.” His eyebrow lifted devilishly. “Honestly, pooh. What am I to do with you?”

He tighten his grip and pushed his fingers deeper into your hairline, while cheerfully studying your face, letting his eyes outline the tiny spots of blood splatter leftover from your endeavor.

“You almost…” Joker suddenly turned and looked at the overturned, bound person still on the floor right where you left them: face down, spreader bar between there ankles, knees bend, hands behind their back.

“...dismantled this little toy of mine too.” His lips deviously curl up as he turned back to look at you.

“Awe. Pigeon. You don't approve?”

Your jealousy reflect in your eyes and that familiar rage flared, rolling through your body. He saw it. He recognized it. He adored it.

“Oh, my, my, my-my-my-my. I can feel your angry building.” His excitement flared. “Hahaha! I bet your mind is simply swimming with visualizations of all the lascivious and lewd activities I've used them for…”

“You’d love to finish the job, wouldn't you? Haha, brash their brains in...just like you did to my poor Lou out there.” His grip continued to tightened, making it more vicious than sensual.

“Haha, I have half a mind to let you do it.” He lowered his nose to yours again and rubbed, giving you another playfully kunik.

He whispered seductively, “I do so like watching you losing control after all...hmmm-hee-heh.”

You wanted to paw at him, grab him, hug him, tell him how much you missed him, that you thought about him every day, every hour, every minute. But, of course, you don't. Even at hizs most tolerable, he's fickle at best.

Suddenly, he releases you, giving your face a dismissive shove. Leaving you barely focusing on what is actually unfolding.

Joker turns on his heels and with a slight skip in his step him seems to glide across the room effortlessly. You watch, helpless to do anything, while he focuses his attention to the person you left on the floor. He pauses momentarily as if he thinking about what to do next.  Reaching into his pocket Joker pulls out a set of keys, squats down and unlocks the small lock connecting the leather handcuffs to the spreader bar on Toy.

Immediately there's a soft, “Thank you” spoken as Toy’s knees are finally allowed to unbend, stretch.

“Heh, I wouldn't thank me just yet.” Joker warns, patting Toy's head.

There's a friendly, too friendly, tone in Joker’s voice and the way he touches it don't care for it, not one little bit.  

As if he can sense your hostility, Joker shoots you a sidelong look, grinning the whole time.  There's no question that he is fully aware of the sudden jealousy and malice you possessed for this toy of his.

You know that cruelty is something he does well. He enjoys it. And he's taken the news that you've killed his men, overly well. Including, seemingly not caring that you roughed up his toy. The realization suddenly dawns on you that he's about to put you on the receiving end of one of his malevolence games.

You sort of freeze up.

Keeping his green eyes focused on you, he slowly begins to slide his hand down the length of Toy's body. His gloved hands move between their shoulder blades, following their spine down until he's got a handful of asscheek, squeezing it playfully.

Suddenly, Joker's attention is pulled away from you as his Toy instinctively pushed their ass into his touch, begging for more. It produced an  immense fit of laughter from the madman at how well he’s inculcated Toy’s body to respond to his touch.

“Well.” He stands up, still amused, “Heh. This is certainly an awkward situation that we find ourselves in, hahaha.” The sarcasm in his voice clearly detectable.

Joker casually bends over, grabbing the spreader bar still in place between Toy's ankles.

He lifts slightly and starts to pull; dragging Toy face down behind him as he speaks, “But I'm the type of man who adapts quickly and efficiently. And, well...this gives me all sorts of compelling...and concupiscent ideas.”

Joker let's go of the bar once he's pulled Toy close enough to the folding chair that still stands in the middle of the room; the one with his purple long tail in resting on.

“I mean, I never counted on the two of you meeting; certainly didn't intend on getting caught with my proverbial pants around my ankles, hahaha.” The smug grin on his face seems to only grow.

“Oh! Dear!” He acts appalled, “Where are my manners?” 

Joker quickly walks around to where Toy's head is resting on the floor.

He squats and addresses Toy, “Pet meet my Pigeon.”

Joker looks over at you with a huge grin, “Pigeon.” He gestures down to Toy, “Here's a pet, a toy, a plaything, here for my amusement.”

“Oh, Dumpling.” His grin turns, giving you a faux frown; mimicking the despondented look on your face. “Don't fret.”

He's trying to gage how well you're keeping your composer. He can see what appears to be heartbreak written all over your face. The truth is your angry is rapidly building. Resentment is boiling over but you hide it well.

With a sudden heave Jokers lifts; he's hooked his arms under Toy's shoulders and arms. Effortlessly, picking them up and sitting them in the folding chair.

“There. Better, yes?” He addresses Toy who nods with a mild fondness.

This time it's you carefully watching the interaction between the two of them.

Your angry is near its peaking point, your hand starts to slowly move toward the small of your back. It trembles as you slowly place your it on the gun resting in its holster; the gun that Joker is unaware that you now carry.

“You see, Pigeon, I'll be completely honest with you, dear. Frankly, it's funnier that way.” Joker squats down in front of Toy and starts removing the spreader bar from between their ankles.

“My toy here was filling a crucial role why you were out doing my bidding...” His eyes waver between the two of you, fueling his smug grinning.

“Someone had to play host to my every whim. Heh-heh-ha. And as you know, Pigeon...heh. I am a man of certain foibles and requirements.”

Joker flashes a wink as he completely removes the spreader bar.

“And, well, with you occupied with certain obligation, I oh-so desperately needed to exercise my inclinations.”

“No!” Joker suddenly grabs Toy’s knees before they close and he forces them back apart, like they were before he removed the bar. “Open.”

His eyes scan playfully over Toy's exposed body, as his hands began to knead their thighs, moving inward slowly.

A red hot wave of emotion rips through your body and before you can stop yourself, you've drawn your gun from it's holster. In a blink of eye, you've managed to travel the distance between you and Toy; pressing the gun barrel against their head.

Joker snickers and merely peeks up at you from his position between Toy's legs, “See, I warned you about this one. Heh. It appears the indignant little monster in her has finally woken and that's what I simply relish about her.”

She’s so fast to fight for what she wants, until I tell her otherwise. Heh. In fact…” Still addressing Toy, “...the two you are...well, were a lot alike. Only now...Haha-ha-hahaha-heheh.”

Joker finally stands, holding his sides like an pompous ass from his fit of laughter. “Hee-heh-ha-heh. Poor Pigeon. Heh-heh. She's had the misfortune of heh-ha-haha… of falling ha-haha-heh… of actually falling in love.”

His laughing hurts. Like rapid gun fire, hitting your heart.

“In love, hahahaha-haha With ME!”

Disarming your emotions made you feel worthless, silly. He knew how you felt, he planned it and now was going use it against you.

Abruptly, his laughter stops. His mood is impossible to read; fleckle as the weather.

Ignoring the gun you have aimed at the back of Toy's head, Joker aggressively reaches for you leaning over Toy to do so. He roughly cups your head.

“Isn't that right my little bird?” He tugs you toward him and you let him, not resisting.

Toy remained motionless; almost breathless with fear, scared and terrified. Literally, being physically sandwiched between a madman and his jealous pawn. For a moment, the urge to flee boils up in Toy; yes, their legs are now free but their hand are still restrained, cuffed behind them. Almost as if he knows what's going on in their mind, Joker places a knees against Toy; resting his weight against them.

And as bad as you want to, you're not going to pull that trigger... Isn't that right little bird?” Joker pushes a hand around to the back of your head and viciously grabs a handful of your hair.

“Give it to me.” He orders; leaving his other hand opened for you place the gun in.

You don't hesitate.

“There’s a good girl.” His complacent grin grows.

Suddenly, he points the gun randomly and fires it  rapidly. A startled yelp escapes Toy, while you cringe slightly at the loud gunfire. Joker begins laughing as he empties the gun of all it's bullets. The moment it’s spent, he tosses the gun over his shoulder, laughing the whole time.

You can see it in his eyes, that gleam of nefarious still glowing hot and you've only made things worse by your actions. Joker's full callous, heartless, sadistic ways were about to be demonstrated.

You attempted to step back, pull away from him with a struggle but he had other plans. Tightening his already viciously secure hold of your head, he quickly drew back and mutey punched you in the face; making you instantly compliant.

He held back, on purpose; hitting you only as hard as was necessary to gain control. He wants you awake for what's next. And you are, dazed but awake; still able to stand, holding on to his forearms for support.  

Toy remains frozen, physically caught between this madness; between the two of you; unfortunately feeling the excited twitching Joker's dick gives every time he’s cruel to you.

Joker snickers, “I'll hand it to you, that little hiatus made you bold.”

You feel his hand tighten in your hair as he pulls your head back, slipping his hand up your throat till he's viciously squeezing your face, under your chin, “I guess I'm going to have to remind you of a few things.”

He's hard as rock from the activities unfolding and ruts against Toy, pushing their head against your body.

You realize you can taste blood; something on your face is bleeding, probably your nose. Licking your bottom lip, giving the impression that you like the way your blood taste; the smile you offer is genuine.

Joker's brows shoot up as if he's pleasantly surprised by your reaction.

You smirked up at him while he's still squeezing you tightly by the chin.

“I really have missed you.” You smile.

It's the true but you're also being audacious and impertinent. Joker studies your face with a snarl; he can be just as contemptible, twice as insubordinate, and overly brazen.

He's enjoying every second of this and everything about to unfold.

Suddenly, he’s released your chin but continues to maintain his control of you by keeping the tight grip he has on your hair.

Joker reaches down and palms himself for a moment, “I think I'm going to truly enjoy this next part. I'm feeling especially lascivious.”

He looks down.

He runs his fingers through Toy's hair as he coaxes their head back. Tilting it far enough so he can see their eyes and the dread in their expression. It's the same dread that's on your face; it's as if the two of you know exactly what's in Joker's twisted mind.

In a taunting manner, he drags his gloved finger over Toy's lips. His toothy grin turns into him chewing his bottom lip in anticipation. Casually, he begins to undo his pants. Letting his eyes bounce between you and Toy; savoring the trepidation each of you have.

With a few adjustments, the madman has completely freed his erection from its cloth prison; making a few long slow strokes right in Toy's face; a promise of what's it to come.

You've tightly shut yours eyes trying to block out as much of this cruelty as you can. Suddenly you feel Toy's head pressing against your body as they try to avoid being forced to giving fellatio. They pull away as much as possible; granted it's almost nothing at all but still the effort is at least a mental comfort.

Joker takes his time, making it as uncomfortable as possible for both of you. He teases Toy, playfully slapping his cock against their cheek. Tracing their profile with the tip of his dick until he arrives at their mouth. Joker says nothing, but his instructions are clear by the way in which he moans, giggles and hums. You can feel Toy nod no but he's instructing Toy to open wide with a encouraging “mmm-huh.”

He continues to gently rub the head of his dick against Toy's lips; offering his blushing cock but not forcing it. He wants Toy to take it freely; it makes the surmounting act more of a mental defeat than merely a physical one. And that’s what he wants, he craves, he to conquer. Joker is in his own heaven, lost in a dream where submission, heartbreak, agony and suffering is his aphrodisiac.

Your eyes are still closed tightly but you know.

You know the very moment Toy obeys him. Not only can you feel the movement of Toy’s head as it pushes forward, swallowing your madman's shaft, but your madman gasps loudly.

His gasp is followed by a sighing exhale of pure delight as he begins to slowly fuck the warm welcoming mouth that's around his cock.

You said nothing, you're completely stunned. Emotional and physically.  So much so, that as the distraction of having his erection consumed makes him unintentionally loosen his grip on you hair, you don't pull away.  You simply stand there frozen, eyes still tightly shut, letting him rest his arm over your shoulder as he enjoys having his cock ravished.

“Look at me.” He suddenly orders you; the novelty of watching you try to desperately block out what is happening has become stale. For his amusement he needs you aware, witnessing this firsthand.

“I said, look at me.” He whispers, trying to fight back his mirth.

When you don't, he tighten his hand back into your hair and gives your head a jerk as he growls, “Now.”

You force your tear-filled eyes to open. Your madman isn't grinning; no, instead his mouth is slightly hangs open. The pleasure he’s experiencing is written all over his facial expression. He's enjoying having you as part of this, witnessing him forcing himself onto a poor soul. You can't bare to look him in his eyes, instead you watch as he starts viciously tongueing the corner of his mouth, focusing on his own pleasure.

Not only can you hear the gagging and mild retching, sounds coming from Toy as they try to fully accommodate Joker’s erection, but you also feel the bouncing of Toy's head as Joker casually thrust with a steady rhythm. His soft chuckles and moans clearly indicate he's enjoying everything happening.

You're still eyeballing his mouth.

Suddenly, his tongue rolls over his bottom lip, making a high-pitch moan that mixes with a giggle.

“Mmm.” He tells Toy, “Whatever caused that exquisite sensation just now. Do it again, pet.”

Involuntarily, your eyes follow Joker's head as he looks down. It was like a dream, seeing a stranger’s mouth move back and forth on Joker's pale, blushing cock. You watched, completely stupefied by everything.

Joker's panting deepen as he realizes you are watching his cock disappeared and reappear repeatedly into Toy’s mouth. Suddenly, you weaky mewled out, whimpering; your first actually real reaction to the situation. Joker smirks, tighten his hold on you, making sure you can't look away while he finishes. His arousal is peeking, completely amplified by knowing his sadistic attempt to punish you is working.

Your emotional outburst pushing him completely over the edge.

He sort of slouches over, still trying to hold on to you, but his focus is amiss. For a short time he fucks with urgency, driving his erection into Toy’s mouth as deep as possible. He’s desperately trying to catch his pleasure, pawing at your neck and hair while he does. Grabbing you as if you were responsible for the gratification he was experiencing.

“Holy Christ.” He grows while pushing his hips forward, burying his erection and emptying his load down Toy's throat. Involuntarily, he's released you and grabbed Toy's hair, in an attempt to keep their head steady and in place; fighting against their coughing and gagging as he milks his climax.

Suddenly, your composer hits, a moment of clarity takes you. You step back, Joker no longer has a hold of you. Another step back, and then another, until you are actually fleeing; trying to escaping the reality of what just occurred.

You can hear him laughing.

At some point you stop. You have no idea how far you went; only that you are still somewhere in the maze of boxes and goodies spreading out into the warehouse. You leaned back, against a pile of boxes trying to relax; catching your breath; letting your heart rate slow.

You couldn't make yourself think straight. It was madness inside your head. The only thing you knew for sure you announced loudly,  “No. No. No. No. No. NO. NO. I'm not leaving him. That's FINAL."

Suddenly,  the other voice in your head is silent.

You wait, you listen. Then a pleasant surprise.

Suddenly, there he is; Joker came around a corner, after chasing you down. His green hair askew, his shirt still halfway untucked and his belt unbuckled from following right behind you.

You don't move, instead you watched as your madman moves toward you. Reading him is impossible, his charming smile and batting eyes could mean that you faced any number of possible consequences; ranging from good to bad.

You remain relaxed, leaning against the boxes as he finally approached. Placing his hands on either side of you, resting them on the boxes; he continued to smirk down at you, towering over you.

You suddenly didn't fear him in the same way. It donned on you: You could handle his physical abuse.And his mental abuse, what could compare to what just happened? You shuttered to find out, knowing that one day you would have to find out if you stayed. A price you'd pay undoubtedly.

And that was the worst part of everything that had just occurred, even after all that: Here you were, gazing up at your monster. Starry-eyed and in love, in obsession.

He chuckled softly.

Joker knows just how crude his actions were back there but he also knows you'll move past them. In fact, he knows with the right attentiveness…

He crowds against you, gazing down at you charmingly.

Without touching you, Joker leans down. He lingers close before finally rubbing his pale nose against yours. For a moment, he finds himself enjoying having you in his proximity. And for some reason he doesn't mind sharing small connections like this with you , in fact, he can appreciate that you never required it to turn into something more. You treasure it for what it is, a simple, yet intimate moment.

““ You finally whisper to him.

His grin melts into a devilishly smirk. It's easy with you. He knows he's just won.

"Hey." He whispers back.

Abruptly, Joker pulls away and offers you his arm. Without any hesitation, you take it and walk off with your madman.