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Five Times They Weren't, and One Time They Totally Were

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“I’m sorry, you can’t see her. Doctor’s orders, until she’s in better condition to have visitors.”


Tina had heard that a couple of times throughout the day, but this was the first time she’d been truly angry about it. Just outside her hospital room she could see Newt standing in front of a nurse, case in hand, avoiding eye contact whenever he could. Meanwhile, the nurse was not budging; her arms were crossed over her chest, and her lips were set in a tight line across her face.


It was more irritating to look at her than to focus on the deep, unbearable ache in her shoulder and arm from the Skele-gro at work.


“Please, Miss, I’m her friend. I would really just like to make sure she’s alright for myself,” Newt said, though Tina knew he wasn’t going to get anywhere, not in this hospital and not with that polite tone of voice. The staff around here responded to nothing less than orders and threats.


“She’s fine. And I’ve been told to let no one in but family and her superiors at MACUSA, of which you are neither. Good day, sir,” the nurse said firmly, and Tina could see Newt’s shoulders slump the slightest bit.


And then, she saw an arm wind its way around Newt’s waist, and she saw the redhead stiffen and look up in shock to someone standing just outside of Tina’s angle of view.


“What about family of her superiors? Surely you wouldn’t turn my betrothed away from seeing his friend,” a new voice said, and Tina decided that one of two things was happening: one, the Skele-gro was laced with something that was giving her hallucinations, or the spell she’d been hit with was making her lose her mind.


She did not just hear Mr. Graves, her ill-humored, often cantankerous boss, refer to Newt Scamander as his betrothed. It was like trying to picture Picquery in a Flapper dress; something in her brain just shut down and didn’t allow it to fully set in.


But no. She blinked a few times, and she still saw that arm wound around Newt’s slender waist possessively, saw the shock on the nurse’s face, and saw Newt looking more flustered than she thought she’d ever seen him- and that was saying something, considering how easily flustered he was.


“So sorry, Mr. Graves. I…didn’t know,” the nurse stuttered out. “Of course you can go in, Mr. Scamander. You should have said something, honey.”


The nurse left and Mr. Graves finally came into view, steering a shocked-still Newt into the room with a hand at the small of his back. “Keep the animals in the case while you’re here, darling,” Mr. Graves said softly with a smirk, the last word practically dripping playful sarcasm. He turned and walked away, whistling a soft tune, hands in his pockets as if nothing had happened. For a moment, Tina and Newt just stared at each other, Newt blushing up to the tips on his ears, the silence too stunned to be awkward.


“…What just happened?” Tina finally asked, and Newt stuttered for a few seconds, seeming to struggle for the words.


“I don’t know, but I think I just got engaged…?”