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Atrocious Desire

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Reita's POV

I walked into my boss' office, just to see Tatsuro sitting on his favourite chair with his elbows leaned against the desk in front of him. The whole room was in an old design, but more of a retro one, knowning that Tatsuro was a big fan of it and did what the hell he wanted, because he was our leader.

He hummed under his nose, still not realizing that I was already in the room. His long black straight hair was loosely hanging around his shoulders. Tatsuro was usually this out of it whenever something was going on, and I was yet to find out what it was. I would be the first one, because no one else knew what was going on, and we heard only rumours. Those rumours were not yet confirmed. Not until we were to hear it from our boss.

"Tatsuro." I said firmly as I walked forward to his desk.

"We have a problem." Tatsuro stated while looking at me. "And it's not something we can just brush off."

"I heard that the leader of Matsuba is deadly sick. Are the rumours true?" I shifted my weight to my right foot as I crossed my arms.

His eyes narrowed. "Yes. He fell ill due to his unhealthy life style and is laying on his dead bed."

"Who's going to step up for him? His first in command?" I asked, knowing that something felt fishy here. Tatsuro wouldn't be bothered by such a trivial thing, there was something more going on.

He sighed heavily. "He has a son."

"What?" I frowned.

"His son declared that he is to take all of his father's duties as the future leader of the clan of Matsuba, and will shortly get a hold of us in a meeting." the look on his face was showing that he was completely unamused with it.

"He's a brat, isn't he?" I asked him. "Matsumoto is around his early forties. How old could his son be to be even able to inherit this position?"

Tatsuro stood up just to look out the window. "Above 18, that's for sure."

"No fucking kidding. How come we didn't know that he had an heir?" I took a step forward, as I swung my hand in the air.

"He hid it well, and most likely his child was raised away from him, or that's what they wanted us to think." Tatsuro turned around to me with a grim look on his face."This child that is going to be the new boss is probably trained, and if he isn't, then Matsumoto would never allow him to step in his place."

I slammed my fists against his desk. "He's just a child for fuck's sake!"

"So were you when you joined this clan. You were 14 at that time, Reita. Don't forget that. And look now where you are. You're my most trusted person who helped me get to where I am now." He walked over just to put his hand on my shoulder.

"Our previous boss was shitty." I growled, looking away from him.

"Exactly." Tatsuro chuckled amused as he took his hand away,. "But really now, we're going to meet this future leader clan and we're going to listen to what he has to say with no bloodshed or anything like that, so, keep your katana in your sheath."

"I can't promise anything, brother." I put my hand on the handle to my sword, smiling.

"Of course you can. We're going to step into the enemy's territory and I want you to be close by and ready, but with no ill intentions." Tatsuro walked by me, as he pat my arm. "The boss that is right now on his dead bed was a dick, let's hope his child knows better."

I smirked hearing that. "Youngsters rebel, idiot."

"That's what I'm hoping." He told me, smiling.


Ruki's POV

I looked at my friend, who shook his head when he saw my clothes.

"Too badass?" I asked, twirling, as my friend laughed.

"Too childish. I still can't believe that you're a yakuza, that you actually got me into this, Ruki. Seriously. And you're going to be the future leader of a sadistic group of people that will kill at the snap of your fingers? I like it even less!" Kai huffed as he sat down on my bed.

"Sorry, but I've been trained to one day take over after my shitty father that only showed up at Christmas every year and only for just a moment to give me expensive gifts." I rolled my eyes as I took off my shirt to put on another one.

"Your dad was really shitty." my friend admitted.

"I know." I went to the mirror to see how awesome I looked and I was pretty satisfied. "I'm not really ready to be like my father. I don't want to be violent towards anyone, or threat them. It's not the life I chose, Kai, but it's a life I accepted, and be as it may, I'm going to meet up with the boss that my father had wars with for a long time."

"I have to say that you don't know everything that happened between your dad and that guy. And because you made me a part of this yakuza thing, I dug into some stuff." Kai siad smiling, as he stretched out his hands.

I turned around to him. "I'm all ears."

"So, I heard from Uruha who heard from Shou, who knew it from Gackt, that your dad had a problem with the previous boss of Kyokuto clan, and not with the present one, but because your dad was who he was, he kept going with the war, being confident that he could take all the territory of that clan, but he was highly mistaken. He misjudged the new boss who turned out to be a genius." He explained more or less so that I had the hang of it for now.

"...okay? What?" I blinked in surprise.

"This Kyokuto clan, do you even know that they wield samurai swords and follow old traditions instead of like the modern ones like we do?" he asked as I gaped at him.

I flinched at the thought of that. "I can be cut by a katana!?"

Kai nodded his head. "That's exactly what I'm saying. One wrong word and you're in pieces."

I gulped hearing that.

"O-Okay, but we have guns, right? Guns are better." I said, not really convinced of it as much as I used to be.

"What are you going to do when all they can do is shield themselves with their swords, and while you're out of bullets they can kill you easily?" Kai suggested the worst scenario and I was getting seriously worried right now.

"Why are you being so mean to me? What else have you got?" I crossed my arms as I glared at my friend.

"Bitch, I got everything." he laughed. "The present boss of that clan is a young one. Older than us of course, but damn, he deserves his reputation, like seriously."

So he had some good reptuation going on for him..."What?"

"Okay, let's say that there's one clan that has a new boss, and others know how the members behave and how strong they are and those clans want to attack them to get their territories, but the clan members of Kyokuto actually outsmart them and take their territories instead." It felt as if Kai said it all in one breath, which was actually impressive, to be honest. "This son of a bitch has more territories than any yakuza clan ever had. And that's because he's a tactician and he knows well what he's doing."

"So, do we have like a tactician or someone?" I wasn't sure, so I would love to be better prepared before the meeting with the other clan leader.

"Do you think our clan would have more territotries if we had just anyone? We don't, though." Kai shook his head.

I looked at myself in the mirror. "That sucks."

"No, that sucks only for you, because all of the burdens are on your shoulders now, and you have to deal with it. You make a mistake, and the whole yakuza clan follows. Yakuza is family. But this family doesn't know you at all." He pointed out to make me feel even worse about it, which was actually working, and I didn't like it one bit.

"Ahh, I need a drink." I really really did.

"I bet you do. You better be prepared for the big meeting tomorrow. Uruha and Kazuki will be by your side at the meeting." Kai said as he got up and sighed. "I worry for your life, though."

"I worry for it too, but don't worry, I never had any problems with face to face conversations." I told him with full confidence, that I hoped would last till after the meeting with the other boss.

Kai put on his jacket as he turned to me. "Oh, I don't doubt that, but seriously, watch out for Tatsuro and his right hand."

"Why? Is there something more I don't know, Kai?" I placed my hands on my hips as I asked him about it.

"He's extremely loyal, I heard, and attacked a guy who looked wrong at the big boss. I heard he's very skilled and everyone gets out of his way. He's one person you don't want to mess with, and that's right before Tatsuro. You mess with him, and you're his prey. He did have a fight with one of ours, and let's say, that someone has a chest full of scars, some really nasty ones." was that supposed to comfort me or something, because that was terrifying as hell.

"Noted." I forced on a smile to make me look more confident.

Kai headed to the door as I stood in place. "Now get some rest. Tomorrow morning you'll have to meet the bloody duo."

"Alright." I waved as my friend left the room.


Reita's POV

I picked my drink up and sipped on it. My whole body shivered for a moment from the nasty taste in my mouth.

My eyes gazed around the room, looking all around, just to spot someone to have fun with.

I saw women smiling at me, but none were anything I was looking for for tonight, I needed something new, something exciting.

I put my drink down on the counter and glanced over to the entrance to see a couple of new people walk inside the bar.

My eyes met with a short guy with black hair and deep blue eyes. It was just for a moment, but I felt a chill run down my spine as soon as I looked away.

I drank the whole drink and then stepped away from the counter. The little guy stood in my way.

He didn't say anything, he didn't have to. I knew what he was thinking about, but if he wasn't determined enough to have me, I would lose interest.

I moved him out of my way and stepped forward, towards an open table and sat down, while he followed after me.

He sat opposite me, with a dazed look on his face.

HIs eyes sparkled in the light as his hands landed on the table's edges.

"I don't know why, but I like the look in your eyes." he said straight forwardly, but I stayed expressionless.

"I don't fuck kids." show me how much you want me to shove my dick into that butt of yours.

Show me.

"I figured." he told me as I gasped as his foot landed in between my legs and pressed against my crotch.

I liked where that was going. "You're playing with fire."

"I want to get burned." the boy licked his plump lips in a very seductive way. I couldn't look away. "So, I'm doing the best I can at the moment."

I smirked hearing that. "I would break your ass in two."

"That's what I'm hoping for." the boy told me as he placed his arm on the table, with an obvious smile on his face.

"You're a naughty boy. And you need to be spanked." I loved teasing this boy, seriously.

"Then spank me." he laughed while pulling his leg away. He then slid out of his seat, just to get on my lap. "But firstly impress me."

My aching erection was painfully crushed with his butt.

"I have to say that I like what I'm sitting on." the brunet reached for my chest just to slide his hand along it.

"Aren't you too young to even consider sex with a stranger?" that question startled him for a moment before he once again became confident in his actions.

"You're hot and I assume big. I like big things." he bit on his lips.

"I don't do small." I pushed him off of my lap as he gaped at me. "Don't push your luck, kiddo."

More, surprise me.

I walked away from him and as soon as I reached a wall, I was pulled by arm and my back slammed into the wall behind me as the guy pulled me for a deep kiss.

He shoved his tongue into my mouth and caressed my own, pleasing us both with the much needed friction.

"I'm stubborn as hell. And I won't let you leave without me." the brunet panted as he broke the kiss. "You fuck me, and you better fuck me hard tonight."

I rolled us over, and had him against the wall.

"You don't fucking tell me what to do, do you understand?" I was so close to him, that my nose poked against his, and I felt his hot breath on my skin.

"Ahh, I don't. Please teach me a lesson. Blonde beauty." he was completely into me but what he just called me, irritated me.

"You so didn't just call me that." I moved away from him, and walked into the opposite direction, furious with what I heard.

I was handsome, but there were limits to what I could stand to what people called me, and that was it.

That was fucking it.

No brat were to call me a fucking blonde beauty.

"Wait!" my arm was grabbed again, and before I knew it, I was pulled into the bathroom, with the kid pressing me against the stall. He quickly opened it and pushed me inside. "I told you I'm stubborn."

"What the hell do you want now?" I sighed heavily, unamused.

I said nothing more as I gaped see him get he to his knees. He grabbed my dick through my pants just to start stroking it.

"I want it so bad." he moaned, desperately.

"Fuck, just suck me."

He smirked at that and undid my pants, just to slide his fingers down my hard cock and grip it thightly as I gasped.

"You're about to feel really good." the brunet purred as he licked his lips hungrily.

"Why? You trained on sucking lollipops and popsicles?" I smirked.

"Exactly." he laughed, then pressed his lips against the head of my cock, and sucked little by little each part of it.

My whole body shivered, but I refused to touch him, show him that I wanted to claim him. He was a naughty boy and he needed to be punished and not touching him while he was doing that was a good enough punishment.

His tongue wrapped around my heated flesh, sucking on the thick erection, as I heard him humming while doing so.

Little did I show how I enjoyed it, and to be honest he wasn't bad, but amazing was not the correct word either.

I could tell that it was his first time even doing something like that.

I could feel his fingers tremble as he gripped me. His movements were unsteady and his eyes were squeezed shut at times.

But the one thing I could not figure out was whether he was a virgin or not.

He was a needy teenager, and those usually humped everything in their way, just to satisfy their sexual desires.

And here was this one specific boy, I would give no less than 15 or 16 while he was something probably around 20 years old, but no more.

The guy bit on my cock as I hissed.

"You like that?" he smirked.

I only licked on my lips as he moved and then pressed his plump lips again at the head of my cock and slowly swallowed me whole. His lips were pressing hard around me, just to squeeze my throbbing cock.

"Watching only porn doesn't help much." I said quietly as he seemed to choke on my dick.


He glared daggers at me for a moment before he moved back just to pull it back into his mouth.

His head bobbed, as his tongue worked against me.

I groaned deeply, leaning my hands against the walls of the stall, and breathed heavily as he sucked hard.

This guy...

I had no idea who he was nor knew his name, and yet I let the guy suck me.

Pressure built up in my lower stomach to the point that I couldn't hold it any much longer and eventually came into his mouth while growling low in his throat.

What was amusing was that he couldn't exactly swallow it, so he opened his mouth and let it leak out of his mouth, little by little.

"When someone cums into your mouth, you swallow it, kiddo." I fixed my pants as I watched him sit down on his knees and pant, while spitting out the white liquid in his mouth.

I bent down, grabbed his chin and cleaned his lips with my sleeve, just to pull him over for a deep kiss, that made him swallow what was left of my cum in his mouth.

He gasped into my mouth and gripped onto my shoulders.

I moved back and looked at him amused as he coughed.

"Agh, you're so big." he blurted out, completely confused. "How can you be so big?"

"See? You didn't expect that and if I were to fuck you, you wouldn't be able to walk straight for days. That's what it means to be fucked with a big cock." He needed to learn this lesson.

I stood up, and walked out of the stall, as the kid still sat there, panting.

"What you did was really stupid." I told him, as he stood up with his legs shaking.

"I'm here to learn on my mistakes, honey." this tone didn't suit him at all.

I leaned against the wall. "You seem very easy to persuade."

"Hm?" the brunet looked at me confused.

"Should I just snatch you to my apartment and fuck you senseless or are you gonna go home, cry to your mummy that you couldn't handle a single dick?" would he go for it, or would he not?

I hurt his pride at this moment.

This guy right here, he seemed so full of it, and breaking him little by little seemed just right.

"What? You were so full of confidence just now? Cat got your tongue?" I asked with a smirk. "Are you willing to take the risk?"

"Yes." he walked over to me. "I am."

Now that was more like it.


Ruki's POV

I was pushed inside of stranger's apartment.

The blonde was pushing me around, as our lips met again and again in pleasurable kisses.

I grinded myself against him, pressing hard my hips into his.

Before I knew it, I was shirtless and he picked me up.

I had no idea how to call him, and on the way I asked for his name, but he didn't tell me, nor did he want to know what was my name.

But hells, I loved mysterious guys.

"Hey gorgeous, can we speed this up?" I asked with a smirk, as my ass was groped.

I gasped into his mouth, feeling my arousal grow.

The man pushed me against the wall, as I wrapped my hands around his neck.

Our lips were intact, just for a deep, pleasurable kiss that awoke all my senses.

His tongue slid between my lips, stroking and provoking my own.

My mouth was getting on fire, as I could only moan while our tongues mingled together in a playful manner.

He slid his hand into my pants, grabbed the head of my cock and squeezed it as I grunted.

"You're going to have to go through a lot of trouble to come tonight." he whispered against my lips, but I didn't mind hearing that at all.

I wanted him to claim me, do whatever he wanted with me.

I wanted to feel some friction, ectasy and passion.

I wanted him so badly.

And I couldn't understand why.

His hand stroked me firmly, while clenching his fingers around my burning erection. It was painful, but I loved this feeling.

I breathed heavily, trying to adjust the pace that he made, but I wanted more, I craved for more.

He was most definitely enjoying torturing me.

My hips started subconsicously thrusting for more friction and I felt more pain, it felt as if his fingers dug into me.

I screamed, while squeezing him between me.

"I like that." he gasped as he carried me to his bedroom.

"It hurt, damn it!" I scolded him but he didn't respond to that.

I was literally thrown on his bed, with my cock completely hard, sticking out of my pants.

The blonde guy got on top of me just to kiss me. His fingers tips gently moved along my erection, until they reached for my balls just to squeeze them as I whimpered.

"You chose to risk it, and I'm not a gentle guy, just so you know." he groaned low in his thoat before bitting into my neck as I growled.

"Please, I want you." I panted as my hands slid down his chest. "Do whatever you want...I just want you."

I sat up just to adjust my body to sit down directly on his groin.

Not waiting any longer, I undid the buttons of his shirt and pushed it down. At the same time, I was moving against him, creating friction down there, in result having him groan softly as he nipped on my skin again and again.

"Don't look down on me. I can surprise you in bed." I purred, before licking my lips.

"Did you quote that from a porn film?" the guy asked, curious as I paled.

"Of course not." I denied it immediately.

He moved for a moment just to look at my face. "I'm pretty sure I heard that sentence before, and it was definietly on a porn film."

"Oh just fuck me already." I tackled him, just to change the topic.

The blonde smirked hearing that. "That too, actually."

"Argh!" I pushed him back, just to crawl on top of him. "Okay, enough of that, I want your dick."

There was an obvious smile on the blonde's face as his hands again started roaming around my crotch, touching my intimate part while I panted.

The guy slid my pants down and kept rubbing my cock, till the point that I was thinking all about a release, which I wasn't able to get, because he was squeezing me that hard.

"Once." he whispered, as my hands bent down and my face became motionless as it was right above his. "I'll let you come once after I'm done with you."

"What? No!" I protested.

His hands moved away from my crotch just to push his pants down enough for his big hard cock to slide out of the boxers.

I was still on my knees, which were wobbling, and I tried my hardest not to fall down.

His fingers were in front of my eyes, and they poked at my lips.

I slowly opened my mouth and he slid them in, and I started sucking on them.

It was nice doing that, for some reason.

"That's enough." the blonde stated, then pulled his hand away just to move closer to me. His fingers danced across my backbefore reaching my butthole. He pushed them in without a warning.

I screamed at the sudden invasion and squeezed my eyes shut. My breathing became uneven as my fists clenched at the sheets, as if that would help subside the pain.

The blonde started moving, slowly at first then he picked up on the pace after making sure I was stretched enough.

Another finger made its way inside of me as I gasped.

"Seriously, I better not see you crying later." he warned me, while stretching his fingers, making me feel more pleasure than pain.

I shook my head and kissed him.

"You wish." I said confidently, no fear in my eyes.

"Oh, so if I would stuck my dick in your butt right now, you wouldn't cry?" I watched him lick his lips as he leaned in to my face.

Me and my big mouth.

"Don't provoke me." My face moved closer, towards his as they almost touched.

The blonde smirked. "Is that a challenge?"


"Just pull them out already, I can't handle it anymore." I breathed heavily while squeezing my eyes.

I was in need of a release.

"I thought so." why did he sound so amused?

He pulled me to lean down for a kiss.

Before I was able to grasp the situation, a massive thing plunged inside of me as I screamed.

Tears stung at my eyes and I tried to blink quickly, trying to make it stop.

"No con-condom?" I asked, confused with my eyes wide.

"I put it on when you were busy staring at me." he assured me, before once again harassing my skin with his lips.

It didn't take long before he started moving.

"You're a beast." I whimpered, as my butt still hurt, while not being yet used to the size inside of me.

"Thank you." he kissed me soundly as I blushed.

His hips slammed into me roughly, as my body bounced at the interaction.

My breathing quickened as all of my muscles tensed up, feeling a lot of pain which soon turned into pleasure.

Everything looked cloudy from my point of view, and yet I could see his chocolate brown eyes very clearly.

They were mesmerazing, and that intense stare, it was piercing right through me.

His body was amazing.

His chest was covered in lots of different tattoos, and when he was wearing that shirt, none could be actually spotted.

I watched his body move, I felt his heat against my body, and I shivered from the sheer sensation.

My body arched harshly as his cock slammed into my prostate as I moaned.

"Right there?" he whispered as his nose nuzzled against my ear.

"Ahh, yes, please." I held onto him strongly as this man used my body as he pleased.

I wanted to call out his name.

I wanted to know his name.

What was his name?

I needed to know.

"Oh god, harder." I moaned, lost in pleasure.

"You like it rough?" he asked, amused, as his pace sped up.

He had me screaming again and again as he assaulted my nerves with no mercy.

What was too much for my body, was that his size has gotten bigger. That was totally not expected!

I felt as if he was tearing me in two, and I had no way of stopping it.

I felt his dick pulsating inside of me, I felt his hot flesh slam into me, into my sensitive spot. The amount of pleasure I felt in this moment was inmeasurable. The more he pumped into me, the more I craved it.

I cried out, feeling him get even rougher.

His hands roamed around my body. They slid down to my thighs and gripped them tightly, as I whimpered.

"Ahhh, ahh...ahh." I couldn't barely remember my name at this point...

My whole body was shivering, my mind was going blank and all I could feel was my whole mind and body filled with ectasy.

The blonde kissed me hard, just to slide his hot tongue inside my mouth, for a deep and passionate kiss that soon took my breath away.

I wrapped my hands around his neck, clutching to him, wanting more of him.

He started thrusting harder, and managed press my already painfully aching erection with his stomach, not to make me come.

"Oh god, please, please let me come. Ahh...ahh..ahhh." I was begging for a release.

"I'm no god, but if you want to call me that, I can go along." he kissed me again as he kept on going.

I couldn't take it much longer. "I need a release, I beg of you."

"Do remember that I'll let you come once, and that's it." he reminded me of the fact that I completely forgot about.

"Please." I begged.

He slammed hard into me one last time, before pulled out just to slide the condom off. He cried out sharply as he came on my stomach.

The blond grabbed my cock and started strocking as I hissed at all the pressure that had built up.

I growled low in my throat as I finally cummed. I couldn't keep my voice down. It felr incredibly good.

I could barely catch my breath, my whole body was still in pain, but I felt amazing.

"C'mon let's take a shower." the blond pushed his pants down, which were hanging around his thighs. Then he picked me up.

I had no strength at all to move.

"Ahh, alright." I said with a weak voice.


Reita's POV

I woke up with a warm body pressing against mine. It was only then that I realized who it was in my bed.

The kid from last night came over and decided to sleep with me, and I didn't know why I even agreed to this stupid idea.

Last night was something else, but I also felt that I had made a terrible mistake for some reason.

I had no idea where did this feeling come from, but it was eating at me.

I glanced at the brunet that was clutching onto me and hummed softly as his head rubbed against my chest.

The sudden urge to pee came over and I slipped out of his grasp just to get out of bed.

I glanced back at the guy, whose hands were trying to find what was missing just now, and as he kept moving forward. He was getting to the edge of the bed.

Finally, he fell down and woke up.

I laughed seeing his confused face before heading to the bathroom

Once I did my business I walked out. I saw him still sitting on the ground with the duvet around his lower part. He looked at me with his sleepy blue eyes.

"Get up, or you'll get sick from sitting on a cold ground like that." I sighed softly, before walking over to him, while I was completely naked.

I picked my boxers up from the ground and put them on.

"Where am I?" he asked with a confused look on his face. "Ah, oh."

"You remember now?"

"I don't feel like getting up. I want to sleep some more." he purred before laying down on the ground with his hands stretched up, along his head.

I sat right next to him, on the ground, with my legs crossed, and said nothing.

"My butt hurts so much and it's so sore, I can't put my legs together." he blurted out. "This is bad."

"I warned you, kiddo." I told him as I leaned my hand against my knee and my chin.

He rolled to his side to look at me. "I'm not exactly a kiddo, and you don't look much older than me."

"How old are you then?" I scratched the back of my head as I asked.

"I'm turning 20 this year. And how old are you?" the brunet pointed his finger at me.

"Why would I even tell you that?" I chuckled amused.

"Okay, I should've expected that. You seemed odd from the very beginning." the boy sighed heavily as he sat up.

"I'm odd, I see." I smiled.

"And yes! Finally!" he shouted all of a sudden. "You smiled!"

"You've been waiting all this time for me to smile?" I frowned.

"Hell yes, and it was so worth it." he moved even closer, just to sit directly in front of me. "You may see me as a child, but I can be very mature when I want to."

The brunet reached his hand towards my chest, just to gently caress my skin as he slid his fingers lower.

He pushed me down harshly, making me fall to the ground as a result. That was when he got on top of me.

"I can also be dominant if I want to." he told me, confidently, and leaned down to peck my lips.

"You like wrestling, don't you?" I asked with a smirk as he tilted his head to the side in confusion at my words just now.

I raised my torso and got a hold of him, just to roll us over and be on top.

"Cause' you see, I never let anyone be dominant with me." I told him ,with my voice hoarse. "Ever."

I pressed my pelvis into his, as the brunet wrapped his legs around my waist.

"I can't say I don't like this too." he smiled playfully as he bit on his lip.

My phone started ringing, but I completely ignored it.

"Aren't you going to pick that up?" the boy asked, staring at the source of the ringing.

"It's not everyday that I can tease someone in the morning." I leaned over to poke his ear with my nose before biting it.

A pleasant sound came out of the boy.

"I see." the brunet said, sofly before I kissed him soundly. I then moved out of his embrace.

My gaze was directed at my phone as I sighed. It was on a nightstand as I went over to get it. What I didn't realize was the fact that my guest was walking completely naked right after me.

I picked my phone up just as it stopped ringing and saw Tatsuro's number.

I gaped at the hour and cursed under my breath.

"What?" the guy asked as I turned to him.

"Put on some clothes and leave, I'm so fucking late." I ordered as he hurriedly took the phone out of my hand and his eyes went wide.

"Fuck, me too."

It didn't take long before he left, and forced a kiss on me before getting out.

At this point Tatsuro was going to kill me, so I had to run for it. I got into my car and drove to the meeting.

I hurried to the highest floor of the building, and almost ran down the hall, just to see Tora and Tatsuro.

"Where the fuck have you been?" Tatsuro hissed at me as I rolled my eyes. "What the hell did you do?"

I shrugged. "Nothing."

"I have a bad feeling about it. Why were you late, Reita?" he asked me again.

"I overslept, okay?" It was actually the truth.

"You overslept? Is that your excuse?" Tora snickered under his nose.

"Got a fucking problem with that?" I glared daggers at the guy with black hair and a ponytail in the back.

"Stop it, Tora. And you, Reita, seriously, did you really oversleep?" Tatsuro kept on pressing as I nodded my head.

"Yes. I overslept. Which fucking yakuza boss wants us to even meet at 7 a.m.? That's nuts." I felt the need to complain, because I actually rarely had to get up at this ungodly hour.

Tatsuro shook his head. "He's new in this business, Reita."

The door was opened and we were brought into a room.

"Just one moment, Ruki isn't here yet." a guy with honey blonde hair informed us, and he did look anxious.

"He invites us and now he's late." Tatsuro stated, a little irritated after sitting down.

"I was late too." I sighed as he glared at me.

Another guy with brown hair came into the room and nodded his head to the other person.

"He's here." the honey blonde haired guy told us, while looking relieved.

So, who was the future boss of this dump?