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Wanting Harry*

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"What do you wish for?" he asked, removing his robes in front of Neville on the sofa. Neville, unable to take his eyes off Harry.

Neville gulped silently and bit his lower lip. "You," he whispered. "On me."

"And what do you want to do?" Harry asked, walking over to Neville, sliding down on his lap.

"Fuck—" Neville uttered.

"What?" Harry leaned in close.

"Fuck you. I want to fuck you, Harry."

"That's a good boy," Harry answered. He gulped and hiccuped. "Blimey, the Polyjuice is wearing off."

"Bloody hell, Malfoy. Take some more."

"It's your turn now," Malfoy answered.

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"When can you get some more?" Draco asked desperately since he and Longbottom had recently discovered that they were all out. They could no longer continue their "game" until they had more of Potter's hair.

"I told you, he's on holiday and hasn't come in for a while. Don't worry, he'll be back sho—"

Draco groaned. He was getting impatient. It'd been a week since he'd had a good shag and they only did it with Polyjuice.

"Why don't you go and try to satisfy your need the old fashioned way?" Longbottom asked, shaking his head as he twirled his wrist, commanding the broom to clean the floor.

"The old fashioned way?" Draco raised an eyebrow and placed his hands on his hips. Longbottom only chuckled and Draco scowled.

"For Merlin's sake, Malfoy! Go to a pub. Pick up a bloke!"


"Why?" Longbottom shook his head again and sat on the barber chair where usually his customers sat. "Because, clearly you're horny."

"Oh," Draco said, and frowned again. "You're not?"

"I can wait," Longbottom answered like he was the most patient being in the universe.

Draco leaned in and whispered in Longbottom's ear. "What are you doing tonight?"

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Shagging without Polyjuice wasn't very fruitful. The fact that it was Malfoy only made things complicated. Neville was comforted with the thought of Harry inside him. But, Malfoy? He wasn't getting on board with the idea.

"Where are you taking me?"

Malfoy dragged Neville through a dark alleyway after Neville agreed to see him that night. Their indiscretions now had a very permanent rule. They'd only shag each other as Harry, the Champion.

After the second wizarding war, the Prophet had deemed Harry that title and it seemed to fit. He didn't really seem to care as he became more and more secluded and secretive.

"We're going to solve our problem," Malfoy said, "since you insist on the rules."

"They're your rules too!"

Malfoy sighed; he stopped and indicated for Neville to look into the window of the pub they had ended in front of.

"What do you want me to do?" Neville asked, slightly scowling.

"Go get what we need," Malfoy said, in a matter-of-factly sort of way.

"You're ridiculous. How am I going to go in and just yank some strands of hair off?" Neville looked in between Malfoy and Harry who was sitting in the pub, alone.

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The Thirsty Scholar was Harry's favourite pub. There was nothing special about it except for the fact that it was one of the only discreet places in the wizarding London where no one really seemed to mind him.

Bartenders poured him his drink, smiled, and took his money. He liked that. It was his own little miracle, having found someplace where no one cared about him, or the latest gossip.


Harry looked up from his pint towards a familiar face, confused having seen it.


"I'm not bothering you, am I?" Neville asked, slowly approaching Harry, looking scared of something.

Harry laughed. "No, of course not," he answered, smiling. "I was just getting bored with my own thoughts. Glad you're here."

Neville seemed to sigh with relief and sat next to Harry.

"What brings you here?" Harry asked; he'd never seen Nev at the pub before. He didn't even know that Neville knew about it.

"Just you know..." Neville shrugged. He ran his hand through Harry's hair, and Harry inadvertently leaned into the touch. "You need a haircut, mate."

Harry stiffened up. Of course that was the only reason Neville would do such a thing. He was Harry's barber.

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"Harry, what's the matter?" Neville asked, curious at Harry's reaction.

Neville had just run his hand through Harry’s hair, and he’d sort of leaned into it. Had Neville just imagined that?

Why would Harry do such a thing?

His curiosity was getting the best of him. It couldn't be that Harry was interested in Neville, could be?

Neville bit his lower lip and leaned in close to Harry. He had a question to ask. He smiled hesitantly and parted his lips to say something. Much to Neville’s surprise, Harry leaned in himself and kissed Neville. Leaving him breathless and speechless.

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How did Neville get here? Not that he minded, but, Malfoy was waiting outside and his wildest dreams had just come true. Harry, his friend who he secretly had a crush on before he’d even realised he was gay, was kissing him.

Kissing. Neville.

Harry pulled back from Neville and gave him a curious look.

“I— I don’t know what came over me,” Harry said; his body became rigid and he turned to pick up his pint glass. “I’m sorry,” he mumbled into his glass and took a sip.

“No, Harry. Don’t,” Neville said, placing a hand on Harry’s shoulder.

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Draco watched from the window as Longbottom entered the pub to talk to Potter. The plan was simple. Longbottom was going to talk to him, get a few strands of his hair that might have fallen on his coat, and walk out.

Why Longbottom was sitting there for so long chatting with Potter was lost on Draco. Leave it to the Gryffindors to start conversing about the weather. Why was it so hard to get in, get out, and get the job done?

Draco sighed and looked around the alley for something to entertain himself with. Then when he turned his gaze back inside the pub, what he saw, he couldn’t believe!

Potter and Longbottom were snogging! Snogging!

The nerve!

Draco’s feelings were in a maze. He wasn’t sure if he was cross or mystified. Besides, the idea of the man he liked to fuck, and the man that he was actually fucking were kissing each other was rather intriguing.

Was Draco going to be a part of this or was Longbottom done with him?

“Bloody hell,” Draco said, frustrated. He was annoyed and turned on.

Longbottom got what he wanted. What if he didn’t want Draco anymore?

“Like hell.”

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Neville looked past Harry's shoulder and found Malfoy glowering at them. He got an odd feeling in the pit of his stomach and it hurt. Why did he feel like he was cheating on Malfoy? Why was he so stuffed with these feelings of guilt?

"Where'd you go?" Harry asked softly, placing a finger on Neville's chin and focusing his attention back on Harry.

"Sorry. Just..." Neville smiled, running a hand through his hair. "Harry, I can't...I mean..."


"No! I want to, but I'm not alone." Neville rushed to get his words out before Harry'd think the wrong thing. He was hesitating, but not because he didn't want Harry, he wanted more.

"What do you mean?"

"Come to my place tonight. I live in the flat above gran's, so use the Floo. She's good at giving me privacy and doesn't bother me in the evenings. I'll--we'll explain then."

Harry looked so lost Neville wanted to explain everything to him right then and there but he didn't want to risk anyone overhearing them. He thought about a privacy charm, a stronger one, but it wasn't fair to Malfoy.

Shit, when did you start giving a crap about Malfoy?

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If Neville were a true friend, he would have told Harry right then what he was on about. The trouble was, this concern for Malfoy really came out of nowhere. He didn't want to think about Malfoy. He didn't even like Malfoy.

But when Harry made his move on Neville by kissing him, which had been one of Neville's fantasies, he couldn't help but feel guilty about it.

Now all he wanted to do was share Harry. Share Harry with Draco fucking Malfoy. Honestly, what was wrong with him.

When he left the pub, Malfoy followed him down the alley.

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"What did you say to Potter?" Malfoy grabbed Neville by his arm and whirled him around. They hadn't made it all the way back to Neville's flat yet and he wanted to wait until he got home to explain things to Malfoy.

"He's coming over later," Neville said and kept walking.

"What? Why?"

"Why do you think, Malfoy?"

"What did you tell him?" Malfoy's voice was stern, but Neville caught the hint of it wavering. When he turned to look at Malfoy, he'd schooled his expression.

"I told him I couldn't...I couldn't go through with it. Not without you."

"You're fucking crazy," Malfoy said. "Potter would never. Never with me." Malfoy took a step back as if he'd just been slapped in the face and now he was getting ready to run away.

"No, don't," Neville said, reaching out. "Stay with me. Come home with me."

Malfoy looked hesitant so Neville walked up to him, closing the distance between them. "If you want me to just be with him...if that's what you want, okay. But what I want is for us to share. I don't feel right..."

"You're being a stupid Gryffindor." Malfoy smiled and Neville kissed him.

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"I don't know what you expect out of this," Malfoy said with a frown. "I'm not sure he'd want--I mean, isn't that why we--"

"I'll explain it to him," Neville said.

"Explain what? That we polyjuiced ourselve--"

"I'll tell him we both want him. That we're both interested. If he's to have us, it has to be together."

"Longbottom, you can't be serious."

"Of course I am serious!" Neville snapped. "Malfoy, isn't this how we got started? Now this is our time for a fresh start. We can have him. He can have us. There's no pretence of polyjuice, we're in this together. If you don't want this, Malfoy, then fine; your prerogative. But tonight when he was kissing me, I wanted it, but I wanted you there too. Maybe I'm too simple, you'll think I'm dumb, or naive, but it's how it is. I want you both. I'm going to try to get you both."

Malfoy pushed Neville. He started to step backwards until he hit the wall; then, Malfoy's knee was between his legs and his lips were hovering over Neville's. "I don't care what Potter wants. But, I know I need to have you right now..."

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It was still slightly strange, they'd agreed never to get together as themselves, but the moment Harry had kissed Neville, Neville had known it wasn't Malfoy. And then, he'd wanted Malfoy also. This was so convoluted, he was confusing himself.

The sun was setting, his room was slowly getting dark; Neville hadn't lit the candles yet. He smiled at Malfoy, who leaned down to kiss him, and Neville, for the first time kissed Malfoy.

Sure, they'd kissed before but it wasn't the same. Everything was changing now. Everything Neville felt for Malfoy was becoming real; maybe the same was happening to him.

"You'll stay though, right?" Neville asked softly as Malfoy settled himself between Neville's legs. Neville arched up, bringing their bodies closer together.

"If he won't want to kick me out..." Malfoy said softly, his face resting in the crook of Neville's neck as their bodies moved together.

Malfoy's one hand travelled up Neville's chest, he brought his other one in-between them, stroking their erections together.

"It's you and me," he whispered softly and Neville smiled.

"Yeah, it's us."

"And it's different."

This was truly the first time for them. As Neville and Draco, and it was bloody brilliant.

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The Floo roared and Harry's head popped in. "Neville, you there?"

"Yeah, I'm here... come on by," Neville said, slightly panting. He was having trouble buttoning up his jeans. He'd been snogging Malfoy for the past hour or so, and Malfoy had managed to get his hand down Neville's pants.

He didn't want to be all ruffled up before he explained anything to Harry, but being with Malfoy as Draco Malfoy, had been good.

When Harry stepped through, he looked around. Neville figured he was searching for someone. Malfoy was hiding in Neville's bedroom. He was certain Harry was going to reject him.

"It's good to see you," Neville said, closing the distance between them, and kissing Harry.

"I still don't understand. What were you talking about before?"

"I'm seeing someone."

Harry's eyes widened and he took a step back. "I didn't know. Why did you let me...? Why did you kiss me right now?"

"It's not exclusive. Or, well, I don't think it was until tonight." Neville raked his hand through his hair, this was all coming out wrong; he was scaring Harry.

"Neville, I don't want to be in between you and your boyfriend—"

Neville scoffed, "Boyfriend. He'll really love that word."

"I'm not a cheater, Neville."

"I know. It's not like... Can we sit down and I can try to explain?"

Harry looked like he was almost ready to leave. If Neville hadn't placed his hand on Harry's shoulder, Neville was certain he was going to Apparate away.

He pulled Harry towards the sofa and sat down next to him. Then, slowly, he tried to explain.

"You polyjuice yourselves to have sex with me?" Harry looked confused, but thankfully, not totally disgusted.

"I've fancied you for a while, and so has he."

"Who is he?" Harry asked.

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Draco wished he had some Felix Felicis on him given how his night had been going. Everything had been so fast; he was having a hard time believing it'd only been a few hours.

First, he didn't want to be with Neville as Neville — not realizing no matter how had taken the Polyjuice, he'd always been. He was having quite the difficult time wrapping his mind around the fact: even though he'd fancied Potter, it was Neville his body he now craved.

And what was happening right now? Potter was in Neville's sitting room with him as they discussed Draco's obsession with the man. Potter was so close to being his, and Neville's, it was unbelievable.

He wondered if he could feign an emergency; simply Apparate out of Neville's flat. Or, perhaps he should have magicked himself a cloak of invisibility so he could be outside in the sitting room and listen to what they were talking about.

There was no way Neville was going to be able to shock Potter into taking action—particularly if that action was wanting Draco. Being with Draco while he was also with Neville. Draco had seen them kiss tonight, and Potter was into Neville. There was no way he'd want Draco.

Not now, or ever.

As Draco was busy galvanizing his own escape plan, the door to Neville's bedroom opened and Potter walked in.

"That's him," Neville said softly, and to say—Potter looked utterly shocked—was an understatement.


Draco shrugged not knowing what else he could have done when Neville came around Potter to stand next to Draco. He took Draco's hand in his before looking at Potter. "It's us. We're tired of pretending otherwise. We both want you, Harry. Together."

Now, it was Potter's turn to want them. Or leave.

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Neville left Harry's side to stand next to Draco. He had half a mind to take Draco's hand but he was sure Draco would have pulled away. He was a jittery thing like that. Real feelings, and he recoiled back in his shell.

Still, Neville knew Draco wanted to be there. Wanted to be there with both of them. However this was going to work out. Maybe Harry would turn around and leave. Or, just maybe they would stay up all night.

"So, what you're telling me is…" Harry drawled.

"Yeah. What I told you. It's true. We want to be with you. Together. I mean, I guess…" Neville faltered for a second but when Draco looked at him, he spoke again. "If you just want Draco, I'll understand. But—"

"No," Draco said, finally giving a voice to his presence.

"I'm with Neville. I mean, we're not together, but for the purpose of how this shall play out…we're in this together. We're telling you we want you. It doesn't have to mean anything. It doesn't have to be tonight—your decision, I mean. Just—"

"All right."

"I'm sorry?" asked Neville, and "Repeat that?" said Draco.

"We can try this. I mean…I can certainly try this." Harry bit his lower lips, looking down on the floor for a second before he locked his gaze with Neville. "Yeah. I'm willing to try."

"Okay," Neville said tentatively. "Do you want to talk—"

"Do you have any Firewhisky?" Harry asked. "For courage. And maybe, yeah, talking…I s'pose."

Neville looked at Draco and Draco rolled his eyes. He left the room, gently brushing past Harry, to go and get Neville's Firewhisky. He'd know where it was.

"Okay, let's go to the sitting room, then." Neville took Harry's arm and lead the way.

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They sat on the sofa together, quietly sipping on Firewhisky. This was one of the few times Neville wished he'd owned a Muggle television so at least, they could be doing something. He was sat in-between Harry and Draco, oddly feeling out of place.

Draco had fancied Harry for a while, Neville knew this; maybe he was in the way. Self-doubt started creeping in as alcohol began to settle in him.

"I…" Neville started to say when Draco placed a hand on his thigh. He turned to look at Draco, not realising he'd been staring at Harry.

"Come here…" Draco whispered; he grabbed Neville by the chin. He leaned up, placing a small kiss on Neville's lips; it seemed to do the trick. Neville immediately relaxed.

Almost forgetting— almost — that Harry was there, Neville returned Draco's kiss with a deeper one.

"Polyjuice tastes different than Firewhisky," he said to Draco who smiled at him.

"I was thinking the same thing."

Then Neville followed Draco's gaze and looked at Harry. Harry was staring at them, arousal obvious in his eyes, all the while, the stiffness and the tension didn't seem to have left him.

"Do you want to taste Draco, Harry?"

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"I…" Harry hesitated. "This is…I don't know…"

"I know," Neville said softly and reached out to cup Harry's face. "It's not like we invited you over for tea for two. We don't have to do anything you don't want—"

"Or we can do everything you want," said Draco.

Neville glared at Draco who winked at him.

"It's just a kiss, Potter," Draco whispered, but he didn't move. He was waiting for Harry to make the move. It was Harry's turn.

"I've already kissed Neville tonight," Harry said lightly, "I suppose it'd only be fair."

"Indeed," Draco said. "Don't get me started how jealous I was when you kissed Neville."

"Yeah…" Neville said softly when Harry inched himself closer to Draco. Draco placed his hand behind Harry's neck. "Draco had wanted to kiss you for a while now."

"It wasn't just that," Draco said, placing his hand in Neville's as Harry got closer and closer to him. "I was jealous of how Neville was looking at you. I needed to be a part of it."

The confession surprised Neville and he didn't know if Draco was being serious or simply flirting. Then Harry's mouth was on Draco's, and for a moment, Neville didn't know if it was Draco who had moaned or Harry. A few seconds later, Harry tilted his head to the side and Neville watched as he parted his lips and Draco slid his tongue in.

This time, it was definitely Draco moaning.

Neville's cock sprang to attention given the scene before him. He didn't know if he could let go of Draco's hand still in his to adjust himself or for now, enjoy his view.

When Draco pulled apart he turned to Neville, in a second, Harry was on him with Draco's hot mouth on Neville's neck.

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They took turns, kissing, and groping. No one moved from their spot as they huddled together on the sofa. It was as if each one of them was waiting on another to do more. To lead. But Neville didn't want to lead now. Not for tonight anymore. He wanted to enjoy this.

The second they'd take the next step, everything would change. And he wasn't ready for change. He wanted to take his time. Enjoy his men. Enjoy the moment as he lived in it.

"I could get drunk off you two," Harry mumbled as his lips moved from Neville's to Draco.

"And I could suck you dry…" Draco whispered back, his hand rubbing against Neville's erection. He looked down at Neville's trousers, smirking. "Both of you."

"This is…" Harry whispered with a bit of hesitation.

"Enough for tonight," Neville said. "Come here," he added, pulling Harry on top of him. "Just stay here with us. In the moment."

Harry did as Neville directed him, his legs came to rest around Neville's waist and he rocked back and forth on Neville's lap. "What about…" Harry started to speak, looking at Draco. Neville figured it'd be, What about what Malfoy wants?

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"Just be like this…" Malfoy balanced himself on his knees and came closer to Harry's face, kissing him, while Harry rocked back and forth in Neville's lap.

Neville's heart was pounding fast. It seemed to be too much at times, and at other times, just not enough. He didn't know how his body would be recuperating from this adventure, or how his heart might do in the end from this. It was quite an excursion from his daily life; his normal and boring routine. He didn't want to dwell on the negative ramifications from this but he couldn't help himself.

What if he'd end up being the one left behind?

"You're thinking again," Malfoy whispered in Neville's ear. "Wasn't it your idea to enjoy this…?"

"Yes?" Neville said, confused.

"So where'd you go?"

Neville looked up at Harry, who had his glasses off, and had his mouth slightly open. He looked like he was going to say something when Neville pulled him down to kiss him.

Malfoy, of all people, was right. He needed to shut his brain off. So that's what he did. He told both Malfoy and Harry to hold onto him, and Apparate them to his bed.

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Harry was in the middle, of course, but it surprised Neville that Draco allowed him to face Harry.

Draco held Harry from behind, kissing the back of Harry's neck, murmuring things in Harry's ear while Neville rubbed up against him. Whatever his state of confusion was, was gone. Now, he was willingly giving into this desire — this itch — for Harry. Glad Harry was being so open with them, too.

They were still more than half dressed, but the pleasure was undeniable. It was a good balance of doing what they wanted and keeping a slow pace for a memorable evening.

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Potter moaned as Draco gently bit his shoulder, then pressed himself against Potter's arse. He pushed back, and all the same, pulled Longbottom in for a deep kiss.

Draco couldn't believe his feelings for Neville had been once ambiguous. Now, he knew, even though he enjoyed doing the role play with him, he still had a desire for him.

He was so into both Potter and Longbottom and he wished he wouldn't have to choose. Or worse, they leave him behind. He wanted more. He wanted a lot more tonight but it seemed both of his men were taking caution. He'd never imagined this before. To be with two Gryffindors and be the one who wanted to take things further, faster. As in right fucking now. There was no escape to his feelings, either.

He ached to be with both of them.

He'd always had a thing for Potter, that was never a surprise. What had been a surprise was how he cared for Longbottom. Neville.

As Neville's arm came around Potter to touch Draco, Draco diverted his attention from Potter to Neville. He looked right at Neville and smiled.

He knew he was done for. He had it bad.

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Harry closed his eyes and his head pressed into the pillow. Obviously, he'd not expected his night to take such a turn. One moment he was kissing Neville; a few hours later, he was in bed with him and Malfoy.

Was this real?

Could this be real?

Would it last?

He trusted Neville not to hurt him but could he say the same about Malfoy?

Malfoy kissed like he was on a mission. It was hot and determined. Something Harry hadn't expected. It wasn't like he'd actually thought about it, either.

Now he wondered if he could ever forget it.

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Being pressed between the two men was enough to get the wind kicked out of him. It was so hot; at the same time, it felt so emotional. Personal.

Here he was with one of his closest friends, and the other? someone Harry used to hate. A recipe for disaster.

In reality, it was poetic. Beautiful. It took Harry's breath away.

"Want you both," he murmured as he reached for Neville's cock, pressing his palm against the erection. He moaned when Malfoy pushed up against him; biting his ear at the same time.

Harry loved being lost between the two.

Chapter Text

In the end, they were half naked, and it was all a sticky mess. Neville would've laughed at their situation if he wasn't so enchanted by the look on Harry's face. Malfoy removed Harry's glasses, and Harry's eyes were glazed over with something Neville could only describe as satisfaction.

He was glad for that. Glad he could give that to Harry. And to Malfoy.

"We should get cleaned up..." Neville said, starting to pull away but Malfoy grabbed him.

"Just use a charm." Malfoy handed Neville's wand to him. How had he even known where it was?

When Neville cast a cleaning charm on them all, he lay back down on the bed, stroking Harry's hair.

"Please don't tell me you're gonna kick me out." Harry sounded like he was joking but he also looked uncertain. Nervous as if Neville would ask him to leave.

"You both can stay the night, if you so wish," he said.

Malfoy wrapped his arm around Harry's waist and got super close and comfortable with him. "Unless, you two want me to leave you alone..." he said, teasing as well, or so he'd tried.

"Don't be daft, Longbottom," Malfoy said, scoffing. "We're not kicking you out of your own lodgings."

"So glad you have such good manners, Malfoy."

Malfoy rolled his eyes at Neville which Harry couldn't see.

"Still, I'll be right back," said Neville getting off the bed.

"Where are you going?" Harry reached for him and was merely a few seconds shy of touching him.

"Getting some water for us all. That's it. Be back in a flash."

When Neville returned with a jug of water and a few glasses, he found Harry's face buried in Malfoy's neck. He'd fallen asleep.

"We wore him out," said Malfoy.

"Yeah, we did," replied Neville.

Chapter Text

"Do you have work in the morning?" Malfoy asked Neville in a soft voice as Neville draped the covers over them.

"Yeah…" Neville replied. "But, my first appointment isn't until noon. I can owl the shop in the morning if I need to go in later…"

"I could make us breakfast," Malfoy said and Neville smiled at him. "What?" he snapped.

Typical Malfoy.

"Look at us. Playing house," Neville teased and Malfoy rolled his eyes.

"I never expected this, you know. I never expected us to go more than—"

"I know," Neville said, stroking Harry's hair. "This is beyond…everything."

Chapter Text

Even though Neville spent more than a few evenings in Malfoy, getting off, this was something different. Obviously, it was. They'd never both got together to go after something they'd wanted.

Mainly, Harry.

Finally, Harry was in bed with them; Neville felt how this was different than any other one night stand he'd had. This wasn't fake, and the body next to his didn't feel cold or plastic.

As Harry stirred, moving away from Draco and towards Neville, he couldn't help but smile. They were sharing this. Harry was deep in his sleep, and Malfoy had his eyes closed; it all felt good.


He didn't dare ask himself, for how long? Because, that didn't matter now. What mattered was Neville had his men with him.

Eventually, he closed his eyes and tried to fall asleep too. The sound of Harry's deep breathing, and Malfoy's shallow ones, was like music.

He didn't know what the next day would bring. Or for that matter, the next week, or month. They'd continue this, wouldn't they? They'd go further than they had tonight.

Neville had been inside Harry, but not this Harry but the Harry Malfoy had polyjuiced himself to be. And Malfoy had done the same — would it feel different to have the real Harry's cock inside him? Would his mouth on Neville's erection feel different.

Would his spent taste different?

As Neville finally gave into slumber, he felt satisfied. All these questions were confusing, and felt dirty, but they all also felt right. He'd have his answers soon. He'd have Draco and Harry to experiment with together.

For now, that's enough.

When he woke up a few hours later, thankful it was before his alarm, he found Harry's arms snaked around his waist.

He was glad he'd not imagined it all.

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"Mmm…smells good." Harry stirred next to Neville when Neville realised Draco wasn't in bed with them.

"Must be Malfoy's cooking," Neville said softly.

"I didn't know he could cook," Harry said.

"Yeah, me neither."

They both lazily got out of bed and Neville reached his cupboard for some pyjamas when he realised he'd have to give a pair to Harry, as well. It'd been a while since he'd had anyone over, let alone, two men.

"Here," he offered to Harry a cotton shirt and a pair of cotton trousers. "It's not much but I wasn't exactly expecting company."

Harry looked at him smiling. He got up, as if conscious he was naked and pulled Neville into a kiss. Then they both dressed silently. Neville wondered what Draco was wearing. Was he just in his shorts prancing about or was he wearing his clothes from the night before?

Curiosity got the better of him and he and Harry made their way out of the bedroom and to the kitchen. Draco was only wearing his trousers from the night before and they hung low on his hips.

Neville's cock stirred at the site and it seemed Harry had also been frozen in his tracks. Harry's eyes were on Draco's chest, mainly on the faint scars on his chest. Neville had seen them before but he supposed it was different for Harry. Harry was the one who'd given them to Draco.

"I…" Harry paused.

"It's okay, it was a long time ago. Come on…" Neville whispered in Harry's ear and pulled him close. Maybe in the heat of the moment while their bodies were writhing together Harry hadn't noticed them. But in the light of day, Neville could see it made him uncomfortable.

"What did you make?" Neville asked Draco, all the while resting his hand on the small of Harry's back.

"You didn't have much so eggs, bacon…some toast," Draco replied then he looked at Harry. "You all right."

"Yeah, fine!" Harry said clearing his throat and looking away.

Draco looked at Neville and raised an eyebrow as if in question. Neville smiled, leaned in and kissed Draco on the lips before making his way to the breakfast table.

"You hungry, Harry?"

"Yeah, a bit," replied Harry.

"You're going to be okay?" Neville asked in a low tone. "Do you want to talk about it. To him maybe?"

"No," Harry said shaking his head. "It's fine. I just froze up but okay now. I'm fine. I promise."

Harry and Neville were seated across from each other; when everything was ready, Draco came and sat next to Neville. He was surprised at how easily Draco had cosied up to him.

"You want to tell me about this later?" Draco asked softly while Harry was buttering his toast.

"Yeah. Maybe," Neville said quickly. "Why are you so close to me? It feels like we're somehow against him."

"Maybe I'm just showing my commitment to you?" Draco said in a challenging tone.

Neville rolled his eyes; when he looked away from Draco and towards Harry, he knew he had a huge grin on his face. "What?" he asked Harry who looked at him in a strange way.

"I thought you said you two weren't together."

"I… we're not."

"Right," Harry said with a chuckle. "Could've fooled me."

"If you're applying we're romantically tangled together, Potter, let me assure you, it's not like that. I've just recently discovered I enjoy Neville's company, more than I'd earlier realised. And now, I would like to continue enjoying it."

Somehow, Neville had not expected that from Draco.

Chapter Text

"What about you?" Draco asked Potter once the shock of what he'd said wore off everyone. He himself, couldn't believe he'd said those things. Of course, he'd found Longbottom tolerable but maybe something had changed last night. Things had been changing for a while now.

"What about me?" Potter asked, looking slightly confused. "If it's about me and Neville, I think we have one of those friendships that'll stay evergreen. Functional and relevant even if this whole thing blows over."

"This whole thing…" Draco heard Neville mutter under his breath.

"This isn't a joke to us, Potter," Draco said, surprising himself once again by coming to Neville's defence. "Is it to you?"

"No, of course not. I don't know what to think, is all. I mean, you two told me a lot last night; then we spent the night — in a way — I don't know—"

"Do you regret it?" Neville said in a soft tone. Draco couldn't help it, he slid his hand down Neville's leg and squeezed his knee.

"Definitely, not." Potter seemed determined and Draco let out a breath he hadn't realised he was holding. Bugger me.

"Maybe we should start slow," Potter said. "Dinner tonight. To talk."

Draco waited for Neville to say something but they were both quiet. Perhaps too quiet for too long because Potter spoke again.

"Somewhere neutral. Where we're not tempt—I'm not tempted to take it too far without discussing what we want. "

"I know what I want," Neville said. "I've wanted to fuck you for a long time."

Draco bit the inside of his cheek and squeezed Neville's knee again. Merlin, he knew exactly why he'd picked Longbottom for this little adventure of theirs.

"A neutral place to talk is a good idea," said Draco quickly. "I'll owl you both tonight."

Chapter Text

Harry got home and looked in the mirror. Was he supposed to look different now? Was he a new man? You spent the night with two men last night. He'd been with Neville and Malfoy.

It might’ve been the first time he'd did it, but not the first time he'd wanted to. He'd always had a bit of a thing for Malfoy, of course, but Neville. And Neville.

Neville understood him in a way no one else could. Harry had been quite invisible until he wasn't, and it was more or less how Neville had once explained it to him. Neville had been living his life until the war, and then he was also a hero. He received attention wherever he went.

They couldn't escape it.

Throw Malfoy in the mix and everything became equally more confusing and equally more complicated. But it'd been fun. It'd been incredible, actually.

He didn't know if he could be with one of them now and not want the other to be there too. It was obvious to Harry, even if it wasn't obvious to them, Neville and Malfoy belonged together.

They were such an item in a way, it was envying. And inciting.

Chapter Text

In true Malfoy fashion (because honestly what had Neville otherwise expected?) a fresh bouquet of flowers were waiting for him by his door.

When he returned home from work, he wanted to laugh, but didn't want to scare the neighbours, either. He was certain Harry probably also received something absolutely garish. Malfoy was trying to make a point.

He was trying to make them laugh.

After the war, Neville had finally started to see a different side of Draco. A side he was only unfortunately privy to when he was on the short end of receiving a mocking. But Draco was an entertainer. He liked to laugh and make others laugh with him. In secret, it was probably because he wanted to win others' approval; Neville was aware of how Draco had never earned his father's.

Even though Malfoy never apologised in so many words, Neville had forgiven him. Heck, they used to role play and fuck each other, so that was forgiven enough, wasn't it?

And now they were starting a new chapter together. They were all their best version of a new man. He knew he couldn't ask for more. Not now.

As he entered his flat, holding the flowers, Neville started to read the note.

Catered dinner at my flat tonight. Seven. No, don't worry, no house-elves to fawn over Precious Potter. I live in Muggle neighbourhood so it's Muggles that'll be waiting on us. And if they have a problem with what they see or hear, well just Obliviate them. I'm joking, of course.

Or am I?

See you then.

Neville shook his head and placed the note and the flowers under a protection charm. He had a few friends, mainly Ginny, who liked to come over and go through his things. So he needed to keep his private life private. If she came across a note, even though it was harmless enough, about dinner with Malfoy and Harry Potter, surely she'd have questions. And suspicious. And Neville didn't need that.

What he needed was a good fuck. From what he'd had the night before, he needed more. He'd only had a taste, now he desired for a full meal.

Pun not intended.

Before he head over to shower, he summoned his owl and wrote a quick note to Draco.

Shall I bring dessert or wine?

The reply was instantaneous.

I thought Potter was dessert.

Chapter Text

Harry was nervous. And early.

Malfoy's invitation had said seven o'clock but there he was standing outside the door half an hour early. He wasn't sure what he should have been doing. Should he knock? Or perhaps take a detour, walk around the neighbourhood for twenty minutes and then return?

The door opened abruptly and Harry took a step back.

"I'm sorry, didn't realise anyone was standing there." A young woman, dressed in a white shirt and black trousers stood at the door, looking confused. "Are you here for the dinner, sir? Mr Malfoy's guest."

"Uh… yes," Harry said, forcing himself to get out of the trance. "I'm afraid I'm early so I hadn't…"

"Not a problem, sir. Almost everything is ready. Please come in." She got out of the way to let Harry in and Harry was immediately hit by an aroma of exotic spices. It was brilliant.

"What's that?"

"Moroccan food, sir," she said, and led Harry to the sitting room where Malfoy was sitting on the sofa.

"Potter. You're—"

"Early, I know. You'd said arrive between seven, seven-fifteen, but I…"

"Not a problem," Malfoy said with a grin. "Thank you for everything, Nova."

"Of course, sir. We'll set up the dessert in the refrigerator and be on our way."

"Very well," Malfoy said in a kind tone which surprised Harry. He wasn't sure why. Malfoy had been nothing but gentle with him and Neville.

The memory of their evening together sent heat rushing to Harry's face.

After Nova was gone, Malfoy turned his attention to Harry. "No need to look so surprised. I can't exactly get house-elves in Muggle London."

"No, it's fine. I'm not surprised about that," said Harry. They were still awkwardly standing across from each other, three feet away, while what sounded like several people running around in the kitchen.

"This isn't exactly a neutral place," Harry said after a beat. "It's your flat."

Malfoy chuckled low. "Have you ever had Moroccan food?" he asked and Harry shook his head.

Malfoy motioned for Harry to take a seat and then went to the corner of his room where the bar was. He was back a minute later with a small glass of whiskey, and took a seat next to Harry.

"It's absolutely delicious. Most of it, you eat with your hand. It's incredibly undignified, and if the lentils are cooked correctly, it leaves your breath and your skin smelling as though you bathed in garlic."

"Oh," Harry said, confused. He took the drink from Malfoy's hands and their fingers brushed together. He couldn't help but quirk a smile before sipping the drink. "Why are we eating that then?"

Malfoy chuckled again and Harry wanted to pull him into a kiss right then. But, a part of him felt it was the wrong thing to do without Neville.

"Kisses before dinner and conversations after," Malfoy said, leaning in to kiss Harry on the cheek.

The doorbell rang and Malfoy pulled back.

"Well, it's dinner time."

Chapter Text

Neville knew things with Malfoy would never be mundane. He was ready for an interesting evening. Malfoy had made dinner plans and they were all supposed to gather around and talk.

Talk? Like they did the night before?

Neville couldn't believe it'd only been a day since they'd all slept together, and then slept together. He'd had such a long day!

A young woman opened the door when Neville arrived at Malfoy's place. He'd never been to his flat before, obviously, because their antics, though not exactly legal, had only taken place in Neville's shop.

An odd thought entered Neville's mind. Would he still be cutting Harry's hair if they were now shagging?

Neville shook his head, bringing himself out of his ridiculous thoughts when the woman at the door continued to stare at him in a peculiar manner.

"My apologies," Neville said clearing his throat. "I'm here to meet Mr Malfoy."

"Certainly, sir," the woman said nodding, "Mr Malfoy said he was expecting two guests. You're right on time!" She gave him a warm smile and got out of the door so Neville could enter.

As he walked in, Neville was surprised to see Harry already there. Harry looked nervous, but Draco looked confident.

"Am I late?" Neville asked and a pang of jealousy shot through him. Had Draco invited Harry earlier than him? Did he want to spend more time with Harry while Neville wouldn't be in the way.

"No, not at all," both Draco and Harry said at the same time.

"I was too eager it seems," said Harry.

"Potter's an overachiever," Draco said with a chuckle. "Which we already know."

Harry rolled his eyes as he looked at Neville. "You look well."

Neville joined Harry in the sitting room as Draco left them to speak to the kitchen staff.

"Can't believe he went through all this effort," Neville whispered to Harry when Harry offered Neville his drink. "Thanks, mate," he added taking a sip of the whiskey.

"Apparently the food is going to make us smell really bad," Harry said with a laugh. "It's absolutely delicious but very unsexy." He bit his lower lip as if he was trying not to bellow at what a joke he thought it all was.

"Oh gods!" Neville said shaking his head. "He's absolutely unbelievable. That man can be so extra." He laughed and handed the drink back to Harry who took a sip.

Their fingers brushed together and it felt good when Harry's hand lingered on Neville's.

"He makes it fun though," Harry said as if sharing another secret with Neville. "Don't you think?"

"Absolutely," replied Neville. "He's worth it. Would you say?"

Harry gave Neville a warm smile and his hand came to rest on Neville's shoulder. "Yeah. Both of you are. I'm starting to feel that now."

"Are you sure you're not just feeling the drink?" Neville asked in a teasing tone as he leaned into Harry.

"Talking about me?" Draco said, amused, walking into the room.