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Wanting Harry*

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They took turns, kissing, and groping. No one moved from their spot as they huddled together on the sofa. It was as if each one of them was waiting on another to do more. To lead. But Neville didn't want to lead now. Not for tonight anymore. He wanted to enjoy this.

The second they'd take the next step, everything would change. And he wasn't ready for change. He wanted to take his time. Enjoy his men. Enjoy the moment as he lived in it.

"I could get drunk off you two," Harry mumbled as his lips moved from Neville's to Draco.

"And I could suck you dry…" Draco whispered back, his hand rubbing against Neville's erection. He looked down at Neville's trousers, smirking. "Both of you."

"This is…" Harry whispered with a bit of hesitation.

"Enough for tonight," Neville said. "Come here," he added, pulling Harry on top of him. "Just stay here with us. In the moment."

Harry did as Neville directed him, his legs came to rest around Neville's waist and he rocked back and forth on Neville's lap. "What about…" Harry started to speak, looking at Draco. Neville figured it'd be, What about what Malfoy wants?