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Getting The Best

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Author's notes: Ok, so this is the first chappie of my new fic, a response to a challenge that caught my attention. hope you guys enjoy.

Chapter 1:



Dean turned onto his back and tugged the condom of his fast deflating cock “fuck” he muttered as he threw the used rubber in the general direction of the motel trash can.


The girl, she had said her name was Lexa, chuckled huskily and cuddled up to him “that was amazing” she said as she rested her flushed cheek on his chest.


Dean smiled smugly “yup” he said confident “that was fucking amazing” and he pulled the sheets up to his waist.


Lexa got up out of the bed “I” she said and paused for a moment “am going to take a shower” and she winked at him “you get your breath back, ok handsome” and she disappeared into the bathroom of the dingy motel.


Dean smiled to himself, he had picked Lexa up in one of the bars, they had been in this town for almost a week to solve a ghost problem and he had felt like he needed to wind down.


The hunt had taken a bit longer since the victim had been cremated and they had been having trouble finding the remains that tied the ghost to the house.


Eventually they had found it, a hairbrush that still had some hair in it, it had been hidden in a box on the attic of the old house.


It had been a bitch to find it and all his muscles had ached after they were done, he had left Sam in their room and went for a drink in a nearby bar.


That's where he had met Lexa, she was gorgeous and was in for a little fun, he had taken her back to the same motel he and Sam were staying at but rented a separate room.


After the hunt Sam had gone back to their room, he had wanted to go to sleep, Dean had been fine with that so he left his brother to go hunt for some company.


Dean sighed as he thought about Sam, he loved his brother to death but the boy could be a kill joy like nothing else.


Also, Sam was as vanilla as possible so usually Dean opted to go by himself in search of company, Sam just sat there and drank a few beers before going home, like he said, vanilla.


Dean smirked as he heard the shower run, Lexa had been great fun, she had a banging body and a smart mouth, that he had found out was good for more that just making snippy remarks.


He got up out of the bed and decided to join Lexa in the shower, he knocked on the door just to be sure that she was ok with it.


when he heard her cheery voice call him in he stepped into the steam “want some company?” he asked as he drew back the shower curtain.


She smiled and nodded “sure, sexy” she teased and stepped back to make some room for him in the small shower.


Dean smirked and got in, his hands reaching for the soap and shampoo, he washed himself and enjoyed the feeling of the warm water on his skin.


He gently washed Lexa's hair and soaped her up “you live here?” he asked as he rinsed the suds from her hair.


She nodded her head and ran her hands through her wet hair to get rid of the soap on her scalp “born and raised” she said “I work at a local diner”.


Dean got out of the shower and grabbed two towels “that's nice” he said as he dried himself off and walked back into the room to grab his clothes.


He didn't really like getting back into his dirty clothes, but he figured he'd only be in them shortly, he would go back so Sam's and his room and change into clean ones.


He grabbed his wallet and the keys of the Impala “I had fun, Lexa” he said “maybe I could have your number.... and when I pass into town again, maybe we could hook up” and he paused “If you're not busy, anyway”.


Lexa smiled and nodded her head “sure” she said and she recited her number so he could enter it into his cell phone.


“Thanks” he said and kissed her cheek “I promise to call if I'm ever in the neighbourhood again”.


She kissed his mouth and ran her hand through his short hair “I hope you'll remember that when you pass through town” she said and walked him to the door of the room.


Dean opened the door and stepped out into the dark night “promise” he said and brushed his fingers down her arm.


“Hey” She called as he walked towards Sam and his room, that was around the corner from the room he had rented for them.


He had done this on purpose, incase she was a nut and followed him to his room or something, he turned his head and tilted his chin “what?” he asked.


She smiled and stepped back into the room “that was the second best sex I've ever had in my life, thanks Dean” and she closed the door behind her.


Dean smirked smugly and walked back to his own room, he turned the key and opened the door and was greeted by a half naked Sam who just emerged from the bathroom.


“Hey man” Sam said in that familiar rumbling voice and he walked over to his bag, pulling out a pair of clean boxers and a shirt.


Dean swallowed as he watched his brother drop his towel and step into his shorts, he got a short but glorious glimpse of his brothers nice ass.


Sam had always been beautiful, even as a child he had turned heads, with that strong jaw and cat like eyes he had caught the attention of a lot of girls.


Dean cleared his throat to cover up for the groan that threatened to spill as Sam bent down to place his shampoo back in his duffel “have fun?” Sam asked as he turned to Dean.


Dean took a moment to take in Sam's well defined chest, another part of his brother that was just incredibly gorgeous.


He wasn't lusting after Sam or anything, no, he was just objectively judging another man's physique “yeah, found a girl, total vixen in the sack” he said to alleviate the tension in the room.


Sam chuckled and pulled the shirt over his head, and for a moment Dean was disappointed that the delicious view was covered by the dark fabric of the shirt.


Dean sat down on his bed and toed off his boots “you should've been there man” he said as he pulled off his pants “lot's of hot girls there tonight” and his shirt followed.


He switched his boxers for a clean pair and pulled a clean shirt over his head “so, you scope out our next gig yet?” he asked.


Sam handed him a printed out page “possible vampire nest in Oregon” he said “people with holes in their necks, cattle mutilations... figured we'd take a look” he said.


The older brother nodded and slipped his legs between the sheets and turned on the TV “was surprised to see you up, Sammy” he said “figured you'd be dead asleep by now”.


Sam chuckled and shook his head “couldn't sleep” he confessed and got into bed “but I think it's catching up to me right now” and he yawned widely.


Dean chuckled and flipped the channel, the watched some tell sell commercial until Dean's eyes were sagging just as much as Sam's and Dean turned off the television.


They crawled under the sheets and Sam turned off the light “night, Dean” he said as he turned onto his side.


Dean smiled into the dark and rolled over on his stomach “night, Sammy” he said and he closed his eyes.


Dean slumbered for a moment but he couldn't really get to sleep, the suddenly he turned and sat up straight in bed “second best” he exclaimed “what the hell!”.