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Take It With A Swallow

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Autumn is the start of something new.

No, seriously; fuck that High School Musical bullshit, University is the shit. Taehyung knows this, everyone knows this, the Prime Minister of South Korea knows this, the whole World fucking knows this.

It’s no wonder that he’s already fucking smashed early in the day, at five in the afternoon, bottle of red wine clutched in his hands as he dances around in his and Jimin’s shared apartment located in the richest part of Gangnam. He’s clad in only his boxers and a too big sweater that he thinks his cousin, Kim Seokjin, owns. Jimin is dancing with him, less drunk but nevertheless as cheerful as Taehyung is, rolling his hips and serving sexy moves unlike Taehyung who’s just jumping around, belting out Miley Cyrus lyrics like the fucking teenager that he is not anymore. Still, he forces his baritone voice to sing nodding my head like yeah, moving my hips like yeah and giggling after as he faces Jimin and offers the bottle of wine to the other’s lips.

Jimin looks at him briefly, lips set into a wide smile, mimicking Taehyung’s own before he chugs from the bottle, swallows audibly and respectively reaches higher notes than fucking Miley Cyrus because Park Jimin is Taehyung’s talented soulmate and no one can ever beat him in sounding angelic while singing despite being drunk.

"Chim," Taehyung calls out, walking backwards.

He continues to do so until he almost slips and falls on his ass when he steps on a stray sock. Thankfully, he catches himself on time, wobbling on the side and straightening himself, pretending that nothing has happened. There’s no audience to see him embarrass himself like that but well— still.

"Shimmy," He calls out again when Jimin keeps on belting out sweet dreams and beautiful nightmare, either way i— while thrusting his hips in the air.

At the recent call, he finally catches Jimin’s attention. The other turns to him, walks with firm steps towards him; firmer than Taehyung’s wobbly legs, and cups his cheeks with his small hands, smiling fondly, eyes sparkling like the stars.

Taehyung says so, "Shimmy, your eyes sparkles."

Jimin laughs, eyes forming into tiny half crescents that has Taehyung beaming at him happily.

"Do they, babe?" Jimin asks, voice soft, the music now blasting some quiet love song, a perfect background to their homoerotic exchange. Taehyung giggles at his thoughts. Jimin cocks a brow in question.

"Nothing," Taehyung answers then adds, "I want kisses."

"Really now," Jimin teases, rubbing his thumbs on Taehyung’s flushed cheek, down to the corner of his lips.

Taehyung licks his lips, wetting the chapped skin and consequently licking the thumb Jimin is gliding along his lower lip. He nods in affirmation, eager as he settles his hands on Jimin’s hips.

"Yeah," He breathes out, leans his forehead against Jimin’s own. "Really."

Jimin grins and finally captures Taehyung’s parted lips.

It’s a soft kiss at first, in which they bask in the feel of soft flesh against soft flesh, wet with spit and tasting red wine. They move slowly, Taehyung clutching Jimin’s shirt while the other pulls Taehyung’s body closer to him, fingers dancing from the back of Taehyung’s neck, trailing down his spine which elicits a shiver from Taehyung and down to the small of his back.

Taehyung bites on Jimin’s lower lip, groans at the feeling of Jimin’s tongue flicking his upper lip, not entering his parted mouth, just lingering outside. He pulls away completely from the kiss, lips red, swollen and eyes hooded.

"Tease," He says, bottom lip jutting out in a mock pout.

Jimin grins and hugs him closer to his body, nuzzles his chest like a kitten before saying, "Love you too."

"Tsk," Taehyung clicks his tongue, demands, "More."

Jimin rolls his eyes, drags Taehyung to the couch and let himself fall on it, dragging Taehyung down on top of him.

"Fine, you needy baby," He relents, combing his fingers through Taehyung’s red hair. "You really need to find a boyfriend to make-out with when drunk."

Taehyung scoffs, settles on Jimin’s lap and pecks his lips quickly. "Not when I have you," He sing-songs, wriggling his hips.

"Really. A big baby," Jimin grumbles before he pulls Taehyung into a hot kiss, clutching the other close to him and swallowing moans that comes out of Taehyung’s mouth.

That’s how Seokjin and Yoongi finds the both of them; huddled on the couch, tongue down each other’s throat and fingers under clothes, rubbing on warm flesh with Arianne Grande crooning something about side to side in the background.

When Seokjin enters the apartment, he can’t help but sigh deeply.

This is a— how should he say it, a normal occurrence between the best friends, self-proclaimed soulmates since before birth and can never be separated from each other no matter what. There’s even no point in being jealous because that Park Jimin is his boyfriend but well, Kim Taehyung is also his cousin and he knows nothing romantic is going on with them. They love and cherish each other like lovers do but they're not really lovers. It’s fucking complicated but Seokjin has stopped asking the second time he’s seen them make-out, even before Jimin and him became a couple.

Yoongi is the same but doesn't quite tolerate the PDA that often happens in front of him. So, he announces their arrival by shutting the music off and saying,

"Hey! Stop humping each other and get fucking ready."

Taehyung giggles, shoulders shaking as he plants a last kiss on Jimin’s plump lips, and licks the strip of spit that trails after as he pulls away from the kiss. He glides his tongue along his lower lip and turns to the others, a grin plastered on his face.

"Oh, hi, Yoongi-hyung," He greets, tilts his head to the side and weakly waves a hand in greeting.

Seokjin snorts, rolls his eyes, strides towards the two, and pulls Jimin, his boyfriend, off Taehyung, while saying, "How the hell are you two drunk but not dressed yet?"

Jimin turns to Seokjin, grins and latches onto his neck, nuzzling his nose on Seokjin’s clavicle as he whispers, hot breath fanning on Seokjin’s slightly cold skin, "Hmm, Tae wanted to start early so we just—" He gestures to three empty bottles of wine on the carpet - black carpet, thank god - and lets that answer Seokjin’s question.

"Whatever," Yoongi says, almost a sigh sounding exasperated but still fond. "Come on, Tae. Let’s get dressed," He hauls Taehyung off the couch then, the younger wrapping his arms around Yoongi’s waist.

It’s a hassle to be fucking honest, in Yoongi’s honest opinion but he’s used to Taehyung’s antics and lightweight self, yet he loves to get drunk on wine and other expensive drinks except beer. According to Taehyung it’s fucking gross, hyung. it tastes like piss and don’t tell me how i know. ugh which is just fucking hilarious but well, as long as Taehyung doesn't do something drastic like walk around naked again, it’s— good, Yoongi guesses.

So he brings Taehyung to the bathroom, the other’s feet dragging on the floor before he pushes him on the huge bathtub, takes the shower head off its place, turns the handle to the coldest temperature it can go and sprays Taehyung with it.

It’s fucking hilarious when Taehyung shrieks loudly, deep voice reaching notes that Yoongi could definitely use on his mixtape.

Once they're ready; Taehyung in his usual branded clothes of Saint Laurent - one of his favorite brands of clothing amongst many more - they head to the party, but not before stopping on a Burger King drive thru, on Taehyung’s insistent, to buy some burgers.

"Thank you, hyung," Taehyung moans, chewing a large chunk of burger then shoving a couple of french fries in his full mouth. He looks like a hamster, cheeks bulged out on the sides as he throws an eye-smile towards Seokjin who’s driving them in his car.

Seokjin smiles at him through the rear view mirror briefly before turning his attention back to the road, fingers tapping on the steering wheel.

Taehyung is appeased, still just a tad bit tipsy, alcohol running through his veins but he’s happy sitting in the back seat, munching on his food as he leans on Jimin’s side.

It’s going to be a fucking blast party and Taehyung can’t wait.


The music is so loud, Taehyung can feel it booming inside his chest or is that his ears? Eardrums? His dick, perhaps? Who the fuck knows.

All he knows is that the bass is blasting through the speakers with such fierce intensity, playing a remix of Pillowtalk. Taehyung mouths the lyrics with all the other occupants in the room as he walks through the throngs of people, greeting most of them with a smile and stealing some drinks from people he knows as he heads to the kitchen island slash bar where all the alcohol are. He wants to get drunk. Now, pronto.

It’s a huge party, hosted by none other than Jackson Wang, one of Taehyung’s best hyung that invites him to every gathering sans personal shit. Jackson has called the party a Kick of the New Semester Party in which, well, uncreative but is obvious enough of what it’s all about.

Everyone is invited.

The whole fucking university plus another five more is invited. Go figure.

When he finally mixes his own drink, a vodka sprite with lemon - hallelujah for lemon - mix, he settles on the chair in front of the island, scanning the dance floor with hazy eyes, squinting a little to see if he’ll recognize someone he knows— well, someone he knows in the deep level which means either he had his dick in them, or he’s had their dick in him, or— yeah, get it? Get it.

He recognizes one, or two but the first one that caught his attention is closer to him than the latter. With that, Taehyung downs his drink, grabs the funny looking bottle of tequila that Taehyung has been eyeing for the last few minutes, pours some of it on a shot glass and downs two of those. It tastes good — or maybe he’s just too drunk to care about tastes at this point — and Taehyung would have downed the whole bottle if not for the threat of losing the guy he’s been eyeing through the gyrating bodies on the dance floor.

Let it be said that Taehyung doesn't handle his alcohol well. He’s a lightweight, is able to get drunk on three glasses of wine but still he always perseveres because he enjoys the feeling of letting loose, inhibitions thrown out the window, control nowhere to be seen.

Exactly the reason why he stumbles to the dance floor, buzzed on the alcohol he’s downed both earlier in the day and just a few minutes ago. His head is getting fuzzy and he can’t think properly. The lights are too bright but it’s— it’s the kind of brightness that Taehyung likes because they look like fucking stars twinkling in the sky, jesus christ.

He’s so absorbed in the lights and finding the guy he knows - Minjae, Minjae, Minjae, he chants in the back of his mind, trying to keep track but failing to do so - that when he’s swallowed by the moving bodies, his mind totally blanks out the thought of finding someone he recognizes and instead, he ends up moving with some random person on the dance floor, hips moving side to side as he throws his neck back, shouting the lyrics to the song, voice cracking as he tries to shout louder.

He turns, smiles at the girl in front of him and mouths the lyrics to her, breathing if you feel you’re sinking i would jump right over against her forehead, then her lips as he leans down further, height matching hers. She smiles at him, mouths the lyrics back and glides soft, manicured fingers down his chest, stopping at his belt loops. He’s about to plant his lips on her rosy ones, they look so goddamn inviting, when the crowd starts pushing and singing louder, the song shifting to some electronic pop that Taehyung hasn’t heard before - maybe it’s time to update his Melon playlist, hmm - and he’s pushed to the side, loosing sight of the girl and preventing him from getting laid ohmygod by such a beauty.

Agonizing about such unfortunate circumstances, however, isn’t on Taehyung’s schedule tonight, so he moves on, moves with the crowd and this time, when he bumps on someone, the body is sturdy, and there’s an immediate grip on his hips. He grins to himself, lets the alcohol and music and sweat and sex sex sex cloud his mind.

He grinds his ass on the other’s hips a couple of times, feeling elated at the fact that the other is slowly getting hard in his jeans, wow, just by Taehyung riling him up with small flicks of his hips, short circles of his ass on his crotch and it’s exhilarating.

The grip on his hips moves up to his waist, gripping tightly, pads of the other’s fingers digging through his shirt. He loves it, and he loves that, he thinks then adds, and more, when wet lips attaches to the side of his neck, peppering kisses up to the back of his ear before catching his earlobe between teeth that gnaws on the flushed skin immediately. He doesn’t even know the guy - because it’s a fucking guy, right? The dick thrusting against his ass is indication of that, phew - and he’s letting him do this to him, to Taehyung, but this is normal for him. Very much so.

Taehyung likes to fool around, especially when he’s drunk; drunken sex is his forte, so to say and he’s too happy to admit it. There’s something about wet blowjobs, sloppy fingers in the ass, teeth clacking as they kiss, that attracts Taehyung to it. It’s just preference, nothing personal. Or maybe too personal? Fuck knows. Taehyung can’t think properly now when the guy he’s grinding on is nibbling on his earlobe, tongue flicking his pierced ear, wetting the heated skin with saliva.

It’s too fucking hot.

And Taehyung wants more.

He wants more, all the time. And Taehyung always gets what he wants or who he wants. It’s just how the world - his world - rotates. He flicks his fingers and he’s served whatever on a silver platter. And this guy, Taehyung wants him. Badly.

Before turning and facing the guy, Taehyung plasters a grin on his face, that bright one that has people doing all his bratty whims. When he finally sees the guy however, his breath catches in his throat and the rest of the world disappears because what the fuck. This dude is a Masterpiece with a capital M and Taehyung wouldn’t mind calling him master if he’s going to be dicked down by him. He flicks his eyes to the other’s own gaze, dark, clouded, almost half-lidded and flecks of desire is swimming in his orbs. Taehyung licks his lips twice, only noticing now that his mouth has gone dry just by seeing this hot fucking guy. Can this hot fucking guy fuck him already?

"Uh," Taehyung starts, blinks his eyes to clear his vision because— well, he should also mention that he’s seeing two versions of this gorgeous specimen of a man but details. He knows there’s only one because if there’s two then he’s fucked, but no, that’s impossible. There’s only one of them and alcohol is hitting him so fucking hard right now, he can’t think properly. His tongue is heavy inside his mouth, his body swaying to the music just a tad too slow but his brain is going some 160 MPH, if that’s even possible.

The guy smiles, lips parting a little and he sees a peek of two front teeth that makes the other look— squishy? Right, squishy like Taehyung’s Jiminie but on the manly side, or well, on the side that Taehyung wants to wreck him in the best way possible. He smiles back in response as he tilts his head, letting his thoughts settle in his brain and vanish in a cloud of smoke as he cups the guy’s face with his slender fingers. He notices that he’s taller - hufuckingrray - and has to dip a little to rest his forehead on the guy’s own damp ones.

Grinning, he says, "Hi, gorgeous."

The guy, SquishMan for now, grins back and hums, pulling Taehyung’s body closer to his.

"Hi, pretty," He replies and Taehyung just melts a little by being called that nickname.

He shouldn’t react like this, to be honest, because he seriously hears people saying that to him everyfuckingday but it’s somehow different when this guy, oddly familiar he adds in the back of his mind, utters the compliment.

Taehyung hums, pulls the guy in a short kiss and says against his red lips, "Hi, handsome."

"Hi, angel," SquishMan retorts and Taehyung laughs, plastering his forehead on the other man’s cheek as his shoulder shakes because this is fucking ridiculous. They should be fucking by now but here they are, acting like goddamn teenagers. It’s flirting, he knows okay, but Taehyung is a minimalist and normally, foreplay lasts only five minutes before he goes to home base.

Impatience is a virtue.

There’s a thrumming in his veins and he thinks it’s the alcohol hitting him hardly this time around because the world is suddenly spinning, flipping his axis sans the guy in front of him. His head starts playing a rendition of Be Somebody drum solo by Kings of Leon and well, Taehyung doesn’t know how that’s possible because Tyga is crooning rack city bitch, rack rack rack city bitch in the background with probably fifty people on the dance floor grinding to it. Still, he allows the solo to play in his head, takes a moment to take in the guy’s face who’s looking at him with soft eyes, almost endearing, loving?, with lips stretched into a gentle smile.

Taehyung wants his lips on his and that’s why he grips the guys face tighter in his hold and pulls him close, smashing his lips on inviting red ones that smells of cigarette and tastes of beer and vodka and Good Sin.

He bites on the other’s lower lip, hands gliding his neck, the prominent collarbone and down his chest, settling on the other’s biceps straining on his basic white shirt that feels soft against Taehyung’s fingertips. He feels a tongue run along his own lip before he parts them and lets the wet flesh inside his mouth and fuck, it’s drowning him in. Not even the pushing of the energetic crowd or the painful jab to his back could deter him from basking in the way the other’s tongue maps the roof of his mouth, tickling and eliciting a small moan from him, before it curls around his own tongue, the taste of something unique settling on his tastebud.

There’s spit on the corner of his mouth as he pulls away, breathing heavily, eyes close as his fingers twitch on the other’s biceps. Before he can catch his breath properly, he’s pulled into another kiss, this time needy and Taehyung gives as much as the other is, even more because he’s so goddamn turned on right now, his dick cannot take this. He grinds his hips against the other’s thighs, groaning at the small friction it provides him. He moves more, humping the leg settled in between his parted ones as he tilts his head and deepens the kiss, biting on swollen red lips, feeling fingers trail up his spine and burying on his red hair before pulling harshly, tugging on his scalp with a brutal force.

Taehyung hisses against the other’s mouth and retaliates with nipping on the other’s jaw then clamping his teeth on the flesh and biting hard, almost breaking skin. He laughs when the guy digs his nails on Taehyung’s scalp and mutters a "fuckshitfuck".

"Asshole," SquishMan mutters on his lips, breath coming in short puffs, chest heaving.

Taehyung blinks his eyes open, lips forming into a smirk as he says, "Hmm, yes. But let me destroy your asshole."

SquishMan bursts out in laughter, pulls Taehyung’s body impossibly closer, almost lifting Taehyung off the floor - fuck, that strength. holy shit he cant wait to be fucked against the wall - like they are one entity, saying, "Maybe." Then adds, "But let’s get to some private place first, yeah?"

Taehyung blinks again, mind a haze, almost in a daze as he nods. "Okay, yeah, right."

"You’re too fucking drunk," SquishMan tells him like it’s not obvious.

Taehyung only chuckles, nods in affirmation, "I sure am, baby."

The only reply Taehyung gets from his words is a roll of the other’s eyes and a tug on his hand, dragging him to god knows where.


They are in the bathroom and Taehyung is gasping something along the lines of touch me touch me touch me like he’s singing some kpop girl group’s song. He can’t point it out now but fuck, if it isn’t his prayer, his new Our Father and Holy Queen.

"Faster," He gasps and the fingers around his cock tightens and pumps in a quicker pace. "Fuck, yes."

There’s a small breath of quiet laugh hitting the back of his neck and he would elbow the guy if he isn’t too focus on the pleasure slowly pooling in his stomach, desire threatening to burst out of him any minute, second now. He’s so high strung and the other’s calloused hand on his cock slicked with pre-cum and unhealthy amount of saliva isn’t helping his mind from fading in and out of  coherency. He hasn’t been coherent since four in the fucking afternoon. This is just the icing on the cake.

They’re sitting in one of the bathrooms, or— well, the guy, he still doesn’t know his name what the fuck, is sitting on the closed toilet seat with Taehyung on his lap, his back to the other’s chest, tight jeans undone to the middle of his thighs that’s slowly glistening with sweat and trembling from the pleasure of the hand flicking his cock with firm strokes. A thumb presses on the head and Taehyung’s body jerks, his neck straining as he throws his head back and lets out a guttural moan, fingers clenching on the arms preventing him from face planting on the cold tiles of the bathroom floor.

He chants fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck as he digs his nails further on toned arms, creating small painful crescents on the sweaty flesh. His ass gyrates on the other’s hard dick under him and the groan the guy produces has Taehyung moving more, wanting to please and be pleased. It’s a give and take, push and pull, up and down, kind of movements that builds inside him, running rampant on his blood and clouding his mind with nothing but the desire to orgasm.

It’s a bit tricky with the position they’re in, Taehyung almost having all his weight on the guy, but he manages to push his hips forward to the hand wrapped around his cock and grinds on the hard length under him, giving pleasure on both sides. He wants the dick inside him, he does but Taehyung can’t utter anything other than fuck and shit and harder and faster and i’m cumming.

When the orgasm crashes on him, his body tenses, spurting his release on the calloused hand pumping his twitching cock, milking his orgasm, pressing on the head before slowly moving up and down. Taehyung moans as his body shakes, trembling at the force of his release, the high settling in his mind longer than necessary. It doesn’t help that the alcohol is still pumping through his veins, disabling him from getting out of his daze faster.

"Shit," The guy mutters on his neck and Taehyung lets out a weak giggle as he slumps his body on the other’s own, not caring if he’s crushing the guy with his weight. If he suffocates, then he should be blessed to be suffocated by Taehyung himself, really.

"Hmm," Taehyung hums in reply and turns his head, nuzzles on the sweaty neck and trails kisses up the guys jaw until his lips meets the other’s own, soft and wet and filthy and lovely to the bone. He swipes his tongue along the other’s lower lip, bites on it briefly before pulling back, eyes still closed, and tucks his face back on the neck under him.

It’s funny because— well, because Taehyung is slipping into dreamland and it happens often when he’s drunk and has had his orgasm, amazing orgasm. Before he can fully fall asleep while basking on his high, he nibbles on the skin under him, mutters something in the lines of thank you or fuck you, he can’t recall but he vaguely hears curses, a hand pushing his body forwards but he’s a dead weight, unmovable.

As he slowly slips into sleep, he hears or dreams, fuck knows,

"Fuck, did you fall asleep? What the fuck? I didn’t even come. Fuck."

Oh well.


It starts with a gossip, oddly enough. Or Taehyung thinks it starts with a gossip, a rumor that doesn’t have an evidence. No receipts, as Twitter likes to call it.

The whispers quiet at first but gradually they become louder, reaching his ears more than subtly. It's like they want him to know that they're talking about him. And he's not one to pass up on gossip, let alone about him. He needs to keep his reputation, however tainted it is. That's his aesthetic, so what.

When he turns to the boy beside him, he asks, in a bored tone that masks his intense curiosity, "What shit are they saying about me now?"

Jimin, in the middle of biting onto his chicken sandwich, pauses and looks at him with a raised brow.

"From what I heard, people has been curious about your supposed secret rendezvous with one Jeon Jeongguk."

Taehyung blinks a couple of times before his brows furrows and he lets out a bark of laughter, booming around the bustling cafeteria. The other students turns to their table but he ignores them in lieu of clutching his stomach as he laughs, tears gathering in the corners of his eyes.

"Me? With Jeon—" A peal of laughter bursts out of him once again before he forces himself to stop, wiping the moist clinging on his thick eyelashes. "Oh, man. That was fucking hilarious. Holy shit."

Jimin just continues with eating his sandwich, gaze amused and lips quirked into a small smile as he chews and watches Taehyung with interest.

"Tell me about it," Jimin says after swallowing, dabbing at the corner of his lips when some of the low fat low sodium dressing escapes the sandwich and finds itself on his skin. Rude. "I mean, who the hell even thought of such ridiculous gossip?"

Taehyung giggles while nodding, long fingers combing through his fiery red dyed hair. He’s so amused he can't even form any words or sentences to rebuke that Gossip. After all, not only does Taehyung not associate with Jeon Jeongguk but also he doesn't particularly like the other, their personalities clashing and hard as it is to believe, opposites doesn't attract often. Just like Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jeongguk.

"Where the hell did they dig that out?" Taehyung finally says after a while, wrinkling his nose as he nibbles on the straw of his strawberry smoothie. It tastes heavenly, he muses and perfect for the late summer heat that he thinks won’t leave anytime soon.

Jimin shrugs again and leans his elbows on the table, finish with his lunch and now sipping on his organic green tea.

"Apparently they saw you two together enter a room last Saturday at Jackson's party," Jimin explains, cocking a brow. "Did you?"

Honestly, Taehyung doesn't remember much of the last party except taking a bottle of tequila and declaring shots to an equally inebriated Jimin. He also remembers leaving Jimin and taking shots by himself like the independent man that doesn't need any man or woman that he actually is. After that, nothing; he remembers nil, zero, zilch or if he digs deep enough, the memories comes in bits and pieces that doesn't make too much sense to him. But since he woke up on the bathroom with his pants on with a horrible crick on his neck, he obviously didn't get frisky with Jeongguk.

With a blink, Taehyung answers, voice with a hint of uncertainty, "I don't know." He bites his lip as he trails off. "I mean, I woke up in the bathroom fully clothed so no? As far as I'm concerned until they show me evidence, I'm innocent until proven guilty."

Jimin snorts, "Thats code for you were blacked out drunk and don't remember any shit."

Taehyung smiles his bright, boxy smile and chirps, "Yepp!"

Still, Taehyung's insides prickle with curiosity. Whoever started the gossip better show some legit evidence soon or Taehyung is going to hunt them down and demand why the fuck he’s paired up with Jeon Jeongguk for some shitty unbelievable rumor.


Taehyung is annoyed.

He’s in the middle of reciting his favorite part of The Tempest when the double doors of the large auditorium slams open and loud raucous laughters interrupts Taehyung’s emotional deliverance of his favorite line. Instead, what comes out of his mouth as he holds his co-star’s hand is,

"What the fuck?"

Everyone freezes. Well, he wishes everyone did but Taehyung sees a smiling face with bunny smile that he wants to smash to pieces continue his trek towards where Taehyung and his classmates are very fucking much comfortable on the stage.

"Taehyung," Jeon Jeongguk says, smiling. He looks adorable and Taehyung would’ve smiled back if not for exasperation and frustration clouding his mind and settling in the forefront of his thoughts.

"Jeongguk," Taehyung breathes, lets the girl’s hand go as he narrows his eyes towards the smiling annoying as motherfuck bunny. "What are you doing here?"

Jeongguk shrugs and props his elbows on the stage, looking up at Taehyung with mirth dancing in his eyes.

Ah, if Taehyung could only kick him with his foot but he doesn’t think his expensive Bottega Veneta deserves to connect with Jeongguk’s filthy face; no matter how attractive it is. Tsk.

Taehyung clicks his tongue and repeats, "What the fuck are you doing here?"

Jeongguk taps his fingers on his chin, eyeing Taehyung with slightly narrowed eyes, lips still stretched into a smile.

"Practice for the performance this Friday," He says, casual, a statement that once Taehyung has processed the words, it has his blood boiling because what the fuck?

He breathes in then out, eyes softly fluttering close as he tells himself to calm your non-existent tits kim taehyung. calm your tits, okay before he fixes his eyes back to Jeongguk.

With a forced smile, he crouches in front of the younger, lips almost formed into a sneer, then says, "What’s that got to do with our own performance? Can’t you see we’re practicing?"

There’s a shuffle behind Jeongguk and Taehyung eyes the other four people that Jeongguk brought with him. He smiles at them sweetly, genuine and void of poison.

"Hi," He says, waving at them before he turns his attention to Jeongguk, doing a one eighty degree in which he glares at the asswipe in front of him, waiting for an answer that he knows is not only shitty but completely unreasonable and would only cause Taehyung to consider, again, committing murder or well, something in those lines. He knows Jimin will help him with the body but where to throw—

He’s thinking of places in where to throw Jeongguk’s dead body when the other reaches out and flutters his fingers on Taehyung’s smooth cheeks, blunt nails grazing the skin lightly. Taehyung reels back, eyes wide as he throws a glare at Jeongguk who’s still smiling. One of these days, Taehyung thinks, he’s going to seriously wipe that smile off the younger’s face.

That day is, unfortunately, not today so Taehyung opts for wrinkling his brows in confusion of the other’s action.

"What the hell?"

Jeongguk grins and says, "Leave, hyung."

Taehyung jerks back so hard he almost falls on his ass. Thankfully, he’s better than that and rights his balance quickly. He hears Jeongguk’s snicker and Taehyung can feel his blood boil harder than fucking lava.

"You leave."

It’s a weak reply, he knows okay but Taehyung is trying to process everything right now. From being interrupted while practicing to having touched by Jeon Jeongguk so casually to— well, to now. Taehyung can’t process anything for shits.

"Hmm," Jeongguk hums then pouts, looking like a puppy. He looks utterly goddamn adorable in his Balenciaga bomber jacket, paired with a basic black tee and that annoying Timberland shoes of his. Taehyung curses to himself as he watches the other lick his lips, his eyes following the movement before Jeongguk opens his mouth and says, "It’s our turn to practice. Drama club is done."

"It’s theatre," Taehyung hisses, quite offended that the other is calling his major just some drama club. Majoring in Theatre isn’t a walk in the park and everyone knows that but Jeongguk always, always, makes it sound like something lesser. "You’d know that fact if you could read, you illiterate fuck."

Jeongguk snorts, rolls his eyes and reaches out for Taehyung who’s still crouched in front of him on the stage. Taehyung lets out a squeak of surprise when Jeongguk pulls at his wrist, fingers wrapping around his warm flesh before tugging him forward, hard, making Taehyung stumble and fall on his knees. He groans at the sudden pain shooting up his legs but Jeongguk doesn’t let him focus on that for too long.

The other’s face is suddenly so fucking close to Taehyung’s own that he has to hold his breath, his heart trashing wildly inside his chest and his wide eyes blinking rapidly in anticipation. His throat bobs as he swallows dryly when Jeongguk invades his personal space further, something akin to panic - no, no it’s not arousal, haha. what is that - suddenly blooming inside him.

"That’s not what you said—" Jeongguk starts, voice a mere whisper. Taehyung furrows his brows because when the fuck did he say something to Jeongguk. From what he can remember, the only communication they have is when Taehyung’s petty ass writes some shitty article about the younger on their publicized university magazine. "Last weekend."

Last weekend?

Taehyung’s face is marred with confusion before it morphs into understanding and suddenly— fucking suddenly Taehyung is pulling Jeongguk’s face closer, their foreheads touching as he grits out, narrowed eyes connected to Jeongguk’s own mirth filled ones.

"You shit," Taehyung starts, grip on Jeongguk’s bomber jacket tight. "What—"

Jeongguk pulls his lips into a wider grin and interrupts, as fucking usual with this brat, "Nothing, hyung." He then moves his hand on Taehyung’s waist, grips tightly and lifts Taehyung off the stage with surprising ease that leaves Taehyung breathless and wide-eyed.

What the actual shit, shit, shit.

There’s simultaneous murmurs from all around them but Taehyung’s brain kind of short circuits, stopping him from thinking properly like the genius human being that he is called. Right now, he feels all sorts of stupid and aroused.


"Jeongguk," Taehyung huffs when he’s settled on the ground, Jeongguk beaming at him like he hasn’t thrown Taehyung’s emotions and brain and soul for a fucking loop and roller-coaster ride. When Taehyung finally regains his composure, ignoring the spark of arousal still lingering on his skin and the burn of Jeongguk’s touch on his clothed waist, he bursts out like a fire-cracker. "Jeon Jeongguk, what the actual fuck. What the fuck did you just— Do you really— Did you just do that?" He exclaims, jabbing Jeongguk’s chest with every word he utters.

Jeongguk groans at the pain, Taehyung’s surprisingly long nails digging past his thin shirt.

"That hurt, jesus christ," Jeongguk swats Taehyung’s hand away, lips curling into a frown. "Cut your nails, will you?"

"Don’t change the fucking topic," Taehyung almost screeches, ignoring the snickers that he’s hearing from not only the little shit Jeongguk’s crew mates but also from his classmates. Traitors. Traitors, all of them. Taehyung is, admittedly, an overdramatic fuck but he’s entitled to it, okay? Very much so. Or that’s what he believes. Anyways— "What happened last—"

"Nothing," Jeongguk interrupts again, still rubbing his chest with that annoying frown on his face. He frustrates Taehyung to every negative degree possible and him continuing to not only interrupt him but also avoid all the topics that Taehyung wants answers to just— frustrates Taehyung more.

Woe is him, seriously.

"Fuck nothing," Taehyung says then cocks his hips to the side, hands finding their way there. He probably looks like the sassiest fake blonde that has ever graced the earth right now but details. "Tell me and after that, leave. We’re practicing for an important cause unlike you hooligans who are just fooling around."

At his words, Jeongguk immediately freezes then morphs his lips into a thin line as he scrunches his nose and brows simultaneously. It’s a funny expression and Taehyung has to bite his lip to prevent himself from laughing. No more need to water the animosity they have towards each other.

Taehyung is a philanthropist; he cares for World Peace and all that.

"I’m pretty sure we’re working for the same cause here, Taehyung," Jeongguk says, face still looking funny. Taehyung digs his nails on his palms. He’s not going to mock the younger; no he is not. "And for your information, we’ve actually scheduled to practice here since the performance is going to be in this auditorium. Check with your professor, hm?"

Taehyung curses all the Gods that exists for giving Jeon Jeongguk the power to sass him back. Tsk.

"Fine, whatever," Taehyung relents and sighs deeply because— because well, he’s not going to fight further. Fighting is tiring, especially with someone like Jeongguk. "But what about the weekend?"

Ah, yes.

He’s very curious about it. His curiosity is up the roofs that he’s about to ruffle his perfectly styled hair, most likely ruining it in the process. But he won’t. No one deserves to see Taehyung that messy even though they have before and they will in the future.

Giving Jeongguk his full attention, he sees the other’s amused expression. Taehyung loathes him for knowing.

"Hmm," The little shit hums and steps closer to Taehyung, once again invading his personal space. Taehyung is an affectionate person and personal space doesn’t exist in his vocabulary but this asshole is an exception. He always is since that— time. Well. Jeongguk stops as their shoes aligns  and his breath is hitting Taehyung’s face, smelling minty, familiar, like Taehyung has tasted it before. The thought makes his insides churn. "I’ll tell you later, Sugar."


And with that, Jeonshit hops on the stage and calls out for his teammates with a shit eating grin on his face.


Well, Taehyung lets out a perplexed shriek that sounded like dying hyenas and pigs combined; if that’s even possible.

Honestly, the gossip is fucking ridiculous. Why would they pair Taehyung with his kind of— sort of— mortal enemy?

He’s left goddamn baffled and so, before he leaves, because he doesn’t like not having the last word, he spits with all the venom in his voice he can muster,

"Fuck you."

He’s very eloquent, okay.


Music reverberates against Taehyung's chest, pounding on his eardrums and disabling him from hearing whatever Jackson is saying.

Despite the other's animated hands and loud voice, shouting in the midst of Kygo and Maty Noyes hyping the crowd up through the huge speakers to push me away, push me away, Taehyung doesn't quite make out the words and when the other's around him laughs because of what Jackson is saying, probably another joke, he laughs too. It is, after all, impossible to not crack a smile when one is met with the older's bright smile.

"You and Jeongguk?" A voice whispers close to his ears and surprised, Taehyung jerks a little before he turns his head to Bambam - Kunpimook, or as Taehyung calls him, Mookie - who's got a mischievous grin painted on his face.

He fixes the snapback perched on his head, swipes his bangs under it before he cocks a brow at the other, "What?"

Bambam keeps his grin while saying, lips an enticing red, "You're fucking Jeon Jeongguk a k a the university’s Golden Boy, right? I thought you hated him, TaeTae."

Taehyung rolls his eyes good-naturedly, and shrugs his shoulders. "I'm not. And I've never said I hated him. Where did you hear that? Not from me," He says, widening his eyes innocently but his voice tells the opposite of his words and expression; the hint of sarcasm laced in them not lost to Bambam who grins at him after hearing his reply.

Honestly, Taehyung doesn't discriminate in who he sleeps with. He fucks whoever he wants, if they also want it, and if drunk enough, including those people he hates. Yes, including them assholes who likes to fuck with his auditorium time. Ugh, he loathes them but some of them has A plus dick game so—

"The whole university says otherwise," Bambam continues, teasing while laying his head on Taehyung's shoulder, looping thin arms around his elbow.

"They’re full of shit. I’ve never even had a decent conversation with that little shit, let alone swap saliva with him or get his dick near my glorious ass," He counters, adding yikes internally. The thought of fucking with Jeon Jeongguk doesn't sit well with him, stomach churning and twisting something akin to disgust.

Yes, disgust. That's it.

He feels more than hear the snort that Bambam lets out, breath fanning on his warm skin.

"Maybe your dick was in his ass."

Taehyung shoves Bambam away with a laugh, almost a cackle. "As if that muscle pig would let me. Haven't you heard, he doesn't bottom? Prick."

In contrary, Taehyung kind of finds that hot. He doesn't know but he does. Although he'd never admit it even on his death bed.

"Oh? How'd you know that, Taetae?" The teasing continues, Bambam offering him a feral grin. Bitch.

Taehyung's face colors and he's thankful for the loud music - volume now slightly decreased but still deafening - that covers the loud beating of his heart and the dark that covers his face flushing red.

"It's common knowledge around campus," He replies, waving a hand in the air as dismissal.

It is, though, a whisper around the campus when Jeon Jeongguk entered the university and made a reputation for himself in the span of three months. And because Taehyung is a writer for the university’s magazine, his ears are always open for any news; gossip or whatnot. Although he would never admit that he personally has his ears open at all times in all Jeongguk related topics. That information, he will carry to the grave, along with his glorious body, handsome face, and bomb as hell personality.

When he spots a head of orange in the distance, Taehyung grabs the chance to escape Bambam's teasing and inquiring gaze that’s still glued on the side Taehyung’s face.

"Anyways, I'm too sober for this. I see Chimchim! See you later, Mookie babe! Take it easy with Yugyeom, yes? And please throw your condoms properly on the trash and not on the floor. I heard Jaebum-hyung almost stepped on a used one last time."

With that parting speech, coupled with a teasing smirk and a wiggle of his eyebrows, Taehyung bounces away but not before squeezing Mark and Jackson in a tight hug and telling them that the party rocks his socks (ironically enough, Taehyung isn’t wearing socks, hmm). He follows after Jimin then, orange hair unmistakable in the crowd despite his best friend being a short stuff.

Once he's pushed off the sweating crowd dancing to a remix of Fetty Wap's Trap Queen - which, for a second, has Taehyung pausing and grinding on some stranger because fuck yeah, Trap Queen is his jam - he clutches onto Jimin's arms, face burying on the other's neck in greeting.

"Tae," Jimin breathes and Taehyung smiles.

"Chimchim, there you are! I've been looking for you," He pouts then picks his head up and looks at the other people Jimin is with.

They’re standing in some circle, probably talking about nonsense. As he looks around, his gaze halts when he catches dark eyes, equally dark hair, and keyboard smashing worthy body.

Oh, boy. Oh, Jeon Jeongguk.

Taehyung doesn't choke on arousal. He chokes on disgust. With a capital D.

He glares at Jeongguk, still fucking petty about the other day, and looks away, lays his head on Jimin's shoulder while smiling at the other people before stealing his best friend's drink.

"Hi," Taehyung exclaims, boxy smile on place and downs the drink that tastes like Shit; meaning red bull and vodka mix. Yuck. Taehyung prefers sprite and vodka more or just a shot of vodka. Higher chance on getting drunk and shit.

The others smiles back except Jeongguk who keeps on staring at him, planting a small scowl on Taehyung's face. What? Wanna fight? He thinks, shuffling closer to Jimin.

"The fuck with you steal your best friend's drink," Jimin deadpans as he looks at his hand now empty of any alcoholic beverage before he turns and sends Taehyung a playful glare

Taehyung laughs, beams at him, and says, "Sorry, babe. I'll go get you a new one."

Jimin sighs, almost sounding exasperated but still so fucking fond, a hand coming up to brush Taehyung's forehead, sweat forming on the tanned skin.

"You better. Make it double shot," Jimin demands, lips tugging into a smile.

Taehyung nods, grinning. "Sir, yes, sir." He salutes, plants a small kiss on Jimin’s exposed neck and makes his quest towards where the Holy Drinks are, a k a, Alcohol.

For the nth time that night, Taehyung shoves through the crowd and heads to the kitchen where the copious amount of alcohol is, fist pumping when he’s finally out of the cramped space. Surprisingly, there's no one there and Taehyung hums as he makes two mixed drinks, rummaging the fridge for lemon because he loves some lemon on his vodka mix.

Briefly, as he hums withTerror Jr, he wonders on why Mark didn’t hire a personal bartender. Or two. Taehyung would have but he guesses letting people mix their own drink is more homey than, say, a stranger who doesn’t know anyone’s preferences. And, with how rowdy and big this party is, it would’ve been a hassle to have a line of drunkards waiting for their turn to get their favored poison.

Taehyung understands this. His hypothesis, backed up with copious amount of experience, would have been proved true if anyone ever does a research on why bartenders are useless on big house parties hosted by spoiled rich children.

"What are you looking for?"

Taehyung jumps in surprise, thoughts flying away along with his pain tolerance when he hits his head on one of the fridge's shelf. He groans and extracts himself from the fridge and gives up on lemon. Fucking lemons, he grumbles internally then faces the person who rudely interrupted his important quest.

Here’s another fucking lemon. When life doesn’t give you a literal lemon, a metaphorical one appears. Tsk.

Fucking seriously? Taehyung almost groans loudly, stopping himself the last minute and schooling his features into an annoyed one.


Jeongguk looks at him, amusement clear in his eyes. Asswipe. "I asked what you're looking for.You look like you needed some help."

Oh. "Oh," Taehyung breathes out before he wrinkles his nose and says petulantly, "I don’t need your fucking help, thank you very much." Then, he adds, lips jutting out into a slight pout because lemons, "There’s no lemons here."

Jeongguk snorts and Taehyung frowns, hands twitching on his sides.

"Someone used it for body shots earlier."

Taehyung gapes. "Someone did body shots and I wasn't invited? What the fuck."

A laugh escapes from Jeongguk's mouth, deep and open and yeah, okay, Taehyung admits to himself it's attractive. So as the owner whose bunny teeth shows and makes him look younger than he is. Jeongguk is youthful with his eyes crinkling at the sides and lips tugged into a smile. Taehyung almost gags at his thoughts but he can't really deny the truth. Fucking gross. He’s so gross.

"Mhm," Jeongguk hums in affirmation. "Pretty sure it was Jimin and Namjoon-hyung along with Hoseok-hyung."

"Traitors," Taehyung hisses and grabs a bottle of vodka - Grey Goose by the taste of it. Taehyung is extremely knowledgeable about his vodkas. A talent, if someone asks him - and takes a huge gulp, gagging after but basking in the warmth that spreads inside him when the alcohol settles in his veins.

Jeongguk watches him, sipping quietly from his boring bottle of beer - is that an ugly as fuck Heineken? Yuck - and if Taehyung doesn't have alcohol in his system, he would have tripped on his words, even stutter but he's a brave soul tonight. The bravest and most curious of all. This is Sparta and all that shebang.

"Did we really make-out last time?" Taehyung asks, sort of slurs, adds in his mind slept together?, as he blinks at Jeongguk whose eyes widens in surprise.

Mortification should've painted Taehyung’s features but he's just curious, inquiring at best and Jeongguk lets a smirk grow on his face which Taehyung wants to punch with his mouth— uh, fists.

Yeah, fists.

( Honestly, one of these days, with how much Taehyung thinks of fists, he’s going to fucking swallow his own fists or like— well, there’s also that other kink— anyways. )

"Aw, you don't remember? Why should I tell you?" Jeongguk says, steps closer to Taehyung and tilts his head to the side, his doe eyes looking innocent, like he’s not hiding something from Taehyung

What an annoying but attractive motherfucker.

"So, it didn't happen. Great, good. Now that that's clear. I'm out," Taehyung says and moves to gather his and Jimin's drink from the counter. But before he can lift the glasses up, Taehyung feels a warm body on his back, the heat clogging his throat in an instant.

"Clear?" Jeongguk murmurs against his ear, hot breath blowing on Taehyung's tanned skin, making him shiver. "I don't think so." Soft lips trail down Taehyung's neck, ghosting on his flesh before attaching on his pulse point. He lets go of the glasses, grips the edge of the counter tightly and sucks in a deep breath. "Let me remind you, Kim Taehyung."

And yeah, sure, Taehyung could have pushed Jeongguk away but the ease the other lifts Taehyung on the counter, reminding him of what happened the other day, and plants his ass on the surface has his limbs turning weak. All Taehyung can do is close his eyes and grip Jeongguk's lose white shirt as the other swoops in and ravages his lips, teeth sinking onto his bottom lip, making him whimper into the kiss.

It's hurried and Taehyung has just enough time to catch up that he's being kissed by Jeon Jeongguk himself when the other's tongue prods on his lips. He parts his mouth, granting access for the other to lick inside, wet muscle meeting his own tongue before mapping the roof of his mouth and pressing closer, closer, so close Taehyung almost chokes. Instead, he lets out a moan and pulls away from the kiss, breathing heavily. He wets his lips, swallowing before he lifts his eyes open, gazing past Jeongguk’s shoulder and at the bottle of drinks on the island in front of them as Jeongguk trails kisses down his neck, sucking a bruise on the skin under his jaw.

"Jeongguk," Taehyung groans out, voice husky, already deeper than it should be and dripping with arousal. He groans again, when Jeongguk pulls his ass to the edge of the counter and grinds his hips on Taehyung's own.

Jeongguk hums against his neck, scrapping teeth on his flesh. Taehyung tries to think properly, past the haze that’s starting to cloud his thoughts as he licks his lips, red and more plump from the kiss, the taste of Jeongguk lingering on his tongue.

"Stop," He forces out, breath coming out in huffs, words almost a croak as he delivers them. "People are—"


Yeah, so? Taehyung's mind short circuits for a moment, sucking his bottom lip between his teeth when Jeongguk thrusts against him again, arousal evident on his tight jeans. Taehyung can feel his own cock hardening inside his own jeans, less tight than Jeongguk’s own but still tight enough to make it painful for his dick. A particular suck on his collarbone has him almost giving up on resisting, the desire slowly but surely alighting his insides fucking unbearable but then he hears loud chants of chug! chug! chug! and that— well, that snaps Taehyung out of his aroused dazed.

"Fuck," Taehyung groans, pushes Jeon Jeongguk off of him, making the other hit the corner of the island harshly. He feels bad when he hears the other’s hiss of pain, the emotion quickly disappearing when he realizes who the other actually is. Fuck. "Fuck," He repeats, wide eyes blinking before he trains them on Jeongguk’s slightly pissed ones.

"What the hell?" Jeongguk clicks his tongue, jaw clenching tightly.

It looks fucking hot, if someone asks Taehyung but he’s not here to fuck in public. Let alone with Jeon fucking Jeongguk.

Holy shit, how many times is he going to think of the other’s name. Or think of the other in general. Holy. Shit.

"I’m not into exhibitionism, thank you very much," Taehyung reasons, wiggling on his perch on the counter.

Jeongguk eyes his movements, licks his lips as he tilts his head and furrows his brows, then sighs, sounding exasperated. Taehyung balks quietly. How dare the asshole look and sound like that? He doesn’t have the rights to.

Taehyung is about to tear Jeongguk one, probably make his ears bleed with Taehyung’s endless tirade of how public sex would ruin both of their reputation or some shit like that. Taehyung is all about improvising; he can pull out some weird facts out of his ass if needed.

He opens his mouth, lips forming into some word when Jeongguk clicks his tongue. Clicks! What kind of disrespect? Taehyung cannot.

"Fine," Jeongguk says while rubbing his hip that just had a great impact with the edge of the island. Ha. "Then let’s find a goddamn bathroom. Again."

"Again?" Taehyung repeats, doesn’t move when Jeongguk settles between his spread legs, lays his warm hands on Taehyung’s hips softly.

Jeongguk hums and lifts Taehyung from the counter.

Surprised, what the hell why why why, Taehyung wraps his legs around Jeongguk’s waist tightly, his arms mirroring the movement and wrapping around Jeongguk’s neck, his fingers ending up on Jeongguk’s dark hair.

"Jesus Christ," Taehyung moans because that’s fucking, goddamn, shitting, holy mother of hell, hot as fuck.

Jeongguk’s reply is a chuckle against Taehyung’s neck, breath fanning on the glistening flushed skin.


Right, okay.

Taehyung is not in his right mind right now. His soul has left his body? It kind of feels like it has with how Jeongguk is digging his nails on his bare thighs, forming small bruising crescents on Taehyung’s flesh. That’s not the point, ohmygod. His soul has left his body because Jeongguk is swallowing his fucking cock down his throat; all of it, to the base, from the tip to where Taehyung is trimmed because he shaves, so what, bitch.

It feels so great; the heat around him, wet with saliva and the feeling of Jeongguk’s throat constricting as he swallows while having Taehyung’s cock inside his mouth. Taehyung looks down, his mouth parted as he lets out huffs of air, and sees Jeongguk hollowing his cheeks, his eyes shut softly, like he’s enjoying having Taehyung’s dick abusing his throat. It’s fucking hot; has Taehyung’s fists clenching on sweaty strands of dark hair as desire continues to pool in his stomach, his muscles tensing and relaxing every few times when Jeongguk runs his tongue down his length and stops to mouth at his balls.

A drawn out moan escapes past his lips and his legs trembles, almost trapping Jeongguk’s head in between his thighs and suffocating him (a good way to go, to be honest), when Jeongguk sucks his cock hard. He throws his head back against the hard surface and hisses in annoyance when his snapback prevents him from plastering his head on the wall. He swallows, reaches out in a flash and throws the goddamn snapback to the ground as Jeongguk tongue’s on the head of his cock then presses his thumb on the slit.

The pleasure shooting up Taehyung’s spine is unbearable, the heat consuming him completely, making sweat trail down his temple to his neck while Jeongguk unravels him from his perch on the tiled floor. His cock twitches on Jeongguk’s hold, fingers wrapped tightly around the wet length pumping in a quick pace, urging Taehyung to find his release.

Taehyung makes the bad choice of looking down at Jeongguk when he can feel his release nearing. The sight has him licking his lips, swallowing a couple of times and letting out a series of moans. Jeongguk is looking up at him through his eyelashes, lips red, swollen, looking filthy wrapped around the head of his cock.

He clenches his jaw and tugs on Jeongguk’s hair harshly, a frustrated sob escaping past him when Jeongguk pulls away.

Jeongguk says, "Come on, Sugar."

To be fucking honest, why did Taehyung’s body shake hearing that fucking annoying and cheesy and gag worthy nickname? But Taehyung groans, body tensing as he clutches on the hair underneath his palms and comes hard inside Jeongguk’s mouth.

Jeongguk takes it all, swallows Taehyung’s release with gusto, giving Taehyung’s softening cock a few kitten licks and gentle pumps before letting go.

A minute or maybe a day passes by before Taehyung finally opens his eyes and gazes at Jeongguk, somewhat dazed, still coming down from his high. He blinks his large eyes a couple of times before he swallows, his body twitching a few times. Jeongguk grins up at him, his hands still gripping Taehyung’s thighs, massaging the flesh, up down up down. Taehyung swears he could get hard again just from that but no.

If Taehyung has learnt something from sleeping around, it’s that reciprocating is a must. It's an unspoken rule when it comes to sex and only dickheads of a great degree ignores it.

Taking a deep breath, he joins Jeongguk on the tiled floor, knees aligning with the other’s own before he cups Jeongguk’s cheeks between his hands. Jeongguk looks at him with a cocked eyebrow, gaze filled with anticipation. Obviously, Jeongguk knows that fucking rule too.

Perverted minds do think alike.


"What do you want?" Taehyung whispers, mouthing on the corner of Jeongguk’s lips, shimmying closer until he’s settled on the other’s lap, ass perched on the bulge of Jeongguk’s cock still trapped inside his tight jeans.

Jeongguk runs his hands up and down Taehyung’s bare thighs, humming to the tune of the song playing outside. The music is— well, the music is loud and when Taehyung focuses a little, hearing the familiar voice of Halsey, crooning now i’m looking pretty he mirrors Jeongguk, humming the song against the flushed skin under him, starting from the other’s jaw up to his eyes, lip lingering on the closed lid for a few seconds before moving down to capture Jeongguk’s lips, swallowing the lyrics coming out of the younger.

Taehyung tastes his own release on Jeongguk’s tongue; it’s bitter, something that Taehyung sadly can say he’s used to. He can also taste something sweet, like chocolate, Baileys? Sheridan’s?, and sour— lemon.


"Did you do body shots too?" Taehyung murmurs against Jeongguk’s swollen lips.

Jeongguk grins and pulls Taehyung closer, thrusting his clothed dick up Taehyung’s naked ass.

"Sure did," He replies, sounding cheeky as fuck.

Taehyung bites Jeongguk’s lower lip harshly, making the other hiss. He grins at Jeongguk proudly when he pulls back a little, eyes forming into small crescents, as he says,

"Fuck you all for using all the lemons."

Jeongguk snorts, the sound morphing into a strained moan when Taehyung decides to grind his ass hard on Jeongguk’s lap, rolling his hips in a slow and agonizing pace. Despite the fabric irritating the skin of his asscheeks, Taehyung beams at Jeongguk when the other digs his nails on Taehyung’s waist.

"Fuck," Jeongguk hisses, moves his hips up and ruts against Taehyung’s own. "Move, babe."

Taehyung is a proud tease. He is and if he isn’t so goddamn tired after coming that hard, he would’ve teased Jeon Jeongguk longer, just because he can and because it’s Jeon Jeongguk. Best believe he hasn’t forgotten how he loathes the other to the fucking bone.

When Jeongguk jerks him closer, chest gluing to the other’s own, Taehyung lets out a shaky breath before he relents with a sigh. He looks at Jeongguk with an expression akin to disappointment and Jeongguk only shrugs at him, a corner of his lips quirking up into a placating grin. Taehyung doesn’t want to admit it’s cute but it fucking is.

To wipe that cute expression on Jeongguk’s face, Taehyung swoops in and kisses the other hard, teeth clacking as their lips connect, while moving his hips, ass grinding on Jeongguk’s hard cock. He sucks on Jeongguk’s bottom lip, nibbling on the reddened flesh, a teasing action before smashing their lips again, his hands gripping Jeongguk’s hair as he pulls the other’s face closer. The kiss is bruising and that’s what Taehyung likes, loves, something that screams of passion because Taehyung doesn’t quite do slow.

It’s a kiss that has Jeongguk gasping on Taehyung’s parted lips, his tongue swirling with Taehyung’s own, spit trailing down the corner of his lips. Taehyung basks in the gasps and moans Jeongguk lets out, swallowing them as he kisses Jeongguk deeper, the grip on the other’s hair as tight as can be, his nails digging on sensitive scalp.

Pulling away, Taehyung plants a last kiss on Jeongguk’s lips, chest heaving as he takes in gulps of air. He grins at the dazed expression on Jeongguk’s face, giggles even before he shimmies down, off Jeongguk’s lap and makes a quick work of Jeongguk’s tight pants, dragging the fabric down, and snorting at finding out that Jeongguk is going commando.

No surprise there.

Jeongguk’s cock springs free then, the tip damp with pre-come and Taehyung’s mouth waters. He bites the inside of his cheek as he stares at Jeongguk’s hard length, before taking a hold of it, slender fingers pumping and pressing on the head. At his actions, Jeongguk’s hips jerks up and a moan comes out of him. It’s a delicious sound, something that Taehyung might have imagined before. Truly, the live version is better. Tsk.

Looking up at Jeongguk through his long eyelashes, he licks the pre-come oozing out of the tip, humming at the taste, making a show of swallowing. Jeongguk’s hand takes a hold of his hair, grips the strands tightly and tilts Taehyung’s head up, stretching his neck, Adam’s apple bobbing as he gulps.

Jeongguk’s eyes watches him, dark almost black irises instead of warm brown, and half-lidded, filled with desire. Something in Taehyung feels giddy. It’s fucking amazing knowing that he can reduce someone as prideful as Jeongguk into a mess. He licks his lips at the thought. He wants to mess him up more.

"Let me fuck your face," Jeongguk says, croaks, voice deeper than usual. The words are filled with honest desire, hint of desperation coating them, obvious, prominent in the way Jeongguk swallows, breathes just a tad too heavy.

Taehyung blinks, neck still stretched as he looks at Jeongguk incredulously. He chews on his lower lip, making the other wait, even though he knows he will let him. Taehyung is a generous partner even to people he hates, that’s how kind he is.

He lets a hum escape him, eyes fluttering close, sensual, a tease. Finally, after a long beat, he whispers, "Okay." Then, with smoldering, challenging gaze trained on Jeongguk’s own, adds, "Do your worst, sweetheart."

Jeongguk sends him a wide grin, grip tightening on Taehyung’s hair before he pushes Taehyung’s head down towards his leaking cock, standing proud against his clothed stomach.

Taehyung takes it in stride, lets the cock past his swollen lips, forcing himself to relax when the tip hits the back of his throat, making the muscle convulse, prompting him to choke a little. He breathes through his nose when Jeongguk drags his head up once again and pushes down, not giving Taehyung a long time to adjust. Taehyung doesn’t need to, anyway. He welcomes Jeongguk’s cock to ruin his voice, cheeks hollowing as he sucks, flattening his tongue on the underside, scraping his teeth on the hard flesh a couple of times, prompting Jeongguk to let out loud groans of satisfaction.

A laugh almost bursts out of Taehyung’s mouth when Jeongguk finally feels the tiny ball of metal grazing his hot cock. Not everyone knows about the web piercing on Taehyung’s tongue and it is rather hard to feel when making out. After all, Taehyung’s piercing is tiny and he forgets about it most of the time until he’s reminded. Like, well, now.

The reaction from Jeongguk is hilarious; his hips jerks harshly, legs clamping against Taehyung’s side when Taehyung continues to let Jeongguk fuck his mouth, the ball of piercing running down his cock with every movement.

"Jesus fucking christ," Jeongguk spits out and Taehyung laughs around his cock, sending vibrations on the length.

Taehyung’s muffled laugh is outlived when Jeongguk finally gets used to his piercing and starts to get serious about fucking Taehyung’s face.

He allows Jeongguk to control the pace despite his eyes watering and throat hurting. It’s fast, Jeongguk’s cock disappearing past Taehyung’s mouth in long then small drags of his head. Spit trails down the corner of his mouth and Taehyung moans around Jeongguk’s cock, his nails digging on Jeongguk’s still clothed thighs as Jeongguk pulls his head down harshly, forces Taehyung to choke on his dick, face plastered on the base of Jeongguk’s cock. Jeongguk leaves him there for a few seconds, whole cock inside Taehyung’s hot mouth as he breathes harshly through his nose, cheeks tightening around Jeongguk’s cock in the process.

"Shit, Taehyung,"  Jeongguk hisses past gritted teeth, drags Taehyung’s head up and moves it down quickly, his hips rutting up, meeting Taehyung’s mouth.

The pace Jeongguk has set becomes erratic, the rhythm gone as he fucks up towards Taehyung’s parted mouth with small thrusts. He clenches calloused fingers on Taehyung’s bright hair tightly, tugs on it harshly before he comes down Taehyung’s throat, loud moan escaping past his lips, head thrown back and eyes shut tightly.

Grip on his hair slackening, Taehyung continues to bob his head up and down Jeongguk’s cock, milking his orgasm as he swallows his release, the substance sliding down his throat easily. It’s fucking messy, and Taehyung doesn’t swallow often but— exceptions.

"Fuck, stop," Jeongguk groans, tugging on Taehyung’s hair weakly when Taehyung mouths the head of his softening cock.

Taehyung grins at him around the flesh, remnants of tears on the corner of his eyes slowly drying and sweat trailing down his forehead to the tip of his nose where his prominent mole lays. He gives the cock a last hard suck before pulling away completely and sitting on his heels.

Jeongguk yells out some jumbled cursed words at Taehyung’s action, sounding like holymotherfuckingkimtaefuckgod, which is, well, amusing.

"Ni—" Taehyung starts then stops, voice a deep croak, too hoarse to even call a voice. He clears his throat loudly, massages his neck before he begins again. "Nice," He says, winces at the pain shooting up his throat when he uses his vocal cords.

Jeongguk watches him, follows his every move then snorts at Taehyung’s messed up voice.

"Aw," Jeongguk coos, pulls his jeans up, buttons it securely on his hips before scooting close to Taehyung on the floor. "My sweet sugar ruined his voice?" He teases, a hand coming up to tap against Taehyung’s throat. "Too bad."

Taehyung swats his hand away while glaring, and with all the venom he can muster what with his voice betraying him, spits harshly, "Haha. Didn’t know you suck at pillow talk, Jeon."

"I don’t," Jeongguk replies quickly, shoulders lifting into a nonchalant shrug. "Just not with you," He says and continues, "Besides, we’re not exactly on a bed."

Taehyung clicks his tongue, kicks Jeongguk away with his foot and stands up, drags up his jeans that until now has laid forgotten on his ankle, only one leg out of it. He wiggles as he dresses himself again while saying, "Fucking romantic of you."

"Very much so," Jeongguk replies, almost distracted as he watches Taehyung wiggle his ass in front of him, fitting the jeans on his slender hips.

"Haha," Taehyung deadpans, fixes his clothes and, without even washing his hands or face - which he will regret later - throws a wave at Jeongguk, with the parting words of, "Don’t tell anyone, Jeon."

Jeongguk can only watch.

He always does, doesn’t he. 


A fuckboy starter pack:

One; branded street clothes like Stussy and Supreme. Or, just Branded clothes in general. Clothing doesn’t discriminate when it comes to fuckboys.

Two; a reputation that could rival that of a stripper. But perhaps, worse. At least, strippers are professional, fuckboys are not.

Three; social media. All kinds of applications; fucking name it.

Four; well, four, Taehyung doesn't know. Maybe he’ll ask Jimin or Minjae later.

But the third is where Taehyung witnesses every fuckboy interactions. Including his own. He swears he's not a fuckboy but the whispers on the campus says otherwise. He doesn't care as long as they leave him alone.

(Hypocrisy since Taehyung will never leave the population of the University alone. Taehyung is the source of good gossip, printing honest opinions about students and despite harsh words, they still adore the shit out of him. Jimin swears it’s because Taehyung doesn’t really write something offending, just advices that would make them a better person. Taehyung digress but oh well. If his Jimin says so, then he will believe him.)

And, oh yeah, get laid.

Through Snapchat. Or Snow but Snapchat is more convenient for him. Actually, both is convenient along with KakaoTalk but that one is more personal. They’re for more familiar acquaintances. But Taehyung somehow always ends up opening the Snapchat app, go figure.

Which is, actually, why he’s blinking at the notification of one Jeon Jeongguk adding him as a friend, the username goldenboijjg making him furrow his brows and drill holes on his new iPhone because his old one bathed in Bacardi Razz and well, the rest is history. (See: he doesn’t fucking remember.)

He hesitates to add the little shit but presses the plus button after a while. A few moments later, a snap arrives from the said little shit and Taehyung, again, blinks at the notification, the violet square taunting him with its bright color. His thumb hovers over the bright button for another few seconds before he says fuck it and opens the goddamn picture.

It's only for five seconds and Taehyung scoffs at that but he soon chokes on his cookies, sputtering for a while because goldenboijjg has sent him a gym selfie, sweat trailing down his deliciously tanned skin as gray shirt wet with sweat clings to his skin, showing off his prominent abs that Taehyung envies and drools over at the same time.

The picture reminds him of the last time they have been together; in that spacious bathroom smelling of sweet perfume while music plays loudly outside. Taehyung shivers and shoos the thoughts away. Not good, not good.

Fuck that goldenboijjg.

More like fuckboijjg.

Taehyung wrinkles his nose, almost pressing a finger on Jeongguk’s username and holding it so he can view the shot again and maybe take a screenshot for future reference or blackmail. But he doesn't, wills himself to Not Do It (Not Nike™) because that's not his thing. He isn't that kind of guy.

So instead, he bites on his cookie, tilts his head to the side, gazes at the front camera of his phone with a seductive expression on his face, collarbones exposed by the oversized white v-neck knitted sweater he's wearing and snaps a reply to Jeongguk, ten seconds because he knows he's gorgeous, looks fuckable and Jeon Jeongguk will fall on his goddamn knees - again - in front of him. 

Taehyung can't wait.

He chews on the rest of his chocolate chipped cookie, relaxing further on the new comfortable couch because the old one, like his unfortunate phone, bathed in alcohol. Jimin has been annoyed at seeing the white pristine couch looking like someone has sat there on their period but in actuality, Taehyung has spilled red wine on it, his favorite Merlot. Sad, really, Taehyung thinks, sighing at the thought of wasting expensive wine when he could’ve downed the whole bottle in under twenty minutes. Tsk, tsk.

A couple of minutes passes with him fucking around on Snow, sending Jimin cute videos of him with cute filters. Jimin sends back, just as cute and it has his day becoming brighter. Jimin always has Taehyung feeling happier, if not the most happy.

He’s in the middle of making a sassy pose to send to Jimin when a notification on Snapchat appears on his screen. It’s from Jeongguk.

Taehyung forces himself to not open the snap immediately, telling himself to chill. It’s just Jeongguk, the one he’s hooked-up with once or maybe twice. Nothing big. No big deal, as people says.

Twenty seconds, Taehyung counts, before he opens the snap and sees a picture of Jeongguk’s abs and hips and obliques and is that a towel wrapped around his waist? Are those fucking tattoos? What the fuck? When?! Taehyung’s mouth might catch fucking flies if he doesn’t close them soon enough.

He snaps out from his daze when the snap ends, seven seconds this time and only processes the words after, remembering the u look really cute, sugar attached to the picture.

Heck with that.

Taehyung doesn’t blush, it’s the heater. The heater is broken and it’s making Taehyung hot, red rising up from his neck to his cheeks, sweating under his fluffy sweater. Fucking broken heater. He’s going to complain to Jimin later and maybe the older will fix it or buy a new one.

Once that’s settled in his mind, Taehyung quickly double clicks on Jeongguk’s name and shifts around on the couch, watches himself on his front camera. After finally finding a good angle and a shot worthy of being on a magazine, he sends Jeongguk the picture of him splayed on the couch, now blonde hair a bit of a mess, one side of the sweater slipping down his tanned shoulder, lips quirked into a small smirk, and a perfectly trimmed thick brow cocked to amplify his expressive face.

Attached to the picture, he’s written, i know, thank you. you, however— with a thinking emoji. Taehyung knows he’s taunting him, almost insulting but this is how he works. If Jeongguk is not up to that then what’s he fucking doing having the title fuckboy? 

Ha, it’s funny how Taehyung has accepted that fact after a few times of Jimin jokingly calling him that. Taehyung didn’t even know that word existed until Jimin has pointed it out to him, showed him the urban dictionary definition of it.

( Taehyung has snorted, "That’s funny."

Jimin grins at him, shrugs his shoulders while scrolling down the page, reading more definitions than necessary. He says, "Well, it kind of defines you, doesn’t it?" Lips pulling into a wide grin, he lays his head on Taehyung’s shoulder, continues, "You do sleep around a lot and flirts with half of South Korea’s population." 

At this, Taehyung pushes him, mock offended as he gasps, "I do not! I have preferences, okay. A type, good quality and all that."

Jimin scoffs and pats Taehyung’s bare thighs only covered with a thin ugly pink shorts that he refuses to throw away. "Sure, you do, Taetae."

Taehyung takes a hold of Jimin’s hand and plays with his fingers as he pouts, says, "I do."

"Except when you’re drunk, hm?" Jimin counters, watching their fingers; Taehyung’s large hands engulfing Jimin’s small ones.

Sighing in defeat, Taehyung has relented, huffing out a, "Whatever."

Jimin ends up buying him a new Gucci shoes and that Cartier diamond love bracelet he’s been eyeing for ages afterwards when he keeps on sulking. Amazing, really, how soft Jimin is for Taehyung. In response, Taehyung gives Jimin a Gucci sweater because he loves his best friend like that. )

A loud ping catches his attention, taking him out of his reverie. He unlocks his phone and clicks on the notification from Snapchat user goldenboijjg. Taehyung should rename him in his contacts— hm, Later.

He clicks on it and prevents himself from fucking cooing because Jeongguk has sent a shot of him smiling, bunny teeth on show, eyes crinkling into small slits. He’s dressed properly now, in a bomber jacket and a Stussy top with a black beanie perched on his head.

me? i’m cute, aren’t i?, is attached to the picture and Taehyung subconsciously nods, catching himself after and pinching his cheek to stop, kim taehyung.

He replies quickly, taking a shot of him making a face, scrunching his nose and furrowing his brows as he pushes stray bangs out of his forehead, writing, cuter when ure on ur knees on the screen and laughing after, thinking of Jeongguk’s reaction to the text.

Not even a minute passes, he receives a reply. Taehyung clicks on it and respectively cackles, voice booming in the silence of the living room. He trains his eyes on his phone screen, mouthing, aw, thank you. want a repetition?  

Repetition? Taehyung scoffs because yes, he does but he also does not. It’s enough that his friends are constantly teasing him every time they get together, saying, "You and Jeongguk are cute together, Taehyung."  and "When’s the wedding?" or worse, "How’s his dick game?" Taehyung doesn’t even know his dick game— yet. He does know Jeongguk has a pretty dick (dicks are pretty? dicks are pretty according to Taehyung’s mind. don’t argue) and he wouldn’t mind having that inside his mouth once again. 

But— But Taehyung has already scheduled to meet Minjae later and there’s no way he’s going to cancel that for some basic fuckboy known as Jeongguk. Minjae is more important, and anyway, Jeongguk can wait for later. 

Yes, later.

Lifting his phone up to a high angle, Taehyung juts his bottom lip out into a pout, eyes doing that irresistible puppy dog eyes he uses to get away with anything and takes a picture, attaching, sorry, sweetheart. got something to do later. rain check?

Fucking rain check? Taehyung only remembers that he actually dislikes Jeongguk but the animosity has subsided to a soft buzz. He hasn’t encountered Jeongguk for days, almost a week, after that party and the other hasn’t pestered or annoyed him.

Huh, that’s new. Very new.

After sending the reply, Taehyung opens his KKT conversation with Minjae, sending a heart first before writing, still on later for movie night?

Minjae replies quickly with, of course, tae-hyung. already bought popcorn and cola for you ♡.

Taehyung grins to himself, ignoring the Snapchat notification from Jeongguk as he writes another reply to Minjae, okay! can’t wait! see you later, babe ♡.

After that, Minjae only sends a heart and Taehyung finally opens Jeongguk’s snap, a smile immediately lighting his face at the words attached to the picture of Jeongguk sipping on a bubble tea. He’s written, whenever you want, sugar and damn if Taehyung isn’t getting used to the fucking nickname. 

He knows he’s sweet but being called sugar? That’s definitely fucking new.

Nevertheless, he sends a shot of him posing with a kissy face.

What an anti-climactic conversation. 

Taehyung, honestly, has expected more. He doesn’t know if to feel disappointed or relieved that Jeongguk and him are becoming civil with each other. The thought, somehow, doesn’t repulse him. 



( Later that night, when Taehyung is hugging Minjae’s sleeping body like a koala, and somehow managing to multitask with his phone on his hand, he receives a snap from Jeongguk.

He snorts, muffling his laugh by hiding his face on the bare skin under him.

send nudes ;)

Taehyung replies with,

you wish, bitch ;) )


Civil? Forget that.

Taehyung stands outside the popular café called the Min’s, feeling like he could strangle Jeongguk there and then. Although he really only has himself to blame. It’s not his fault the topic of Jeongguk and his team losing a competition is better than the American election that, quite frankly, scares Taehyung to shits.

America is a mess.

And Taehyung is almost a mess with how Jeongguk is glaring at him. He tilts his head and smiles sweetly, batting his eyes like he hasn’t just written and publicized in their university’s magazine, Golden Boy: Losing his touch? as title, followed with: Lost his second competition this semester. in the font Helvetica, size 20 for the title and 15 for the eye-catching subtitle.

Lips still stretched into a smile, Taehyung acknowledges the other’s presence, "Hello, Jeongguk."

Jeongguk sneers at him, hands curled into tight fists by his sides. "Don’t hello me, Taehyung," He says, venom obvious in his voice. "Did you really have to write that shit?"

Taehyung blinks once, gaze innocent as he scrutinizes Jeongguk’s stance. He’s definitely to strung out, muscles tensed, veins bulging on his arms. Hot but Taehyung knows it wouldn’t be hot if those balled fists connects with his pretty face.

Still, he acts clueless, a brow raising in question as he replies, "What did I write? I didn’t write anything." 

A passing boy walks by them, coffee on one hand and a familiar magazine on his other. Jeongguk wrenches the magazine out of the boy’s hold, earning a hey! what the hell, dude but sighs in defeat when Jeongguk ignores him and throws the magazine towards Taehyung, almost hitting him on the face. Luckily, his reflexes is quick today and he manages to dodge the bundle of paper. He catches it with a huff before it falls to the ground and looks at Jeongguk with mirth in his eyes.

"That shit," Jeongguk replies, lips set into a deep frown. His brows are furrowed, jaw clenched tightly and Taehyung slightly— okay, immensely feels proud of eliciting such reaction from the younger. "What the fuck is that about?"

Taehyung flips through the magazine as he hums to himself and stops at the article about Jeongguk. He grins down at it, reading what he has written. Seriously, he should’ve majored in Creative Writing along with Theatre instead of Media and Communication. He’s a pretty damn good writer, if he says so himself.

"Well," Taehyung starts, looks at Jeongguk through his long eyelashes as his plump lips morphs into a smirk. "I didn’t write any lies, did I? All information are legit. Why are you so offended, Jeon Jeongguk?" 

Jeongguk stills for a moment, kind of freezes before he stomps closer towards Taehyung, invading his personal space and making Taehyung’s skin buzz. Fuck, here he goes again. Jesus, Kim Taehyung, control your tits.

"Oh, I don’t know, Taehyung," Jeongguk says, breath fanning against Taehyung’s face. His breath smells of mint with a hint of coffee. Taehyung hums, letting Jeongguk know he’s listening. He’s only half listening though, distracted with the way Jeongguk’s lips moves as they form words in quick succession. "You wrote, and I quote unquote, Is this the end of Jeon Jeongguk’s dancing career? Are we seeing the fall of the Golden Boy? Shall I compare thee to the day the Roman Empire fell?" Jeongguk says in an imitation of Taehyung’s voice, vocal cords hitting the deep bass but not deep enough as Taehyung’s.

Taehyung snorts in amusement; both from Jeongguk’s imitation and the quote he’s uttered. He still finds the last sentence funny, thinking Shakespeare would’ve been proud of him for butchering the infamous scene of the stupidly tragic play. Sadly, it’s also one of Taehyung’s favorite play, second to Les Miserables. 

"But," Taehyung starts, pauses as he retaliates with blowing air towards Jeongguk, breath smelling sweet, of hot chocolate and strawberry cheesecake he’s consumed not even ten minutes before Jeongguk has ruined his peace. "Was I lying?" He finishes, a taunting whisper delivered with a grin. 

It still doesn’t stop amusing Taehyung on how fast he can rile up Jeongguk, in any circumstances they end up with. Be it sexcapades in filthy bathrooms or PDA a k a Public Display of Animosity. The younger’s blood boils too fucking fast for Taehyung and his patience is admirable but Taehyung has always had the knack to pull the right strings to annoy Jeongguk. It’s a special talent by now.

Jeongguk’s nostrils flare as his eyes tries to drill holes on Taehyung’s face. Taehyung continues to smile, letting the sudden slight spike of desire settle on his bones.

"You’re insufferable," Jeongguk says, a weak reply to Taehyung’s taunt. Taehyung internally cheers for winning this fight. "You’re a menace."

Taehyung shrugs, nonchalant and not minding Jeongguk’s words. He doesn’t care, especially when it’s from Jeongguk of all people. The other’s opinion of him outside of sex doesn’t matter. Jeongguk’s opinion is nothing to the hundreds of genuine praises he receives everyday; mostly from Jimin and Minjae. 

"I know!" Taehyung chirps, trails a hand down Jeongguk’s chest before stepping back, away from Jeongguk’s heavy presence.

Jeongguk opens his mouth to say something. Taehyung watches him, entertained, but then he closes his enticing lips, making Taehyung wonder what he’s been planning to say. His questions halts when Jeongguk, in a flash, buries his fingers on Taehyung’s hair, pulls him closer and attaches their mouth together into a fierce kiss.

Taehyung’s surprised squeak is muffled by Jeongguk’s mouth who prods his tongue against Taehyung’s lower lip. Taehyung gasps as Jeongguk tugs on his hair harshly, fingers curling around the short strands, pulling Taehyung closer into the bruising kiss.

It’s really fucking hard to think when there’s a tongue inside his mouth and Taehyung tries hard to gain his composure, push Jeongguk away maybe because they’re in fucking public, this is not ofuckingkay. There’s nothing okay with this but Taehyung finds himself wrapping his arms around Jeongguk’s neck, ravishes the other’s lips in return, biting on plump lower lip hard until the skin breaks and the metallic taste of blood graces Taehyung’s tastebuds.

Even after Taehyung’s harsh actions, Jeongguk doesn’t pull away, lets his bottom be split open, tongue swirling with Taehyung’s own, a messy action that has their teeth clacking together, noses smashing against each other’s own, lungs burning at the lack of air.

A moan escapes Taehyung, muffled by Jeongguk’s lips but it’s loud enough for him to comprehend, to hear and to snap him from the daze that Jeongguk has dragged him into. Quickly, forcefully, he wrenches his lips from Jeongguk’s own, spit trailing after him at the action. He licks his lips, breathing heavily as he stares at Jeongguk’s expression. He looks quite debauched and Taehyung guesses he looks worse. Jeongguk has done a number on his hair and on his neck, he can feel the indents of the other’s blunt nails on his skin. 

"What the fuck," Taehyung forces out in between gulping much needed air and feeling mortified by what they’ve done. He chews on his lip, wincing when the action shoots pain to the swollen flesh. He hasn’t even noticed Jeongguk splitting his lower lip. Fucking Jeongguk. Fuck him, in the worst way possible.

Jeongguk licks his lips, looks more composed than Taehyung but still a bit out of loop, like his mind hasn’t caught up with him yet, or better yet, his actions. Taehyung doubts it. Jeongguk does shit after thinking thoroughly about it. At least, from what Taehyung has observed. Annoying.

"You asked for it," Jeongguk replies, voice sounding wrecked, scratchy and sexy as goddamn fuck. Taehyung’s stomach flutters, fucking bats trying to claw out of him at Jeongguk’s smoldering gaze.

Instead of melting into a puddle of goo or mud or whatthefuckever, Taehyung narrows his eyes, takes a couple of steps back, out of Jeongguk’s reach before he says, "When the fuck?"

Jeongguk smirks - the little shit - at him, injured lip obvious, slight blood still oozing out of it. Taehyung shakes his head and forces himself to not stare at the captivating sight.

"When you wrote that goddamn article," Jeongguk replies, runs a hand through his dark hair. He looks— well, he looks defeated, kind of and Taehyung wonders why; wants to ask but he’s not that curious. Jeon Jeongguk is nothing to him, after all.

"Again, when the fuck?"

Jeongguk shrugs, careless, smoothing his bangs back from his forehead. "Figure it out, Sugar."

"Stop calling me that," Taehyung snaps, brows furrowed.

"Hmm," Jeongguk hums, then smiles at Taehyung and says, "No." He then turns around and walks away, like locking lips with Taehyung in public after a fight - or during a fight? Taehyung is lost - isn’t a big deal.

Taehyung groans, watches Jeongguk’s retreating back before letting out a frustrated sigh, hands sliding roughly down his face. 




Traitors all of them; Jimin, Seokjin, Yoongi, even Namjoon! They are all traitors and sadists that likes to see Taehyung in pain, crying (fakely) on his tall glass of strawberry smoothie and a plate filled with french toast with a side of fresh strawberries and beautifully cut kiwi.

They’re having brunch on a Sunday morning at Seokjin’s place, just a few buildings away from Taehyung and Jimin’s apartment; a place a hell of a lot bigger and cozier, and well, cleaner. Different kinds of food decorates the middle of the table and his friends are chattering nonstop as they shove bits and pieces of fruits and bread down their throats. Taehyung briefly hopes they simultaneously choke on a seed or some shit.

He’d have joined in enthusiastically on the conversations, telling them about his day, the dream he had last night and the American politics that he has followed since that orange headass got elected. Taehyung is, admittedly, very well versed in World news, having grown up with a mother who talks about politics more than she talks about make-up or parties.

However, what his friends are talking about isn’t anything close to politics or academics or their days but Taehyung’s escapade with one Jeon Jeongguk outside the café last Friday. Fuck them, seriously. 

"So, Tae," Jimin starts, the little shit that he is. Why’s he best friends with him again? Taehyung doesn’t remember now. "This was something, wasn’t it?" He then raises a magazine, their university’s magazine, titled special release. It’s thin compared to the normal one in which Taehyung is familiar with and he groans mentally, externally frowning as he glares at the fucking piece of paper.

"Something," Taehyung retaliates, continues to squint his eyes at the words Golden Boy and Genius Sweetheart: A couple? Who the fuck wrote this article? Taehyung verbalizes the question, "Who do I have to kill for this shitty release?" 

Jimin snorts as he places a piece of sunny side up egg on Seokjin’s plate. Gross couple strikes again, Taehyung thinks, crosses his arms in front of his chest, feeling suddenly defensive.

"Bambam, of course," Namjoon answers after swallowing a forkful of pancakes lathered with copious amount of maple syrup.

Taehyung promises to choke Bambam the next time he sees the younger which is tomorrow. Ha, he better get ready, that little shit.

"And why are you all so interested in this instead of, I don’t know, the politics?" Taehyung scrunches his nose, leans on his chair and sips more from his smoothie.

Yoongi, mouth full of fruit loops, tacks in this time, "You mean the fall of America? Not interested. Your journey to love is better than losing a few brain cells in following that election." He sighs, adds, "No thanks."

Taehyung frowns, points a finger at Yoongi then at each of them, "I can’t believe you all are a bunch of gossip whores who doesn’t care for the good of the world! Socrates didn’t gulp down that vial of poison for this!" 

Namjoon bursts out into a laugh, wiping non-existent tears on the corner of his eyes, says after, "What the hell does that ancient man got to do with this?"

Taehyung furrows his brows, noisily chews a strawberry before saying, "Namjoonie-hyung, that ancient man is the founder of philosophy, sacrificed his life for the good of the world and you’re here discussing my non-existent love life?" Taehyung gasps dramatically, hands waving in the air wildly, almost knocking a pitch of lemon and mint water. "Blasphemy!" He finishes with a flourish, silence following his tirade, leaving him satisfied at his friends wide eyed expressions. 

Then they all burst out laughing at the same time, clutching their stomachs and almost choking on the unswallowed food left on their mouths.

Admittedly, Taehyung should have seen that one coming.

Fuckers. Fuckers, all of them.

"Assholes," Taehyung says, throws a kiwi at Yoongi, hitting the other on his forehead. "Stop fucking talking about Jeon Jeongguk. You all are going to make me commit."

"Ah, ah," Jimin gasps, still clutching his stomach. "But, Tae, doesn’t change the fact you like him."

"Uhm," Taehyung blinks, pulls a face of disgust, says with finality, "No. That’s gross." 


That’s gross.


are u mad?

Taehyung frowns at the message or well, snap. Again, it’s from goldenboijjg, that fucking asshole. How dare he send Taehyung something after what he did? Taehyung huffs, thinks of not replying but whines after and ends up taking a shot of him pouting, sending it to Jeongguk after with a few good choice of words attached to it. 

sorry. new phone, who dis.

Mad? Madness? Madman? Taehyung thinks of all the articles he’s read over the years, the news of people going crazy and ending up mad. The only mad Taehyung can think about right now is Ophelia; poor Ophelia going mad because of love. Pathetic but romantic 

Shakespeare is, truly, Taehyung’s favorite screenplay writer.

Throwing the thoughts of Hamlet out of his mind, Taehyung focuses back on the matter at hand. Really, Taehyung is not mad; he’s just— sulking. In short, he’s only acting mad. Although it doesn’t help alleviating the dislike he has for the other’s actions when Jimin or Seokjin or both are constantly teasing him about it over breakfast and brunch and lunch and snack and fucking dinner. He’s pretty sure they have made it their job to pester Taehyung about the game of tongue hockey he has participated with Jeongguk.

One morning, ten to be exact, while he’s shoving fruit loops down his throat, Jimin and Seokjin grins at him simultaneously before belting out the lyrics to Kygo’s I’m in Love like it’s the fucking anthem of the century.

Taehyung retaliates with a frown, mouth filled with cereal, preventing him from shouting at the two. Little shits, both of them.

"So, how’s lover boy, Taetae?" Jimin asks, a grin on his face. Seokjin nods beside him as he wipes some spilled milk on the corner of Jimin’s mouth. Couples, Taehyung grumbles internally.

Processing the words, Taehyung throws the duo an annoyed look, not quite awake yet to come up with something witty to reply. He ends up saying, "I don’t fucking know."

That prompts the two assholes to grin at him wider as Seokjin says, coos, "Aw, did you have a fight with your boyfriend?"

Boyfriend? Taehyung scoffs. Taehyung doesn’t need a boyfriend. He’s an independent man who don’t need no permanent man to tie him down. No, thank you.

As a reply to Seokjin’s insufferable words, Taehyung flicks a fair (see: huge) amount of almond milk towards them and watches as they shriek like the couple of overdramatic homosexuals that they are because they’ve already showered, done their make-up, donned on their outfits, and is ready to face the day looking immaculately beautiful. Obviously, Taehyung ruins that. Seriously, serves them fucking right. Ha.

Scoffing at the reminder of that morning and a couple others, Taehyung sets a plan to avoid the two the next day. Hmm, maybe he’ll stay at someone’s place—

At the scoff he lets out, Minjae trails his fingers up Taehyung’s bare legs and cocks a brow at him in question.

He should probably also mention that he’s at Minjae’s place, doing Netflix and Chill but more HBO Go and Blow. Taehyung’s jaw still aches from how long Minjae had him kneeling on the floor with his dick down Taehyung’s throat. It has been worth it, though, he reasons to himself because after Minjae has come, he’s laid Taehyung on the couch and proceeds to stick his tongue on Taehyung’s ass. A good rimming, that’s exactly what Taehyung has been craving for days on end and Minjae delivers the best he could, making Taehyung orgasm not long after he’s thrusting three fingers inside Taehyung’s asshole. Taehyung would give it 9/10 recommend, the one is for later.

"What’s it?" Minjae asks and Taehyung throws him his phone, the Snapchat app still open. "goldenboijjg? Isn’t that Jeon Jeongguk?"

Taehyung shrugs and says, "Yeah."

Minjae cocks a brow at him, "You’re talking to him, hyung?"

Wrinkling his nose, Taehyung thinks of the answer. He’s not exactly talking to Jeongguk. More like— flirting? Fighting? Flighting?

In the end, he settles for saying, "I guess?" 

"Hmm," Minjae hums, scrolls down Taehyung’s Snapchat, watches his story before poking Taehyung’s feet after a minute passes. 

Taehyung looks up from watching the television, the recent episode of Game of Thrones playing on the screen. His feet is perched on Minjae’s lap, comfortable there. He wiggles his toes as he turns his attention to the younger.


"Your boyfriend sent something," Minjae informs, continues in a teasing voice, "Should I open it?"

Taehyung snorts, digs his feet on Minjae’s side before wiggling his fingers towards the other, asking for his phone. Minjae hands it to him with some inappropriate wiggle of his brows. Fucker.

Turning his gaze to his phone, Taehyung clicks on the violet square, snorts at the black screen the message is attached to. Apparently, Jeongguk isn’t feeling as showy today unlike before.

tae. why are u mad

There’s not even a fucking question mark. It’s like a statement; why is Taehyung mad? Is he just being petty? Of course he is! But no one needs to know that. Especially not everyone’s famous Golden Boy.

shut up. i’m not mad. stop stalking me, Taehyung writes on the screen, the picture it’s attached with a scene from the show playing on the television.

Not even thirty seconds has passed and Jeongguk has replied already. Taehyung quirks a brow, amazed at the speed the other is replying to him.

"Hmm," Taehyung grins at his phone screen. Minjae tickles his feet, curious. He tells the younger, "Someone is desperate."

"Desperate? Jeongguk?" Minjae asks, now massaging Taehyung’s feet. It feels good; Taehyung sighs at the action.

"Yepp," He replies, popping the p as he opens the snap and can’t help but bite his lip to prevent himself from grinning at what he’s seeing.

There, on the screen, is a video of Jeongguk pouting, pulling a hand up to form into a please gesture. He nibbles on his lip after the video disappears, pondering on the written message attached to it.

let me make it up to you? ;)

That in a true fuckboy fashion. Truly amazing, the little shit is. Although, Taehyung doesn’t really know why Jeongguk is contacting him. Doesn’t the other have multiple of numbers listed on his phone for a booty call— or booty snap? Taehyung’s got Mad Mouth Game, yes, but he doesn’t think it’s that exceptional for Jeon Jeongguk himself to come crawling back to him after that one time with him choking on the other’s dick. 

Just to be sure, Taehyung opens up the chat and types, aw, you were that shook about my mouth game that you want more? ;)))))

Jeongguk replies with,

don’t flatter yourself ♡

do u wanna come over or not? 

Taehyung contemplates for a moment, stares at the television then at Minjae who’s watching him with an amused expression on his face then turns his attention back to his phone. He clicks his tongue, wiggles his toes in Minjae’s grasp before sighing, feeling somewhat defeated because he’s giving in to temptation. His mother would have been so disappointed in him despite her being proud of everything he does— well, everything he does that she knows. She doesn’t have to know about his— trysts.

cute. you don’t have to be shy, babe

fine, fine. give me the address. i’ll be your booty call tonight ♡

He watches as the reply sends, saving the conversation immediately less it disappears again like how it has a hundred of times when Taehyung initiates a chat conversation on Snapchat.

Jeongguk replies in under ten seconds with his address and a, i’ll be waiting ♡


And so, yes, fine, Taehyung has surrendered to the devil, the snake, and eaten the apple that he has forbid himself to not eat. Again. Sinners aren’t quitters and quitters aren’t sinners, as Taehyung likes to say since… now. He’s very articulate okay. Metaphors are his thing.

Giving in to the devil entails knocking on the door, having that door opened after a long fucking minute or so in which he’s almost frozen his fine ass up in the late winter weather, then being dragged inside the room in  such haste, such harshness, that it has left him squeaking breathlessly.

Jeongguk cocks a brow at him, a smug grin plastered on his face. Taehyung wants to punch that grin off his face with his lips. He might have if Jeongguk didn’t start opening his mouth and talking, prompting Taehyung to listen, unfortunately.

Taehyung’s motto when hooking up is less talking more fucking but apparently, Jeongguk is into pillow talk before fucking. Such gross do exist. Taehyung can’t relate.

"Thought you wouldn’t come," Jeongguk says, pressing Taehyung against the door.

Taehyung tilts his head, relaxes on the wooden surface and traces his hands down Jeongguk’s side, cold palms resting on Jeongguk’s clothed waist. He squeezes, a grin mirroring Jeongguk’s own morphing on his face when he feels the contours of the other’s body tighten, tensing at his touch.


"I said I would," Taehyung replies, face moving close to Jeongguk’s own, breath fanning on the other’s  face.

"Can’t take your word for it," Jeongguk shrugs and takes Taehyung’s snapback off his head, letting blonde hair fall into a mess on top of Taehyung’s head. Still, Jeongguk muses, he looks fucking beautiful. God has really done a good job with creating this annoying shit.

Taehyung chuckles, lips hovering over Jeongguk’s own, a teasing caress, almost taunting, "You wound me, my love. I don’t tell lies."

Jeongguk snorts, rolls his eyes and says, "Leave your drama bullshit out of this room. I’m not into that."

"Tsk," Taehyung clicks his tongue, shakes his head in faux disappointment. "You’re a hater of fine arts, aren’t you?" 

"No, I’m not. I appreciate them but not as much as you," He replies then a smug smile comes over his face before he’s murmuring on Taehyung’s lips, leaving Taehyung with hitching breath, the feel of soft and warm flesh against his own a new sensation after freezing his ass off leisurely walking there. "And not as much as I fancy you. Isn’t that enough?" 

Taehyung lets out a merry laugh, almost endeared, heart beating a mile a minute inside his chest after hearing Jeongguk’s words. It sounds like a confession, a line from some drama that would have the heroine swooning on their feet. But Taehyung isn’t a heroine and Jeongguk isn’t the leading man or vice versa. Still— What a charming young man, he is. Truly a travesty that he loathes him - except his Dick Game - with every fibre of his being.

"Flowery words," He says, the true actor that he is, flourishing the reply with smooth sentiment of one being swept off his feet. He isn’t; it’s acting. "But are you going to keep on spouting nonsense or are we going to fuck? I’m not exactly tolerating your annoying face just to have a chitchat against your door, you know."

Jeongguk sighs and rolls his eyes, somewhat amused then says, "Right, right. I promised to make it up to you. Well, here we go, Sugar."

No, being called that hasn’t really spiked arousal coursing through Taehyung’s veins. It’s— it did not.

Despite telling himself that, his skin prickles in goosebumps, a shiver running down his spine as Jeongguk crashes his lips against his, kissing Taehyung deep and hard, tongue swiping at his bottom lip before slipping inside, tangling with Taehyung’s own tongue, eliciting a moan from both of them. 

It’s always so goddamn filthy and messy with them; spit coating their lips, teeth clacking painfully, face pushed together as close as possible as they try to breathe in each other like they’re fucking thirsty.

Thirsty is a good description, Taehyung thinks, tugging on Jeongguk’s dark hair, swallowing the loud groan he emits. He leans on the door, pulling Jeongguk with him and ruts on the other’s crotch, feeling the bulge on Jeongguk’s cock connecting against his. He does it again, more forceful this time, body burning, needy for any touch.

Especially the little shit’s touch.

He sucks on Jeongguk’s tongue before pulling away, fists strands of hair in his hands and tilts Jeongguk’s head back, exposing his neck. He sees a hickey under his left jaw and grins, looks at Jeongguk with a cocked brow, inquisitive.

"Oh," Taehyung breathes out, licks his lips as he sets his hooded eyes on Jeongguk’s own. "Did you have fun yesterday, sweetheart?"

Jeongguk looks at him in confusion before realization comes to him, prompting a lazy smirk to grow on his lips.

"Hmm," Jeongguk hums, tilts his head to the side, exposing more of his slender neck that Taehyung wants to terribly snap or mark; he doesn’t particularly know yet. "Yeah. Lovely girl and better than you at pillow talk, at least."

Laughter comes out of Taehyung before he leans down, sucks on the mark and says, "Yeah, well. We aren’t really romanticists, aren’t we? The romantic era has ended with the released of Fifty Shades of Gray. Sweet love is no more and well, pillow talks are for lovers. It’s gross."

Jeongguk is silent as Taehyung runs his tongue down his neck to his clavicle, biting at the dip on his collarbone, nibbling lightly before planting a kiss. 

"Yeah," He finally croaks in agreement, voice strained.

Taehyung snorts then turns his personality a hundred eighty degree and glomps Jeongguk’s unsuspecting frame, wrapping long limbs around him as he coos, 

"You’re cute," He says. "Annoying but cute."

Jeongguk grips his waist tight, punching an air from Taehyung’s stomach at the bruising hold.

"Very fucking cute," Jeongguk says before dragging Taehyung to the living room and pushes him on the couch, leaving the other blinking up at him.

"Rough," Taehyung teases, grin on his swollen lips.

Jeongguk rolls his eyes.


Yeah, no. 

Jeongguk is not cute, at all.

Taehyung wants to scream but he bites his lip harder instead, clawing at the leather couch, nails digging on the cool surface. His forehead is dotted with sweat, some sliding down his temple and dropping onto the black leather under him. 

"Jeong—" He gasps, cuts himself off as his body jerks, hips twitching.

He doesn’t know if to push back or pull away, the sensation too fucking much but too little at the same time. All the dilemma bundled into one to make him a fucking mess on Jeongguk’s goddamn expensive couch. 

"Wait, wait," He squeaks then moans loudly when Jeongguk wiggles a finger inside him, joining his tongue that’s thrusting inside Taehyung’s asshole for so goddamn long now, he wonders how Jeongguk is not tired.

Jeongguk chuckles, breath hitting his twitching hole as he adds another finger, scissoring and twisting a couple of times until he finds Taehyung’s prostate. Taehyung slams his forehead on his shaking arm when Jeongguk presses on that goddamn spot. His body trembles, sensitive because yes, he has come earlier already, Minjae’s tongue doing what Jeongguk is currently doing but he’s greedy, somehow has been extremely tempted to see Jeongguk and here he is—

Fucking hell.

"You like that, Sugar?" 

Taehyung’s nails digs on his palm as he ruts back on Jeongguk’s fingers and tongue. He doesn’t reply, can’t fucking form a coherent reply when Jeongguk is pumping his cock, wet with pre-come. The lewd sounds of Jeongguk’s fingers slamming inside him rings in his ears, wet with copious amount of lube and the ridges pressing on his tight walls makes him clench his stomach. 

He wants to fucking come so bad. 

His cock twitches on Jeongguk’s hold and his hole tightens around the now three fingers Jeongguk has inside him, thrusting painfully slow before ensuing his vigorous movements, respectively leaving Taehyung trashing under him, hips stuttering as his toes curl, digging imprints on the couch, lips emitting a series of moans before morphing into pleading whines.

Taehyung is going to seriously cut Jeongguk’s fucking dick after this. He swears to God, he will. 

"Jeongguk," He forces out after gulping air, almost choking on it when Jeongguk widens his hole and thrusts his tongue between his stretched fingers.

He chants oh god oh god before Jeongguk relents, thumbing on the slit of his oversensitive cock, spreading pre-come on the head as he moves his fingers leisurely, now a slow delicious drag along Taehyung’s clenching walls.

Jeongguk drapes over his bent form, grazing the black and white stripe button up shirt bunched on his chest, half of the buttons gone courtesy of Jeongguk’s neanderthal ways. He feels lips on his red ear and he twitches, blinks his eyes open and stares at the dark leather under him. 

Everything is so heightened. Even Jeongguk’s slight brush of bare chest against his own bare back has him swallowing a groan. 

"Is this enough compensation?" Jeongguk nibbles on his earlobe, sucks on his pierced ears before adding, "Are you still mad?" 

Taehyung shifts his head, cranes his neck to the side and looks at Jeongguk with a weak glare. He says, heated with barely a venom in his voice, "I am." Then a smile paints his flushed face, still fucking gorgeous despite being wrecked in the best way possible. "Ride my dick and I’ll be good." 

It’s a joke because that rumor of Jeongguk not letting anyone near his goddamn asshole still rings in his mind. He doesn’t have a problem with it but he likes riling Jeongguk up, wants to see him flustered, perhaps mad. 

Also, it doesn’t really hurt trying, does it? Taehyung wants to watch his dick disappear past Jeongguk’s tight hole too as he fucks up into him. Sue him for dreaming. 

Regardless, what he has expected to happen doesn’t happen.

He has not expected Jeongguk to laugh and, in the sweetest voice he’s ever heard, say, "Sure thing, Sugar."

Nice— Wait, what. 

"What." Taehyung deadpans, surprised. He stutters, "B-But, you don’t— you know, bottom."

Jeongguk ceases his fingers inside Taehyung, the hand on his cock halting their movements. Taehyung wants to tell him to fucking continue but he waits for the other to say something. Taehyung’s cheeks is slowly but surely flushing even more red, embarrassed at rising the topic in the middle of sex. Jesus Christ, take the wheel.

"You really believed that?" Jeongguk cocks a brow at him, amused, almost chiding. Taehyung shrugs, or tries to with his bent position, ass on the air and Jeongguk’s hands slowly moving inside him once again. 

"I mean," He gasps out, reaching a hand forward to grasp at Jeongguk’s arm that’s pumping his leaking cock. "I don’t really believe anything but that one seemed," He pauses, digs his nails on Jeongguk’s wrist when he thumbs on the head of his cock harshly. "—seemed plausible." 

Jeongguk snorts and withdraws his fingers from Taehyung’s cock, shaking his head like what Taehyung has said was absurd, laughable at best instead of plausible. Bitch. 

"Well, Kim Taehyung," Jeongguk starts, looks at him with dark eyes, serious, intense, making a deep point as he says, "None of those rumors, as you all call it, are true."

Taehyung blinks, wiggles his body before freezing, Jeongguk’s fingers shifting inside his asshole reminding him that, yes, there are actually still fingers inside him. His cock leaks more pre-come. Fuck. 

He’d love to dwell more on the revelation but the arousal pricking his insides is getting unbearable. So Taehyung just nods and trusts Jeongguk’s words for the very first time.

"Fine," Taehyung breathes out, then says, "Just fucking— do something." 

"Glad to, love."


If ever someone asks Taehyung why he likes fucking, this is it. This. Is. It.

Jeongguk’s tight walls clenches around his cock, the boy moving in a languid pace on top of him. He wants to fuck him so bad, drill his cock inside him but Jeongguk is pressing him on the couch, his body glued to the surface, sticky with sweat and spit and come and— 

He thrusts up as Jeongguk slams down, cock twitching inside Jeongguk’s ass as the other looks down at him, hips gyrating in slow circles, teasing, lips stretched into a satisfied smile. He hates that smug expression on his face so Taehyung pulls Jeongguk into a kiss, lips slotting against Jeongguk’s own, swallowing the moan that emits from him when he slides down Taehyung’s cock, Taehyung meeting his movements with his own despite Jeongguk’s weak force of preventing him from moving.

Nothing can ever stop Taehyung from fucking up on that amazing tight ass.

It’s fucking lovely, how Jeongguk has slid down his cock slowly at first, bottom lip between his teeth, taking in Taehyung’s length with care. Taehyung allows him, watches his delicious thighs shake as Taehyung’s cock fully enters him. He breathes in then and Taehyung matches him, fingers clawing at the firm thighs propped on each side of his hips, the tight walls around his cock tightening, leaving him breathless and needing more.

He says, deep voice strained, "Move." 

Jeongguk laughs, moves his hips in small thrusts while trailing his hand up Taehyung’s tanned chest, heaving as he breathes through his nose deeply. A shiver racks his body when Jeongguk brushes against his nipple, twisting before leaning down and taking it into his mouth. Taehyung is left rolling his hips up to meet Jeongguk’s small movements, his lips parted as he emits groans after moans and once, a growl because Jeongguk is taking this teasing far too seriously.

"I want to come," Taehyung says, fingers shaking, eyes falling shut as Jeongguk starts bouncing on his cock in a rapid pace, face now buried on his neck, lips clamping on his damp skin.

 Immense pleasure courses through his veins, running rampant as he grips Jeongguk’s thighs tightly, pads of his fingers hopefully leaving a bruising indent on the tanned skin, just like how Jeongguk always leaves bruises on his. He bends his legs, shifting Jeongguk’s perch on his lap and fucks up hard on Jeongguk’s ass, leaving the other biting on his shoulder, his hold on Taehyung’s hips weak, allowing Taehyung to move freely. 

Jeongguk pulls his head up from his neck, looks down at Taehyung and despite looking wrecked as fuck, he still smiles, trails his hands up to Taehyung’s hair and tugs harshly, saying,

"Come on, Tae." He rasps, voice husky, sending tremors down Taehyung’s spine then pulls on the strands of Taehyung’s messy hair. Taehyung fucks up deeper inside of him, cock hitting his prostate, momentarily making him weak, legs and arms shaking as his body flushed an even deeper red. He continues after a moment, mouth on Taehyung’s lips, "Come, babe." 

He clenches his ass around Taehyung’s cock, and it’s so fucking tight. Taehyung’s hips stutters on his movements before he thrusts a few more times and comes with Jeongguk swallowing his loud moan, tongue exploring his mouth as he comes inside, on the condom wrapped around his cock. He sighs while kisses Jeongguk as he comes down from his high, soft and lazy, orgasm leaving him pliant to Jeongguk’s whims.

Jeongguk is still moving on top of him while his cock softens and it’s really too much. Coming twice a day is not unheard of but coming so fucking intensely twice today leaves Taehyung sobbing in overstimulation.

He pushes at Jeongguk’s shoulder, pulls away from the kiss and licks his swollen lips as he says, pleads, "Stop, you shit."

Jeongguk does not stop. He gyrates his hips on Taehyung’s cock, reveling in the twitch of Taehyung’s eyebrow and the tremble of his lips as his oversensitive body jerks, feeling too much and too soon.

"So," Jeongguk breathes, perspiration trailing down his bare chest. Taehyung scratches his thighs with his long nails, making him hiss. And yet, he doesn’t get off Taehyung’s cock. Fuck. "Was that enough? Still mad?" 

Taehyung glares at him, says, "Get off already."

Jeongguk shakes his head, smiles, "Answer me, babe." 

"What happened to sugar?"

"Right. Answer me, Sugar," Jeongguk rephrases, a hitch in his voice.

Taehyung bites his swollen red lip, eyes darting to Jeongguk’s cock resting on his stomach, untouched and bouncing as he moves. He flicks his eyes back to Jeongguk’s then says, 

"Fuck, okay. Fine," Taehyung nibbles on his inner cheek. "Get off already so I can suck your dick." 

Jeongguk laughs, wraps his own fingers around his cock and pumps slowly while getting off Taehyung’s lap, letting out a moan in the process when Taehyung’s cock slips out of his abused hole. He heaves a sharp breath and rests on his heels, watches as Taehyung winces then takes the condom off his cock, ties it before throwing it on Jeongguk’s living room floor. 

So hygienic, really.

"So slow," Jeongguk says, opens his mouth to add something but clamps them again when Taehyung suddenly is in front of him and promptly swallows his cock in one go, the sound of him choking music to Jeongguk’s ears. "Holy." 

Taehyung laughs around his cock, the vibrations making the cock inside his mouth twitch and for Jeongguk to thrust deeper, head hitting the back of Taehyung’s throat. It’s a familiar feeling, Jeongguk’s cock sliding along his tongue, fucking his face with no abandon. 

He moans, eyes shut as Jeongguk slams his cock inside his warm mouth, abusing the control Taehyung gives to him, fingers clutched around Taehyung’s blonde hair as he thrusts deeper, moans louder, fucks harsher. 

It doesn’t take him long to come, his release crashing on him unexpectedly. Taehyung feels Jeongguk’s cock twitch a few times inside his mouth before he pulls Taehyung’s face closer, slams his cock for the last time and comes inside Taehyung’s mouth. Taehyung breathes through his nose, swallows Jeongguk’s come sliding down his throat with a muffled hum, eyes shut tightly as he milks the other’s release, tongue laving at the cock as he pulls away. He runs his tongue along Jeongguk’s softening cock, sucks on the head for a long moment before pulling away completely, gulping saliva and come combined. 

"Damn," Jeongguk sighs, flutters his eyes open and looks down at Taehyung who’s cheek is now against his sweaty thighs.

Taehyung hums, nuzzles Jeongguk’s cock before sitting up and scooting away, wiping his lips of stray spit and come. He tilts his head at Jeongguk then, smiling despite his breath still coming ragged, his eyes a bit glass-like, mind in a haze of the lingering pleasure.

He says, voice coarse, "Goddamn."

Jeongguk snorts and tackles him to the couch, strong arms wrapping around him. Taehyung stiffens, surprised at Jeongguk’s actions.

He says, "What are you doing?"

Jeongguk nuzzles his neck, plants a gentle kiss on the bite there that’s slowly bruising, "Sleeping."

"Uhm," Taehyung squirms, suddenly so hyper aware of everything. He says, after a moment of contemplation, "I need to go."

Jeongguk stiffens beside him then sighs deeply, "It’s late."

Taehyung shrugs and forces himself out of Jeongguk’s hold, almost falling face first on the floor when his legs doesn’t cooperate, weak and aching. He starts to collect his clothes, quickly slipping jeans on, doesn’t bother to look for his underwear and slides the remaining buttons on his button up shirt. 

"It’s fine," He says, running a hand through his hair, grimacing at how filthy he feels, remnants of questionable liquid substance still sticking on his cooling skin. "I have something early tomorrow."

"Something," Jeongguk repeats, a brow cocking in question. 

Taehyung hums, "Yeah. Like, you know, writing that article about you slipping on stage while performing. An embarrassment, really."

Jeongguk sneers at him, eyes forming into slits, "It was raining."

"Hmm," Taehyung grins at him, mocking. Gone is the civil atmosphere. Taehyung likes this better than earlier. "If you say so." He shrugs, then adds, not letting Jeongguk say anything more, "Anyways, gotta go. That was good, Jeon. Let’s do it again some time." 

He catches Jeongguk’s dejected utterance of, "Yeah, sure." as he walks out, closing the door silently after him.

It’s cold, sure and he’s not equipped with the right clothing as he strolls the streets at three in the fucking morning, doing the walk of shame while looking like some has fucked his brains out to hell and beyond. But— 

But it’s better than staying. 

Taehyung hates staying. 


By now, it's become a game. 

A very interesting game, Taehyung thinks. 

Because the way Jeongguk looks across the club; dark eyes boring holes into Taehyung's figure and fists curling and uncurling on the small cognac glass on his hand as Taehyung ruts on the guy behind him, has Taehyung grinning wide, mirth dancing in his eyes and a spike of desire shooting through his veins like the sweetest drug he's ever taken.

He's never taken any drugs but Jeongguk surely feels like one.

Taehyung finds himself addicted and he can't even do anything about it. Except, maybe, hate himself in the morning for thinking such horrid thoughts about the fuckboy that is Jeon Jeongguk.

Nevermind that he’s also labeled as one. He’s an exception, okay. According to him.

He’s been dancing for a while now, letting the music wrap around him like a blanket, enjoying himself to the fullest. Obviously, that’s outlived when he feels piercing gaze on him; like a fucking magnet, he swears and it sounds fucking romantic but no. It’s just Jeon fucking Jeongguk staring at him with an intensity that can rival that of the sun, dark eyes trained on Taehyung while he stands by the bar, probably waiting for his drink. 

Taehyung sees him and it’s goddamn annoying how his body suddenly feels alive, blood pumping faster, heart beating like it’s chasing some invisible virus so it could kill Taehyung in one go. He watches as Jeongguk follows his body; the snap of his hips, the curve of his lips, the tilt of his head, the sweat trickling down his exposed collarbones. 

Taehyung feels exposed but it’s exhilarating. Like a game.

The chase has began.

Giving Jeongguk a last glance as the younger sips the last drop of his disgusting choice of drink (What proper twenty year old drinks a fucking cognac, the fuck?), lazy smirk planted on his face, Taehyung turns to Minjae who instantly smiles at the sight of Taehyung's beaming face.

He drops his hands on Minjae's waist and leans closer, eyes crinkling as his smile widens.

"Sure you wanna stay here?" Minjae asks, cocking a brow, amusement clear in his voice.

Taehyung tilts his head, blinks his eyes and acts innocent. "Why would you say that?" A pout forms on his lips that has Minjae chuckling at seeing it, forehead softly brushing against Taehyung's own.

"Oh, I don't know," he drawls, teasing grin on his face. "Someone’s watching us and man, if glares can kill, I would’ve been dead by now."

Taehyung laughs, a loud and merry one, at Minjae’s words because it’s true. Jeongguk is an obvious little shit, can’t hide his emotions for shits and it amuses Taehyung greatly. Compared to Jeongguk, Taehyung hides behind thick walls that’s hard to access, only allowing people he trusts to enter, always cautious, always doubtful of people’s intentions towards him.

Growing up showered with attention from all sides has its pros and cons. Cons is having one’s trust being fucked up over and over again. Pros? Hmm, he’ll get back to that but first—

"Fuck him," Taehyung says, mouthing at Minjae’s earlobe, nibbling lightly as he moves his hips along with the music playing on the background. 

Safe to say, Taehyung is at another party again. It’s become a constant in his life, parties and what not because university and college and socializing and hooking up and— it’s everything that he’s into. 

Once again, he arrives with Jimin along with Seokjin. Yoongi is MIA due to his inspiration kicking in the best - worst, Taehyung corrects - time possible. The older’s words, not his. Anyway, it’s not that grand of a party, just a small gathering of people to celebrate the end of midterms, hosted by Jung Hoseok, the university’s ever cheerful sunshine. Hoseok has made it exclusive due to the fact that the last time he has hosted a party, it has gone to shits and basically, he’s learned his lesson. Therefore, the dance floor isn’t as crowded, the music isn’t as deafening and the crowd isn’t as wild. Taehyung prefers these kinds of parties, if he’s honest.

Especially when the promise of getting laid is there, on his hands, served with a side of another one who will willingly take him home if the other fails to please Taehyung.

Truly, Taehyung is a little shit incarnate but semantics.

Minjae has turned him around, chin resting on Taehyung’s shoulder as he gyrates his crotch against Taehyung’s ass. Taehyung lays his head on the other’s shoulder, lids shut softly as he lets Minjae guide the dance; small flicks of hips, little squeeze of hands, soft kisses on neck.

Minjae whispers, "Didn’t you already, hyung?"

Taehyung blinks at the words whispered on his ears, eyes looking up at the strobing lights on the ceiling before he trains his gaze to Jeongguk who’s now talking to some girl, smile charming. Despite having someone in front of him, Taehyung can see, in the dim lights of the club - twenty twenty vision undoubtedly is a fucking blessing - that Jeongguk’s eyes, attention, keeps flicking towards him. He grins when he meets the younger’s eyes briefly, licking and biting his lips slowly, sensual at best before winking at Jeongguk who stares at him, lips forming into a small frown.

Taehyung beams happily.

Nothing better than dragging little shits off their high horses.

"I have," Taehyung hums, attention back to Minjae. He turns his head and plants a kiss under Minjae’s jaw, a soft caress.

"And?" Minjae prompts, squeezing his hips. "How was it?"

Funny how Taehyung can talk like this with Minjae. Or less funny but more peculiar and amusing because Minjae and him has seen every part of each other’s bodies, knows how they look like in pleasure but also know how they are when they’re calm or sad or anything. Taehyung has slept with Minjae more times than his fingers and toes can count and they adore each other incredibly. However, it’s not like that. Next to Jimin, Minjae is the one that Taehyung trusts with every little thing and they’ve always said, in between sucking dicks and shoving tongues down their throats, that it will never be like that.

Also because Minjae is Aromantic and seems to only like sex. Taehyung understands. He himself is fluid, pansexual at best. To discriminate some genders which regards to being intimate? Taehyung can’t relate.

Love is another matter, however, but that’s a topic to think about when he’s not trying to contemplate about going home with Minjae or seducing Jeongguk and go home with him or maybe steal the girl flirting with Jeongguk under the younger’s nose.

It’s a hard decision.

Taehyung hums, remembers Minjae’s inquiry and says, "It was fine."

Minjae snorts against Taehyung’s neck, tickling him in the process. He giggles, patting the hand the other has settled on his hips.

"Only fine? No ten ten recommend?" Minjae asks, voice dripping with humor.

Taehyung scrunches his nose as he listens to Kendrick Lamar sing headshot drank faded faded while thinking of the evening he’s chosen to leave Minjae’s place to trudge under the cold night towards Jeongguk’s place.

He sings dive with me on Minjae’s neck, then cocks his head slightly to the side, watches as Jeongguk pokes the inside of his cheek with his tongue as he divides his attention to the girl in front of him and to Taehyung whose lips quirks into a smirk at Jeongguk who can’t stop watching him. Ha.

"No rate needed. Everyone knows he’s a fucking ten ten recommend but not as ten ten as me," Taehyung says with a nod of his head to punctuate his words.

He’s more of a ten ten square or to the nth power, really. In short, he’s a fucking catch. Sort of.

Minjae pats his hips while chuckling, infinitely amused by Taehyung’s reply.

"You’re an eleven ten, love," Minjae says fondly.

Taehyung preens at the praise and grins at him before deciding to end this little game he has with Jeongguk and actually start another game with the other.

He turns completely on Minjae’s arm and cups the other’s cheeks, planting a quick kiss on familiar soft lips, breath smelling of expensive vodka plus a shot or two of tequila and another sweet liquor that Taehyung can’t quite place right now.

He says, "Hmm, gotta catch my prey right now."

Minjae rolls his eyes, nods as he pats Taehyung’s ass clad in tight leather jeans, says, "Good luck with that."

Taehyung clicks his tongue playfully, pushes Minjae away as he says, "Don’t need it. Has him wrapped around my little finger." He shows his pinky finger as he winks, satisfied smile on his face.

"Whatever," Minjae says, waving Taehyung away. "Call if something bad happens or when you need a ride home."

Taehyung nods in affirmation before he saunters to one Jeon Jeongguk who’s now making out with the girl he’s been talking with for the last couple minutes.

He thinks, I leave you for one minute and this happens with a mock disappointed shake of his head.

Tsk tsk.


Somehow, it’s really a goddamn wonder when it comes to the both of them. They end up in a dark corner of the club, lips attached, sucking on each other’s tongues with hands roaming each other’s heated body, ignoring the people mingling around.

Let them watch, Taehyung thinks, grunting at the force in which Jeongguk slams him against the hard wall.

Taehyung can’t remember how they ended up here when just moments ago, Jeongguk had his tongue down some chick’s throat and now it’s on Taehyung’s? What a fucking wild mess. Although, thinking about it now as they take a breather, Taehyung panting for breath while Jeongguk litters kisses down his flushed neck, he actually has been the one to initiate something. Surprisingly, the alcohol has made him brave enough to tap Jeongguk on his shoulder as he pulls a disgusted face at the PDA going on in front of him. A brief thought of it should have been him making out with Jeongguk? What the fuck? passes through his mind before he swats it away. Unneeded.

When Jeongguk pulls from the messy kiss he’s been participating on, Taehyung taps his foot on the ground impatiently. He knows he’s being a cockblocker okay, he does but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do and he can’t let Jeongguk settle for a six when a ten is waiting for him, right then and there, jesus fucking christ.

He has half a mind to act like Jeongguk’s boyfriend, catching the other cheating on him but he stops himself, not wanting to give others more reason to tease him on the daily. He wonders if Jeongguk also gets teased. He hopes he does because that would be unfair if he does not.

Jeongguk leaves another kiss on the girl’s lips and now that Taehyung can focus on the girl, recognizes her as Soojung, a course mate that he’s quite close with. Actually, scratch that, extremely close with if that peaceful night practicing together for a play turned into a wild one with his lips on her clit, eating her out enthusiastically, is something to consider.

The moment she sees him, she cocks a brow, a smirk playing on her slightly swollen lips, lipstick just slightly smudged to the side. Without a doubt, she looks fucking beautiful.

Taehyung grins then says, almost a whine, "Noona."

Soojung watches him, amused as he steps close to her and pouts, batting long eyelashes.

"Taetae," She says, a hand coming up to brush his bangs from his forehead, soft finger trailing down to his warm cheek. "How dare you cockblock me?" She sends a playful wink towards Jeongguk who flushes, cheeks blooming in obvious red even in the dim room.

Taehyung clicks his tongue and continues to pout at Soojung, face turning serene as he leans on her warm touch.

"How dare you not kiss me!" Taehyung gasps as a reply, widening his eyes dramatically.

Soojung snorts and pats his cheek before planting a light kiss on both his cheeks then on his lips, grinning cheekily as she pulls back.

"There," She says, clears her throat and throws a look at Jeongguk who’s standing to the side, watching their exchange with curiosity, something dark swirling in his eyes. Or perhaps, Soojung thinks, green. She’s, admittedly, amused. "Are you stealing that kid from me?"

Taehyung throws a quick look at Jeongguk then tugs his lips into an endearing smile, saying, "Nothing to steal, noona. Not mine indefinitely but for tonight he is."

"Fine, fine," Soojung relents, mock defeated sigh escaping her lips. "Can’t believe I’m surrendering to a fuckboy."

Taehyung laughs, eyes crinkling into crescents, gleeful as ever.

"Thank you, noona," He says, then adds, "Love you."

And well, after that exchange, now they’re here.

They meaning Jeongguk and Taehyung. Taehyung and Jeongguk.

Both of them.

Taehyung gasps between kisses, hands slipping under the other’s shirt, blunt nails scratching Jeongguk’s back, forcing words out of his mouth, "You totally wanted to go home with noona."

Jeongguk shoves the collar of Taehyung’s shirt to the side, almost ripping the loose black and white v-neck stripe shirt he’s wearing under the Haider Ackerman bomber jacket and respectively bites on his shoulder harshly, causing pain to shoot up Taehyung’s spine. He hisses as Jeongguk licks the blooming bruise on his tanned skin, mumbling,

"What if I do, hm, Kim Taehyung?" He nibbles on the spot he’s bitten, makes the wound look even worse than before. "You were enjoying yourself on the dance floor with that friend of yours."

Taehyung giggles at Jeongguk’s words, the way he grits them out like he’s consumed by an emotion that he’s trying to control. It’s amusing.

Jeongguk is so obvious.

"Are you jealous, Gukkie?" Taehyung teases, grabs Jeongguk’s face with both his hands and mouths at his wet lips, swollen, red, captivating.

Jeongguk’s lips pulls into a grimace, nose scrunching in that cute way it does when he doesn’t agree with someone.

"Are you delusional, Sugar?" Jeongguk retorts, mock in his voice.

Taehyung rolls his eyes to the back of his head, feeling like he’s talking to a child; a stubborn one at that.

He swipes his tongue along Jeongguk’s full bottom lip before biting on it, humming at the taste of Cognac De Luze lingering on Jeongguk’s lips. He fixes his eyes on Jeongguk then, humor swimming in his them as he meets Jeongguk’s own half-lidded gaze.

"Far from it, babe," Taehyung replies, shuts out the music suddenly blaring too loudly inside the exclusive club. "Just stating facts."

Jeongguk lets out a laugh, a sarcastic one at that, before he plants his rough hands under Taehyung’s shirt and on his hot skin. Taehyung shivers at the touch, breath hitching before releasing in a quick whoosh.

"Whatever makes you sleep at night, Sugar," Jeongguk says, flippant and continues his goal to decorate Taehyung’s golden skin with purple and black bruises, teeth nibbling gently first then harshly, prompting Taehyung to writhe against the wall, eyes shut tightly as pleasure courses through his veins, settles on his stomach and his goddamn dick.

"Fuck," Taehyung scrapes his nails down to Jeongguk’s hips, surely creating red lines on the other’s own tanned skin.

He feels Jeongguk grin against his skin which prompts him to retaliate with digging his nails harder on the other’s flesh, feeling satisfaction when he hears the hiss Jeongguk lets out at the action. He actually almost tears the skin but he lets up, not wanting his nails decorated in blood. After all, Taehyung isn’t that much a fan of blood— quite.

He ruts his hips against the leg Jeongguk has in between his thighs, the pressure elevating some of the desperation that’s starting to cloud his mind. A relieved sigh escapes past his lips when Jeongguk travels a hand down and cups his clothed cock, hard inside his tight pants.

"You are so—" Jeongguk starts, a deep rumble originating from the depths of his stomach.

Taehyung gulps at the sound before lifting his lips into an amused smirk, shaking his head in agreement.

"I know," Taehyung whispers against Jeongguk’s temple, tongue swiping at the sweat trailing down Jeongguk’s skin. "I’m a fucking delight."

Jeongguk hoists Taehyung up the wall like he’s goddamn fucking nothing, might as well be fucking air. Bitch, he can’t form any proper thoughts when all he feels is Jeongguk’s finger digging on his clad thighs, muscles straining at the force of his hold on Taehyung. Taehyung weighs more than sixty kilograms but right now, Jeongguk is making him feel like he’s nothing but a feather, easily swept by the wind.

He sucks in a deep breath as desire claws at his skin, goosebumps blooming as he shifts in Jeongguk’s hold, swallowing the sudden lump that has appeared in his throat caused by Jeongguk’s actions. Taehyung has never thought of himself on having a fucking— whatever kink this is but fuck him hard sideways to Sunday if this isn’t one of the hottest fucking shit ever.

"Jesus," He breathes, looking down at Jeongguk, eyes half-lidded, pupils almost blown into full black, so dark, mirroring Jeongguk’s own gaze. "Fuck, that’s so hot."

Jeongguk laughs, a deep one that melts with the song playing in the background. There’s some sort of smoke wrapping around the place and it’s fucking warm, Taehyung’s chest heaves a couple of times to take in much needed air. The smell of cigarette and alcohol and sweat and sex invades his nostrils. He moans, grip on Jeongguk’s shoulder tightening.

"Didn’t know you have this kind of kink, Taehyung," Jeongguk whispers, jostles Taehyung, prompting him to hold on to the younger tighter than before. Jeongguk’s eyes shows a hint of amusement, like he’s laughing at Taehyung and his dick for getting so hard at the simple act of being carried.

Excuse him, okay! Taehyung very much likes being carried around. Ask Jimin and Seokjin and Minjae and— some more guys. Honestly. But he’s never thought of it as sexual; more innocent, something affectionate that he shares with the people closest to him. Some partners have tried, yes, but they always buckle under Taehyung’s weight and height after a good few minutes. Jeongguk has been carrying him for more than five minutes and counting. His cock twitches inside his jeans. Fuck.

He remembers all the times Jeongguk has carried him but he hasn’t quite reacted this intensely, the arousal only simmering on the surface. But now— now—

Jeon Jeongguk has basically just tilted his fucking axis by doing this. Taehyung hates him so goddamn much.

"I fucking hate you," Taehyung says, leans down and kisses Jeongguk full on the mouth, tongue slipping inside past the other’s lips as Jeongguk holds him tightly, a groan delivered to Taehyung’s mouth at the forceful kiss.

Locking his legs around Jeongguk’s waist tightly, Taehyung grinds on the other’s crotch, ass meeting his hard cock straining on his pants. Taehyung does it again, muffling a grunt against Jeongguk’s lips as Jeongguk moves his hips against his, meeting Taehyung’s own movements.

As they pull for air, Jeongguk presses Taehyung’s back harder on the wall, trails his hands up to cup Taehyung’s ass, squeezes the firm flesh and says, "I fucking hate you too."

Well then.


Hate is such a loaded word.

It’s synonymous to loathe, to disgust, to detest, to dislike, and now to fucking each other in public because, obviously, they hate each other.

A loaded word indeed, Taehyung thinks, breaths coming in huffs as he shuts his eyes tightly, body jerking forward at the burning touch on his skin.

Jeongguk has three fingers inside him, thrusting so agonizingly slow then changing the pace, quick jabs of his calloused fingers inside Taehyung’s tight walls.

Fuck, Taehyung grunts, internally, externally, he doesn’t know and claws at the wall, shifts slightly, wants to widen his legs further but the jeans bundled halfway to his knees prevents him from doing so. He curses the fucking cloth, surrenders at the fact that he’s unable to move freely and instead continues to rut back on Jeongguk’s fingers, loving how his cock twitches and leaks more pre-come against his stomach at Jeongguk’s thick fingers making him feel so full but not full enough.

"Jeongguk," Taehyung groans, reaches a hand up to hold on to Jeongguk’s hand settled on his left hip.

Jeongguk hums, covers Taehyung’s back with his chest and plants a kiss on Taehyung’s sweaty neck, the skin flushed red, burning hot.

"Just fuck me already," He continues, squeezing Jeongguk’s wrists then keening at a particular thrust of the other’s fingers inside him. "Fuck, fuck. Do it, jesus christ."

Jeongguk snorts, the sound almost a quiet breath, and withdraws his fingers from Taehyung’s ass as he says, "Don’t need to drag divine creatures here."

Taehyung wants to kick him in the balls, seriously. "Just hurry the fuck up."

"Fine, fine," Jeongguk emits a mock defeated sigh as he tears a packet of condom, slathers his cock with the last packet of lube he has found in Taehyung’s pocket and drizzles the remaining on Taehyung’s hole. "Man, can’t believe you go around with lube in your pockets."

Taehyung breathes in and out, patience wearing thin as his fingers clenches and unclenches against the wall.

He retaliates, "Can’t believe you don’t."

Jeongguk taps his bare asscheek lightly, lining his cock with Taehyung’s entrance as he says, "Who said I don’t, sugar?" Then respectively shoves his dick to the hilt inside Taehyung, leaving the older gasping for breath, breathless at the sudden sensation blooming inside him.

"Holy shit," Taehyung moans, licks his lips and lets it kiss the wall in front of him. Fuck hygiene when he’s got a dick inside him. That matters more than any fucking thing.

Jeongguk heaves behind his bent form, grip on his heated skin tight as can be. Taehyung doesn’t mind because that’s the only thing holding him up right now plus the remaining strength left in him to thrust back against Jeongguk’s still hips.

"Hold still, hyung," Jeongguk grits out, presses Taehyung’s ass forward against his own, dick throbbing inside Taehyung’s clenching walls.

Taehyung emits a hoarse laugh, voice an octave lower. He can feel Jeongguk controlling himself and that’s not right. Despite being in public - semi public? fuck knows - Taehyung still craves for Jeongguk to let go, see him wrecked because of Taehyung. Or well, feel him. Same shit.

"Move," Taehyung rolls his hips, pushes his ass closer to Jeongguk’s crotch.

Jeongguk inhales loudly, grunts out a right right before moving, so fucking slowly it’s driving Taehyung insane.

When Jeongguk pauses on his movements, Taehyung whines, needy but then he notices someone passing by, their eyes squinting at the darkness of the hallway before spotting Taehyung with Jeongguk’s dick buried to the hilt inside him.

"No threesome today, sorry," Taehyung says, a hitch to his voice, corner of his lips lifting into a smirk. "Now, shoo shoo." He urges and cackles after the guy scampers away, eyes wide in disbelief and probably traumatized by what he’s seen— or aroused. Either way.

His merry tone is outlived, however, voice stuttering, laugh replaced by a series of moans when Jeongguk moves his hips, drags his cock out of Taehyung’s tight walls, almost slipping out of him which makes Taehyung’s hole clench and unclench.

He breathes, more like snaps, more biting than pleading, "Jesus fuck, can you move now?"

Jeongguk snorts, traces Taehyung’s fluttering rim clamping around his cock with his thumb, causing Taehyung to jerk, fists curling tightly on the cold wall in front of him.

"Is that how you're supposed to talk with someone fucking you, hyung?" Jeongguk says, sickeningly sweet.

Taehyung wants to cut his fucking dick right this instant but— well, he has a use for it. For now.

So he grits his teeth and replies, pitching his voice high into a whine, needy, an over exaggerated plead, "Jeon fucking Jeongguk, fuck me already. Please."

Jeongguk caresses Taehyung’s hips, grips tightly and says, mirth in his voice, "Good enough." Before slamming his cock back inside Taehyung, the force of it almost sending Taehyung plastered to the wall.

He lays his forehead against the surface, a keen escaping past his lips followed by a moan when Jeongguk does it again; slides out of Taehyung then slams hard back inside. Taehyung’s cock leaks more pre-come, standing hard against his clenched stomach. He meets Jeongguk’s thrusts, biting his lip to prevent himself from screaming when Jeongguk shifts and slams back in, hitting Taehyung’s prostate spot on. Taehyung fucking sees stars, his eyes rolling to the back of his head as he loses his grip on the wall, losing control of his limbs as Jeongguk ruts his hips against his, cock a delicious drag inside his tight ass, hitting that fucking spot repeatedly.

When he starts to double over, unable to hold himself up anymore, Jeongguk pushes him against the wall, not even halting his movements as he breathes against Taehyung’s ears, "Thought you weren’t into," He pauses, bites at the juncture where Taehyung’s neck and shoulder meet before he continues, a strain to his voice while still fucking Taehyung vigorously, "Exhibitionism. You’re just full of surprises, aren’t you, sugar?"

Taehyung reaches up and buries a hand through Jeongguk’s sweaty hair, tugging harshly as he grits out, "Ha, you wish. I’m just humoring you, sweetheart."

Which doesn’t really fucking makes any sense but nothing is making any sense right now anyways, so why the fuck must Taehyung?

He adds, "Pretty sure you’re the one who’s an exhibitionist. Bet you’ve got videos of yourself masturbating, you egoistic fuck."

Jeongguk thrusts deeper, harder, grip bruising on Taehyung’s waist as he pushes the older further to the wall, gluing his lithe body against it.

He mutters, nibbling on Taehyung’s earlobe, "Nah, only sex tapes."

Taehyung snaps from his daze at that, choking as his breath hitches in its inhale. He coughs, the sound morphing into a moan when Jeongguk doesn’t relent his rapid movements, even when they’re having this goddamn conversation.

"Are you for—" Taehyung pants, halts, and takes a deep breath, nails scraping down Jeongguk’s scalp to keep himself grounded. "—fucking real." He finishes and it’s more a statement than a question but Jeongguk chuckles anyways, voice coarse, sending jolts of pleasure through Taehyung’s body.

Jeongguk turns Taehyung’s head to meet his and slams his lips on Taehyung’s own into a harsh kiss, thrusting his tongue inside as he continues to fuck up into Taehyung, eliciting moans and groans from the other, his own sounds mingling with that of Taehyung’s own.

Taehyung’s cock is in fucking pain. Not only because it hasn’t been touched for a while but the way he’s glued to the wall disables him from gripping it, and every time Jeongguk thrusts into him, his cock hits the cold hard surface.

He thinks it might chaff, if that’s even fucking possible. He hopes it’s not or else. But, that’s— he can’t focus on that information right now.

There’s an immense pleasure and slight pain combination shooting through his spine at all the sensations coursing through his body. He clutches harder on Jeongguk’s hair, kisses back harsher, teeth nipping on swollen red lips, biting, splitting the skin because— because he can and Jeongguk only growls at him, plasters his clothed chest against Taehyung’s back, breathes on his mouth as he thrusts into Taehyung relentlessly, hips vigorous, punishing as he shoves his dick deeper inside Taehyung’s ass.

Taehyung moans, "Touch me, please. Touch—"

Jeongguk flicks his tongue with Taehyung’s own, relishing at the feeling of Taehyung’s piercing, cold metal against heated flesh.

"Aw, can’t come without someone jerking you off?" Jeongguk breathes on Taehyung’s neck, placing a - surprisingly - soft kiss on the damp skin.

Taehyung growls, ruts back against Jeongguk’s cock sliding inside him, clenches his hole around it and earns a tensed moan from Jeongguk. He smirks despite his body shaking from the intense stimulation, basks in the fact that he’s still got control over this escapade.

"Just fucking touch my dick, Jeon," Taehyung snaps, glares at Jeongguk, albeit the heat dulled by how his body jerks at a hard thrust Jeongguk delivers.

Jeongguk relents, pulls Taehyung’s upper body close to his chest and snakes a hand to the front, grasps Taehyung’s leaking cock and pumps with the same pace he’s thrusting into Taehyung.

Taehyung’s breath catches in his throat before he groans deep and fucks up towards Jeongguk’s hand then back to his cock. He chants close close close, a mantra he’s fucking familiar with, almost a fucking prayer.

Jeongguk huffs replies of fuck yeah taehyung shit as his thrusts loses the calculated pace, becoming small but quick, chasing release for both of them.

Taehyung comes on Jeongguk’s hand with a moan, head thrown back, laid on Jeongguk’s shoulder, hole clenching tightly around Jeongguk’s cock. His body trembles at the force of his orgasm, swallowing a cry when Jeongguk continues to move, small thrusts inside him, but still forceful.

"Come," Taehyung whispers against Jeongguk’s sharp jaw, the muscle tensely clenched as he breathes through his mouth, chasing his own orgasm. Taehyung clenches his hole around Jeongguk again and that does it. As Taehyung says, "Come for me, sweetheart," Jeongguk releases a guttural moan, louder than Taehyung’s own, swallowed by the music and the smoke and the pleasure coursing through his bloodstream.

Jeongguk comes inside Taehyung, ruts his hips a couple more times before freezing completely, lays his head on Taehyung’s slumped shoulder for a few moments. He takes a long inhale, eyes shut and exhales, breath stuttering in its release.

"Fuck," Jeongguk mutters, eyes still shut, still coming down from his orgasm.

Taehyung laughs, plants his palms on the wall, and says, "I knew you were an exhibitionist."

Jeongguk groans, replies, "You’re fucking shit at pillow talk."

Taehyung only shrugs, remembers Jeongguk’s words from before and says, "We’re not exactly on a bed."

"Right." Jeongguk huffs, then again, "Right."

Taehyung doesn’t say it but there’s something in Jeongguk’s voice that has his insides squirming. But that’s probably just him coming down from his high. That’s it.

There hasn’t been any disappointment in Jeongguk’s words.



It’s a wonder really, something that should be investigated with a fucking microscope and FBI and CIA and the goddamn police. Taehyung’s father would have a mini heart attack if he does call his uncle and demand for his— well, for this whatever relationship to be investigated by a spy.

Meh, his uncle loves him.

But Taehyung can’t help but ponder on how they, Taehyung and Jeongguk, sometimes just ends up— gravitating towards each other unconsciously like they're fucking magnets.

Sun and Moon. Moth to Flame. Peanut Butter and Jelly and all that shebang.

Because this time, this time, they’re not even on a party. They’re in a café and Taehyung is left all kinds of baffled at how fate works or glitches. Taehyung’s pretty sure fate is broken because what the fuck is this?

Despite not really liking coffee, preferring hot chocolate and tea, Taehyung stumbles inside a coffee shop. It’s small, inconspicuous and when he enters in a hurry, the bell above the door makes a sound, causing Taehyung to flinch, not wanting any attention to his messy looking self.

He looks like a cat; a wet cat that has fallen on a canal and is only able to drag itself up after a few failed attempts. However, Taehyung is not a cat and he definitely didn't fall into any filthy canal. Though he do is drenched from head to toe, the rain suddenly beating down without warning and Taehyung, the unfortunate university student that he is who decided to not drive his fucking car that day, ends up walking under the shower.

So, not wanting to get sick, the constant reminder of a play showing soon at the back of his mind, he ducks down for shelter in this cozy shop, smell of coffee hitting his nostrils, the hint of hot chocolate and sweets still obvious despite caffeine being the center of it all.

He’s shivering by the entrance as he looks around, wondering if it’s okay to plop his wet ass - no pun intended - on a chair and just— wait, maybe, perhaps call Jimin or Minjae to get him and force any of them to cuddle with him under unhealthy amount of blankets. He’s about to fish his phone from his pockets, muttering fuck it, if this phone breaks under the force of liquid then it’s useless when he hears a familiar voice saying thank you! wait by the side, please, prompting him to look up and— well, lo and behold, Jeon Jeongguk is standing behind the counter in front of him.



Jeongguk whips his head towards the voice, doe eyes widening in surprise before he actually smiles, looking young, warm, inviting.

Taehyung inhales, surprised at the turn of events. What kind of hocus pocus sorcery is going on here? His eternal fuck buddy who’s got Mad Dick Game is serving coffee and cupcakes with a smile on his face; that, you know, that fucking bunny smile that has Taehyung always wanting to squish the other’s cheeks for eternity plus a century or two.

Taehyung approaches the counter, somewhat hesitant but soldiers on while rubbing his arms up and down, saying a quiet sorry to the cleaner of the shop at the wet trail he is leaving.

Jeongguk is still smiling at him and Taehyung’s heart skips a beat— but it’s Heartburn; he swears to God he should start eating healthy soon. Tsk.

"Tae? What are you doing here?" Jeongguk says, blinks at Taehyung’s trembling figure.

Taehyung shifts, tries to shrug nonchalant but ends up shivering violently then says, actually stutters, "I— It started raining so I had to— Had to take shelter."

"Oh?" Jeongguk trails his eyes down Taehyung’s body, lips forming into a frown at the sight. "What about your beloved Porsche?" His voice is teasing, a good-natured one, contrary to the normal grating words he throws at Taehyung.

Taehyung’s lips juts out into a pout as he grumbles, "Didn’t drive today."

Jeongguk laughs, cheery as he watches the older mumble about luck, being unfortunate, and suing the Gods.

"I see," He says, then adds, "Want a drink? Something warm, perhaps— and a cake?"

Taehyung leaves the sight of the puddle of water forming on his feet, glances up at Jeongguk, confused, then to the menu board above the other’s head before saying, "Uhm, blueberry muffin, please and, uh, hot chocolate?"

"Hmm, yeah. Okay," Jeongguk hums, registering the order on the till. "Whipped cream?"

Taehyung nods, lips lifting into a smile. "Lots of it."

"Right. Just find a table and I’ll bring it to you," Jeongguk says and before Taehyung can open his mouth, ask about payment, Jeongguk reaches out, leaning above the counter, grabs Taehyung’s wrist with his warm fingers.

Taehyung shivers because of the cold and not because Jeongguk is touching him so casually, the shithead.


"Do you—" Jeongguk licks his lips, hesitant. "Do you want a change of clothes? Like, you’re wet from head to toe and shivering as fuck. I’ve got some spare ones with me. Don’t want you to get sick, you know?" He explains, eyes flicking to the side before landing on Taehyung once again.

Taehyung cocks a brow, feels warmth spread through his body before he stretches his lips into a teasing smirk, saying, "Aw, is baby Jeonggukkie worried about me? Don’t worry, even if I’m dying of cold, I’d still suck your d—"

"Do you want me to throw you out?" Jeongguk cuts, blush spreading up his cheeks.

Taehyung giggles, amused before shaking his head. "Fine, fine. Party pooper, hmpf," He huffs, playful. "I’d love a change of clothes yes," He says, smile now sweet, genuine, eyes soft as he looks back at Jeongguk.

Jeongguk sends Taehyung a fond look, catching him off guard, before the other rolls his eyes, says, "That’s right. This way, Sugar."

The nickname doesn’t bother Taehyung anymore.



It’s so goddamn warm, wow.

Taehyung is now out of his soaked clothes and is wearing one of Jeongguk’s huge Stussy hoodie that he’s seen Jeongguk wear a couple of times, hanging off his frame and now is literally warming Taehyung up to the bone. He covers his hands with the end of the cloth, making sweater paws before wrapping them around the huge mug of hot chocolate.

He shifts, sighs at the feel of soft cotton on his legs. Jeongguk has also, thankfully wowie, let him borrow a sweatpants, a grey one that fits Taehyung just perfectly. He thinks Jeongguk might not see these pieces of clothing again on his wardrobe anytime soon or at all, if Taehyung has a say on it. They’re fucking warm, he doesn’t want to let go.

Sipping from his mug, he looks around and finds the coffee shop almost barren of people. There’s a student a few tables away from him, hunched behind his Macbook with books and papers scattered on the table. Taehyung wonders, briefly, what the fuck he’s doing but then realizes that it’s almost exam time.

Fortunately, Taehyung knows his coursework; only needs to write an essay about the genre Noir for his Media and Communication studies and a paper script analysis about Waiting For Godot plus the end of the year play that he’s playing as the second male lead of.

It’s a stressing year but what can he do? He’s an overachiever, wants to succeed in everything he does and well, make his family proud.

Lost in his thoughts, Taehyung startles when the chair in front of him is pulled back and claimed by none other than Jeon Jeongguk himself. Taehyung blinks, cradles his hot chocolate closer, tilts his head to the side as he examines the other.

"Hi," Jeongguk says, almost shyly.

Taehyung reels back a bit, taken aback by this— Jeongguk that Taehyung has never seen before. It’s… new. Refreshing, and more than unnerving.

What’s the little shit planning now? Taehyung’s demise?

Nonetheless, he replies, calm, "Aren’t you working?"

Jeongguk shrugs, points at the clock hanging on the far corner of the shop and says, "Shift’s done. How are you?"

How is me? Taehyung thinks, repeats Jeongguk’s question to himself a couple of times.

"Uh," He starts, looks down at his now slightly cold hot chocolate then back up at Jeongguk who’s watching him with hawk-like eyes. Taehyung prevents himself from shivering at the intensity of it, and instead brings the mug up and takes a sip of his drink before saying, "I’m fine?"

A glint of mirth passes through Jeongguk’s eyes then, one corner of his lips quirking up into a small grin.

"Are you really? You don’t sound quite sure, Tae-hyung," He says, lays his elbow on top of the table, looking the perfect picture of comfortable.

Taehyung rolls his eyes and nods, "I am. This hoodie warmed me up, damn."

Jeongguk grins wider, taps his fingers on his chin while looking at Taehyung, gaze never leaving the older.

"Yeah, you look quite cozy in it."

Taehyung grins back, merry, "Sure am."

And this— this conversation makes Taehyung question himself for a moment, a maximum of thirty seconds in which he contemplates about their— his predicament. A predicament unseen by him, not even his dreams can conjure up such thing because he dreams in vague colors, vague scenes, everything vague, a blur of scenarios. But this one, here with Jeongguk sitting in front of him, it’s quite a painting, something that Jimin, the artist that he is, would not even dream of painting about.

It’s fucking ridiculous, talking with Jeongguk so civilly, sober to boot, no bite to their words, no venom spitting out of their mouths, no glare that could send one to the grave. In short, no animosity and that— sort of throws Taehyung off the loop, heart stuttering in its beat inside his chest before pumping rapid in pace.

He swallows, takes another sip from his mug and with voice small, almost inaudible, says to the swirling hot chocolate,

"Thank you."

Jeongguk lets out a snort, retaliates with, "Hot chocolate so good you have to thank it?"

Taehyung snaps his attention to Jeongguk, lips forming into a thin line before he kicks the other’s shin under the table, smirking at the pained groan Jeongguk emits a second after.

"I’m saying thank you," Taehyung says, slight bite to his words but there’s pure gratitude laced in it, allowing Jeongguk to see through Taehyung’s well built walls even just for a brief moment. "Thank you for— well, all these."

Jeongguk stares at Taehyung for a long moment, the ticking of the clock seemingly loud in the silence of the café and the barista now on shift cleaning the counters humming to the soothing music in the background.

He can’t help but squirm slightly at the scrutinizing gaze glued on him, tugging the ends of the hoodie’s arm, covering his whole hands as he waits, counts backwards in 17 16 15 14 13—

"You’re welcome," Jeongguk finally says, disrupting Taehyung’s internal count and calming the nerves trashing inside him. "You’re always welcome."

At that, Taehyung tilts his head, inquiring, "What?"

Jeongguk only shakes his head, secretive smile on his face and says, "Come on, hyung. I’ll walk you to your place since I didn’t drive today either."

Taehyung doesn’t pry.

After all, Jeongguk is nothing to him.



Taehyung does pry.

When they are walking from the café after bidding the other barista, Joshua, goodbye, they stepped out into the cold air outside, a light drizzle still falling from the sky. It’s not that bad, unlike earlier in which the rain sounded more like stones than water pelting against the windows.

Taehyung breathes in deeply, pulls the hoodie - Jeongguk’s hoodie - closer to him, hands buried on the pockets, keeping himself not only warm but also preventing this annoying urge to stick close to Jeongguk like a leech for some unknown reason.

Quote unquote, sarcastic roll of eyes courtesy of Jimin, unknown. Yepp.

"You work?"

Taehyung says, glances at Jeongguk with a small tilt of his head as the other walks beside him briskly, just half a step behind, looking forward like walking with Taehyung in a dark cloudy evening, drizzle of rain coming down from the sky, and  the air smelling of wet grass, of fresh, is something normal, not uncanny, not— weird.

Jeongguk turns to him, nods once as a small smile tugs on his lips, "No."

That’s very— informative, Taehyung thinks then asks more because he’s a curious little shit that hates awkward silences more than fucking on the beach with sand stuck on the crack of his ass. Yuck.

"So why? Did someone kidnap you and forced you to manual labor?" Taehyung widens his eyes, voice a gasp of disbelief at the end, humor mixed in it.

A laugh escapes Jeongguk before he shakes his head, stuffs his hands inside his back pockets and says, "You really think someone would dare kidnap me?" He snorts, adds, "But I know you’ll save me, my Prince Charming, if someone does." He throws a teasing grin at Taehyung.

Taehyung scoffs, lifts his hands buried in the hoodie pockets, fingers twined with each other in some weird gesture that Jeongguk seems to understand.

"A friend owns it," Jeongguk continues. "They needed a capital, let him borrow some money and it’s quite doing good, in my opinion," He explains, more of a list if Taehyung says so. He adds after a beat, rubbing on his chin, "Got a call today asking if I could fill in for a shift and well, I was free so I did. And also," He pauses, hesitant then says, "I like baking."

He swears to God, he almost dislocates his goddamn neck at the force of how he twists his fucking head towards Jeongguk’s walking form. Taehyung is too shocked to say something, just groans at the pain the sudden action elicits but gets over it quickly by tilting his head side to side before focusing his attention to Jeongguk who’s watching him with amusement clear in his doe eyes.

"Wait, what?" Apparently, Taehyung has been reduced to a broken record of what, wait, you, how. What a mixtape. Yoongi would be disappointed. ( Not that he wasn’t already what with how Taehyung butcher knifes all his raps on the daily. )

"What?" Jeongguk repeats, lips set into a tight smile, expression slowly that of his laughing meter bursting anytime soon.

Taehyung’s face must have been a ridiculous ugly masterpiece of shock if Jeongguk is refraining himself from laughing to that degree. He looks red in the face now, even in the dim lights of the shops they’re passing by and the lamp lights that doesn’t give much of light like they should.

He’s going to file a complaint to the government regarding that lamp issue but for now—

"You bake?"

Jeongguk, surprisingly, takes it in stride. He doesn’t get offended like Taehyung expects. All he does is keep mum, hums a bit as he fleets his gaze to the silent road, a passing car zooming by before planting his gaze on Taehyung’s inquiring form.

He says, "What’s your favorite cake, Sugar?"

Taehyung blinks, thumps his left chest internally, ignores the annoying nickname and says, "Strawberry Cheesecake?"

"Hm," Jeongguk nods and Taehyung is puzzled once again.

How annoying.

"Anyway," Jeongguk stops, faces Taehyung completely and dangles a plastic bag in front of his face. "We’re here. Here’s your wet clothes. Be sure to wash them right away or they’ll mold."

They will? Taehyung wonders, brows furrowing at the information. Really?

"Yeah," Taehyung looks up at his building, wonders if Jimin is at home or still on the art room and slaving over his piece. "Okay." Taehyung nods, looks at Jeongguk for a long time before sighing, shrugs his shoulders slightly and says, almost reluctantly, a sudden blush creeping up his face, "Thank you. Seriously."

Jeongguk reels back a little in surprise before chuckling, reaches out a hand towards Taehyung’s red cheek but changes direction and ruffles Taehyung’s hair instead, a fond expression on his face.

Taehyung still wonders what the hell is up with that. When has Jeongguk looked at him like that. When has he started ignoring Taehyung’s jabs of venomous words and instead only smiles at him fondly, like Taehyung is precious to him?

Because Taehyung doesn’t know and Taehyung knows everything.

He leaves the topic for later when Jeongguk says, "You’re welcome, hyung." It’s warm, genuine, soft like silk.

Surprisingly, Taehyung sighs in content, sends a smile mirroring Jeongguk’s own before schooling his face in the usual stoic one.

"Yeah." Taehyung replies, watches Jeongguk cross the street and to the building facing his, entering with a bounce on his step.



Thankfully, no other mishaps like the Coffee Shop Incident™ has happened since then.

Taehyung is thankful because he doesn’t know what to do if something of the sort happens again. He might have considered strangling himself or drinking a bottle of pure absinthe.

Either way.

Alternatively, the amounts of hot chocolate, matcha green tea and strawberry cheesecake he’s consuming as the days pass by is getting out of control. He’s surprised his teeth hasn’t rotted yet or that his stomach has not gone into sugar overdose or something. Fast metabolism is a blessing.

And what Taehyung actually means with no other mishaps is the nature shitting on him; that hasn’t happened again, thankfully. However, what does actually happen again is him visiting the cozy little café with Jeongguk, this time (and the next nth times) looking immaculate compared to the very first time. What also happens again is Taehyung sitting across Jeongguk inside the café, sipping on hot chocolate and shoving slices of cake down his throat while they talk about the weather before running to Jeongguk’s place to fuck— or something.

Anti-climactic, in a way.

But he’s now stuck in a dilemma; it’s nagging on him, pounding in his head like a goddamn prisoner that wants out but Taehyung cages them further, prevents the thoughts loudly banging inside his head from coming out and tells them to shut the fuck up, bitch.

They don’t.

The thing about Taehyung is— he’s actually a loyal person, no matter what he says, claims when asked about it. He might be a— fuckboy, whatever the fuck that is, but Taehyung is immensely fucking loyal to every person in his life.

However, the problem stabbing at him, is that he doesn’t fucking understand why, after a couple of times (see: more than his toes and fingers can count) fooling around with Jeongguk, there’s somehow this fucking rope binding him and disabling him from sleeping around like he usually do.

Taehyung is all about affection; he kisses, he hugs, he cuddles, he fucks but somehow, he can’t now. Or at least he can’t comfortably fuck someone without Jeongguk slithering inside his mind while he’s got his dick inside some random person or even a— well, long time fuckbuddy. There’s this annoying voice whispering in his head that he’s got Jeongguk now, for intimacy; for this and that and fucking.

Which is— what the actual fuck.

The only actual exception to this is Jimin, but Jimin has always been an exception. Everyone knows Jimin and Taehyung are each other’s exception; no one can separate them and control their actions towards each other. But Taehyung can’t probably depend on Jimin for sexual needs.

He needs to control, he needs to fall, he just needs.

Taehyung is needy in nature, sue him.

He thinks Jeongguk gets this, knows this side of him that requires attention, too much of it sometimes, and most of the times, just on the surface, simmering, and therefore, Jeongguk keeps pushing; asking Taehyung to hang-out with him, chill as he’s called it. Chill his ass.

And Taehyung? Well, he indulges Jeongguk.

After all, there’s no harm in it. Not at all.

Although, he admits he’s still just a bit weirded - and, admittedly, slightly flattered - by the fact that Jeongguk can read him this deeply, or knows that part of him, or even pays enough attention to notice that small fact about him. It shouldn’t be a surprise, really, because there are hundreds of people watching his every action on the daily and they probably know more about Taehyung - the one he shows them - more than him. But Jeongguk, in Taehyung’s mind, is an exception to the hundreds, someone that he’s deemed special in a way that along with Jeongguk’s scrutiny of him, he also gets to witness a new Jeongguk that he hasn’t yet seen before.

It’s refreshing, this Jeongguk that laughs at Taehyung’s insults, bunny smile on full show, looking godfuckingdamn the cutest bunny Taehyung has ever seen in his life. Jeongguk, the one who replies sure, angel when Taehyung hisses at him to gulp down his macchiato quickly so they can go back to Jeongguk’s place and fuck already, which actually results in Jeongguk drinking his beverage leisurely, leaving Taehyung seething on the sidelines.

Taehyung admits, fucking admits to the sin oh God Zeus Buddha help him, that it’s very fucking domestic, very— couple-y. And it has his mind reeling, heart pumping, beating loudly inside his chest whenever they meet and he sees Jeongguk’s welcoming expression, ready to wrap Taehyung in his warmth, his strong arms, his fucking addicting scent.

But Taehyung hates it all.

He hates it so much because he can feel the butterflies rise from his guts, clogging his throat, suffocating him with emotions that he doesn’t like nor want to deal with.

This results him to do some countermeasure; what he has dubbed as Damage Control Fuckboy Version or DCFV for short. He’s all about that acronym and shit. Jimin and his obsession with Twitter is getting to him. Jesus.

Damage control means Taehyung sashaying his way into parties that he’s sure Jeongguk won’t attend, grabbing someone who interests him and fucking them for the evening or night or morning.

Minjae, with fingers pushing against his prostate, eliciting a whine from Taehyung when he slows his ministrations in favor of talking, has breathed on his quivering thighs one evening, "What happened to Jeongguk, hyung?"

Taehyung, overwhelmed with pleasure, only gasps a, "What?" He’s not listening, at all. Talking with fingers abusing his prostate is just a fucking hard task; it’s impossible.

When Minjae pauses, Taehyung growls, contemplates on kicking the younger on the face before sighing, heaving a deep breath, says, "What is it?"

Minjae grins at him, scissors his fingers, Taehyung’s hips jerking at the movement, "I asked what happened to your boyfriend, goldenboijjg."

He blinks, face contorting into an ugly expression, lips forming into a frown before he utters, "The fuck?"

"Well," Minjae starts, peppers kisses on his tanned thighs, continues, "You haven’t called me since you started fooling with him. What’s the deal now? Did you fight?"

Taehyung scrunches his nose, fists his cock leaking pre-come on his stomach and breathes out, almost inaudible, "No." He pauses, continues to pump his wet cock then adds, "I fuck who I want. Don’t care about him."

Minjae only hums and respectively eats Taehyung’s ass when he growls in frustration once again.

Another time, when the thought nags him again, making him want to throw himself off the highest building or play in the traffic, Taehyung sighs in annoyance.

He hasn’t seen Jeongguk for a while and that’s— well, that’s been his plan, the countermeasure, the remedy to whatever his chest is telling him to feel. He’s not particularly letting his goddamn heart control him.

It’s mind over heart and all that shiznit.

Growing up to a philosophical father who’s a fan of Descartes and Kant, the rationalists, has made Taehyung question everything in his life, especially love. As a son of a divorced parents, Taehyung has seen love as a hassle, a work, something that has to be studied and mastered about before delving into it.

Sadly, Taehyung hasn’t really tried studying love first hand. He runs away before it develops further because it’s troublesome; love, that is.

He’s in the middle of watching a movie - Harry Potter again - with Jimin when he sighs and fishes his phone out. He scrolls through his contacts, tongue sticking to the side as he focuses his attention on the screen and not on Draco who’s being gay over Harry again.

A name catches his attention and, after a few moments of contemplation and a mouthful of popcorn, Taehyung finally types a message and sends it with bated breath.

The reply is instantaneous, allowing a grin to appear on his lips.

Thirty minutes later, the doorbell rings and Taehyung bounces to the door in all his ugly pink shorts, huge white knitted turtle neck sweater and bare feet, wrenching the door open, a beam already painted on his lips.

"Hyung," He says, eyes formed into crescents.

"Tae," The man greets back with his own fond smile, steps inside the apartment familiar-like and greets Jimin with a ruffle of his hair. "Hey, kid."

Jimin blinks at the sudden action, nods nonchalantly, eyes still trained on the television before almost breaking his neck with the force he’s whipped it towards the visitor.

"Minho-hyung?" Jimin exclaims, eyes wide, blinking rapidly.

"One and only," Minho replies, wrapping his arms around Taehyung who hugs his middle, grinning at Jimin.

"Wait— Tae?" Jimin looks at him, confused. "What."

Taehyung tilts his head, stares at Jimin for a few seconds before leaning up, whispers something on Minho’s ears and pushes the older towards his bedroom, a laugh escaping him. He watches as his door closes then turns his attention back to Jimin, smiling at him like he doesn’t have a man waiting for him on his bed, naked.

"What, what?" Taehyung says, large eyes wide, innocent-like.

"What’s that?" Jimin nods his head towards his bedroom, brows furrowed. He looks so fucking confused, Taehyung kind of finds it cute. He wants to squish his best friend but— well, he doesn’t think that would be a wise action right now.

Nevertheless, he replies, "The usual."

And Jimin knows what the usual means because that’s what Taehyung calls his booty calls or sexcapades or one night stands, whatever. But the confusion on his face doesn’t leave and Taehyung is suddenly jittery, impatient to leave the presence of his best friend.

"Uh, don’t you have Jeongguk?"

There it goes. Taehyung has suspected that, what with the other still having not stopped teasing him about Jeongguk. Though, at hearing the name, Taehyung freezes before he forces himself to relax, cocks a brow at Jimin, looks the perfect picture of nonchalance, of a smug man.

He says, "What about him, Chim?"

Jimin frowns, starts, "Aren’t you two— you know." He lets the sentence cut off, the implication obvious.

Taehyung’s fists curls into soft balls beside him and that’s enough for Jimin to let him know that something is up. After all, he hasn’t grown up with Taehyung and studied all his quirks all these years for nothing; Jimin knows Taehyung like the back of his hand.

"I don’t know, Chimchim," Taehyung replies after a beat passes, tone sweet, like he really doesn’t fucking know what Jimin is talking about but of course, Taehyung knows.

Of course, he does. He’s just— not up for discussing this shit today or ever or— Never ever.


( Fucking his Minho-hyung has always been an experience; a good one, a phenomenal one and yet— it doesn’t feel quite right, doesn’t feel as warm as before, doesn’t feel as good. Still, the desire courses through Taehyung’s veins, allowing him to sink into the moment and to warm arms and he takes it gladly.

It’s a brief moment of freedom, the pretense of not being shackled to anyone. Not with Jeongguk. And it’s fine, it’s good.

It’s good until Minho runs a hand through his damp hair, Taehyung still coming down from his orgasm, body twitching a few times before settling.

Minho says, "You did it again, didn’t you."

Taehyung looks at him, eyes squinted, trying to decipher his words, before croaking, "Huh?"

Minho smiles, massages Taehyung’s scalp as he looks at the younger fondly, "The same as you did with me."


Oh, well.

It takes him a few seconds to gather himself, and the silence that engulfs them in that span of time is answer enough to Minho’s inquiry.

Still, Taehyung channels his inner actor, says, aloof, "I didn’t." Then he adds, clarifies, "I’m not."

A soft laugh escapes Minho as he pulls Taehyung closer to him, plants a kiss on top of his head and whispers, "Liar."

"I don’t know what you’re talking about," He insists, bottom lip jutting out into a pout.

Minho tugs on his hair lightly, says, "Really, if you hadn’t ran from your feelings for me, we would’ve been happy by now."

The revelation makes Taehyung frown, then sigh deeply and breathes out a, "Yeah, I know."

"Mhm," Minho hums, then says, "So, stop lying to yourself, okay? This time around."

A moment of silence ensues before Taehyung mutters, "I’m really not."

Because Taehyung doesn’t lie.

Except that he does because being an actor requires lying and Taehyung is an avid fucking liar. It doesn’t hurt to lie about lying though so there’s that. )


As Shakespeare has written elegantly, “Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows.”

Well, Taehyung, like Trinculo, takes the phrase literally, and further than that, gives it a whole new meaning.

The amount of fucking he’s done in the middle of juggling both his majors, socializing with friends and cuddling with Jimin and Seokjin is, undoubtedly, getting out of hand.

His avoidance to the emotions brimming inside him, like a storm slowly creating a catastrophe unknown to him, some tornado called with the first letter as L and ending as E, is getting out of hand. Really, the days are passing by like bullet trains and it all feels like everything is going so goddamn fast. Taehyung can’t catch up and yet, here he is.

Nothing, none of anything actually matters right now, or so what Taehyung forces himself to believe. Anyway, it’s hard to think clearly when he’s got a bottle of tequila on his right hand and a shot glass on his left, his beloved lemon laid on the counter in front of him.

Funny how he always ends up with a bottle of alcohol when he’s one of the most lightweight drinker in this goddamn room. Oh, well. More for him. God bless South Korea.

"Jiminie," Taehyung slurs, mind abuzzed as he leans his head on Jimin’s shoulder. He’s only drank a couple glasses of wine and a shot of tequila, the bottle on his hand is quite misleading but he can’t seem to put it down. He should before he drops it and make a mess. Hm. "Jimin," He whines, nuzzles on the other’s neck when he’s ignored in lieu of talking to someone that isn’t as important as him. Blasphemy.

Jimin finally turns to him, squinting his eyes at Taehyung’s tipsy state, "Tae, you’re drunk."

A gleeful peel of laughter bursts out of Taehyung, his hold on the bottle of tequila slackening. His body trembles in laughter even though no fucking thing is funny but he finds all kinds of things laugh worthy when he’s drunk. That or he’s emotional. Sue him, okay.

Jimin gasps at the sight of the bottle slipping from Taehyung’s hand and quickly takes a hold of it, putting it far away from the laughing boy. He shakes his head, looking at Taehyung who’s trying to regain his composure but keeps on bursting out in laughter, voice drowned out by Selena Gomez singing i mean i could but why would i want to and still, it sends warmth blooming on Jimin’s chest, just seeing his best friend so happy despite being so fucking drunk.

He should probably contact Alcoholic Anonymous if Taehyung continues to drink every weekend but well, he’s always so proper on weekdays that Jimin’s brief worries disappears immediately.

When Taehyung finally composes himself, body racked in hiccups as he holds on to Jimin’s shoulder, he gasps out with eyes squinted into small crescents, rectangular smile formed on his flushed face,

"No shit, Captain Obvious."

Jimin whacks him on the back of his head before pulling Taehyung closer, perching the drunkard on his leg, almost on his lap where he’s seated on a high chair comfortably.

"Stay," Jimin demands, stern.

Taehyung nods obediently, plays with Jimin’s fingers before turning his attention to the one Jimin has been talking with.

"Oh, Hoseok-hyung!" He exclaims, another beam of a smile appearing on his face, directed to Hoseok who has been watching the both of them, amused by their— Taehyung’s antics. He would’ve tackled the older if his head isn’t pounding so fucking hard or that he has to quite squint his eyes to have a clear image of him. So, Taehyung clutches Jimin’s fingers in his hands tighter, lips formed into a genuine fond smile.

"Hi, Taehyung-ah," Hoseok says, calm, bright smile on his handsome features. "How are you?"

Jimin snorts, Taehyung jabs his stomach with his elbow in retaliation before replying, "I’m good, I’m good. How about you, hyung?"

Surprisingly enough, Taehyung isn’t stuttering nor stumbling on his words. Normally, when he’s consumed more than the prescribed amount of alcohol for him, he gets tongue tied, piercing making it harder to speak, disabling him from really forming proper sentences or say absurd things like there’s an actual bunny on the moon, jinnie-hyung. i saw it which— well, absolute bull. He and the others always take it in stride. Amazing.

Hoseok grins, nods and sips from his glass of white wine, says, "Just fine. Won another competition hence—" He gestures around at the grand place they’re in.

Oh. Taehyung blinks, realizing why he’s there and the cause of the party.

The university’s Dance Crew has won a huge competition, earning them praises not only from the school board but also from the media, gaining them more support than before. Taehyung briefly remembers Baekhyun mentioning the win on the group chat, Taehyung sending copious amount of emojis as congratulations to the team members that he’s close with.

He spends some time to take the information in before he bellows, "Oh, yeah! How did I forget?" He berates himself loudly then, ignoring his less than great condition, finally bounds up to Hoseok, wraps his arms around him and nuzzles the other’s neck as he says, "Congrats, hyung! I knew you could do it."

A pair of arms holds him comfortably, Hoseok’s laughter rumbling in his chest as he pats Taehyung’s back in gratitude.

"Thank you, Tae," Hoseok ruffles his hair then pulls back, holding Taehyung in arm’s length. "Did you congratulate Jeongguk?"

Incredible how the mention of the younger’s name sobers Taehyung up in a matter of millisecond. It’s like a splash of cold water. One moment he’s wasted off his ass and the next his mind is clear, focus, chanting the name jeongguk jeongguk jeongguk.

Fucking annoying.

"W-what?" Taehyung stutters, eyes blinking rapidly before he clears his throat, repeats, "What? Why should I?"

Hoseok and Jimin looks at him, dumbfounded then amused at how he’s acting. Fuck them.

"Well," Hoseok says, careful, like he’s talking to a child or an angry kitten. The latter serves to be more accurate when Taehyung’s cat-like eyes narrows, full lower lip jutting into a small pout, clearly knowing where the conversation is going. Despite the younger’s obvious disdain of the topic, Hoseok continues, a teasing grin now glued on his face. "Isn’t he your boyfriend?"

Oh my god.

Taehyung is going to commit homicide, mass murder, a crime. He envisions murdering his friends with a butcher knife but then feels awful about it so instead, he imagines burning all their prized possessions and that made him feel a tad better. Phew.

"He’s my fucking what?" He retorts, exasperated.

Jimin is laughing behind him, holding on to the counter for dear life, mouth agape as he bangs his small midget hands on the surface, looking the picture perfect of someone who finds Taehyung’s misery the funniest thing ever.

Jimin is cancelled. Soulmates cancelled. Platonic handjobs and blowjobs cancelled.

"Boyfriend?" Hoseok cocks a brow, not phased by Taehyung’s tone. "Yoongi-hyung told me about it. You should have also told me, Tae. Aren’t we close?"

Again, ohmygod.

Taehyung cannot right now. He’s so flabbergasted that he can’t form any words. His friends, truly, are traitors and likes to see him in pain. Fucking sadists. The lots of them.

"He’s not, hyung," Taehyung insists, stern, eyes narrowed, lips set into a deep frown.

Hoseok reaches out and pats his cheek, rubs his thumb on the blush that has settled there - when the fuck - and says, placating, "It’s okay, Tae. Everyone knows."

Fuck this.

Taehyung almost screeches but instead he growls at Hoseok then turns to Jimin, pushes his best friend off the chair, respectively sending him toppling to the floor, still laughing his fucking ass off and leaves the two who shouts, like annoying twins,

"Congratulate your boyfriend, Tae!"


Taehyung doesn’t fucking congratulate his boyfriend.

Because he doesn’t have a fucking boyfriend which he proves to everyone in the near vicinity and fifty miles radius by making out with Bogum, a hyung from his acting classes, and playing tongue hockey with Hyuna-noona who’s always teasing him about his (non-existent) rap skills.

He doesn’t care, he doesn’t care because their lips feels soft against his and their tongues tastes like vanilla and mint and vodka and chocolate and all the things that Taehyung deems is good in this world.

Bogum has said, in between kisses, cradling Taehyung’s neck softly, "What’s wrong, Tae? Eager today, hm?"

Taehyung only smiles, pulls the older into another kiss and forgets the reason why he’s doing this.

Right now, Trinculo’s words is his motto. Fuck Jimin and Hoseok to hell.

Hyuna has settled on his lap, arms around his neck as she litters kisses on his face before she whispers, lips still attached on his skin, "What’s got you so wound up today, Tae baby?"

A sigh escapes Taehyung then, his hold on her hips tightening briefly before he plants a kiss on her plump red lips, tasting sweet, of strawberry, his favorite.

He says, "Nothing."

Because, well, there really is nothing.

After going around, socializing with people he knows and doesn’t know, Taehyung finds himself face to face with a familiar person. He blinks, cocks his head to the side before wrinkling his nose in amused disdain at seeing the man.

He tries to side-step but the other follows his movements, so Taehyung turns around, ready to leave the same direction he’s came from but a hold on his wrist prevents him from moving further. A sigh then escapes past his lips, tired, exhausted, more annoyed than ever.

Facing the other, he says, "What’s it, hyung?"

Hyung, which isn’t really a hyung, that he pretends to not remember, smiles at him, tightens his hold before saying, "What’s the hurry, Tae?"

Taehyung clicks his tongue, wrenches his wrist from the other and huffs, "Not in the mood for this."

"Really," The man hums, eyes Taehyung intensely. "Just want to talk, that’s all."

Taehyung rolls his eyes, says, "Well, I don’t."


Taehyung swears to high heavens he almost screams to the abyss, to the void he’s so familiar with when a pair of arms wraps around his waist, body gluing close to his and a chin laying on his shoulder. He stiffens, wondering what the fuck is happening before he composes himself, swallowing dryly.

"Baby," Taehyung stiffens further when he hears the voice because the fates really hates him.

He’s about to kick Jeongguk on the balls - seriously, who the fuck does he think he is - when Jeongguk mouths at the back of his ear, whispering almost inaudible, "Go with it."

Hearing that, Taehyung sighs audibly, skin rising in goosebumps and suddenly too aware of Jeongguk. He relaxes his posture, however, after a while and quickly plasters a happy smile on his face, turning to look at Jeongguk with a lovesick expression that he’s mastered with all his years of acting.

"Love," He replies then plants a kiss on Jeongguk’s cheek before turning to his hyung, smile still on place.

Jeongguk pulls him closer to his chest and eyes the guy, cocking a brow before questioning, mocking tone to his voice, "Who’s this?"

Taehyung shrugs, pats Jeongguk’s arm resting on his torso who’s unconsciously rubbing his clothed tummy with a thumb, before answering, "Remember that ex I told you about?"

Jeongguk blinks, nods slowly, pretends like he knows what Taehyung is talking about when he actually doesn’t, then says, "Hm, yeah. That shitty of an ex."

The guy in front of them bristles, his hold on his can of beer tightening. Taehyung fears it might burst but well, he’s not the one going to be drenched so he doesn’t say anything, just grins and hums in assent to Jeongguk’s words.

"Yeah, that one." Taehyung nods, adds, "Sungjae-hyung."

"Oh? So, what are you two talking about?" Jeongguk, ignoring Taehyung’s indirect introduction, asks, like the man isn’t there, watching them with a glare. He’s being fucking rude, Taehyung knows. In fact, both of them are being fucking rude but it is amusing, worth the slitting of his ex’s, his once precious hyung, beautiful dark eyes, narrowing into a heated glare.

"Well," Taehyung starts, pauses to drink from his glass of wine - red, Merlot, of course - and continues, "He wants to get back together? Was that what you wanted to talk about with me? Like all the other times?"

Taehyung addresses Sungjae, tilting his head innocently, large eyes widening even more. He knows it makes him look adorable, cute even, so he uses it to his advantage to fuck with people. Like, well— Jeongguk and his ex. Huh.

Sungjae clicks his tongue and hisses, "I didn’t say that."

Taehyung cocks a brow, gaze mocking, insulting, "Oh, didn’t you? My bad. I’m probably remembering the other time. When you said let’s get back together, Taehyung. I miss you. Which, by the way, was bullshit."

Jeongguk, listening until then, rushes in, voice sounding offended, "What the fuck? You’re my fucking boyfriend though?"

Taehyung laughs, beautiful, melodic, head thrown back slightly, neck exposed and face a picture of absolute glee. It has both males watching him with fond eyes and the reaction Taehyung plasters on his face after is smug, cocky, corner of his lips quirking into a small smirk.

"I know, I know. Chill, babe. I was just about to tell him about it," Taehyung comforts, patting Jeongguk’s cheek softly.

Sungjae wrinkles his nose at Jeongguk, turns his attention back to Taehyung, and says, "Stop lying. You two hate each other." He cocks a brow, arrogant-like, then addresses Taehyung, "Everyone knows you two hate each other and you don’t stay in a relationship for more than a month."

Taehyung hums, tilting his neck when Jeongguk peppers kisses on the side, trails his lips down to the juncture of Taehyung’s neck. There’s a spark of desire shooting inside him and he can’t help but push closer against Jeongguk, not minding audiences. After all, they’ve done worse.

He looks at Sungjae then, with dark eyes, half-lidded almost, licks his lips before he says, "Nah, we quite love each other. Don’t we, Jeongukkie?"

Jeongguk halts in his ministrations on his skin, leaving the spot he’s sucking on and nods in affirmation after a while, replies, "Of course, baby." He looks at Sungjae then, expression challenging, "Do you want proof? Want me to fuck him right here in front of you?"

The other blinks and Taehyung has to bite his lip to prevent himself from bursting out into a hysterical laughter. Not only because Jeongguk is challenging the guy Taehyung has actually fucked in a semi-public place other than him but also because well, it’s funny seeing Jeongguk like this and Sungjae’s expression is also pretty amusing. Taehyung, to summarize, is pretty fucking amused to the bone.

Sungjae blinks at Jeongguk’s words, quiet for some time before making a face, a look between disgust and interest. He looks at Taehyung then Jeongguk then both of them, tangled together, comfortable.

He clicks his tongue once again, scoffs and downs the beer on his hand, and before he leaves, says, "No, thank you. I’ve seen enough of Tae, anyway."

Jeongguk tightens his hold around Taehyung’s waist while Taehyung laughs— or well, cackles, and shouts after Sungjae, "Ah, hyung! But remember when we had a threesome with Jeonghanie!"

Sungjae only snorts and waves a hand in the air, head shaking as he walks away, leaving the two; Taehyung with mirth in his eyes and Jeongguk with curiosity in his bones.


Taehyung turns in Jeongguk’s hold, the echoes of Hoseok and Jimin’s laughters coming with full force once he looks at the other properly. He ignores the mocking cackles inside his head, swallows, blinks once and cradles Jeongguk’s face in his warm hands, smiling at the other sweetly.

"Do you also want a threesome, sweetheart?"

Jeongguk stares at him, something passing in his eyes, hard to decipher but not like Taehyung is trying. He’s adamant on Jeongguk being nothing to him.

"No, thanks." Jeongguk deadpans, lips tugging into a grimace, expression that of eating something sour.

Taehyung laughs, pats his cheeks and plants a kiss on his lips, all casual-like, like his insides, his mind isn’t in turmoil every fucking time Jeongguk is in near vicinity.

"Not much into it, anyways," He says, leans his forehead on Jeongguk’s own and sways to the song playing, eyes shutting softly, eyelashes caressing Jeongguk’s cheeks at the action.

He hates the softness of it all but his mind tells him to keep swaying slowly to the soft singing of don’t put me on display, you don’t own me as he feels Jeongguk lay his hands on his hips, rubs up and down on his clothed back. He pulls the other closer, body colliding against Taehyung’s and when the song ends, the moment ends too; it’s so fleeting, like the smoke clouding his mind the moment Jeongguk has sidled close to him. It’s clearing now and Taehyung should feel horrified at what happened; everything from the moment Jimin and Hoseok has teased him up to this point, in which Taehyung’s heart is beating too loud with the bass, too fast with the tickling clock, too much to think about.

Everything is soft and intense and Taehyung doesn’t quite deal amazingly with the combination of those things.

So, along with the amount of alcohol he has consumed and a crave to break the emotions swirling in the air, wrapping them in a bubble, Taehyung opens his lids, looks at Jeongguk who’s already looking at him softly, and grins, lips lifting on the sides to a boxy shape.

"Now you can say your dream has been fulfilled," Taehyung says, teasing.

Jeongguk’s expression changes to confusion, a brow cocking in question, "My dream?"

"Mhm," Taehyung nods, eyes full of mirth as he says, "Being my boyfriend."

Unexpectedly, Jeongguk’s eyes kinds of do this widening in horror thing like Taehyung has said something that he shouldn’t or like Jeongguk has seen the ghost of someone he didn’t know was dead. Either way, he looks quite horrified, a moment of vulnerability passing through his face before he schools his expression into a smug one, scoff emitting from his lips.

"That’s my dream?" Jeongguk says, offended, shaking his head in mock disappointment. Taehyung can tell because there’s this smile on his face, like the moment a few seconds ago didn’t happen at all. "That’s bullshit. My dream is to fuck Gigi Hadid."

Taehyung plays along, happy that the moment they’ve been stuck in has disappeared. He gasps in shock, mock insulted, steps back from Jeongguk and lays a hand on his chest.

"Dude," He moans, pained. "I’m better than that hoe."

Jeongguk purses his lips, thoughtful, before grinning, bunny smile showing, prompting Taehyung to swallow the coos of cutecutecute trying to escape from him.

"Hmm, no," Jeongguk says. "She’s better."

"My legs are better," Taehyung argues, kicking Jeongguk’s shin with said legs. "I shaved. They’re smooth. Want to feel it?"

"Why the hell?" Jeongguk says, perplexed, then shakes his head as he loses the conversation, stomped at how Taehyung can go from one topic to a totally unrelated one. Incredible, really.

Taehyung shrugs, smile wide, eyes crinkling on the sides, the look youthful, mischievous.

He says, "Well, see. I was shaving my dick then figured out, hm, why not shave my legs too since I’m already on it. You want to know what else I shaved? My a—"

"Oh my god," Jeongguk interrupts with a groan, almost pained before he laughs, runs a hand down his face roughly. "T M I, dude. T M I."

Taehyung shrugs again, used to telling Jimin this information. He’s shameless, he knows. What’s the point of being shy to a person who’s already seen all of him? He really doesn’t see the point.

"So, do you want to feel my smooth legs?"

Jeongguk sighs.



Apparently, Jeongguk wants to feel his smooth legs badly and more if the way he’s kissing up Taehyung’s legs slowly, almost praisingly, is any indication.

Taehyung is perched on his elbows, watches as Jeongguk kisses from his right foot, up to his legs, lingers on the crook of his knee, tongue licking a stripe on the skin before continuing his ascend up to Taehyung’s thighs, bites a bit of flesh, nibbles on it while looking up at him through his eyelashes.

It is— arousing, so much so. Taehyung’s cock is hard against his stomach, slowly leaking pre-come as Jeongguk palms his other leg, squeezing the flesh of his thighs as he sucks marks from his outer to inner thighs, going up, still teasing with how he constantly goes up and down, not touching where Taehyung wants him to fucking touch, already.

He lets out a sort of growl, but weakly, frustration evident, the sound morphing into a needy whine, when Jeongguk finally licks the base of his cock, the action quick, almost making him believe that it’s his imagination. But Jeongguk’s grin tells him otherwise, face studying his expression. He throws an annoyed glance towards the younger, leg jerking slightly on the other’s hold.

"Fucking choke on my dick already," Taehyung hisses, eyes narrowed at Jeongguk’s smug face.

Jeongguk has the gal to snicker, lips pressed on the flesh of Taehyung’s soft tanned thighs.

"A moment," Jeongguk says, nibbles on Taehyung’s skin and continues his ascend of littering kisses on Taehyung’s golden skin, up to his tummy, where Jeongguk playfully fucking blows raspberries like he’s playing with a baby.

A laugh bubbles up Taehyung’s stomach at the action, despite the desire pricking every cell in his body. The moment Jeongguk repeats blowing raspberries on his tummy, Taehyung finally bursts out, squirming under Jeongguk’s hold. He doesn’t know what the fuck is wrong with Jeongguk, acting like they’re— well, they’re— something more. This is too domestic, Taehyung thinks but the thought is drowned out by the peals of laughter Jeongguk is drawing out of him, fingers now dancing on his sides, tickling with wild abandon.

"Stop," Taehyung gasps, almost coughs and chokes on his own saliva. "Please, Gukk. Stop."

Jeongguk stops and as Taehyung regains his breath, looks at Taehyung, eyes soft, formed into small crescents as he smiles then says, "You’re beautiful."

Taehyung’s breath quite hitches fucking loudly but he ignores that in lieu of willing the blush rising up his cheeks to disappear because there really is no absolutely fucking reason for him to blush. He’s naked under Jeongguk, has had his dick sucked by him, has seen him in the best and worst ways and yet, what kind of—

Taehyung can’t comprehend.

But he doesn’t have to.

Because Jeongguk is suddenly kissing him, deep, lips wet and plump and soft and breath warm against his, the feeling familiar, welcomed even. Taehyung quite welcomes him, Jeongguk’s tongue slipping inside his mouth easily, connecting with his own, swirling in a mess of spit and cold metal against heated flesh and moans emitting from deep within them.

He pulls Jeongguk’s face closer, swallows the other’s moans, and kisses him harder, almost bruising. He ruts his bare hips up against Jeongguk’s own bare ones, their cocks brushing against each other deliciously, the friction eliciting loud twin moans of pleasure as they pull from the kiss, breathing heavily on each other’s mouths.

Suddenly, Taehyung can’t think and all he wants to do is fuck Jeongguk or suck Jeongguk’s dick or something in the lines of fucking and sucking and curbing the pleasure coursing through his bloodstream, setting his body afire, skin prickling in a slight sheen of sweat as he digs his nails on Jeongguk’s tensed biceps.

"That," Jeongguk says, a breathy laugh to his voice. "Escalated quickly."

Taehyung snorts, grins, "Sure did."


It truly did.

Taehyung is chanting, "Come on, come on, come on."

And Jeongguk is taking all his time watching Taehyung glare at him from the end of the bed, fingers fisted on the sheets, clenching, unclenching, making the fabric look worse for wear. The air is thick with arousal, room smelling of sex, of the strawberry flavored lube Taehyung owns, of Taehyung’s distinct perfume, of Taehyung himself.

Now the air is also tainted with Jeongguk; the way the other sits back on his heels, cock between his fingertips, pumping slowly, leisurely, like Taehyung isn’t waiting for him to stick said cock inside his ass.

"Jeongguk," Taehyung breathes out, impatient.

Said boy tilts his head to the side, thumbs at the head of his own hard cock leaking pre-come, glides his palms down the length of it, captivating Taehyung’s attention. It has the older licking his lips, mouth watering at the mere sight of the simple but incredibly sensual move, his own cock twitching on his stomach.

fuck. fuck. fuck.

Taehyung curses all that is Jeon Jeongguk. But first—

Patience wearing thin, he finally kicks the other, almost toppling him to the floor which would have been funny but would also break the cloud of desire fogging their minds, bodies abuzzed by the immense desire coursing through their veins, making them desperate for contact, for a mere touch.

Taehyung pushes Jeongguk on the huge bed, pillows strewn everywhere, the duvet hanging off the corner where Taehyung has pushed it, half of it on the floor, half on the bed. Now Jeongguk is too, head dangling on the edge, neck stretched, Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallows a gasp of surprise at Taehyung’s sudden actions.

"Too slow," Taehyung says, straddling Jeongguk’s hips, settling his ass on Jeongguk’s lube coated cock. He grinds on it, hips lifting up just slightly and slamming just a tad harshly against Jeongguk’s hard length.

Jeongguk lets out a strained groan, hands coming up to settle on Taehyung’s tanned thighs, the muscles on his forearms tense, veins bulging out at the effort he’s using to control himself.

Taehyung doesn’t fucking understand why he’s repressing himself, but he lets the other. After all, it won’t be too long until Jeongguk snaps and comes undone under his palms. Taehyung will bask in the incredulity of it all.

"Taehyung," Jeongguk tries to move, squirming under Taehyung’s weight but Taehyung doesn’t let him change their position. He quite like seeing Jeongguk this vulnerable, his for the taking, there to curb the arousal that’s preventing him from thinking properly.

He moves his hips in circles, lets the tip of Jeongguk’s cock catch on the rim of his entrance, eliciting a whine from the other and prompting him to do it again, bottom lip caught between his teeth when Jeongguk’s cock slips just a bit deeper, his stomach tensing as a shudder runs through his body. Before Jeongguk can thrust completely inside, Taehyung shifts, allows the cock to slip out of him and leans forward, kissing Jeongguk on the lips, eyes taking in the desperate twitch of his brows, the frustrated snarl on his lips. He smiles at the sight, nibbling on the other’s lips, body now unmoving, all the more teasing.

"Sweetheart," Taehyung whispers, sucks a mark under Jeongguk’s jaw, tongue laving at the slowly reddening skin. "You started it."

Safe to say, Taehyung is petty and what people gives, they get it back tenfolds.

(Of course, only when it’s on Taehyung’s disadvantage. He’s too used on being on the offensive side to not strike back when done dirty by anyone.)

Jeongguk’s eyes, shut softly until then, flutters open, irises blown completely black, full of desire, of want, of need.

He moans, "Fuck, Tae." Then breathes out, "Just please."

And well, Taehyung isn’t really on his right mind to say no when Jeon Jeongguk is under him, begging to be fucked like the annoying little shit that he is. Still, Taehyung revels in the words uttered by swollen spit slicked lips, coming out a whine more than a demand. They settle on his glistening skin, on his fingers propped on Jeongguk’s hard chest, heaving in exertion, in anticipation of what Taehyung might do.

Finally, he licks along Jeongguk’s bottom lip, pulls away then reaches a hand back, grasping Jeongguk’s pulsing cock, twitching on his hold. He pumps his hand a couple of times, loves the way the veins feels on his slender fingers, thumbs on the wet head before aligning it with his entrance.

He doesn’t quite remember if Jeongguk has prepared him enough, or used enough of his strawberry flavored lube or— But Taehyung doesn’t really mind. He’s fucked on worse circumstances and being less prepared has never made him back out from good fucking.

Taking a deep breath, he wiggles on Jeongguk’s lap, thighs aching as he lifts his hips and before Jeongguk can say anything, he slides down the hard length in one go, gritting his teeth as Jeongguk’s cock stretches him, the burn painful as motherfuck but familiar, setting his body ablaze, sending shivers down his spine, making his thighs tremble at the fullness of it all.

It’s too fucking much, Taehyung thinks, breathes out externally, "Oh."

And Jeongguk groans loudly, probably too fucking loud but it’s music to Taehyung’s ears, has his eyes sliding shut as he feels Jeongguk’s cock twitch inside him, settles for a while, before Jeongguk starts thrusting his hips up a little, hold on Taehyung’s thighs tightening as he forces himself to start small, slow, the drag of his cock along Taehyung’s insides bliss to both of them.

Taehyung finally regains his composure after a moment of Jeongguk pushing inside him in a lazy pace, almost lethargic in his movements. He wets his lips, looks down at Jeongguk whose face is flushed red, still hanging off the corner of the bed, the veins on his neck prominent, his breathing ragged, heavy as he lifts his hips and meets Taehyung’s unmoving one.

Licking his lips again, Taehyung plants his palms on Jeongguk’s slicked chest, beads of sweat gathering on the flesh, before mustering all his strength to lift his ass from Jeongguk’s cock, the head almost slipping past his rim before falling down once again, his breath coming out of him in a rush at the force, stomach clenching and cock twitching against his stomach. He takes a hold of it, pumps his cock along with bouncing on Jeongguk’s lap in a hurried pace, his skin prickling with the need to comecomecome.

Clenching his ass around Jeongguk’s cock, he leans forward, mouths at Jeongguk’s Adam’s apple, whispers, "That’s all you got, Jeon?" Before he doubles his work, ass slapping against Jeongguk’s thighs as he slams his hips down on Jeongguk’s cock, shifting a little every time until the tip of Jeongguk’s cock hits his prostate, making him stutter in his movements, a coughing sob escaping past his lips as he digs his nails on Jeongguk’s pectorals.

Processing the words a long beat after Taehyung has uttered it, Jeongguk snaps out of his pleasure daze, prompted by the challenge and takes a hold of Taehyung’s waist tightly, disabling the older from moving further before he shoves his cock deeper, at the perfect angle, and moves faster, leaving Taehyung breathless and cursing Jeongguk, voice hitching every now and then as his body trembles on Jeongguk’s hold.

Taehyung has his head thrown back, back arched, curved painfully, and eyes shut tightly, mouth gaping and emitting moans after moans, mirroring Jeongguk’s own groans and grunts and moans of pleasure as he relentlessly thrusts inside Taehyung, hard cock abusing the other’s prostate with no abandon, basking in the quiver of Taehyung’s thighs beside his body, of his arms shaking in front of him, trying to hold him up but almost failing so.

A grand sight. A beautiful scene.

Forcing himself to sit up on the bed, Jeongguk halts his movements, prompting Taehyung to whine then hiss in displeasure, scratching at his chest as he tries to bounce on Jeongguk’s lap, his cock bouncing along, wet with pre-come. Jeongguk cranes his neck side to side, elevating the pain from his head hanging in the air for a long time before pulling Taehyung close to him, bare chests stuck to each other, Taehyung’s dick twitching at the sudden friction in between them.

"What do you want, baby?" Jeongguk teases, a revenge to Taehyung’s actions from earlier.

Taehyung sucks in a breath through his gritted teeth, eyes still half-lidded as he looks at Jeongguk, gaze desperate, wet red lips opening to utter a reply.

Jeongguk thrusts up, the palm on his back prohibiting him from squirming out of Jeongguk’s hold or from pleasuring himself on his own by perusing Jeongguk’s cock, of course.

"Fuck," Taehyung chokes out, toes curling on the white sheets under, palms coming up to wrap around Jeongguk’s neck tightly, face buried on the column of the other’s neck. "Fuck me," He says, almost growls in frustration bordering in annoyance. "Fuck me, you little shit."

And well, Jeongguk does.

He topples both Taehyung and him to the bed, his cock slipping out of Taehyung’s ass momentarily before caging the other with his arms and shoving his cock inside Taehyung’s gaping hole once again. He takes a deep breath in which Taehyung emits another demand of fuck me, jeon before he thrusts fully inside, balls fucking deep, punching a breath out of Taehyung, the sound followed by a groan of content.

Finally seated inside Taehyung once again, Jeongguk fucks up into him faster, harder, just like Taehyung wants, hips never stuttering in their movements of fucking Taehyung into a mess under him.

Despite being fucked into the mattress, however, Taehyung still can’t shut up. In between Jeongguk hitting his prostate again and again and letting out moans after moans, voice becoming hoarse from overuse, he still has the mind to rile Jeongguk up, like it’s his job to do it no matter the circumstances.

With Jeongguk drilling his dick inside him, neglecting his own painful cock between them, Taehyung yelps, almost shrieks, "You gotta do—" He pauses, pulls Jeongguk’s hair harshly, almost fucking sure he’s pulled a few strands off the other’s scalp. "—better than this."

Jeongguk laughs, a cackle as he looks down at Taehyung, his bruising grip on the other’s hips tightening all the more before a hand relents, releases his hold and creeps up to Taehyung’s chest. Taehyung is hyperaware of Jeongguk’s fingers stopping to flick his nipple, twisting it painfully, making him jerk, body arching off the bed before settling back when Jeongguk soothes it with a soft caress. He continues his hand’s ascend up to Taehyung’s collarbone, tracing the prominent bone and the valley of it, thumb soft before suddenly, Taehyung can’t breathe.

He doesn’t know how to respond to the sudden act for a moment, shocked by Jeongguk’s actions but then his lips curls slightly at the corner, thoughts of Jeongguk finally losing control, of letting go burning his insides, making his stomach burst in wild butterflies, giddy at the prospect of it all.

Jeongguk flexes his fingers around Taehyung’s slender neck, feels his Adam’s apple bob in his light hold. Taehyung watches Jeongguk with wide eyes; not scared but anticipating, waiting.

"You’re a fucker," Jeongguk states. "Aren’t you?"

Taehyung uncurls his fisted hands and grabs Jeongguk’s wrist, fingers curling around the twitching arm in front of him as he grins, forming a boxy smile as Jeongguk continues his movements, never losing the fast pace in which his cock is thrusting inside Taehyung’s tight hole.

"I am," Taehyung gasps then shuts his eyes before pushing Jeongguk’s hand wrapped around his neck further, urging him to do it do it do it, the words unuttered but lingered in the way Taehyung bites his bottom lip, chest heaving as he breathes deep, neck tilting back in invitation, exposed to Jeongguk who watches him with rapt attention.

There’s a stutter in Jeongguk’s movements, hips losing the perfect pace he has set since a while ago and Taehyung’s heart stutters with him before beating wildly. It becomes a loud drum in his chest when Jeongguk slowly, carefully, puts slight pressure on his fingers around Taehyung’s neck, making sure that he’s not pressing on the wrong nerve but the right one.

Taehyung is losing that rational part of his mind— but well, when has he ever been rational (when it comes to Jeongguk)? Rationality only comes to play in serious situations, and other than that, Taehyung is carefree.

He’s reckless, an abundance of dos to people’s don’ts, a wild child always thirsty for anything and everything and nothing. However, whatever clear thoughts he has is disappearing quickly, his eyes rolling to the back of his head as he tries to gulp for much needed air but can’t can’t can’t. His body shakes, almost convulsing at the sudden intensity of how their simple escapade is turning out to be.

Wrapping his legs around Jeongguk’s waist tighter, Taehyung pulls the other closer, albeit weakly as he chokes on a moan, cock pulsing angry red on his stomach, pre-come sliding down the length as he revels in the way Jeongguk’s fingers presses on the skin of his neck, somewhat shaking but sure, just testing for a few seconds before being complete, confidence replacing his aura, thumb pressing on the side of Taehyung’s neck harder, making Taehyung lightheaded, feeling like he’s going to fall unconscious but still somehow, everything is heightened.

The pleasure creeping up his spine, running through his veins and settling on the pit of his stomach is too much. His neglected cock, wet and needy and desperate to be touched is so fucking painful, twitching constantly, ready to burst, to release. His hand falls from Jeongguk’s wrist, settling beside him and fisting the sheets under roughly, nails digging on the wrinkled cloth as he bucks his hips up, meeting Jeongguk’s unrelenting thrusts, body continuously moving up the bed until Jeongguk presses him to the mattress hard, the outline of his body imprinted on the sheets as Jeongguk fucks him even harder, his warm breath coming in puffs and moans.

Taehyung claws on the sheets, fucking sure he’s going to pass out before even reaching his needed orgasm. But before he actually loses consciousness, Jeongguk unravels his hold on his neck, allowing him to gasp mouthfuls of air, eyes wrenching open as he moans loudly, a heated keen following when Jeongguk fists his neglected cock on his calloused hand, pumping fast, grip tight, painful but so fucking good.

Taehyung croaks out, "I’m coming, fuck."

Jeongguk breathes, almost a groan as Taehyung clenches around his cock, "Come, baby."

Taehyung chants a jumble yesfuckyes and jeonggukbaby as his body tenses up, stomach clenching while Jeongguk thumbs on the slit of his cock before he’s releasing streaks of white on the other’s hand and on his stomach, body shaking at the force of his orgasm, his neck thrown back, stretched to its full capacity that it looks painful, and his mouth parted into a silent scream.

His body continues to twitch as Jeongguk commences his thrusts, only giving Taehyung little time to bask fully on his release. He shoves his cock roughly inside Taehyung, not minding any rhythm because fuck rhythm when Taehyung’s walls are so goddamn tight around him, clenching and relaxing every few seconds, preventing him from moving freely, left to small quick pumps as he chases his own orgasm.

Lifting his lids open, Taehyung watches Jeongguk over him, still in a daze. He pulls Jeongguk’s face closer, mouths at his parted lips, bites roughly on his full bottom lip before he whispers, voice shaky, almost inaudible but firm in his demand—

"Come inside, sweetheart."

Hearing that, Jeongguk tenses up, jaw clenching, eyes clenched tightly and grip on Taehyung all the more bruising. He comes inside Taehyung with a strained groan, the veins on his neck bulging, sweat sliding down his tanned skin flushed red.

Taehyung watches, body jerking as Jeongguk comes inside him. It’s the first time that Jeongguk has come inside sans condom and Taehyung knows it’s going to be a bitch to clean up but for now, he breathes in and out, revels in the feeling of Jeongguk’s cock twitching inside him, slowly softening as he comes down from his release.

"Holy shit," Jeongguk mutters, a shudder racking his body as he moves in small thrusts inside Taehyung before halting all his movements completely.

Taehyung follows in a full body shiver, mind still a haze and can’t quite move his limbs yet. He laughs at Jeongguk’s words, giggles deep, hoarse as he looks up at the other, huffing a breath when Jeongguk slumps on top of him, full weight crushing Taehyung and caging him to the bed.

"That’s right," Taehyung gasps and pushes Jeongguk’s body to the side forcefully, puffing his cheeks at the added exertion. He groans when Jeongguk’s cock slips out of him, the sound mingled with Jeongguk’s own.

There’s a beat of silence in between them as they catch their breaths and comes down from their high. Taehyung’s body aches but it’s fucking worth it when he hasn’t come that hard for centuries. Jesus Christ.

As usual, he’s the one who breaks the silence, voice teasing as he says, "This is going to be a bitch to clean up."

Jeongguk snorts beside him, eyes shut softly, "You’re the one who pounced on my dick without a condom. Live with it."

Taehyung sneers, jabs Jeongguk’s side with his fingers, making the other hiss and him grin.

"Well," He starts, nonchalant. "I’m also out of it, so there’s that too."

Jeongguk pauses, turns his head towards Taehyung and looks at him accusingly, like Taehyung has done something horrid.

He says, "Proves that you’re really a whore, aren’t you?"


Taehyung’s heart doesn’t quite break but it does beat rapid, insulted because— well, because—

He gulps down, mind suddenly clear as he tries to not let the words consume him but they do and it hurts.

Wow, haha.

Taehyung, voice preppy and forcing himself to calm down because there’s no need to overreact, replies, a lump in his throat, "As if you aren’t."

There. Back at ya, bitch.

Jeongguk looks at him then, eyes soft, almost guarded, but warm, so so warm and he says,

"I’ve only slept with you these past few months, Taehyung."




Truthfully, Taehyung should have fucking known.

Jeongguk has already told him about most of the rumors that has been going around since he has entered university to be confounded, false accusations, just that— rumors. Although he’s stayed skeptical, always on the look out for lies because lies are more common than truths and Taehyung has honed in his senses to detect such things.

Despite what Jeongguk has told him, Taehyung is still unrelenting in how he doesn’t want to get attached. He’s been there, done that and he’s quick to detach himself from his fuckbuddies, friends with benefits, whatever they are to him.

Take for example, Minho.

That one didn’t quite go smoothly (he got too attached. he’s still petty) but still, Taehyung has moved on quickly, finds another body to warm his cold one and finds another one the next day. It’s no big fucking deal.

Fuck Jeongguk and making this a big fucking deal.

Or what Taehyung assumes is a big deal.

After all, has Jeongguk confessed to him? Taehyung is left wondering, pondering about the absurdity of it all and how fucked up the situation has become. He’s melodramatic, yes; Dorian fucking Gray got nothing on him, but unlike the said tragic fictional character, Taehyung is also rational. Research first, blame second.

Somehow, he’s done none of them.

It’s a bitch to remember the scene following Jeongguk’s sudden confession but Taehyung relives it like the masochist he is, trying to search where all the wrongs has began, leading them to this situation.

After Jeongguk has uttered the words, Taehyung has looked at him after a long while before bursting out into a mocking laugh, unbelieving of what the other has said.

Taehyung has retorted, sarcastic smile pasted on his face, "Right, and I’m a virgin."

Jeongguk has frowned at him, crawls on top of him once again and cages Taehyung with his body, elbows on each side of his face, says,

"I’m serious."

"Same," Taehyung nods, smiles boxy, in spite of his heart trashing like wild bats inside his chest, punching him in the gut every goddamn second.

"No, Taehyung," Jeongguk shakes his head, frowns deeper, eyes serious, the arousal that was once there gone, replaced by deep contemplation, of hesitation, but then determination. Taehyung gulps, nervous because what is going on. "I’m saying I want this— us to be serious. Real."

Little shit that he is, Taehyung retorts, "Don’t worry, sweetheart. This ain’t a dream. We fucking like rabbits - multiple of times, mind you - has been so real, alright."

A groan escapes Jeongguk, exhausted of Taehyung’s antics perhaps but Taehyung only watches him with a lump on his throat, fingers twitching on the sheets under him, nails digging on the soft soiled fabric.

"Can you, for one second," Jeongguk starts, a hiss, nostrils flaring as he breathes in deeply with a furrow on his brow, eyes set into a heated glare. "For one second, Kim Taehyung, be fucking serious. Don’t take me as a joke."

Joke? A joke? Taehyung laughs, not because it’s goddamn funny but because everything that has happened, leading up to the present, to now, he hasn’t taken as a joke. Despite telling people so. Despite showing Jeongguk otherwise.

A joke would be Taehyung not replying to Jeongguk’s messages, ignoring them and then calling Jeongguk up like he hasn’t ignored him for some other person.

A joke would be Taehyung fucking wasted on some party, dancing with everyone he knows, extended to people he doesn't know, and not looking for Jeongguk in the crowd, dim lights preventing him from searching properly but he tries anyways.

A joke would be Taehyung feeling so goddamn free and not like he’s cheating on Jeon fucking Jeongguk when he’s planting a kiss on Minjae’s lips, as a sign of affection, of friendship, and not something that could lead to something sexual.

And a joke would be Taehyung not letting Jeongguk trust him with his life, on his hand, on his neck, but he did.

Where’s the goddamn joke in all of this? Do Tell.

Still, he says, voice nonchalant, like weather-talk, boring at best, "Why? Everything is a joke, anyways. Life is a joke so why take it seriously. Didn’t you take Philosophy class, Jeongguk? What have you learned from it? Did you forget that nothing in this world is ever permanent or that people still doubt that we actually exist, so why take anything so seriously?" He forces a grin at Jeongguk then, squirms on his place, tired of laying still when all he wants to do is run for miles. "In the words of the best Philosopher this century has ever seen, Joker from DC, why so serious?" He adds, a laugh to his voice.

As his tirade ends, Jeongguk stares at him intensely for a few seconds, boring his gaze on Taehyung’s smiling face, eyes searching for something that he doesn’t find when Taehyung stays complacent, ever the picture perfect of calm, of serenity, of misplaced nonchalance.

"Fuck," Jeongguk mutters, closing his eyes, lashes fluttering on his cheeks and Taehyung watches, blinks at the sight of a new Jeongguk he hasn’t seen before.

When Jeongguk opens his eyes again, he looks absolutely wrecked, a world of disappointment in his eyes, lips trembling like he’s about to cry on Taehyung’s cooling bare chest. There’s a glassy look in his gaze and Taehyung wants to pat him on the head, soothe him softly and tell him that everything is going to be okay but—

But Taehyung only tilts his head, forces himself to stay cold, like his body on all seasons because he’s got low blood pressure, always bundled up when he can or must. He stays unmoving, face the expression of someone not knowing what is happening even though he clearly knows, the visual in front of him tells him more than enough. He’s not stupid, that’s below him. But— he just doesn’t want to acknowledge it. Yet.

Keyword: yet.

However, Taehyung is also a softy, can’t handle it when people stares at him with that kicked-puppy look, always surrendering when he’s hurt someone even when they started it. Taehyung might be petty, always seeking for revenge and holding grudges back and forth but he’s also so emphatic, feels too much, sympathizes with everyone.

So he moves a hand, caresses Jeongguk’s cheek as he conveys his sorry and very sorry and extremely fucking sorry with his eyes. Jeongguk doesn’t get it, eyes shut as he leans on Taehyung’s hand resting on his warm cheek.

The moment breaks when Jeongguk pulls away with a tired sigh, jumps off the bed noiselessly and starts to dress himself, the happenings of earlier now somehow feels like a distant past.

The present is a hassle, Taehyung muses as he sits up on the bed, lets the sheets bundle up on his lap as he watches Jeongguk bustle around looking for his underwear.

"You know," Jeongguk says, buttoning his jeans then pulling on his shirt. "I thought everything that I’ve heard about you were lies. Like, well, about me. Horrid rumors and just people spouting bullshit. But—" He pauses, runs a hand through his hair as he looks at the painting on Taehyung’s wall, Jimin’s painting of a naked sleeping Taehyung. He’s quiet for a beat then continues, "But I should’ve known. Should’ve listened to rumors because there are always truth in them, aren’t there?" He throws Taehyung a side look. Taehyung nods weakly, listens intently.

"I’m a fucking fool," Jeongguk adds, a shake to his voice, fingers trembling.

He looks so vulnerable, back facing Taehyung, tense, wound tight and yet his shoulders trembles, like the weight of the world is resting upon his shoulders. It’s a sight to behold; disheartening, that is.

Taehyung answers, "You are."

A bubble of dry laughter escapes Jeongguk’s red lips, now swollen from relentless biting before he says, "God, this is so fucked up." Taehyung thinks, it is. Jeongguk murmurs, "I’m sorry."

Taehyung replies, internally, Me too.

He doesn’t say anything as Jeongguk leaves with a shaky smile that morphs into a grimace when he takes a long last look at Taehyung. Taehyung stares at him, large eyes wide, taking that innocent look despite words that could cut glass, shatter one’s heart.

A fool both of them are.

And as Taehyung eats breakfast with Jimin the next day or well, later that day, he can’t help but think,

What a great mess.


Fuckboy starter pack;

Taehyung has found out rule number four without asking Jimin or Minjae or anyone about it. Surprisingly, it comes to him when he’s dozing off in the bathtub, soothing his aching muscles, repeating the dialogues of Harold Mitchell, memorizing the lines repeatedly because the end of the year play A Streetcar Named Desire is nearing.

Taehyung doesn’t want to fuck up. He never does.

Although, his repetition of his memorized lines comes to a halt when an epiphany crashes through him without anything triggering it, no preamble whatsoever. Nothing that he could think of, anyway.

(But perhaps, it’s the fucked up play that he is a part of that has made him realize what a fucked up situation he has landed himself into, especially with one Jeon Jeongguk, once an enemy, now a— something. If Taehyung is ever asked if he relates to his character this time around, he’d quickly nod because as lovable as Mitch has been painted, people, in their true essence, are truly evil.

Perhaps, this has triggered the epiphany. Huh.)

He lays in contemplation, fingers playing with the warm water, slowly pruning as he stays longer on the bath than necessary.

Taehyung discovers this;

Number four: Don’t catch feelings, no matter what or you’re fucked. In the worst kind of way.

He tells himself he didn’t.

But his history of catching feelings says otherwise, and so he leaves the bathtub in a daze, body buzzing in emotion that he knows too well, mind a jumble of realizations after realizations that has him groaning as he towels himself off.



Yoongi says, "Why are you so whipped?"

Taehyung actually whips his head towards Yoongi, hissing when it causes something to snap in his neck. A vein or a bone or maybe his sanity because what?

He says so, "What?"

Yoongi takes a long draw out of his cigarette, looking at the cars passing by under them, on the lively streets of Gangnam.

It’s winter and it’s cold but Yoongi is sitting there calmly, talking about shit while Taehyung has to wear a huge ass jacket and bite his lip to prevent his teeth from chattering. The fuck is this sorcery and why is he outside his balcony instead of drinking some hot chocolate with Jimin inside? Ugh.

"You’ve been hanging out with Jeongguk a lot lately," Yoongi states, blowing smoke into the air. The white is intensified on the winter, vivid to the obvious eyes instead of just fleeting.

Taehyung can smell the snow in the air. It’s going to be hell this year.

"No, I’m not?" He says, and realizing that it sounds more like a question, he repeats, this time more secure but it only made him sound defensive, prompting Yoongi to snort at him. "I’m not."

Yoongi laughs and pushes the butt end of the cigarette against Taehyung’s lips. Taehyung takes a small drag, letting the nicotine settle into his bones, warming him slightly.

"Right," Yoongi doesn’t sound convinced at all and Taehyung frowns, ready to prove the older that he has not been hanging out a lot with a certain Dance Major with the name of Jeongguk. They don’t hang out, they fuck. There’s a difference. Yoongi, however, continues, not giving Taehyung any space to talk. "Saw you two at a café looking all couple-y. It was goddamn gross. Almost vomited on Seokjin’s new Louis Vuitton shoes, to be honest."

Taehyung opens his mouth to retaliate but closes it again when he can’t form any reply.

He remembers the day; vividly so, and more than he probably should.

Jeongguk has sent a snap - Taehyung has denied him the pleasure of having his KKT and number, so their eternal communication is through snapchat, what great modern romance - and asked him if he wanted to chill together.

Taehyung, the absolute horny ass that he was— is, has assumed that the words are some code for a booty call and so, with a grin on his face and bounce on his steps, he meets Jeongguk on that small cozy café that they're now extremely familiar with.

As it turned out, Jeongguk really just only wants to chill.

Taehyung has ended up sighing in disappointment when they settled on Jeongguk’s couch but it’s quickly forgotten when Jeongguk brings a bowl of popcorn and asks Taehyung to choose a show to watch.

Cue Jeongguk suffering through hours of Gossip Girl episodes with Taehyung’s laughter in the background.

Still, Taehyung scoffs at Yoongi’s words. It reminds him of the matter at hand. Namely: when will he go running to Jeongguk’s side and confess that he’s caught the virus, that feeling virus that goes around their fuckboy community once in a while?

He doesn’t know.

He doesn’t think he will ever.

It leaves him feeling sad, almost empty. But maybe that’s just because he hasn’t eaten since breakfast and it’s now almost midnight.

"Well," Taehyung starts, steals the new lit cigarette from Yoongi’s lips and puts it in between his, taking a long drag, blowing smoke as he says, "We aren’t. We just fuck. Sometimes."

Yoongi cocks a brow at him as he lights a new cigarette, lighter flicking amber under the dim light of the balcony lamps.

"Sometimes," Yoongi repeats. "Not what I heard from Sungjae. He was quite shocked in knowing you’re in a relationship with Jeongguk, the guy you always slander on your magazine entries."

Taehyung snickers, humor settling on his face as he asks, "What’d he say?"

"I’d repeat everything but I see you want a summary. So, to summarize, he told me how you’ve got a boyfriend now that goes around proposing to fuck you in front of him. That was fucking wild."

"Indeed," Taehyung nods in agreement, flicks ashes off the cigarette in between his fingers and takes a long lasting drag, swallowing smoke, letting it settle on his veins, clouding his senses before he says, "But no, fortunately. Jeongguk was just being a little shit, helping me out. I don’t know. He was there and it was fun riling up Sungjae-hyung, so—" He shrugs, puts the cigarette out on the ashtray by Yoongi’s side and rubs his palms together, feeling even more cold than before.

"You always like to have fun, Tae," Yoongi states, a fact that everyone knows. "But—" He trails off, blows a smoke to the sky while looking at it, like he’s searching for the words in the vast darkness covered with pollution. Finally, he continues, "Did Jeongguk know that it was all for fun?"

Taehyung, admittedly, can avoid this conversation by, one: diverting Yoongi’s attention to Hoseok who’s now dancing half-naked inside the apartment, two: leaving Yoongi outside the apartment and accidentally, whoopsie daisy giggle giggle locking him out, or three: jumping off the balcony, sending him to his own horrible death.

Good options but Taehyung takes the hard way. He’s always loved to be difficult in all aspects of his life.

So, he tells Yoongi while forcing his voice to sound nonchalant, uncaring despite feeling otherwise.

"No, he didn’t."

Yoongi hums, "Hmm. That’s what I thought."

"Yeah," Taehyung nods, looks up at the sky himself and sees nothing but utter darkness. Not even a star he can pretend to wish on to. "Told me he wants us to be serious and I, with a filter non-existent, mocked him greatly."

"You’re an asshole."

"Sure am."

"Was it really only for fun?"

Taehyung sighs, stands from his spot on the cold floor, shakes his legs to allow blood to circulate on them again and says,

"Sure not."

Then he hurries inside, wraps his long limbs around Jimin and squishes his soulmate almost to death.

Taehyung will deal with everything later. After all, later is the best time to do the things one needs to do.

Very responsible.


From what Taehyung has learned in studying Media and Communication, other than memes are goddamn annoying but very useful in expressing feelings, is that communication is the key to any relationship.

And, of course, the anthem to success; despite Lana Del Rey saying otherwise. Money is great but what is money to communication? Without talking and gestures and writing and all things communicative, the world has probably gone under extreme chaos already.

He’s always the one to consult people about problems, his or theirs. He listens, he talks, he gives advice, he understands. It’s like he’s a psychiatrist but an illegal one and one that doesn’t take his own advices himself.

Stupid is him.

And so, finals come and go, the play just a week from now, December air and Christmas carols annoying Taehyung to the brim. Especially when his mother is dragging Jimin and him to what she calls late christmas shopping when it’s just the beginning of December.

All these has kept Taehyung busy, has prevented him from thinking of anything else that’s not Mariah Carey - with his mother’s voice - singing all I want for christmas is you and everything that university has dumped on him before the small Christmas break comes.

Exactly why Taehyung is left stumped when he bumps into Jeongguk on the streets, grumbling about his new Gucci shoes that his mother has accidentally given to charity, a cup of hot chocolate in hand and his phone on the other.

He bumps into Jeongguk like a goddamn cliché scene from a teenage drama or a young adult book. Fortunately, he doesn’t spill his drink on himself or on Jeongguk. That annoying scene is so overused and Taehyung is thankful that there’s still that small proof that he’s not living in a badly produced and directed Gay Korean Drama. Not that a gay Korean Drama will ever grace the television screens of South Korea but well, one can always dream.

As much as he spouts about communication and clearing misunderstandings to his illegal patients - Jimin and Hoseok and Bambam and Jackson -  while he plays psychiatrist, Taehyung is left mute when he sets his eyes on Jeongguk.

Jeongguk looks at him, blinks his wide doe eyes at Taehyung before a frown settles on his lips. Taehyung wants to punch him right then and there just for showing a distaste at seeing him. How dare the brat show that expression when Taehyung has only wanted him to smile in his presence? Blasphemy.

"Oh," Jeongguk breathes, then says, "Taehyung…hyung."

Taehyung blinks again before he regains his composure and straightens himself completely as if it will change something. It changes nothing; Jeongguk is still almost as tall as him and isn’t amused at meeting him again.


"Jeongguk," Taehyung says. "Sup."

Sup? As in, wassup? As in are you absolutely fucking mad, Kim Taehyung. Go choke yourself right now, you incompetent fuck.

Jeongguk merely sets his lips into a straight line, doing that scared bunny look that Taehyung isn’t accustomed with at all but has seen a few times settle on Jeongguk’s features, especially when he’s with Taehyung, to his sudden realization.

"Uhm," Jeongguk says, awkward. He flicks his eyes around, clearly avoiding looking at Taehyung. He finally sighs in defeat, bows his head just a bit low, looks up at Taehyung through his eyelashes as he shrugs, "Fine." He pauses, adds, "You?"

Oh, so one worded answers it is. I see, Taehyung breathes in. Should’ve seen that one coming.

"That’s good!" Taehyung chirps like they’re best friends, like they’re the closest buddies in the century and not enemies that has slept with each other; not fuckbuddies that has ended their non-existent contract in such bad terms it still leaves a bitter taste on Taehyung’s tongue. "I’m—" He licks his lips, bites the bottom lip as he sends a sheepish smile towards Jeongguk. "I’m great."

Great is an overstatement. Okay would have sufficed but Taehyung wants to appear fine, like nothing is bothering him. His face coated in make-up doesn’t show how exhausted he actually is and how he’s kind of— well, miserable, feels terrible in the middle of the night as he lies awake.

As he studies Jeongguk, he finds him mirroring Taehyung’s own terrible predicament, albeit more obvious. His eyes are downcast and his cheeks are hollow, and well, he’s almost pale, his once tanned skin losing its healthy countenance. Taehyung wants to believe that Jeongguk’s less than great features is the cause of late night studying and copious amount of coffee and sleeping at ungodly hours but he knows it’s because of him, Taehyung, the little shit that somehow hurt Jeongguk.

Way to go.

He snaps from his inner thoughts when he hears Jeongguk’s flat voice, making his insides churn, chest constricting slightly, painfully, at the sound.

"Okay," Jeongguk nods, a deadpan.

"And I wanna talk."

Jeongguk looks at him wide-eyed then and says, "Not okay." Then turns on his heels and starts speed walking away from Taehyung, maneuvering around the crowded area.

Taehyung stares after him with a gaping mouth.

What the fuck?


"So, apparently, communication isn’t the key to success."

"Who the hell told you that?"


"Well, that’s bullshit."

"Excuse me but my words are law."

"Your delusional mind is amazing, man."

Taehyung pinches Jimin’s stomach, making the other flinch and flick his cheek which prompts him to whine and pout.

"Don’t call my theories stupid," He moans, arms wrapped around the other’s waist, tries to suffocate himself against Jimin’s sweater clad tummy. "I’m a genius."

"Book genius," Jimin retorts, running a hand through his blonde hair. "But you’re stupid when it comes to other things."

Taehyung gasps, offended. He bites Jimin’s stomach, earning a pinch on his ear before he looks up at the other, head thumping on Jimin’s thighs as he shifts around.

"What the fuck does that mean?"

"It means you’re an absolute shit when it comes to things that you don’t learn from books. It’s like, Seokjin-hyung being street smart and Namjoon-hyung being book smart. You’re the latter. You know what? It’s fucking the same. I’d say you’re both but you don’t act like it."

Taehyung stares at Jimin, face contorted into an expression of disagreement. Taehyung knows what book smart and street smart are. He just hasn’t thought of labeling himself of any of those before. Definitely hasn’t pegged Jimin, his artist soulmate, to be so insightful or— something like that.

"Anyways," He says, brushing the previous conversation off, not seeing any use for it. "Jeongguk ran away from me when I told him I wanted to talk."

Jimin snorts, laugh escaping past his lips. Taehyung is on the verge of seriously cancelling their soulmateship if Jimin continues to find humor in his feelings and all the unfortunate events that seems to follow Taehyung these past few months.

"I wonder why," Jimin sing-songs as he rolls his eyes, sarcasm dripping from his voice.

Taehyung sighs and says, "Me too."

"Oh my god," Jimin slaps Taehyung’s stomach, making him dramatically groan in pain. "Are you for real right now, Kim Taehyung? If you are, I am going to throw all your branded clothes."

"But I only wear branded clothes," Taehyung replies quickly, brows furrowing.

Jimin cocks a brow at him and retorts, "Exactly."

Taehyung huffs, "You only want to see me naked all the time. Tsk tsk." He turns on his side, away from Jimin’s inquiring gaze and glues his eyes to the flickering television playing some cliched drama that everyone can predict the outcome to. "But no, Chim. I—" He gulps, watches the male lead act tsundere - as people calls it - towards the female lead. Taehyung scoffs, overused. "I understand why he doesn’t want to talk to me or see my face but—"

But I want to and he should too, Taehyung wants to say but he knows it’s selfish of him.

Instead, he utters, "But it hurts, you know?"

Jimin combs his fingers through Taehyung’s hair again, soothing, a sign of comfort.

Despite knowing exactly what has happened between them and his mind telling him to handle his best friend carefully, Jimin still says, tone desolate first before pitching into an accusing one,

"Now you know how he felt."

Taehyung gulps dryly, audibly, and continues watching the drama.

Indeed, now he does.


Games are meant to be played and won over. Put all the damn chips on the table with heart on the throat, shuffle the cards with the ease of a gambler, throw the dice with a flick of a finger—

And hope to win the fucking game.

Taehyung loves games.

Because games are fun. They give him utter satisfaction whenever he wins, makes him cheer in delight when his cards are just so perfect to crush his opponent, prompts him to down a couple shots of pure vodka when the dice rolls to the desired number with a flick of his wrist. There’s a beauty in winning and a heartbreaking cry in losing.

Taehyung loves it all because they’re fun.

However, this game he thinks he'll lose with all the pride he has, the ego he's collected, and the feelings he's suppressed.

Sometimes, it's better to lose and know that you’ve fought fucking high and low heavens than not throwing any kicks and punches at all. It might hurt; he knows it will but pain is an ingrained human emotion that one must feel at least ten times in their lifetime, if not more than that. Pain is synonymous to emotions that makes one feel delighted.

Taehyung doesn’t quite deal with pain amazingly; especially the matters of the heart kind of pain that he’s read in books countless of times, has seen in television like it’s the best news in the world, memorized devastating lines for plays that he has to act in. Taehyung knows the concept of pain but he doesn’t like feeling it.

But love is pain, the Bible says. Taehyung is not that religious, his mother literally has to force him to go to church on Sundays when he was a kid but it’s ingrained in him that love is sacred. Not the body, not the soul, but Love.

Taehyung hates the concept of love more than he hates the concept of pain.

In fact, he hates both because no one can ever have one peacefully without the other following like some annoying mosquito out for blood. It’s ridiculous and exasperating and Taehyung is absolutely loathsome towards his heart for catching fucking feelings.

When did fuckboy become loverboy?

He’s not one for continuous denial of his feelings, which Taehyung thinks is a curse, so after a few late night conversations with Jimin consisting of kisses and cuddles and an unhealthy amount of ice cream, Taehyung has come to the conclusion that, alright okay fine hella rad he is quite fond of one Jeon Jeongguk. It’s not quite love but it’s not hate either nor indifference. The loath that he once feels for the younger has ceased to exist, gone in the crevices of his memory where they’re going to lay forgotten. Until, well, Jeongguk triggers it or something.

Liking someone is so troublesome. This is why Taehyung escapes before he falls deeper. This time though, he hasn’t been fast enough, stumbling too many times and forgetting to actually run for the exit.

He’s as much as a fool as Jeongguk.

Truly a perfect pair, they are.

He sighs, sips from his glass of white wine, a Sauvignon Blanc, dry just like the party he’s in. Somehow, he’s avoided being drunk, the glass in his hand probably the first and last drink he’s going to consume tonight. The party is small, just a few people not bordering on hundred, a gathering before Christmas rolls around and some of them leaves for out of country vacation. Taehyung himself is going to stay, the play running for another two performances before he can join his family for the holidays.

His face morphs into a disgusted expression when the taste of white wine settles on his tongue. He really isn’t a fan of white wine, prefers red wine more or just plain vodka. University has ruined his alcohol taste but what can he do, hm.

As he looks around, he pauses on a few people; watches Jimin force Seokjin to dance, the older grimacing the whole time. Taehyung laughs at the sight. Seokjin isn’t the best of dancers and so he’s reduced into jumping around while Jessie J belts out see anybody could be bad to you, the crowd going wild when the chorus comes up and a remix replaces it.

Absolute wreck, the dance floor is.

Taehyung continues to watch, spotting Minjae who’s dancing with a cute girl with long blonde hair, dyed like Taehyung’s own, wide eyes and a pretty smile. He salutes the younger for choosing such a beauty and reminds himself to call him the next day so he can tease him relentlessly. That’d show him to never tease Taehyung again about— Jeongguk.

Speaking of Jeongguk, Taehyung squints his eyes, looks for the other in the crowd and actually finds him. He pats himself on the back mentally, proud of his Master in intense research of an individual - stalking is such an ugly word, Taehyung refuses to use it - before watching the other intently.

Funny how the roles has reversed.

Taehyung is now the one watching on the sidelines while Jeongguk is—

Yeah, well. Jeongguk is having some sort of vertical clothed sex with a lad that Taehyung hasn’t seen before.

That is—


He wants to do what he’s always done; approach Jeongguk, take him away from anyone he’s with and show them that he’s got the younger wrapped around his pretty and soft slender fingers. But Taehyung, this time, doesn’t.

As Jeongguk kisses the man harder, pulls him closer, Taehyung is overcome with the want to say, or well, the desire to print out and glue to Jeongguk’s forehead in bold letters, font Helvetica, size 100, the words kim taehyung’s property.

But, funnily enough, all Taehyung can think of is,

The chase has ended.

Game over.

Taehyung has lost the game and he still hates pain and love and painandlove combined.

Fuck becoming attached.



( He tells Jimin later, voice in a slur, a bottle of red wine - finally! - grasped on his hand,

"I lost, Shimmy."

Jimin arches a brow, questioning, then almost slaps himself for entertaining Taehyung’s drunken tirade.

Still, he indulges the other by saying, "Lost what, Taetae?"

Taehyung wildly shakes the arm holding the bottle of red wine, slushing red liquid on their carpeted floor. Another soiled carpet that Jimin has to replace tomorrow. It’s the sixth time and every time it’s because of Taehyung.

He sighs, brushing Taehyung’s bangs from his damp forehead.

"Love," He hiccups and Jimin furrows his brows, knowing where this is going but needs a clarification. "Love of my life."

Aha, Jimin thinks. Jackpot.

"And who’s that, baby?" He questions further as he takes the half-full bottle of wine from Taehyung’s weak fingers, the digits shaking when he lets go of it.

It’s fucking creepy, Jimin muses, when Taehyung stares at him with wide eyes, almost innocent, vulnerable and glassy from repressed emotions that’s now tumbling out of him. He stares at Jimin so intensely that Jimin almost starts to squirm in discomfort.

Then, in a defeated voice Jimin has heard before, that he doesn’t particularly like hearing, Taehyung says, head hang low,


Truly, a tragic ending befitting Taehyung’s Shakespearean loving heart.

Jimin can only pull the other close to him; comfort in his arms, loving words on his lips. )