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Chapter 1: Lake House Party


Christina’s pushing her way through a dancing crowd of her high school classmates and other teens from the neighboring towns.


The party was a huge success—her great grandmother’s lake house was littered with drunk and grinding teenagers. Yesterday had been the end of her sophomore year of high school, so she figured what better way than to celebrate than throwing an end of the school year party, and welcoming the summer.


Currently, Christina’s searching through the crowd for her ride here, her boyfriend Robert. She's still looking for him when she spots a pair of familiar faces in the crowd dancing. “Scotty! Amber!”


Amber and Scotty dancing—more like grinding comes to a complete stop. Their heads snapping up as they scan the crowd and when Scotty sees Christina heading towards them, he taps Amber on the shoulder and points her out.


Christina flashes her two pack mates a dimpled smile as she racks over the familiar appearance. Amber Hale has a pale ivory complexion with round green eyes and plump lips. Her long, dark brown hair frames her face in waves. She has a petite frame and stands approximately at five feet seven—the shortest of her friends. She wearing a black crop top under a white skull tank top, blue patterned jeans, and a pair of black ankle boots. Her only accessories was her wolf pendant, her silver charm bracelet form Scotty on her fourteenth birthday two years ago, and hoop earrings.


Scott McCall Jr is a lean but muscular young man with olive skin, medium-height, dark brown eyes, and curly dark brown hair. He wearing an all-white V-neck t-shirt, black jeans, a pair grey/white Nike shoes.


The second Christina's in reaching distance she's pulled into a hug by a smiling Amber. “Hey Chrissy,” she whisper-yells over the music, once she pulls back to look at her blonde friend. “Your party amazing? Which doesn't surprise me.”


Christina grins, her eyes snapping to her oldest and best friend Scotty. “Hey Scotty,” she says before hugging him.


“Hey Christina,” Scotty greets, his brow quirking up when he sees Christina looking through the crowd. “Who are you looking for?”


The blonde in question turns her attention back to her closest friend—her pack members. “Umm, Robert. Have you guys seen him?”


Boyfriend and girlfriend share a quick glance with each other, their eyes holding a silent conversation before they look back at Christina, and answers with a shake of their heads, “no.”


“Okay, thanks.” Christina groans. The last time she had seen her boyfriend of four years was at least half an hour ago when he had left her outside with some of their other friends to go get another beer from inside. He never came back.


“Do you want us to help look?” Amber asks.


And this is why Amber Hale is one of her best friends, Christina knows that Amber doesn't really care for Robert—especially after the whole thing with him and Todd Adams trying to jump her twin brother and get him suspended back when they first got to Beacon Hills—but the simple fact they were friends Amber would help her.


“No,” Christina declines nicely. “You guys enjoy yourselves.”


Scotty wraps his arms around Amber’s waist, drawing her closer to him as he quirks his eyebrow at Christina. “Are you sure? It's no big deal.”


“I'm sure. I'll see you guys later.”


Christina pivots on her heels, leaving the werewolf couple to resume their dancing. She knows with the help of the werewolves she can find Robert faster by using their sense of smell. Her own power of sensory scrying would be useless to find Robert since he was human, and held no supernatural qualities.


Maybe she can find her little brother Lucas to help find her boyfriend, but knowing how Lucas feels about Robert she'll probably be better looking herself. She huffs in annoyance, easily pushes through more teens when a familiar laugh fills her ear.


Turning only her head to the right, Christina spots her only hope to help finding Robert. “Junior!” She calls outs over the loud hip-hop music.


As she moves a bit faster through the crowd she sees Junior’s back straighten before turns away from some redhead girl, his dark brows drawn together in confusion as he looks through the crowd until he sees her.


Christina’s heart picks up speed when Junior flashes her a brilliantly smile. Her own smile is instant as she does a quick racks over of her best friend for the first time tonight.


Junior is handsome with short, slightly spiked black hair, green eyes, and a ivory complexion, and a tall frame standing at five feet eleven with a lean-athletic build. He's wearing a short sleeve, unbuttoned green military style shirt with a black fitted undershirt, dark colored fitted jeans, and pair of black combat boots. His only type accessory was his silver wolf pendant he wears around his neck—just like Amber.


Junior meets her halfway, his smile never falters even as he wraps his arms around her, pulling her into a hug.


Her eyes shut instantly, Junior’s natural scent of sandalwood and trees infiltrate her nostrils somehow brings her peace.


“I looked for you earlier when I got here.” Junior’s voice brings her back to reality—where she can see the redhead Junior had been talking to moments ago glaring at her.


Christina rolls her eyes and pulls back with a smile, Junior tall frame now blocking the redhead out of her sight. “Well, you did a horrible job looking.” Christina jokes. “I'm a blonde not a redhead.”


And she doesn't know why she said that exactly but it seems to remind Junior of his new friend behind them. “Oh crap!” Junior turns towards the redheaded girl he was talking to seconds ago to see her strutting towards them.


He not entirely sure with the loud music but he was sure he heard Christina scoff as the redhead girl—whose name he was pretty was Tammy closed in on them.


She hopes Junior didn't hear her scoffing at the pathetic strutting the red head was attempting. She was pretty, Christina would give her that, with long red curls framing her round face. She had dark blue eyes. Her face was caked up with makeup—a little too much makeup if someone asked her—while Christina’s makeup was a minimum amount of due to her sensitive skin.

She willingly keeps herself from rolling her eyes when she sees what the girl is wearing. A red cropped top that stopped right above her toned belly, a black mini skirt and a pair of black heels making her a couple inches taller than Christina.


Soon enough, Tammy’s standing in front of the two best friends, her eyes automatically going to Junior’s arm that is still draped around Christina’s waist before tearing her eyes away, and up to Junior’s face. “Who's your friend?” She plasters on a smile.


“Christina.” Junior says, his gazes falling on the blonde next him. “Christina Whittemore.”


Looking up, Christina smiles fondly at Junior, her body shifting closer to the werewolf without awareness. Maybe a little too fondly according to the redhead’s observation.


It's only when she clears her throat does both Junior and Christina break eye contact and turn their attention back to the her. “Oh, Christina this is Tammy,” Junior gestures to the redhead.


“It's Cammy.” She replies tightly, shooting Christina another glare when she snorts in amusement.


“Yeah, sorry about that.” Junior apologizes. He'd only met her a minute before Christina showed up so you couldn't really blame him.


“Well, hi Christina.” Cammy greets her with a forced smile. “What can we do for you?”


It was obvious the smile was forced to both Christina and Junior. It was a recurring thing ever since Junior’s breakup with Ciara almost six months ago and started to try and date again. The moment he would bring a girl around Christina they would all give her the same smile and a few days laughter Junior was single again.


“Hi, Cammy.” Christina plays along plastering her own smile on. “Actually, I just need Junior’s help.”


“What do you need?” Junior asks immediately.


Before Christina can answer, Cammy wounds one of her arms around Junior’s free arm and narrows her eyes at Christina. “Well, we're busy. Can't you go bother someone else?”


The lights in the house flicker one time as Christina steps out of the comfort of Junior’s touch and makes a move toward Cammy with clenched fist. “Look here bitch-put me down!” She suddenly screams and she staring at Junior’s back upside down.


Junior ignores her screams of protest and the punches to his back as he continues to carry over his shoulder, through the crowd of drunk teenagers and up the stairs. It's only when they get to an empty hall does he finally puts her feet back on the ground.


It's only because of his werewolf reflexes he's able to dodge the punch to the face by a pissed off Christina.


“Hey!” Junior says loudly. “Calm down.”


“What the hell was that back there?” She seethes, pointing back towards the party.


“Oh, come on,” Junior scoffs. “She doesn't stand a chance against you in a fight.”


Christina scoffs and crosses her arms across her chest. She swears she sees Junior’s eyes fall to her chest area before looking up her, and catching her gaze. "Just calm down Christina."

"I am calm!" She snaps loudly.

Junior arches one of his eyebrows and smirks knowing that's a lie.

Christina takes a few deep breaths, before unfolding her arms. "I'm calm" she says much quieter than last time.

Seeing that she was truly okay, Junior asks her the same question he’d asked her down stairs. "What do you need?"


"I needed your help to find Robert." She wasn't surprised by Junior’s eye roll. "Just hope he hasn't left without telling me." Christina mumbles.


“It wouldn't be the first time.” Junior mutters under his breath. “Or the second.”


"Junior!” She huffs, hearing what he had said.


In all honesty she hated talking about the fact that Robert has ditched her on multiple occasions—parties, dates, or just hanging out together. For the last few months her and Robert relationship hasn't been great he wanted to take their relationship to the next level and she wasn't ready yet. It seemed every time they fought these days it was over sex.


Now she loves Robert with all her heart, but the little voice in her head or her gut intuition keeps tells her it's not the right time. And listening to her gut feelings has never lead her wrong before.


"If he did leave you, I'll take you home." Junior offers before his voice drops to a whisper as he says the next words. “Or you can just teleport home."

"You're going to help me or not?" She ask.

"Of course," he says with a sigh. "Where's the last place you seen him?"


“He went to get another beer.”


Junior nods. “Okay, you check up here and I'll take downstairs.”


Christina beams at Junior, unaware that her smile has the same effect on him as when he did it to her downstairs. “Thank you,” she says standing on her toes and leans forward to place a kiss on his cheek.


Christina whirls around starting down the hallway when Junior calls her name. “Mhmm,” she mumbles as she turns around to face Junior.


“I forgot to tell you something.” Junior grins.


Christina’s brows pull together in confusion. “What did you forget to tell me?”


Junior’s eyes rake over Christina quickly. She was wearing a dark blue polka dot mini dress that stops mid-thigh with a pair of white heels. Her long blonde hair cascades down and framing around her heart shaped face in loose waves. “You look beautiful.”


“T-thanks.” She stammers out before flashing a dimpled smile. “You look good too.”


“I know,” he says confidently.  


Christina rolls her eyes before turn away from Junior, only to snicker at his words.


"Just know if I find him passed out somewhere, I'm obligated to draw something obscene on his face." He says heading back down stairs.




After asking a few people have they seen Robert and coming up empty, Junior makes it to the kitchen, where he spots one of his best friend Bobby Smith.


Bobby’s light-skinned with an all even haircut. He and Junior are about the same height, standing at five feet eleven. Thanks to baseball, boxing, and track Bobby maintains a lean build and possesses kind brown eyes. He's wearing a button down dark blue shirt and black boot cut jeans, and a pair of black Adidas. His only type of accessory was the silver cross necklace around his neck.


Sitting on Bobby’s lap, sipping from her beer from her red solo cup was one of Christina oldest childhood best friend and Bobby’s girlfriend of six months—Megan Thomas.


Megan’s beautiful with light brown skin, a small frame, expressive and soulful brown eyes her mom said she got from her dad, and long brown hair—which was the majority of it had been straightened then curled at the end. She's wearing a red off-shoulder top, black skinny jeans, and a pair of black/red Nikes shoes.


"Hey guys," he greets, leaning against the kitchen island.

Both teens look up, smiling when the see Junior. Bobby and Junior do a quick fist bump while Megan nods her head in greet as she bring the cup to her lips.


“Have you guys seen Robert around?”


At the mention of Robert’s name Bobby and Megan sit up straighter, Megan placing her cup on the counter and Bobby raises a suspicious brow at his friend. “Why are you looking for Robert?” He wonders.


Sensing his friends’ worry, Junior shakes his head. “Relax, it's not what you think.” He rolls his eyes. “I'm helping Christina—she's looking for him and apparently went to go get a beer and never returned.”


When he mentions Christina’s name, Megan and Bobby share a brief look before turning to look at him, their lips curling up into a smirk.


“What?” Junior asks, narrowing his eyes at the couple.


“Nothing,” Megan shakes her head, a ghost of a smile still on her face. “If you're looking for Robert, he might be in the basement. There's more beer down there.”


With a plan to hang out later on tonight, Junior leaves the kitchen and heads down to the basement.


The music from the party is muffled behind the Oakwood door. The wooden steps creaks under the weight of Junior’s feet as he descends down them.


Looking around the basement, Junior summons up his werewolf powers. His eyes glow blue--the basement now clouded in a red haze as he scans the room again. Tilting his head to the side, he hones in on his hearing and picks up two rapidly beating hearts and groaning.


Junior moves farther down the pathway, passing the old wooden shelves. He's about to call out Robert’s name when his face scrunches up in disgust as the air becomes tangier with arousal.


Nearing the end of the last shelf it's then he realize that the groans were actually moans. The scent of sweat and sex filling his nostrils.


As he peers around the shelf Junior can't stop his mouth from gaping open. He had expected to find Robert down here drunk and passed out. Hell, he would've rather have Robert ditched Christina again then see this.


Robert was having sex with Rachel—Christina other childhood best friend.


Robert has Rachel pinned up against the wall—his jeans and underwear pulled down around his ankles as Rachel’s underwear are balled up by his feet--her legs wrapped around his waist as he thrust relentlessly inside of Rachel.


Rachel eyes are shut, her breath quickening. She was close and Junior didn't want to see that. Getting over his shock Junior steps back into the shadow.


As the shock continue to wear off it takes everything in Junior not to turn around and beat the shit out of Robert’s cheating ass.




Junior internally groans as he reaches the stairs. How was he going to break this news to Christina? He's just happy he was the one that found them and not Christina.


Now at the top of the steps, he goes to reaches out with his hand to open the basement door when it's pulled open by the one person Junior wishes it wasn't.


Christina Whittemore.