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Sleepovers Are Not For Sleeping

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Kurama’s mother stood in the kitchen entryway blinking at him for nearly an entire minute before Kurama realized what was confusing her.

“Hey mom.” Kurama finished pulling two cans of soda out of the fridge and tossed one to Hiei, who was sitting on the kitchen counter. “This is my friend Hiei.”

Shiori Minamino nodded slowly as she placed her grocery bags on the counter next to Hiei. With his spiky hair and black cassock and intense glare and basically his everything, Hiei clearly did not belong in the Minamino residence. And he definitely did not belong on the kitchen counter, sitting hunched over his crossed legs with a sort of territorialism that was entirely unwarranted.

Kurama waited a moment to see if Hiei would pick up on the fact that humans didn’t usually sit on the kitchen counters of friends’ houses in the presence of a parent, but when Hiei didn’t budge, Kurama sighed.

“Hello Hiei, I’m Kurama’s mom. You can call me Ms. Minamino,” she said after a moment of deafening silence, extending a hand to Hiei. Hiei stared at her hand, then finally shook it.

“Hi,” Hiei replied. His eyes were narrowed, sizing her up. Kurama knew his mother could be a threat, but not in the way Hiei was used to. She was all motherly protectiveness and intimidating smiles. The scars on her arms were a reminder of the lengths she would go to protect her son.

Kurama’s mother had said she was going to go visit her sick sister for the weekend, and Kurama hadn’t expected her to come home before she left. Really, Kurama had been avoiding letting his mom meet Hiei. She’d met Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Keiko already and that had gone fine; they were idiots, but they were human idiots.

Hiei looked pretty human, but hadn’t quite unlocked out how to act like one. Botan called him “feral” once, and Kurama figured that was accurate.

“Do you go to school together? I’ve met some of Shuichi’s other friends, like Botan and Kuwabara, but he hasn’t told me much about you!” She was grinning, but Kurama recognized her smile and the words as mom-code for “who on earth are you and why are you sitting on my kitchen counter?”

She took a step closer to Hiei under the pretence of unpacking groceries and Kurama noticed her nose crinkle. Ah yes, the smell. Kurama had gotten so used to the way Hiei smelled that he forgot others weren’t used to it. Fire and brimstone and ash and sweat and also a penchant for not bathing for weeks on end. All the standard markers of a fire demon with a little bit of a Hiei-twist.

Hiei was busy drinking his soda and didn’t look too intent on answering Kurama’s mother. They’d have to talk about human manners later. Or just manners in general. Ignoring someone’s mother was rude in the demon realm too.

“No, we don’t go to school together,” Kurama answered in Hiei’s place, “we met through Yusuke.”

Kurama’s mom smiled again, her nose still crinkled. Kurama started strategizing exit plans. “How old are you, Hiei? You just look a bit young to be hanging out with Shuichi and his friends!”

Hiei’s eyes narrowed and Kurama saw him reach for his sword. It was laying next to him on the kitchen counter and Ms. Minamino hadn’t noticed it yet. Maybe she couldn’t see it because it came from the demon realm. Regardless of whether or not she could see it, Hiei was strictly not allowed to use a sword on Kurama’s mother. Hiei knew that.

“No, we’re actually right about the same age,” Kurama interjected. He realized belatedly that his nervousness was painfully obvious to his mother. He hadn’t even managed to close the refrigerator door yet.

Kurama swung the door shut and leaned against it, arms crossed, as if introducing his human mom to a demon friend (was “friend” even the right word?) happened on a daily basis. His mom was good at reading him, though, and Kurama knew he only had a few seconds before the questions became more and more awkward.

Kurama cleared his throat and smiled a big dorky toothy grin. “Hiei, why don’t you go take a shower like I offered earlier?”

Hiei made a guttural noise that was something like a hiss and a click but mostly sounded like Hiei agreed to go do that while also being very dismissive. Sure enough, Hiei slid off the counter. Hiei’s forehead barely reached Kurama’s mother’s shoulder.

“It’s upstairs, first door on the left,” Kurama yelled after him. Hiei made another weird noise, this time kind of a growl, and then he started up the stairs. His footfalls were heavier than strictly necessary.

Kurama turned to his mother and smiled again. “Sorry, I didn’t realize you were coming home before you left to go see Auntie.”

Ms. Minamino finally began putting groceries away in earnest. Kurama picked up a carton of milk and moved around the sodas in the fridge to make room. Opening the fridge back up was a good idea; the cold helped soothe the painful blush on his face.

“That just makes it sound like you and this Hiei were up to something that you didn’t want me around for, Shuichi.”

Kurama grimaced and straightened back up. His mother was smiling though, a little twinkle in her eye indicating that it was genuine. Kurama suddenly found it easier to breathe, although he hadn’t exactly noticed it was difficult earlier.

“No, it’s just…” Kurama trailed off and tried to find a good way to explain Hiei to his mother without lying too much or telling too much of the truth. He lied to his mother enough as it was, so he said the truth when he could.

“Hiei doesn’t really have much of a family,” he settled on. “A sister that lives far away. He’s pretty alone. I think Yusuke and Kuwabara and I are the only ones who really care about him.”

Kurama’s mother closed the cupboard over the oven and stared at the grain in the wood for a second. “Is that why he’s so small? He doesn’t have a mom to make sure he’s eating well?”

Kurama’s shoulders and spine and every joint relaxed. “Yes, that’s it exactly. I think he lives mostly off of coco puffs, honestly.”

“That poor thing.”

Kurama finally cracked open his soda and took a drink. “Mmmm,” he said in agreement. His mouth was too full with grape-flavored bubbles to be any more eloquent. He hoped that if Hiei came back downstairs before his mother left he would be fully-clothed, otherwise this malnourishment theory would be immediately disproven by Hiei’s impressive physique. Kurama swallowed the soda and decided not to think about Hiei shirtless in front of his mother ever again.

“That’s very kind of you, Shuichi, to let him come here to bathe. I take it he doesn’t get many opportunities at home?”

The soda caught in Kurama’s throat for a second and he considered just letting it drown him. “No, um.” Kurama muttered. “He’s kinda homeless.”

Ms. Minamino turned around to face Kurama again, her hand pressed over her heart. She was frowning, but in a gentle way that Kurama had learned mostly indicated she was sad about something.

“I really wish you’d let me meet him sooner, Shuichi.”

“Ah, you see… he’s kind of. Crass? His personality is terrible, in all honesty. And I was worried he might offend you.”

“Shuichi, you know I’m not that shallow.”

Kurama looked down at the grape soda in his hand. Some purple liquid was trapped on the rim of the can. If he licked it, he would cut his tongue. Kurama considered licking it just for the subject change a bleeding mouth would bring. “I know, mom.”

Ms. Minamino picked up her keys off the counter. Hiei had left his sword, and she still hadn’t noticed it. His mother wasn’t very spiritually perceptive. Her sister, on the other hand, had started calling Kurama a fox-demon within days of his birth. His re-birth. There were reasons Kurama’s mother hadn’t invited him along to visit her sister, and reasons Kurama was not offended by that in the least.

“I just stopped by to bring some groceries to make sure you had enough to get you through the weekend,” she said. She put her arms around Kurama and pulled him into a tight hug. “I’m glad I did, since it meant I got to meet your friend Hiei.”

She stepped away and patted Kurama on the shoulder as she headed out the back door. “Stay out of trouble, and Hiei can spend the night if he needs to. Have a fun sleepover if that’s what you decide!”

“Bye mom!” Kurama called after her, and once the door clicked shut behind her and the car started revving in the driveway, Kurama’s legs stopped working very well and he sunk to the floor.


“So that’s your human-mom.” Hiei said. A towel was wrapped around his torso and he wasn’t wearing anything else as he sat down on the tile next to Kurama.

“Yeah. I just call her mom, though. Human-mom would sound weird.”

Hiei nodded as if he understood. “Did you tell me to go take a shower because you needed me out of the room or because I actually smell?”

“Both,” Kurama replied.

Hiei hummed and leaned back against the cupboard. Kurama wondered if the combination of dripping water and Hiei’s abnormally high body heat would warp the cupboards or something.

“So why did you need me to come over? I’m still not helping you and Yusuke close the portal to the demon realm.”

Kurama wrapped his arms around his legs and rested his cheek on his knee. “I know. It would just be nice if we had your help.”

“An open portal means I can go home to the demon realm,” Hiei reminded him. Kurama wanted to say something harsh and biting like “you don’t have a home, Hiei.” Or maybe something gentler and closer to the version of the truth Kurama liked best: “We’re your home.” But instead he bit his lip and considered the threadcount of the edge of Hiei’s towel, just below his knees.

“I know,” Kurama settled on. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell Yusuke and the others that we had this talk.”

“I don’t care if you tell them,” Hiei muttered. Kurama knew he was lying, but wasn’t sure if Hiei knew he was lying.

After a moment of silence, Hiei put his hands behind his head and nearly whapped Kurama in the face with his elbow in the process. “Thanks for the shower, I guess.”

“Welcome,” Kurama hummed. “You can spend the night tonight, if you want.”

Hiei scoffed. Kurama shifted so his other cheek was resting on his knees and he was facing away from Hiei. He could see the trash can from this angle and took a mental note to empty it before he went to bed.

“I’m not going to spend the night,” Hiei said bluntly. Always blunt, never beating around the bush. It was something that drove Kurama crazy while appreciating it immensely.

“Suit yourself, although I doubt the trees in the park down the street are all that comfortable.”

Hiei made that hissing-growling-clicking noise from the back of his throat again. Kurama was pretty sure it meant “you have a point but I’m not going to verbally agree with you.” Kurama smiled at the trash can for a second, then stood up. He offered his hand to Hiei to pull him up, but Hiei got to his feet on his own and left to get dressed. Kurama squeezed his hand open and closed a few times, then started mentally compiling all of the movies he wanted Hiei to watch with him. If they were going to have a sleepover, it might as well be a good one.


They watched some of Kurama’s favorite movies--Sixteen Candles, Mean Girls, and Breakfast Club to name a few--and ate more popcorn than was strictly necessary. Hiei didn’t complain much, but it wasn’t like he had anything else to do other than pout in a tree. Instead he just pouted when Kurama didn’t drench the popcorn in butter.

By the time Bender was triumphantly walking across the football field with his fist raised high and Breakfast Club was coming to a close, it was almost midnight. Hiei had started sitting on the armrest of the couch furthest from Kurama, but by this point he was sprawled out, head very nearly laying in Kurama’s lap and hands absentmindedly worrying at the blanket Kurama had pulled out for the occasion.

The credits were rolling, and Kurama watched Hiei out of the corner of his eye. Hiei was still awake, but his eyelids were beginning to droop in a way reminiscent of how tired he’d been after using the Dark Flame Dragon at the tournament.

Kurama’s hands were resting in his lap, and he inspected the distance between his own fingertips and Hiei’s hair for a few seconds. Then, he lightly brushed Hiei’s hair. Hiei didn’t seem to notice, and instead his tired eyes were trained on the credits. Kurama carded his fingers through Hiei’s hair again, rougher, nails skimming across Hiei’s skin.

When all Hiei did was close his eyes, Kurama decided maybe it was time to call it a night.

“Hiei, get up,” he mumbled, and Hiei stretched like a cat, his arms thrown over his head and across Kurama’s lap for a moment before he sat up.

“Mm sleepinon t’floor?” Hiei mumbled, and it took Kurama a moment to untangle the messy syllables.

“Only if you want to.” Kurama pressed his finger to his mouth to hold in a laugh. “Alternatively, I’ve got a spare futon in my room.”

Hiei stood up and cracked his back. Somehow, even under the layers he wore, Kurama could still see the shifting of his muscles. Or maybe Kurama had just seen Hiei shirtless so many times that his brain readily supplied the image. Hiei somehow managed to end up half-naked in basically all fights he was in, and Kurama had spent a fair amount of time trying to decide what that meant. A quiet part of him hoped that Hiei did it for his benefit, but realistically Kurama knew that Hiei was just that sort of reckless person.


Hiei was no help whatsoever getting the futon out of Kurama’s closet or laying it out. Instead, he stood on the desk and surveyed the room.

“Too many books,” Hiei decided.

“No such thing,” Kurama assured him. He wasn’t sure where the spare pillow was, so he tossed one from his bed onto the futon.

“And plants. Not surprising though, I guess.”

“It’s true, Hiei. You’ve got me. I like plants.” Kurama sat back on his heels, knees sunk into the fluff of the futon, and pointed to the plants resting on his windowsill. “Sedum morganium, Echeveria elegans, Crassula ovata, and that’s a peace lily. I’ve got more in the garden outside; these are just my succulents. Plus peace lily.”

Hiei squatted on Kurama’s desk, feet not mussing up any papers or schoolwork, and ran a fingertip down the length of the Sedum morganium. The touch was gentle, barely ghosting over the fat leaves. Hiei couldn’t know that the lightest touch could snap off a leaf, and yet not a single leaf fell.

Kurama wanted to say, “thank you for being gentle with the things I care about, even if you don’t understand them.” But instead, he pulled a pair of pajamas out of his night stand and, after a second of hesitation that he was sure Hiei saw, went to the bathroom to change.


Kurama’s eyes adjusted to the dark faster than any true human’s, so as he stared at his ceiling, all of the details of his room reemerged in his peripheral vision, including the fluff of Hiei’s hair from his spot on the futon. He was only a few feet away from Kurama’s bed. There were other places in his room Kurama could have set out the futon, but between his bed and the windows felt like the best spot.

Kurama rolled over to face Hiei and watched his chest rise and fall in the moonlight.

“Sleepovers don’t make sense,” Hiei declared.

Kurama hummed. “Yeah, they do. Keiko has them with Botan and Yukina. Sometimes Shizuru comes too, even though she’s a little too old for that kind of sleepover.”

“There are age limits?” Hiei asked. Hiei didn’t ask questions often; usually he just spoke in declarations and statements and insults. If he asked questions, it was because something genuinely confused him in a way that he couldn’t work out on his own.

Kurama pulled his blankets up closer to his chin even though it wasn’t cold. “Kind of. Like, I’m old enough that sleepovers are kind of uncommon. Girls still have them at this age and older, though. Overall it’s mostly a kid thing.”

“So human adults don’t have sleepovers?”

“No, they do. But instead of pillow fights or gossip or video games they have sex.” Kurama thought he might be blushing, so he pulled his blankets up some more. He wasn’t entirely sure how good Hiei’s vision was in low light.

Hiei hummed, and that was the end of the conversation. There was something unfinished hanging in the air, but Kurama decided it was better to leave it be than to risk upsetting whatever careful balance they had.

Cars passing outside lit up the ceiling, and Kurama watched the shifting shadows of his plants. He could hear Hiei breathing. They’d shared a room during the Tournament. This wasn’t different, Kurama decided, even though there was some weird intimacy that came from the fact that Hiei was sleeping in Kurama’s room, wrapped up in Kurama’s blankets and using Kurama’s spare pillow.

“What kind of sleepover are we having? A kid one or a grownup one?” Hiei asked. Kurama could practically hear Hiei’s grin. His throat felt tight and he wasn’t sure if Hiei was joking or not. Kurama closed his eyes.

“Whatever kind of sleepover you want it to be,” Kurama said. His words were steady and measured, but his heart was hammering because overall this sounded like the best and worst idea either of them had ever come up with.

When Kurama opened his eyes again, he could see Hiei sitting up on the futon. His silhouette shifted, darkened and lightened with each passing car outside. Hiei was, unsurprisingly, shirtless.

“Wanna have sex?” Hiei asked. Kurama smiled in response, blessing Hiei’s ability to cut to the chase.

It was easier to be confident when Hiei had thrown it out into the open. Kurama pulled the blanket away from his face and locked eyes with Hiei. “Yeah.”

Hiei didn’t even both standing up, he was already so close to Hiei’s bed. Instead, he pulled Kurama’s blanket and sheets aside and crawled in next to him.

The sheets and blankets were going to be a mess in a matter of minutes, but Kurama still covered them back up. Hiei opened his mouth to say something, but before he could say a single word Kurama had crashed their lips together. Hiei responded immediately, his teeth scratching against Kurama’s lips and chin and really anywhere he could reach.

It was probably a universal truth that neither of them were spectacularly good at kissing. Hiei’s mouth tasted like cinders and bitter burning. There was a little bit of copper, too, and Kurama realized someone’s teeth had nicked someone’s lip. He also realized that he didn’t care all that much, because kissing felt nice and his hands hand found Hiei’s abs and, sure enough, Hiei’s muscles felt as wonderful as they looked.

Hiei’s hands were wandering too, nails scraping along the top hem of his pajama pants and traveling upwards, fingers pressing into his hip bones. He pushed Kurama so he was on his back and started straddling him, thighs pressing into hips.

“I’m overdressed for this,” Kurama mumbled, and Hiei took the cue to yank open Kurama’s pajama top, buttons scattering across the sheets where they would definitely leave weird impressions on various body parts if slept on.

“Glad I finally get to see you shirtless.” Hiei leaned back and ran his fingertips down Kurama’s ribs and suddenly Kurama felt very, very naked.

“I haven’t had sex in this form before,” Kurama blurted out. Hiei’s hands faltered.

“So you’ve only fucked as Yoko Kurama.”

Kurama dug his fingers into the sheets and tried to remember how confident he had felt just two minutes prior. “Yeah, basically.”

“But you’re so big like that. How did you even find anyone to bang?”

“I managed,” Kurama assured him, “So I’m like. Half a virgin?”

Hiei snorted and buried his face in Kurama’s shoulder. Kurama could feel the suppressed laughter vibrate his collarbones. “You don’t get to quote movies at me.”

The feeling of laughter traveled from Kurama’s neck and reached his tummy, where it bubbled back up and out of Kurama’s throat.

“I won’t quote movies at you,” Kurama promised.

Hiei’s fingers ran through Kurama’s hair, tugging at any tangles with the same touch he’d used on Kurama’s plant.

“I have no clue what I’m doing,” Hiei admitted, his mouth pressed against Kurama’s jaw so the words mostly sounded like vowels.

“You half a virgin too?”

Hiei snorted. “It’s just been a while.”

“Glad we got that out of the way,” Kurama said into Hiei’s hair. He ran a hand up Hiei’s spine, fingertips tracing every hard knob.

“So how’re we doing this?” Hiei asked. He sat back up and dragged his hands down Kurama’s chest, pausing to trace random patterns.

“You mean who’s dick goes in who’s ass?” Kurama asked. He realized he wasn’t blushing, which was nice.

“I’m gonna vote my ass, your dick.” Hiei closed his eyes for a second, then nodded in agreement with his own decision.

“Mmm, good plan. Very good. I like it.” Kurama sat up and pulled away from Hiei just enough to open his nightstand drawer and scramble around for the bottle he kept politely buried under some books and notebooks.

When Kurama looked back to Hiei, he was sitting back on his heels again, eyes narrowed and watching him.

Kurama suddenly felt very judged. He already felt very naked, and Hiei’s stare only compounded the effect. “What?”

Hiei didn’t reply. Instead he knelt over Kurama and pressed their lips together. This kiss was infinitely gentler than the ones earlier, no teeth and barely any tongue. Still very wet, still no actual finesse, but slower. Kurama could feel his muscles loosen under Hiei’s weight, and he wrapped his arms around Hiei’s waist once he had the presence of mind to do so.

Hiei’s hands were wandering again, traveling from Kurama’s hips to his thighs, fingers slipping under the hem of Kurama’s pajamas and nails lightly digging into the flesh on Kurama’s ass. Kurama lifted his hips and Hiei pulled down his pants. Kurama kicked them off the rest of the way.

“Do you remember how to do any of this?” Hiei asked. His lips were slick with saliva against Kurama’s cheek. In other situations Kurama would think that was gross, but since he was naked he thought it was quite nice.

“I told you I’m only half a virgin,” Kurama remind him. He dug around in the sheets for the lube with no luck until Hiei pressed the bottle into his fingers.

“Your fingers, my ass,” Hiei muttered. He rolled off of Kurama and lay down next to him, struggling with the tangled mess of cloth he’d created while pulling his pants off and wrestling with the sheets.

“You forgot the magic word.” Kurama shifted so he was laying on his side. They were finally both completely naked, and even though between the dark and the blankets Kurama couldn’t see anything, he took the opportunity to let his fingertips trace the hard muscles of Hiei’s thighs and hard boney jut of his hips.

“Now,” Hiei suggested, and Kurama decided that was close enough. He wrapped a hand around Hiei’s dick and jerked hard once, twice, until Hiei’s breath stuttered and his eyes closed.

“Not quite the word I was looking for, but close enough.”

Hiei’s hands found Kurama’s ass and he dragged Kurama on top of him for a few more messy hard kisses. A roll of Kurama’s hips had Hiei hissing through gritted teeth and precum leaking onto Kurama’s bellybutton.

Kurama could feel some of his confidence returning.

“How are we going to,” Kurama began. He tried to keep his words steady but it was difficult with his heart thumping in his chest and Hiei staring up at him. “How are we going to negotiate this?” Kurama waved one hand in the air for a moment while using his other elbow to prop himself up some.

“Negotiations aren’t necessary. Dick-in-ass is pretty self-explanatory.”

Kurama took a breath and decided that there wasn’t a nice way to say what he intended. “Hiei, you’re really short. Like, small.”

Hiei’s glare was so intense that Kurama half expected his jagan to open up and glare at him too.

“I just mean. What kind of position do you want?”

Hiei kept glaring. “I don’t care. This, except dick-in-ass. And don’t call me short.”

Kurama nodded and started spreading a dollop of lube over his fingers. “Not short, dick-in-ass, got it.”


Two fingers in and Hiei was chewing his lip raw. He hadn’t made many noises beyond a shaky breath here and a quiet gasp there, but both hands were buried in Kurama’s hair, tugging whenever Kurama’s fingers brushed his prostate.

“Just, fucking…” Hiei trailed off and Kurama glanced up to see him chewing at his lip again.
Kurama didn’t reply, and instead started kissing along Hiei’s right inner thigh. He could feel Hiei’s unsteady pulse on his tongue and decided after a moment’s consideration to leave a few hickies.

Kurama shifted the angle of his fingers and his mouth simultaneously, and suddenly something warm smeared across his hair at his temples.

Kurama sat up, fingers still knuckle-deep in Hiei’s ass, and pulled a stray hair off of his tongue using his free (and more sanitary) hand. “Did you just jizz in my hair?”

Hiei’s shoulders shifted up towards his ears before dropping back down again. It was the laziest shrug Kurama had ever seen and had none of the nonchalance Hiei had intended.

“Just a little bit,” Hiei confirmed, “it’s a compliment.”

Before Kurama could wipe away the precum in his hair, Hiei had smeared it even worse in the process of pulling him down for more sloppy kissing.

“Dick, ass, now,” Hiei mumbled against Kurama’s chin, so Kurama pulled away, pressed Hiei’s thighs back, and shoved in so slowly Hiei’s fingers were digging into the sheets.

Everything was very nice, Kurama decided. Hiei was tonguing kisses to his collarbones and pressing fingertips into Kurama’s spine, not to mention how wonderful Hiei’s ass felt.

After a few minutes, though, Kurama’s hips were starting to get a little tired and Hiei had stopped kissing Kurama’s chest.

“This isn’t working for you, is it?” Kurama asked. It was a difficult concept at the moment, because it certainly was working for him.

Hiei hummed, so Kurama stopped thrusting for a second and sat up as much as he could. Sure enough, Hiei looked bored.

Kurama ran a hand through his hair and tried to organize thoughts into something that might be helpful.

Nothing came to mind, so Kurama hunched over Hiei to kiss him in search of inspiration.

“Roll over,” Hiei told Kurama’s neck. After a second of sub-par problem solving, Kurama nodded, pulled out, and lay down with his head at the foot of the bed. Within what felt like a second, Hiei was straddling him and guiding Kurama’s dick into his ass.

“Better,” Hiei mumbled, and when he started moving Kurama decided that “better” was definitely a good description.

It only took a minute before Kurama was gripping Hiei’s hips hard enough to bruise and was having trouble focusing on anything beyond Hiei on top of him and how impossibly warm everything felt.

“I’m going to cum,” Kurama said. His words felt mostly like nonsensical vowels in his mouth but Hiei nodded and leaned forward to press open-mouthed sucking kisses to Kurama’s chest, shoulders, and the bit of neck Hiei could reach.

The orgasm was nice, Hiei clenching made it nicer, and at some point Kurama had wrapped his arms around Hiei and pulled him into an awkward hug that put a painful amount of strain on his overly sensitive cock.

Kurama took a few deep breaths, than a few more. It was only after burying his face in Hiei’s spikey tangle of hair and contemplating why his hair smelled clean that Kurama realized Hiei was still hard, still leaking cum onto Kurama’s stomach, and breathing even harder than Kurama.

“I came too soon,” Kurama mumbled.

“To nobody’s surprise, you half-virgin.” Hiei probably meant to sound insulting, but the words were soft around the edges and made Kurama smile.

“How do you want me to get you off?”

Hiei swiped his tongue across the dip of Kurama’s collarbones. “You were good at fingering, I wouldn’t mind more of that.”

Without waiting for Kurama’s reply, Hiei got up and sprawled back in his original spot, at the head of Kurama’s bed, arms spread out like he belonged there. Kurama nodded and lay down on his stomach next to Hiei, fingers back at work once Hiei shifted and lifted his hips enough to give Kurama room.

Hiei chewed at his lips again, little bits of raw skin and droplets of blood appearing under his teeth. Fingers twisting and pressing, Kurama stopped Hiei’s gnawing with distracting kisses until, finally, Hiei came with a moan loud enough that Kurama’s ears rang. It was a nice ringing, Kurama decided, even though it was also a little bit painful. Hiei’s lazy disoriented afterglow kisses made up for that anyways.