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30 day OTP NSFW Challenge

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Intimacy was important. For alphas, omegas, even betas. But it was most important during heats and ruts. The week before was always the best time for it, when two wanted to bond and become one they needed to share an intimacy, not sex. Not yet.  

Hanzo traced his hand across Gabriel’s chest, they were both still dressed for the time being. It wasn’t going to last, not with the eagerness Hanzo had as he felt Gabes shirt fabric. Gabe seemed skeptical, confused even, that Hanzo Shimada wanted him as a mate. Granted it was a chance meeting, just a mission from Blackwatch, but it seemed they fell hard and fast for eachother. And that was what worried Gabe the most. 

“You’re sure about this? Last chance to back out…” Hanzo shook his head at Gabes words, looking up and meeting Gabes brown eyes with his own. Gabe could swear his body turned to jelly the first time their eyes met completely, Hanzo was so beautiful. So perfect. Everything he felt he wasn’t.  

“I’m sure, I want you…” Hanzo trailed his hand slowly up to Gabes cheek, brushing his hand across the stubble forming across his cheeks. 

Gabe reached his fingers into Hanzos belt, tugging his shirt out so it was no longer tucked. Hanzos breath hitched, but he said nothing as Gabe began removing his shirt from him. Hanzo waited until his shirt was fully off until he returned the favor, carefully taking Gabes shirt off. 

“Touch me.” Hanzos eyes met Gabes and they reached to each other, Hanzo gently caressing Gabes cheeks while Gabe rubbed Hanzos wrists and his arms. Hanzo took a few deep breaths, calming himself down as Gabes hands glides from his arms to his chest and stayed there. 

“You’re beautiful.” Gabe muttered, taking his time to trace over Hanzos soft skin. Hanzo blushed at the words, then pressed against Gabe and nudged the man backwards so the back of his knees hit the bed and they fell back. “Take it slow.” Gabe reminded him. 

“I just… I want to see… Everything.” Hanzo trailed his hands down Gabes chest and stomach to his Jean line and paused. “May I?” Gabe nodded and Hanzo carefully undid Gabes belt and slid his pants down. 

“Let me see you too.” Gabe carefully tugged at Hanzos pants, the two of them getting eachother out of their pants quickly. Eager as they were to do anything, the day was about exploration. Getting to know each other, learning the others body all over. 

“Gabe…” Hanzos eyes scanned over Gabes body, his cheeks turning pink at the blush that spread across it. “You’re… uh…” Hanzo stuttered over his words and trailed his fingers across Gabes v-line, earning a shiver in return.  

“Don’t worry about any of that right now. We can worry about that later.” Gabe took Hanzos hand, gently holding it and locking their fingers together. Hanzo squeezed Gabes hand, gently bringing it to his lips and kissing at it a few times softly.  

“I feel like I’m doing this wrong.” Hanzo admitted, shifting nervously on Gabes lap. Gabe simply laughed, pulling Hanzo close to his body and pressing their foreheads together. Hanzo pressed into Gabe, feeling their body’s flushed against eachother, feeling the man hold him carefully.  

“I wouldn’t know, I’ve never done this… But it feels right.” Hanzo gripped Gabes arm a little at the statement. 

“H… Have you never had a previous mate?” Gabe shook his head, rubbing Hanzos back gently.  

“If you’re asking if I’ve had sex, yes I have before. But mated? Bonded with someone? No.” Hanzo rested his forehead against Gabes chest, listening to his heart beating.  

“I have never done this either… Nor have I ever uh… had sex.” Hanzos cheeks turned red when he admit that but Gabe didn’t react poorly. 

“What did you do for your previous heats?” The older man asked, taking Hanzos hand and squeezing it slightly.  

“Uhm. I had objects and… Things to get me through them. But I never had sex, father was strict about that.” Hanzo chuckled closing his eyes and taking in Gabes scent. “Said he didn’t need the heir to the clan getting knocked up… But ah we have nothing to worry about, I have taken things to prevent that.” Gabe simply nodded, carding his fingers through Hanzo's hair as the man pressed close to him. 

They stayed like that for awhile, Gabe playing with Hanzo's hair as the man pressed against him, flush bodies against each other for the feeling of intimacy. 

"Gabe?" Hanzo's voice broke through the silence of the room, and Gabe hummed in response. "May I kiss you...?" 

"….If you want." Hanzo moved a bit away from Gabe, looking up at him and blushing before leaning up and kissing Gabe softly. Gabe kissed him back, caressing Hanzo's cheek gently as they kissed. 

This is what intimacy felt like. 

Soft, loving, caring. 

The feeling of being safe. 

Hanzo broke the kiss after what felt like hours, but was probably just a matter of seconds, and looked back up at Gabe. "Thank you." Hanzo carefully moved closer to Gabe again, feeling the mans strong arms pull him close and hold him carefully, gently. Pressing his forehead into Gabes chest, Hanzo closed his eyes and let the feeling of Gabes warmth surrounding him, eventually lulling him into a well needed sleep.