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You're Not Stubborn (Just Impossible)

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Peter Parker was terrified.

Shield High was intimidating, at least twice as big as his old school, and transferring in the middle of the year meant he knew absolutely no one. He'd made it through his first couple classes relatively unscathed—unnoticed, anyway—and now it was lunch. The cafeteria was huge, and the grassy quad where most people ate lunch was even bigger. He only had time to give a single, nervous gulp before an arm found itself around his shoulders.

"So, you're obviously new."

"Uh." Peter looked up at the owner of the arm, a lanky guy with a challenging grin. "Yeah."

"Peter Parker, right?"

"Wow, yeah." Peter stared at the guy in surprise. "How did you know that?"

"Lesson one, never question a yearbook kid," the guy instructed, "We know everything about everyone, don't bother asking how."


"Now, I hear you've got camera skills."

"How did you—? I mean, yeah. Sort of. I messed around a little bit at my last school."

"Nah, come on, I've seen your work, you're pretty good." The guy clapped him on the back. "You should come work for us, squirt. We could use a shutterbug like you—"

"Clint, stop trying to recruit the freshmen." Peter jumped; the gorgeous redhead to his left had appeared out of nowhere.

"Come on, Natasha, do you know how many people are graduating this year?" The guy, apparently Clint, complained. "We need fresh meat."

"Clint, you're graduating." The girl, Natasha, rolled her eyes.

"And I want the yearbook to be in good hands when I'm gone." Clint just jutted out his chin at her, pulling Peter along. "Come on kid, you can sit with me and the other Avengers."

"The Avengers?" Peter questioned, though he let himself be pulled forward. "I thought that was the school mascot."

"It is. But it's also what people call us, because if you go to this school and don't know who we are, you're basically non-existent." Clint grinned. "We're kind of teen royalty."

The students around them seemed to part for Clint, Natasha and himself like the Red Sea, and Peter found himself growing nervous. The group they seemed to be walking towards was in the center of the quad, and there was a ring of space around the group that clearly marked them as the popular kids on campus. Oh god, could he handle this? What if they thought he was lame? He was only a freshman, what did they even want with him?

"Hey guys! This is Peter Parker, our new photographer." Clint dropped down between Natasha and another blonde.

"Possible photographer," Peter corrected carefully, sitting between Clint and the blonde.

Assorted hello's met his arrival. It was a large group, six in total, nine with their arrival, and Clint gestured to them each in turn, starting with himself.

"I'm Clint Barton; senior beta, yearbooker, and Captain of the archery squad—"

"Because the archery squad does not in fact exist and is something he made up in his head." Natasha rolled her eyes.

"This dream-crusher—" Clint shot a glare at Natasha. "—is Natasha Romanov. She's a senior, the most terrifying alpha you'll ever meet, and a yearbooker like me. She knows everything about everyone; it's why her hair is so big, it's full of secrets," he whispered. Natasha swatted him, but he just continued unfazed. "Don't get any ideas though; she's in an alpha bond with Bucky Barnes, a graduate, and he'll rip to you shreds for a sideways glance. Next to her is junior beta Sam Wilson and senior alpha Thor Odinson, both varsity linebackers. And man, you haven't been to a party until you've been to a party thrown by them."

"Believe it." Sam grinned, fist-bumping Thor.

"The pretty brunette next to Thor is his beta, junior Jane Foster, vice president of the science club and smartest chick you'll ever meet."

"Smartest chick?" Jane raised an eyebrow.

"He means to say that you are the most intelligent person in all the realms, darling." Thor pressed a mollifying kiss to Jane's temple.

"Thor also tends to be kinda poetic, but you get used to it," Clint whispered, "He's better than his brother, anyway. Next to Jane is Bruce Banner, senior beta, president of the science club, and all-around genius. Also, he sells the best weed if you're looking."

"Clint." Bruce shot Clint a warning look.

"Theoretically, I mean." Clint hummed innocently. "Next to him is junior alpha Pepper Potts, editor-in-chief of the newspaper, vice president of student council, and the busiest, most efficient life-ruiner you'll ever meet."

"Only if they deserve it," Pepper clarified, but a sneaky sort of smile accompanied the statement.

"And next to Pepper is senior alpha Steve Rogers. He does graphics work for us sometimes, but most people know him as star quarterback and captain of the football team, not to mention the friendliest guy you'll ever meet. You know him, you know everyone."

"Clint." Steve just chuckled with a hint of a blush, waving a hand at Peter. "Nice to meet you, Peter. You're a freshman?"

"Yeah, I—"

"Who's the new kid?" Another guy was making his way through the crowd, stepping between Pepper and Steve to get into the center of their circle. He collapsed on the grass, positioning himself so his head was in Steve's lap, then took Steve by the collar of his shirt and pulled him down into an upside down kiss. "Hey you."

"Hey you." Steve smiled back, a touch dopily, his fingers already tangling in the guy's hair and stroking it back while the guy pulled out his phone, typing away at the speed of light. "That's Peter Parker, a new photographer for the yearbook."

"Possibly," Peter corrected, but raised a hand in greeting to the new guy. "You are?"

"Tony Stark."

"My mate," Steve added happily, as if their taken pheromones weren't so strong Peter could've smelled it from across the quad.

"Don't mind them, they're obnoxious." Clint waved a hand. Peter expected them to protest, but they were already busy talking amongst themselves. "To give you a little more information, he's also a senior, president of student council, and likely the smartest guy you'll ever meet, if a total asshole."

"Fuck off, dickbag." Tony shot back, flipping Clint off without so much as glancing away from Steve.

"Point proven. He's also an omega."

Complete silence met this statement, and everyone turned to assess Peter's reaction to this news.

"That's not a problem, is it?" It was Tony who asked, one eyebrow raised in challenge, but it was the look in Steve's eyes that stopped Peter dead.

Less than a minute ago he'd been described as the friendliest guy in school, had blushed at the title, and smiled like he'd won the lottery when he caught sight of his mate. He'd seemed like nothing more than a cheerful, easy-going dude.

Now, Peter was pretty sure if he answered this question incorrectly he was going to lose a limb.

"No." Peter quickly shook his head, addressing his answer to Steve. "Not at all, no hate, I swear, I've just never met one, we're cool, I promise, please don't eat me, you kind of look like you want to eat me—"

"He won't eat you." Tony snorted, patting Steve—who was still watching Peter warily for signs of a lie—on the arm pacifyingly. Then, with a wicked grin, "He does bite though."

"Tony." Steve still looked a bit grouchy, but his ears went red.

"Don't worry, he only bites me." Tony winked at Peter.

"That," Steve decided, leaning down, "Is enough out of you."

Tony shifted, sitting up and turning in Steve's lap to settle his arms around Steve's neck and kiss him properly. The group at large seemed unfazed, continuing to eat their food and resuming chatter amongst themselves. Eventually, Peter asked about it.

"Have they always been like, um, that?"

"God no." Pepper snorted.

"Not even close." Bruce chuckled.

"They spent the majority of high school being literally too stupid to function." Clint rolled his eyes.

"Even after they bonded," Natasha added.

"Especially after they bonded." Sam groaned.

"They had a most tumultuous beginning." Thor nodded solemnly.

Clint waved his hands for silence from the group, beginning to speak in a dramatic voice.

"It all started in the first week of last year…"