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Uggy's Small Bites

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Edgeberry - Fluff

Edge didn’t say anything; he didn’t have to. The unannounced visit was telling enough. Blue smiled sadly and, without a word, led him to the bathroom. The smaller skeleton removed Edge’s gloves, his scarf, his armor, and set them aside, ignoring the smears of gray. Undressing quickly, Blue started the shower before gently pulling Edge forward. His eyelights drifted over his lover’s scared bones, searching for anything new. As soon as the spray of water hit him, Edge pulled Blue into his arms, their bones clacking together as he began to shake with the force of tears that never fell.

Honeymustard - Past Abuse mention

“stars, you’re beautiful.”

“don’t,” he gasped out, pulling away. Stretch grabbed him by the humeri, halting his retreat. Red struggled, but found that he couldn’t free himself. Turning away, he felt hot tears streak down his skull and drip onto the bed.

“red, what is it?” Stretch asked. Red shook his skull, and he was gently pulled him into a hug, skull tucked against Stretch’s ribcage. “i know you don’t like yourself, but you really are.”

Red wanted to say that wasn’t it, but he couldn’t find the words, mind consumed with HIS voice…


Spicy Cinnabon - Daddy Kink

“RED, YOU HAVE BEEN VERY…CONTRARY TODAY.” Papyrus sat on his bed, spine straight, arm raised, and a digit outstretched in a scolding gesture. Red flushed, fidgeting where he stood. He had nothing more than a sheer camisole and panties on. Papyrus pat his lap, “COME HERE.”

Despite the slight hesitation in his voice, Papyrus’s affectionate but nagging tone was perfection itself, making Red’s magic heat instantly. He stepped forward and laid himself across Papyrus’s femurs, only to feel phalanges rub along his sacrum and coccyx. Red basked in that moment of anticipation before the first blow fell.

“yes, daddy.”

Honeymustard - Past Abuse mention

Red clung to him, grip tight and desperate. Stretch tried to fold the smaller skeleton into his hold, longing to be able to hide him away from the world. From his demons.

“shhh,” Stretch tried to soothe him, running his phalanges up and down Red’s spine. The monster went limp, his skull resting on Stretch’s sternum. Soft, hiccuping sobs began to emanate from the bowed skull, and Stretch felt tears splatter against his bones.

“what is it?” he asked.

“i can’t,” Red gasped. “i’m the worst.”

“you aren’t. please, let me help.”

“i-i wished you were him.”

Swapcest - Incest, Stretch isn't into it

Stretch stared down at the sleeping monster. It was so rare to catch his brother like this, sleep being such a rarity for the hyper little skeleton. Yet, here he was, nestled half on top of Stretch as they lay in Blue’s bed.

He frowned as he wondered what he had done to deserve this outcome. His precious brother had been harboring feelings for him for stars only knew how long. He cared for his brother, sure, but like this…no. He let his phalanges ghost over Blue’s skull in a caress. Stretch would do anything for his brother, however.

UnderSwap Babybones

Sans looked over at Papyrus, who yawned again. It only midday, and his brother’s feet were dragging. They still had a ways to go. Sans considered their options while attempting to ignore the fact that this was his fault. Papyrus had always been quick to tire, and Sans had carried him around, letting him nap. Now, Papyrus was almost as tall as he was! He was absolutely not a few inches taller. The point was, Sans couldn’t carry him anymore. He glanced at their dwindling food. A day without eating was nothing to the Magnificent Sans.


Fellcest - Rough sex

“Ngh, boahhhh,” Red screamed. Edge reentered him, having shifted Red onto his hands and knees. Edge smirked as Red lurched forward with the powerful thrust, barely catching himself on his arms. His skull was repeatedly pressed into Edge’s bed in a rhythm that could only be described as punishing. Smacking Red’s ass prompted a deep groan that cut through the haze of panting and moaning. Feeling his orgasm approaching, Edge leaned forward and grabbed Red’s collar, pulling him so he was arched above the bed. Red screamed, ragged and broken, as the angle drove Edge’s cock into his sweet spot. 

Sanswich (UT/US/UF) - Fluff

~US Sans POV~

Sans walked into the living room to find the other two skeletons flopped down side by side, up against the bottom of the couch. Tale was tickling Fell’s feet with the phalanges of his own. Sans smiled as Fell twitched and grumbled, but didn’t actually move away. Walking over, he squeezed between them, plopping the popcorn on the floor. Tale left off his antics to cuddle up to Swap, one arm around his scapulae. Fell pressed close, his arm slipping across the back of Swap’s lower ribs. As he started up the movie, Sans had never felt so happy.

CherryBerry - Fluff

Sans walked over to where Swap was working. He couldn’t help but fidget, the reality of his intentions sitting heavily in his soul. As he slowed to a stop, he glanced back at Tale. He got an encouraging smile and a thumbs up, which made him even more nervous. If he failed, he’d be disappointing Tale too.

“Ah, Swap, could I…” He stared down, phalanges twisting.

“WHAT IS IT?” Swap looked at him.

“Would you like to, maybe, go out…sometime…” He flushed, about to shortcut away. He couldn’t, though, as arms wrapped around him.


Edgeberry - Fluff

“GOOD MORNING!” Edge just about dropped the tray as the words startled him. His response failed as he caught sight of his lover. Blue was standing on the stairs, wearing one of Edge’s black shirts, and nothing else. The garment was too big for him, falling off one scapula, but still only fell to mid femur.

“IS THAT BREAKFAST?” Blue chirped, trotting forward blithely. Edge flushed

“Y-YES,” Edge tried not to sound too disappointed. “I WAS BRINGING IT…” Blue’s eyelights morphed into stars as he caught Edge’s meaning. Edge flushed as they returned to the kitchen to eat together.

UT Sans Shrunk in UF


“don’t say it.”

“why? you got a short temper?”

“i hate you, you know?”

“only a little bit, i’m sure.”

Red bit back the urge to scream. It would only give his counterpart that much more enjoyment over his predicament. Sans was staring down at him with barely controlled laughter as it was. Red glared back up at him.

“you going to help? or just stare?” He asked, well aware that he was at the other’s mercy.

“of course,” Sans smirked as he picked Red up by the hood of his jacket. “but first, I have to show papyrus.”

Swap Undyne/Toriel/Alphys

“Doctor Undyne, amazing work!” The praise made her flush.

“No, it was nothing…” She muttered, trying to hide behind her bangs.

“You sell yourself short. This could be the most important scientific discovery of monsterkind!” The Queen set a paw on Undyne’s back and led the scientist into her house. “We need to celebrate!”

They stepped into the adorably quaint house, only to find Alphys already there.

“Your majesty?” Undyne asked. Soft paws fell onto her shoulders as Alphys stood.

“A very…private celebration is in order.”

Undyne sighed as she was drawn out of her daze by a timer.

Sanswich (Science/Fell/Swap)

“are you sure this qualifies as “team building’?” Science asked Fell, voice deadpan. Fell just grinned back and winked.

“you tellin’ me you don’t want to do this? after all the shit he put us through?” He asked, giving Science a knowing look.

“well…no,” Science flushed, not quite willing to admit that his reason for participating might be slightly different.

“I’M READY!” Swap burst into the room, wearing the ‘outfit’ Fell had provided. Science flushed harder at the way it barely covered his pelvis and ribcage.

“great, let’s get started,” Fell said, “you just kneel there, swap…”

HoneyMustard - Past Abuse Mention, Angst, Character Death

Red checked the bedroom; it was empty. He shut the door, his bones rattling against the knob. Looking over the house, his home, it was dark and empty, the shadows making it look like-

The sound of bones kept a steady rhythm. When they stopped, so did his soul. Stepping into the nearest shadow, Red watched the ‘human’ dodge them perfectly. How many times, already?

The human looked confused when their blade found him, rather than Stretch. The next instant, bones filled them.

“Why, red,” Stretch held him. “shit, if not for me-”

“…i wouldn’t have…this far…thank you.”

HoneyMustard - Size difference

Stretch looked down at Red, the smaller skeleton now a lot smaller, only about six inches tall, and very upset. They had gone to Stretch’s room, and Red had been sniffling into Stretch’s hoodie ever since.

“we’ll find a way to get you back,” He rubbed Red’s spine.

“i know…” Red replied, voice thick.

“how about a distraction?” Stretch asked, as he maneuvered Red onto his back. Red looked up at him in confusion until he rubbed a phalanx along the front of Red’s shorts. The tiny little moan it provoked was adorable, not that Stretch would ever say so.


“Stretch, we can’t! You know we can’t. I know we can’t. The timeline-”

“We can and we will!” Stretch replied angrily, about ready to drag Red back through the portal with him. “The timeline won’t destabilize over just one monster.” He hoped.

Red’s frown wavered with uncertainty and Stretch could see him bob back and forth, physically holding himself from running to Stretch as both skeletons listened for any sign of Red’s brother.

“Red, please. I won’t, I can’t leave you here. Not with him,” Stretch reached out to Red, and smiled as those smaller phalanges landed in his.

Kustard - Abuse mention, Angst

“Red, what happened?” Sans reached out to touch the fresh crack that was spreading from Red’s right socket. It was small, but combined with the other one, it could spell trouble.

“I…uh, told Boss,” Red replied, looking away.

Sans flinched, eyelights dropping to the floor.

“Of course, your brother doesn’t…. Looks like your talk went okay,” Sans glanced up and Red was smiling at him fondly. Feeling even worse, Sans looked away again.

“I didn’t tell him…” Sans muttered, unwilling to meat his lover’s sockets. He just hadn’t been able to explain…this to Papyrus.

“You didn’t…you promised…”

UT Paps teaches SF Paps to cook

“what do i do now?” Slim asked him. Papyrus stopped stirring the sauce to turn and look. The other’s brother had asked Papyrus to teach him the basics of cooking. Papyrus had agreed, thrilled to be asked. Despite sharing features, Slim lacked Papryrus’s initiative. He had to be told every single step.

“PUT THE NOODLES INTO THE WATER, ONCE IT’S BOILING.” Papyrus told him, with a smile. Slim gave him one in return, before turning to stare at the pot. Papyrus felt that Slim needed to have more confidence in his own decisions. He brightened, an idea taking shape.

Replacements: Ketchup Nightmare - Abuse PTSD

Sans walked into the house and shook the snow off his scapulae. He went to see if he could find some ketchup. As he looked through the cabinets, he heard his brother’s familiar footsteps behind him. His soul began to race.


“h-hey paps, you know-”


Sans turned his skull to see Papyrus with his phalanges on his crests, expression harsh. Sans’s world dropped away, leaving him alone and naked in front of his brother. He tried to cover himself, but chains held his limbs still.


UF Papyrus in a Dress

“Hey boss, do- what-” Papyrus stared as realization hit Sans.

“THE FUCK? FUCKING KNOCK!” Papyrus screamed, hurling bones. They all missed.

Sans looked amused, his eyelights zipping up and down. Papyrus straightened, trying not to appear embarrassed, but he could feel himself flush. He had just been trying on his latest acquisition, a slim black dress, from the dump. It was covered in silver bead-work, with black beaded fringe, which swished around his femurs as he stalked over to throw Sans out. Slamming the door and leaning back against it, he very faintly heard:

“fuck, he looked really good…”

SweetFell: Fellcest - Fluff

“YOU LAZY FUCK!” Papyrus followed Sans through town. Most monsters were used to it, though a few laughed at Sans. He just scowled. The brothers kept it up all the way to the ice puzzle.

Sans slid across first, but he didn’t actually get out of the way. He just turned so Papyrus ran into him, toppling them into the snow. Papyrus came up sputtering.

“SANS WHY-?” Sans grabbed his scarf and pulled him down. Papyrus smiled and opened his jaw, welcoming his brother’s tongue into his mouth. Their magic sparked as they kissed, hungrily soaking up the moment.

UT Paps/SF Paps

“ah!” Slim cried out as Papyrus licked his way up his femurs and across his pubic arch. He shivered at the sensations as he fought down the urge to push the other monster back and take his rightful place pleasuring him. Papyrus insisted that this was an exercise in gaining the confidence to cook well, but Slim found it somewhat uncomfortable.

“ngh,” he fought back the urge to place his phalanges on Papyrus’s skull as he wrapped his tongue around Slim’s coccyx, sure that a punishment would follow.

“YOU’RE DOING SO WELL,” Papyrus licked his teeth as Slim’s cock formed.

Retribution: SwapFellcest

Sans gasped. He immediately raised himself up on his patellae, the firm length slipping most of the way out of him. He let himself fall back onto it, enjoying being filled to the brim. Papyrus grunted into his gag, restraints keeping him from thrusting up into downward movement. Sans moaned and looked down at Papyrus-

The same skull, straight teeth, lacking the flash of gold. He grinned at Sans like he was hungry, and Sans was a piece of meat.

He didn’t even realize he had moved off of his brother and away until he heard calling.

“my lord?”

UF Paps, UT Paps, US Sans wear dresses

“YOU- WHAT ARE YOU-?” Papyrus gave Edge a confused look while Blue looked on, curious. Blushing, Edge grabbed Papyrus’s carpals and dragged him upstairs.

Alone, Edge found himself unsure what to say. He wanted to ask how his counterpart was wearing the sun-dress, with bright sunflowers on it, so easily, but that would give away his secret.

“EDGE?” Papyrus asked, concerned. Rather than try and explain himself, Edge pulled out one of his favorites, a short black dress with polka dots, buttons, and a belted waist. Papyrus grinned, his sockets wide and sparkly.


Renewal: UT Paps gives up on Ketchup

Papyrus looked down at the sock, with its notes. Sans was never going to move it. Not that he would have before, but even the vague hope that someday his brother would take responsibility for the discarded garment was gone. Papyrus had given up on Sans taking care of the rock, but this, this he had hoped would someday be resolved by the shorter skeleton. Of anything in the house, seeing as he had cleaned his brother’s room a few weeks back, this was the last true sign that he had hope. Frowning, he bent down and picked it up.

Replacements: UF Alphys shows Undyne the video - torture

“I don’t think that-,” Undyne appreciated Alphys’s attempts, but continued forward. No matter what strange science was behind it, her sentry, and Papyrus’s brother, was in a tight spot. She wasn’t scared of some video.

“I need to see,” Undyne kept her voice neutral. Her and Sans didn’t always see eye to socket, but she would be damned if she didn’t do what she could.

It was as bad as Alphys had warned her. Was that- no, Alphys had explained. Undyne stayed stoic, but flinched as Sans screamed, at the mercy of a monster who looked just like his brother.

SF Paps and US Paps Sparring

Slim tensed, dodging at the last minute. Fighting other monsters was one thing. Taking on a monster with his own…abilities had him struggling. Stretch was as fast as he was. Slim felt like he had a slight edge from his combat experience, but it wasn’t enough to make the fight easy, by any means.

“slowing down?” Stretch teased. His relaxed posture was unnerving. Did Stretch have a trick up his sleeve? Slim decided that he couldn’t afford to treat this like it was only training and began to fight like it was life or death. It always was.

Papyrus/Alphys - masturbation

“DOCTOR ALPHYS, I- WHAT IS THAT?” Alphys turned at the voice, eyes widening as she found Papyrus standing in the doorway to her room. A lot of flailing later, she had managed to turn the TV off and, hopefully, subtly wiped off her fingers. Papyrus stood patiently, awaiting her answer.

“It’s…um…well…you see…” She flushed. Papyrus walked forward, making her more flustered.


“I- I don’t think that’s a good-” He had the remote in his hand, and Alphys felt about ready to faint. “Oh…okay then…”

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Alphyne - Fluff

“What are you do- oh!” Undyne lost her train of thought as the blindfold was pulled away. Her fins twitched as she took in the smooth surface of the small outdoor pool. It was carved out of rock, and the water was steaming slightly. Rocks, plants, and a paper screen enclosed the space, giving them privacy. The surface was an amazing place.

"Babe, this is-" She turned to thank Alphys, only to find that her lover had already shed her clothing. Alphys blushed as Undyne grinned at her. Undyne stepped forward and gave her a big kiss before undressing herself.


Fellcest - Skelepreg

“go fucking sit down,” Sans half growled, half whined as Papyrus kept clearing the table. He got a look, but had the desired effect. His brother walked into the living room and sat. Sans trailed after him, panicked.

“the other night…” he flushed. So did Papyrus, who nodded. “we seem to have, also…” He lifted his shirt, displaying a belly with a tiny glowing red soul within. Papyrus’s jaw went slack, and he slid onto his knees to bring himself skull height with it.

“Sans, this is amazing…” he whispered, resting his phalanges reverently on the tight skin.


Replacements: Sansby - Injury, Blood

Grillby wiped Sans off and dressed him. He checked the wound, and found that, thankfully, it had almost stopped bleeding.

The walk over to the skeletons’ house was short. He had to juggle Sans to knock on the door, and Papyrus opened it to him holding his brother like a toddler. Flushing slightly, Grillby switched back to bridal style, which was…worse.

“Sans…had a bit too much, and fell and hit his head.” Papyrus frowned down at the unconscious monster.


Of course, Grillby thought to himself.


Honeymustard - Noncon, Vore

San’s magic adjusted quickly as the asshole seated himself fully. Ever since Ketchup… Sans tried not to dwell on him. Like the glass next to them. Or the tiny figure within it.

Another thrust had him gasping. Phalanges grabbed his mandible and pulled down. The glass was pressed to his teeth and tipped upwards. He tried to make a barrier with his tongue.

Another thrust had his tongue trembling, and the other Sans slipped. There was a painful scrape as it tried to grab his tooth, futily. He began to cry, helpless, as he felt it struggle inside his mouth.


Rebornfell - Wing Kink

He would never admit it felt good. Sans cautiously touched Papyrus’s wing. When he didn’t react, his touches grew firmer, his reach widening. He struggled to reach the top edge, so Papyrus subtly stretched the wings out.

He felt Sans run his phalanges along one wing, pushing along the sensitive skin underneath and tugging the feathers pleasantly. Papyrus grit his teeth and held still, until he did it to the other wing. Unbidden, a moan slipped out, low and deep.

“boss?” He felt the demon press closer to him, still fiddling with a feather, and his self control snapped.


Replacements: Unrequited Fontcest

“SANS,” Papyrus said, frustrated. “JUST ONE NIGHT, PLEASE.”

Sans flushed and looked away. Papyrus watched him closely, trying to decipher the meaning behind the blue glow. Was he embarrassed about spending time with Papyrus? Maybe it wasn’t fair to push, but he had seen less and less of Sans in the last few weeks. He missed his brother.

“i’m not… in the mood, sorry…,” Sans said, and he sounded miserable. Still, he made his way to the door. Unwilling to push harder, Papyrus watched him leave. What should he do? It was like his brother was disappearing from his life.


Underswap Sanster

Sans’s brow bones dropped, his mouth parting slightly. Gaster froze, watching the younger skeleton.

“Does it hurt?” he asked, ready to ease back out at the first hint of pain.

“N…NO!” Sans insisted, reaching up to pull Gaster down into a kiss. The bright eyed monster kissed him with all of his boundless enthusiasm and passion, leaving Gaster dizzy as he was released.

“IT FEELS, AMAZING, PLEASE…KEEP GOING…” Sans’s eyelights had become adorable blue hearts. Gaster was powerless to deny him, had he even wanted to. His hips shifted forward, drawing an adorable moan of pleasure from Sans.


Isolation: HoneyKetchup - Noncon, Spanking

Sans wasn’t sure why he felt shame anymore, when it came to Stretch. Surely he had been through enough to dull that instinct. However, as he was bent over Stretch’s femurs, he felt a deep flush of shame blossom across his cheek bones.

A hand stroked across his flesh, making Sans tremble with anticipation. Sans tensed as he waited for the first blow to fall, but Stretch continued to touch him gently. Knowing it was stupid, Sans began to relax, unable to stay alert as time dragged on.

“Gah!” He yelped as phalanges hit his flesh with a sharp smack.


Underswap Toriel/Alphys

Alphys knelt before the throne, unable and unwilling to disobey her Queen’s command. There was no ambiguity as the Queen’s raised her skirts and spread her legs. Bracing herself against the edge of the throne, the Captain of the Guard extended her long tongue to lap at Her Majesty’s lips. She had barely started before the Queen, always impatient, always so lonely, had placed her large paws on Alphys’s head. She was pressed into the moist heat of of the boss monster’s arousal, immediately beginning to work in earnest. There was a satisfying gasp above her.

Anything for her Queen.


Replacements: Sansby

The Guard was in town. Not just sentries, THE guard. Shit, even the Captain had shown up. Grillby stuck to his job, ignoring them otherwise. He allowed himself one question, poised to a table of guardsmen.

“All this, over Sans?” Like it didn’t make sense, like why would anyone put in the effort, like he wouldn’t search Snowdin forest himself.

“Hah!” A guard replied, “you glad to be rid ‘im too?”

Grillby walked off to get their drinks. Let them draw their own conclusions. He hoped they were too drunk to noticed how he had dimmed at the question.


UF Sans Enjoying a Fight

Sans laughed as Lesser Dog grew frustrated with his inability to land a hit. The dog monster was growling in frustration at each miss.

“gotta give ya an ‘e’ for entertaining, bud.” Sans called out. “Lemme throw ya a bone.”

At the word, he saw the dog’s ears perk up, only to flatten as a barrage of bones flew his way. Sans was laughing so hard his ribs hurt. He’d held back at first because you don’t kill your coworkers, even if they take Papyrus’s attacks. Now, however, he was enjoying himself.

Working with these mutts might actually be fun.


Toriel/Alphys - Mommy Kink, Size Kink

“Are you comfortable?” Toriel cooed, looking down at Alphys. Blushing, the scientist nodded, the action rubbing her head against the Que- former Queen’s fur. She was being held, on her back, along one of the boss monster’s arms, tucked close to her side. Toriel’s other hand was gently massaging her stomach, and moving lower.

“Let me know if that changes, little one,” Toriel purred, leaning down to nuzzle Alphys at the same moment she stroked over the lizard monster’s labia with one of her large fingers. Alphys whimpered and wriggled.

“Ye-yes, mommy…”


Kustard - Fluff

Tale hated inventory requests.


They were boring, and the math was guesswork.


It was frustrating, tedious work.

“Hey, Tale!” Arms wrapped around his shoulders, knocking his pen off course. He turned to his double with a curse. Before he could say anything else, a red tongue slipped into his mouth. He grunted in surprise, but returned the kissed anyways. Fell broke it after a bit, grinning at him.

“I’m bored, come keep me company,” he whined, the accompanying wink just slightly suggestive. Tale flushed, but didn’t hesitate to set down his pen. The paperwork could wait, couldn’t it?


Fellcest - Injury

“It’s fine,” Sans tried to bat his hands away, but Papyrus pushed past his brother’s efforts to wipe marrow and dust out of the wound.

“IT’S NOT FINE,” he insisted, frowning at Sans. As per usual, his brother was being stubborn. “IS IT REALLY SO TERRIBLE TO RECEIVE ASSISTANCE FROM ME?”

Sans froze, his hands dropping as his face grew red. It looked like he would answer, but he just looked away. Papyrus took the chance to clean and bandage the scrape along Sans’s scapula.




Papyrus stepped through the portal, Sans on his heels. There were two skeletons on the other side. They looked surprised to see them, though not as surprised as Papyrus. Such a magnificent example of a skeleton monster: Sans’s adorable frame and Papyrus’s stunning sense of fashion…he was perfect. Soul pounding in his chest, he noticed a spark in the monster’s sockets…


“My lord!”

He was pressing his teeth against the other’s, hands pulling him down, closer. As their tongues clashed, their brothers fell away, forgotten in the moment. Maybe there was something to this world hopping, after all.


Sanscrushing: Sanswich (UT/US/UF) - Minor Injury, Fluff


Fell saw Tale’s skull swivel along with his to look at Swap, who was holding his hand, grimacing. They were at his side a moment later. Swap only had a second to be confused before they began to fret over him. Fell never saw himself fretting, but…

“You okay?” They asked in unison, Tale examining the wound, and Fell searching his jacket pockets. They were interrupted by laughter. Swap had tears along in his sockets.

“Swap?” Tale asked. Fell was about ready to check the other when he was pulled into a hug.




“Ah! Shit!” Papyrus writhed as Sans’s fingers moved in and out of him at a pace that didn’t seem possible.

“Language!” Sans teased. He didn’t let up, only pausing occasionally to bend his fingers in a move that had Papyrus arching off the bed, gasping.

“Ngh, I can’t…,” he moaned, turning his skull to the side as he felt pressure begin to build.

“Mwehe, what a nice face, Papy…I want to see it as you come undone.”

Papyrus turned to look up at his brother as a finger rubbed his clit. His legs tensed up and he came, screaming.


RebornSwap - Noncon, Injury, Blood

It hurt, the hooks tearing his wings. Magic dribbled from the wounds. His arms strained painfully. None of it mattered.

“NO!” Sans screamed, his feathers mussed as he tried to scramble away. The small form was dragged along the ground, the demon covering it with his own.

“AHHH….!” He heard his angel scream, a chilling mixture of fear and pain. The bastard’s hips moved back and forth. Sans’s wings fluttered into view as he struggled.

“Ngh….no….” The voice, which never had never known despair, trailed off into sobs. Papyrus threw his weight against his bindings again, ignoring the pain.


Fontcest - Skelepreg, Angst

Falling asleep wrapped in Papyrus’s arms, Sans was overcome by joy, love for his brother and their child, the warmth of Papyrus’s body against his. This was…amazing. He never thought he could have a life like this. Snuggling into his pillow, Sans was content with life.

Upon waking, his mind latched onto the fact that something was wrong- no…missing. His pillow…the blankets….Papyrus….and….

He sat up with a cry, grasping at empty air beneath his rib cage, an aching lack that was mirrored by a growing hole in his soul. Gone…it was all gone….



Stretch’s hand meandered up and down Red’s side while they talked.

“Gaster, huh?” Stretch mused, enjoying the pillow talk. They ended up on timeline comparisons fairly frequently.

“Yeah. Who was yours?” Red asked, looking up at Stretch from his spot cuddled into his side.

“Aster. Pretty close.”

“Mm, so you got what, Aster Blasters?” Red asked, interest filling his features.

“I prefer to call them Ass-” Stretch spanked Red’s still manifested butt cheek, “-ster Blasters.”

Red snorted, trying not to smile.

“How long have you been waiting to use that one?”

“My whole life.” Stretch whispered, full of joy.


Disbelief: Edge After Red is Gone - Rape Reference, Kidnapping Reference

Edge was angry whenever he forgot. Every time he reached for Red’s bedroom door. Every time he found himself standing in front of an empty sentry station. Every time he paused in front of Grillby’s, before stalking home.

It hurt when he forgot. It always hurt. Those moments when he expected to see his brother’s cocky grin, those were agony. All he could see was the meek, scared, broken Red. The one he didn't notice until it was too late. The one he helped create.

One night, as he paused in front of Grillby’s, Edge went in. He hadn’t forgotten.


Replacements: Mustard Tries to Cheer up Ketchup - Self Hatred

“…not feeling great, so i thought- it’s always cheered paps…”

Sans looked from Mustard to the item he was holding. It was a-

“’s a vice cream…” the scarred skeleton added. Which…was different.

Mustard hovered while he ate it. There was a sharp sour taste that lingered even as he finished eating.

“What’d you get?” Mustard asked, reminding Sans of the wrapper. He picked it up hesitantly.

You’re super lame!

Sans startled himself by smiling. Well, it was true. He appreciated Mustard’s attempts to reassure him that he’d be fine, but Sans knew better. There was no fixing him.


UF Papyrus Remembers a Reset

…wind tugging at his scarf.


A sea of green…

“The sun, boss.”

…monsters as they left confinement.


Papyrus woke with a start. Had that been real? Climbing out of bed, he checked the window. Snowdin…
“I HAD THE ODDEST DREAM,” Papyrus remarked as Sans sluggishly poured coffee. There was a grunt of acknowledgment. “WE MET THE SUN, WHICH BOLDLY DECIDED TO BLIND THE TERRIBLE-”

There was a crash. San was staring at his mug, smashed on the floor, with horror.


“oh stars…no…”

Sans began to sob.


Swap Undyne/Toriel - Onesided, Stalking, Voyeurism, Creepswap

Undyne grinned, sharp teeth on rare display, had anyone been there to see it. No one was, she’d made sure.

With a flourish, she switched on the new cameras she had installed, courtesy of a routine check of the power lines. The Queen’s kitchen, sitting room, and- Undyne blushed, looking away briefly- bedroom came into view on the screen.

Toriel almost immediately walked out of view of the sitting room camera, only to reappear in the bedroom.

“Oh, your majesty,” Undyne purred and turned on recording as she watched the boss monster strip off her robes and set them aside.


Underswap Papyrus/Muffet - Noncon, Coersion, Abuse Reference, Creepswap

“Back so soon?” Muffet teased, putting on her best smile for her best customer. He liked it when she smiled.

“can’t stay away,” he flirted back, sparking a round of chatter with the regulars. Muffet kept her smile on as she set out a bottle of honey. It only faltered as bones brushed against the flesh of her hand…

“Time for you to go home.” Muffet bit her lip, hoping on the angel he would do so.

“Mufffffet,” Papyrus lurched to his feet and staggered over to her. She flinched, putting one of her hands up as if to push him back, but as he pressed his body into hers, it fell to the side.

She had tried resisting before.


Swapfellcest - Nightmares


“Ha….don’t- not…him……”

Sans woke to Papyrus sweating and fidgeting. He was terrified, though clearly still asleep. It was a contrast to his normal, deathlike, sleep.

“Papyrus!” Sans snapped, shaking him. “Wake up.”

Papyrus woke with a gasp. Franticly, he turned his skull towards Sans.

“Sans…” he pulled Sans into a tight embrace. Such behavior should be punished, but Papyrus’s soul was pounding. Abandoning their roles, Sans hugged Papyrus, stroking his skull.

“Everything is well. I’m here.”

There was a gasp, and Papyrus squeezed him. Sans heard crying, but didn’t say anything, just held Papyrus until it passed.


HoneyCinnamon - Noncon, Creepswap

“S-STRETCH?” Papyrus flinched, his spine hitting rough bark. Stretch took advantage, pressing him up against the tree.

Stretch just grinned wickedly. Papyrus’s soul plummeted. Stretch’s hand ran along his ribs, making him shiver, then pulled them together. Papyrus pushed at Stretch gently. He didn’t want to hurt him.

It didn’t work. Instead, teeth pressed against his. Papyrus tried to turn away, but Stretch held the back of his skull.

“MM,” Papyrus squirmed. An uncomfortable prickling spread from where their mouths met.

“Come on,” Stretch said softly against his teeth. “Don’t you want to be the best of friends?”


UT Papyrus in UF Papyrus's Body


Edge wiped a hand over his face, growling in frustration. He had coached the soft version of himself for hours on how to act in his body. The expression on Undyne’s face told him it was all for nothing. She glanced between them with a look of confusion. He was glad he’d made his double practice on her.

“BUT I’M NOT MEAN, I PROMISE!” For fuck’s sake, was he still talking? Edge reminded himself that to strangle Papyrus, he would have to strangle his own body.


RebornTale Fontcest

“ANGEL,” Papyrus posed. The other was surely impressed. “LITTLE DO YOU REALIZE YOU’VE FALLEN INTO MY TRAP!”

“um…” The angel looked at the net, “…sure…”

Papyrus walked over, the net hanging so their skulls were equal height, the angel upside down. He struggled, wings fluttering uselessly.


The angel looked amused.



“you got me.”


“naw. too much effort.”


The angel gave him an odd look as he released the trap. Why did it make Papyrus feel confused?


Sanswich (UT/US/UF)

Okay, this one has a bit longer intro. You really need to read the really neat prompt, submitted by yastaghr, first:

Seeing him again after all this time felt like the time they’d fallen into the river in Snowdin. He’d practically been their other father. No, scratch that. He was their better father. But in all this time it had never occurred to him or his brother to seek him out. It was strange to think about, because clearly he had been worried about them. Now they just had to figure out how to explain to the man why there were multiple copies of the skeletons he loved kissing on the couch when he walked in. That, along with everything else.

And then my drabble:

“The thing is-”

“I know it looks bad but-”


“Swap…that really isn't the issue.”


“It‘s kind of the issue, ain't it?”

“Fell…I suppose, but don't you think the participants might be a little more shocking?”


“No. No. Never mind, let’s not get into that.”

“’S not hard to figure out, Tale.”

“Guys, come on, please just stop talking.”

However, even once silence fell, he didn’t know what to say.

Chapter Text

Sensory Overload - Fontcest - overstim, edging

“…FOLLY TO THINK THAT I COULD NOT DO SO.” Papyrus concluded, to Sans’s relief. He’d been joking about his low stamina, but of course Papyrus took him seriously. He pounced on Sans, starting to stimulate him mercilessly, and then, unfortunately, launched into this wandering tirade.

“That…ah…great…paps….” Sans panted, pressing up into Papyrus’s hand. “Could ya…”

Papyrus looked down at San’s pussy, which was dripping with unspent pleasure. With a little more pressure Sans could have finished ages ago. The need was driving him crazy. Papyrus only smirked, and Sans knew he was in for a long night.


Guilt - Honeymustard - Disbelief tie in - rape/noncon, sexual slavery

Stretch stared at the dark form. His mattress shook slightly from Red’s trembling.

“Don’t,” Stretch whispered, “go back to bed. I don’t want you.”

Red whimpered, sitting back and drawing his phalanges away from Stretch’s pants. He didn’t, however, leave.

“Go back!” Stretch demanded, magic churning. Red trembled harder at that.

“- I-“ Red choked, speaking so softly he was hard to hear. “He…sent me…I can’t go back without…” Red stopped talking with another whimper. The idea of anyone being afraid of Blue was laughable, and yet…

“Fine…” Stretch laid back, still sickened as Red stimulated him to erection.


Sensory Overload - Kustard - Overstim, oral sex

“What’r you doin’?” Red whined. Sans glared from between the other monster’s legs. He had been taking things slow, instead of their normal frantic humping. However, if Red was bored, Sans was happy to make things more…interesting.

“Com-AHHH!” Red bucked as Sans latched onto his clit, rolling it between his teeth. Phalanges scrambled at his skull. Sans didn’t relent, pulling Red’s pelvis into his face and sucking.

“FUCK!” Red screamed, gushing onto Sans’s face. After his release, he relaxed.

“You gonna let go?” He asked groggily. Sans responded by tugging lightly on the sensitive nub, to satisfying results.


Sensory Overload - Sanster - overstim

“S-Sans, ah!” Gaster was torn between pulling away from his lover and clinging to him. It felt so good, too good.

Sans’s touch was addictive and overwhelming in all the best ways. Just the way he didn't shy away from Gaster’s changed body was enough to fill the elder monster with joy. What he did to it sent Gaster spiraling into blissful oblivion. It was like falling into the void all over again, loosing himself mind and body.

Except the void had been dark and cold. Sans was warm and bright, and Gaster never wanted to leave him again.


Heat - Kedgeup - Monster heat

“Boyfriend’s in your room. Going to Grillby’s.” Red declared, pulling on his jacket hurriedly.


“Fuck yeah,” Red retorted, adding, “have fun,” snidely before leaving.


Upon opening his bedroom door, he found Sans wrapped around his pillow. Sans’s face was buried in the corner, making muffled moans. His pelvis was grinding against the pillow franticly.

“Edge…smell so good…”

A blue stain was spreading from his pelvis. The mess should have upset Edge, but seeing Sans like that made his magic stir. He was suddenly glad Red had left. Sans would be screaming tonight.


Tentacles - Kingdings - tentacles, restraints, power dynamics

Asgore’s face was priceless. Gaster probably should have been scared he would lash out, but he had always been a gentle soul. Even as he was dragged to his knees, his arms behind him, a coil of magic around his throat, pulling so he had to arch backwards, he didn’t fight it. He let the inky appendages do what they wanted with his powerful body. Gaster felt excitement at his submission.

“Doctor?” Asgore asked patiently. Gaster took the rare opportunity to look into his lover’s eyes as a tentacle ran across Asgore’s crotch and into his pants.

Absolutely priceless.


Sensory Overload - Sanswich - Sanscrushing tie in - overstim, soul sex

“Think he deserves a break?”

“PROBABLY…” Tale looked at Swap, making him flush and look away.

“It is pretty hot,” Tale commented, and noticed the blush deepen. Smiling, he leaned forward and drew Swap into a deep kiss.

“Ah..ah!” Fell moaned loudly, his soul caught between them. Tale looked at him, where he was splayed out on the bed. The constant teasing had left him pleasure wracked and helpless. His mouth hung open, a low, gasping moan spilling out as the pressure continued.

“How about a little more?” Tale teased leaning his head down to lick along the soul.


Innocence Lost - UF Papgore - rape/noncon, abuse of power

“Hold still.” Asgore demanded, his eyes flashing. Papyrus froze, his legs half closed around the King’s leg. Trembling, he allowed them to spread again as the knee moved up, pressing firmly into his pelvis. A whining moan made it through Papyrus’s clenched teeth as a warm, pleasant ache radiated from the contact. He flushed at the shameful noise and looked away from Asgore.

“What’s wrong? You wanted to serve the crown, right?” Asgore rumbled, a deep laugh reverberating from his broad chest as he freed his huge member. Papyrus whimpered and felt his dreams crumble to dust in his soul.


Sensory Overload - SF Bros/US Sans - Black and Blue tie in - bdsm, slave/master, soul sex

Blue’s double was holding Slim’s soul confidently as he knelt in front of Black, skull on his boot. Nimble phalanges were massaging the soul just enough to leave Slim on the edge.

“Please, my lord, more, I’m begging you.”

“Hm, and that is your first mistake.” Black nudged Slim off his foot, the taller skeleton collapsing to the ground. Paying him no mind, Black turned and offered the soul to Blue. “I’m not the one you should be begging.”

“M-master…” Slim continued, crawling weakly towards Blue as he took the soul with a smile. This would be fun.


Sensory Overload - Swap Soriel - over stim, oral, size kink

“Mwahhh,” Sans moaned, small body writhing helplessly in the Queen’s grasp. She didn’t even need to try to keep him raised to her mouth. Only one hand supported his pelvis, like he was sitting on a warm, fluffy pillow. The other held his hands above his head, his spine stretching to accommodate.

The ache made the the pleasure running up the vertebrae feel that much better. When he thought he couldn’t take any more, Toriel proved him wrong, her tongue going deeper into his pelvis and wiggling around.

“Y-your- ahhhh!” He cried as the tip swiped along his spine.


Somno - Swap Undyne/Toriel - Somnophilia, noncon, stalking

Undyne ran her hand over the sleeping form. It was easy to forget just how powerful the boss monster was over the monitor. The Queen looked so soft and sweet, but it was hard muscle under her fur.

Carefully, Undyne climbed up onto the bed, pausing at any hint of motion from the Queen, until she had settled herself atop Toriel, straddling her hips. Just getting this far had been exciting enough, and she was already growing wet. She rocked forward and backwards, rubbing against the Queen.

“Mmm,” Undyne hummed softly, leaning back and slipping her hand into her pants.


Sensory Overload - CherryBerry - ectobiology, ectoflesh

“Mmmm,” Blue moaned, stretching languidly. His whole body felt amazing under Red’s ministrations. He heard a huff and a laugh.

“So sensitive,” Red teased, kneading the flesh of Blue’s stomach more firmly. The translucent magic flared bright blue under his phalanges, and Blue squeaked. The belly, which he was self conscious of, was rarely touched and indeed very sensitive. Red laughed again.

“You finally relax, Blueberry?”

“Don’t call me…blueberry…” Blue challenged half-heartedly. He really was. It was getting hard to think about anything, he was so awash with contentment. 

Maybe he could get used to this.


Heat - SpicyHoney - Monster heat, teasing

“…Muffet, you’re the best.” Stretch said sweetly. She glared at him, still blushing at his casual flirting.

As she left, Edge also glared at Stretch. The sugar-coated asshole was wearing a grin that was just a little too sharp. He knew exactly what he was doing.

Which is why Edge didn’t hold back when he finally got him alone.

“E-edge…” Stretch gasped as Edge slammed his hips down, impaling himself on the bright orange cock. Hands gripped his femurs, but instead of stopping him, Stretch just egged him on. At least he was finally taking Edge’s heat seriously.


Off Prompt - Swapcest - Gift Fic tie in - Rape/Noncon, kidnapping, Merskeleton

“Hhhmmmhm,” Papyrus kept humming, the tune a slightly warped version of the song Sans had been singing that day…the day he was taken.

“…” Sans gasped, his body jerking in slow motion because of the water. He thought he gasped. He had felt it travel through his mind and out through his teeth.


But he hadn’t actually heard it, and neither had Papyrus. The merman had remained blind to Sans’s every attempt to express his displeasure.

He thrust forward into Sans again, his tail moving the water, and Sans couldn’t help a moan that vanished into the water.


Sensory Overload - UF Sansgoriel - Rape/noncon, painful sex, size kink, oversized insertion

“Aggghhh,” Sans cried, eyelights rolling back in his sockets. Asgore pressed his too large cock even further into Sans’s pelvic inlet. The bones creaked painfully. Sans reached mindlessly for salvation, but all he found was handfuls of purple fabric.

Toriel wore a sympathetic expression. Sans forgot everything but the need to make the pain stop.

“P-plea-“ he choked out. Toriel’s sad smile grew, and she pet his skull, cooing softly, like he’d had a bad dream. Like he wasn’t being violently raped by her husband. Sans pressed his face into her lap and reminded himself who this was for.


First Time - Edgepuff - first time

Edge didn’t blush as he finally bared his rib cage completely. He was not a monster who blushed. It was just that Papyrus was staring at it so…intensely. Not that Edge wasn’t returning the favor.

“WHAT NOW?” Papyrus asked. Now he did flush, turning to the book sitting next to them.

“ACCORDING TO THE GUIDE, WE SHOULD, ‘EXPLORE EACH OUR’ BODIES AND FIND OUT WHAT WE LIKE.’” Edge read. Papyrus immediately reached forward and ran his hand down Edge’s sternum, to his xiphoid, making him shiver. Edge was determined not to lose, and  leaned forward to return the favor.


Somno - Swapcest - Big Brother is so Proud of You tie in - Rape/noncon, sexual conditioning, somnophilia

He was just curious, Sans thought as he slipped Papyrus’s pajama pants down. It was a nagging bit of curiosity, piqued by Sans’s midnight problem.

“Mm.” Sans paused as his brother shifted, groaning softly. It was nothing, a normal part of sleep. Sighing silently, Sans slid the garment down. He stimulated Papyrus’s pelvis, which, already used to Sans’s touch, responded quickly.

Silence met him as he waited for any sign that Papyrus had been woken. Perfect, as always. Sans reached into his own sleepwear and lined up his member. Even if Papyrus did wake up, what did it matter, really?


Sensory Overload: Honeyketchup - edging

Stretch couldn’t stop panting. Sans was doing something, but Stretch had lost track of what, his whole body awash with pleasure.

“Haa, ahh…” he heard himself moan and felt like he should be ashamed. Stars, he hoped Blue wasn’t home. Sans seemed completely unconcerned, starting in on him almost as soon as they had shut the door to Stretch’s room. He was making it harder and harder for Stretch to care either as he kept him, well, hard.

“Ngggg,” Stretch keened, bucking up, but Sans was too quick for him. He pulled his hand away, leaving Stretch unfulfilled yet again.


Self Bondage - RottenBerry - Black and Blue tie in - bdsm, self bondage

“Ready?” Black asked, excited. Blue’s creativity never failed to surprise him.

“Ye- Wait…” There was a pause and then, “Yes!”

He wasn’t disappointed. Black eyed the way Blue’s body curved. His magic was already formed and his ass trembled as he tried to get comfortable in the hog-tie he had managed. Rope also ran along his rib cage and down through his legs. As he wriggled, knots were rubbing his pussy.

Black tugged at the rope. Blue tensed and moaned. Well, now that he had the little berry at his disposal, it seemed a shame to waste the chance.


Sensory Overload - RebornTale Fontcest - overstim, wing kink

Sans clamped down, riding it out as Papyrus bucked under him. They hadn’t even done anything, really, but Papyrus was a moaning, whimpering mess.

“Like that?” Sans asked, running his hands through the soft feathers of Papyrus’s wings again, drawing out a groan of pleasure. He tugged at the long feathers at the tip, and it spiked with pain. The demon grinned with unabashed pleasure. He didn’t care that he never got an answer to his question, it was clear enough.

Now, could he get the angel over the edge from his wings alone? Only one way to find out.


Sensory Overload - UF Papster - Rape/noncon, sexual experimentation, overstim

“You sick bastard,” Papyrus used all of his willpower to get the words out. Sharp teeth flashed into sight as Gaster grinned.

“Impressive that you are still capable of speech. I’ve truly outdone myself.” Gaster’s red eyelights flickered over to where Sans’s limp form lay. Don’t look, Papyrus reminded himself. Don’t show care. The sadistic fuck would find a new hell for them. Thankfully, the scientist moved on.

“I’ve never set it this high. I look forward to the results.” Gaster turned a few dials, increasing the stimulation to Papyrus’s soul. The skeleton screamed, unwanted pleasure wiping his mind clean.


Innocence Lost - US Papyrus/Muffet - Rape/noncon

“…what are you-” Muffet backed away, knocking over a jar. It fell to the floor with a crash, making her wince.

“I wasn’t trying to be subtle,” he replied, pulling her close. She tried to push away, but he caught her waist with the other. Muffet had thought he was pleasant enough to be around, even though he rarely paid for his drinks.

“Don’t do this…” She begged, tearing up as the image of him she’d had…that she had kind of liked, was smashed into pieces.

Far from stopping him, her pleas made him grin even wider.


Sensory Overload - Ketchupberry

“Yes, like that!” Blue gasped as Sans thrust into him.

“Harder!” He cried, jerking his pelvis up to meet Sans’s.

“Deeper!” He whined.

Sans knew Blue was a little demanding, but this was getting a little ridiculous. He knew what he was doing. Blue didn’t need to order him around in bed.

He started to pull out, intending to flip Blue over and prove it, but Blue’s legs squeezed him, holding him in place.

“DON’T YOU DARE STOP,” Blue panted, his eyelights wide and heart shaped, a bright blush across his cheekbones.

Sans flushed in response and obliged.


Guilt - Secret OTP

“I’m sorry.”

It had been long enough he should know better. He did know better. Hadn’t messing around caused them enough grief? U

“I’m sorry.”

He pressed kisses down the other’s rib cage. He had dropped his game face, showed he cared. He knew better. As per usual, he wasn’t even the one who suffered.

“I’m sorry.”

There was some kind of reply, but he was too focused on making up for his mistake. He pressed their mouths together, hands roaming over all of the other’s most sensitive spots. He felt a hitched moan in his mouth.

It was a start.


Heat - US Sansby - Monster Heat

The day was over so Grillby was surprised to see someone walk over to him, especially Sans. The cheerful skeleton passed by him constantly on his way to see Alphys, but he never stopped.

“Sans?” Grillby asked, turning towards the unusually slow and hesitant form.

“G-grillby…” Sans said, a surprisingly husky tone to the name.

“Sans, what is it?” Grillby asked, stepping over to meet the skeleton. Small hands latched onto the front of his vest, pulling him down.

“I need…,” Sans whined. Grillby just barely caught the hazy, desperate look in his eyes as Sans kissed him.


Sensory Overload - Replacements Tie in - UsPaps/UT Sans/UF Sans ½ - Rape/noncon, double penetration, disassociation

Sans had given up long ago, but when he was forced to get Mustard, now chained prone on his back, erect, he felt a little something. Nothing good, so he gave up again.

It didn’t stick, as the demon, physically, made him slide onto Mustard’s erection. Sans panicked, but the demon ignored him. It just made Mustard upset. Best to stop feeling.

The demon pushing him down so he was socket to socket with Mustard made him tear up and made Mustard protest. He yelled and berated the demon, but it didn’t matter.

He still joined Mustard inside Sans.


Sensory Overload - Replacements Tie in - Swap Pap/UF Sans/UT Sans 2/2 - Rape/noncon, disassociation, overstim

Ketchup wasn’t moving…or making any sound. His eyelights were gone. Sans was starting to get worried, not that there was anything he could do. Even without the fucking gag, the asshole wouldn’t listen to him.

Ketchup was usually quiet, especially when he was being used, but it wasn’t like he could stop every stray noise. This time he was dead silent, and he hadn’t started that way. It was like along the line something broke, and he just…stopped.

“Mmmm,” Sans moaned behind his gag and teared up. It made him feel even worse that he had already come twice.


Somno - Spicy Honeymustard - Dubcon, somnophilia

“What?” Stretch whispered, shocked by what he’d heard.

“I said,” Edge replied, quietly, “you can use his mouth.”

“Oh…kay…” That’s what he thought Edge had said, but it still didn’t make more sense to him. Just like waking to find Edge fucking a still asleep Red didn’t make any sense. That didn’t seem to keep it from happening, though.

He watched them for a few minutes before standing to walk over to the bed. Edge paused and scooted back, drawing Red with him. Stretch only hesitated another moment before climbing onto the bed and taking hold of Red’s skull.


Sensory Overload - Honeyketchup - Edging

Stretch couldn’t stop panting. Sans was doing something, but Stretch had lost track of what, his whole body awash with pleasure.

“Haa, ahh…” he heard himself moan and felt like he should be ashamed. Stars, he hoped Blue wasn’t home. Sans seemed completely unconcerned, starting in on him almost as soon as they had shut the door to Stretch’s room. He was making it harder and harder for Stretch to care either as he kept him, well, hard.

“Ngggg,” Stretch keened, bucking up, but Sans was too quick for him. He pulled his hand away, leaving Stretch unfulfilled yet again.


Off Prompt - SF Sangoriel - Bondage, BDSM

“I’m glad you made it,” Toriel greeted him, and Sans bowed.

“Of course, Your Highness.”

“Oh! None of that today,” she laughed, pulling him forward.

“His Majesty’s working?” 

“Not yet,” she smirked at him, “but he will soon,” she said, as she opened a door. He started at Asgore, who laying on a large bed, tied down on his stomach, a ball gag, already shining with saliva, in his mouth. Sans jumped as Toriel wrapped an arm around his shoulders.

“I’m quite fond of you,” she said, muzzle brushing against his skull. “Join us?”

“Yes,” Sans replied, breathless with excitement.


Heat - UT/UF Alphyscest - Monster heat, orgasm denial

“Ngh!” Alphys gasped as deft claws teased her clit.

“More…” she whined.

She wanted to press into the touch, but her Fell counterpart had cruelty strapped her to an examination table once her heat started. She briefly wondered why the straps were there, but it faded quickly. Her heats, annoyingly, left her bereft of her brain’s higher functions.

“More?” The other scientist asked, grinning down at Alphys. “I am curious to see how the heat affects you without stimulation.”

“Noooo…” Alphys moaned as her counterpart left her to get a notebook, desperate tears forming in her eyes.


Guilt - Fellcest - Anxiety Attack

Sans was cowering. He was hunched, arm over his head, protecting the damaged side. He was scared.

Scared of Papyrus.

“Sans…” he pulled the smaller skeleton into a hug, soul aching at the stiffness in Sans’s bones. “I’m sorry, I would never…”

Papyrus was so sickened at the thought, he couldn’t even finish it. Instead he pressed his teeth to Sans’s. For a moment Sans didn’t reciprocate, but, hesitantly, his mouth opened. Papyrus kissed him gently, licking along his mouth slowly. Eventually, Sans’s tongue brushed against his.

“I’m sorry,” Papyrus repeated as he picked Sans up to carry him upstairs.


Sensory Overload - Edgeberry - Phone Sex, fingering, masturbation

“SLIP YOUR FINGERS INSIDE,” Edge demanded, palming his cock. There was a squeak on the other end, and he could imagine Blue’s cute blush.

“BUT THAT’S SO LEWD…” Edge could practically hear him wriggling in embarrassment.


“AH!” Blue gasped.

“FASTER.” Edge urged, and Blue moaned into the phone. Edge moved his own hand faster, imagining Blue fingering himself.

“FASTER…” Edge grunted as he started to loose himself in the sounds Blue was making. Eventually, he came with a shout, Edge not far behind.


Innocence Lost - UF Sansby - Implied Rape/Noncon, Implied underage sex, coercion, power dynamics

He was the only monster in Snowden willing to help out the parentless teen and his unruly brother, after all.

“hey, grillby…thanks giving us a chance,” Sans said as he helped tidy the bar. “wish i could repay you, but-”

“Oh yeah?” Grillby asked, cutting him off, and sat down. Sans gave him a confused look.

“Come here.” Sans did, his confusion slowly transitioning to fear.

“Take off your shirt.” The fear only deepened, and for a moment Sans didn’t move. Then his hands shakily raised, and pulled his shirt with, letting Grillby run his hands along the bones.


Heat - Asgoriel - Monster heat

“Hhmmm…?” Asgore rumbled as he was roused. His half-woken state didn’t last long. He was pulled awake by a paw pressing against his crotch and grinding. Groaning at the sudden pressure, he lifted his head and looked down.

Toriel was staring up at him, switching to rubbing. Asgore’s hips lifted from the bed.

“My…my queen?” He asked, panting as his arousal grew. She smiled at him, a sharp edge to her normally gentle expression.

There was no reply beyond the paw slipping into his pants. Asgore let her, and resigned himself to a busy night.


Sensory Overload - Swapbros/UF Papyrus - body worship, body image issues, scars

“Edge…” Stretch said, disappointed, and Edge flinched. They’d talked about this, but he couldn’t get it. These monsters…not even a single execution point between them. Surely, his scars disgusted them.

“I KNOW-” A tongue ran along a scar on his shoulder, distracting him. He glanced over at Stretch. His…good twin was smiling.

“YOU’RE NO LESS FOR THEM.” Blue added as he gently moved his hand from the crack in his skull and licked a scar there.

The two skeletons worked their way along his bones. They moved over his body until his scars actually did feel good.


Tentacles - Papster - Implied Rape/noncon, emotional manipulation, emotional abuse, power dynamics

“You’re useless in…skilled roles, but I’ve devised a use for you.”

“THAT’S GOOD!” Papyrus said, eyeing the science equipment nervously. “I WANT TO HELP.”

Gaster looked at Papyrus then. He had been cold, ever since Papyrus broke several ‘irreplaceable’ tools.

“I’m glad,” Gaster replied. Papyrus felt something cold and slimy wrapped around his spine. A purple tentacle was winding its way up.

He grabbed at the tentacle. If it kept doing that, he would behave very…inappropriately.

“Papyrus,” He looked up at Gaster. The doctor was unbuttoning his pants as he walked closer. “I thought you wanted to help.”


Shibari and Hitachi - Alphyne - Shibari, Hitatchi, Bondage

Undyne tested the rope. It held, keeping her immobilized and suspended above Alphys’s exam table, legs spread.

“Everything…okay…?” Alphys asked nervously. Undyne shouldn’t be nervous. Alphys had planned, and tested the bindings thoroughly. Besides, Undyne wasn’t afraid of anything. She just…didn’t like feeling helpless.

“Yeah,” she responded anyways, grinning. The lizard picked something up. Undyne whimpered with the urge to ask what.

She held up some kind of bulbous stick . “I’ve been excited to try…”

“What-” Undyne got out before the round end pressed against her vagina. The vibrations soon made her helpless in the best possible way.


Innocence Lost - UF Papyrus/Sans/Asgore - Rape/noncon, oversized insertion, coercion

“Sans?” Papyrus asked quietly. It broke his heart.

Papyrus was never quiet.

How could he have done this? Why had he responded to Papyrus’s voice through the phone? Let the phone be taken, so instructions could be given?

Sans didn’t have an answer for Papyrus, even if he could speak. Even if he wasn’t mindlessly riding Asgore’s painfully large cock, two fingers shoved into his mouth, drool dying them red. His spine pressed pressed to Asgore’s chest, the words vibrate through his bones as the king answered. He started to cry.

“Your brother is a little busy. Come help him.”


Somnophilia - SF Sans/UT Papyrus - Noncon/Rape

“MMMM,” Papyrus moaned as Black rubbed against his pelvis. The arms around Black tightened at the same time he noticed hot magic starting to gather under his phalanges.

“Oh, you aren’t so innocent,” he whispered. Papyrus didn’t respond, still asleep. Black had been surprised when he was woken from his sleep by Papyrus hugging him like some of kind teddybear. And a little mad.

However, it seemed rude to wake his host, even in this situation.

“MMMM!” Black slipped his phalanges into the bone print pajama pants Papyrus was wearing with a wicked grin. He didn’t want to be rude.


Sensory Overload - Gasgoriel

Gaster hadn’t expected more than tea when Asgore invited him over.

“Aaah!” He gasped, Toriel licking along his femur.

He had always gotten along with the royal family.

“I- haa!” Toriel was lathering attention on his sacrum, making him squirm.

He had thought nothing of it. He certainly hadn’t anticipated being invited into their bedroom.

“Doctor,” Asgore growled, his hips thrusting up under Gaster, where he was sitting on the king’s lap. A hot, hard bulge pressed against the skeleton’s pelvic inlet.

His skull was spinning. It was too much to take, but he was enjoying every minute of it.


Guilt - UF Papyrus/SF Papyrus -  Coercion, manipulation, forced bdsm, forced abuse

“I’m alone.”


“I don’t have a lord…a master.”


“I can't… I can’t I can’t I can’t. I-”




“Yes, help me….master.”


“Tell me what to do.”


“Use me.”


“Hit me.”




“I am alone.”


“Call me mutt.”


“Yes, master!”


“Use me.”


“Now hit me.”




Sensory Overload - Undynecest - strap on, rough, exhibitionism, masturbation

“H-hng!” Undyne grunted, fighting off completion as her Fell counterpart rammed into her, hard. “…like you mean it…”

“Ha! I’ve been going easy on you,” the other Undyne’s grin sharpened. Surprisingly, she pulled out completely. In the moment of apprehension before she was filled again, Undyne turned to look at their audience.

Alphys was glowing orange. She had her hands up, but with her fingers split. Her counterpart wasn’t even pretending, watching eagerly, hand rubbing purposefully along her pants.

Then the strap on was slammed back in, and Undyne couldn’t do anything but focus on not loosing.


Off Prompt - Papcest

“Nyeh…” Papyrus struggled in Stretch’s grip. He didn’t want to get away, really. Edge was licking around Papyrus’s pelvis in a way he was enjoying. He didn’t like staying still. However, Stretch was holding his arms so his skull hovered over Stretch’s groin.

“Can’t wait to feel that mouth in action,” Stretch purred. Papyrus flushed. His doubles had started acting strangely at Grillby’s. He had just been drinking his milkshake. Before he knew it,Stretch had returned them to his room.

“Why don’t you show me again how you work that straw…” Stretch freed his cock. Papyrus was happy to oblige


Sensory Overload - Papyaberry - 69

Papyrus gasped, his skull resting next to Blue’s member. Blue could only hum around Papyrus’s in reply. The taller skeleton groaned with pleasure.

Panting, he licked up and down the erect magic and onto the bone of Blue’s pelvis. Satisfyingly, Blue trembled under him. Sans-sized phalanges clutched at his legs and pulled him down, deeper into Blue’s mouth.

Papyrus gasped, the sound morphing into a cry of pleasure as Blue swallowed around him. Not to be outdone, he drew Blue back into his mouth.

After all, what kind of lover would he be if he came before Blue?


Innocence Lost - BBQ Tacos - Dubcon

Blue hummed. He was excited to cook for their guest, but still went to change first. His shirt was off and his pants partway down when he felt an odd prickling in his bones.

Turning, he found Slim on his bed, eyelights glued to him and…and magic very…

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Blue yelped, trying to cover himself from the predatory gaze. Slim didn’t answer, but rather crawled off the bed and towards him. His movements were downright animalistic.

“SLIM?” Sans asked, backing up into the wall. He didn’t answer, instead nuzzling Blue’s pelvis and licking. “AH!”


Somno - Swapfellcest - Somnophilia




Papyrus still didn’t wake. Normally, at a command, he would. This nap was deeper. And poorly timed.

“FINE!” Sans pushed Papyrus onto his back. At least he was naked.

At some well practiced touches Papyrus’s cock formed, already hard. Sans stood, shedding his shorts. Purple liquid stained them from the trip home. He was going to satisfy himself, one way or another.

He slipped onto the cock without any preamble. It fit perfectly, as always.

“My lord…” Papyrus purred.


The only answer was a sharp thrust.


Sensory Overload - Spicy Cinnabon - Dirty talk, teasing

“…then I’ll slam into you so hard…”

Papyrus squirmed, his patella rubbing together. He shouldn’t be listening to this.

“…my fat, hard cock buried inside of you…”

“STOP…” Papyrus whined, but Red just smirked at him.

“…driving in and out and in and out and in-“

Unable to resist the growing arousal that Red’s words, however dirty and inappropriate, where causing in him, Papyrus surged to his feet and pressed his mouth to Red’s. He immediately became embarrassed by his reaction and stalled, but Red responded by thrusting his tongue into his mouth. Emboldened, Papyrus kissed back.


Tentacles - UT Sans/SF Sans - tentacles

“HAA…WHAT ARE YOU-?” Black asked, feeling silly. The tentacles weren’t being subtle about removing his shorts, but he had never expected this.

“Isn’t this what you wanted?” Sans asked. Black scowled. When he had invited Sans to his bedroom, it had been because of his insufferable flirting. For weeks he’d made innuendos at Black.

“I, mmm, intended…more…control…” Black panted as tentacles slipped into his shirt, teasing his ribs.

“Well, maybe it’s time for you to let go and relax,” Sans suggested, surprising Black. What did he-

“Ahhh!!” Black lost track of his thought as tentacles wriggled pelvis


Guilt - Sansgore

“Sans…you came…”

“You called.” Sans’s laugh echoed hollowly down long corridor. Asgore flinched. Sans’s footsteps were silent compared to his own as they met in the middle.

“Why?” Sans asked, looking for someone to judge. That faith only crushed Asgore more.

“To do your job. I have done a terrible thing…”

Sans stood on his toes, tugging on Asgore’s ears. Asgore leaned down until Sans could nuzzle his fur.

“You carry a great weight,” Sans mumbled, massaging Asgore’s neck. He sighed, relaxing into the touch. “Even I can’t judge you for stumbling. I would much rather help you up.”

Chapter Text

UF Papyrus - Gen - Fluff


Sans paused as he heard his brother’s voice. Peeking around a tree, he slapped a hand over his mouth to stop from laughing.

Papyrus was surrounded by moldsmals, wiggling excitedly around his feet. Papyrus had lasagna in one hand and plates in the other.


“what are you doing here, bro?”


“been making extra…” Sans said. Papyrus flushed at the observation. “best get to it, then. they look like they’ll nibble your tarsals.”


CherryRaspberry - Dom/Sub

Sans grimaced at the monster that looked so much like him and yet was so… not. He was slouched, and Sans could see several yellow stains dotted across his clothing. There were probably more under the dingy hoodie he was wearing.


He disgusted Sans.

“i- i can’t take it…”

Maybe that’s why Sans enjoyed having Red on his knees, begging for his touch. Lifting one heeled boot, he placed it in front of Red’s skull. There was hesitation, but Red nuzzled against the black leather.

It certainly wasn’t because he loved the look he got when he obliged.


US Sans & UT Sans - Gen

“is this is a good idea…” Tale asked as Swap followed the crowd of tourists into the room. He hung back with the tour guide and the others who had taken her warning to soul.

“IT’S FINE!” Swap’s eyes sparkled with excitement. With a big grin, he continued on. Tale was a little over whelmed from here, and it had to be worse in there. Blue stopped in the room, the humans coughing and laughing.

“MY SOUL TINGLES!” Swap yelped with a burst of laughter.

“Wow… I don’t think the mint room has ever gotten that reaction,” the guide commented.


Fellcest - Sweetfell tie-in - Fluff

Food was everywhere. Spices had spilled. Flour coated the side of the fridge. Cheese had gotten to places that didn't seem possible. Milk dripped onto the floor from the counter.

Papyrus surveyed the kitchen, and the hunched form within it, with growing dismay.

“WHA-” he couldn't even finish one word before Sans cut in, his voice shaking and watery.

“I'm sorry. I’ll clean. I just-” a hiccup, “wanted to make you something, for a change.”

Peeking in the pan, Papyrus found something akin to mac-n-cheese, his childhood favorite.

“IT’S…PERFECT,” Papyrus found his voice was thick as well.


Sanswich (UT/US/UF) - Sanscrushing tie-in - Makeup Sex

“…please…ha…don't stop…” Tale begged as Fell slowed, thrusting languidly. Fell huffed and swatted his left iliac.

“a-as if i would,” he responded, annoyed but affectionate.

Tale flushed and returned to Swap, kissing him sloppily. Swap responded eagerly.

The events leading up to this point had him reeling. Fell and Swap had been arguing about something stupid…he couldn’t remember. He’d said it was stupid, upsetting them both, and almost had to call date night a failure. He wasn’t sure who had started it, but they ended up kissing and apologizing.

Not a bad method of conflict resolution.


KetchupBerry - Fluff

“O-OH!” Tale smiled as Swap sunk into the bed. He ran his hands over Swap’s humerus, fighting off the urge to make a joke.

After gently rotating Swap’s carpels, he tugged on each phalanges, occasionally getting a soft pop. Swap really carried a lot of tension. His spine had been a mess.

“how ya feelin?” Tale asked, task complete.

“GOOO,” Swap mumbled into the pillow. Tale ran his hand down Swap’s spine softly, producing a visible shiver and soft sigh. Climbing onto the bed, he pulled Swap in for a cuddle and, his favorite part, a nap.


Reborntale Gaster - Gen

He looked down on Snowdin, as he normally did. Today, however, was different. The residents were fleeing, gathering together, and fighting. Gaster didn’t care much for their squabbles. He was much more interested in the being that created them.

Spreading his ink-black, leathery wings, he spiraled down to the ground.

As he followed the trail, he felt magic flare up. A demon subdued an angel. A couple angels defeated a demon.

Gaster paused as he encountered Asriel, radiant and sickening, herding some angels away from the fighting. Instinctively, his wings mantled, but, again, the angel looked right through him.


Uggy/Mercy - Bondage/Shibari

Testing the last rope, Uggy stood back to admire her work. Mercy hung, stretched out laying down. Ropes dipped under and around her, before leading up to the ceiling, and a whole length had been used to bind her arms together above her head. Her wings hung down through the rope, shifting as she tested the binding.

“Snug?” Uggy asked, gently running a finger up along Mercy’s leg, lifting it over ropes, in a tap-stroke pattern that had Mercy wriggling with barely contained laughter. The ropes held, so Uggy began to tease Mercy mercilessly with fingers, tail, and tongue.


Uggy/Sable/Queen - Bondage, Praise Kink

“Got you,” Uggy drew Sable closer and wrapped her until she was covered in coils from the waist down, leaving room for her tail. She stroked her fingers gently through the soft feathers of Sable’s wings, smiling as the other shivered. Sable was trapped, all theirs.

“We heard you saying some not so nice things, dear one,” Uggy whispered in her ear as The Queen walked gracefully into view, eyes sharp, and stopped in front of her.

“Now we have some words for you,” The Queen added, stepping close and closing Sable in between them. “Like, wonderful, strong, amazing…”


Toriel/Alphys - Noncon, Power dynamics, oral sex

“I really should…” Alphys gasped as a tongue traveled up the inside of her leg. The thought was washed away, the Queen’s tongue reaching it’s destination squirming inside of her. All thought was lost to the talented ministrations until Toriel stopped. Alphys flushed the way the fur along the front of Toriel’s snout shone in the light. The boss monster reclined, bringing Alphys with her.

“I have…duties…” She said in a panting whisper.

“Yes, you do,” Toriel replied, effortlessly arranging Alphys to her liking and pulling their hips together. Alphys nodded and ground forward dutifully.


Sans Kissed Him - Papyrus Saw Him tie-in - Unrelated Fontcest

Papyrus was hugging him. Sans felt heat suffuse his bones. That was Papyrus. He warmed Sans in in so many ways. Meeting him had been like seeing color for the first time. Sans hadn't known what he lacked, and now... now…

He was too weak to face life without Papyrus.

If Sans were strong, he would protect Papyrus from the pain and darkness. Sans would tell him to leave and never come back. If he were strong, Sans would step back, say it, and watch Papyrus take his Battle Body home with a smile.

He was too weak.


UF Sans & Undyne - Gen

“Sentry Sans, are you slacking off again?” Undyne barked out as she approached the skeleton’s station. Sans lifted one hand to wave at her, maintaining his laid back posture. The fish monster scowled at him, from his feet on the counter to his belly to his stupid sk-

“How the fuck are you fat?” She asked, reaching forward to push his feet off. Sans grunted as his chair fell forward. His smile didn't waver, which just pissed her off more.

“There’s nothin’ to it.” He said, shrugging and lifted his shirt. Sure enough, there was nothing there. Undyne’s eye twitched.


Swapfellcest - Fluff


“What is it?”

“May I speak… openly?” Papyrus inched closer.

“Very well,” Sans agreed. He leaned forward unconsciously, curious.

“M’l-” Papyrus cleared his throat. “Sans.”

Sans frowned. What could be so important that he would need to break character?

“When one monster loves another, and they decide that it’s time to… take things further-”


“Hold on. Questions at the end. Anyways, sex-”

“Papyrus!” Sans snapped, flushing purple. “Is this the fucking talk?”

“Well, yeah. Alphys said-”

Sans groaned with embarrassment.

“I don’t care! You think I need the talk?? We do it almost every night…”


Edgeberry - Fluff

“THE SKIES ABOVE ARE BLUE…” Edge sang, the song echoing slightly behind. Blue giggled.

“MY HEART WAS WRAPPED…” Blue tapped his windowsill, looking down from his room. Edge prepared to belt out the next line.

There was a crackle.

The music stopped.

“UP IN- “ Edge stuttered, lyrics lost to him without the music. Blue looked at him, worried. He was failing, his chance to woo Blue slipping away. He had to say something…

“LET ME PUT MY PENIS IN YOU!” He shouted. Blue startled and stared.

“PLEASE?” Edge added.

The back door opened, revealing an angry orange eyelight.

Edge ran.


HoneyKetchup - Isolation Tie-in - Noncon, shower sex

“Ah,” Sans moaned into his arm. Water poured down, muffling what escaped.

“Don’t be shy,” Stretch whispered. Sans shrank away, whimpering. “He knows.”

Sans gasped, letting Stretch spread his legs. He slid down the wall at a touch, his upper body was pressed against it, hands braced, spine bowed, and pelvis on display.

His brother knew. Papyrus was their biggest fan.

Sans didn’t let it hurt him. Papyrus didn't know.

How could he not know?

Sans couldn't hold back a wail as Stretch thrust into him, crushing him against the wall.

He hoped Papyrus heard it.

But no one came.


Alphys/Undyne/Toriel - Noncon, punishment sex

“Your-” Undyne was forced to her knees in front of Toriel. She shook at the fiery look in her eyes.

“Please!” She turned to plead with Alphys, but the look she got was just as harsh.

“You’ve been bad.” Toriel admonished. Undyne was picked up, her handcuffed hands jerking uselessly, and dumped onto the couch. Alphys and Toriel stood over her, looming.

“I’m sorry…” the fish monster squeaked. She really shouldn’t have put the shower camera in Alphys’s house.

“Oh,” Alphys grabbed Undyne’s pants, pulling them down with a sharp jerk. “You’ll be begging for forgiveness for a while more.”


Kustard - Tastes Like Ketchup tie-in - Noncon, vore

“Go on.”

Sans looked at the massive skull of the demon, warped and tinted orange from the translucent flesh separating them, then back at Mustard.

They were huddled in the cramped space of the demon’s… stomach.

“You want…?” Mustard asked, voice shaking. The only response was a hand on the outside of the magical flesh, shaking them.

Mustard sprawled on top of Sans, and the hand compressed the flesh above them, trapping him there.

“Go on,” the demon repeated. “And I’ll let you out.”

Trembling, Sans reached up to touch Mustard. The other grimaced, but didn't try to stop him.


US Undyne/Toriel - Noncon, stalking, bad touch doctor

“There's no need!” Toriel waved away the gown and began to strip down to her underwear. Undyne could hardly believe it. Convincing Toriel she needed a checkup had been genius.

Undyne opted for a “hands on” exam. She ran them along the soft fur and supple flesh of Toriel’s torso and… chest. So much better than the light touches from Toriel’s bedroom.

“Raise your feet and spread your knees.”

Toriel did, pink showing through the fur of her face.

“Might be a little cold…” Undyne put on gloves and squeezed out some lubricant. Toriel nodded, trusting Undyne completely.


US Undyne/Alphys - Noncon voyeurism, stalking

It was easy enough to get into Alphys’s house. She didn't lock her doors. Why would she in the safety of the underground?

Watching the new feed with interest, Undyne almost squealed when she saw Alphys come into the bathroom, sweaty with the exertion of training. She hit record and settled into her chair.

Alphys was as enthusiastic in showering as anything else. Undyne watched raptly as the lizard monster threw punches at thin air, muscles tensing under wet scales.

Moaning to herself, Undyne reached down and rubbed her hand over her crotch, imagining those muscles under her hands.


US Sansby - Fluff

“Hello!” Sans chirped, waving as he walked past Grillby’s table. He got a wave and a crackle in return. A few of Grillby’s family, little floating ash balls, brushed his skull.

It was really too bad Sans didn't have time to stop and talk. Grillby was the kind of monster Sans admired, hard-working and warm-hearted. He was there, every day, for his family.

Someday Sans would have the the time to talk to him, he told himself as he stopped at the end of the room and looked back, blushing. Someday he would have the courage.


HoneyMuffin - Noncon

You would think that six arms would give her some kind of advantage. He couldn’t restrain them all.

Papyrus seemed to understand that, so he kept her off balance instead, throwing her onto the bed face down. She used them to catch herself, and, before she recovered, he was pushing her skirt up, one hand pressing into her back.

All sis tried to resist, but he was much stronger than his lanky frame would suggest.

With one hand on her back, he was able to pull down her panties with the other.

“Papyrus… “ She tried to plead with him. Instead of a reply she felt his fingers slip into her. The intrusion made her gasp and wriggle, trying to break free. The bones weren’t cold, but they were hard, almost impersonal, much like Papyrus’s attitude. He’d given up his false charm as soon as he had her trapped.

The fingers didn’t stay long, just enough to trick her body into arousal. It was once they were removed that she started to cry. She knew what came next.

He grunted as he thrust into her, easily audible over the muffled sound of her scream. She wasn’t sure why one set of hands had clapped over her mouth to smother it. She should want someone to hear, to come save her.

She was scared of him. Scared of what he might do if she did. So the hands stayed, her other arms clutching at the quilt while he drove into her mercilessly.


Arm Twiiiiiiiiddles Away - Fontcest - Fluff

“…CAN’T SLEEP ALL DAY!” Papyrus lectured, one finger waving wildly.

“don’t see why not,” Sans shrugged.


Sans was roused by a pop and looked up. Papyrus’s eyes bulged, one arm missing at the elbow.

“what the-”

Movement grabbed his attention. That was Papyrus’s arm. It was moving. It was…

“IT’S GETTING AWAY!” Papyrus exclaimed. Sure enough, it was headed upstairs. “STOP IT!”

Papyrus raced after it, Sans teleporting after and snatching the arm up.

“lost somethin’?” Sans held it in one hand, the hand resting in his other. Its fingers twiddled, and Sans giggled.

Well that’s interesting.


I Twiddle You - Fontcest - Fluff


Sans looked down at his humeri, wiggling the two stumps of bones with a smile.

“yep,” he replied.


“perhaps…” Sans walked out to the living room, where his arms were twiddling all over Papyrus. The yelling had been replaced with panting laughter.

“SANS…” Papyrus gasped. “HOW ARE YOU… CONTROLLING…?”

“I’m not,” he smiled as one of his hands tapped it's way up Papyrus’s ribs. “I always want you… with every bone in my body.”

Papyrus flushed, first with pleasure, then with frustration.



Swapfellcest - Degradation

“Ah!” Sans gasped beneath him, phalanges clasped around his neck. His spine was starting to ache, but the steady stream of moans and curses coming from Sans kept him going.

“Miserable cur. Nngh! You, haaa, better not slack off.”

Sans’s legs were up and bent, his femurs clacking against Papyrus’s pelvis.

“Ahhh! Shit. How dare you… mmmm. How dare you make me…”

Sans talked constantly, as an outlet for a mind as hyper as his body, much of it degrading Papyrus. Sex was no exception.

“My lo-”

“Shut up! Thrust harder, you waste of space.”

Papyrus could listen forever.


Fontcest - Fluff

“Pap…” Sans moved to Papyrus’s lap. He stripped off his shirt, tugging on Papyrus’s. Papyrus impatiently kissed him once he was free of it. Sans rubbed their ribs together, the kiss turning frantic.

Suddenly, Papyrus’s ribs twinged painfully. He held Sans, who drew back his skull with a hiss. They both fell still, panting.

“What-?” Papyrus asked, looking down. Sans felt along the area, trying to pull away. That caused more pain, stopping him.

“Sorry…” He sighed. “We’re a little…stuck.”


“Pretty sure. I can… feel it in my bones.”

It was going to be a long night.


Papyaberry - Fluff

They had kissing down. Blue smiled at memories of nights spent just kissing.

“NOW WHAT?” Papyrus asked, blushing furiously.

“I THINK WE… TOUCH EACH OTHER…” Blue was, too.

They had removed their clothing. That was as far as their knowledge went. What went where, when, and how were mysteries.

“OKAY.” Papyrus touched his arm. Blue blushed. That hadn't quite been what he meant. He reciprocated, reaching for Papyrus’s ribs. He ran his phalanges along them.

“OH!” Papyrus shivered.

“GOOD?” Blue asked.

“SEE FOR YOURSELF!” Papyrus offered with a smile and rubbed along Blue’s ribs.

“AH!” Oh, that was nice.


Sans/Humans - Noncon, Group Sex, Cum Inflation, Vomit

“N-no mo-”

His mandible was grabbed, skull yanked forward into another solid mass of flesh. He fought to keep his mouth shut, but his jaw was getting tired. It yielded easily to the human’s fingers.

He whined as the member was shoved in, hitting the back of his throat. It was musky and hot, byproducts of the humans’ drastically different biology. He gagged around it, the hastily formed sack of magic holding the previous humans’ biological release clenching and trembling with the need to empty itself. Something he had no natural recourse for.

“Mmm!!” He yelled around the member, trying to warn them. Maybe they’d finally stop if they knew. They didn't listen, of course, and the human currently invading him humped his face eagerly while Sans used up every scrap of control he had resisting.

It had run out by the time the slimy, thick liquid hit the back of his throat. He gagged and couldn't stop. The human finally withdrew, but all that did was clear the way.

“Oh gross!” The humans yelped and laughed and admonished him, stepping away from the growing mess on the floor. Sans did nothing to reply, unable to stop now that he had started emptying his relieved magic. Streaks of blue ran through the milky white puddle, perhaps explaining the pain that ran along his conjured throat and stomach.

When it finally ended, Sans felt weak. His limbs, shaking, gave up and he slumped into the filth while the humans laughed.


Sans - Gen - Sick

“You are burning up!” Papyrus dashed off, leaving Sans croaking after him. Sans might have followed him, but raising his arm had been painful. Actually moving his-

He woke alone. There were signs of activity. A bowl of water sat by the bed, and he was in a pair of Papyrus’s pajamas, left unbuttoned, arms and legs rolled up. Sans sat up with a grunt.

Dizziness hit him and he fell back, curling-


Papyrus was upset. Sans wanted to tell him it was okay. It was all going to be okay.

All he could do was groan miserably.


UF Sans - Blood, Knife

“Haa,” Sans panted, trying to keep focused. His thoughts were water in a sieve. He could scoop all day long, but held nothing. Marrow ran to his jaw and dripped off. Some of it slipped into his mouth, the taste was hijacking his senses.

A pleased hum drew his barely present eyelights to the side. He wasted a rare coherent thought wondering why even the little points of magic hurt.

Perhaps because everything hurt.

He wheezed as the knife returned to his skull, beginning the series of scratches that would form another line of the cruel image being carved there.


Sans - Major Injury, Broken Bone

He couldn't hear.

It surprised Sans. He dwelled on that, despite having more important things to worry about.

He just didn't understand. He didn't have ears in the first place. How frustrating for his body to arbitrarily denying him this.

Well, it wasn't quite true that he couldn't hear anything. The other side of his skull was intact, but it buzzed with the aftershock, a persistent ringing muffling everything else. He tried to shake it off, but that only made him dizzy. He stumbled into a heap, just in time to see the foot taking aim for the other side.


Chapter Text

Swap Muffet/Sans - Bondage

“Oh dear,” Muffet’s fangs glistened in the warm lights of the cafe. Normally they gave the restaurant a homey, welcoming feel. Right now they were more like mood lighting.

“You seem to be all tied up,” she cooed, voice just as warm.

“Muffet,” Sans breathed, torso straining against the webbing. She giggled and stroked too gently along his pelvis. He was suspended, reclining, in a web across the space behind the bar, limbs thoroughly. Papyrus was snoring on that very bar. Sans flushed at the thought of doing this so close to his brother. He was too far gone to wake, but it was still so… lewd. Sans had to keep his voice low.

“Ah!” Muffet made it hard to be quiet as she climbed onto the web with him.

Edgepuff - Noncon, Bondage

“Mm!” Edge rocked, trying to free his wrists from the sloppy, but secure, knots. His rib cage rolled across the bed uselessly.

“Hold on,” Papyrus, deceptive fucker, said calmly, removing Edge’s pants.

“No fucking way!” Edge mumbled into his gag. His counterpart snickered. There was fabric rustling behind him. Oh fuck, no way. Edge brought his knees up to propel himself forward. Even just falling off the bed would alert their brothers.

“Oooh, presenting yourself?” Papyrus cooed, grabbing his pelvis. Edge cursed, thrashing his legs. Papyrus’s strong grip held him steady as hard magic painfully breached his.

CherryBerry - Lamia, Hypnotic Eyes

Sans stood very still, only turning his skull enough to follow the motion of the lamia as it circled around him. He’d heard stories, but the creatures were rare. He hadn’t actually expected to meet one.

The blue scales seemed to be pure magic, tapering off to expose a skeleton for its torso and above. It had a worn but clean bandanna and gloves. Sans hadn’t expected them to wear clothes. Some claimed they could speak, if crudely.

“Hi there…” Sans decided to try greeting it, since it was already interested in him. The lamia’s skull tilted up to his face and it swung closer, the loop of it’s tail closing uncomfortably.

“I’m not gonna hurt you,” Sans held up his hands. The lamia inspected them, it’s forked tongue tickling the surface. It suddenly looked up again, catching Sans’s sockets and smiling. It had huge, bright blue eyelights.

“My name is… Sans…” Sans introduced himself, but he almost lost track of his own name.

“Do… do… do you…” He wanted to ask the lamia if it could understand him, but the thought wouldn’t finish. All he could manage was to stare at the bright eyelights and grin. What was he doing again?

His body slowly became aware of pressure, starting with forcing his legs together and working up until he was all squished together. His skull was the only thing left unobstructed, which was good, because he couldn’t stop staring. That didn’t seem right. Maybe he should be scared. His ribs kind of hurt.

The thoughts dissolved as soon as they formed, and he couldn’t act on them or even consider the implications of them. He couldn’t hear anything but the pounding of his own soul and a gentle hiss from the lamia. He couldn’t feel anything but the firm coils around his body, he couldn’t see anything but the lamia’s face with its friendly grin.

The fear he should have felt at seeing that grin split open to reveal long, wicked fangs was lost in the blue emptiness that filled his mind.

Gaster & Sans - Unwilling Medical Experimentation

“We can’t have you dusting. One moment.”

Sans gave the straps a sharp tug. They were tight enough to grind his carpels together. Gaster had learned from last time. Nothing shy of removing his phalanges would get him out of them this time.

A metal stand came to a stop by Sans’s skull. Gaster untied Sans’s shirt, exposing his rib cage. Thin phalanges reached up into it and summoned his soul.

“Gah! What the fuck-” Sans yelled, resisting the urge to struggle. It wouldn’t take much to dust him now. He couldn’t risk leaving Papyrus alone in this place.

“You are currently too fragile to use. This should correct that long enough to get results.”

Hands moved around in his rib cage, then sharp, piercing pain spiked through him, centered around his soul.

“Ah! FUCK!” Sans convulsed. Pressure was building up under the pain. Forcing his skull to the side he followed a red tube from a bag on the stand down and into his rib cage. No, the tube was clear. Whatever the fuck was in it was red, and being pumped into his soul.

“Oh, interesting. Your HP already appears higher.” Gaster sat back and watched him twitch on the examination bed.

Sans opened his mouth to demand the needle be taken out, but all that came out was a whimper.

“Let’s get started then. I wonder how much your body can take before the treatment isn’t enough.” He reached for a cruel looking hook with a grin.

PapayaBerry - Fluff

“Okay, this is the hardest part. It takes a lot of practice to become skilled at. Luckily for you, I’ve been training almost every day.” Papyrus explained to Blue as they came to a stop at their destination. Blue looked at him expectantly.

“We are now required to… choose a flavor,” Papyrus gestured dramatically at the menu. Blue followed his arm, stopping as his gaze hit the list of temptations. His eyelights bounced left and right while he read over them. The stars in them grew larger with each line.

“How?” He asked, looking up at Papyrus. “I want them all.”

Papyrus grinned, ready to show Blue just how good he had gotten at ordering the cold, creamy, delectable treat.
“Dude, your brother is too much,” Stretch commented as he watched Papyrus try and balance about ten ice cream cones between his fingers.

“You're one to talk,” Sans snorted. Papyrus was being his usual over exuberant self. Ice cream was smeared across both him and Blue. Despite his full hands, he couldn't stop talking with them. Blue didn't seem to mind, his eyelights set to disappear up into his socket as he tried each new flavor.

“Blue looks like he’s cum about three times,” he continued to rib Stretch.

“Don't say that,” Stretch glared at him. “That's my little brother.” Sans just smiled back and sipped his coffee. He hadn't taken to human sweets like Papyrus had. They were always too rich.

“Just callin’ it like I see it,” he shrugged and Stretch flipped him off. Sans didn’t have a retort, so they settled into the comfortable silence that followed friendly banter.

Papyrus and Blue went on like that for a while, until Blue had tried everything and they had split up the cones via a long series of negotiations. By the time they were done, most of the ice cream had melted, but they proceeded to drink up what was left and munch on the cones happily.

When Blue leaned in and licked some strawberry off Papyrus’s cheekbone, Sans had to look away. He caught Stretch’s sockets as he did the same.

“They're pretty cute, huh?” Stretch asked. Smiling at each other, they glanced back. The moment was over, but it was no less true for it, which made it pretty easy to just sit back and wait for their brothers to remember they existed.

Swapfell Sans - Gen

“…want me to help?” Papyrus watched Sans reach for the jar of sauce for a moment before offering. Sans whipped his skull around to glare at Papyrus, which he full expected. He’d had to offer, though. It was just too sad. Sans was already kneeling on the counter, but the top shelf of their upper cabinets was still a bit too high for him.

“SHUT UP,” Sans climbed down and straightened his clothes. “OF COURSE I DON’T NEED ANY HELP, IDIOT.”

“…of course,” Papyrus smiled. Riling Sans up was fun too. “Dinner soon?”

Sans’s skull turned a fraction like he wanted to glare at the jar, but he restrained himself.

“SHUT UP,” Sans stalked past Papyrus to the door. “WE’RE GOING OUT FOR DINNER.”

Papyrus perked up. That was an unexpected perk. Sans usually cursed him out for eating anywhere but home.

“YOU’RE PAYING.” That cut his celebration short. Papyrus sure hoped Muffet would put it on his tab.

Kustard - Dry Humping

“Red,” Sans moaned, holding onto Red’s jacket. It wasn’t necessary to stay standing, despite his weak legs. Red had pinned him to the wall, using his full strength. Holding it just helped ground him.

Red laughed, breathy and soft. He thrust his pelvis against Sans’s, driving their cocks together for a few seconds of blissful friction, aided by their clothes. When he drew away, Sans thrust forward, chasing the feeling.

“Red,” he whined, using the only word with meaning right now. Red gave him a wicked smile that said Sans was in for a whole lot more.

Edgeberry - Fluff

“…and Fluffy Bunny went to his woodland friends-”

“Is that a fox?” Edge interrupted Blue to point at the colorful page of the book.

“fox… fox…fox…” The echo flowers chanted.

“Yes,” Blue turned to look up at Edge from his spot in his lap. His face was drawn down into a frown of concentration.

“Why would a fox be friends with a bunny? They’re enemies in the wild.” Edge asked.

“Not these foxes!” Blue chided him. Why did he have to be so negative about everything? “These foxes are his friends!”

“friends… friends…”

“I don’t buy it,” Edge sniffed.

“Well, just listen to the story,” Blue turned back to the book, trying not to pout. He went back to reading, making sure to say everything with a little extra happiness. The echo flowers picked up words here and there to pass among themselves.

“…It was all of his friends!” Blue read, adding a little note of his own, “Even the foxes. They had all come to help Fluffy Bunny. His ears perked back up and he wiped the tears from his eyes…”

Something hit the top of Blue’s skull with a little splat. He glanced up. Tears were streaming down Edge’s face as he stared at the book.

“Edge?” Blue asked quietly. Edge looked down at him, his expression strikingly vulnerable. Blue teared up just seeing it.

“They’re such good friends…” Edge warbled.

Blue set the book aside. In the end, Edge was just a big softie. Once Blue had figured that out, he had started to fall for the ‘edgy’ skeleton. He turned to face Edge, hugging him around the neck and pressing a kiss to one wet cheek. Edge crushed Blue to himself in return, sniffling against Blue’s shoulder. He just needed help expressing it sometimes.

Fontcest - Dismemberment

“Ah! Papyrus!” Papyrus walked calmly into the living room when he finally heard San’s cry.

“Bro, your arms…” Sans started as soon as he caught sight of Papyrus, who was indeed without either of his arms. His hands, minus their gloves, had taken hold of Sans. One had managed to hold both of Sans’s wrists. The other only had one ankle, but that was enough to immobilize him. Sans looked worried, his free leg kicking.

“Not so funny now?” Papyrus walked over to Sans.

“Y-yeah,” Sans eyed him warily. “Seems to be getting out of… hand.”

Papyrus’s brow twitched.

HoneyBBQ - Noncon/Rape

He never got to be in charge.

The other him didn’t even care. He just nodded along with his brother and did as he said— or didn’t— and nothing ever came of it. His brother just stamped his foot and put his hands on his crest.

Papyrus loved being with Sans, but sometimes he just wanted to take control.

“Mmmm!” The other thrashed, but he was well tangled in his own stupid pull over. The tank top under it had ridden up and exposed his ribs. Papyrus grabbed them and pushed him down to the floor. His legs thrashed around Papyrus ineffectually. Moving to remove his pants would be too much trouble, so Papyrus just pulled at a seam until it ripped.

The sharp noise froze the other monster, making it easier to move the fabric out of the way.

“No no no no…” Papyrus ignored the muffled pleas and started to simulate the other.

He just wanted to be in control for once.

Papster - Noncon/Rape

“Papyrus…” Gaster tugged his arms, trying to pull them free of Papyrus’s grip. One made it out, and Gaster raised it, pushing on Papyrus’s chest. Papyrus calmly grabbed the arm and raised it above Gaster’s skull again, returning it to the hand holding them there.

“Doctor Gaster,” he said in an oddly quiet and soothing voice, “please hold still.”

“Papyrus, please don’t do this,” Gaster pleaded, renewing his struggles. Papyrus had been more careful, and he couldn’t break free again. His pants were unfastened, and Papyrus’s other hand went down them, grabbing his pelvis and grinding against his sensitive pubis. Gaster gasped, his body arching involuntarily at the strong stimulation.

“Please…” he begged.

Papyrus looked at his face finally. The skeleton’s bright smile was still present, and it only grew as it took in his tear streaked face.

“It’s all going to be okay,” he murmured, leaning down to suck on Gaster’s clavicle.


“This is highly inappropriate,” Gaster all but moaned as the other him pulled him down by his lab coat for a kiss. Not that the relative appropriateness of the situation ever stopped them.

“So you don’t want to?” The version of him from that darker, more dangerous world grinned at him when he broke the kiss and called him on his bluff. Magic heating his face, Gaster just reinitiated the kiss. As they made out he slowly sank down until he was too low to keep up the kiss and fell to his knees. The other him flushed red, spreading his legs.

“Are you sure?” he asked Gaster, all the taunting gone. He had an earnest, concerned look on his face as he gazed down at Gaster.

“Very,” Gaster replied pulling open the pants and licking along the bone underneath.

Dustberry - Implied Bad Stuff

“You again,” the bright version of him watched warily as Sans stepped forward out of the shadows. He was almost painful to look at, the light that made it into the cavern lighting up his light blue ‘uniform’ so it looked brilliant.

“I…” Sans wanted to justify his presence there, but he didn’t have a justification. He had just wanted to see the other. There wasn’t an purpose to him being there. If there had been, the other him wouldn’t have liked the results all that much. Sans only did one thing when he found other worlds.

“Are you okay?” The other walked closer to Sans, who drew away. If he got too close he would see the dust caked onto his clothes. Sans didn’t want to be found out. He didn’t want the bright one to know what he was.

“I’m fine,” he said hoarsely. “Just needed… a break.”

“Oh… okay.” The other him smiled at him before turning back to his ridiculously ineffective trap. Sans smiled, remembering Papyrus building a similar one. A chill went down his spine. This was the one place where that particular demon fell silent. He wished he could do more than visit once in a while. He would have to leave soon. Even now the urge to claim the other him was swelling.

Sans could imagine what it would be like, luring him closer, pushing him down, holding him, tainting him. He grinned, heat suffusing his bones as he watched the innocent charade of the other’s ‘guard’ duties. He was painfully trusting and naive. If Sans didn’t get out of here…

“Are you sure you don’t want to join me?”

Sans’s always tenuous self-control snapped.

Sansby - Grillby/Grillby/Sans - Blindfold

It wasn’t like temperature mattered to a skeleton. They couldn’t really freeze or overheat. No sweat glands, no fleshy bits, no nervous system outside of the tough shell of their bones.

The heat produced by not one, but two Grillbys was starting to challenge that assumption. Sans was sweating something in the magic twinged heat produced by their bodies as they closed in on him.

Then again, maybe that was nerves.

Sans would have never suspected Grillby of being into this, and at first he had rebuffed his counterpart, calling him rude, cruel, and crude.

Which made Sans’s current predicament particularly confusing.

Sans made a pretty sight kneeling between them, stripped down to the bone. The warm light of the bar almost made his bones look soft. His hands were together in front of his rib cage, the fingers playing anxiously with each other. The seeking, curious jerks of his skull as he reacted to each gust of wind and creak of the floorboards made the ends of the black blindfold brush along his shoulders where they dangled.

He opened his mouth, froze, and then closed it again, his skull turning from right to left as Grillby approached him. Even without seeing his sockets, his expression was so needy Grillby couldn’t help himself. He reached out and ran one hand along Sans’s skull, giving him some sign they were there.

“Always so weak,” the other him huffed, coming up to Sans from the other side. Sans jumped, but a smile broke out across his face. One hand went to Grillby’s pant leg, clinging to it as if he was afraid he’d be left alone again. As if Grillby could stop once he started touching Sans. Sans’s other hand reached for Burn, who, of course, angled it for his crotch before stepping into the touch.

Grillby blushed, despite the intent of this very evening. Sans just grinned wider, his face still turned towards Grillby, and kneaded Burn’s very distinct bulge. How the other him could be so shameless, Grillby would never know, but he would always be thankful for it.

“Oh yes, right there,” Burn groaned, making Grillby’s own erection twitch with want.

Sans seemed to know- he always knew Grillby so well- and ran his hand up Grillby’s leg to rub enticingly at his member through his pants. Grillby bit back his own groan, but he couldn’t help pressing his hips forward into it.

Tonight was going to be fun.

FluffyHoodies - Fluff

“I- I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Red snapped, his arms crossed and his body turning away from Papyrus. “Paps must have bought that.”

Papyrus smiled, reaching out and tugging on the hood of Red’s jacket.

“It’s okay if you did,” he whispered, leaning down to put his skull next to Red’s. Edge would have never bought any kind of condiment. “I’m touched.”

“Well you shouldn’t be,” Red persisted, glaring at the offending bottle of barbecue sauce. “Gross sweet shit.” He stuck out his tongue at it, grimacing. Had he actually tried it? Papyrus smiled down at him.

“So I guess you might as well have the bottle,” Red finished, walking stiffly away from Papyrus and out of the kitchen.

“So cute,” Papyrus mused with a pleased blush. He picked up the bottle and took off the top. It was a strange sauce, yellow tinted with an almost sour smell. He would be damned if he didn’t enjoy Red’s gift after all that, however. He took a cautious sip.

“Spicy,” he swallowed it, wincing, his sockets tearing up. It still brought a smile on his face.

Kustard - Injury

“What are you doing?” Sans held onto Red’s sleeve like it was a lifeline. It was, as far as he could tell, all that was keeping Red from running off to get himself killed.

Red was gasping, his arm wrapped around his ribs. A dark red line of marrow ran down his face, and Sans wasn't sure if the bit by his mouth was from that or a separate injury. He was in no shape to keep fighting, and he didn’t even have to. The monsters who had jumped them had fled in the face of his vicious onslaught. There was still fiery rage in Red’s sockets, and he pulled against Sans’s grip, though he was too preoccupied to actually break free.

“Red, please,” Sans was starting to get scared. It was very possible Red could die if Sans couldn’t get him to stand down and get treatment. He walked his hands up Red’s jacket until he could switch to wrapping Red in his arms. “Please stay with me.”

Kustard - Possessive

“Where do you think you’re going?” The voice was groggy, but there was an undercurrent of sharpness that made Red freeze in his tracks. He had his jacked half on, one foot slid into his shoe. There was no denying that he had been leaving.

“Just… for a walk,” he offered, not turning around. He could feel his brow bones pulling down into a worried expression. Until he could get them under control it wasn’t safe to show his face. Sans was much sharper than he let on, Red had come to find out.

“We hate walking,” Sans pointed out, and Red heard the mattress creak. Steeling himself, he at least tried to stop the rattling of his bones. A sudden weight across his back made him gasp. Arms circled his neck, tightening just a little to tight. “You were going to leave.”

“N-no…” Red swallowed. He let Sans’s body push his from half kneeling to sitting on the dirty floor. “Not for long. I gotta let my bro know where I am, then I’ll be right back.”

“Your brother…” Sans sighed softly. Red winced. That was the wrong thing to say. “Why… why him and only him?” Sans’s body shook, rocking Red’s with it. “Why won’t they reset already?”

Red turned and wrapped Sans in a hug, his foot slipping free of the shoe. He sat down crosslegged and let Sans huddle into his lap. Tears gathered along his own sockets as he held the sobbing mess of bones.

“You can’t go,” Sans gasped, clutching at Red. “I can’t let you go.”

“I… won’t…” Red promised, banishing thoughts of Papyrus and home from his mind.

Honeymustard - Noncon/Rape, Shibari, Suspension

“You sick fuck!” Red’s insults were getting weaker. Papyrus stood and walked over to the bound monster. Red didn't look as tough as he talked, fear gnawing at his tough exterior. His struggles resumed, fruitlessly He had tired himself out already trying to work the rope free from his left arm. It looked a little loose, he supposed. Papyrus wondered what he had intended to do if it worked. It's not like a lose arm would get him far.

Red’s body was bound by a complicated series of ropes which also kept him suspended above the ground. His arms were behind his back, bound together with a cord that wound through his radii and ulnae in a ladder pattern. His legs had been even more fun.

The hooks that held his legs up were separated, pulling his legs apart as far as they would go. They were bent up so they curled above his hips, creating a space Papyrus hadn't been able to resist. More, thinner, cord ran between his legs and his sacrum, which laced with some of the same in a tight, geometric pattern. He had been a lot looser with the lines in the curve of his legs, making web-like art unique to each leg.

To keep the weight distributed Papyrus had included rope along Red’s ribs. Each rib had a cord that ran up to a ring where they gathered together before jutting towards the ceiling. He would have made a very charming chandelier if Papyrus had thought to get the supplies.

He would have to settle for Red being on very well restrained, and yet tasteful, display. Papyrus flushed with a tender pride as he took it all in, pulling out his phone to take pictures, pale imitations of the sight before him, but all that would persist in the end.

Chapter Text

“Just lay back,” Red prompted, slipping his hand behind Sans to help ease him down to the bed, unnecessarily. Sans smiled and let him, anyways. Red had been nothing but nervous since bringing up the idea. Sans had done his best to ease his worries, but at some point he just had to let Red indulge in fretting. Not that it was so bad being fretted about.

Once Sans was settled on his back and Red had double checked that they had everything they could ever need ‘just in case’, he settled himself on Sans’s femurs, sitting on his knees, small syringe clutched in his hand. He kept fiddling with it anxiously as he looked Sans over.

“You’re sure about this?” Red asked, again.

“Yes, I’m sure,” Sans repeated, with as much emphasis as he could manage.

Red nodded and reached forward, cupping his hand over Sans’s sternum. There was a slight tug, one that Sans readily gave into, and his soul floated happily into Red’s grasp. Red carefully scooped it up, lifting it and gazing down at it with a rare look of tenderness. Sans had to nudge the hand holding the needle to get Red to actually bring it up to the soul.

He gave Sans another questioning look, one that Sans quickly nodded agreement to. Taking a deep breath, Red pressed the point of the needle into the soul. Sans held back a wince at the tiny prick of pain, not wanting to worry Red. The plunger went down, and there was a brief pressure in Sans’s soul before the needle was withdrawn.

“How do you feel?” Red asked immediately.

“Fine,” Sans reassured him. There hadn’t even been time for the drug to take effect. Even in the soul, it would take a moment.

Sans only noticed the steady build up of heat in his bones because he was looking for it. It was so gradual that he could have mistaken it for a change in the temperature around him. The difference was, this heat started to centralize around his pelvis, drawing his magic out.

Red watched him carefully, the syringe capped and placed aside. Sans’s soul stayed in his hand to be occasionally rubbed anxiously. Which made the drug’s effects that much more pronounced. The second or third time he did it- Sans was starting to lose track of anything but the feel of Red against him- Sans moaned, loudly.

“How do you feel now?” Red asked, his voice a little husky.

“Good,” Sans moaned, arching up into Red. Red rode it with a gasp, his worry transitioning to heated lust. Sans wanted- needed- him to give in to that lust. Whining, he bucked again, unsure if he wanted the attention to his soul or his pelvis more. Red, thankfully, obliged him with both. He moved up Sans’s body, his hips grinding against Sans’s subtly, while rubbing the soul more consistently.

“A-ah! AH!” Sans choked from trying to gasp and yell at the same time, pleasure bursting through him. He resolved the problem by just groaning. His magic didn’t even form into anything, staying a formless mass around his pelvis for greater contact with Red.

“Damn…” Red hummed, bringing the soul to his mouth and licking across it.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” Sans stiffened with what felt like an orgasm. His magic throbbed with the feeling of release, despite there being nothing to actually form that release. When he relaxed back to the bed he was panting.

And nowhere near sated.

Chapter Text

“I have trained you as much as I was able. You are as ready as you will ever be. Are you ready to do your duty for queen and monsterkind?”

“Yes, ma'am,” Sans replied, relieved. Normally he enjoyed Alphys’s monologues about training and duty. They were inspiring. Today, however, he had been forced to endure it while laying on her bed, legs spread and magic waiting, on unseemly display. He was ready to do what was needed, but he did wish she would get on with it.

Alphys climbed up onto the bed and straddled his pelvis, hers sitting across it. Her knee made the bed next to his skull dip and he slid slightly so he was resting against it. Her cloaca pressed up against the tunnel of magic he had created, the opening in his pelvic inlet. There was already something firm pressing against him. He felt the magic start to spread as it descended.

All the preparation in the world couldn’t make him ready for the girth of the eggs. Captain Alphys really was amazing. She pushed the first one out without a single noise. It went straight into Sans, who had to bite down several expletives to follow her example. Once it had stretched him out to the edges of his inlet, the egg stopped, one round edge still sticking out of him. Was it stuck? He looked down, trying to determine the problem.

Suddenly it started moving again, making Sans flinch as more of him was stretched open for it. A second egg was coming, pushing the first one along. He whined a little as the first egg made its final push into the magical sack he had made for them. It was followed by a sigh of relief as his magic relaxed slightly. He didn’t get long to enjoy it. The next egg was coming and it shoved into him before coming to a stop as well.

Now that Sans knew the drill he didn’t worry. He did his best to relax and wait for the process to continue. The painful ache of his magic was just further proof that he was dedicated. He could be a guard, no problem. Except that the egg didn’t start moving again.

“This one’s bein’ difficult,” Alphy grunted, readjusting herself. Sans watched the powerful muscles of her midsection ripple as she worked to get the egg out of her body and into his.

The wait was long and Sans found himself growing more and more desperate to have the egg moved. He wiggled, trying to get it to slide down. He hadn’t thought to give his magic a way to pull the eggs into the sack. He was panting with the effort of not crying out by the time the egg finally came.

As the egg suddenly moved Sans, who had been distracted, yelped. He bit down on the sound as fast as he could, but he heard Alphys huff out a laugh. Determined not to make another noise, Sans ground his teeth.

The second egg made its journey to join the first, but now the third had taken its place. His magic complained as it was held out of shape. What was worse was that Alphys moved to get off of him. She backed up and climbed off the bed.

“C-Captain?” Sans asked, still splayed out with an egg sticking out of him. She laughed at him, only a hint of breathlessness in her voice.

“Just a second,” she waved a hand at him and grabbed his leg. Her other hand went between them, putting pressure on the egg. It started to move again, finally taking its place with the others. His magic, to his horror, gratefully closed back up around Alphys’s hand. If she cared she didn’t show it, withdrawing her hand and patting the swollen sack of magic.

“There we go. Take good care of them.” She stretched and walked over to pick up her shirt. Sans finally eased his legs down to laying. “You’re doing the Underground a great service,” she added. Sans swelled with pride. He was, and soon he would be recognized as the hero he was.

Chapter Text

It wasn’t like him to let his guard down. Papyrus had whispered to him the whole time that he was making a mistake, but Sans hadn’t listened. The other him, who he had privately nicknamed Blue, had been so nice, so welcoming, so much like Papyrus had been… once. It had been too tempting to take advantage of that kindness and enjoy a little taste of his former life. He had meant to ‘take care’ of this other Sans, he really had.

“What are you doing?” Sans knocked over his chair backing away from Blue, who had just tried to climb onto his lap. Blue had caught himself on the table when he suddenly found himself himself without Sans to support him.

“Getting closer,” Blue replied, looking crestfallen. “I thought we were getting along so well.”

“W-we were,” Sans hated seeing him look down. It reminded him too much of the disappointment in Papyrus’s sockets, though the current Papyrus was just yelling at him to kill Blue. “But sitting in my lap is a little…”

“Oh, I’ve been told that I’m a little too,” Blue stalked forward, his tilted skull showing a hint of a confident smile completely at odds with his behavior, “touchy.” He pressed his entire body against Sans’s, their similar size making it so that he could feel Blue’s pelvis rubbing against his as he humped Sans a few times. Sans froze, confused by the behavior, so Blue had a chance to reach down his shorts and rub along his pubic symphysis.

Yelping at the sudden undesired contact, Sans lashed out, throwing a barrage of bones forward while he skipped backwards. Blue dodged a few, a large femur appearing in his hand to knock the others that would have hit away from him.

“Well that’s just rude,” Blue admonished, pointing at Sans with the large, knobby end of the bone. At the same time, Papyrus urged Sans to finish him off. Sans was more than happy to do so, and summoned up more attacks. Blue actually looked surprised, but a soul beat later Sans fell to the ground, slamming his tailbone into the tile.

With surprising speed Blue placed thin bones between Sans’s radii and ulnae that tapered up, trapping his arms on the floor. His lower body was free, but only long enough for Blue to strip his shorts off of him. Then his legs were held, one by one, while bones pinned them in place.

“Much better,” Blue chirped, sounding chillingly cheerful. “Now we can have some fun together.” He slipped his own shorts off, making Sans struggled harder. One arm stung as he cut himself on the bone holding it in place. Blue had used his magic to create blue flesh around his pelvis, at least the bottom of it. Right below where his pelvic inlet should be was a mound of swollen folds of the flesh, glistening like they were wet.

“Let me go, you freak!” Sans yelled. Papyrus was hissing at him that he was an idiot. He should have killed him when he had the chance. Sans didn’t disagree, but it wasn’t exactly useful. Blue ignored him, walking over so that he was standing above Sans’s skull. Sans stared up at the magic with a sense of dread. What was he doing?

Blue lowered himself down onto his knees, bringing the magic closer. It was wet, it turned out, and musky. Sans turned away, trying to block out the sight and smell of it. Hands gripped his skull, forcing it back forward before Blue continued his decent. The magic smeared him with what felt like slime, sending shivers down his spine. It was soft, too, squishing against his face uncomfortably. It also left him unable to speak, but he tried anyways, forcing his mouth open to yell some more.

This resulted in the slime getting into Sans’s mouth. The musky smell was nothing compared to the taste of it. Sans yelled, lacking other options.

“Ah!” Blue moaned, sounding delighted. His pelvis rocked back and forth, rubbing the magic against Sans. “Vibrate-y.” More of the liquid gushed into Sans’s mouth. He tried to shake his skull, close his mouth, anything to make it stop, but he had miscalculated. The folds of magical flesh pressed in between his teeth, making it impossible to close. He couldn’t even get the leverage to bite down on the magic.

“Oh, use your tongue!” Blue demanded, the rocking taking on a steady rhythm that moved Sans’s skull with it. Everything in Sans was resistant to the idea, but he didn’t have many options. He already just wanted it to be over. He wondered what Papyrus thought, but for once he was silent, leaving Sans on his own.

He formed his tongue, pressing it hesitantly against the magic above him, and heard Blue moan loudly.

Chapter Text

“Uuhh,” Papyrus came to with a splitting headache. He must have way over did it at Muffet’s last night. Hangovers weren’t really a thing for him anymore. Oh fuck, Sans was going to be livid. He rolled over- he tried to roll over, but he had no use of his arms. They were tucked against his sides, several lines of rope pressing into his bones to pin them there.

“What the fuck?” he muttered groggily, while he stared at the ceiling of wherever he was at. His vision was bleary as hell, so it just looked like a brown blur. It eventually resolved into a wooden ceiling with a few black, Gothic chandeliers. They looked kind of familiar, but he needed a few more moments to make the connection.

“M- Muffet?” he called out hesitantly. There was no immediate reply, but after a second of silence the sharp clack of her heals told him she was walking over to him. She came into view wearing a strangely form fitting, short black dress, rather than the ruffles she was so fond of. It buttoned down the front, ending it a rather large slit. From this angle, if there had been enough light, he was pretty sure he could have seen up it. She knelt down and he noticed a little hat perched on her head with a small red cross on it.

“Ooh, sexy nurse,” he slurred, trying to sound lascivious. Her position hiked the skirt up so that he could see her lace panties, also black of course.

“Why thank you,” she giggled, two of her hands resting on his ribs. Papyrus looked down at the realization that he could feel her touch directly on his ribs. He wasn’t wearing his shirt, or his hoodie. That was odd.

“What’s going on?” he asked, watching her fingers dance along his ribs with a kind of fuzzy fascination. Another hand stroked along his skull while prepared something on her knee.

“Oh, don’t you worry,” she said sweetly. “I just decided that it’s time for you to settle up your tab.”

Papyrus made an interested noise and looked over Muffet’s outfit. If this is what paying up looked like, he should have done it sooner. Muffet smiled at him and brought a syringe with some kind of slightly purple liquid in it into view. That was just a prop, right? One of the hands on his ribs left off petting and went into his rib cage. He froze, suddenly very aware of the risk his position posed. He felt her soft fingers brush against his soul and then she was pulling it out.

“Don’t,” he yelped, struggling against the rope. She laughed, lifting the other hand from his ribs to waggle her finger at him.

“Now, now,” she brandished the needle at his soul. “There will only be a little prick,” she emphasized the word, “and then it will all be over.”

“What the fuck is that stuff?” Papyrus found the prospect of a mystery drug far more pressing than the needle itself.

“Oh this?” She held the syringe out to him. “This is for stamina. I know yours is a little…” she trailed off, giving him a sly look. Papyrus flushed, the barb stinging despite the situation.


“Look, there are other ways to draw it out,” he bargained with her anyways. The most important thing right now was making sure that she didn’t use that drug on him. Who knew what else it would do. “I can… satisfy you.”

Muffet threw her head back laughing. Her arms dropped a little lower as she lost focus on everything but laughter and petting his skull. Which was starting to feel a little condescending.

“Oh dear, you have completely misunderstood the situation,” She said, breathless from laughing. A few more giggles slipped out of her as she brought the soul and syringe up again and jabbed the needle into his soul. Papyrus winced, but it really was just a little prick. He watched with horror as she pressed the plunger down, sending the drug into his soul. Papyrus whimpered, but relaxed since there wasn’t anything he could do now that she had done it.

Except she wasn’t done. The needle was replaced with another one, this one faintly blue. Muffet wasted no time injecting that one as well.

“This will keep you from moving around too much,” she offered him the explanation, even though he hadn’t gotten up the guts to ask. The syringe emptied into him and he felt his bones relax even more. He felt lifeless and limp, and when he tried to struggle again nothing happened. His eyelights roamed over his own body looking for another explication, but it was definitely the drug. They snapped back to Muffet, who was holding yet another needle. Papyrus whined and wished he could shake his head.

“Lastly, a little dose of obedience,” she sang, injecting him with a green drug. A soft warmth fell over Papyrus and he lost his frustration with Muffet. If this is what she needed from him, he was happy to give it. That felt kind of wrong.

“All ready,” Muffet purred, stroking Papyrus’s skull as she put the soul back. The words brought unexpected happiness to Papyrus and he tried to smile at her, but his jaw wouldn’t move. He would just have to tell her how happy he was once he could move again.

Muffet stood back up and stepped over Papyrus. He could hear her walking away from him, then a door opening. A cacophony of voices entered the cafe, Muffet’s voice ringing out above them to take turns and be careful not to damage the merchandise.

Chapter Text

Edge’s hand was still out, hovering the spot where Stretch’s spine used to be. It had only been a pat on the back. He hadn’t even thought about it. He didn’t have the same learned caution with him that he had with Red.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck,” he groaned, looking down at the dust pile, Stetch’s clothes intermixed with it. What was he going to do? They had finally had a long talk and settled their differences. Stretch had finally agreed to give Blue and Edge his blessing. They were kind of getting along. So Edge had pat him on the back.

“Fuck,” he said one more time, his shoulders drooping. Not only had he just killed a monster- and a double of himself- Blue was going to freak out. He had to stop and revise his estimation, reminding himself that he wasn’t in his home world.

Blue was going to be heartbroken.

Edge slid down to his knees and then sat in the snow. He needed to fix this. There was no way to fix this. He couldn’t just piece Stretch back together. He was dead. For good. And Edge had killed him.

The wind picked up, and the top layer of the dust pile fluttered into the air, blowing away across Snowdin forest.

“Fuck!” he dove forward, covering the dust from the wind with his body. He needed to collect it before more was lost. The only problem was he didn’t actually have anything to put it in. He pulled Stretch’s hoodie out of the pile, handling it with the tips of his fingers. No matter how he looked at it, it was too small and awkwardly shaped to tie into a bundle around the dust. His shorts were even worse.

What Edge really needed was something thin, but tightly woven enough to contain the dust, with straight sides and plenty of surface area. He had something like that, but… His hand froze halfway up to his neck to retrieve his scarf. It would never feel clean to him again; he already knew it. No matter how many times he washed it, it would carry the memory of what he had done with it.

With a snarl at his own weakness, Edge snatched the scarf, pulling it off in one go. The fabric burned as it scraped along his bones. What did his fucking scarf matter?

He laid it out on the snow and began to scoop dust into the middle of it. There was less than he would have expected, the snow underneath was gray and melting. He couldn’t bring himself to leave any part of Stretch he could recover, so he put that in there too. It made the whole mass wet, but he hoped the water would run out.

Lastly, he put Stretch’s clothes on top of the pile, weighing down the dust. Satisfied that he had gotten all he could, he tied up the corners of his scarf to keep it all together. There was already a large, wet, gray stain on the bottom of the bundle. Reminding himself that it was just a piece of cloth, it didn’t mean anything- nothing at all- he stood, holding it to his chest.

“Fuck,” he sighed, and began the long walk back to Blue and St- Blue’s house.

Chapter Text

Red rubbed his hands together, grinning with excitement, before knocking on the door. Black almost immediately opened it; he must have been waiting by the door to be that fast. Red was pretty eager himself. Stepping inside, he looked his alternate version over.

Black was wearing his usual gear, tight, probably leather hot pants showed off the tops of his crests, while the black tights he wore left nothing up to the imagination. His shirt barely covered his ribs, the floating ribs showing when Black lifted his arms. Then there was, of course, his purple bandanna and a- unhealthy honestly- smattering of chains and spikes all over the outfit. None of them really made sense, unlike his brother’s battle body. Clearly, Black’s was just for show. Red glanced down at his feet. Oh yeah, he was even wearing the heeled boots. This was going to be a crazy night.

“About time,” Black snarked, but he was grinning. Red grinned back and stepped close to Black.

“Am I in trouble?” he asked, his voice full of suggestion.

“Always,” Black snorted, but leaned in to kiss Red anyways. Red accepted, opening his mouth and letting Black have his way with it. The kiss was more teasing, however, Black only licking at him a few times before withdrawing.

“We should take this to the bedroom,” he whispered, with a sultry tone. “I believe I promised you some hot, hot love.”

Red shivered, excitement running through his bones. Black had, indeed. They had been teasing each other for a while, their comments getting more and more tense, until, out of the blue, Black had propositioned Red with some ‘hot love’. It was just about the dorkiest way Black could have phrased it, but Red was not one to turn down a night of kinky sex.

He followed Black up the stairs and to his bedroom. It was covered in signs, just like Edge’s, but Red didn’t get a chance to read them. Black pulled him into the room and slammed the door, kissing him again as soon as it was shut.

Red kissed back this time, their tongues sparring as their bodies pressed up against each other. He would have never pegged Black for a kisser, but he didn’t mind. Drawing out the wait for the real fun to start was building up some anticipation.

While they kissed, Black started to tug at Red’s shorts, eventually pulling them over his crests so they fell to the ground. Red spent a moment wondering if he would get in trouble for doing the same to Black. He probably would. Smiling into the kiss, Red found Black’s belt buckle and went to work on it. Black didn’t interrupt him as Red pulled his shorts down, but the kiss did get more intense. His punishments were just adding up, it seemed. That wonderful burst of fear tightened his soul. His magic formed around his pelvis, cock mostly hard.

Black’s magic was also present, and, to Red’s surprise, he had formed a pussy. Red’s mind ran away from him: Black riding him while he was tied up, teasing him with the soft folds while he pleasured himself, sitting on his face and soaking him in juices. Red had formed an opening, but Black probably had something they could stick up there. Tonight was going to be so good.

There was a little more urgency in Red’s movements as he worked Black’s bandanna and shirt off of him. He’d had to pause while Black stripped his shirt off, as well. As soon as they were both naked, Black pressed their bare ribs together and kissed Red deeply. It felt like the climax of their frantic make-out session. Any moment now Black would start to dominate him.

Sure enough, Black started to back him towards the bed, pushing him gently when his legs hit the edge of it. Red fell back to sit on it with a grunt. He had wanted a little more force, but there was time yet. Grinning, he looked at the bed to see what kind of restraints he was in for.

There was nothing there.

Red looked up at Black, who was smiling back at him. As he watched, Black climbed onto the bed next to him and laid back, his skull on the pillow and his legs spread. Confusion made Red droop. Was he just supposed to go for it? No whips? No chains? No sweet, sweet domination? Black just wanted to fuck in the most vanilla position ever?

“Red?” Black asked, spreading his legs a little more. Red sighed and grabbed his dick, starting to stroke it back up. Black hadn’t actually promised him anything more.

“Comin’, vanilla bean,” Red muttered, crawling between Black’s legs. He rubbed the tip against Black’s magic to hide the last few strokes he needed to become fully erect.

“What was that?” Black asked.


Chapter Text

His first reaction was to wonder why Edge looked so strange. Blue considered his face, trying to place what was wrong with it. It took longer than it should have, but it clicked that Edge looked sad. Blue hadn’t ever seen him anything but angry or happy. Sadness just looked out of place on his skull.

One mystery unraveled, Blue looked down to what Edge was carrying. It was a red and gray bundle, the bottom dripping slightly. Edge hadn’t been wearing his scarf, so that must be- wait, why was it gray? Blue leaned, looking behind Edge, even though his thoughts hadn’t quite gotten there yet. Some instinct in him made him check.

Hadn’t Edge gone walking with Papy?

“Blue…” Edge said sadly, his voice breaking on just that one word. Blue took a step back, almost shutting the door in Edge’s face. He didn’t want to know.

“I’m so sorry.”

Blue looked at the bundle, closely now. A little bit of orange fabric was peeking out from between the knotted corners. It was muted, covered in dust. Papy’s dust.

“It’s not,” Blue said aloud, trying to convince himself. This was some horrid prank that they pulled in Edge’s timeline. The monsters there were cruel enough to find this funny. It wasn’t real.

Edge held the bundle out to him, his skull bowed. Blue backed away from it, afraid to touch it, whatever it was.

“It is,” Edge muttered, and it sounded like he might be crying. “I- I can explain,” he lifted his skull and looked at Blue with wet sockets. Blue was frozen in place, staring at his brother.

“No, no you can’t,” Blue replied absently as he took the bundle of dust from Edge. It squished in his hands, water dribbling out the sides. Edge looked like maybe he had been struck, but Blue didn’t really care. He had thought he loved Edge. He had thought Edge loved him. But in the end, Edge was just a violent, petty monster. He didn’t belong in Blue’s world.

“Leave,” he rasped, ignoring Edge to stare at the bundle of dust.

“Blue-” Edge was pleading now.

“Leave!” Blue yelled before turning to walk into the house and find something better to put Papy in. He heard the door shut behind him, and he was left all alone.
“Blue,” Edge breathed his name. He looked shocked, which Blue supposed made sense. Blue had made no effort to reach out to Edge over the past few months. Edge hadn’t shown his face in Blue’s world, either, sending Red with some sympathy lasagna instead. Blue had thrown it away before collapsing near the trashcan and crying.

He could have used Edge’s steady presence as he dealt with the funeral, but, even now, the sight of Edge made his soul ache painfully. Blue had never heard him out to find out what had happened. In place of Edge’s explanation, his mind had provided dozens of scenarios. The simplest one had prevailed, that they had gone to work things out and things hadn’t worked out. Dusting monsters was nothing to Edge, but Blue would have thought…

“Blue?” Edge asked, when the silence dragged on. They were just standing at his front door, Blue outside and him inside, while Blue tried to make himself say something. He needed to drag himself out of his swirling thoughts first. His mouth opened in preparation, but rather than words, a rattling sigh came out. Blue had to fight off tears, so he stopped trying.

Edge slowly moved downward, eventually falling to his knees in front of Blue. His hands reached up slightly, but Blue stepped back and they fell limp in front of Edge. His fingers brushed along the floor. Blue stared at them, unable to look at Edge’s face.

“I…” Blue croaked. He took a moment, steadying his soul. “I… I want to know why,” he whispered. Edge’s hands pressed into the floor as he hunched over even more.

“It was an accident,” Edge replied somberly. “We had just- he had just given me his approval,” Edge paused and took a deep breath. Blue stared at his hands with surprise now. They hadn’t fought? All of his imaginings began to crumble. “It was just a- a friendly pat on the back,” Edge continued, sounding more upset than Blue had ever heard him.

“An accident,” Blue repeated back to him, trying to absorb the reality that could leave him without family so easily. Something so small had taken everything from him. He’d lost Papy and Edge because of it.

“I’m sorry,” Edge’s voice wobbled. Blue knew he was. He had been since the day he had showed up at Blue’s door with…

Blue wasn’t ready, it turned out. He had tried, and it wasn’t time. No matter how sincere Edge’s apology, Blue just felt pain and anger. He hated feeling angry, especially at someone he had loved so much. It would be better to just leave.

Standing, Blue turned to walk back to the portal and go home.

“Blue?” There was so much pain in Edge’s voice, it made him stop dead in his tracks. Papy would have laughed at that. Blue bowed his skull and waited. “Can… can I come visit you, sometime?”

“I… I don’t know,” Blue answered honestly, before fleeing back to his house. Edge didn’t come after him.

When he got inside and had closed the door, Blue was forced to face his empty house. Alphys had found him a small table to put Papy’s hoodie and a bottle of honey on. The dust hadn’t stuck well to the honey, so it speckled the table around it. The hoodie hadn’t been cleaned, so it was throughly grey.

“Hi Papy,” Blue walked over and looked down at the items. “I heard you… you had worked things out with Edge. I- I’m proud of you… Can I still- It feels wrong, but I still want to be with him.” Blue began to tear up, the table blurring.

“I’m so lonely.”

Chapter Text

You’re not sure you’re going the right way anymore. The caves of Waterfall are a labyrinth of dim paths lit only by bio luminescent mushrooms. Even those have thinned out, and you’re only able to find the solid ground in this marsh by feeling for it with your feet. It’s a slow process, made more unbearable by the water soaking your socks and shoes.

At least there aren’t any of those flowers that talk.

When you do run into a mushroom, you touch it and it flares to life, lighting a small circle around it. You glance back, wondering if you should take this chance to start retracing your steps, but there’s clearly still a path forward. Going back has never been an option for you, anyways.

You start down the path again, but before you even leave the safety of its light, it goes out anyways. You’re left alone in the dark to carefully feel your way forward again.

Without anything but the dark, the ground, and your thoughts, time loses meaning. It could have been minutes, but it felt like years before anything else happened in that pitch black cave. You would have been fine with it taking centuries.

Something touched your foot.

It nudged your shoe, more specifically, but the result- you panicking and almost falling back into the swamp water- and the implication are the same either way. Something is in here with you. Something alive. If your experiences with the residents of the Underground have been any indication so far, something mean.

You freeze, hoping that it will go away, but there’s really no way to tell. It didn’t make any noise, and there’s been none since. Eventually, you muscles have been tense for so long that they start to ache. You decide that you need to keep going.

Standing still won’t help, anyways.

When you start walking again, you’re bracing yourself for there to be more of whatever, but the path is clear. Breathing a small sigh of relief, you continue on, watchful- or, whatever.

Your foot bumps into something and you jump, but you try to keep your cool. It could be a rock, or a stick. It didn’t have to be anything dangerous. Slowly kneeling, you reach out your hand to feel it. The obstacle feels plant-like, but fairly smooth. Maybe it’s a root. You find a bump and follow it up- ouch. You wince as it pricks your finger. A thorn.

You’ll have to be careful of those, so you step over it slowly and continue on. The path leads you to another mushroom, which you find by running into it, but it doesn’t seem to care. It lights up with that cool blue glow that you’re learning to appreciate. Glad that you’ll have at least a little light to hide your next steps, you turn to continue.

The floors and one wall that you can see are covered in vines. They all sport the wicked thorns that cut your finger. As you take it all in, a couple withdraw from the path you were about to take.

You aren’t sure why, because even in the dim light, the walls are seething with ropey silhouettes. They cross cross all over the place, in an almost web like pattern. Pools are trapped between the ones on the ground. The water is black and soupy. Bits of clothing, rotted in the muck, litter the area.

Following the vines, you trace them back to a corner of the room that you can barely see shadows in. You think there might be a door.


Chapter Text

“mmmm, Slim,” Red moaned, tilting his skull back to make room for Slim to attack his neck. Slim’s hot, wet tongue slid along the disks of his cervical vertebrae, pushing on the sensitive disks between them. Heat radiated from them, pouring down Red’s spine and settling into a pleasant tingle along his pelvis.

Slim chuckled, the slight movement of his rib cage bouncing Red where he was pressed up against it. He was straddling Slim’s lap, held tight to his boyfriend’s body by his long arms. Red could let himself relax in Slim’s hold and just enjoy the attention.

“Papyrus!” The door to Slim’s bedroom slammed open and Black walked in. Red froze, freaked out at being discovered making out by Slim’s brother. He really should get up, but Slim’s arms just tightened around him.

“Not now, Sans,” Slim replied, looking over Red’s shoulder at Black.

“Oooh, nookie time, hm?” Black put one hand on his hips and tilted them, giving Red and Slim a very uncomfortably intense look over.

“Sans…” Slim said with a hint of warning in his voice. Black just looked amused at that.

“Get up, Papyrus. Leave Red on the bed,” Black said as he stalked over to them. Slim’s arms tightened a little more. He stared at Black, some silent battle of wits going on between them, with Red in the middle. Red stayed quiet, a little tense, but he knew that Slim wouldn’t-

Slim moved, standing slowly before turning and setting Red back down on the bed. Red looked up at him, shocked. Slim looked miserable, but he was still releasing his hold on Red and stepping away.

“Slim?” Red asked, reaching for him.

“Oh Red, didn’t he tell you?” Black asked, stepping between them and taking Red’s hand in his. “Slim and I have a very sharing relationship, as in he shares everything he has with me.”

“What?” Red asked, even though he took Black’s meaning. That didn’t make it any easier to believe that Black was leaning in to kiss him, licking at his teeth and putting one knee on the bed next to Red in a half straddle. He still couldn’t comprehend that Slim was standing back, clearly upset but not intervening at all.

“What are you doing, stop that,” Red leaned back, pushing at Black’s ribs. Black scoffed and pushed Red back onto the bed, climbing on top of him and sitting on his pelvis. His mouth met Red’s again, tongue probing and insistent. Red tried to turn his skull to get away from it, but Black grabbed it and held it still. When Red still wouldn’t open his mouth, Black pressed his thumbs against the joints of his jaw, forcing it apart.

Black’s tongue was barely different from Slim’s in texture and taste (no cigarettes or bbq), but it felt completely wrong. It was slimy and too hot, wriggling around his mouth. Red choked, his own tongue trying to force it out, but Black was too demanding. The kiss only ended when he broke it to smirk down at Red.

“Black, what the fuck!” Red yelled, twisting his body to throw Black off. Black just pinned Red’s shoulders, pressing on his scapulae painfully. “Slim! Slim, help!” Red cried, looking for some sign of his lover. Slim was just barely visible behind Black, unmoving.

“How cute, you think that this thing you two have means more to him than his own brother,” Black snickered at Red. He ground his pelvis down against Red’s reawakening the heat that had cooled when he interrupted them. Red panicked, struggling against Black’s weight even though his scapulae hurt as he pushed against Black’s hands.

“Let me go, asshole,” Red gasped, not as threateningly as he would have liked. He couldn’t even teleport away with Black touching him like that, and he didn’t seem inclined to stop. He had removed one hand from Red’s shoulders, but was stuffing it down Red’s shorts instead, clawing at his pelvis painfully.

“Slim please,” Red begged as Black rubbed his pelvis, drawing his magic out. Slim shifted slightly, coming more into view to the right of Black.

Red’s soul lept, taking the movement as a sign that Slim would step in and make Black stop. When his face came into focus, however, it was flushed orange. Slim’s sockets watched them hungrily, a matching orange glow just barely showing through the crotch of his pants.

“Slim…” Red said sadly, the fight going out of him. Black laughed, his eyelights taunting as Red’s pussy formed beneath his hand.

Chapter Text

Sans woke slowly. The right side of his skull throbbed with pain. It felt hot, and when he raised a hand to touch it, it was. The heat of healing. He gingerly felt along the bone until they met the soft mound of gauze over his socket. The edges were lumpy and rough, but he wouldn’t expect anything else from Red.

He slid his other eyelight to the side, looking next to the bed with his soul in his metaphorical throat. Red was there, arms crossed and looking grumpy. He caught Sans’s gaze and held it, walking over to him with stiff movements.

“Hi, Red,” Sans said, smiling up at him. Red thawed, very slightly, but Sans could see it. His jaw unclenched a bit and he was no longer clutching the arms of his jacket with his claws.

“How do you feel?” Red asked, sitting on the edge of the bed and running his thumb under the bandage, along Sans’s cheekbone. Sans shivered and turned his skull so Red had easier access.

“It hurts,” Sans was honest about the injury. His smile faltered, just slightly. “Why- what did I do wrong?”

Red’s face twisted, his worried frown turning into a furious scowl and his eyelights constricted into sharp, angry pinpoints. The hand on Sans’s face clutched the side of his skull tightly, adding pressure to already sore bone. Sans whined and grabbed onto the bed sheet.

“I saw you looking,” he growled, bringing his skull up close to Sans’s, then his face crumpled into sadness. “You can’t do that, my love. You can only look at me, or I’m going to have to take the other one.”

“I wasn’t!” Sans felt his whole socket grow wet with tears. “I would never look at anyone but you. You’re everything to me.”

Red leaned forward and kissed Sans below that socket, his teeth hard. Sans only barely flinched, and Red, thankfully didn’t notice. He wasn’t scared of Red, the love of his life. Since the moment they met he couldn’t feel anything but a warm, fluttery feeling in his ribs when he looked at his other half.

“You’re everything to me, too. That’s why I can’t share you, not even for a second,” Red whispered, crawling into the bed and laying next to Sans. His body was half on top of Sans, and his arms traveled around him to squeeze him in a tight embrace. Sans sighed and wiggled so they were pressed together from ribs to toes. Looking at Red was nice, but touching him was even better. A euphoric heat radiated out from every point of contact, dulling the pain and wiping away the fear.

“Never,” Sans whispered back. “I’m all yours, through and through.”

Red smiled at him, softening his harsh features. When he looked at Sans like that, the world melted away and there really was only Red. Sans wished he could make Red understand that he didn’t need to do anything other than exist for Sans to be completely and hopelessly devoted to him. He couldn’t even imagine feeling something for another monster. His soul was full to the brim with Red.

“I love you,” Red murmured, kissing Blue along the uninjured side of his skull. Each spot tingled with magic and promise. It was better now. They were better. Red wouldn’t get jealous and hurt Sans. A different kind of heat began to wander Sans’s bones.

“I love you,” Sans responded, welcoming the chance to forget and believe once again that anyone could change.

Chapter Text

“Oh shit,” Red’s ears tilted and turned, trying to catch even the slightest bit of sound. The wind had shifted, briefly giving him a whiff of cougar. If he couldn’t figure out where it was, he was screwed. Even if he could, he was probably screwed.

There! A pebble falling.

Red dropped to all fours and took off in the opposite direction. Grass rustled behind him, alerting him to the fact that he was being followed.

“Shit, shit, shit,” he muttered, putting everything he had into dashing forward faster. He wasn’t the best runner, much preferring to find somewhere cool to nap every chance he got. Boss always yelled at him about staying in shape. Well, if Red survived this, he could have a big, fat I-told-you-so.

Eventually, Red had to stop because his body just couldn’t go any further. He found a little divot in the ground and dove into it, pinning his ears back and hoping that he blended in well enough. It was all he could do.

The cougar stalked into view. Fucker wasn’t even winded. It was a skeleton cougar with near white ears and tail. There was just a hint of blue in the fur. The eyelights in his sockets were also blue, big and bright to catch all the light and motion they could.

As Red waited to see if he had escaped, the cougar walked slowly through the area, sniffing the ground. Every time he looked like he might turn and leave, he came back. He clearly had Red’s scent. This was bad. Very fucking bad.

The cougar walked even closer. Red’s soul pounded as he sniffed his way right up to his hiding spot. Should he run? He wasn’t sure he had it in him to go far, but he was about to be discovered anyways. He had to try. Desperate, he dashed out past the cougar.

With flick of his tail and and annoyingly effortless turn, the cougar pounced. His front paws landed heavily on Red’s back, pushing him into the dirt. Panicked, Red scrabbled at the dirt, trying to get free, but there was no chance of that.

“There was a bunny!” The cougar purred. He leaned down and licked Red’s skull, wetting his ears. “Yummy!”

“No!” Red yelped, struggling harder. The cougar laughed and licked Red again. He clearly had no interest in letting him go. He leaned down and closed his mouth around Red’s neck but not biting down on it. Instead, he lifted Red up so he was dangling from his mouth.

“W-what are you doing?” Red asked. The cougar, of course, couldn’t reply. There was a slight growl and then Red was flying through the air. He tumbled as he started to fall again, his skull dropping first. This time, the cougar caught him in his mouth, his sharp fangs grazing Red’s ribs. Red tried to scream, but his skull was entirely inside the cougar. He kicked his legs, but the angle was all wrong. He couldn’t reach the cougar’s face.

The mouth opened and Red was jostled as the cougar jerked his skull. Red slipped deeper into the mouth. Now only his feet were sticking out. He wiggled them, more from the blind panic than any hope that he could win his freedom. Boss would have to keep that I-told-you-so. Red thought he teared up, but it was hard to tell with the cougar’s saliva everywhere. It was even getting into his sockets.

With one last sharp shake of his skull, the cougar got him the rest of the way in. Red felt himself start to slide down his throat, helped along by sharp constrictions of the magic.

Well fuck.

Chapter Text

“Grill…!” Gaster called from the kitchen, sounding worried. Grillby had barely walked in the door, but he tossed his bag and coat to the side and rushed deeper into the house. A dozen horrible scenarios ran through his head as he made for the kitchen.

It was worse than he thought. There was blood- marrow- everywhere. Gaster stood in the middle, looking upset and holding a small bundle. Grillby ran over to him, slipping a little in the… he couldn’t even think about it.

“Oh stars, what happened?” He asked, looking into Gaster’s arms with dread.

Sans lay there, absolutely covered in red. He staring up at Grillby, his eyelights were faded, but he giggled happily, arms reaching up. Grillby took one of the little hands. Stars, he was so small still. He had only just started walking.

“Gaster?” Grillby looked up at his partner. Gaster just frowned at Sans. He didn’t look sad at all, just mildly disgruntled.

“I only reviewed half of the trials in the new study. Twenty minutes, tops,” he commented, his frown deepening. “I thought he would just drink it and fall asleep.”

“Drink what?” Grillby looked around for some evidence of what Gaster, who was frequently distracted by his ‘brilliant’ thoughts, had given the child. He almost missed it, since it blended in with the mess all over the floor.

“Gaster… is that a ketchup bottle?”

“Why yes, of course,” Gaster replied. He looked at Grillby for the first time since he had walked in. “What did you…?”

“Oh thank goodness!” Grillby sagged against the counter and rubbed his hands over his face, shoving his glasses out of the way as he did so. He laughed shakily, relief coursing through him. When he took them away to look at his lover and child again, Gaster looked abashed.

“I did not mean to scare you,” he said unhappily and gave Sans a little bounce. Another happy giggle resulted. “I will clean up the mess.” Grillby knew it was his awkward way of apologizing. Doctor Gaster wasn’t used to making mistakes, something that fatherhood had brought many of. Smiling to himself, Grillby rolled up his shirt sleeves.

“We will clean up the mess, but let’s get this little guy into a bath, first.”

Sans was about ready to fall asleep after gorging himself on his favorite snack, just as Gaster had predicted. His skull kept tilting to the side as he tried to doze off during his bath, but they worked together to get him ketchup free, into his pajamas, and tucked into bed.

“Have you eaten?” Grillby asked as they threw the last of the towels into the wash. They’d cleaned the kitchen in silence, Gaster still obviously upset. At the question, he just shook his skull without looking at Grillby. He would get used to things going wrong. Sans would see to that.

Grillby let him sulk as he put together a quick dinner from some leftovers. Once the food was heated up and plated, he had to urge Gaster to eat. There was a stack of papers on the table, likely the trial reports, but the ever industrious scientist didn’t even look at them. He did, however, do the dishes. Grillby waited for him before they headed off to bed, with one last peek at the sleeping Sans.

“You can’t beat yourself up over every little thing,” Grillby gave in and commented on the long sullen silence as he slipped into bed next to his lover. Gaster didn’t reply at first, giving the impression that the sullenness would continue.

“Your face…” Gaster finally replied. “You were terrified.”

“Well,” Grillby looked away, “I thought something had happened to Sans. But nothing had, nothing bad anyways.” He reached out and touched Gaster’s arm. Slowly, Gaster leaned towards him, his skull landing on Grillby’s shoulder and his arms wrapping around his chest.

“I shouldn’t have let you feel like that, for even a second. I’m no good at this.”

“Who is?” Grillby asked, hugging Gaster back. He let his flames warm a little, heating up the bed against the cold Snowdin night. “We’re just going to have to do our best.” Gaster didn’t reply this time, but Grillby knew what he was thinking. He expected more of himself. Which was why he was going to be a keep being great dad, even if there were a few missteps along the way.

Chapter Text

“Sans, this isn’t right,” Papyrus stage whispered, which really defeated the point of whispering.

“There’s no one here,” Sans waved his arm at the dark, quiet, and most importantly, empty water park.

“Because they aren’t open,” Papyrus pointed out, but he trailed after Sans as he picked his way through abandoned inter tubes towards what looked to be a control panel.

“But we can’t go when they’re open because,” he took on a mocking tone, “We can’t have monsters showing up and scaring people. It could cause a panic.”

“Public safety is important,” Papyrus didn’t relent, but he didn’t leave, either. Sans considered the panel, which had several less than helpful masking tape labels next to some of the buttons. He pressed a few and eventually he heard a water pump rumble to life.

“And they’re all safely at home in bed,” Sans pointed out. “Didn’t you want to try a water slide? Now’s your chance.”

Papyrus looked up at the spiraling tube of plastic longingly. Sans had been furious when they had been denied entry to the park. Papyrus had put a brave face on, but he was clearly disappointed at not getting to experience the joys of the water park.

“Just for a little bit,” Sans prompted. He saw the moment Papyrus’s resolve broke, and ran up the stairs to the top of the slide.

“Paps! You’re supposed to… take a… tube…” Sans called out, but his brother was already too far away to hear him. All he could see was a tiny bobbing skull at the top, and then that disappeared.

“Wheee! Ow! Oof! This is! Kind of! Unpleasant!” Came out of the bottom of the slide, followed by a frowning Papyrus. He slid into the pool at the end and swam slowly over to Sans.

“That wasn’t what I expected at all.”

“You’re supposed to ride one of these,” Sans held up the inter-tube. “Protects your tail bone.”

Papyrus got all shiny and excited again and rushed out of the pool, grabbing the donut on the way up the stairs again. This time, he was laughing and shouting happily the whole way down. When he came out, he splashed into the water with a laughing yelp.

“Oh Sans! It’s so much fun. You have to try it!” He flailed his way back onto land.

“I’m good,” Sans waved him off. Papyrus only needed a little prompting to race back up and go down the slide again. And again. And again.

Eventually, he didn’t get out of the pool, but swam over to the edge and looked up at Sans.

“At least come sit in the water some,” he asked, and Sans couldn’t deny him that. Papyrus reached for him immediately and gave him a big kiss.

“This is amazing. Thank you, Sans,” Papyrus grinned at him, and Sans couldn’t help but grin back. They floated around for a while, but Sans was about as much a swimmer as he was a runner, so he settled down on the end of the water slide. It was actually pretty nice, feeling the water stream around him while Papyrus applied his usual enthusiasm to the water. He was now determined that he would get Undyne to teach him to swim faster, even though the lack of webbing, and even flesh, was the culprit.

“Come on, you lazy bones,” Papyrus tugged at Sans’s arm, but Sans was quite comfortable. He tugged back, and Papyrus, who was simply floating right then, floated closer. Sans kept going until Papyrus floated right up to him, bumping his knees.

Papyrus blushed and glanced over his shoulder, but the park was still all theirs. He kissed Sans, bending over him and pushing Sans back to laying on the slide. Sans went, spreading his legs so Papyrus could get even closer. Papyrus obliged and their pelvises bumped.

Now this was a water activity Sans could get into.

Chapter Text

Papyrus was wide awake. He glanced over at his clock, which read ‘3:43’. He had another 45 minutes before he needed to get up and start the day. He looked around, but he wasn’t sure what had woken him.

“Ah!” Sans cried out. Papyrus sat up. That must have been it. Sans was having more nightmares.

“Ooooh…” Papyrus paused as he reached the door. That didn’t sound like his normal nightmare. There was a steady thumping noise suddenly, and another voice. It was too soft for Papyrus to make out who it was, or what they were saying.

“Ah!” Sans cried sharply again. “Fuck!”

He was being attacked. Papyrus rushed out of his room and into Sans’s. The moment he got the door open he summoned a swarm of bullets and aimed them towards the noise.

“Grillby?” He stopped, flabbergasted at the sight of the flame monster bent over his brother. Grillby had been kind to them when they first moved to town. He had been as close to a friend as one could have in the suspicious town.

“How dare you!” Papyrus roared, the betrayal of Grillby, of all monsters, attacking Sans that much harsher. Grillby looked up at him, his flames crackling wildly. He backed away from Sans, his hands held up as if to calm Papyrus. There was no calming him down, not after this.

“Paps! Paps, stop,” Sans scrambled off the mattress and pulled his shorts up. His face was bright red from the effort of protecting himself.

“Sans, get out of the way,” Papyrus growled and loosed a few bones at the part of Grillby not blocked by Sans. They caught fire and burned to ash before they reached him.

“Papyrus,” Grillby started to speak but he was interrupted by Papyrus brining bones up from underneath him. He grunted as his HP dropped. As soon as the attack was over, he got to his feet and fastened his pants.

“Stop that!” He yelled. “What is wrong with you?”

“What’s wrong with you!?” Papyrus yelled back. “Attacking Sans out of the blue.”

Grillby was taken aback by that. He looked over at Sans, who grabbed Papyrus’s arm.

“Bro, it’s not like that. Stand down.” He was even redder than before. “I can explain…” Sans continued, but he looked like he was going to be sick. Papyrus didn’t stand down, but he did transfer part of his attention to Sans. He was still keeping an eyelight on Grillby, however.

“Grillby wasn’t attacking me,” Sans said slowly. “He was… we were… um…” He let go of Papyrus and started to fidget. “The thing is, when a monster and another monster… want to bone…”

“Really, Sans?” Grillby snapped. “Puns now?”

“I don’t know how to do this!” Sans snarled back. Grillby threw up his arms.

“Do what?” Papyrus asked suspiciously. They were acting very strange.

“We were having sex,” Grillby said flatly.

“Grills!” Sans whined.

“You were going to have to tell him eventually,” Grillby sniffed, his flames emphasizing it with a sharp crack.

Papyrus looked between them. That had been… sex? He started to blush, realizing that he had just walked in on his brother having sex. Wordlessly, he turned and walked back out of the room.

“Paps?” Sans called, following him. Papyrus didn’t reply. He couldn’t reply. Now that he knew, he was never going to be able to wipe tonight from his memory.

Chapter Text

Alphyne - Angst, character death

“…the villain smashes in. My soul was going to explode! There was no way the heroes could win!” Alphys waved her arms, punctuating her excitement. Undyne fought off a smile at her cute girlfriend. This was a serious story.

“So do they!?” Undyne asked, leaning close so she wouldn’t lose a word to the waterfalls’ hiss.

“The heroes always survive…” Alphys’s voice squeaked with excitement as it faded away. Only waterfalls talked to Undyne, now. The flower’s sweet scent tickled her nose.

“Then why didn’t you?” She asked, dropping the flower to be swept away by the water’s relentless progress.


Sanster - Noncon, spanking

“MM!” Sans wriggled, trying to find some weakness in the restraint, but Gaster was nothing if not precise. The knots held and the gag he wore, despite being just a lab towel, stayed firmly in place.

“When effort is warranted, you slack, but now that it’s pointless you find the energy,” Gaster commented disdainfully. Sans whimpered and sagged against the lab table. The various chemicals they’d been working with were all safely set on the counter surrounding the small private lab. His career was supposed to take off in this room. Instead…

The sharp snap of a latex glove hitting bone filled the room for a split second and Sans’s soul with dread. His shorts, always only barely holding onto his boney hips slipped down to expose his pelvis and then caught on his spread legs.

“I do hope you are at least competent at counting.” Gaster pat Sans’s pelvis, rubbing along his sacrum and coccyx. “If you lose track, we’ll have to start over. Fifty, remember.”

“MMM!” Sans yelled into the gag. How could he possibly count with that thing in place.

“Oh yes,” Gaster reached forward and loosened it.

“Hel-! AHgh!” Sans couldn’t even get one word out before the hard bone of Gaster’s hand fell on his ass with a sharp smack.

“One,” Gaster prompted.

“Fuck you. Help!” Sans called, desperate. Another smack landed on the sensitive bone, sending painful shock waves through his pelvis.

“One,” Gaster repeated, anger in his voice.

“N-no!” Sans wriggled again. “Help!”

“It’s sound proof, you idiot,” Gaster spanked him again, making the pain build. “One!”

“S-stop…” Sans wailed, tears forming in his sockets.

“I will, once we get to fifty. One,” he spanked Sans yet again, this time harder than the previous ones. Sans gasped and let his forehead rest on the counter top. Tears dripped down onto it, making tiny puddles as he gave up depressingly fast, even for him.

“One,” he croaked.

“Very good!” Gaster actually sounded pleased. “Now, keep up,” he added and began to rain a flurry of blows on Sans’s aching pelvis.


Fontcest - Soulmates, angst

“Sans, I’m home!” Papyrus called, closing the door behind himself and wiping his boots on the mat. There was no reply, but that was pretty typical. Sans was pretty much always napping when he got home from training. He must go lay down the instant he got home from work. Papyrus shook his skull. All he did all day was sit there.

As soon as he finished brushing the snow off his clothes, Papyrus headed upstairs. Sans really shouldn’t be sleeping so much. He needed to get up and be active! Papyrus had just been training, and, even though he had struck the vegetables hard enough to hurt, he was barely even tired.

“Sans!” He walked into his brother’s room ready to get him up for at least dinner and some MTT. Sans wasn’t in his bed. He was laid out on a pile of laundry between the door and the bed. “You couldn’t even make it those last few feet?” Papyrus shook his skull again and picked his way over to Sans.

“Hey paps,” Sans stared up at him from his spot spread across the clothing. “You okay?”

“Yes,” Papyrus was confused. Why would Sans think he wasn’t okay? “You should get up and come downstairs. I’m going to make dinner.”

“mm… I’ll be down in a moment…” Sans rolled over and clearly began to drift off again.

“No, you will not,” Papyrus grumbled, “Not if you don’t get up now.” He reached down and took Sans’s arm in his hand, intending to roll him over and pick him up. Pain shot up his arm as he pulled his brother onto his back.

“Ah!” Sans cried out, flinching away from Papyrus. He grabbed his wrist and looked up at Papyrus with shrunken, startled eyelights.

“Sans… are you okay?” Papyrus drew back, surprised. Was Sans injured? Sans was breathing heavily. He looked shaken by something. If Sans was hurt, that would be very bad. He didn’t have much HP to spare.

“Y-yeah, I’m fine,” Sans released his wrist and pushed himself to his feet. Papyrus watched closely, but that motion didn’t seem to aggravate the arm. “What’s for dinner?” He asked with a not quite real-looking smile.

“Only the best spaghetti you’ve ever had,” Papyrus declared. If Sans was hurt, food would help. “I trained extra hard today!”

“Yeah?” Sans asked and rubbed his wrist again. “I can’t wait to try it.”

Papyrus frowned a little to himself as he led the way downstairs. Sans’s slippers shuffled along behind him. He couldn’t wait to get some food together for Sans, either. But what could have led to him getting hurt? Papyrus was going to have to keep a socket on him.


Fellcest - Hurt/comfort

There wasn’t anywhere left to go. Papyrus had made it all the way to the strange stone doors that he had heard led to the ruins of Home, the Capitol from long before he was born. San’s station was right behind him, the recipient of a solid kick that had dented one wooden panel with a satisfying crack.

“Papyrus…” Sans was behind him, which didn’t make any sense because Sans was slow and lazy and awful. He certainly didn’t follow Papyrus all the way out here on his day off. Those were reserved for napping and Grillby’s. Papyrus was not worthy of his precious day off.

“Please, I didn’t mean to… to… “

“To what, Sans?” Papyrus snapped. “To forget? To leave?”

Sans didn’t reply, but there was suddenly a solid presence at Papyrus’s back. He hadn’t even heard Sans walk through the snow, his soul was pounding so loudly in his rib cage.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you,” Sans said softly, wrapping his arms around Papyrus. The urge to break the hold and push him away surged, but the need, deep and unsettling, to fall into his brother’s embrace was stronger.

“Fuck you,” Papyrus growled as he turned and fell to his knees, pressing into Sans and basking in his warm, solid presence.


SF Papyrus / UT Sans - Rape/Noncon, Pining


“Oh, oh…”

“You taste so good. You feel amazing. I want to stay like this forever.”

“Slim, shit!”

“Call me Papyrus.”

“N-no, Slim, What are you doing?”

“Don’t call me that. Sans, my Lord. Tell me what to do.”

“Slim? Ah! Sh-shit, stop.”

“My lord…”


Rottonberry - Bashful

“Pass the cheese?” Blue asked, turning his bright blue eyelights towards Sans. It wasn’t anything. It was just dinner prep, a normal post training activity.

Sans turned and glared af the orange block. He grabbed it hard enough to press five small indentations into it as he set it down in the space between them.

As Blue reached out to grab it, his finger brushed against San’s. Small tingles traces their way up Sans’s hand to his arm, and all the way to his soul where they went off like tiny fireworks.

Flushing, Sans turned from blue to process his overactive emotions, but not before spotting a light blue blush on Blue’s face as well.


Dust! Sans/ US Papyrus

Papyrus waited while Giggles, the morbid nickname he’d given to the Sans from the other world, took his first shuffling steps into his world. The monster’s remaining eyelight trembled as he turned his skull this way and that, taking it all in. His hands fidgeted anxiously along his sleeves where his arms crossed defensively across his chest.

“It’s really…”


“And we don’t have to-“

“Nope. We have plenty of food.

“And Papyrus-“

“Of course.”

Giggles- they would need to pick something else- finally stopped staring and turned towards him.

“Stretch…” he walked over and all but collapsed into Papyrus’s arms. He started up a litany of ‘Thank you’s that didn’t stop until Papyrus interrupted him with a kiss. His soul was about to burst at the idea of getting his lover out of that world that had left him broken in more ways than one.

“I love you,” he whispered. Pressing their faces together, careful of the large, jagged hole in Giggle’s skull.

“I love you,” Giggles replied, crying but smiling.

Everything was going to be okay now.
(Spoiler for the fic I’m not writing: They aren’t.)


UF Undyne / UT Alphys - Envy, possessivness

“Find anything good?” Alphys jumped at the sound of Undyne’s voice, except it wasn’t Undyne. Or, it was. But not Undyne Undyne… She looked up at the other Undyne with a nervous twitch of her tail.

The other Undyne was like Undyne had been transformed into the villain form of herself by the dark energy. She was just a little taller, a little more muscular, a few extra scars, and a lot scarier. Alphys hadn’t even heard her walk up as she looked through the dump for additions to her collections.

She was standing to Alphy’s left, her hair stirring slightly from the breeze the many waterfalls caused. Her scars glistened like they were wet in the dim, blue light. Several jutted out from her eyepatch, like points of a star.

She was just so undeniably hot.

“H-hi. I, um, no- no not yet,” Alphys replied, showing her empty hands like the Undyne needed proof.

“Hm,” however, the Undyne seemed pleased. She stalked forward and set a glowing blue flower in Alphys’s hands, laying it sideways. Alphys flushed and looked down at it, too taken aback to ask, but she didn’t need to.

“Alphys. Dear, sweet Alphys,” she crooned, leaning over Alphys. She put her hands over Alphy’s and pushed them closed around the stem. “So kind. So innocent.”

“What?” Alphys squeaked, attempting to look anywhere bit at the spot where Undyne’s tank top had fallen forward, exposing a bit more of her chest. Her long hair tickled the side of Alphys’s face.

“Has she claimed you?”

“What? N-no?” Alphys wasn’t sure what this Undyne was even talking about, but she was pretty sure no one had claimed her

“Good,” she got a sharp grin that sent her soul into frenzied palpitations. “Then you are mine.”



It was just sex.

It wasn’t the way Blue did everything, even speaking, with his whole body. He’d gesture and lean and adopt poses, even act out the things he said. Blue didn’t do anything he wasn’t going to do one hundred percent.

Which meant it was really good sex.

Because it definitely wasn’t the way Blue dreamed, as if the world was full of infinite possibilities, even when he was trapped in a mountain by an unbreakable barrier. He believed whole heartedly that trying hard enough was enough. And he believed everyone could try.

Even Sans.

But that didn’t mean that it was how Blue looked at him. How he never questioned what he did back home, even though he knew what it was like. He’d asked if they could be exclusive and Sans had promised. He had almost instantly regretted it, side that he would break it, but he never had. Blue had never asked him to prove it. He trusted Sans.

But it was just sex.

The arrangement was convenient, and Blue was an enthusiastic lover, who got better every time they did it. He would do the small stuff, too, like make breakfast and send some home for Sans’s brother in a container. But that didn’t mean anything. The tightness in Sans’s chest when he packed up to leave was meaningless. The random daydreams of Blue while he was drifting off to sleep at night were driven by lust, and nothing more.

It was just sex…



They met with a clatter, teeth sloppily meeting teeth and hands meshing together briefly before releasing to slide up arms and tangle in clothing.

Where their impact had been hard, their joining was soft. Jaws swung open to release pliant tongues. They curled together, red and blue light melding into a soft purple. When one slid left the other slid right, twisting and twirling in a dance so intricate it felt choreographedb.

While their mouths reveled in the familiar, their hands explored, rediscovering all the small details of territory they had been away from for too long. Each dip and bump was caressed with a satisfying scrape of bone on bone.

In their rib cages, drums pounded out complimentary tempos. One would call, then the other answer, again and again. Waterfalls flowed from the caverns of their sockets as their song began anew.

“I missed you.”

“Stars, I missed you.”


Kedgeup - Jealousy


“Nothing.” Sans scooted over to make more room for Edge on the porch. He couldn’t stand feeling Edge’s crests pressing against his as he tried to fit between Sans and the banister. Edge watched Sans shift with a sense of disappointment.

“You’re upset.” Edge relaxed into the space, drawing nearer to Sans again.

He was, but he shouldn’t be. He was being a selfish, pathetic monster, and a terrible brother.

“No,” he croaked.

“I know you wanted to hang out. I’m sorry training went long.”

Edge. Edge was sorry. Sans wasn’t sure what was happening. They were in some twilight zone world where they weren’t themselves. That would make the contractions his soul went through earlier today more excusable.

“It’s fine.”

“Is it?”

It wasn’t. Sans had no right to be jealous of his own brother for spending the day with Edge, training with him to work towards his dream of being in the guard. What was wrong with him? There was no reason for him to be dissatisfied with the hour or so they would have while Papyrus made them dinner. He had no claim to Edge’s time.

With a short wail of frustration, Sans slumped forward, his skull landing on his knees.

“Sans…” Edge murmured, sounding exasperated and indulgent. Hands pulled at Sans, tugging him slowly into Edge’s lap. Sans went, too wrung out to even process what what happening.

“I don’t know what’s happening to me,” Sans said miserably against Edge’s chest.

“Sans,” Edge said again, something playful in his voice. His hand touched Sans’s jaw and used it to tilt his skull up until they were looking each other in the sockets. Sans flushed, his pathetic moping met with Edge’s easy confidence.

Their mouths met, teeth making a small tapping noise that was absurdly loud in the quiet night air. Sans stared at Edge, his bright red eyelights so close they took up most of his vision. They were fixed to his, unwavering.

“Edge?” Sans asked, when Edge pulled back just enough that they weren’t touching.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about you today, either,” Edge said softly, his voice silky and warm. Sans flushed, the words sinking into his bones and heating him from the inside.

“R-really?” He asked, not quite believing it was real.


Sans broke down crying, all the dragging anxiety of the day melting away in Edge’s warm embrace.


SpicyHoney - Bondage

“Come on, babe, please,” Papyrus leaned forward as as far as his spine would allow, trying to make his teeth touch Edge’s. Edge pulled back just enough that a mere half inch still separated them.

“Oh no,” his breath washed over Papyrus, a hint of spice wafting with it. “You want it, you’re going to have to earn it.”

Papyrus whined and fell back to the bed. The leather cuffs rattled, taunting him as they held his arms above his skull and spread. His legs had gotten a similar treatment, but were spread even more. His pelvis, trapped on the bed by his position, sported his long, orange erection. It was weeping with arousal, just like Papyrus wanted to.

“Just a little more,” Papyrus pleaded.

“You have to say it.”

“It’s embarrassing.”

“That’s the point,” Edge smirked at him, pushing himself up from his spot hovering teasingly over Papyrus. He stood, and went to stand at the foot of the bed, where Papyrus had to see his neglected cock while he looked at him.

“You’re an asshole,” Papyrus said without much venom.

“Why thank you,” Edge preened, turning so Papyrus got a three quarters profile of him and straightened his shirt. “And?”

“And…” Papyrus whined and thrust up, even though he knew nothing was waiting for him but air.

“And the most handsom, talented Papyrus ever,” he rushed through it, but it was hopefully enough. Edge’s face, tilted up with a still widening smirk certainly gave that hope ground to stand on.

“How very kind of you,” Edge purred, oozing satisfaction. Papyrus didn’t much care, because he was also crawling into the bed between his legs.


Gen - Death

“Look what we found!”

The humans gather around him, talking amongst themselves. Sans is distracted by pulling at his coat. Someone laughs. Another goes for his shorts. He’s trying to fight them off, but he’s weak.

“…really all bones!”

Their hands are in his ribs and up under his mandible. His magic resists, but humans have so much presence. It falters. It’s only a matter of time.

“…his skull comes off!”

More laughter. Sans grins as hands grab onto it and pull. His magic fails, the humans disappearing from view. If nothing else, at least he can disappoint them, too.


Gen - UF Jerry

“Hey guys.”

Sans froze. He looked over his shoulder with dread. He had been so careful these last few months. It had been long enough that he’d gotten complacent.

“Hey Jerry…” Doggo muttered, his tail drooping.

“What are you losers doing?” Jerry ‘sauntered’ up awkwardly and inserted himself partially between Sans and Doggo. He smelled way too strongly of oranges and some spice. Sans had to back away just to lessen the burning in his sockets.

“Oh god,” Doggo sneezed several times, his eyes watering. “I, uh, gotta get to work.” And with that the coward tucked tail and ran, leaving Sans alone with Jerry, who was staring at his phone like he was bored.

“M-me too…” Sans tried to smile, but it felt more like a grimace. Hopefully Jerry was too distracted to notice.

“Cool monsters ditch work,” Jerry said contemptuously. He shook his body and the metal rings trailing along the bulbous top edge of his body tinkled together. They looked kind of strange, and one got stuck sticking out… they were all cilp ons. Sans backed away a little further.

“Guess I’m not cool,” Sans shrugged.

“Well then you definitely need to hang with me,” Jerry asserted. One long, noodly arm wrapped around Sans and pulled him back closer. He choked, unable to keep the overpowering scent from going into his nose.

“I’m going to make you cool.”


UF Punflower - Bondage, Noncon cuddles, minor injury

He had spent so much time lurking under the town that the slow, surprisingly light steps were easy to spot when they passed over his hiding spot. Flowey burst up, wrapping his vines around struggling bones. He did his best to avoid scratching him with the thorns, but Sans’s wriggling made it difficult. By the time he was restrained, he was bleeding from three separate spots.

“You damn little weed,” Sans snarled at him, and Flowey flinched back, his petals wilting inwards.

“I’m sorry about hurting you. I didn’t mean to.”

“Sure,” Sans replied blandly and gave the vines a pointed look.

“Well, I did mean to grab you,” Flowey corrected. “You wouldn’t have listened to me otherwise.”

“You’re damn right,” Sans snarled, and some bones appeared around him. Flowey yelped and squeezed. Grunting, Sans lost his concentration and they disappeared.

“P- please don’t attack me!” Flowey pleaded. “I’m just trying to help you!”

Sans gave him a skeptical, and slightly pained, look. Flowey wilted a little more before he shook himself and focused on why he was doing this.

“I think… I think you need to feel something nice! You just don’t know what it’s like. Once you do, you’ll want to be nice, too.” Flowey explained, his vines wrapping more securely around Sans.

“I do not,” Sans grunted, “and certainly not from you! Let me go.”

“I can’t. I need to help you,” Flowey put on his bravest face and wrapped Sans up completely. “We are going to cuddle!”

“What?” Sans sputtered. He pulled his shoulders, but he was already pretty much completely wrapped up. Flowey flowed up so he was right by Sans’s skull.

“Sans, isn’t this nice?” Flowey asked him hopefully as he carefully nestled himself against his shoulder, the tops of his petals brushing against his jaw.

“No!” Sans snarled. Flowey reached a vine up and stroked soothingly along the top of his skull. He needed to calm down if he was going to enjoy this.

It took a while, but Sans eventually stopped yelling and struggling. He went limp in Flowey’s vines, though he didn’t make any attempt to cuddle back. Maybe it would just take him a while to learn how to do it. Satisfied that there had at least been some progress, Flowey gently lowered him to the ground and unwound from around him.

“This was good, Sans,” Flowey praised him. “We’ll practice some more later!”

Chapter Text


Papyrus was too tired to respond to the husky voice. That wasn’t even his name.

“Get up you stupid fuck.” His shoulder was grabbed and he was dragged backwards. His view of the wall was briefly a view of the ceiling instead before Red’s skull filled his vision. “What the fuck happened to you?” Red asked, looking him over with shrunken red eyelights.

“Nothin’” Papyrus murmured and tried to roll back over, but Red had a firm grip of his hoodie. He kept his shoulder pinned, and even used his other hand to pull Papyrus’s legs over so he was lying flat on the dingy, stained mattress.

“Nothin’ my ass,” Red growled. He peeled up Papyrus’s hoodie, slowly lifting it until he got to Papyrus’s sternum. There, it stuck, the marrow having dried.

“No,” Papyrus whimpered, his hands clutching at the bed. He couldn’t struggle. He’d be in trouble if he struggled, but it hurt so bad.

“I gotta get it off,” Red said, much more softly than before. “It can’t heal like that.” With surprising gentleness for the harsh little skeleton, he peeled the fabric away from the cuts. Papyrus whined into his closed teeth. Sans couldn’t hear them, or he’d be in even more trouble.

Eventually the last corner came free, and Papyrus relaxed from the tension that he hadn’t even realized had settled into his joints. It still stung a little, but he knew that Red was right.

“Now lemme see,” Red bunched the sweatshirt under Papyrus’s mandible and leaned forward.

“No!” Papyrus yelped, grabbing at it and trying to pull it back down. He couldn’t see. He shouldn’t see that. How could Papyrus explain… ?

“What the fuck?” Red asked slowly, viciously. The room suddenly felt darker and more stifling. Papyrus lowered his arms, a humiliated flush on his face. The crude star shape that Sans had been able to make with the kitchen knife spanned the bottom half of his sternum, still seeping marrow slowly.

“It’s his… mark,” Papyrus whispered. “He got jealous… because… he noticed that… “ Tears began to trickle down the sides of his skull.

“He figured us out…” Red’s anger dissipated in a soul beat, and he let go of the hoodie, sitting back on his heels. Papyrus had to look away from the stricken expression he wore, turning to the wall instead. He knew Red would feel guilty, but it wasn’t his fault. It was Papyrus’s.

“I was careless,” he explained, his voice growing wet. “I was so stupid. He doesn’t know who, or when, or how, but I… I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of the wrapper,” he sniffled, the tears coming faster until they were just two steady streams. “It was so nice and I thought… I thought of you…”

“Stretch…” Red touched his shoulder again, this time just rubbing along his arm softly.

“He,” Papyrus hiccuped, “he burned it. He took the nice cream wrapper and he threw in the fire of the stove, and then he t-told me that no one would ever mistake who I belong to… again…” His words became incoherent as sobs began to wrack his body, he bit them back, scared of making too much noise. Then again, crying was the noise Sans liked most from him.

“That little fucker,” Red breathed, but there wasn’t any force behind it. He was still focusing on soothing Papyrus, his hands gentle. “You can’t stay here, not now that he suspects us. Not when he’s going to do shit like this.”

“Red,” Papyrus sobbed, the aching pain in his soul that the suggestion caused flaring up once more. “He’s my-”

“No,” Red interrupted him with a harsh whisper. “Just, no. I know you love him, for all he doesn’t fucking deserve it, but this is not how brothers treat each other. He’s lost the right to that. He’s just an abusive little prick.”

“Don’t say that,” Papyrus begged. “Don’t say that, please. I can’t lose him. He’s the only family I have.”

“That’s not true.” Red moved his hands up to Papyrus’s skull and gently made him look forward again. Red’s skull was directly above him, tears shining along his sockets as he looked down at Papyrus. “You have me. Come home with me. Please…”

He leaned down and pressed his teeth to Papyrus’s. Papyrus shook with emotion. He wanted to go with Red, so badly. Red took care of him and made him feel like he was worth something. Which had made being at home with Sans so much worse, honestly. Leaving made the most sense, but it was still… it was still abandoning Sans.

“Stretch,” Red prompted, pulling his skull back a little. A few tears fell from his sockets onto Papyrus’s face. Red noticed immediately and wiped at his face to stop more from doing the same. “I can’t keep watching him hurt you.”

Papyrus wasn’t sure what that meant. Would Red stop coming? That was probably for the best. Papyrus didn’t like what it did to Red, seeing him like this. Would Red confront Sans? A clash between them was a chilling prospect. He knew for certain that if it came to a fight, one of them would end up dust. He couldn’t let that happen.

“O… okay…”

Chapter Text

Red felt the arms loosen around him and let him drop to the floor. Opposite him, the bunny landed with a little more bend in his knees, like he was already planning on hopping off. Red didn’t intend to let that happen. With a twitch of his tail, he pounced at the bunny.

There was a swish, and his claws only met air.

“if you really want to play,” an amused voice snickered next to his right ear, accompanied by the breath from the words. Red’s ear twitched. What the hell did that mean? His instincts set off alarms, but it was too late.

A solid form pressed up against his back, forcing him forward onto his knees, and then his chest. Long ears flopped down in front of his face before lifting up and away. The bunny had his body draped over Red, trapping him in place.

“you’re going to learn to play like a bunny.”

There was a hard bump. on the front of the bunny’s pelvis as it was ground against the back of Red’s. Meanwhile, the bunny’s paw slid along the front of his shorts. Red grunted and struggled, but he was throughly trapped.

“ge’ off,” he snarled, snapping his sharp teeth in a show of aggression, but the bunny wasn’t fooled. He just laughed and kept rubbing both sides of Red’s pelvis. It felt good. Red’s mating drive had never really gotten a chance to come to the surface before, and it was eager, despite Red not being so sure about this.

“mmm, no,” the bunny breathed on his ear again, rustling the fur and making it itch. It flicked a few times, trying to dispel the feeling. His paw stopped just long enough to shove its way into Red’s shorts and start stroking directly along his pelvis.

“woah ohhh,” Red moaned, his pelvis thrusting into the bunny’s paw. That felt very good. The bunny licked right behind his ear as he kept up the motion, driving Red’s magic to form up in his pelvis and prepare for mating.

“what the-!” he exclaimed tilting his skull down. He couldn’t see, but he could feel that his body had made the wrong parts.

The bunny seemed happy enough with them, pulling Red’s shorts down. There was a pause, and then Red felt the bunny’s hard magic- the bump from before!- press up against the opening his had made.

“w-wait,” he yipped, blushing with embarrassment that a bunny, of all creatures, was about to mate him. The bunny thrust inside, filling him, and Red moaned again. Shit, why did that feel so good?

It didn’t stop feeling good, either, as the bunny humped him, never drawing very far out, but moving fast with small thrusts deep inside of Red. His magic grew slick and swelled up around the member, tightening around it so that each movement was amplified. Eventually, Red was panting, his whole face flushed.

“ah!” the bunny, all but unaffected by what they were doing let out a very short, lazy moan as he came inside of Red, making his magic feel even fuller. Red’s tail twitched with annoyance. His ears fell back to lay against his skull as he looked over his shoulder at the bunny.

The bunny’s ears were trembling, his face a mask of pleasure. As his orgasmic bliss slowly faded, he looked back at Red wearing a satisfied smirk. His member softened slightly inside of Red.

“what the fuck? you’re already done?” Red whined. He was still hot and bothered, and he even tried to thrust back against the bunny to reach completion. The bunny laughed again and ground his pelvis forward into Red, which made him drop his skull forward. again as he went crosseyed.

“oh, i’m nowhere near done,” he hummed, thrusting lazily into Red. His member was hardening again. Red groaned with pleasure and stretched out below the bunny, ready for him to get going again.

“i’m going to fill you up,” the bunny whispered, making Red whimper.

Chapter Text

Papyrus was being needy. He was always kind of needy, but Sans had managed to put some food together, so that hunger was sated.

“Come here, Papyrus,” Sans sighed. Papyrus stopped his restless wanderings and perked up. He came over to the couch and practically fell onto Sans, nuzzling him. Sans snickered and stroked his brother’s skull.

It didn’t take long for Papyrus to get even more worked up. He started humping Sans, though he had missed the mark some and was humping his femurs. Sans let him, happy to lay back and let Papyrus take what he needed.

That worked out fine until Papyrus manged to make his dick show up. He stuck with it for a few passes, the hard length running up and down Sans’s femur under Papyrus’s shorts. Then he stopped and made a needy whine. Sans blinked his way back from almost sleep as Papyrus stood back up and moved towards his skull.

“What’re you-?” Sans mumbled while Papyrus fumbled his shorts down. Then he didn’t say anything, because Papyrus grabbed his skull with both hands and thrust his cock right into his socket.

“Oh~” Sans breathed as Papyrus’s hard magic pushed its way into the not exactly solid magic in his skull. Bright, luscious pain burst throughout it before trickling down his spine. His pelvis tingled with pleasure and he went limp in his brother’s hold.

Papyrus grunted and thrust into him, repeatedly easing up on and then disrupting his magic. Each time Sans sank a little deeper into blissful oblivion. He couldn’t think straight with Papyrus stuffing his cock into his skull.

“Ah!” Sans gasped as he suddenly orgasmed. He had been so lost in pain and pleasure he hadn’t even noticed it coming. His body writhed, but Papyrus held his skull steady, still thrusting. Pleasure started twisting into pain as it overwhelmed him. Sans choked on a plea for Papyrus to stop as tears squeezed their way out of the socket.

Maybe he noticed, because Papyrus stopped, releasing Sans to fall back onto the couch. His whole body was wracked with tremors as it tried to recover from being over stimulated. He still couldn’t see because his eyelight was not cooperating.

So he didn’t have any warning when Papyrus grabbed him again. He reoriented Sans’s skull and thrust back into it, this time through the hole where he was missing some bone.

“AHH!” Sans screamed. The magic there had never quite recovered from losing its cover, and Papyrus’s invasion of it was pure agony. Sans jerked and struggled out of instinct, but his arousal was growing again.

“Please, Papyrus,” Sans wailed, and he wasn’t sure if he wanted it to stop or go on forever. Papyrus didn’t reply, too intent on his own pleasure to even wonder what Sans might need. He fucked Sans’s skull mercilessly, grip tight enough to ignore Sans’s thrashing.

He only stilled when he finally came, pelvis pressed against the edges of Sans’s wound as he released deep inside his skull. Sans saw stars, his mouth hanging open. His tongue trailed out of it, dripping saliva all over his already stained and dusty shirt.

Papyrus’s howl of pleasure chilled Sans’s bones for a second. Then he came, hard, as Papyrus’s cum seeped into his magic. Everything became distorted as his magic shorted out.

The world came back jarringly. Sans was flat on his back again. The tremors were worse this time, his body still exhausted from the first orgasm. Not only was he unable to ignite his eyelight, none of his limbs would move. He couldn’t even close his mouth. His magic had lost control of his body. The only movement he had was the incessant shaking.

One last spurt of cum splattered across his face, and he heard a sigh. Clothing rustled, and Papyrus’s heavy, unsteady footsteps moved away from the couch. Drops of the liquid continued to drip into Sans’s skull, keeping him paralyzed all night long.

Chapter Text

Sans slipped inside, opening his door as little as possible to keep the snow out. It had been so nice and warm at Grillby’s. If the bartender hadn’t strongly insisted he go home, he could have quite happily slept there. The blizzard that had moved in while he was drinking should have left the house frigid, but it was actually warmer inside than it had been out there.

He walked into the living room and found a fire crackling in the fireplace. He hadn’t lit it this morning, had he? Even if he had, it would have died already. Perplexed, he took advantage of it nonetheless. His joints eased as they warmed back up and he sighed happily.

“Well, if whoever started this is still here, thank you,” Sans called into the theoretically empty house. “And please don’t murder me in my sleep.”

Once he had warmed back up, Sans went to the couch to sleep. The fire wasn’t enough to warm up his room, and it was so much closer. He snuggled into his coat and was asleep almost immediately.

When Sans woke, he had the strangest feeling that something was missing. His arm was stretched out along the couch with a little gap between it and his body. It was almost like something had been there, but now wasn’t.

Rubbing his sockets and chalking it up to weird dreams, Sans sat up on the couch. The crack of wood burning caught his attention. The fire was just as large and strong as it had been last night. Ash had built up under it, so the wood was burning, but…

“What is going on?” Sans peered at the fireplace. There wasn’t anything out of the ordinary to see, however. Confused, but also very late, Sans put it out of his mind and rushed off to work.

Rather than stopping, the strangeness around the house increased. Sans would find his cabinets organized, but had no memory of doing so. Ever. He didn’t organize.

Then he ripped his coat on a branch one day on his way home from work. He resigned himself to its existence and still went to sleep in it. When he work up, he found it mended with very precise, tiny stitches.

“Huh?” He said aloud, poking at the spot that had been a sizable hole.

“Hello?” he called, much less certain that he was alone. He’d managed to pretend like the other things weren’t really that strange. It had taken some logical leaps, but he’d gotten there. This, however, was very clearly someone’s work. He just didn’t know who.

“Is anyone there?” he asked. The fire was roaring again, after a deeply cold night, and he crouched down in front of it. He looked to either side, but there wasn’t even a trace of someone moving in the area. He’d have thought that they would have left a bit of soot, or something.

Sighing, he gave up and faced the fire again.

“Woah!” Sans yelped and fell backwards. There was a face in the fire. Or, more accurately, to the left of the fire. A tiny face. There was a tiny skeleton stepping out of the fireplace. It was only about six inches tall, and there was soot smeared across its skull. It looked worried as it slowly approached Sans.

“Careful,” it said. “You shouldn’t have gotten so close to the fire.”

“You were in the fire,” Sans pointed out, even though that was only a small part of what was wrong with the situation.

“Of course I was. It’s my- wait!” The tiny skeleton pressed gloved hands to his face, getting more soot on it. “You can see me? And hear me?”

“Yes…” Sans said slowly, not entirely sure he wasn’t hallucinating. The skeleton’s eyes sparkled and he ran over to Sans, climbing his leg to perch on his knee. His white and read outfit had not been spared any of the fire’s mess, but none of it got on Sans.

“How wonderful!” he cried beaming at Sans. “I was getting awfully lonely because you wouldn’t talk to me.”

“You were?” Sans asked dumbly. He shook himself out of his shock and sat up. The skeleton yelped and started to fall, so Sans caught him. He was small enough that he fit easily, even when he climbed to his feet. “Who are you?”

“I’m Papyrus!”

“What are you?” Sans asked, since that didn’t really give him anything by which to understand the little skeleton.

“I’m your house spirit!” Papyrus announced proudly, his hands on his hips and his skull tipped up proudly.

“My what?” Sans asked, still completely clueless.

“Household spirit. I take care of the house, and you,” Papyrus explained patiently. “It’s quite a lot of work, you know. You could stand to take a little better care of yourself.”

“Oh… sorry…” Sans offered, unsure what to say to the tiny being lecturing him.

“It’s alright,” Papyrus replied, patting Sans’s thumb. “It’s what I’m here for, but…” he glanced to the side, hesitant.

“But?” Sans prompted.

“A little offering now and again…” Papyrus said shyly.

“What kind of offering?”

“A bit of food is always nice,” Papyrus said, and Sans nodded. He could probably manage that. He apparently had a house spirit now.

However, when Sans brought Papyrus home a handful of French fries they were met with a sniff of disapproval.

“You should stop eating that junk,” he commented, but he nibbled on the end of one. Sans just shrugged.

“I don’t really have anything else,” Sans said apologetically. The fire was once again roaring, and his pantry had been cleaned.

“We’ll see about that,” Papyrus said grimacing as he ate the fry. “Now that I can communicate with you, I can give you a shopping list!”

Sans’s brow bones raised, but when Papyrus began to dictate what he wanted, he went ahead and wrote it down.

It was kind of nice, having someone look after him.

Chapter Text

The bell above the door didn't ring so much as creak to a slant, accompanied by one dull thump of the clapper falling against it.

“How nice of you to come by.”

The voice drifted down to him from above, but Sans knew better than to show fear in this place. Muffet might be willing to turn in monsters who didn't pay their tabs to the Guard, but she was not a loyalist. He stared resolutely ahead to where Papyrus dozed on the counter.

“I am merely here for my brother,” he responded to her. He had a harder time ignoring her minions, who crawled over his feet. The feeling of being surrounded never sat well with him. No one else remained in the pastry shop.

“Of course you are,” Muffet descended with a little pout. “You never come to play with me.”

Sans smiled at her. He didn't dare answer. There was no right answer. Taking the bait would just give her an excuse. Muffet dropped the last few inches to the ground with a with a soft sigh. Her dress, ragged and faded poofed slightly around her. Somehow the torn edges managed to look tasteful.

“Well then, take him off,” Muffet waved one gloved hand at Papyrus. “But you should know, he's been very delinquent on his tab…”

“And?” Sans demanded. She couldn't report him to the Guard- he worked for Alphys- but there were other horrible things in the Underground. She was one of them, for all that she liked to outsource the work.

“And…” Muffet drew it out, playfully nibbling at one of her fingers. “We accept all forms of payment here, if you felt like helping him out.”

Sans stiffened. That could mean a dozen different things, but her lidded eyes and teasing smile hinted at one in particular.

“No,” Sans said firmly. He had no interest in sleeping with her. Her pout got a little deeper. He silently cursed Papyrus for his bad habits. If they scraped together their savings they could probably pay her off enough.

“Well then, I’ll just have to get it from Papyrus. I do adore him,” Muffet walked over to the counter. Her feet made no noise on the tile floor, and the smaller spiders parted to let her through. She pet his skull with one hand, her eyelids turned down ‘shyly’.

“Don't touch him,” Sans snapped, staking towards her and swatting her hand away. He realized his mistake a second later. He had given her an excuse. The smaller spiders swarmed around his feet, and the black of his boots was quickly covered in thick, white web. Muffet, meanwhile, cradled her hand to her chest, two of the others holding it protectively. She was pouting, but with a hint of smile.

“How cruel,” she played it up, even though there was no one to see. “You’ll never be good enough, if you can't control yourself.”

Sans flushed, furious that she had managed to get him riled up and that she was right. As a Guard he couldn't fall for such simple tricks.

“Now you have to make it up to me.” She reached for his face.

“Don't touch me,” Sans snapped. He jerked away from her, barely avoiding her fingers. Muffet frowned at him, her face instantly going from soft discontent to harsh irritation. She grabbed Sans’s mandible hard enough to jar his teeth together and held it steady while she pressed her mouth to his teeth.

“You're going to make it good,” she said softly when she stopped, their faces only a few inches apart. “Aren't you?”

She didn't even have to say it. Sans knew what she meant. Papyrus was at stake. His lazy, good for nothing, barbecue addicted brother who he treasured above anything else. She knew it. No matter how much Sans griped, he always came. He would always come.

“Yes,” Sans replied, unable to keep the anger and disgust from his voice. The transformation was just a quick as before. She smiled at him and gave him a little peck on the teeth.


Chapter Text

Papyrus reset the trap with a little more force than usual. It clicked into place smoothly, failing to give his frustration an outlet. He turned away from it with a jerk and started in on the next one. He was almost mad at himself for maintaining them so well.

Laughter drifted through the trees, deep and rough, souring his mood even more. Even his laugh was edgy.

“It’s fine,” he muttered to himself, “Sans is still my brother, he just… likes the novelty of it.”

Sans hadn’t started dating Edge because he was so much cooler than Papyrus. No one was cooler than Papyrus. Except… Edge was really very cool. He had spikes and a bad boy attitude and scars. Papyrus couldn’t compete with that. Drooping, he walked over to the last trap in the area and halfheartedly set it.

The trigger didn’t catch, and the rope net swooped up from the ground, catching Papysus’s carelessly placed foot and pulling him up into the air with a yelp. He was still hanging, upside down, scarf falling over half his face, flushed with shame when Edge burst through the trees, Sans perched on his shoulders.

“Papyrus!” Sans called out before taking stock of the situation. His eyelights darted around comically before resting on Papyrus’s face. It felt about ten million degrees, so it was probably glowing.

“Are you… okay?” Edge asked with not at all hidden amusement. He could have tried, but that wouldn’t have been edgy. Papyrus went limp and let his fingers drag over the top of the snow as he finished swinging back and forth.

“Yes,” Papyrus said sullenly, voice muffled by his scarf. “I’m fine.”

“Set me down,” Sans looked down at Edge. He obliged, pulling Sans up and setting him on the ground. Sans stretched, making Papyrus wonder how long he’d had Edge carrying him around. Papyrus would carry him, if he wanted.

“I’ll cut him down, you catch him,” Sans instructed, and Edge, smirking, went over and put his arms around Papyrus. This was not how any of Papyrus’s daydreams ever went. He was supposed to do something unbelievably cool. He would have Sans’s full attention. It would be a story worth sharing. Even Edge would be impressed with him.

They would probably tell this story, but he wasn’t quite as thrilled with the prospect.

The rope suddenly let go of him, letting him drop. He hadn’t been paying attention to Sans, so he was caught unaware and fell into Edge’s arms with an undignified squawk.  Edge adjusted his arms so that they were under Papyrus’s shoulders and legs with surprising care. That just made Papyrus feel worse. His skull sunk deeper into his scarf and he looked away from the cool version of himself. Edge would never get stuck in his own trap, he bet.

Sans walked up to them, which left Papyrus with nowhere to look other than his worried face or Edge’s smug one. He settled for burying himself deeper in his scarf.

“What happened?” Sans asked. “It’s not like you to have trouble with your traps.” Papyrus glanced at him. He looked so worried that Papyrus felt even worse. He had Sans’s full attention, but he had upset him in the process.

“J-just a simple mistake. Even the… great… Papyrus isn’t immune…” he tried to play it off as nothing important, but he didn’t feel all that great at the moment. The attempt died off before he could even complete it, leaving them in awkward silence.

“You’re jealous,” Edge said bluntly, which was such a bad boy thing to do. Papyrus looked up at him with a mixture of shame and admiration. Why did he have to be so cool.

“Jealous?” Sans asked him with a little, nervous laugh. Papyrus couldn’t deny it. He couldn’t outright lie to Sans like that. He was. Sheepishly, because even not answering felt dishonest, Papyrus nodded.

“What?” Sans asked, sounding a little panicked. Papyrus had ruined everything. Far from liking him, they were both going to end up hating him. Tears pricked at Papyrus's sockets.

“How did you know?” he asked, wondering what he could have done differently. Edge snorted.

“I would be,” he said. Startled, Papyrus looked up at him again. He was smiling wryly. “It’s not like we’re that different.”

“But you’re so cool…” Papyrus said it without thinking about it, but he was glad he did when he got to see Edge blush, too.

Chapter Text

“Excuse you…” Gaster grumbled, as the soft, viscous body of the future him oozed over his body, pressing him into the floor.

“Unwanted?” The stiff, awkward voice of the other, who Gaster had privately nicknamed Goopster, was hesitant.

“Well…” Gaster hedged, not quite willing to reject Goopster, especially as his body setteled around his pelvis. It was kind of a pleasing pressure.

“You said you were lonely, too,” Goopster relaxed, his form draping over Gaster more fully. Gaster wondered what it would feel like without the layers of clothing. Would it squish between his ribs? He flushed, wanting to try it.

“I understand,” Goopster continued. “I remember. This work. It is… isolating.”

“It is,” Gaster admitted. It was so much easier to admit such things to himself, especially when the other him had been through it already. He never shared anything that hadn’t happened yet, and even when he spoke of the now or the past, he was vague. Gaster appreciated his attempts to preserve the timeline, even if it meant he would some day be trapped in the void. That secret had been unavoidable, because Gaster had been the one to pull Goopster out.

The void was a fascinating conundrum. In addition to not having any physical presence, as they understood it, time seemed to be meaningless within it. There was no good reason that Goopster, who had spent an indeterminate amount of time in there should have shown up in Gaster’s tests. Yet, here he was, and he was doing something awfully nice to Gaster’s neck.

“Oh!” he exclaimed, parting with the puzzle of the void to return to his lab and his surprisingly amorous companion. He had never thought of himself as forward, but then again, he had been isolated in a way Gaster couldn’t understand, yet.

“At least let’s move to the couch,” he suggested, petting a bit of Goopster that was oozing over the top of his skull. Did it count as a hand?

Slowly, the pressure eased as Goopster moved off of him, collecting himself into a more condensed blob. Goopster picked him up off the floor, cradling him in a vaguely scoop-like section of his body, and carried him over to the piece of furniture. It wasn’t the most comfortable thing, but it had to be better than the floor.

“One second,” Gaster held his hand up, stalling Goopster long enough to shed his clothing. Goopster flushed and looked away. “Okay, I’m ready,” Gaster had to prompt him, once he was naked.

Goopster was a lot more gentle, this time. He eased himself onto the couch, his body spreading slowly over Gaster’s bones, starting with his pelvis. Gaster groaned as the pressure built over the sensitive bones, then lessened as Goopster spread himself over the rest of his body.

The answer to Gaster’s question was yes, yes Goopster did go between his ribs, rubbing at the tender sides of the bones in unison. That felt very good, indeed. His bones warmed and his magic sparked in response. Goopster smiled at him, his body contracting around them to stimulate them further.

“Ah- ohhh,” Gaster moaned, relaxing into the couch. He couldn’t do much else. Even if his arms hadn’t been trapped by Goopster’s flowing mass, he wasn’t sure what stimulation he could offer.

Goopster looked content as he continued to coat Gaster, however. Some of him leaked through his obturator foramen into his pelvis. Gaster was very aware that he could control his surface tension, so it had to be intentional when the goop reached the back of his pelvis and started to ooze through his sacrum. It tickled, though with a distinct edge of pleasure.

Gaster just laid there and got hotter and hotter as Goopster squeezed his ribs and slowly enveloped his pelvis. There seemed to be plenty of the other to go around. His body didn’t make any more sense than the void he’d been trapped in.

Once Goopster had covered the tip of Gaster’s coccyx, his body began to oscillate around Gaster’s entire pelvis. Gaster gasped, the sound quavering, as arousal built quickly. He arched up, his body looking for a more traditional source of stimulation. That allowed Goopster to thicken his coating on the back of his pelvis.

He hadn’t realized that up until then Goopster had not had a firm grip of the bones. Now the intermittent pressure was even stronger. He panted, his magic swelling. Goopster didn’t pause, driving Gaster to completion that almost felt like too much. He cried out, body arched and tight. His orgasm faded slowly, leaving him spent and satisfied. Goopster kept up a low level of vibration until Gaster sagged in his hold.

“Wow,” Gaster panted. Goopster smiled and slowly released him, his body pulling back into itself. “How can I…?” Gaster looked over the black mass. Goopster just wobbled a little.

“No need. I am no longer lonely. Are you?”

“No, I don’t feel so alone anymore, either,” Gaster sighed, with a small smile. Strange as it may be, he was glad he’d found himself out in the void.

Chapter Text



Grillby fought off a blush. His light orange complexion showed them far too easily. The slight widening of Sans’s smile let him know he failed.

“I’m, um, here to see Papyrus,” Grillby put his hands behind his back, holding them together in a polite pose that would hide his fingers’ nervous fiddling.

“Obviously,” Sans replied, waving his hand towards the stairs. “He’s up there, primping.”

“Primping?” Grillby felt his age. What in the world was that? Sans just grinned at him, daring him to ask. Grillby decided against it.

“Well, then I will just…” he sidestepped his way over to the stairs and hurried up them.

He located Papyrus by following the sound of slightly off key humming of the refrain of Mettaton’s latest single. The door to his room was coated in signs, stickers, and brightly colored tape. He read the warnings with a smile. Papyrus, as outgoing as he was, valued his privacy. Beating back another blush, he knocked. The humming stopped and something rustled inside the room.

“Yes?” Papyrus called.

“Hi, Papyrus,” Grillby greeted him through the door. That was all he managed before there was a yelp and a whole lot more rustling, then the door swung open.

“Grillby! You're early!” Papyrus beamed at him. He was wearing an outfit Grillby had never seen before, a flowing yellow skirt and deep blue blouse. The top was dotted with small yellow flowers and hugged his ribs, accentuating each ridge of bone. Grillby had thought his battle body was enticing, with the black spandex. It seemed tame, now. With some amount of effort, Grillby drew his gaze higher, taking in Papyrus's bright, earnest gaze and skull, polished to a shine.

“Sorry…” Grillby responded absently. “Were you still getting ready?” Was that what primping was? Was this primping? If so, Grillby was fully supportive of the activity.

“Just some finishing touches,” Papyrus spun to walk back into the room, his skirt twirling around him. Grillby stayed outside the room, but since Papyrus had left the door open, he let himself watch. The referenced finishing touches included a ribbon around his neck bones, some short heeled ankle boots, and blue gloves.

“I am ready!” Papyrus declared, facing Grillby with his hands on his hips in one of his heroic poses. It was the kind of pose that deserved a dramatic wind, so Grillby sent a wave of heat forward. Papyrus’s skirt flared out behind him, reminiscent of his usual scarf. Papyrus blushed at Grillby, still grinning.

“If I could have the honor,” Grillby asked, holding out his hand. He felt like the occasion needed a proper start. Papyrus pressed both of his hands to his face, blushing even more.

“I would be honored,” Papyrus replied, putting his hand in Grillby’s. The fire elemental’s soul fluttered. This was it.

“You look amazing,” he murmured as Papyrus closed his bedroom door and they set out on their first date.

Chapter Text


Undyne paused for a moment to take in the way Alphys’s tail was steadily making a groove in the sand as it twitched back and forth. She was swaying slightly back and forth, her legs kicking where they dangled over the side of the ridge. It was so cute, she almost hated to walk back to her. However, if she didn’t she wouldn’t get to sit next Alphys, and her hands would soon be sticky.

“Macha nice cream for you,” she said, returning to her spot and handing the treat to Alphys. Their fingers brushed as she took it, and a sweet pink blush spread across Alphys’s face.

“Th—thank you!” Alphys sputtered before sticking the whole thing in her mouth. She quickly pulled it back out, squinting her eyes in obvious discomfort.

“Brain… freeze…” she whimpered.

Undyne smiled and wrapped her arm around Alphys, pulling her close. Alphys squeaked, but stayed put, her face resting against Undyne’s chest. Slowly, she relaxed and the nice cream began to make repeated shorter trips to her mouth. Undyne licked up a drip from the side of her chocolate one and sighed happily.

“It n-never gets old, does it?” Alphys asked, her arm curling around Undyne’s waist.

“No, it doesn’t,” Undyne stared at the blazing yellows, pinks, and purples streaked across the sky and reflected by the water with a sense of awe. “Especially when I get to watch it with you.”



Edge stepped into the living room, opening his mouth to let Sans know that the lasagna would be ready soon. Training had gone long, so he hadn’t been able to start the lasagna until late. Sans had, in his laid back way, assured him that it was no big deal. Sans didn’t make it to their world all that often, so Edge had hurried off to the kitchen to assemble it as quick as he could.

In that time, however, Sans had dozed off. He was slumped across two thirds of the couch, one leg dangling over the side. His hoodie was twisted around his torso. He had his skull on the arm, tilted awkwardly. A. bit of drool made its sluggish way down. his mandible, heading for the orange fabric. It’s the kind of behavior he would normally speak strongly against.

But when Sans did it, it was kind of cute.

He would never admit it, but the softer version of his brother was routinely rather adorable. He was a lot like Red, but a lot less of an asshole. Edge understood. Assholes survived in this world. Sans wasn’t from. this world, and he hadn’t needed to be an asshole. His smile didn’t have sharpness to it. His jokes were absurdly innocent. Edge had never even seen him angry.

Allowing himself a small smile, Edge carefully sat down on the remaining section of couch. His hand hovered over Sans’s legs. His shorts only reached his knees, so the bones were exposed. Edge pulled off his glove. This time he brought his hand closer, the very tips of his fingers brushing along the smooth bone from the edge of Sans’s shorts down to his crumpled socks.

“mm,” Sans murmured. His leg stretched out towards Edge a little. Edge pulled his hand back. It wouldn’t do to wake him. How could he possibly explain why he was stroking his leg, or the strange feelings doing so woke? He sat back against the couch to wait for the lasagna to cook. His sockets drifted back to Sans almost immediately.

This would have to do.


Papby - Follow up to this.

Papyrus glanced over at the bar. Grillby was listening to Sans and several regulars talk about their day. He was leaning against the counter behind the bar on his left hip, steadily wiping glasses as he burned away any grime. There was a lull right now, since all the regulars had received their drinks and the dog’s poker game was still getting started. Grillby didn’t waste such moments, using them to keep up with cleaning. Papyrus could swoon from that alone.

Rather than making a scene—or more of one than him patronizing the bar at all—Papyrus blushed and sipped his drink. He knew many of of the other monsters were wondering and whispering, but he didn’t care. He didn’t need Sans as an excuse to be around Grillby’s anymore. His brother didn’t indulge that much, really. It had been nice of him to pretend, though.

Ice hit Papyrus’s teeth, startling him. He set it down and considered the glass, now empty of the delicious cream soda Grillby had put on the menu awfully recently. Papyrus drew his finger around the rim of the glass and looked back at the bar. Grillby’s flames streaked to the left as he quickly returned his attention to Sans. Papyrus smiled at the deeper orange he could see on Grillby’s cheek.

Papyrus toyed with the idea of going over there right now and enjoying just how flustered Grillby could be. Thinking back to their first—of many—date, Papyrus got a warm feeling in his soul. Grillby had been so polite and shy. Papyrus slid out of the booth with a swish of his hips. He brought the empty glass with him. Wouldn’t do to let the dishes pile up.

“Could I get a refill?” he asked leaning on the on bar and setting his glass down. Grillby was steadily darkening, much to Sans’s amusement, apparently. He began to chuckle, which earned him a venom-less glare from Grillby.

The bartender walked over to Papyrus and leaned across from him so their faces were mere inches apart. He put two fingers on the rim of the glass and tilted it playfully. Papyrus found himself blushing, which had not been the goal at all. He was supposed to be the suave dating master in this relationship.  

“Anything, for you,” Grillby said, low and soft, much to Papyrus’s delighted dismay.

Chapter Text

“Doctor, I just don't think these numbers are right,” Sans stared down at the paper in his hand. His eyelights were so intently focused he didn't see anything around him, which might have helped if Gaster had any means to disentangle himself without moving. Motion would draw Sans’s attention. It was simply survival instinct at work.

“I know the co-e—” Sans’s eyelights darted up, probably to find out what Gaster was so intent on that he wasn't commenting on incorrect calculations. The glance was so quick that the white orbs returned to the offending paper before slowly drifting back up to take in what he had seen. Sans was very observant, unfortunately.

What he had seen was Gaster bent back over his desk. His lab coat was looked around his arms and pelvis. His shirt was hanging open, but had not yet lost its grip on his shoulders. His pants were also open, but Sans couldn't see that.

Goopster was currently spread out over Gaster’s lap. Sans also wasn't privy to the way he had dripped down into the bone, which Gaster was thankful for. He was, however, able to observe the stings of Goopster that were draped through this ribs as he slowly flowed through them. It wasn't even like Goooster could just still entirely, so he was still seeping through all the aforementioned gaps.

“Doctor..?” Sans asked slowly, after he had soaked in the strange sight.

“Yes, Sans?” Gaster replied, as professionally as he could, which was more than he expected.

“What, might I ask, are you doing?” Sans had never spoken that formally, not even at his interview. It was so out of place from his mouth in this situation, that a chuckle escaped Gaster. Then he realized that was exactly why Sans had spoke. That way.

“Goopster, could you…?” Goooster obliged by gradually drawing his body out from Gaster's and back into his own.

“This is going to take a while to explain,” he said to Sans as he shut the door.

“Well then, I’m taking overtime,” Sans smiled at him.

 “Doctor— again?” Sans stepped into the lab and quickly shut the door. “You are definitely going to get caught.”

“Technically, we already have been,” Gaster pointed out. Goopster didn’t bother stopping this time, since Sans had already learned about him and hadn’t cared one bit.

“By someone else,” Sans set his clipboard on the lab bench and walked over to them. “Does that really feel that good?”

Goopster chuckled, and the vibrations traveled through his body, which was currently pooling in Gaster’s pants around his pelvis. He jerked, surprised by the added stimulation, and moaned.

“I guess so,” Sans commented and sat down on the couch next to him.

“Did you want to watch?” Gaster asked snidely. Why wasn’t Sans leaving? Having an audience didn’t really do anything for him. It was actually verging on embarrassing.

“Want to join?” Goopster added before Sans answered. Sans froze, his skull tilting in consideration. Gaster glared up at Goopster, who only smiled back. It felt as though his future self had some kind of plan.

“You know what? Why not?” Sans replied cheerfully, and shrugged out of his lab coat. “Scientific curiosity and all that.”

“I can think of several reasons,” Gaster said dryly, doing his best not to blush. Of all the monsters… which, of course Goopster would know all about. Goopster drew back, exposing Gaster’s crotch and it’s unseemly purple glow.

“Don’t want me to, Doc?” Sans asked, his tone more serious. Gaster glanced over at him. He had stopped stripping, his t-shirt just barely raised so that a few ribs peeked out. He couldn’t help himself now, his skull warming as he turned to scowl at Goopster. His smiled looked even wider, almost bisecting his face.

“I don’t… mind…if you do,” Gaster replied hesitantly. This was a terrible idea. Gaster was Sans’s boss. Sans brightened and pulled his shirt off, his dress code violating sweat shorts falling to the floor easily. Oh stars, he was already naked. Gaster alternated between looking away, embarrassed, and trying to take in every detail.

“Just sit here.” Gaster was looking away when Goopster spoke, so he was startled by Sans crawling into his lap. His pelvis warmed even further as hard bones rubbed against it through his pants. Gaster looked up at Sans to find his face a striking shade of blue.

“Hey, boss,” Sans greeted him with a nervous laugh. Gaster blushed deeply.

“Don’t call me that now,” he grumbled. The last thing he wanted to be right now was San’s boss. Sans opened his mouth to reply, but his face froze and he moaned instead. A moment later, Sans’s pevis was pressed down into Gaster’s as Goopster began to ooze over him.

“Oh!” Sans grabbed onto Gaster’s shirt. Since Sans had stripped, Gaster could watch as the inky black slowly swallowed up Sans’s pelvis, dripping down through the holes of his sacrum. It was very strange to see it happen to someone else.

“Did you ask?” Gaster tried to berate Goopster, but Sans was panting against his chest as Goopster aroused him. Oh stars, that was too enticing. Gaster subtly rubbed his arms.

“’s fine,” Sans answered before Goopster could. “Feels good.” He proceeded to drop his torso against Gasters and moan. Gaster’s breathing sped up. He glanced up and caught Goopster’s ‘sockets’. The future version of himself was looking far too knowing for his tastes. Not that Gaster had the wherewithal to stop what was happening.

Goopster ‘leaned’ forward, his body setting across Sans’s ribs and surrounding them. His hands grabbed onto the back of the couch on either side of Gasters’s skull. Sans was fully enveloped soon enough, except for his skull.

“How do you feel, Sans?” Gaster asked softly, worried that it might be too much for him.

“Woah…” Sans moaned, his eyelighs drifting out of focus. His body began to move, grinding back and forth across Gaster’s lap. It had to be Goopster, because he knew from experience that Sans couldn’t do much while encased like that.

Sans moaned loudly, his grip on Gaster tightening to steady himself as he was moved to and fro. Gaster lifted his arms, wrapping them around Sans, even though Goopster was in the way. The ooze gave way, trapping his arms in the hug.

Goopster started to leak through onto Gaster, but the feeling of Sans being moved against him was already sending him to the edge. When Sans let out a sharper gasp and began to tremble against him, Gaster’s orgasm swept through him.

By the time Gaster came down from it, Goopster had withdrawn. He was left with a naked Sans in his lap, still circled by his arms. Sans sleepily nuzzled against his chest. It was cute.

“What are you trying to do?” Gaster asked Goopster, once he was sure Sans had fallen asleep. Goopster was settled into a blob nearby.

“Who, me?” Goopster asked. If he wasn’t inclined to tell Gaster, then it was probably better he didn’t know. However, when Gaster leaned his skull back to rest it against the couch, he caught Goopster giving them a wistful look.

Chapter Text

His slippers were sitting on the bank next to him. He’d learned the hard way that wet slippers were not pleasant, even though they made a funny sound when he walked. So his feet were hanging in the water unadorned, the river gently tugging at them.

“Tra la la. Always so alone.”

A boat slid up to the bank, stopping right in front of Sans. The caped figure in the boat just stood there, seemingly uninvolved with the motion of the vessel. Sans hadn’t quite figured out how he did it. He had suspected some sort of remote control under the cape, but that had been disproven.

“It’s not so bonely now,” Sans commented. They adjusted their cloak, which meant they were flustered.

“Tra la la. Need a ride?”

“Always,” Sans grinned and climbed to his feet. He grabbed the slippers quickly before jumping into the boat. It didn’t even rock. Sometimes this boat felt more solid than land. It gently started moving, drifting down the river. The unbroken cave walls gave them a sense of being all alone.

“So about that ride…” Sans teased, stepping up behind them and resting his skull on their shoulder. They were as steady as always, though he felt them shake briefly with a laugh.

“Tra la ooh la la,” they responded, leaning back against him. The two of them stayed like that, taking a moment to enjoy being insulated from the world. When the hooded head turned and soft lips pressed against Sans’s skull, the moment of peace was broken. Their time was brief and they had to make the most of it.

He ended up on his back in the boat, his shorts still trapped on one foot, his hoodie pushed down to his arms, and his shirt shoved up to show his ribs. Their cloak covered them both, though they had never let the boat actually cross an opening while they were entangled.

Sans gasped as he was penetrated. His hands reached for them, finding soft fabric over hard flesh. He had never seen them without the cloak, but that didn’t matter. Appearance wasn’t why he craved this. It was the connection, the sense that he wasn’t alone, if briefly.

They had never shared with him why they reached for him so desperately, but he liked to think it was the same for them.

Grunting, Sans slid across the smooth wood of the boat as they thrust into him repeatedly. A blissful fog covered his thoughts, leaving him free to enjoy the feel of them without distraction. His life and all the baggage it came with was out there, somewhere. Here, now, it was just them.

Sans tensed in orgasm, his body rigid and arched beneath them. They helped hold him up, pressing his ribs against their body. As he relaxed and laid back they draped themselves over him, their cloak acting as a blanket. Sans easily dropped off into a doze, lulled by the afterglow and the gentle rocking of the boat.

When he woke, he was fully dressed. They had retaken their spot at the front of the boat, rigid and in control again. He watched them, wondering what drove them to an isolated life on the river. As far as he knew, they never set foot on land.

Even though they didn’t turn to look, the boat picked up speed, soon drawing up alongside the river bank just outside Snowdin. Sans got to his feet and walked over to them.

“Thanks for the ride,” he said softly, grabbing their hand through the cloak. They jumped, but gave his hand a brief squeeze a moment later.

“Tra la la. Any time,” they replied, and Sans was struck by the longing in their voice. Somehow, even though he had felt frozen by the realization, he found himself on the bank, watching them float away.

Chapter Text

“Ah ha!” Sans cheered as his magic finally coalesced into a glowing blue length. It flopped down from his pelvis, similar to the drawing in the book, despite missing some of the other flesh around it. Based on his research, this was the important part.

He stood up from his bed and put his hands on his hips. The penis dangled against his bones. It felt weird, but he was excited he figured it out. Grinning, his twisted his hips back and forth, making the penis flap back and forth.

“Mwehehe.” It was kind of fun to play with. Sans slid a couple of fingers under it and bounced it up and down, as well. The magic was surprisingly heavy. He grabbed it and pointed it around the room like a hose. It felt kind of good, holding it like that. This thing was going to be fun! Giggling, Sans let it fall back into place, though it didn’t droop all the way down this time.

“So…” he looked over at the book, which he had basically memorized by now and knew didn’t have any answers. “What now?”

Since the book’s usefulness was over, he looked down at the penis. It had felt good when he held it. He wrapped his hand around it again. Warmth tingled out from where his fingers touched the magical flesh. He rubbed his thumb up and down, thinking of what he could do. More than just ‘good’ sensations rushed out from where his thumb moved up and down.

“Oh!” he flushed and stared down at his hand. Tentatively, he moved his whole hand towards his pelvis. Pleasure surged from the penis into his bones. “Oh…” He felt a little dizzy. Stumbling back a few steps, he fell back onto the bed.

With hardly a thought his hand went back the other way, sliding towards the end of the length. It wasn’t as heavy anymore, and after a few more pleasurable, tingly passes of his hand he noticed that it was practically standing up on it own. When he let go it only bobbed to the side slightly.

“Huh,” he commented, his thoughts fuzzy. Grabbing ahold again, he continued to stroke the penis. It didn’t just keep feeling good, the nice feeling was growing. It was like joy was building up in his soul, ready to explode out at any moment. He moaned, tilting his skull back as it reached new heights with every jerk of his hand.

“Mmmm.” His hips started to move, too, increasing the friction against his penis as he thrust almost mindlessly into the curl of his hand.

“Oh… ah! Ah!” Sans reached some kind of crest, where the pleasure took over completely and he was so happy he felt like he could burst. His body took over as he was consumed by it. He wasn’t aware of anything but pleasure, and the light patter of liquid on his hand.

He didn’t check to see what it was until the nice haze following had faded enough for his curiosity to return. Lifting his skull, Sans looked down and found the penis limp in his hand. A thin, white liquid had splattered on his hand, pelvis, and the very tops of his thighs. He let go of the length and swiped some up, rubbing it between his fingers. It was kind of slimy and gross.

“Where did that come from?” He wondered, smelling it. It didn’t smell very nice. It was kinda like the slime that Papy emitted sometimes, and Blue had to wash off his clothes... His eyelights wandered past his hand to the penis, which was starting to fade away. “Ew, no…gross!”

Chapter Text

“Oh, somebody’s wet.”

“You could say he’s moist.”

“That’s not even a pun,” Edge complained, gasping. Sans jerked his cock up into him particularly hard. Red even groaned.

“You hear that?” Sans plopped his skull on Edge’s shoulder so he could talk to Red. Edge trembled slightly between them.

“Sounds like my bro wants us to make more puns.” Red rumbled. Edge could feel every word from his spot pressed against Red’s ribs.

“I dick-tect the same.” Sans laughed, leaning past Edge to kiss Red. Edge moaned, which left him unable to disagree. Even though they stopped thrusting for their little chat, every movement shifted their cocks inside of him,

“Have you always secretly liked puns?” Red whispered against his skull. “It's okay, no need to pussy—” he jerked his hips up, “—foot around. Admit it.”

“Yeah,” Sans groaned and thrust again. “We’ll be as accommodating as you are.” Edge flushed. His magic was stretched wide open by both of their members.

“You—you assholes.”

“Is that all you’ve got? Are we messing with your cock-sentration?” Red lifted Edge just enough to slam into him. Edge moaned, tossing his skull back against his brother's shoulder.

“Are our bone-ers too much for you?” Sans made a counterpoint with small, quick thrusts that rubbed against Red as well as Edge’s magic.

“Shut— shu— uh… ah!” Edge bounced, losing the admonishment partway through. His face heated with embarrassment, frustration, and pleasure. It was aggravating that they were so good at this.

“What was that? I can't hear you over the sound of us plowing you,” Red snickered, and Sans laughed.

“We’re fucking him Sans-less.”

Red howled and started up a steady rhythm of thrusts. Edge’s head was spinning between bright red fury and the overwhelming sensations.

“What a pre-dick-ament.”

Cum on, we already used dick.”

“Two dicks are better than one.”

“Won't cross swords with you on that one, just here.” Sans pounded into Edge, making him and Red moan simultaneously. Edge felt his orgasm mounting, but finishing amidst this nonsense was unacceptable.

“You're so quiet and penis-ful, Edge, how rare,” Sans added with a smirk. Edge scowled at him, or did his best. His teeth were raffling from the force of their movements. Pressure was building up inside of him, but he held it back.

To the brim,” Red added. He stopped and just rotated his hips, stretching Edge in a while knew way and pressing up against something very nice inside of him.

“Fuck,” Edge muttered to himself. He was about to lose control. His magic clenched around the cocks in anticipation.

“He seems a little hard up.” Sans commented, yet again, He wriggled a hand between them to rub at Edge’s clit. It was too much. He began to squeeze them with every bit of strength in his pussy. Both of them groaned, stilling inside him. Liquid dripped down his femurs.

“I fucking hate you both!” Edge screamed, as he came, trapped between two laughing, amazing idiots.

Chapter Text

“H-hey now, can’t we talk about this?” Honey stared up at the massive dragon crouched above him. He wriggled his shoulders once, trying to dislodge his arms, but they were thoroughly trapped, just like the rest of him. The dragon sniffed at him, and gave his skull a lick.

Honey sputtered, shaking his skull to try and avoid it. There wasn’t anywhere to go, and his options grew even more limited as the dragon’s claws wrapped around him. He yelped as he was lifted into the air, legs dangling. This was bad. This was very bad. He wanted to cling to the top claw, but his arms were still pinned to his side.

The dragon licked at him a few more times, and he wondered if falling would be the preferable fate. Each time the dragon’s tongue reached out he caught glimpses of long sharp teeth and her glowing purple mouth. He was far too close to all of it for comfort.

“Don-don’t,” he whimpered as the licking got more insistent. She was almost slurping at him. Her grip was finally loosening, but the large tongue was taking over maneuvering him into her mouth. The only things he could even try to hold onto were the teeth, and he hesitated. That cost him. She pulled him deeper into the purple cavern, so that only his skull and shoulders were still outside of her.

Panic surpassed his hesitation and he grab onto one of the larger front teeth, wrapping his arms around it. Her tongue drew along his chest, trying to pull him further in. His clothes were growing wet and heavy, which didn’t help when she threw her head back. He lost his grip, arms too weak to hold on, but managed to grab the very tip of the tooth with both hands. His feet were already being restricted by the very top of her throat. Could he even pull himself free?

Honey tried. He put every bit of strength he had into dragging himself forward and away from certain death. Then, with a casual swipe, her tongue pushed him up, popping his hands off the narrow top of the tooth. Honey was so startled he froze, hands still curled as if he hadn’t lost his only lifeline.

“Shit,” he cursed as he slid deeper into the dragon’s throat and the sharp wall of teeth closed around him. The outside world disappeared and Honey sagged, all the fight draining out of him. The dragon’s tongue nudged at him, speeding his decent. His whole body eventually was squeezed and pushed down into the dragon. He was beyond helpless now. This was the end, and all he could think about was how strange it was that he smelled strawberries at this precise moment.

The pressure eased around his legs first, then his torso, and finally his skull. He collapsed into an exhausted sit. At least he was a little more comfortable now. This wouldn’t even be a bad place for a nap, aside from the dying part. It was warm and soft, and he wasn’t going to gain any ground by staying awake. Sitting around being scared wasn’t all that appealing. Might as well be comfortable…

Honey woke to the same purple glow he’d fallen asleep to. He rubbed his sockets and took stock. Limbs, intact, clothing still fine, even. Shouldn’t there at least be a little damage? He looked at his hand, realizing that it didn’t hurt, even a little bit.

“Aren’t you going to digest me?” he asked, as loudly as he could.

“No,” the dragon replied, matter of fact, her voice rumbling through her body.

“Oh…” Honey didn’t entirely know what to make of that. He adjusted himself so he was more laying down. If that was the case, another nap should be fine.

Chapter Text

SF Papby - Deepthroat

“Shit,” Papyrus leaned back against the rock. It pushed against his spine uncomfortably, but he was far too distracted to care. Between his legs, Grillby had his face pressed all the way up against his pelvis, Papyrus's cock buried deep in his throat.

Grillby’s glasses were tilted, pushed out of place as he had repeatedly bobbed his head over the length. The disheveled look was a good one, one that Papyrus enjoyed as Grillby squeezed his cock with a swallow. He moaned, running his fingers through the flames that flicked across the top of his head.

That earned him a heated look. Papyrus tried not to laugh. Grillby would be insulted. Papyrus was not interested in insulting the monster with his dick in his mouth, especially after he swallowed again. Papyrus’s spine scraped against the rock as he arched, coming into Grillby with a shout. Grillby greedily drank his release. He was always greedy.

Once Papyrus was spent, Grillby slowly drew his mouth off of him, his mouth tight around it to keep any errant cum inside. He gave the tip a teasing swipe with his tongue before releasing it with a pop. Papyrus grunted and winced, his dick oversensitive post-orgasm.

“You have no stamina,” Grillby complained, even though he looked completely satisfied. Papyrus laughed and pulled him up for a kiss. Grillby met him hungrily, a tongue of flame pushing its way into his mouth. Papyrus let him drive the kiss with a smile. He was still trying to regain his wits, and he would need them back soon. It was hard work keeping up with a lover who’s passion always burned so bright.


Pervy Gen - Inuendo

“I’m so excited to see human theater for the first time,” Blue grabbed the tickets from Stretch, who had been goaded into going and getting some for the next available show. He wasn’t entirely sure what an opera was, but he wanted to experience everything he could now that they were on the surface.

“It’s not cheap,” Stretch commented, “but the staff seemed to think that this was a good one.”

“Oh good! What is it called?” Blue peered down at the ticket, searching for the name.

“Oh my goodness!” He was so startled he recoiled slightly. “We can’t go see this!” His face warmed with a blush and he looked away from the offending piece of paper.

“What? Why not?” Stretch took the tickets back and looked over them. “I thought Sunday was fine.”

“Well, yes, the day is fine, but that show…” Blue shook his skull. “I would have never expected the humans to show things like that.”

“Like…what?” Stretch tilted his skull.

Blue gestured at the tickets. He darkened, not sure how Stretch couldn’t tell what the show was. Blue really didn’t want to spell it out, because then he would have to say all sorts of lewd things.

Stretch just continued to look at him blankly.

“You know…magic flute…like, um, when someone uses their mouth…on your…” Blue stared at the ceiling because there was no way he could look at his brother while he awkwardly tried to not describe oral sex.

“Holy shit,” Stretch started to snicker. “Bro, are you—it’s flesh flute.” He bent over laughing, the hand holding the tickets pressed against his ribs. “The term is flesh flute.”

“Stop saying it!” Blue snapped, reaching whole new levels of embarrassment. “I know that, but I extrapolated, and ours…are…magic…”

Stretch’s laughter stopped for a long moment while he stared at Blue. Blue crossed his arms and stared resolutely at the couch.

“Oh my god, my brother is a perv,” Stretch whispered.

“Am not!” Blue yelled, but he was partially drowned out by Stretch’s howls of laughter. Just because he followed a logical pattern did not make him a pervert.

“Well now we definitely have to go,” Stretch wheezed. Blue glared at him. At the same time, he did actually kind of want to go and see. He was curious. Blue sank into a horrifying realization.

Was he actually a pervert?


Toriel/Muffet - Gropping

“We’re closed—oh!” Muffet curtsied when she found Tori standing in the doorway. The tilt of Tori’s head said that she was rolling her eyes. The restaurant was empty, so she flicked the switch for the open sign before walking through the tables over to her.

“I’m not the queen anymore,” she said softly as Muffet met her in front of the counter. Muffet shrugged. “But it’s so fun. Maybe if I did it like this?” Muffet curtsied again, lifting her skirt high enough that it just barely covered her panties. Tori laughed.

“Or maybe like this?” Muffet spun and dipped into a bowing curtsy that pushed her bottom towards Tori. A large, warm, soft hand swiped over her ass, squeezing slightly before she stood.

“You may have changed my mind,” Tori laughed. She turned Muffet back to face her and kissed her. Muffet blushed and kissed back, not at all minding that the skirt began to creep up again, seemingly all on its own.



“S-Sans,” Papyrus’s face was slowly turning more orange as Sans watched. “So… when you demanded to keep my hoodie,” Papyrus’s skull shrunk down, “in order to wash it…” Sans grinned as Papyrus used the garment in question to hide his face. Sans couldn’t tease him more because he was stuck admiring the way his hoodie draped over Papyrus’s shoulders. How it fell just below his ribs, hiding just enough while exposing so much. It wasn’t zipped, flaring open as he closed the collar, and there was nothing under it. 

“Papyrus, come out,” Sans said, noticing a slight tremble. “You know I’d give you anything you wanted, even that.” Especially if he kept wearing it like that. “That wouldn’t make any sense,” Papyrus sniffled, peeking out at Sans. “I only like it because it’s yours.”


Fellcest - Bondage

“Mmm!” Sans grunted as he fell the few inches onto the bed. The middle of the scarf darkened with saliva were it rested in his jaw. From there, it wrapped around his neck. Papyrus gave the tails a tug. Sans arched up, trying to minimize the pull on the vertebrae. Papyrus let him relax after a moment, but there was still far to go. Predictably, even that little hint of danger started to rile him up. Ignoring it—because they were going actually have foreplay this time—Papyrus grabbed one tail and began to weave it into his rib cage. The first rib got the surprised reaction, Sans jumping and moaning as the fabric rubbed between his ribs during the slow pull. As Sans got used to it, the sounds evened out. By the time Papyrus had the second tail through all the ribs they had gotten loud and pleading.

“I think we’re finally ready to get started,” Papyrus commented, earning him a desperate groan.


Soriel - Feet

“You've cleaned me down to the bones,” Sans grinned at her. Toriel grinned back and shook her head. “Not quite.” She stroked his leg as she pulled it up towards her. Sans obliged, letting her cradle his foot in her hand. A baggy white sock still adorned it. He blushed as she plucked at the toe and slid the sock off slowly, letting the material trail over the delicate ridges and valleys of his foot. Periodically, his toes protruded, wriggling. Once off, she tossed it aside and pressed a quick kiss to the freshly revealed bones. 

“Tori,” Sans half laughed, half whimpered. He reached for her. She shook her head again and took hold of the other leg.



“Do you own anything other than tanks?” Alphys asked with a nervous giggle. “Not that I'm complaining—or criticizing—or—”

“It's fine,” Undyne laughed, hugging her as she tried to apologize herself into a frenzy. “I’ve got a few, but they’re just so perfect!

“They keep me cool when I'm training,” she started, taking a fighting pose. “Not to mention, they're tight enough to stay out of the way.” She snapped the fabric against her stomach.

“Plus, they're simple to clean, come in sensible colors, and go great with my jacket.” She finished with a grin. Alphys was staring up at her with bright pink cheeks and foggy glasses. She tugged Undyne’s arm until she got down.

“And easy to take off,” she squeaked, pulling the hem off the tank top up and over Undyne's head before kissing her.

Chapter Text

“Oh, I’m so excited!” Papyrus clapped his hands. He kept adjusting himself as though he couldn’t get comfortable. Black grinned, amused by how nervous he was about a simple strip show. Of course, it wasn’t his fault. He had been far too sheltered.

“We’re ready,” Black called out, pitching his voice down so it was a little lustful. He hoped it was audible over the music coming from outside the room.

There was a pause after the words, rich with apprehension, before Slim stalked into the room and quietly closed the door, his slouch gone for once. His posture made the tight fabric of his shirt stretch across his ribs, giving teasing impressions of each bone. His over-sized hoodie looked about ready to slip down of its own volition and bare his arms. Even his pants were tight as sin. Black wasn’t sure if he was imagining a hint of definition from his pelvis, or if they really were that close to the bone.

Black glanced over at Papyrus. He was staring at Slim, his jaw hanging open slightly and a bright orange blush creeping over his face. The fidgeting had stopped altogether.

Slim stopped in front of them, facing to the side. He paused dramatically before letting the hoodie fall from his shoulders with a little shrug. The shirt he had chosen was sleeveless, so it exposed his upper arm and part of his shoulder. Black saw every part of Slim on a regular basis, but even he felt a little flush at the manner it was revealed.

With a little flourish, Slim turned his back to them. He looked over his shoulder, eyeing them from the side of his socket. Slowly, so very slowly, he let the coat slide down his arms. Black heard Papyrus gasp as it finally gave and slipped the rest of the way off to make a pile on the floor. Slim kept his arms completely straight behind him, showing them off.

“Wow…” Papyrus whispered. Black looked over at him again. His legs were crossed now. He had his elbow resting on them, and his skull on that hand. The intensity with which he watched Slim was impressive.

Slim smirked and pulled his arms forward, stretching the shirt the other way so that it showed off his scapulae and spine. Black knew just how sensitive that spine was. His magic stirred at the thought of licking up it.

Without facing them, Slim began to inch the shirt up. Each time he did it popped free of another process. Once it was halfway up he suddenly turned his torso so that they got to see part of his ribs. Papyrus gasped.

“Hey bro, where did you—” The door opened, letting the music, more light, and Sans into the room.

Everybody froze.

Slim was guiltily looking anywhere but at Sans. Papyrus was shrinking into his chair, his face hidden in his hands. Black felt a tinge of shame before standing and facing Sans.

“Private party,” he stated, as though they were doing nothing wrong, because they weren’t. Sans’s eyelights darted to where Papyrus was slowly curling up into himself, over to Slim, with a little dip towards the exposed ribs, and then landed on Black. He still had his hand on the door knob and was stuck with only one foot in the room, mid-stride.

“Um…” Sans tilted his skull, as if the words didn’t make sense. “Papyrus?”

“Yes?” Papyrus answered, surprisingly calmly, from behind his gloves.

“Is this what you…? I mean, are you into…?” Sans flushed blue as he tried to form a simple sentence. Black raised a brow bone at him.

“It’s… it’s very nice… yes?” Papyrus peeked over the tops of his fingers to look at Sans as he answered.

“Oh…” Sans looked around the room again, stopping even longer on Slim’s ribs this time. He seemed at a complete loss.

“Papyrus, Slim, would you mind if he joined us?” Black asked, taking the lead, naturally. Sans’s eyelights shrank, but he didn’t take any steps to shut the idea down.

“Of course not,” Slim replied almost immediately, his voice teasing.

“Not at all…” Papyrus added hesitantly. Sans jumped a little, but he finally finished his step and relaxed slightly.

“Close the door, please,” Black smirked, sitting back down and getting comfortable. There was yet another heavy pause before Sans did and settled down on the bed behind them.

“Continue,” Black ordered, excited to see where the night went now.

Chapter Text

“I love you,” Slim blurted after a moment. They were out in the woods, Slim showing up right as Edge wrapped up his trap maintenance and offering to walk home with him. He’d stopped after only a few minutes, prompting Edge to turn and check on him. Slim stared at the ground, his hands shoved deep into his jacket pockets, like Red did when he was anxious.

“I don’t love you,” Edge replied simply. Slim was hardly a friend, maybe more of an acquaintance. He got along best with Red, sharing many of the same, annoying, habits. Which was a big part of why being anything more than acquaintances was unwelcome. Red got away with it because he was family.

Slim’s shoulders drooped. He lifted his skull, though, looking up at Edge with startled, teary sockets. Had he honestly expected anything different?

“Is there even… a chance…?” Slim asked softly. “We could spend a little more time—”

“No,” Edge shook his skull and crossed his arms. “I have no interest in you.”

Slim jerked, like the additional rejection had been a physical blow. Edge looked away, refusing to feel guilty. Slim had just come out with that out of nowhere. It wasn’t Edge’s fault he didn’t share the other’s feelings. Slim’s tendency to share Red’s more morose and self-destructive habits didn’t change anything, so Edge wasn’t sure why he was thinking about them. There was no reason for him to feel a little anxious about Slim and how hard he was taking this.

“Look, I—” Edge swung his eyelights back towards Slim, ready to do his best to soften the blow. He also intended to suggest that Slim head home and spend time with his own brother, who would be sure to take care of him. Red was a shitty influence at the best of times.

But Slim wasn’t there.

Chapter Text

“Ah!” Alphys cried, her legs squeezing around Sans. He wriggled his tongue deeper, teeth vibrating against her pussy as he hummed something. He could talk when he was done, she thought with a little thrill. That was awfully daring of her.

“AaH!” Sans interrupted her thoughts with a careful nibble along the side of her pussy up to her clit. Her toes curled as he lathered attention on the small nub, sparking all sorts of bright flashes of pleasure. He pussy clenched and arousal dripped down her tail to the bed.

The rest of her tail—the part Sans wasn't laying on—was moving at a steady rhythm between Sans’s legs, rubbing over the ridges of his pussy. Sans clenched around her with his thighs. That didn't stop the tip from continuing the motion.

Sans’s skull moved up and down as he moved his tongue wildly, slurping up the juices. His thin fingers clutched at her back and butt, digging in almost painfully. Alphys wriggled, more for show than anything. Sans obliged, adjusting his hand to hold her close to him with the appearance of desperation.

His tongue jabbed inside of her, hot and very animated, especially for Sans. It twisted and turned, pausing at the walls of her pussy until she howled. Her claws skittered over Sans’s skull as Alphys clutched at it. She was so close. So, so close.

“Yes! Yes, just like—ah!” Alphys tensed as she came. Sans didn't let up, pressing against that magic spot. It felt like her orgasm might never end, and it felt so good she was okay with that. Unfortunately, it did, her body easing back to the bed as Sans withdrew his tongue and gently licked up the mess smeared across her pussy and inner thighs. She snorted breathlessly and gently slapped the top of his skull when he pressed his tongue against the joint between her crotch and her leg.

“That…tickles…” she panted. Sans peeked up at her with the top edge of his socket and a bright white light as he brushed the tip of his tongue along it again. Alphys snorted again as she giggled and squeezed with her thighs. She spotted a hint of a blush creeping up his face before he ducked back down. His tongue did not cause any more trouble.

Rather, Sans began to massage her bottom while his hips began to rock against her tail. Alphys guiltily twitched her tail, rubbing against him side to side as he moved back and forth. They kept at it for a while, Sans’s moans muffled against her thighs, until he tensed and Alphys felt the wet spot in his shorts expand.

“mmmmm,” Sans practically purred as he slumped against her. Alphys agreed, already nearing sleep, but she was not going to have him sleeping between her legs like that. Again. With a grunt she lifted her tail and pulled at his shoulders. Sans wiggled in a way that might have been meant to help. Once Sans’s head and shoulders were on her stomach, Alphys gave up, returning to her post orgasm stupor.

Sans shifted, wrapping his arms around her and nuzzling his face into her belly. Alphys flushed, startled slightly more awake by a rush of embarrassment. Sans seemed content after that, though, starting to snore almost immediately.

“This may have become a mistake,” she whispered, stroking the back of Sans’s skull.

Chapter Text

“‘sup, nerd?” Sans just seemed to appear in the chair next to her desk. Alphys yelped and scrambled to close her browser window with one hand while she pulled her hand out of her pants and tried to subtly wipe her hand on her pants.

“S—S—Sans…” she blushed as she turned to him. “D—don't scare me like that.”

“what can i do? skeletons are naturally spooky.”

“No you aren't,” Alphys snorted. “You two are the biggest goofs in the Underground.”

“thank you, that means a lot to hear. we take our goofiness very seriously.” The glowing white dots in Sans’s sockets farted down towards Alphys’s crotch. She crossed her legs, hoping that her underwear wasn't showing where her pants were undone. She couldn't bring herself to check.

“What—What are you doing here?” Alphys asked with a nervous chuckle. Sans looked back up at her face and grinned.

“nothin’. what i wanna know is what you’re doing.”

“Noth—nothing,” Alphys squeaked.

“mmhm,” Sans agreed in a tone that indicated that he didn't believe her for a second. Silence stretched out between them as Alphys became increasingly flustered. She finally reached her limit and buried her face in her hands, shoving her glasses up.

“I was flicking it!” She wailed.

“Hah!” Sans snorted, his grin widening. “Flicking it?”

“I—um… flicking the…bean? Um, masturbating…” Alphys explained softly and with a growing sense of horror. Sans was going to tell. Everyone knew that Snowdin was the biggest rumor mill in the Underground. Then Undyne would hear about and hate her. Sans would definitely tell Asgore. This was the end of Alphys. Her career and love life ruined in one fell swoop.

“i know what it means. i’m a little surprised you use it,” Sans was still laughing.

“I will have you know,” Alphys raised her face, a few trickles of wetness making their way down her snout. “That I am a longtime purveyor of erotic fiction!” Alphys froze. That wasn't going to help, was it?

“oh?” Sans looked over at her computer. “mew mew, i assume?” The background this month was a flurry of ruffled skirts and magic sparkles.

Alphys declined to respond,or rather she wish she had the capacity to do so. Words would no longer form in her throat. Her face was apparently enough.

“who do you ship?” Sans put his elbows on her desk and set his chin on his hands. “mew mew and carol?”

“What do you take me for?” Alphys burst out. “Marol May seem like the obvious choice, but Mew Mew deserves better! Mewla is the cutest—”

“rare ship…” Sans commented as she sweat bullets. “ever read ‘a dozen ways to say love’?”

“Only a dozen times,” Alphys informed him. She gasped as she realized something very important. “Have you?” Sans just winked at her.

Alphys grinned and pulled her browser window back up again.

“Can you believe Mew Mew…”

Chapter Text

“mm!” Sans shifted his pelvis. All that did was rotate his pussy around the length. It didn’t budge, and Sans couldn’t. He forced his body to slow and stop. There wasn’t anything he could do to lessen his discomfort anyways. His knees were bolted to the table via wide bands of metal. His wrists and neck were surrounded by the wood of the stocks, holding his skull and hands in place. Resting them on the thinner edge of the wood hurt, so he had to keep them up, which was exhausting. Every once in a while he would falter and the unpleasant sensation of wood pressing on the disks between his vertebrae would perk him back up.

He would have called out to whoever was in the darkness beyond the lone, stark circle of light he occupied. He would have begged, if they wanted, to at least rest his skull, but that was just as impossible as easing the pain in his stiff joints. His jaw was full of fabric, jammed into him while he was still out of it and held on with a tight nylon strap. It was cutting into the spot right behind his teeth.

Sans only managed the stoic calm for about thirty seconds, though it might as well have been two years for how drained it left him. He whined into the gag as prickling spread along the bottom edge of his sockets.

There was a response! One loud click from his left. Sans turned his skull and peered into the darkness.

“mm!” Sans yelled as the thing inside of him moved, drawing out of his pussy and finally allowing the magic to sink back together. It hurt at first, but sweet relief followed the pain as it faded into pins and needles. It thrust back inside too quickly, stretching him open again. Sans yelped, and despite already knowing how futile it was, he tried to pull away from it. His spine ached with the effort, but it was already bent as far as it would go. The stocks and the bindings on his legs were just close enough that he fit in them with. his ribs pressed to the table and his coccyx thrust into the air.

The thing, it had to be a machine, continued its rhythmic thrusting at a tempo too regular to be anything else. There was no warmth or feeling in its insistent pounding. Nonetheless, Sans’s magic slickened eventually. By the time it did he was already sore and tired.

As though the machine knew, it sped up, slamming into Sans so quickly that his body rocked. His knees held fast, but there was just enough room in the stocks for his neck to bounce painfully between the wood.  He grunted, tensing against the abuse to no avail. At least he could feel an orgasm mounting. It was a pale comfort, but he could feel good for a moment. With humiliating ease Sans began to want it. His eyelights darted down as he flushed with shame.  

The machine stopped. It was only halfway inside of him, and completely still. Sans jolted when the stillness registered. What had happened? He had been so close. Whining, Sans looked around the section of darkness his sockets could reach, but no one stepped forth to explain to him what was going on. Frustrated at being denied what he had just accepted, Sans jerked his hips forward, trying to get the length deeper.  He got about a millimeter for his trouble.  

Sans sagged, giving up. Whoever was doing this wasn’t going to let him have that. His magic pulsed, insisting on more, but he couldn’t give it more. He was bound by the whims of whoever was out there.

The machine moved again, easing into him until it met the limits of his magic. Sans sighed with relief. After it slowly pulled out and just as slowly thrust back in, Sans realized it was not going to be enough. The way it inched along rubbed at the walls of his pussy but didn’t provide the stimulation he needed. He squeezed around it, trying to increase the pressure, but that just made the thrust in hurt.

Sans’s tears returned, sipping free to soak into the gag. The machine maintained that speed, driving Sans to despair as he stayed aroused but unsatisfied. He whined, shaking and rattling in his bindings, no matter how it hurt. However, nothing changed and no one appeared. The machine just plugged along thrusting into Sans as he sagged and began to sob.

Chapter Text

“Hey babe,” Undyne’s voice from over her shoulder was the only warning she got before those strong, lean, incredibly sexy arms wrapped around her from behind. Undyne tightened the hug, squishing Alphys against her chest.

Everything around her went out of focus and gray. All Alphys could see was black and white. Her breasts and wrists ached. The only thing she felt was fear.

“Oof!” the arms loosened and fell away, Undyne’s grunt of pain restoring Alphys’s awareness of what was actually around her. Her arm was bent, elbow jutting backwards with the tight sensation of having just hit something. Alphys snapped her hands up to her snout and turned to face her girlfriend—probably former girlfriend, now— with dread.

“Oh, Un—Undyne, I’m so—so sorry!” she cried, reaching out to help her straighten from her double over pose. Undyne laughed breathlessly and shot Alphys a pained grin.

“Don’t worry about it,” she said kindly. “Now I know that you can take care of yourself, I feel a lot better. And I know not to sneak up on you.”

“I—I just feel so b—bad,” Alphys insisted, trembling.

“I’m telling you, it’s fine,” Undyne waved her hand dismissively before dropping her arm over Alphys’s shoulders and giving her a kiss on the cheek. Alphys froze, the world going black and white again and panic surged through her.

“No!” she cried, breaking away from Undyne. She put a few feet between them before she managed to stop. Nervously, she looked over her shoulder. Undyne looked shocked, her arm still raised as though resting on Alphys.

Flushed with shame, Alphys looked down at her hands, her claws clicking together.

“Are you okay?” Undyne called after a stretch of silence. Alphys cringed, hunching down into herself.

“Yes…?” she replied, staring down at the ground. She couldn’t bear to look at Undyne while she explained herself. Not that her mind’s vivid imaginations made for much of an explanation.

“It—It’s all because of these dreams—nightmares!” Alphys clutched her hands together. “I don’t know why I have them. B—but in them, I’m being touched—hurt…and they’re just dreams…but I still…I still…” Alphys flapped her hand back at Undyne to indicate the last few minutes.
“Are you sure…” Undyne responded hesitantly. Alphys drooped a little further. Of course Undyne didn’t believe her. Anyone who let their dreams have such an effect on their lives was—

“Are you sure it’s just a dream…?” Undyne repeated and continued her question as though it pained her to ask it. Alphys turned to look at her, curious despite her anxiety.

Undyne was watching her, expression troubled. She gestured aimlessly with her hands, looking to the side as she noticed Alphys’s gaze.

“Dreams don’t typically cause… that. But if they’re more than dreams maybe. If they’re memories…”

“They can’t be,” Alphys said with a humorless laugh. She had wondered the same thing, at first.

“If it was a memory there would be someone there, doing it,” she sighed, feeling the same sense of wrongness she’d had when she thought through the dream’s contents on her own. “But there isn’t. Just this—blackness. My brain couldn’t even come up with a generic composite body like most would. It’s a distinct sense of…nothing. Nothing—no one— did this to me, I’m sure of it.”

“And yet,” she took a few shuffling steps close to Undyne, her eyes growing wet, “it’s enough to ruin things for us…”

“Woah!” Undyne focused on Alphys again, her forehead wrinkling. She swiped a whole arm diagonally in front of her.

“No way! This isn’t going to ruin anything!” She placed her hands on her hips and gave Alphys a determined look. “Doesn’t matter what it is, we’ll get past it!”

“U—Un—Undyne,” Alphys blubbered, covering her snout again for completely different reasons. Tears ran down her cheeks. “You shoul—shouldn’t have t—to…”

“Yes I should,” Undyne grinned at her, and Alphys thought she might just melt at that grin. “You’re my girlfriend, and I’m going to help you however I can. Always.”

Alphys couldn’t find the words to respond to that, so she just cried while Undyne waited a respectful distance away.

Chapter Text

“Stop fidgeting!” Sans hissed, glaring at Papyrus. His brother glared back and uncrossed his legs before crossing them the other way. Sans turned back to the monsters standing in front of them, ignoring the way the tight black material highlighted Slim’s long femurs.

The monsters’ droning series of updates and questions did not help, but Sans endeavored to remain stoic. Kings were stoic, right? The Queen was, and if Sans was going to fill in for her, he would be as well.

The Queen’s crown had been too large for him, so they had stayed up last night making him one out of his spare special attacks. Broken bones jutted up from the plain metal band at odd angles, giving it a vicious feel. It wasn’t all that heavy, but the more monsters that came to talk to them about the difficulties the kingdom faced the more it weighed on his cervical vertebrae.

Finally, the doors closed behind the last visitor and the throne room grew quiet. Sans savored the silence for a moment before looking at the guards standing nearby. Even though they didn’t speak to him, he was tired of their presence as well.

With a flick of his new, fancier, cloak, Sans hopped off the throne and stalked out of the room, trusting Papyrus to follow. Guards were pointless with his brother there, but they refused to see it that way.

“In,” Sans ordered Papyrus, who complied with a bob of his skull. “Out,” Sans added the guards, who had tried to stand in the bedroom more than once. They took up stations outside the door without argument this time, and Sans slammed the door on them.

“You need to sit up when we’re receiving,” Sans berated Papyrus immediately. He needed someone to take out his frustration on. “Be more dignified.”

“That chair is too hard,” Papyrus complained, “my coccyx is killing me. And this thing is fucking itchy.” He picked at his uniform. The metals that Sans had found for him clinked together as it bounced back against his ribs. They were the only things that broke up the slim black uniform aside from Papyrus’s skull. They had even scrounged up some black gloves and boots. Sans subtly licked his teeth. He looked incredibly good.

He also complimented Sans perfectly. Sans had pulled together as much royal purple and gold as he could manage, with everything he could manage in the same harsh black. Aside from the crown, the lush purple cloak was his favorite piece. He loved how it flared behind him as he stalked the palace halls.

Papyrus might not care, but Sans understood how important appearances were if they were going to maintain control in the harsh world they lived in.

“Stop complaining, or I’ll show you what a sore coccyx is really like,” Sans snapped, stepping over to the bed and sitting at the foot of it. Papyrus stepped up to him, slightly to side. His sockets gleamed with want. Sans sniffed and looked to the other side.

“My lord…” Papyrus urged after a little while. Sans smiled slightly before smoothing his expression and continuing to ignore his brother.

“My lord, I’m sorry,” Papyrus took the bait and knelt down next to Sans. “Please…” Sans shivered. He loved when Papyrus begged. He glanced over out of the side of his socket and almost lost his composure. Papyrus had unfastened the top of his uniform, letting it hang open. Sans’s eyelights were drawn to the very top of Papyrus’s sternum, which just barely peeked out. Resisting a flush, Sans tore his eyelights away.

“Please forgive me,” Papyrus continued and Sans felt something against his right boot. He looked down to find Papyrus pressing his skull against it. Smirking, Sans nudged the boot into his brother. Papyrus turned and kissed it.

“My king.”

Sans stilled. He hadn’t expected hearing it to be so heady. With a short growl he nudged Papyrus’s chin up to look at him. There was nothing quite like having his brother on his knees.

“Disrobe your king,” Sans demanded. Papyrus smiled up at him and began on the laces of his boot. Once it was removed, Sans offered him the other one. Papyrus handled that one the same way, with reverence. He kissed each of Sans’s feet before crawling closer to the bed.

“Stand,” Sans encouraged him, at a questioning look. Papyrus did so with a bow. His hands were careful and deft as he unfastened the cloak and draped it onto the bed behind Sans. He went for Sans’s shirt next, carefully drawing it over his skull without dislodging the crown. Finally, he opened Sans’s pants. With the ease that lots of practice brought, Papyrus lifted Sans just enough to pull his pants down and slide them free of his legs.

“Impressive,” Sans praised him. Papyrus merely stared at him hungrily.

“My l—king, can I…?” Papyrus quietly asked and gestured behind Sans. Sans glanced back at the cloak.

“You may,” Sans nodded, straitening his spine. Papyrus reached around him, their bodies momentarily close. Sans nipped at Papyrus’s clavicle, winning a shudder from his brother. Papyrus withdrew, pulling the cloak back up around Sans’s shoulders and pinning it back in place.

With more of that intoxicating reverence, Papyrus knelt back down, his sockets glued to Sans. Sans glanced at the mirror across the room. Only half of him was visible, but that was enough. The crown of bone blended into his skull, giving the impression that it was part of him. The rest of his body, now completely bare, stood out starkly against the rich purple of the cloak. It draped over him heavily, belying its quality from appearance alone. Sans felt more regal now than he had in his exquisitely planned outfit. He grinned. It was all completed by the form at his feet, skull bowed in submission.

Chapter Text

“Sans, you don’t have to—be care—oh! Sans,” Asgore broke off into a moan as Sans pressed his face forward between his legs. His throat tightened as Asgore’s impressive length reached it. With effort, he made it relax and allow the tip to slide inside the magical flesh.

His mouth was stretched wide open to accommodate the King’s girth. Sans could feel a little magic drip down the side of his mandible as he forced himself to swallow more of it. With each reflex of his throat he inched a little closer to Asgore’s fluffy, musky crotch and Asgore moaned a little louder.

Sans’s throat tried again to expel the hot tip, clenching and squeezing in an attempt to undo all his hard work. He gagged, tears springing to his sockets, and held on.

“Sans, please don’t hurt yourself,” Asgore panted and made to push him away. Sans grabbed onto the fur on his legs and held them together, even going a little deeper as he pulled. He gagged again, so he gulped at the cock, forcing the swallowing motion to override it.

“D—don’t, I’m going to—” Asgore rumbled, his hips jerking forward unconsciously and really choking Sans. Sans’s eyelights drifted up in his sockets, the hint of pain tingling through his body. His pelvis twitched, magic hot and dripping onto the floor beneath him.

Asgore’s cock twitched and then cum began to shoot down his throat. Sans choked on that, and coughed it up into his mouth before he was able to drink it down. The King was virile, his release going on for a while. Sans swallowed what he could, some some slipped away out the sides of his jaw and dribbled down to his ribs.

When Asgore’s release finally slowed and he started to soften in Sans’s mouth, Sans sat back, letting it slip out. A thick, sagging string of liquid hung between where his tongue was draped over his lower teeth and the tip of Asgore’s cock. It held for a bare moment before snapping and falling against Sans’s jaw.

Flush with Asgore’s cum, Sans shakily released his grip on the white fur and dropped his hips to the floor. His magic throbbed as he looked up at the King’s sated expression.

With a wordless rumble, Asgore scooped Sans up. The moment Sans was draped across his legs, he thrust two of his large fingers inside of his pussy. Sans arched, moaning loudly. He was already so close. Asgore smiled at him and rubbed his thumb up against his clit while his fingers moved in and out of him.

Bare seconds later Sans tensed, tightening around Asgore’s fingers and soaking his fur with liquid. Asgore kept rubbing him until Sans was so overwhelmed that a high note of pain entered his moans. The moment his hand was gone Sans sagged against the arm supporting his back. His legs dangled down from the King’s lap, nowhere near the floor.

Sleep called to him immediately, but he was at once captivated by Asgore carefully and thoroughly licking his hand clean, looking for all the world like a satisfied cat. As he stopped Sans let his own satisfied smile take over and drifted to sleep in the King’s arms.

Chapter Text

He grabs me, pulling me up against his tall, concrete body. Our clothing cannot contain the swelter that radiates from Stretch as he looks down at me. Carnality burns in his sockets as he leans in to smooch me. Our teeth touch and glitter dances in my skull.

We cannot keep from palpating each other, and before long he gives and and lobs me to the bed. I recline back, dispersing my legs so that Stretch can see all of me.

His clothing is propelled around the room before he ascends onto the bed and on top of me. I bend up into him, smearing our pelvises together. Stretch buckles down to bring our teeth together again. His hankering for me is obvious.

As we French, my clothing begins to vamoose. Soon, I am unclad, as well. Stretch enhances his kisses down across my rib cage. I grumble with pleasure under him.

I feel his dense pecker against my leg. I reach for it zestfully. Stretch vocalizes against me. My magic grows humid. When Stretch notices, he simpers at me.

He migrates between my legs. I broaden them, giving Stretch all the room he needs to scrunch his willy against me. We abrade across each other until he can’t weather any more.

His stern tool dives into my sodden portal. I gasp. Stretch’s shlong is in and occupying the whole of me. I wait, looking up at him, as he pauses within me. When he finally vacates me, it’s only for a moment before he pounces, reentering my sopping ingress.

I mewl as his cudgel thumps into me. His movements are expeditious and  relentless. It’s not long before I feel frenzy coming upon me. I see that Stretch can see it in me. His packed manhood goes faster, making me wild. He peaks, and I can feel his magic wand squirting inside of me. I blubber my enjoyment of—

“hey bro.”

Blue slammed the notebook shut. Black stiffened next to him. Slowly, they both turned to look at Stretch. He had the door half open so he could lean in without actually entering. Blue passed the book back to Black and steadied his voice. His soul was going a mile a minute.


“do you know where my shoes are?”



“UNDER EVERYTHING?” Sans adds, the familiar fond annoyance his brother evoked breaking through his embarrassment.

Stretch glanced guiltily away and ducked back out, closing the door behind him. Sans had a sinking feeling that his brother was about to go out barefoot, but he couldn’t deal with that right now.

“LET ME FINISH,” he said eagerly, holding his hand out to Black. “IT’S REALLY GOOD!”

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“Mmm,” Sans hummed into Red’s mouth. Red had him pressed up against the bed, and, if the bulge against his pelvis was any indication, was intending for them to use it.

“Someone’s excited,” Sans panted, breaking the kiss.

“I am going to take you like a free donut,” Red growled back.

“Red!” Sans yelped, laughing as Red shoved his jacket off of his shoulders and onto the bed. Red grinned at him and impatiently yanked his shirt off before continuing.

“As fast and as messily as possible.”

Sans couldn’t stop giggling as Red stripped himself and, sure enough, waved him onto the bed. Sans laid back, spreading his legs slightly in anticipation. His magic formed into a pussy, already a little wet. Every few seconds his rib cage jerked with an aftershock of laughter.

Red didn’t disappoint. He climbed onto the bed with his glowing red hard on bouncing. He positioned himself between Sans’s legs and grinned. Sans grinned back, wriggling his hips in invitation.

“Mm, shake it, babe. Shake it like you’re jello,” Red said with an exaggerated sultry tone.

“Oh my god,” Sans groaned, covering his face as he blushed bright blue. Red laughed and pulled at his arms, making enough room to come in and kiss him. Sans returned it, licking his way into Red’s mouth. He was as delighted as he was embarrassed.

Red began to rub at Sans’s magic, repeatedly running his finger over his clit and causing a burst of pleasure. It didn’t take long for Sans’s magic to slicken further, dripping down onto the bed. Red tested with a finger before slipping two inside of Sans and stretching him carefully.

Sans moaned, grabbing onto the sheets. He rocked his body against Red, his arousal working up into something desperate. Sans’s eyelights rolled, pleasure washing through him. When Red pulled his fingers out, Sans’s eyelights snapped to him and he whined loudly.

“Hold your horses,” Red laughed. He stuck his fingers into his mouth and began to lick them clean. Sans flushed again, his pussy tightening with need.

“Red!” he cried, thrusting his hips up with not so subtle intent.

“Just gotta taste that special sauce,” Red mumbled around his fingers. Sans was too worked up to do more than huff at his boyfriend for continuing the terrible innuendos. Red popped them out with that grin that made Sans’s soul melt and his knees wobble.

“Here comes the custard launcher,” he said, startling an incredulous laugh out of Sans before he began to moan from the feeling of Red’s cock entering him. Even then, random giggles invaded once again, interrupting his gratified groans and whimpers. Each time, Red winked at him, only making it worse. Red’s thrusting never slowed, which meant Sans’s didn’t have a moment to get ahold of the breathless laughter.

“You ready?” Red asked huskily. At Sans’s eager nod, he grabbed Sans’s hips and thrust even harder into him. Sans yelled arching up to press them as close as he possibly could. Red was panting as he delivered his last, and worst, one.

“Gonna fill you up like a, mm, twinkie, ah, with my hot, ah, heavy cream.”

“Red,” Sans wailed, exasperated, as Red slammed into him and, sure enough, hot liquid began to spill into him. Sans came, pussy tightening as he arched as far as his spine would allow.

Sans didn’t notice that he was laughing still until he came down from his orgasm to collapse to the bed in a fit of giggles. He reached up and grabbed Red’s arm so he could pull him into it as well. Red began to laugh, as well, and they cuddled up to sleep with huge, exhausted smiles.

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Slim pulled Red against him, enjoying the series of soft clacks as their bones met. He also enjoyed the way Red fit under his mandible, even standing up straight. Red’s teeth scraped against his clavicle, sending shivers racing up and down his spine.

Red gasped as Slim tightened his grip on his pelvis, digging his fingers into the bones. His fingers threaded through Slim’s ribs, holding them together and rubbing at all those little spots that were never touched enough. Slim glanced at the wall behind Red. At least they weren’t heavy, being all bones. Red let out a yelp of surprise as Slim lifted him and shoved him against the wall.

Red moaned when Slim stepped up to hold him there, slotting their ribs together and shoving his leg under Red’s pelvis. Slim straddled his leg, in turn, and rubbed himself against it.

“fuck,” Red hissed. He didn’t have the leverage to do much, but he tried to hump Slim anyways. Slim smiled to himself, enjoying the rare bit of control. He had Red secured well enough to drop one hand down to his pubic symphysis. Red howled as Slim rubbed along the joint, the scraping of bone against bone satisfying to them both.

Slim’s pelvic inlet tingled along the bottom edge as it rubbed along Red’s femur. Every so often he went far enough that the very tip of his coccyx bumped up against it, resulting in a burst of pain that quickly became pleasure.

“fuck, fuck, com’on,” Red panted, jerking his body in an attempt to get more stimulation. Slim grinned and kept his touch light. Instead, he tucked his skull against Red’s neck and nibbled on his vertebrae. Red moaned and he pawed at Slim’s back, his fingers bouncing over his ribs.

“mm,” Slim groaned and slid himself against Red a little faster. The room was quiet and dark, so every scrape and clatter could be heard alongside their gasps and moans. Slim eventually gave in and began to rub Red in earnest.

Red got that much louder, wriggling against Slim. Giving in, Slim focused on holding his upper body in place and released his pelvis. Red immediately started to hump his leg. Adjustments complete, Slim went back to gratifying himself against Red.

They stayed like that, moving in tandem in the dark, until Red froze with a sharp gasp and a long, low moan. Slim felt his pelvis grow hot, and soon enough he felt the delicious rush as well. He plastered himself against Red, kissing him deeply as satisfaction swelled in his soul. Red opened for him. Their teeth grazed each repeatedly, until Slim’s whole jaw tingled. He could almost imagine the feeling in his gold tooth.

“gonna let me down?” Red asked after several minutes of making out that had gotten slower and slower as their passion cooled.

“what if i don’t?” Slim asked in response, pushing him harder against the wall again.

“mm,” Red moaned, giving Slim a lopsided grin. “i could probably manage.”