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Uggy's Small Bites

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Edgeberry - Fluff

Edge didn’t say anything; he didn’t have to. The unannounced visit was telling enough. Blue smiled sadly and, without a word, led him to the bathroom. The smaller skeleton removed Edge’s gloves, his scarf, his armor, and set them aside, ignoring the smears of gray. Undressing quickly, Blue started the shower before gently pulling Edge forward. His eyelights drifted over his lover’s scared bones, searching for anything new. As soon as the spray of water hit him, Edge pulled Blue into his arms, their bones clacking together as he began to shake with the force of tears that never fell.

Honeymustard - Past Abuse mention

“stars, you’re beautiful.”

“don’t,” he gasped out, pulling away. Stretch grabbed him by the humeri, halting his retreat. Red struggled, but found that he couldn’t free himself. Turning away, he felt hot tears streak down his skull and drip onto the bed.

“red, what is it?” Stretch asked. Red shook his skull, and he was gently pulled him into a hug, skull tucked against Stretch’s ribcage. “i know you don’t like yourself, but you really are.”

Red wanted to say that wasn’t it, but he couldn’t find the words, mind consumed with HIS voice…


Spicy Cinnabon - Daddy Kink

“RED, YOU HAVE BEEN VERY…CONTRARY TODAY.” Papyrus sat on his bed, spine straight, arm raised, and a digit outstretched in a scolding gesture. Red flushed, fidgeting where he stood. He had nothing more than a sheer camisole and panties on. Papyrus pat his lap, “COME HERE.”

Despite the slight hesitation in his voice, Papyrus’s affectionate but nagging tone was perfection itself, making Red’s magic heat instantly. He stepped forward and laid himself across Papyrus’s femurs, only to feel phalanges rub along his sacrum and coccyx. Red basked in that moment of anticipation before the first blow fell.

“yes, daddy.”

Honeymustard - Past Abuse mention

Red clung to him, grip tight and desperate. Stretch tried to fold the smaller skeleton into his hold, longing to be able to hide him away from the world. From his demons.

“shhh,” Stretch tried to soothe him, running his phalanges up and down Red’s spine. The monster went limp, his skull resting on Stretch’s sternum. Soft, hiccuping sobs began to emanate from the bowed skull, and Stretch felt tears splatter against his bones.

“what is it?” he asked.

“i can’t,” Red gasped. “i’m the worst.”

“you aren’t. please, let me help.”

“i-i wished you were him.”

Swapcest - Incest, Stretch isn't into it

Stretch stared down at the sleeping monster. It was so rare to catch his brother like this, sleep being such a rarity for the hyper little skeleton. Yet, here he was, nestled half on top of Stretch as they lay in Blue’s bed.

He frowned as he wondered what he had done to deserve this outcome. His precious brother had been harboring feelings for him for stars only knew how long. He cared for his brother, sure, but like this…no. He let his phalanges ghost over Blue’s skull in a caress. Stretch would do anything for his brother, however.

UnderSwap Babybones

Sans looked over at Papyrus, who yawned again. It only midday, and his brother’s feet were dragging. They still had a ways to go. Sans considered their options while attempting to ignore the fact that this was his fault. Papyrus had always been quick to tire, and Sans had carried him around, letting him nap. Now, Papyrus was almost as tall as he was! He was absolutely not a few inches taller. The point was, Sans couldn’t carry him anymore. He glanced at their dwindling food. A day without eating was nothing to the Magnificent Sans.


Fellcest - Rough sex

“Ngh, boahhhh,” Red screamed. Edge reentered him, having shifted Red onto his hands and knees. Edge smirked as Red lurched forward with the powerful thrust, barely catching himself on his arms. His skull was repeatedly pressed into Edge’s bed in a rhythm that could only be described as punishing. Smacking Red’s ass prompted a deep groan that cut through the haze of panting and moaning. Feeling his orgasm approaching, Edge leaned forward and grabbed Red’s collar, pulling him so he was arched above the bed. Red screamed, ragged and broken, as the angle drove Edge’s cock into his sweet spot. 

Sanswich (UT/US/UF) - Fluff

~US Sans POV~

Sans walked into the living room to find the other two skeletons flopped down side by side, up against the bottom of the couch. Tale was tickling Fell’s feet with the phalanges of his own. Sans smiled as Fell twitched and grumbled, but didn’t actually move away. Walking over, he squeezed between them, plopping the popcorn on the floor. Tale left off his antics to cuddle up to Swap, one arm around his scapulae. Fell pressed close, his arm slipping across the back of Swap’s lower ribs. As he started up the movie, Sans had never felt so happy.

CherryBerry - Fluff

Sans walked over to where Swap was working. He couldn’t help but fidget, the reality of his intentions sitting heavily in his soul. As he slowed to a stop, he glanced back at Tale. He got an encouraging smile and a thumbs up, which made him even more nervous. If he failed, he’d be disappointing Tale too.

“Ah, Swap, could I…” He stared down, phalanges twisting.

“WHAT IS IT?” Swap looked at him.

“Would you like to, maybe, go out…sometime…” He flushed, about to shortcut away. He couldn’t, though, as arms wrapped around him.


Edgeberry - Fluff

“GOOD MORNING!” Edge just about dropped the tray as the words startled him. His response failed as he caught sight of his lover. Blue was standing on the stairs, wearing one of Edge’s black shirts, and nothing else. The garment was too big for him, falling off one scapula, but still only fell to mid femur.

“IS THAT BREAKFAST?” Blue chirped, trotting forward blithely. Edge flushed

“Y-YES,” Edge tried not to sound too disappointed. “I WAS BRINGING IT…” Blue’s eyelights morphed into stars as he caught Edge’s meaning. Edge flushed as they returned to the kitchen to eat together.

UT Sans Shrunk in UF


“don’t say it.”

“why? you got a short temper?”

“i hate you, you know?”

“only a little bit, i’m sure.”

Red bit back the urge to scream. It would only give his counterpart that much more enjoyment over his predicament. Sans was staring down at him with barely controlled laughter as it was. Red glared back up at him.

“you going to help? or just stare?” He asked, well aware that he was at the other’s mercy.

“of course,” Sans smirked as he picked Red up by the hood of his jacket. “but first, I have to show papyrus.”

Swap Undyne/Toriel/Alphys

“Doctor Undyne, amazing work!” The praise made her flush.

“No, it was nothing…” She muttered, trying to hide behind her bangs.

“You sell yourself short. This could be the most important scientific discovery of monsterkind!” The Queen set a paw on Undyne’s back and led the scientist into her house. “We need to celebrate!”

They stepped into the adorably quaint house, only to find Alphys already there.

“Your majesty?” Undyne asked. Soft paws fell onto her shoulders as Alphys stood.

“A very…private celebration is in order.”

Undyne sighed as she was drawn out of her daze by a timer.

Sanswich (Science/Fell/Swap)

“are you sure this qualifies as “team building’?” Science asked Fell, voice deadpan. Fell just grinned back and winked.

“you tellin’ me you don’t want to do this? after all the shit he put us through?” He asked, giving Science a knowing look.

“well…no,” Science flushed, not quite willing to admit that his reason for participating might be slightly different.

“I’M READY!” Swap burst into the room, wearing the ‘outfit’ Fell had provided. Science flushed harder at the way it barely covered his pelvis and ribcage.

“great, let’s get started,” Fell said, “you just kneel there, swap…”

HoneyMustard - Past Abuse Mention, Angst, Character Death

Red checked the bedroom; it was empty. He shut the door, his bones rattling against the knob. Looking over the house, his home, it was dark and empty, the shadows making it look like-

The sound of bones kept a steady rhythm. When they stopped, so did his soul. Stepping into the nearest shadow, Red watched the ‘human’ dodge them perfectly. How many times, already?

The human looked confused when their blade found him, rather than Stretch. The next instant, bones filled them.

“Why, red,” Stretch held him. “shit, if not for me-”

“…i wouldn’t have…this far…thank you.”

HoneyMustard - Size difference

Stretch looked down at Red, the smaller skeleton now a lot smaller, only about six inches tall, and very upset. They had gone to Stretch’s room, and Red had been sniffling into Stretch’s hoodie ever since.

“we’ll find a way to get you back,” He rubbed Red’s spine.

“i know…” Red replied, voice thick.

“how about a distraction?” Stretch asked, as he maneuvered Red onto his back. Red looked up at him in confusion until he rubbed a phalanx along the front of Red’s shorts. The tiny little moan it provoked was adorable, not that Stretch would ever say so.


“Stretch, we can’t! You know we can’t. I know we can’t. The timeline-”

“We can and we will!” Stretch replied angrily, about ready to drag Red back through the portal with him. “The timeline won’t destabilize over just one monster.” He hoped.

Red’s frown wavered with uncertainty and Stretch could see him bob back and forth, physically holding himself from running to Stretch as both skeletons listened for any sign of Red’s brother.

“Red, please. I won’t, I can’t leave you here. Not with him,” Stretch reached out to Red, and smiled as those smaller phalanges landed in his.

Kustard - Abuse mention, Angst

“Red, what happened?” Sans reached out to touch the fresh crack that was spreading from Red’s right socket. It was small, but combined with the other one, it could spell trouble.

“I…uh, told Boss,” Red replied, looking away.

Sans flinched, eyelights dropping to the floor.

“Of course, your brother doesn’t…. Looks like your talk went okay,” Sans glanced up and Red was smiling at him fondly. Feeling even worse, Sans looked away again.

“I didn’t tell him…” Sans muttered, unwilling to meat his lover’s sockets. He just hadn’t been able to explain…this to Papyrus.

“You didn’t…you promised…”

UT Paps teaches SF Paps to cook

“what do i do now?” Slim asked him. Papyrus stopped stirring the sauce to turn and look. The other’s brother had asked Papyrus to teach him the basics of cooking. Papyrus had agreed, thrilled to be asked. Despite sharing features, Slim lacked Papryrus’s initiative. He had to be told every single step.

“PUT THE NOODLES INTO THE WATER, ONCE IT’S BOILING.” Papyrus told him, with a smile. Slim gave him one in return, before turning to stare at the pot. Papyrus felt that Slim needed to have more confidence in his own decisions. He brightened, an idea taking shape.

Replacements: Ketchup Nightmare - Abuse PTSD

Sans walked into the house and shook the snow off his scapulae. He went to see if he could find some ketchup. As he looked through the cabinets, he heard his brother’s familiar footsteps behind him. His soul began to race.


“h-hey paps, you know-”


Sans turned his skull to see Papyrus with his phalanges on his crests, expression harsh. Sans’s world dropped away, leaving him alone and naked in front of his brother. He tried to cover himself, but chains held his limbs still.


UF Papyrus in a Dress

“Hey boss, do- what-” Papyrus stared as realization hit Sans.

“THE FUCK? FUCKING KNOCK!” Papyrus screamed, hurling bones. They all missed.

Sans looked amused, his eyelights zipping up and down. Papyrus straightened, trying not to appear embarrassed, but he could feel himself flush. He had just been trying on his latest acquisition, a slim black dress, from the dump. It was covered in silver bead-work, with black beaded fringe, which swished around his femurs as he stalked over to throw Sans out. Slamming the door and leaning back against it, he very faintly heard:

“fuck, he looked really good…”

SweetFell: Fellcest - Fluff

“YOU LAZY FUCK!” Papyrus followed Sans through town. Most monsters were used to it, though a few laughed at Sans. He just scowled. The brothers kept it up all the way to the ice puzzle.

Sans slid across first, but he didn’t actually get out of the way. He just turned so Papyrus ran into him, toppling them into the snow. Papyrus came up sputtering.

“SANS WHY-?” Sans grabbed his scarf and pulled him down. Papyrus smiled and opened his jaw, welcoming his brother’s tongue into his mouth. Their magic sparked as they kissed, hungrily soaking up the moment.

UT Paps/SF Paps

“ah!” Slim cried out as Papyrus licked his way up his femurs and across his pubic arch. He shivered at the sensations as he fought down the urge to push the other monster back and take his rightful place pleasuring him. Papyrus insisted that this was an exercise in gaining the confidence to cook well, but Slim found it somewhat uncomfortable.

“ngh,” he fought back the urge to place his phalanges on Papyrus’s skull as he wrapped his tongue around Slim’s coccyx, sure that a punishment would follow.

“YOU’RE DOING SO WELL,” Papyrus licked his teeth as Slim’s cock formed.

Retribution: SwapFellcest

Sans gasped. He immediately raised himself up on his patellae, the firm length slipping most of the way out of him. He let himself fall back onto it, enjoying being filled to the brim. Papyrus grunted into his gag, restraints keeping him from thrusting up into downward movement. Sans moaned and looked down at Papyrus-

The same skull, straight teeth, lacking the flash of gold. He grinned at Sans like he was hungry, and Sans was a piece of meat.

He didn’t even realize he had moved off of his brother and away until he heard calling.

“my lord?”

UF Paps, UT Paps, US Sans wear dresses

“YOU- WHAT ARE YOU-?” Papyrus gave Edge a confused look while Blue looked on, curious. Blushing, Edge grabbed Papyrus’s carpals and dragged him upstairs.

Alone, Edge found himself unsure what to say. He wanted to ask how his counterpart was wearing the sun-dress, with bright sunflowers on it, so easily, but that would give away his secret.

“EDGE?” Papyrus asked, concerned. Rather than try and explain himself, Edge pulled out one of his favorites, a short black dress with polka dots, buttons, and a belted waist. Papyrus grinned, his sockets wide and sparkly.


Renewal: UT Paps gives up on Ketchup

Papyrus looked down at the sock, with its notes. Sans was never going to move it. Not that he would have before, but even the vague hope that someday his brother would take responsibility for the discarded garment was gone. Papyrus had given up on Sans taking care of the rock, but this, this he had hoped would someday be resolved by the shorter skeleton. Of anything in the house, seeing as he had cleaned his brother’s room a few weeks back, this was the last true sign that he had hope. Frowning, he bent down and picked it up.

Replacements: UF Alphys shows Undyne the video - torture

“I don’t think that-,” Undyne appreciated Alphys’s attempts, but continued forward. No matter what strange science was behind it, her sentry, and Papyrus’s brother, was in a tight spot. She wasn’t scared of some video.

“I need to see,” Undyne kept her voice neutral. Her and Sans didn’t always see eye to socket, but she would be damned if she didn’t do what she could.

It was as bad as Alphys had warned her. Was that- no, Alphys had explained. Undyne stayed stoic, but flinched as Sans screamed, at the mercy of a monster who looked just like his brother.

SF Paps and US Paps Sparring

Slim tensed, dodging at the last minute. Fighting other monsters was one thing. Taking on a monster with his own…abilities had him struggling. Stretch was as fast as he was. Slim felt like he had a slight edge from his combat experience, but it wasn’t enough to make the fight easy, by any means.

“slowing down?” Stretch teased. His relaxed posture was unnerving. Did Stretch have a trick up his sleeve? Slim decided that he couldn’t afford to treat this like it was only training and began to fight like it was life or death. It always was.

Papyrus/Alphys - masturbation

“DOCTOR ALPHYS, I- WHAT IS THAT?” Alphys turned at the voice, eyes widening as she found Papyrus standing in the doorway to her room. A lot of flailing later, she had managed to turn the TV off and, hopefully, subtly wiped off her fingers. Papyrus stood patiently, awaiting her answer.

“It’s…um…well…you see…” She flushed. Papyrus walked forward, making her more flustered.


“I- I don’t think that’s a good-” He had the remote in his hand, and Alphys felt about ready to faint. “Oh…okay then…”