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flowers love the sun

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The boy laying down in the fields below had caught Jeongguk’s attention. He was playing the lyre whilst his sheep were grazing in the fields and if that was not enough to make Jeongguk’s heart flutter (seeing as he was the patron defender of herds and the lure was his instrument), the boy’s features certainly did.


He was of an otherworldly beauty, absolutely breathtaking, so much so that Jeongguk could scarcely believe he was a mortal, and not with him, a fellow god in Olympus’ halls. His hair was a light brown, skin all golden and smooth, cherry red lips and the most expressive doe eyes, coupled with a nice (more than nice, actually) jawline, leanly muscled body hinted at by the draping of the boy’s chiton over his slim figure, as well as a pair of very pretty hands, which looked so perfect strumming the lyre, he might as well have been strumming Jeongguk’s heartstrings with every movement.

Jeongguk, or, more commonly known as Apollo, the God of poetry, could not find the words in him to adequately describe the youth’s beauty. God of music, and the boy s laughter was so melodic it would put his best masterpieces to shame. God of sun and light, yet the youth shone more brightly than Jeongguk had ever seen, his smile brightening up the very skies itself. God of truth and prophecy, but Jeongguk saw no better truth than in the gaze of the boy as he looks up into the skies, as if he knew Jeongguk was looking down at him.

Yes, Jeongguk was the god of many things, and has seen a great deal throughout the centuries, but none have shaken him this much as this boy has. While he has loved many a mortal, all of them gorgeous, none took his breath away like this one did, none having drawn him so much he not only wanted to bed, but to take with him back up into Olympus and have him by his side eternally, as a fellow god. It made Jeongguk uneasy, all these new feelings, but he knows better than to seek guidance from Aphrodite, who would end up making things turn out horribly as Jeongguk has seen replayed and replayed throughout time. (Also because her son, Eros, known to him as Jimin, likes to rile up Jeongguk through messing with his relationships, just because he could.) No, he will not risk it.

And so, Jeongguk had inquired after Hoseok, who was the god of travel and the messenger of the gods, better known as Hermes, to find out the name of blindingly beautiful boy, as well as any useful information on the boy. Hoseok had raised an eyebrow at Jeongguk’s odd request, seeing as Jeongguk had never needed help claiming a lover and to see him taking such an avid interest in a boy was unusual for the sun god. Not that Olympus was that much of a close-minded society, what with the incestual and vaguely incestual relationships going around (and for Zeus having taken male lovers a few times now), it would not have been that much of a surprise if not for the fact that it was Jeongguk. Jeongguk, who has not once expressed interest in a male before, granted, the boy was indeed very beautiful, in Hoseok’s opinion. Jeongguk, who had also never been so focused on one person, having always had brief relationships with no commitment, just to fulfill the thrill of the chase. It was a nice change, and Jeongguk had asked for once, instead of demanding for something.


So Hoseok went around and found out what Jeongguk wanted to know pretty easily, seeing as the mortal was the talk of the village, having gained many an admirer due to his stunning looks. It didn’t help that the boy was friendly, helpful, and so nice . If someone did not admire the boy for his face, then they certainly did for his winning personality and sweet charms. He certainly was the darling of the village.


His name was Taehyung. He was but a mere 16 years of age, on the cusp of manhood. (In comparisons to the centuries that they - Jeongguk and Hoseok, and the other Gods - have been in existence, it was but a mere blip in their timeline.) Born to a farming household, he was often to be found with their sheep in the fields as he brought them out to gaze, playing the lyre from time to time. Which was probably what caught Jeongguk’s attention in the first place (although, Hoseok was a tiny bit bitter about it since it was he who actually invented the lyre and gave it to Jeongguk, which is why the lyre is Jeongguk’s to lay claim to).


Taehyung liked sweet fruits, as sweet as he was. He liked to make friends. He liked small children and animals of all kinds. (Hoseok supposes Jeongguk’s twin sister Jeongah, otherwise known as Artemis, goddess of the moon, would love Taehyung as well, seeing that she was the god of animals as well, wild or not.) 


Hoseok told all of this to Jeongguk, who was unusually serious about it all, listening carefully. “Taehyung….” The boy’s name sounded good rolling off his tongue, a beautiful name for a beautiful boy. Already Jeongguk could feel his inner muse wanting to proclaim Taehyung’s beauty to the whole world through scrolls and scrolls of prose, but he reigned it in. He wouldn't want others to come seeking Taehyung, not when Jeongguk has already expressed his interests in the boy.


Little did Jeongguk know, the god of the west wind, Minho had already laid his eyes on Taehyung, and wanted him for himself as well. Minho had spotted the mortal as he made his rounds across the lands, and had been captivated by the mortal’s looks. Although Minho knew he could not compete with the Apollo, he was going to try anyway. Seeing how many lovers Jeongguk had went through just this decade alone, Minho thought he just might stand a chance when Jeongguk breaks Taehyung’s heart, and be there to help pick up the pieces. And so he decides to watch how it all plays out first.




First came the gifts of fruits, the fruits Taehyung liked - peaches and pomegranates. Taehyung didn’t question it much since he’s used to receiving gifts from his admirers and despite the fact that it was way past peach season, because who was he to reject such delicious fruits? And wow, they were so sweet and juicy, Taehyung silently sent a prayer of thanks to whoever sent him these. (Jeongguk happily flailed a little as he received the prayer, feeling a little boost in his power from it, which rarely ever happened.)


Then came the animals. Everyday, they would approach Taehyung - be it puppies looking for someone to play with or kittens looking for a nice petting, many a little critter had come to keep Taehyung company as he tended to the sheep. His sheep had also become more friendly, somehow, the younger ones prancing over to him and affectionately headbutting him from time to time, not straying as far away from him as usual. Taehyung happily played with the animals, cooing over them, though he was worried about so many of them being away from their homes, often asking them to go back home to their owners. (Jeongah had helped with this, if only to stop her twin from brooding all over the place thinking about what to do - well, that and she already adores Taehyung. It was no wonder her brother would be so hung up on this mortal.)


One day, Jeongguk decided to make his appearance just as Taehyung was playing a couple of bunnies, hopping around him as he sat cross-legged on the grass. He couldn’t take it anymore, not interacting with Taehyung directly, and so he materialised himself in the fields Taehyung was at, walking over to where the boy was.


“Hey, those bunnies are adorable.” Wow, Jeongguk, smooth. He really does not know how to go about actually courting someone without the intention of bedding them that very night. Or day. Yeah, he's the god of poetry but he still feels way out of his depth when it comes to this process of courting. 


Taehyung jumps at a voice coming from behind him but still turns around as he replies excitedly, holding up one of the balls of fluff nosing at him to face the other person, “Yeah, they’re the cutest things ever! Just loo-”


“Wow, you’re golden.” And there was his non-existent brain-to-mouth-filter. But the sight in front of him was indeed shocking, enough for him to blurt out something right off the bat, a knee-jerk reaction. The guy was gorgeous, nicely muscled, dark-haired with intense eyes that widened like a spooked bunny at Taehyung’s words. It was oddly cute, on a guy with such an intense aura. Though, he did have this thing about him…


“U-uh, thanks? You are quite golden too, I guess?” Jeongguk scratches the back of his neck, unsure of what to make of such a random statement. And whoa, Taehyung was seriously breathtaking, at such a close distance. So, was that how mortals greeted each other now? Had there been a change in slang since he last materialised fully on Earth in his human form? Wait, that was literally a few months ago, it couldn’t be that--


“No, like, dude, you’re golden. Like, literally golden, you’re having this shiny glow around you?”


Ah. Shit. “I forgot to turn it off!” Jeongguk internally flails as he looks at himself realises he forgot to completely switch off his godly side in his mortal form, his godly aura hadn’t been fully restrained. He stabilises his aura, pulling it back into himself to Taehyung’s slack-jawed amazement.


“What is it you’re turning off?” Taehyung has no idea what is going on but this guy is not turning him off, that’s for sure.


Jeongguk, having composed himself once again, sheepishly starts, “Oh, about that. It’s my aura, something I have naturally which I usually hide well when I’m in this form. S-so you see, I am not exactly human. You may know me most commonly as Apollo, the god of the sun, of music and poetry, and etcetera….” He trails off as he gauges Taehyung’s reaction.


“But, you can call me Jeongguk. Or anything you want, actually”


Taehyung, surprisingly, takes it all in stride and shoots back, “So, Jeonggukkie.”


Jeonggukkie? Well, that was definitely refreshing, after all the stuffy and long-winded names Jeongguk has had. Though, Jeongguk might have killed anyone else who called him that, only Taehyung would be able to do so from now on - Jeongguk liked the fact Taehyung now had a special name for him. It was almost possessive, the feeling coursing through his veins.




“Man, why are you so shy? You’re a god! Which brings me to my question.” Taehyung turns serious at this, “Why me? Of all humans?”


“Because,” Jeongguk bit his lip, not sure how to go about saying it. Taehyung looks back and forth between the bunny squirming in his grip and the god, no, Jeongguk , standing before him, smiling at a sudden realisation. “The bunnies were really cute. And so were you.” Taehyung coughs at this.


“I-I mean, yeah, the bunnies were cute… the puppies and the kittens were cute too….” How lame could he get?


“It’s cute how you try to defend yourself, Jeonggukkie, and so is your smile, by the way. Did you know you resemble these cute fluffballs like that?” He holds up the bunny to Jeongguk’s face, in comparison. Jeongguk could feel his face twitching, not knowing whether if it was a compliment or degrading, to be compared to a tiny critter, but he takes it as the former, seeing that the boy clearly does not have a mean bone in his body. “Anyway, I already know I’m cute so,” Taehyung’s voice is laced with surprisingly fond amusement, “I guess you were the one who sent the adorable critters my way then? Thank you for that, they kept me company up here in the fields.”


“Well, that was my sister’s doing, my twin sister Jeongah’s doing. She’s the goddess of the hunt, and of animals, so.” Jeongguk laughs awkwardly at Taehyung’s comments on his smile, slightly flushing, because nope, he does not look like that fluffball at all, doesn’t he? (Taehyung tries not to coo at the sight, hugging the actual squirming bunny in his hands close to his chest) “Well, from now on I guess I can keep you company.” Suddenly realising that it might have been to forceful, too invasive, he most certainly does not want to scare Taehyung off, Jeongguk backtracks. “I mean, if you wish me to, Taehyung.”


Taehyung would have raised an eyebrow at Jeongguk having already known his name, if not for the fact that he now knew Jeongguk was a god, and probably had his own means to finding out. And of course, who was he to turn down such a cute request from an equally cute yet handsome god? Who asked so nicely too? The other's shyness was unfitting of his image, and Taehyung giggles.


“I do wish for you to keep my company, Jeonggukkie. It would be a great pleasure!”  


Jeongguk does not blush at this, he absolutely does not. (He does, and Taehyung is so enchanted by this unexpected side of Jeongguk)


“Oh, and I had gotten the peaches from my aunt Demeter, so if you want more I could always bring you some more?” Jeongguk internally frets over what to bring, should he bring flowers? Or play music? Or--


“So it was you! Those were the best peaches I have ever had, I should have known-- but it’s all fine, you don’t need to bring anything to impress me, Jeonggukkie. Just bring yourself, I would really like that.” Taehyung smiles, his whole face lighting up and the sun seemed to shine brighter, more warmly over them, and not for the first time Jeongguk questions his father’s intentions when Taehyung was clearly more made for being the sun god than he was. “Leave the whole god thing aside for a while, I guess you deserve a break every now and then - and you can enjoy my lovely company as well!” Taehyung sounded so shameless (though, he should have every right to be, Jeongguk thought), but yet it did not come across as cocky, but rather sincere and somewhat, optimistic and cheerful.

Jeongguk feels a fond smile make itself shown on his face, furrowed brows relaxing. “I’m sure your company would be absolutely lovely and I would love that, Taehyung. I’ll see you tomorrow, then.” With a slightly awkward wave, he flashes out of Earth, leaving a surprised Taehyung staring at the spot where Jeongguk had been standing, slightly amused at how things had turned out. (Jeongguk actually took flight because he was so mortified at what he said, he ran into his rooms in Olympus and flung himself onto his bed, wanting to bury himself in his pillows and hide. And Taehyung was just too cute, his personality charming and lovable. It was becoming more than admiration, more of a protective, possessive instinct Jeongguk had never felt so strongly before. Jeongguk was pretty sure by now he was in like with the boy.



The next day, as instructed by Taehyung, Jeongguk brings nothing other than himself, though he does bring his lyre, which he gives to Taehyung as a token of affection. He has figured by now that courting a male would not differ much from courting a female, somewhat.


“What do you mean, like those fruits and the animals weren’t enough? They certainly were enough for me, I’m nearly sold.” Taehyung was taken aback, honestly, he wouldn’t have asked for more. 


“I mean, I wanted you to have something from myself, not something I had gotten from my relatives but something I made and something that is sacred to me. I like knowing that you have something of mine.” Jeongguk ducks his head in embarrassment, and Taehyung just fondly ruffles the god’s hair.


“For such an intimidating god you sure are a cute romantic at heart, eh, Jeonggukkie. But I like it, too, so thank you. I will definitely cherish this lyre.”

They end up lying on the grass side by side, staring up into the skies, Jeongguk’s father’s domain. Jeongguk wonders if his father is laughing at him being so weak for a mortal, but he finds himself not caring as he and Taehyung trade stories of their life.Taehyung is still clutching the lyre Jeongguk gave him to his chest protectively, unwilling to set it on the grass lest he roll over it. It made Jeongguk’s heart swell, somewhat jealous of his own gift, being able to be clutched in Taehyung’s arms.


“So, like, I was playing with this kitten that came into our house, it was such a cute little thing, barely old enough to hunt for its own food. So it definitely had not been expecting to hurt me when it swiped its paw at me, I suppose, but it did and its claws caught my arm and I had small scratches that bled. Man, my grandmother was so distraught over it, bless her soul, she shooed the kitten out and I never saw it again. I still have small scars, here, you see?” Jeongguk peers over at Taehyung’s (smooth) forearms and notes the faint lines on the inner side of his arm before settling back down.


“I too, have scars. You wouldn’t think us gods have scars, right?” Jeongguk sees Taehyung’s head nodding in his peripheral vision. He continues. “But we do have scars, just that they aren’t very visible. So in any case, I had just been born and so had my twin sister, Artemis, at that point we had not established who was older, much less think of a name we wanted for ourselves. I am pretty sure I was the first to be born but Artemis had insisted otherwise and we fought it out. I ended up getting nicked by her hunting dagger on my left cheek, while it healed fast it formed a scar and it would not disappear. Probably because she was of my blood or it was because it was a sacred dagger she had used, but all the same, I still have proof of that fight. We ended up in a draw, so we decided to forget about the older or younger issue.”


“Can I see it?”


“Sure.” Jeongguk tilts his head to face Taehyung, who was lying by his right, showing his left cheek to Taehyung. He feels long, slightly calloused hands stroking down the faint silvery line he knows is present on his cheek. He feels his cheeks flushing at their suddenly close proximity, Taehyung raising himself on his forearms to peer over at Jeongguk’s face. Jeongguk was far from being a virgin, but he definitely felt like it as Taehyung’s fingers gently caressed his cheek, as though Jeongguk was fragile, which he most certainly was not.


“Wow, the silver scar is really pretty…” Taehyung does not really notice himself mumbling his thoughts out loud, which causes a soft giggle to escape from Jeongguk’s throat.


“You’re really cute, you know that? I bet not many people have been able to see this side of you, you being busy with your duties…” Taehyung catches and holds Jeongguk’s gaze, soft and searching. “It must get lonely, and pressurizing.”


“Yeah, it does.” Jeongguk finds himself softly admitting, having no idea why he was whispering but continued to do so, so as not to ruin the sudden change in mood. “And in fact, you’re the first person to know who I am, because usually when I’m in this form I don’t reveal anything about me being a god in order to avoid any complications that might arise.” He looks up into Taehyung’s eyes, feeling so vulnerable, vulnerable like he had never felt before. Here he was, baring himself to this brown-eyed, beautiful mortal . Was this how love felt like? Dangerous, yet it brought forth the warmest emotions, safety and trust, washing over him.


He does not expect Taehyung to drop a chaste kiss on his lips in response, his lips soft on his. And then on the scar on his cheek. Jeongguk had had no time to respond as he wanted. “I’m glad, and I’m honoured that I of all people have been able to see this side of you, Jeongguk. Thank you for trusting me.”


At this, Jeongguk surges up, bringing their lips together again for a second, longer kiss, slow and sweet, a hand reaching up to tug Taehyung’s head down by his neck to meet in the middle. Jeongguk sucks Taehyung’s bottom lip, slightly nibbling on it before lazily swiping his tongue into Taehyung’s pliant mouth. Tongues dancing together, soft sighs of contentment were released into the kiss as they parted slightly for breath, Taehyung nuzzling into Jeongguk’s neck as the god peppered kisses along Taehyung’s jawline, and then back to his mouth, lips already shiny and kiss-swollen.


Slightly panting for breath, Jeongguk softly smiles as he traces a hand over Taehyung’s features, Taehyung nuzzling the side of his face into Jeongguk’s palm.


“That was nice.”


“We should do it more often then, don’t you think?”


“Yeah, let’s.”

It was now time for the sun to set, and Jeongguk had to do his duties as the sun god, and he regretfully detaches himself from Taehyung, from the mess of limbs that had resulted from them cuddling as they made out.


Jeongguk brushes his chiton and extends a hand to help Taehyung up, who does the same. Taehyung interlinks their fingers. “You know, you’re my first too. You’re going to have to guide me along in this.”


If Jeongguk was surprised at this, he did not show it. “We’re in this together, don’t forget that, sweetheart.” He squeezes Taehyung’s hand before pulling him in for one final kiss, hard and bruising, a promise . Jeongguk lets go and as he prepares to leave, he shouts a warning. “Close your eyes, sunshine, and open it only on the count of ten, alright? One, two, three--”




Taehyung opens his eyes to the skies awash with the colour of flames, reds and golds and pink streaked across in the wake of the sun on its journey down west. It was a breathtaking sight, Jeongguk’s work, befitting its creator, and Taehyung is once again left behind, now wondering what it would be like to see Jeongguk in his full godly glory.

(Jeongguk knew by then, he was irrevocably in love with Taehyung.)



They end up meeting daily, Jeongguk taking a break from his duties to be by Taehyung’s side. Be it to cuddle, to just sit with their fingers interlinked and gazing up at the skies, to passionate, if not, intense, extended makeout sessions. Taehyung had once asked Jeongguk why he was not going any further,and that he would gladly let Jeongguk lead him, to which Jeongguk had replied so sweetly, “I want it to be just right for you,” and who was Taehyung to push for more - he knew Jeongguk had to be restraining himself so much to have not made any sexual advances all this while that he knows the god must have done many times before him. It just made Taehyung fall all the more harder for the god, despite the warning bells sounding off at the back of his head that this was not going to end well, since they were, after all, a god and a mere mortal. Unable to live forever, easily injured, weak.


Taehyung brushes aside such gloomy thoughts, especially on this day where Jeongguk was held up by a meeting in Olympus and would not be able to meet today, but he had sent Hermes, Hoseok , in his stead to notify Taehyung, not to worry. Hoseok had also been the carrier for one of Artemis’ sacred deer, to keep Taehyung company and also to keep watch over Taehyung. More amused and thankful at his lover’s antics than annoyed at his over-protectiveness (hey, Taehyung has made it out all right unprotected, all these years before Jeongguk came into the picture, didn’t he?)

It was at this moment Minho decided to take a chance to approach the (more-or-less) defenceless mortal.


“Mortal, don’t you know you are but a fling for a god? I am sure I can treat you much better than Apollo can. You can come with me, the west wind, and be by my side. I can even make you immortal. Not a god, but immortal, with me.”


Taehyung blanches, the thought of not being by Jeongguk’s side making him feel uneasy. As if feeling his uneasiness, the deer softly butts its muzzle against Taehyung’s hand, prompting him to scratch a little between its horns. It does calm Taehyung down, as he tries to formulate a response to decline the god.


But before he could utter a single word, a voice came from above and behind them. “Minho, you better be glad my brother is still needed elsewhere, or you would not be in your position any more, but rather deep in the pits of Tartarus. You know how my brother gets when you try to take what is his, don’t you? I am not wholly involved in this, but so long as Taehyung here is safe - you should probably scram before my brother comes.”


Minho sweats a little in front of Jeongah’s intimidating aura, more powerful and potent than his was, but he still wants to ask.


“Taehyung, would you still choose Apollo?”


Without hesitation, Taehyung confidently replied, “Yes, I have utmost faith in Jeongguk, and I willingly would go with him and stay by his side as long as he would have me.” He sees Jeongguk’s twin sister’s approving nod behind the other god, but refuses to let his gaze waver, determined in front of the god of the west wind.


“Fine, have it your way. You know how it would end--”




Jeongah’s blast of energy at Minho had him zipping away with the winds, not wanting to incur the full potential of not only Jeongah’s, but Jeongguk’s wrath as well. He could barely face against one of them, but together, the sun and the moon, they were impossible to best. Much less when they were both angered, and possessive as hell.

“You did well, kid.”


“T-thanks.” It was slightly awkward to be called a kid by someone who looked like she was twelve, nevermind she was a powerful goddess who just happened to choose this human form. She looked like a softer, younger, female version of Jeongguk, “But, it was all true, though. I do care deeply for Jeongguk--”


“And that is why I think you are a good match for my brother. He has settled down his flighty ways, and even our father is highly appeased by this. Know that I will vouch for you, alongside Jeongguk, when he finally brings you up to Olympus with him, to join us.”


“I would be deeply honoured, lady Artemis.”


“Nonsense, call me Jeongah. I believe we might just become relatives soon.”


And the goddess departed for Olympus again, taking her deer with her as she left. Taehyung shakes his head fondly as he realises that this was probably what he has to get used to, the gods appearing and disappearing as and when they wished.

Now, Jeongguk finally appears by Taehyung’s side, slight glow still radiating from him as he took Taehyung into an embrace, panting slightly from the exertion of rushing over as fast as he could. “I hope that he did not cause you any distress.” Worry laced his tone. He does not like Minho, does not trust him at all, especially not when he had made to create a rift between him and Taehyung. He has no idea what Minho was aiming for, but he knows that the lesser god had been harassing Taehyung. 


“It’s all right now, now that you’re here, and I have proof against his claims. I do not doubt your affection for me, Jeongguk.” Taehyung looks up, fondness in his gaze, lips splitting into a sweet smile. Honestly, what did he do in his past life to be so lucky, to have met Jeongguk--


“I love you, do you know that?” Jeongguk brushes a thumb softly over Taehyung’s cheek, whispering the words against parted lips. Jeongguk felt as if his heart was beating out of his chest, booming, swelling with emotions of love, affection.


Lips that let out a gasp before pushing forward, closing the minute gap between them, to catch Jeongguk’s lips between his. An insistent press of lips, hands winding through strands of hair, an even tighter embrace.


“And know that I love you too, my sun.” And Taehyung means it. Jeongguk has become absolutely dear to him, his god. 


They still had not gone further than touching, whilst making out, but Taehyung felt no need to rush. It was nice, this slow pace of exploring each other’s sensitive spots, of tracing contours, the ridges and planes. Taehyung found that he really liked stroking his fingers across the smooth, firm planes of Jeongguk’s abdomen, liking the feel of Jeongguk’s muscles contracting and tightening taut with every feather-light touch, the gasp-sigh Jeongguk makes.


There was an unmistakable tension in the air whenever they were in close proximity, but they restrained themselves, Jeongguk wanting Taehyung to cross that last bridge with him once they were finally in Olympus, to be together forever. Taehyung, also wanted to respect Jeongguk's wishes, loving how he was so cherished by the other, the cause for the never-ending fluttery feelings in his stomach. Taehyung was contented, satisfied with the slow pace in their relationship, it was nice.


In the meanwhile, while waiting for Olympus to organize itself, Jeongguk was trying to teach Taehyung how to use a bow and arrow. Taehyung had expressed interest in learning archery, which Jeongguk had full mastery of. Pressed chest to Taehyung’s back, Jeongguk felt amazed at his own self-restraint. The sweet scent surrounding Taehyung, his perfect lips so close, Jeongguk’s hands wrapped around Taehyung’s around the bow and on the bowstring, slowly pulling it back together, letting it go and watching the arrow fly. 


“Can you show me again, one more time? I'll stand further away, I want to see it from a different angle!” It was actually really hard for Taehyung to concentrate when he could feel the warmth radiating from Jeongguk on his back, so he backs away to better focus. Somewhat.


Unable to refuse his lover’s requests, Jeongguk smiles wryly and takes the bow fully from Taehyung, and knocks back an arrow. Taehyung is standing quite far off now, and Jeongguk is unsure if Taehyung can actually see his form properly. (Taehyung actually just wanted to ogle at Jeongguk’s biceps, all controlled power in his tight, firm grip on the bow, precise control as he pulls the string back, the sunlight shining down on the god in his mortal form making him glow like his aura usually did.) 


Jeongguk spots an eagle flying in the distance. There, a target to aim for. Easy. He aims, and releases the arrow, bowstring snapping back into place.

He expects the eagle to fall to the ground with a screech, not a pained scream and a thud of a warm body crumpling onto the ground.




No, no, no. Not Taehyung ,


But alas, the arrow meant for the eagle had lodged itself right into Taehyung’s chest, blood blooming outwards and soaking his white chiton . And where Taehyung’s blood touched the ground, flowers had bloomed, blood red and pure white.


It was not an accident, Jeongguk realises, as he desperately tries to save Taehyung’s life, though by the faint smile on his lover’s lips, he’s failing desperately. His arrow never fails to hit its intended target when it has left the bow. “J-jeongukkie, I know it was n-not you.” Taehyung coughs violently, coughing up blood. He’s the god of healing, how does he have such powers but yet not be able to save his own lover? He does not understand, and desperately trying to heal, but it was not working. Jeongguk is sweating as he exerts his power, but it is not working at all. The wind fucker had blown the arrow off course, straight at Taehyung. Fuck


“Don’t talk, love, conserve your energy, stay with me a while more, please.” Jeongguk is crying, trying to pass on his own life force to his dying lover, to no avail. “N-no it’s not supposed to be like this, no, Taehyung, sweetheart, sunshine, I love you, please, if I had known--”


“I do not blame you Jeonggukkie. I always have and always will have faith in you. I love y-you….”


Taehyung’s body going fully limp in Jeongguk’s arms brings about a fresh wave of tears, anguished sobs racking through the god’s body as he held the lifeless corpse of his beloved, whose soul had left for the Underworld, where even Jeongguk could not follow, with a soft smile upon his lips, a peaceful expression at having been able to say his last words. Why must he suffer so? Was it the Fates getting back at him for his past misdemeanors? Taehyung was innocent in all of this, he did not deserve any of this.


“I love you too, sweetheart, Taehyung, I love you too--” Jeongguk presses soft kisses, wet from the tears streaming down his face, hunched over Taehyung’s still form - against his lover’s forehead, eyelids, nose, and his lips, no longer red with life, but stained red with blood.

He vaguely registers loud yelling in the distance, blasts of energy full of angry intent. With bloodshot eyes and blurry vision, breath still hitching, he makes out the form of his sister dragging a bound figure. Gently resting Taehyung’s still body on the bed of flowers that had sprung forth from his blood (Jeongguk supposes it was Demeter’s work, it would be befitting, the flowers having the same scent Taehyung had, and the same luminescence), Jeongguk shakily gets up to meet his sister.


“Brother, I am sorry for your loss, for I have felt Taehyung’s loss too. This garbage here was the one who killed your boy. He had manipulated the winds to direct your arrow towards the innocent boy-” His normally calm, cool and collected sister was seething with rage, indignant and horrified on her brother's behalf.


Ah, it was Minho, the fucker. Jeongguk had guessed it, but to have it actually confirmed, made his blood boil all the more, all of his godly aura and latent power swirling around him as he advanced towards the other god. 


“If I could not have him, then no one else can have him!” Minho spits in Jeongguk’s face. Jeongguk raises his hand, ready to leave no mercy.


But before Jeongguk could strike, he is stopped by Jeongah. “Brother, I am sure Taehyung would not want you to become a murderer for his sake. Let our father deal with this piece of trash, he is very pissed off as well for Taehyung’s sake - he's quite fond of him too.” She lays a hand in comfort on her twin’s heaving shoulders, who was still trying to process that Taehyung was no longer here on Earth, but deep in the depths of the Underworld by now.


“You must act fast now and hurry into the Underworld, brother, Hoseok will guide you. You may be able to barter something for Taehyung’s soul, for his soul was not supposed to be there so early in his life. You stand a chance to get him back, I believe, but you will have to appeal to Hades himself.” Jeongah presses a comforting kiss on one of Jeongguk’s tear-streaked cheeks, on the scar Taehyung had once caressed so gently. “God speed, brother. I hope for your sake, and all of our sakes, that you will bring Taehyung back to us, back to Olympus.” He offers her a shaky smile and a nod in response.


Hoseok appears by Jeongguk’s side, and prepares to whisk them off into the Underworld. “Zeus will take care of Minho’s punishment, you’ll be happy to know that he is indeed seriously angered by this infraction, Minho will not escape lightly, if not at all.” Being the messenger of the gods, Hoseok knew his way in and out of the underworld, having had to relay messages to Hades or his wife, Persephone before. “Taehyung’s soul should still be on his way to the Elysian fields, seeing as he was pure and virtuous,” Hoseok hurries alongside Jeongguk. “But we need to get to him before he enters the fields, or his soul would be bound to the place and may not be retrieved easily.”


“I would dare trade my immortality, my godhood even, for Taehyung. Anything, for he is my heart and soul,” Jeongguk could not bear the thought of not being able to be by Taehyung’s side, even if they both would grow old and die together as mortals, at least they would still be together. “I will not let him go that easily, that’s for certain.”