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               Tyrael paced, face buried in his book. He leafed through the pages, searching almost desperately for any sign of his brother.

                Inarius had vanished without so much as a word to anyone, and Tyrael was bordering on frantic. Was his brother dead? Had he been captured once more? And above all, how was he hidden from the Book of Fate?

                The Worldstone was missing as well. It had to be connected. Tyrael would give his wings to just know what had happened. He’d always been worried about his brother, even been over-protective.  No one could blame him either; his brother was small for an angel, and while he could see several hours into the future, Inarius was otherwise completely blind.

                As the Archangel of Fate continued to pace a hole into the floor, he did not notice the entrance of one of his Council-members. It was only when Imperius wrapped his arms around his waist that Tyrael realized he was no longer alone.

                “You’re going to tire yourself and the floor out at this rate Tyrael,” Imperius’ voice was low, soothing. “At least have a seat while you search.”

                Tyrael said nothing, but relaxed when he felt the Archangel of Hope’s scarf draped over his shoulders. He allowed the tall angel to lead him out of the Library of Fate, and into the Gardens of Hope. Imperius’ hand was warm and reassuring around his own, and Tyrael gave it a small squeeze.  A pleased smile was sent his way in response.

                The two sat beside each other beneath one of the biggest trees in the gardens. Imperius held him close, hands running in soothing circles over his armor.

                “Inarius will be all right. You will see.” He sounded so sure. Tyrael wanted to believe him.

                “What about the Stone? And Auriel? She has not taken its disappearance well…”

                “She continues to search for it. Itherael has not left her side. I trust him to keep her well.” Imperius fussed with his scarf, bundling it around the smaller angel. He placed a gentle kiss on Tyrael’s head, and Fate couldn’t help but lean into Hope.

                Tyrael sighed in comfort. Imperius had a way of making everything seem okay, if only for the moment.