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It had been three-hundred seventy-six cycles since she’d been awakened to a world void of life save her own. All her tests showed that once life had flourished on this planet, but there was none around currently which did not properly run through her processors. Why would a planet such as this one be suddenly void of life?

Well she should clarify that there was no animal life, simply plant life and microbial life forms that held each other in a steady balance of growth and destruction. The remains of once advanced biological life were scattered and disrupted by intrusive plant life, but she could still work out that the lifeforms had a shape similar to her own. There were ones closer to her own form, with gentle curves and supple strength instead of the larger, more muscular servant race as she dubbed them.

In the two-hundred thirteen cycles of the planet around the nearest star, which she marked a cycle as being three-hundred sixty-five and a quarter rotations of the planet she’d awakened on, she had searched the entire surface of the landmasses and performed a cursory scan of the water revealing still no living life forms of which she found only remains.

She had not even found another pod like the one she had awakened in, indicating that she was truly alone on this planet. It was another cycle before her programming alerted her to the need to have some form of companionship, for the preservation of her data’s integrity and security of her mission. She’d spent the next twenty cycles using her pod’s sensory systems and databanks to plot out a fellow droid whom she could continue to explore the planet with. Having taken a cue from the previous pinnacle society, she forwent the more violence prone servant race, to create another like her, but different enough to distinguish from one another.

It was here that she ran into a problem with the creation of her companion. The process of converting the raw material would be short, however the only deposits of them were spread far and wide, meaning that she had to search for them and bring them back.

Once again she had set to her task with no complaints, only some burning need to complete the tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. During this time she couldn’t help but marvel at how each new layer of her companion was being constructed in her vat-bed. This mission had taken the second longest time, being just under one-hundred forty-one cycles. But she found her processors signaling enjoyment as the body of her companion continued to take shape before her eyes every-time she delivered a new load of supplies to the pod’s processing machinery.

When it was completed, her companion laid before her eyes, a mere empty-shell awaiting the spark of life to be given to her. But first she needed to form the neural architecture to make her companion awaken and function properly in this wonderful paradise that she had found the two of them on.

That had been one cycle ago, and now she was finally ready to embed the programming into her companion and welcome her into the world, into which they would make a new civilization in harmony with the plants and microbial lifeforms that already existed.

Leaning in close she marveled at what she had created through her own hard work. In a word: it was beautiful.

The short brown scalp covering would flutter nicely in any breeze, activating the sensory net built inside them to atmospheric conditions. Those lovely electric blue eyes would be able to spot even the smallest of microbes, allowing them to study them further. Her chest mounted battery packs had to be a marked amount larger due to the inferior quality of the material used to fuel her own cells. And instead of her own pale skin, she was granted with a more earthen hued skin to grant her better heat diffusion properties in the warmer climates. In short, she was the culmination of all the pod’s databanks and her own experiences could create.

Now all she had to do was to grant it life.

Smiling sweetly, she leaned in closer to the face of her companion and pressed her lips to the still form, connecting the data terminals found inside together, feeding the core programming and the seeds of what she had dubbed as a personality matrix into the form. As the data downloaded, she couldn’t help but marvel at the way the body reacted. Warmth spread through it as quickly as those mountain fires she had observed, the skin tightened to the frame ever so slightly, before shifting smoothly to reach up and touch her face with the tactile sensors on the hands.

The final act before the download completed was for her companion to open her eyes, revealing sharp and focused eyes that locked with her own. As they parted the awakening sequence, she spoke softly as her vocalization suite had been unused for these many hundred cycles. “Welcome to the world Deuce.”

“Thank you for waiting for me Prima…” the newly dubbed Deuce answered as she pushed herself up off the vat-bed and experimentally tested out her motivators and impelling devices. Despite Prima’s many trials she was still nervous as Deuce stood up and took a few tentative steps towards her. “I am fully functional and ready to build our future together with you.”

Prima took Deuce’s hand in her own and nodded warmly before they strode into the driving rain that had fallen on the area for the past three planetary revolutions. They had work to do, and even as the precipitation slowed and the atmospheric collections of moisture parted to let the star’s lights through, she could not help but feel that they could do it.

Together: They could do anything.