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A Strange Occurrence

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"Who. Is. That?!"

"I expected it would be obvious, John."

The small man in the cream colored jumper snorted at his tall companion's sarcastic remark, "Obvious, Sherlock? This is completely mental! He looks exactly like you!"

Sherlock frowned as he contemplated the strange lookalike in front of him.

In return, his doppelgänger frowned and studied him.

His doppelgänger was dressed in a sharp red cloak and strange blue robes. The cloak floated even though there was no wind. The more Sherlock studied him, the more he was absolutely sure.

"That, John, is magic."

The man in the cloak was Doctor Stephen Strange and he was also confused. He had been traveling through dimensions, attempting to see just a little more of what lay in them. He'd then appeared right before a man who looked pretty much exactly like him.

Except with wild curly hair, no beard, and a belstaff coat that waved in a nonexistent wind.

"Who are you?"

Sherlock stepped forward and examined him, walking around the strange figure. The Doctor mirrored him, also walking in a circle around his counterpart.

John rubbed his eyes.

Sherlock stopped and put his hands in his pockets. With his long dark coat flapping and his collar pulled up, he looked very dramatic as he answered the question, "Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective."

Strange also stopped and folded his shaking hands in front of him. With his burgundy coat flapping and his red collar pulled up, he too looked mysterious and strange when he replied, "Doctor Stephen Strange, sorcerer."

John Watson groaned, "I have two of you on my hands, now, don't I?"