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Fair Weather Friends

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Hyuna's nails dig into Gayoon's back, sharp and deep, leaving welts in their path. The sting of it makes Gayoon kiss her harder, push closer and angle her hand just so to get Hyuna mewling.

She knows her back is getting scratched up like there's an ache that can't be itched. Hyuna rubs against Gayoon impatiently like they're taking it way too slow.

And maybe they are. Maybe Gayoon is purposefully dragging it out and making it last. She wants to burn every inch of Hyuna's body into her memory and turn this something into anything.

"Please," Hyuna moans and pulls Gayoon closer. She pushes her tongue into her mouth and yanks at her hair until her scalp is burning.

Gayoon kisses back just as hard, nips and bites her way down her neck as far as Hyuna lets her until she's being pulled back up by her hair. Her hand between Hyuna's legs keeps a steady pace, thumb circling around her clit in slow circles in a way that she knows will keep her on edge.

She can feel how tightly wound Hyuna is getting, can feel it in the pants against her mouth and the feel of Hyuna trying to create friction between them. She takes her time replacing her thumb with her fingers on Hyuna's clit and in that moment, the flash of agonizing across her face makes Gayoon rub in fast, taut circles. The grip Hyuna has on her tightens with every revolution and she wonders if Hyuna knows that this is how she feels constantly: tense, flustered, a nervous wreck.

Hyuna will always come to her wanting everything and Gayoon will give and give and give.

At least by now she knows not to expect anything in return.