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Fair Weather Friends

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Jihyun hates this club. She hates the music and the dj and whoever's in charge who keeps letting in the worst kinds of people. The kind that think they can grind on her and try to pass it off as everyone just having a good time.

She makes eye contact with Eunjung through the haze, tries to pout at her until she gets the point so they can leave. Eunjung just laughs at her and leads her away from the dance floor, pulls her by her tie and slams her back against a door before locking it.

Any protests Jihyun might have had are swallowed by Eunjung as she kisses her and unbuttons her shirt. She's slow, steady. Eunjung takes her time with each button and soon the kiss isn't as frantic or desperate. Like they're not going to be caught any second by someone pounding on the door and demanding to be let in.

Jihyun lets Eunjung pull her shirt off after the last button is dealt with, lets her slide the straps of her bra down her shoulders until the cold air hits her.

Eunjung palms her breasts and Jihyun arches into her, gasps against her mouth and pulls their bodies closer. She tugs at Eunjung's flimsy blouse, wants to rip it off, needs their skin to be touching.

Her hands get pinned above her head and Eunjung wedges a leg between her thighs, kisses down her neck and clavicle until Jihyun is grinding against her and cursing at her to get on with it. She hates it and loves it and hates it again when Eunjung laughs at her, mouth around one of her nipples.

Jihyun frees her hands, grabs Eunjung by the hair and pulls her up so she can shut her up with her lips. Her right hand wanders down between their bodies and it isn't until she's caressing bare skin that she remembers Eunjung is wearing a skirt.

Someone is shouting from the other side of the door, knocking on it until it shakes. Jiyhun snakes her hand up Eunjung's thigh, past her panties and shows her what she should have been doing five minutes ago.