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Fair Weather Friends

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it was all set up. there was plastic everywhere, probably more than necessary. it never hurt to be too careful; just because she was getting revenge didn't mean she had to make a mess. the floors squeaked when she walked around, it was the only thing stopping her from pacing in anticipation. she ran through the checklist in her mind over and over again, making sure she was absolutely prepared.

now all soyeon had to do was wait for victoria to come home.

she sat in the single chair in the living room and bounced her leg. patience was hard when there were so many expectations waiting. the clock struck half past five, victoria would be home any second now.

as if on cue, the lock jiggled.


"tell us what happened." the detective slammed his fists on the table, probably trying to play bad cop.

there was no need for intimidation. she did it, they know she did, and she was already sitting in the interrogation room handcuffed to the table.

soyeon laughed a little and shrugged. "she ran into my knife. she ran into my knife ten times."