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Fair Weather Friends

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The knock on the door startles Jiyoon from her book. She's not expecting anyone, usually doesn't, so she doesn't know what to make of the unexpected guest.

She wants to be paranoid but Gayoon's been trying so hard to break her of that habit.

After a quick look through the peep hole identifies the stranger as a relatively harmless looking girl, Jiyoon opens the door just far enough to greet them, albeit cautiously. She's not stupid.


The other girl smiles so brightly at her it's hard not to drop all preconceived notions of being abducted by a stranger in the middle of the day.

"Hi," she says back and momentarily forgets that she has no idea who this is.

"I'm Hyuna," she shoves a hand out and grasps Jiyoon's before she has a chance to react. "I just moved in down the hall. You should come to my housewarming party!"

"Yeah," she squeaks, and shakes Hyuna's hand a little too hard, "sounds good?" It comes out as a question and she's not sure if it sounds more like to herself or to Hyuna.

"Great! You better be there, I know where you live," Hyuna says with a wink and walks away.