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Fair Weather Friends

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Gayoon pushes Hyuna back against the counter and smiles when she doesn't put up a fight, just leans into Gayoon as she pushes her hips into her and rakes her nails down her bare arms.

Her nails are long, probably a little too long but Gayoon doesn't mind. She likes it when Hyuna scratches hard enough to leave marks, digs her nails deep to let her know what she wants. She calls the shots even when it doesn't seem like she is.

Hyuna breaks their kiss long enough to breathe into her ear and bury her face in her neck. It's not long before she's biting at the exposed skin and Gayoon rips her tights and slides her fingers against the wetness. Hyuna arches into her and Gayoon pulls back, chuckles when Hyuna looks at her sharply.

"We've got all night," Gayoon says simply and kisses away any protests Hyuna might have had.