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Fair Weather Friends

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"Oh god, what do we do? How do we turn her back?"

Qian looked to Soojung for help, even though it was all her fault in the first place.

Soojung narrowed her eyes and studied the cat carefully. "Are we sure that's actually her? I'm not even that good with transfiguration yet!" She got up and brought over a glass of water and placed it on the counter.

The cat hissed and scrambled into Qian's arms.

"Okay, it's probably her."

"What do we do?" Qian cradled the cat, no, Jinri, protectively and glared at Soojung. She should have known better than to let first years—Hufflepuff first years—hang around her quarters. There was a reason why they all had to be reminded daily that everyone, regardless of House, solemnly swore to be up to no good.

"We change her back," Soojung said simply and shrugged. She raised her wand and Jinri hissed again, made her way into Qian's robes and mewled.

"Yeah, it's definitely her."